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tv   Morning Joe  MSNBC  September 24, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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nothing in syria or backing the internal opposition which doesn't kpis. if we can't get the countries to put forces on the ground, no amount of american diplomacy will amount. >> rich, president obama today, what's the concern in the white house when it comes to china? is it the slowing down and bundled way in which the governments handle. is it the stock markets crash or the expansion on the military on the east china was creating? >> the answer is yes and the possible connection between the two. as china slows and as the legitimacy as the leadership arrives and begins to diminish, may they not start looking to nationalism and great foreign policy and a way of maintaining political support. >> that's the thing about syria right now. russia is an economic basket.
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he remains popular. . asking for all of us to oil prices keep going down and change our decision on carbon russia's economy keeps getting emission. the church has had a clear worse. he goes to syria. >> china is a lot more serious. missionary position. unlike russia, china has an enormous population. my goodness. what china does and doesn't do has far more weight. the real concern is china beautiful picture. getting back. talks about prayer, politics and china chooses not to be a partner on terms that we want. passion. it's a very different 21st mike, quiet a day for american catholics and anybody who loves and admires the pope. century. >> stay with us. coming up at the top of the >> i think it was a huge day for the country, actually. hour, we got a lot to talk the pope's tone and demeanor about. chuck todd is going to join us. his sunday exclusive for hillary brings a pacifying effect to our politics. clinton. listening to the pope yesterday we'll ask about rich lowery, the both at the white house. words with fox news. we got a lot to talk about when chuck todd and richard and the he's a peaceful holy man with a entire morning joe team returns. message that is nearly eternal.
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>> he really is. speaking of peace, out of invest with those who see the world as unstoppable. columbia, this is a long time who have the curiosity to look beyond the expected coming. that civil war has been going on and the conviction to be in it for the long term. oppenheimerfunds believes that's the right way to invest... forev this big, bold, beautiful world. forever. >> maybe this could be the moment we have to stop talking about columbia and the problems you forgot the milk! that's lactaid. right. 100% real milk, in central america. just without the lactose. so you can drink all you want... ...with no discomfort? >> maybe we can keep following exactly. the afghanistan story. >> if you're running vw and had here, try some... people bringing carbon mmm, it is real milk. see? delicious. hoof bump! emissions, this is taking the accompany down. oh. the justice department is all right here girl, boom. lactaid®. over it. 100% real milk. the ceo lost his job. no discomfort. how did they think they were and for a creamy and delicious treat, ever going to get away with try lactaid® ice cream. this? >> good luck to the ceo. have my stomach feeling all knotted up. it's a tough, tough story. i've tried laxatives... they'll have to figure out how
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visibility into your business, sis is going tells you how not it can quickly become the only thing you think about. well the fight is going. >> i like ash carter a lot. he has inherited a mess on so that's where at&t can help. at&t's innovative solutions connect machines and people... many fronts. to keep your internet of things in-sync, in real-time. with us as well jonathan. leaving you free to focus on what matters most. >> yeah, we're going to talk about the pope's visit coming up. let's start with a new national pole from bloomberg's politics. last week's debate had no effect on the standing of donald trump. >> just for all the people that said this. >> since the debate, no change in donald trump's pole. there he is at 21%. his top rivals bumped up a bit. he still leads ben carson. jeb bush up and carly fiorina had a climb.
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if you're wondering where the increase and support from the top candidates came from, look at the bottom of the field here. mike huckabee and rand paul losing support. scott walker left the race on monday. donald trump has a 51% rating on the pole. marco rubio fairing well and donald trump did not have the highest unfavorable number. carly fiorina, marco rubio, ted cruz all lead jeb bush in the national pole. a new pole out of florida spells we're looking at double digit gains from ben carson and carly and a little bit of light failure for jeb bush. from jeb bush and later joined he's a two term governor by rick perry. going to ask him if he could trailing trump and marco rubio endorse another candidate in the race now. plus more on richard haas.
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in that state. all of the east side of new york we got a lot of brands to talk city a living and breathing held about here. if you're trying to get jeb brand, he's up. anywhere. you're watching morning joe. you're watching morning joe. we'll be right back. tough summer for him. >> they think they're it for the long term. >> seeing the first pole, that was going to be the big news to me. you look at the other two poles and not the story. early on. at some point he's going to come forward, he's going to come forward and i think the only way that's going to happen is more and more scott walkers happen. you can see him in direct comparison. he can have a trump moment in effect where if he just establishes himself and puts life into his campaign, the
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interesting thing about trump. >> let's talk about trump now. donald trump first place still up there. he's been up there for a long time. look at the 31% in florida pouncing rubio and bush as well. >> my 86-year-old mom is a book your next stay at! florida resident, jewish, this bale of hay cannot be controlled. liberal saying all my friends when a wildfire raged through elkhorn ranch, love donald trump. the sudden loss of pasture became a serious problem for a family business. faced with horses that needed feeding and a texas drought that sent hay prices soaring, this is not the bible belt. the owners had to act fast. >> everywhere i go people say thankfully, mary miller banks with chase for business. that to me. and with greater financial clarity and a relationship built for the unexpected, >> i was having lunch with a she could control her cash flow, good friend who was a big and keep the ranch running. chase for business. supporter and important so you can own it. supporter of clinton and talking about the craziness of the campaign. we were walking out and someone ♪ came up to us and said who are you going o support? [ girl ] my mom,
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she makes underwater fans that are powered by the moon. this person said i like donald ♪ trump. it's not just happening in [ birds squawking ] trailer parks in northwest my mom makes airplane engines that can talk. [ birds squawking ] florida or in broward county. ♪ broward county and midtown my mom makes hospitals you can hold in your hand. ♪ manhattan. >> and it's the same answer. i'm fed up with anybody and he my mom can print amazing things right from her computer. says what's on his mind and beyond that, they don't hear [ whirring ] anything else. [ train whistle blows ] my mom makes trains that are friends with trees. that core group, unless he jumps [ train whistle blows ] off a building or punches somebody in a face, they're not ♪ going away. my mom works at ge. ♪ >> they're all abunch of idiots
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and at least he says what's on his mind. >> he's also captured -- all these things bubbling for a long time captured that energy and to some extent so has ben carson. >> i would. if you look at all these poles, they show the exact same thing. 70% of the republican voter are sick of the establishment. it's the reason we might have a government shut down and the reason donald trump has a feeling. i think the market is not going to go away. i think the question many of us think donald trump is starting to wear thin and all the debate absolutely gorgeous day in performance was bad and his new york. politics are not going to welcome back to morning joe. that is a view of trumpville, we resinate with the masses and he comes back and it's about the same. i think that market is there and can tell. he's feeding that market and >> uncongested view. >> we got richard and the ceo loves what he has to say.
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still with us and joining the >> donald trump said he would no conversation from washington longer go on fox news and the fight has escalated again. d.c., the host of america's inside story, ray. rich used provocative language great to see you guys here on fox. today. mike, i want to focus quickly on >> trump attacks everyone. a story you were talking about she's become a much bigger last hour and that is more target. part of what's going on is the disturbing revelations. last debate. carly cut his balls off with this is from the new york times whose been doing extraordinary the. >> what did you just say? work this past week. >> he knowed it. a military analyst raising red >> okay, rich. flags about progress in iraq >> you can't say that word on tv. >> i'm not sure you can but he getting bad sbel out of iraq on did. >> you can't say that on tv. how you're doing. >> there's a group of people who >> as you might imagine. have been putting together intelligence estimates on iraq >> you know what trump said. for 20 years and lately, they if i respond to that, i'll only have been complaining about the intelligence estimates and they bring more attention to it. were right in the build up to >> he said the pope's in town and i'm going to turn the other the iraq war. they suggested that the bush cheek. >> i'll get you later. administration was making a horrific mistake in the way they >> donald wrote this, were going about iraq. incompetent rich lowery lost it now they are being cooked as
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tonight on fox news. they make their way to he should not be allowed on tv washington. >> you've heard that story and they should fine him. fox news owes me an apology for before, right. >> we heard it before and heard exaggerations against isis and how we were doing against isis allowing clueless rich lowery on when a lot of us didn't think we tv. were doing that well. fox released a statement on richard haas, yesterday, the trump's new boycott that reads pope gave liberal something to in part when coverage doesn't go smile about and conservatives his way he gives personal attacks on our anchors and hosts something to smile about. it was a bit of a split decision as he weighed in. which has grown tiresome. he got very political. what were your thoughts on the >> going after fox news, pope's foreign policy. nobody's done it before and i >> interesting things to me were the sames about immigration and don't think it's good for the long game. if i was looking for somebody to migration about what's going on fight in manhattan and i had 8 in this country and europe. >> and talking about immigrants who built this country. >> exactly. coming to the united states and talking about our own political dna. what the pope is reflecting a million choices. whole school in their people who >> donald trump's a are, where religion is a big
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part of their life is the idea conventionalism doesn't apply to him. when he says he's taking on the god created the heavens and the media, he's taking on the media. earth. there are large elements of it got him in the headlines religious communities that feel very differently and what pope again. >> it was actually a great move. is doing is saying we're he's got his core group. custodians on this earth. we're here temporarily. it's a different way of casting the whole climate issue and i'm going to emphasize this a lot today. >> he also gave conservative catholics something to cheer about. actually three things that i one could argue that it's counted. actually a brilliant move for fir . first of all, he was talking about religious liberty. him to say all the sudden you obviously, to the president's affordable care act and forcing wake up and he's going after fox catholic toss do things they news. it's interesting and dicey. didn't want to and also talked about the importance of family and the family conference and >> you know what else is finally talked about christian interesting and dicey, sticking your hand in a blender when it's persecution. >> he mentioned victims of on. i'm not doing that either. abortion as well. >> there was some things that he did during the course of >> quality creeping into the yesterday seen as controversial
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as well son some sides. the candization to native americans criticized to say that wasn't appropriate. waiting into american politics. campaign. >> well, it raises. some criticized him for getting >> not there in the debate. we're not seeing the poles too involved in the climate change discussion and some of reflected after the debate. the language he used on the >> but it does raise one of the issue of sexual abuse of cosmetic issues around any children. that as well was seen. candidate but especially around not going far enough to recognize what happened to the donald. can you really win being angry all the time? children. >> ray, big news story on the >> here's the thing. front page of washington post there is and we all know it, there's a joyfulness to donald and i know there are a lot of people who have been waiting for this a long time. trump. he's having fun. it looks like columbia and the rebels have cleared a key barrier to peace. obviously, that civil war has torn that area apart for a long >> is he having a little less time. >> big news. fun in the past few days? >> sure, it's big news. >> i think he's having a little one of development of great less fun but he's going to be up interest to the united states in a couple of minutes. which through plan columbia has been very involved in trying to calm the situation in that key i think at the end of the day country that borders both the
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it's a grind. pacific and the atlantic coast it's a constant grind and this of south america. look, there have been break is the same fight. throughs before, there have been peace settlements before. we'll ask him if it's wearing the question is will this one be him down a little bit. more durable than those in the >> he's on the front page of the past? paper every day. there are elements of the >> remember last week donald trump opted not to correct the gorilla armies and anti question when they said government movements that have president fwom ma was a muslim. hillary clinton's campaign in -- with the trade of the drug trade and basically, no longer 2008 first sparked the rumors. soldiers with a political yesterday secretary clinton program. rebels in the bush, but responded directly to the claim. >> did you or your campaign international drug gangs as much start the whole birth thing. as anything else and makes for a >> that is -- no. toxic mix of a country that's that is so rude of chris don. been struggling very hard to get on its feet again and be a honestly, i just believed that stable player in a very key first of all, it's totally untrue and secondly, the region. >> all right. president and i have never had let's move to some domestic any kind of confrontation like politics. a national pole shows last week's debate has no effect on that. this is such a bad example of donald trump in the republican field. a lot of the experts predicted
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what's wrong with instantaneous that was the beginning of the end, not so. reactions and americans getting all worked up and people feeding a lot of the rivals seeing an increase in support. trump leads ben carson within five points within the margin of prejudice and paranoia like era. jeb bush within the margin. donald trump. obviously, all of us have to carson had an 11 point jump. stand against us. i have been blamed for almost carly had a 10 point climb everything. that's a new one to me. moving up to third place. all outsiders holding 48% of the >> it's not new. it's been around for eight years vote. if you're wondering where the in media reports. >> several reports found it did increases came from, look at the bottom of the field there. mike huckabee and rand paul originate from clinton supporters. not clear if it came from the losing support. scott walker exited the race on monday. donald trump has a 51% favorable rating in this pole but jeb bush and ben carson do a lot better. notably, trump does not have the highest unfavorable rating among campaign. largely meaningless given the e-mails that was rumored. republicans. her camp had been sending out. trump also has the lead since last month with an eight point before he could finish the sentence he exploded on obama. lead over ben carson up six it had not been obama's points in this pole.
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intention to upset her but he all leave jeb bush whose fallen wasn't going to play the fool to sixth in the national pole. close to third place finishers. either. yesterday trump had this to say a new pole of republican voters while speaking in south inside the key state of florida carolina. also showing a little trouble >> hillary, whose become very for jeb bush. shrill, you know the word the former two term governor trails donald trump and senator shrill? rubio there. she's become shrill. she was saying what i said about they show the top republican contenders leading hillary obama and yet in 2008 she was clinton inside the state. the original birther, she's the donald trump winning by a one who started that whole sliver. >> first of all, talking about thing. hillary is the birther. by the way, don't switch your the fact donald trump is in first place after the two votes to hillary, please, but debates. ben carson picked up two points hillary is the one that started after the last debate. it and acted so indignant like you almost hear the cries there after high school debate coaches how dare he. give me a break. across america passing out and hitting their heads hard on wood >> wow. floors. it is inexplicable to say the >> sure. >> there was the famous least if you're scoring these photograph of president obama. he was a senator, he went to debates by traditional points. kenya and wearing kenya and that >> well, yes, at the same time did trump do anything to lose picture that made the round, the
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support? i feel like we're seeing the clinton campaign didn't put that same thing we seen in the first out there. supporters put it out there. i think critics could say they debate which is a shake up on didn't come out and condemn. now on the campaign should be the alternative to trump. >> in iowa they described him as i guess this is the way we need being the word other or to look at this. something came up but they it's trump and a race to see feared that person. whose going to be the anti >> clinton tried to fire a trump. couple of speem spreading rumors that's the way these poles are in iowa. >> they did act on it. shaking out right now where trump is steady. david, jonathan, of course said he doesn't gain. i think that is significant. that it was the most gutter politics he had ever seen et he needs to start figuring out how to grow. cetera, et cetera, et cetera. he's not growing anymore. it's fascinating stuff but let's the shake up is within everybody else and it's a race to see whose going to be the hope largely meaningly in a week alternative to him. >> obviously, anything we say or so when all the talks right now, the alternative would subsides and we start worrying be guess work. about things we should worry if you look at the numbers and about like russians in syria. you look at what's been happening in the debates and >> yeah, we should be worrying look at the body language and look at the candidate who seems about russian's in syria. to be getting under trump's skin the idea we're having the the most and certainly looks birther conversation seven years like carly is stepping into that later is what's distressing to role. >> i guess. me.
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it's been clear from moment one yes, right now that's it. that the president of the united i look at that group and i think states is indeed an american and is not some illegal interloper i still had rather be marco in the oval office and the more rubio than anybody else. i feel like he's the greatest and still the guy that can con folks on the republican side sal date t-- consolidate the pad keep feeding this and pushing the division, the worse it's going to be for whoever the republican nominee is going into be seen as the outsider. the fall. i think carly having a great if that nominee is donald trump, run, can she sustain it, does if that nominee is ben carson she have the infrastructure? and not on the other hand maybe a jeb bush or a carly fiorina or right now her cam pane needs to catch up to the pole numbers. i look at those other guys and i governor kasich, the party is think i had rather be rubio than going to have a hard time. anybody else. let's call it educated guess >> this all started on meet the work. >> how do you explain ben press with ben carson's comment carson? and led to one thing after we've left him out of the another after another. conversation. he's nipping at the heals of >> he's got to stop the women stuff. calling hillary clinton shrill donald trump. >> chuck's here. and that kind of a comment and >> after that debate. the way he reiterated it and his >> he did not like the world on fire in that debate. voice rose, he's got to stop he's up double digits.
3:19 am
that too or even your mother's how do you explain ben carson? friend might get fed up with it. >> i think we need to classify talk about women being shrill. him the way he is. he's the evangelical dacandidat. >> he and i are going to talk women when he comes in. it's not huckabee or santorum. >> which women? >> donald trump on. who are they more likely to in ten minutes we're going to ask about attacks from all gravitate to? we see them in the poling. i think carson is now basically sides. one of the formal rivals, rick become that candidate even though he's not as pure of an perry is going to be here and evangelical candidate as we've later tim cane is going to join seen in the past when you think the conversation and pope about a santorum or huckabee or francis heads to capitol hill. pat robinson. when you look at the field now, it is another first and we're that's a part of the party he's going to bring those historic strongest with. events leave right here on morning joe. (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you? you know, that's where he is. he's got to figure out how to grow beyond that. right now, i feel like i put him in the evangelical column. >> we would like to ask you to wake up. are you still there? >> i'm still here. >> what chuck has been talking about, he has been in the.
3:20 am
>> in the tanning bed. >> we have them all over nbc news. >> talking about ben carson and donald trump out there every day saying what he says, what's your sense, what do people sense political, what they say, how they behave, how they act and the reaction to this, does that rub off on the field itself as we head toward a fall election next year? is there any danger, lethal danger potentially to the republican field because of what's happening with carson and trump? >> i think there's a couple of schools of thought. i love the way chuck looks at (patrick 2) pretty great. (patrick 1) how about a 10% raise? it. (patrick 2) how about 20? there's going to be a trump (patrick 1) how about done? candidate and somebody else. i don't think donald trump is going to be the nominee. (patrick 2) that's the kind of control i like... he has a ceiling and a floor. ...and that's what they give me at national car rental. we have to look at it. you think about carly moving or i can choose any car in the aisle i want- ben carson. it's 51% of the party. without having to ask anyone. i think those numbers are going who better to be the boss of you... to trade space for a while. you have to take a look at marco
3:21 am
(patrick 1)than me. i mean, rubios of the world. i agree with chuck. (vo) go national. go like a pro. probably the best position for being the anti donald trump candidate. look at what scott walker said for that call. you're going to see more and more establishment money lining up between somebody who is that. i think the reason is, they're worried about the effect donald trump had. look at the interview donald trump did earlier when they were talking about the shrill comment he made about hillary clinton and then talks about marco rubio, look how much water he brings and how sweaty he is. who cares about how sweaty he is. that's not what people are looking for. they're looking for a candidate who can talk about the issues we wereearlier. >> he talks about jeb being low energy and it's driven jeb crazy. >> he indulges in personal attacks which i think is part of the reason donnie was saying
3:22 am
earlier they kind of like him. that's why. they like the fact he's somebody who doesn't care what he says about other people and is prepared to take people on like that. >> you know, ray, when you look at the field at the moment, we're not going to shake up into kind of a couple of let's call them anti establishment candidates and a couple of more establishment candidates. we mentioned marco rubio. if you had to put one other person still standing when four left before the iowa caucuses or shortly afterwards, who would you say is going to be on the establishment side? >> i think i would have guessed other people. what he's done over the summer is deprived some of these other people who might have been on the likely list, the opportunity some 2 million people were to really breakout and be heard. in mecca performing their annual a guy like john kasich, the governor of ohio who had pilgrimage. they say the death toll could go
3:23 am
interesting things to say and up. actually some applicable >> the wall street journal, experience but really is finding european leaders agreed on new it hard to breakout of this pack measures to alleviate the migrant crisis early this is a good exof tample kind of morning in brus ls. guy who is a trump casualty. leaders pledged more tan we're talking about lots of other things and not what some $1 billion to u.n. agencies supporting the refugees in the of these candidates want to make their agenda items. even in this silly season long middle east. >> the washington post officials before the first gymnasiums open say the fingerprints of some up. >> we talked to donald a few 5.6 million people five times minutes ago and one of the more than previously thought things was his feud with fox news. the day he said he would no were stolen. longer go on fox. opm was quick to down play the he used provocative language security implication saying as of now the ability to use talking about carly's serge. fingerprint data is limited. >> trump obviously, attacks everyone. she's become a much bigger it could be used to identify target and i think part of intelligence agents. what's going on here is that they have appointed china as e last debate. let's be honest. carly cut his balls off with the incision of a surgeon. >> what did you say? >> and he knows it. the -- >> a disciplinary hearing has -- >> there you go.
3:24 am
rich lowery, a very respected who targeted a referee earlier writer. >> you can't say that. this month. according to the attorney, the two teens will spend 75 days in >> wildly popular. >> well, i don't think i've been an alternative school. treated fairly on fox news. they will be able to return and it's sort of an amazing thing they showed the two football because i'm leading every one of the poles. players blind siding a referee i guess their poles just came out. i was told i'm leading that pole during a game. by a substantial margin. they said the high school assistant coach admitted to the i don't think i'm being treated fairly on fox news and i let them know that and i'm not going school's principal he directed them to het the referee for to be doing it for a while. >> in what way are you not being retaliation of the comments made from the official. treated fairly? >> the referee says he didn't you and bill have been friends. say that thing. what about the coach. >> bill is okay. it has to do with poling too. they don't put up the good >> isn't he suppose to be giving an example here. poles. if i'm leading big in a pole, >> the republican front runner they don't put it up. for president donald trump joins we questioned them about it. we haven't had the chance. us next on morning joe. it's ridiculous. >> we got a lot to ask you it's funny, the florida pole about. the fight with fox news, rich came out and the headline was that rubio surges past bush.
3:25 am
and i said oh, that's too bad. lower lowery next on morning joe. i guess i'm not in the pole. down pat, do you know what he becomes? i had 31.5%. they were down in the teens. i said that's an amazing thing. great proposal! let's talk more over golf! that's an amazing headline. great. better yet, how about over tennis? rubio surnls past bush is the even better. a game changer! headline and i'm the one leading your 2 o'clock is here. the pole by a lot. oops, hold your horses. no problem. i don't know. i get treated very fairly by some of the media and some of la quinta inns & suites is ready for you, so you'll be ready for business. the media does not treat me the ready for you alert, only at fairly. fox does not treat me fairly. laquinta! i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. megyn, kel megyn kelly, you had this guy on last night. he lost control of himself. he was saying he lost control of that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. himself with what he said and i i earn unlimited 2% cash back on guess you're going to take a guy everything i buy for my studio. ♪ like that off the air. i watched it actually. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands i was watching. i was on a plane that came back from south carolina. of dollars each year going back into my business... we had an amazing day in south carolina frankly, incredible with the crowds. that's huge for my bottom line. and i will tell you i have never what's in your wallet? seen anything like it. the level of hatred of him,
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george will, i guess because maybe they were so wrong because they said number one, i wouldn't run and after i ran they said well, he's just doing this for fun and having a good time. this isn't about having a good time. it's about making america great again. all of them have been so wrong and the level of hatred and animosity is incredible. >> what's also incredible is donald trump will do at rallies what he did on the show. you ask him a question and he'll ♪ (door being closed) start resiting poles and we seen (breaking noise) him on tv before giving (breaking noise) speeches. he is the front runner right (buzzing, repetitive thumping noise) now. but a lot of those speeches are nobody ever says, "made from the finest pressboard." the void of any policy (suitcase scraping) prescription for at least the first 30 minutes because he's or, "built to last, for 3 weeks." talking about how well he's (keyboard typing) doing in the poles and what headline slighted him and news but when things aren't made well, you find out... agency slighted him and there's something still connecting him sooner or later. (ice cubes clattering) to republican voters. his attention to every detail to if something is important, it shouldn't break...
3:27 am
every bit of press written about him is remarkable. jam. crack. tear. snap. the paper he held up with the fall apart. florida newspaper talking about act up or only work in one corner of your house. their senator, marco rubio and their former governor, jeb bush. if it matters, it should just work, right? those are the two names used. (screaming) he was leading the pole by 12 verizon built america's best, points. >> it's fascinating a guy up by most reliable network for one reason. because it matters. that much is still keeping track by which network is keeping poles. we hear it all the tie time. >> and so much of what he talks about. >> and what is that? >> i'm doing so well in the poles. >> what's remarkable is evangelical voters in the latest fox pole have donald trump at 29%, ben carson 21%. evangelical voters are people that hear every sunday morning that the last shall be first and the first shall be last. great time for a shiny floor wax, no? they hear about servant leadership and talk about
3:28 am
not if you just put the finishing touches humility and talk about not on your latest masterpiece. judging each other and right timing's important. now, about one out of three of comcast business knows that. those white evangelical voters that's why you can schedule an installation at a time that works for you. even late at night, or on the weekend, voted for donald trump. >> chuck explained to us and if that's what you need. because you have enough to worry about. he's right, ben carson is the evangelical candidate. it turns out donald trump is the i did not see that coming. don't deal with disruptions. evangelical candidate and the alleged tea party candidate ted get better internet installed on your schedule. comcast business. built for business. cruz, donald trump is winning among those voters as well. he's picking up people whose lives and careers have been built around those groups. >> chuck todd, if you're looking for evangelical voters and you're mike huckabee or rick carly fiorina packed crowds santorum or ted cruz and come in this race calculating you're going to do this, the trump last night. she discussed small business and beefing up the economy. she also talked about the only other woman in the race. effect has completely shuffled the deck. how does he lead evangelicals? it's a good question. >> hillary clinton is a very also appealing to the republican
3:29 am
hardworking woman and dedicated party. pretty remarkable. herself to public service and i >> it is. it's never been on the national admire that about her. i disagree with her on every issue and it's totally fair game poles, you can't sit here and say he's this and that. to challenge someone's record. he's only the white working class voter or however you want she certainly is doing that to to label him. me as are others in this race on in iowa we ceaser son doing better among evangelicals than the republican side. that's fair game. >> joining us now by phone, trump. if you bring up ted cruz, we're donald trump. donald, we read quiet a few talking about trump here, but poles and you're ahead in all of for cruz to get to trump he's them. got to get past carson. of course, you would tell us especially we want to focus on the one in florida right now. at what point do cruz and you're a good bit ahead in huckabee start worrying about florida and despite all that carson. good news, you seem to be at war right now he's the first guy in their way when it comes to with many people on the right. evangelical voters before you why is that? >> well, i don't think war. get to trump. i think going directly at trump i like to be treated fairly and have a good relationship, as you doesn't serve a positive know joe, with many, many people purpose. but i like to be treated fairly you're better off ticking off somebody else in front of you. >> rick, final question, we're and when i'm not fairly treated all talking about the republican i let people know it.
3:30 am
i don't think it's a war. >> what's going on with fox primary right now. we've seen how what happens in news? you and roger have been friends for a long time. there's a misunderstanding after republican debate and can punish the first debate, you guys republican nominees in the patched it up. now you're saying you're not general election when it matters going on fox news again and they the most. say it's because they won't bow how much damage do you think is being inflicted on the down to your demands. republican brand and nominee? what's the truth there? >> well, i don't think i've been >> i think dond trump has had the effect as the whole treated fairly on fox news. it's an amazing thing. republican debate so far of pulling the event yule nominee i'm leading every one of the poles. their pole just came out and i was told i'm leading that pole. i don't think i'm being treated fairly on fox news and i let to the right which makes the distance that person has to them know that and i'm not going travel even further. every degree they have to move to be doing it for a while. >> in what way are you not being further over to the right to win that nomination and make it tougher what are they going to treated fairly? you and bill have been friends. >> bill is okay. they don't put up the good poles. they don't put up poles. say? i think they're minimizing the if i'm leading big in a pole difficulty they're going to have they don't put it up. in that pivot because you we questioned them about it. haven't had runs so far to the why don't you put it up? right as this huge field forces well, we haven't had the chance. you to.
3:31 am
look at the debate last time. it's ridiculous. in order to get some oxygen, you the florida pole acame out and had to be even tougher and the headline was rubio surges further to the right than the past bush. other guy who just spoke or else i said i guess that's too bad you didn't get any attention. that is a syndrome, a system i'm not in the race. that's not going to serve them that's an amazing thin. that's an amazing headline. well over the next month. >> and it's something that's not served them well over the last rubio serges past bush is the 12 years. headline and i'm the one leading this is not hard to figure out. the pole by a lot. i get treated fairly by some of at this same point four years the media. ago, you have mitt romney some doesn't treat me fairly. talking about self-deportation fox doesn't treat me fairly. and same things in debates in megyn kelly, they had this loser iowa and haunted them the rest of the campaign. he ended up with 27% of the hispanic vote. republicans will turn over the lowery on there and he lost white house and government control with what he said and i bureaucracy, the uted states guess you got to take a guy like supreme court and every level of that off the air. power on the national stage two i was actually watching on a democrats and two liberals s so plane that came back from south carolina. we had an amazing day in south long as they get 27% of the carolina. it was amazing with the crowds. vote.
3:32 am
thank you so much. i will tell you i've never seen chuck, thank you too. you're going to be part of the anything like it. coverage again this morning. we're looking forward to that. the level of hatred from him and also, your exclusive interview with hillary clinton on this george will. sunday's meet the press. they said i wouldn't run and >> thank you as well. after i ran they said he's just rested and always ready. doing this for fun and having a appreciate it. >> we're going to reveal the new good time. this isn't about having a good cover of times magazine. time. it's about making america great we'll be right back. (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you? again. the level of hatred is incredible. >> most politicians ignore puit and go their own way. at some point, you know there's people you would term haters out there. at what point do you stop those fights and start focussing on what's happening in syria, with taxes and debt and a lot of the other issues. >> i think that a lot of people would not ignore if they had a certain degree. there's a thing called twitter
3:33 am
and facebook which is amazing actually. it's like owning the new york times without losses. if you add all of the different things up, over 10 million people. so when a dope like a rich lowery goes on or people like megyn kelly says things that are (patrick 2) pretty great. wrong, i'm able to tweet. (patrick 1) how about a 10% raise? (patrick 2) how about 20? if other people had that instead (patrick 1) how about done? of having 15 followers, they would probably use that. i'm able to use it and i use it (patrick 2) that's the kind of control i like... ...and that's what they give me at national car rental. well. you're able to fight back. in the old days you didn't have i can choose any car in the aisle i want- that. what would you do call a press without having to ask anyone. conference to announce somebody who better to be the boss of you... lost control on television last night and made a total fool of (patrick 1)than me. i mean, himself. with twitter, with one tweet 140 (vo) go national. go like a pro. characters you can knock somebody out. pretty cool. >> donald, the thing is you're right now at odds with fox news, we know how powerful they are in the republican party and you're at war with rich lowery who is
3:34 am
the editor of national review who is the gold standard of conservative magazine. >> i don't think anybody reads it. >> well, i have no friends. that is true, but i don't think i'm the only one. but donald, at what point do you start fighting democrats and b liberals and people on the left instead of these inner mural wars are republicans? >> i think you know me. i'm a fighter and i know how to fight and i have a fight with the remaining people that are candidates. you have two battles. this battle and the other battle. you have to get through this one before the other one. i'm looking at guys like marco rubio who has the worst voting
3:35 am
record in the united states senate. young guy. he sweats more than any young person i've seen in my life. i've never seen a guy down water like he downs water. they bring it in in buckets for this guy. i have various people i have to knock down before i get to the other race. when i get to the other race, i will win that race. if it's hillary which is hard to believe it's going to be with joining us from capitol hill what she's done, general has been destroyed for doing a a member of armed services fraction of what she's done. senator cane. good to have you with us. assuming she does, i think especially on this special day. hillary is not going to be hard to beat. you'll be inside the congress as >> mr. trump, why did you call pope francis addresses all of you. what do you hope to hear? hillary clinton shrill? i know you've been outspoken you >> well, i don't think and i heard your comment and i know would like to see women ordained you've been commenting a lot of negative things over the weeks and months, that's okay. don't feel bad. in the church. i heard the comment and i think >> i'm hoping he'll challenge us the word shrill doesn't apply to to be leaders as he is a leader being humble. women exclusively. i think political leaders, i know men that are shrill and business leaders, military it's just an expression i
3:36 am
thought of as i was speaking, i leaders, leaders of churches. thought it was an accurate it's so often about the title, expression. she's gotten very loud and very the salary, the elevated status. boisterous and that can happen i think members of congress need the men too. to hear that. then clearly it's going to be a please, if you don't mind, that can happen to men. speech that should be about values. i don't think it will be about excuse me. she's gotten very loud and issues. it's not going to be about this piece of legislation or that piece of regulation. obnoxious and frankly, i know the church's values and immigrant crisis in europe, many men that become loud and there's so much about kindness obnoxious also. to a stranger in a strange land i've noticed that i don't know, and this is a timeless church there's something going on with her. i think she's going to make a message. he chose the name francis after terrible candidate. yesterday she was a terrible secretary of state. >> would you call any of your francis of t francis whose love is most male competitors in the known. he'll talk about our republican race, would you call responsibility of stewartist. i hope we just go in with open them shrill? >> no but i would call rand paul minds and open ears. it will be like the new testament parable. shrill. i think he's shrill. i don't think that's a term that i hope it's falling on fertile applies exclusively to women at all. >> i will say for the record i so
3:37 am
soil. >> senator we all saw the pe think mika has accused me offset of being shrill. >> she may be right. picture of the little girl being >> you just called me shrill lifted over the barricades and too. >> donald, you're doing very she ran up and gave a letter well in florida and you because her father and parent activated actually both parties in much of the country to talk undocumented. he talked about the nation of about immigration but cbs miami immigrants and you are a fluent this morning reports that your spanish speaker. beloved maralogo, you've what do you want him to say? would you hope he would address the story of somebody like -- requested anywhere from 70-90 h 2 b visas since the year 2008 to hire workers at an average pay >> i hope so. we are a naegs tion of immigran. last week they were here of 10-12 dwla$12 an hour. celebrating the 450th anniversary of the founding of why would you import workers st. augestene, florida. over seas rather than hiring spanish was spoken in this them from florida? >> because it's a seasonal job. nation before english and we've been a hispanic nation since our it's hard to get workers for first days and i hope to pope seasonal jobs. talks about this a little bit. palm beach is probably maybe the hottest real-estate in the it puts a different spin on the
3:38 am
world. during the season it's very, whole immigration. very hard to get help. you can't, we're talking about we've been a hispanic nation the club is closed for the sense our very first days and i summer. you know the expression rich hope the latin american pope can people don't like heat. speak to that. we closed and opened october 1st. from that, for about a five >> yr in honor given your work month period during what they call the palm beach season which 20-30 years ago. is a big deal, you can't get today the pope addressing the help. we tend to get help from congress and the people united different places including states of america here, he's going to be the only person in europe. these are all legal visas. that room who is not a candidate which is sort of unusual. >> yeah. >> he will be speaking basically we have to bring people in which tells you, i mean, you can have about the social justice jobs out there in certain communities doing well. doctrine that is con -- is it in palm beach getting help during the season is almost impossible. we go through a very legal process and bring people in through legal visas. they will try to realize the >> you've also said and it's pope saying thicks conceived as sort of joined up with importing political, he's talking about workers, you've said repeatedly the catholic faith? that you believe the american >> mike, i sure hope that's the
3:39 am
dream is dead. case. you're right. do you really believe the this is a speech about values american dream is dead? more than issues. >> no, i don't say that. he'll touch upon issues because i say the american dream is dead but i'm going to make it bigger they're the signs of the time. they're the things that come up and better and stronger than every day but he is a moral ever before and the press always leader who will be talk about cuts me off when they show the values and the timeless values tape. they say the american dream is of the church which connect to dead and cut me off. the values of the aulll the gre my wife said to me the other day that's a terrible thing you said. i said what did i say? faiths in the world. i think if we go in not trying she said you said the american to grab on to the sentence we dream is dead. like that justifies our position and we're very prone to do that. i said that's not what i said. i think it was fox to tell you the truth. if we go in instead and open our it was a beautiful statement, everybody clapped and stood up ears to listen, that's another great biblical lesson. and went crazy. i said the american dream is they have ears but didn't hear. dead but i'm going to make it we need to have ears and hear bigger and better and stronger than ever before and they cut it and reflect upon this and he off. could open up some space for a i said wow, what a terrible statement that is. just like you just said that more frankly taking more because you saw the same thing responsibility on issues like everybody else did. i never say the american dream this. european and syrian migrant is dead except when i add those other words but sometimes in crisis. getting a budget that can do
3:40 am
television they cut off those right by the least of these. words because it makes me look a we're a week away from little bit coarse. september 30th. we don't have a budget yet. >> i asked this to you on the he will be challenging us. phone a couple of weeks ago and didn't get an answer and i want to use the entire question. i know you want to win because i home he has high expectations. you are all about winning. we a low approval rating. you are all about being the other guy and i say that as a he can remind us we're living in the greatest nation on earth and complement. do you want this job and let me finish the question because in this job 95% of what you have to been given an opportunity. i think he can call a higher set do are things you don't want to of expectations we can live up do. that's what that job is if you to. >> i hope you're right. call barack obama and george w. bush, you can't fire congress. >> to go to the strategic, what it is the ultimate n-- have you is your sense of the temperature on the hill in terms of china thought through, literally and are people thinking about coming to that office every day sanctions over what china's and what that job would be and doing in the south? at the end of the day, i know you pretty well, my friend. over what china's done going do you actually want that job or after the records? do you just want to win? what's the feeling about u.s. >> it's not a question of wanting to win or wanting the job? i know i can do a great job. china relations?
3:41 am
>> i would say there's a real there are things being done now that are incompetent. these are grossly incompetent queasiness on the hill. people running our country. i think the cyber attack issue crossed the line with members of we have gross ri incompetent congress and there is a deep desire that we respond that we people running our country. respond forcefully. i can make america great again. i think strategically, the way you put it, i don't think i can do that. i can make america great again. >> let me go from a different america has'cyber doctrine. angle. are you going to be willing when we don't have a clear doctrine you're law that you pass through where those who attack us we congress rests on a congressman don't think there will be a tough response. we got to grapple with that. from boise, i hdaho who you're china has done things on the going to have to fly out and hill, i think it's crossed the line for people. hang out in his house and beg there's an expectation about him and give him whatever he this visit but it's an wants in the next bill to get expectation about a relationship his vote? >> well, i am and you know obama that's a very challenging place right now. >> senator cane, you were in the has not been willing to do that. that's why he signs executive orders all the time. hearing t i am. -- senator kaine, you were on you know, you and mika know me pretty well, and donnie. capitol hill two days ago.
3:42 am
i've been in politics all my what more should we be doing? life. i've been doing politics all my life. >> i think he gave us a great in europe, i've made a fortune dealing with china. big picture view. i've made a lot of money dealing it was a heldful hearing. all over the world. he said a number of great ideal in politics all over the things. i came to the conclusion about a world. if you look at, you know, year ago, this is something politics and the united states, senator mccain had been a i know most of these guys. i know them from the other side. i know them as a contributor. i use to be the fair headed boy. advocating for a long time. trying to establish a safe haven now i'm sort of an outsider. four months ago i was the fair would not be easy and we would have to muse military assets to haired boy. they would come over and do whatever i wanted them to do. protect people's safety. we're going to continue to see they would ask for contributions millions of people, there's all the time. i was a big contributor. in one day with the announcement another 8 million. i'm becoming the president i've i'm convinced that many will go become an outsider which is fun. back as soon as there's i've been dealing in politics real-estate that they perceive. all my life and i'll get them to do the right thing. >> i want to ask you about general talk ed about that and said he supported that as well. he cautioned us.
3:43 am
veterans issues. you've gone out of your way. he said they have to go. i want to be more specific. the d.a. has been a disaster. if he goes immediately right now, there's not a clear next i think you'll agree. we have some of our veterans chapter and it could be a whose fought over seas and come descent into further chaos if home and wait months. such a thing is possible. what specifically would you do it's delicate right now. about the v.a.? we've got a ceo from the private >> one thing that the pope has done with the serian refugees, sector. a good confident man coming in and he's found it challenging he's asked every parish of italy enough. what would you do to change the to take a family. situation for our veterans? it can be a group of ten >> he's not doing the job. families. for every parish to take two as you can see we have tremendous support from the veterans. families is a big impact. i have the most support from the it comes directly from pope veterans. what i would do is simple. two weeks ago on wednesday the veterans had the longest wait in the history of the v.a. they are being treated worse than illegal immigrants in many cases. it's a disaster for the veterans and what i would do is to break francis. >> we're a great nation but need up the back jam. they cannot wait seven days to see the doctor and the doctor to go upstream reach an end to says i'm going on vacation and can't see you now. this terrible war.
3:44 am
we're going to open it up so >> enjoy the audience with the pope today. >> thanks so much. they can go to private doctors >> we're back in a moment on morning joe. and private hospitaling and public hospitals and we'll pay the bill. 1800 pounds of do whatever the heck i want. that will end up being a lot cheaper than having them waiting forever and by the way, waiting ♪ and dying because europe, take the long way, huh? thousands that are dying waiting ♪ to be cured of things that can easily be fixed. thank you cyrus. i will open it up so they can go to private hospitals and private lease an mkc for $299 a month doctors and by the way, public only at your lincoln dealer. hospitals and will pay the bill. ♪ frankly, that's going to be where we'll work out a system. bill's got a very tough 13lie here...... that will be a lot better and they love it and love the looks like we have some sort of concept and i believe it's going sea monster in the water hazard here. to be a lot cheaper. it's not a question of the i believe that's a "kraken", bruce. money. we're being run, the whole it looks like he's going to go country is incompetently run. with a nine iron. that may not be enough club... well he's definitely going to lose a stroke the v.a. may be the top of the on this hole. if you're a golf commentator, list. they will be so happy if i get you whisper. elected president. it's what you do. believe me. >> donald, we got to let you go if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, but very quickly, before we go. you switch to geico. it's what you do. this golf course is electric...
3:45 am
you had an interview on 60 minutes. he kept asking you about birthi birthism. >> i'm not talking about it anymore. i talk about the vets, i talk about what we're going to do to bring jobs back. i talk about the military. i don't talk about it anymore. the problem with talking about it, you talk about it, that's all people want to talk about. they don't want to get on to trade with china and how we're getting killed and how badly treated the vets are and why should over two hundred years of immigration. i don't talk about it anymore. citi history matter to you? i talk about jobs and other well, because it tells us something powerful about progress: things. >> so you're not going to talk about it at all the rest of the that whether times are good or bad, campaign? >> i don't talk about it. people and their ideas will continue to move the world forward. people ask me a question and i say i want to talk about jobs, as long as they have someone to believe in them. trade and other things and they citi financed the transatlantic cable that connected continents. immediately go on to it. >> hopefully, we will have a and the panama canal, that made our world a smaller place. campaign that does focus on jobs and trade and syria and russia. >> i agree. we backed the marshall plan that helped europe regain its strength. >> issues that matter.
3:46 am
donald trump, thank you so much and pioneered the atm, for cash, anytime. for being with us. >> thank you very much. >> coming up next, pope francis doesn't walk around with this for over two centuries we've supported dreams like these, behind him. and the people and companies behind them. the world leader in the united so why should that matter to you? states. we also have china's president because, today, we are still helping in town. i wonder if he's going to have progress makers turn their ideas into reality. that weather map behind him. and the next great idea could be yours. pushing for power on fronts. talking about climate change, the chinese are number one by a long shot in contributing to carbon emissions. foreign relations is going to be here to break it down. the beautiful sound of customers making the most of their united flight. power, wi-fi, and streaming entertainment.
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3:49 am
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3:51 am
there. we can't compete with russia unless we're willing to compete with middle east there. they've decided they're going to back the government. >> the russians haven't been there since 73. >> you can't stop them from doing what they're doing. the question is whether we have a horse in the race. our policy has been doing (vo) wit runs on optimism.un on? it's what sparks ideas. moves the world forward. invest with those who see the world as unstoppable. who have the curiosity to look beyond the expected and the conviction to be in it for the long term. oppenheimerfunds believes that's the right way to invest... this big, bold, beautiful world.
3:52 am
the editor of time magazine. pope francis meets america and what a meeting it was yesterday. >> we could have said america meets pope francis. in the way that happened a long time ago. he has 20 million twitter followers. we've had a chance to get to know him over the two years. this is a chance he gets to know us. i think it's going to be fascinating to get a sense of his interactions with american's yesterday. this morning is going to be a historic scene. >> pope francis insured you all
3:53 am
he's not a liberal. i would expect what he would be saying is very much in that spis spirit that you too are shepards. i think that's going to be so interesting to see in the place we use to see the president of the united states to deliver the state of the union to see if pope. >> again, we were talk ugh about it earlier with senator mccain who was on with us. the pope is one of the only people not a candidate for anything to the contention you know are you a liberal or conservative? he's a pastor. that's how he views himself. what we do to our prison is
3:54 am
members of the media or whatever as we try to put people in certain categories. as you pointed out, he's not bound to any one category. he's very sophisticated: >> he's presented himself and you saw it all day yesterday as the pastor, not so much as a righteous profit. someone whose the bishops and he's had spontaneous encounters. a personal way of understanding. i think that's why his impact, when have we last seen a world figure capture imagination? >> i am wondering how it struck you because it struck me when the pope arrived in the united states of america and when he arrived at the white house yesterday, the president of the united states who was somewhat restrained motionally, the president was so filled with joy
3:55 am
in his face both times it really struck me. >> the great -- >> he's a candid spirit. >> what you said about how he's not political. what he's done in rome at the vatican has been political. he's shaken up the curious and taken on the best at interest. he had an impact. you can wonder he's acted very politically in rome and comes to washington where he's not acting politically. can he have the same effect, do you think, on congress to any degree? will members of congress come out of this morning's gathering changed in the way they act politically. >> he's not naive about human nature. i think that's what's going to be fascinating. we believe our lawmakers are
3:56 am
representatives of the people and a lot of this is going to reflect how much he conspires. it's a different way of approaching the subjects. >> this is obviously a pope centric issue. there is a piece about john kasich in here. what do you mean by that? >> the republican field is -- he's not running away from the fact he's an insider, been an insider, he's a governor and rapping himself in all of the things many other candidates in things they can to flee which is fascinating to watch how it plays out. >> thank you so much. what a great issue pope francis meets america. it's on newsstands tomorrow and we're going to bring you complete live coverage of the pope's historic address to congress this morning when we come back.
3:57 am
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this coming saturday, pearl jam, beyonce, beyonce all will be taking the stage. and as salma hayek for her program change the world. >> there's a goal, ed extreme
4:01 am
poverty in 15 years. where does this partnership lead? >> i think where we are on the same page and it's very organic that we come together is they also use social media and the ep p -- empowerment of everybody. our dream is to create a social consciousness of people, of a world that want a better world and that want to work together towards the same goals and they understand very well the poor conditions of women and i talk about in terms of education, in terms of justice and also help, contribute to poverty. it's not that they happen because there is poverty only but that they contribute to the problem of poverty around the world. so we are very proud to partner
4:02 am
with global citizen and to work together. >> and you can earn free tickets to the concert on saturday by visiting global citizen and help end extreme poverty by 2030. if you can make it to central park, come on down. in not tune in to msnbc at 3:00, we'll be on the air all day. >> up next, ben carson and carly fiorina up double digits in a new poll. is donald trump looking over his shoulder a little bit. and why he's calling hillary clinton shrill. the pope is about an hour away now from heading to congress.
4:03 am
we have live coverage of his historic trip to capitol hill. that's all up next on "morning joe." this bale of hay cannot be controlled. when a wildfire raged through elkhorn ranch, the sudden loss of pasture
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4:06 am
what a pontiff is asking is for all of a to change our
4:07 am
position on carbon emissions. which is odd because for years the pontiff has a clear emissions position. >> we're going to talk about the pope's advice eight lot more coming up. >> let's stop. could you repeat that again slowly. >> just for all the people that said this time -- >> a new bloomberg poll shows since deet bait no change in donald trumped polling. his top rivals did bump up. he still leads ben carson by 5 points, carly fiorina had a
4:08 am
10-point climb moving up to fourth place. if you're wondering where the increase for support came from, most notably, scott walker who left the race on monday. marco rubio also faring well and notably donald trump does not have the highest unfavorable rating among republicans. that distinction goes to rand paul. trump holds the lead in the latest fox news poll. jeb bush has fallen to sixth in this new poll. and a new poll of republican voters spells trouble for jeb bush, the former two-perm governor now trailing trump and rubio in that state.
4:09 am
this shows the top contenders leading hillary clinton with carson up 12 points and donald trump winning by a tight margin. there you go. >> donnie deutsche, this has been a tough summer for jeb bush. still no panic button there. >> he jumped 10 points and you look at the other two polls and it's just not the story. and i think -- >> what's his problem? right now why is he not jumping out? >> he's just not breaking through. sitting around this table we've all been bush is going to be the guy, he's going to come forward. i think more and more scott walkers happen, they have to drop out, you can see him in direct comparison, he can have a trump moment, establish himself,
4:10 am
put some testosterone out there. >> donald trump first place, still up there. he's been up there for a long time. you look at the 31% in florida trouncing rubio, trouncing bush even more. >> it's very interesting. i was my beautiful 86-year-old mom last night, florida resident, jewish woman, a liberal. "all my friends love donald trump." this is local west. this is not the bible belt, this is the jewish belt, it's the left wing belt. >> it's funny you say that. everywhere i go, people say that to me. ti i was at four seasons restaurant yesterday, i was having lunch with a good friend who is a big supporter of hillary clinton and we were talking about the craziness that is this campaign. we were walking out and somebody
4:11 am
said who are you going to support? and i said it's too early and my friend said hillary and this other person said "i love donald trump." it's not just happening in trailer parks in northwest florida. this is broward county and midtown manhattan. >> and it's the same answer. >> and you go why? and they go, i'm fed up with everybody and he says what's on my mind and they don't hear anything else. there's that core consistency and we all donald and we all have certain issues with donald. but that core group, unless he jumps off of a building or punches somebody in the face, they're in the going away. >> so if you pushed your mom -- >> it's not her, her friends. >> right.
4:12 am
if you pushed her -- >> you know, they're all a bunch of idiots and at least he says what's on his mind. >> he's crossed across ideological line this idea that government stinks, media stinks, political correctness has gone too far. he's the vessel that's captured that energy and to some extent, so has ben carson. would you agree with that, ben? >> i would. all the polls show the same thing, they're sick of the government. it's the reason that bush has a ceiling and a floor. many of us think donald trump is starting to wear thin, that debate performance is bad and his politics are not going to resonate with the masses yet each and every time his numbers stay about the same. that market is there and he's
4:13 am
taking on all they have to say. >> and trump said he would no longer go on fox news. but he's going on fox news. >> i think part of what's going on here is that last debate. let's be honest. carly cut his balls off with the precision of a surgeon and he knows it. >> what did you just say? >> you can't say that word on tv. >> i'm not sure he can but he did. >> who would say that on tv? my god. >> let it go, let it go. >> you know what trump said? he said if i respond to that i'll only bring more attention to it. so i'm sure he didn't, right? >> he said the pope's in town, i'm going to turn the other cheek. >> and i'll get you later. >> donald responded on twitter writing this: "incompetent rich
4:14 am
lowrie lost it tonight on fox news and the fcc should fine him. fox news owes me an apology for allowing clueless pundit rich lowrie to use such foul ainge waj on tv. unheard of. when coverage doesn't go his way, he engages in personal attacks on our anchors and hosts which has grown stale and tiresome. he doesn't seem to grasp that candidates telling judournalist what to do, doesn't work. >> it certainly goes against conventional wisdom as a conservative and republican to
4:15 am
fight fox news. >> and donald trump joins us live right now. what's going on with fox news? you and roger have been friends for a long time. there was a misunderstanding after the first debate, you patched it up. now you say you're not going ton fox news and they say it's because they won't bow down to your demands. what's the truth there? >> i don't think i've been treated fairly on fox news. i was told i'm leading that poll by a substantial margin but i don't think i'm being treated fairly by fox news. i'm not going to be doing it for a while. >> in what way are they not treating you fairly? you beef seem to be with you and bill o'reilly. >> no, bill is okay. i think that various things happen. it has to do with polling. they don't put up good polls. if i'm leading big in a poll, they don't put it up.
4:16 am
we questioned them about it, why don't you put it up? well, we haven't had the chance. it's ridiculous. the florida poll came out that rubio surges past bush. i said that's too bad, i guess i'm not in the poll. i had 31.5%, they were down in the teens. that's sort of an amazing head line. "rubio surges past bush" is the headline and i'm the one leading the poll by a lot. i get treated very fairly by some of the media and some does not treat me fairly. fox does not treat me fairly. megyn kelly, she had this lose are on. he lost control of himself last night with what he said. it was actually sad. i guess you got to take a guy like that off the air. but i watched it, i was on a plane, i came back from south carolina, we had an amazing day
4:17 am
in south carolina frankly, incredible, with the crowds. and i will tell you i have never seen anything like this, the level of hatred of him, of george will, the krauthammer. i guess pab pause they were so wrong, number one they said he won't run and i ran. then they said he's just having a good time. the level of hatred and animosity is incredible. >> most politicians just ignore pundits let them go their way and focus on the issues. at some point, you know there are people that you would term haters out there. at what point do you just stop those fights and start focusing on what's happening in syria, what's happening in taxes, what's happening with the debt and a lot of these other issues.
4:18 am
>> a lot of people would not ignore -- i this v this thing called twice -- and i have actually now if you add all the individual things up over 10 million people. so when a dope like a rich lowrie goes on or people like megyn kelly says things that are wrong, i'm able to tweet. if other people had that instead of having 15 followers, they would probably use it, i'm not sure. but i'm able to use it and i use it well and you're able to fight back. in the old case you didn't have that? what would do you, call a press conference to announce that somebody lost his mind on television last night? you couldn't do that. on twit are with one tweet you can knock somebody out. it's pretty cool. >> so you're right now at odds at fox news.
4:19 am
we know how powerful they are in the republican party and you're at war with rich lowrie, the editor of national review -- >> i don't think anybody reads it. i think it has no power whatsoever. and he's not a respected guy. >> well, i read it. >> you're the only one. >> joe has no friends. >> i have no friends, that is true, but i don't think i'm the on one. but, domd, at what point do you start fighting democrats and liberals and people on the left instead of these intermural wars with raspberry? >> i think you know me and you no i'm a fighter and i know how to fight and i have a fight with the remaining people that are candidates. you have two battles. you have this battle and the other battle but you have to get through this one before you get to the or one. i'm looking at guys like marco
4:20 am
rubio, who has the worst voting record in the united states senate, young guy, although he sweats more than any young person i've ever seen in my threat. i've never seen a guy down water like who downs water. they bring it in in buckets for this guy. but i have various people i have to knock out when i get to the other race. if it's hillary, which it's hard to believe it's going to be with what she's done, general petraeus has been destroyed for doing a fraction of what she's done. assuming she gets to the starting gate, she's not going to be hard to beat. >> catty? >> i heard your comments, catty. don't feel bad.
4:21 am
i don't think the word shrill applies to women. it was an expression i thought of as i was speaking, i thought it was an accurate expression. she's got i don't know very loud and boisterous -- it can be said about men -- >> just we never hear you say it about men -- >> excuse me, excuse me. >> we never heard it said about men. >> she's going to make a terrible candidate just as she was a -- >> would you call any other men shrill. >> i would. i would call rand paul shrill. >> i it definitely sounds
4:22 am
sexist. >> i think rand paul is shrill. i don't think it applies to wom women. >> i will say i think mika has called me shrill. >> i think she may be right. >> donald, activated many parties to talk about immigration. cbs news reports that at mayor lag owe, they kwted anywhere from 70 to 90 workers at average from $10 to $12 an hour. why would you be importing workers overseas when you could hire people in florida?
4:23 am
>> because it's a seasonal job. and palm beach is probably the hottes re etest real estate in world. the club is closed for the summer. you know the expression rich people don't like heat. we close and we open october 1st. during like a five-month period during the five-month season you can't get help and we -- these are all legal visas, you know that? >> ye. >> can you have jobs out there in certain areas doing well but getting help during palm beach through the season is almost impossible. we go through a legal process and we bring people in through
4:24 am
legal visas. >> thank you for being with us. first the white house, now capitol hill. pope francis is preparing to in that rick perry is out of the race, what does he really think of his former rivals? you're watching "morning joe." we'll be right back. ♪ that's a big bull. i think that's old cyrus. 1800 pounds of do whatever the heck i want.
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4:28 am
up from here. >> and european leaders agreed on new measures to alleviate the continent's migrant crisis in brussels. leaders pledged who are than $1 billion in aid to u.n. agencies supporting refugees still in the middle east, designed to discourage more of them from setting out. i don't know if that's going to work. >> and they say that 5 million more fingerprints were stolen in a cyber attack. some are worried it could be used to identify intelligence agents. china is said to be the source of the attack. >> a disciplinary hearing yesterday determined the fate of
4:29 am
two high school football players who targeted a referee earlier this month. according to the boys' attorney, the two teens will spend 75 days to an al tern at the school. videos showed the boys blindsiding the referee during the game. it was retaliation for racially charged comments made by the official. >> the referee says i absolutely didn't say that thing. what about the coach? they throw the kids out of school. what about the coach? >> i think they'll probably do something about that today. >> is rick perry planning to endorse one of his presidential rivals for president?
4:30 am
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today i believe that i am being called to lead by helping to clear the field in this race so that a positive conservative message can rise to the top of the field. with this in mind,ly suspend my campaign immediately. i encourage other republican
4:34 am
presidential candidates to consider doing the same so that the voters can focus on a limited number of candidates who can offer a positive, conservative alternative to the current front-runner. >> that was wisconsin governor scott walker on monday encouraging other gop presidential candidates to continue follow his lead by dropping out of the race. with us now, a former presidential candidate who may believe that scott walker has something going here. we have rick perry of texas. governor, how you doing? >> it's a pretty sunset on the house over at roundtop. my wife and i are enjoying that. >> you heard him talk about getting the party united and coming together against donald trump. you've said basically the same
4:35 am
thing, too pop do think to be paying attention to this at the appropriate time and make good decisions about who they want to lead this country. you know, we always knew this was going to be a very steep hill for us to climb. and then with specific, total 17 in the the way, it became we had an indictment, still do, in travis county, the most democrat county in the state of texas brought forward. it was a bogus indictment but we knew it had it be removed last summer and it wasn't. so it really impacted our fund-raising and money's like fuel on an aircraft. if you've got your destination planned out right and you don't have enough newly to get there,
4:36 am
you better make the diversion. >> it's tough also when you have a guy in first place to find his plane upside down. that to be very -- the democracy and the way it works is sometimes messy but it's the the best they did in the world could paired to all the others. i don't complain about those things. i have great faith, the brk look around the world and see what's happening in china, in the middle east and south america, we realize we have it have someone who has extraordinary experience of governing. that's the reason that some of these governor, i think initially and i think at the end of the day are going to be
4:37 am
looked at very seriously. experience does matter puch don't want an intern doing your heart surgery, joe. you want the best you can find. >> you know, carly fiorina has been surprising people. you've said some nice things about her in the past. have you been impressed how she's performed and how she's taken on donald trump? >> well, i've been impressed with carly for a long time. during the mid 20,000s, i have t heard a better closing statement in a debate maybe m my life time than what we saw during that last day dee bait. she was very, very impressive. >> when you hear donald trump
4:38 am
and others attacking her business record, you got to see it up close and personal. how was she as a leader? >> well, my be somebody could probably find something. but overall it was hard to argue that the 1.1 million jobs -- carly is an impressive leader. she's impressive on the stump, she's a, very very capable debater and an individual that americans are looking at right now and they're liking what they're seeing. >> governor, before any candidate leads the nation, that candidate has to lead his or her party. so in dump gets the republican nomination, would you support
4:39 am
him? >> sure. whoever comes out of the republican field, i'm going to be supportive. when you look at the other side and see the alternatives, whether it's bernie sanders, joe biden or some other candidate can't ot it's going to be more of the same from the democrats. they want more government, bigger taxes. it's been eight years and it's been an absolute disaster. americans are ready for free market capitalism and then this, as america needs. the world needs a strong america right now. >> governor, we've been talking about this on and off this morning. to what extent are you concerned when you look at the tone coming
4:40 am
from some of. front-runners in the race m your party, whether it's ben carson suging they heading into the general election? >> well, catty, what i'm more concerned about is these absolutes that you get asked. we frankly don't live in an absolute world. there's a lot of gray out there. and i think what dr. carson was talking about is an absolute question that you get asked about. he got asked would you vote for the muslim, i think, that was a the fact of the matter is if it's someone who says that the koran is going to supersede the constitution, then i think most
4:41 am
importance are dp -- it applies to all faiths doesn't it? >> but tt was not the question. >> i understand that. let me just -- let me leave you with this, catty. >> let's go to wa rick was just saying. i'm agreeing with him. >> will catty, let me just address it like this. martin luther said i'd rather being stooped. >> that's a really good quote, governor. so what now? you've got grand kids that are the love of your life. you've got -- >> and a fabulous woman.
4:42 am
>> a wonderful wife, living the american dream down in texas. what's next for you? >> well, i'm going to stay engaged obviously. i care about where this country's headed. any way that i can participate to get america back on track. one of my passions is the hilt and we "and his lung survivor foundation with the brain re search on ptsd. there's a lot of things that are going to keep me involved,in gauged and busy, including those two beautiful grandchildren. our very, very blessed life. but being involved in this presidential lks a more
4:43 am
expansive role. >> when that happens, i ho you'll come and tell us about it. i just want to end saying the morning after you had left the race, i read a wonderful story, a quote from rick santorum who said "doing and at one point he talked about belle and the struggle his daughter prefor bella. a kofl sorry including the
4:44 am
president of the united states every day. >> amen. all right. >> a and much different from bloomberg poll we saw yesterday. tillry was at 33% and bernie standers much lower. they also showed donald trump and ben carson leading the republican race with carly fiorina up 7 points from last nun. 25% for trump, 17% for carson, 1% for fiorina. jeb bush, up 10%. the poll gets interesting when hillary clinton loses nationally to all the republican candidates, september for donald
4:45 am
trump. bernie sales but take a look at this. if jb if bride is the nominee instead of hillary clinton, vice president biden handily beats every top republican except ben carson. he beats carly carly fiorina by 35 points and beats donald trump by 11. what do you think of those, mike? >> joe, every time they show these polls i'm totally mystified, i have no explanation. i get the evangelical power but i do not get emullsification t.
4:46 am
but he does storedilyit's not just a small segment of the republican electorate. >> maybe it's on republican side they are still looking for an outsider who is not a politician, they would rather have one who they feel is a rock service conserve tiff. . >> it's probably wrong because it's coming from me but you do get the impression that they're waiting for the bus stop for now but that bus is going to come along at some point i would think think. >> still rear gets close to the
4:47 am
pokes' offensioffense. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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4:50 am
we're just moments away from pope francis' historic speech to a joint segment of congress, he'll be the first pope to ever do that. after that he'll bless a meal where he'll arrive in time for evening prayers when he started to ought. if yesterday will be any judge by the way he's going to enjoy some incredible moments greeting the krounds, before he heads ton
4:51 am
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4:59 am
if pi think about how partson how divided and how trust there is -- >> there he is, on his way out to capitol hill. >> we're watching the pope there he is right outside of the president's house. >> mika and i expressed surprise and a woman leaned forward and he leaned right in and kissed her on the cheek. oh, my gosh, the pope did that and then our guess said every old italian woman in the country
5:00 am
has been kissed on both cheeks by this pope. he comes out and they demand it of him. >> he is a very tactile pope. he loves to touch and he touches people enormously. let's bring in the vice president of mission and ministry of georgetown university, father kevin o'brien. as we're watching pictures of the pope greeting these young people, please talk to us about the pope as a pastor in his ministry. >> good morning, mike. remember that the word pope comes from the latin pontifex, which means britch builder. this pope is looking that himself job is to be a bridge builder. he said that yesterday, people are more important than positions. you've got to know the person first before we get into any kind of debate.
5:01 am
what we're seeing now on mass. avenue, he loves engaging people, particularly the very young and the very old and the very excluded. so once you engage the person, there's a way can you have real authentic dialogue and cut beyond a lot of the divisiveness that carry on in debates between the church and politics. >> father, because he is about to leave for the congress of the united states for a joint session, the pope is liberal on this, conservative on that, could you speak to most of the element that he does address within the context of this speech are really within the context of what the church believes, what the church teachings are. >> there's one thing i could assure you, mike, today is that everyone in the chamber will be a little bit uncomfortable at different times during his
5:02 am
speech. as it should be. he once offered a challenging word to everyone, catholic or noncatholic, in order to make this world a more just place and place the emphasis on people and not ideology. what he says i think can reach all of us in a different way and in the end the words are to be consoling and encouraging. at the end of his homily yesterday, his words meant go forward, always keep going forward. i think that's how he's going to end his speech today at congress. >> i remember when mother teresa came before a joint session of congress, there was such excitement among republicans and democrats alike. she was actually treated like a rock star when she went there.
5:03 am
it was her humilithumility, sim. sometimes when baptists like myself go to a congregationalist church in new england, go to the vatican, sometimes we see a distance between that institution and god. this pope really tears down all of those walls. you see him hugging the little children. it reminds you of jesus' admonition of let the little children come to me and washing people's feet and acting as christ acted that to be a leader you have to be a servant, that the last shall be first and the first shall be last. he lives that, doesn't he? >> as you know, being a christian is not about following an idea or political platform, you'll following a person, jesus christ. so in the end, the catholic
5:04 am
church, the christian churches, have got to be about people. this pope incarnates the christian message. look how he's engaging young people. joe, everywhere he goes, he loves and smiles and hangs out with young people. as someone who works at georgetown, i spend my days around young adults, this is a pope we have desperately needed because he is speaking in a way that reaches young people, catholic and non-catholic, to get them to engage their faiths and the words the justice. . we need him. >> we're reminded in is an historic moment in u.s. history, the first people to speak to congress. tip o'neill invited the pope in 1979. he didn't have time on his schedule.
5:05 am
today is a day worth waiting for. >> with the discourse that's going on in our country right now with regard to politics on both sides of the aisle, the tenor and the tone of the rhetoric, this pope will have hopefully a calming effect on a lot of people. but, father o'brien, before we get out of here, i'd like to ask you what is the meaning to you personally of this man, a jesuit, you're a jesuit, a jesuit as pope? >> he's making me a better priest. his call to simplify my life has really challenged me just to live more authentically, not concerned about material possessions or title or prestige. cut to the heart of the matter and preach the gospel of christ, which is one of mercy and
5:06 am
forgiveness. don't overspiritualize. >> catty? >> it's the first pope to address a joint session of congress and i think many of us are so glad it's this pope in particular. >> as we approach the top of the hour, that does it for us. jose diaz-balart is on assignment with telemundo. and brian williams picks up our coverage. >> good morning. i'm brian williams. it's hard to separate out any single part of this multi-part, history-making trip more than any others to the officials he meets to the children on the side of the road. this is what our coverage has
5:07 am
been leading up too this morning, a visit to the capital for the first ever papal address to the joint session of congress. the hope is officially three minutes ahead of schedule. he came out early and has been greeting the children and adults. that's where he's headed to capitol hill. the dome still enshrouded in scaffolding. to start off our coverage, chuck todd on capitol hill this morning. talk about what you will be looking for today. >> i want to see how much this pope is going to challenge everybody that's seated, that's listening to him. we've been talking about the politics of this pope or how this pope may play into america's political debate right
5:08 am
now. yesterday at the white house i was surprised at how quickly he got to some hot button issues, hitting a lot of social justice issues first, including talking about cuba and talking about refugee, apparently deemphasizing some of the social issues that previous popes have done. we were talking about this morning in our first read today, brian, ten years ago we had at the last time catholic politics sort of injected itself into the presidential debate, john kerry was being denied communion over abortion. two popes later, he seems to be deemphasizing those social issues that ended up being such wedge issues. that's sort of what i'm going to be looking for, the blue team or
5:09 am
the red team? my guess is everybody's going to take away something they want to hear from the pope be and maybe deemphasize and ignore what they didn't want to hear? >> and do you in fact expect decorum as has been called for on both sides? -- i know we've seen over the last eight years a decline in decorum during these joint session sp
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