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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  October 1, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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we learned? >> what's interesting is bernie sanders has earned as much as hillary clinton. >> and ben carson, did get this wrong, raised more than both of them? >> no. >> i thought he got 31 million. >> wrap it up now. we have to go. >> it's way too early and it's "morning joe." what i learned is i'm not sure what i learned. but stick around because "the rundown" is next. >> good morning to you. i'm jose diaz-balart. hurricane joaquin rapidly gaining strength and the entire east coast watching the storm. virginia's governor already declaring a state of emergency. take a look at the cone. north carolina's governor has ordered state agencies to get
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ready for possible flooding. emergency responders warning residents to get ready. >> people need to be prepared and need to be thinking about their emergency plans, emergency kits, making sure they have water, food, medicine, supplies for the cat and the dog, all those things to be ready for a storm. >> will karins, joaquin? big storm. >> first things first, the eye is almost over samana cays. we were hoping it would stop before it got to the central bahamas. the hurricane hunters are in and around the storm and there's a got chance this goes up to a category storm later today. rip current threat but not a direct hit. even nassau and freeport will be spared the worst of the storm.
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the storm should peak at intensity tonight and 140 mile-an-hour winds. that's a huge storm. then more vertical shear. then we take it north wards. they tweekd it a little bit upwards. they do weaken it significantly the further north it gets because of the wind shear and the cooler water temperatures. he's's what our computer models have been doing. this just looks like a hot mess right now is the trend -- yesterday that was into areas of north carolina. that's a good trend. we like that trend. but some of our other models
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still target areas of north carolina. and it looks like some time about friday afternoon, that's when all the models diverge. that ones that go off the i mentioned our gfs model. this is the visual representation of it off the coast so this was good. and the european model, this is the within that that who are what it m everyone is kind of yielding to their situation. still could be a threat to bermuda but away from the east coast. with all that said you think that's pretty good, we're looking okay on the east coast. the problem is there's a whole separate storm system in the southeast, a huge high pressure system. i showed you that european model.
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it's over from and it's going to send it for two, three days into the rare lines a. >> shat lot? >> what? charlotte 17? >> a foot to a foot and a half of rein in the carolinas on friday. even without joaquin, that would produce flash flooding. and coastal flooding, because of the winds on the mid-atlantic, we're going to have strong 50 mile-per-hour northeasterly winds for three straight days. if you live on the coast, get ready for significant beach erosion and coastal flooding. >> we are going to feel this one way or the other. >> bill, thank you very much. one area they're getting hit hard, the bahamas. ker
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kerry. >> reporter: those here believe joaquin will just brush the island but on other islands they're playing much closer attention because this hurricane, joaquin, is already growing and could be a category 3 by the time it gets out of open water. battening down the hatches, being prepared is what people need to do. at the same time in the united states, close attention. really there's only been two named storms that have hit the united states this year so people may feel somewhat relaxed. joaquin could be another problem. >> kerry sanders, thank you so much. i want to go live to the jersey shore. ron allen is there. what precautions are being taken there? >> reporter: well, you can see there's like an onslaught on the beach there. it's a military grade bulldozer building a 10-foot tall or higher berm there in bell march.
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that stretches for isles. >> three years ago the water pushed in about six blocks from that entire question since then it's been reinforced, the supports are 25-feet deep into the sand, into the ground. so they're prepared here. they've learned their lesson. we were talking with the mayor earlier, and he said that nobody's getting overly excited or overly concerned burr they just want to be prepared. they're doing everything possible to protect this beach and to protect the community. there are about 6,000 people here year round. a lot of these homes along the coast here are just summer homes, they're deserted.
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there's a lot of concern. >> thank you very much. now to the war in syria where russia said it launched a new round of air strikes last night. some of the videos we're getting in this morning the russian defense ministry said its planes have hit about a dozen targets, all purportedly seeing. >> it does appear that they were in areas that probably were not ice el forces and that's one of the parole athis is obviously a very tense time, a volatile situation and we don't really know what the situation was
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between president obama and vladimir putin when they met at the united nations. was the u.s. truly surprised by the nature of the timing and location of these so beit attacks inside syria? in cape, there is a lot in terms of u.s. and soviet forces knowing where different military assets are to keep them from accidentally conflicting. here what's john kerry had to say. >> we agreed on the imperative of as soon as possible, perhaps even as soon as tomorrow but as soon as possible having a military-to-military deconfli deconfliction discussion, meeting, conference, whatever can be done as soon as possible.
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>> you get a thens there might be some overlap year area but vladimir putin has a that he is trying to maintain and protect and of course president obama has said awhere we don't have an jup date is if the u.s. and the russian leader counterparts are ready to have that coordination meeting. the fact that there are video and intelligence reports to indicate where they were, not
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where isis forces were trouble ling today opinion -- were troubling today. >> good morning. >> this is an operation that the russians are carrying out, what kind of weapons are they using and what does that tell us? >> well, they have air attack units and they don't have any air force. >> right. >> they don't have the precision ammunitions that we do. the targeted areas don't have any isis in them. up got to think about how this operation actually goes.
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somebody has to decide the syrians are targ. >> so the weapons they're using, the areas they're attacking, what does it tell you that russia is trying to accomplish by bolstering the dictatorship? >> well, they want to keep us out of power. >> why? >> because it's their way of influencing. if it's somebody else other than cha then he doesn't have any interest there and don't forget that putin's ally in all of this is iran. lost in all of this is the fact that the two are allies, that iran has been zol to our
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interests in the reejoned. and we just negotiated a nuclear deal with iran. he's on the owe ps and they're going to be able to control that part of the region, extend their influence in the region. >> so now as russia attacks new parts of syria in a had not been attacked before, you know what this means probably? more people having to be forced to lef their areas, more migrants, more displacements, more suffering, bloodshed and pain. >> you can bet on it. because of the rurches that l.a. a. >> thank you for being with us. coming up, we'll get more sis. >> someone else who happened to
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so jeb bush is trying to fire up his campaign after another poll shows him lagging with republican voters. the presidential candidate appeared on "morning joe" earlier today. it was his first sit down interview with msnbc since
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becoming a presidential candidate. here's what he said related to his tax proposal and the one laid out by donald trump. >> mine's better because it's focused on economic growth. the dynamic effect of that will create jobs and income. his mirror some of the things i propose for which i'm flattered, one of the few times i'll be flattered with donald trump, i guess, but the simple fact is the tax foundation scored both of these. they measured the static impact of the taxes and my dye nam being impact. his stat ek impact will it's not a tear sous plan. this is typical of mr. trump. he's a talent for sure. there's no question about it. he can disparage someone -- >> with the best of them. >> and he's at goose as fin --
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i'm pretty sure his political infliens is not going to last that long. >> marc caputo, is that influence going to last? >> jeb bush was asked if marco rubio had leadership skills, he said no. if jeb is trying to turn things around, it's a possibility with falling poll numbers and rubio's rising numbers, we'll have to get some clarification. >> the latest "usa today" poll shows jeb bush in fifth place.
6:19 am
>> i think there's a lot of people kicking the tire right now. a lot of anger. a of the president has basically said we're not going to do anything. pretty now the military's being gutted, we have these huge national security challenges around the world and the president said he's going to veto the defense bill. this is the world we're in in washington. people are scratching their heads saying what's going on? >> they're latching on to people who are clearly the most. >> if you're the son and brother of former presidents and you were a governor and your grandfather was a senator, that's a real tough haul to ask people to think that you're a
6:20 am
pril you might disagree with his policies but by and large he did what he said he was going to do. when jeb is out there kicking the tires, jeb knows that because he's basically the tires. he's the guy getting kicked here. ever since trump got in the race, we do know -- to a degree we don't know but we know that trump's entrance in the race precipitated a decline in jeb's poll numbers. that's around the time trump started attacking joe as low energy. it's been an amazingly effective attack because it's gotten under job' imtrump has the highest
6:21 am
numbers. >> there is a lot of resistance to jeb out there. i don't quite know why. ever since he really started campaigning hard on the campaign trail, earning free media, he's numbers have actually gone down. now, jeb bush said we're going to turn that around because we're going to spend a lot of money on ads. by october 15th or so, if jeb's numbers aren't starting to tick up, they do matter from donors. he said we feelic investors in an enterprise where we're not seeing any sales. jeb didn't really have much of a response to that. around mid-october or so he's going to have to start showing that his pole numbers are starting to rise or that he's starting to make the rise with voters or he's probably going to be in a spot of trouble.
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>> from our miami bureau, it's good to see you. >> good to see you. >> and we'll have an update on that fatal car accident that caitlyn jenner was involved in. and somebody is walking around with a $300 million powerball ticket. i am totally blind.
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now they say they have recaptured much of kunduz. earlier this week kunduz became the first provincial capital to fall to the taliban since twun. -- 2001. >> a supreme court rejected a stay for richard glossip. the protocols were called into question last year when a man sentenced to death regained consciousness and appeared to be in distress. >> caitlyn jenner will not face charges after an accident in which the driver of the other car was killed. the prosecution said there
6:27 am
wasn't enough evidence of wrong doing. >> the president called out what he called a manufactured crisis. and we continue to watch hurricane joaquin, upgraded to a category 3 hurricane. still a very uncertain track. starting to affect residents on the coast. we'll get the latest coming up on "the rundown." stay with me. ♪ (flourish spray noise) ♪ ♪ (flourish spray noises) ♪ (school bell) ♪ ♪ (sigh) ♪ (flourish spray noise) ♪ share the joy of real cream... share the joy of real cream... (flourish spray noise) ...with reddi-wip. ♪
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6:31 am
the weakest quarterly performance in four years. we'll have more ahead on this. you can see the numbers are up about 42 points at 30 after. on capitol hill, budget crisis averted. now what? the house joined the senate in approving a ten-week spends plan, which was then quickly signed by president obama. >> and the good news is that it looks like the republican will just barely avoid shutting down the government for the second time in two years. that's a somewhat low bar but we should celebrate where we can. instead of manufacturing new crises, congress should be investing in the things that help our economy grow. >> i'm joined by congresswoman marsha blackmon. good to see you. >> i think it's conduct
6:32 am
unbecoming for the leader of the free world to make such comments. we are in a system of checks and balances and it is appropriate for the executive branch to their actions and there should be respect for the actions of the different branches. the president needs to think of how that sounds coming from him. now he's saying "i may veto the -- >> let me ask you if i could because i just want to follow through on this thought. so if that's your position, one could not argue that maybe it's conduct unbecoming of the house of representatives to not deal with something like a bill that gives the country the wherewithal to continue. isn't the fact that you guys have a ten-week expansion, a
6:33 am
little bit of a band-aid, isn't that conduct unbecoming as well? >> i would prefer to see an annual budget, the annual appropriations process and have that all finished by the time we get to the middle of the year. >> so what's going on? >> well, when you have two different chambers with different objectives and different ways of working and the 60-vote rule in the senate, which i think harry reid should get rid of that because it gives an out for the senate to not do their job, then of course. and this year we passed a budget, it was the first time we have had a budget under the leadership of -- or while barack obama was in office and you have house and senate control, there was agreement to a budget and the appropriations process as
6:34 am
part of the way through. but here is the thing to keep in mind. of course we should do that and the appropriations process in regular order should be followed, should be restored. but what kind of leadership is it when the president goes out and makes a joke about it? come on. let's talk about getting the job done. >> but there's a ten-week band-aid. >> that's right. i agree with you. >> seems like december, great, another lovely -- >> i agree with you. i want to ask you about some comments house majority leader kevin mccarthy made about hillary clinton. i want your reaction. >> everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? but we put together a benghazi special committee, a select committee. what are her numbers today? her numbers are dropping. why? because she's untrustable. but nobody would have known any of that had happened -- >> so was it that the benghazi
6:35 am
committee was to drop hillary clinton's numbers? >> no, that was not the purpose of it at all. this is one of those examples of doing your due diligence and focusing on good policy, getting to the bottom of an issue because the military have a right to know, there are answers that need to be gotten to about benghazi. that is what is important. now, there's that old saying about good policy always making good politics. when you're doing the right things for the right reasons, then that is going to be something that makes good politics. and getting to the bottom of what happened in benghazi, getting answers in those families and those men and women in uniform, that's the right thing to do the american people want those answer, i represent a major military post, i can assure you, every time i'm on that post, i
6:36 am
hear about the issues of fort hood and about the issues of benghazi and they encourage me we should keep getting answers for the security of our nation and our personnel who are serving in our foreign services. they want these answers. >> congresswoman blackburn, it's good to talk with you. >> thank you. >> the u.n. refugee agency says now 1.4 million people are expected to seek asylum by the end of next year but the trip is getting harder for them, the weather turning colder in europe, temperatures dropping into the 40s in some places. and that's, however, not stopping them from trying to make the trip, risking their lives in the process. bill neeley has more from greece. >> reporter: good morning, jose, from a very windy greek island where thousands of people are
6:37 am
still risking everything every day to make it across this choppy sea and into europe. most make it but some have to be rescued. we've just been with the greek coast guard on a rather dramatic rescue. it was a mercy mission to say a hundred lives. we're on their boat as they raced out to intercept a fishing boat crammed with refugees, all of them from syria. they'd been adrift through the night and through the day. their engine was broken and they were drifting. they were also terrified. you could see it from the looks on their faces. the coast guard had really quite a hard time to put one rope on board, that rope snapped in the engine, they got another one on board. eventually they managed to get the people towed to shore but there was a real danger of the ships colliding or of that fishing boat going adrift and crashing on to the rocks, killing many of those hundred people on board and there were
6:38 am
many, many young children and babies on that ship. it's quite typical of what happens here. remember in europe more than a half a million people have now crossed from the middle east across seas like this one. half of them have actually come through this island. we also saw dozens of tiny, inflatable rubber dinghies crammed with people, crashing on to the shore, 50 or 60 in each boat, 20 in two hours in one tiny stretch of beach like this. you might have thought this migrant crisis would be beginning to ease off, that the weather would simply deter people. the weather is doing nothing of the kind. people are still risking their lives to cross this sea. the u.n., the european has been struggling with this crisis. it may in the next few weeks
6:39 am
ease off but there is a possibility that next spring it will start all over again and the biggest migrant crisis that europe has ever faced will not ease, it will simply get worse. >> thank you very much. i want to bring in javier, johns general counsel for the human right foundation. thank you for being with me. this crisis is not going to get any better. as bill was talking about, even as the weather goes south, people are willing to leave even if their only option is staying and dying. >> correct. >> what is going on? >> in cuba -- >> let's talk about the migrant situation first. why the increase in number of refugees leaving syria and other countries? >> because of the problem that started a few years ago with bashar al assad trying to prevent his country from -- the liberal forces from getting democracy by repressing them
6:40 am
brutally, the same way that moammar gadhafi did years before that and through the unification of the doctrine of the responsibility to protect, they acted in libya and they were supposed to act to prevent mass atrocities, prevent genocide and acts against humanity, they were supposed to act but because of the veto power in the u.n., they did nothing and the problem got worse and you see people undergoing a civil war for the past four, five years with hundreds of thousands of dead people, a president that is willing to go as far as murdering an entire town of people that is taken over by the opposition, by the rebels in this case, including gassing children by the hundreds. so that's one of the reasons why you see so many people fleeing
6:41 am
that area. >> i want to talk to you now about something much closer to home, talking about something that's going on in cuba today. the united states and cuba have reestablished diplomatic situations. what is going on in cuba right now? >> repression has increased. can you see it by the numbers. from july to august, the number of detainees in cuba, they will detain you arbitrarily for no reason, just for voicing opposition to the government, they'll detain you from one to three days and then let you go. that has happened to 872 in the month of august. that's 300 more people in the month of july. >> why are they being detained? >> there are a number of crimes in the cube and judicial system of a totalitarian state. this is important to stress. the cuban constitution, establishes that no right that are recognized formally in the
6:42 am
constitution are supposed to be exercised against the decision of the cuban people to build socialism and communism. >> what does that mean? >> that means the rights are formerly enshrined in the constitution are cancelled themselves so there is no right for people in cuba to criticize the government at all. >> now among the political prisone prisoner. >> a cuban artist best known for his graffiti art, he tried to put together on christmas day a performance consisting of painting two little pigs with the words "fidel" and "raul." as soon as he was leaving his house, he wanted to let them go -- >> as part of an art expression -- >> as part of an art performance
6:43 am
piece. and he tried to release these pigs in a populated area, unlake that's a military place. so he wanted to release them in the public and have the people that pick the pigs take them and cook them. however, as soon as he was leaving his house, he was plited by the political please in cuba and has been in jail for nine months now. >> he's on a hung are strike? >> he's started a hunger strike asking for his release in refusing to use -- because he refused to use prisoner skulls. it's the same reason why orlando zapata, that's what's happening. we're fearing for his life.
6:44 am
unfortunately there isn't enough of public awareness in the free world. it would go a long way if, for example, president obama could mention the same, he's mentioned other prisoners. if he could just raul castro to release him, it would go a long way and probably go as far as saving his life. >> before we head to the break, i want to show you this video from mexico, a volcano that has been erupting over the past two days. experts say this type of activity is normal. the so-called fire volcano is one of the most active in mexico. and up next, hillary's e-mail problems. was the presidential candidate hacked? we'll have a live report coming up next here on "the rundown."
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the headline this morning, did hackers try and breach hillary clinton's private server? kristen welker is traveling with the clinton campaign in massachusetts. kristen, good morning. what can you tell us? >> jose, good morning to you. look, these new e-mails are coming as we're learning. according to the campaign, secretary clinton raised $28 million last quarter. now, that's only about $2 million more than her challenger from vermont senator bernie sanders, though important to point out overall she's outpaced him by a margin of about 2-1. as hillary clinton tries to fire up her base in boston today, she faces fresh scrutiny, as newly released e-mail shows she received spam trying to
6:49 am
infiltrate her account. in 2011, clinton was isn't several e-mails disguised as speeding tickets, which instructed her to print out the ticket. according to the associated press, security experts say in a statement her campaign said, "we have no evidence to suggest she replied to this e-mail nor that she opened the attachment. as we have said before, there's no evidence that the system was ever breached." clinton recently acknowledged the disclosure are taking a toll. >> it is like a drip, drip, drip. >> in one e-mail a top aide expresses frustration with the state department's antiquated e-mail system. that aide hesitant to raise the issue because it might encourage
6:50 am
hackers. and a close friend, sidney bloomenthal forwards clinton an article and clinton respond "i gave to bill, who is trying to influence strategy." this all suggested the investigation into benghazi is political. >> everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? but we put together a benghazi special committee, a select committee. what are her numbers today? >> reporter: in an interview with the reverend al sharpton, clinton fired back. >> i think they have really sort of showed their hand. they're really worried about unaring against me, so they want to keep knocking me down. >> reporter: now, as for those newly released e-mails, 215 have been upgraded to classified. meanwhile, the state department will release four more batches of e-mails in the coming months. jose, it's a reminder that this controversy isn't going away any time soon. >> kristen welker, thank you very much. still ahead, another apparent scandal for the secret service. did top officials order a leak
6:51 am
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6:54 am
secret service suffering from yet another black eye this morning. the agency apologizing once again. this time for breaking privacy laws in an attempt to embarrass a member of congress. nbc news national correspondent peter alexander is at the white house with this story. peter, good morning. >> reporter: good day to you. it's another blow for the agency that prides itself on the motto worthy of trust and confidence. after the release of this scathing report, the homeland security secretary, jae johnson, apologized to jason chafetz, insisting, quote, those responsible should be held accountable. he's been one of the most vocal critics of the secret service. >> the secret service has to abide by the law. they have serious concerns about the current leadership. this is what's so infuriating!
6:55 am
>> reporter: republican jason chafetz has aggressively pursued allegations of misconduct within the secret service's ranks. and apparently that didn't sit well to some inside the agency. a gnaw report released by the homeland security department's inspector general shows 45 secret service employees improperly accessed the congressman's 2003 application to join the secret service. where he applied to become an agent and was turned down. chafetz tells nbc news he was stunned. >> shocked and surprised on how pervasive this was, and it takes its toll. it should have never happened. >> reporter: the report also contains an e-mail from secret service assistant director edward lowery to a colleague writing back in march, "some information that chafeetz might find embarrassing just to get out." two days later his rejected application was reported online in "the daily beast." lowry denied to investigators that he ordered the
6:56 am
congressman's file to be leaked, saying he was, quote, reflecting his stress and his anger. >> the secret service is entrusted with weapons and guns next to the president of the united states, and it scares me that they would act like this. >> reporter: it's the latest damaging blow for an agency fighting to overcome a series of scandals and high-profile embarrassments. this latest scandal comes just one day after the president publicly thanked the agency for its job protecting the pope. >> i wanted to make a special commendation of our secret service. >> reporter: the report says chafetz's information was spread throughout the agency from the protective detail to a field office in london. it also says director clancy did not know this was going on. in a statement, clancy again apologized to congressman chafetz and promised he would take appropriate disciplinary actions. >> peter alexander, thank you very much. a program note for you. congressman chafetz will be a
6:57 am
guest on "andrea mitchell reports" at noon eastern with chris matthews filling in right here. joaquin keeps us guessing as to where it's going to be heading. but bill karins will join us at the top of the hour to break down the very latest models. it's a very strong hurricane right now. ♪ when is your flu shot more than a flu shot? when it helps give a lifesaving vaccine to a child in need in a developing country. thanks to customers like you, walgreens "get a shot. give a shot." program has helped provide seven million vaccines. make your flu shot make a world of difference. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. ♪ everything kids touch during cold and flu season sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox.
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he can swim with the sharks! he's ready. la quinta inns & suites take care of you, so you can take care of business. book your next stay at! la quinta! welcome back to "the rundown." we start this hour with the east coast on alert. hurricane joaquin rapidly increasing in strength, now to a category 3 storm with 120-mile-an-hour winds. we're just one hour away from the new advisory which will give us updated details on the position and detailed track. for right now the bahamas feeling the force of joaquin. here in the u.s., governors in states up and down the east coast are warning residents to prepare for potential flooding, power outages and road closures. nbc meteorologist bill karins will start us this morning with the very latest. bill. >> so we're only less than an hour away from our new update
7:01 am
from the national hurricane center. sometimes that comes in a little earlier, so we could have it as early as 10:50 east coast time. we'll bring that to you as soon as it comes out. let's do the model comparisons to show you we've been tracking our european model which yesterday was the outlier. it was over towards bermuda. all the other models were around north carolina. that has changed. the red lines are the pressure lines of the u.s. model. the euro model shown in purple. this is where they diverge as we go into friday. now, what has changed is that the u.s. model no longer goes back up into the areas of north carolina, virginia or even new england for that matter. the latest run took it continuing to trend eastwards. the european model hasn't budged. it's almost like it's getting into the solution that the european model had. that's why i expect it to shift a little more to the east. they'll probably give it another cycle run just to make sure that the computers are not going to flip-flop, but that's probably
7:02 am
the trend. so the next thing we have to watch after we get the new update in is regardless where this hurricane goes, we have a really mad possibly historic rainfall situation that could take place in the carolinas. this is our european computer model. remember the one that's predicted so far so well, very well the hurricane. ing with, it's saying upwards of 10 to 20 inches of rain possible. that's, like, insane rainfall amounts, almost unimaginable. not associated with joaquin. this would be an upper-level low over the southeast with a fetch coming right off the warm waters of the gulf stream off the east coast providing the rain. our american gfs model, equally producing very heavy rainfall amounts. not quite as high. more in the about 8 to 12-inch range. but that's still, again, that would still produce significant flooding in that area. that's the great concern. and the other thing we're going to watch, there's beautiful weather out there, jose, out there in the northern great lakes, no problem in chicago. that big, huge area of high pressure is going to build over here off the east coast. and off the coastline of canada.
7:03 am
the pressure gradient between that beautiful high and the storms to the south's going to produce an easterly wind of about 50 miles per hour for three straight days in areas of virginia, north carolina, all the way back up through the delmarva. and that's going to produce significant coastal flooding. >> and what about the south florida area? >> not that you have a bias, right? oh, yeah. you'll have no problem whatsoever. your flight will be good. if it's not, i'll take care of it for you. >> bill, thanks. good to see you, buddy. now let's go live to the jersey shore with nbc's ron allen. ron, what precautions are being taken this morning? >> reporter: i'd like to take a flight to south florida. >> it looks like you're far from it. >> reporter: it's gotten to be a real nasty day here. it's raining suddenly. the winds kicked up as well. this is what's going to happen. this has nothing to do with the hurricane. so there's that. they've been preparing for the hurricane, or worse for several days now. if you look out in that direction, can you see the storm -- the waves have already kicked up.
7:04 am
and right here you'll see there's a huge bulldozer that's been building a berm of some 10 to 12 fight. can you see over in that direction there where they've been doing that? any of that. we talked to the mayor here a little earlier. matt dougherty, to get his sense of how prepared they are and what they're doing. here's some of what he had to say. >> we're going to prepare for a direct impact, and we're going to hope that this makes a right turn and goes out to sea. but whatever comes our way, we're going to be fully prepared, better prepared than before sandy and any storm since. we learned a lot of lessons from sandy which we're able to employ today and also a lot more resources than before sandy, whether it's the equipment we have, the new sand that the army corps of engineers pumped on or the boardwalk we're standing on. all of this is new over the last three years, built up to codes and standards that would withal did stand a significant storm event. >> reporter: so they're ready
7:05 am
come what may. and he mentioned the boardwalk over here. you can see it's all new. and the supports that are holding it down are some 25 feet deep into the sand to give you some idea, when sandy hit this boardwalk, it went six blocks into town. the storm surge just tore all of this apart. so they know what can happen here, and they're doing everything in the last few years they can to try and prepare and prevent it again. back to you, jose. >> ron allen, thank you very much. and now to syria where senate armed services committee chairman john mccain says russia is not just targeting isis terrorists as it claims to be. instead, he tells cnn this morning that russia is going after syrian rebels, and not just any rebels, rebels that have been training by the united states. here's what he said. >> i can absolutely confirm to you that they were strikes against our free syrian army or groups that have been armed and trained by the cia because we
7:06 am
have communications with people there. >> nbc's ayman mohyeldin is live at the united nations. great seeing you. what is going on? >> reporter: good to see you, jose. yeah, the situation in syria now is just becoming even more implicated. i mean, for some of our viewers, there's essentially two types of groups fighting against syria. to be clear on one side you have isis and al qaeda, considered obviously terrorist groups. the others which the united states and some of the arab allies consider to be more moderate rebels are also fighting the assad regime. from the perspective of russia and the syrian government, they don't make that distinction. they're looking at everybody that is opposed to the government in damascus, to the government of bashar al assad as a terrorist organization. so they're going after all of them. but it seems in this first wave of strikes that happened yesterday and early this morning that targets that the russians were going after were not isis affiliated, were not the isis group or even al qaeda-affiliated groups but more
7:07 am
specifically those moderate rebels that the u.s. has spent hundreds of millions of dollars training and trying to equip with the backing of arab allies. it is now at this stage the ball is really in the u.s. court. we know in the past that the united states has tried to protect some of those moderate rebels. they've certainly taken out isis targets as they've moved towards those moderate rebels. the question now becomes what will the united states and the arab allies do? and that has been the focus of some very intense diplomacy over the course of the last 24, 48 ho hours. here in new york, we know some of the leaders are meeting with sergey lavrov in new york later today. they've met with secretary of state john kerry. they have some very sharp words of criticism for the russians. the saudis want to see the russians immediately halt this aerial campaign that is taking place. they believe that this is an attempt by the russians to try and shore up president bashar al assad in the wake of mounting pressure on him by those fighting on the ground. but the syrian national coalition is also being very clear about this. they say that civilians are being killed as a result of the
7:08 am
russian airstrikes and that russia is, nachin fact, not goi after any isis strongholds. >> ayman mohyeldin, thank you very much. joining me, former adviser with the u.s. ministry of defense, mikey, good to see you. now the russians are using the sa-15s, sa-22s, this is not pinpoint targeting of isis groups, right? >> yeah, i mean, the capability of the russians have just brought to the party, the su-30sm, it can do air to air and air to ground, two capabilities there which the russians now have in syria. the first one is a close air support capability which we saw yesterday, and you can see on the screen today, more airstrikes today, air to ground. but the su-30sm can also be a very advanced air-to-air fighter which makes it incredibly hard now for any western aspirations to implement a no-fly zone. >> why would you use that plane if, you know, isis doesn't have a big air force? >> isis doesn't have an air force. >> right? >> you're absolutely right.
7:09 am
but the nature of warfare over the last ten years, the places we've been going into don't have air forces. the taliban don't have an air force. the insurgents within iraq don't have an air force. and isis and al qaeda don't have an air force. that's not the issue. going back to the remarks that senator mccain made this morning, what i find a little bit confusing at the moment is is that right up until the point the russians went into syria and started these airstrikes, a lot of what was prevailing the news we've spoken about this was division 30 which were these u.s.-backed rebels -- >> right. >> -- started off, got involved with skirmishes with al qaeda, and now only last week or the week before, we were talking down to four or five. >> yeah. $500 million to get four or five. and i'm thinking if they got those five, we're in deep trouble. >> we are. jose, my question is, is do the russians really think that those four or five rebels that we've been supporting are that important that they're going to go after them in homs?
7:10 am
is that really who they're striking at the moment? or is it rebel forces that are making moves on latakia? it's in the west of syria, and it goes down past lebanon down to addamascus. that is the syrian stronghold. my analysis shows that putin is there to support assad. that's the bottom line. the islamic state might be a byproduct of some of that activity. but he's there to prop up assad. what is threatening assad the most at the moment is rebel activity in the northwest of the country and down in homs. that is who assad will be saying to putin, i want to protect first. >> and if you go into homs, you are going into an area that in the past, the current dictator's father went in and massacred people that were precisely working on possibly overthrowing that family's regime. so there's also a statement internally about where you're attacking. >> yeah. absolutely. but the other significance of
7:11 am
homs is it lies right on the line of communication between damascus and latakia. that's why it's essential. i went out to lebanon on assignment for 30 days at the end of 2013. i ended up crossing just over into the border. calamun region is right in between damascus and homs. that is fiercely contested. it's fiercely contested by the free syrian army against hezbollah and against assad's forces. and the reason for that is a line of communication. so that is what's going on at the moment is they're protecting his stronghold. >> it is a multiprong reason why they're doing it, but none of it which appears to be isis. mikey, good to see you, buddy. let's go to capitol hill, i'm joined by adam schiff. congressman, always a pleasure to see you. how are you? >> i'm well, thank you. good to be with you. >> let me ask you to start with your reaction to what senator mccain and others are talking about. what's going on? >>le with it's deeply concerning that the russians are involved militarily at all, but it's even
7:12 am
more distressing that they seem to be bombing non-isil targets. it may explain one thing, and that is why they're not working with us to deconflict, because you can imagine if they sat down with our forces and said here's where we're going to be bombing and we point out there's no isil in that area, they would have to come clean and say, well, we're not really after isil. all we're there to do is prop up assad. >> congressman, imagine if they're going after those forces that are considered to be less radical, more probably willing to accept our training and, you know, spending $500,000 on five fighters. if they get these people, what's in the future? how do we deal with that part of the world? >> well, this is really the worst-case scenario. it's one thing if they're going after isil. it's another if they're going after al qaeda, the al nusra part of al qaeda. it's another thing in the worst case if they're going after the moderate rebels that we are
7:13 am
supporting. i will say this in distinction to your prior guest, and that is i think the regime very much does this thing which is between terrorist groups and the more moderate opposition, and that is that bashar assad has always wanted this to be a fight between he and the terrorists. and so he has concentrated his firepower on the moderates to effectively make it so that if he can annihilate the moderates, then it really is a choice between he and the terrorists and the russians now seem to be bought into that strategy. so by the russians, if they're going after the moderates, if they can further marginalize and eliminate moderates from the battlefield, then it helps their narrative because all that's left, then, is al qaeda, isil and the regime. >> but, of course, you know, when you do have isis and isil and they are clearly a terrorist group and then you have a regime that bombs its own people, gases its own people, kills men, women and children, that definition could also apply to that regime. congressman -- >> absolutely. >> -- and that's a real
7:14 am
troubling situation that it seems like we're going to get more people leaving that country because that's their only choice. but i want to talk to you about this benghazi issue because you sit on the benghazi committee. i want to play for you what house majority leader kevin mccarthy had to say about the committee. >> everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? but we put together a benghazi special committee, a select committee. what are her numbers today? her numbers are dropping. why? because she's untrustable. but no one would have known any of that had happened -- >> i agree. >> your reaction to that, congressman. >> well, it's appalling, but at one level not surprising because, you know, for some time i think those of us on the committee have known this is not about what happened in benghazi. it's not about the loss of these four americans tragically. no, it's a political tool to be used as a bludgeon against hillary clinton. the only thing surprising about it was that he was willing to admit this so publicly and so forthrightly and that he was proud of it.
7:15 am
proud of this abusive congressional process and a taxpayer-funded investigative committee. it's why, frankly, even a month ago long before these comments i wrote an op-ed in "the new york times" saying it's time to disband this committee. it's been 16 months, $4.5 million, and we have no through insights about anything that happened in benghazi. no new evidence, no new anything. all they have is a political agenda against secretary clinton. >> always a pleasure to see you. thank you for being with me. lots ahead on "the rundown." jeb bush reacting to reports about nervous campaign donors. and the east coast on edge. we're tracking the forecast for hurricane joaquin. now a category 3 storm. and we don't quite know where or if it will make landfall. we're going to keep you updated right here on "the rundown." later, high hopes in oregon. for the first time ever, you can legally buy recreational marijuana in the state. we're going to take you there live next right here on "the rundown."
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7:19 am
turning now to presidential politics, gnaw ponew polling sh top tier still occupied by the outside top three candidates. trump, carson and fiorina taking the top three spots. jeb bush who is in fifth place is attempting to energize his supporters and gain traction. he sat down on "morning joe "oil earlier today. trump, clinton and life on the campaign trail were all discussed. he was also asked about about a "washington post" about donors about those lukewarm poll numbers. >> no donor has called me up, and i'm a kind, gentle person, so -- >> albeit low energy. albeit. low energy. right? >> all that stuff, yeah, whatever it is that people say
7:20 am
about me, you would think that given all that, that people would call me up and say get better. not a single person's called me. we've had a good quarter. and i don't know what the super pac has done, but i hope they've done well as well. he with just sta-- we just star advertise. we're in it for the long haul. we just filed in kentucky. all this may not matter but it matters getting on the ballot every place and doing all the things necessary to win a majority of the delegates ultimately is what this is about. >> let me bring in angela rye and david winston, former senior adviser to john boehner. thank you both for being with me. david, no one's calling him to express any concern, do you think they should be nervous? >> look, it's still very early in this race. and to just give you a contrast in terms of thinking about the last campaign, in the month of october, right, the month upcoming, back in 2011, herman cain led in the majority of surveys. the republican electorate is willing to consider a lot of people and it's going to take time to work through, but that's
7:21 am
not a conclusion. and really voters aren't going to engage in this process until the beginning of february. i think at this point and i think this is what bush was trying to define is he's obviously got to increase the level of activity. but it's not like he's in a dangerous position, but he's obviously in a challenge. >> the difference is that herman cain at this point in the campaign wasn't eviscerating those he was running against and having possibly some very serious damage done to the other candidates. >> well, no, herman cain was that iing some serious incoming at that point as well. and also -- but again, what i want to go back to is this idea that consideration is not a conclusion. and what you're watching and you begin to see this as the substance of the campaigns are being laid out, jeb bush just laid out his tax plan, and that's going to give more fodder for electorate to sort of think through who they want to choose. >> angela, i'm thinking maybe you have some disagreement with this line of thought? >> just a little bit. i want to start right here. jeb bush is at 8% in the polls, and that is a two-thirds decline from where he was in june. what i would argue is this is
7:22 am
not likening to herman cain at all. this is more about the fact that this is not even the same party that it was in 2012. this is not the party of "w," jose. this is a totally different ball -- a group of people. you have folks who like kevin mccarthy which you just talked about is bragging about using the special committee on benghazi to go after hillary, to watch her decline in the polls, to hit her in the fund-raising. that is what we're seeing. that is the next speaker of the house. that is whose party this is nowadays. donald trump is surging in the polls because he is talking to people and stoking white fear. he is talking to the worst types of prejudice in this country, and he just was doing it yesterday in new hampshire. this has very little to do with jeb bush's tax plan or any -- i'm sure you disagree, but here are the facts. >> particularly the race which i take offense to in terms of how you're describing that. >> yeah. it's real. >> no, i mean, so you're saying jeb bush is a racist, right? is that your implication?
7:23 am
>> i'm sorry, pull together all of these different names and i just threw out kevin mccarthy, and i just threw out donald trump who was the person in new hampshire yesterday. yes. >> no, actually, we're having an internal debate in terms of the party and the direction of the party. >> but the whole point is here's the problem with the internal debate. jeb bush right now -- >> all right, so angela. >> -- 23 pebs of congress who have endorsed him. you know why? they are the lefties and moderates in the party. >> let david respond to that because i want to give you guys equal time. >> i mean, look, what you're having is an internal discussion in terms of what the direction of the party is and we're finally reaching the substance stage. is there dissatisfaction in terms of political discourse? i don't think there's any question. dissatisfaction with direction of the country? look at this. this president has been president during the worst period of time of people's pessimism about the direction of the country that we've seen. and what these individuals are doing on the republican side is trying to figure out what's the course that we should chart to get this country out of this depression that it's in and move it forward. and that's what you're watching.
7:24 am
and you're going to see some significant policy discussions. i'm glad you think that's humorous. i'm glad you think it's humorous that the people of this country think it's headed in the wrong direction. >> it's ridiculous. >> let's talk about the bigger picture. i want to mention part of this new "usa today" poll. republican voters think idiot, stupid, jerk, dumb when they think of donald drutrump. f fiorina, smart, knowledgeable, sbe intelligent. what's going on here? >> one, you've heard it from the republican party. donald trump continues to suck all of the energy and oxygen out of the room, but he also has a platform and that platform has boded very well in this election -- or in this cycle. i think the other thing you're seeing is fiorina who had a phenomenal debate performance has also surged. part of the reason why she surged is she's relied on misinformation that's being fed to the american public about planned parenthood and other things, but she also was very,
7:25 am
very effective at countering the attacks of donald trump. that's the first time he wasn't the teflon don. >> david, briefly, your response. what do you think's going on there? >> carly fiorina had a very good debate. she obviously got to good substance to engage people. this is where i go back to the consideration concept. that what you're watching is a republican electorate think through all these candidates and we'll see where they get to in terms of the conclusion. >> thank you very much. david, angela, always a pleasure. thank you both for being with me. on capitol hill, the clock already ticking towards the next budget deadline, a band-aid budget is now in place with president obama signing a ten-week spending bill. it averted a government shutdown at midnight. now lawmakers begin the hard work of crafting a longer-term agreement. congresswoman jan schakowsky, chief deputy whip joins me. congresswoman, always a pleasure to see you. >> thank you so much for having me. >> thanks. you know, last hour i spoke with representative marsha blackburn, and she was critical of president obama for taking a jab at congress for bringing the budget ban down to the wire again for a second year in a
7:26 am
row. listen to what she had to say. >> there should be respect for the actions of the different branches. and the president needs to think about how that sounds to people. >> how does it sound to you, congresswoman, and what's your reaction to the way this process is playing out? >> look, 151 republicans voted yesterday that they were willing to shut down the government over planned parenthood. what we're looking at is a party in complete disarray. but worse than that, acting irresponsibly when it comes to the country itself. really? they want to shut down the government because they don't want funding of planned parenthood? the kinds of shenanigans that are going on right now, my hope is that john boehner, in addition to breaking what we call the hastert rule, requiring the majority of republicans to vote for anything that makes sense, now that he's done that in terms of doing a continuing resolution keeping the
7:27 am
government open, i hope that he'll do it on other things now. that we'll be able to have a real discussion about a transportation bill, funding our highways and our roads and our bridges and mass transit that are crumbling, that maybe, maybe we would be able to get something longer term. but the question is, what kind of money are they going to use to pay for a longer-term budget? otherwise we are probably headed for a shutdown in december. i hope not. >> just to think, other than a cr, are we just going to be seeing ten-week crs? is this what we're going to see? >> i think it's very possible. we have not seen a republican party, especially i think under new leadership, and it's a question right now, after kevin mccarthy's totally political statement about the benghazi committee, if he can really govern and if he's really interested in anything other than politics, otherwise i hope
7:28 am
not. but it's hard to see the path to having a real budget by december. i don't see it right now. >> so we're going to see another possibility that the whole december, end of new year's, is going to be you guys on capitol hill fighting it out and everybody having to see what you guys do to see if we can get it done another ten-week period. >> happy new year. we're going into the holiday season, and it could be pretty grim. >> congresswoman, always a pleasure to see you. thank you for being with me. >> my pleasure. thank you. coming up in about 30 minutes, another update on hurricane joaquin headed straight for the bahamas. and is there another storm brewing on wall street? take a look at the dow. it's kind of flat. down 17, 18 points. after stocks close out the worst quarter in four years. let's check in soon with cnbc's mandy drury. that's going to make us all feel better even if the numbers aren't great. some cash back cards love to overcomplicate things.
7:29 am
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7:32 am
we're following developments from wall street where stocks are basically flat. down 30 as of right now, the final quarter of the year and this third quarter was the worst quarter in four years. cnbc's mandy drury is here with the market rundown. mandy, what's happening? >> yeah, a really soggy start to the fourth quarter, isn't it, after the worst quarter in four years during which the s&p lost nearly 7%. we saw energy and materials naturally some of the worst performers because of the complete commodity meltdown and also health care, surprisingly, was down double digits for its first negative quarter in nearly three years. i guess we're all trying to work out does the fourth quarter mean? the good news is a lot of strategists are still thinking we'll get a bounceback this quarter. it is a seasonally good time for stocks but there are a lot of hurdles. china's slowing economy, a possibly rocky earnings season, watch for commentary, of course, on how china and the strong dollar are affecting companies'
7:33 am
outlooks. you've got the debt ceiling issue, what the fed going to do and we got really disappointing manufacturing data today that's partly weighing on the market. and it does also take away from the case two hike by the fed. are all of those worries now completely factored in? of course, the market has had a rout. that's the key debate going guard and we'll have to see how the rest of the year pans out. >> mandy, target, meanwhile, raising the stakes this holiday season. tell us about that. >> a very aggressive price-matching announcement. they really want your dollars for this holiday season. walmart did something similar last year, but essentially target's going to match their online prices with 29 other online competitors. think really aggressive competitors like amazon, best buy, not to mention, of course, walmart and macy's as well. so as a customer, you have two weeks to make that price adjustment on a purchase and hopefully ring in the dollars. >> mandy drury, let's see what happens. thanks.
7:34 am
great seeing you. >> see you tomorrow. >> take care. up next, a huge advancement in u.s./mexico relations as far as the drug cartels. a major win on that front. we're going to tell you about 13 criminals including very high-level cartel members. see the guy on the left? they call him the barbie. why? because he is one of the most ruthless killers you've ever seen. and he's back in the united states. when you're not confident your company's data is secure, the possibility of a breach can quickly become the only thing you think about.
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7:38 am
responsibility of being a member of the human rights council of the united nations for the three-year term, 2014-2016. today my country has one of the most progressive sets of legislation in favor of human rights, and we are working to ensure its application throughout the country. >> yeah, that legislation is in writing, but the remarks were made on the heels of the one-year anniversary of 43 kidnapped college kids in mexico still missing. the more recent escape of the notorious drug lord guzman in july. look, he goes to the shower and disappears in a one-mile-long tunnel. meanwhile, a huge advancement in u.s./mexico relations after mexico extradited 13 men including alleged high-level cartel. one of them handed over to u.s. marshals along with cartel head jorge castilla.
7:39 am
valdez detained in august of 2010 for a slew of charges including organized crime and smuggling drugs across the border. originally he was indicted in georgia. joining me, julio, you and i were in mexico city together when la barbie was detained. this is a big deal because why? what's the big deal about la barbie and others being extradited to the united states? >> well, it's a huge step forward because this is part of meetings between the u.s. authorities and mexican authorities in which they were committed to cooperate to a new level, a whole different new level to fight organized crime. but i don't think this would have happened, jose, without the escape of them which were mentioning before. that was a huge embarrassment for the mexican government, and i'm sure they couldn't risk -- they couldn't have -- afford this risk of these 13 criminals escaping from mexican jails. >> well, julio, let's remind our
7:40 am
friends that are watching us where la barbie was being held. >> well, he was also being held just by guzman in the same prison. >> that's right. >> high-security prison. yes, of course, keeping him there was also very risky for the mexican authorities. so this is a huge step forward between the relations between these two countries. >> and julio, talk to me about what la barbie did, does. i mean, this is a guy who is just ruthless. you look up ruthless in the dictionary, it's got his picture in it. >> yeah, that's true. well, you know, he was one of the most violent drug lords in mexico. he was captured in 2010. but he's an american citizen. he was born in texas. he just refused to study at university, so he crossed the border to mexico and since then, since very young, he started his career in the criminal world. he became the leader of the cartel who was an ally to
7:41 am
guzman's cartel. so, yeah. he was a very dangerous man, jose. >> and very, really, really bloody. julio, it's a pleasure to see you, telemundo anchor in los angeles. thank you for being with me. >> thank you very much. now back to our top story. we're about 30 minutes away from a new advisory on hurricane joaquin. the category 3 storm packing 120-mile-an-hour winds with the bahamas right in the center of the brunt of the hurricane right thousand. state as long the east coast preparing for a possible landfall. the weather channel's mike sidle is live in virginia beach. mike, have the waves already been saying hello to you there? >> reporter: one just said a real good hello, like a hug and a kiss hello. what we've got here is nothing to do with joaquin, jose. this is what we went through -- we were out here for four days last week. this is the atlantic, and the reason it's ramped up is because we have this big high pressure to the north and low pressure to the south. a trough of low pressure and
7:42 am
that gradient is tightening and the winds are ramping up gusting over 40 miles an hour between tonight and saturday. that will continue to pile the water up. we've got five or six-footers right now ppt the buoys offshore, seven to eight-footers, they'll head up to 12 to 15 feet. and this is without the track of joaquin being etched in stone. but the trend in the overnight and morning hours is with the american model that take it off the coast, keep it off the coast. so we're looking more confident that we will not have an east coast landfall. it's not etched in stone right now, but what we've lost here is a ton of sand. let me jump down here real quick. >> don't get in a wave, mike. don't do it. >> as the tide comes in and eats away more of the sand. we're going to have beach erosion, coastal flooding and the inland flood threat. we could have catastrophic flooding between now and sunday up to ten inches, maybe a foot of rain. we'll be watching the rivers, too, all the way into the
7:43 am
southern appalachians. inland areas, too, a lot of rain but not directly from joaquin. >> mike sidl seidel, thank you much. stay dry. a majority of a security update for a lot of credit cards in the country, but many retailers and skurnls say they're not ready yet. we'll tell what you to do if your cards are not updates. next. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost®.
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7:47 am
by today, or else they will bear the cost of in he credit card fraud. so there's an incentive. you though, we're all used to just swiping our credit cards with a magnetic strip like that. you could still do that. but the new way to ensure security is to insert your card with that computer chip up, and it will take about ten seconds or so. so don't forget to pull your card out when you leave. but a lot of people have a lot of questions. so we thought we'd go through them one by one. question one. why are the banks rolling out the new cards? it's part of a massive upgrade against credit card fraud that last year cost more than $8 billion in the u.s. on the face of each new credit card, a computer chip. each transaction generates a unique code that can't be replicated. it makes stealing your credit card information almost useless. question two. will i be required to enter a p.i.n. code when i use the card? no. while banks in europe and canada require p.i.n. codes with the cards, here in the u.s., you'll simply sign your receipt like you have for years. many security experts say that's a mistake.
7:48 am
the u.s. should also require p.i.n. codes. >> they're taking a half step towards a technology known as chip ensignature. the p.i.n. is a critical element of security and it's been proven to reduce trafraud in europe. >> reporter: what should i do if i haven't yet received a new card? in fact, 60% of americans haven't yet received their new card. don't worry, it should arrive by the end of the year. meanwhile, you can still use your existing credit card with a magnetic strip. you can always contact your bank about when the new card might arrive. question four. if my credit card details are stolen, who pays? if your card is compromised at a retailer that hasn't upgraded its systems, the retailer is responsible. otherwise, the bank will bear the costs. but many retailers haven't yet upgraded. question five. what should i expect at the checkout stand? you'll insert your card for 10 to 20 seconds rather than slide it. and that has many retailers concerned. >> the holiday shopping season is almost upon us, and retailers
7:49 am
are worried that this is going to cause longer lines. and it might because these transactions may take a little bit longer to do. >> reporter: also, a lot of people wondering if their experience at the atm will change. no. atms don't have to upgrade for a while, so you'll still use your deppity card as you always have. by the way, gas stations don't have to upgrade yet their gas station terminals there at the pump for a little bit more. jose, back to you. >> great seeing you. thanks. up next here on "the rundown," for the first time ever people in oregon can legally buy marijuana for recreational use, but there's some heavy regulations, apparently, involved. we're going to go to portland with those details right here on "the rundown."
7:50 am
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so i can rest easy. what. you don't have a desk bed? don't be left in the dark. get proactive alerts 24/7. comcast business. built for business. starting today, the sale of recreational marijuana is legal in oregon. it joins colorado and washington state in allowing sales, and
7:53 am
some oregon business owners are trying to capitalize immediately by taking business to the next level. msnbc's jacob soboroff has the details. >> reporter: the fact that pot is legal and people can get their hands on it isn't really big news in the united states anymore. when pot was illegal, the burden was on the buyer to pick it up whether it was on the street like this or somewhere else. but now the burden has shifted to the seller to bring in customers to stores like this. and that's capitalism 101. so tyson, you guys are crashing pretty hard to get ready for recreational sales. what's going on in here? >> we are like the night before christmas, a bunch of little elves trying to get all of our bags packed. >> reporter: are you guys excited for the big opening? >> yes. >> reporter: how do you feel? >> i'm really excited. i moved here for this. >> reporter: wait a minute. so you moved to portland for the opening of recreational marijuana? >> yeah. >> reporter: before this, what
7:54 am
were you doing? >> i was the general manager for radio stations. >> reporter: right now there are hundreds of marijuana dispensaries statewide. you think that all of these businesses will still be operating in two, three, four, five years? >> just like any business, eight out of ten new ones are going to fail. and so it wouldn't surprise me to see it any different. >> reporter: when you want a cup of coffee, why do you come here versus the place down the street? the brand identity. the question, who will have a brand like this recognizable worldwide for weed? what is this place? >> this is a trading company. >> reporter: you're a chain pawn shop. you think of mcdonald's, burger king, starbucks, you want to be on a scale like that? >> we're really trying to create the chain model, same feel in every store. >> reporter: you want to be subway, quizno's, whatever of weed? >> yes. these are cannabis flowers. we have the cherry pie here. we have the blue city diesel. we also have our jelly bean, which is a sativa hybrid. >> reporter: right now eli is
7:55 am
driving us to another one of his locations. how many do you have total? >> we have four, and our goal is to open ten by the end of the year. >> reporter: you know what i just noticed is that i don't even have to ask eli what all of this is because it's the exact same branding in your own store, and that's why this is a franchise. >> there you go. >> reporter: this bag is worth how much money? >> this bag, wholesale cost of this is around $2,000. it will retail for around $4500. >> so this is essentially a bag of cash. >> essentially, yes. >> reporter: what's the point of situating yourself across the street from the convention center? >> oh, we want to make sure that when people have their first cannabis experience, it's an oregon's finest experience. then when we go national, they'll be able to find us in florida or colorado or california. >> reporter: let me stop you. look at this guy. he's taking a picture. sir! what are you taking a picture of? the sign? you guys in from out of town? >> we're from l.a. >> reporter: i'm here from l.a., too. and what do you think about the fact that weed's going to be legal here? >> i think it's progress. >> we need the whole world to
7:56 am
smoke oregon's cannabis. >> reporter: in our lifetime? >> oh, yeah. in the next ten years, i think. >> thank you very much. and that wraps up "the rundown." thank you for the privilege of your time. i'll see you tomorrow. "news nation" with tamron hall is up next. take care.
7:57 am
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ask your doctor about premarin vaginal cream. bounty is two times more absorbent. more "sit" per roll. so one roll of bounty can last longer than those bargain brands. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty. the long-lasting quicker picker upper. good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall. we begin with breaking news. we've just received an update from the national hurricane center on hurricane joaquin. that storm now intensifying. a category 3, packing 120-mile-an-hour winds, and it could soon turn to a cat 4. let me bring in my colleague, msnbc's brian williams. he joins us more on the breaking details. like so many other people, brian, we're keeping an eye on the forecast. you've got your phone in hand looking for these updates from florida all the way up the northeast seaboard.
8:00 am
>> well, tamron, you said it right. this thing blew up out of nowhere. and, of course, it's down there in the caribbean where that warm water is. and it's just been growing for 24 to 48 hours. as you said, the latest update is out. meteorologist bill karins is right here in our newsroom in the weather center with the latest. bill? >> thanks, brian. i'm just digesting the latest update from the national hurricane center about two minutes ago. it has continued the trend of a slightly eastward off the east coast path. it also did not yet get to category 4 intensity. still a category 3. let's go through some of it here. first things first. this is the latest hurricane track along the east coast. looking better for wilmington. my friends in myrtle beach all the way up through camp lejeune and areas of coastal north carolina. you're still barely in the outer portion of the cone in the outer banks. but that is an improvement for you. we still have in the cone from virginia beach towards new york city, but the trend has been eastward. also notice the timing oft.


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