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tv   MSNBC Special Pope Francis in America  MSNBC  September 24, 2015 2:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> thank you for joining us as well. while there are a lot of dignitaries here in new york city, it was just announced that vice president joe biden and first lady michelle obama will also be here in new york, attending global citizens festival this saturday. watch that here on msnbc. brian williams picks up our special live coverage right now. >> kate snow, thanks. we'll be checking back in with you on fifth avenue, as our broadcast progresses. and let us set the scene at this hour, this is what we're expecting right now. pope francis is airborne. he was delayed on departure, joint base andrews in suburban maryland by 14 minutes there was actually a dispute over the manifest having to do with secret service agents whose name weren't on the manifest to fly. all resolved. american airlines 777 took off. it in the air. that's the crowd waiting at kennedy airport in new york.
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from there, he will board one of the helicopters that has often flown under designation marine one. the white top helicopters will take him and his delegation to the wall street heliport. from there, those familiar with new york city, he will be taking the fdr, formerly east river drive. explains why portions of it were resurfaced. he'll be taking fdr drive to mid town manhattan, arrive down fifth avenue to st. patrick's cathedral. crowds are already gathered on fifth avenue. nbc's ron mott is already along fifth avenue. tourists in new york would know ron's location best if we just said, it's across from the glass cube apple store. ron, how are the crowds looking right now? >> reporter: brian, you know, the thing about new york is is real estate and real estate is about location, location, location, being chewed up quickly here.
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this crowd has grown in the last five, ten minutes. a family from mexico on their way to philadelphia for the world conference of families and they're in prime position to see p papa francisco. expected 90 minutes or so, i'm suspecting. crowds have been cascading north word. clos closed south of 57. pedestrians starting to build from the south -- from the south to the north, i should say. we're expecting probably five or six deep by the time the pope comes by our location here. >> the nypd keeps saying the barricades are really for the protection of the people, the tourists and new yorkers, to keep anyone from getting hurt, to keep them away from the motorcade. we've been saying all day the pope, if he had his way, would probably walk the route and touch and speak to everyone. but obligations of security are to get him safely and quickly
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down fifth avenue. we'll check back in with ron mott when the pope reaches his location and the motorcade. as we said, this will all culminate at st. patrick's cathedral in new york for what is called a vespers service, more on that in a moment. st. patrick's has just been refurbished multimillion dollar effort inside and out, scaffolding removed inside and out. in the front, that's about 10,000 pounds worth of bronze doors. they have been refurbished. cardinal timothy dolan will host, the seat of the diocese of new york. and that will be the site of the vesper service. chris matthews has been with us for coverage all day long. chris, americans of a certain age are entitled to memories they have, and when i think of st. pats for better or worse, it's two very sad events, ted kennedy's eulogy of his brother
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bobby and all of the 9/11 funerals so achingly sad in that cathedral. you probably have your own memories. >> yeah, it's the great cathedral. st. patrick's day we come down from college, i was at holy cross, you come down st. patrick's on st. patrick's day. the great cathedral of the great immigrant wave from the potato familiaren in the 1840s and '50s they built the church, the irish did, appoint arrival in new york they laid claim to new york as the immigrant group to dominate the city. the church is always there for people catholic, who come to new york as part of the new york weekend. they spend some time. you visit that church as much as you go to mass there. you go in, maybe light a candle, walk around, look at all of the alt altars. it's a dramatic thing. look at symmetry of these days. yesterday in st. matthews. the funeral site of john f. kennedy. today the funeral site of robert
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f. kennedy and the eulogy. for me, i try to stop in there when time in new york, right near 30 rock, and it is -- it's a great urban church. we go there, as a say to make a visit, not for mass requirements on sunday, to go there during work when you get a break, we call it a visit. it's how we stay in shape with our church. >> and also you know the term cafeteria catholics has been tossed around these past few days, a term you and i know well. folks who visit the church for special occasions, easter sunday, ash wednesday, it is the kind of beating heart for them, too, in midtown manhattan. the work a day life of new york. >> yeah, they call them ceos, christmas and easter-only catholics. not a nice term. i remember when i was an altar boy the priest didn't like the big crowd that showed up on
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easter. they are catholics, they may be a bit lapse. so much in the message the last couple of days. hope we all take to to heart, catholic, noncatholic, nonbeliever. the church's big heart for the poor, for the homeless, as we heard about today at catholic charities for the unborn. against capital punishment, against the arms trade. no surprises here. the basic belief system of the catholic church, across the board, using the term -- i would use the term a la carte. those who will find certain of these points important to them, morally, and others try to find other ones and some will try to set aside and say, okay, i'm not big on that one but i'll work on the ones i'm good at. i thought it was a wonderful way, by the way, embrace the catholic church of mark by talking about as i said the spiritual mt. rush more he laid out today. of course lincoln. of course martin luther king. guess what? dorothy day on the hard left, socialist,ie sanders
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quick to say she's one of mine, after the pope's thoughts about her. and thomas merton, people who have been through addiction problems and looking for spirituality. a friend of mine finds him an important part of his recovery effort. i'm going to read the book. i was taken with the fact that the pope recommends the book. he's going to do a blush frb fo book, i'm going to read it. >> chris matthews. as you can see, that on final approach is the american airlines 777 carrying the pope from washington to new york. this being his first visit ever to the united states. it, of course, follows his first visit to the city of new york. among our guests with us all day, bishop robert baron of los angeles. explain what a vespers service is for noncatholics.
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>> evening prayer of the church. in the course of the day priest and religious are to pray five times. one is vespers or evening prayer made up of the psalms of scripture, petitions and so on. usually take about, if you're reciting it on your own 15 minutes there are grander versions, take a half hour. beautiful prayer. it will be done i think in a reflective way with the pope. >> we think in his native language? >> i think it is in spanish, last i heard. >> also joining us, if you've been watching msnbcing during the day, you've seen dr. elizabeth levv, art historian at duquesne university's italian campus in rome. terrific posting for an american academic, by the way. consultant for the vatican museums and overall all-around expert on such things. dr. levv, one of my favorite
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scenes took place this afternoon. pope came out of, in effect, the vatican embassy in washington, and he lunged forward, of course, to meet all of the children who had been out there all day, and then there was a moment where he stepped back from the barricade, the rope line, and aides were scurrying around pointing to their watches, the holy father looked at his watch, there was some conversation, here's the moment. and they're talking about well, am i going to be late? how much time do i have? he figures, you know what? there are a lot of kids waiting in the hot sun today and he goes all the way down the line. he visibly seems to gather his energy from the presence of people. >> an amazing thing to watch this incredible schedule, and how every time you think any normal person would be flagging, he walks out into the people and these images what i was looking at is how much he loves them. but most importantly, how much
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he sees that the americans love him. just this blatant joy in their faces to be with him is awakening him and really revitalizing him. he uses a word a lot, which is to accompany, accompany people's journeys, accompany people where they are, and this in many ways the most important part of what he's doing here. letting people know he's ready to accompany them. >> that little girl, you can read her lips saiding i love you, when she met the pope. so tactile. his most tender moments are with children. his sense of touch. and i've noticed all day and yesterday, people have now come to expect it. they extend a hand not in the traditional handshaking form they extend a hand to be touched. his hand on the forehead of children, it's an awe-inspiring thing. >> even more surprising is the way people feel comfortable reaching out to embrace him. how many times have you seen the secret service leap forward
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because puts their arms around him. incredible sense of being approachable, able to enfold a tangible expression. >> i hope someone briefed him new yorkers and philadelphians tend to be aggressive huggers. there's a red hair girled who followed him down the rope line, extended her hand, not going to take no for an answer. most entertaining delightful thing to watch this afternoon. we thought it deserved a second watch. again, one helicopter for him. a second for his traveling companions. there's the aforementioned check of the papal watch, who knew he wore one, but it makes perfect sense, utilitarian guy. and the plane, as we said, took off at about i want to say 4:16 from joint base andrews, it has touched down at approximately 5:09. better time than most of white house fly with some regularity
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between new york and washington. but we can understand that shepherd one, designation for this flight carrying the holy father, was perhaps to receive better routing today than a lot of other air routes. as we mentioned, kate snow, who has just been heading up our coverage over the last hour or so, will be checking back in with her. she's at her post on fifth avenue. a lot of today will take place right opposite this building, 30 rockefeller plaza, in new york. and we have every reason to believe that, as the motorcade becomes a more real event, as time goes on, we'll see a lot of new yorkers pushing toward those barricades. and a note about the nypd. they have started distributing something fairly new, there are cement blocks that weigh over a ton each, 400 of them, various
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places in the city. remember the pope has to spend the night here. and they are responsible, the nypd and secret service for his safety. they had put out 24,500 barriers, as you see new york mayor bill de blasio greeting folks there, awaiting the pope's arrival at st. patrick's cathedral. is he out at the airport, i guess? 1200 traffic cones, 37 miles worth of barricades. 19 different trucks have been deployed as immovable bomb barriers, in effect. a very, very visible show of force. the security in and around new york city is among the stories that will be reported on tonight on nbc "nightly news" and from his perch above fifth avenue,
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lester holt is with us. i gather just below you the crowds continue to gather outside st. pat's at least those allowed to get close to the building. >> they sure done must be watching a monitor we heard a big clear the same time we saw the plane arrive at j.f. ken dirk people anxiously awaiting. talking about security, brian, we've seen it all, those who live in new york. i remember years ago when i lived near the u.n., you'd see mailboxes this time of year during the general assembly. but we've seen new things, including eight-foot tall fencing along some corridors around here to get people to pass through. we have seen signs and even say "no drone zone" yes, they have to deal with the threat of drones. reminding people not a good idea to use those or selfie sticks, for that matter. we are also seeing something, i saw this in washington, d.c., this week, i believe we're going it see it here today, the tsa, people you normally encounter at the airport, running security
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checks at least at those security checkpoints, running the magnetometers and doing bag checks of people going into ticketed areas. everybody, this is an all hands on deck security event. various federal agencies from many -- federal agents from many different federal agencies who are taking place. there are police officers who work in other parts of town. we've heard stories of people asking for simple directions from people in manhattan and the officer's going, this isn't ply area. they have brought in so many people to handle various locations. of course, secret service is running this but the new york police department has an incredible force of officers, used to big events including general assembly in this. i don't think we've seen anything, brian, quite on this scale. >> earlier today you and i were overlooking the corner of 6th and 50th street. already desolate, the cross street through mid town manhattan. new yorkers have become more
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used to the idea of barricades in the post-9/11 air rap it's become baked into life in this city. >> you don't even ask what's going on anymore sometimes. you'll see officers and a street barricaded, you shrug your shoulders and move on. it's rush hour in new york, people heeded the advice to take mass transit or telecommunicating. i heard your interview, with commissioner bratton this morning, correct me if i'm wrong, over 200 escorted motorcades they expect over the next several days in the city, which is an incredible number. >> that is not just the number of movements through traffic. 206 separate protectees that will need to be escorted in motorcades of various length from heads of state to, you know, economic ministers and deputy prime ministers of all of these countries that are taking part in the u.n. general assembly.
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lester, thanks for being with us from your perch over 5th avenue, all of the reporting on the day's events in washington and new york tonight on nbc "nightly news." while lester was talking about, we saw pictures of the taxiing, american airlines 777, the captains at the end of the landing procedure, right before they make the turn on to the taxiway, are able to open the cockpit windows and put the vatican and american flags up on stanchions which makes for a great sight as the plane comes in to view. as we saw the air stairs were already out on the tarmac. there are a number officials waiting to greet the pope. welcome him to the city of new york. second stop on what doctor lev points out would be a grueling trip for any of us, no matter how young or hoold. the fact this united states a 78-year-old man, living with one
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lung, since an operation to remove a lung when he was a young man. it's really, dr. lev, he has an amazing constitution. >> from -- if you think also lived a quiet and restrained lifestyle in bain nose aries living in an apartment, taking asubway, coming home to this incredible surge of activity, constant, constant activity. unlike other pontiffs, instead of taking some time out in the summer and going to the mount n mountains or going to a quiet villa he continues to work and see people and stay in the area of the vatican. incredible amount of energy. >> nicole winfield with the associated press, is on board the aircraft carrying the pope to new york city from washington. can you hear me? >> okay. we lost nicole's cell phone connection.
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often there is competition for cell phone tower space with a lot of news media and government and radio frequencies being occupied. the pope was not expected to come back and address the press corps on this short leg of his long journey. the correspondents covering the pope on this trip have reported it's normally after they leave a given country that he will come back and share his reflections with journalists and this, of course, is only two cities into his three-city tour, culminating with a big event in philadelphia this weekend. and also, dr. lev, today's schedule, indicative of the pope. he was offered lunch with congressional leaders. he preferred to go to catholic charities instead. >> yes. he preferred -- he -- his mixing of very high-profile, very public, if you will, political
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events with what he is here for. he's drumming up his year of mercy from our end in rome, this is -- this is a world tour for the year of mercy, which everyone is invited in december 8th, rome italy, vatican city, italy. this idea of just going to places where he'll be seen in publicized and political arena. but this year, it's for everybody. so he goes to everyone. >> former new york mayor, rudolph giuliani joining us by phone. mr. mayor, as a longtime new york somewhere longtime catholic, this must be a big event for you. >> of course it is. i was the mayor when pope john paul came to new york in 1995 and i know the excitement of it, the wonderful feeling it gives the entire city. and i also empathize with the mayor and police commissioner because they're the most nervous people in the city of new york right now. >> yes. we spoke to commissioner bratton
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this morning. you know commissioner bratton. he gives exterior of being unflappable and very cool about all of this but what a responsibility rests on his shoulders. >> the response's tremendous. it happens at a difficult time for new york city, because it happens at the same time that we have the beginning of the u.n. general assembly, which means, practical terms, between 100 and 120 heads of state that come in and out of new york in a ten-day period. so the nypd, secret service, state department, security, all -- this time of year is a nightmare for them anyway. >> i was saying to lesser to holt, it's not a good time to get across town. >> you got it. this -- people should be patient. it's one day. it's going to be a beautiful day for new york, a great blessing for the city to have this very holy man here, whether religious or not. obviously a very holy, very good man. and i'm going to have the honor of meeting him at ground zero
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tomorrow, where i elected to meet him, because i think when he comes to the museum, ground zero, he'll bless that museum and maybe remove some of the horrible feelings that people have when they go through it. i can't go through it without crying. to have the pope there, having an interfaith service there, i think is wonderful. >> one of the toughest things i think i've ever done walk through the museum. already a sacred place. >> courageous and brilliant. >> mr. mayor, thank you very much. best of luck to you during the pope's visit. thank you for taking time to join us live. right now we await the first sight of the pope on new york soil. the men around the pope have already become familiar to viewers who have spent any time watching his trip, as personal aide and secretary, and there we
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s see, and soon the people will see, pope francis. >> bishop barron call out any of the names. >> cardinal dolan at bottom of the stairs. best host he could possibly have. >> absolutely. as long as he doesn't mind hearing about the st. louis cardinals, cardinal dole's a passionate fan of baseball. >> faces are covered.
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>> it's -- always windy out there. >> demurio of brooklyn. >> blessed with another beautiful day in new york, as it was in washington. forecast for the remainder of the pope's journey is weather a lot like this. great time to have even though we've passed into the season of autumn, great time to have an indian summer for his visit. a group of new york schoolchildren selected to greet the pope. >> you see cardinal peroline with cardinal dolan, secretary of state for the vatican. archbishop kurtz president of the u.s. bishops conference. he turned special attention to kids, that's where his face lights zplup absolutely. there it is. members of 26 different ethnic catholic ministries greeting the pope at the airport.
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some measure of the melting pot pop that is new york city. >> not quite sure what that music is we hear piped in. i'm quite certain there is not a papal theme. >> kate snow, this is all coming your way, after a short helicopter ride, after a short motorcade on the fdr drive. what can go wrong? those of us who drive regularly in new york city. cross town traffic where you are across from st. pat's you'll be
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seeing him rather soon. >> right. i tend to avoid the fdr. >> you and me both. >> yeah. but, yes, he'll be helicoptering from where you see him now, the airport, john f. kennedy airport in queens and coming to island of manhattan and making his way to fifth avenue, where we are. right above st. patrick's cathedral, behind me. this of course is where he'll be greeted officially by the mayor of new york city. bill de blasio and also governor andrew cuomo. there's a crowd but a controlled crowd. we've been hearing them to react to pictures you're watching on tv. clearly either have their cell phones out or big screens up. but they're ready, ready for this visit to new york city. the pope will be performing a vesper service in spanish at the cathedral. just the first, brian, of so many stops here in new york. >> thank you. george weigle, papal biographer,
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vatican, per, senior adviser is with us as well. talking about the pope's stamina. what do you know about the state of his physical health at age 78? >> well, he's displayed remarkable stamina today, brian, obviously. but i think there are some concerns in rome about his physical condition. he's put on a fair amount of weight since being elected 2 1/2 years ago. he doesn't get a lot of exercise because he's got a bad back and some perhaps sciatica problems. i noticed, when we met last december, he was kind of tilted over a bit, which you notice today. but he's a man of robust, good humor. he lives from the inside out. his prayer life is the engine of the rest of his life. and i think he came to this office at age 76-plus thinking,
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i'm just going to pull out all of the stops here. there's no point in taking it easy. and that's precisely what he's proceeded to do to the great admiration of a great deal of the world. >> i know, george, toward the end of pope john paul ii's life it was said, fairly or not, that he didn't take the care in his own health that he could have, that he was almost reconciled to the arrival of illness that came in his part with old age. >> yeah, i think john paul ii had a very polish notion of redemptive sufficie redemptive suffering, its not to be avoided, it is to embraced, embraced as christ himself and my own thoughts on that, as you
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know, are that the last five years of his life, his last great teaching moment especially last two months when he invited the whole world to join him and literally walking way of the cross in the confidence of the resurrection and that was a remarkable way to finish up a remarkable life. >> dr. lev, who is here with us in studio, i'm thinking of the dichotomy, most of the people who will line the motorcade route in new york today, let's say a lot of them, view life through the prism of, well, of course i'm going to hit the gym today and do our other obligations. it's polar opposite in the life of this man who wakes up most days around 4:00 a.m., to a morning of prayer, aides report the first phone calls from him start coming in at 6:00 a.m. a devotional life.
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the life of a priest. and in some cases, as george points out, he has let his physical health become secondary. >> i think it's fascinating, when you look at the lives of some of the very intense saints, like, for example, st. francis, whom he took his name, they're very short lives. but of course their ministry's concentrated into a very, very short, intense period where you see them literally, read biographies later burning candles at both ends and this pontificate has the same feeling of intensely, bright lights of these figures who years and centuries down the line you'll still remember. but the flame is so strong that it doesn't last terribly long. >> bishop robert barron here with us. to chris matthews' point to our conversation earlier in the
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broadcast, about lapsed catholics, you must already know, from the parish level, what the pope francis effect has been, as he raises his own likeness in a doll and makes the sign of the cross over someone's head. >> i think he's intentionally interested in the great work of evangelization, read hisler, joy of the gospel. he's come here as an evangelist. evangelists reach out to different audiences, reach out to committed catholics, lapsed catholics, secularists and use different tools and methods with the group. i think he's a genius at that. he knows how to use the provocative gesture, caught the attention of the whole world and he's the most significant moral and spiritual leader, bar none, in the world and uses different evangelical methods. i've heard him talk to groups of
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catholics and give you the high octane stuff. he can use a provocative gesture to reach an audience far from the center of catholicism but knows how to reach him. that's part of his evangelical genius. one reason why the cardinals elected him. >> as he goes up the air stairs here, note the presence of the presidential seal, just to the left of the door. this is -- these are the same set of helicopters that serve as marine one. you see the marine pilots, marine guard at the base of the stairs, when the president is on board. these are, of course, on loan from a friend of the pope's in washington. these beautiful sikorsky aircraft scheduled to be replaced, something that's become a huge bit of talk in washington, what the next generation aircraft will be. but they are beautiful birds. these white tops, very familiar to people who watch presidents get on and get off them for a
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long time. they'll go over to the wall street heliport, used every day for -- by business travelers, who come and go. the airspace, of course, under special controls while the pope, the foremost protectee of the secret service this week, is in new york city. a short flight. and then a motorcade so-called closed motorcade, we think it will be inside a car, there will be a point in midtown manhattan where they will stop and we're told the pope will switch in to that modified white jeep popemobile, so he can be visible to everyone who is lining up in mid town manhattan, go back to the location where we first checked in with ron mott. when he gets here, it will be for the vespers service, st. patrick's cathedral. and then, of course, his new york visit gets under way in
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earnest. he will own be in new york city, it's been calculated for 39 hours, 40 minutes. he will cover 54 miles on the ground, while in new york. much easier when you have secret service protection. and an nypd escort. he will be 4,270 miles from home when he arrives in midtown manhattan, as you see, st. patrick's cathedral. this, of course, is the other end of the day that started in washington, if you were watching our coverage this morning, you saw his address to a joint meeting of congress. chris matthews was among those watching and list. ing with us. chris, it would bear repeating some of the main points and some of the plain language that he used in his address. >> well, he was wonderful to our
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country. he called us right at the front, the home of the brave and the land of the free. who doesn't want to hear that? from someone like the pope. and everybody loved that. and he cheered like mad in the congress, and it was certainly, as it should have been bipartisan as hell, it just was. throughout it, he would say, you know, god bless america and he talked about our heroes like lincoln and dr. king and he basically, it was like a visit, i guess like a priestly visit to someone who has been a bit dilatory in showing up for church but not a bad person who has had a good history in the past, needs to be brought up to date. and he was like reminding us of how good we had been over the years, heroes like dorothy day and spiritual leaders and all we have to do is get back in shape a bit. it was not a scolding message but hit the points, poverty, homelessness, capital punishment, arms trade,
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certainly pushed immigration, all of the values of the kansas lick church we know about. of course, the conservative values like opposition to abortion, all there. and opposition to capital punishment which appeals to liberal side of the political spectrum. sort of updating everything in a sense, reminding us of why he's a catholic, what he stands for but reminding america what america stands for, citing our founding documents. reminding us of our greatest history. clearly was a seduction, a bit. he was seductive in the way saying we've got it together, we have to do final shaping up. it was a very powerful bipartisan, cross partisan effort to inspire people to be better people. i thought, one thing for sure, i got the -- this may be the only time in modern political history, certainly recent history, where when the politicians went back to their offices, when they went back to their huddles among their political factions, no one said
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a word against this guy. i believe that was the case today. it was a magical time like remember the christmas truce in world war i? brian, the british and the allied force and the central powers agreed to come out of their -- >> trenches. >> -- trenches and sing "silent night" together? >> yeah. >> and get back to shooting each other. i think it was like that today in washington. a nice day. let's ask a politician what it was like in washington. new york cogman peter king is with us, republican in the house of representatives, one of, i believe, what is it, 160 catholics in the house of representativ representatives congressman, what was it like. >> very moving. as a lifelong catholic, chris matthews can identify with this, to be in the chamber, all of the year when al smith ran for president, john kennedy ran for president, charges they yes going to sneak the pope into washington. well there you saw the doors
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open and the pope walk in with his vestments and to be applauded by people of all faiths and religions and ethnic groups, races, men, women, ceremonial moment for catholics but also americans. the pope was speaking universal values. >> 140 catholics, i'm told, in the house. congressman, the behavior was to this observer, first rate, beyond polite applause, sustained applause and bipartisan applause. is there -- is chris being an idealist when we hope out loud there's a lasting spirit from this kind of thing? >> i certainly hope there's some of that. and again, for instance, like on immigration, i would not be as liberal, if you want to say, as some democrats of the pope might be. i think there's a moral truth these are real people, these immigrants are good people and that when we address the issue of immigration, it's not that immigrants are bad. it's not that they're evil.
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those of us more conversation would say we have find a testimony that works and we can't be having open illegal immigration but we should have a debate in a positive way and how do we address real needs while still maintaining security in our country? that would take away some of the vehemence that goes into debates or on abortion, where democrat as excuse certain republicans of being anti-woman because they would be opposed to all of the abortion rights. well, they're not anti-woman. we should elevate the debate, that i think, will enable us to get more done. will allow for more constructive dialogue. >> i noted "the new york times" coverage this afternoon, after the pope had finished speaking, they noted a left ward tilt in his remarks. did you? >> i think there was more of a liberal or left tilt. both yesterday and today, i mean the pope did today make clear his opposition to abortion.
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yesterday and also his defense of traditional marriage today definitely there. yesterday at the white house, when he turned to the president and spoke about the importance of religious liberty and after that, the pope stopped to visit the sisters of the poor, and this is the group that the justice department is suing because of the lack of compliance with obamacare and the contraceptive requirements. i think there's enough there to make both sides re-examine their positions and do an examination of conscience. >> peter king, republican, state of new york, one of those present to hear from pope francis. thank you very much for making the time to be with us tonight. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, congressman. and the pope is now in the hands of the marine corps. they will be responsible for his transportation from the borough of queens to the island of manhattan. chris matthews, what do you make of what we just heard from congressman king? >> well i think -- i guess i'm a catholic and have a long history
2:41 pm
with "the new york times," there was a bobby -- you may be laughing because you know what i'm talking about. >> yes. >> if you're friends with kerry family, governor kerry, all years he was governor, know something about the kennedy family, bobby kennedy said it best to capture, the many catholics have to "the new york times" ideal "new york times" headline, more nuns leave convent. it's never considered the best friend of the catholic church, put it that way. the newspaper, the irish catholic of new york the old new york "daily news" in its finest hours the irish paper. we know that. and dorothy day -- dorothy -- i've got to think of her name right now -- the "new york post" was different as well. so i think, i think the attitude of the "times" and embraced the fact the pope was liberal today. i think peter king is a classic new york irishman. i think he is the classic in his neighborhood attitude, values and you heard from the genuine
2:42 pm
article when you spoke to peter king, no doubt about it. >> do you think dispassionately, chris, it was a left ward or liberal tilt on the whole? >> if you do a count, if you do a count of words and count of topics, clearly the push for immigration was not a push towards better enforcement of immigration laws, it was more more liberalization, positive reception of people who come here out of economic desperation or opportunity. clearly a liberal argument of the democratic party. they benefit politically by more immigration, it's their value system. in terms of helping the poor and income inequality, that's the language of certainly hillary clinton but also bernie sanders, running as a socialist running in the democratic party. that's a very liberal message. in terms of the arms trade, a think we're all against the arms trade. capital punishment, being against, certainly a very liberal argument with most republicans supporting capital punishment.
2:43 pm
abortion rights, democratic parties for abortion rights, republican party again, againlizing, against them. you have homelessness, of course, certainly something we all care about if we live in a big city where it's evident, visible, like san francisco, where you do see homeless people everywhere, that's a concern as threatically if not religious or or in terms of value. i think it was a liberal message. i went through the list, underlined it when i got my new york time on the driveway. i underlined the front page, main bar story, most of it was liberal, i think it's right. >> chris matthews with a run jun of the political view of the poem's visit and then there is, as we've been discussing, the kind of evangelical message. right now, for fans of aviation, we are watching two gorgeous marine corps helicopters about ready to take off. a flight so short that a powerful camera lens down at the
2:44 pm
wall street heliport can just about pick them up for the duration of the flight from queens to manhattan. but they're under air traffic control like all other aircraft, as they take off in front of that emirates double-decker 380 right there. so, this will be a quick flight over to manhattan. excited to be joined by our own anne thompson, of course covering the vatican for a long time, covering this trip by the pope and many others, and, anne as we watch this armada of aircraft fly over to the island of manhattan including some osprey aircraft, which we didn't see before, looks like something out of "star wars", sum up what you witnessed today on the pope's schedule, the various stop his made and remarks he made. >> reporter: well, personally, i think the highlight of the day, i know there's been a lot of attention paid to his speech to congress, but, brian, i was there at catholic charities
2:45 pm
where he came in to bless the food for 300 homeless people, and they rushed him like he was a rock star or a baseball player or someone like that. pope francis loved every single second of it. that is his wheelhouse. that's where he feels comfortable. that's what this trip is all about. to go and reach out to the peripheries of the american society, to shine our light on people that we walk by every day and don't pay attention to. and you can see, i mean, his security team, as people rushed forward and everybody's trying to take a picture and shake his swhand talk to him and thrust their children to him to bless them, his security team got nervous. francis never did. he smiled, he shook every hand extended to him. he stopped and talked to people, one woman i spoke to said, he shook her hand, she said, i felt god go right to my heart. and i said what did you ask him
2:46 pm
for? she said i asked him to bless me. and he said, i bless you. and so it's that kind of exchange. he spent probably 15 minutes there, but it was extraordinarily moving. but, brian, i have to it'll you, i'm looking at fifth avenue, i have never, ever seen it like this. there has to be people, 15 to 20 deep along this, and i can see all of the way up to about 5th street. and let me tell you, there's not a space to be had, at least from what i can see. and then you can see here on st. pat's, we have some catholic school students here, some other people here on this side, all of these people who are in fluorescent vests, those are men and women who worked on the restoration of st. patrick's cathedral. now this restoration was planned before cardinal dolan knew that pope francis was going to come to new york. but it's a very -- it was a very
2:47 pm
important project to them, $175 million. and st. patrick's has never looked better. they got it done just in the nick of time. that's who will welcome him. then he will go inside these doors for a vespers service, evening prayer service. and he will be joined by 2,419 clergy, a mix of priests and sisters and brothers. there will be a few laity in there as well. and he will do that. and then head to the upper east side and he will sleep for the night. after this day, i think he's really going to need it because it has been jam packed. >> hear, hear. the man you're covering is minutes away from your location. we can fit in our coverage of his landing and motorcade through the island of manhattan. we'll take a break now. when we come back, we'll have that live coverage for you. just might be the one.
2:48 pm
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2:51 pm
. welcome back. this is live the few, the proud, the brave the marine corps is in charge of pope francis for right now as we said an armada of aircraft. the osprey is carrying staff.
2:52 pm
the pope is in one of two of the traditional marine one and those are big rotors that kick up anything in the area which includes a little water on our camera lens. i want to she you where this is all going. so the pope flew just now from washington, d.c. to jfk. the helicopter ride from the borough of queens to the southern tip of manhattan. then to motorcade on fdr drive. recently -- and this will be interesting resurfaced which was necessary after the winter we had. there were axle breakers along the fdr drive. ending up at st. patrick's cathedral for this evening's vespers service. i want to show you a terrific
2:53 pm
moment. the pope was greeting people look what someone hands him. when they hand him anything security, we can tell this was going to be different. a pope doll. you don't get to see that every day. and that i guess is going home to the vatican. it earned someone the sign of the cross. pope with a great sense of humor and great sense of humanity. there they come in very cinem cinematcinema cinematic fashion. the two white top marine helicopters will land at wall street as we promised. a very short flight. we are joined as we have been saying by bishop barren of los angeles. this morning on our coverage you put it as well as i have ever heard it put. ann thompson just quoted someone who had an encounter with pope francis today. this is common.
2:54 pm
people say it felt like i was in the presence of god. tell us what's the link? >> it struck me when i was at saint matthew's cathedral and there was this electric feeling. it comes not from the fact that you are in the presence of our leader or great and holy man but you are in the presence of peter. a fisherman who knew jesus and who died because of his loyalty to jesus. christianity is not an ideology. it's a relationship to a person. and something about the presence now of this pope who is the successor of st. peter that highlights this visceral tack tile quality of christianity. he is a living link to peter. we are the successors of the roman emperors. the successor of peter is right here. now he is in new york city.
2:55 pm
we can see him. we can touch him. i think for catholics that's the electrici electricity. it's a link to christ. so we call him the vicar of christ. he is much more than just a holy man. people sense his holiness. i think the connection to peter means so much. >> also his devoted life of prayer, his life's work is worship. >> it's the engine that drives him. in all the biographies you hear this steady dedication to prayer. he is a jesuit trained in ignation prayer. he is something who has allowed scenes to live vividly in his imagination and derives enormous spiritual power. the hours and hours of prayer give him his energy and focus.
2:56 pm
>> with what started in galilee shifts to modern avionics. these are absolutely magnificent pictures on one of those crisp beautiful fall days. for some of us it evokes what the weather was like on that horrible day in september. but this is a happy day in september as pope francis makes his first visit to the borough of manhattan. other aircraft you have been watching is a tilt rotor osprey that can fly like a plane or helicopter and are flown by the marine corps as the pope is being flown by the marine corps. we see an occasional sea gull fighting for air space. we have the world financial plaza and new construction in lower manhattan. the back drop. we went briefly to the ground
2:57 pm
shot at the heliport -- one of the helicopters has landed. we saw coast guard vessel offshore and the answer to a question earlier today. would the pope continue to make his auto of choice the black fiat? the answer is yes. it is standing by near the helicopter. fiat part of the chrysler family has never enjoyed publicity like they are enjoying during this trip. people who did not know of the fiat 500 now do. they will wait i'm guessing for the second chopper to land. >> it was comical yesterday when he came out of the cathedral and a fleet of limousines and in the middle this tiny car and the pope gets into that one. >> juxtaposed against the burley
2:58 pm
chevy suburbens of the secret service it looks even more meager. beautiful thing to watch. these are the pilots who make the precision landing on the white house lawn. many trained to do the same thing on carrier decks. that is how to land a giant helicopter. just taking this in. this is again, on the lower tip of manhattan.
2:59 pm
among the vessels you will see in the background new york state police, fdny, nypd, coast guard. this is being called the largest national security event in the nation's history. as we have pointed out the pope's visit coinsides with the united nations general assembly.
3:00 pm
presidential seal on the door of the helicopter represents the man whose usually the passenger on board. there is the fiat. can the pope be far behind? actually going to come down the air stairs hidden from our view on the helicopter on the left. i think he is greeting marine pilots on his way out.
3:01 pm
our vatican analyst remains with us. give us a preview of this trip in new york, what we may see, what we may hear. >> this trip is spirtually
3:02 pm
intent than washington although that was a spiritual pilgrimage, too. i think it's worth noting that no one in my memory of 31 years in washington has ever spoken about politics as a vocation quite like the pope did and a noble vocation. that had to have been an encouragement to the members there and we hope an inspiration to them. he will try i think the same thing at the united nations tomorrow. this is a man who is innately distrustful of what he calls men of power but deeply supportive of what he calls men and women of principle. and the challenge at the u.n. tomorrow will be to try to lift up that latter part of his perception of world politics. then there are the visits to the
3:03 pm
things the catholic church does so well in this city. it's schools. he will be with young people. the mass at madison square garden tomorrow will invoke memories of that extraordinary scene there with john paul ii in 1979. cardinal said in his column last week that he urged the pope to come to our schools because catholic schools do a terrific job particularly for under privileged kids and he wanted the pope to be experience of that. >> he is visiting -- go ahead. i'm sorry. >> i was just going to say in all of this i hope the pope is enjoying getting a taste of the vitality of the catholic church in the united states. churches had a rough patch in recent years. the pope addressed that
3:04 pm
yesterday in his remarks to bishops. the things that are so livid and vital in the church in america, its parishes, its schools, its seminaries which are now fuller than they have been in years. i hope he takes away from this some sense that what he calls us to be, a church permanently in mission is what we are working very hard as catholics in america to be. >> our senior vatican analyst. they are in something of a holding pattern here as they prepare to depart from the heliport. we won't have a live view of the pope's motorcade for part of this. i do not think we have camera angles, anyone does, to cover it. they will be making up time. it is just going to be a ride on
3:05 pm
the divided highway that loops around manhattan. and then will come to the scene that ann thompson described. i am anxious to see if we can -- that's fifth avenue near the apple store and that's a man standing on fifth avenue near the apple store. ann described it as several people deep. our frame of reference really is parades on fifth avenue like new york. these crowds look much more robust. they are certainly much more controlled with all of the barricades that have been out for over 24 hours now placed there by the nypd. police department is so used to having high profile guests in this city they have a group of officers, motorcycles, protection division who are permanently assigned to it when high profile visitors come to the city the same teams know how
3:06 pm
to work together. there you have it. that looks to be back between 58th and 59th. the great thing is because of the crowd control and there are bleachers in some spots, it's safe to say that if you really want a glimpse of the holy father as he goes by it looks like you stand a very good chance of that. chris matthews this is a pretty great scene with gorgeous weather to match in the city. >> there is such a history as you know to new york catholics. 1928 governor of new york irish catholic was nominated for president by the democratic party and lost in a landslide to herbert hoover. many people held that against those who were against cath lbs.
3:07 pm
it would be fair to say hoover was the favorite in the race. the republicans were doing well politically in the 20s. that became a rallying cry among new york irish and everybody for the kennedy administration. when he lost a close race for vice president again the catholics said we were cheated out of a victory. of course that build up like pressure until the '60 campaign when so many catholic voters voted for kentucky because they thought it was time to give them a break. there is a lot of that history with you have been at that many times. it's such an occasion for the city of new york to get together everybody goes to that. the jewish people. it's a huge event. the tradition is so tied into that cathedral and history of catholic politics. i think in new york i think of
3:08 pm
the tinner every year. it's just a big part of the culture of the city. we aspired to power and now we have a situation where the speaker of the house is catholic. leading democrat is catholic. vice president is a catholic. six people in the supreme court are catholics. there is no sense of being kept out of power anymore, being denied full american citizenship. that is in the past. >> i was going to add joseph kennedy and john f kennedy never forgot the signs around boston of a certain era that said irish need not apply. they never forgot that and it fuelled their rise in many ways. let's see. we saw ann thompson for a moment. can she hear us. you looked marvelous in front of the cathedral. >> reporter: thank you. now you know what i do when i'm not on camera. i fool with my hair.
3:09 pm
it really is interesting. i have been struck by the historical aspect of this that you and chris have been talking about that 50 years ago jfk had to make it very clear more than 50 years ago that he would not take his instructions from the vatican and then today we have these incredible scenes where the pope walks into the chamber and is greeted with thunderous applause and several standing ovations during his speech and just how far it has come. the other thing i am struck by is as the pope landed in downtown manhattan i'm thinking most time when people land they are picked up by a limousine. i bet this is the first time anybody has been picked up by a chrysler fiat. how indicative that is of what he believes in that he is not better or bigger or more
3:10 pm
important than anybody else, that he is a priest, the bishop of rome with a job to do and his parish is the world. that is how he ministers to it. they are really excited here. there were two cops on motorcycles who came down fifth avenue and they got all kinds of applause. usually in new york if you see two cops with lights flashing they get the bronx cheer. they are very excited, very anxious. every once in a while a cheer goes up. there are no jumbo trons here so people are following the pope's route on social media as much as they can so to be ready. this is just a remarkable scene. i just am stunned by the number of people. >> i wish we had overhead shots. just to put in perspective how
3:11 pm
many deep. that is about the best we can do because of controls on helicopters and camera placements. so right about the heliport where captains of industry come and go and the competition is usually how large a vehicle can pick them up when they get off the aircraft. if anything it made this pope so much easier to spot in the motorcade. it's not a matter of figuring out which black suburban he is in. just look for the four door fiat from italy as we look at the crowd. ron mott is eight blocks north of where ann thompson is as we keep saying across the street from the glass cube apple store. how many deep is the crowd where you are? >> reporter: i would say at the thickest probably eight or nine at this point. maybe ten. new yorkers are famous for trying to give famous people
3:12 pm
their space. there are a lot of tourists. there are native new yorkers who wanted to come out and stand in this crush of humanity to get a glimpse of the pope. one of the people is off to my right over here, a woman named lisa who is a native new yorker from greenwich village. this is her third pope she would have seen in person. what is it about pope francis that energizes you so much? >> i love his message about the environment. it's the one thing we can all agree on that we want to have a healthy planet and it's truly unifying message. i'm very touched by it. the last 30 years of my professional life i have seen a degradation of the environment and it's certainly something that can unify us to protect the environment. >> obviously, brian, there is a lot of talk about immigration and the pope's position on that.
3:13 pm
there is a family just behind our camera who travelled here from mexico heading down to philadelphia for the festival of families for the weekend and they are very excited and honored to be here. >> thanks. ron is right there on the plaza area in front of the plaza hotel in new york. remember, we will keep an eye peeled for this motorcade as soon as it becomes available and in camera range. as we said the pope we believe will switch out of the fiat sedan and into the modified jeep pope mobile where he is much more visible to the throngs of people who have come out. dr. elizabeth web is with us. think about what that woman from greenwich village said and think about pope pius. this is a woman coming to see the pope because of his stand on the environment. >> it gives us a sense of how
3:14 pm
wide reaching that message is. a certain sense that speech he gave today in congress was like scattering seed. this is a pope i imagine walking around with big bag of seeds and those take you to surprising places. we are watching these little sproutings that come in unexpected voices, unexpected faces but part of the great -- >> we have been told that the crowd will be getting a look at this pope soon. we have also been told we can fit in one more tiny break here before the motorcade comes into our view. as ann thompson pointed out any vehicle coming down fifth avenue will be applauded over the next few minutes. we will show you all of it in its entirety as our live coverage continues. hey i'm here on the red carpet where our next arrival is... whoa! toenail fungus!?
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3:18 pm
pope francis has arrived in new york city. he landed at john f. kennedy airport for a brief time today he was in the hands of american airlines and then he was in the hands of the u.s. marine corps on board that helicopter. now he is in the capable hands in the tiny car of the united states secret service and his vatican security and the nypd. he is in a working motorcade, a closed to press coverage motorcade that will now -- there is our first glimpse coming up fifth avenue. ron mott's location. what are you seeing? just the camera here.
3:19 pm
we have lost correspondent. so that appears to be the first wave of the motorcade. the pope was supposed to change from one vehicle into another at a point in the high 50s before coming down to st. patrick's cathedral. you see the people waiting for him there. judging by the police stance in the intersection they are certainly ready. it would make sense timewise. but in effect the coverage of the motorcade begins on fifth avenue. a lot of city streets already closed off, this confluence of the papal visit at the same time as the united nations general assembly. hotel rooms are in very short supply, all commuters are being
3:20 pm
warned to leave extra time. ups has apologized in advance to customers saying a lot of parcels that were due to arrive late this week are not going to get to their destinations, they simply can't move through the streets of new york. kate snowe is just across. the first vehicles are coming down your way but those are so far just the suvs. we haven't seen the pope at 58th, 59th? >> reporter: no reaction from the crowd here yet. i'm sitting up above on a roof deck here at 30 rock. we are perched above the shot that you keep taking looking down. there are people lined up on both sides of the street. you can see it in the shot there
3:21 pm
waiting desperately for this pope to arrive. you know, earlier you were looking at a picture of the crowd that is just outside the door and you saw a lot of bright florescent vests. those are the workers who have been working doing construction on st. patrick's cathedral until very recently there was a huge effort to renovate and update and clean it on the outside, the exterior and repaired panels and all sorts of things because they knew the world would be watching tonight this vservice in spanis. >> here are the nypd harley davidson motorcycles at the lead of the motorcade. and we are waiting and watching
3:22 pm
for that fiat. chevrolet, chevrolet, chevrolet. and there is the fiat. >> that's him right there! >> that was electric just sampling reaction of one street corner in new york. >> just a wonderful evangelical moment as the pope goes by in this little car and by that gesture he is a genius of the gesture. he preaches the gospel.
3:23 pm
in his wonderful simple indirect way. that was wonderful. >> and look at the people indicative of the population of this city, all kinds of people. people who are casual observers, perhaps walking home from work, the actual workers there who gave us the newly renovated st. patrick's cathedral, the true believeers for whom this trip is the result of days of travel, hours of travel just to get here, just to hope to get a glimpse. takes all kinds and all kinds now line the motorcade route down fifth avenue. again, this is in front of the plaza hotel. beautiful, beautiful night for this to be taking place in new york city. central park across the way. you see the flashing lights in
3:24 pm
the distance so the sight we just saw play out further uptown may be coming their way. and we apologize for all the waiting. somehow it kind of feels like we are standing there with them on this stretch of sidewalk. he is still expected to change vehicles. we just don't know if that is going to take place on camera or not. you would like to get the strobe like contract for new york city. there is senator schumer on the right talking with the governor
3:25 pm
and the mayor. there has been political friction of late between governor cuomo and mayor de blasio, between the state and the city. as we have pointed out during our coverage the pope's visit has a way of evening out differences, bringing people together around a common goal and in this case the visiting pope, you pointed something out during the break that maybe exclusive information for us and that is you know what the pope's first car was. >> yes. i am a person you want on your trivial pursuit team. firstitous was a fiat by the women's association on top of everything else. >> and he did not like it?
3:26 pm
>> he refused to drive it. he was supposed to use it to drive in the gardens. when he saw the black smoke come out he was shocked at the damaging fumes to the environment that he said he would take his walks in the garden and never allow such a thing to enter into his garden. >> is it any wonder that his attitude towards the environment is what it is today and any wonder that some of the people in the crowd have come out to see him because among other issues and other things he has become a champion of the environment to the extent where he has really now twice on american soil made it clear this is a priority? >> very important to point out he is not just being politically trendy but deeply biblical idea. the bible sees human salvation within broader complex. go back to opening chapters of
3:27 pm
genesis it is an environmentally sensitive document aware that all creation comes from god. it's not just a trendy view. it is a biblical view. when burgolio was doctoral student who was a critic. to read some of the texts from the 1920s you'll see what feeds his view now. it's a classically biblical view. >> chris matthews continues to watch along with us in washington. i am guessing there was kind of a heave probably of sadness because this pope lit up that city over the last day. >> right. and dare i ruin the mood of your broadcast by suggesting that this pope is ruling by fiat.
3:28 pm
>> somebody had to say it. >> someone had to do it. looking at the crowd in new york you see the immigrant experience grown up. what diversity of faces in new york. it is a city of entry through ellis island historically and other means people go to new york and become new yorkers and fill up the boroughs with spiciness of those ethnic back grounds. it's amazing. it looks different than a washington audience. it is much more representative of the country i think in terms of our diversity. it is amazingly different looking crowd. i say this is the new york i know from going there. it's great. it's really something. it's powerful. >> different faces than what have been visible in the al smith era. more and more diverse as the years have gone on. >> and it works. >> you can still tell catholic
3:29 pm
school students from their uniforms as we just saw. that's the one unifying feature. what a shot. that is the still empty and vacant converted jeep popemobile. as we have been pointing out bullet proof shield. you see darking green windshield. that is the thickness of the glass yet it is open on the sides the way the pope likes it so there is really nothing between him and the people he is there to see along the route. this is a live picture on the left from further uptown. that is a live picture from 58th. i guess what we are going to see is the transfer from one vehicle to another.
3:30 pm
a lot of anxious people with lapel pins and a lot of strobe lights on big suvs coming downtown. i have never seen the city as buttoned down even given the post 9/11 era as it is this week. i think this is without precedent. never seen this many closed off streets, this many barricades. it is just impossible to pass on some of the side streets. there is the fiat carrying pope francis. pan a little bit to the right.
3:31 pm
it's hard to impress people but he just did. this will be interesting to watch. security the pope will be dismounted here briefly. that is why there is no crowd allowed here.
3:32 pm
there is no pedestrians and you see the high fencing designed by the nypd as it's impossible to scale at least quickly. the pope will come from that back seat into the popemobile for the remainder of the motorcade to st. patrick's. the pope greeting i think that is police commissioner bratten.
3:33 pm
look at the follow on vehicles. you have press corps. you have at least one ambulance. you have vips coming with him, members of the clergy, of course. tons and tons of security. now the pope is visible with the cro crowd. >> riding shotgun as it were. >> there is a big handle bar for
3:34 pm
the pope to steady himself and a white leather seat with the vatican seal on it. how is his spanish? >> it's okay. he had been working on it. curious to see obviously his presence here will effect our country and effect our church, but how the experience will effect the pope. he saw america very much from the outside. first time ever in his life. to see the vibrancy of the american church close up i'm curious to see how it effects
3:35 pm
his own thinking about this country and about the church here. >> i just find myself wanting to book his next trip. i so badly want him to see the grand canyon and california coast line and the badlands and detroit and chicago and florida and new orleans and on and on and on. >> many wonder why he wasn't canonizing junipero serra in california. it's because he was coming for the families. look at the sea of vehicles behind this motorcade. sadly, this is all about the era we live in for a lot of us picture of the assassination of
3:36 pm
john paul ii in a similar though less closely guarded pope mobile is still fresh. and so to be clinical about it these vehicles have to remain close up with him in case a quick get away is required. that's what the suburban with the flag in right of your picture is. that's the role it is meant to have. in rio when the car took the wrong turn. >> what a beautiful shot that is.
3:37 pm
just watching along with you. we hope you are watching this on high definition television set because it's a pretty fantastic picture. the audio issant bad either as new yorkers get their first glimpse and their devices get their first glimpse of pope francis. that says as much about our era right there as any other picture of the day. this is pool television from a vehicle in front, lead vehicle
3:38 pm
really in the motorcade shooting back. usually a flat bed truck you see it there. that's the truck with the satellite dish on top. that's our means of conveyance of the signal. there are the bells. [ church bells ringing ]
3:39 pm
[ church bells ringing ]
3:40 pm
3:41 pm
[ church bells ringing ] [ crowd cheering ]
3:42 pm
[ crowd cheering ] >> we are still here. it's just that we are as spellbound by these pictures and
3:43 pm
these sounds as the rest of you. the man for whom the bells toll is now arriving in front of st. patrick's. he is lit on the vehicle by a strip of led lighting so he really does in white stand out so beautifully. you heard the crowd reaction, the kind of cheers you hear at a springsteen concert or super bowl reserved for this man. >> scheduled to arrive at 6:45. >> this is monsignor richie. there is governor cuomo.
3:44 pm
>> could be pope and governor cuomo talking about the passing of his father. next up is senator schumer. and now mayor de blasio.
3:45 pm
[ crowd cheering ] >> a wave to all the people waiting on the steps, those magnificent steps. that's our building in the background, 30 rockefeller plaza. and i thnk i spotted some major benefactors waiting at the top of the steps.
3:46 pm
let's see here, that is one of the founders of home depot, major donor nyu hospital in new york in the green tie. listen to the sounds of the choir bleeding out into the outside air. press risers there across the street. look at that. ♪
3:47 pm
against the blue of the evening light on 5th avenue light just seems to find this pope. ♪ tell us what we are seeing for noncatholics in our audience. >> blessing and process up the aisle and begin the service. >> just imagine your first visit
3:48 pm
to new york city. ♪ i swear we are not adding this
3:49 pm
sound track. this is the choir. >> last time i saw it it was filled with scaffolding. >> me, too. i have not been in since the scaffolding has been down. ♪ i am convinced chris matthews and i were raised by the same woman. this was my favorite place to light a candle. look at that scene.
3:50 pm
♪ ♪ >> dr. henry kissinger. you were talking about people reaching out to him. >> i have been watching people
3:51 pm
kissing him walking down the aisle. cardinal dolan, tour guide. ♪
3:52 pm
3:53 pm
♪ ♪ describe this? >> he is at the far end of the cathedral. when a pope makes a visit it is typical to visit the blessed sacrament first. ♪
3:54 pm
>> interesting to see some simply bow their heads in his presence. others reach out. >> kiss his hand or embrace him. >> i think it's a wonderful thing almost as if his handshake isn't enough, a feeling that you can get closer to this pope, even the distance of the arm he wants you to bridge it. it's a strengthening effect. >> i think that's exactly what we are seeing in so many people. ♪
3:55 pm
>> typical attire for evening prayer they put on an elaborate decorative cape. >> talk about that. is there a set design? is it likely to have been made for him for his visit? will it be handed off and remain on display here? >> i say that is probably likely that whatever he wears tonight would be preserved.
3:56 pm
i do know his vestments for tomorrow night's mass at madison square garden were being hand sewn in manhattan. i saw an interview with one of the women doing that fine detail work. ♪ ♪ ♪
3:57 pm
♪ >> the staph, the crucifix, is that his? >> i believe it is his. >> we saw it yesterday at the
3:58 pm
catholic university. ♪ the evening prayer service, vespers about to begin. the recently renovated st. patrick's cathedral. it will be time for chris matthews to take our coverage the rest of the way. with our team here on msn brks
3:59 pm
krrcmsnbc. >> we have been watching pope francis inside st. patrick's cathedral. he is holding a vespers service with more than 2,400 clergy. i am joined by former rnc chair who was a seminary yn for several years. this is great stuff. >> this is an ancient tradition within the church. >> for those who are music lovers there is going to be some great bach. we are going to try to not deny you the best of the music and certainly give you the homily of the holy father himself and news making everything he has said in this country has been. here we are in st. patricks which is the main church of our lives. this is the one we went to in
4:00 pm
high school with the national newspaper editors convention as a high school kid. the first thing you do when you get to new york if you are a catholic you check in. >> you go to st. patrick's and bless yourself and you are ready to roll. >> you amaze yourself at the alters. up and down either side are alters. there must be five or ten on each side each with a different saint in his honor. here we go. >>o, god, come to my assist aan in the name of the father, son and holy spirit. >> as it was in the beginning is now and ever shall be.
4:01 pm
♪ ♪
4:02 pm
♪ >> we have george joining us. tell us about vespers and its significance in the church. >> great daily prayers of the church. vespers are evening prayer in the evening. on this day after our jewish fellow country men have just completed the great fast it is worth noting how much of this service is taken from the hebrew bible, from the psalms. after this hymn there will be three different psalms sung, two and one from the new testament. there will be a brief reading
4:03 pm
and response. the pope will preach his homily. then the church sings the prayer of our lady. my soul magnifies the lord, my spirit rejoices in god the savior. and then prayers for the church and the world, a concluding prayer and that will be the end of the service. but it's a real reminder of how much christian worship owes to our jewish brothers and sisters. >> we are looking at this beautiful church right now. it is just something else. it's incredible. all fixed up now in perfect timing for this event.
4:04 pm
♪ ♪ i cry to you lord and you healed me ♪ ♪ i will praise you forever ♪ i cry to you lord and you healed me ♪ ♪ i will praise you forever ♪ i will praise you lord, your have rescued me and not enemies rejoice over me ♪ ♪ lord i cry to you for help and you have healed me ♪ ♪ you have raised my soul from
4:05 pm
the dead ♪ ♪ sing songs to the lord ♪ ♪ give thanks to his holy name ♪ i say to myself in my good fortunate nothing will ever distract me ♪ ♪ ♪ to you lord i cry
4:06 pm
♪ ♪ lord list♪ ♪ ♪ glory to the father and to the son and to the holy spirit ♪
4:07 pm
♪ as it was in the beginning is now and will be forever amen ♪ ♪ i cry to you lord and you healed me ♪ ♪ i will praise you forever
4:08 pm
♪ ♪
4:09 pm
♪ ♪
4:10 pm
♪ ♪ ♪
4:11 pm
♪ ♪ ♪
4:12 pm
♪ the father has given christ the power, honor ♪ ♪ all people will obey him
4:13 pm
♪ the father has given christ the power, honor ♪ ♪ all people will obey him ♪ we praise you the lord ♪
4:14 pm
4:15 pm
♪ ♪ as it was in the beginning is now and will be forever amen ♪ ♪ father has given christ the power, honor ♪ ♪ all people will obey him in this you rejoice although for a little while you may have to suffer through various trials
4:16 pm
so that the genuineness of your faith may prove to be for praise, glory and honor at the revelation of jesus christ. although you have not seen him you love him. even though you do not see him now yet believe in him. you rejoice with an indescribable and glorious joy as you obtain the goal of your faith, the salvation of your souls.
4:17 pm
>> i have two feelings for my islamic brothers and sisters.
4:18 pm
first, i recognize that today is the day of sacrifice. >> my greetings as they celebrate the feast of sacrifice. >> and i wish i could make this warmer, this greeting to be warm er. but i am close and my sentiments are close. i am thinking of them. i am close to them in the face of tragedy.
4:19 pm
in this moment i give assurances of my prayers. i unite myself with you all, prayer to all mighty god, all merciful.
4:20 pm
the sacrifices of many men and women is a symbol of the work of generations of american priests and religious and lay faithful who helped build up the church in the united states. many priests and religious in this country that have not only in education but in other areas
4:21 pm
have had a central role assisting parents in handing down to their children the food that neourishes them for life. many did so at the cost of extraordinary sacrifice and with heroic charity. i think, for example, of saint elizabeth ann seton who founded the first free catholic school for girls in the united states or in st. john newman, the founder of the first system of catholic education in this country. this evening my brothers and sisters i have come to join you
4:22 pm
in prayer that our vocations as priests will continue to build up the great edifice of god's kingdom in this country. i know that as the presbyteriat you have suffered greatly in the not distant past of having to bear the shame of some of your brothers, brothers who have harmed and scandalized the church in the most vulnerable of her members. in the words of the book of
4:23 pm
revelation, i know well that you have come forth from the great tribulation. and i accompany you at this time of pain and difficulty and i thank god for your faithful service to his people. doing so in the hope of helping you to preserve on the path of fidelity to jesus christ. and i would like to offer two brief reflections. the first concern is of the spirit of gratitude, the joy of men and women who love god attracts others to him.
4:24 pm
priests and religious are called to find and radiate the lasting satisfaction in their vocation. joy springs from a grateful heart. truly we have received much, so many graces, so many blessings. and in this we rejoice. it will do us good to think back on our lives with the grace of remembrance. remembrance of when we were first called. remembrance of the road travelled. remembrance of graces received.
4:25 pm
and above all remembrance of our encounter with jesus christ so often along the way. remembrance of the amazement which our encounter with jesus christ has awakened in our hearts. sisters, brothers, priests and religious to seek the grace of remembrance so as to grow in the spirit of gratitude, perhaps we need to ask ourselves are we capable of counting our blessings? or have i forgotten them?
4:26 pm
a second area is the spirit of hard work. the grateful heart is spontaneously impelled to serve the lord and to find expression in a life of commitment to our wo work. once we realize how much god has given us we learn that a life of sacrifice, of working for him and for others becomes a privileged way, a privileged way of responding to his great love. yet if we are honest we must recognize how easily this spirit
4:27 pm
of generous self sacrifice can be dampened. there are a couple of ways that this can happen and both are examples of the spiritual worldliness which weakens our commitment to serve as dedicated men and women and it diminishes the wonder of our first encounter with christ. we can get caught up in measuring the value of our apostolic works by the standards of efficiency, good management
4:28 pm
and outward success which govern the business world. not that these things are unimportant, of course, bought we have been entrusted with a great responsibility and this is why god's people rightly expect accountability from us. but the true worth of our apostolate is measured by the value it has in god's eyes to see and evaluate things from god's perspective calls for constant conversion in the first days and years of our vocation and, need i say, it demands great humility.
4:29 pm
the cross shows us a different way of measuring success. ours is to plant the seeds. god sees to the fruits of our labors. and if at times our efforts and works seem to fail and not produce fruit, we need to remember that we are followers of jesus christ and his life humanly speaking ended in failure, the failure of the cross. another danger, another danger emerges when we become jealous
4:30 pm
of our free time, when we think that worldly comforts help us to serve better. the problem with this way of reasoning is that it can blunt the power of god's daily call to conversion to encounter with him. slowly but surely it diminishes our spirit of sacrifice, our spirit of renunciation and our spirit of hard work. it also alienates people who suffer material poverty and who are forced to make greater sacrifices than those that we make ourselves.
4:31 pm
rest is needed. as are moments of leisure and self enrichment. but we need to learn to rest in a way that deepens our desire to serve with generosity. closeness to the poor, the refugee, the immigrant, the sick, the exploited, the elderly living alone, prisoners and all god's other poor will teach us a different way of resting one which is more christian and
4:32 pm
generous. gratitude and hard work, these are two pillars of the spiritual life which i have wanted to share with you this evening. with you, the priests and religious men and women this afternoon. i thank you for your prayers and your work and for the daily sacrifices that you make in the various areas of your apostolate. many of these are known only to god, but they bear rich fruit for the life of the church.
4:33 pm
i would especially like to thank and express my esteem and gratitude to the religious women of the united states. [ applause ] what would the church be without you, women's strength, fighters with that spirit of courage which puts you on the front lines in the proclamation of the
4:34 pm
gospel? to you religious women, sisters and mothers of this people i wish to say thank you. [ applause ] a big thank you. i tell you that i love you very much. [ applause ] i know, i know that many of you are on the front lines in
4:35 pm
meeting the challenges of adapting to an evolving pastoral landscape like st. peter i ask you that regardless of the difficulties and trials you face, be at peace and respond to them as christ did. he gave thanks to the father, took up his cross and looked forward. [ applause ] dear brothers and sisters, in a few moments we will sing. let us commend to our lady the work we have been entrusted to do. let us join her in thanking god
4:36 pm
for the great things he has done. and for the great things he will continue to do in us and in those whom we have the privilege to serve. [ applause ] >> we want to take this opportunity to talk about holy
4:37 pm
father was addressing there. monsignor you run catholic charities in washington. when he talks about the work of the church and the nuns which has been overlooked the last few days tell us about the work. >> it was beautiful to see how the sisters were a part. >> back row. >> they were applauded for what they do. it was spontaneous. he challenged the priests saying leisure, need time for that. don't get caught up in material things and things that knock us off track. he said the ministry is taking care of the orphan, immigrant, poor and those in need, the homeless. that is what we do at catholic charities every day. to hear him say that preaches to me about what we are trying to accomplish. >> you don't need it because i know the work you do. talk about the work you do with addicts. i know the work people have become alcoholics and how you i went down there and saw how you
4:38 pm
put them back on their feet. >> special program over at 801 east. about 50 men right there right now who are in recovery. they can't stay if they start drinking or doing drugs again. they want to do a difference. one by one, two by two, three by three we make progress with them and the key is to get them off the drugs and get them a job. that's what happens to many, many, many men and women every single year. it's really where they are. >> meet them where they are. >> that's one of the things that is not very much appreciated by a lot of folks particularly those in public service, the role that catholic charities plays in a city, county and state is enormously important because if the day ever came, god forbid, where father said we are not doing this anymore guess what would happen? a lot of good people who need services would fall off the grid. so catholic charities plays this
4:39 pm
important role of solidifying the community and bringing us all into awareness that we have the least among us and here is how we can help them. that is what the pope was saying here and the last few days here in washington. >> you feed a lot of people. >> 4.2 million people. >> in d.c.? >> that's not nationally. >> that would be our homeless shelters, programs in a couple different wards, our food -- >> you don't discriminate. >> never a question about what their faith is. only question is how can we help you? >> help us about how it all fits together, the prolife view of the church and the way it treats people throughout their lives who have needs. >> it is exactly the point that the holy father made in congress today. if i'm right, if my memory is right it got the biggest applause line. the church teaches the dignity of human life at every stage of
4:40 pm
existence and every condition of existence. i think the pope was also stressing tonight that all of us need to reexamine the freneticness of 21st century life. what he said it applies to all of us. i think this is an insight he has into our cultural situation that we should pay some attention to. 21st century life is getting pretty fragmented, pretty isolated and he is calling us to a deeper sense of solidarity, a deeper sense of calm in our lives and that's a good thing it seems to me. >> i think we will remember those religious women in the last row there expressing themselves. they wanted some attention and the pope gave them that.
4:41 pm
let's get back to the vespers. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ he has mercy on those who hear
4:42 pm
him ♪ ♪ in every generation ♪ ♪ ♪
4:43 pm
♪ glory to the father and to the son and to the holy spirit ♪ ♪ as it was in the beginning is now and will be forever amen ♪ ♪
4:44 pm
our hope is in god who gives us help. let us call upon him and say. >> lord, our god, you made an eternal covenant with your people. keep us ever mindful of your mighty deeds. let us pray to the lord. ♪ ♪ lord hear our prayer
4:45 pm
♪ lord hear our prayer ♪ >> let your ordained ministers grow towards perfect love and preserve your faithful people in unity by the bond of peace. let us pray to the lord. ♪ ♪ lord hear our prayer
4:46 pm
>> be with us in our work in building the earthly city that inuilding we may not labor in vein. let us pray to the lord. ♪ lord hear our prayer >> send workers into your vineyard and glorify your name among the nations. let us pray to the lord. ♪ lord hear our prayer
4:47 pm
>> please welcome into the company of our saints the relatives and benefactors who have died. let us pray to the lord. ♪ lord hear our prayer ♪
4:48 pm
♪ >> father, bring the dawn to scatter darkness.
4:49 pm
let us pass night safety free from satan's power and rise when morning comes to give you thanks and praise. we ask this through our lord jesus christ, your son who lives and reigns with you and the holy spirit, one god forever and ever. >> amen. >> welcome
4:50 pm
[ applause ] once you entered those famous doors on fifth avenue, you became an official new yorker. [ applause ] but you already had a home in our hearts and souls. this great cathedral is in the
4:51 pm
middle of midtown manhattan. geographically and spiritually, we are here in the heart of new york city. new yorkers and people from all over the world come to st. patrick's cathedral to pray, to cry, to rejoice, to sense god's love and grace and mercy and the mass and the sacraments, and this evening our bishops, our priests and deacons and seminarians, religious sisters and brothers, our wonderful lay leaders, our civic officials, our friends and neighbors have come to pray with you and for you. [ speaking foreign language ]
4:52 pm
dorothy gray y thomas meriton. [ applause ] now, for the past three years we have all worked very hard to repair and renew and restore our beloved st. patrick's cathedral. thanks to the workers whom you saw outside and to the extraordinary generosity and leadership of so many people here. we have seen this repair and restoration as an invitation from jesus to the spiritual renewal of ourselves and his church as you have asked. your presence this happy evening renews all of us and provides a special blessing to all our work for this cathedral we so love. and now we ask you holy father at the end of this vespers to
4:53 pm
bless our repaired cathedral. thank you for stopping by. come back soon. [ applause ] [ applause ] >> lord, bless this church which we have been privileged to build with your hand.
4:54 pm
may all who are here in faith to listen to your word and celebrate your sacraments, experience the presence of christ to be with those -- forever and ever. >> mean. bless ee ed blessed. >> blessed be the name of the lord. our help is in the name of the lord. may almighty god bless you. the father and the son and the
4:55 pm
holy spirit. >> amen. >> go in peace. ♪ ♪ ♪
4:56 pm
♪ ♪ >> we're back with monsignor john ensler who heads catholic charities in washington, d.c. p and also michael castille, former chair of the rnc. tell us how this pageantry, this
4:57 pm
once-in-a-lifetime event fits into the daily work of the catholic church. to you first, monsine yor. >> the church is pretty gat ritual. it's even better at doing service. we do it once a week or twice a week at big churches. but the real work of the church is as the pope said go out in the streets and make the difference. your work i think takes place in shelters, on the streets, in homes for people who need a place to live. it takes place in front of people who are most in need. the ritual's great, and i love the ritual but that's not the church. that's just a celebration. >> it seems like we're trying to get back in the catholic church to a bit of a reformation in the sense of -- start with the archbishop from boston. getting rid of the big fancy stuff. >> yeah. i think it really is a call to its simplicity. the simplicity of living -- >> the fiat. >> right. the fiat. what a perfect contrast, these big bulky suvs and then the fiat. and it is a contrast that this pope is setting up for the world to see and experience because
4:58 pm
it's a reminder of who we are ultimately in the eyes of god. we are simple. we are measured by what we do for each other, and that calling is a special gift that the church reminds us of through ritual. but also through what father enzler and catholic charities does every day raenk out , reac people, helping, healing. >> the difference between this city, which thinks it's a big shot, but in new york it really acts like it. monsignor, this is big new york talking here. you saw senator schumer there, de blasio the mayor. the governor, governor cuomo, all right out there in front of that church being very political. >> it's a little different. it's not the same here in washington. we're much more interested in -- we saw the ritual of course but really how could we be a church, a community of believers? our parishes are important to us, real important. we don't have quite the same pageantry. >> in new york it's got this sort of -- you see mostly
4:59 pm
catholics today but the events i've been to up there, a lot of jewish guys, big business guys, political guys. and michael, it seems to be part of the new york tradition to have a big catholic event at st. patrick's that everybody's part of. >> that everybody's a part of. and it is that drawing center where people come and they experience the teachings, the faith, the ritual of the church. and what i love about, particularly this pope, is he imparts a little of that to us. he gives it back to us in a way that says all these things are fun but at the end of the day it's what you're going to do to help others. >> i should say that when you visit new york, i've been saying this about our town, monsignor, and our town, michael, but when you go to new york whatever your religion is if you're a lapsed catholic especially, you ought to go to st. patrick's. >> no question. >> give yourself 15, 20 minutes or a half hour and just save one part of the day of getting away from the commerce and the money and the racing around, i'm going to go to this beautiful place. >> magnificent. >> feel the spirituality of this big wonderful building. >> absolutely. >> i salute the nuns who stood
5:00 pm
up in the back row. they were there. finally we heard from them. i'm sure -- i think he heard them. i think the pope heard them. michael steele, sir. thank you. monsignor john enzler. you do so much great work for this city. and george weigel, who has been our intellectual leader and spiritual leader all these days and will continue over the next two days to do that. anyway, we continue now with "all in" with chris hayes. all right. i'm chris hayes here in new york city, as we watch live coverage of the pope, who's just across the street here in st. patrick's cathedral in new york. his first stop in this city on a three-day tour through the united states. he's just concluding a vespers service. vespers from the latin evening, for evening prayer service. thanks is given for the day that has fallen and prepare for the day ahead. the pope did say a few words in


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