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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  October 1, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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and right now the governor of new jersey chris christie says he is going to order evacuations if necessary after ordering a state of emergency. and noah is kno noaa is rel image of parts of carolinas underwater with threats of storm to bring historic rainfall, and one person has died after flash flooding in spartanberg. and so major roads are being shutdown there. and now, bill karins, walk us through what we can expect not only in the weather systems in the carolinas but through the hurricane joaquin. >> yes, it is two separate systems. we have joaquin which is devastating to jamaica where there is a couple of islands that is not wildly populated right there, but it is the worst place to be on earth as far as bad weather is concerned. this is the basics of it.
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this is where the storm is located. this squiggly line is the pass path, and it is moving to the south/southwest, and it is expected to stall. it won't make it to cuba, bow just about where it is now, and then turn to the north. cat 3 and possibly cat 4. the bigger picture here, and you will see that it tryied to clea the eye out, and now the crooked islands here, and the eye of the center of the storms, and that has started a west look, and then it will move further to the north, and the storm, itself, it does not look like it is directly impacting any other land areas except for the central bahamas except for three days, and it is a slow mover and then it will take the turn, and this is 8:00 a.m. saturday, and the category 3 is a 125 miles per hour winds right now in the storm. and then the by the cone of uncertainty, maybe the cones are
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bigger than this, because some of the computer models are still into the carolinas, but a majority of them are trending further offshore. but we have three the ofour that is are threatening the carolinas, so we are not giving up on that possibility in that portion of the country. so everybody needs to have the preparations made, and no evacuation orders or anything like that, but we have to look at the trend as it is further off of the coast. >> and bill, when is the next forecast coming out? >> 5:00 is the next big one, and 2:00 p.m. is the coordinates and the strength and stuff like that. that is when we will find out maybe if it went up to the category 4 as the hurricane hunters will fly through that and give us the best estimates of that. and thomas, another thing in the southeast, because just because that is the threat, we have tropical moisture coming into the carolinas here, and this is the problem for the next three to four days. there is a rex block, and that is like a blocking weather pattern in football that blocks
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the weather, and you can't get through. so whatever weather on the eastern seaboard you have will stay through the weekend. so this is going to be allowing the fetch, and these arrows are the wind flow into the southeast, and so there is a tropical moisture connection from the south pacific, and coming in from joaquin which is going to be producing the possibility of epic flooding and rain here through carolinas, and looking at south carolina the worst, and flood watches from washington, d.c., to charleston and then to atlanta, and that is not just joaquin, but it is a totally separate storm and entity. and this is the gfs computer model are predicting 15 inches of rain in charleston and targeting the entire state of south carolina, and the computer models are saying 12 to 15 inches of rain in south carolina, and that is going to cause a ton of problems. >> okay. you everybody's attention. bill karins, we will talk to you
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soon. and we have ron over in belmar, new jersey, and this is an area that is well known about the power of hurricanes. and governor chris christie is saying that he does not want everybody to panic, but you need to be prepared to evacuate if necessary. >> well, he has declared a state of emerge circumstances and the word here is prepard, and that is the berm here that is the length of the beach, and some huge bull dosers in the background working to extend it further. this is thor a ya devastated by hurricane sandy, and they are taking no chances again. this is what the governor had to say earlier today. >> this time, after what we went through with sandy, we are not only ready for the storm to come, but we are also much more ready for the aftermath than we ever could have been before having gone through it. >> here they are expecting something of a one-two punch, because there is heavy rain and heavy wind s s in the forecast
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today, tomorrow, sunday, and then whatever joaquin brings or doesn't bring may hit this area. so it is a one-two punch, and it is going to be a lot of rain, and 5 to 6 inches or so, and the bottom line is that they are getting prepare and being prepared and seeing what can happen from a huge bad storm. back to you, thomas. >> that is the best they can do, and we will deep you dated as the storms change the forecast models. we shift to this video with which is new of air strikes in syria todayt ta hands of russia. a self-proclaimed syrian akvist told nbc news that he shot this video earlier today, a right now, the defense officials are having high level talks with russia and the goal is to desist the actions. and earlier today, benjamin
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netanyahu spoke to the u.n. >> and we know that enemies fight each other, and don't strengthen either one, but weaken both. >> and meanwhile, serious questions remain who russia is targeting inside of syria, but the u.s. has only confirmed russian air strikes in at least two locations. by contrast, the u.s. launched its own air strike late wednesday despite russia's warning to the steer clear of the syrian air space. the russian minister says they see eye to eye with the u.s.-led coalition, and the targets. >> if it looks like a terrorist, and acts like a terrorist, and walks like a terrorist, then it is a terrorist, right? >> we are covering all of the angles and keir simmons is live in moscow, and courtney kubi a is from the pentagon and we have
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joe flores from capitol hill. and so i want to go to you, kooer, because you had the opportunity to speak to syria's ambassador from russia, and what did you learn from that conversation? >> yes, thomas. first, the russian defense ministry here is saying that there is another wave of air strikes over syria. we haven't gotten many details. we understand that they are saying that they are using more sophisticated aircraft which is a third wave in the day time, and so what you are getting now is a clear picture of a sustained campaign by the russians at the same time by the way reuters is reporting that lebanese source, and we assume that must mean hezbollah sources saying that hundreds of iranian forces are gathering, and that there is a plan to conduct a ground campaign to try to take land back that was taken from president assad's forces be by
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the rebels. and we assume that would be supported by these russian air strikes. and you are right, today, i was at a news conference for the syrian ambassador here in moscow, and what he had to say really sets out the gulf truly between russia's view, and the u.s. view. because he just said, look, as far as we are concerned, and of course, remember, this is the syrian government speaking, and he said as far as we are concerned, they are all terrorist, and there is no lighter shade in it, and they are all extremist, and terrorist, and that may give you a picture of how russia is choosing its targets, and perhaps you might argue less selective than the u.s. and its allies have been, because syria is russia's ally, and as far as syria is concerned, everybody is the enemy. >> keir simmons reporting live in moscow, thank you so much. and we want to move on to courtney kube, and can you add
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to what keir simmons is saying there over what has happened in the last 24 hours? >> well, the u.s. official, and the officials at the pentagon and officials in baghdad cannot confirm the total number or what the targets are, but they are tracking a half a dozen air strikes that the russians have been carrying out in homs, near hama and all along the western side of the nation over where the close to where the russians' military build-up is over to latakia and tardes, but they are not denying the russian reports of the various locations of the attacks. they are kind of isil stronghold or isil location. one defense official that i spoke with this morning said that they are continue ing ing
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target the areas that are operation hell and opposition occupied. there are one or two strikes that could have some isil components there, but they believe the majority if not all of the strikes that the russians are carrying out are gaiagainst opposition forces. this is the consultative conferences today, and it is a videoconference between the u.s. military here in the pentagon and russian military, and russian defense in russia, and it was supposed to have ended, but we have not gotten the actual confirmation that the talks have ended, and this is what they are talking about the deconfliction, and what russia is targeting and where, and we are hoping to get a read out of that. >> and than you, courtney at the pentagon. standby, and we will bring into the conversation is senator bill nelson who sits on the senate arm forces committee.
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and i want to play a clip of what we had this morning on "morning joe" with presidential candidate jeb bush. >> if you are in riyadh and turkey, you say that united states is not a reliable country, but maybe russia is as they are sharing intelligence between iraq and iran and syria, and this is doing a victory dance around president obama, and i just think that he should stand up, and be clear, this is still is the strongest country in the world, and we still have the strongest military, and we are just not acting like it right now. >> and sir, you agree that putin has outmaneuvered president obama when it comes to syria? >> no. i thought that you were going to ask me to try to make sense of what is going on in syria which is of course a very complicated situation. i think that in the short term, i think that putin is getting into it, and we have always got the problems of having a clash with our militaries, and the air forces, and that is a major
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probl problem. in the longer term, putin is trying to protect the two military bases there, and he might just be in the long term someone that when all of the e jihadists start banging up on putin, he may be in a position to have an exit strategy for assad which right now is assad is certainly in his plans to protect putin's military bases. >> we know that the intel is or the conversation and the intel between the russians and the u.s. that it is happening right now. but, in your estimation, senator, if it is proven that russia has targeted trained forces by our cia and they are not strictly going after isis, then is putin bla and thely stand ing
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standing in -- blatantly standing in the way of the white house objection, and would you suggest that we need a proportionate response. >> and your question is if we understood who the rebels are, and there are good rebels, and bad rebels, and some of the bad rebels are al nusra, and so if putin is not targeting isis, and if he is only targeting which we don't have any evidence that he is the free syrian army forces that we have trained and continue to train, then that obviously is a problem. >> and the targets have been determined in coordination through russia with the syrian armed forces, and basically russia is the muscle for the syrian armed forces, and is it a concern to you that we do not have concrete details about whether or not they are taking direct fire at forces that the
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u.s. would support that are opposed to the assad regime? >> it is the second day of the russian strike. this is going to become clear over time, thomas. in the meantime, understand what putin is doing. h he is throwing a head fake to his russian people to try to get their attention off of the fact that they are hurting economically at home. and he is trying to throw a head fake from the fact that he is now trying to get a peace settlement in the ukraine, because that has not gone well for him. so this is going to be more clear over the days, and at the end of the day, he might be keyer for us to get a cease-fire and getting long-time down the road to get assad to the leave. >> democratic senator bill
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nelson, and i appreciate. >> thank you, thomas. >> and the focus today focus on ongoing debates in syria, and we are continuing with the conversation that should russia intervene if he is not targeting isis in syria? so go to the and cast your vote is, and we will look at the results later on. hillary clinton is ready for a campaign stop in massachusetts, and more e-mails are released and more house questions on the benghazi attack. and nouw also, donald trump said that if he is elected president he is going to send back all syrian refugees. and also, today is the day that the new credit cards must have chips in them.
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back on the campaign trail and she is going to be speaking on a for um substance abuse and also on some of the 6,000 e-mails released but it comes on the remarks from likely next speaker of the house kevin mccarthy. and outgoing john boehner released this statement, this is never about hillary clinton and it will never be. this morning my colleague spoke to him about the comments. >> he needs to with draw the statement, and that is not the intention and not what we are doing, and i think that the statement is completely wrong. >> and joining me is the chief correspondent for fox, jonathan the allen, and start with what hillary clinton had to say to my
10:20 am
colleague reverend al sharpton last night when he asked her about what mccarthy had to say, and take a look. >> when i hear a statement like that which demonstrates unequivocally that it was always meant to be a partisan political exercise, i feel like it does a grave disservice, and dishonors not just the memory of the four that we lost, but of everybody who has served our country. >> she makes a valid point there about the loss of life not only just in the benghazi attacks, but ooverall for the american people. does the mccarthy statement vindicate her in a way? >> absolutely. particularly with regard to the benghazi committee, itself. and it does not exonerate her or vindicate her bad decision to yuse the private e-mail with which we know about because of the benghazi committee, but the the committee, itself, long ago gave up any semblance of trying to figure out what happened in
10:21 am
benghazi or how to protect the united states against terror attacks abroad, but it is focused on solely of destroying hillary clinton politically, and continuing to put out bad stories about her, aed a her e-mail, and interviewing people like sid bloomenthal who have no direct knowledge of benghazi, and this has been a circus for a while, and there was an opportunity in terms of them trying to do some work to make the embassies more secure, and to have better decision makings up and down the chain of command, and they chose not to do it. and kevin mccarthy is honest and the only republican to be honest. it is a mistake politically, and hillary clinton and everybody know s ths that the ground shif and you heard the house leader nancy pelosi call for the committee to be disband ed, and it is a huge political mistake on mccarthy's part, but he was being honest. >> and is it a demonstration of
10:22 am
foolish pride or something that he wanted to get out there? >> oh, it is much more the former. if kevin mccarthy had it back, he would never say that again. it was just a moment of him trying to say, look, he wanted to puff himself up, and say, i'm a conservative leadership that put out the committee that is knocking down hillary clinton and conservatives should be happy with me for that and a badge of honor thing, and it is the kind of thing to be said in a private room, but not on the shawn hannity show. >> and it seems that the hbo's "veep" might get some information from there that the secretary called the white house, but she could not get there, and they didn't believe it was her and she had to call back. and yada, yada, yada, and there was some information are from politico that shared back and forth and is this humanizing her? >> well, for some people, it s
10:23 am
and the e-mails certainly have this sort of the basic, you know, pedestrian thing that we all v and it does the answer the eternal question of how many state officials does it take to find an npr station on long island and the answer is four, but that is scary. the e-mail scandal has been bad to her, and to the extent that it is humanizing or shares moments of humor, that is a mitigating factor, but it is obviously not going to outweigh the larger issue for her. thank you, john allen, i appreciate your time and i know that we will talk shortly. >> good to see you. i want to get you up to speed on the breaking news out of foxwood, illinois, into the death of the lieutenant charles
10:24 am
gleinowitz. >> one of the shots entered the side of the vest, and it was enough as the coroner's office said to incapacitate the officer, and a kcomparison made of that of a sledge hammer hitting you in the side. >> it is a big development, and also nine unidentified dna samples were found at the scene. and he was found september 1st after he radioed that he was pursuing three suspicious men. after the death, it sparked a massive manhunt and there have been no arrests or identified any suspect, and they have not ruled out the possibility of a suicide. tweet your small business questions to your biz. watch "your business" sundays at 7:30 a.m. eastern.
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russians hold very high level military talks. we are also awaiting the very latest update on hurricane joaquin, currently pounding the bahamas today while the u.s. and the eastern coastline prepares for the worse. weather channel's mike seidel showed us the virginia beach earlier today. >> look at the surf out. tease are 5 to 6 footers. and with each high tide, you can see how much sand we have lost. there is a big cut here in the beach, and this is the same setup for the next several days, and at least through saturday if not sunday. i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit
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. >> welcome back, everybody. we are 28 minutes away from the latest update from the national hurricane center on joaquin, but the white house is already
10:32 am
talking to the media about it, and this is josh earnest giving the white house press briefing so let's listen in. >> and some of the areas po t potentially affected by hurricane joaquin and to monitor l local radio and television and emergency accounts for emergency information and always, to follow the instructions of the state, local and tribal officials, so it is something that the president has deemed to be closely monitored here, and i anticipate doing that through the weekend and with that, kevin, i will go to the question questions. >> and josh, the president and you have had high praise for the secret service for the work they have done in the last few days, but what is the white house reaction to the reports that the report s th reports that they have widely accessed a committee member's files and are apologies enough in this case? >> well, kevin as you point out the director of the secret service, and director of homeland security both called
10:33 am
chaffetz personally to offer an apology on behalf of the agency. both men, both director clancy and secretary johnson indicated a commitment to holding accountable those who may have improperly handled information. obviously, an agency like the secret service takes soarously the responsibility they have to properly handle sensitive information and the report that was released does raise significant concerns about whether all of the procedures were followed or at least if they were followed properly. so, you know, i think that we, and the president has confidence that the appropriate steps will be taken to hold accountable those who didn't follow the procedures. i would be remiss if i didn't restate something that i mentioned yesterday which is that we did see is a significant
10:34 am
mobilization under the command of the secret service over the last week to professionally and effectively provide security for the visiting dignities to the united states that included president xi who made a high profile visit to the united states and the white house, and obviously, pope francis and as well as more than 100 dignitaries in new york for the united nations general assembly, and the secret service was not just providing for the security of each of those individuals, but particularly when it comes to the pope, there were hundreds of thousands if not millions of americans over to the course of his visit who made an effort to try to see him, and the secret service was responsible not just for his security, but the americans who participated in the events, and so the result of that the visit and the security provided is a testament to the tremendous professionalism, and
10:35 am
co competence of the men and women in the secret service, and when there are mistakes that the are made, the director, and we have seen the drirector do the right thing which is to step up to take responsibility for them, and offer an apology when it is is concerned, and not just representative chaffetz, but there is going to be accountability. >> has the president lost confidence over there to address this? >> no, not at all. and the initial response to this report i think it is a strong indication that there is effect tiff leadership in place at the secret service, and to say nothing of the effective completion of the core mission of the secret service carried out over the last week or so in the midst of many high profile visits. >> the russian foreign minister says that his country and the u.s. coalition see eye to eye on
10:36 am
the targets of their fight in syria, a san diego that accurate an -- and is that accurate and is that how you the president sees it? >> well, as acknowledged in the press conference the release of the military operations of russia despite the claims of isil, they are carrying out military operations where there are few if any isil operations if any, and it calls into doubt those declarations, and the concerns that you have heard us state previously about how if russia is genuinely focused on fighting isil, then they will make the kind of constructive contribution to the 65-member ant anti-isil coalition that the united states is leading. we have put forward a strategy to degrade and ultimately destroy isil, and we are working with 65 other countries to
10:37 am
implement that strategy, ap we would welcome the constructive contribution of russia to that effort. >> and so russia feels differently than josh earnest there, because they have decided to go it a ale loan right now as they have entered a third round of air strikes inside of syria, and as we speak, u.s. defense officials are holding the high level talks with the russian count counterparts and the goals of the conversations to ease the tensions as the air strikes are reported today in syria, and also to make sure that there is not an issue with the american operati operatives in the syrian air space conflicting with the russian mission. michael kay is a former british officer and adviser with the british defense the from the uk, and so let's go over the air strikes and why the locations matter. especially why the targets were determined in coordination with the syrian arm ed forces and russia. >> absolutely, thomas. pick up on the last question from josh that was given to josh
10:38 am
earnest about where the targets were, and you are saying this is day two here, and a pattern set here, and the question to josh earnest is that it appears they are not going after the islamic state, but in other areas where there are other groups such as the al nusra, and other groups that you can see today, it is basically jisr al shughur, and then homs and hama where there was activity yesterday. if you look at the rebel groups, and where they are at the moment. we start at the top of the syrian kurds in the green, they are the northeast of the country, and the red sliver down here interestingly is the islamic state wrapped up in the self-proclaimed capital, and severe fighting heading up to alep e poe. if we look into the area here, in is an am mallmation of rebel
10:39 am
groups from the free syrian army, and al shabaab and all groups fighting here, and a lot of advances made into the last couple of weeks into this region latakia and so you have raqqa which is the self-proclaimed capital and strikes going in nowhere near where the syrian state s and whether it is from russia or the u.s. or assad why is the capital of the islamic state not being targeted from the air at the moment? >> it is a great question, and hopefully we will get some answers because the pentagon producerers and correspondents are waiting for information from the u.s. and the russian military counterparts. thank you. and now we go to francis with the question of the day. >> and should the u.s. intervene
10:40 am
if russia is not targeting isis. and the question is why they are not targeting the capital, and this is how you are voting right now with 14% of you saying yes, and 86% of you saying no. is it is going to be interesting to see how it is swayed when we continue the discussion when it comes to russia as we will see the voting, and more skewing to come up, and vote at, and we will bring you the results later on in the show. thank you, francis. we will talk the again shortly. republican frontrunner donald trump is weighing in on the syrian crisis, and he was greeted by a few thousand people there in new hampshire, and you see the crowds there announcing how he would handle the refugees from that part of the world. >> i am putting the people on notice that are coming here from syria as part of this mass migration that if i win, if i win, they are going back.
10:41 am
they are going back. i am telling you, they are going back. >> all right. so joining me now is the host of msnbc's "up with steve kornacki" and so great to have you here, and this appears to be a change in statement from donald trump who appeared on fox news with this to say. take a look. >> do you object to migrants who are are getting ow of the middle east and north africa? do you object to them coming to the usa? >> i hate the concept of it, but on the humanitarian basis of it, you have to, because it is living in hell in syria, and so you have to have something done. >> and so is this a flip-flop and something trouble or brand on message? >> no, listen, donald trump likes to the say he is not a politician, and that is part of the appeal, but politicians read polls and change the position,
10:42 am
and what has changed since he made that statement on fox news and last night in keene, new hampshire, polling on the subject of should the united states admit 10 million syrian refugees and the poll is overwhelmingly conclusive where they sand. 53% oppose to accepting the refuge refugees, but looking at it, 71% of the republicans are opposed this, and only 24% support it, and of whelming opposition within the republican party, and you could read this as donald trump taking a look at look at the polls saying this is the heart of the republican party, and where he wants to lead and nominate him, and that is the position he is going to have. >> and meanwhile, jeb bush has taken delight in them, and saying in one point that trump needs to put on the big boy pants, but he was on morning joe this morning talking about it, and the difference in approach as president this morning. take a look. >> on one side, donald trump saying that the refugees need to be sent back, and round them up
10:43 am
and send them back. this is not the america that i believe is the one to create peace and security. america's strength matters and so does their values. and both of those are suffering with this president. >> and so he is not reading the same polls that donald trump is reading so how does this affect him as a person who needs to bon the rise before the msnbc debate on october 28th? >> well, you any of the comment that jeb bush made before this campaign began and he said that he wanted to have a campaign to lose the primary in order to win the general election, and go against the base to show some independence and maturity of the judgment to impress the voters in the fall going against your own party, but a lot of shades in the debate of immigration, and you are listening to donald trump playing with the refugees, and he says that sim practicak t practical to round them up and
10:44 am
that is not what the leader is going to do. and that is the same debate as immigration where jeb bush is saying, 12 or 13 million immigrants in the country, and you are not going to just round them up and ship them out, because it is not practical. and again, on immigration, the base is siding with trump, and hard for bush to be selling that nuance. >> steve kornacki, thank you very muchm and you can watch steve on "up with steve kornacki" on msnbc. >> and straight ahead, the se secret service is apologizing to a prominent critic and why to dday is the day that we all have to chip in with our credit cards at the store? you have probably noticed this you have new cards in the mail. yes, shou should start using them. new bayer pro ultra omega-3 has two times the concentration of epa and dha as the leading omega-3 supplement. new bayer pro ultra omega-3.
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they are the natural born enemy of the way things are. yes, ideas are scary, and messy and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful. . so we have breaking news out of washington where our nbc news justice correspondent pete williams has come out of a
10:48 am
meeting with director pete comey, and what do you have? >> well, apologies for the umbrella, but this is the first public comments about the investigation of the clinton private e-mails, and he told us that he would tell us what he told private meeting of the senate intelligence committee, and pens at the ready, this is what he said, i am personally following it closely, and i am confident that we have the resources and personnel to investigate this in a professional and prompt professional way. end of state. he declined to say what they are investigating other than wa what was said publicly other than the matter was referred to the justice department to see if classified information was improperly handled, and he declined to say more about this, and when they would announce the end of the investigation when it would happen, or how long it
10:49 am
would take. but he has said that the rate of increase has slowed down in the number of americans trying to travel overseas to join the terror group, and he says that he is not sure why, but maybe in the fact that there is a number of convictions and prison sentences for people 12 to 20 years for people who try to do that and also the word is getting out that when people get to syria or the caliphate to join isis, it is not in his word exactly paradise. and the trend seems to be that more people in the 20s and more women are trying to make the trip, but he did not say that the rate of increase is slowing down. and finally, he said that he is worried about the increase of this is a domestic matter now, away from isis, and the increase of violent crime, and especially the murder rate around the country. he said that his talks with the police chiefs, there seems to be no common factor involved, and that it is going up in large
10:50 am
cities, and small cities in the northeast and the west and the south and the midwest, and all over to the country, and cities large and small, and rural and urban, and he says that it is hard to know why it is happening. maybe he said it is a ferguson effect, and maybe the police police officers afraid to get out of their cars. maybe there are other factors, but he said it's certainly something he's keeping an eye on and is very worried. >> the umbrella worked out just fine. i appreciate it. when we come back, what you need to know about those new credit cards you're probably getting in the mail. why they look different on the front. there are chips now embedded in these credit cards. the question remains whether store owners are ready for this new technology. good. very good. you see something moving off the shelves and your first thought is to investigate the company. you are type e*. shorten the distance between intuition and action. e*trade. it takes a lot of work... but i really love it.s. i'm on the move all day long...
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10:53 am
. open for business and ready to serve pot smoking shoppers. yes. as of this morning, anyone over the age of 21 in oregon could legally buy marijuana. more than 250 dispensaries plan to open up today.
10:54 am
and it's been legal to possess pot in that state since the summer but there was no legal way to buy it until now. oregon joins three other states that have legalized recreational pot. i want to go to my colleague about a consumer story we all need to hear about. >> all about dipping your credit card, no more swiping. any retail store in america today you are supposed to notice a big change in checkout. today is deadline day on those new credit cards that many of us have gotten in the mail. the new cards aimed at preventing fraud call for new card readers and this morning every retailer in the nation was expected to have one but not every shop met its deadline, though, and not every purchase may have gone smoothly. courtney reagan is following this from edgewater, new jersey. we need to remember to chip the dip now. some hurdles along the way. >> that's right, francis. how are you today? so we are here in a target in engwater, new jersey. and target, like many large
10:55 am
national retailers, are ready today to meet that deadline for the chip and signature systems. so what you would do with your card, once you have the chip, if you received one of these cards but only 20% of them have actually been replaced, is instead of swiping, you dip it into the machine and you leave it there while the transaction is processing. then you'll sign win prompted, once the transaction's done, you'll take it out. just like that. that's as simple as it is. now, in some cases, you may also be asked for a p.i.n. number. but that's probably going to be a more rare circumstance right now because most of these cards are just chip and signature cards. so for big retailers like i mentioned, target, walmart, home depot, that could be the case when you shop and you check out today. but many merchants, especially the small ones, doctors' offices, your dry cleaners, even taxicabs still have the swipe machines. and you also may not have a card
10:56 am
that has a chip in it. if either one of those is the case, you are still going to be swiping. those are important differences that you're going to want to remember. what you should also know is that your credit card still remains the safest way for you to make a transaction. this will help prevent some kinds of fraud. it's called card present fraud. that's what this new technology and these new systems will help prevent. what you also need to know, again, you are protected. it's just from the retailer's side now instead of the banks. >> courtney reagan, thank you very much. so i'm one of those people that i don't have the new ones just yet. need to make sure that we switch that over. >> but i like the tutorial we just got. we've now got it figured out for when they do show up. we have much more on top stories coming up at the top of the hour, which includes the monster storm churning through the atlantic right now. hurricane joaquin. then we'll update you on the talks about the u.s. and russia
10:57 am
on the issue of syria and the air strikes that russia has now entered into a third wave in that country. and they want to make sure that there isn't a conflict of interest here. what will the results of that conversation be? a live froreport from the penta. it's time for the your business entrepreneur of the week. bill schaeffer saw opportunity in the midst of california's record breaking drought. using a trick that golf courses have known about for years his bay area company brown lawn green using an organic grass colorant to make a dry dormant launch look lush, healthy and green with minimal watering. we thought we'd be ready. but demand for our cocktail bitters was huge. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding. fast. our amex helped us fill the orders.
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well, uh, well there's this one. best insurance mobile app? yeah, two years in a row. well i'll be... does that thing just follow you around? like a little puppy! the award-winning geico app. download it today. good afternoon, everybody. i'm thomas roberts. we're watching breaking news at this hour. hurricane joaquin strengthening over the atlantic. it may be heading for the east coast. the effects of the 120 mile-an-hour winds are already being felt across the bahamas. the east coast bracing for the storm. the national hurricane center just issuing their latest update. brian williams has been covering this story. what a difference 24 hours has made with joaquin. >> that's right. we have two separate stories here really. we have joaquin and whatever it decides to do and, regardless of what it does, we have an east coast weather event affecting some huge population centers
11:01 am
that is really going to rile up the atlantic ocean. al roker tracking it all for us in the weather center here in new york. al? >> hey, brian, thank you so much. so we've got, of course, joaquin. we're going to get to that in a moment. but even more pressing right now is the flooding that's going to go on in the southeast. we've got what we call a rex block, a blocking pattern. you've got high pressure up over canada and that clockwise flow around that. then to the south, as you get down into the southeast, we've got an intense low pressure system counterclockwise. the difference between the two is our pressure gradient. not only does it bring in a lot of moisture, in fact, moisture availability from joaquin, it blocks systems from their normal progression west to east. so instead of moving through in a day or so, it just sits there and it dumps heavy rain. days and days of rain. look at some of this. we've got a flood threat that will last through the weekend,
11:02 am
anywhere from 5 to 10 inches of rain from charleston, charlotte, wilmington, roanoke. we've already been dumped on as far as a lot of rain. with this falling there's nowhere for it to go so we're looking at flooding. then we've got joaquin, a category 4 storm, 130-mile-per-hour winds. we have three models we look at. the european model, the american model and the national hurricane center model. so 8:00 a.m. sunday the american model and the national hurricane center model close. euro brings it out into the atlantic. we get into early monday morning. the european model still out into the atlantic. the united states model out a little further east. the national hurricane center still close to the coast. and tuesday morning, 8:00 a.m., look it is just south of long island, the american model out into the canadian maritimes. the european model stays out to the west -- to the east, i should say. this is our timeline.
11:03 am
friday we expect to see more rain, category 4 storm, increasing rain and dangerous surf. then as we move on into saturday, we're looking for the rain to increase. beach erosion from cape cod all the way to myrtle beach. look for coastal beach flooding. sunday morning we're going to see the rain really come down. again, anywhere from 7 to 15 inches of rain around the carolinas. coastal wind gusts of 55 miles per hour. heavy surf along the coast. we move into sunday evening. hurricane center puts it still off shore as a category 2 storm. strong winds from maine to the carolinas. dangerous surfs, rib currents are going to be a big problem. then as we move into monday, the nhc keeps it off the new jersey coastline. again more problems. the rain ends for the mid-atlantic in the southeast but heavy surf, the northeast and on into new england. so we continue to track this system. the one that we were worried about, of course, that rex
11:04 am
block, that's the immediate threat, brian. we'll be looking at heavy rain, a lot of flooding down there, then depending on the track of joaquin that's when we have to worry about the east coast. >> al roker, thanks. it will be a rough couple of days for millions of people and let's not forget transportation across this country. let's go to a place where they are used to big storms but this much precip heavy wind and heavy surf may verge on the ridiculous. gape gutierrez is in killdevil hills on the outer banks of north carolina. gabe? >> hey there, brian, good afternoon. as you mentioned this is an area that's used to big storms, that's used to heavy rain, but they might not be ready for something quite like this. so they are preparing. officials here in the outer banks are expecting 4 to 7 inches through saturday. other parts in north carolina as al mentioned are expecting much more. throughout the day today, you can see the surf is beginning to pick up. we've been able to feel some of
11:05 am
the rain earlier and some of the wind has tapered off, but it will start again in a few hours. in parts of south carolina saw 5 or more inches of rain. one person killed in the flash flooding. governors up and down the east coast have been warning residents to take precautions, to be careful. we just heard from north carolina's governor just a short time ago. >> i cannot stress enough that we are talking about the real possibility of deadly flooding in many areas around our state. this is not just possible hurricane related flooding. this could be a one-two punch that promises to bring a lot of rain. >> yeah, and what north carolina's governor has been saying, what many local officials have been saying here, brian. as al mentioned, this is not just about joaquin. this is a huge rain event even if joaquin were to take a turn east and not hit the coast.
11:06 am
people here are bracing for it even in an area that, as you mentioned is used to rain and has seen storms before. >> gabe gutierrez, killdevil hills, north carolina. up the coast we go. a place that was so torn up during hurricane sandy. what became superstorm sandy. bellmar, new jersey. ron allen is there. we're wiping off the lens so we can see him. and behind ron a new temporary sand dune just put into place with front-end loaders for just this weather event. hey, ron. >> reporter: hey, brian, yeah, they've been working on this for two days now at least. it goes, the berm, as far as the eye can see in this direction and then as far as the eye can see in that direction before long. it's about 10 to 12 feet tall. it may not look that big but it's a huge wall of sand, but they're hoping that would stop any storm surge that comes in here. when sandy hit, the water rushed across this beach, across this
11:07 am
boardwalk and some five or six blocks into town causing a lot of destruction along the way. so people know what can happen. and they're taking this very seriously. the governor here, chris christie has declared a state of emergency in certain counties down here in the south. just as elsewhere along the east coast, there's a one-two punch that can happen here. when the rain comes and heavy tonight, tomorrow night before the hurricane comes or doesn't come. and just in the hour or so that we've been standing out here, the rain has been picking up, the rain has been on and off. people have seen what sandy can do and they don't want to see that happen again. the word has been "preparedness." there's a lake in the distance that they've drained down or they're in the process of draining it down so the lake can gather up water like a big drain. that's happening up and down the coast as well. something that didn't happen when sandy was on its way. the last thing we want to show you again is this boardwalk. it's a beautiful new boardwalk and it goes up and down the
11:08 am
coast here for many miles. and this boardwalk, too, was blown apart blocks into town when sandy hit. and now it's reinforced by pillars that go some 25 feet down into the ground and they're wrapped by something called hurricane wrap, steel that wraps the whole thing up. they're serious here. they've spent a lot of money, they got a lot of money from the federal government. you can't see the bulldozers, but we've shown you them earlier. the bulldozers come from that military surplus program that we heard so much about during the protests, the places where certain police departments were buying military grade equipment. here they bought those front-end loaders and bulldozers that they're using here on the beach the be prepared. >> they are enormous and they can work right through the saltwater and push this sand up out of the atlantic on to the beach. ron allen in bellmar, new jersey where they've come such a long way since the damage from sandy.
11:09 am
and they're hoping for the very best. thomas roberts, we'll make everyone a weather expert before this is over. we can't say this enough. there's hurricane joaquin and whatever it plans to do. then as al roker showed us, it's like the wheels on a pitching machine. this other system that will be a horrendous event for the east coast of the united states. >> i have to admit as i try to get up to speed on what a rex block is. i know we've covered hurricanes so much it's not really a term i'm familiar with. >> i learned that one myself just a few hours ago. so you're not behind the curve. >> typically this happens in the spring or on the west coast. we'll see how this all interacts with joaquin. so now we move on to the russian air strikes in syria. we want to show you this, new video obtained by nbc news and comes from a self-described activist and shows what he says is a russian air strike in the northwest area of the country. u.s. and russian military
11:10 am
officials met late this morning to discuss russian actions. dozens of attacks have occurred over the last two days. russia says it's hitting terrorists. however, the pentagon says there's no indication it is hitting isis, the most powerful terror group in the region. today the white house was asked about these talks and press secretary josh earnest just commented on russia's targets in the area. >> the acting assistant secretary of defense underscored the importance of focusing our efforts on our shared objective, which is degrading, ultimately destroying isil. and she pointed out that the russian military operations that we've seen so far raise some concerns because russia is targeting areas there are few, if any, isil forces operating. >> so senator jack reed of rhode island joins us now. he's the ranking democrat on the armed services committee. sir, it's good to have you with
11:11 am
us. >> thank you, thomas. >> there was some confusion in the news conference where josh earnest says russia's targets were indiscriminate. reporters kept pushing that that may be not exactly just that. they have admit the fact that the syrian armed forces were giving information to coordinate these targets to russia. how much longer do we need to wait until we know exactly the proper intelligence about what was really hit? >> well, we're developing that right as we speak. and we'll have a much better picture in a very short period of time. the russians have multiple motives, but it seems their principal motive is to stabilize the assad regime. not surprised that they would direct attacks against the elements they think are opponents of the assad regime and not directly attack isil immediately. >> so when it comes to the interests of the u.s., we know
11:12 am
at the u.n. speech it was vladimir putin who said we need to support the syrian government and there is the shared interest of getting rid of isis, but the u.s. says that bashar al assad has to go. so with these interests at such a stark conflict and both sides not being able to politically compromise on that, what are the choices in front of president obama right now? and then specifically for you and your colleagues? >> well, first to ensure there's no unintended conflict between the united states and coalition forces. we're not alone in syria. and russian forces. that's number one. second is to make it very clear that if russia is going to participate, it has to be in our concerted effort with the international coalition against isis. and we've made it very clear, not just the united states but the world community that assad must go. the key is a political solution where he will lead.
11:13 am
i don't think that's going to happen overnight, but i also think that if the russians continue to operate in syria, they'll continue or begin to get pushback. they're not going to be tolerated by the local forces on the ground. those people who are attacking assad, if they feel the russians are assisting him, will attack the russians also. this is a very complicated and at this point a very confused situation. we have to maintain our commitment to eliminating assad, doing that ultimately through political means and trying to focus attention on isil and hopefully the russians will cooperate. >> what's our commitment to the opposition groups that are trying to take out assad, and if it is proven that these russian forces were used in a way to destabilize these opposition groups, is there a proportionate response that the u.s. can have against russia? >> we have a complicated
11:14 am
relationship with the opposition groups. some have been trained and supported by us, but many of them are offshoots of al nusra and other groups that are jihadists and do not share the same objective we have in terms of the stable, moderate syrian government in the future. so it's a very complicated and confused. as far as to russia, i think that is a step by step process. you know, we have -- and again, we can't do it alone. we have to do it with our international partners. but if the russians are disruptive of a process to ease or immediately if we could, get rid of assad, then i think internationally we should think of sanctions, other actions that we can take against the russians. >> so when it comes to sanctions, do you think there's an issue with the fact that russia is involved in now two different types the of military operations, one with the annexation of crimea and now involved in syria, this is
11:15 am
something that they're footing the bill for. do you think that sanctions are the right way to go and make them feel it so that vladimir putin conditions he's bitten off more than he can chew? >> i think the sanctions are important and particularly because they're multilateral, they're not just unilateral. and in addition to that, frankly, the depressed price of oil versus a few years ago has a huge impact on the russian economy. these economic realities are going to eventually factor into the russian's decision. one of the factors that has brought the russians into syria is they have a presence there for many decades. they have a base on the mediterranean, they have long ties to the assad family, both the father and then the son. they're there in many respects not because of current opportunity but because of history. again, i hope that not just the united states but the world
11:16 am
community can convince them that the way to end this and focus on the terrorists is to ease the assad regime out as quickly as possible, then focus all of our attention on these terrorist groups. >> thank you, sir, democratic senator jack reed of rhode island. thanks for your time. we'll have the very latest happening out on the campaign trail. specifically what the democrats have to say about hillary clinton, the 2016 race. the latest in her e-mail controversy. then the question of joe biden. what's going to happen if he's going to skip the first debate but then throw his hat into the ring? then jeb bush takes to morning tv to assure voters he's the man for the big job despite his poll numbers dropping to single digits. and the fallout continues around kevin mccarthy's transfers controversial comments. heart health's impor. you may... take an omega-3 supplement... ...but it's the ingredients inside that really matter
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11:20 am
welcome back, everybody. we have some breaking news to report. this of an active shooting situation at a community college. brian williams has more for us. >> indeed, thomas, this is turning into a busy day and for all the wrong reasons. this is a community college in roseburg, oregon. it is early yet. caution and experience tell us that early reports can be wrong. and indeed reports of people shot, how many people have been shot are all over the place. to get the very latest and try to pin some of this down, we're joined on the phone by douglas county commissioner chris boyce. mr. boyce, can you hear me and what can you tell us about this community college, first of all,
11:21 am
and what you know about this situation. >> i can hear you. we live in a real small rural community on the i-5 corridor. just a small town environment. and we got a community college out here. and we have, obviously, reports of an active shoot er. i'm currently in the dispatch center for our 911 center. there was an active shooter on campus. we know of one female shot in the chest, 15 to 20 other injuries and we heard that the shooter's down and in custody. beyond that i really have no other details. >> i won't press you on other details. can you talk about approximately the size of the student body, how big an area this serves? as we know, these community colleges are regional and can take in students from all over. >> yeah, we have a community of 21,000 people in roseburg proper but we serve an area of about
11:22 am
100,000 people. and i have no idea what the student body size is of the college, but i'm guessing, you know, maybe a thousand or 1500 students. and that's purely a guess. i just don't know. >> well, commissioner, clearly you're at the heart of this. and we won't press you for more details, as i said, out of a preponderance of caution, but we'll hope for the very best and we'll indeed hope that the shooter has been isolated and reports are true that the shooter is down in this case. douglas county commissioner chris boice, a reminder, this is in central oregon. roseburg is the name of the town. and that is all we know, thomas, is, sadly, there has been another mass shooting in this country, it appears. and we know of the one young woman hit in the chest and reports of other injuries. we'll stay on that and let you know when we know more for sure. >> i'm just looking this up now,
11:23 am
to get a geographic look at this as we are learning it is along i-5 there in central oregon. and a lot of different tweets as we often do go right to social media to find out any little nugget of information about that campus community or whether or not we've been able to clarify, as we heard there from that man you had on the telephone, about the shooter being down. i'm culling through some of these and not seeing much information about this except for the fact that the injured might be in the area of what was told to you between 15 to 20, right? brian, that's what they had said, between 15 to 20 might be injured? >> yeah. i saw that on social media. and you know, it's the early kind of fog of war reporting that can happen in this and we have to pray that these early numbers are untrue. we're joined by nbc news law
11:24 am
enforcement analyst jim cavanaugh also by telephone. jim, what can you add to this? >> well, brian, i think it's just the thing that people need to keep positive know that when people are shot doesn't necessarily mean it's going to be a fatality. a school that has rescue, paramedics and fire departments close by, there can be a whole lot of good medicine applied early. it's not of the battlefields. it's not out in a remote area. everybody needs to keep positive on that. if police can stop the shooter or the school administrators can stop the shooter and the paramedics can get in there, just the fact that somebody's shot, they're speaking they're awake, paramedics are there, there's a good chance they could be rescued. >> couldn't agree more. that's why we've got to report only the numbers we know and so far from the county commissioner, one female shot in the chest, a number injured and
11:25 am
one suspect apparently, apparently down. so thomas, clearly this is going to be a developing situation out in the state of oregon. >> yeah, we have that confirmation, as you said, from the douglas county sheriff's official. we'll wait to see what more we can get the information as we look over certain areas here on the internet are providing different things. but the only confirmation is you spoke to someone who said that the shooter was down. we'll wait to get more confirmation on that. but this happening in the central area of oregon. as we heard there. in roseburg along i-5 right there. but we'll keep everybody up to speed as we get new information here. this happening in mid to late morning there in oregon. then the first reports coming out. and we were just on the phone with one of the county commissioners again for douglas county who was able to give us information about one female who was shot in the chest and then
11:26 am
the broader picture of some other injuries on campus which might be up to 20 other people that were injured in this. now, according to the douglas county commissioner, they said that the shooter was down. we'll wait to get a second confirmation on that, but this was from the source that was right there who said that they were taking in active 911 calls, but again this shooting happened earlier this morning in oregon and we will get more information as soon as we have it, as soon as we can confirm more of it we'll get it on the air right here for you. but again, this is something that we continue to wait and see. and brian, i don't know if you've gotten some new information. again, i'm just going over and over these different social media sites to see if there's something that we can add to to move this forward, especially when it comes to the shooter being down for sure. >> you yeah, i'm doing the same thing. i don't think any of this passes for official word.
11:27 am
i think we're just going to have to wait until we get a briefing. >> so hopefully we'll get something more for everybody out there. if you're just joining us, we've had this breaking news situation in oregon where, on a local community college campus, there has been a shooting. this in the town of roseburg. as we heard from the douglas county commissioner. this is right in central oregon along the i-5 corridor. it would have been in the morning hours of the campus opening that they had the shooter and there are reports that there are 15 to 20 injured, one female was shot in the chest. but we're hearing directly from that official there that the shooter is down. he was working in the active 911 call center. and was one of the people taking in calls as this was an active situation. again, he's being our one and only source for the moment, but we'll continue to get more information on this. as i said, i was looking over
11:28 am
social media. it doesn't seem to have much more about confirmation in terms of anyone that was injured or targeted by the shooter that turned up on this campus, but we're going to continue to keep our eyes and ears out listening for more information about what happened this morning at that community college in oregon. okay. so shawn henry is on the phone with us, former fbi agent. can you hear me? >> i can. >> from what you understand -- and the information that we have so far is that the shooter is down, but it seems as if, according to the one source, that he was able to create quite a scene this morning on this college campus. >> i think one thing law enforcement is going to be doing in responding to that scene is ensuring that, in fact, if they
11:29 am
have the shooter in custody, that there is nobody else that may be involved with him, any other co-conspirators. one of the issues that law enforcement is critically important obviously is ensuring the safety of the students and the faculty that are there. they do that by making sure they've eliminated the threat. having somebody in custody is a good step, of course, but they've got to make a full determination that there's nobody else there. then you've got to look at what the motivation is, which will also help you determine if there are some other co-conspirators that might have been involved in this. >> as we know right now, we don't have any information about that. we only have the one confirmation about one active shooter that showed up on that campus this morning. sean, you're the former -- and i just want the make sure i have this correctly. former assistant director to the fbi, is that correct? >> that's correct. >> you were explaining when these types of calls come in, the biggest area of concern,
11:30 am
obviously, is to cordon off where the shooter is -- is first, but then also having to go through the campus pretty methodically to make sure they're working by themselves. >> that's right. the first step is eliminating the threat. you want to stop any additional harm, ensure that the citizens, the community is safe. and officers will do that by doing a building by building search, even room by room. if they believe they have the sole shooter, they'll still go through. they'll be looking for other victims, looking for other people that may be hiding. there's got to be this methodical building by building search throughout the entire campus. secondly they'll be looking for the motive. is this a disgruntled employee, a student who had problems on campus, is it potentially tied to some terrorist attack?
11:31 am
unfortunately, we've seen so many of these occur in the last few years and law enforcement has really worked very hard to develop specific protocols to respond and they've done a lot of training and they're going to kick that training into action today. >> sean henry, we'll ask you to stand by. i'll kick it over to brian williams right now. you have new information about injuries. >> yeah, still early on. we're getting a confirmed report of at least one fatality. this is information coming into our control room. it appears that, you know, the student body has been warned either through the reverse 911 system or a kind of social media blast telling people who aren't on campus to stay away from campus while the campus is on lockdown. remember, community college differs from other higher learning institutes and that is that there's no one living in a dorm situation. they are mostly all commuter
11:32 am
campuses. several injuries. that's all we're comfortable saying. and other than kind of intertishl reports on social media, people saying shooter on campus, that is it. a second report, however, that the gunman in the instance, the shooter, has been either suppre suppressed, surrounded, detained or killed. it appears that the shooter has been neutralized. >> this is happening on the college campus of the community college umpqua. i think i'm saying that correctly. umpqua along the i-5 corridor in roseburg, oregon. i'm trying to jump on the website to learn more about the college campus, unfortunately there's an error that won't allow me to get on there with my server. if there are other people trying to do the same thing or if i'm
11:33 am
running into headwinds of another sort. we do believe that the shooter has been detained. it is not an active shooting situation right now. there have been reports that there could be more than one person killed in this and multiple injuries. as we've heard there are multiple patients. they've evacuated the immediate area right now. again, this taking place in the early morning hours of the college campus getting fired up for a thursday, classes taking effect there in roseburg, oregon. brian, this is something that's very fluid right now as we're trying to be very specific about whether to be plural about the fatalities. >> we do have one who may be able to shed more light on this. ray shoffler from the douglas
11:34 am
county defense department. what can you tell us about this shooting? >> we were dispatched to the umpqua community college campus on report of a shooter. the shooter has been neutralized. we have multiple patients deceased and multiple that were transported. we do not have a count on either as of yet. douglas county major crimes unit is on scene. the campus has been evacuated. we've been in evacuation of i believe a mile and a half radius of the campus. >> however away is the nearest local hospital or trauma center? >> we have emergency medical center which is probably seven
11:35 am
miles away. >> our station locally is reporting seven to ten deceased. is that within the realm of possibility based on what you've seen there? >> that is correct. >> all right. what a tragic situation unfolding. is this -- can you tell us about the area, your area of jurisdiction, describe it for viewers who may not be familiar with the pacific northwest? >> roseburg is a relatively small city, approximately 20,000. there is also a rural population that lives around the city. ucc, which is umpqua community college is a city located just north of the city of roseburg.
11:36 am
i think lost you for a minute there. there you are. >> what can you tell us about the gunman. have you physically seen him? do you have anything reportable about him? >> i don't have any information as to if he is a student or not. he is -- he is down. that's all i can confirm at this moment. >> i'm presuming campus has been taken over by law enforcement, first responders and it's a flurry of activity there? >> it's fairly chaotic, yes. >> a fire department role is just to kind of help with evacuation and ems role, i'm guessing? >> our fire department also has als ambulance service. so our fire department works
11:37 am
hand in hand with our paramedic ambulance units to care for patients, transport patients, et cetera. >> ray shoufler of the douglas county fire department reporting from on campus and sadly confirming, best information we have, our local station there reporting upwards of 7 to 10 fatalities and a gunman who has been neutralized, thankfully. we don't know more about his status. obviously, the portrait emerging is one of bedlam on this community college campus with a lot of first responders doing what they do. our veteran former fbi profiler cliff van zant is with us once again. clint, what do you make of the first reports we're hearing. >> brian, unfortunately, i'm
11:38 am
seeing confirmed reports from the state police in that area suggest i suggesting even higher numbers of killed and wounded. i think msnbc, nbc has always been wise to wait and get confirmation. yet these numbers are allegedly confirmed by the state police. realize that this college has 3300 full-time students and about 16,000 part-time students that could or could not find reason to be on and off campus, realizing they, like most schools, would have a program where one can do it via commuter -- by a computer. as your last guest indicated, reports are that the single shooter, and we don't know of more than one, that a single shooter is, quote, unquote, down. you and i and most of the
11:39 am
audience would indicate that the shooter has been shot either by himself or authorities or is somehow in custody. that suts that the immediate shooting emergency is over with, but with numbers potentially in double digits, brian, both for killed and injured, it sounds like a tremendous mass casualty incident that we just don't know if that community is prepared to dole with something like this. i'm sure they have mass casualty exercises, but exercise is one thing. you're a former firefighter, i know. and when you have to go into situations and it's not blown up bodies but it's real bodies, it's an entirely different world you're dealing with. and the men and women of first response in that area i'm sure are seeing something they've never seen in their careers to this point.
11:40 am
>> clint, you're absolutely right. often, especially with young first responders often in a rural area, they have just not had cause to deal with casualties of any kind yet. you get traffic accidents, you get heart attacks, but certainly you can go your entire career without seeing or treating a gunshot wound. your heart goes out to police and fire, partial iks, ems responding to this, to say nothing that these are neighbors, friends and members of the local community whose only offense was signing up for a course ol the local community college. you're also right about something else. i think the nation's community colleges if all the numbers bear out, part-time students, that's really the nature of the institution. it's the front lines in higher education. the president has talked about how he believes that tuition ought to be free.
11:41 am
it's for so many millions of people the only option geographically. and so commuter campuses schedule, that is, are better able to match the live of their clients, of their students. and this is what happens. and here we are covering another mass casualty event in this country. >> well, it takes us back, brian. i know you and i were on the virginia tech campus together at the time of that terrible shooting. every time one of these take place, all of us hope this is the last time. we hope we've learned a lesson. we hope we won't see that again. yet what we know, too, unfortunately, from a psychological standpoint is there are those who sit on the edge of the abyss. they model themselves after terrible behavior. and when they're looking for ways sometimes for conflict resolution, anger management,
11:42 am
they turn to the gun instead of the voice. and for this many people to potentially be killed or wounded, it again suggests a potential virginia tech type of shooter who came not just with one weapon and one magazine but perhaps multiple weapons or multiple magazines. in essence, somebody f it's just one individual, who came fully prepared to create this horrible havoc, this mass casualty situati situation. and at the end of the day we'll be shaking our heads, wringing our hands, talking about reducing the number of rounds in a magazine, but until one more time work with people and help them realize there are means of conflict resolution other than the gun, you will be covering these and i will be talking about them until cable television eventually goes off
11:43 am
the air like everything else. >> that's right. and that's the merging of the gun conversation with the mental health conversation in this country. clint, the website of this community college is down, as we heard from thomas, and it has been down. the average student age is just under 38 years old. so this would match the pattern of so many other community colleges. that's a lot of adults going back to better themselves, going back for an associates degree, a lot of nursing degrees there. a lot of degrees in the arts. so a very, very typical looking student body total 13,000 head count. and that's full and part time, just about 3,000 of those are considered full-time students. but again serve iing douglas coy
11:44 am
and the surrounding community. central oregon. it's along the interstate 5 corridor. we're working on getting the local signal of our nbc station covering this story as a live local breaking story, as that is often the best source of information this soon after a mass casualty event. it will be some time before they have cameras and assets there. and i assume that helicopters are being yused both for the news media and to ferry casualties out of there. as we heard, there is a trauma center not far away. that is good news. and what we do know is the firefighter we talked to is part of a paid local fire department ems. he is, i'm told, ray shoufler is still on the line with us.
11:45 am
any change on the scene, any new information you've been able to get since we last talked? >> we did find there were two more wounded and they're being transported presently. the campus is -- law enforcement is finishing up evacuating the campus. the campus is fairly spread out. it's not like it's one or two large buildings. there's -- i believe there's 18 buildings total on campus. so the actual population is fairly spread out throughout the campus. so it takes a while to get into each building and evacuate it. i do not have a tally yet on deceased and wounded. i do not have a total number. >> ray, are these patients you believe going to mercy medical center? >> they would go to mercy first to be evaluated and then mercy would make a determination if
11:46 am
they needed to go on to a higher level trauma hospital. >> yeah, a spokeswoman for mercy said they are in trauma status there obviously receiving a lot of patients from this. and the entire campus is on lockdown. i imagine the only people you can see moving in and out are first responders. >> small amount of first responders left. large force of law enforcement, multiple law enforcement agenci agencies, state police, douglas county sheriff, roseburg police, et cetera. some of the outlying classrooms on the campus are being evacuated now. the road looks extremely congested based on chaos, people not knowing how to get in, how to get out, et cetera.
11:47 am
>> ray, what's your job, what's your rank with the fire department? and are you posted just outside or are you in a vehicle on the grounds? >> i am the fire marshal and public information officer for douglas county and i'm actually at the scene. >> okay. all right. well, i wish we had again its location and the media centers where journalists are trying to get there and responding, it might be a while before we can get any reliable live coverage from this campus. getting close to writ happhere happened is another challenge entirely. to recap, umpqua community college in central oregon has been the scene apparently of a mass shooting today. and the figures on dead and wounded, some of them vary
11:48 am
wildly. our station there is reporting 7 to 10 den as you see at the bottom of the veen. the gunman has been neutralized, we don't know tackled, dead or wounded. but the shooting itself is apparently over. and a lot of victims have been taken to the local mercy medical center for evaluation. the most severely injured moved on to another trauma center from there. clint van zandt, formerly of the fbi remains with us. and clint, as you referenced, we've simply seen too much of this. >> yeah, we have. and, you know, the loss of life is just staggering, whether it's one person wounded or we're told
11:49 am
at this point multiple dead and wounded. and we'll go through this self-examination in the news tonight and tomorrow as you rightfully suggest, brian, people will line up on at least two different sides on gun control and on mental health and we'll suggest ways that we should and could change this. from the mental health, what we know brian especially as a former fbi profiler, we know these things just don't happen. that people just don't snap. whether this is a student or a worker, we don't know. so i'm not even going to speculate on that. people don't snap. there are always preincident indicators. we ignore them or we don't see them. we don't understand what they mean. if we can continue to educate our population as to how to
11:50 am
identify a person who is in a state of crisis, who may present a problem to himself or to others, those are the things we don't, you know, we don't necessarily reach out, identify and deal with. we have hundreds of pages of investigation that will come about based on this situation and we'll find out who the shooter or the shooters were. and we'll look at their social media. and you know, we'll say, oh, look into social media. they said things. they made threats. if someone would have read that in depth, we would have known. but our challenge is that we don't have 100% litmus test that we can give somebody that say that you are going to be the mass shooter of tomorrow. let us put a psychological band-aid on you today. or let us take your guns away today. until the community finds the balance of dealing with weapons in america and realize 320
11:51 am
americans we've got over 300 million guns, so the guns are going to be there. we have to find a way to balance people owning and possessing firearms and mental health challenges that they have are we're going to keep repeating this. our main concern, of course, is the injured, the wounded, the dead, their families, the community, all of those things we're concerned with, but this could be anywhere usa. as you indicate, brian, we've got 3300 full-time students. that's community colleges all over this country. and quote, unquote, these are supposed to be gun-free zones where people can go and educate themselves to better their lives not to lose their lives. and still, as a nation, we have not found out the way the deal with that. and we still deal with mass shootings where, just like ted bundy is a serial killer, and that's a number that many serial
11:52 am
killers would try to get above, we find mass shooters look at shootings today, they look at how many people were killed and injured in the last one and many times they see that as a barricade and as a number that they have to get over. and these are national challenges that there are no easy answers. and to pass a gun law or to pass a simple mental health law until we combine all these elements of the community we're going to be shaking our heads and wringing our hands or we'll be burying more americans just like this. >> clint van zandt, an fbi veteran and a veteran of the news media of observing just too many of these over the last few years. if ray shoufler, the fire marshal, is still on the line with us, we've had conflicting reports of which of the 18 or so
11:53 am
buildings this took place in. do you have any better information on that? ray shoufler, are you still on the line with us? we apologize. we apparently have lost him. the community college you've been looking at from the air has kind of a u-shaped drive around the perimeter with a couple of grass hubs, courtyards. and you also saw, while clint was speaking, some of the first still pictures that are coming in to us via kgw television in portland, oregon. they show ed the e.r. at mercy, they showed responding ambulances and stretchers. one of them appeared to show a kind of low slung campus building. that's the emergency room entrance. thomas roberts has more information on the hospital in
11:54 am
question. >> we're just getting this information in about the patients that are coming into mercy medical center. so as of 11:40 a.m. local time there, pacific time, they say they have six patients and were expecting four more on the way. they wouldn't give details about the injuries of the patients they're receiving, however, they are in a trauma status at this facility right now. one thing more that we've learned about this area of roseburg, the population just north of 22,000. this is a city that is 67 miles south of eugene. the community college, which we were hearing roughly has about 18 buildings, is a place where people can come get their two-year degree, their aa degree, umpqua community college. the age of those students is roughly about mid to late 30s. but we're learning more information about how -- and i think brian you were speaking to ray about this and the chaotic scene and there were issues with
11:55 am
first responders being able to get into the campus. they put up a facebook posting asking people not to block the road and the vicinity around the campus so that they can get the first responders in there that they need so the proper people can make it to this community colle college. again, they have a total population just under 13,000. i believe we were hearing earlier that there are roughly about 3300 full-time students and there are others that are just part-time students there at umpqua community college. but getting reports about the mercy medical center, this is one of the trauma centers that has been accepting those patients that are coming in from the campus that they would not confirm the type of injuries they had, but saying that they had six and were expecting four more. we'll keep our eyes posted and i'll keep learning more information about the region and what's taking place at mercy.
11:56 am
>> there was confusion when first responders arrived, not knowing which building to go to. we are all assuming this was confined to one building. this was four days into the fall instruction season. jim cavanaugh, if you're still on the line with us, we're told atf personal are now visible there. i presume they came from a northwest regional office. and what will their first job be upon arrival? >> to the police first responders, you're going to have fbi, atf always respond on these mass violence events, usually the u.s. marshals as well. they're backing up the state police and local police in case it becomes some kind of an even larger event. then they act as investigators with the police to wrap up the leads and, of course, each agencies that specialties, and
11:57 am
atf will specialize in firearms and explosives and arson. so they'll back them up in that regard. you know, they'll be trying to track back to everything about this killer. the police will. and atf and fbi marshals will all be helping those efforts. they'll be wanting to walk back, like your discussion with clint, these guys plan these things when they show up with long gun or multiple pistols or ammunition and a specific target like the community college. they didn't think of it usually that morn. they had to purchase or acquire the gun somehow, it takes time for them to build up to it. they get this plan, like clint described, they want to get a lot of victims. so there's many steps in the ways, brian, that we as a country have to look at this to stop shethese shooters. it starts with training people,
11:58 am
when there's failures in your life, you don't go to violence. there's many great stories from all of our families in war and in life that can see when you're knocked down and you get back up. you don't go on a violent rampage. the second is mental health. what do we do when we hear about know about people and gun control is also important in 33 years in the atf i can tell you we stopped many plots and killings with gun laws. there's not any agents that couldn't tell you of arrests they've made and have stopped violence. an arrest for a felon or someone with a gun interrupts the next murder. gun laws are very effective, but they're only one part. you get into security at the campus. you get into police response. you get into how campuses
11:59 am
respo respond. and you know virginia tech and we just had mississippi delta state shooting. you got to have a place to interrupt these things each and every step of that way. you can't take one of those elements out. it has to go along a continuuco. it has been in your state, it is coming back, a movie theater, cam us. it can't go away. i'll be interested to see what weapons the killer had and you know, who he was, was he an employee, student, stranger, terrorist, mentally ill person. very interesting as this unfolds. let's just hope that anybody who didn't make it to the hospital as we justed earlier is getting the best care. >> that's right, jim. you know, there's nothing more powerful or scary or dangerous than a motivated individual who
12:00 pm
does not appear to be an individual that can cause any harm. and it also, we can surmise, that the number of rounds that would be required here to bring about this kind of carnage is going to be, to jim's point, to clint's point, you know, let's not wildly speculate, but we're going to learn hours from now, days from now about someone who did some elaborate planning for this moment and did some multiple purchases and was ready to do what they did today. we've had another mass casualty event on another campus. this time a community college. and this was -- had quite a history, this community college. first course was taught back in the jfk era,


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