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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  September 18, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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we're following breaking news on wall street right now, where markets plunged today, the dow closing down nearly 300 points. the drop comes one day after the federal reserve decided not to raise interest rates. let's get the very latest from cnbc's mary thompson. does today's selloff indicate investors are worried about the health of the economy? >> reporter: i think they're worried about the health of the global economy, not necessarily the economy in the u.s. that's because yesterday fed chair janet yellen said one of the reasons the fed reserve did not raise interest rates was because of concerns about the international economy,
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specifically slowing growth in china. we saw selloffs in the overseas market, and that continued today, the dow down nearly 300 points. >> mary to questiohompson, thany much. donald trump once again finds himself the center of attention. in the latest controversy the donald is under fire for not correcting a member of the audience at a town hall who said that president obama is a muslim. his campaign insists that the last minute cancellation had, quote, nothing to do with last night's exchange. here it is. >> okay. this man. i like this guy. >> i'm from white plains. amen, okay? we have a problem in this country. it's called muslims. we know our current president is one. you know he's not even an american. >> we need this question.
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>> but anyway. we have training examplcamps gr when they want to kill us. >> we're going to be looking at a lot of different things. a lot of people are saying that. a lot of people are saying that bad things are happening out there. we're going to be looking at that and plenty of other things. >> today many candidates criticized mr. trump. >> mr. trump is responsible for creating this idea that maybe obama was born in kenya, not hawaii, saying that most illegal immigrants are rapists and drug dealers. >> i think it's a disgrace, again questioning whether or not the president of the united states was born in this country or whether he's a christian. i thought we were beyond that. it's an outrage. >> he has to decide what he wants to do for himself. if somebody at one of my town
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hall meetings, i would correct them. he knew or should have known that what the man was asking was not only way out of bounds but was untrue. he should have from the beginning repudiated that kind of rhetoric, that level of hatefulness in an audience that he was appearing before. >> the white house weighed in on the topic. it was brought up in today's briefing. here's what josh earnest had to say. >> is anybody really surprised? his offensive views are part of mr. trump's base. mr. trump would be the first to tell you he's got the biggest base of a republican politician these days. mr. trump is not the first republican politician to countenance these kinds of views in order to win votes. in fact that's precisely what every republican presidential candidate is doing when they decline to denounce mr. trump's cynical strategy. >> there's a lot to get here.
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joining me now is joel watkins, patricia murphy, and most of msnbc's "up," steve kornacki. donald trump is not attending tonight's event, his campaign says mr. trump has a significant business transaction and is unable to attend today's heritage action forum, he sends his regrets and looks forward to being with the great people of south carolina on wednesday in columbia. steve, what's going on here? is the campaign deciding when and how it is going to respond to this incident? >> i mean, obviously the timing is interesting on this. it does raise that question. the thing you have to balance that against is, this is not the m.o. for the trump campaign, this has not been the m.o. for the trump campaign. he has stepped in it a number of times already, saying john mccain wasn't a hero over the summer, the comments he made about megyn kelly. he's done and said these things that have brought down this
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portfolio bipartisan outrage on him. in that situation, the typical politicians, when everybody is demanding an apology, they retreat, they say they're sorry. trump to date never apologizes, never says he's sorry. i tend to think it might be a convinincidence and he's not go to back away from this. >> joe, democrats and republicans are criticizing him. steve was mentioning it's not his m.o., he doesn't apologize, he doesn't retreat. do you think he should apologize on this one? >> i think it makes sense for him to at least explain what happened and apologize for not correcting that man. the man obviously was wrong, the one who asked the question was wrong. we all know the president is a christian and an american, a great american at that. but, you know, i would say this about josh earnest's response. you know, presidents get a lot
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of mean things said about them all the time on a daily bases. i worked for a u.s. president in the white house. i know for the president it's really hard because people are constantly saying mean things to them. the presidents themselves grow a thick skin. i don't know that josh needed to spend all this time needing to beat up donald trump because he didn't correct this particular interviewer. i don't think that was necessarily appropriate. but certainly an apology is in store. the president ought not be disrespected or talked about in a mean or negative way, or in an untrue way, and this was clearly untrue. >> patricia, you were actually at the heritage action forum. i think a lot of people are going to want to know, how are the folks down there taking this cancellation by donald trump? what are people saying? are they seeing this as a result of what happened yesterday or are they buying that he has a business transaction to close? >> reporter: really a lot of people are just finding out about it. he cancelled three hours ago and
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people are trickling into this event, they're very disappointed that trump isn't coming, for a lot of people he was the reason they were here. they wish he was here. i don't think anybody is particularly suspicious of his reason. this is a conservative audience. i don't think they've given a whole lot of thought to, does he really have a business transaction. there are no conspiracy theories here. but people wanted to see him. the reality is that trump will be at a public eavent in tomorrow, in south carolina on wednesday. in the future is like the past, he does interviews every day. so he's going to get asked this question, and he has a choice, are you going to agree with the supporters who came out to see you and said something that's totally false, or are you going to set them straight. he did fan the flames of this to a great extent in 2011 when he paid his own investigators to go find the president's birth certificate. i'll be fascinated to see what he says when he gets asked the question. and he will get asked the question. >> we'll talk about that birth
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certificate in just a second. trump congratulated himself in 2011 when he hired a private investigator. he had this to say at the time when he i guess praised himself for getting the the birth certificate that no one else found. take a listen. >> today i am very proud of myself because i have accomplished something that nobody else has been able to accomplish. i was just informed while on the helicopter that our president has finally released a birth certificate. i want to look at it. but i hope it's true. >> so when you hear that, can you really apologize, when he was leading this so-called birther charge that really drew a lot of people to his support back in 2011? >> well, right. and it's something that he's continued to cast some doubt and some aspersions on the barack
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obama origin story in the years since then. he's talked about how he was able to accomplish something there that no one else had accomplished. no other president had people demanding that he produce a birth certificate before to the extent that people like donald trump were demanding that barack obama do that. yes, this is something that's been in the air since barack obama started running for president. you remember john mccain in 2008 was at that rally in the month before the election and there was a woman who said she thinks he's an arab, a muslim, and john mccain corrected her on the spot. donald trump is the guy who has fed and encouraged this stuff for the last few years. >> you heard the white house say this is broader than donald trump. you had a poll finding that 43% of republicans believe president obama is a muslim. colin powell said famously in 2013 that there was a dark vein of intolerance in some parts of the party, alluding to the
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republican party. how deep is that vein? because at least to me 43% seems like a lot. is it really that large of a percentage, do you think? >> i hope it's not that large a percentage. i hope that more americans and more republicans specifically realize that president obama is a christian and not a muslim. we have a distance to travel in our party. for the most part, we've got to make sure that our party is a bigger tent and one that's more accepting of people of color. and i know that reince priebus has done a good job in the last couple of years of making that a priority for the party. but it's got to continue to be one. this has to be a party that people of color and people of different belief systems and ethnicities are comfortable being a part of. that's not not the case yet. it needs to be. we need to continue to move in that direction. i'm for the voting rights bill, i support that, i know there are
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lots of republicans who do. there are some who don't. that needs to be the way all republicans think. >> and i want to pose this question to all three of you. this exchange had two components, the first part being the question about president obama not being american and the fact that he was a muslim, but also the second part of that question in which the gentleman alluded to getting rid of them and there were questions whether donald trump even responded appropriately to that. he was referring to either muslims or training camps. how did you see that coming and whether donald trump even responded to that part of the comment appropriately, to suggest that if he was talking about muslims, to get rid of the muslims in america? >> are you talking to me? >> yes, go ahead. >> obviously i'm disheartened by the question that person posed because i've got people in my family who are muslims and they're good muslims and they're
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good americans also. and to broad brush the population and to broad brush all muslims and to broad brush all american muslims that way is very unfair and dangerous. the presidency is a place to unite americans. i believe the next president, whoever that person is, is somebody that will need to bring us altogether. we're pretty fractured as a country and we need to come together. i still hope that's part of president obama's legacy. i feel that's one of the things he set out for himself, to bring people together. it's hard hard because people have been mean to him. maybe in his last year he can help us all love each other a little more than we currently do. >> patricia, what was your response to that comment from the gentleman in the audience? >> reporter: that was the type of question you really do get at town halls. i'm surprised donald trump wasn't more ready for it. he's obviously an inexperienced campaigner. john mccain gave every
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republican the script of how to respond when he did it in 2008. i was surprised that he didn't seem ready for the question. and he seemed to me just punting over it and just trying to get to the next question. i don't necessarily thing that donald trump wants to evict all muslims from the country. but it's very important for people to hear more about his positions on this, to hear his positions on islamic terrorism, to hear his positions on integrating people into the united states. i think there's a lot more there. people have done a ton of interviews with donald trump this cycle. this has never come up, which surprises me because he was so vocal in 2011. it's time for the media to get a little more specific with trump and for trump to answer these questions. >> joe watkins, patricia murphy, steve kornacki, thank you all. coming up, hillary clinton puts the white house on notice. what she's demanding from the obama administration. plus the epa is ordering
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hillary clinton hit the campaign trail one day after she called out the white house for not coming to a decision fast enough on the keystone pipeline. >> i have been waiting for the administration to make a decision. i thought i owed them that. i worked in the administration, i started the process that is supposed lead to a decision. i can't wait too much longer. i'm putting the white house on notice. i'm going to tell you what i think soon because i can't wait. i thought they would have it decided way, you know, way by now, and they haven't. >> now, moments from now, clinton is expected to speak at a grassroots organizing meaning
1:18 pm
in portland, maine. i'm now on agenda on the phone by alex seitz-wald. alex, for many of us who are following this, this is a significant contrast clinton is making with this white house about the issue of the keystone pipeline. did we say any more of that from her on the campaign trail today? >> reporter: no more distancing from the white house today. but i was definitely surprised by how forceful and how willing she was to put a contrast between her and the white house last night. i think this reflects some real frustration on her part. for years she has been asked dozens of times and twist herself into knots trying to not answer questions about the keystone pipeline. at first it was useful when she didn't want to have to answer questions on the pipeline but i think now she would like to put this issue behind her and not continue facing questions about it. just today, at an event this
1:19 pm
afternoon, there are protestors holding up signs saying no kxl on it. it may have been a moment of letting her frustrations speak for itself. >> jeb bush has just taken stage in south carolina, joined at the forum by nine other candidates, including carly fiorina, ben carson, chris christie, rand paul, and scott walker. joining me now from greenville, south carolina, is msnbc's benji sarlin. let's begin with trump. he was scheduled to speak, he's obviously cancelled as we reported. how are people responding down there? >> reporter: well, this news broke very late. it was just a couple of hours before the conference was supposed to start. when i was asking people about it as they waited in line, 100% of the time they were hearing the news from me.
1:20 pm
and some people were quite disappointed. i heard a couple of people telling me that if trump is serious about running for president, he should prioritize that above his business ventures, which is the reason he gave for skipping the conference. i've heard people say trump is one of their top choices. others are the no fans, people are glad to see carly fiorina go after him in the debate. i would say there's a mix of views. >> the audience at today's event is considered to be a very conservative crowd. i understand there are even some protestors flying the confederate flag. talk to us about the reception that some of these candidates are receiving. who is being well received, who is not, and what issues are taking center stage down there so far? >> reporter: i just want to clarify one thing. there are a bunch of protestors here with confederate flags. but they're protesting against the event. they're not protestors going into the event. these are people in particular upset with nikki haley, the
1:21 pm
governor of the state, who took down the confederate flag. just to be clear what's going on here. speaking of nikki haley, one thing you may see is candidates trying to get on her good side. she's one of the prime endorsements in the state. it's the first primary after new hampshire. in addition to that, she's moved up the short list of possible vice presidential nominees, especially after the handling of the charleston shooting here months earlier. i think you will see definitely some state politics here. but in general candidates will be making the case to a plugged-in conservative crowd, why they are the choice for 2016. >> jeb bush was speaking at the beginning of this segment. what message do you think jeb bush will likely take to the stage today? >> reporter: i can't hear what he's saying now, but i can tell you this. jeb bush has given a lot of
1:22 pm
speeches to conservative audiences who usually aren't tend to go like him. they like tactical hardliners which bush isn't. bush was a very conservative governor. that's not in dispute much. he was very popular with the right then. to the extent he has problems with the right, it's mostly about his positions since then, for instance immigration, he's on the far left side of the republican field running, which is a national issue, it didn't come up a lot when he was governor, and common core legislation, something he's been an activist for since leaving the governor's manages. >> we're watching former governor jeb bush now. we'll have updates for you throughout the course of the hour if in fact anything significant comes out of that. msnbc's benefit -- benjy sarlin,
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because we're here, we're here, and we've got your back. legalzoom. legal help is here. a friend of charleston church shooter dylann roof has been arrested for allegedly lying to federal agents. joey meek jr. was arrested after authorities found he lied about not knowing about roof's plans to go to the church. roof is facing nine counts of murder and could face the death penalty. the obama administration has ordered volkswagen to recall nearly half a million cars, according to the environmental protection agency. the german car maker used software intentionally designed to circumvent environment rules for reducing smog. to help make sense of this, this
1:27 pm
was a startling announcement for those who were surprised to hear it about volkswagen, who had a good reputation in the industry. >> this is a massive accusation, that volkswagen knowingly installed sophisticated software in the car's computer so that it would have lower emissions when tested but out on the normal load, emissions would be 40 times more than the legal limit. the pollutant is a component of smog, linked to asthma, heart disease. >> how does the software work in the car? it's something that they deliberately did? >> according to the epa that's acknowledged doing this, it's designed to defeat the test, so you get a pass when your car is in fact not up to federal
1:28 pm
standards. they emphasize for drivers of these cars, the audi, the jetta, they're totally safe to drive. but what's coming out of the tailpipe is not up to standards. >> is this a common tactic used by other car manufacturers, do they have similar defeat devices? >> it's very rare. certainly the size and scale of this accusation is extraordinary. $18 billion is what vw is on the hook for. it would be the biggest clean air act violation of all time. >> and do we have a sense of what could happen next? >> right now the investigation is ongoing. so it's going to take up to a year for volkswagen to come up with a recall plan, get notices out to people, satisfy the government and regulators that they recognize the problem and are working to fix it. we'll go live to vatican
1:29 pm
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make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. you handle life; clorox handles the germs. in the latest sign of warming u.s./cuba relations, the white house announced it is relaxing more restrictions on business transactions with the island nation. it will ease travel, expand business licenses in cuba and even allow travelers to open bank accounts in the country. the measure comes as pope francis is set to arrive in cuba tomorrow ahead of his visit to the u.s. next week. already there are controversy over the pontiff's visit to the white house and the guest list. the vatican is disputing invitations extended to transgender activists. and the first openly gay
1:33 pm
episcopal bishop will be one of the guests. chris jansing joins us now from the white house. how significant are these latest changes in our relationship with cuba that president obama announced? >> reporter: this is a big move. it all started of course in december and january. but this is pushing it even further, easing so many of those restrictions. let's take one example, companies for the first time being able to establish a physical presence in cuba, what kinds of companies are we talking about? well, for example telecommunications, fedex, for example. ups could feasibly open up offices there. major airlines are under negotiations, the faa talking to their counterparts about the possibility of flights there. home depot could possibly sell building supplies. i say "presumably" because there's a couple of other steps in the interim, even though
1:34 pm
these officially go into effect on monday. lawyers are looking at these various companies and oversight organizations, trying to see what will and won't be allowed under these new regulations. the second and bigger part is cuba, because we could say that we want to do this, but it requires the assent of the cuban government. it isn't as though tomorrow or monday all of a sudden there's going to be a sea change. but the possibility that there could be a major change does exist. you also mentioned tourism. this doesn't mean it opens to all tourism, but the people can now bring close relatives. where they can go and where they can stay, for example on ships that could possibly port in cuba, have been expanded as well. >> thanks for that. i want to now talk a little bit more about the pope's travel plans. i wanted to bring in an
1:35 pm
associated press vatican correspondent. thanks for joining us. let's talk about what the vatican is saying about the white house guest list and reports they're unhappy with it. can you settle that for us? >> reporter: sure. i was in touch with the vatican spokesman this afternoon. he says that the guest list is entirely the purview of the white house, as you would expect. the pope is a guest of president obama, he doesn't have anything to do with the guest list. and the vatican has made no statement, official or otherwise, as to who should be or should not be on that list. again, there are 15,000 people on the lawn of the white house. there are a few people there that cause some people in the vatican to be uncomfortable, that's to be expected. but the vatican isn't saying anything on the record officially. >> the pope tweeted today, i ask you to join me in praying for my
1:36 pm
trip to cuba and the united states. i need your prayers. he arrives amid some controversy that he's not meeting with cuban dissidents. what's the story there and has the vatican commented on that part of who he would be meeting with? >> reporter: well, this will be the third pope to visit cuba. john paul and benedict came before him and they didn't meet with dissidents either. after those trips there was also controversy that the dissidents weren't given any kind of platform. again, the pope is a guest of the cuban government and wouldn't do anything that would cause them to be embarrassed. such a public meeting would do just that. this week the vatican spokesman said clearly that the issue may welcome up in private conversations between the pope and president raul castro or the secretary of state, but that it wouldn't be anything that we would hear about publicly. >> i know you as a vatican
1:37 pm
correspondent know the security measures around that pope very well. there are reports that this is one of the largest security operations in u.s. history. why is this expected to be so big compared to his other travels? he's known as a pope of the people, he really likes to kind of mingle among the crowds. is the vatican expecting a very different reality he comes here to the u.s., and he may not have the freedom he's enjoyed in the past? >> reporter: i think it will be different. this is the highest profile trip she's been on. it's the united states, so things are always a bit bigger in the u.s. when in washington he'll be with president obama, so two prominent world leaders. in new york he will be joined by over a hundred world leaders attending the u.n. general assembly. it's expected security will be tight. the vatican said this week that while the motorcade routes might be shorter than what we've seen in other countries, the pope
1:38 pm
would still be able to be out with the crowds, which is so important to him. >> in this canicole winfield, t joining us. among the guests at the white house will be the first episcopal priest who is openly gay. bishop robinson, thank you very much, sir, for joining us. today the issue of controversy was addressed at the white house. the spokesperson, josh earnest, said all those that had been invited were going to reflect the diversity of america and those that have been eager to hear the message of the pope. and i'm curious to get your take on why you think so many people will be turning out to hear this pope speak. >> well, i think so many of us will turn out to welcome him to america. but mostly because he's a wonderful human being. he is one of those rare human beings, perhaps like the dali
1:39 pm
llama or desmond tutu, who transcend boundaries. we want to be there to welcome him. this kerfuffle that has been reported on, which turns out to be a bet of a tempest in a tee p tea pot, i'll be one of 10,000 people there to welcome the pope. >> what would you like to hear from the pope that he will say to americans and those in attendance? >> there are two themes that he preaches on often that america needs to hear. one is the climate, that is changing. i hope some of the climate change deniers in america hear him call for action, to take care of our planet. and the other i think is going to be the hardest for us to hear, which is the downside of a
1:40 pm
capitalist system that often creates the poor, and then treats them very badly. and he is quite eloquent on this. and i think he has a message that america need to listen to, catholics and non-catholics. >> do you think he will temper that message a little bit? >> my guess, knowing this pope and watching him for the last bit of time, he will rise to the occasion. he will take advantage of this opportunity. and i think he will be very plain spoken with us, and then leave us to figure out what to do in light of what he has to say. >> bishop gene robinson, thanks for joining us. have a safe trip down to d.c. >> that i think you so much. coming up, the house had two key votes today but the real battle in the senate is straight ahead. .
1:41 pm
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northrop grumman. big question on capitol hill today, are we headed toward another government shutdown? the house just approved a bill to defund planned parenthood, along with a separate antiabortion bill. the bill earned the support of all but three republicans and two democrats. texas senator and presidential candidate ted cruz is urging conservative lawmakers to reject the bill that funds planned parenthood. this afternoon democratic candidate hillary clinton slammed republican tactics on the issue. >> some of them around that stage actually intend to try to shut the government of the united states of america down over the $500 million that the federal government provides to
1:45 pm
planned parenthood to take care of women's cancer screenings, contraceptive family planning needs, hiv testing, and other services that are essential. >> joining me now is luke russert. hey, luke. so obviously a big question today, what does today's vote signify? are they actually going to shut down the government, do you think, this time around? >> reporter: i think it's fair to say it's a 50/50 chance. today's vote was an overture by the house gop leadership to show conservatives that they're upset about planned parenthood, that they hear their concerns and that they do in fact want to defund the industry. however the real conservative position is that they want to not fund planned parenthood and are willing to shut down the government over it, in the government funding fight coming up on october 1st. conservatives i've spoken to acknowledge they want more.
1:46 pm
it's unclear how the leadership will give it to them. >> is this politically where republicans want to be right now? >> reporter: no. before i came over here, i just got off the phone with a highly respected member who was actually yelling at me, saying we can't believe this, we have the largest number we've had in the house, republicans, since the 1940s. john boehner is one of the more conservative speakers in history. the fact that they're willing to go after john boehner and shut the government down over this is unfathomable. i want to play a clip of a senator from new hampshire, up for reelection. take a look at what she said on "morning joe." >> i think we've seen this movie before. we know how it ends. it doesn't end well. it ends up costing us more money, disrupting people's lives with no result. >> reporter: and she's up for election in '16. she's from a blue state in new hampshire, purple-bluish, if you
1:47 pm
will. they realizes it could be very damaging to her campaign. republicans in the senate that are up for reelection, you have ron johnson in wisconsin, he doesn't want to have this fight. mark kick in illinois doesn't want to see this fight. the conservatives in the house, a lot of them want to because they think it's good. kelly ia sent a letter to ted cruz saying, how does this end? it ends with there being a shutdown, a lot of people losing livelihoods because of federal funds that don't come through, and the media doesn't pay attention to that, the media pays attention to the panda that can't be seen by the kids. that's what ends up happening and the gop pays the price for it. the elders don't want to see that happen. >> luke russert, assigning a new color in state politics. coming up, bill cosby's
1:48 pm
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the migrant and refugee crisis continues to worsen overseas. now croatia is struggling to manage a massive influx. the country has shut down all its border crossings with serbia effort in to cut off the flow of thousands into the country. refugees packed on to trains. some 2,000 more are waiting for buses and trains to then carry them to refugee camps. croatian authorities say more than 13,000 migrants have entered from serbia in the past two days alone. investors reacted to the fed's decision to leave the
1:52 pm
interest rates unchanged. josh lipton has more. >> reporter: the federal reserve decided to keep short term interest rates unchanged. the dow dropped 290 points. the s&p 500 dropped 32. nasdaq up 67. that's it from cnbc first in business worldwide. i'm mike, and i'm very much alive. now my doctor recommends a bayer aspirin regimen to help prevent another heart attack. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. the 306 horsepower lexus gs. experience the next level of performance, and there's no going back. lease the 2015 gs 350 with complimentary navigation system for these terms. see your lexus dealer. if you struggle you're certainly not alone. fortunately, many have found a different kind of medicine that lowers blood sugar.
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yeah! okay... guys, i'll be writing a new language for machines so planes, trains, even hospitals can work better. oh! sorry, i was trying to put it away... got it on the cake. so you're going to work on a train? not on a train...on "trains"! you're not gonna develop stuff anymore? no i am... do you know what ge is? bill cosby is back in the spotlight today after more than a dozen women shared their stories of alleged drugs and in many cases sexual assault on a new special on a&e. >> he had so much power. >> i was just this small town girl. >> i had just turned 20. >> i was 23 years old. >> i wasn't going to go up against goliath. >> the kind of person i was dealing with would destroy me.
1:56 pm
>> he told me he better never see my face or hear my name again. >> this is a template for the almost perfect crime. >> we're going to rectify it for him. >> at least 35 women have publicly accused bill cosby of sexual assault. cosby has denied allegations in the past and was never charged with a crime. joining me now is charlotte fox, who shared her story in that tv special, and her attorney gloria a allred. charlotte, tell us if you can what happened in 1974 when he invited you to the play boy manages, t mansion, the night you say he sexually assaulted you. >> in 1973, '74, i was in "uptown saturday night," an actress. cosby did these after-hour kind of jam sessions.
1:57 pm
one evening i was invited with some other folks to go to concerts by the sea in redondo beach. i attended that. at the end of the night he said we're going to go up to the playboy managsion. i just remember being very ill, going to the bathroom. after that i didn't remember anything else. i woke up. he was in the room. i was in the bed with no clothes. and mr. cosby had sex with me. it was not consensual. >> gloria, mr. cosby is set to testify on october 9th in another sexual assault case which you are involved in. when he testified under oath in 2005 and 2006, he acknowledged giving drugs to women. he wanted to have sex with them. what do we expect from this upcoming testimony? >> you're right, he is going to testify in a lawsuit in which i represent judy huff, who alleges she was 15 years old when mr. cosby inflicted an act of sexual misconduct on her at the playboy
1:58 pm
mansion. he can expect that he will testify under oath in this lawsuit, and we hope he'll view it as an opportunity to give his side of the story, to testify fully and completely and to answer the questions. of course he is the one who is going to have to answer the questions, not dr. huxtable. he will answer them, not his lawyers, not any apologists of his. his side will have an opportunity to take the deposition of our client on october 15th. >> charlotte, beverly johnson says her message to cosby is "i forgive you." what is your message to cosby? >> power is not given, it's taken. i've taken my power back.
1:59 pm
but all power belongs to god. so it's in god's hands. you wait, you have this opportunity, you say something because you hope you can save somebody else's life. that's what area trying to do. we're trying to say there are women out there, men out there, that have been raped, and we hope that the rape culture understands that this cannot happen. we won't stand for it. >> why did you decide to go public with this? >> i went to church one sunday, praying about it, trying to figure out what to do, what should i say, should i say something. this is major. i don't take this lightly. it affects my family, god knows it's affected his family. i prayed about it. i asked my pastor. and he said, you have to do what is right. you have to stand up. >> and she's been very courageous. and i want to say too we're looking for justice, we're looking for accountability. >> what does justice look like, gloria, in a case where the statute of limitations have expired? what do you see justice looking
2:00 pm
like for this women? >> we're looking to lengthen or eliminate the statute of limitations in california. for our client it will be a positive outcome in this lawsuit. >> thank you for sharing your stories with us. that does it for me. johnathan capehart picks up our live coverage, next. tonight donald trump and the republican party's birther reji revi revival. and democrats respond to carly fiorina's call to name hillary clinton's accomplishments. but first, donald trump is coming under fire for his handling of a controversial question at an event last night in new hampshire. trump isn't often criticized for remaining silent. but this exchange is different. >> okay. this man. i like this guy. >> i'm from white plains. amen, okay?


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