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tv   First Look  MSNBC  September 23, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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we will bring it all to you starting tomorrow including live tomorrow night from washington, d.c. we'll see you then. "first look" is up next. >> it's wednesday, september 23rd. right now on "first look," breaking news overnight. american hero and baseball legend yogi berra has died at the age of 90. pope francis was greeted by the first family upon setting foot in the united states. today he begins an all-important task of uniting the faithful and the political. but the war of words among the presidential candidates heats up as the pressure builds to gain and keep momentum. plus bowing to pressure? a ceo reconsiders his 5,000% price hike for important prescription drug. "first look" starts right now. good morning, everybody. thanks so much for waking up with us today. i'm betty nguyen. in a matter of moors the leader of the world's catholics will go
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one-on-one with the leader of the free world. pope francis touched down in washington, d.c. yesterday. s first family was there for a rare presidential welcome. at 9:00 a.m. eastern, president obama will welcome the pontiff for an official white house invest it. two hours later pope francis will take part in a pope mobile parade nearby. at 11:30 a prayer service with u.s. bishops and finally at 4:15 a canonization for an 18th century priest and missionary credited with bringing the gospel to the new world. it is a strictly nonpolitical u.s. visit in a city immersed in politics. nbc's peter alexander has the details. >> reporter: his holiness made history, touching down outside washington, francis' first visit to the u.s. the pope welcomed by president obama and the first lady at joint base andrews, a gesture so rare this president's only done it once before. the holy father also showing special affection for schoolchildren. he then left andrews in an italian made fiat, dwarfed by
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the american suvs carrying his secret service detail. earlier aboard a jet dubbed shepherd one francis told reporters that he would not bring up the issue of the u.s. embargo on cuba, saying this is a pastoral trip, not a political one. awaiting him in washington, a city known for tight security, police everywhere closing streets, putting up barricades, and everywhere excitement. >> there it is. going by. and there's the pope. >> we're really focusing on the message of love and mercy and the joy that he brings to all of us here. >> reporter: francis will visit with the president at the white house on thursday, becoming the first pope to address a joint meeting of congress. speaker boehner tweeting the view francis will see while visiting the capitol. while here francis will also parade along the national mall and celebrate mass at the largest catholic church in the u.s. francis arrived at what's affectively the vatican's embassy located directly across the street from the vice president's mansion. a humble man of faith, now at the center of american
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democracy. >> that was nbc's peter alexander reporting. msnbc is the place for full coverage of the pope's visit. the pontiff's white house ceremony is expected to begin at 9:00 a.m. eastern. and you don't want to miss it right here. breaking news overnight baseball legend yogi berra has died at the age of 90 reportedly of natural causes. the hall of fame catcher played for the bronx bombers for 19 years. berra's family released a statement saying in part we celebrate his remarkable life and are thankful he meant so much to so many. he will truly be missed. nbc takes a look back at his career and his legacy. >> reporter: lawrence peter berra was born in 1925 in st. louis. a childhood friend gave him the nickname yogi, saying the young berra reacceptled a hindu holy man. yogi dropped out of school in the eighth grade to help support his family and signed with the new york yankees in 1942 for $500.
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during world war ii, he joined the u.s. navy, took part in the d-day invasion and served in the european theater before returning home. berra was a catcher with clout. he led the yankees in rbi for seven straight seasons. and hit at least 20 home runs in ten straight seasons. a three-time mvp his yankee teams won 14 pennants, and 10 world series titles. berra was even behind the plate for don larsen's perfect game in 1956. an extremely popular personality, berra was known for yogiisms. >> it's not over till it's over. >> reporter: that led to roles as a pitch man in tv commercials. >> and they give you cash, which is just as good as money. >> reporter: he coached and managed several teams including the yankees and mets and was elected to baseball's hall of fame in 1972. yogi berra will be remembered for his baseball talents and
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humor. a yankee great. one of the best catchers to ever play the game. kurt gregory, nbc news. and you've got to love those yogiisms. last night it was donald trump after hours, if you will. just after 10:00 p.m. eastern he launched yet another attack on fox news' megyn kelly. he tweeted do you ever notice that lightweight megyn kelly constantly goes after me? when i hit back it's totally sexist. she's highly overrated. a few minutes later, i think megyn kelly should take another eleven-day unscheduled vacation. in an interview that will air this sunday on "60 minutes" trump defended his recent response to the anti-muslim comment by an audience member at a rally. >> here you had a bigot -- >> that wasn't -- >> you could have slapped down. >> you don't know that. i mean he asked a question. you don't know that he's a bigot. >> a problem in this country and isthmus limbs. >> well, let me ask you this. you said there's a problem in this country and it's muslims. i love the muslims and many,
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many friends. people living in this building muslims. they're phenomenal people. but like everything else, you have people where there are problems. now, we can say there are no problems with muslims. there's no problems. there's no terrorism. there's no crime. there's no anything. they didn't knock down the world trade center. to the best of my knowledge, the people that knocked down the world trade center, you know where they're from. they didn't fly back to sweden. >> and last night trump appeared on the late show with stephen colbert. they played a game of who said it. >> i apologize for being perfect. >> that was be you, because i would never say a thing like that. is it you? >> that's very good. i think apologizing is a great thing but you have to be wrong. i will absolutely apologize sometime, hopefully in the distant future, if i'm ever wrong. >> that's me. >> that is you. >> well, nbc's hallie jackson has the latest on the battle between three gop front-runners. >> reporter: under fire for his controversial comments about
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muslims, ben carson now says he's a casualty of the pc police. >> the pc culture says whenever, you know, you're asked a question, it has to be answered in a certain way. and if you don't answer it that way, then, you know, let's attack. >> reporter: carson, tripling down on his remarks the islamic faith is unconstitutional, as republican rivals like carly fiorina respond. >> anyone of any faith is welcome here. >> reporter: campaigning in south carolina -- >> can you all hear me? >> reporter: fiorina had a microphone moment that sent a message everyone heard. >> contrary to some caricatures, i'm quite soft spoken, actually. >> reporter: a sly dig at donald trump who is hitting fiorina hard online and on air. >> if you hear her for periods of time you get a -- you get a big, fat, beautiful headache. >> reporter: his latest attack taking aim at a different target. a twitter tirade against fox news. and host bill o'reilly who laughed it off.
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>> this is just theater right now. he gets a lot of attention from the theater. >> reporter: the front-runner turning his attention to fiorina and turning up the heat in what may be a sign he's secretly sweating fiorina's fast rise in the polls. her campaign thinks so. saying we get the point, mr. trump. you're worried. you should be. but fiorina's critics say she's the one who should be worried. about questions on the strength of her campaign organization, and her history as the fired ceo of hewlett-packard. >> i'm wondering if you're concerned that you're going to spend a lot of this campaign defending your past business record versus looking ahead? >> no, i'm not concerned at all. i'm happy to defend my past business record. i will run on that record all day long. >> that is hallie jackson reporting. on the democratic side, a big announcement yesterday from their front-runner that already has the gop pouncing, and the white house under pressure. nbc's chuck todd reports. >> reporter: under pressure from environmental groups, and from democratic opponent bernie sanders -- >> the secretary can agree, she
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can disagree. but i think you got to have a position. >> reporter: hillary clinton finally made her position on the keystone pipeline clear. >> i oppose it. and i oppose it because i don't think -- i don't think it's in the best interests of what we need to do to combat climate change. >> reporter: clinton began the environmental review process on the final 1200 miles of the pipeline as secretary of state. she said she didn't want to second-guess president barack obama on an issue she worked on. but last week she signaled she was finally ready to weigh in. >> i am putting the white house on notice, i'm going to tell you what i think. soon. because i can't wait. >> reporter: critics on the right who support the pipeline say it will create jobs and help drive down oil prices. >> why doesn't she, hillary clinton, want to build the pipeline? >> reporter: the state department estimates construction would support about 42,000 temporary jobs. but once operational it would support 35 permanent employees and 15 temporary contractors. >> that was chuck todd reporting.
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turing pharmaceutical ceo seems to be rethinking his stance on a drug used to treat a life threatening parasitic infection. on monday you may recall he gave a resounding no when cnbc's meg terrell asked if he would roll back the 5,000% price hike of daraprim. he initially said the increase would go to researching a new pill. but, some medical experts, they are reskeptical. >> we don't need another drug in this space. and there's no indication that this guy has any idea how to do drug research and development. >> and in a phone interview with nbc news' andrea mitchell yesterday he defended the price hike, but he also hinted at a decrease. >> the price of daraprim did not create a wildly profitable company. turing pharmaceuticals, even at our new price, is barely a break-even company. we'll lower it to a point where turing pharmaceuticals is a
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break-even or a very slightly profitable company. >> he said the decision on a new price would come in the coming weeks. ten minutes past the hour. cnbc's landon dowdy is here with business. good morning. >> good morning to you. volkswagen's diesel deception is spreading. the company now saying 11 million cars worldwide have been equipped with software that was used to cheat an emissions tests. volkswagen will set aside roughly $7.3 billion to cover the cost of fixing the cars. and good news coffee lovers. no more waiting in line for your lattes. customers can now use the starbucks app to place food and drink orders before they get to stores. starbucks launched the service more than 7400 coffee shops across the nation and plans to feature it in uk and canadian stores next month. and taco bell is betting big on alcohol. the new taco bell cantona will debut later today in chicago. and will allow customers to order beer, wine and sangria with the option to add rum, vodka or tequila to any of its
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frozen or fountain beverages. are you thirsty now? >> that's bumping it up a notch, i'd say. yikes. okay. thank you so much. actor sean penn he's filed a $10 million lawsuit against the empire creator. plus china's president kicks off a major economic mission in the united states where the stakes could not be higher. just might be the one. to clean the oceans, to start a movement, or lead a country.
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welcome back. as we head into fall now officially, it's looking like we have pretty calm weather. the worst spot in the country this morning has been in nebraska. overnight some pretty serious flooding concerns. now some of those thunderstorms are right near omaha. anyone heading out early this morning on interstate 29 could deal with some ponding on the roads and maybe some slick conditions. otherwise a beautiful fall day. very warm from oklahoma down to texas. a gorgeous day in the northeast. doesn't get much better for the first day of fall. cool, crisp morning, gorgeous afternoon. of course all eyes will be on the papal visit today. washington, d.c. as we go throughout the day, we start off in the 60s.
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we get up to almost 80 degrees this afternoon. of course a lot of people will be outside watching the pope go by in the pope mobile at about 11:00 outside lining the streets. 76 degrees and mostly sunny. for much of the pope's visit it looks like the weather is going to be ideal. >> oh, just beautiful. and the first day of fall, huh? >> it is. officially just kicked in fall about a half hour ago. >> all right. thank you so much, bill. leading the news in "the new york times." investigators find e-mails hillary clinton says were erased. the report says the fbi has recovered work related and personal e-mails from the server hillary clinton used as secretary of state. no word yet on how many of the e-mails were recovered. the president of china kicked off his tour in washington state yesterday. that visit highlights the state's important as a trade partner. >> it shows the washington state son the map when it comes to asia pacific issues. >> president xi's visit will focus on trade, tech and climate change. on thursday he'll attend a state dinner at the white house. he's scheduled to speak at the united nations on sunday.
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"people" magazine is reporting leonardo dicaprio says he will sell his fossil fuel investments to support clean energy. the 40-year-old actor is joining a coalition of 2,000 people to fight global warming through their financial investments. all right so can our elected officials keep their hands off of pope francis? and one of the funniest nonpoliticians we've ever seen. scrambled politics is next. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive? more and more people with type 2 diabetes are learning about long-acting levemir®. as my diabetes changed,
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here is your hump day helping of scrambled politics. ahead of a potential government shutdown over federal planned parenthood funding yesterday senate democrats blocked a gop bill that would ban some abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. congress will meet for an address by the pope tomorrow morning. so the question from "usa today," can congress behave? lawmak lawmakers fret about decorum. they're hoping for a different atmosphere than that of a state of the union address. for example with applause, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says, quote, not the up and down stuff. roll call is reporting leaders have assembled teams of lawmakers to sit near the entrance aisle and block their colleagues from trying to shake the pope's hand. in this morning's "wall street journal," an op-ed penned by jeb bush titled how i'll slash the regulation tax it rails against the obama administration, arguing for a broad deregulation to benefit small businesses and he promises, quote, as president i'll repeal the coal ash rule,
2:21 am
the clean water rule, net neutrality, and much more. if he gets his wish and serves eight full years here's what he'll look like, "usa today" in conjunction with sachs media came up with a photo depiction of each candidate what they would look like in 2025 after two terms in office. and then there is honest gil fulbright. he's a very fake candidate with a very real funding campaign. it's actually a fund-raising effort for campaign finance reform group called represent us. they've raised $34,000 in two days with this fake ad. >> real, hard-working americans are important to me. it's a tag line i will be using throughout this entire campaign. i may not be qualified to be president, but a dramatic camera angle can make me look like a president. a president with the conviction to nod. the courage to point.
2:22 am
and the experience to cram buzz words into everything i -- >> that is your morning dish of scrambled politics. coming up on 22 minutes past the hour. jonathan allen is chief political correspondent for vox which has a partnership with nbc universal. good morning, jonathan. >> good morning. >> i love the ad. the courage to point. let's talk about these candidates, these real candidates. how many times is trump going after fox's megyn kelly is the question this morning? he's going back to that well, if you will. could that be because his numbers are slipping? >> it may well be that. you know, donald trump has used megyn kelly as a foil before. and certainly got a lot of attention for it. so he's seeing a field right now where he is at the very least stopped rising. maybe hit a plateau. in some polls you've seen a little bit of an erosion from him. and i think he's got to keep himself in the news.
2:23 am
keep himself, you know, sticking and moving, as it were. and megyn kelly, unfortunately for her, has to deal with being his foil. >> hmm. all right. let's move over to hillary clinton because she's dealing with something that just won't go away, either. that's these personal e-mails while she was secretary of state. and you know, they were previously thought to have been wiped from a computer. but, ah-ha, they have been recovered. any idea what's in those e-mails? >> you know, hillary clinton has said before that this is something about her yoga routine, and her, you know, personal communications with her family. i'm sure there's some of that. but there's a lot of e-mail here. and the question's going to be whether we see it? whether the public sees it. the justice department has already made an argument in court that basically says it was up to her, and it was, you know, under her authority that she could actually keep the personal e-mails out of the public domain. so, i think it remains to be
2:24 am
seen what will happen with this. if we do get a look at those e-mails i'm sure there's a lot of stuff hillary clinton wouldn't want in public. whether or not it actually presents a legal problem. >> as they sift through them it's going to take time. what kind of impact is it going to have? she's already apologized saying she should have had two e-mail addresses. what more can be done at this point? >> this is a problem of her own making, and it continues to have this drip, drip, drip effect. and will through the -- through a lot of the course of the campaign. >> yeah. we'll continue to watch it, and report on it, of course. all right, jonathan, thanks so much for getting up early with us. we appreciate it. >> always good to see you. >> take care. just ahead, jimmy fallon takes on empire. plus things change quickly in new york city. good-bye subway pizza rat. hello milk shake squirrel. (road noise) what's happening here... is not normal, it's extraordinary. 291 people, 350 tons,
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"the tonight show's" jimmy fallon took on the hit show "empire" in jim-pire. >> now what's this trash i hear about you heading over to "the tonight show"? >> i need to groom the person who will take over the show in case something happens. >> oh, you talking about your little boo-boo kitty? >> i give you the true heir to "the tonight show" on nbc. >> i'm back boo-boo kitty. i'm back. >> watch out. all right. you can't make this stuff up. yesterday we showed you this video. it looks like the new york city subway pizza rat has met its match, though. mashable has posted video of a milkshake squirrel spotted in new york city yesterday. and this little guy had quite the sweet tooth. he was seen carrying a chocolate shake right out of the trash
2:29 am
can. >> you know what they say? >> my milkshake is better than yours. >> there you go. >> "way too early" -- right now. but when those tires touch down it will be the first visit ever in the united states. for this pope. there you have it, the pope on american soil at 3:49 p.m. >> he's the first pope of the americas. but it's the first time pope francis is waking up in the united states of america. this morning we're learning more about his historic visit, and what he hopes to accomplish. and sad breaking news this morning, yankees legend yogi berra dead at the age of 90.
2:30 am
a look back at the storied career of the hall of famer who led one of sport's greatest dynasties ever. plus -- >> in response to all of this attention, and doctors and patient groups saying they can't access this drug are you going to change the price? >> no. >> the ceo of the drug company that refused to back down from the 5,000% increase on a critical drug finally saves. it's 5:30 on the east coast. 2:30 out west. this is "way too early." good morning, it's wednesday, september 23rd. i'm jonathan capehart reporting from washington, d.c. we begin this morning at joint base andrews just outside of washington, d.c., where yesterday pope francis touched down in theni


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