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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  September 29, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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released by a group dedicated to making abortion illegal. the outrageous accusations leveled against planned parenthood based on heavily doctored videos are offensive and categorically untrue. >> lawmakers on both sides of the aisle delivered passionate cases for and against planned parenthood. >> this is why i don't think you need -- if you want to be a private entity, be a private entity. you don't need federal dollars to do this. >> this funding fight is a pretext for the real republican agenda. it's a pretext. take away the constitutional right of women and their doctors to decide what is best for them. >> while this battle continues, at any moment, petitions with more than 2 million signatures will be delivered, urging lawmakers not to defund the
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organization. kelly o'donnell joins us from capitol hill. talk about other moments we've witnessed so far from earlier this morning. >> this has been intense. it's been a case of -- excuse me one second. the phone is on. i apologize for that. >> it happens. >> it has been intense, and cecile richards has been able to really withstand a lot of that intense questioning. she's remained poised and calm throughout. one of the issues though centered about her actual words. shortly after the very first video had come out, she issued an apology. an ohio lawmaker, conservative member, jim jordan, pressed her on what she was apologizing for. here's the exchange. >> so is what you said in your video untrue? you weren't really apologizing for statements made? >> i was apologizing for what was said in a non-clinical setting, in a not appropriate way, and i don't believe -- >> you can't have both ways.
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you can't say, i'm apologizing for statements in one video, and then not tell us what the statements were. >> that really remained an unresolved issue, what specifically she was apologizing for. she has explained that fetalish ti -- fetal tissue research is a limited part of what planned parenthood does, and it's at the content of the patient. the money involved is less than the cost of reimbursement. it has nothing to do with for profit. that's what got us here in the first place, at least that was the news event that brought us here. the conversation has been broader than that. it's what you described, thomas. there are deep divisions, and there are republicans who believe that abortion should not be funded by any federal dollars. we know that's been the law for a long time. one of their concerns is if a group like planned parenthood, which receives federal money, uses that federal money in a way that is not intended to keep
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things separate. they've strongly, strongly said the money is reimbursement for medicaid, for services provided. this has been heated, it has been intense, there have been questions about whether she's been treated respectfully or not. this is one of the hearings that it's hard to change anyone's minds but there is a lot being discussed. >> i want to remind looking at cecile richards on the left. on the right is the congresswoman talking about the rally being held now. a lot of people in shades of pink. those in support of planned parenthood. kelly, talk about, again, this is very important, the testimony that cecile richards is giving today. john boehner has said that he does not think a government shut down is going to happen because of the fight over funding for planned parenthood. what are you hearing? >> he's been very clear about that. there are legitimate issues that republicans believe need to be dealt with with respect to the funding for planned parenthood. it is not a case that should
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take the country over the brink for another government shut down. what he has said is that he will put forward what's known as a clean funding bill, meaning it keeps the government open without dealing with the planned parenthood funding. he fully expects that to pass with the help of democrats. many republicans won't vote for it. there was another day and another time for conservatives to carry out this fight. these hearings, today and others that will be coming, are part of that. republicans will try to outline their concerns and, also, there will be a separate funding sort of battle that will go on that has nothing to do with a government shut down. boehner, among his last acts, will be to keep the government open and put this planned parenthood issue aside, giving it its due, but not making it a part of a government shut down. >> kelly o'donnell, we'll let you get back to work. i appreciate your time. we're joined by an advocate for plans parenthood. congresswoman, thanks for your
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time. your first thoughts on the testimony that cecile richards has given so far. has she made her case? >> i think he's made her case to those who want to listen to her. the problem we're having in congress is there are people who are working fervently since row v wade passed the supreme court, to deny women their reproductive freedom. there's no truth or honestly coming from cecile richards or anyone that will convince them otherwise. >> when we look at some of the testimony that cecile richards has given today, a lot, especially in the early part, came from a pretty contentious conversation she was having, a back and forth with congressman jas jason chaffetz. >> in one case, in alaska, it was about redistricting.
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ladies and gentlemen, that has absolutely nothing to do with providing health care to young women who need a breast exam or need to get a mammogram. none of that money goes to that. it's a political activity. >> there we have the congressman talking about money transferred from planned parenthood's organizations and their pacts. how do you respond, and does he have a valid point there? >> well, i can tell you that women definitely need some sort of advocacy for a legal right that they have over their bodies. if planned parenthood and members of congress, like me, don't do it, i don't know who will. the core of planned parenthood's act tuivities are for the healt and safety of women and some men. particularly, low-income women who, in fact,lob
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-- lobbyists or advocates. 78% of the clients of planned parenthood live at or below 150% of the poverty level. the government is already taken away the ability of women to access federal funding for an actual abortion. now, this congress is trying to take -- trying to rid them of the opportunity to access any health care. one of the things that's note worthy is that 63% of all women regard their ob-gyn doctor as their primary source of health care. despite what the debate is, women are going in for cancer screenings, stds, being diagnosed with diabetes and high
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blood pressure medicine from planned parenthood institutions. >> one thing i want to get on before i have to let you go, congresswoman, the nbc news/wall street journal poll on planned parenthood find 6 in 10 americans oppose eliminating funding to planned parenthood. we'll see how the rest of the testimony for cecile richards goes, as she's freshly back in the chair after a break. thanks for your time. i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> so the debate over planned parenthood is the focus of our bing question today. my colleague is here with a look at how it's going. >> the hearings are going on, and a lot of heated words are exchanged. we're asking, can republicans win the fight to defund planned parenthood? this has been climbing in the past couple minutes. top of the hour was at 20% and now it's at 9%. take a look, no, 92%. look at the graph, real time,
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especially when it comes to political party. at last check, mostly independences we independents were voting. we just launched this. this is climbing bit by bit. keep the conversation going and vote. we're going to see if this stays drastically with the no for those who believe republicans cannot win the fight to defund planned parenthood. it's climbing in raeal time. we'll bring the results later. >> thank you. we move on to turning to the fight taking place among house republicans over leadership. house majority leader kevin mccarthy is officially in the race to replace john boehner as speaker of the house. at a news conference this morning, mccarthy gave his pitch to the media and his colleagues. >> i won't be as tan. i know what's going on across the country. i'm concerned about what we hear. a lot of people in washington, concerned about power and institutions.
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i'm concerned about making a difference in everybody's lives. >> meanwhile, the battles for other leadership posts are taking shape now, with current house majority whip, steve scalese, announcing he's going to run. jake, good to have you with me. mccarthy is a lock to become speaker or not? >> he is a lock. what you're seeing is a disorganized right wing. the far right members of this house republican conference have s succeeded in pushing john boehner out the door, but no one is opposing kevin mccarthy. the two others are unopposed by the right. they've definitely pushed boehner out the door. mccarthy is a lock and they can't find candidates to challenge the more establishment members of the house republican conference. >> all right. so this morning, on "morning joe," which is what mccarthy had to say. take a look. >> fundamentally what i'm going
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to do overall for government, we're going to get closer to the people we respepresent. we're going to make america again believe this is their government, that they are in charge and we're here to serve them. it won't be overnight. that's my mission. >> if that is his mission, jake, we had on representative charlie dent yesterday, saying he feels whoever gets the job will run into the same head winds from their own caucus as speaker boehner did. has mccarthy referenced that? is he feeling the same thing, or is he, in tone, feel he's going to bring a different type of leadership to combat that? >> i think mccarthy thinks he's a lot closer to the younger members in the recently elected members than boehner was. even if you talk to mccarthy's closest allies and advisers, they'll say the fundamental political dynamics that pushed boehner out the door, they've not changed. he'll face them and have the same challenges boehner had. it remains to be seen if his
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relationships, if those will help overcome any of the very, very stiff political challenges. >> jake sherman, thank you. >> thanks. president obama is headed back to the white house after two days of sit downs, speeches, photo ops, all taking place in new york city at the u.n. general assembly. we'll take a look at what, if anything, was accomplished moving forward. plus, the children of georgia's only female death row inmate plead for the state to spare her life. we're live where the committee is meeting to decide her fate. plus -- >> we're going to be reducing corporate taxes, jobs will be created, this will be a rocket ship for the economy. >> rocket ship for the economy or completely out of this world? we are crunching the numbers on donald trump's tax plan. stay with us. defiance is in our bones. new citracal pearls. delicious berries and cream. soft, chewable, calcium plus vitamin d.
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president obama is heading back to the white house this hour after high-profile meeting with the leader of an old american adversaradversary, cub. the president met with castro. it's the second much meeting between the two leaders since the u.s. and cuba restored diplomatic relations late last year. ron allen is outside the u.n. for us this afternoon. ron, tell us about this meeting and especially what it means for raul castro to be propped up so much within the u.n. and with the president. >> reporter: well, it was his first time addressing the u.n., you're right. we haven't gotten a read out from the white house yet about the meeting. the cuban side is describing it as respectful and direct. the issue, of course, one of the biggest issues is the embargo. while there are now diplomatic ties between these two countries, the united states and cuba, there's still a long way
10:17 am
to go toward normalization. the cubans want the embargo which has been in place for 53 years lifted. so there's trade and business, so there's tourism back and forth. now, president obama, of course, has done some things through executive order to open up those channels, to try and break down or modify the restrictions in the embargo. there's only so much he can do. it takes an act of congress to lift the embargo. it's unlikely in a republican-controlled congress that they're going to give president obama the victory during the waning months of his presidency. >> let's talk a little bit more about the meeting that the president had with vladimir putin. it may have looked tense, butwa and talking about what happened? >> busine >> reporter: business like is how it's been described. it showed a toasty meeting over lunch. when they did the grip and grin for the cameras, they didn't really smile. the issues, ukraine and syria.
10:18 am
syria is where the disagreement is at. what to do with bashar al assad going forward. the united states wants him removed and the russians, iraqis and iranians support him. there is a common agreement in the fight against isis. the bigger problem there, arguab arguably, is how to end the syrian conflict, the civil war raging now for several years. 250,000 people dead. hundreds of thousands of migrants and refugees fleeing the country into europe. we don't know if there is any agreement about how to move forward. we do know that the issue is president assad. >> ron, thank you, sir, very much. joining me for more on the president's latest foreign policy moves, nicholas burns, former u.s. ambassador to nato. great to have you with me. let's get into this. we have the president meeting with vladimir putin and both sides describing it as we hear from ron's reporting, business like. i want to play for everybody what secretary of state john kerry said about the issue of
10:19 am
syria today on "morning joe." take a listen. >> there was agreement on fundamental principles. there's an agreement that syria should be a unified country. united, it needs to be secular. isil needs to be taken on. and that there needs to be a managed transition, but there is a difference, obviously, in what that means and what that outcome may or may not be. >> so do you think the administration is serious about partnering with russia? vladimir putin says yesterday he feels very strongly about working with the current syrian government. >> i think the administration is serious about trying to open up negotiations. look, it may take years to end the war in syria. nearly every war ends at the negotiating table. this is a vicious war, 11 million homeless. it's bleeding into iraq and lebanon and turkey. it's become a regional war. i think the administration believes this is the time to test the russians. test the ukrainians. the two countries that have been
10:20 am
propping up the assad regime. see if they mean what they say, they want to feed the islamic and secular syria. why not test them through negotiations? without negotiations, i think everyone fears the fighting will intensify, there will be more refugees and greater impact on some of the weaker countries, jordan and lebanon, in particular, that surrounds the area. >> we're looking at new video. i want to point out, ban ki-moon with president obama. this is from earlier at the u.n., an isis summit they were having, about what world leaders can do to get a handle on this. talk about russia's intentions for syria. is it strictly because they have military strategic positioning, because of the russian navy based there? they're already entrenched in the assad regime? that's why they feel they are best sticking with who they know? >> the russians have a 50-year
10:21 am
relationship with assad and his father. they have their only major base in the middle east there. of course, they want to protect it. i think there's a larger issue here. president putin said it yesterday in his u.n. speech. the russians want to prop up states. they don't want to see states collapse, authoritarian friends. they think, that's what they have to do. the russians, in funding and arming the syrians, the assad government created more death in syria than the vicious islamic state. i think the united states is right to push the russians to be more realistic about what has to happen to finally stop the war. eventually, maybe not at the start of the talks, but at the end of the negotiations, president assad has to leave power. he's thoroughly discredited. >> former u.s. ambassador to nato, nicholas burns, sir, thank you for your time. >> thank you. a georgia mom is set to be put to death in just under six hours for her role in her husband's murder. her children begging the state to spare her life. we're live in georgia next with the details of their last-minute
10:22 am
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so use it for the shortest time based on goals and risks. estrogens should not be used to prevent heart disease, heart attack, stroke or dementia. ask your doctor about premarin vaginal cream. so a georgia parole board is meeting right now to consider a last-minute clemency bid for the only woman sitting on the state's death row. francis is tracking the details and joins us with more. >> thomas, we're hours away from the scheduled execution of gissendaner. right now, the parole board is reconsidering her request for clemency. she was convicted in the murder of her husband, doug, at the hands of her lover. her supporters say the 47-year-old has turned her life around in prison and deserves mercy. her children pictured in the second row of the photo at the hearing post add video online, asking the state to spare her life. >> my brothers and i really want
10:26 am
my mom to live. she is all that we have left. >> she took her life experience and what she's been through, what she did and she's helped people. >> she could be the first woman put to death in georgia in 70 years. nbc's gabe gutierrez has the latest from outside of the prison in jackson, georgia. gabe, what are the parole board's options? >> reporter: good afternoon. we could get a decision from the parole board at any moment. they do have several options, including commuting her sentence to life without parole. they could delay her execution for up to 90 days. or they can deny her request for clemency, much like they did in february. now, that hearing in atlanta is closed to the public, but her three grown children were at the hearing. they testified for about 45 minutes. now, the board is considering that request. now, as you mentioned, her grown children, they say she deserves mercy after being a model inmate
10:27 am
for 18 years. however, her family is split on this. some of her husband's relatives say that she planned and executed her husband's murder and his life was not hers to take. now, her case is reignited a debate over capital punishment in this country. especially after pope francis' anti-death penalty comments to congress last week. despite supreme court support, executions in the u.s. have dropped dramatically over the last decade or so. down from a high of 98 execut n executions back in 1999 to just 20 so far this year. still, there are several executions scheduled around the country this week. this one in georgia tonight. another one in oklahoma tomorrow, and one in virginia on thursday. again, we're expecting that decision from the parole board here in this case at any moment. francis? >> gabe gutierrez for us. thank you very much. watching that closely if they make the decision on whether she'll be granted clemency. >> thanks so much. ahead, hillary clinton's
10:28 am
increasingly outspoken husband. one former president, bill clinton, has her not so secret weapon will unleashed? we'll dig into the devil in the details of donald trump's tax plan. we'll talk about that coming up, and the devil is in the details, for sure. get ready to netflix and chill northeast. do we call it get ready to netflix or get netflix? tropical storm joaquin is headed your way. we'll tell you how much rain you might see. it pushes us to go further. special olympics has almost five million athletes in 170 countries. the microsoft cloud allows us to immediately be able to access information, wherever we are. information for an athlete's medical care, or information to track their personal best. with microsoft cloud, we save millions of man hours, and that's time that we can invest in our athletes and
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when age-related macular have degeneration, amd we came up with a plan to help reduce my risk of progression. and everywhere i look... i'm reminded to stick to my plan. including preservision areds 2. my doctor said preservision areds 2 has the exact nutrient formula that the national eye institute recommends to help reduce the risk of progression of moderate to advanced amd... after 15 years of clinical studies. preservision areds 2. because my eyes are everything. democratic 2016 politics now. hillary clinton hitting back at bernie sanders. as bill clinton enters the fray against the republicans. in two separate interviews this week, the former secretary of state appears to criticize her chief democratic opponent. here's what she told nbc's chuck todd about the sanders campaign in an interview aired monday.
10:32 am
specifically about who has more support from democrats. >> i'm not in any way going to criticize senator sanders. he's running a great campaign, and i respect that. the fact now that i have so many of my democratic colleagues, present and former, in the house and the senate, out in statehouses, who are lined up to say, this is the person we want to see as president, is gratifying. they look at what they think i can do for them. >> meanwhile, in an online interview released today, clinton sat with actress lena dunham, who asked about clinton's perception that she's not aggressive enough for democrats. she appeared to take a swipe at we are knee sanders. >> i like to have plans for what i do. i may not always be the stem winder about these things, because i think it's important and i've been around washington long enough to know you have to get people to agree if you're
10:33 am
going to get something done. i take a backseat to nobody, and i think that i've got a very good idea about what we need to do and what we can get done. i'll approach it with urgency when i'm president. >> kristin welker joins us. great to see you. >> thank you. >> we have the new interview, lena dunham from "girls," giving hillary clinton questions about what she's going to go with her leadership skills. let's talk about bill clinton. the secretary's husband coming out as a secret weapon. being on the defensive for her, and people are listening. >> that's right. you have hilalary clinton going on offense. you heard that in her interview with lena dunham, in her interview with chuck todd, for example. bill clinton going on the attack. he's taking a page from one of his own play books, blaming the republicans. he's weathered a lot of things during his career. listen to what he had to say a
10:34 am
few days ago. >> it is similar to the strategy that the republicans employed against me with white water. it's -- they look at the field and say, who do we not want to run against? then they dribble out stuff, and they attack. >> now, in addition to that part of his strategy, he is also going to be out fundraising for his wife. he's going to be in atlanta, missouri, michigan, and i'm told it's going to continue in the coming weeks. his goal, thomas, is going to be to calm jittery democrats who are concerned about clinton's poll numbers, concerned about bernie sanders and the possibility of biden getting into the race. his message is going to be, she's still the front runner and the one to beat. >> it's curious to think, are they going to great the emergency glass on joe biden, to see about the jittery democrats and whether or not he should be entering this race. we've got more from the nbc news/wall street journal poll, saying two things. one, that in hypothetical matchups, clinton is neck and
10:35 am
neck with republicans like fiorina, carson and bush. meanwhile, biden is ahead of the same candidates by at least six points. when does biden, have you been hearing anything from your sources, when does he pull the trigger on saying i'm in or i support hilary? >> great question. my sources are telling me he's getting a lot of pressure to make a decision by the first democratic debate, october 13th. his supporters want him to be in and want him to be at that debate. i am told he still hasn't made up his mind yet, thomas. he knows he's really got to make a decision soon. i'm told we'll hear something within the early part of october. you can bet the clinton campaign is watching closely. she is on a fundraising blitz. for her, it's important to bring in a big statement so she can still be a front runner. >> we think of an old phrase i'm not allowed to say on television. great to see you. now we move on to republicans for 2016. donnell trump is defending his new tax plan today. here's what he told matt lauer
10:36 am
in an interview this morning. >> jobs will be created. the economy is going to expand tremendously, like it hasn't since reagan, but probably even before that. this will be a rocket ship for the economy. >> one conservative leaning group says the plan will cost $12 trillion. however, moments ago, the trump campaign told msnbc the tax foundations figures seem, quote, wildly off the mark, especially compared to how they scored similar provisions for jeb bush's plan. i'm joined by katie. analysts say the tax plan is basically jeb bush's here's is what jeb tweeted. finally saw donald's tax plan. i'm flattered, but he should have stuck with growth and fiscal responsibility. the conservative tax foundation says it's going to cost $12 trillion. trump says their figures seem off the mark. who is telling the truth?
10:37 am
>> well, i'm going to leave that up to economists and tax specialists to decide who is telling the truth. the tax foundation has been doing analysis of everybody's tax plan. in terms of jeb bush's plan, it would add $3.6 billion to the deficit. it'd cost that enough. trump is a lot higher, $12 trillion. $3.6 trillion for bush. i'm sorry. this seems to benefit the wealthy more than the poor. on the trail, he's fighting for the lower end of the economic scale and not for the hedge fund guys, the wealthy. this plan seems to be helping them in a big way. they say that the -- the tax foundation says the top 1% of earners will keep 20% more of their tax. the poorest of the scale would only keep 1.4% of their tax. most everybody else would keep about 3% more. the trump campaign wants the headline from yesterday to be that he's going to cut taxes, eliminate taxes for millions of
10:38 am
people. unfortunately for the campaign, the headlines coming out of this is that he is benefitting the wealthy, including himself and his kids. they're getting rid of the estate tax here. the only people who pay the estate tax are people inherenting thiinherent i ing things over $5.4 million. i think the devil is in the details. it's one of the big reasons a lot of candidates don't come out with detailed policy positions early on, because they can get really cut apart by the media and the experts out there. >> katie, great to see you. thanks so much. we want to bring into the conversation josh, our correspondent for the "new york times" and msnbc contributor. josh, one of trump's big claims is that this tax cut is going to hit his pocketbook. true or false? >> false. this tax cut is an enormous tax cut for the wealthiest in america. it runs contrary to what donald trump has been saying on this stuff for months. which is basically, i'll cut
10:39 am
taxes for the middle class but hedge fund guys, those making millions of year getting away with murder and paying little tax, i'll raise their taxes. when you do the math, it is a tax cut across the board. yes, it is a tax cut for the middle class, but hugely cuts rates at the top. currently, the top tax rate is 40%. he takes it down to 25%. he establishes a new special rate of 15% for anything considered business income. that opens up a huge hole that rich people can drive through by reclassifying their income as business income. no, it's a huge tax cut all the way across the board. that's why it costs somewhere on the order of $11 trillion. >> populous message, i'm going to go after the hedge fund guys. you write about this in the "new york times" today. talk about the difference of his tax cuts versus spending reductions and normal republican plans. >> that's the funny thing. this plan is actually basically like a normal republican tax plan except bigger. that's why jeb bush was tweeting how it looked familiar.
10:40 am
the structure is similar, but the numbers are larger. it's classic donald trump. he took jeb's tax plan and dipped it in brass and made it more luxurious and fabulous. it really -- you know, there was this moment where it looked like donald trump was breaking with republican orthodox si. donald trump doesn't need the rich donors other kand it da ca. he didn't have to get a tax cut for the rich, but he is. >> we look at the timing. it comes a month before. this was yesterday, a month before the third debate, coming up on cnbc october 28th. here's what donald trump had to say about polling on the "today" show this morning. take a listen. >> this is going to be an ebb and flow. i'm not saying -- how can i continue to lead by wide margins, it's an ebb and flow. but i'm leading every single poll. most of them by a substantial number. now, can i keep that going? i have no idea, but i'll try. >> this is the first time we've heard a bit of self-doubt in
10:41 am
donald trump. he remains in the lead, but we're watching carson, fiorina and rubio make moves. >> yeah. >> is this something we're going to continue to watch? >> i have watched a lot of people predict the demise of donald trump and be wrong. i'm not going to get on the band wagon. >> nobody should do that. >> he was polling very high. he's still polling in the lead. even if you're going to win, we can't expect you to be always higher in the next poll than you were in the previous one. i think it's possible that he could fade but it's also possible that he won't fade. a lot of the reasons people put out why donald trump shouldn't continue are reasons he should have fell apart and he hasn't. >> for fiorina and rubio, the only place to go is up. that's what we're seeing with them and they're breaking through. great to see you, josh. >> thanks. tropical storm joaquin is churning over the atlantic. which east coast cities are in for the biggest hit? plus, are all those posts on social media putting your security at risk?
10:42 am
what you need to know before going online and updating your stat status. we'll tell you what snowden is going on yewith the internet. first to our poll question. >> can republicans win the fight to defund planned parenthood? this was at 6% last time we checked in. it went up 6%. this dropped 6%, to 88%. how are we looking when it comes to those voting out there? the break down of political party. mostly in the last minute or so, because this is taking a real time pulse of how you're voting out there, mostly republicans as represented in the red. one or two independents and no democrats in real time in the last five minutes. maybe that'll be the push that democrats need at home to vote and see if the number shifts at all. if this ends up back in the 90s where it was last.
10:43 am
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back now with a developing weather story. look at this, tropical storm joaquin forms in the atlantic and threatening to drop as much as a foot of rain in the northeast. weather channel remeteorologist kait parker joins me with the latest. what is the prediction for how much rain we're going to see in new england and the eastern sea board? >> well, thomas, it's a question of are you talking about now or talking about with joaquin? this whole forecast is a mess. it is a disaster. let's start with what we do know. let's start there and then get into the uncertainties. right now, joaquin has winds of 45 miles an hour. something interesting about this is it's being sheered apart but still maintaining its strength. hurricane hunters are saying it strengthened, which is remarkable considering want to
10:47 am
scenarios. it's all about timing with this. the computer models are all over. we have high pressure dominating the atlantic. we get a dip in the jet. the cold front will be coming through, and this is one of the mechanisms we're watching. into today, this moves a little farther out. we don't exactly have strong steering mechanisms. if this system gets close to the jet treestream, it could streng a ton or completely die. talk about a messy forecast. that's why there's uncertainty here. regardless of what the storm does, whether it becomes a hurricane, which is a possibility, whether we see this move up toward the east coast, the moisture will impact your fore tacas forecast. we're when we're already talking about over eight inches in spots. i want to go to isolated spots of even more than that. it concerns us, obviously. a lot of rain in the forecast
10:48 am
for sunday. flooding going to be a number one issue. we could see some ocean concerns, as well, going forward with this storm. it is a mess of a forecast, thomas. that's the best i can put it. >> quite a way to bring in october, at the close of september. weather channel's kait parker. >> here's confusion. there may be no crying in baseball but we'll show the outfield collision that may have supplied a few tears. we're going to take you to a place where more swings are flying at donald trump than a gop debate. seriously. ( ♪ ) ♪ 100 days ♪ 100 nights ♪ to know a man's heart ♪ ♪ and a little more ♪ before ♪ he knows his own ♪ 100 days ♪ 100 nights ♪ to know a man's heart ♪
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10:51 am
frightening moment at pnc park last night. this is a video that can be disturbing. >> bottom of the seventh. no score. rookie outfielder was going after that fly ball and collided with his teammate.
10:52 am
he slammed into the knee. he was taken off the field in a stretcher. he did manage to wave the to the crowd with a bruised head and is okay. all right. >> got the we have. >> that's good. quite a low light for a highlight. now another sports story with a happy ending for an adorable young fan. see the new england patriots posting a picture of bella surprised by her mother with tickets to a game. >> doritos for later. >> i think -- >> mama? what is this? >> guess what you're going to on sunday. >> going to the game? >> yep. >> no you didn't. >> yep. two tickets. >> me and you? >> yep.
10:53 am
happy birthday. >> thank you. >> oh. >> that's a great birth day gift. a young fan. probably doesn't know about tom brady. >> doesn't matter for her. how about this? you want a piece of donald trump. >> there's a knunique way to ta a swipe at the gop front-runner. here's the details. >> mexican american. and i don't like that dude an i'm pretty sure he don't like me either. >> reporter: the pinatas are a popular item here in downtown los angeles. the effigies of the candidate are all the rage. >> people take this donald trump pinata down and buy it, why are they so excited? >> they want to beat him. >> grab a stick over there and just beat him up. i don't need a candy, man. >> reporter: why would you do that? >> the things he said about our race. >> when mexico sends its people,
10:54 am
they're not sending their best. they're bringing drugs, crime, they're rapists. >> reporter: that's one reason the pina the as have been a popular item. >> we have a lot of people coming in and wanting a piece of donald trump. >> reporter: hamid, the co-worker of the candy company is selling out of the trump pinata despite more than double every other pinata in the store. >> you know, you go to people from the latin community and said a few bad things about them. other people that are just not fans of trump. >> my parents have hatred towards this guy because he's not only trying to take us away from our parents but take our parents away from us. >> reporter: motivates you more to vote in. >> because he not only talks about my people but me, too. >> reporter: does it motivate your friends to be politically act snif. >> it does, a lot.
10:55 am
we all come from the same culture and mexican americans. >> see that? made in mexico. >> he is stuffed with mexican candy. mexican. >> i'm getting the bad ones out an they're again and not coming back either. >> how do you that? >> how do you do that? >> there's no such thing as doing that. you know? criminals are criminals. there's plenty of american criminals, black criminals, hispanic criminals, everybody's a criminal. >> pretty interesting there. that was anthony terrell reporting. the life sized pinata, five feet. he is 6'2" at least. that's the biggest problem for him. >> i saw anthony and he traveled with the pinata and the head and he carried it on and brought it back here to new york city. he was like, you know what? just a little souvenir. >> if you want one it's about 30
10:56 am
bucks. much more on the top story at top of the hour, that's the fight for funding for planned parenthood. hearing in recess now and back under way in the next hour. this is a witch hunt. >> it is a witch hunt because the people who are conducting it want to make abortion illegal. >> and that's the reaction from lawmakers on the hill opposed to defunding planned parenthood. next hour, we'll hear from someone on the other side of this debate. and he caused maybe the nsa's biggest headache ever. edward snowden is on twitter. how will he use the platform? that's the big question. t out to see if they could find the guy who uses just for men. it's me. no way. i had no clue. just for men gives you a natural gray-free look in just 5 minutes. it looks really good. great looking hair made easy. just for men.
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11:00 am
who's going to take over for john boehner? we begin with planned parenthood, that hearing just wrapping up a few moments ago. the group's president seveal richards has been testifying before a house committee and the hearing expected to resume later this hour and at times the exchanges have been heated with lawmakers clashing with richards. >> do you keep track of it? >> every single affiliate in planned parenthood meets with all of the laws and regulations and file the 990s -- >> that's a great answer to a question i didn't ask. would you provide it to the committee? >> i don't know what it is since i have said -- >> the revenue that you planned parenthood derives from abortions. >> meanwhile, outside of that hearing, dozens of planned parenthood supporters dressed in pink voice their support for the organization and delivered petitions with more than 2 million signatures urging lawmakers not to defund planned parenthood. here's what house minority leader nancy pelosi told the crowd a short time ago.
11:01 am
>> they want to shut down the government to shut down planned parenthood. and what does that mean? it means they're so obsessed with depriving women of their respect that they deserve about their health, their families, their privacy. >> all rightment i want to bring in congressman reed rivel. what is your reaction to nancy pelosi? is that true? >> well, no. i don't think it's true at all but everybody has their own opinions on how this is and they want to spin it the way they want. there's not going to be a government shutdown over planned parenthood. everybody knows that republican want to redirect money because of the abortion issue. lines have been drawn in the sand but i don't see a shutdown as a result of this. >> but, sir, there is no federal funding that goes to planned
11:02 am
parenthood for abortions. so there is not taxpayer money used for that. so why is everyone so ham strung over that issue when that's not a fact for debate? >> well, sure. if you take a look as money not fungible you could say that but if planned parenthood paying rents or building leases or paying for their lights and overall expenses are using taxpayer dollars to do that, it opens up other dollars to conduct abortions and so we believe all munls fungible and can be moved and transferred around far purpose an organization wants it to be used for if the money is there so i would reject that argument hat in hand. >> one thing as you have defended the planning for planned parenthood, and one thing as you stand firm on is the government should not shut down over this and colleagues of yours on the right that are willing to see it go to that length. what are you hearing from those
11:03 am
colleagues and how concerned are you about what it means going forward, especially with the loss of john boehner and incoming kevin mccarthy? >> fair enough question. a lot of the national organizations that support life would -- are telling members of congress like me we don't think the battleground is shutting down the government and locking at polling, most citizens, pro life or pro choice are going to say they don't think that this is the right way to do it and i personally don't think it's the right way to do it. there's enough of the colleague that is are going to vote for a clean cr to move the funding forward, to take the shutdown off the table and then we can deal with this in a more systematic way that builds the case for the american people to get the result we think is the right one. >> obviously, there are both sides for those that are pro-life and pro-choice. here's what congressman connelly had to say this morning.
11:04 am
>> the disrespect, the misogny here today tells us what this is going on. this isn't about a bogus video. >> do you think this is more about disrespect toward american women? >> that's all just political speak and that's what you would expect to say and you'd expect to hear from those to disagree with those but i'll tell you personally i would rather triple the funding that planned parenthood is getting and send it to community health clinics dedicated to women's health care to prove that's not the point and i would vote for that today if that offer came up. it is not really about funding for women's health care at all. that's just a ka nard that's brought up but i just disagree with that position totally. >> representative reed ribble, thank you. >> thank you. so lexialer have frets never
11:05 am
thought she would be in the middle of the planned parenthood debate. she is the mother of a stillborn child whose image is used in anti-abortion videos. lexi joins me on the phone right now to talk about what this has done for her and her family and setting the record straight. thank you for joining me. i really appreciate this because it was two years ago that you lost your child. his name is walter. and i understand you had a miscarriage. he was stillborn at 19 weeks and we are very sorry for your loss. but what made you decide to share your story and pictures of walter on your website and blog? lexi, are you there? can you hear me? lexi, can you hear me now?
11:06 am
all right. so we are working with the technical difficulty. we have lexi on the telephone. we're working with our control room to patch that through so that we have her properly with us. but again, lexi olver frets is a mother and it was her child that image that has been used in some of these anti-abortion videos. we are going to work on the technical difficulties and get back with lexi here in a moment. i want to check in with francis because the bing pulse question of the day has to do with the fight over planned parenthood. francis, what are people saying? >> now pretty what they have been for 30 minutes reflected in the numbers asking you, can republicans win the fight? that hasn't changed, especially with invitation of the viewers to vote. those who say yes, 12%. 88% say no. what is interesting, also, when it comes to this outcome is the party breakdown and those of you
11:07 am
at home who have been voting largely as time is going. this is this graph. independents skewing towards red. democrats voting, as well. dipping down fluctuating from yes and a couple of no. no republicans voting in realtime. maybe earlier in the hour they did. so we invite you to keep the conversation going and keep voting. cast your vote and results later on in this hour, thomas. >> okay. thank you very much. we'll talk again shortly. a. a high-profile meeting and historic moment as president obama sat down with cuban president raul castro hours ago here in new york city. it is the first time the leaders of both countries have met on u.s. soil since the cuban revelatire revoluti revolution. that is day after the president, that is castro, that is, stressed the need to end the embargo on cuba in a speech. i'm joined by nbc news senior white house correspondent chris jansing. this is historic.
11:08 am
first time for the president castro to be on the global stage in a way. explain how the meeting went. >> we have heard from both sides now, thomas. they have had a readout of it and consistent i have to say. i think i'd like to start by talking about the body language because you can see there's a relationship between the two of them and smiling. how different is that from what we saw just yesterday with the meeting with russian president vladimir putin? in fact, one point i think you just saw him gesture raul castro gesturing and making a joke about the fact that president obama is so much taller than he is and earlier today, when secretary of state john kerry was here for "morning joe" i was asking him about this meeting and he said i think it's going to be fun because he likes to joke. there's a kind of an easy relationship and i think we see that. what do they talk about? of course, how do we move forward on the normalization of the two countries. there is a new set of rules and
11:09 am
regulations that make it easier for both travel and business to be done but there are points of contention on the u.s. side, human rights abuses. on the side of cuba, they want guantanamo bay back. the u.s. doesn't have an intention of giving that back. so this is really about the next step in what was that very surprising announcement last year that there was going to be in normalization of relations. >> another meeting any time soon? >> not necessarily between the president and raul castro. although i have to tell you in washington, d.c. the speculation is rampant. will president obama go to cuba before the end of his term? they just announced this past week the commerce secretary is going to be going to cuba. that will be the highest level person on the u.s. side who's gone since this announcement. and bjorn kerry is also making plans in a couple of months to go there and working with the foreign ministers, others in cuba about what the next steps are moving the normalization
11:10 am
forward. >> thank you. great to see you. so the critics they have not been too kind to donald trump and the tax plan unveiled yesterday. several fact checkers taken shots at it and ap says the math doesn't add up. at "washington post," the fact checker giving trump four pinnochios for the plan to personally cost him a fortune, this morning, trump appeared on the "today" show defending his plan. >> jobs will be created. the economy is going to expend tremendously like it hasn't since reagan. but probably even before that. this will be a rocket ship for the economy. >> msnbc's kasie hunt is following the trump campaign. let's talk about what people are saying about the trump tax plan. we have the tax plan and jeb bush tweeting about this. explain where really it falls down and who benefits the most.
11:11 am
>> thomas, good afternoon. this is what we were expecting seeing this plan yesterday because while trump does, in fact, lay out of these tax cuts for low income americans and reduces the corporate tax rate, we were thinking it's probably coming across with a high price tag and the tax foundation says it does and costs more than $10 trillion over 10 years, considerably more than the analysis they did of jeb bush's tax plan, for example, which clocked in at about $1.6 trillion. bush went after trump today on twitter essentially accusing him of stealing his own tax plans saying, quote, finally saw donald's tax plan. looks familiar. i'm flattered. he should have stuck with growth and fiscal responsibility. a little bit of a jab there from jeb bush over this plan, thomas. >> msnbc's kasie hunt, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> a month away from the next gop debate on the sister network cnbc october 28th. the pope making a plea for the life of a woman on death row
11:12 am
to be spared. we'll take you to georgia for the latest on her appeal which could be decided any moment now. and then, campaigner in chief. former president bill clinton back out on the trail, this time fighting back for his wife. >> it really is similar to the strategy that the republicans employed against me with whitewater. and a mystery unsolved since world war ii. an infamous nazi train may have been found but could hidden dangers keep search teams far from it?
11:13 am
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i'm a gas service rep for pg&e in san jose.. as a gas service rep we are basically the ambassador of the company. we make the most contact with the customers on a daily basis. i work hand-in-hand with crews to make sure our gas pipes are safe. my wife and i are both from san jose. my kids and their friends live in this community. every time i go to a customer's house, their children could be friends with my children so it's important to me. one of the most rewarding parts of this job is after you help a customer, seeing a smile on their face. together, we're building a better california. more now with the breaking news taking you back to capitol hill and planned parenthood's president seseal richards just returning to resume her testimony on capitol hill.
11:16 am
this comes after she faced heavy criticism of republicans questioning whether or not the organization should receive federal funding. and we're going back to a story that we were talking about just a few minutes ago. it's about a woman of lexi olver frets. she is a photographer who never thought she would find herself in the middle of the planned parenthood debate. she is the mother of a stillborn child whose image has been used in anti-abortion videos and lexi joins me on the phone right now. lexi, thank you for joining me. >> you're welcome. >> so, it was two years ago that you lost your child in the summer of 2013. his name is walter. i understand you had a miscarriage. she was stillborn at 19 weeks and i know that this was heartbreaking for you and your family. >> correct. >> what made you decide this story, walter's story, and pictures of him on your website and blog? >> well, i am from a very small town and i -- after coming home
11:17 am
from the trip to indiana, tired of answering the question as to why are you not pregnant anymore so i wrote my story down not as a way to look for attention at all but as just a go-between so i didn't have to talk to people and continue to relive my nightmare. >> lexi, how many children do you have? >> we have two older girls and this past year we had another little baby girl. >> another little baby girl. you have a beautiful family. i want to warn our viewers that the images that we are about to show are graphic, are sensitive. so if you do have kids and you're watching at home, we want to give you this moment to let them out of the room if you see fit. so lexi, we pulled a picture of walter, your child stillborn at 19 weeks. and this is from your website. we have cropped it. matched it up to an image used a video featuring carly fiorina and distributed by center of
11:18 am
medical progress and anti-abortion organization. how do you feel about walter's picture used to discredit planned parenthood? >> well, my husband and i are actually extremely pro-life so we were a little shocked at first and surprised because like i said we never imagined that this would come about this way or we shared our story with the purpose of gaining any kind of fame or anything. but we are extremely proud of our son and this path that the lord put us on to help. i mean, he has saved many, many unborn lives. i've had stories of people that have been sitting in the clinic waiting for an abortion and changed their minds. i have had people come up to me personally and tell me i never knew. i was misinformed. i was not educated and what a baby looks like at that point at 19 weeks, they're very legal to abort and most people assume it's a blob of nothing.
11:19 am
>> when walter was stillborn, we have images of your girls, you had them meet their brother. why did you want to do that? >> they were both old enough to know that i was pregnant. they were thrilled that we were having a baby. they were so excited to have another baby and for them to not have met their brother and to just him be gone we both would have been much more detrimental to them. they were able to see him, hold him, to realize that he was real and while, yes, he was technically stillborn, his heart was beating. i held him in my hands until his heart stopped beating. i saw it under the rib cage. he was not with us when they met him but he's still very much a part of their life and talk about him every day. >> i know that walter's story is very precious for you and your family. this has been really distorted out of context in this larger political conversation.
11:20 am
have you felt betrayed in any way by walter's life being used and mischaracterized in such heavy and in some ways mischaracterized political debates? >> i was a little surprised at first. not being directly asked. but at the same time, i -- where our lives are in god's hands. my and husband are trusting god and the ultimate perfect plan and if this is happening, we are trusting that he is going to take care of us and use walter for his good. >> so we have reached out the drenter for medical progress and responded with this statement saying, an i'm paraphrasing here. walter frets, lexi's son, is a clear illustration of what the human fetus looks like in the late second trimester. we have spoken with lexi and she's supportive of cmp's investigative journalism work
11:21 am
exposing planned parenthood. so, lexi, let me ask you again. did anyone reach out for permission to use walter's picture in the anti-abortion video? >> not directly, no. he pulled it from another article, interview i had done previously last year for the daily mail. >> and so no one from their organization reached out an said we'll be using this image in an anti-abortion video aimed at defunding planned parenthood or putting planned parenthood in a false light? >> not before it was released, no. >> so we also reached out to the carly fiorina campaign and they responded that, quote, we have no comment. we weren't involved in the production of these videos. obviously, you've probably heard from the political campaign and fiorina's fiery impassioned talk during the debate of a few weeks ago. that used this illustration and referenced the video and that
11:22 am
image. what do you want people to know about walter ian also about your own views about being pro-life? >> i just believe that every child should have a chance, a chance to be alive, to make a difference. we had so many little lives being lost and thrown away each day and i wish so much that my son was here. we miss him and the short time we had was precious with him. but i know his purpose, his purpose was to help to educate the world as to what a child really looks like. you know, you say fetus, baby, whatever you want to call it, he was very much alive. and i just believe that every, every little baby should have a chance. >> lexi, do you hope that the organization that put together this video reaches out and apologizes to you or offers any sort of explanation? >> no. i have talked to them directly
11:23 am
and we've cleared the air and my husband and i are fine that it's been used. >> lexi, thanks again for sharing your story with us today. >> thank you. >> i really appreciate it planned parenthood president cecile richards will be on "the rachel mad dow show" tonight. ♪ everything kids touch during cold and flu season sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around.
11:24 am
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trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax constipated? use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief welcome back. pope francis getting involved in the case of the only woman on death row. a letter was sent on behalf of the pope by the apostolic nunciature asking for mercy. it quotes the words speaking out against the death penalty. in less than five hours, she is scheduled to be executed unless the board intervenes. she was convicted of murder for the killing of her husband in 1997. she conspired with her lover who
11:27 am
stabbed her husband douglas to death. nbc's gabe gutierrez outside the prison where kelly is serving her sentence. what more, gabe, do we know about this letter sent from the pope? >> reporter: hi, thomas. good afternoon. pope francis during his visit to the u.s. last week called for a ban on the death penalty and now the archbishop of atlanta is making an appeal on the pontiff's behalf to the georgia parole board that right now is deciding the fate of kelly. she is scheduled to be executed here at 7:00. in that letter, which is just released by representative of her, it says, quote, we're not wishing to minimize the gravity of the crime and sympathizing with the victims, i 'em ploer you in consideration of the reasons expressed to the board to commute the sentence to one to better express justice and mercy. now, this morning, there was a hearing at the -- in front of the georgia parole board and three of her grown children
11:28 am
testified, begging for her life to be spared and since convicted, she is a model inmate and turned her life around. but her family is split on this. some of her hutz's relatives say that she took his life and that she deserves to die for what she did. and that the focus on the victim and not on her and still waiting the decision from the parole board. they could delay her execution up to 90 days. they could decline to grant her clemency like in february or commute the sentence to life in prison without the possibility of parole. we're still waiting that decision. she, meanwhile, is scheduled to be executed at 7:00 tonight. thomas? >> gabe gutierrez reporting for us there in jackson, georgia. gabe, thank you. bill clinton back out on the campaign trail. what's saying in defense of his wife and is this just the beginning of his greater
11:29 am
involvement in her campaign? then, the first democratic debate set for next month in las vegas. but is it too little too late? i'm going to be speaking with dnc chair and congresswoman deb ber wasserman schultz coming up. >> and the upside hot air balloon that has people doing a double take. so you're a small business expert from at&t? yeah, give me a problem and i've got the solution. well, we have 30 years of customer records. our cloud can keep them safe and accessible anywhere. my drivers don't have time to fill out forms. tablets. keep it all digital.
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11:32 am
former president bill clinton is on the campaign trail this week and hitting several events both to raise money for the campaign as well as emphasize why he says hillary clinton is the party's best chance to hold the white house. he's also lashing out at republicans for their attacks on the former secretary of state over controversies like her private e-mail server. here he is on cnbc. >> it really is similar to the strategy that the republicans employed against me with whitewater. it's -- they look at the field and they say, who do we not want to run against?
11:33 am
and then they dribble out stuff and they attack. >> we are joined now by mark murray, nbc news senior political editor. all right. so, mark, is this just the beginning of bill clinton out there and being a resource for his wife on the campaign trail? >> i think that's a really safe bet. thomas, it is important to note what he is doing now and hitting fund-raisers, speaking to the west virginia democratic party and not the campaign rallies that you won't end up seeing until we get to crunch time. i'm talking about january and february. before the iowa caucuses in new hampshire primary. and the campaign all along and ended up saying that bill clinton wasn't going to be playing a big role, at least at this year coming these types of rallies but i do think that we are seeing kind of a ramp-up of his activities and, of course, not a surprise that they would be tapping into him. he still is one of the democratic party's biggest stars. and then, thomas, you know, i think one of the more interesting questions is what does president obama do? if joe biden decides not to run
11:34 am
or does. there's always a possibility that the white house has said that barack obama might decide to endorse someone and a possibility of joe biden not end up running for president that you would have both bill clinton and barack obama campaigning for hillary clinton. >> isn't that the big thing? you and the political team write in first read today that nobody needs biden to decide more than clinton. they need to see him say, yes, i'm in or, actually, i support hillary clinton. >> yeah. you know, joe biden's hamlet, whether he's going to run or not has not been helpful to hillary clinton and certainly you just look at even our own poll that shows that he's ahead of bernie sanders by 15 points without joe biden but the lead over bernie sanders is just 7 with biden in. and so, you know, this wait and see game by joe biden has come at expense of hillary clinton and you are right. they need -- the clinton campaign looking for an answer
11:35 am
sooner rather than later. >> thank you. >> thank you. another democrat under pressure, this 2016 season, debbie waszermanshuts. she is head of the head of the democratic party and scheduling six debates under criticism from progressive members of the party. last week at a party meeting in new hampshire, they let the congresswoman hear about their displeasure. >> just the other day, at a campaign event in rochester -- trump was at it again one of his supporters in the audience called president obama a muslim. my friends, what's more important, drawing a contrast with republicans or arguing about debates? >> joining me now is florida representative debbie wasz wasserman-schultz. we are hearing the chants there, we want debates. this is a daily theme for you. explain why we are only going to see democrats six debate this is
11:36 am
cycle. >> well, the democratic national committee is going to sanction six debates, one about every month beginning two weeks from now october 13th and actually right after that on november 6th we will have a candidate forum, also, hosted by msnbc that will air live so we throughout the next six months are going to be making sure that our candidates are able to be seen by voters in a variety of platforms. six sanctioned debates. forums aired on television that will be co-hosted by organizations. what we felt very strongly about was to make sure that unlike in 2008 and 2004 where we sanctioned debates and ultima ultimately an explosion of six sanctioned debates to 26 in 2008 and 17 in 2004, those -- that many took the candidates off the campaign trail and we have an early primary state system in which those voters really enjoy
11:37 am
and are proud of their opportunity to kick the tires of a candidate getting an up close and personal look and we felt six debates, coupled with candidate forums across the country was the right mix. >> looking at the right, we have seen major turnout for the two prime time debate that is have happened. there's no enthusiasm gap there but as we look at what's happening for the democrats, only three this year. four debates. three next. two of this ch aren't scheduled yet and many of these not taking place during prime time weekday hours when people are going to be able to watch tv. what do you say to the charges especially from those running against hillary clinton that this was done to protect her and protect her chances? >> well, that's certainly completely untrue. the democratic national commit tee is absolutely neutral and we're running our primary nominating contest in a neutral way. there are six debates with, you
11:38 am
know, other -- many other opportunities for candidates to interact with and be seen by voters, you know, like i said, being on the ground in the grassroots early states, that's a really critical way, look, just look at bernie sanders, thomas. you're right. we have not had any debates and bernie sanders been able to turn out crowds through his mess and, through his organization without a first debate. there were starting out 17 republican candidates running for president. and they have nine debates. and we have five candidates announced and we have six debates. with a variety of other opportunities. that seemed like the right mix and certainly as evidenced by how bernie sanders is doing, we're doing okay. i mean, he's certainly not far back in the pack. he is able to do what he needs to do to get people excited about his campaign. we want to make sure that all the candidate vs that opportunity and not having to come off the campaign trail every other day, you know, get
11:39 am
ready for the next debate and make sure that our voter cans hear them. >> a lot of people might criticize to say there isn't a robust debate going on. we shall wait an we're looking forward to the very first one coming up in october. >> a couple of weeks. >> debbie wasserman-schultz. thank you so much. i need to switch gears fast with a breaking news out of georgia. clemency is denied for georgia death row inmate kelly gissendaner. she was convicted of the murder of her husband in 1997. and was guilty of conspireing with her lover who stabbed douglas to death. nbc's gabe gutierrez is outside the prison where kelly is serving this sentence. we know her adult children were there. trying to make the argument to spare her life. but, gabe, we now have the board's decision.
11:40 am
>> reporter: yeah. that's right, thomas. in the past few minutes, the decision from the parole board. literally within the past few minutes. it's voted to let the denial of clemency stand. that means that she will be executed tonight at 7:00 here at the prison. again, the parole board denying appeals by her lawyers and even within the last few hours, by the catholic church as we hengsed earlier in this hour, the archbishop of atlanta wrote a letter on behalf of pope francis to the parole board asking them to commute her sentence saying that they wanted a sentence that would more reflect justice and mercy. but as we've been reporting, her three grown children testified in front of that parole board. they say that she has changed her life in the past 18 years on the death row and a model inmate. again, her other parts of her family, the relatives of her
11:41 am
husband, say that she deserves to die for what she did and again the parole board had heard her appeal before. they denied clemency in february. they did agree to hear a last-minute appeal today but within the past few minutes they have issued that decision that they would deny clemency yet again and again she is scheduled to be executed tonight at 7:00. >> all right. they're denying clemency. she's scheduled to die by lethal injection at 7:00 p.m. gabe gutierrez reporting in georgia, thank you. we're back with more after this. i am totally blind.
11:42 am
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11:45 am
snow den that made russia his home since the spying programs has posted a first tweet. it is a question asking, simply, can you hear me now? thanks for the welcome and now that we have water on mars, do you think they check passports at the border? asking for a friend. kind of tongue in cheek. you can see he's keeping the sense of humor there and then here's the verified account with his handle with more than 300,000 followers and counting and a total of 7 wiets now, based on what i've been looking at now. yeah, it is active. snow den's bio describes him as i used to work for the government. now i work for the public. he has made, of course, as we know public videos and given interviews on the topics of privacy and domestic data collection since he fled to russia in 2013. and he also lists himself as a
11:46 am
director of freedom of press foundation. as far as who he's following on twitter. one so far. it's the nsa. all right. also, a year's old facebook hoax is popping up once again. i'm sure you have seen it in the feeds. rumors circulating that if you copy and paste this bit of legalise then you will have total prooif is sy for photos and videos and facebook can't use them. here's the thing. it is not true. you need to consult the official policy for facebook's real deal on privacy and what is the best way to protect who sees what, thomas? we are talking about that. >> this is a great question. nisha natel joins us. francis, come on over here to get a lesson and she will teach us everything. this is great. we had this talk this morning. and we're going to go to class. >> especially with privacy settings and knowing what people
11:47 am
can see. >> and the hoax issue. all right. break it down. because a lot of people have been seeing this in their status updates and time lines. what does it really mean? >> it's no truth to it at all. it's a hoax. facebook put out a statement saying don't believe everything you read on the internet. and it's very clearly listed in facebook's terms of service that facebook does not own your content. only you own your content and you can choose how facebook can use it. or you can restrict them from using it at all. >> this is like $4. 9, $5.99 to be private. a subscription. >> facebook said a number of times they'll not charge for the service. always a free service and nothing to worry about here. >> how do we seeing this and get concerned about privacy issues, walk us through how to make the settings proper for privacy. >> sure. so there's a few things i'll take you through right now. your privacy settings are when
11:48 am
you log in, there's a lock an you're going to click on that and go to privacy check-up. i have pulled this up over here. it is a quick thing that lets you update your facebook privacy settings quickly. the first thing is limit the post privacy. if you don't want it public an private an you change that here. you can change it to friends only. >> when you're lurking -- facebook and not friends with somebody, this's how you can see their stuff. >> you don't want anyone that you don't know to see your posts and change to friends here and then limiting what apps access your facebook data. any time you sign into a third party app or site and log in with facebook account, they get access. you can restrict which apps have access to that data and you can delete them, choose whether they share your data with friends or only for you and change that and clean out these apps if you don't want any of them to have access. >> and then this real l really
11:49 am
give us a sense of security for protection but still allowing us to see real family, real friends? >> yes. totally. one more thing in terms of how facebook can use your data, you'll want to go into the privacy settings page which is also under privacy check-up. go to see more settings and it is there. you want to go to the ad section here and in facebook ads you can choose whether or not fook can use your data in advertisements on the platform. so the detault is generally opted into this and you can easily change this and restrict it so that none of your data used in facebook ads. >> great to know. getting the updates, it changes. this is the latest. >> very, very helpful. thank you. we'll make you come to the personal computers a thf. >> happy to help. >> thank you. social media manager, nisha. here are some of the stories that ought our eye after facebook. including this stunning sight over vegas. no, your eyes are not deceiving you. nothing is wrong.
11:50 am
this is an upside down balloon with a small basket and a take one at the top. they realized it was designed that way all along. and then in the skies over southern california more than 200 of the best sky divers across the world trying to get a world record. look at them. they jumped from 20,000 feet and fell at speeds faster than 110 mirps. their record setting attempts may continue through friday. we are learning today about a man that rolled the dice with a marriage proposal based on monopoly. a wooden game board replacing park play and either properties. the ring hidden in the secret compartment under the luxury tax space and she said yes. the new era has begun. trevor noah as a successor and dedicated the first few minutes to explaining how he got the job. >> why didn't they get an
11:51 am
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welcome back, everybody. want to get you straight to d.c. president obama just landing after two days at the u.n. and speaking to the press. >> the last several days and they did so flawlessly and joe clancy, the head of secret service and the entire detail -- they all deserve a big round of applause for being such hosts and keeping everybody safe. all right? >> all right. so there and it was hard for everybody to hear but i think the president was praising secret service director jim clancy for the work that they have dedicated certainly for the president's most recent trip to
11:55 am
new york city and visit for the u.n. and also for the hard work they put in to the visit paid by pope francis. again, it was hard for us to hear but the president now back at the white house after two days here in new york for the u.n. and one thing that we have been keeping our eye on is something that could sound like something out of a scary movie. it's treasure hunters scouring a site in poland for a nazi train that disappeared in world war ii. it's believed to contain weapons and looted gold. nbc's chapman bell has more from poland. >> reporter: thomas, day two of the six-day operation has wrapped up here in this area of land behind me where the suspected nazi gold train is thought to be underground. the city called in the military to search for any land mines, unexploded world war ii ordinance, even chemicals. they say when's under the ground they want to make sure it's safe
11:56 am
before any exploration of excavation takes place. what is under the ground is on everyone's mind here. there's long been a legend in this area that a train filled with nazi gold was hidden in the final days of world war ii. they're hopeful that maybe that's this train. others are more skeptical saying, okay, it might be a train underground. it's probably has military hardware or weapons. the two treasure hunters who found the suspected train, they themselves say they think from the radar images they can see tanks and anti-aircraft weaponry on the train. but they're hopeful that it also has other things like this gold. one thing's for certain. it's a gold boom here in this town. everyone cashing in. you have gold bar key chains, bottle openers, even lighters. everyone cashing in on this. it's also a gold rush for treasure hunters. this area is well-known for
11:57 am
tunnels built by the nazis and more and more people are coming in and trying to excavate and where if this is not that train they might be the ones to find it. thomas? >> chapman, amazing discovery, thanks so much. thank you for your time. that wraps up today's show. stick around. kate snow picks up our coverage next. we thought we'd be ready. but demand for our cocktail bitters was huge. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding.
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we're trying to give them all the feeling of being at the stadium. the microsoft cloud gives us the scalability to communicate exactly the content that people want to see. it will help people connect to their passion of living real madrid. good day. i'm kate snow. we begin this hour with breaking news out of the state of georgia where pope francis intervened today on behalf of the only woman on the state's death row and that appeal failed despite the letter of the pontiff, she is still set to be executed in less than four hours after the parole board just denied clemency. gabe gutierrez is live outside the state prison in west jackson, georgia. gabe, kelly gissendaner was convicted for planning her husband's murder 18 years ago and convincing her lover to carry ut


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