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tv   Morning Joe  MSNBC  October 5, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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i'm very, very, very glad to present to you the next president of the united states bernie sanders. >> austin, thank you. what a huge crowd and let me thank the many thousands of
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people who are outside who are unable to get this. thank you. >> it is great how long you've supported gay marriage. >> yes, i could have supported it sooner. >> well, you did it pretty soon. >> yeah, could have been sooner. >> fair point. >> okay. hillary clinton on saturday night live and did you see boston feeling the burn? >> he said there was 20,000 people with more outside and there was that and then on saturday and sunday, can't remember, the times writing a story about how much money he's raising and in it for the long
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haul. >> they started to look at barack obama at a certain moment in 2008 and say wait a second. >> barack obama got 10,000. >> and bernie is getting twice as much. >> he's great on a stage. it's hard to see there in that camera. i saw the speaker in new york, it was powerful. i can see the e peel. >> look at this crowd. political writer for the new york times. washington g.o.p. and in manchester, bloomberg politics as well.
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who takes a honeymoon for three months? >> lewis. he said he has visa problems. >> no, he did not have visa problems. >> it was a record breaking weekend. more than 20,000 people turned out to see sanders speak on saturday. boston globe rorpts it's the largest rally for a presidential primary candidate in history topping the 10,000 barack obama drew back in 2008. he doubled it. i don't, is he a celebrity and i just missed it? it's not a celebrity. a few thousand didn't miss it. look at their faces. watching on screens set up in an
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overflow area. you would think that's a taylor swift concert. >> boston is not ready for a college town. >> what started that? >> the thing is we've all learned everybody took their mass com 101 class and heard the media is the message. no. in this case the media is the message and it's about bernie sanders. a record setting event in a very political town. we're still a year out and i mean, this guy, people need to stop. al fred has been saying this for a long time. people have got to stop saying bernie sanders is doing great but he can't win. >> he is winning. to the next point, you have to see him in person to realize how powerful and consistent his message is. he's on message 100% of the time
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and has 100% appeal. his message is resinating throughout the country. not just among young people. it's a message that resinates across class lines and economic lines. >> it's fascinating mika, on the saturday night clip we seen going in, they made fun of hillary changing positions and what a perfect contrast of bernie sanders whose been saying the same thing since 1962 and there's a reason why the crowds are out there. it's the same problem with republicans on the republican side why a lot of these main stream candidates are getting thrown out of the way. this is the year of the bern. >> what you have is donald trump whose using his celebrity to draw crowds to his message or sense of knowing what the ace of
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america is and tapping into it. this guy is a vermont senator in his 70s. >> he's also on the other side been saying the same thing. donald trump since 1987. i look at interviews on the today show. america's getting beaten up. whether it's leaders aren't battling for us like they should. whether it's the message drawing people to trump. at least the big message and to bernie sanders. neither of them sound like a conventional politician.
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>> you can talk about various scenari scenarios. whatever scenarios you want. if hillary clinton loses to bernie sanders, her chances of being the nominee go down. on the republican side trump's pole numbers are down a little bit but no one yet has changed. no one has made an argument they can get past trump. this thing is wide open on both sides. >> i'm going to ask you in a second how the selfie vote plays into this. he addressed the way media is reacting to last week's announcement the campaign raised $20 million in the third quarter. >> they want to know how does it
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happen that 650,000 americans have made over a million contributions in this campaign. i'm proud to tell you our campaign is a different type of campaign. it is a grass roots campaign designed not only to elect someone to be president of the united states but to build a political movement. he's ahead by nine points. senator's lead jumps to 14 points. biden is having a similar effect
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on the numbers in iowa. clinton did earn the endorsements of the nation's largest teacher's union over to weekend. the national education association which has 3 million members made the announcement on saturday. however, the firefighters informed the clinton campaign it is abandoning initial plans to endorse her after pulling its rank and members.
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>> you guys have the pictures still outside of bernie's speech all the young people and the selfie vote. i wonder if they're missing the bigger story that more americans are getting more engaged because of a celebrity and a true believer that looks like he's off the muppets. i wonder if frank is on to something. >> 100% of the time you believe what you're saying.
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i don't think anybody for yun second doubts that he 110% is committed to the message because he's believed it for the last two decades. what are young voters looking for? one of the things is the authenticity. they're not looking for someone who just a couple of years ago maybe decided they want to support gay marriage and maybe about a couple of weeks ago decided they want to take this position on the keystone pipeline. that's the core of what might damage hillary clinton with young voters giving bernie sanders this boost. there's another thing young voters are looking for and if somebody like a bernie sanders or donald trump has a message that is something they've been saying for the last few decades, i think there are fair questions to be asked is this a message suited for the economic challenges of the modern day? it well may be. there are two things the young voters are looking for.
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are you authentic and fresh? the fact that bernie sanders does sound so different is what's enabling this older message to sound fresh. he's a young fresh tiny penny. >> exactly. i read so many articles saying it has to be issues. bp started doing this five years ago where they had people talking about issues and it's because you can't reach my lineals like using 1950 style madmen advertising and that's the authenticity and bernie reads that bell. >> he's saying free college
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tuition when everyone's loaded down with college debt. >> to the point where you can't move and acknowledge your future. >> he's saying yes, some do want the college stuff. he's out there against it. that's amazing. >> mark, you also interviewed bernie several times and had him talking about his grand children and you say there's such a warm personable side to bernie sanders if you go there with m
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him. >> he has a great relationship with his grand kids. it does humanize him. he's done so well, trump's done so well. i don't think either have reached their potential as a candidate. nick saw the same event in new york i did. they hang on his every word the clinton people have stopped underestimating they recognized iowa and new hampshire could be really decisive and important and sanders looks stronger and stronger in those places.
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>> people are pulling at him, asking questions, throwing things at his face. i've seen them watching cspan hours at a time working the cro crowd. >> donald trump's lead is shrinking. ben carson has cut trump's lead. 24% to 19%. carly fiorina in third at 8%. jeb bush at 7% and ted cruz, marco rubio and bobby tied at
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6%. when people's first and second choices are combined, trump and carson are tied. trump has dropped nearly seven points in new hampshire. jeb bush in third place with rubio and carson tied in fourth. let's go back to the previous pole before what donald said this weekend. mark, the screaming headline here in new hampshire where you are right now is carly fiorina who has went to event after event in new hampshire is showing signs she may be the one
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to take on donald trump there. let's talk next about chris christie at 7%. he's showing a sign of life as well. >> i think there's seven people at this point who could win the primary. we've never had a situation like that. let's remember there's lots of engagement to come. with the exception of donald trump, no other republican has gone after carly fiorina. we still need to see what she's like campaigning under more pressure than she's been under. you got people like rubio, kasich, busch and christie who think they can have a serge here at the end. like i said, i think at this point people tell me seven different people could win this primary and that's a lot more than normal at this stage. >> we are far beyond preseason.
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regular season has begun. that said, when new hampshire voters start seeing the 30 second adds from jeb's campaign and the other campaigns, that's third quarter, fourth kauquarte and we could see big numbers move. >> maybe, maybe not. mark pointed out, we spoke to people in new hampshire over the weekend and they too talking about five or six or seven people could win the primary right now. they felt it would have thinned out by now. but it hasn't. it remains constant. >> it's two people at the top. two outsiders at the top taking away from each other and everyone else clustered at 5-10%. really it's the fall of the
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outside. >> donald trump and marco rubio have been trading over the past week with rubio growing more vocal in his criticism of the front runner and over the weekend trump upped the annie. he had this image for us over the weekend created by a supporter. it's a picture of senator marco rubio as a 6th grader with a quote never hire a boy to do a man's job. it describes rubio as a nice boy who doesn't have the swagger to negotiate with putin. maybe one day when you're all grown up but for now, a real man will do the job. now drink your milk and eat your
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cookies. nap pi time. >> he's the greatest troll ever. >> that's major trolling. >> he tweeted it out. is that an official campaign? >> his twitter feed is his campaign. >> it is on his twitter feed but it's from someone who sent it in. >> trump likes to emasculate his opponents. think about what he's been doing for jeb bush over the last couple of weeks. he's seeing that rubio is rising in the poles and taking this strategy and pointing it at a different candidate and instead of saying he's low energy he's saying he's a young boy. >> he's just saying nap pi time.
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>> and mark, the marco rubio is rising is all the poles bit by bit and point by point. he may not be in first or second but he is a solid third or fourth and a lot of poles we've seen over the past couple of weeks donald trump concerned about rubio's rise. >> they all share the notion that the still photo or graphic represents all the three campaigns believe in the end this means rubio is a kid. he's too young. too much like barack obama. all three think that will kill them. i'm certain that the bush and kasich camps like the fact trump is out there. >> i don't think they will do that. >> all right. we have a lot of news to get this morning. this morning curfews are in effect in south carolina after getting swamped with the
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thousand year storm. look at this. the capitol city columbia is among the hardest hit. city officials say there's been too many rescues to even count. right now the death toll stands at five for some of the worst flooding the state has ever seen. >> two of my naeighbors did not get out. as it was flooding he had to stand on a cadillac to get to safety. it took them a while to get them. they got the boat down there and saved the lady and the man. >> he just made a mistake. there he goes. >> let's get the latest from bill. >> 72 hours of torrential rains in one state. it really missed georgia. southern portions of georgia hit. we got about another six hours
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of this. lighter rainfall amounts heading towards columbia. myrtle beach roads are closed because of the high water. as far as rainfall totals, this is like a snow fall total. south carolina, 26 inches of rain. charlgs ton had 17. columbia 10 inches of rain. columbia got all that rain in 12 hours. three dams that broke all at the same time. >> we're adding more rape. we should see it start to ease. the problems will not. we have flooding across the region. we have hundreds pushed to the ground. they're going to continue to climb here. in fact, some areas a flood
3:24 am
warning will be in effect through the end of this week. we're still getting rain iron kri with all the water on the ground here. there's a real problem with usable water. the system is in disray. several lines snapped. tens of thousands don't have any water and won't for quiet some time. about 98% of the avrmg has been done. what are the issues that's going to come up with these people? they had the homes flooded out. they weren't required to have flood insurance because they weren't in flood zones. when they go to. >> all right bill, we'll be back. thank you for that. still ahead. stuff happens. jeb busch takes heat for his comments from both donald trump and president obama. later he's challenging the
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on the heels of last week's mass shooting in oregon, authorities say they have stopped a plot among high school students that wanted to kill and shoot as many people as possible. four male students as summerville high school in california were arrested friday after police discovered a detail plan to carry out a mass shooting at their school. they said the four students were in the process of securing weapons but the plot was spoiled when fellow students overheard them discussing the plan and reported it to a teacher. this comes days after a massacre in oregon that left nine students and the gunman dead. now disturbing new details are
3:29 am
emerging about what played out in one of the classrooms before the gunman killed the victims. this account comes from the father of one of the survivors. >> she remembers another lady called to the front. the shooter said if you beg for your life, you will not die. the lady began to beg for her life and it wasn't good enough. he shot her. he called for another young man to come up front and said you're the lucky one. you're going to live today. everything you need to know about me and what i'm doing is in my backpack. there's a flash drive and it will give you all the information you need. she heard another lady say to the shooter i'm so sorry for what you've gone through. i'm sorry you've been hurt and he said as lady would say i bet you are but it's not good enough
3:30 am
and with that, he shot her. >> all right. so you know what, i saw a lot of news shows that claims nobody has answers. they say it's just the republicans. if they passed a sledge slags things would be better. what i found is a realization whether it be mass shootings or chicago where 60 people were killed in september. there's no easy answers. there are no easy answers. i read the new york times piece yesterday and was trying to look, what legislation would work here? i'm not afraid of legislation but you go through it and there's no easy answers to any of these questions. i will tell you the one thing i
3:31 am
did note though, the one thing i noticed is this guy knew that if he did this, things like this would happen. he would recognize and write a manifesto and i really would hope and i'm sure there's something terribly wrong with this but fox news yesterday, the dwrask was 290 days in. fox news sunday and we've had more mass shootings than days of the year. i think in part it is an effort for people to get attention. i wish we could stop giving the names over knees people in large part for attention. they go out in their twisted minds as folk heroes.
3:32 am
we ought to be able to address at some level the fact that he had a 14 gun selection in her apartment. including the a.r. 15. an assault weapon. >> again, i understand. but you read again, you read through everything what legislation would stop this guy from being able to purchase a g gun. intelligent people that read the article came to the conclusion i came to. >> he followed the rules. >> he followed the rules. if we're going to stop this guy from buying guns because he got
3:33 am
kicked out of the service. >> let me ask you, does it make sense to you that i don't know, a 20 year old is allowed to buy 25 high powered assault weapons and keep them in his apartment? does that make sense to you? i'm just wondering. >> should the federal government say you should only have this many guns? >> do you think someone should be able to own a complete war chest in his apartment? does that make sense to you? >> no, it doesn't make sense to
3:34 am
me. at what point do we say there's a second amendment but it doesn't apply after you buy how many guns and who determines that? >> there are examples of bills. >> this is the point. there are no easy answers. when tragedies like this happen, that's a really, really good trick on your part, debate trick. >> it's not a trick. >> i'm not saying we should do nothing but following up on the point made the other day, we aren't going the just do something to make us feel good because people will keep getting gunned down in chicago who has incredibly stringent gun control laws. >> i'm saying there's hundreds of these shootings every year now. hundreds. you can't stop all of them with the same legislation and same
3:35 am
measures. but some tightening of the supply, background checks. some of these cases, there are examples of guns gotten illegally. you can't stop every tragedy. it's possible to stop something. >> i'm not an absolutist on this and never have been an absolutist on this. i'll do what works. mike, what works? certainly, we had an after newtne newtown. we went on a rampage for a long time talking about background checks on this show. i support background checks and tightening up whatever stops the trafficking. what legislation? stop what happened in newtown and what happened in oregon. >> none.
3:36 am
>> i don't think anything can happen now but over time a lot of different regulations are put into place. i know it sounds completely constraining to the members of the ara. >> it's not members of the nra. i think i get the credit. we're going after the nra and
3:37 am
the leaders in washington d.c. with a gin jens after newtown. i sit here with fear in the lobby. if we're talking about saving lives, i'm with charles. the other day, we can't just reflectively do things because it makes us feel better. like mike said, let's talk about newtown and oregon. if you're talking about fingerprinting and the gun laws and things by the way that george w. bush supported that saved one of the precious children in newtown and wouldn't have saved anybody in oregon. the question is what do we do?
3:38 am
>> i don't think most americans would want con if i skags or want the federal government to have database. >> i understand. i'm not arguing that. >> i hear we have a system that's out of control and here we are. >> that's crazy. >> my gut reaction is first of all, yes, that's crazy. but secondly, my real reaction is when the president stands up and just talks after everyone of these things happen, my reaction is we need to get people together and figure out. that's all he does.
3:39 am
what could he do all over the world and in washington d.c.? force the issue. instead of pointing fingers at the people which he loves to do, sit down and work on this. the nra tries to block him, republicans try to block him. this guy saw help. in chicago, 60 people dead last month. waiting for the people to get killed and holding a press conference and ig foring the 60 black people that get killed every month in chicago.
3:40 am
every single night black people are getting shot up across this country and nobody's ringing their hands. how did we let past 60 people were gunned down in chicago in september? the majority being black americans. you're right about the fact they're ignored in this country. largely enslaves of various cities very few pay attention to in terms of schools, access to medicine. in terms of access to grocery stores and access to life most importantly. i know people who are afraid to let their young sons and or
3:41 am
daughters at the age of 12, 13, 14 years of age out of the house on weekends. >> and it's only gotten worse over the past year since cops have been put back. >> but you can't get certain cold medicines over the counter. >> can legislation reduce violence without changing gun laws? just ahead. keep it here on morning joe. why put up with that? but the quicksilver card from capital one likes to keep it simple. real simple. i'm talking easy like-a- walk-in-the-park, nothing-to-worry-about, man-that-feels-good simple. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. it's a simple question.
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i know it's a story you've written but how much of the story is you? >> well, i guess i put a lifetime of experience into the book. everybody, is it by a graphical because the main characters suffer from extreme post traumatic stress. >> that part's not but you borrow so much from your decades of war reporting and it seems to me we have here what it does where he can tell more through fiction than he can by writing a nonfiction book. the weakness we've had, we're good together on trk v. what's it like to be that person and in that situation.
3:50 am
i made a career of meeting people on the worst day of their life. that was my career. it was in some way traumatic to visit people in their homes at those times and walk away. i'm bringing that motion. >> it started back 1974 in cyprus where the camera man standing right next to you was blown up. >> my sound man. >> sound man. >> if i was ever going to get post traumatic stress, that would have been the moment. then i was filming and another friend of money was going to help ted and i filmed him the
3:51 am
moment he went over the land mine. the problem for me was when everybody was dead or wounded i was left standing. it wasn't military experience, i was just in the middle of the land field. i still think about that. what i think about is walking past each mine not knowing if this was it. you couldn't see it. i've really thought that probably every day of my life since. that happened 40 years ago. that's definitely an aspect of post traumatic stress. >> you also mentioned something the idea that you're talking to people. tell me about the person who just died and was close to you and you do that for your story that's on film. your story is on film.
3:52 am
but then you leave and you're having dinner. talk about working that out. >> well, it's the worst thing, you know. i think in television it's worse than print. in television you're rushing all the time. everything's a rush. on the one hand that was the hardest part. i met one die and looked in his eye and our eyes met and he looked down and he just realized his son died. my reaction was quick, call the camera man. it was horrific and i had so many of those experiences. richard says dairy on. you realize what you're been
3:53 am
doing. >> how important was this for you to write the book and go back and examine all those things? stop and think about take note of all those things that happened. at the end of the day you come back with a story. worst case that is a tragedy happened because you're driving down the road and don't know what's happening. it's how the reporter and the female deal with the stress and
3:54 am
it's kind of a thriller and a love story and i think, i wanted to make it as authentic as i could. >> the war reporter is available tomorrow. congratulations on the book and incredible career. thank you so much for joining us. coming up, first isis and now iran canadian backed militias are redrawing the boundaries in iraq. we are joined with new reporting just ahead. morning joe will be right back. good. very good. you see something moving off the shelves and your first thought is to investigate the company. you are type e*. yes, investment opportunities can be anywhere... or not. but you know the difference. e*trade's bar code scanner. shorten the distance between intuition and action. e*trade opportunity is everywhere. when you're not confident your company's data is secure, the possibility of a breach can quickly become the only thing you think about.
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coming up at the top of the hour. another day and monster crowd for bernie sanders. la latest poles showing him cementing his lead. what would it take for donald trump to get out of the race? he reveals what that would be ahead. that and so much more when morning joe continues. the key to a happy satisfying life is to always be curious. jibo, how are you doing? i'm great! every moment is our moment. are you enjoying this? it's been such a whirlwind. i want to get to know people and understand their ideas about everything. so you can too.
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an interesting saturday night live. the episode on the my lineals was pitch perfect. welcome back to morning joe. g.o.p. pole. joining the conversation from denver, radio show host hue. >> i didn't see it but i heard hillary did well. >> she did. she tackled a few things. with the help of great writers at snl. keystone and a couple of issues she was late on, she went there. i think that's a good way of dealing with it. >> i heard it was a paid commercial for hillary. >> i did not see it. >> it was funny and gentle but
4:04 am
like watching the candidate she wants to be against the candidate she actually is played by somebody else. it's like this is a loose hillary verses the character hillary. >> donald trump's lead in the early nominating states is shrinking according to a new pole. ben carson has cut trump's lead to five points among potential iowa caucus goers. >> it may be going down in this pole but donald trump still in first place and ben carson also down three points. >> i'm not buying the early
4:05 am
numbers. jon kasich didn't lose in one month. carly did rise. she did great. all people talk about is still donald trump. you get a little conversation sitting in the waiting area about carly fiorina, some about ted cruz but it's all about donald. he's still winning. >> that's the thing whenever i go. outside political circles people want to talk about trump. some starting to talk about carly. if we're talking about breaking through, it's just like we found that's all people, you know, you could sit down with people at dinner and talk an entire dinner about donald trump. >> and i think the other story is bernie sanders which we'll get to in a minute.
4:06 am
we got two people not leaving the top tier. when people's first and second choices are combined. trump and carson are nearly tied. last month second place finisher john kasich dropped. >> i'm not a -- if i were dropping in the spoels and saw i wasn't going to win, why would i continue? it's funny. maybe it's not like me because it's power positive thinking. but the truth is i'm a realist. i'm doing great in the poles right now. i'm not saying everything. i'm leading everything by a lot. >> in the republican primary.
4:07 am
>> i believe in poles. how many elections do you see where the poles are out? not that many. if i were doing poorly, if i saw myself going down, if you would stop calling me because you no longer have an interest in trump because he has no chance, i would go back to my business. i have no problem with that. >> actually he's doing well in general election poles as well. >> we've said so much about trump. is it 30, 35, 40? i think you can also talk about his basement. how low can he go? i think they're, he's got a pretty solid, it seems 20, 21, 22, 23% that stick with him throughout end.
4:08 am
>> if you asked someone in the middle or end of may do you think donald trump will be leading the poles at the end of october? they would have said no. he dominates the discussion of republican politics. everyone talks and discusses donald trump. >> i now when i have friends not in politics, i did it friday night. i had three people around around the kitchen table and they're from florida. i expected jeb and marco. who are you voting for? trump. went to the second, who are you voting for? trump. third? trump. all professionals with advanced
4:09 am
degrees. all the people that manhattan and georgetown don't think vote for donald trump. i set there and said what about jeb? they said everything except he's too low energy. they went all around it. he has dominated it and it's not just the knuckle draggers and far right lingers. >> he draws from all parts of the gop. i think it's the worst part of wishful thinking he is the ceiling. the ceiling is 10%. it's not being able to break past 15%. he's winning. >> again, you look and he's dominating all the conversation
4:10 am
you sit there and wonder whose going to take this guy down a peg or two? >> let me give you two propositions. one is a new term. for give blt factor. second concept comes up when you look at he has not changed the story. if there's an event that threate threatens, that contains the threat. if there's a terrorist attack and oregon is not going to shake up the political race. i saw the debate in the last hour. i agree with you for the same reason. that's not going to effect the
4:11 am
presidential race. >> there isn't a single specific proposal that would stop the massacres the idea there's common sense legislation, whether the 59 murderers in chicago last many, it doesn't exist. i'm going to start adopting sanders hair and start wearing it on the show in the morning. i think that's what's winning it for him. >> alex, sometimes talks into our ear and looked really good. i didn't hear half of what he said because there's remarkable numbers he dug out of the pole. instead of us saying, tell us what you just dug out of this pole. >> it just crossed from our nbc
4:12 am
wall street journal poles. hillary, in iowa down 10 points against jeb. trump up seven points on her in iowa. >> sanders leads trump by five points in iowa. >> we're part of the we're making the same mistake everybody else is making.
4:13 am
i don't think on october 5th we can say that anymore. we look at the head to head match ups. the national poles don't matter. the early stake poles drive the discussion. >> these poles are showing the elect blt has been redefined this time around. elect blt is the reason they might vote for them. not only do voters care that much about elect blt this year, the whole concept has been changed when you have someone leek bernie sanders doing better. if you look at somebody like donald trump, let's talk about the celling and floor. he may have the floor of 20%. he may bleed off people supporting him. he's the last name they herd on the news. if he stopped 15-20% in a field reverse and broad as the republican field, that could mean elect blt.
4:14 am
that could mean he could win iowa. you don't need 30, 40, 50% back in 2008 you had john mccain consid considered. then in 2012 we had mitt romney. he lost the presidential election. they're going why aren't you pickup trucking a true conservative on the ballot. the reason they lost they went too far to the right.
4:15 am
a conservative saying the op sichlt it's no resolution of the debate. that's why nobody really has a concrete single definition. >> so when talking about elect blt mika pointing out an eye popping number. this is the headline. carly fiorina leads hillary clinton in iowa, the most purple of purple states in presidential elections by 14 points. she leads her 52-38% but when sanders is matched up against the republicans, his numbers are stronger. he leads trump by five and merely trails bush and fiorina. hillary is losing in iowa to carly by 14 points but carly and bernie sanders are in the same. >> there's a word i used for
4:16 am
carly after the first debate. she's terrifying to democrats. >> she is terrifying. >> i want to talk. >> in a good way. >> you brought up a great point. i voted against the republican nominee in the primary in 1996. i didn't vote for mccain in 2008. i didn't vote for romney in 12. he's a smart choice. >> carly is going full reagan. we'll see lots of dempt plays
4:17 am
come out. i bet you joe biden will be leading all the republicans as well. it reflects hillary clinton as a horrible candidate. when she's done with the benghazi hearings, she's a terrible candidate. >> all right. from his perspective, i can imagine. >> in new hampshire carly is beating hillary by eight points in new hampshire. losing 50-42% to carly. she's beating trump but she's lose to go carly by eight points. >> this is to other republican candidates. she terrifies democrats because they're afraid of her. this is why ted cruz's biggest backer gave $500,000 to have her in the race and have this effect. it's a powerful one. she's the only woman on that stage for the republicans. it does make a huge difference for them.
4:18 am
>> i want to under line this again. we have underlined bernie sanders. think about it, i win new hampshi hampshire, two states, three electoral votes made george bush president in 2000. carly beating hillary clinton by eight points in the latest pole in new hampshire and 14 in iowa. help me get my arms around it. >> 14 points. >> i don't understand it. i do understand carly's appeal in the republican field and understand there's a stocking horse aspect funded by you just pointed out one of cruz's guys to keep her in the field. i do understand she presents a
4:19 am
direct opposite. every time she appears in the debate, i think somewhere in the voter's minds they contrast her with hillary clinton and hillary loses. >> and she's the opposite of trump. she's controlled, precise, prim, very well first on policy. >> precise is right. >> if you want your nonpolitician acandidate and trump isn't your thing, you have fiorina. >> the ones i talk to are passing the graveyard on hillary saying she's going to win. carly has been on 40 times and never not guilty been prepared. she use to do earnings calls
4:20 am
every quarter. she is extremely well prepared as is donald trump. it's not surprising. there's a best media candidates and hillary is the worst. >> we're in such a hyper media age that's exactly right. >> hillary is the worst performer. i will say this again. anybody who meets hillary and knows hillary for the most part likes her. she's likable in social settings, very engaging. i told the story before and will tell it again. i met her in 95 and went back to pensacola, florida. what was she like?
4:21 am
she's really nice. sort of a mid-western methodist. they set there horrified and she goes on tv and they were like he's right. >> here we go again. >> the big money done nors are starting to pay attention. >> i'm sure you guys are covering this as well but it looks like she's on the short list of candidates the -- support. and she also has tee boone pickens hosting luncheons for her and also tom per kins, venture capitolist plan fundraising gala's for her in the next few months. >> we said thatcher a couple of times and i saw her in new hampshire and i told her the biggest compliment i could do is compare somebody to margaret
4:22 am
thatcher in 1975. >> the most remarkable act. >> hillary is very tentative and always afraid she's going to get t-boned and that shows every time she comes out on staej. >> that's a perfect way to put it. >> she has been t-boned 20 times. >> yes. >> she has been through a lot. >> none of those things. in fact, you can barely find the policy paper on the websites of the candidates except for
4:23 am
hillary clinton, by the way. which have you rather have? 30 pages on social security? >> she and jeb can both catch up in 2017 with the policy pages. right now they're going to have to figure out. >> i want a candidate who has policy papers. i am alone in america. i am alone. >> i want a candidate who has policy papers too but you need some kind of unifying theme to hold it all together. if that's a theme you can put on the hat, that's all the better. we got to find candidates who can do both. here's by 30 point plan to save america and read it on my website. americans are busy. it's not that they're dumb, they're busy people. i want to know who you are in
4:24 am
your heart and what your gut is and what you're about. if you can convey that, you're beginning to get a sense of what she's about. you don't necessarily need to 30 policy papers at this point in the race as long as voters have a sense of who you are and what you're going for. >> you remember the 1960 election. john kennedy changed the way american politics was conducted. just did. it became, the tv became the medium and you had to play for the camera. i've got a feeling kristin is exactly right. 2016 changes everything. we have all of these outsiders teaching all of these insiders what to do and whatnot to do. i've got a feeling four years from now you're going to have a lot of insiders to figure things out. we are sitting through a historic, they're going to say game change too. this is election is the game changer. >> messaging is also part of
4:25 am
game changer this year. look at the two front runner, trump and bernie sanders. people understand it, show up, applaud it. both candidates, trump and bernie, they've been the same, preaching the same message 20, 25, 30 years. messaging is the key this year. cosmetics plays a huge roll. how are you in tv? hillary clinton had a terrific foreign policy speech three years ago. go find it. >> and command the social media. sanders and trump. >> hewiue hue, thank you. still ahead, could jason be the next speaker of the house? we're going to talk to the congressman who isn't happy with john boehner's hand picked choice. plus with an air strike on
4:26 am
doctors without borders an air crime? you're watching morning joe. we'll be right back. job too, a. (friends gasp) the app where you put fruit hats on animals? i love that! guys, i'll be writing code that helps machines communicate. (interrupting) i just zazzied you. (phone vibrates) look at it! (friends giggle) i can do dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs... you name it. i'm going to transform the way the world works. (proudly) i programmed that hat. and i can do casaba melons. i'll be helping turbines power cities. i put a turbine on a cat. (friends ooh and ahh) i can make hospitals run more efficiently... this isn't a competition! gluten free.
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28 after the hour. the you blames the u.s. for air strikes that killed 22 people including a dozen staff members and three children and destroyed this intensive care unit. military officials tell nbc news that an ac 30 gunship armed with multiple candidates was over at the time. joining us now associate editor for the washington post david. david, can you add some reporting to this story which is unfathomable in so many ways. ? it's a terrible story. we don't have the details. i just want to note the seriousness of the accusation. early saturday it is ill ledgal
4:30 am
with doctors with borders was under sustained attack from u.s. war planes over the area. that trauma center was attacked so harshly there were 22 dead and others wounded. they demanded further calling this evidence of a war crime there been an independent investigation. the u.s. military as it always does in these situations said we'll conduct an inconsider ri over statements of the secretary of defense and doctors without borders say that's not enough. we need international authority to conduct. that's going to be a painful spectacle. the one final thing to say, this is an important city in the north of afghanistan, the taliban swept in and it looked for a moment as if it would fall which would been a major loss for the government.
4:31 am
their forces backed by the u.s. and backed by u.s. planes and forces on the ground seemed to have pushed the taliban back but in the process this terrible attack. >> david, to suggest a war crime was committed would suggest that the united states military would sbepgsally target doctors without borders. there's no evidence of that, is there? >> no. >> all it does is cause people like us to talk about et and actually damage the american cause in afghanistan. >> i think, joe, in situations le like this, mistakes are made in war. that's part of the terrible story. one point your hitting another. it's true in these days of war, fighters hide in places like hospitals, schools and terrible damage results. in this case it's going to take
4:32 am
a while to find out what happened. i think the difficulty for the u.s. is for this investigation to be credible and again, this is like kidding the red cross's people in afghanistan, doctors without borders is one of the most respectable ones there is. when they want ann investigation, they're going to get one. >> let talk about syria. the situation seems to keep deinvolving. what is the latest? the new york times has headlines this morning that the united states is aiming to put more pressure on isis in syria but it is really hard reading the statements barack obama and john kerry over the past week to figure out exactly what those two leaders want out of syria and russia and the united states
4:33 am
military. can you clear it up for us? >> yes. to speak to the new steps taken in syria, let me describe them. i've been writing about them for the last few weeks. there is a force in northeast syria made up mainly of serian kurds who are some of the toughest fighters in this region. they have captured on the order of 17,000 square kilometers of isis in the northeast and waiting for resupply from air drops that will come from u.s. planes based in kuwait. they will drop supplies for them and fighters who fight with them were arabs who might have more credibility moving towards the isis capitol. what's been approved now is an operation in northeast syria is to move down towards moro cesarecca
4:34 am
with 25,000 kurds on the ground with maybe 3-5,000 arab fighters on the ground moving within a tight circle around isis cutting it off in resupply even as the u.s. continues to provide air support. it's one of the few areas in syria where real pressure can be brought to bare and the white house timely friday after weeks of delay approves it. >> talk about the degree of difficulty involved here. you got the 25,000 kurds, the fierce fighting force, very successful in the past, they've come close to mingling with the kurds. talk about the difficulty of those forces. >> the deal struck with the turkish government was the serian curdish faitheighters woe continued to allow to operate so
4:35 am
long as they did not move west of ewe frayties river. you have to have in your mind a map of syria. not sure all of us do but the refr bisects the border and they've come right up to the river and they said go there but no further. we're going to take care of the rest of the border. the second thing the t rururks it can capture the territory but shouldn't hold the territory. that should be held by arab forces, by serian forces. those are the rules of the road. for a moment the turks have allowed this to go forward without saying anything. to be honest, they have enough problems west of the ewe frayties they'll let these guys take care of the fighting in the east. >> patrick kennedy does one thing you're not suppose to do in the kennedy family and that's
4:36 am
to talk about the family. he opens up about his family's battle with alcoholism. stay with us. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
4:37 am
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i just had a horrible nightmare. my company's entire network went down, and i was home in bed, unaware. but that would never happen. comcast business monitors my company's network 24 hours a day and calls and e-mails me if something, like this scary storm, takes it offline. so i can rest easy. what. you don't have a desk bed? don't be left in the dark. get proactive erts 24/7. comcast business. built for business. former congressman patrick kennedy has been sober now for six years.
4:40 am
he says addressing the adiction that's plagued his famous political family. on 60 minutes last night he broke the family's code of silence. >> i'm going to quote you from book. my father went on in silent desperation for much of his life self-medicating and passing his trauma on to my sister, brother and me. >> that's right. self-medicating. that was the alcohol. >> yes, it was the alcohol. >> do you think it was the alcohol? >> i still now have trouble talking about this. this is like breaking the family code here. i am now outside the family
4:41 am
line. it's so intense my mother would be ineastbound ree appreciated and under the influence she would walk around in the middle of the day in a terry cloth bath robe and the amazing thing is here you have all of these leading policy makers in the country in and out of the house coming in and out watching this and no one saying a word. the shame just becomes. >> you felt the shame. >> it felt like oh my god they're going to see. quick, let's get back into your -- i just understood this was not something that you want anyone to see. >> patrick kennedy joins us to talk more about his new memb err error here on morning joe tomorrow.
4:42 am
>>. >> they talked more about the interview where he opened up the car door and joan was in the backseat and he looked at her and looked at him and just basically this is what i'm dealing with every day. this is not just the kennedys. this is a disease. you're getting treated like a disease back then. >> no, it's not just the kennedys. unfortunately, for the kennedys, they were like the trueman show. everything was all the time. the glare, the cameras on him all the time. it's a tough story. it was a tough sad story to witness and see her. >> all right. he'll be talking more about this tomorrow on morning joe. up next, has congress finally found something it can agree on? >> senator joins us for the bipartisan plan that could bring
4:43 am
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4:46 am
so, you can breathe easier all day. zyrtec®-d. at the pharmacy counter. we're in a difficult time in our country. i don't think more government is the answer. i think we need to reconnect ourselves with everybody else. it's sad to see. i resist the notion and i had this challenge as governor. we have stuff happen. there's always a crisis. the impulse is always to do something and it's not necessarily the right thin g to do. >> i don't think i have to react to that one. i think the american people should hear that and make their own judgments based on the fact every couple of months. we have a mass shooting.
4:47 am
they can decide that stuff happening. the main thing i'm going to do is talk about this on a regular basis and i'll plit size it. make sure we doptd allow 24 don allow this to get out of control. sometimes your opposing solutions to a problem that doesn't fix the problem. >> stuff happens. >> it wasn't a mistake. i said exactly what i wanted to say. why would you explain to me what i said. >> things happen all the time. >> this is a perfect example of politics, of just stupid sort of pack mentality.
4:48 am
jonathan coming to jeb's defense on friday because he's started talking about oregon and then he went general when he was governor of florida, right. >> basically, not every crisis to man's government response. it was probably unwise to try to make that point after being asked a question about it. >> right. and you can't legislate your way out of every crisis. you can even look at the text and where. >> it seems like he's paralleling though. you can't have a government response to everything that happened including. >> that's fair. he talked about oregon and said when i was governor of florida. >> right. making a parallel. so he was talking about oregon. >> no, he wasn't. >> and the question is why shouldn't we respond when something repeatedly happens? >> we should respond. >> again and again and again and
4:49 am
again. >> we shall respond. we should do more than talk. the president said i'm going to talk about it. i think he just explained his entire presidency. he loves talking about things. >> i don't think that explains his entire presidency. we can debate that at the time. >> at least it's foreign policy. >> democrats and republicans together. criminal substance. what's happened? people started with the left and a lot of people. liberals talking about criminal reform. this seems to be a very special moment when things are coming together. >> amidst all the noise there's actually some real work getting done. in this case it's based in large part of what's been happening in the states in places like texas where we've realized being tough on crime is not good enough.
4:50 am
you have to be smart and realize people are going to get out and make sure they're better equipped so they don't come out. providing incentives to deal with drug and alcohol addiction and other things so don't feel life of crime and can be a productive citizen is a good thing. >> it seemed like the stars aligned for this, the president and david koch. then we've seen an attack on the war on police, attack on the black lives matter, which seems to have poisoned the environment for this to matter. is it harder than it was two months ago? >> i don't think so, but what it indicates to me is there are some larger problems with regard to how do we deal with authorities and police and how do we deal with the feeling on the part of some parts of the community that they're not being treated fairly or being targe d targeted. this criminal justice bill is
4:51 am
one that enjoys broad bipartisan support. i also think, mika, we need to do some things on the mental health common element in these mass shootings and to fix the broken safety net when it comes to mental health treatment. >> how do we do that? and when we -- i say we. will republicans step up to the plate and understand that sometimes we actually do have to spend more money. i want to balance the budget, i want to take on entitlement reform, make a lot of really tough choices as a party but we got to spend more on mental health and spend it more wisely, right? >> it's called the mental health and safe community act i submitted months ago. one of the things we can do is take money on ones that don't work and put it on ones we think needs to work and empower families with more options rather than involuntary commitment or doing nothing. there are many people living on the street who are mentally ill,
4:52 am
our jails are populated by people who are mentally ill. those need to be handled differently from people committing ordinary street crime. >> isn't this something republicans and democrats can join in on, too? >> i think it is. we have come to realize that like our criminal justice system, our mental health system after the deinstitutionalization basically created no option for treatment other than jails and emergency rooms. we can do a lot better and we can save some money by not throwing people in jail when they're mentally ill and providing them treatment so they can get better and lead more productive lives. >> word association game. donald trump. >> he's the leading candidate in the republican primary, for now. >> carly. >> i know carly from a race in california. she's done a great job. >> ted cruz. >> the june why are senator from texas. >> yay!
4:53 am
senator john cornyn, thank you so much! we'll be back in a moment. that was the perfect answer. unitedhealthcare insurance company, go long. how you plan is up to you. take healthcare. make sure you're covered for more than what just medicare pays... consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company... the only medicare supplement plans that carry the aarp name, and the ones that millions of people trust year after year. always have a plan. plan well. enjoy life. go long. when sends craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes? great proposal! let's talk more over golf. great. how about over tennis? even better. a game changer! the ready for you alert, only at they come into this iworld ugly and messy.
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4:56 am
up next, a sunny new set of polls out this morning from iowa and new hampshire. bernie sanders now running stronger than hillary clinton in head-to-head general election matchups. and that's an understatement. >> and then you look at what carly is doing against hillary. we'll be back live in just a few minutes and break down the numbers.
4:57 am
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now, i asked melania to be here tonight to help clear up some of the lies that the losers and morons are saying about me like i hate women. how can i hate women when i have the greatest is right here. >> he loves women. he always says that women is a knockout. that woman is a ten. that woman is a ten but she used to be a seven. >> everyone says i'm not nice to women.
5:01 am
>> like megyn kelly. he was worried about her. he was worried she was bleeding. >> i love megyn kelly. she's great but she a heifer who is always on her period and i hope she dies. >> tell them your plan for economy. >> it's very simple. you see, i get in there, taxes go down, everybody gets a job, salaries go way up, we build a wall, it's huge. over in china they're going to say, "now that's a wall." >> snl was good. i was up waiting for my kid. in joyed it. joining us, mike barnicle and political writer for the "new york times." >> news flash. we get the nbc news "wall street journal" poll halfway through the show.
5:02 am
>> the world turned upside down. hillary clinton trails jeb bush by 11 points, a reversal from where they were in february. she loses to donald trump in iowa by 5 points and clinton is down 14 points, 50 to 38%? >> let's stop right there. >> this is a state that barack obama won in 2008. barack obama won in 2008 and 2012. hillary clinton now losing to jeb by 11, losing to donald trump by 5 and losing to carly fiorina by 14 points. mike barnicle, let's just stop right there. i don't know that -- carly is having an incredible run. i think this is about carly but a lot of it is about hillary clinton. >> it's caution versus you a --
5:03 am
authenticity. carly fiorina, whatever you might think about her business career, she comes across as prepared and authentic. and hillary clinton comes across as cautious. hugh hewitt had the most apt description i've ever heard, she's like somebody who has been involved in 20 automobile accidents behind a car. >> and jeb bush is constantly being ripped apart by the media for his failing campaign. we're talking iowa. we're not talking about alabama here. we're talking about a purple to blue leaning state. >> it's one state, we should see that. >> but new hampshire is another. we'll show new hampshire next. >> it's fascinating if the argument for her as well, she's having a hard time but later on, this is going to hurt that, it hurts that argument. >> so we've got that. now looking at how senator bernie sanders stacks up.
5:04 am
sanders defeats donald trump in iowa, while he narrowly loses to both jeb bush and carly fiorina, who also performs best against opponents. >> you can no longer say hillary clinton is the best with her performance. we saw these numbers with biden a couple of weeks ago but now it's bernie, the socialist democrat who is faring much better than -- >> people have been asking for weeks, who can beat donald trump, who can take him down? there's your answer, bernie sanders. >> in new hampshire, vice president joe biden does better losing to bush by on one point and ahead of trump by 9. >> i was going to say, also, mika is carly fiorina.
5:05 am
i think we saw carly fiorina beating hillary clinton by 8 points. in new hampshire. again, mike, another state that is more democratic than republican in presidential election years. >> part of it it reminds me a great book about hollywood written by rich goldman. the title of his book is "nobody knows nothing." looking at these numbers, i think i'm one of those people. nobody knows nothing. >> and we have a truck riding on that. >> new hampshire is really interesting what's going on up there. we had mark halperin on earlier today. part of bernie's -- you can contribute it to vermont, they know him. but his biggest element is his authentici
5:06 am
authenticity. he's consistent. look at the crowd he drew in boston over the weekend, largest crowd in years since gene mccarthy. >> 20,000 people and a lot of young people standing outside that couldn't get in. >> yeah. it because of his message. it not because he's the most charismatic guy in the race clearly, but his message rings true. nick spoke to this earlier. he's speaking to a group of people, many of them in college, probably get out of college, saddled probably between 50 and $100,000 of debt and they come from homes where their parents have gotten a pay rates in 15, 20 years. the ripple effect is enormous with bernie sanders. >> 20,000 people there and look at the crowds outside during the speech. >> this is in boston. >> the same poll also shows bernie sanders maintaining his lead over hillary clinton in new hampshire. he's still ahead by 9 points in the first of the nation primary state. and when vice president joe
5:07 am
biden is included as an option in the poll, sanders' lead jumps to 14 points. he's having a similar effect on the numbers in iowa. without him hillary clinton leads sanders by 11 points, 47% to 36. but when the vice president is included, her lead over sanders in iowa falls to 5 points. and it was also a record breaking weekend for sanders in massachusetts. we showed you the crowd of more than 20,000 people who turned out to see him speak at the boston convention and exhibition center on saturday. the "boston globe" reports it's the largest rally for a presidential primary candidate in recent state history, topping, doubling the 10,000 people barack obama drew to the boston common back in 2008. and a few thousand didn't even make it inside, watching on screens set up in an overflow area. earlier in the day in springfield, massachusetts sanders drew a crowd of about
5:08 am
6,000. there he addressed the way the media is reacting to last week's announcement that his campaign raised $26 million in the third quarter. >> they want to know how does it happen that 650,000 americans have made well over a million individual contributions in this campaign. [ cheers and applause ] >> so i'm proud to tell you that our campaign is a different type of campaign. it is a grass roots campaign designed not only to elect someone to be president of the united states but to build a political movement! [ cheers and applause ] >> that's what this is. >> and a political movement he is building. i had someone early on in my political career tell me you know, the $2,000 checks, those
5:09 am
are great, get somebody to give you $10 and they're invested, just as much or even more than the person who wrote you a $2,000 check. that's what we said is happening here. we tried to compare it to barack obama but you say this is more grass roots than barack obama. >> obama combined big donors and small donors, it worked well for him. sanders is all small donor money, almost every cent it. it's people who give $10 and then give again the next month and again and again. he says i hate the billionaires, i don't want their money. it goes with the message and the medium and the guy and the fund-raising. all is unified. >> mike, this is a u-2 concert. it really is. this is 20,000 people jammed in -- >> going crazy. on a dark, cold day.
5:10 am
>> maybe another 2,500 to 5,000 outside, 6,000 in springfield, massachusetts, 90 miles to the west of boston. it's highly reminiscent to me of the gene mccarthy came pain in the spring of 1968. both campaigns were waged against the war, the war in vietnam in 1968 with gene mccarthy and. war against the existing economic system. this winter. this fall and this winter. and both have drawn, attracted and kept a huge, huge base of support. >> so we have news on senator elizabeth warren. she said while she once signed a letter urging hillary clinton to enter the 2016 presidential race, that should not be taken as an endorsement of the former secretary of state. >> you were one of many female democratic senators to sign a letter a few years ago urging secretary clinton to run. should that be seen as an endorsement in itself?
5:11 am
>> she's running, along with other people and they're getting their ideas out there and i think that's what should happen during this part of the season. >> so you just wanted her to run? >> i want everyone who wants to run for president to get out there, put their ideas out there, talk about their ideas with the american people. that's how it should be. that's how democracy is supposed to work. >> i want everybody to run. >> that's the impression you get. wow. there are some people backing off here. >> senator warren was also asked which candidate she would endorz. >> it will be hillary, i'm sure. >> look, at this moment i don't know because i'm not there. what i do know is that people are out talking about these key ideas and i think that's exactly the right thing to do. i think we should be talking about the role that the major financial institutions play, not just in this economy but play in
5:12 am
the political sphere. >> her message really does -- >> wow. >> at this point bernie sanders drawing 20,000 people, it would be seen as a betrayal of her base to endorse somebody like hillary clinton versus bernie, right? she can't do that. >> i would think so. i don't know what's going on with her. >> i think the price of her endorsement of hillary clinton is going to be very high, very, very high. especially on some very specific and substantive financial regulation issues that warren wants to see addressed. hillary clinton has talked about some of it -- >> or she's running with joe biden. >> which she didn't deny when asked. >> i think it's a real possibility. can you imagine how that would do? would they get crowds? >> i think that would be massive. >> you're saying no? are you going to get me another truck? >> no. would who get crowds? >> elizabeth warren and joe
5:13 am
biden. >> oh, they'd get sanders crowds. >> people would just come running, like they do to bosnian serby sanders. hillary clinton did earn the endorsement of the largest teacher's organization. however, the international association of firefighters informed the clinton campaign last week that it is abandoning initial plans to endorse her after polling their rank and file. >> according to mayrist polls, donald trump is still way ahead.
5:14 am
>> ben carson has cut trump's lead to 5 points. >> that's really a war of attrition. >> carly fiorina in third at 8%, jeb bush at 7, ted cruz, marco rubio and bobby jindal all at 6%. in new hampshire trump has dropped 7 points while carly fiorina has gained 10. jeb bush in third with rubio and carson tied for 4th. last month's second place finisher john kasich has dropped 6 points into 7th place. trump still dominates in national polling. in an open ended survey with no names provided, 25% of republican voters named trump. 16% said carson. rubio and carly fiorina at 8%, ted cruz at 6 and only 4% named jeb bush. that's fascinating. >> you know what you call that?
5:15 am
you call this impressive. you brought up the point. let's stop talking about floors and ceilings. donald trump has 25% and nobody else is even close. >> if you're winning, you're winning. if you're leading in the two first states, you're winning. there's this whole idea in campaigns, well, if i lose iowa and still win new hampshire, i can still win if i get like florida and the next five states. that's not how it works. when you lose twice, people kind of run away from you and it's ugly. >> people don't remember how compressed those first two weeks are. i remember pat buchanan talking about how he considered a win in iowa worth $100 million in advertising. you win in iowa, it's $100 million in earned media. you win in new hampshire, it's $100 million in earned media. and if lose iowa and you lose
5:16 am
new hampshire for hillary clinton, that's two weeks of horrific bleeding politically. if you're donald trump and you win iowa and new hampshire, you actually get to a point here, and this is what halperin and i talk about, it's going to be hard for any republican to catch you because then you turn south. donald trump is going to sweep through the south. he's going to sweep through south carolina if what's happening now is any indication of what's going to be happening next spring. >> we're talking about it right now. it's october 5th. iowa and new hampshire are boom, boom. boom, boom. if you take two shots to the jaw in iowa and new hampshire, the referee is going to stop the fight. you're done. because of your expertise, the money. he'd chop his arm off and his leg off and leg off, it's a flesh wound.
5:17 am
no, it's not. you're dead. >> the reports that authorities foiled another school shooting plot, this time in california. and still to come on "morning joe," congressman jason chaff el chaffetz is looking to grab the gavel. >> bill karins. >> the pictures are incredible. colombia colombia, south carolina had the most rain ever had. because of the 6 inches that fell saturday night into sunday morning, 3 dams gave way. thousands of people had to be rescued in the area. about 30,000 people had to leave their homes and all of these people are going to be dealing with this over the next couple of days. there's about 300 roads that are closed. there's 120 bridges shut down in the area and there's water
5:18 am
problems. the fresh water is just gone throughout the area. areas like the university of south carolina, they have no fresh water for all the students. they're going to be bringing in bottled water for all the students today. a huge catastrophe in the area. this guy did what you're not supposed to do, drove in the area and had to be rescued by fire crews. you can see we're still watching from wilmington to myrtle beach. now it's funneling further north. so south carolina, you finally get your break today. the highest total was almost 26, 27 inches of rain. it was so wide spread. that's why we have such problems with the water out there. we were done with the flash flooding and river flooding. we'll leave you with a shot of not the only areas. this is virginia beach. they had a lot of flooding on
5:19 am
the coast this weekend and recovery is going to take days. more "morning joe" when we come back.
5:20 am
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authorities in northern california say they have stopped a plot among high school students that wanted to, quote, kill and shoot as many people as possible. four male students at somerville high school in california were arrested. he said the four students were in the process of securing weapons but the plot was foiled when fellow students overherd
5:23 am
th -- overheard them discussing the plan and told a teacher, thank god. today umpqua campus won't reoil but classes won't resume until next week. >> this comes from the father of one of the survivors. >> she rememrs another lady that was called for the front and the shooter says, "if you will beg for your life, you will not die." lacy's hearing all of this. the lady began to beg for her life and apparently it wasn't good enough. he shot her. he called for another young man to come up front and said, "you're the lucky one, you're going to live today. everything you need to know about me and what i'm doing is in my backpack. it will give you all the information you need." she then heard another lady say
5:24 am
to the shooter, "i'm so sorry for what you've gone through. i'm so sorry that you've been hurt and he said, as lacy would say, "i bet you are but it's not good enough." and with that he shot her. >> you know what, i saw a lot of news shows this week talking about this, this weekend, and nobody has any answers. the president gets up and claims it's really easy, it's just republicans. >> no, it isn't. >> it's just republicans, if they just passed some legislation, things would be better. what i found in this shooting, mike, seemed to be a realization and whether it's these mass shootings or it's chicago where 60 people were killed in september. there are no easy answers. there are no easy answers. i read the "new york times" piece yesterday and was trying
5:25 am
to look for, well, what legislation will work here. i'm not afraid of legislation. but you go through it and there are no easy answers to any of these questions. i will tell you the one thing i did note, though, the one thing i noticed is that this guy knew that if he did this, things like this would happen and he would be recognized and they would write a manifesto. and i really would hope and i'm sure that there's just something terribly wrong with this but i saw on fox news yesterday the fox graphic, we're 290 days in and we have basically more mass shootings than days of the year. i think in part it is an effort for people to get attention. i really wish we could stop giving the names of these people who are committing these heinous crimes in large part for the
5:26 am
attention because they go out in their twisted minds as folk heros. >> look, there are no easy anns that are going to unlock whatever disease, whatever poison was in this guy's mind. we're not going to be able to answer that. weep are going to be able to address or we ought to be able to address at some level the fact -- the fact that he had a 14-gun collection in his apartment. 14 guns, including -- including a.r. 15, the assault rifle. >> why does he need that? we can do legislation on that. >> i understand that but, again, you read through everything and you read through the "times" article and i'm trying piece through what legislation would stop this guy from being able to purchase a gun? >> here what's his father says -- >> but here's the point, though. you read the times article, you
5:27 am
read everything about this guy, intelligent people that read that article came to the same conclusion i did. >> he followed the rules. >> he followed the rules. >> if we're going to stop this guy from buying guns, like 100 million people are going to be ineligible to purchase guns. again, there are no easy answers. >> except why is someone that young allowed to purchase that many guns, including some of these high powered -- why is someone allowed to -- >> it has nothing to do with his age. >> let me ask you, does it make sense to that, i don't know, a 20-year-old is allowed to buy 25 high powered assaults and keep them in his apartment? does that make sense to you? >> you say, "aloutd." does the federal government say you can only have this many guns? >> do you think someone should be able to own a complete war chest in his apartment? does that make sense to you?
5:28 am
>> no, it doesn't make sense to me. >> i'm just wondering. >> it doesn't make sense to me. >> okay. >> it goes beyond that, what law are you going to pass? everybody thinks it easy a answers. i'm with you. we have to stop the school shootings but what law -- do we ban people from buying more than three guns, five beguguns, seve guns? at what point do we say there's a second amendment but it doesn't apply after you buy three guns? the point is there are no easy answers. tragedies like this happen but that's a really good trick on your part -- >> it's not a trick. >> to say i'm not say we go should do nothing but following up on the point made the other day, we aren't going to just do something to make us feel good because people will keep getting gunned done in chicago who have
5:29 am
incredibly stringent gun control laws. >> there are hundreds of these sheetings every year now. hundreds of them, right? you can't stop all of them with the same legislation, the same measures. but some tightening of the supply, background checks, gun show loopholes. in this case there are some examples of guns gotten illegally. you can't stop every tragedy but it's possible to stop some of them i think. >> coming up republican congressman jason chaffetz. he joins us on his first full day of his campaign for speaker of the house. plus -- >> when trump announced he was running, i thought it was funny but that was four months ago and he's winning. it's not funny anymore. i think america has to stop doing things because it's funny. that's what makes me so mad about trump.
5:30 am
now that he's winning, now i actually have to go out and vote. that's the one good thing about a trump presidency so terrifying, it actually scares people my age into paying attention to politics. >> snl says donald trump is driving younger voters to the polls but democrats are reaping the reward. ronan fair pharaoh says the numbers suggest other wheeze.
5:31 am
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chairman of the house, republican congressman jason chaffetz of utah, very good to have you on the show this morning. >> congressman, these are messy affairs. i've been through this before when gingrich was being pushed out and others were trying to come in. but usually the empire truck back and the empire always won. do you really have a chance of beating the hand picked successor of john boehner? >> well, look, i'm not running against kevin mccarthy. he's a good man. i am running for the speaker of the house. i think our conference deserves a choice. i think the american public, our constituents and our conference
5:35 am
want a fresh start, and they want a fresh face. i don't think they just want to automatically promote the existing leadership team. >> isn't kevin mccarthy a fresh face? >> well, you are running against kevin mccarthy. he's a good guy. >> yeah, he is a good guy. >> why would you be better than kevin? >> i think we need a fresh start. we need a speaker who speaks and articulates our message and takes that fight to the senate, the divide and a chalmers. and he has a math problem. you need 218 on the floor of the house to win the speakership. unfortunately i think he's shy of the 21. i'm offing myself to bridge that
5:36 am
gulf and instead tifr -- >> what fight would you be better at bridging than mccarthy? >> we need to unite our conference and figure out where we're going to hold the line. a lot of us are very concerned about the debt and the deficit. very concerned about aspect of obama care. there are things that need support to build up our military. our frn. >> when we heard the president, for instance, say that he has no negotiations on the debt ceiling, that's not palatable to a lot of us. we don't want to continue to have to go to the chinese to borrow money. we actually want to change the trajectory of spending in this
5:37 am
nation and get our fiscal house in order. we need to internally figure out what bill he's going to put on the desk. >> would you be willing to shut down the government for the debt fight in. >> our job as speaker is to get a -- they've complained, i've heard, from a lot of my friends that are there and others is that john boehner would do things and overwhelming majority of the caucus would have no idea what was going to happen nand i heard it was even worse than it was when gingrich was there, that there was absolutely no communication with the range and file. first of all, has that been the case? and do you think that would be the case if kevin mccarthy
5:38 am
became speaker? >> well, i'm going to speak for myself. as a rank and you file member, a new committee chairman, it is fruting when you walk to a conference meeting and you read online what the speak ser going to say and do and then the 30 minute later he actually says it it. i don't expect to put bills on the floor that i would vote for. i want to put bills on the floor that might fail. let the will of the. >> did kevin mcmccarthy make a terrible mistake by suggesting to sean hannity that the republican party's biggest success was driving down hillary's poll numbers with the benghazi investigation? >> it was a terrible mistake but
5:39 am
it was a mistake. it was unfortunate. it was wrong. he's apologized for it. i beef hmm. >> do you believe that soap -- i'm arguing that one of my strong suits is going on camera and making the case to the american people. everybody has plusses and minuses, one of the reasons we have such a strong majority in the house is because of. >> are you better at doing beth than krch mccarty? >> i think so. >> i don't thinkman, thing you very much. >> thank you for coming on. we hope kevin comes on, too. kevin is a great guy. when i was a member of the house, this isn't a knock on
5:40 am
kevin, but you would automatically -- it would be luke success. it are balance you wouldn't get the first that could make the best argument for the republican party and we got killed time and time again. we'd love to have kevin come back on. would love to have have him back on and talk. >> still ahead, ben bernanke says more bankers should be in jail in the wake of the 2008 fiscal crisis. that's story and more still ahead on "morning joe." you drop 40 grand on a new set of wheels, then... wham! a minivan t-bones you. guess what: your insurance company will only give you 37-thousand to replace it.
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5:44 am
it's time for brian sullivan. ben bernanke, more brokers should bejames he thinks. that's a shock. >> it is a shock. they never speak candidly, they sort of mumble jumble. now he's out, hoose got this book out, "a courage to act" saying he thinks more federal executives should have been prosecuted, one of the key cakeaways from severity of the financial crisis. bern key got criticized early because he was relatively untested.
5:45 am
>> in 2008, we didn't know how far down the cliff we would fall. >> by the way, you can replace me when i go. >> troy: when lehman collapsed, i was there on a sunday just seeing if i could get ahold of everybody. and i had some pretty high-level government pop ask me things likes what's a credit default swap? what a leverage. i don't blame them but it just kind of shows you it caught everybody by surprise. >> and moments during that crisis when tuf, grown, wall streetmen wrok buon if. >> been bernanke, hank paulson, george w. bush and barack obama
5:46 am
from september the 15th through the new year did a lot of things that a lot of us did not like. the economy survived. history will be kind it ronan, you took note of pete davis' bid on snl trump day. it argues that trump is driving millennials to vote against him. whole take on them is -- if the numbers are to be believed, donald trump is forever going to fly with millennials. he's outpolling in that particular demographic every other candidate in the r
5:47 am
republican party. >> is he really? >> he is. there are several elements that seem tailored. his tack plan he rolled out would cut taxes for 50% of millennial women. that's a huge play at millennials that -- >> do you think millennials are reading that and saying i like donald trump because of his tax man? >> to a limited extent. they remain democratic in the ways you would expect. hillary clinton still wallops the competition if you put them head to head. it's a smaller lead than
5:48 am
president obama had. >> they turned out for obama in 2008. will they vote in those numbers? >> i think it seems unlikely. hillary is leading by about 21 points relative to the nearest republican candidate in theily enial set. obama had about 34 points lead last time around. >> are they going to rock the boat? >> speaking of rocking the boat, you are hosting the forbes 30 under 30 music festival? >> i am. >> that's in philadelphia. >> this year, feddy wobb will be there. >> who is feddy wobb?
5:49 am
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5:52 am
welcome back. hillary clinton is revealing her plans for gun control. her plan includes closing the gun sale loophole, requiring private sellers to perform background checks. he also answered a question about her use of private e-mails
5:53 am
as secretary of state. >> you mentioned your republican rivals making hay of this. i have to ask you, if it was dick cheney who -- >> i would never have done that. look at the situation they chose me to -- the death of four at benghazi. i know him and i nominated him. this committee was set up, as they have admitted for the purpose of making a partisan political issue out of the death of four americans, i would never have done that.
5:54 am
and if there were republicans or democrats planning to do that, i would have shut it down. >> it was a very good pivot because mccarthy's remarks are something that can be used by hillary clinton. they are very productive remarks foss are clinton campaign. we invite her to come on. i would love to ask her those questions and hope for those answers because she didn't answer the ones about cheney and rove. >> we'll be back in a minuton "morning joe."
5:55 am
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maybe you should take a vacation. >> a vacanchange? what did you say? >> a vacation. >> did somebody say vacation? oh, my god. they're multiplying! >> darrell hammond's bill clinton is just as good as it gets. >> he's really funny. >> time to talk about what we learned today. brian, what did you learn? >> i guess texas a&m is the best team in the acc. alabama is on the rise. georgia got revealed. >> i think we watched the other channel and learned that hillary clinton is very adept at knowing when not to flip the pancake. key politician tactic. >> i learned that the republicans seem to be on the
5:59 am
verge of redefining the word electability from 2008 to 2012 to this year. >> and the democrats appear, mika, to be doing the same thing when you look at bernie sanders and see how hillary is doing in two early caucuses and two early swing states. >> a lot of people are feeling the burn. kevin mccarthy really, really helped hillary clinton's campaign. and it's not going to end. it's a gift that keeps on giving. >> can't walk that one back. >> and i think it will for a while. >> just watching her there not answer a question and just go into using that. and she can. it will work. >> hugh hewitt this morning nailed it, didn't he? >> hugh hewitt described hillary clinton's campaign, someone being involved in 20 automobile
6:00 am
accident and as a result is now driving on the inside lane about 15 miles an hour. >> always afraid of being t-boned. >> what it up. >> if it's way too early, it's "morning joe." now is time for "msnbc live" up next. nice to be with you this morning. i'm frances rivera in for jose diaz-balart. >> almost two feet caused deadly flooding in the carolinas. emergency workers are going door to door searching for anyone trapped over the weekend. police helped over 90 people evacuate their homes last night in a suburb just outside of hard-hit


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