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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  October 1, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> well, tamron, you said it right. this thing blew up out of nowhere. and, of course, it's down there in the caribbean where that warm water is. and it's just been growing for 24 to 48 hours. as you said, the latest update is out. meteorologist bill karins is right here in our newsroom in the weather center with the latest. bill? >> thanks, brian. i'm just digesting the latest update from the national hurricane center about two minutes ago. it has continued the trend of a slightly eastward off the east coast path. it also did not yet get to category 4 intensity. still a category 3. let's go through some of it here. first things first. this is the latest hurricane track along the east coast. looking better for wilmington. my friends in myrtle beach all the way up through camp lejeune and areas of coastal north carolina. you're still barely in the outer portion of the cone in the outer banks. but that is an improvement for you. we still have in the cone from virginia beach towards new york city, but the trend has been eastward. also notice the timing of that. if it was anywhere up near
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southern new england, it wouldn't be till tuesday morning and a much weaker storm, too. they only have that at 65 miles per hour. it could do a considerable weakening trend throughout time. here's where the storm is currently located. this is where it's a category 3 right now. 125-mile-per-hour winds. you can see it's safely away from nassau, freeport and miami. but it's now located over the central and southern portion of the bahamas here. it's relatively unpopulated. there are a couple resorts really getting a battering, but it's not headed for any cities or towns. and the turks and caicos are getting it a lot worse than they were. let me go over here and show you the storm itself and the structure. and you can see the little clearing in the middle here. this is the eye of the storm. finally becoming apparent. it's been kind of a dirty eye for much of the morning and much of the last night. and here's the center of it. this is called crooked island. there's about four or five resorts on this. this is in the southern eye wall right now. and some of the pickets show water into and right at house levels of the first floor. that's where the worst damage is occurring. the update from the hurricane center has pressure at 942, very
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low. that could easily be a category 4 in some circumstances and 125-mile-per-hour winds. let me review that path for you. this is the brand-new one. they do take it still tomorrow morning up to a category 4. notice how slow the movement is. the poor people in the central bahamas. we're going to go almost 24 hours with barely any movement and then the storm begins to accelerate friday night into saturday. the hurricane center out of respect to a couple of our computer models which still take it into the mid-atlantic. they still have a little bit of a bend. but much of our major long-term models are now off the coast. don't be surprised if this continues to shift off the coast in the future runs. again, they can flip-flop. they can go the other way, so we're not letting our guard down, but that is a very encouraging trend. here's those hurricane spaghetti blots. they look as crazy as can be right now. some of our major models are off the coast. these lines here. some of our other ones come into the north carolina area, spin it around and then kick it out. again, the trend has been off the coast. as far as rainfall totals and
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everything else, from joaquin, i'm not expecting much. the storm if it takes this track like the gfs does, we don't get any rain from that storm at all and even the european model is well off the coast. we don't get any rain from that at all. it's a completely separate storm. and this is really going to be hard to comprehend. it's hard for me to even explain it that's going to cause all the problems. and by the way, here's that little comparison between the european and u.s. models. they do differ. again, they're more in agreement now than they were yesterday where this model, the u.s. model, was into the carolinas. i guess the bottom line is the biggest concern we have now in the u.s. does not appear to be from this hurricane, at least primarily. the rainfall forecast is potentially epic and historic through the carolinas. this is all from a tropical connection with a storm, an upper-level low we call them over georgia, alabama and mississippi. potential in our american model is up to 10 to 12 inches of rain. our european model which has done very well, i mean, this is off the charts. the possibility of a foot, foot and a half of rain. brian, this area has already gotten about six inches in the
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last week. the soil is saturated. they won't be able to handle this without major flash flooding. the only other thing i forgot and i don't want to forget my friends in jersey sore, maryland, delaware, through virginia beach. significant coastal flooding. not from the hurricane. we'll have an easterly wind, brian, of 50 miles per hour for three straight days. every high tide cycle that water is going to pour in. it's not going to escape. and the flooding each high tide cycle will get worse and worse. there will be water in some homes and flooding on roads throughout the mid-atlantic. >> yeah i was just about to ask about that because the surf on the east coast has already been excited because of a battle between high and low pressure having nothing to do with this hurricane, and that is only going to get worse. and we've got some huge population centers along the coast. >> yeah. that's going to catch some people by surprise. you may -- we still have a portion of the mid-atlantic in that cone of uncertainty, we call it. let me walk back over here to show you the area we're talking about and referring to.
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this area still the norfolk area, virginia beach, that area is still in the cone. you still have to be prepared and get your preps just in case the storm does head your way. but if it is more offshore, you're still going to have that on-shore wind and that flow for a couple days in a row. and the areas just north of norfolk here, roanoke, rapids, very susceptible and the chesapeake, too, to the flooding on the sounds there. and all the way up the jersey shore and maryland and delaware coast, too. you're already under coastal flood watches. those will be turned to warnings. they're calling it in the weather world, we kind of have events. we go minor, moderate, major, historic. and right now the coastal flooding, even without joaquin, is expected to be moderate to major. so that's significant events there. and it will cause hundreds of thousands of dollars potentially in damage there just from that alone. that's not even considering what could possibly happen with the epic flooding in the carolinas if that develops. >> all right. meteorologist bill karins, thanks very much. which brings us to the jersey shore. the town of belmar, one of the
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great beaches along the jersey shore, has been preparing. they were hard hit for sandy. there's a lot of changes that have taken place in that town. and they're doing one drastic thing, and that is they are trying to drain lake como, which is a major feature in that town. that's where all the rain runoff goes. that's where all the high tide water goes. ron allen is there for us in belmar, new jersey, where they're also putting up temporary dunes. hey, ron. >> reporter: hey, brian. welcome to your part of the world. it's changing down here. this is -- looks like almost a military operation back here behind me there. several bulldozers, and they began this several days ago, trying to build a 10 to 12-foot tall berm that stretches for miles in that direction and miles in that direction along the beach here in belmar and the other nearby communities. because, yes, this is the lesson and the legacy of sandy. three years ago, this entire area was under water.
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the boardwalk behind over there was pushed back some six blocks into the town. so now they're being very cautious and being prepared. if you look over in this direction, you can see way down there, there are some workers who are also removing those trailers, temporary trailers in place for some of the construction workers who are here during the season. but you can also see this mile after mile of brand-new boardwalk that's been put in here. and the thing about this boardwalk is that the support structure goes down some 25 feet. it used to go down about five or six feet. but that was decades ago. it's now 25 feet deep to reinforce it in what are called hurricane straps made out of steel to try and hold all this in place. so, of course, no one knows what the weather's going to bring here. we do know the forecast calls for a lot of rain. a lot of wind even before the hurricane possibly could come here. so they've learned their lesson. we talked to the mayor, and they're taking no chances. and there's going to be a huge
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wall to block any water coming up here. brian? >> ron allen in bell par, new jersey, on the jersey shore. ron, thanks. and tamron, as we toss it back to you, this is -- you started by talking about your phone. everybody's got to stay close because having nothing to do with this hurricane, we're still going to get that east wind, 50-mile-an-hour winds. the east coast is still, sadly, going to get battered. >> and obviously with those winds, brian, we know that that can certainly impact air travel. all you they'd is a couple of delays along the east coast, and that creates a problem from east to west. so while the people who are watching now may be living on the west coast saying we are nowhere near the track or path of this storm, certainly if air travel is affected, that means we're all affected in some form. >> it becomes your problem in a hurry. >> i know you'll be watching the updates and we'll check back in with you. also following more breaking news. officials from the u.s. and russia are meeting at this very hour to discuss russia's ongoing airstrikes in syria. now, the talks described by one
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official as at a very high level and will focus on making sure the two countries don't accidentally come in contact with each other while in battle. we also have new video obtained by nbc news believed to be of a russian airstrike in western syria this morning. today's fresh round of raids come amid doubts about who exactly is the target of russia's airstrikes. isis, as the russian government claims, or rebel groups supported by the united states. now, the man who shot this video tells nbc that isis is not a presence in that area. now, the russian ministry of defense says it has deployed more than 50 russian planes and helicopters to syria and released this video of several strikes it carried out overnight against what is saying is isis facilities near homs. but this morning, senator john mccain, the head of the senate armed services committee, said he has no doubt russia's initial
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airstrikes targeted recruits in the free syrian army. again, a rebel group backed by the united states. >> assad, and by the way, i can absolutely confirm to you that they were strikes against our free syrian army or groups that have been armed and trained by the cia because we have communications with people there. >> and right now, we are following this live press conference from russia and foreign minimum strster sergey . let me bring in my colleague, ayman mohyeldin. with russia making this assertion that it is targeting isis, it's ease counterto point to the fact that you noted this morning on "morning joe," the areas controlled by isis are very clear, and it is not what we are seeing hit by these airstrikes. >> reporter: yeah, i mean, we can say definitively that the battlefield across syria is very well marked. i mean, there are clear fault lines between where the moderate
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syrian oppositions are, the free syrian army and their i'll lalld other groups, what strongholds they control and what strongholds isis and other al qaeda-affiliated groups control and where the syrian regime control. where these airstrikes took place, not in an area that is known to anybody to be an isis stronghold. in fact, yesterday as we were hearing and today once again from the syrian national coalition which runs a group of activists on the ground, they were reporting civilian casualties tolls. they've been identifying these areas where the airstrikes have happened. and they're being very definitive about it, that there is no link to some of these areas and these buildings and isis fighters in those areas. so once again, it raises that point that secretary of defense ash carter was saying, that there is apparently a contradiction in what russia is doing, saying they want to target isis, but on the ground in reality, they're going after the u.s. and arab-backed allies that are fighting against the assad regime. the underlying point here, though, tamron is why this is so important is because this is what the difference is between
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russia and the united states. russia and the syrian regime are not making a distinction between anybody who's fighting at assad regime. as far as they're earn canned, they treat them all as terrorists whereas the u.s. and arab allies are making the distinction that they consider to be terrorists and those that are trying to fight to oust the assad regime, part of a revolutionary movement of fighters. >> ayman mohyeldin live from the u.n. let me bring in u.s. senator bob casey, a member of the national security working group and former chairman of the foreign relations subcommittee on eastern and central asian affairs. senator, thank you so much for your time. as you know, the breaking news now that these talks, this meeting to discuss these airstrikes led by russia have now started here, but the lines could not be more clear from what we heard from president obama in his remarks before the u.n. and what we heard from russian president vladimir putin. so it begs the question where could the two possibly meet?
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>> well, tamtamron, i think we e to pursue this agressively to insist that the russians don't continue don't this path. it's clear to everyone and all the reporting is clear that these strikes are in non-isis-controlled areas and highly likely in rebel-controlled areas or at least in places where the opposition to assad have been strongest, places like homs and hama and places like that that have been bombarded and pillaged, in a sense, for years with barrel bombs and all kinds of horrors. so we have to resolve that. at the same time, almost on a parallel track, we still have to pursue the overall agenda or strategy as it relates to syria. number one, we have to make sure that we're pushing all the players to get a negotiate the settlement. number two, we have to do everything we can to push countries in the region, especially and in europe to provide more humanitarian assistance like we have. and thirdly, we've got to
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implement the u.n. resolutions, security council resolutions, that prohibit barrel bombing and provide for unfettered access for humanitarian aid. there's a lot we've got to do in addition to having our military work through this problem with russia, but they can't be allowed to continue those kinds of airstrikes. >> senator, as you said, there's a lot we have to do, but you have your colleagues like bob corker, the foreign relations committee chair. senator john mccain yesterday saying that the administration has failed miserably. corker said this morning, the administration has sat on its hands during the most atrocities and the highest amount of people that have been killed. the biggest refugee crisis, the most women and children being killed. the greatest torturers, and in essence, they've done nothing. >> look, i don't think those kind of create goategorical condemnations help right now. if you're a hebb of the house, you have to have specific ideas you can suggest to the administration. i've done that. i've done that in the past. i haven't always agreed with the
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administration, but just tough talk and broad pronouncements don't help here. we have to come together in a bipartisan fashion to have a strategy to implement in syria to get this right. because as long as assad is in control, and as long as this policy doesn't seem to be getting to any kind of strategic end, it's only helping isis which has to be the area where we can actually work with the russians, work with others to defeat isis. so we've got to take care of the syria issue as well. >> senator, bipartisan agreement have any impact when you have russia, for example -- in very similar terms that we saw with yew y ukraine and crimea many denying what is the visible and physical proof of its actions in syria? does it matter if congress can come up with a bipartisan agenda when you are dealing with someone that john mccain referred to on the senate floor yesterday as a thug, that being vladimir putin?
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>> well, i do think that any -- that a bipartisan effort actually will strengthen the hand of both the president, secretary of state and others. when better as the old expression goes from the 1940s let our politics end at the water's edge. we need to work together on this so we can have a strategy. the administration needs to work with congress to get it right. >> tell me one example of where you believe that it is possible for, as you pointed out, there to be some come togetherness, if that is a proper way to describe it, between the parties on this issue when, again, i point back to senator john mccain and a laundry list of others who are very clear that they believe that the administration is wrong and have done nothing, and they start with the president making the clear line in the sand about assad using chemical weapons and not doing anything, they say, after those actions were proven? >> well, i think we should be looking forward instead of the rearview mirror. it doesn't help to rehash who did what when. we've got to move forward. i think the administration has been very open about the idea
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that we have to have a new effort here. either an enhancement or strengthening of existing strategy or an absolute revision of the strategy. but some of the things we can work together, democrats and republicans, making sure those u.n. resolutions that i mentioned on barrel bombs and humanitarian aid get implemented, making sure that we're doing everything we can to push others to help like we're helping, our taxpayers are helping, and focusing on a negotiated settlement. a bombing campaign, a major military operation is not going to solve this problem. there's a lot we can do on the ground militarily, by the way, but that's not going to solve the problem. this has to be negotiated. the russians ultimately will be a player in that. they're going to -- they're participating now in the horror, and they have to get off that track. i think they will if we keep the pressure on them. i'm happy or at least encouraged that today we have not just lavrov and secretary kerry but military-to-military engagement. we've got to solve that problem.
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but the bigger issue is still in front of, and it's going to take a while. >> just quickly your reaction to the fact that russia gave the u.s. basically an hour notice that these airstrikes would take place. >> it's unacceptable. and for mr. putin to pretend that he's not part of the horror in syria like he's a bystander, he's been backing and pushing mr. assad all these years, and now he's engaged in these airstrikes. it's totally counterproductive. it's totally inconsistent with what he's been saying all along. so mr. putin and mr. lavrov have to be straight with and have to be honest with the international community. they're not. even though we may be on the same side when it comes to fighting isis. they've got to be a constructive player in helping to resolve what's happening in syria. in the last couple of days especially, they've been anything but a constructive player. >> senator casey thank you so much for your time. greatly appreciate it. >> thank you. this morning, a huge media push from jeb bush as new polls
8:19 am
show he continues to slide, and now some polls show jeb bush in single digits. >> the benghazi committee exists because there should be an analysis of what actually happened and what the response was and if there was a cover-up afterwards. this isn't to try to damage hillary clinton. i don't quite understand why he said that. i mean, that's the problem with washington right now. they're grasping to find something to say that they've done something positive. well, first of all, that's not positive. and secondly, that's not the intent. i mean, you tell trey gowdy that. he wouldn't say that this is organized to hurt. >> and that is jeb bush's reaction to this man, republican congressman kevin mccarthy. he is taking heat from all sides, but specifically many within his own party. and has mccarthy given hillary clinton a potential opening after admitting the benghazi subcommittee was set to
8:20 am
hurt her in the polls? a "news nation" political panel has been assembled to talk about it. and we continue to track hurricane joaquin. the latest update just moments ago says that the cat 3 storm could continue to intensify over the next 24 hours. we have a team in place tracking the storm, and we'll be right back. take the zantac it challenge! pill works fast? zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours.
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oh! that's a lot of kale. qualifying customers may receive $750 toward a new audi q5 welcome back, everyone. we continue to track hurricane joaquin. new jersey governor chris christie declaring a state of emergency effective this morning. the governor making the announcement right now as hurricane joaquin has been upgraded to a cat 3 storm. it is currently, as you see there, over the bahamas, turks and caicos. bill karins, our meteorologist, is greatly concerned as this massive storm hovers over the bahamas. the amount of water being dumped on that island. he is tracking the storm up and
8:24 am
down the east coast, the potential impact it could have on a number of states. we'll follow the very latest developments. but right now, our first state of emergency declared in wake of this storm. new jersey governor chris christie making that announcement just now. and now to politics and jeb bush. he's spending the morning on the offensive as new poll numbers show that the one-time republican presidential front-runner is now slipping into single digits. bush made multiple appearances on morning programs today including the "today" show where he was pressed on his 15-point slide since june. >> after deliberating for a long time, you decide to get in the race right now, and i don't mean tore funny about this. and after several months in the race, you're losing in the polls to the host of "celebrity apprentice." how do you get your arms around that? >> it doesn't matter to me in october because when we get closer to february, people want to know, does he care about me? does he have ideas to lift me up? does he have the leadership skills to fix these things?
8:25 am
>> a new suffolk university/"usa today" poll shows bush is thousand in fifth place with just 8%. and ahead of bush is marco rubio with 9%. this is now the third consecutive major national poll since july in which bush has fallen behind his former protege. now, bush gave his own theory about why his support continues to erode on "morning joe." >> i think there's a lot of people kicking the tire right now. a lot of anger. a lot of angst. people are really upset with what's going on in washington for good reason. look, our team hasn't delivered what was promised. maybe they overpromised in the election. the president is basically said we're not going to do anything. there's right now, you know, the military's being gutted. we have these huge national security challenges around the world. and the president said he's going to veto the defense bill. i mean, this is the world we're in in washington. people are scratching their head saying what's going on? so they're latching onto the people that are clearly the most
8:26 am
outsider. >> meanwhile, a new top tier has solidified with the three so-called outsiders. donald trump topping the latest poll followed by ben carson who's rapidly closing in on trump's lead. and in third, carly fiorina who's gained 12 points since july, the lashlgest gain of any of the candidates. let me bring in republican strategist lee carter and political columnist dana mi millbank. dane fa, i'll start with you. watching matt ask jeb bush the question of how do you feel being so far behind the host of "celebrity apprentice," it actually -- it's one of those moments you stop and you cannot wait to hear the person's answer. >> yeah. it was a good question, a less good answer. you know, watching all the storm coverage earlier in the hour, it feels like jeb bush is following that european model that has him going right out to sea. and it just feels like he's having a really rough time of it. that said, i think it's difficult to put -- and you
8:27 am
shouldn't put too much emphasis on these polls at this point. yes, donald trump is still in front with less support than he had previously. hard to imagine him or ben carson being the party's nominee. but ultimately, we have to get to a point much closer than when the voting starts or when the voting actually starts, and there will probably be a decision between one of these outsider candidates and one of these insider candidates. and that's when the real decision is going to be made here. so i wouldn't completely count jeb bush out yet. but he's got to find a way to do some better campaigning. >> you have this morning on "morning joe," he was asked about this report in "the washington post" that some donors were putting him on notice. and he says no donor has called me. but there's reporting certainly out there that disputes that claim. >> listen, i think the truth of the matter is right now jeb's job is to sort of hang back and be in the conversation enough so he's still trusted. >> but he's not in the conversation that much. today he did a media blitz. i believe it was his first time
8:28 am
sitting down on the "today" show. you're looking at 5 million viewers on this show. you have hillary clinton about to hold a town hall and making more tv appearances including an interview we're going to play with reverend al sharpton. has he been hanging back a little too much? >> it might be. think about where we were in 2008. mccain was fifth. nobody was talking about him. rudy was ahead by double digits. he was on the cover of "time." we were sure he was going to be the next president of the united states. i really think that bush is taking the strategy i'm going to hang back, let everybody else duke it out and then i'm going to come back with a hero plan. >> but the problem is, dana, he is duking it out right now and currently right now with donald trump, and some might say he's on the losing end of that battle. so he is trying to put up a fight. >> yeah. i'm not sure it's a deliberate strategy of hanging back. he's just been sort of dwarfed by all the competition here, and he hasn't been terribly interesting. and he did make a pivot a few weeks ago from ignoring trump to taking him on directly. it seems others in the party are doing that as well.
8:29 am
and you have seen trump's numbers decline relative to the rest of the field from where he was before that second debate. but you don't see jeb benefiting from that. and he just hasn't been an inspiring and an interesting candidate. that doesn't mean he won't be, you know, everybody's second choice. when they've exhausted all the other possibilities, they'll get to him. >> and lee, that's the point. you're absolutely right. there's a long-ball game here. and jeb bush said in his remarks, wait until basically february. you'll see. however, his trend lines, that's the point, when others are trending up and you consistently trend down, how much can you say you just wait until february? >> i mean, i think he's trying to make a push right now to at least gain some traction. i think he's got to hang on at some point. and in february, i think he could have a surge because i do think that these top-level candidates right now are going to punch each other out. and they're going to be able to -- i mean, trump can only do this for so long. >> yeah. but take trump out of the equation.
8:30 am
and dandana, you can get in on s as well. let's go with the theory that trump flames out and that joe scarborough talks about. set that aside. look at ben carson, if we're picking among the outsiders. carson and fiorina. and then you still have marco rubio who the establishment still could settle behind, and that still leaves jeb bush at third. >> it does except that marco rubio and jeb bush are in a statistical dead heat. it's within the margin of error. and so anything -- >> but one is trending up, one is trending down. >> that's fair. that's fair. we saw that with mccain, but mccain still came out in the end. zoo dana? >> i would think of it as a playoff bracket and you have trump and fee rein thiorina andd then you'll have rubio and bush and the others fighting, kasich, all these others, christie, for this inside vote. and then presumably what's
8:31 am
happened in the past and what will probably happen here is there will be a bit of a showdown between the winner of those two brackets. and that's when it will get really interesting. >> i'll ask you both to stick around because we have more there the political world. a front-runner for speaker of the house, kevin mccarthy, is facing some tough questions and criticism this morning, even from members of his own party over comments he made regarding hillary clinton and the benghazi committee. clinton is set to testify before the committee two weeks from today. >> everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? but we put together a benghazi special committee, a select committee. what are her numbers today? her numbers are dropping. why? because she's untrustable. but no one would have known any of that had happened had we have thought and made that happen. >> i agree. >> mccarthy made those comments on "fox news tuesday." his remarks were slammed by the republican chairman of the house oversight committee, jason chafetz, during an appearance on cnn. >> you see all the hammering he's getting today's for that
8:32 am
statement he made on fox last night. >> well, i think rightfully so. that's an absolute inappropriate statement. it is not how this started. we wanted to get to the truth of it. the more we delve into this, the more we've learned about it, but that was not the reason we started. we started because there were four dead americans. i think it's an absolute terrible statement. i don't think it's a fair characterization. >> he should apologize. >> yeah, i think he should apologize. i think he should withdraw it. i think it's an absolute inaccurate statement as to what we're doing and have done on the work on benghazi. >> for her part, hillary clinton responded to those remarks during an interview with my colleague, the reverend al sharpton. >> when i hear a statement like that, which demonstrates unequivocally that this was always meant to be a partisan political exercise, i feel like it does a grave disservice and dishonors not just the memory of the four that we lost but of everybody who has served our country. >> let me go back to republican strategist lee carter,
8:33 am
"washington post" political columnist dana milbank. tell me the truth, not the spin, on mccarthy's remarks. >> i'm absolutely horrified. i'm disappointed. i can't believe it. there's the truth of the people who support hillary and they believe that this was a whole truth-telling mission, and then there's the truth of the people on the other side, and those people say this is a witch hunt. well, what just happened there is that we have a republican who said this was a witch hunt. it's horrible. >> so is that the truth? >> you know, it doesn't almost matter in some ways. it's given enough shadow of doubt that the people who did the work that thought they were doing the good work that it was trying to find the truth, they really have been just undermined. >> dana, it's interesting to hear chafetz say that there needs to be an apology, a retraction. to lee's point, it's there and it's not going away. and the timing is quite incredible. you have this interview with bill clinton who set the stage of they've constantly come after her. this witch hunt.
8:34 am
followed by this remark. i don't know at this point how people can look at this benghazi hearing that's coming up in two weeks and not constantly be reminded of those remarks, whether they're retracted, whether there's an apology or not. >> right, i don't think that matters. it was an incredibly stupid thing to say, but it rings true to a lot of people and certainly helps hillary clinton make that kind of a statement. i mean, look. this thing had been investigated to death including by the republican-controlled intelligence and armed services committees in the house. they came up with nothing. the house still went ahead with it, leading people to make the accusation that this was a witch hunt and now, of course, you have the man who's going to be the next speaker of the house saying exactly that. of course, that's devastating. >> so lee, what has to be the republican strategy going into this hearing, then? >> you know, i think that they have to really focus on the truth. but, you know, this is a case where the facts aren't necessarily going to set anybody free. no one's going to be able to sure right now what's going on.
8:35 am
there's going to be a shadow of doubt cast over everything that's going to happen right now. i think actually right now, this might be the best thing that's happened to hillary clinton because it gives an opportunity for her to reset and really show what's happened to her. for the republicans, i think everybody has to unite and they have to say that this was not okay, and they have to prove that they were really doing the right thing. >> quickly, dana, let's talk about some of the fund-raising numbers in. hillary clinton bringing in $28 million. bernie sanders, $26 million in this third quarter of fund-raising. but the first -- the good news for clinton, she outraised sanders for the quarter. bad news, she barely outraised him. we should also point out that she has well more than that in her war chest. and bernie sanders still has a long way to go, but nevertheless, those numbers are worth taking attention to. >> they are. you know, because it's really an expectations game. and people are surprised that bernie sanders is doing so well. people have been surprised all along that he is. like with donald trump, that doesn't mean he's marching all the way to the nomination. but when you raise more money, that gives you more support.
8:36 am
and he makes it much more of an interesting campaign. and i think the clinton folks have to be taking lessons from this and saying you know what? let's take this populist insurgency a bit more seriously, and that's where the energy is in the democratic party. >> dana, thank you. lee, thank you as well. >> thank you so much. coming up, a new scandal for the secret service. were agents trying to dig up personal information on a lawmaker who's been critical of the agency? >> to target a sitting member of congress from the administration? i -- it really does scare me. >> secret service now apologizing. also we continue to track hurricane joaquin, as reported within this hour, new jersey governor chris christie declared a state of emergency effective this morning. the storm has been upgraded to a cat 3. it's covering over the bahamas and turks and caicos. we'll have a live update.
8:37 am
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welcome back. we're following breaking news out of illinois right outside of chicago. where we've received some updated information on the death of an officer that happened in early september. you might recall it set off a pretty huge manhunt for three individuals at the time who were described only as two white men and one black man. the officer at the time had radioed that he was chasing these three suspects. well, now the illinois -- or the fox lake police lieutenant investigating this case says that the officer was fatally shot with his own weapon after a struggle. the authorities there saying that they've found evidence of a struggle at the scene. however, the investigators in charge of this also say that while they're conducting a homicide probe or investigation, detectives were not ruling out anything including the possibility of suicide.
8:41 am
so this obviously raises a number of questions in this investigation. one, why authorities say that there's evidence of a struggle at the scene and also at the same time the willing to rule in the possibility of suicide. so it's unclear what is exactly happening with this investigation. very little has been released since the death of this officer back in september. investigators in charge said they did not want to compromise the investigation. at this point, the lead investigators said that they are releasing this new information after determining that it would not hurt the investigation. so we will continue to follow these details coming into us right now. but as it stands, the death of lieutenant charles back in september 1st still under investigation. it set off this massive manhunt. police havy et have yet to name
8:42 am
or identify any suspects in this awful death of this officer. but we will continue to follow the latest information as we get it in from this area, fox lake, illinois, right outside of chicago. let's turn now to another black eye for the secret service this morning. the agency apologizing once again. this time for breaking privacy laws in an attempt to embarrass a member of congress. nbc news national correspondent peter alexander is at the white house with this story. >> reporter: good day to you. it's another blow to the agency that prides itself on the motto worthy of trust and confidence. after the release of this scathing report, the homeland security secretary, jae johnson, apologized to utah congressman jason chafetz. the target of this deliberately embarrassing leak insisting, quote, those responsible should be held accountable. inside the agency, a new report released by the inspector general shows 45 secret service employees improperly accessed
8:43 am
the congressman's 2003 application to join the secret service where he applied to become an agent and was turned down. chafetz tells nbc news he was stunned. >> shocked and surprised on how pervasive this was. and it takes its toll. it should have never happened. >> reporter: the report also contains an e-mail from secret service assistant director edward lowery to a colleague writing back in march some information that chafetz might find embarrassing needs to get out. just to be fair. two days later, chafetz's rejected application was reported online in "the daily beast." lowery denied to investigators that he ordered the congressman's file to be leaked, saying he was, quote, reflecting his stress and his anger. >> the secret service is entrusted with weapons and guns next to the president of the united states, and it scares me that they would act like this. >> reporter: it's the latest damaging blow for an agency fighting to overcome a series of scandals and high-profile embarrassments.
8:44 am
this latest scandal comes just one day after the president publicly thanked the agency for its job protecting the pope. >> i wanted to make a special commendation of our secret service. >> reporter: the report says chafetz's information was spread throughout the agency from the president's protective detail to a field office in london. it also says director joseph clancy did not know this was going on. in a statement, clancy again apologized to congressman chafetz and promised he would take appropriate disciplinary actions. >> all right. peter, thank you. coming up, forget swiping. get ready to start dipping your credit card. today is the deadline for retailers to begin accepting credit cards with security chips. we'll tell you, show you what it means for you. details next. surprise!!!!! we heard you got a job as a developer! its official, i work for ge!! what? wow... yeah! okay...
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8:48 am
end for those black magnetic strips on the back of your credit card. starting today, retailers must start accepting new cards with embedded security chips or they'll be held financially liable in cases of theft or fraud. now, the chips each have unique codes that cannot be replicated and are curbing counterfeiting. six in ten americans say they don't have the through card yet, and critics say the new technology unfairly hurts small businesses who have to pay for new machines. and joining me now, the ceo of the electronic transactions association, jason knoxman. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me, tamron. >> six in ten have not received their card, so what are they supposed to do? >> today is the start of the migration. as you noted, this is the most significant upgrade to payments technology in the history of the credit card. those magnetic stripes on the back are 40 years old. it's time to replace them with new chip technology. this is a massive undertaking. there are 1.2 billion debit and credit cards in u.s. consumers' wallets that need to be
8:49 am
replaced. and 8 million merchants need to upgrade their terminals to accept those chip cards. the good news is because this is the start of the migration, when you do get your new chip card in the mail, it will still have the magnetic stripe on the back just in case you go to a merchant that doesn't have the chip readers yet. but for the foreseeable future as we take care of this upgrade and attack the cyber crime that we're really trying to push out with these new chip cards, these cards will continue to work everywhere you shop. >> and that's at the heart of this. the cyber crime industry is booming. and i know that you have some small businesses who say they have to pay for these new machines which makes it difficult for them, but in reality, the costs of all of the cyber theft that's taking place, and by the way, we are behind europe in implementing this technology. so when we say state of the art, we're really kind of following here. >> well, that's exactly right. and, of course, it's important for small businesses and large businesses alike to invest in their infrastructure to protect their information, their customers, you know, we all invest in insurance and fire
8:50 am
protection in the hopes that something never happened. and as we saw with the large retail breaches, cyber criminals are increasingly sfis indica ll and it is important to make that investment. you're invest in the insurance and the fire protection in the hopes that nothing happens, and as we saw with the large retailer reaches of the last years, cyber fraud is increasingly sophisticated. and this is going to protect the them, and showing that security is becoming attacked by increasingly sophisticated attacks. >> and these chips are on hand and everybody on board as far as the retailers, does that mean that we are sufficiently protect sfd. >> well, we will knock down the fraud, and those with the chips already, those countries have seen a decrease in fraud. and credit card fraud is the
8:51 am
most common fraud and 2/3 of the card fraud in store, and the chip cards deployed will help us to have a significant increase to take it on headon. >> thank you, jason. i do want to get to the breaking weather, and governor chris christie signed an emergency declaration with the possibility of two storms on the horizon. we have hurricane joaquin, and christie says he will order e evacuations if necessary, and he is telling people not to panic, and as joaquin is make its way to the east coast, we are reminded of the dangers and the lasting effects that the storms can bring. the nation just marked the hurricane katrina and gave the city of new orleans and the nation a reflexion of what has been done and what needs to be
8:52 am
done. the city is booming, and the real estate, and try to get down there to get a reservation at some of the restaurants down there, and one of the chefs driving this boom is john besh, and he and others an acknowledge that while some parts have bounce bounced back, there are other parts that need help, and he has a chefs move to the give scholarships for those who are thriving to have a goal to become a chef in their hometown. and on top of all of that, genre leased a new cook book called "besh big easy." and thank you for joining u and i could go on and on about how delicious the food is, and what a great guy you are. >> well, please do. >> and this new cookbook, "besh made easy" and i noticed a chef
8:53 am
there, a young african-american guy with the logo on and the foundation, and i said, this is what john besh is about, and why new orleans has recover and why did you feel it was necessary to not just hire people as busboys and wait staff which is a phenomenal job, but you want more, but it is not accessible. >> one thing that has irk ed me over to the years is that i would look through my brigades of the kitchen staff and all of the people that i employ, and think why don't we have a proper proportion of, you know of african-american chefs as we do the white ones that are highly educated and come up, and it is a hard way to make a living, and not everybody is called to that, but i wanted to do what i could to make sure that people who want that opportunity have the opportunity. they have the opportunity for that education, because education is the key that often ke keeps people out of a certain level. if you can't make it into the managerial ranks or the
8:54 am
entrepreneurial ranks of the world of being a chef, a lot of times, it is the lack of education that keeps you, that keeps people down. >> wrae. >> and so it is about providing opportunity, and i want everybody to have a chance at this wonderful life that i have, and i get to live in my hometown, and cook my hometown food, and serve my people, and i think that we are all measured by what is it that we do to make the world a better place? if we can use our talents, so be it. >> and it is interesting that we have covered where new orleans is now last month and you have people who have brought up the issue that new orleans is my second home and i have been clear about, that and you can go to the lovely restaurant like you own and have a hard time getting a table, because business is booming, but then others who are concerned that the heart of the new orleans, and the people who make it such a special place have been left behind and particularly housing and being told, well, then you
8:55 am
need to be moving outside of new orleans and it is expensive and catch the bus back in to work somewhe somewhere. >> yes, it is hard, and it is a tale of two cities, and new orleans is doing extremely well and much better than we thought at this point, and we have more restaurants today than we had prior to hurricane katrina. >> yes. >> and i love that the drek is shun of the city is going, but it is a tale of two cities, because you have the vulnerable, and the people that have been marginalized and the people who have not been able to come back to the neighborhood, and the people who can't afford to frankly live there anymore and to rebuild. it costs a lot of money. so i am worried about people like this for so many year, because, just imagine you have this house, and you are paying the house note and paying insurance and the house is flooded, condemned and you can't live there, and you still have to pay the house note, and you still have to pay the insurance, and so the financial difficulty for people to get back on their feet is almost insurmountable,
8:56 am
and so there are neighborhoods that are struggling still, and but on the bright side, i see us as we have remade the entire school system. public transportation is bet te than ever has been, and the public housing is better than it has been and so we are make huge strides and i'm happy with that and i'm thrilled with the new book and the collaboration with billy reed to raise some money for the vulnerable, and raising money for the people who need an opportunity for that education. >> chef, humanitarian and all-around good guy and this book, and i will be trying to cook some of this later, and i don't know how well i will do, but i will try. thanks for all that you do beyond the kitchen and the cookbooks that you produce. >> my pleasure. >> thank you. and that does it for this edition of "news nation" and up next is chris matthews and andrea mitchell reports.
8:57 am
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9:00 am
be from this hurricane at least primarily. the rainfall forecast is epic throughout the northeast. and what is putin up to? the kremlin says they are target i ing isis, but the u.s. has its doubts. fighting isil without a parallel political transition only risks escalating the civil war in syria. that approach is tantamount as i said then to pouring gasoline on the fire. and e-mail chain as the state department releases thousands of pages of hillary clinton's e-mail, and the 2016 candidate fires back after a top republican suggest s ths that t benghazi committee was formed, itself, for political purposes. >> when i hear a statement like that


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