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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  September 30, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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night's game. he had a chance at not one, but three balls. he fumbled them all. the ball boy took pity on him and tossed him a ball and i think hit him in the face. i feel sorry for the guy. i wouldn't be able to catch that ball either. that does it for this hour. "mtp daily" with chuck todd starts right now. russian air strikes in syria. they claim it was on isis. the pentagon doesn't believe them. called it unprofessional. meanwhile, senator john mccain, lashing out at the obama white house for what they say is again, leading from behind. speaking of capitol hill, another shutdown countdown watch. there's a plan to avert it, but the clock is ticking with less than seven hours left. it's "mtp daily," and it starts
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right now. ♪ a busy hump day of news tonight. senate foreign relations chairman bob corker will weigh in on the russian air strikes in syria. martin o'malley, i've got him. and there's been a war of words between ted cruz and rand paul. but first, chris jansing, luke russert on capitol hill, kasie hunt on the trail in new hampshire, with multiple candidates there today. and we'll check in on hurricane joaquin with the weather channel's mike bettis. but let's begin tonight with what was a shocking development overnight, and something we've been following throughout the day. a significant show of force from russia in its alleged fight against isis. hours after its parliament approved the use of force to intervene in syria. russia carried out a series of air strikes in the region. the exact location of the bombings is still being examined
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by the department of defense, but it's said to center around homs and it's not clear thats an isis target. while russia's actions did not affect american's actions in the region, reaction on capitol hill was a mix of outrage and no feeling of surprise. take a look. >> it was perfectly clear what russia's intentions are, to prop up bashar assad, the father of isis, to make sure they have a secure base in the region. there's no strategy, there's no success. in fact, we now see the result of this failure. >> we should not have been surprised that he decided to raise the bid a little bit by putting in airplanes and troops. he didn't want to see this regime collapse. >> i don't think it's particularly surprising that -- that russia is using those new military capabilities. particularly in light of their long-standing efforts to prop up the assad regime.
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>> russia states an intent to fight isil on one hand, and to support bashar al assad and his regime on the other. fighting isil without pursuing a parallel political transition, only risks escalating the civil war in syria. and with it, the very extremism and instability that moscow claims to be concerned about, and aspire to fighting. so this approach, that approach, is tantamount, as i said then, to pouring gasoline on the fire. >> just this afternoon, msnbc's al sharpton, had a sitdown with hillary clinton, and here's what she told him about the air strikes and her reaction. >> you know, al, i had a different strategy back when i was a secretary of state. i can't sit here today and tell you that if my strategy had been followed, we'd be in a different
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place, because this has so much of a dynamic of its own. what i believed then, is that assad was the principal threat, because his bombarding, and his ruthless behavior towards his own people, was going to create more terrorists. it was going to create refugees. it was going to destabilize neighboring countries. all that has come to pass. but where we are today, which is the president's view, that we need to build up the iraqi army, you cannot take back positions from isis, because we're not going to put troops on the ground, and we should not. whenever any of the republicans say, we need 10,000 american troops on the ground, i think that demonstrates how little they really understand. and the lessons that we should have learned over the last 15 years. >> and we now know that secretary kerry and russia's foreign minister have been meeting privately today. we'll bring you tape of an unexpected joint statement the two of them plan on making, as
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soon as we have it. chris jansing, this has been a whirlwind day. i know the administration wants to claim they're not caught off guard, but boy the defense secretary sure sounded like he was. >> yeah, he did. and not only that, but i just talked to a high-ranking democrat who generally supports the administration, and he said to me on the phone it's hard to put any positive spin on this. you have a situation where obviously we've already had chaos in syria. hundreds of thousands of people who were killed. others fleeing for their lives. europe putting a lot of pressure on the united states to do something about it. then you have this meeting, right, at the u.n., that was so highly anticipated, and the one thing that comes out of it is the u.s. and russia said they're going to coordinate to make sure that there aren't any problems with their military activities in syria. and then one hour before they start dropping bombs, there's a
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knock on the door of the u.s. embassy in baghdad, a russian official, saying, oh, we're going to start this air action in an hour. i mean, no one i've talked to today can find any precedent for that, chuck. and obviously, it also comes on the heels of so many other setbacks, in addition to the refugee crisis, that train and equip program that was budgeted for $500 million, and produced about four to five fighters. so even though the white house says it isn't surprised and indeed if you've been following this, you've seen over the last couple of weeks, kind of a dramatic escalation of russian military movement inside syria. this further complicates a tremendously complicated situation for this administration. >> it sure does. i know you have to get back to work. you'll be on "nightly news" in less than 90 minutes. meanwhile, we have breaking news out on the other side of town. the government shutdown has officially been avoided. the house just passed a
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short-term government funding bill, which does keep the lights on on capitol hill through december 11th. that's our next target date to see if we can make it through without a shutdown here. president obama had said just moments before the house voted. >> the good news is that, it looks like the republicans will just barely avoid shutting down the government for the second time in two years. that's a somewhat low bar, but we should celebrate where we can. the bad news is, it looks like we'll just barely avoid shutting down the government again for the second time in two years. >> let's go right to luke russert. we wondered how long this would go. it's just been passed. is this one of those where everybody fell in line, or did republicans need democrats again to get across the line? >> oh, republicans needed democrats in a big way, chuck. 151 republicans voted against this bill. that's majority of the conference. >> wow.
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>> only 91 supported it. but that shows you, this did violate the rule which is that a majority of the house gop conference did not want to see it go forward. why is that? because it still funded planned parenthood. i think this vote gives us real insight into the difficulties ahead for the speaker in waiting, kevin mccarthy. he's going to have to do a similar bill around december 11th, it's unclear the path way for that. he could be bailed out by his predecessor john boehner, there are negotiations ongoing fb mitch mcconnell, the obama white house, the democrats and boehner about possibly doing a year-long budget, so they can put this task, the budget, perhaps something that involves the debt limit. but if you have 150 republicans saying no to planned parenthood, it's a sizeable number, and it shows you the strength of the conservatives right now in the house gop conference.
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>> very quickly, do you know how kevin mccarthy voted? >> i e-mailed our producer whether he voted on this. usually speakers down. however in the e-mail it did say leadership did recommend a "yes" vote. but we have to check. i'll known soon enough. >> very quickly, how real is this idea of a special committee -- investigative committee on planned parenthood? >> oh, that's going to happen. it's going to be very similar to the benghazi select committee. they believe that provides them cover ahead of the next vote and they'll put a lot of pro-life members on that, and that will be an investigation through the end of the congress until early 2017, chuck. >> john boehner, who never wanted the benghazi, flipped as a way to avert the last shutdown. go back to work, buddy. you got to get away from the camera. thank you, sir. let's go to the campaign
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trail. big night in new hampshire. carson, bush, trump, all holding events in the granite state tonight. today is also the end of the fund-raising quarter. and ben carson, who a lot of us expect to be the big fund-raiser of the republican side is already touting some big numbers. >> there's no way that you can have enough money to run a national campaign for president. they forgot about one very important thing. the people. and the people have generated almost 600,000 donations to our campaign. >> let's go to kasie hunt. he's been with carson today. he'll be headed to bush. probably will get a sneak-peek at trump. kasie, talk to me about carson today. they're fired up about a fund-raising number that they plan to report, we assume in the next day or so. >> chuck, as you know, the
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anticipation on his fund-raising number is so high that many of the other campaigns are hiding behind him saying, no way are we going to match what carson's going to put up this quarter, but we'll still be doing pretty well. i think they're feeling good about where they are. carson has spent a lot of his time fund-raising. he's not somebody we see on the campaign trail as much in the early states as we've seen some of the other candidates, even people like donald trump. i got to tell you, chuck, carson's contrast with trump is just impossible to ignore, how quiet he is, style wise, his approach compared with trump os bombast. he speaks very quietly, for a long period of time. he seems to take time to think through the questions. it's pretty remarkable they're both drawing significant support from what we both know to be a not dissimilar section of the republican base. >> what do we expect from jeb bush tonight, that event starts in 90 minutes.
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>> he and trump are again duelling in new hampshire. last time i was up here, it was to cover duelling trump and bush town halls. not clear if trump looks at bush's schedule and decides, i'm going to get up there. but we'll hear more from him. he held a substance abuse roundtable this morning in new hampshire. something he hasn't talked a lot about, but something that's affected him personally. but i was looking to see if he was going to get into his personal experience. he didn't seem to go too far into that instead, just listening and taking notes. >> all of the presidential candidates are listening to new hampshire voters, because every one of them has been talking about this heroin problem that is very much a regional problem in new england, and i've noticed all of them are reacting. that's what happens when you campaign and listen to voters. kasie hunt, we'll see you tomorrow. meanwhile, many of us on the east coast are keeping an eye on hurricane joaquin. as it gains strength, it could disrupt campaign travel plans, lot of potential baseball games that may or may not matter.
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at 8:00 a.m. this morning, joaquin game a category one hurricane that could impact a bunch of us here on the east coast, particularly the mid atlantic and on up. we ain't floridians anymore. we get a little more nervous. let's go to mike bettis with the weather channel. he's been watching this storm. mike, take me through it. i think if i lived in miami still, i wouldn't be worried about a category one, but this ain't miami. >> yeah, it's not for sure. so we're looking at this and saying, there may be good reason to be nervous. the latest advisory from the hurricane center, not a whole lot has changed. winds at 85 miles per hour, pressure is dropping. the movement is still key. it's southwest right now, so it's actually headed a little bit more toward cuba than the united states. however things are going to change with joaquin, we think, relatively quickly. looking for an abrupt right-hand turn. hurricane watches and warnings
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in effect. does not include nassau, but that sharp right-hand turn, here it comes the official forecast cone from the hurricane center. and by friday morning, very near the cusp of a category 3 hurricane. it's category 1 right now. notice the cone taking it to the north. as we go farther north, notice the areas that could being impacted. you can see from north carolina, all the way up here to potentially new york or long island, this could be by this weekend, very impact for potentially millions of people. >> yeah, absolutely. i'll just say this, as a fan of the dodger-met series, game one could end up being impacted there, not to make this personal. mike, this looks like a more important storm to follow than we realized. thank you very much. two more breaking stories in the last hour. it's the end of the month. so we get the latest document dump from the state department of clinton e-mails. colleagues in the political unit have been combing through the
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many pages. here's what we've seen so far. mere blumenthal e-mails on libya. that will be raising doubts about what role he was playing. clear indications that the secretary was following the political scene from her perch at foggy bottom, huma abedin helping her keep an eye on her own personal standing in politics. and then there was an exchange about secretary clinton being worried about how fox news would scrutinize language in a policy paper that referred to parent one and parent two. secretary clinton asked why they couldn't simply say mom and dad. and more breaking news out of oklahoma. just now governor mary fallon has granted a last-minute stay for death-row inmate there, who was set to die this afternoon. the announcement came just about an hour after the supreme court refused to stop the execution. governor fallon cited questions
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back now with more "mtp daily" and a voice from the political past for you junkies. ted kennedy. before his death in 2009, kennedy took part in a fascinating oral history project, recording 19 separate interviews, in which he discussed his entire life, his career, and his family. the transcripts of those interviews, along with nearly 175 more conversations with kennedy's friends, colleagues, and journalists were unveil today in a joint project for the jfrt of virginia and the kennedy institute in boston. one of the anecdotes that has political junkies buzzing is a story about ted kennedy getting buzzed. kennedy tells the story of being subjected to a drinking contest with senator james eastland as a
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the way i see it, you have two choices; the easy way or the hard way. you could choose a card that limits where you earn bonus cash back. or, you could make things easier on yourself. that's right, the quicksilver card from capital one. with quicksilver you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. so, let's try this again. what's in your wallet? >> back for more on the biggest breaking news story we've been following all day, which is the russian air strikes, purportedly on isis in syria today. it's another foreign policy predicament leaving the white house looking like they're scrambling to find a response,
2:21 pm
giving the obama administration just an hour's advance notice. this was the response from white house press secretary josh earnest following those air strikes. >> russia will not succeed in imposing a military solution on syria, anymore than the united states was successful in imposing a military solution on iraq a decade ago. >> joining me now from capitol hill, bob corker, chairman of the senate foreign relations committee. senator corker, welcome to "meet the press daily." >> good to be with you. >> let me start with what we know right now. do you have any better sense of the targets that russia hit with their air strikes? >> no. we've been getting reporting, chuck, that it wasn't against isis, that it was against civilian populations, part of the rebel-held, you know, the more moderate groups that are opposing assad. so i don't know which is accurate, but certainly there's been a strong sense, in our office that it wasn't against
2:22 pm
isis, but against civilians. >> if russia has to do this, does this tell you that assad's military was pretty degraded here? >> oh, i think what it tells us, putin realizes there's going to be no pushback whatsoever from the united states. i think it tells us he's trying to demonstrate that he's a credible ally. obviously people know that we are not. and, look, he's stepped into a vacuum. i think this may be the beginning of the end, relative to any hope that there's going to be a transition. so, look, he's doing, you know, what he -- he gets no pushback. and as a matter of fact, this helps him domestically. it creates even a greater tide of nationalism. so when you have no price to pay, chuck, and it helps you domestically, you just keep going, and he certainly has had
2:23 pm
no price to pay for his many actions. >> you are not somebody that hides your emotion. you're coming across here a bit defeated. >> chuck, i'm sorry, but we, the united states, and europe, have presided over, sat on our hands, the biggest humanitarian crisis since world war ii, 240,000 people are dead. people, chuck, that have the same aspirations that you and your family have, that me and my family have. over 11 million people are displaced. during the entire yugoslav war, a decade, only 140,000 people were dead. way too many. four million displaced. so we've sat here and given empty rhetoric. i really hope the president doesn't give another statement. because every time he does, nothing happens. our credibility is diminished. and putin knows nothing is going to happen.
2:24 pm
he stepped into this vacuum, and in essence, i think it's pretty much over. i'm sorry. >> i hear you. you're throwing up your arms, and i understand your frustration. you're not the only person i've talked to today that's frustrated by this. so let me ask you this. what do you do, if president obama came to you, called you up, and he said, what would you recommend, senator corker, i do right now, in response to this? >> that's a great question, and of course we've gotten to the place where it's very difficult to even give a good answer. i recommended and voted for us hitting them back in 2013, in august, early september. >> you were one of a small minority on both sides of the aisle. >> he asked for it, and i supported it. i believe you support the commander in chief when he lays down a red line. let's face it, figuratively, he jumped in putin's lap. he learned a lot from that, what
2:25 pm
he could do in crimea and eastern ukraine. secondly, we tried to get him to train and equip in a real way, on a bipartisan way, passed a robust bill. never did it. you remember general idris? we couldn't even get him trucks. i would visit him, and our feckless nation couldn't even deliver trucks to him. then, of course, we tried to push towards an air-exclusion zone. turkey obviously has been pushing for that. it would seal the border between turkey and syria, and keep people from migrating down, but more importantly, give these people, these innocent civilians, that are being barrel-bombed, having chlorine gas dropped on them, give them a place where they could at least inside their country get humanitarian aid. he had decision memo after decision memo after decision memo on his desk and would not act. and we hear that internally from people who are so themselves in the same mode that i'm in.
2:26 pm
so, look, at this point, i don't want to hear anymore empty rhetoric. we've asked for john kerry to come up and explain, but i really do think, i'm sorry on all of us, this is a blight on america, it's a blight on europe as we see these desperate people leaving their country, coming to others. what we're seeing is something that we've had a role in. i mean, we are reaping what we sew. and i am very despondent over -- >> i can tell -- >> -- the lack of moral clarity, the lack of moral clarity by our friends in europe, by this president as it relates to this issue. >> i understand what you said before. do you think there's anything, can this ship be righted, as far as you're concerned? >> you know, i don't think it can under this president and and by the time this president leaves, i don't think there's going to be anything to write. for something to occur, it would
2:27 pm
take the president to galvanize an effort both within our country, and he's not going to do that. they haven't even asked us, todd, martin dempsey and john kerry testified before us. they don't even have the authorize, if you will, to protect the folks that we've trained there. we know that we only have four or five. they haven't asked for the authorize to protect people on the ground. i think we just lost our connection. >> no, you're fine. we're hearing you. all right, senator corker. well, we were hearing you, but apparently you lost on hearing me. that was senate foreign relations chairman, a very despondent senate foreign relations chair, bob corker, calling the entire policy feckless at this point. meanwhile, we'll bring you secretary kerry's statement from the united nations as soon as it happens. you saw, we've been waiting. we'll see if sergei lavrov, his russian counterpart joins him.
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after 15 years of clinical studies. preservision areds 2. because my eyes are everything. coming up how a candidate in single digits plans to compete with hillary clinton. martin o'malley joins me. but first the market wrap from cnbc. >> hey there, stocks rallied across the board but still posted the worst quarter in four years. dow jumped 235 points, nasdaq added 102. ap itionications for home mortgages dropped last week and a big boost for the labor market. 200,000 jobs added this month. the government's closely watched employment report is out on friday. and ralph lauren's shares are up after the ceo stepped down. that's it from cnbc, first in
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everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? but we put together a benghazi special committee. a select committee. what are her numbers today? her numbers are dropping. why? because she's untrustable. but no one would have known any of that had happened had we not -- >> that was kevin mccarthy on fox news last night. hillary clinton's campaign has been using that to make the case that somehow this is proof the benghazi committee was nothing more than an attempt to harass her political campaign. hillary clinton reacted directly to that today in an interview that she's taped for our own reverend al sharpton and his new sunday show. here's an excerpt. >> what's your response to mccarthy's comments? >> i have to tell you, i find
2:36 pm
them deeply distressing. i knew the ambassador that we lost in benghazi. along with him, we lost three other brave americans who were representing us in a very dangerous part of the world. there have already been eight investigations in the congress, one independent investigation. we've learned all we can learn about what we need to do to protect our diplomats and other civilians. and we need to be enforcing and implementing those changes, which is what i started and what secretary kerry has continued. so when i hear a statement like that, which demonstrates, unequivocally, that this was always meant to be a partisan, political exercise, i feel like it does a grave disservice and dishonors, not just the memory of the four that we lost, but of everybody who has served our country. >> reverend sharpton is here. she seemed angry there, but it
2:37 pm
sounds like they think they were handed a political gift. >> i think it's clear from the answer, she thinks it was a political gift, and she's really now driving back this whole thing of her being untrustworthy, to where the committee is untrustworthy, where the premise was political all along. >> quickly, what other topics did you hit with her? >> police reform, how we deal with violent crime. we also talked about her and president obama, how people like me that doesn't support her in 2008, why should we support her now? >> very candid and she was very forth coming. >> did she make the case to you? >> she made a very good case. >> reverend, thanks for coming on. >> thank you. >> his new sunday, sunday at 8:00 a.m., "politicsnation," one hour before another sunday show you should be watching. thank you very much. let me go to another
2:38 pm
democratic candidate for president. martin o'malley is here. governor o'malley, welcome to "meet the press daily." >> chuck, thank you. congratulations on the new show. >> thank you, sir. let me just ask you this point blank. we're going to find out today in the next couple of hours. right now it feels like it's hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and everybody else. how do you get out from being everybody else? >> well, once we start having debates in the democratic party, it will become apparent that i'm the one candidate in the race with 15 years of executive experience, someone who's accomplished things that many of the other candidates on the stage will only be able to talk about, raising the living wage, passing the dream act, forging a new consensus to get things done. so i'm looking forward to our party finally having debates, chuck. at this point eight years ago, we had already had nine of them. >> that's true. do you feel like the biggest differences between you and
2:39 pm
sanders and clinton is simply that you were governor, your executive experience, or are there issue differences that you think need to be made clear? >> i think there are issue differences, and i also think there's leadership differences. i have shown time and again in my 15 years of executive service that i have the ability to actually forge a new consensus to get things done. i don't wait until the polls tell me it's okay to take a position, i actually get in front, and i pull people together to get things done. that's what an effective executive done. as far as issue differences, i do believe secretary clinton and i have differences in terms of reining in excesses and reckless behavior on wall street. until just the other day, we had different difference on the environment. i was opposed to the keystone pipeline and she only came around to that lately. but i'm the only candidate to advance a plan to move us to a 100% clean electric grid by
2:40 pm
2050. something we have to do for the health and security of our kids, but it would create jobs and be good for our nation's prosperity. >> you're running to be commander in chief. that would on your desk day one, syria and the mess that is. i don't know if you heard the chairman of the foreign relations committee, someone who's not been on the same page with president obama, but someone who's not been always against him on national security issues, very upset about the developments in syria. what is your initial reaction here and what do you think has gone wrong? >> well, syria's a place where there's no great answers at the moment. i mean, obviously what's happened today is that the russians have greatly upped the ante. the air missions and the bombings that they've conducted north of homs would appear not be directed at isis. they would appear to be directed
2:41 pm
at elements of the free syrian army. those that oppose assad and often times fighting against isis. so we need a comprehensive political solution here, and i believe that when you look at the differences of opinions that we have with russia, certainly when it comes to the brutal regime of assad, the fact of the matter is, both the united states and russia wants a more stable syria, and the united states and russia want to contain and degrade and defeat isis. so i think that the movement towards a comprehensive solution that secretary kerry has signalled is the right step for us and i think we should engage in that pursuit forthwith. >> so you think we're stuck coordinating with the russians now, whether we like it or not? >> i believe this is a post cold war world. and in many aspects, people that are our adversaries on some issues, have interests that are aligned with ours, and we need to join the reality-based world here and recognize that there
2:42 pm
are different interests and they shift. and we need to pursue our interests. and if that means sitting down with the russians, then we need to do that, and we need to work for a comprehensive political solution. it's so tempting always to say, well, why don't we just arm the rebels. we saw how that worked out. not terribly well. not every issue avails itself of simply a military fix. we need to dial up the whole of government approach here, engage in a comprehensive political solution to the instability and the death and the destruction that's going on in syria and causing the greatest refugee crisis on the planet today. >> very quickly, you seem very hesitant -- you don't sound like someone who would advocate more troops being necessary to help out with the iraqi army, or with what's going on in syria. >> i think that what we should be learning over the last 14 years, often times putting american boots on the ground, particularly in the middle east, has the opposite effect that we would have hoped for.
2:43 pm
we need to do what the united states does best historically, and that's work in coalition with other nations to contain isis, to degrade, to cut off their financing, to do a better job of interrupting their propaganda, and on the humanitarian front, we need to step up and do our part and lead by taking the refugees from syria that we've been asked to by the international community. there's other ways to lead than always at the end of a drone strike. >> before i let you go, you seem to believe the e-mail story is a correct issue to go after secretary clinton on? >> i believe there are legitimate questions to be asked and answered with regard to her e-mail and e-mail server and the fbi is looking into that. i'm sure secretary clinton and her lawyers are the best ones to answer those questions. >> you seem to be -- are you particularly concerned about it yourself? >> i'm somewhat concerned about this, todd. -- or chuck. i think this e-mail scandal is
2:44 pm
in danger of eclipsing all the other idea that we should be offering the american people as the democratic party. we need to start having debates, and talk about the issues that also matter to people like affordable college, making wages go up, rather than down. so this is a legitimate issue, but it's not the only issue on the minds of people across iowa and new hampshire. >> governor, i'll leave it there. hope to speak to you soon. >> thank you. >> you got it. we're still waiting for secretary kerry's statement from the u.n. he's been meeting with his russian counterpart, sergei lavrov. we'll bring it to you, as soon as it happens. meanwhile, we're also following breaking news out of syria. we'll have an update on the pentagon's reaction to russia's aggressive action, the first time the country has got a sense of the new secretary of defense, he's not so new anymore, ash carter. stay tuned.
2:45 pm
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as we told you, the 2016 campaigns are counting their cash today, it's the end of the third quarter for fund-raising. these are maybe more important numbers than any poll. and even though the funding deadline didn't until october 15th, we'll hear some very interesting stories. here's what we're watching for. which republican will have the biggest haul? ben carson appears to be the one everybody thinks. what will the jeb bush number look like? smart money is on carson. according to his campaign, carson has raised more than half a million dollars, after he told
2:47 pm
me on "meet the press" that he wouldn't support a muslim candidate for president. carson's campaign said they have you raised nearly $20 million this quarter. important sub primary here. and what about carly fiorina, did she get a financial bump from those poll bumps? she had a lackluster haul in the second quarter. and christie, paul, and cruz, which one shows financial staying power? on the democratic side, could bernie sanders outraise hillary clinton? and who will have more cash on hand? believe it or not, the answer to both questions could be bernie sanders. and if vice president biden gets in, he'll have serious catching up to do. clinton and sanders have likely collectively raised more than $100 million combined. much more of "mtp daily" ahead, including keeping an eye out for secretary kerry and his important meeting with his russian counterpart.
2:48 pm
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it's a simple question. what's in your wallet? back now with ic back now with the big story of the day. russia decided to carry out its own air strikes and secretary ash carter made no pretense about russia's motivations behind the bombings. >> it does appear that they were in areas where there probably were not ice isil forces. by supporting assad and there by seemingly taking on everybody who is fighting assad you are taking on the whole rest of the country of syria. >> let's go to our pentagon producer here. one thing no one is talking about, what is the tactical goal
2:51 pm
of these strikes by russia? is it at all yet clear? >> union defense official i spoke to earlier today said it is probably just to create what the military calls space, time and space for the syrian forces on the ground to retake that area from the opposition forces who are controlling that area just north of homs. it is probably just that. i don't think that there was any particular -- this is like a one off. this seems to be the beginning of a larger campaign by the russians. i think we see a number of air strikes. this isn't just a one off strike today. and i think ultimately it is just to create time and space for the syrian ground forces. >> to fight who? >> damascus is being threatened primarily by isis, but this is a big problem we have here right now is there are these forces and opposition forces, some are
2:52 pm
terrorists that are threatening the assad regime. russia does not differentiate. he looks at anyone against the assad regime as a monolithic entity whether the new syrian forces or more moderate opposition or isis. it doesn't matter to russia. they are going to strike anyone. >> very quickly, it feels like while ash carter has been in office for quite some time now this was really in many ways the first time they have gotten a good look at him today. it was -- this was not a press conference he was comfortable doing. >> there has been a lot of consernation. he does not come out and brief us very often. he has been here for about seven months. we have had fewer than seven briefings from him.
2:53 pm
there has been negative reporting about how he is not focused on the large issue of the day. >> i have to stop you because we are about to hear from secretary lavrov and john kerry. >> today we meet and the presidents agreed when they met here on the 28th of september. the first instruction to us was to make sure that the military of the united states, the coalition led by the united states were now engaged in operations in syria at the request of the syrian government. get in touch and establish channels of communication to avoid any unintended incidents. we agreed the military should get into contact with each other very soon. we also discussed what the the
2:54 pm
presidents told us about the promoting political process. we all want syria democratic, united, secular. syria which is a home for all ethnic groups whose rights are guaranteed, but we have some differences as for the details on how to get there. but we agreed on some steps willing to take very soon to get with other countries including the united nations on creating the conditions for options to be used to be applied to promote the political process. and i believe that this meeting as a follow up to the discussions is very useful occasion to promote constructive
2:55 pm
and safe approaches to the situation in syria and around it. we agreed to remain in touch with john and as always we are available for contacts with each other. thank you very much. >> well, as described the meeting we had which we would both concur was a constructive meeting, i relayed and reiterated the concerns that i expressed in the course of the u.n. security council meeting which was led by russia today, concerns that we have obviously about the nature of the targets, the type of targets and the need for clarity with respect to them. it is one thing obviously to be targeting isil. we are concerned obviously that that is not what is happening. so as sergai said to you we agreed on the imperative of as
2:56 pm
soon as possible, perhaps even as soon as tomorrow, but as soon as possible having a military to military deconfliction discussion, meeting, conference, whichever can be done as soon as possible because we agreed on the urgency of that deconfliction. secondly, we did discuss a number of different ways to try to address the conflict itself. and several options were agreed to be further discussed. i need to take those back to washington to the president and to our team and i'm sure he will likewise discuss them with president putin and his team. we will follow up on that for certain because we also agreed that it is imprerative it find
2:57 pm
solution and avoid escalating it in any way and seeing it intensified by forces beyond control. finally, the foreign minister and i agreed even as we don't have yet a resolution with respect to some critical choices in that political solution we think we have very specific steps that may be able to help lead in the right direction. that needs to be properly explored and so we finally agreed we have a lot of work to do. we are going to get to doing that work as rapidly as possible, understanding fully how urgent this is in the context of refugees flowing out, the impact on europe and the region and understanding, also, that we need to see syria kept whole, unified, secular, democratic and those are big agreements in that regard and
2:58 pm
now we need to work on getting there. so we will stay in very close touch and continue to work on this. thank you all very much. >> courtney, to try to cut through the diplomatic speak there what i heard was a lot of agreement on not much. >> spoke about the need for communication. that infrastructure is put into place. secretary carter announced yesterday communication between the u.s. and the russian military so they would be able to deconflict the air space. that is supposed to be in place. i thought it was interesting when secretary kerry spoke about the potential for escalation ft oconflict. that means potential for u.s. aircraft to come into contact in some way unintentionally because there was no communition
2:59 pm
camilitary to military or coordination in advance. >> those are two -- i watched them together. i have covered them. the body language there, they have a very good personal relationship. their body language seemed exasperat exasperated. that's what i took away from here. there was nothing that got accomplished in that meeting it sounds like to me. >> it reminded me of last year. i was traveling with secretary kerry when he was meeting with mr. lavrov in london and their body language reminded me of that. they both looked like they had not come to conclusion and had to go back to respective sides with a solution that was not going to be appropriate or neither side was going to want to accept it. it reminded me like back when they were talking about ukraine and not just syria kbrmpt sth tsth -- and the fact that they didn't announce the next time
3:00 pm
they plan to talk. what a day for you to be solo at the pentagon today. good work. thank you for everything you have done today. we will be back thursday because if it is thursday. i'm steve kornacki. right now new details on a meeting between pope francis and kim davis. she is the kentucky clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples s breaking news russia begins air strikes in syria. russia says it is targeting isis. the u.s. not so sure. secretary of state john kerry just spoke at the united nations. we will play you some of his remarks. round two in the granite state. donald trump and jeb bush have dueling


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