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  Morning Joe  MSNBC  October 2, 2015 4:25am-4:37am PDT

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joining us by phone donald trump. donald, good to have you on the show this morning. >> good morning. >> we played a sound bite from hillary clinton's interview with reverend al sharpton. take a look. >> i'm going to say two words, donald trump. what do you think? >> you know, reverend al, he has been stoking, prejudice and par know. he know i can't. i think it's dangerous, his demagogue ri is no longer amusing. >> he called you shrill. >> he's called me a lot of things. before he called me a great senator and great secretary of state. that's what a demagogue says. >> donald trump, your reaction. is there a concern that perhaps
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you're tapping into negative forces in this country? >> no, she use to call me a genius. i've come a long way down. she was always very nice and everything. i guess it's a different world today. she's got problems and i would always be nice because i was a business man and a very succe successful person and i was nice to everybody regardless. that was my job to be nice to everybody. i didn't want to insult people. now i'm in a different position and we have to tell the facts the way the facts are. i'm a little surprised that they're telling but that's okay. she's been surprised at my mine also. >> she said you were stoking and prejudice. what do you about that? >> i disagree. i've watch it h i've watched the national review. they write up these stories without calling. there's a lot of animosity on both sides.
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it's an amazing thing. the level of animosity is incredible. it would be nice if the republican party as an example, that's what we're thinking about now if they could all come together and be friendly. i'm a counter punch here. everything i say is when somebody says something about me and sort of interesting. hillary now is going at it too. you know, you have to take it as it is. >> as it is, we were just showing the national poling numbers here 23% with a 10 point lead over ben carson. in new hampshire the cnn pole shows you're at 26% with a 10 point lead. in iowa the most resent shows that you're 27% with a six point lead over ben carson. >> and leading big with the evangelicals. >> and florida 27 point lead over marco rubio. >> you've been harsh with marco lately. you called him a light weight
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and say he's lazy. why do you say that? >> he doesn't show up for votes. he's got the worst voting record in the united states senate and you can't do that. other people are campaigning right now and they have much better records and you can't blame something on a campaign and again, you know, i was getting along very nicely with him and then about two weeks ago all of the sudden he starts hitting me, verbally, and i took it to him but i had no choice. again, it was so many people, beautiful, everything was great. the nice part is every single person so far that's hit me is either out of the campaign or has dropped so severely. i don't know what's going on but it's, i never attack first. i would like to see the republican party get along. >> hey donald, it's willie. good to talk to you this morning. if you were president of the united states you would have received a phone call sometime
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yesterday afternoon that a guy walked into a community college in oregon, shot the place up, 10 dead, at least, at this point this morning. what would you have done to stop that? there's universal background checks in the state of oregon. we don't know how this guy got his gun or his mental state of well being. what would you have done? >> you have strong laws on the books. you're always going to have problems. we have millions and millions of people and millions of sick people all over the world. it can happen all over the world. it does happen all over the world, by the way, this is sort of unique to this country, the school shootings and you're going to have difficulty no matter what. i mean, if you could see that probably we'll find out like he did with numerous of the others that they were loaners and they were probably sick. often times this happens and the neighbors say we saw that about
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him and it looks like he could be a problem but it's awfully hard to put somebody in an institution for the rest of their lives based on the fact he looks like he could be a problem. it's a terrible situation, it's huge mental illness. you're going to have these things happen and it's a horrible thing to behold. >> is it fair to say then your opinion is some people are going to slip through the cracks and there's not much you can do about it. >> it's not politically correct to say that but you're going to have difficulty. people are going to slip through the cracks and even if you did great mental health programs, people are going to slip through the cracks. i'm sure it's going to be found these people seem to go loaners. they call people and nobody wants to go out with them. it's the same old story. there's many people like that. what are you going to do?
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institutionalize everybody? so you're going to have difficulties. you're going to have difficulties with many different things, not just this. that's the way the world works and by the way, that's the way the world always has worked, willie. >> mark. >> mr. trump. >> hi, mark. >> hi, how are you? >> does kevin mccarthy have good political instincts and should your party make him speaker of the house? >> i watched that and i was surprised about it. it can be taken both convways. he's got his view and other people obviously the democrats are running and hillary, in particular is running with it. it would have been nice if you didn't say it certainly. there would be no dispute and you get on with benghazi as a serious group of people that had been working for a long time. >> go ahead. >> should he be speaker of the
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house? >> i would like to see somebody that's very tough and can negotiate with the democrats and i don't know that he's that person. somebody that we need somebody that's a very, very tough, smart cunning person. i don't know that that's him and oc obviously, the statement heard him badly in the eyes of some. >> go ahead. you said the other day and this is about the migrants, the serian refugees that if you win they're going back. did you really mean that? >> what i meant it's too bad in the world of television and sound bites because they take a long statement. i was up in new hampshire the other day. we had almost 4,000 people in a gymnasium. it was incredible. we had two rooms filled. one with television and it was a long statement at, what it said is i have watched the migration and it's a horrible thing to
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watch. i've watched the migration and many of the people in the migration are men abled bodied, very strong young men. the second thing you say wait a minute, it started with 2 or 3,000. then 15. the last number i heard was 200,000. i said now wait. this could be a terrible security breech because if these people come over here and in fact, if they're isis, we're allowing tens of thousands of isis potentially isis fighters coming into our country. this could be one of the great military moves of all time because you know the feeling of isis toward the united states.
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i said it's too big of a risk. besides that, europe should get involved. you look at saudi arabia, iran, the states. they're not putting up very much money. they sure as held have a lot of money. we're a deader nation. we have to straighten out our own nation first. i said i will tell them anybody that comes over, if i win, they're going back. >> donald you called it a military move. does that believe you mean this might be a strategy by isis to send some of these migrants that are not migrants to the united states and europe? >> no, yoebl that but it's possible that could very well be. who knows? we know nothing about these people. there's no identification. they have absolutely no identification. they show up and give a name. there's no papers, no paper work. we don't know where they came from. they are young and strong. if you take a look, look at the people coming in. they're young, strong men. you don't see that many women.
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it's disproportionable. everybody's talking about that. when i heard 10 thousand and 3,000 i would say all right. now we're talking about 200,000. obama is getting carried away again with this whole thing about immigration. now we hear 200,000 and it could very well be isis. is it? i don't know. possibly not. maybe probably not. we can't take the chance. we have too many other problems. let europe handle it for a change. >> let's talk about ben carson brought in over $20 million in the third quarter. average donation was $51 and you brought that in. just in the third quarter. and he's, he seems to be picking up a good bit of momentum. is ben carson your biggest challenge right now to getting the republican nomination? >> i don't know. he's a nice man. we have a good relationship.
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i'm sure he'll hit me. so far, we've had a good relationship. >> is he qualified to be president of the united states? do you think he's one of those tough negotiators? >> yeah, he's running and if he wins he's qualified. that's the way the system works. he's running. will anybody be able to do the job i'm going to do? absolutely not. he's running so therefore, he's qualified. >> would you hire him in your administration? >> i would. yes. absolutely. i would love to have that. absolutely. >> you think he's a tough negotiator? >> that i don't know. i would say it's not his wheel house. that i don't know. in certain elements of administration, i think he would be very good. you know. >> what would you hire him for? >> it's been interesting because the poling has been amazing for me and it's been really good for him and you add a couple of numbers together and in some cases you're up to 55-60%. the seminonpoliticians or people
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that want to make change, right. real change, not obama change and it's amazing when you look at some of the numbers, actu actually. >> okay. >> donald trump, thank you very much. thanks for being on the show. >> thank you very much. great honor.