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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  September 18, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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>> we need this question, this first question. >> but anyway, we have training camps growing where they want to kill us. >> um-hum. >> that's my question. when can we get rid of them? >> we're going to be looking at a lot of different things. you know, a lot of people are saying that and a lot of people are saying that bad things are happening out there. we're going to be looking at that and plenty of other things. >> the trump campaign issued this statement. mr. trump was referring to the need to protect christians' religious liberties as his previous statement says and nothing more. to be clear, mr. trump's response to the question regarding training camps in this country was we will look into it. today, here is what the rest of the field has to say. >> the trump campaign said that he was really referring to the latter part, not the part about president obama -- >> oh, come on, give me a break. you had a chance here to show who you were. this happens to all of us. it happened to john mccain. you know, you've got to push back. >> i think it's a disgrace to again question whether or not
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the president of the united states was born in this country or whether he's a christian. i thought we were beyond that. it's an outrage. >> trump has a history of questioning president obama's birth and religion. now, the place of birth we all know is hawaii and in 2011, he sent detectives there to say investigate the matter. trump also offered president obama millions to produce his birth certificate, which he did, famously, at an april 2011 news conference and in august, chuck todd asked donald trump about his previous comments in support of birtherism. >> do you believe president obama is a citizen who was born in the united states? >> well, i don't like talking about it anymore because honestly, i have my own feelings. i think he should have taken the $5 million. i don't know why he spent $4 million in legal fees to keep his records, you know, away. nobody's seen his records. i don't know. maybe the hackers. maybe the hackers have his records. no, i meant his college records. he spent $4 million in legal fees to make sure nobody ever saw them. >> you want him to release his.
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would you release all yours? >> i'm proud of my records. but he has to do it. if he does it, i'll do it. >> we have a grade a panel to talk about this. chuck todd is with us, moderator of "meet the press," chris jansing is at the white house. katy tur is covering the debate forum, alex is on the trail with hillary clinton in new hampshire and casey hunt has been covering all the candidates including donald trump, then we have michael eric dyson, political analyst, joining us as well. great to have you with me. katy, to you first. we do have this breaking news and an explanation about why trump is not going to be attending the event where you are. explain. >> so they are saying he has a business transaction that's held him up, basically something they say he was supposed to go through a few days ago but got held up and that he has to physically be in new york in person to sign this quote, business transaction. i asked the campaign if this has anything to do with the comments last night and the controversy that has been surrounding it
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ever since. they say this has nothing to do with those comments. i even went a step further and asked if they maybe should have responded like john mccain did a few years ago. they say they have not seen that video. >> hold on a second. hillary clinton is talking about it. >> i don't think that person would come to my event but if that person had been in my event i would have called him out on it and i would have said from the very beginning that has no place in a political discussion like the one we are trying to have here and not only is it out of place and wrong, it is totally factually untrue and to quit impugning the integrity of the president. i think it's prejudiced. i think it's discriminatory. i think it comes out of the same unfortunate reservoir of hateful rhetoric that we have seen too much of, where people are being
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set against one another and that has no place in our politics. we have serious issues we have to deal with in the years ahead. we should be trying to bring the country together around solutions, not trying to divide up people and set them against each other. [ inaudible question ] >> so right now we are listening to hillary clinton take questions in durham, new hampshire, some of which has to deal specifically with donald trump and the questions he received last night. let's go ahead. i think this is directly about that. >> i think that his taking a
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time-out to think hard about what happened last night, what he did not call out or repudiate at the time, gives him the chance to express his regret about that kind of bee i hahavi those sorts of comments at one of his political events. i hope he does. i hope he will take senator graham's advice and request and do just that. we can all have differences. that's what elections are about. we can compare and contrast our experiences and our views and our visions and our programs. that's all fair game. but we have a bigger obligation to the american people to try to have a campaign that is about what's really going on in the lives of americans and to do everything we can to eliminate from our political discourse the
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kind of comments that we heard yesterday. so i hope he will. he should address that. [ inaudible question ] >> well, there will be a lot of time for me to compare and contrast but very briefly on this, i think my plan is both more comprehensive because i'm aiming at getting costs down, not just putting more money in the system so the costs keep rising. i have a very heavy emphasis on paying down debt and different ways to help students do exactly that. >> all right. so hillary clinton is moving on, taking some other questions there. i think we got the basic statement out of her and her response to how donald trump handled his situation in new hampshire last night, how she would have handled that situation, also invoking what
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lindsey graham said in the last hour with andrea mitchell. we have our panel lined up and we were talking to katy tur where donald trump was supposed to be. let's go to chuck. chuck, as you're listening to hillary clinton here, obviously we know how she would repudiate this. she called it hateful rhetoric. yesterday she gave an interview where she said this is the silly season. for donald trump, we know he's not the average candidate, we have all had an opportunity to have an audience with him, he doesn't surrender, he doesn't express regret. this is just on brand. why are we surprised? >> well, that's my sense of this. i think one thing about donald trump is, i think you know this well, he reads a room. very well. and he's very careful in how he -- we watched it wednesday night. he knew quickly that he didn't have that audience that was in the room and he was different. you could tell. he was a different guy, a little bit, as the debate went on, realizing he wasn't going to win over that room. i think this is a case where look, he's never renounced what
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he did four years ago with president obama. he's never admitted that he was wrong on that. that's something that is sort of, as you said, on brand. and if he now apologizes now, i think in his mind, if he apologizes now he could alienate the very people that are attracted to him because he's the guy that will say what's on their minds and he verbalizes their frustrations or he verbalizes their beliefs, whether they're true or not. he's their outlet. so if he suddenly stops being that outlet, do they go away. you can't help but wonder if that's going through trump's mind. >> so strength through flaming ignorance is basically what's staying on brand right now. >> the problem, is this basically it, is this his second act? that's the problem here. he's boxed himself in in that okay, the people he's got is who he's got but this is no way to expand. by the way, i think the two
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democratic leading democratic candidates here, by being so aggressive in commenting about what trump did, both hillary clinton and bernie sanders, bernie tweeted earlier today, he talked about it, i think it's now all of the presidential candidates are going to have to comment on this. we have heard from graham, heard from christie. all of them have to comment on it. i think that's what the -- frankly what probably the clinton campaign is thinking and why she's getting so aggressive is that it's a great way to force jeb bush, force ted cruz, marco rubio, everybody to get on the record on this and frankly knocks them off message. >> chuck, thank you so much. want to go to chris at the white house. do we expect the white house to weigh in on this or just ignore it? >> the briefing just started. you can bet he will be asked about it, but i agree with chuck 10 100%. this is something that folks in the white house who are following the race very closely will say it's going to give them
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an opportunity to force the other republicans to be on the record. i think more than that, of course it's something that's been addressed from the podium so many times since 2011, when you pointed out the president released his long form birth certificate. various press secretaries have called the birther accusations everything from ridiculous to preposterous and after releasing his birth certificate -- >> stand by for me. josh earnest is talking about it right now. sorry to interrupt. >> the reason for that is that the people who thoehold these offensive views are part of mr. trump's base. mr. trump himself would be the first to tell you he's got the biggest base of any republican politician these days. now, it is too bad that he wasn't able to summon the same kind of patriotism that we saw from senator mccain, who responded much more effectively and directly when one of his supporters at one of his campaign events about seven years ago raised the same kind
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of false claims. now, what's also unfortunate is that mr. trump isn't the first republican politician to countenance these kind of views in order to win votes. in fact, that's precisely what every republican presidential candidate is doing when they decline to denounce mr. trump's cynical strategy, because they are looking for those same votes. now, other republicans who successfully used this strategy as well, you will recall one republican congressman told a reporter that he was david duke without the baggage. that congressman was elected by a majority of his colleagues in the house of representatives to the third highest ranking position in the house. those same members of congress blocked immigration reform. those same members of congress opposed reauthorization of the voting rights act. those same members of congress couldn't support a simple funding bill because they are eager to defend the confederate
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flag. so those are the priorities of today's republican party. and they will continue to be until someone in the republican party decides to summon the courage to stand up and change it. >> so you were just listening to josh earnest talk about this and giving the back story here when john mccain was confronted with this back in 2008, he had the opportunity which he took in grabbing the microphone back from the woman who made the statement to correct her. i just want to remind everybody exactly what josh is talking about. take a look. >> i can't trust obama. i have read about him and he's not -- he's not -- he's an arab. he is not -- >> no, ma'am. >> no? >> no, ma'am. no, ma'am. he's a decent family man, citizen that i just happen to -- >> chris, do you think, as we were talking about getting everybody on the campaign field out there having to respond to
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this, is there going to be a trickle-down effect as josh earnest is now calling out people in congress? >> you just heard josh earnest do what chuck said. it's going to force these republican candidates to do, which is they are all going to be asked now very specifically to get on the record about this. josh said there have been republicans who declined to denounce so now this has become again an issue in the 2016 race and it's not just the birther issue. i think i also want to point out that just a couple of days ago, the president made a very specific point about anti-muslim rhetoric when he tweeted to that 14-year-old boy who was handcuffed, you know, cool clock and invited him to come to the white house, and from that same podium, josh earnest said this was a case study in unreasoned prejudice. so without a doubt, there is a very clear message that the white house wants to send but there's a political one as well
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which chuck outlined. >> i'm waiting to find out when the 14-year-old boy you mentioned is going to be coming to the white house. the young man taking that clock to school and the president tweeted him. chris, thank you. kelly o'donnell, congressional correspondent, was in the room in 2008 when john mccain was asked that question. she joins us now. you remember that moment and also, the pivotal shift that happened for john mccain as people resonated to not only the fact that he was willing to take a stand for president obama but just explain his own leadership qualities out of it. >> thomas, it really takes me back to what it felt like to be in the room in minnesota that day, and john mccain did lots of town halls. it's not unusual to have people ask sometimes awkward questions, but this was in that very personal, very pointed moment and it was really laying bare a lot of tension that was happening during that campaign. there were people who had
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shouted these kinds of comments at mccain events off in the distance. that was one of the things that was sort of in the soup of that year. and this was a case where john mccain went nose to nose with the woman and really took a risk. one of the things, it's about an act of political courage. are you willing to possibly offend one of your supporters and those who might have similar views to say what needs to be said. mccain took that moment and therereverberations in the room, how would the crowd react. he had two sets of reactions, some who said that was an act of real political fortitude that he spoke the truth, he defended his opponent. that doesn't happen in politics very much where you actually give sort of testimony to say my opponent is a good man, a family man, an american, a christian. that was a risky move at the time. a lot of time has passed since then.
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that should be an easier thing for someone like donald trump to do today. barack obama and his family are part of american life in a way that is so different because he's been president for several years. not just candidate obama, then a senator. so the mood was very different and so for mccain to take that action, there were supporters who thought perhaps he went too far defending then senator obama, but time has really rendered a judgment that that was one of the highlights of john mccain's campaign. not something that any candidate enjoys doing, having to take on this sort of an issue, an issue that mccain tried to avoid at any turn during the campaign, not trying to talk about issues of race or faith in 2007 and 2008, but it stands up, it holds up as one of those critical moments in american life. will trump do it? it doesn't seem to be in trump's dna. will other gop candidates take a similar action? that seems more likely. thomas? >> kelly o'donnell, thanks so much.
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back to katy tur. donald trump became a big birther because that magnetized him to a base of republicans that then were like donald, you would make a great president, you should run for president. then that encouraged most people that were running for president in 2012 to go have an audience with donald trump and get his blessing. >> and those same people are his supporters today. when you talk to them, a lot of them do believe that obama was born in kenya and that he is a muslim, not a christian, and they see the fact that he's not a christian as something -- or they claim that he is, as something that's very negative. of course, there's another side issue in that. why would being a muslim be a negative thing. so far that is who donald trump is catering to. while he's trying to distance himself from those comments, he even got very angry with me during my interview with him when i asked him about the birther comments. he's tried to distance himself but he keeps getting pulled back in because he refused -- refuses to make a definitive statement one way or the other nowadays.
10:18 am
i think in order for him to do that, to say that it is true that obama was born here or to admit that the evidence suggests that obama was born here, he would have to make an apology and that is not something as kelly o'donnell put it that is in his dna. for him to apologize now on this could be seen as a great sign of weakness among those that are supporting him, because the majority of them that do really dislike president obama and they don't want to see him cave towards him at all. when i asked him if there is anything that he could say that would make them not like donald trump, the one thing they do say is that if he says something nice about president obama. so i don't think we are going to hear him backtrack from this. i think the campaign will do what it always does when they are confronted with controversy. they are going to act like it does not matter. they are not going to respond to it more than just to say that we don't think it's a big deal and they are going to plow through it and wait for this news cycle to end and then go on to the next big breaking thing that donald trump says at the next rally. >> the teflon way of moving through this primary season for
10:19 am
the trump campaign. alex is with hillary clinton's campaign in new hampshire. we heard her talking about this in the beginning of the hour. we also know she's commented about this remark already but we saw for the first time in front of the camera, taking questions. >> right. this is a fight she clearly wants to have. she wasted no time last night responding to donald trump on twitter while campaigning here in new hampshire. she called his statements false and hateful and then she spoke about them again in her prepared remarks just moments ago, and then for a third time already today in that press avail we saw earlier. you saw her kind of running out of adjectives to use to describe donald trump as hateful and prejudiced, and this is, you know, the fight she wants to have, not against bernie sanders who is beating her in new hampshire according to some polls but against donald trump. she wants to be seen as the general election candidate for the democrats, she wants to already be engaging in that fight and every day, every
10:20 am
minute that we spend talking about donald truch is a good day for hillary clinton. at least that's how her campaign sees it. so they will be happy to milk this as long as they can. >> thanks so much. michael eric dyson, talk about how donald trump's reaction really does reflect a existence in the republican party that is one they would like to move away from. there are people that exist that have questions like this and it's part of the base. >> no question about it. the real problem here is that donald trump's pedigree and heritage has been to become a birther to challenge the legitimacy of obama's birth in america and now that has set the tone for the attraction and appeal to this, if you will, fringe, some would say radical element within conservatism, the right wing that despises obama, despises what he stands for, doubts his american birth, want to really exempt him from the privileges of american democracy
10:21 am
and sees him as an illegitimate representative of the country even as the president of the united states of america. now donald trump with that backdrop and that wind behind him has been thrust forward for him to now do an about-face and to say to this woman, look, absolutely what you're saying is wrong, to do what john mccain did, become a statesman and not simply a politician, doesn't -- not only does it seem to be in donald trump's dna but doesn't work to his advantage by exploiting those prejudicial elements in the voterate that believes that barack obama is somehow unfit for service and is an illegitimate representative of american democracy. >> thank you so much. casey, you just got back from california and the gop debate. you had an opportunity to speak to all the candidates post-debate. who can gain the most momentum, capitalize on this flub and look mccain-like for this race? >> i think it's pretty tricky. i think that one of the reasons you did see hillary clinton step out there so aggressively and chuck is right about this, it does put many of these republicans in a difficult position only because any time
10:22 am
they are defending president obama, they are potentially getting themselves in trouble with the base. so they have to walk this very careful line. that said, it does give them an opportunity for a profile in courage like the one john mccain displayed with the facts in the moment that you showed. i think what's going to be really telling is whether or not if they do go after him really aggressively, will tell you a lot about how they feel trump is in this field. because we have seen a lot of -- we saw a change with this debate. people were willing to stand up, take trump on, but on the other hand, are they willing to go so far as to anger the base. i'm not sure that we are going to see that yet. lindsey graham has a role as a truth teller in the party but whether we will see jeb bush or scott walker step up, i think it's a pretty big question. >> wouldn't it be interesting if scott walker did. you spoke to him face-to-face about his campaign, whether they need a shakeup for him to get back in this and be a little more relevant. could this be that opportunity? >> he told me he has to put all his eggs in the basket of iowa. that of course relies a lot on evangelical voters. we have seen over the course of
10:23 am
the last couple election cycles not just at the presidential level, many of these congressional candidates have been getting up on stages and engaging in this birther type of rhetoric and they haven't walked away from it because if they do, they risk the excitement of that base. i think walker in particular is squeezed by this. >> i want to say thanks to everybody. alex, casey, michael, thanks so much, also to chris, katy and chuck todd for joining me. coming up, kelly o'donnell as well. breaking news from capitol hill, where the gop-led house has just voted to strip planned parenthood of federal funding and this despite veto threats from the white house. the debate that's dividing the party with the shutdown in the balance. vo: today's the day.
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one year. it came through two different bills targeting the organization seen as a way to get republicans on the record when it comes to abortion, though neither of those measures has a chance in the senate. here was house speaker john boehner. take a listen. >> my colleagues on the democrat side both in the house and the senate should heed what the american people are saying. it's time to stop these horrific practices and the selling of baby parts in america. >> here's the deal. we are less than two weeks away from the potential of a government shutdown, with some in the gop vowing not to approve any spending plan and that includes cash for planned parenthood. joining me now is dawn leganz, executive vice president for policy, advocacy and communications for planned parenthood. dawn, your reaction to this news that the house has passed the bill defunding your organization for one year. are you surprised or did you expect that? >> well, let's be clear that the
10:28 am
vote in the house does not actually defund planned parenthood. it's a show vote related to all of the politics in the house and the shutdown threat that is looming as you describe. so this was a vote that the american people reject, that the white house has said they would never stand for, to take away these critical health services, breast cancer screenings, std testing, birth control, all of those kinds of services, but it actually does not defund planned parenthood. >> so just so everybody understands that the house has passed two abortion related bills, one of which would strip federal funds from planned parenthood unless your organization can certify they are not performing abortions. the second bill addresses what should be done if a child survives an abortion. we heard john boehner talk about the selling of baby parts from planned parenthood, all this comes of course after these videos surfaced over the summer showing those working for
10:29 am
planned parenthood talking about what they do and selling fetal tissue to researchers and doing so, dawn -- >> thomas, i have to interrupt you. >> no, no, wait. there is discussion, it was a callous discussion captured on video talking about this and i know that there have been some morphed parts in from other organizations so we have to be very accurate about how we describe this, but carly fiorina addressed this. her talk at the gop debate has been debunked. i don't even want to play that sound bite so let's not worry about it. but how do you explain that there are people from planned parenthood on video talking in a way that they were talking? >> well, i needed to interrupt to be able to say no one from planned parenthood and nobody related to planned parenthood sells body parts. what they were discussing was fetal tissue donation at no profit to researchers in this country who are studying and trying to cure some of the most
10:30 am
heinous and terrible diseases like alzheimer's and so what happens in the debate with carly fiorina, she has been identified as the liar, liar, dress on fire moment of the debate for the outrageous comments and untrue comments that as you say, have been debunked, as have these videotapes which have been shown to be highly misleading, highly edited, and absolutely, i can guarantee you, that the charges that they have made are absolutely false. >> we know yesterday nancy pelosi called out republicans maneuvering as an intentional obstructionism saying shutting down the government is the goal, defunding planned parenthood is an excuse. i know we will have a chance to talk about this some more as this is not done by any stretch. executive vice president for policy, advocacy and communications for planned parenthood. i thank you for making time for me. >> thank you very much.
10:31 am
we have an update on breaking news out of boston on a story we have been following for months now. police have identified the young girl known as baby doe who was found dead inside a bag on boston harbor this summer. our boston affiliate whdh is reporting that one person is being questioned at this hour, but is not officially in custody. that's all authorities are saying at this point. but they do maintain that this is an active investigation. then this other breaking bulletin we got just a short time ago about 40 minutes ago from the epa. this breaking news ordering volkswagen to recall half a million cars and hitting them with a fine of up to $18 billion. this is a big deal. they are accusing the car maker of installing software on certain cars in the u.s. to evade federal emission regulations, potentially exposing people to harmful pollutants. in a statement to cnbc, vw says they are cooperating with this investigation, but they are unable to comment further. msnbc is reporting on this. tony, let's talk about this.
10:32 am
the fine up to $18 billion. so this is serious but they have admitted there is an effort to get over on the epa, correct? >> the epa says volkswagen has admitted installing switches, a kind of sophisticated software that allows cars when they go in for emissions standards, there are these tests, the government regulates what comes out of the ta tailpipe of your car. the volkswagens have a switch that activates so the cars pass the test. >> under normal driving conditions they emit 40 times the pollution allowed by law. the cars seem like they are environmentally friendly and in line with federal standards but in fact are way out of line, the epa alleges. >> this works? >> it apparently works quite well and the epa investigated this along with the california air resources board and an $18 billion fine, that's in line
10:33 am
with what bp paid for the oil spill in the gulf. these cars continue to be safe to drive. it doesn't affect your ability to handle the car. the car's not going to do anything to you. it's only the emissions, what's coming out of the tailpipe. if you have a passat, beetle, audi a-3 from the last three years, you are likely to get a recall letter in the months ahead. >> thanks so much. really appreciate it. you can see tony's show thursday weekly on shift. we appreciate that. we have a problem in this country called muslims. we know our current president is one. >> right. >> you know he's not even an american. birth certificate, man. >> so hillary clinton reacted to that interaction with donald trump on the campaign trail. a question he fielded last night. andrea mitchell was in the room. just might be the one. to clean the oceans, to start a movement,
10:34 am
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you may know, quickly put out a tweet expressing the great disappointment with that kind of rhetoric and calling on him and anybody else who is seeking the highest office of the land to start behaving like a president, to show respect and to stand up for the truth. >> there we have former secretary of state and presidential candidate hillary clinton speaking this hour, reacting to what happened at donald trump's town hall meeting last night when a person in the audience there to support him called the president a muslim. trump is taking heat from all sides for not correcting the man and his assertion. president obama is a christian and has been very openly talked about his faith and also about his birth certificate. joining me from new hampshire where hillary clinton has been speaking with reporters, taking questions, our own andrea mitchell. we know in the last hour, that interview with lindsey graham, it was very compelling, what he
10:38 am
said he would do, how he has taken the opportunity to say to people that act like that i don't want your vote. >> well, in fact, i just asked hillary clinton whether she agrees with lindsey graham, who also said this is a defining moment for donald trump, thomas, that he needs to go on national television and apologize for what he did. she agreed. she said that it is a defining moment and that let's see how donald trump deals with this. i pointed out that he has canceled his campaign appearances at the heritage forum today in south carolina and says he has other business commitments, deals that he's working on and can't be down there, and she said well, let's see what he does. let's see how he addresses this. as you just heard her say, she was appalled and she did call him out on twitter last night, bernie sanders did today, as did lindsey graham and others, and you know, this is the kind of rhetoric, according to clinton, and lindsey graham and people in both parties, that no one needs
10:39 am
in this campaign. it is being speculated that perhaps trump didn't want to disagree with a supporter and doesn't want to disagree with those who follow that whole birther movement which he helped foment seven and eight years ago when barack obama was first running. but a different standard is required, according to the other candidates, of someone running seriously to become president of the united states. >> the political paradigm, though, of a donald trump is shifting how everybody thinks how their campaign should run, where we typically see the utmost integrity or the utmost character, as you have been witnessing, this campaign seems to write its own rule book and finds fuel out of a controversy like this, and we're complicit in giving it to him. >> well, in fact, i asked graham, who is obviously running for president, and doesn't have the star power of donald trump, whether he fears suffering the
10:40 am
same fate that other of the candidates who have gone after trump have experienced, and suffering in the polls, and he said no, he doesn't, that you have to stand up and you have to be true to your own beliefs. if you're running to be president of the united states. so this is a testing moment. it's a testing moment for us in the media as well. this issue is not a factual question, this is not a truth squad issue. this is a matter of morality and of what you're appealing to from the supporters. we have seen appeals, dog whistles to racist and prejudice emotions among the electorate going all the way back to the 1920s and '30s in different parts of the country. and what clinton is saying, what lindsey graham, what others, i suspect what the white house is saying at this moment, i haven't checked in with our colleagues there, is let's stand up for what is not only accurate but
10:41 am
what is true to the spirit of america. >> so do you think that other gop campaigns will look at this as an opportunity like lindsey graham and others that have been struggling to define what character means, what integrity of a political campaign means moving forward, to halt and catch fire? >> everyone has to make their own calculations and sometimes you just have to respond to the moment and not be calculated, not calculate the benefits and risks politically. so i don't know what they will do, because they have all been rather inept at dealing with the trump phenomenon and we have had a lot of trouble covering it. look, all of our analysis, mine as well as a lot of other people's has been that every time he insults a major figure like john mccain or megyn kelly or -- >> carly fiorina. >> -- carly fiorina, that it would bounce back against him and it hasn't. let's see what the result is,
10:42 am
though, after people take a closer look and get more serious about the choice of who should be in the oval office. >> andrea mitchell reporting in new hampshire, thanks for making time for me. that was a great interview you had with lindsey graham. thanks so much. watch "andrea mitchell reports" weekdays here at noon eastern. i'm sure we will see her tonight on "nbc nightly news." want to check in with our colleague who has been monitoring the bing pulse question of the day directly dealing with what trump should do. >> what we have heard from lindsey graham, hillary clinton, josh earnest, we are asking you should trump reject those who call president obama a muslim. look how we are scoring here. 77% of our viewers say yes, that is the case. 23% saying no. in real time, as you were having that conversation with andrea, look at that, just in the last minute, spiking towards yes. a couple of dips in the last five minutes to noes. interesting to note how we are looking when it comes to political party.
10:43 am
democrats mostly saying yes, if we can take a look at that and single out the democrats. but look, independents, no one voting so far. actually, we have a couple right here on the republican side as well in real time. not too many. maybe that will be what triggers viewers at home, republican, independent, to cast your vote here as we continue this discussion in our next hour. should trump reject those who call president obama muslim. keep the votes coming. we will bring you the results later in the show. >> thanks so much. see you very soon. also developing right now, a friend of charleston shooter dylann roof appeared in court this morning and pled not guilty to charges he lied to investigators. 21-year-old joey meek said roof stayed with him before those shootings. an incident involving nine police officers in northern california is currently under review after video was posted online showing a 16-year-old boy being wrestled to the ground by police. the video which was taken
10:44 am
tuesday morning in stockton does not show what led up to the incident and police say the teen repeatedly refused to move out of a bus lane, trying to grab an officer's baton when the officer tried to detain him. they say the officers then called for backup. the teen's family is asking for a review of the incident and the stockton p.d. said it will be conducting a full investigation of its own. an update now on that texas teen detained by police after bringing a home-made clock to high school. it was mistaken for the makings of a bomb. ahmed mohammed will not be returning to that school. his dad says he will be transferring to another one. ahmed was handcuffed but not charged with any crime. the police and school district have defended their actions in this, insisting they followed protocol and were only acting out of an abundance of caution. ♪ [ girl ] my mom, she makes underwater fans that are powered by the moon. ♪
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10:47 am
now to an nbc news exclusive with the prison worker who helped two convicted murderers pull off a daring escape that seemed like it was ripped straight from a hollywood movie
10:48 am
script. joyce mitchell is facing up to seven years in prison for her role and in the three-week manhunt that followed, one of the ess was shot and killed, the other recaprecaptured. today mitchell describes to matt lauer her exact role in their escape. >> i was supposed to come up and park by the manhole that they were going to be coming out of, and i was supposed to pretend that i was making a phone call while they were coming out. i was supposed to bring clothes for them. i was supposed to bring a tent. i was supposed to bring a shotgun. >> he wanted to saw that off, right? >> yes. >> did you have a shotgun? >> we do own a shotgun but i had no intentions of ever bringing it. i had no intentions of ever showing up. >> then the plan was to get them changed, get them in the car. >> yes.
10:49 am
>> you would have drugged lyle, he would have been passed out at home and what did they say they were going to do? >> at first, matt said that he was going to go back and take care of lyle. he was going to kill lyle. and i couldn't let him kill my husband. there's no way. >> you keep saying i love my husband -- >> i do love my husband. >> and it's hard to believe. >> i know it's hard to believe but i do love my husband. i have always loved my husband. i just, i was going through a point in my life, a lot of people go through depression. a lot of people go through that. and i just got in over my head. and i couldn't get out. >> so that was joyce mitchell talking exclusively to matt lauer. i want to bring in eric jenson, a former inmate at the clinton correctional facility. he worked inside the prison tailor shop with joyce mitchell. you not only knew joyce mitchell
10:50 am
but you also knew david sweat and richard matt. so when you see this interview with matt lauer, what are your impressions of joyce mitchell as opposed to the person you knew in the you knew in the tailor shop and how much truth do you think we're getting? >> i think she is shifting the blame to look more of the victim than take responsibility for her actions. she says she didn't want any of this to happen, it wasn't her intentions for it to happen. then why even give them the tools to get out of prison in the first place? >> they came smuggled in bringing in some in a brick of meatloaf and other items. is there that much intimidation of inmates to civilian employees? >> no. if there was a problem between a civilian or an officer and an inmate, he was removed, removed from the whole program, put in another tailor shop or solitary confinement for punishment. >> she could have reported this pretty easily. is there in that sense a fear of any type of retribution when
10:51 am
you're working inside the prison like this that maybe there would be somebody that then comes after her for ratting out -- >> see -- >> -- sweat and matt? >> i find that hard to believe she would fear that somebody else comes after her. that puts thatten mate or prisoner in harm's way, as well. unless their loyalty was that thick. i couldn't see that happening, though. >> there could be obviously the friendship that is are built, certain bonds that are made. do you think that they needed other insiders to be able to pull this off? i mean, other than joyce mitchell and obviously the large amount of help she was able to provide. but do you think there were other insiders? >> i don't think it was other insiders. i think it was the lack of security. the lax officers sleeping at night. not running throughs through the metal detector, doing favors for
10:52 am
inmates. all that combined i think that's what enabled this to happen. >> how long were you there and how easy for it for you to get things you weren't supposed to have? >> i was there for nine months. worked in the tailor shop all the time. there's contraband in the yard all the time. weapons, drugs, things that, you know, aren't even imaginable. cell phones. everything like that. >> pretty easy? >> oh, it's -- i mean, to get a cell phone, it is harder but it's obtainable, why. >> thank you for being here. >> you're welcome. >> i proosht your interview an the rest of matt lauer's sit-down with joyce mitchell seen tonight on "dateline" 9:00 p.m. eastern. in this hour, we have heard hillary clinton take on donald trump. but she is also competing with republican candidate carly fiorina. could the former ceo impact the former secretary's hold on the woman's voting bloc? we take a look at that next hour. stick around. n and i got marrie.
10:53 am
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coming up on msnbc live, we're talking about the uproar over donald trump, what he didn't say and prompting reaction. why some people think trump hit a speed bump and others say he is just on brand. the pope coming to america. what message does he have for those struggling to find a connection to their catholic faith? we thought we'd be ready.
10:57 am
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10:59 am
good afternoon. breaking news. republican and democratic presidential hopefuls finally agreeing on something. the gop front-runner donald trump needs to apologize but it's not a gaffe. it is his silence has him in hot water after being asked about muslims and president obama not being an american in new hampshire he did not push back as john mccain famously did in 2008. instead, this is how trump handled the situation.
11:00 am
>> okay. this man, i like this guy. >> i'm from white plains. amen. okay. we've got a problem in this country. it's called muslims. we know our current president is one. you know he's not even an american. >> we need this question, this first question. >> but anyway, we have training camps growing where they want to kill us. that's my question. when can we get rid of them? >> we'll be looking at a lot of different things and people are saying that and a lot of people are saying that bad things are happening out there. we are going to be looking at that and plenty of other things. >> moments ago with the white house responding to mr. trump's remarks during the press briefing. >> is anybody surprised this happened at a donald trump rally? what's also unfortunate is he's not the first to countenance the kind of views in order to win votes. in fact, that's precisely what every republican presidential
11:01 am
candidate is doing when they decline to denounce mr. trump's cynical strategy. because they're looking for those same votes. >> several 2016 candidates condemning remarks and hillary clinton condemning them in the last hour. >> he knew or he should have known that what that man was asking was not only way out of bounds, it was untrue. and he should have from the beginning repudiated that kind of rhetoric, that level of hatdfulness. >> he should come on television and say i made a mistake. we all mick mistakes. he is new to this business. i used to be afraid of confronting people like this because, oh my goodness, the loudest person of the in the room. let it go. don't be afraid of losing a vote. >> donald trump was scheduled the attend a presidential forrum or republican candidates in south carolina today and just a short time ago he canceled
11:02 am
citing the need to close an unnamed business deal. but his campaign is going to be holding a rally in iowa on saturday. for more on the response to the fallout from it, going to nbc's katy tur in south carolina. katy? >> reporter: and, thomas, donald trump supposed to be taking the stage around 35k today. she is not coming. the campaign says a significant business deal has delayed him and he won't make to south carolina and supposed to sign a few days ago and has to physically be in new york in person today to sign it and why he will not be here in south carolina today. i asked if this actually has anything to do with the muslim comments of last night. they said, no, it doesn't. i asked if they're game planning how to address what happened last night. they said they don't see it as a controversy and very emblematic of the trump campaign in general. confronted with something that
11:03 am
could be a controversy or is a controversy, either john mccain not a war hero comments or kelly bleeding out of her wherever comments, they act as if it's not a big deal and move on waiting for the next news cycle to pass and i imagine this is what they're going to do with this controversy right now, with already what they are doing with this saying that this is not a big deal and not looking at video of john mccain taking the mike out of the woman's hand and do not believe it's an issue and just referring to training camps and going to move on from it whether we like it or not. thomas? >> nbc's katy tur reporting, thanks. i'm joined by steve kornacki here on msnbc and dean abadallah. gentlemen, good have you here. steve, let me start with you. i want to remind everybody, katy brought it up. what happened to ym in 2008, how that was handled and define his campaign. take a look.
11:04 am
>> i can't trust obama. i have read about him and he's not -- he's not -- he's a -- he's an arab. he is not -- >> no, ma'am. no, ma'am. >> no? >> no, ma'am. no, ma'am. no, ma'am. he's a decent, family man, citizen that i just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues and that's what this campaign is all about. he's not. thank you. >> so there we have that moment in '08, helped to define integrity and character for the campaign and saw john mccain out front promoting senator obama at that point. but is this just trump staying on brand and, again, the whole thing faux outrage. >> what katy was saying is i think true and been down this road before. this is a different strain of it but the comments about me begin ke megyn kelly, john mccain, we have said well this is the moment it all starts to turn.
11:05 am
this is the moment now when the fellow republicans will turn on him and pounce and we have seen that in each one of these cases and what katy says is true. the difference between donald trump and every other politician i can think of caught in within of these controversial statement moments is donald trump never apologizes. he never backs down. he never acts as if he said something wrong and i was saying this. he just moves on to the next thing and right now, again, i could look at this and say this could get him in trouble, hurt him a little bit. the evidence tells us to this point that that core support behind donald trump is a lot of republican voters who are bothered by what they see broadly speaking at the idea of political correctness. too much political correctness and i think the reaction to donald trump and handling this situation to those voters might seem to him like the pc police after donald trump again. good for him for standing in there. >> when it comes to other gop candidates that can see this as
11:06 am
an opportunity, they don't have to promote the president in any way in a positive way but what they do need to talk about in a smart way is how people like that are ignorant and be able to not flame ignorance. i think the trump campaign is gaining strength through flaming ignorance. >> i think one of the problem that is republicans have, though, is that donald trump is kind of revealing along the way, you saw it with immigration and other issues like the 14th amendment and birthright citizenship, revealing the id of the republican party base talking about bothered the jeb bush spoke spanish at an event and then start to look at the numbers and find that something about 50% of republicans in a survey of a few years ago, 50% said that they were bothered when immigrants didn't speak english and i think it ends up and sort of constricts say donald trump is not the nominee but jeb bush is the nominee. well, the idea behind jeb bush or marco rubio for republicans
11:07 am
at the start of the campaign was, wow, if that's the candidate, imagine during the convention speaking in spanish for part of the acceptance speech, making inroads. now what donald trump revealed about the republican party base, a big chunk of the party base, suggests if jeb bush or marco rubio standing up there doing that, they could be boo'd by their own party. >> thanks, steve. i appreciate your time. want to check in now with dean abadallah. so moments ago, dean, ben carson was asked if he thought trump should have taken on that questioner and pushed back. here's what he had to say. take a listen. >> i suspect that if he gets that question again that's exactly what he'll do. >> would you have done it? would you have refuted the question? >> i think would have, yes. >> you never know until you're put in that situation but do you think and some people are asking, dean, that trump is going to, you know, should come out an apologize but isn't this
11:08 am
just really part of the brand? i mean, he was the one fanning the flames of birtherism to begin with. >> he was. and to me, the more troubling part of the comment is we have a problem in this country. it's called muslims. that's where he should have stopped the person. it's synonymous with dangerous. people are -- factually wrong and it means something saying a muslim. so that's what troubling to me as a muslim, a muslim american to try to divide us by the faith. donald trump knows 66% of the supporters think obama is a muslim. this is a profile in political cowardice.
11:09 am
he didn't want to say that's wrong and nothing wrong with being a muslim and more important than to say president obama is not a muslim. >> looking at the poll numbers, dean, and the latest cnn/orc poll, 20% say that the spth a muslim. among republicans, 43% believe that and then that same poll found that we have 12% believing the president wasn't born in the country. i want to remind everybody, president obama, what he had to say in 2011 when he released that long form birth certificate. take a look. >> and i have to say that over the last two and a half years i have watched with bemusement, i have been puzzled at the degree to which this thing just kept on going. we have had every official in hawaii democrat and republican, every news outlet that has investigated this, confirm that, yes, in fact, i was born in
11:10 am
hawaii, august 4th, 1961, in the hospital. >> all right. so the president there explaining exactly he's been puzzled and bemused and happening in 2011. >> yeah. >> when you hear the guy asking the question and i know you have a sense of comedic timing, do you think it was a set-up to see how donald trump would respond to a question like that? could he have an mccain moment? because i think to most people listening to that will realize the guy sounds like a crackpot anyway. >> he does. and i did watch it over and over to see perhaps if the guy doing it as a joke, a prank, in on a joke. it seemed like he could be sincere. could be a joke or not. if that's one of trump's supporters, you can't pick them as a candidate but pick the way you respond to supporters. white supremacist groups endorsed donald trump. he refuses to denounce.
11:11 am
he needs them. without them he thinks he can't win. a true leader, a person with a character, talking to world leaders and get them to agree by standing up to them, refuse to stand up to a bigot ten feet from him face. i hope voters say does he have the character to be in the white house? >> thank you for joining me thank you. >> thanks. now shifting attention to another breaking story out of boston. we have new developments in the case of baby doe. little girl found dead wrapped in a trash bag in boston harbor this summer. and two people are being questioned in connection with that case according to our boston affiliate whdh. nbc's ron motte in boston with the latest on this. i understand you have breaking developmentless for us. >> reporter: yeah. whdh here in boston now reporting that according to its sources the mother of the child is arrested in connection with
11:12 am
the case. richelle bond and we know that the child's name was bella. bella. and that was according to governor charlie baker speaking at the end of a press conference unrelated that that was the child's name. all this came to head at a triple decker 115. yesterday afternoon. police executed a search warrant. they were here through the night and then, of course, the mother was taken into questioning apparently and now been arrested. now, if we had a computer generated image circulated, went all over the world, 60 million views and brought a lot of flood of tips if you will into the boston police department after about three or four days, authorities said they were pretty confident that the child was from this area and based on forensic evidence with the child. she was found stuffed in a trash bag off deer island near boston's logan airport and wearing a pair of black and white leggings and there was a zebra print blanket an
11:13 am
apparently pollen on those items that gave officials some confidence that she was not from outside of this area but a resident here in boston. they're also reporting that the child just under 3 years old. the reporting throughout the summer had been that she was approximately 4 but apparently 2 years old and maybe just short of a 3rd birthday. late-breaking developments here south of downtown boston. the mother of the child found dead in boston harbor in june is arrested. >> the child, bella bond. reporting for us there, ron mott, thank you. the house of representatives just passed a measure to block funding for planned parenthood. and then more of the matt lauer interview, joyce mitchell is going to tell you exactly how she was involved and what was going through her mind. when is your flu shot more than a flu shot?
11:14 am
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11:17 am
we are back and we have been tracking this developing story from capitol hill. the breaking news over planned parenthood and defunding. the house pass add bill to strip federal funds from the organization unless it certifies it's performing abortions and the bill expected to be blocked by senate democrats if leader mcconnell chooses to bring it up. want to bring in kelly o'donnell on capitol hill. the house is voting now on the last of the two measures. where does it stand? >> reporter: well, they have voted to pass these measures and this is a predictable outcome because republicans have the numbers in the house. but as you hinted at, there is a roadblock coming and that is senate democrats would be able to put a stop to this and certainly the president wouldn't sign it. but it is an outline of a debate that's happening here on capitol
11:18 am
hill that is sort of a latest it ration of this and echos on the campaign trail for the congressional race that is are up and running and certainly the presidential campaign. for republicans and especially the most conservatives, this issue is resonant and it drives voters, it drives their donors and it really animates a larger conversation. democrats believe strongly to protect planned parenthood for the work it does for women nothing to do with abortion, health care services provided. republicans saying if planned parenthood providing this service that was kind of revealed in these videos that are getting a lot of controversy about possibly selling fetal tissue and violate the law they're saying a one-year period is a chance for an investigation to take place. no charges have been filed. no criminal acts have been formally alleged but it enflames this debate coming to abortion, really is no middle ground and republicans are fighting and
11:19 am
this is a principled stand for them, democrats, too, fighting for the rights of women and this played out extensively today but, thomas, even though it won't go anywhere legislateively beyond the house, know that it will play out again and again on the campaign trail and that's what makes it so important. republicans need to stand together on this and it also raises the spector of the possibility of government shutdown in a battle over this and that's why we'll see it play out over a week. >> nancy pelosi said yesterday about how it's a distraction. bigger game a government shutdown. we'll see how it plays out. thanks so much. >> reporter: thank you. should army sergeant b bergdahl be cart martialed? we have a live report. ahead of the pope's visit, i talk to disenfranchised catholic about the pontiff, the changes
11:20 am
to the church an their attitudes of why they remain engaged with their faith. make anybody feel intimidated to talk about the church in any conflicts that you have with the church as st. pat looms behind us? >> not at all. >> no. >> no. internet of things. what we're recommending as your consultants... the new consultants are here. it's not just big data, its bigger data. we're beta testing the new wearable interface... ♪ xerox believes finding the right solution shouldn't be so much work. by engineering a better way for people, process and technology to work together. work can work better. with xerox. ♪ [ female announcer ] everything kids touch at school sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. you handle life; clorox handles the germs.
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11:23 am
we just need to make sure she has what she needs. welcome to windows 10. the future starts now for all of us. now to the ongoing developing situation in europe where the migrant crisis is going from bad to worse for many and here's why. croatia called all by one of the border crossings with serbia as officials deal with roughly 13,000 migrants entered in just the past two days. serbia being told to plan for a build-up of migrants as a result and the latest numbers are staggering. u.n. reported more than 440,000 people crossed the mediterranean to europe so far this year, close to 3,000 have died trying to do so. so, back here at home we have been tracking this story out of texas. the developments in the case of bergdahl. francis is back with more on
11:24 am
that story. francis? >> a major general recommending no jail time for him. he is in the second day of a hearing here to determine if he should face a court-martial on d desertion on other charges. we know it was decided this morning that bergdahl would not testify in this hearing. >> reporter: -- letting other people tell sergeant bergdahl's story and we're beginning to learn the motive behind why he left his post in afghanistan back in 2009. as you said, general kenneth doll took the stand today saying that he interviewed sergeant bergdahl for a day and a half and produced a document that is 371 pages long, part of the interrogation, the interview process that he had to go through to find out exactly what happened. he says he found the sergeant very bright and well read, of high moral value. he said other soldiers enjoyed
11:25 am
working with him, wanted him on their team. he was a sold yore that wanted to take the fight to the enemy and also had high moral values and a problem with his platoon leaders and he wanted to get the attention of a neighboring general at a post about 20 miles away. so he came up with this scheme to leave his post, knowing that that would cause an intensive search party and when he was discovered or made his way to the other post, he would be able to air his grievances with the higher command. didn't work out that way. sergeant bergdahl was captured by the taliban and held for five years. he said that he gave away his possessions, sent them away because he knew he was going to get in trouble if he got to the other side and was able to talk to the general. he knew he would be in trouble but he thought it was the best thing to do for his platoon at the time. francis? >> all right. charles hadlock for us, with an answer to what many are asking, why did he leave the post? thank you. we'll ask the question is
11:26 am
trump fever breaking? some signs showing that the donald is facing a downturn in the court of public opinion. look at this. atlanta braves kiss cam. what they caught. presidential smooch. nice sweet one. all of that coming up. ge! a man. well that's why i dug this out for you. it's your grandpappy's hammer and he would have wanted you to have it. it meant a lot to him... yes, ge makes powerful machines. but i'll be writing the code that will allow those machines to share information with each other. i'll be changing the way the world works. (interrupting) you can't pick it up, can you? go ahead. he can't lift the hammer. it's okay though! you're going to change the world.
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lease the 2015 rc 350 for $429 a month for 36 months. see your lexus dealer. so we have been following the breaks news today on reaction to donald trump's non answer to the question yesterday regarding president obama being a muslim and not american. here's presidential candidate bernie sanders earlier today slamming trump for failing to set that supporter straight. >> i think it's a disgrace to again question whether or not the president of the united states was born in this country or whether he's christian is -- i thought we were beyond that. it's outrage. >> this combined with the fallout on the appearance of carly fiorina has some asking if trump fever is breaking.
11:30 am
joining me now is nbc news senior political correspondent perry bacon. we have the new republic, politico writing asking whether trump's time is really up and this moment with carly fiorina at the debate is one of the reasons why. want to remind everybody, this is how she responded to trump's that face comment. take a look. >> i think women all over this country heard very clearly what mr. trump said. >> all right. there we have her very succinctly responded which was meta and people loved it and then hillary clinton talking yesterday in an interview saying that for a lot of people candidates out there this is the silly season and will have a chance to get in to real substantial debates coming up. but is there a sense that this is a shift in the tide against trump or that this is something that's going to embolden the campaign? >> the tide is shifted in two ways. first, you had that debate where 23 million people watched and you saw not as the moderators go
11:31 am
after trump but the candidates, jeb bush, rand paul, chris christie, most notably fiorina going after trump really hard and this last day or so what i think you have seen now is people have forgotten that trump wasn't just involved with birtherism but the leading birther. this question isn't coming out of nowhere. that's something he initiated being -- saying the president wasn't born here a few years ago and brought this controversy on to himself. we don't know yet if the tide is turned, though, because trump is survived so much and we haven't had any real polls. think the polls next seven to ten days tell us if the trump bubble burst or not. >> looking at the bubble and we have heard several candidates coming out today, perry, hillary clinton among them on the left and we have got lindsay graham and bernie sanders on the left demanding that trump apologize and what we have seen of trump so far, that's probably not
11:32 am
going to happen. that to him and his campaign shows weakness. >> exactly. so far, you get hillary clinton, the white house, bernie sanders all really on the left, even graham is a fairly liberal republican compared to donald trump so i don't think it makes a huge difference. those people attacked him already. i do wonder if the sustained news media focus on this birther controversy particularly maybe does hurt trump and the comments about carly. that's where i think the things could really change but like i said, so far, we have said so many moment cans trump get away with this? he keeps getting away with it. i think it's way too early to say this is the end of his campai campaign. >> he decided not to show up at the forum in south carolina today saying that a business deal closing came up that is keeping him away from that. perry, thanks so much. we have been asking the viewers to weigh in on the bing pulse question of the day surrounding donald trump, this
11:33 am
latest gaffe or lack thereof because he didn't say anything. so should he reject those who call president obama a muslim? this is how you have been voting about this. 80% of you say, yes. 20% of you say, no. the pulse is live. keep voting. all right. so on a different front today, we have the white house announcing some sweeping policy changes regarding cuba today and it's meant to ease restrictions for people wishing to travel and do business there. the changes ahead of the historic visit to cuba tomorrow and the u.s. next week and ahead of the visit here i sat down with catholics whose real lives are in contrast of the catholic church and all of them say pope francis bringing people like them back to the church. just by a show of hands, who considers themselves to be a practicing catholic?
11:34 am
>> let's go around the group and i'll start with cathy. give me one word for pope francis. >> francis-like. >> dawn? >> it's not one word but i was going to say fresh air. >> kevin i'd say humble. >> humble. sarah? >> hopeful. >> hope snfl jorge? >> different. >> different. denise? >> light. >> light. why do you say light? >> people who were banished from the religion because of the traditions of it now can see a light. >> i think we can hear the beautiful church of st. pat's behind us as the bells are going off. does it make anybody feel intimidated to talk about the church in any conflicts that you have with the church as st. pat looms behind us? >> not at all. >> no. >> no. >> i'm so proud of this group
11:35 am
and i really hope you watch with me as we're going to show much more. we have a lot to talk about with them in the panel next week. much more of the interview on pope francis' effect here in the united states. but we're joined now by elizabeth diaz for "time" magazine. good to have you here. looking at the latest numbers of nbc news telemundo marist poll. there's a positive response to pope francis. how has he taken on the tough issues with the popular he has? >> well, you're absolutely right. that's exactly what he is doing. i think we are seeing pope francis really start to leverage, you know, the global capital building up and now two and a half years in and starting to figure out where he can pay it down. we are seeing it certainly on cuba-u.s. relations as you mentioned. we are seeing it on the environment. on his really encouraging people to think about the spiritual
11:36 am
implications of their monetary choices, materialism. and all of this is going to be in play when he leaves the vatican tomorrow, heads to cuba and then on to washington. >> and so, i want to ask you about that because it does seem as this is a shift from other popes in our lifetime, how do you think his visit to the u.s. is going to compare to the visits of other popes, especially francis focuses on global poverty issues, global climate change opposed to social issues? >> right. the optics are already so different. and a lot of that depends on people's response. we have to remember that when pope benedict xvi visited it was still really in the throws of the sexual abuse scandals for the church and now francis has turned the dialogue on that. he's doing things that popes haven't done in the u.s. before, speaking to a u.s. congress but then leaving from congress and
11:37 am
going to have lunch with homeless people in d.c. he is going to visit a jail in philadelphia. and those kinds of things are different. it is really showing his priorities. he's not just coming on this high political scale even though he's speaking at the u.n. meeting with president obama and, of course, congress. but he's really putting the focus on every day people and on people that don't get the spotlight often and so by him putting his own eye towards them, he is turning the world's attention there, too. and i think that's not something that people are going to forget. >> no, we're all watching and there's definitely a francis effect. elizabeth, thank you. appreciate that. msnbc's going to have extensive coverage of the pope's visit to the u.s. next week and we really encourage you to check it out because it's special coverage all next week here on msnbc. my colleague francis here now with other stories that caught our eye today. what do you got? >> little bit of fun here for
11:38 am
the friday. first of all, thomas, starting with this. stunner on thursday night football. you have to wait until the very, very end of the game to see it. look. all right. the denver broncos they scored two touchdowns in the space of nine second at the end of the game with the kansas city chiefs for that dramatic come from behind 31-24 victory. the win is denver's 13th sflagt a division road game, a new nfl record. all right. look at this -- aw moment. a sweet moment for a former first couple. jimmy carter and wife ross lynn. doesn't hesitate. a big old smooch for the two of them. carter now 90 recently announced that his cancer has spread to his brain. by the way, the braves lost 5-0 to toronto. so, from the far stretches of space, nasa released these stunning new images of pluto. showing a near sunset view of the icy mountains and flat ice
11:39 am
plains in the distant world. how cool are these pictures? taken in july and just beamed back to earth. and then take a look at this. another aw moment. a baby bear making himself at home in a backyard in colorado. his favorite there? the hammock. plays with it, getting tangled up in it as he's playing. mama bear and another cub watching this little bear's playtime close by. this is so cool. i want wait to throw this. doritos with a twist on the classic chip. rainbows. limited edition and celebrate it is lgbt community. the chips come in the colors. red, orange, orange, blue, purple inspired by the colors of the pride flag. >> your wish is my command. >> i know. we were able to get it. consumers can't get it in stores. you have to donate $10 or more to the it get better project at it gets >> can you eat and talk at the same time? >> i like the green m&ms so i'll
11:40 am
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♪ [ female announcer ] everything kids touch at school sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. you handle life; clorox handles the germs. i think it is unfair and wrong to single out planned parp parenthood to try to deprive the millions of women who get health care from planned parenthood, access to those services. so it's not just one candidate standing on the stage. all of them are in favor of it. >> so that was hillary clinton just a short time ago from new hampshire and fighting back at republican presidential candidates who want to defund planned parenthood. one of the republicans being carly fiorina. the business woman with a big performance at the latest republican debate on wednesday. in part, for what she had to say
11:44 am
about planned parenthood. >> as regards planned parenthood, anyone who has watched this videotape, i dare hillary clinton, barack obama to watch these tapes. watch a fully formed fetus on the table, its heart beating, its legs kicking while someone says we have to keep it alive to harvest its brain. >> many have criticized the remarks as being inaccurate saying that the videos show nothing of the kind, even what the "wall street journal" mainly considered a conservative paper refuted the claims. planned parenthood is serving though in the debate as a battleground for the only two women in the presidential race and i'm joined by karen finney, senior spokesperson for hillary clinton 2016. karen, great to see you. nice to have you with me. >> great to be with you, thomas. >> all right.
11:45 am
so when it comes to how the campaign is moving forward, i know you work with blinders on coming to hillary clinton, staying on point. and on focus in the field. but is there a worry about fiorina being able to attract a significant number of female voters that would typically go to a hillary clinton? >> well, let me start by saying i love the fact that we are having a conversation about two women candidates for the presidency of this country. i have to tell you as a little girl i didn't think we would get that. that and of itself is important. but let's go to the issue specifically of planned parenthood and the other issues. i think more than anything, what voters want to know is where you stand on the issues that they care about. and what are you going to do to address the challenges they're facing? you know? from how to afford to send your kid to college, your health care, how do we lower health
11:46 am
care costs, how to increase wages so i think at the end of the day it is not about the gender of the -- a person that she might be up against but rather the policies and i think part of what hillary said that was so important is the very dramatic contrast that you have when it comes to planned parenthood. carly fiorina absolutely misspoke when she described the videos. as you pointed out. that's been refuted. but the idea of understanding the importance of the services that planned parenthood provides for millions of women as a trusted health care provider sort of not understanding that and saying instead we just need to cut the funding i think shows a very dramatic difference. >> when it comes to having people out there understand that there aren't taxpayer funded services going to women at planned parenthood, that was not something discussed during the republican debate and i know i have seen secretary clinton speaking about this highlighting more about what planned
11:47 am
parenthood does for the protection of women's health. now, it is a fact that they are an abortion provider and that service, though, again not supported through taxpayer funded dollars. >> correct. >> what is secretary clinton's take on the broader picture about why this conversation is happening in the halls of congress right now? is it really more a bigger issue about trying to set up for shutting down the government? >> yeah. well, two things on that. i mean, you know, planned parenthood is very careful about making sure that the funds, public dollars don't go to abortions but remember having an abortion it is a legal, medical procedure that a woman makes a decision with her doctor about that. whether or not to have one. so let's be clear. i think sometimes it's mixed up that this is a legal procedure. secretary clinton pointed that out today earlier. just this week, to your point about the bigger picture, she
11:48 am
did point out that this issue of planned parenthood is being used and manipulated as a way to galvanize some on the right and to potentially shut down our government. i mean, we are talking about a place that offers, you know, hiv/aids counseling and testing and birth control. i mean, that we're going to shut down the government over birth control? so yeah. she did highlight -- >> cancer screenings. >> -- we recognize what they're trying to do here. >> also support of the female voting bloc, and some people saying that recent polling would suggest there is a loss especially when it comes to support among democratic women looking at july to september, karen, from 71% to 42%, that is a big difference. and bernie sanders is eating
11:49 am
away at those interested voters, joe biden, the potential of him jumping in to this race. how worried is the campaign? >> you know, we are looking at this i think through a very realistic lens and that is obviously with the potential addition of biden, it's not surprising to see numbers kind of shift around a bit and i think until we know if the vice president is going to be in or not i think we are going to continue to see this because i think voters are trying to decide would they support him, they want to continue to hear from hillary and support hillary or potentially supporting bernie sanders so i think realistically i'm not surprised. i don't think any of us are surprised and we said all along we expected that this is going to be a contested primary and a tough race. i would remind you friends in the media who actually said that it was, you know, this is a coronation. we never believed that. so the thing to do is to keep working hard and i think one of the main thing that is we are doing with regard to women is,
11:50 am
you know, we have a great plan in place doing our grassroots outreach to women. we just launched women for hillary about a week ago and so, you know, we are going to keep on reaching out the women and making sure they know what hillary stands for and why she is the person to fight for them. >> i know you're working hard. before you go, is there any spontaneity scheduled on the calendar? >> scheduled spontaneity? you know that would ruin the point. i won't tell you. that's for me to know and you to find out. >> i'll be paying attention. my finger on the pulse. always greet see you. thank you. >> you, too. take care. tv's big night this sunday. looking ahead to the emmys and what you should be watching for at the big awards show. will this year be jon hamm from "mad men" and take home one of those little golden statues? we'll talk about it.
11:51 am
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11:53 am
so tv's biggest night almost here. the 67th prime time emmys
11:54 am
kicking off this sunday on fox and the annual show hosted by "snl" alum andy sandberg and will they be making history? that's the big question people are curious about and joined by alan sipenwal and author of "the revolution was televised." let's talk first about the history portion of this starting with the ladies because henson and davis are duking it out for best lead actress but they would be the first african-american female to win in this category if one of them takes it home. >> yeah. i would say probably the two favorites and maybe just naive about that but i feel but "empire" and "how to get away with murder" phenomenons and on top of the history of bad diversity problem of the emmys and both being incredibly good in the roles it feels like it has to go to one of them. i'm picking henson.
11:55 am
>> i like cookie, too. >> everybody loves cookie. >> yeah. and "empire" is about to come back and on fox. on the guys' side, jon hamm, "mad men." never won. constantly nominated. could this be his year? >> you have to hope so. this is the best shot jon hamm has is expanding the voting pool and pretty much the whole tv academy can vote for something and clearly the member who is are eligible to vote before not interested in hamm and gave it to cranston, daniels, lewis, everyone possible but hamm but maybe now with a larger voting pool these people feel like we need to give it to him. this is an iconic role of all time. >> talk about the host, andy sandberg this year. he won last year. right? won a golden globe i think. >> yeah. first season. >> so he is really funny. >> yes. >> i mean, we can expect good
11:56 am
stuff from him or is this going to be one of those make or break awkward hosty things? >> i think he will be good. i have seen him in settings like this before. the show is just so long and so many awards and expecting him to do some kind of big musical -- >> a fresh piece or trump joke? >> probably, yes. between a film piece and monologue, i'm sure he will be fine. >> that wraps up things for today's show. see you back here next week. have a great weekend. stay tuned because ari melber picks up the coverage next. you are watching msnbc live. well this fall stay with choice hotels two times and earn a free night. when it comes to business, you always have a choice. book now at the new if you have moderate to severe ...isn't it time to let the... ...real you shine... ...through? introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection, or a cream.
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tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a free 30-tablet trial. it is friday afternoon and the trump campaign is taking fire from all sides. donald trump facing this criticism from his republican rivals and the white house this afternoon, all the fallout here continuing for the way trump responded last night a town hall attendee in new hampshire who falsely claimed president obama was a muslim, born abroad.
12:00 pm
and said that muslims are causing all kinds of problems in the u.s. >> okay. this man. i like this guy. >> from white plains. amen? okay. we -- problem in this country. it's called muslims. we know our current president is one. you know he's not even an american. >> we need this question. this first question. >> but anyway, we have training camps growing where they want to kill us. that's my question. when can we get rid of them? >> we're going to be looking at a lot of things and, you know, a lot of people are saying that and a lot of people are saying that bad things are happening out. we're going to be looking at this and plenty of other things. >> trump didn't correct the questioning and white house press secretary earnest addressed this controversy. >> is anybody really surprised this happened at a donald trump rally? i don't think anybody who's been paying attention to republican politics is at all surprised.


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