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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  September 23, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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dense for a few hours of down time. right now he's still speaking. let's listen in for just a bit. >> translator: and the church of oklaho rome that presides in charity, let us safeguard and promote and bear witness to it as an instrument which beyond every barrier unites nations, races, classes and generations. may the forthcoming holy year of mercy by drawing us into the father steps of god in which no division dwells, before you all, a privilege moment for strengthening communion, perfecting unity, reconciling
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differences, forgiving one another and healing every rift, that your light may shine forth like a city built on a hill. this service of unity is particularly important for your beloved nation whose vast material and spiritual resources, as well as the cultural, historic, human, scientific and technological ones impose significant moral responsibilities in a world which is confusedly seeking new balances of peace, prosperity and integration.
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it is therefore an essential part of your mission to offer to the united states of america a humble yet powerful leaven of communion. may all mankind know in the presence of its midst in the sacrament of unity that its faith is not decay and dispersion. >> nbc's anne thompson has covered this pope and popes who have come before him as well. she traveled with francis from the vatican to cuba to washington where she is now stations outside the basilica of the national shrine. anne, what a historic day it has been. plenty more to come, we should note. what has struck you most so far from today, anne thompson? >> reporter: i think, craig, what really has struck me is just the incredible joy that is here in the nation's capital
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today. from the moment the pope stepped out of his car, went along the fence and greeted people, they were so excited. then he pulls up to the white house in that little fiat for this grand, elaborate ceremony. and president obama just beamed. people cheered when they saw pope francis. he is getting a tremendous welcome here in the states. and then the pope mobile's tour around and watching the head of the papal security run over to the crowd and grab a child and bring him over, bring that child over for the pope to kiss or to bless, those are the moments that people were hoping would happen and they have happened. those are the moments the pope wanted, because for as much as there are formal events on his schedule, what he really likes is anything that lets him interact with people. and that's what he wanted to do here in the united states. now, i am at the basilica, and
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this afternoon he's going to celebrate mass here behind me, 25,000 people will gather at 4:00. and this is going to be another historic event. it will be the first time a saint is cannonized on u.s. soil. and that saint will be junipero serra. a spanish man who established major cities in california and is going to be made a saint here, in large part, because of his word going to spread the word of god. and because pope francis believes that people need to have saints that lived in their country, they just can't be saints from europe or saints from italy, but people that they can relate to. and they certainly acknowledge that father serra was not perfect. there's controversy over the way he treated native americans back in that time, but he's being honored for his ability to spread the word of god, and that
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is something that pope francis is urging his bishops here, in this pep talk he's giving in the midday prayer service at st. matthew's cathedral to do. craig? >> anne thompson for us outside the basilica of the national shrine. anne, we'll come back to you in just a bit. thank you. this event, of course, comes after that elaborate white house welcome that anne just mentioned. president obama and the first lady greeting the pope there, complete with marching bands, a whole host of dignitaries, and words of praise for the leader of this country and its 70 million catholics. >> i believe the excitement around your visit, holy father, must be attributed not only to your role as pope, but to your unique qualities as a person. >> meanwhile, pope francis was not shy about talking about certain hot-button issues like
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climate change. >> climate change is a problem we can no longer be left to our future generation. >> he also touched on religious freedom. >> so we adjust orders of society, respect their deepest concerns on the right to religious liberty. >> and when we talked about immigration, he made it personal. >> as the son of an immigrant family, i'm happy to be a guest in this country, which was largely built by such families. >> pope francis then hopped in his signature pope mobile and
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greeted the mass of crowds of faithful who lined the streets there in our nation's capital. and he stopped to bless a baby or two along the way. we'll go to nbc senior white house correspondent chris jansing, i understand you had a front row seat to that ceremony, how did this compare to so many of the other white house ceremonies that you have covered? >> reporter: nothing like it. i think that's fair to say. in fact, people who have been here for decades have said that this is the kind of welcoming ceremony that they have never seen, certainly the kind of crowd that turned out, but i think we've also heard in the weeks leading up to this from senior white house officials, how much the president was looking forward to this. how much he felt he took away last march when the two of them met at the vatican. and in spite of the fact that they obviously do have differences on issues ranging from abortion, gay marriage to an obamacare mandate for providing contraceptive coverage, something u.s. bishops are concerned about, there are broader issues that the pope
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believes are his part -- part of his biblical and christian dock trial teaching that also fit very nicely into what president obama wants to establish in his final year and a half in office. and you touched on them, immigration, obviously, you heard the pope talk about being the son of immigrants. poverty, income inequality, very quickly, after they had their meeting, the white house put out a statement of areas in which they are committed to work together. one of them says, we have a moral responsibility to provide refuge for people who are forced to flee from their homelands. so obviously the refugee crisis very much on their minds, but i think the most striking for me was the pope's very clear statement on climate change. he made a clear statement supporting the president. take a listen. >> mr. president, i find it encouraging that you are proposing an initiative for
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reducing air pollution. >> reporter: so you also have the timing of this, which is the president is gearing up, not just for the u.n. general assembly, but there is a big climate change meeting he's going to be going to in paris where he's going to try to bring some more countries on board with climate change initiatives that the united states and some other countries have already committed to. so i think that for this moment in terms of policy, this was a positive for the president. and i think you cannot underestimate the popularity of this pope as we saw today and the influence he's having. and it never hurts to have those images out there, certainly in this spectacular setting of the south lawn of the white house, craig. >> chris, quickly before i let you go, my understanding is that president obama gave the pope a gift or two as well. do we kno what was given? >> reporter: we do, actually. one of them was a sculpture. and that sculpture included a dove, which of course in the catholic faith is the sign of
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the holy spirit. what we don't know, which i think is really interesting, is we don't know what might have been exchanged, or was given to the president. and that's something i'm sure they will be asking. and i should say, there was a second present as well, in addition to the sculpture. there was a key from the maryland home of elizabeth anne seton. she was the first native born american to be named a saint. so two gifts for the pope. we are waiting to hear if something was rerip wrociprocat the president. >> thank you, chris. now we are joined by a spiritual advisor to the president. josh, thank you for being with me. we heard just a snip-it of what the president said about pope francis moments ago. i want to play for the audience a little more of what he said.
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take a listen. >> your humility, your embrace of simplicity and the gentleness of your words and the generosity of your spirit, we see a living example of jesus' teachings. a leader whose moral authority comes not just through words but also through deeds. >> joshua, as someone whose christianity has been questioned repeatedly during his time in office, what do you think this visit means to president obama? >> well, it means a tremendous amount. first off, i was there this morning, and the pure joy on the president's face was just evident to everyone. you know, he's not a catholic, but a lot of folks look past the fact that he has a deep and close relationship with the catholic church. his first job as an organizer in chicago was funded by the catholic campaign for human development. one of the moral icons of his life was joseph cardinal
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bernadine, the archbishop of chicago. so this connected him to the deep social gospel in the catholic church that pope francis represents. the visit meant a tremendous amount to the president. >> i did not know you with were there this morning. what was it like personally for you being there? >> first of all, the day was just gorgeous. the columns in the white house and the trees were in high relief. it was like god was smiling down to us when it came to the weather and the setting of the day. and then the pope, i have never heard someone speak so softly and humbly and yet carry so much power. if i had that phrase to describe it, it would be quiet fire. over and over again, he spoke to some of the most pressing moral issues of our time. but he did it with great humility. it's certainly a morning that i will never forget. >> and these private conversations that pope francis is having with president obama, what do you think the two of them are talking about? what are the areas of agreement?
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what are the areas of disagreement? >> yeah, you know, i think certainly foremost on both of their minds right now is climate change. we are reaching a tipping point in our country and around the world on that issue. and i think both of these men see that there's an opportunity for the world to act. and i think that is sort of at the top of the agenda. but also immigration and refugees as well in their shares concern for welcoming the stranger. it was no mistake or coincidence that the pope began his remarks by noting he's a child of immigrants coming to this country that was built by immigrants. that was a powerful statement in something the president is in full agreement on as well. i also thought there were remarkable synergies around religious liberties. those being persecuted because of their faith around the world. president obama talked about the churches burned and believers persecuted. i think that's another place where the holy sea and the white house will be working together. >> joshua dubois on the pope's
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quiet fire this morning at the white house. well put, my friend. always good to see you. thanks, again, joshua. >> thank you. >> kelly o'donnell is outside st. matthew's where pope francis is just wrapping up that midday mass there on rhode island avenue northwest in washington, d.c. kelly, what's next for pope francis in where does he go from here? >> reporter: well, we are waiting anxiously outside the cathedral of st. matthew where, as you mentioned, 300 bishops and 800 guests are inside. and what we expect is after he leaves the church, he will visit the rectory of st. matthew. and that's right over here. i'm going to ask dave to give us a shot of the green door. that's where we'll be fixing our gaze for a while. you may be able to see in the foreground ahead of the united states secret service, joseph clancey is here with his top agents on the scene. we are here with the motorcade staged waiting to take the holy
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father on a lunch break after a very busy morning. he'll return to the apostolic nunciature, which is like the vatican's embassy in washington. you can see the vehicles, including the fiat, which is right in front of that green door. so we'll be watching. now, i was here over the weekend, craig, doing a little advance work of my own and noticed they were polishing the pews inside, adding the flowers, doing any of the things they would do if the pope was coming over. and this is the mother church of the archdiocese and this has been a real opportunity for bishops around the world to share prayer and also talk about their role as pastors in their communities. different than some of the other events. this is more religious in tone, perhaps, than certainly his address to congress tomorrow. we are looking forward to covering that as well. so this is kind of the washington chance to host the american bishops in a smaller setting that was not open to the public. we are on rhode island avenue, about a half mile from the white
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house, and as expected, there were people waiting alongside for several hours. we came in quite early this morning. we also saw some women protestors who want to see the church ordain women in the priesthood. that is a long-standing controversy. but there are also -- the excitement and enthusiasm that you saw elsewhere, this was not a place where people were going to be able to get a close look of the holy father, but as his motorcade leaves here, they will get that chance. so there are crowds that are assembled just about a block or so down on connecticut avenue. and so the holy father will have a little time, a meeting inside the rectory, and then we'll just be waiting for some sign. it is white smoke that tells us it's a new pope, it's the green door to tell us he's on the move here in washington. >> and that green door, it's significant to me as well. i actually -- did my marriage counseling behind that green door, the monsignor ronald
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jamison is a dear family friend. this is a huge day for st. matthew's and a huge day for him personally. but i've spent a fair amount of time in that beautiful church. kelly, this is also a cathedral significant to catholics all over this country, as i understand it. there was an iconic photo with which we are all familiar that was snapped on the steps of st. matthew's. >> reporter: everyone knows the photo, but very few people probably know it happened here. it was november 25, 1963, the third birthday of john f. kennedy jr. and he saluted his father after the funeral mass that was held here -- the door opened for a brief moment, so forgive me. we are getting ready for what may be movement. every time something moves here, we are jumping. but it is the iconic movement from a small child to his father that happened on the same sidewalk rights behind me, where
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the pope waved to crowds together and was greeted by the cardinal. so that's really the overlapping of american history and catholic history in america. john f. kennedy the only catholic president. joseph biden the only catholic vice president. so this is one of those places where in a country that honors church and state separation, that's one moment where the voters overlapped for a bit. so it holds a very special place. people remember it and it happened here. we are waiting for a new chapter of history unfolding today. and we expect that the green door will be the signal. i decided to go with the window plaid today. 12 years of catholic uniforms and thought i should give a little note to that. it was blue when i was a kid, but it's something. >> you're a good catholic, kelly o'donnell. the pope appears to be on the move. we'll let you move with him and continue to watch the scene in washington, d.c., and of course follow pope francis' movements for you. turning now to politics, new poll numbers predict a three-way
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race for the democratic nomination, including a candidate who is not a candidate yet. is it time for joe biden to jump in? plus -- >> barack obama born in the united states. it's a meatball. it's hanging out there. right there. come on. >> donald trump on late night. does he take the birther bait from stephen colbert? and saint or sinner. the controversy behind the 18th missionary who brought christianity to california. anne thompson was just talking about this. we'll dig into this more. all that and a lot more as we continue our special coverage of pope francis' historic visit to america. you're watching msnbc live. >> he's all about serving other people. you know, and we always say all the time, serving others is to love them. across america, people like basketball hall of famer
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we are back. pope francis just wrapping up his midday prayer service for bishops there. he's expected to visit the rectory there at st. matthew's in a bit right behind the green door on the right side of your screen. at that point he'll then be returning to where he's staying for a short break. and again, that's akin to the vatican, excuse me, akin to the -- i guess sort of not the ambassador's residence but to the embassy there in washington, d.c. he'll be going there for lunch, perhaps a nap as well. it has been a long day and promises to be a long evening as well for pope francis. coverage of this pope, though, has been no blessing to hillary clinton. despite wall-to-wall papal
10:24 am
stories, her problems have remain atop the headlines. the fbi has released this bloomberg report saying, quote, an unnamed person says the fbi has been able to recover more e-mails from her deleted server. but perhaps the most damaging of all, this "washington post" story. the state department tells "the post" that undercuts clinton's version of how the e-mail controversy all started. the state department spokesman says this was not a routine records request as clinton said. rather the request was prompted specifically by the revelation of her private e-mail server. this is what clinton told "the des moines register" about it all. >> all i know is that they sent the same letter to everybody. that's my understanding. >> so "the post" is reporting there was some question about --
10:25 am
>> you're telling me something i don't know. all i know is what i have said. and what i have said is it was allowed, the state department has confirmed that. the same letter went to, as far as i know, my predecessors. and i'm the one who said, hey, i'll be glad to help. we'll give you additional information as we get it. >> nick covers politics for "the new york times." thank you for joining me. that last headline is most damaging, in part, because it goes to this question of credibility. at this point, what do we know about hillary clinton's version of events and what do we know about what people are saying about her version of events? >> you know, it's hard to keep track. that's part of the problem. this has become so convoluted, but it is interesting to see the state department did vernaling from hillary clinton a bit. there was a sense before they were kind of playing defense for
10:26 am
her, but recently we are seeing kind of a split. the state department is now saying, no, this was not routine. this is problematic. i think that the kind of cascading revelation and explanations are part of what is driving biden's rise in the polls. i think there is some, there are some people looking for an alternative who are wishing that there is some kind of mainstream fall back for the party. and that's got to be worrying for her. >> based on your reporting, how nervous is the clinton camp about the fact that some of these deleted e-mails may not be as deleted as initially thought. >> i think it's only her problem, craig, if it turns out that some of the e-mails were not, in fact, personal. the defense of those deletions all along has been that the e-mails were not related to her government work, they were private or political, and the question is, is that true? now, if somehow this fbi probe or investigation or review yields some versions of these e-mails that are clearly related
10:27 am
to her state department work or worse, contained some kind of sensitive information about the matters under review in her tenure, that's very, very damaging for her, i think. >> the keystone pipeline question finally asked by a student. why then? why not come out and have a grand statement, a news conference, why take the question the way she took the question and answered at that particular juncture? >> i think the strategy was intended to get the news out to coincide with the pope's visit. he's probably the most famous climate activist in the world right now. and it's iowa. a state where she wants to win and show that it's a place where she'll make news, where the views of the residents there matter to her. but it was a little clunky to say it's a side issue but i support it. if it's a side issue, then it is not so important, so why all the fuss? i think it was fine to allay for this long trying not to step on
10:28 am
the toes of her former boss, president obama. he hasn't made any kind of announcement yet, so i think she had to go finally. >> nick, thank you so much, buddy. >> great, see you soon. we are also, of course, keeping a close eye on pope francis and his movements. he just wrapped up the midday prayer service at st. matthew's in washington, d.c. he will then visit the rectory on the right side of your screen. we see some movement there at the rectory. behind that green door -- after that, he'll be heading back to the residence where he'll be spending an hour or two taking a nap, getting some lunch, some down time for pope francis as the whirlwind tour continues. the pope's first trip to america, very east coast centric. but there's one specific nod to the west coast and it's controversial. later this afternoon more than 20,000 people are set to be at the national shrine of the emaculate conception for the
10:29 am
canonization for junipero serra. some native american groups are not happy with the pope's choice. joe fryor has that part of the story for us this afternoon. hey, joe. >> reporter: hey, craig. junipero serra is well-known here in california as many roads are named after him. students in the state learn about him in fourth grade, but his canonization is opening up deep wounds. up and down california's picturesque coast rests a series of catholic missions. places steeped in faith, history and controversy. you see, the man who founded many of the missions, father junipero serra is being cannonized. but to many, he's no saint. >> we don't see a glimpse of god in serra. >> reporter: as franciscan
10:30 am
missionaries, serra and his team were spread across the world. starting in 1769, serra and his fellow spanish missionaries came here to what is known as california, they established nine of the state's 21 missions including this one in caramel where serra is now buried. at the time, tens of thousands of native americans were converted. they lived and worked at the missions. >> here's my ancestor right here. >> reporter: but in the eyes of vincent madina, their bodies were beaten, their culture erased. >>. people were flogged for speaking their language. even if they called themselves by their traditional names. >> reporter: at mission delores he is a curator teaching many of his ancestors. many died of disease with their bodies resting across the state. each grave marker resembling a fraction of those buried.
10:31 am
>> saints are people who went beyond the era of their time to be somewhat of super humans. and i don't think that junipero serra was better than his era. >> reporter: but this man sees it differently fighting for years for serra to be a saint. when pope francis announced the canonization from his airplane earlier this year, galvin understood why. >> the holy father declared this year a year of e vavangelizatio. >> reporter: but to this woman, he destroyed her an cecestoranch
10:32 am
way of life. today father junipero serra will become a saint. >> it shatters every single stereotype that we're not here anymore. >> reporter: no longer forgotten, their language is now reawakened for the world to hear. if anything, even critics say some good has some of this canonization. it has sparked a conversation about the history of the missions. here in caramel, a couple hundred seats are set up along with a big television. they will be watching mass here, craig, later this afternoon. >> joe fryor, that mass at 4:00. joe, thank you so much. we'll go to the white house right now, the daily briefing is happening with josh earnest at the podium. he's being asked about the visit between president obama and pope francis. let's listen in. >> i've been asked on a couple occasions to describe the surroundings for the pope who was in the white house for the first time.
10:33 am
and i think the president certainly did enjoy the opportunity to play host today. and it was an opportunity for the president to show the pope around the white house, to introduce the pope to senior members of his staff, the catholic members of his staff, and they had an opportunity to have one-on-one interaction with the pope. so this was a visit that the president genuinely enjoyed, but i'm unable to give you much detail about their private discussions. >>reporter: how pleased would you say the president was or how pleased is the white house that the pope went directly to the issue of climate change in his remarks on his first visit to the u.s. and to the white house? >> well, the pope did have some kind words for the president's work on this issue. and the president certainly welcomed that expression from the pope. you know, i think, in general, this is something that we said in the lead-up to the pope's
10:34 am
visit. and i think it continues to be true today. that the goal of the pope's visit and certainly the goal of the meeting was not to advance anyone's political agenda. and i think that listening to the pope's comments, it was clear that he was speaking with a passion and a conviction about the need to act on climate issues. it was deeply rooted in his faith. so he wasn't taking to deliver a political message, he was speaking from the heart. and with a moral conviction that i think will resonate with people all around the world. >> reporter: having him talk about climate change, how do you see what he said here today. do you see that in any way influencing the debate going forward or even the next steps from the white house on this issue? >> well, i think time will tell. and i think the pope himself
10:35 am
acknowledged that. acknowledged the opportunity that people around the world have to seize this opportunity. and -- the pope did make a conscious decision to capitalize on this high-profile moment to deliver this message. these were obviously the first public statements that he offered on american soil. it wasn't as if he thought no one would be listening. so it will have -- he'll have additional opportunities over the next five days of his visit to deliver additional messages that he seeks to prioritize. and i think the next big one that's coming up will be the speech that he'll deliver before congress tomorrow. and he made a brief illusion to offering encouragement to members of the body as they try to advance the very important work that they have before them as well.
10:36 am
i think that it's clear that even when -- talking about an issue like climate change, that everybody acknowledges that congress has a role in that as well. >> reporter: finally, since we're talking about climate change, is there any comment or reaction to hillary clinton's decision yesterday to break her silence and say that she is opposed to the keystone pipeline? >> well, i don't -- i'm not sure that there were many people, at least in this room, either any of you or any of us, it was particularly surprised by her comments. or her position. you know, we have said for some time that essentially secretary clinton and others who decide to run for president will have an opportunity to talk about their values and their priorities and their positions on a range of issues. but the responsibility of those who were in government is different. and in this case, the state department continues to consider this specific policy. this is consistent with the way
10:37 am
that other infrastructure projects like this are considered. the consideration of this particular project has obviously lasted longer than the typical review that's conducted. but there are a variety of factors that are influencing the length of that review, including the fact that there are a number of legal proceedings that have extended the consideration of that project. but for a timeframe in terms of when we would expect that review to be completed, i'm referring to the state department. >> okay. jeff? >> reporter: are you able to give any details about their conversations, specifically can you say whether or not some of the hot-button social issues that we know they disagree on, like abortion or gay marriage came up? >> no, i'm not able to give additional details. the reason the two men wanted to meet just the two of them in the oval office was to have a private discussion. my understanding is that the entree prer interpretor was
10:38 am
there. even though the enterpretor was present, we can't say anymore. my understanding is that during that time the catholic members of the president's staff did have an opportunity to meet the pope. it also was an opportunity for the president to meet the visiting delegation from the vatican as well. so this is typical of these kinds of formal visits. >> reporter: moving on to a different topic, there was additional information released today about the breach -- >> the white house spokesman
10:39 am
josh earnest there talking about a private conversation that lasted roughly 40 minutes between president obama and pope francis. climate change was discussed. there was apparently an interpreor the in the room. and catholic members of the staff received a private visit with pope francis as well. something that is apparently customary with formal visits, state visits like this one. on the right side of your screen there, again, that green door, that is the rectory there at st. matthew's. we expect to see pope francis go in at some point soon here. we can tell you that based on the -- based on his schedule that we have, he appears to be a little behind schedule. at least 30 to 45 minutes behind schedule at this point. nbc's luke russert is there at the shrine of the immaculate
10:40 am
conception. standby for us, luke. kelly o'donnell, are you there with me? >> reporter: i am. i am multitasking tweeting and taking pictures as i watch the holy father. it's the new age. >> there's monsignor ronald jamison hugging pope francis there. we just mentioned monsignor performed my wedding ceremony. good to see him there. he's been at st. matthew's a long time. he greeted the pope when he arrived at st. matthew's and now appears to be saying good-bye to the pope as he heads for some down time this afternoon. kelly, do we know exactly what this down time is going to look like? are we talking about a nap here for pope francis? >> reporter: well, he's earned one with all of the activity of this day. and it is an intense experience one can imagine being at the center of all of this. to the left of the camera, and i'm not going to ask dave to
10:41 am
move because i think you'll see it as the procession begins to move, assembled on the steps of st. matthew's are the 300 bishops and cardinals of the church who will or have been waiting to say farewell to the pope. there's applause happening now. the fiat is on the move. there's applause from the bishops and cardinals. and then i would expect we'll hear a roar from the crowd at the intersection of rhode island avenue and connecticut. there it is. i hear it now. as the general public has been waiting for hours, they didn't have the sort of inside view we had to look for cues as to when the holy father would be on the move. and they see the motorcade now. as i mentioned to you earlier, craig, the head of the u.s. secret service was here on site. this is a national security event at the highest level. so the papal detail has been so
10:42 am
integral today in making those moments of personal interaction happen. and it's the u.s. secret service that bears the responsibility that all this must go smoothly. the next very practical step on this end will be the buses to move the bishops that will be r r rolling back in. sometimes that's the best way to get around, so we expect that next. so down time for the holy father. and he'll have lunch at the apostolic enunciator. we don't know in the basilica mass will be altered today. we'll wait for folks at the next stop to fill us in. considerably late, but that's to be expected if there are going to be handshakes and somber and serious and uplifting remarks. take some time. and this has unfolded here, a very important day for the
10:43 am
average d archdiocese of washington. this was their moment and it went smoothly from all we can do. and the or ao archbishops are h still waiting for their ride. >> kelly o'connell as the bishops get ready to get on the bus. luke russert is there at the basilica shrine where the canonization will happen this afternoon. it will be -- it was set to happen at 4:00. we imagine at this point it will -- could be a few minutes after that. luke, i understand at one of the last-minute preps, it's to make sure that congressmen and women behave themselves in front of the pope tomorrow. looking forward to the speech tomorrow. no partisan standing during the speech. no handshaking as he comes down the aisle. do we know who is being targeted specifically? >> reporter: hey, craig. yeah, as you mentioned, i'm here at the shrine of the basilica
10:44 am
where the canonization mass will happen later today. it was supposed to be at 4:15. everyone here got the tickets and probably will start later. what you're talking about is the joint address to congress tomorrow. he'll be the first pope to address congress. and we talked before about state of the unions, what do people like to do? members of congress like to take their phones out and go along the aisle and oftentimes they are ruccous and like to touch the president. in this case the speaker sent out a stern moment saying this is a very different type of event. we have to observe a decorum. please don't touch the pope walking down the aisle. don't make a fool out of yourself. what the speaker is doing is putting members loyal to him and mrs. pa low zb pelosi as well. the leaders are taking precautions necessary so that no
10:45 am
one makes a fool of themselves, craig. >> luke russert there for us with a quick preview. on the left side of the screen, that's where pope francis is set to arrive shortly there. he'll have a little down time after a big day. congressman hoyer, you won't have to be restrained tomorrow and won't be trying to touch the pope and take out the selfie stick, i imagine, no? >> i think we'll behave ourselves. very frankly, i want to hear luke say not make a fool of ourselves, but i frankly feel members won't do that tomorrow. but hopefully they won't do it by shutting down the government and stamping their feet saying, if you don't do it my way, we won't do it anyway. that's what the american public is going to judge. but this is an exciting day. tomorrow will be an exciting day. the historic presence of the pope who is a pope who has reached out far beyond the catholic church to all mankind,
10:46 am
really, and urge us to become reconciled with one another, open to one another, tolerant of one another to take care of our global village and to make sure we understand that we are brother's keeper. it's a moving opportunity here for the american people to see the pope up close and personal. >> as we talk, we can see the crowd there as the pope is expected to arrive any moment here on the left side of the screen. congressman hoyer, what do we expect to hear from the pope tomorrow? >> i think he'll talk a little bit about what he talked about this morning as reign as pope. he'll be talking about reaching out to one another, reconciliation. he referenced although didn't mention cuba by name, but
10:47 am
international reconciliation. he mentioned taking care of immigrants. i expect him to talk about that. and he was very powerful on what we would call global warming and what he would call taking care of our global village. so i expect those to be the themes of his talk to congress tomorrow. it's certainly not going to be a political speech. i think it will be a speech about the values and the humanity that he hopes that all of us will pursue. and i think that when luke says, and others say, it should not be like the president's state of the union address where both parties try to demonstrate what they like or what they don't like. i hope that we'll all sit there very respectfully and listen to what the pope has to say and digest that. and try to figure out how to apply that to our public policy.
10:48 am
>> pope francis arriving here at the nunciature. we are told many of the people have been waiting a long time just to get a glimpse of pope francis hopping out of this four-door fiat that he's been traveling in. around washington, d.c. another rock star greeting here in the nation's capital as he waves to the crowd. and this is -- this is one of the things that has made this pope so very popular, congressman hoyer. hops out of the car, moves right over to children.
10:49 am
and embraces -- no reluctance at all. >> craig, this is a pope that has demonstrated the best of humanity, the best of his church, the best that is within us. and i think he's getting that kind of response that is generated by the humanity that he's represented. so it's a very exciting and very moving experience. even for those of us who are not catholi catholics, to have a leader of his stature reach out to all of us to include us as one people, one humankind. >> congressman, before i let you get out of here, let's talk about this really quickly, you brought up a possible government shutdown happening at midnight on the 31st if there's not an agreement reached, what are the odds that you and republicans can reach some sort of an agreement to keep the government from shutting down again? >> well, craig, i have -- i think there's a little bit of
10:50 am
light at the end of the tunnel. a number of republicans in the senate have said, look, shutting down the government makes no sense. shutting down planned parenthoo. won't be signed by the president. it is a -- it is a cul-de-sac or a dead end to go down. let's move on. let's fund government, reach a temporary agreement that makes sense, that both parties can agree on and then given the time as we keep government operating as the way the american public want it to operate we have further time to discuss how we get rid of this sequester. the sequester has been referred to by the chairman of the republican conservative appropriations committee chairman as unreasonable and ill advised and it is unworkable, as well. i think our republican friends know that. democratic friends know that. we need to come to agreement but in the short term keep government open at a reasonable rate of dollars so that they can
10:51 am
service the american people. >> congressman steny hoyer, thank you for your ensight. thanks, as well, for providing pope commentary with me this afternoon. good to see you. >> thanks, a lot, craig. appreciate it. >> the people's pope lighting up the social networks. nice to get a hard count of how many selfies the pope has taken, don. we'll share the shared images including some of the youngest fans' memories for a life time. >> it was a once in a lifetime experience. it felt great. it really meant something to, like, our catholic community and everything else. >> for you personally? >> yes, it did. >> what kind of a day will this go down for you? >>er have memorable day.
10:52 am
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10:54 am
as you imagine, pope
10:55 am
francis, folks taking a look at the pope, took a lot of selfies and that's part of the overwhelming response. 1.4 million fweet tweets on thes most popular hash tags. tell me about these special emojis created, as well. >> twitter has special four pope emojis and tweeting with the pope-related hash tags of this week, a little emoji appears next to the hash tag in your tweet. so they're themed by the cities, fun and really a great way for twitter to encourage conversation and excitement around the pope's visit because people want to get many on the conversation and see the fun little emojis.
10:56 am
>> there have been a ton of photos, messages that people are sharing. all of them pouring in to mark the momentous visit. when's the tone of the reaction so far? who have we heard from? tie tone has been really overwhelmingly excited and people not necessarily catholic excited to witness a big, historic moment. we have a lot of tweets up here on the screen. show kating some of the moments people have been posting in d.c. today. an interesting thing is a lot of celebrities getting in on the action, too. an interesting tweet i thought was really cute today from kerry washington and plays on "scandal" and tweeted that pope francis is her celebrity crush and not even catholic and a cute tweet from her and a way for celebrities to get in on the excitement, too. exciting to everyone because of the historic nature of the event. >> thanks for coming down stairs. >> thanks for having me.
10:57 am
when we come back, lots more. turning to donald trump down in charleston ready to address a group there. building aircraft, the likes of which the world has never seen. this is what we do. ♪ that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. ...are taking charge of their acrotype 2 diabetes...... ...with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®. he said victoza® works differently than pills. and comes in a pen. victoza® is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once a day, any time.
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11:00 am
this hour on msnbc live, pope francis goes to washington. pontiff's historic american tour begins in our nation's capital visiting with the faithful. many of whom line the streets there. also sitting down with the president. we'll have live coverage from washington in just a bit where, again, the crowds have been lining the streets all morning on what's just been a glorious day in the nation's capital. all of them just hoping to get a glimpse of the holy father. also ahead today, anyone's ball game. a new poll that shows three-way race for the democratic nomination and developing news, as well, donald trump expected to speak at any moment in south
11:01 am
carolina. we will go live to north charleston where trump is going to be addressing a group of black business leaders in the low country. hello, everyone. i'm craig melvin. donald trump in a bit but starting with the historic first visit to the united states by pope francis. moments ago, the pope arrived at his residence where he will be having a few hours of down time we're told. earlier this morning, crowds greeted pope francis from the moment he stepped out of that same residence. and the pope greeted the faithful. even making a few time for some selfies, lots of them, in fact, this morning. a majestic greeting another the white house with a massive crowd of about 11,000 onlookers. the president gave a very warm welcome to the holy father. >> on behalf of the american people, it is my great honor and privilege to welcome you to the united states of america. [ applause ]
11:02 am
>> nbc senior white house correspondent chris jansing joins me now live. she was there at the historic ceremony. the pope didn't seem to shy away from hot button issues this afternoon, did he? >> reporter: not at all. the people in the streets passing the babies the folks to get blessed by the pope, but what will the political impact be? listening to the words of the pope, what vatican watchers will say is he isn't anything that isn't established, long-time church doctrine and coinciding with the most controversial issues in washington these days and he hit really hard on two of them. the first one, immigration, noting he himself is the child of immigrants and this country has a long his rf of welcoming immigrants and the second one and i think the one where he was even more forceful was on climate change where he talked about very specifically i find
11:03 am
it encouraging, he said, to the president you are proposing an initiative for reducing air pollution and inside the briefing when josh earnest asked about the president's reaction and his forceful statement, he said, simply, it wasn't as if he thought no one would be listening. that is pope that navigated tricky political parties when he was a bishop and a card until and he knows what he is doing. again, they'll say that it is church doctrine and on point with the politics of the day and so now we are anticipating what he'll say tomorrow and with what is another historic day, never before has a pope addressed a joint session of congress. you have already had one member of congress say they're not going to go because of what the pope has to say about climate change and most of the rest of congress listening very closely, craig. >> chris, thank you. there's more on the pope's
11:04 am
schedule today. tomorrow, again, pope francis addressing that joint session of congress. >> i hope of this country to offer words of encouragement to those called to guide the nations political future. fidelity to the founding principles. >> with me now, "the washington post" columnist ej dion, senior fellow at the brookings institution and a msnbc contributor. thank you for being with me, sir. >> great to be with you. >> pope francis saying he wants to offer words of encouragement to congress and there's question about striking a political tone in the viz in it cuba. he did not. exact we expect from this pope tomorrow? >> you know, i think he gave us a preview today. he is not mincing words n. a very short address, i think
11:05 am
chris alluded to this, in a very short address, he opened right up on immigration pointing out that my family was an immigrant family and he described america and praised it as a nation of immigrants. without saying a word about legislation, that sent a message. he talked about religious liberty. he talked about tolerance. and then he had a really powerful and rather long piece of that talk on global warming, on climate change. praising the president's initiatives on air pollution and then he closed with his signature call for looking out for the vulnerable and bringing peace and pros tperity to everyone. if people expected him to be diplomatic and not touch on certain issues, he did it all today and it is interesting. did he put cloy mat change in this speech and he won't say it in congress? it will be interesting to see what he puts in which addresses. but he's being very outspoken
11:06 am
and very much who he is. >> it is also going to be interesting, think, ej, to hear the tone that the pope uses with members of congress. this is not a congress making fighting climate change a top priority. is there a reason to believe that words from the pope are going to spur this legislative body to action? >> i wish i could say yes, but -- and i suppose maybe he can chalk up a miracle toward sainthood if he achieved that but i think it would take a mirac miracle i think one of the interesting things of the pope is getting people even those that disagree with him think about certain issues. i was really struck at the white house today to see jim mcgovern, one of the most liberal members of government, near paul ryan, one of the most conservative members. and happy to welcome pope
11:07 am
francis. they disagree on issues. i'm not sure that francis can bridge the political gulf between them. and yet, he does bring people together in admiration for who he is and a lot of what he says. >> the images that we have seen so far, ej, yesterday, for me at least, so far one of the most striking has been that picture of pope francis being greeted at andrews by the president of the united states, the first lady. their two daughters. his mother-in-law. the vice president. jill biden, as well. i mean, this is a pope who has managed to upstage the leader of the free world for at least two days in washington, d.c. >> right. no. i have rarely felt a mood like this in washington. i think kasie hunt alluded to this earlier. there really is a buoyant mood out there. i don't think that's just because i'm catholic and hope to like pope francis. i think a lot of people out there feeling that. and it really is striking.
11:08 am
it seemed, you know, another thing by the way the pope talked about without mentioning cuba and iran, he welcomed those initiatives. the pope and president obama seem on an awful lot of issues on the same wave length and you never know but they seem to like each other. president was sure happy to give him a particularly warm welcome today. >> ej, thanks again, my friend. do appreciate your time. >> great to be with you. >> we have much, much more on the pope's visit this hour and at 3:00 p.m. eastern, be sure to tune in to special coverage hosted by brian williams. any moment now, again, donald trump set to speak in south carolina before the state's african-american chamber of commerce. trump has been in trouble again for his birther boosterism as it's dubbed by some. this time for not pushing back when a man-made a bigoted comment about muslims and president obama. katy tur is in south carolina covering trump for us.
11:09 am
good afternoon to you. >> reporter: hey there, craig. he is supposed to speak to a different crowd than normally does, a more diverse crowd if you will. it's the african-american chamber of commerce and african-american small business leaders, supposed to address them on business tips and ways that he's going to boost business in this country if he were to become president. i do not expect to hear him talking about birtherism at this particular event. it is also not somewhere where he's having a press availability today an unclear if anyone can ask him about that if they wanted to. i don't think you hear about boosting small business in detail and specifics because he had a similar event here in south carolina a few weeks ago and supposed to do the same thing and just heard the same stump speech or if you will trump speech from donald trump talking about all the great things he was going to do and didn't back it up with detail. this is really getting the heart of what's going on with the donald trump campaign right now. is there a second act where they're going to get into more
11:10 am
detail? last time we heard specific detail on anything at all really was on immigration. that was over a month ago. he said he's going to lay out a tax plan, an education plan. and he's so far not done that. he keeps saying very soon. we'll see if he comes up with that. first act of donald trump has gotten him a top of the polls, will the second act be able to keep him there? and just when does he need to roll out that second act? my gut said it's probably soon because people have heard him talk for the past three months, heard a same speech and i think they're wanting to hear fresh ideas, new things from donald trump, especially with the exposure right now. >> some details. katy tur, thanks, as well. amy hall ms is an anchor at the blaze and a former speech writer for bill frist. amy, thank you for coming in. >> a pleasure. >> let's talk about donald trump's relationship with people that look like us. first, he claims, again, i want
11:11 am
to make this right. he has a great relationship with black people. second, he calls black people -- he calls us the blacks. how would you characterize donald trump's relationship with black people? >> probably one way. at this point. more talking at people than listening to people. how would you characterize donald trump's relationships with any constituency. the main is himself. and katy's absolutely right. the donald trump, he is not laying out specifics for republican primary voters on anything, really. talking about women's, issues you saw, his line is i'm going to be great for women. is there specifics, no? >> do you think when he rolls out details and got the impression it could start happening sooner than later,
11:12 am
will we see a surge in the polls or when the trump fatigue may start to set in? >> well, you're proposing something that may never happen. >> you don't think he ever reveals any sort of details? >> at the moment, we see him shooting from the hip and flying out there and it's working and i think, you know, you can criticize him for that because maybe he doesn't have specifics but on the other hand it has been successful for him. and when you roll out specifics that's when you can get specifically attacked as hillary clinton is finding on the other side when she just came out saying she opposes the keystone xl pipeline. her rival o'malley attacked her. keeping things fuzzy, slogans and even pandering, that is working for donald trump and keeping the focus more on the personality than what is he going to do for america. >> i want to bring up a bloomberg poll. he's being introduced and we'll
11:13 am
listen in when he speaks. the question is, realistic vision of this person being president? very simple question. a series of candidates. look at the numbers here. donald trump 29% yes, 69%, no. no realistic person of this person being president. how does that number exist with the polling we see? >> and yet. and yet, he is on top of the polls and you can look at donald trump is the dream candidate but will the dream happen for his supporters? a lot of voters saying, no, i don't realistically see him in the white house. >> the same presumably saying, yes, i would vote for him. >> exactly. they say that they would vote for him but it's like here's what i would like to do. do i think other people will put him in the white house? realistically, do i think he has a chance of occupying 1600 pennsylvania? very different things and judgments. >> let's listen in a bit again.
11:14 am
donald trump in charleston, south carolina. >> you had no notice. i can't believe all these people. you had no notice. they just asked me to pop by. i'm going to be in another part of the state in about two hours. and they asked me to pop by and look at everybody shows up. that's incredible. that's incredible. beautiful. and i appreciate it. you know, we had a nice flight in and i said there won't be any we to do this. they said, just for a little while. say a few words and to have this kind of a turnout is just, just fantastic. we appreciate it. we appreciate it. and i got here and i have miss south carolina greet -- where is miss south carolina? come on up here. come here. so nice. so nice. so she just got back, actually, from miss america and she was top seven. very impressive. right?
11:15 am
and she has a fantastic voice. would you like to see? i wouldn't mind. i'd rather have her sing than me talk if you want to know the truth. i want to congratulate you, darling. fantastic job. great going. so, we have a lot of things to discuss, a lot of things to talk about. a lot of business, a lot of happenings over the last little while. and some of the cute things but relatively unimportant although maybe it is important and if you want to stand -- there are some seats if you want. stand if you want. i don't care. doesn't matter. huh? i love you, too. i love you, too. you know, it is funny. we talk about the press and it's very interesting because i got here -- we have all these great stories coming out. the polls are through the roof.
11:16 am
you see what happens on the crowds with ten minute's notice. the polls through the roof. here's one they just reported. right? a poll from florida. just came out. here's the headline to show you about the press. marco rubio, who, by the way, has the worst attendance rate in the u.s. senate. got the number one worst attendance record and want him to be president. right? marco rubio passes jeb bush in the florida poll. that's just -- headline. big story. all over. so it says marco rubio passes jeb bush in the florida poll. so i say, oh, that's too bad. i guess -- i thought i would do well in florida. and then the first sentence is, donald trump is the winner. but i'm not in the headline. no, no. no, no. think about it. so here's the story. rubio passes bush. headline. big headline. but trump has 31.5%.
11:17 am
rubio has 19.2%. and bush has 11.3%. but i'm not in the headline. that tells you about the press. right? do you think there's a little bit of a problem maybe that they have with me? i don't know. here. who wants it? right? here you go. you got it. give it to her. and then one that is even more bothersome, frankly, is boeing. so boeing and i have been talking about this for a long time. boeing is going to sell 300 jets to china but as part of the deal, they're going to set up a massive plant in a big section of china. they're going to build planes over in china. and -- >> there you have it. donald trump in north charleston speaking at an event there. spent sometime talking about marco rubio's attendance record in the u.s. senate and some time
11:18 am
talking about jeb bush as he frequently does. and then, amy holmes, something i found absolutely surprising, if not mind boggling, he was complaining about not being in the headline. donald trump upset he's not getting enough press. >> right. donald trump. i mean, here we are running his comments live and listening to this, craig, he is addicted to two things. polling data and twitter. he doesn't seem to be able to get away from it. >> paper with both of them on them. >> referencing the lead in the polls, lock at the polls. talking about the people who are in the single digits, a bunch of losers and listening to this, listen to the fact that the audience is cheering. they are loving it. they're eating it up. >> but for how much longer? >> everyone keeps asking. >> i think katy tur made an interesting point. folks going to the speeches, they have heard the same stump speech. >> no, they haven't. i think that's -- >> variations of. >> no.
11:19 am
but i think that's one of the mistakes of the media makes that you have political reporter who is follow the candidates from speech to speech, event to event and they have heard ate million times but those people, that's the first time they have heard it and they have the man himself standing there telling jokes, throwing pieces of paper, congratulating miss south carolina. this is the first introduction in person to donald trump and clearly he has them at the moment in the palm of his hand. >> he's addressing a group of business leaders down there we should note. boeing one of the two largest employers privately in the state of south carolina talking about an expansion there in china. donald trump in north charleston, saying something that is news worthy, we'll go back to it. thank you. >> thank you. >> the next pope's after washington, new york city. unprecedented security is in place by ground, water and air. behind the scenes of the massive operation it's being led by the secret service. then reports that the fbi
11:20 am
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[engine revving] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ really cool. >> we are touched. >> it was so -- >> shake his hand, it was really awesome. >> pope francis spent a fair amount of time this morning taking selfies with folks in the nation's capital. social media filling up with the faithful and their holy father. he has, of course, been so often referred to at the people's pope and some might say he's the unpredictable pope, stopping to
11:24 am
shake hands and taking selfies. tens of thousands of military and counterterrorism officials together for the massive security effort that we have seen play out. we'll continue to see it play out here in new york and philadelphia this weekend. the secret service saying there are no specific or credible threats to the pope. and either of the aforementioned cities, here in new york, the nypd tells nbc news today there are no credible or specific threats. bill brat on the tweeting pics of walk throughs of st. patrick's cathedral there, as well. stephanie gosk with this angle of the story for us. again, the majority of thousands of people lining the streets want to see pope francis, wave, they want to get a selfie. how are police and security able to protect him against the possibility of one person with
11:25 am
bad intent in a crowd? >> reporter: well, craig, you know, everyone that is involved in this security effort is well briefed on how unpredictable the pope can be and tried to do is get a better sense of the crowd itself by setting up these parameters. not just anybody to walk up and be along the open processions to see the pope and take pictures of him and a position to potentially even touch him. they have to go through mag no, ma'am tmag mono, ma'am ters ande of the things to make the security challenge so, so large is the ambitious nature of the trip itself. the number of events that the pope trying to pack in, we have seen it in washington. you're going to see it here in new york. on friday, just to give you a sense of it, he starts thedy at the u.n.
11:26 am
he goes down to wall street to the 9/11 memorial. and then he goes up to a school in east harlem and central park and then madison square garden. literally touching every corner of manhattan over the course of the day and why it is so challenging. craig? >> stephanie gosk for us this afternoon, thank you. we'll continue our coverage of the pope's visit to the united states and a look at the papal ride itself. the evolution of the pope-mobile. also in washington, could we be heading toward another government shutdown? how the white house is preparing for this worst-case scenario again. a new test with pluggable febreze. we rented this resort, hid smelly objects all over each villa and plugged in febreze.
11:27 am
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11:30 am
coming aty that's divided on issues and trying to bring us altogether so i thought today was the day i needed to come out and see the man when's trying to change it all. >> he's just spreading the real message of jesus and the idea of love, we're all love and gd's children so he gets that. >> and we are back with our coverage of pope francis in america. pope francis is taking some down time right now at the apostolic nunciature in d.c. arrived there a little less than an hour and lunch and resting up for the parade to end at the basilica at the national shrine of the immaculate conception in northwest d.c. he started the trip at the united states at the white house pulling up on the south lawn in that small black four-day fiat. he called on americans to reject discrimination and build a more
11:31 am
tolerate and inclusive society. >> together with the fellow citizens american catholics are committed to building a society which is truly tolerant and inclusive to safeguarding the rights of individuals and communities and to rejecting every form of injustice, discrimination. >> the pope also touched on some hot button issues including immigration, religious freedom and climate change, as well. counter to the pomp and pageantry that we have been witnessing, francis' message is a reflection of his openness and his simple lifestyle that's resonated with so many. special anchor maria shriver has more on that. >> reporter: pray for me he says
11:32 am
so often. pope francis is a humble man living a simple life. despite his rise to the highest position in the catholic church. much has been made about he didn't want to wear the prada slips, live in the pope's palace or apartment and live more in community. talk to me about what his life is actually like. is it really austere and simple? >> his life is as austere and as it can be for a pope. it is important to remember this is the first jesuit priest and we take vows of poverty. >> reporter: that includes this room. the dorm-style vatican guest house and eats in the cafeteria with staffers and the januaitor and the first to carry his own bags when he travels. >> this is also a very shrewd man. people i have spoken to said it
11:33 am
was a man influenced by perone. understands what it means to get a photograph of him carrying his own briefcase s. that fair? >> i think it's natural to him. and the things picked up by the media is part of who he is and not just doing it for show. it telegraphs what he and the church is about. >> reporter: to truly understand this pope, one needs to understand where he came from. he grew up in a lower middle class family, the season of an accountant who emigrated to argentina from italy. later, when he became a priest and then even as a cardinal, he worked in some of the most impoverished neighbors. >> as the cardinal, he was not a kind of an administrative vatican person. he was a person that was really out with people. and living with people. he took public transportation to work every day. he got on the bus like everybody
11:34 am
else did. >> reporter: that is a key part of his popularity. the people's pope seems to be just like us. he even enjoys some of the same indulgences. he's a big fan of soccer and of dancing. he's even been known to enjoy the tango. and he has reportedly developed a fondness for pasta. since moving to italy, he's gained weight and his doctor asked him to cut back. he's perhaps the most relatible pope in the church's history. now, what do you think is the difference of what people are seeing in this pope compared to pope john paul ii who was also very popular and or pope benedict? >> they bring three different sets of gifts. pope francis is a pastor. a mother of a friend said i respected and admired john paul and admired benedict but this guy i want to hug this guy. >> our thanks to maria shriver
11:35 am
for that report. the evolution of the pope-mobile is another fascinating angle to the first american trip. the pontiff with a parade in washington, d.c. and probably saw some of that. a converted jeep. perfect for the moment. in fact, the pope asked the vatican to be more humble in the selection of its cars in general since assuming the leadership role. pope-mobiles of history tended to be the ultimate in luxury, often a mercedes and often very open, as well. assassination attempts on pope paul vi and in 1981. both of those led the catholic church to dramatically alter the look of the vehicles and leading to the pope-mobiles we know today. this is john paul ii riding in nigeria back in 1998. here we have pope francis waving
11:36 am
to crowds in the philippines in january, earlier this year. with more open sides. you can see here. pope-mobile, the pope-mobile there suiting the personal style a bit. true to the style of similar policety, the pope using the moderately priced fiat. the italian car starts at about $20,000. seats 5. weighs 1 ton. he does not drive it here though. he does have a chauffeur. folks comparing that to president obama's limousine nicknamed the beast by comparison. mr. obama's car cost about $1.5 million, seats seven and also has an oxygen and fire fighting systems built in, as well. it weighs 8 tons. developing right now, hillary clinton's e-mails are back in the headlines. according to a new report, fbi investigators have recovered
11:37 am
e-mails thought to be deleted from the private server clinton used. the e-mails recovered are said to be both personal and professional in nature. the bureau is reportedly sifting through clinton's work e-mails investigating whether classified information was mishandled. but the issue here one of the issues at least is if the fbi can recover deleted e-mails, was the presidential candidate's correspondence ever truly secure? mark murray in washington, d.c. covering that part of the story for us this afternoon. so, again, mark, clinton apologized for the personal e-mail system. when's the read on whether the report is more damaging for her campaign? >> craig, right now the damaging part is drip, drip nature of everything that every single headline, every advancement of the story becomes something that the campaign doesn't want to talk about. they would rather talk about health care policy, the republican field and not this
11:38 am
e-mail story. but it is unclear on whether this particular story's actually going to be damaging or not. part of what came about is that could these private e-mails that she did not turn over as part of the 30 or 50,000 pages of e-mails that have been turned over, could they be part of the public and media's per view or the things we would be looking into additionally and is there something that could take the story into another direction? we don't know. at the same time, the fbi's looking to see if classified information was willfully and knowingly mishandled and unclear if the fbi is ones to end upturning these private e-mails or other e-mails over to news organizations or the other people. so i just don't know if we know the extent to this but again i think the campaign would rather talk about something else. >> joe biden, any update on whether he'll get in the race some point soon and what's the drop dead date for fihim?
11:39 am
>> a couple of them, the first democratic debate on october 13th. to be able to get in before that, he has to get into the race in the next couple of weeks. other big deadline would be the filing deadlines in the states of alabama and arkansas in mid-november and if he is not entered before then, you don't get any delegates and got to be pretty soon. >> mark murray for us today, thank you. >> thank you. a group of house republican fresh men sent a letter urging members not to shut down the government and could happen october 1st. kristen welker has more on this. the white house talked about how they're planning for a possible shutdown. what did they say? >> reporter: craig, that's right. white house press secretary josh earnest answering my questions about this making the point we are so close to a potential government shutdown that the government has needed to start these conversations. here's what he had to say in response to my question.
11:40 am
take a listen. >> there is a process that we, unfortunately, are becoming all too familiar with. by which the government prepares for the possibility of a government shutdown. we are in the range of seven or eight days now before the deadline and it is only prudent for the federal government to begin planning for the possibility that the government could shut down. >> reporter: this comes, craig, as senate republicans have scheduled a vote on a short-term spending bill that would fund the government through december 11th. but here's the catch. it would cut off federal funding to planned parenthood. that is something that democrats are certain to blom. by the way, that vote is scheduled for after the pope speaks on thursday. no indication that even the pope bring it is sides together on the thorny topic and comes as you say as the 11 house republican fresh men wrote a letter to fellow republicans
11:41 am
urging them not to shut down the government and there's concern that the gop will bear the prudent of the responsibility and could ultimately hurt their chances to win back the house in 2016. craig? >> kristen welker at the white house, thank you. later today, at the basilica in washington, pope francis will preside over the first canonization on u.s. soil. courting controversy. why some are taking issue with the plan to make a 18th century missionary a saint. why do so many people choose aleve? it's the brand more doctors recommend for minor arthritis pain. plus, just two aleve can last all day. you'd need 6 tylenol arthritis to do that.
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11:45 am
francis will hold a canonization mass in spanish for those with tickets at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception in washington. during that ceremony, the pope expected to make 18th century missionary father junipero serra. many praise him for leaving his home to teach the gospel to those in california but in the eyes of some native americans, serra is the man who established a militarized mission tear system that relied on brutality and resulted in the deaths of thousands. i'm joined now from the basilica of the national shrine by analyst george widel and from notre dame, timothy montavina. gentlemen, thank you both for being with me. let's start with you, timothy. why this particular missionary
11:46 am
for sainthood? >> well, we'll find out more when we hear pope francis's homily this afternoon but i think he is really emphasizing the hispanic origins of christianity in the united states. that serra is an example for the entire country and also what you said earlier, the mission tear spirit. here was a man having a successful professional career. he was a theologian, a professor and gave it up to cross the ocean never to return to preach the gospel to those who had never heard of christ. >> george, back in june, pope francis apologized for what he called, quote, the grave sins of colonialism in a visit to bolivia. how can the church and pope acknowledge this potential saint's role in american colonialism and taking note of the damage that it's done to america's indigenous people? >> well, craig, first of all, let's get clear on what's going to happen this afternoon. the pope doesn't make saints.
11:47 am
god makes saints. the pope is going to recognize that saint that he believes god has made and has come to that judgment after a very extensive process and study that's taken into account these concerns raised by some, certainly not all, native peoples in california. secondly, we should remember that saints are sinners. in fact, saints are sinners who know they're sinners and try to cooperate with the grace of god to work through the dark patches in their lives to become the saints that all of us christians are baptized to be. i think professor is exactly right that pope francis is trying to lift up this man as an example of what he wants the entire church to be which is a missionary enterprise. make these institutions including this remarkable
11:48 am
university where we're visiting today, make them platforms for preaching the gospel, bringing the healing power of christ into people's lives. >> george, i appreciate that insight. you have even gotten some theme music there behind you to accompany, as well. let me end with you, quickly, tim. my understanding, at least, is serra is credited with a miracle. two required for sainthood. no? >> well, there's been a number of exceptions in recent years. that's the usual expectation, yes. >> why the change this time? >> well, like i say, this is done in several occasions in recent times and pope john paul canonized many saints and in this instance i suspect the timeliness of it and already said, the holiness of the person and the occasion of the pope coming here and wanting to hold up that holiness and that
11:49 am
missionary desipeisciple exampl us to follow. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. when we come back, yankees fans knew him simply as yogi a. lock at the career and character of a baseball legend. yogi berra dead at the age of 90. ♪ [ girl ] my mom, she makes underwater fans that are powered by the moon. ♪ [ birds squawking ] my mom makes airplane engines that can talk. [ birds squawking ] ♪ my mom makes hospitals you can hold in your hand. ♪ my mom can print amazing things right from her computer. [ whirring ] [ train whistle blows ] my mom makes trains that are friends with trees.
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11:52 am
we continue to follow developing news in washington, d.c. pope francis inside the nunciature this hour taking a brief pause in what has been a long day for this pope. he's expected to emerge next hour for that parade to the basilica on the catholic university campus and holding mass and the first canonization mass on u.s. soil. that expected to happen around 4:15 we are told. turning now to the passing of an american sports hero, september 22nd, 1946. that is the day that yogi berra made his professional debut.
11:53 am
september 22nd, 2015, was the day that he died. he was born to play baseball. tributes continue to pour in this afternoon for berra. he wasn't just arguably the best catcher in the history of the game. the folksiness, the wit made him one of a kind. >> yogi's blast over the right field fence and the yanks are off and running. >> reporter: the long-time new york yankees catcher was one of the greatest on some of the most storied teams in baseball history. >> yankees back on top. >> reporter: the hall of fame career numbers among the best. 19 seasons. 15 straight all-star games and three league mvp awards. more series hits than anyone else and most of america knew his words and not the numbers. it ain't over until it's over. and a special "meet the press" tim russert asked the
11:54 am
philosopher king of baseball to explain. >> when you come to a fork in the road, take it. >> take it. we got a street back home we have one. take it. >> half the things i said i never said. >> oh boy. you know, i tell you the truth, tim. i don't know i say these things. i rally don't. >> reporter: lawrence peter berra may 12th 1925 to a family of italian neighborhood of st. louis. he quit school after eighth grade and then later served in the navy. a ship gunners mate. after the war in 1946 he joined the yankees and spend his entire playing career ending in 1963. he then went on to coach and manage the yankees and the cross town mets. berra retired in 1992 after his last i don't know in baseball. a coach for the houston astros. >> yogi berra hits one. >> i love baseball. i really do. i always told my dad, i said, dad i can't going to make it work. i like to play ball too much.
11:55 am
we played hard. you got to work at this game. you really do. and it's fun doing it if you do it right the way. >> reporter: he devoted the later innings of his life to community service and charity work. the museum and learning center in new jersey not far from yankees stadium. in march of 2014, he lost his wife of 65 years, carmen. often called the woman beside the man behind the plate. they had three sons, 11 grandchildren. >> yankee hall of famer, yogi berra. >> reporter: a yankee legend, one of the most charismatic baseball players and personalities of all time. >> my two personal favorite yogi-isms, it is like deja vu all over again and if you don't know where you're going you'll end up some place else. he was 90. that is going to wrap things up for me here this afternoon. our coverage of the pope's
11:56 am
historic visit to the united states continues all day here on msnbc. again, francis inside the nunciature in washington taking a brief pause in his day. he's expected to emerge in the next hour for that parade to the basilica on the catholic university campus. brian williams picks up our coverage next. you're watching msnbc. we thought we'd be ready. but demand for our cocktail bitters was huge. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us.
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11:59 am
and good day. brian williams here at msnbc headquarters in new york on what's really been a near perfect day here along the east coast. perfect day for the pope to head out into the streets of washington to meet as many of the american people as he can. there were a lot of photographs with the pope today as you might imagine. and lots of children, especially the littlest among them carried to the pope over the crowd by
12:00 pm
his security detail and then returned to the loving arms of their parents. plus, there was the american president and a crowd of thousands of very lucky people to hear the pope speak on the white house lawn this morning. ahead this hour, the pope is expected to return to the motorcade heading to the basilica in northeast washington to canonize a new saint. but let's take the day chronologically thus far. that takes us to the white house and senior white house correspondent chris jansing. what was it like to be there? >> reporter: you said it. it was a spectacular day, a crowd of about 11,000 people. and it was clear from the very beginning that this was something unique. you've spent a lot of time at the white house and the time i have been here, talking to people who have spent over many administrations, years here and few ever seen anything like this. first of all, the size of the crowd, the mood of the crowd. but also, the momentousness of the occasion. that this was the first time that the first pope born in the


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