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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  September 28, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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same time lowering rates for the highest earners. the mars break through, nasa announces the startling discovery of liquid water on the red planet. could it exist there now? we begin this afternoon with a very busy opening day at the 70th annual session of the united nations general assembly and focusing on the dire situation in syria. president obama will hold a high-stakes meeting with russian president vladimir putin, it is the first in over two years. and we have already gotten some insight into how tense that meeting might be. both president obama and putin addressing the general assembly earlier today at the u.n. and president obama spoke first with a hard line against syrian president bashar al assad. >> nowhere is our commitment to international order more tested than in syria. when a dictator slaughters tens
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of thousands of his own people that is not just a matter of one in addition's internal affairs. it breeds human suffering on an order of magnitude that affects us all. likewise, when a terrorist group beheads captives, slaughters the innocent and enslaves women, that's not a single nation's national security problem. that is an assault on all our humanity. >> but then take a listen to this. an hour and a half later there's russian president vladimir putin voicing strong support for assad's government, a government russia is supporting militarily and a first address in a decade, the russian president defended their commitment to syria. >> translator: pressure is fighting against terrorism and we provide assistance both to iraq and syria and other countries in the region fighting
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groups. we think it is an enormous mistake to refuse to cooperate with the syrian government and armed forces fighting terrorism face to face. we should finally acknowledge that no one but president assad's armed forces and militia are truly fighting the islamic state and other terrorists organizations in syria. >> the white house and the kremlin publicly debating the details of today. the white house said that the talks focus on ukraine and the kremlin said syria and isis. later the obama administration confirmed syria will be high on the agenda. let's bring in chris j ansing and ayman mohyeldin. both of you here in new york. love that. chris, let me start with you. what's the white house saying as we get closer and closer to this
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key meeting this afternoon? >> this is a global head fake and putin is pulling it off. the white house doesn't like it, having to deal with it. what has happened is the night before vladimir putin is going to speak before the u.n. as you pointed out, not shown up in ten years. he comes here and he says i've put together this coalition that's going to fight isis. never mind that for the last year the coalition that was put together by the united states has been fighting this war against isis. and then, he's 20 minutes late for a lunch, shows up and been i can moon is already -- ban ki-moon is already speaking. they're separated. they clink glasses but you can see by the look on the president's face he isn't very happy with the situation and both basically talk tough about each other and about their positions, but this did two things. one, it did what putin wanted it to do, taken some attention off the president to focus on and
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the situation in ukraine. and the second thing that it did is it exposed this chasm between these two sides and syria because mr. putin said we need assad in place to fight isis. the president is exactly and the united states on this completedy different page. >> it looks like they couldn't be further apart on the issue and saying exactly the opposite thing in front of the u.n. today. is there a way to find common grund? >> directly at this stage is very unlikely. there's a major difference of opinion. the isis terrorist group is no doubt the threat posed to syria by its force and what they're doing on the ground. the united states and russia disagree fundamentally who to go after first. the arab countries in the region, turkey, believes that the central problem to all of what is happening inside syria at the center of it is the assad regime. without them, the barrel bombs, forcing thousands to flee, you
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don't have the refugee crisis on the same scale, isis being able to recruit on the same scale and take territory on the same scale. russia doesn't see it that way. they see the regime as an ally because they're the only one with forces on the ground to move in and fight isis on the ground. it's not happening. the regime is not fighting isis. they're still bombing the moderate so-called moderate areas held by the rebels. >> yesterday, chris, we learned that russia announces that they have an intelligence sharing deal between syria, russia, iran and iraq. no u.s. in that deal. and the u.s. didn't know about it. >> and what we heard today from the deputy national security adviser ben rhodes is, well, this isn't operational we him saying this is what we have going on. but again, it is just another part of this incredible chess game that vladimir putin has come in and done and let's look at a little bit of history. he's done this before. you know? when this all first started,
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when we saw that the gas was being used against, you know, assad using it against his own people, then -- >> the red line -- >> -- then the president drew a red line and putin said i'll be the savior of this and doing the same thing with isis. >> and that's the biggest point that you hear people in the region diplomats complaining about. not necessarily the u.s. is doing to solve the problem. it's what the u.s. is going to try to contain or prevent russia being the main player in this conflict. that isn't happening from the united states right now. that's the criticism you're hearing from a lot of arab diplomats this week. >> putin on "60 minutes" and i want to play a clip of the relationship with president obama. >> translator: i think we listen to each other in a way. especially when it comes to something that doesn't go counter to our own ideas about what we should and should not do. >> do you think he considers russia? he said you're not a superpower.
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considers russia an equal and you an equal which is the way you want to be treated? >> well, you ask him. he's your president. how could i know what he thinks? >> i find myself thinking of "house of cards" this season. >> was there a little bit of sarcasm in there maybe? >> there was a russian hollywood fictional character came in and the president couldn't get on -- seems like on a personal level, chris, there's not a lot of warmth. >> frosty. what the white house likes to say, official, business-like relationship, doesn't look like any business relationship that i've seen that is in any way productive. having said this, why do you meet with the guy and give him credibility? what he wants, respect. right? that's why he's coming here and doing what he wants. he wants russia, himself to be shown respect.
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the white house position is, first of all, they did give him a little bit of props. he was a key player in the iranian nuclear negotiation. they have acknowledged that and said consistently not just with putin but others is that you can't just negotiate with your friends. you have to negotiate with your enemies and that sometimes things can come out of having these conversations even with people who you seem to be on the opposite side of the world from metaphorically speaking and going into the meeting believes there's the potential for something to be done even as the world is watching, seeing what they both said today and seeing the body language and questioning whether that's possible. >> take another step back for us, ayman. in the region, what does it look like right now? do other countries in the region want putin in there? what's the sense? >> nobody is questioning america's supremacy in the region. the question is willpower. russia is not going to be filling in any kind of vacuums
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economically, politically, d diplomatical diplomatically. but what it is doing is seizing an opportunity where the u.s. is not acting out. and in doing so, they're able to reinforce their bigger aspirations. trying to show the u.s. that, despite the sanctions of the u.s. on russia and the problems as a result of crimea, russia is capable of acting out in the region and the middle east. the new jersey crefugee crisis slowing down. some are frustrated by the united states not leading this no-fly zone over syria. that's a central demand of a lot of these countries. they want a no-fly zone to be able to neutralize the assad regime and bring in their eyes assad and the russians to the negotiating table to try to come to a political agreement. right now, the momentum is with the assad regime backed by russia. and the iranians and nobody's trying to that stop. >> what people are watching for now is to sort of hear what mr.
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obama has to say about hearing from david cameron suggesting maybe in a traditional government, if assad could stay frnd for a little while. >> this bombs another sort of very complex part of this whole puzzle. >> a three dimensional game of chess. we'll be back on the story in a couple of hours. coming 7, donald trump reveals the tax plan. cut taxes for america's richest and poorest without putting the u.s. deeper in debt. will that work and how? and the investigation into a fatal duck boat crash in seattle. the ntsb revealing the boat didn't have a recommended fix to a part. seattle's mayor joins me ahead. amazing discovery on mars. could it mean life may exist on the red planet? ot a job as a developer! its official, i work for ge!! what? wow... yeah!
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assailed for a lack of policy specifics in the campaign to date. today gop front-runner donald trump unveiled the new tax plan and new york city headquarters. a plan that would eliminate all income taxes for america's poorest earners and lowering rates for those at the top. >> providing major tax relief for middle income and for most other americans. there will be a major tax reducti reduction. it will be simple. it will be easy. it will be fair. it's graduated. as you get up in income, you pay a little more. >> trump's plan would cons consolidate into four tax brackets. it would also lower the tax rate for the rich who pay 39% of
12:15 pm
their money to uncle sam. it would go down to 25%. trump would also lowering the corporate tax rate to 15% and eliminate the estate tax. >> all of this does not add to our debt or our deficit. we're reducing taxes but at the same time if i win, if i become president, we will be able to cut so much money. there is so much waste in government that i believe when i get there i'll be able to cut without losing anything to cut tremendous amounts. we'll be balancing bugts and getting them where they should be. >> joining me now from outside trump tower here in new york city, msnbc political correspondent kasie hunt. he certainly sold it hard. the campaign must think that this is a winning plan for them. >> reporter: kate, good afternoon. it seems like we're seeing the
12:16 pm
next step in the evolution of or toward conventional political candidate donald trump. this is his tax plan here. it's the most detailed of the plans put forth so far. the other of immigration and of course gun rights. he stood in front of a chart today, at trump tower today introducing this plan. but as you said, the devil is still in the details and there are some examples throughout here and seeing he's trying to outdo potentially jeb bush and marco rubio, giving tax breaks or to either corporations or to regular americans. he'd lower that corporate rate further than both bush and rubio and claims that the plan would be revenue neutral and not cost the government any money. both bush and rubio's plans cost in the neighborhood of $3.4 trillion scoring it in a certain way over the course of 10 years. trump says that he would reduce or eliminate most deductions and loopholes for the very rich and
12:17 pm
ultimately the government wouldn't have to pay more money under the republican and doesn't specify what those would be and one thing to propose eliminate is e skate tax, a very expensive thing to eliminate and one hand stood at the podium saying i'm going to tell you i'm raising my own taxes. he, of course, would be saving his children a lot of money as they and the in inherit quite a bit from his fortune, kate. >> and, has any other campaign reacted yet or said what they make of this plan? >> reporter: at this point, we are still waiting on many of the tax experts and exiconomists to come back to give us the detail to get a sense of it. we saw rubio try to take a step back from fighting with donald trump and in some ways this is territory that is a lot more familiar to the other candidates to be on opposed to the way trump has typically gone after them. >> okay. kasie hunt, thanks so much. let's turn to steve kornacki
12:18 pm
joining me. hi. >> how are you doing? >> nice to see you again. let's talk about the plan and the politics. we can put up on the screen the basics of the trump plan and talking about no income tax for any single person earning less than $25,000. four income tax brackets created. lower corporate income taxes down to 15% and top tier from what is now 39.6% down to 25%. so the people at the very top and the very bottom if i have this right are both going to be seeing a pretty significant tax cut. >> yeah. i think this is what's interesting on this is the run-up to this. if you listened to donald trump in speeches and debates when the subject of taxes came up, he was striking a much more pop list tone than any other candidate and republican last few years and some expectation he would go
12:19 pm
republicans haven't before and in materials of specifying the rich pay more and there's a big giveaway to the rich with the estate tax and the totality of the plan, this is really a republican establishment tax plan. this is -- with one exception here dealing with carried interest and has to do with hedge fund people. >> you lost me. >> this is a very conventional tax republican and in terms of reaction, the most significant thing today from glover norquist and runs americans for tax reform and for a generation now the enforcer of conservative anti-tax orthodoxy and the reaction is, quote, trump's plan is certainly consistent with my taxpayer protection pledge and he is getting the goodhousekeeping seal of approval here from the anti-tax leader in the republican party and read this plan on donald trump's part as a step toward the republican establishment. >> you brought up the "p" word populist.
12:20 pm
he was asked if he's a populist. >> i'm a man of great common sense. i'm a man that's built a tremendous company with the best locations in real estate, the best everything. i have done a good job but i wouldn't say populist at all. i'm a man of common sense. >> he has ridden a populist wave to 20%, 25%. where you want to put him in the polls right now and seems at least for the moment to have hit a ceiling and so the next challenge for donald trump is if you're at 21%, 22% and you want to win the nomination, you have got to grow it further and may reach a point where the outrageous rhetoric with graham's cell phone and that can get you to 20%, 25%. he's got to make the republican establishment, he's gt to make some members of the republican establishment comfortable with the idea that this guy could be their leader. he's got to make gestures towards them he is not going to be somebody completely outside
12:21 pm
of -- somebody they can't have a dealing with, can't do any kind of business with and this tax plan today tells a significant, powerful force in the party, i'm on the same page as you guys. >> you have ben carson right there in the latest poll. one point behind trump. give us the quick what do we need to know on a monday afternoon? there they are. 52% and that's the number i look at. carson, rubio, fiorina. the longer they're above 50%, more than half of republicans saying they want one of them instead of bush or somebody like that, that's significant. below 50%, the establishment is winning and the f that number above 50%, that's a very, very angry elect rat. >> thanks so much. >> sure. coming up, joyce mitchell, the woman who helped two convicts escape from prison has a day in court today. details on the sentence. plus, ben carson says money
12:22 pm
is pouring in amid the backlash over his comments about a muslim in the white house. new questions for hillary clinton as the democratic hopeful acknowledges the e-mail scandal isn't going away. chuck todd joins us with a premu of part 2 of his hillary clinton interview and a preview of his new show here on msnbc ahead.
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♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ former prison worker joyce mitchell is sentenced to up to seven years behind bars for her role in helping two inmates escape from an upstate new york prison. in court this morning, mitchell said she was in over her head helping matt and sweat escape a maximum prison back in june. ron mott is in new york with more. she was given what the judge called an indeterminant sentence. what does that mean? >> reporter: sure. what this means is basically the
12:26 pm
board of parole will determine how much time she spends in prison. the judge agreed with the plea agreement and serving a minimum of 27 months in prison to a maximum of 84 months. that's 7 years and now up to the parole board to decide when she actually gets out. factors to consider is behavior behind bars and how well she's cooperating with the conditions including cooperating with the authorities and continuing investigations. her legal woes aren't necessarily done. she's got to be back here in court in early november for a restitution hearing. the state's trying to recoupe nearly $120,000 of damage by the inmates breaking out of the correctional facility. they may go after joyce mitchell for some or all of that and david sweat and the inmate captured alive. richard matt wusz killed, of course. joyce mitchell did apologize to the familiies of the law enforcement officers, thousands of people who looked for them and said she is sorry for what
12:27 pm
she did and if she could take it back, she would. >> thank you. coming up, donald trump attacked marr eed marco rubio a. and new questions for hillary clinton regarding her e-mails. chuck todd has more on this and some new polling on 2016. plus, could there be life on mars? a stunning announcement from nasa today about the red planet. . and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit
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can a a subconscious. mind? a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive? while he was unveiling the tax plan today in new york city, donald trump took a swipe at the most pop tartar get recently, florida senator rubio. >> look. senator rubio is a lightweight. we understand that. he wouldn't be able to do this. he wouldn't know a trade deal from any other deal. >> i'm joined by nbc's halle jackson on the campaign trail with the senator in florida.
12:31 pm
he seems to be giving it back at this point, though, right? >> reporter: yeah. he has been, kate. what you might call a strategy of maybe engage, non-engagement. he was talking an the radio, asked about trump, he didn't want to talk about it but next breath called the campaign a freak show so the two have been trading barbs for a week or so. most notably, earlier in the week, when rubio slammed trump, this was the end of last week on kentucky sports radio saying he's insecure. not well informed on the issues. why is this feud escalating, kate, you might ask? part of it is because of how well rubio is doing in recent polls. newest nbc news poll shows he is pulling even with the so-called outsider candidates. he's tied with carly fiorina in third place, just behind donald trump and ben carson. trump may be feeling the heat of rubio and why you are seeing him attack him as he did today as
12:32 pm
you mentioned. one of the key things we might hear from rubio today at this campaign event here in the villages in florida, this is a friendly crowd, it's in his home state, expecting upwards of 400 room and the overflow room is full back here, we'll see if he talks about the tax plan released months ago and working on the tax plan with senator lee. obviously a key part of the campaign, as well. i'm talking with economists today and they're agreeing that one of the biggest differences of trump's tax republican and rubio's is this idea of credits for middle income families and child tax credits so we'll see if rubio brings this up as a distinction of the campaign and donald trump's. kate? >> thanks so much. keeping an eye on that. later this afternoon, a brand new show here on msnbc featuring hillary clinton's sit-down with the second part of the interview with nbc's chuck todd. first part airing sunday,
12:33 pm
clinton addressed the e-mail controversy that dogged her campaign. >> well, it is like a drip, drip, drip. that's why i said there's only so much i can control but what i have tried to do in explaining this is to provide more transparency and more information than anybody that i'm aware of when's ever served in the government and i'm happy to do that because i want the questions to be answered. >> compounding things for clinton today, cnn which will host the first democratic debate on october 13th announced that it would allow vice president joe biden to participate in that debate provided he files a statement of candidacy by the day of the debate. it all comes as the latest nbc news/"wall street journal" national poll shows clinton leading the field by 7 points over bernie sanders, down from the 34-point lead held as recently as july. i'm joined by the most of "mtp daily" what an hour and a half from now? >> suddenly, yeah. i was going to say oh my gosh, i
12:34 pm
have to hurry up and go see kate. >> get ready for your show. thanks for taking time out to sit here with us for a second. i want to know, at 5:00 eastern time, and an hour and a half when you go on with the second part of your talk with hillary clinton, can you give us some insight into it? >> we start with syria, and libya. so in many ways, you know, i don't want to say that we didn't plan on making syria the first question of part two of this interview but it is and it is where we focus and what is her philosophy. this is different. we spent time on the e-mails. today it is about half foreign and domestic policy and what's interesting and a teaser about it is that hillary, she does not disagree with the notion that this policy is a failure and somebody that wanted to see even more -- more moderates trained sooner and she was an advocate of the policy and this policy isn't working. now, she's not ready to say that
12:35 pm
the policy. she acknowledges that it's not working now. >> can i go back to the poll for a second, chuck? we were looking at clinton leading still to be fair by 7 points and down from that huge lead she had in june and joe biden with 17%. two weeks away from the democratic debate and two weeks from tomorrow? >> when's fascinating is this is the clearest example yet with two sets of numbers. joe biden is a, you know, joe biden must be the best thing to happen -- there she is with the progressive left all to himself. but when you go deeper in the poll, by the way, we will have more on the poll both at 5:00 and at 6:30 on nightly news tonight and hillary clinton, you know, is in donald trump territory with negative ratings. and that's -- that's not got to be of danger. this e-mail story, you can see it. it is just taken such a toll on
12:36 pm
her numbers. she was a net positive three months ago and now a knelt negative. >> you sat with her. did you get the sense of a nervousness or snot. >> not a nervousness but i would say a resolve that she has to deal with this differently is probably the best way of describing it. you covered her extensive eight years ago. >> 2008. attached at the hip. a whole other lifetime. >> there's different modes she gets in. she wasn't defensive. she was like, okay, i've got to do this. and i can't complain about it. >> switch to the republicans quickly. i want to ask you about that poll, too. trump up by 1 point over carson. >> sure. >> he is fund raising now off the remarks he made to you on "meet the press" last weekend about muslims. >> look. i don't -- you know, that's a part of this and i think the same thing applies of carly fiorina and the planned parenthood dust-up and which is that, you know, maybe it's alienating the middle and not hurting them with a portion of
12:37 pm
the primary base and does it put a ceiling on your ability to expand your vote? one little notion by the way just to -- everybody's looking at the poll going, is trump losing altitude? we have a tighter screen on republican primary voters than any other poll. we -- >> what does that mean? >> this mean that is a lot of other national polls including a lot of republican leaning independents who will never vote if in a primary. ironically, the trump numbers went up and not down. he was at 19 and now 21. yes, carson surged, fiorina surged and rubio surged. those are all important stories. but you cannot sit here and say that trump faded. >> we have not been talking about jeb bush and maybe we should be. >> i think jeb bush would like us to be. that's a problem for him. >> how big? >> no one's talking about the story of "washington post," a lot of blind quotes of big donors, important parts of the
12:38 pm
establishment essentially sent a warning shot to the bush campaign. get your campaign together or we may start going to rubio. it is -- there is a school of thought inside the republican supporter world that basically jeb and rubio are going after the same supporters, same do nors. >> same home state. >> the same basically home county. same political base in many ways and all of a sudden a bunch of people who are out of loyalty and thought maybe that jeb would be a better president with jeb and nervous he can't win and then the second choice is always rubio. this is -- it was a shot across the bow at the campaign. hey, get it together. we're watching and maybe you only have a month or so to get it together. >> before you go, prep. anything else to look for at 5:00 tonight? >> well, no. we've got it all covered. how's that? no. it is good. it is what i promise. you have been working hard. this is a pretty exciting time
12:39 pm
in this building. >> we have been joking all day about now there's water on mars? are you kidding me? how many more news stories can there be in one day? i know you have politics covered wall to wall. >> i won't ignore the water. you know, cats and dogs living together. putin and obama and now water on mars. hey. >> plenty to talk about chuck todd, thank you as always. >> thank you. >> once again, don't miss the debut it is at 5:00 p.m. here. keep the tv on for a next hour and 20 minutes. up next, new details about the fatal duck boat in seattle. could it have been avoided in seattle mayor joins us to discuss that. a live look at the united nations where raul castro is about to take the world stage. his-ever speech in front of the general assembly. way i see it, you have two choices; the easy way or the hard way. you could choose a card that limits where you earn bonus cash back. or, you could make things easier on yourself.
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12:43 pm
the tour company involved in last week's deadly duck boat accident in seattle as a fifth victim of the accident has died. the 20-year-old woman was an international student at north seattle college. the ntsb also says the boat, the duck, did not have an axle repair that was recommended back in 2013. it's not clear whether the company that owns the vehicle was aware of the warning. joining us now is seattle's mayor ed murray. mr. mayor, thank you for being with us. i'm sorry about the tragedy you've had to endure. >> i can't hear her. >> you can't hear me? can you hear me now? >> yes. >> i think we are having -- can you hear me now? >> yes. >> i was just saying our condolences on what is just been a terrible tragedy for your city and i wonder about the duck, the report that came out over the weekend, the national transportation safety board saying there was an axle that hadn't been repaired.
12:44 pm
what can you tell us about that and why was it allowed to be out on your streets if it hadn't been repaired? >> so the ntsb is doing a yearlong investigation of this incredibly tragic accident. they're looking at and found early indication that is there was a problem with this vehicle. these vehicles are regulated by the state, not by the city. the governor and i have spoken. we talked to the utility commission that regulates them. they're in the process of ordering them off the roads. and the company has voluntarily agreed until we can get to the bottom of what caused this, this tragedy. >> is that only in seattle to be clear or could this have an impact on cities? there are ducks in cities all over the country. >> i can't answer that. i would refer you to the national transportation safety board for this. >> in terms of how to keep your city safe an and avoid the scenes of the left side of the screen there, a horrific accident scene, what are you
12:45 pm
learning from what happened? >> we are trying to understand several things. were there problems with the two vehicles involved? are there problems with the structure? is there something with the bridge to look at? we'll look at this, in detail. we'll try to figure out what went wrong and prevent it from happening again. it is as i said just an incredible loss of life for foreign students who were visiting seattle and a huge number of people still in the hospital. so we owe it to everybody to find out what happened and to correct it. >> you mentioned the bridge that we're looking at. it's an incredibly integral part of the downtown area, right? that's a high traffic bridge? >> the city has numerous bridges as does the state given the party that's in washington state and the city of seattle so it's key to operating in the city, keeping people and business moving. >> and any indication this point whether there was an issue
12:46 pm
there, there's something to fix moving forward? >> we don't know. there have been studies done in the past. there's been recommendations that have disagreed in their conclusions. and we'll go back and look at that. if it is -- if it is a problem, we have committed to finding a way to fix the state route. >> have you had a chance to talk to the families involved? >> i have. i spent time with at least one of the mothers who lost a son. i spent time with the students who were able to walk off or were released from the hospital. you know, it's just so sad. this is a time that these young people should be excited and enjoying the start of a new part of their life and dealing with some real incredible circumstances. >> mayor ed murray of seattle, we are sorry it was on this sad topic and we appreciate you joining us today. >> thank you. breaking news from capitol hill. we have been following john boehner resigning as speaker of the house and just learned that
12:47 pm
house majority leader kevin mccarthy has officially announced his intention to run for speaker. mccarthy tweeting just a few moments ago after hearing from my colleagues, i have decided to run for speaker of the house. let's work together to make a difference for our country. that's a tweet from kevin mccarthy. more on that developing breaking story coming up. also coming up, republican presidential candidate graham joins me live to weigh in on some major issues unfolding as wor world leaders meet at the u.n. and main event, president obama meeting with vladimir putin amid concerns about russian military in syria. but first, amazing discovery of nasa today. liquid water flowing. could there be life on mars? ved totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends. three jobs. you're like "nothing can replace brad!"
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12:50 pm
>> an amazing discovery from
12:51 pm
nasa announced today out of mars. check this out. evidence of flowing water on the red planet. and where there's water, of course, there could potentially be life. the news could have an important impact on the space agency's quest to send a manned mission to mars by the 2030s. joining me now, astronaut and associate administrator for nasa at john gruns feld. john, this has to be a really exciting day for scientists like you. i learned a new word today, rsl. can you explain that? >> sure. every day is exciting for nasa science, but today's an especially exciting one, because we've been observing these recurrent slope lineae, we see them again and again, steep slopes. scientists have to have a vocabulary to talk, but we're seeing stains on the rock slopes of craters and mountain slopes
12:52 pm
that we've seen over and over again, and it's been a great curiosity and it tempted us to think that it might be water coming out from under the surface, because we only see it in late spring to summer, and they disappear in early fall. thinking maybe it's something thawing, coming out, and then refreezing. and from new observations from our mars reconnaissance orbiter, we've been able to confirm that there's water involved. so this is very exciting we're seeing briny, salty water coming out of these slopes. we don't know what the source is, but we definitely know there's water there. >> and it could be water coming up from the ground, or it could be maybe from humidity in the air? >> we still don't know where it's coming from. that's the next step. but we do know that billions of years ago, three to four billion years ago, mars was a very wet planet. it had seas and fresh water lakes, rivers, rain, and something happened to mars. a lot of the water was lost to
12:53 pm
space, but some of it is still under the surface of mars. so it's not a surprise that there should be water there, it's just surprising to us that we're seeing it leaking out in the places that it is. but that does mean it's accessible. >> it's accessible. does it mean that there ever could be life? i mean, that's the million dollar question everybody wants to know. what does it mean in terms of what kind of life forms could be or have been on mars? >> the only place in the whole universe we know there's life is on planet earth. we still don't know how life started on planet earth, but we think that the soup that life starts in, has to have some key ingredients. it has to have some source of energy, like chemical energy, a source of organic molecules, and it has to have water, at least for life as we know it. so we're searching for those conditions on other planets, on icy moons. someday on planets around nearby
12:54 pm
stars, but for mars, we've identified mars has all of the ingredients, even today, and it certainly did billions of years ago, that life could have started on mars. so if we're looking for current life on mars, we should follow the water and that's been our scientific program. and today we announced that we're seeing water on the surface, which means that's the kind of place we want to go to look for life. it's a big question. we're trying to answer the question. are we alone in the universe? today we took one step closer. >> it's a great big question. i was going to ask really quickly, does it mean we may get that manned trip to mars sooner than we maybe thought? >> well, we're on a path to send humans to mars, we're going about as fast as we can, given reasonable budgets and technology. we're building a big rocket that will help us get there, and we have a number of missions, an in-sight lander, as it's called. the u.s. will put another capable robot on the surface. we're partnering with our
12:55 pm
international partners, with the europeans, and many other countries, exploring mars. so it's going to be a little while, but we're going to answer a lot of questions about mars before we send people there. when i was selected as an astronaut in '92, i thought there was a good chance i might go to mars. i think we're within a couple of decades of sending people to mars. and those will be the scientists on the surface of mars that will be able to answer the question of whether we see any life on mars. >> hopefully in our lifetime. john, thank you so much. >> my pleasure. coming up, more on the breaking news out of capitol hill. kevin mccarthy has officially announced he's running for house speaker. more on that from nbc's luke russert just ahead. also ahead, just over an hour from now, a rare face-to-face meeting between president obama and russian period vladimir putin, their first meeting in two years, amid growing tension over russia's presence in syria. and donald trump lays out
12:56 pm
how much you'd be paying in taxes if he were elected president and he said it's going to cost him a fortune. plus, a new era begins for "the daily show" as trevor noah takes the chair filled by jon stewart. a look ahead at tonight's premiere. that's where at&t can help. at at&t we monitor our network traffic so we can see things others can't. mitigating risks across your business. leaving you free to focus on what matters most.
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...ask your doctor about... ...non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. good afternoon, i'm kate snow, live from msnbc headquarters in new york city. breaking news out of capitol hill this hour. house majority leader kevin mccarthy has officially announced his run for house speaker. mccarthy tweeting in just the past hour. after hearing from my colleagues, i have decided to run for speaker of the house. let's work together to make a difference for our country. in the wake of john boehner's shocking retirement announcement on friday, mccarthy had quickly emerged as the front-runner to replace him. joining me now with the latest, nbc's capitol hill correspondent luke russert. not a real big surprise. we'd been talking on friday even
1:00 pm
that it was probably kevin mccarthy's to lose. >> that's right, i think everybody saw this coming and kevin mccarthy jumped at the opportunity presented to him by the surprise resignation from speaker boehner. slated to fly to california this past weekend, he stayed in washington, and made personal phone calls to every single member of the house gop conference, well over 240 people. that's part of what we saw in his announcement through e-mail today, saying, i've talked to you, i've been in your districts, i know your constituents. i want to fight for conservativism and heal the differences that have emerged. that's easier said than done. john boehner proved deeply unpopular with the conservative part of this conference. kevin mccarthy believes because of his personal appeals and the relationships he has with these members, he'll have an opportunity at least in the beginning to try his hand at the speaker's gavel. but he'll face an ele


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