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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  October 2, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> just stay strong and that there's a whole group of people that have gone through the same thing that you are going through right now, and we stand with you. >> jillian soto, erica lafferty, apologies that we have to keep it short because the president talked for so long, but we really appreciate you sharing today. >> thank you. >> and that does it for this hour. i'm kate snow. "mtp daily" up next with chuck todd. ♪ if it's friday, it's a surprise late-day newser. where president obama says russia's president putin is acting in syria out of weakness. and we have new information tonight on the gunman who killed nine and injured many more on a college campus in oregon yesterday. there's a lot to go over. it's m tm"mtp daily" and it sta right now. ♪ >> a lot to get to, still only
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60 minutes in an hour. we're expecting a press conference from the sheriff in roseburg any minute now, and as soon as it starts, we'll go there. we have former astronaut captain mark kelly, husband of gabrielle giffords, he'll be here to give his take on what it is with the political fight on the issue of guns, which has unfolded in the last 24 hours. the president again at his news conference saying he's willing to politicize this. we'll also here from the president of planned parenthood. but first we'll hit the press box, starting with the latest out of roseburg, oregon, and jacob rascon is there. and the president just wrapped a news conference and we'll go to andrea mitchell for her take on what the president said about putin. and tom costello is staying
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somewhat dry in ocean city, maryland as it's a major storm we're dealing with, bracing for floods, even as hurricane joaquin is moving away from the coast. first nine people dead at the hands of a gunman who is also deceased. investigators have identified a 26-year-old man, chris harper mercer as the shooter. president obama spoke again today about that tragedy. >> let's not forget, this is happening every single day in forgotten neighborhoods around the country. every single day. kids are just running for their lives trying to get to school. >> atf has recovered six weapons from the shooter at the scene and seven more from his residence. law enforcement officials say mercer left behind a hate-filled note where he described feeling like the world was against him.
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let's go to jacob right now who is just a few miles away from the campus at mercy medical center, where many of the wounded are still being treated. jacob, what more can you tell us of what we know today about motive and the investigation and frankly, victim recovery? >> out of the nine people initially who were brought here, six of them are still hospitalized. but all of them, in some good news, are expected to survive their injuries. among those who survived, we can tell you, his name has been talked about a lot today. and it's been very refreshing. a man by the name of chris mintz, 30 years old, a veteran, a new student at the college and a furtheather. the reports from witnesses and from his family who have spoken to him since, say that he was in the room next to where the shooter opened fire. and instead of hiding and running away, he went toward the shooter and in fact, ended up trying to talk the shooter out of whatever he was doing, but he
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himself was shot in the end, seven times. he ended up undergoing surgery in the hospital behind me, and he's now in stable condition, and expected to be okay. a very refreshing way to remember this tragedy. his name, in fact, just earlier this morning was trending on social media. in fact, was more popular than the name of that shooter. of course the investigation as they say is just getting started. we're learning about the weapons inside the home and at the school as well. a lot of people remembering this person and the good acts in this strategy. tom? >> you know, jacob, what more do we expect to hear from the sheriff this afternoon? i mean, what do we feel as if we're still trying to learn? and it's my understanding that the shooter forced everybody in that room to identify their religion. tell me more about that. >> the reports from inside the classrooms where the shooting took place are that he asked -- the shooter asked at least a few
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of those who he shot whether they were christian or not, or what religion they were, and some reports say that if they answered they were christian, that they were killed, or shot in the head. other reports say if they answered no, or they didn't answer, that they were shot somewhere else, like in the leg. there are a few reports like that. a lot of us are asking the sheriff those questions and he's just not able to answer them right now. we're also asking about other possible motives and that's what we hope to learn going forward and we just haven't understood just yet. >> jacob, nice work there, thank you, sir. let's go over to peter alexander at the white house. peter, you asked the president about this gun issue one more time today and he again re-emphasized that he wants to politicize the issue. did you feel as if -- though he just said he's going to talk about it more, he didn't have a concrete example of what else he thought he could do.
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>> no, you're exactly right. the question was whether he would try to renew his push for stiffer gun laws and it sounded like from his conversation with us today that he plans to talk about this more, but as he indicated, unless things change on capitol hill, it appears as if he doesn't think anything will change in terms of the gun laws in this country. i asked him specifically about if there are other ways that he can reach out to the young, a grieved, often times mentally ill men in this country who have been responsible for so many mass shootings. he said about that that there is no silver bullet. i think a question a lot of people will be asking right now is whether or not this president regrets that he didn't do more in his first couple years in office when he did control both houses of congress -- excuse me -- when he had control of congress. what's significant in that sense is that he acknowledged there are still many democrats who do not believe that stricter gun safety, gun-control laws is the solution in this situation here. but that said, this has obviously been the most
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frustrating issue as the president has acknowledged, in the course of his presidency, and despite the frustration he indicated yesterday and the comments he made again today, he appears hopeless that anything will change. >> all right, peter. we're awaiting the news conference in roseburg. peter, nice work with questioning the president. now to the biggest news-making part of the president's press conference. moments ago, he talked about russia's actions in syria, and the president had this message for individuvladimir putin. >> mr. putin had to go into syria not out of strength, but out of weakness, because his client, mr. assad, was crumbling. and it was insufficient simply for him to send them arms and money. now he's got to put in his own planes and his own pilots. iran and assad make up mr. putin's coalition at the moment.
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the rest of the world makes up ours. >> let's go to andrea mitchell, chief foreign affairs correspondent. it sounded like the president is annoyed at this idea that somehow putin outmaneuvered him. but the part of the question he didn't really answer is what could he have done to prevent putin from doing what he did. >> well, he really dribbled when asked whether putin had outsmarted him. he said putin is weaker, their economy has gone down by 4%, maybe his polls are higher, but look at what he's getting into. he's getting into a quagmire, and he said he told putin that he's getting into trouble in syria and also told him that he should be taking on isis, not taking on the moderate syrian rebels. and he said very clearly that he believes that putin is taking on the moderate syrian rebels, the anti-assad rebels, that he sees
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them as terrorists just as isis are terrorists. so he made it very clear. this was his first chance to react to how that meeting went. and he was also whether hillary clinton was half-baked in saying today or last night, that she agrees with a no-fly zone in syria, which is basically the john mccain position, and he said she's not half-baked, she was my secretary of state, but when you're president of the united states, it's different than when you're running for president, and i have to make the judgments that you make when you're sitting in that situation room. >> yeah, that comment, that was as close as you're going to hear the president criticize hillary clinton, but he essential said she's just being a candidate right now and don't take everything she says at face value. what that was what was stunning about that remark. >> exactly. >> so much going on, i know you have to get to work. i'll talk to you soon. let's turn now to whether millions of us on the east
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coast, worried about hurricane joaquin, thought that was going to be the big story. but it's another weather event making news, impacting travel plans from the carolinas up to new york city. in maryland, tom costello in ocean city, residents are bracing for the heavy rain and flooding and it has nothing to do with hurricane joaquin and yet it is rough. >> it's a nor'easter, that's what we're really dealing with here. here in ocean city, you're looking at the atlantic ocean. it's pretty choppy and rough, but it's not raining at the moment. we have heavy winds, about 25 to 30-mile-per-hour on the winds, gusts up to 45. the height of the surf right now, about ten feet or so. and what they're really watching, though, is what's happening to the south side of ocean city, down where we've seen some street flooding. i want to emphasize, it's really pretty isolated at the moment. we have about 12 blocks on the south side of the island. the water coming in from the back side, from the back bay, and flooding the low-lying
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streets. but it's limited to those particular streets. in the worst case, the water is up, for example, to the top of a wheel well and they've closed some streets in ocean city. what they're concerned about is the rain we'll continue to see over the next few days and the low-lying areas will likely see more flooding, but they are really not too concerned about the hurricane itself, which, you can see the effects of it, because it and also the nor'easter we're seeing have chewed up and churned up the ocean here, but we are not expecting any dramatic impact from joaquin itself. >> tom, thanks very much. coming up, president obama visibly frustrated when it came to his reaction to the latest gun massacre. and it echoed across the 2016 campaign trail. you had a lot of angry reactions
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from a lot of corners. mark kelly will join me next to discuss what he thinks is needed for the gun-control movement to make any political progress. on the political front, does jason chaffits want to be a bump in kevin mccarthy's road to being the next speaker of the house? exclusive news on that later this hour. and we're still waiting for the press conference in oregon with the roseburg sheriff's office. that's where at&t can help. at at&t we monitor our network traffic so we can see things others can't. mitigating risks across your business. leaving you free to focus on what matters most. like limiting where you earn bonus cash back.hings. why put up with that?
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will create a new neighborhood right here with 40% affordable housing, 8 acres of parks and open space, all connected to public transit, and generate $25 million a year in revenue for san francisco. vote yes on d to turn this into this. ♪ just hours after the tragic oregon shootings, president obama called on the american public to have a conversation about guns. calling it a political choice that we make to allow a mass shooting like this to happen every few months in america without doing anything about it. the conversation or debate about guns in america did continue today. on the campaign trail, here's every reaction we could find. >> you're not going to handle it with more gun control because gun control only works for normal, law-abiding citizens. it doesn't work for crazies.
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>> before we start calling for more laws, i think we ought to consider why we don't enforce the laws we have, and i think we need to know a little bit more about this incident. >> stuff happens, there's always a crisis and the impulse is always to do something, and it's not necessarily the right thing to do. and we're taking people's rights away, each time we do that, and we're not necessarily focusing on the real challenge. >> i can tell you that i always find it interesting that the reflexive reaction of the left is to say we need more gun laws. criminals don't follow gun laws. >> i don't believe that gun control would stop this. i think they have very tough gun laws in that state. you take guns away from law-abiding people, people are still going to have them. >> you have people that are mentally ill and they're going to come through the cracks and they're going to do things that people will not even believe are possible. >> it is time to act.
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but republicans keep refusing to do anything to protect our communities. they put the nra ahead of american families. >> we need a very strong, instant, background check system. i don't think in this country we should be selling or distributing weapons of mass -- weapons that are designed just to kill people, automatic weapons, military-type weapons. >> well, you can hear some of the uniformity in the republican response. you heard hillary clinton calling out the nra by name, and of course that last one was bernie sanders. by the way, donald trump's remarks about guns and the mentally ill were made to me for an interview i've done for "meet the press." this conversation will continue and for us, we'll talk to gun control advocate mark kelly, the husband of former congresswoman gabby giffords. he'll be here next. after we are all inside for a while,
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conference. we're told it's going to start any minute. but before it starts, let me quickly bring in mark kelly, the husband of former congresswoman gabby giffords and i'm not going to even bring him in. we'll go right to the press conference right now. >> okay. good afternoon, everybody. my name is john hanlin, i'm the douglas county sheriff. this afternoon i'm able to share with you information about the deceased victims. the information i'm about to provide will be posted at
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www. -- i'm sorry -- dash flash alert so that you may have the proper spellings and details. the victims are lucero alka rez, 19 years old. quinn glen cooper of roseburg, 18 years old. kim saltmarsh-ditz of roseburg, 59 years old. lucas ibold of roseburg, 18 years old. jason dale johnson of winston, 33 years old. lawrence le vine of glide, 67 years old.
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mr. le vine was the teacher. serena dawn moore of myrtle creek, 44 years old. trevin taylor onpaw of southerland, 20 years old. and rebecca ann karnes of myrtle creek, 18 years old. at this time, i'd like to introduce fire chief greg marler of fire district number two, who would like to make a few comments regarding two of our victims. chief? >> thank you, sheriff. it saddens me to announce that two of these victims were actually members of our immediate fire and ems family. obviously we are family and this hurts. the situation is personal to us and we share in the pain that this community is feeling right now, but i want to let everyone know, our service and our response will not be affected in
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the light of this tragedy. we're working actively with law enforcement in their investigation, and then we ask that all questions be forwarded through their public office. i have some remarks from the family, the anspau family. for trevin anspau, they would like us to thank everybody for their heart-felt thoughts and prayers. trevin was one of the most poz ative young men, always looking for the best in life. trevin was larger than life and brought out the best in those around him. in in justin and kim's words, trevin was a perfect son. thank you. >> we have a few more family statements that we would like to read. and so i will start with sergeant boyd from the oregon
2:22 pm
state police, who will read a statement from the eibel family. >> this statement is from the lucas eibel family. we have been trying to figure out how to tell everyone how amazing lucas was. but that would take 18 years. lucas loved future farmers of america, volunteering at wildlife safari and saving grace animal shelter. he was an amazing soccer player. he graduated roseburg high school with high academic marks. he was a ford family foundation scholarship recipient. he was an umpqua community college scholars award resippent. he was studying chemistry. memorial donations can be made to roseburg high school ffa and to the injured victims.
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>> i will now read a statement from jason johnson's family. the statement reads, jason johnson, age 34, was proud to be a christian. jason recently enrolled in school at umpqua community college. jason's mother said that jason was proud of himself for enrolling in school and so was his mother. they felt that jason had finally found his path. his family says that he will be loved and missed and now i will ask sergeant boyd again to come up and read a statement from the cooper family. >> i will read a portion of the quinn cooper family statement. we are shocked this has happened. quinn was only 18 years old.
2:24 pm
he had just graduated from roseburg high school in june. yesterday was his fourth day of college. quinn was funny, sweet, compassionate, and such a wonderful, loving person. he always stood up for people. quinn and his brother cody were inseparable. quinn was going to take his brown belt test on october 10th. he loved dancing, voice acting, and playing in grass with cody. i don't know how we'll move forward with our lives without quinn. our lives are shattered beyond repair. we send our condolences to all the families who have been so tragically affected by this deranged gunman. no one should ever feel the pain that we are feeling. >> we know that the media are
2:25 pm
interested in speaking with the families and we understand that. we are working very closely with them to arrange the release of these statements and photos. if they wish to do interviews, we will arrange those opportunities for them as well. at this time, all of the families are asking for privacy. we would ask that you would respect that. we would request that you help them work through these most tragic days ahead. this includes our emergency response families who themselves have suffered losses. first responders are not doing interviews and we ask that you allow them to go about their work. i do not want to make a clarification regarding the number -- i'm sorry -- i do want to make a clarification
2:26 pm
regarding the number of injured. we have confirmed with the hospitals that there were indeed nine victims who were transported and treated. not seven. so to repeat, we have nine injured, not seven -- nine, and the death toll remains at ten, which includes the shooter. again, we're still requesting anyone with information or photos or videos to call 1-800-call-fbi. now i would like to introduce janet holen, the executive director of the community health alliance to talk to us about the mental health resources that we have available. janet? >> thank you, sheriff hanlin. i wanted to let you know that community health alliance's staff are committed to helping this community recover from this tragic incident. our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected.
2:27 pm
cha's mental health care specialists are already on scene at umpqua community college, at mercy hospital and at the douglas county fairgrounds. they are assisting our citizens that are in need. cha has a 24-hour hotline to assist anyone in need of help during this tragedy. that number is 800-866-9780. for anyone needing to talk to someone during normal business hours, they're encouraged to call either 541-440-3532 or during this weekend, we will have drop-in hours at many locations across the community, including the ford family foundation, our offices at annex b on the mercy campus -- this is really hard. in the days and weeks to come, our cha staff will be working with other health care professionals as as well as state and lok alg agencies to
2:28 pm
assist douglas county residents recover from this unfort incident. i have been totally amazed by the outpouring of support across the state. we have received offers from the community, from colorado, and we will be coordinating those resources to make sure that the needs of our residents are taken care of. we will be open on saturday and sunday from 9:00 until 8:00, at both our offices at stir up park way on annex b, as well as at the ford family foundation. i will to remind everybody that during this tragedy there are some things that we can all do. one, follow your normal routine. do what you do on a regular basis. second, take care of yourself. this was an opportunity, my son was at umpqua community college, and i had him actually lots of hugs last night, that was the
2:29 pm
most important thing and let him talk about what his experiences were. the other thing is talk. talk to people. third, turn off the media and take a break. i think that sometimes we can get inundated by all the media and it can be overwhelming. i talked to my mother yesterday, and she also said i need a break from this. it's important that we all take care of ourselves. and lastly, we need to help each other. i have been and i was born and raised in this community. i've witnessed the resiliency of this community and i know that together we can get through this. thank you. >> right now, i'd like to introduce vanessa becker. she's on the chair of the board of trustees with the umpqua community college. vanessa? >> thank you, sheriff hanlin. i'm here today representing umpqua community college and also here representing myself as a community member of this
2:30 pm
incredible community. i want to express my deep condolences to all of the families that were affected, that were listed today, as well as those who were injured and all of our first responders and people who have been on the ground since yesterday. i want to join my colleagues and my community members up here in saying thank you to the local community and their response. thank you to our state-wide community, our national community, and even international community support. so just want to let you know we're feeling it and we're grateful for that. i want to also confirm that our focus right now at the college is really to support students and faculty and staff. and that's what our major focus is right now. we're in the process of mobilizing buses for students who have questions that need to get up and get their vehicles that are still on campus. there are buses that are happening that are being staged right now at the fairgrounds, douglas county fairgrounds at
2:31 pm
3:00. so i encourage folks that if they have cars that they need to get returned, arrive at the fairgrounds at 3:00. we also, as janet mentioned, have some additional trauma counsellors and mental health professionals to help support folks at the fairgrounds as well. so, thank you. >> and now i'd like to invite the roseburg city manager up, lance cauley. >> said this last night, it's one of the hardest things anyone will ever have to do. something that we hope would never happen anywhere, much less our community. i want to thank all of the people who showed up last night at the vigil to provide support
2:32 pm
for the families. i want to thank all of the people, the first responders, law enforcement, mental health, the folks from the college, for their response to this tragedy. and i want to say that there really has been an international and national response to this. people have been reaching out to us, people who have had similar tragedies. too many similar tragedies. both international and national. what we're asking our community to do now is reflect on this, try to support the families, certainly support the college, support people that they know who have been affected by this and help us all move forward. there are a couple of things going on in the community right now that individuals can do to help.
2:33 pm
there are blood drives. i understand the one today has basically been overwhelmed, but the red cross will continue to have blood drives. you can contact them to schedule giving blood, or go onto the red cross website locally to donate. there has been a few relief funds set up. i imucc funds set up locally at umpqua bank, and at any umpqua bank branch, people can walk in or contact them to donate to the relief fund. cascade and community credit union locally, the greater united way is helping coordinate this. if people want to help, please
2:34 pm
contact them. and i particularly want you all to keep the families in your prayers. please honor their privacy. please know that we, with their help, with the help of the college, will move forward. and please take an opportunity to recognize what a great community this is and what a great response they made. thank you. >> so at this time, we'll answer a few questions, and sir, i know you had one. oh, i'm sorry. >> i just wanted to mention, i failed to mention that classes are canceled for next week. we're not allowed to get into buildings quite yet. so we don't have an announcement of when that will be, but next week, we are not having classes,
2:35 pm
so i wanted to make sure folks knew that. >> thank you. we'll handle a few questions, sir. -- the shooter was he taking that class? the second part, did he leave behind any papers, any statements he wanted to make? >> those questions are also questions that we have intentions of answering as this investigation continues. but at this point we don't have those answers to report and share. >> can you clarify what you mean by members of the ems family, were they ems workers? >> trevin anspau was the son of one of our firefighters with the fire district. and rebecca karnes was the niece of one of our paramedics with the fire district. >> one more question. >> sheriff, the person, the older person who was killed, the
2:36 pm
67-year-old was the instructor. are you able to give us a bit of background on this person? >> i'm sorry, i can't. i don't have any other information other than what i gave you tonight. i'm sure soon there will be something more. >> can you confirm whether the shooter was committing suicide, or whether he was killed by -- >> at this point, that's all part of the investigation that's ongoing, and that determination hasn't been made. thank you. that will be the last question. >> as you just heard the press conference, a lot of local announcements, some really heart-warming statements from victims' families about the victims there, that were read very poignantly by both law enforcement officials. let me bring in mark kelly of course. essentially he's become one of the leading gun-control advocates in this country. he's the husband of former congresswoman gabby giffords, who herself was shot by a
2:37 pm
mentally ill person in tucson. mark kelly, let me just get your initial reaction to what you just heard, but in general, when you heard about the first reports of this shooting. >> well, chuck, i was on an airplane yesterday when it happened, and i first heard the reports when i landed here in houston, texas. but you know, gabby and i, our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the victims in the community there in roseburg. we got a little bit of a sense of what they're going through and it's a really tough time. >> you heard the president, i'm sure, his remarks yesterday and he did it again today. he said people are going to say i'm politicizing this, and he essentially says, yes, i'm politicizing this, it is time to politicize this. president also was asked, what are you going to do in your next 15 months? and he said, about the only thing i can do is talk about it and that's what i'm going to do. is that enough? >> i think he can talk about a
2:38 pm
lot. this is a serious issue. you hate to think of this in political terms. but when you go back to just a few minutes ago, when you played the responses of the presidential candidates, you heard a lot of them say there's nothing we can do because criminals don't follow the law. but by an extension of that logic, we should have no laws, like for murder, theft, assault, that doesn't make sense. we are a society of laws and we can fix problems. we can fix hard problems. as an organization, we've been act i' active in a lot of states getting legislation passed, and we can do that in washington if the american people decide this is something they want. >> what do you say to the constitutional question, let's say you get what you want on some of this gun control, but the supreme court will say it's in violation of the second amendment?
2:39 pm
>> if i get everything i want on gun control, things like background checks, gun trafficking legislation, domestic violence legislation and other things, it's not a violation of anybody's second amendment rights. just think about background checks, some of those candidates were referring that criminals don't follow the law. we do background checks now, it's very effective. the problem is, we don't know how many of them get the gun over the internet or at a gun show. i'm a gun owner, a strong supporter of the second amendment. we can save a lot of lives without violating people's second amendment rights. >> you heard it from the republican candidates, all pivoted to that issue, and saying, that should be at the forefront. can you separate the two issues? >> l i mean, mental illness,
2:40 pm
especially with mass shootings, it's a major factor. tus know on, aurora, sandy hook, now in roseburg. there does seem to be -- a key component is mental illness, and the mass shootings aren't the ones taking the most lives. we have a hundred people die every day in this country. but it's a complicated issue. we can fix complicated problems, we just have to come together to do this. it's kind of unfortunate that a lot of times this is just drawn along partisan lines. you can hear that from the presidential candidates. >> there was a uniformity in the response a little bit on that front. but let me throw another critique that's out there, places like chicago have some of the most stringent gun laws on the books, and yet gun violence there is raging as badly as it does in any city right now. >> well, you know, chicago's not
2:41 pm
an island. and a lot of the guns that are trafficked into chicago come from a couple gun stores. they come from missouri. it does have, for a city, a high rate of gun violence and they have pretty strong gun laws, but when guns are trafficked there, itself kind of hard to keep the gun violence down. what we need is strong state laws and strong national laws to prevent people from essentially legally trafficking guns to criminals. i mean, that's not a difficult thing to do now. >> and let me get you on one more critique from gun rights advocates, who say gun-free zones were part of the problem here. and in fact that classroom, you could not carry a firearm in that classroom. had somebody had a firearm, maybe the shooter is stopped. what do you say to that? >> there's been analysis done on this, and i think the mass shootings, about 15% of them have happened in gun-free zones.
2:42 pm
there's also been research done and it doesn't seem that any mass shooter was ever aware -- there's no evidence that a mass shooter was aware whether or not he was in a gun-free zone. i think in some cases there's a good guy with a gun that can stop this from happening, but imagine if we lived in a society where everybody was carrying a gun all the time, that's not a good formula for us being safe. any conflict between two individuals, now you have a gun involved, and these are complicated things, when bullets start flying, i've flown in combat 39 times and been shot at. it's not what people suspect president often there's a segment of the society who thinks they're clint eastwood and when the bullets start flying, that's not necessarily the case. >> one final question. what are you going to do as a gun-control advocate to succeed that other gun-control advocates
2:43 pm
have failed? why is your movement going to be different? >> we're involved in the politics, the plts, the grassroots. we have a million supporters now. trying to get to five million. the gun lobby is obviously very strong. we're active in a lot of different states. we've gotten domestic violence bills and background checks in a lot of different states. i'm a gun owner, supporter of the second amendment. so is my wife. we understand this culture and where people are coming from. often people feel like they're losing their rights, but we gotta think about, for a second, you know, what this is doing to society. we have 15 to 20 times the death rate from gun violence than any other industrialized nation. the president talked about that yesterday. we can do much better than that, and we're a country of laws and legislation can fix this. >> we will see if this stays an issue in the political arena. a lot of times it's an issue for
2:44 pm
about two or three days and then it fades from the background. we'll check in with you, and i know your brother tweeted about you being on, i think he's watching or he'll watch on a delay from the space station. mark, thanks for being on. >> you're welcome, chuck. >> we'll have a lot more "mtp dail daily", at least 16 minutes of it right after this. ♪ the way i see it, you have two choices; the easy way or the hard way. you could choose a card that limits where you earn bonus cash back. or, you could make things easier on yourself. that's right, the quicksilver card from capital one. with quicksilver you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back
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i will take beauty into my own hands. olay regenerist. it regenerates surface cells. new skin is revealed in only 5 days. without drastic measures. stunningly youthful. award-winning skin. from the world's #1. olay, your best beautiful >> welcome back to "mtp daily," but if it's sunday, i'm on the air with "meet the press." this sunday, my guest will be donald trump. i sat down with him at his campaign headquarters. you heard some of it earlier
2:47 pm
about what he told me about his reaction to the shooting in oregon. here's trump on his wife melania and her eta on when to expect her to the campaign trail. >> politics is a family affair. you obviously -- your wife felt comfortable doing something with "people" magazine. >> yes, they were very nice. >> she had done that. are we going to see her on the campaign trail? >> yes, she feels very strongly about certain issue, especially women's health issues. pretty soon. she'll probably do an interview with her if you're going to be nice. >> he did later say, within the next couple of weeks. this sunday on "meet the press" we went deep on syria. wait until you hear where he says the middle east would be today if he could have made the decisions. also more on his tax plan. and former ambassador to russia,
2:48 pm
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california congressman kevin mccarthy is supposed to be the heavy favorite to be the next house speaker. utah congressman is getting ready to launch a bid after chaffetz criticized mccarthy suggesting the house benghazi
2:52 pm
committee was about hurting hillary clinton. >> those statements are absolutely inappropriate and should be withdrawn. mr. mccarthy should apologize. i think it was absolutely wrong. >> mccarthy did try to clean it up yesterday on fox. frank, it's my understanding that chaffetz will officially announce on sunday morning. can he win this thing? is there enough unrest about the benghazi comments? >> they are saying that this announcement by congressman chaffetz is really reflection of a general dissatisfaction with the whole situation, with the situation within the conference. one just said it is weird out there. they don't understand, a lot of members don't want to see a rearranging of the chairs in place. the problem for congressman
2:53 pm
chaffetz is leadership races are about getting members to commit to your leadership bid early. mccarthy has done that and has been working on that for over a week. so for chaffetz it is an uphill battle but you have two numbers you need to look at here for the leadership elections on thursday he needs at least a simp majority of the conference. if mccarthy has that locked up he needs to go to leadership elections and get a simple majority. if he doesn't get a simple majority it would be the first second ballot for the speaker since 1923. >> i am going to focus on that in a little bit. thanks for your reporting. let's start had lid. we have a fun way to cap off our first week as a daily show here. obviously, we have a lot of hot
2:54 pm
topics on guns whether the gun control debate will move on. you heard about the benghazi stuff. i want to bring in familiar faces to meet the press. james and mary. with or without eggs. >> you better be on the first week. >> thank you for coming. >> you are in my first week and i was in his first class at tulane. >> what is old is new. >> we are really new because we are all old. >> maybe you. the original kevin mccarthy byte on benghazi. >> everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? but we put together a benghazi special committee, a select committee. what are her numbers today? her numbers are dropping. why? because she is untrustable.
2:55 pm
no one would have known any of that had happened had we not -- >> i agree sgrmpt had the point i was trying to make. i wasn't saying the -- that committee is to get the truth out. what happened within the truth you find out about the server. the sole purpose is to find the truth why four americans were killed that night. that is the work they have done. they have been applauded by all sides of the aisle. it was never my intention to say that. >> i know where james is going to go in a minute. i will let you get the first word in. how much damage to kevin mccarthy do to the benghazi committ committee? >> it's not an anti-mccarthy thing. deck chairs on the "titanic" going on there. what hillary's numbers are being driven down by has to do with
2:56 pm
the consistent lying or dissemabling about the e-mail business. if anybody was political with benghazi it was her who was responsible for the safety of the ambassador and his team. >> mccarthy just handed hillary clinton and james -- >> he handed himself a race and chaffetz is a good politician and so is mccarthy but there is a dynamic up there. these conservatives who have in bebehaving for most of the time but not finding themselves with a responsive leadership are going to flex their muscles. >> we both are sports fans. the great yogi berra just passed away. if he were alive he would say he thinks and speaks at the same time. water is wet. we can find out how political it is. sidney blumenthal spent hours
2:57 pm
before the committee and said all they asked were political questions. his lawyer called on him to release the testimony. they refuse to release it. it is very simple. what kind of questions did they ask? it was all political. and what mccarthy said is something that just confirmed what everyone knew before. if they want to dump him for saying what the facts are, that's fine. nothing we can do about that. >> what difference does it make? shock. there is politics in washington. it's a political race. it's a political season. it was a ham handed thing to say. >> i'm not shocked. the whole entire committee's purpose is political. >>. >> we are going to have to agree to disagree. >> i have not heard where you are on trump. >> i appreciate the infusion of
2:58 pm
testicular fortitude into the campaign. as a conservative i think we have been absent in presenting a cry for free markets and regulatory reform, tax reform. >> is he that clarion call? >> no, but he's energetic, to use his words, and he has shown the field that you can push back. in the absence of any rebuttal to the democrat's mischaracterization of republican positions or in the presence of republicans being a pale version of democrats it has been frustrating. his tenor and his tone and his temperment are i think giving the other candidates the courage they need to put -- >> you think it made better candidates? joe biden calls you tomorrow, what is your advice to him? >> if this is something you want
2:59 pm
to do who am i? >> i call you all the time about presidential politics. >> you do it once high resitivism rate. if anybody that has had the bug it never goes away. it may be reason that he doesn't run for family reasons or personal reasons or maybe just doesn't feel like it or he may run. there is nothing that you can tell someone you should -- obviously, because i'm for hillary, quite obviously, but he's got -- >> should it matter that he is more electable right now in polls? >> no. if you go in the polls caherman cain is ahead. what hatters is if he wants to do it and if he wants to run he'll run. i am very confident that hillary is on the right track. >> positive polls are like battle plans.
3:00 pm
they work until boots hit the ground. hillary should want him to get in the race so she can beat somebody. >> it is better to beat biden by a point than sanders by a point. >> tune in sunday morning. we'll be back here monday with mtp daily. steve kornacki picks up our coverage right now. right now on msnbc live the tragedy in oregon, breaking details on what we are learning about the investigation into the suspected gunman and the heroic stories from the victims including one who was shot seven times while trying to save others. we are tracking hurricane joaquin, category four storm not likely to target the east coast but the east coast will be feeling the


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