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tv   First Look  MSNBC  October 5, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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daily monday through friday. if it's a weekday it's also "meet the press" at 5:00 p.m. eastern on msnbc. we'll be back next week with the big show. if it's sunday, it's "meet the press." it's monday, october 5th. right now on first first, south carolina's thousand-year flood from breached dams, wrecked roads and parking lots turned into lakes is just the beginning. trrp trrp's numbers are sinking, others are rising and hillary clinton prepares for a big town hall meeting this morning. on the heels of the oregon community college shooting, warnings are issued, that and more as "first look" starts right now. good monday morning. thanks for joining us today i'm betty nguyen. unprecedented and deadly rainfall has south carolina's governor issuing a short and
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simple warning, stay in your house. for parts of that state it is a 1,000-year flood event meaning in any given year there is a 1 in 1,000 chance of rainfalls falling. jay gray is on the grouped there. what is the latest with all that rain? >> reporter: hey there betty. thankfully a break in the rain right now but more is on the way. look there's a dawn to dusk curfew, state of emergency in place as well. there's so much watt sore fast that some of the flood gauges along the river behind me have been damaged or washed away. you don't need a gauge to know the water here is still climbing. floodwaters continue to rush across the carolinas, running through or over everything in their path. >> cars are submerged, cars washed up against the porch and everything, never seen anything like it. >> reporter: in many areas there's never been anything like this. rain for three days straight at
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times more than two inches an hour. >> the rising water collapsed bridges, overcome dams and destroyed roads, whole neighborhoods have found themselves underwater and precious lives have been lost. >> reporter: at least five people have died as a result of the storms, hundreds more -- >> the house is flooded and they can't stop it. requesting sandbags or assistance. >> reporter: -- pushed from their homes by a relentless current and rising waters. >> we have lost everything. what i got on my body is what we have, pretty much everybody down that hill there has lost everything this morning. our vehicles, our clothes, everything. >> reporter: as many scramble to higher ground, forecasters say at some point today the rain should finally begin to ease. the first responders and officials warn the problems will not. >> this challenge is not over and the danger to life and property does not end when the rain stops. >> reporter: still it will be a
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welcome sign for so many, anxious for the roarry to begin here. the congary river is already above flood level in many areas. the water is rising, in fact a flood warning for the river has been extended now through tuesday evening here. that's the latest live in columbia, south carolina, i'm jay gray. betty, back to you. >> the dapger is not over, thank you so much. new developments in the desperate search for a cargo ship missing at sea. search and rescue teams are scanning a 225 square foot debris field made up of wood, cargo and other items. the ship had 33 people on board, 28 of them americans, last heard from thursday during hurricane joaquin. distress call went out saying it lost power and was taking on water. the families have gathered together in jacksonville, florida. danielle randolph was the second mate and sent an e-mail to her
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mom before the storm. >> there was a hurricane out here, and we are heading straight into it. winds are super bad and seas are not great. love to everyone. >> the coast guard will give an update on the search at 10:00 a.m. eastern. president obama and u.s. defense secretary ash carter are promising a full investigation into a deadly bombing at a hospital in afghanistan. 22 patients and hospital staff were killed when the doctors without borders trauma center was hit by a coalition air strike. there are indications that u.s. fighter jets may have been responsible. >> this is a tragic loss of life. your hearts can only go out to innocent people who were caught up in this kind of violence. >> condolences and apologies aren't enough. we need to understand why this happened. >> right now, humanitarian hospital group is demanding an independent investigation saying this assault could amount to a
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war crime. it is a tense morning in philadelphia, local and federal law enforcement are taking added precautions because of an online threat against unspecified area colleges. the fbi says there's no specific threat to any particular institution at this point but it was serious enough to alert students out of caution. philadelphia is home to several colleges and universities including penn, temple, drexel and villanova. no classes have been canceled but several schools asked students to report any suspicious behavior. authorities in northern california say they have foiled an alleged high school plot to "shoot and kill as many people as possible." police say four male students at somerville high school were arrested friday. suspicious activities were reported to school staff. >> the suspects' plans were detailed in nature. >> authorities say the four students were in the process of
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securing weapons. no one was hurt. so word of the alleged california plot comes on the heels though of last week's shooting massacre in umpqua community college in oregon. nine students and the gunman were killed in that one. today the camp lus reopen although collapses will not resume until next monday. students are allowed to retrieve belongings and get counseling. we're learning chilling new details what shooter chris harper mercer told his victims before he killed them. it comes from the father of one of the survivors. >> she remembers another lady that was called to the front and the shooter says "if you will beg for your life you will not die." the lady began to beg for her life, he shot her. >> he also says the gunman singled out one student to give his suicide note to the police, calling him the lucky one. turning out to the race for the white house, democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is expected to unveil a sweeping gun control proposal
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today. now under the plan, clinton would tighten rules governing gun show and internationally sales and allow victims of gun violence to sue firearm manufacturers in just a few hours "today" show anchor savannah guthrie will moderate a town hall discussion with clinton, the former secretary of state will take questions from voters and clinton is getting a lot of attention for her appearance on the season premiere of "saturday night live." kate mckinnon portrayed clinton and the real clinton did a good donald trump impersonation. >> i'm just so darned bummed. all anyone wants to talk about is donald trump. >> donald trump? isn't he the one that's like "ugh, you're all losers"? >> that is him, that is him! >> trump meanwhile told "meet
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the press" chuck todd if he were doing poorly in the polls he'd probably drop out of the 2016 race. >> i'm not a masochist. if i was dropping in the polls, why would i continue? if i were doing poorly, if i saw myself going down, if you would stop calling me because you no longer have any interest in trump because he has no chance, i'd go back to my business. i have no problem with that. >> right now trump is still leading the gop race in iowa and new hampshire, although he has lost some ground. according to a new nbc news/wall street/marist poll. he holds a five point lead over carly fiorina. in iowa trump is ahead of ben carson by five points. month ago his lead over carson in iowa was seven points. time to get down to business with cnbc's landon dowdy. happy monday morning to you. >> hey there betty, happy monday
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to you. the "wall street journal" says disney tickets will cost less on slower days and could include free parking or family photos. they would cost more and include more restrictions on peak days such as holidays. disney has offered variable pricing at disney land paris since last year shows atm and overdraft fees at record highs. the average out of network atm fee is $4.52, up 21% in the last five years. average overdraft is up $33 up 9% since 2010. some fees are voidable if you shop around. travel site orbits says this is the best time to book travel for thanksgiving and christmas. last year many booked mid-october causing a spike. >> tuesday is one of the best
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days to book if you can. get on it. thank you. time for sports and football night in america, in new orleans saints/cowboys, drew brees' 5,000th career pass completion happens to be a touchdown pass, went to a wide open josh hill. the cowboys battled back as joseph randall hangs onto the ball just long enough to break the plane for dallas' first touchdown of the game. after missing a game winning field goal, score tied 20-20, the saints on the second play of o.t., brees hits c.j. spiller on a swing pass, he goes 80 yards for the winning touchdown, bries' 400th career touchdown pass, saints 26, cowboys 20. the carolina pan nerz remain purr-fect at 4-0, they get the bucs, turning five jameis winston turnovers into 24 points. right now there are six undefeated nfl teams that would be green bay, denver,
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cincinnati, atlanta, carolina and new england. and chalk one up for the old guise, the colts' 40-year-old matt has hasselbeck started at quarterback in place of andrew luck. hasselbeck completed 30 of 47 passes for 282 yards, one touchdown and no picks but it was 42-year-old adam vinatieri's 27-yard field goal in overtime that gave the colts a much needed victory over the jags. final score 16-3. so on the last day of major league baseball season the texas rangers wrapped up the a.l. west beating the angels 9-2. the win knocked the angels out of wild card contention and gave the houston astros the shot at the new york yankees on tuesday. senator john mccain says forget the democrats, the republicans may be beating themselves. plus two against one and my money is not on the bears. details of that brave little puppy next. four days later it's still pouring in portions of south
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welcome back. couple things that made the south carolina flooding historic, the duration of this event which has gone on now for about 72 hours and the fact that it wasn't just one city. remember we had the horrible nashville flood about three years ago? this is almost statewide from moon hall plantation two feet of rain, myrtle beach, columbia, georgetown had about 10 to 18 inches of rain, all of those locations. here's a map from the south carolina department of transportation, the red dots show you where there's road closures. 312 roads are closed, 130 bridges are closed. this is the columbia area, a lot of the dots concentrated here, the sumter area, this is the charleston, north charleston up toward georgetown and south of florence. it's almost a statewide event throughout the region.
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as far as the flood threat, right now still flood warnings from charleston and myrtle beach areas. we've had rain overnight, hasn't been as bad but it continues from myrtle beach to southern portions of wilmington. the focus of the heaviest rain is near myrtle beach as we go throughout the day. computers estimating only another inch or two. it won't send the water up any higher but it will be insult to injury i guess. >> sunshine drying all that out. >> were a lot of people that got flooded out didn't have flood insurance. lot of these people are in a lot of trouble. >> thank you so much, bill. it's been said that perfect time something everything. luckily for this jet skier a coast guard helicopter happened to be flying over the manasquan inlet in new jersey yesterday when he had to be rescued after being knocked off his jet ski by powerful waves that paechd his watercraft on a jettee. crews lifted him to safety and
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dropped him off at a nearby beach. there was a flash flooding in the french riviera over the weekend. 6.7 inches of rain poured into the region. numerous cars and trucks piled up in the streets. at least 16 people have been killed and 22,000 homes have no electricity. check out this cute french bulldog, take on two bears, yes, you heard me right, the intruders climbed into this property in monrovia, california, friday. they were no match for this feisty little fella who scared them off. don't underestimate him because of his size. so boston is feeling the burn, talking bernie sanders and joe biden faces thousands of lgbt activists. "scrambled politics" is next. vo: today's the day.
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when broker chris hill stays at laquinta and fires up free wi-fi, with a network that's now up to 5 times faster than before you know what he can do? let's see if he's ready. he can swim with the sharks! book your next stay at! here's a first look at your dish of "scrambled politics." boston was feeling the bush, a crowd of over 0,000 people came out to see better thannie sanders saturday night. according to ""the boston globe"" it was the largest rally in the state in recent years. eight years ago president obama drew a crowd of 10,000. john mccain was critical of his party sunday. the former gop presidential nominee argued 2 candidates who used insulting rhetoric will ultimately end up helping the democrats. >> i think we're hurting ourselves and our chances to win the general election if we
2:21 am
disparage each other and impugn character of each other, then after the primary is over, then obviously there's a trust and support deficit amongst the american people. >> vice president joe biden spoke in front of 3,500 lgbt activists this weekend at the annual human rights campaign dinner. he praised the work that activists have made but he also made this quip. >> the american people are already with you. look at the numbers. there's homophobes still left. most of them are running for president, and i think -- >> during this speech, biden made no mention of whether or not he'd be joining the 2016 presidential race. republican congressman jason chaffetz announced that he is running for speaker of the house. the chairman of the house oversight committee will be challenging majority leader kevin mccarthy. the vote to replace john boehner
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is scheduled for thursday. according to politico, mr. boehner might postpone the elections for majority leader and whip. this means the party would only vote for the speaker position on thursday. this weekend, "snl" cast member tyran gave his best donald trump interpretation. >> i get in there, taxes go down, everyone gets a job, salaries go way up, we build a wall it's huge over in china, they're going to say now dat's a wall. >> that's your dish of "scrambled politics." ellis henniken thanks for being with us. >> that's a a wall, huge! >> today is a huge day. >> it is. >> the "today" show savannah guthrie is moderating a town hall discussion with hillary clinton.
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>> she has specific ideas she wants to close some of the loopholes that allows folks to buy at gun shows without background checks and on the internet and to try to get congress to do some other things. >> the timing of that i guess is perfect for her because following unfortunately what we saw last week at the community college where nine people were killed. >> that's right as the president said it's time to plitt size this issue and she's doing exactly that. >> how much did her "snl" appearance this weekend help her? we saw a little side of her that we haven't seen in a while. >> i loved it. honestly, i want val the bartender to be her running mate. hillary's problem is not ideological. it's that she kind of lacks charm and i thought she was charming. she made fun of herself. if she did more of that she'd be better off. >> outgoing speaker, i got to change the subject, speaker boehner is considering delaying the internal election for house majority leader and majority
2:24 am
whip. we talked about this just briefly in "scrambled politics." what is going on with this? >> the conservatives are upset inside, which is the problem in the boehner reshum. they want more time to figure out whether they'll get some of their candidates into the leadership and they figure if a vote happens on thursday it may just be the moderates. >> man never a dull moment. >> it's not. and the democrats are mostly just looking at it and shaking their heads. >> giving them enough rope, let them do what they want to do. >> keep doing that, it will be fine. watch it on thursday. >> we will, thank you so much. just ahead a red bull competition that brings extreme to a whole new level, details next. so they're more engaged, with fewer high health risks and lower medical costs. take control of your health at cigna dot com slash take control. many wbut come with high hopes,
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leading the news in the express, a new plant can reverse alzheimer's damage. it will be used in certain areas of the brain to translate short term memory into a permanent one. tested on people with epilepsy to treat chronic procedures. san francisco's last shop to close after customers after a new law that requires the store to videotape all transactions. its manager says "our customers should not be treated like they're doing something wrong." have you ever heard of free running? check this out, these fast and nimble athletes competed in free running championships in greece. contestants performed daring jumps, tricks off rooftops and
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walkways. contestants came from around the world and a 20-year-old from greece won first place for the second straight year. >> you wouldn't want to wear a helmet. that would just -- >> because i mean these guys are too macho for that and clearly too good for that. >> not one mom watching that. >> "way too early" starts now. lord, lord, two of my neighbors did not get out and as it was flooding he had to stand on this lady's cadillac to get to safety and it took them a while to get him. they got the row boat and the motorboat down there and saved the lady and that man. >> you can see it. what?! whoa! >> he just made a mistake. there he goes. >> 1,000 year storms slams south carolina, roads buckled, hundreds rescued. at least five people killed in some of the worst flooding the state has ever seen.
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and it's not over yet. a u.s. air strike meant for the taliban hits a hospital run by doctors without borders killing almost two dozen. the aid group said the attack should be considered a war crime. a man who led the 2008 bank in the crieses but he says the justice department dropped the ball. this is "way too early." ♪ happy monday morning everybody. it's october 5th. i'm amy holmes. a historic flood disaster unfolding in south carolina. curfews are in effect statewide. th


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