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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  October 6, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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with the help of a physician. california the fifth state to legalize the practice. the bill inspired by brittany maynard, the 29-year-old san francisco resident who gained national attention after her diagnosis with terminal brain cancer. i'm jose diaz-balart. she moved to oregon to take advantage of that state's end of life law. happening this morning developing now, officials from outside of boston, lawyers for south carolina warn the dangers former new england patriots star from the state's historic rain and deadly flooding are not over aaron hernandez will ask the judge to dismiss murder charges yet. related to a 2012 double there's still a real threat of homicide. shifting water and unstable hernandez accused of fatally shooting two men outside a roads. >> it started coming in boston nightclub. underneath my house and this has his lawyers say there wasn't enough evidence presented to the grand jury to establish probable been coming up all day. so i don't even know when it's cause. frlts long time civil rights going down. >> at least 13 people have died activist grace lee boggs died in weather-related incidents monday at her home in detroit. she was born in rhode island to across the carolina, about a thousand are in shelters and chinese immigrant parents spent decades dedicated to civil 40,000 are without drinking rights, labor and black power water. at the same time, 18 dams have been breached across south movements. she helped organize a march in carolina. let's go live to the hard-hit 1963 and a grassroots leadership capital of colombia and terry conference with malcolm x.
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she celebrated her 100th sanders. how are thing looking today? birthday in june. >> reporter: good morning, jose. i'm standing in front of an area check your cereal box. where they haven't seen the sun general mills issuing a recall in a week. so the sun is up and that is and apology for an allergen issue. some of the boxes labeled going to give people more gluten-free could actually opportunity to continue doing contain wheat. what we see here, pulling out debris from homes. by the same token, that sun can the recall effects honey nut cheerio's boxes with better if be somewhat deceptive. used dates of july 12 through it suggests the disaster over the it 25th. and it's not over. let me take you up to the drone that's flying over the want to turn back now to politics. neighborhood i'm in. busy day on all fronts in the just a short distance from here, race for white house. there's a dam that appears to be holding. but as can you see from the top republican carly fiorina is drones, many of these homes slamming an article in the already are still under water. "washington post." the real fear here is today, meanwhile, sensing his star especially from state officials, might be dimming a bit, donald is that people will have false sense of security with the sun trump is now pranking other out and the real problem is that candidates. there are still many dams in the overnight his campaign sent trump water bottles and "make area that could break at any america great again" hats to the offices of his rival senator moment.
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this morning in some areas of marco rubio. columbia, south carolina, full hillary clinton also taking aim at republicans, out with her scale evacuations are in effect. first national tv ad of the 2016 season where she uses those recent comments by congressman water bursting through several dams flooding more kevin mccarthy when he suggested neighborhoods. the benghazi committee is >> if this dam were to breach politically motivated. right now, we'd be dead. >> republicans have spent >> neighborhoods have only time millions attacking hillary because she's fighting for to grab a few possessions and everything they oppose, from run. affordable health care to equal for days now the dams have been pay. she'll never stop fighting for following like dominos. you and the republicans know it. one breaks and floods a >> i'm hillary clinton and i neighborhood, which causes the approve this message. next dam downstream to break and >> joining me now, kristin flood yet another neighborhood. power has been returning. fewer than 3,500 customers now welker and ari melber is in new in the dark, but as many as 40,000 households are still york. in this new ad and in monday's struggling without running town hall she got pretty fired water. bottled water is flying off up talking about the benghazi committee. is this a new attitude on this store shelves. the situation especially issue specifically? dangerous for area hospitals >> reporter: look, there's no where the fire department has been forced to pump in water. doubt that the clinton campaign is more aggressively trying to >> we're going to continue to use this issue with mccarthy to provide the water to the discredit the benghazi committee. hospital as long as we can of course she'll be testifying before that committee in just sustain it, and we just don't about two weeks.
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but i think that this is the know how long we can sustain strategy that you can expect to that. >> tease all mud? see from her and from her >> yeah. campaign between now and when she actually testifies. >> reporter: for many like luke by the way, mccarthy pushing richardson -- back this morning. >> what do you think when you we have a statement of what he look around your house? said. >> hard to say. i'll read it in part. >> reporter: seeing what the "the mission of the select worst storm in south carolina committee on benghazi is to find the truth, period. the integrity of chairman gowdy, history did to his home is gut wrenching. the committee and the work >> you don't spaebt something like this to happen until it they've accomplished is beyond really happens. reproach. >> reporter: in the last three the serious questions secretary days where i'm standing, they clinton faces are due entirely got 20 inches, a record. to her own decision to put classified information at risk and endanger our national and the real fear now, i said security." so there is the pushback. before, is that dam not too far but make no mistake, this is the from here, about a quarter mile gift that keeps on giving and we from here. are seeing it as we are also see if that dam were to break, they something secretary clinton ramp up her activity and her calculate the water would rise where i'm standing two feet accessibility. this weekend she spoke to the human rights campaign. every minute. so they'd have to get people out she appeared on "snl." she did the town hall with savannah. of here as quickly as possible. she'll be here talking about those who have survived the health care in just a few hours and we are hoping she takes a flood here already told horrific few questions from the press. but again more aggressively ramping up her attacks against mccarthy around against the
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stories about how heard the republicans as she appears to water gurgling one minute and give that critical testimony on then it was literally minutes october 22nd. later at their waist and their >> you have a story about donald chest. trump and money. one woman talked about she >> one of the big assumptions is swatch out the windows of her that donald trump had billions of dollars, that he can self-fund. he campaigns on that idea that house and the current took her and they made it to a human he can't be bought. a lot of people in the political establishment have taken it as a given. chain and they got out. we crunched the numbers and found that hillary clinton spent $18 million just through the >> it went from the level of my summer. trump's rivals, ben carson and front door, which is obviously ted cruz, over $5 million during that time. i think we have a chart that can floor level, to three feet high show that while trump is down in an hour and a half. >> that's spooky. around just $2 million in >> i had six labs at the house, spending. what that suggests is that, yes, my wife, my cousin next door, he benefits from free media but and my son and his buddy came to the question of whether he can be a mike bloomberg type candidate and actually self-fund get us. and go the distance really has we all went in the boat and i not been tested. you add to that what he said to took my old canoe and paddled nbc's chuck todd this weekend, out. >> reporter: you have to be that he's not a masochist, there thank are scenarios in which he would get out. thankful. >> i was headed to church one of the big questions is, if
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yesterday morning when my cousin it gets tough, will he then put in the $50 million or $100 called and said we got to do something, we got to get out of million, up to one-third of his liquid assets into a real here. >> mayor, thank you for being national campaign or is he going frugal for as long as he can get attention and there might be a different ending to this than many people expect. >> if he's only spent $2 with us. how are you doing? >> we are caring people. million, then that would lead you to believe there isn't a thank god everyone is coming very big ground game or there hasn't been any hiring of people together, everyone has been leading on this issue. i couldn't be more proud of our in different states that can organize a ground game. so vital for the coming months. >> i mean that's exactly the citize citizens. question. a lot of that money presumably i was at the shelter last night, going to power his jet and folks who probably never would have met each other were there travel, personal stuff. he has hired some young helping people take care of organizers in the field in a few their children, making sure states. but he has not invested the kind people had food and blankets. this is going to be a long haul. of money. according to what the campaign told us, at $2 million, to build the sun's out thank god but we that big ground game. still got a long way to go. >> we're looking as we're i also spoke to a source with knowledge of the campaign who said there was a $350,000 budget speaking with you with some of our images live from our drone. for state ballot access that there are so many houses hadn't been even approved yet. the campaign wouldn't confirm or underwater affected. deny that.
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folks there really saw changes. we'll see more numbers on october 15th. but for all the free press and there's water coming through celebrity attention that he increasing by the second. gets, a long running campaign does cost a lot of money, even if you are in the news, even if you are famous. >> just yesterday alone, local and we just haven't seen the indication yet of whether he's going to fund that. law enforcement conducted >> kristin, as we talked about searches on 1,800 home, extracted 350 people from those earlier, joe biden remains wild card in this democratic primary. homes. to help everyone understand, of course the rain has stopped but how prepared is the clinton campaign for a biden candidacy? there's still water coming from >> reporter: well, they are preparing for a biden candidacy the upstate will be blowiflowinn and they're trying to send the message to vice president biden don't get into this race because we are going to play hardball. here. you can go from a few inches of look, we know that the campaign water to a matter of feet in is ramping up its efforts to seconds. sign on supporters, volunteers, if your area is in danger, we and super delegates to really need you to evacuate now. try to create a fire wall. but if you look at the polls, number one priority is jose, there's no doubt that preservation of life. we focused on that like a laser biden would be a game changer. beam. >> so far you say a number of he has a higher favorability rating than secretary clinton, these dams have held. he does better in a general what does it take for something like that to chang? election match-up against some if it's not raining, are we out of the woods or could these dams top republicans. clinton was quick to point out in that town hall monday, if he being affected even though there were to get in the race his poll
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is no range? >> i wish i was an engineer. numbers would likely start to go down because obviously once you i'm a political secientist. become a candidate you start taking a lot of shots and you get into the fray so those high poll numbers doesn't necessarily so we have the people who handle hold. these issues. the clinton world watching what we're talking about a thousand biden is doing very closely. there are indications that he is year event and some incredible infrastructure issues that i getting much closer to making a decision. don't think any community ever so we're all watching for that. >> kristin welker and ari anticipated we've had to deal with taken individually each of these could be a major priority. melber, thank you, both. we're taking them one at a time. turning now to possible survivors of a missing cargo number one priority is ship. the coast guard is searching preservation of life, number two right now from the air and sea is making sure our people are for any sign of the crew from the cargo ship "el faro." sheltered and have water. after that we're taking care of 33 people were on board. the body of one crew member has infrastructure issues. been found. >> mayor, thank you for being ntsb investigators are on their with me. way to jacksonville, flod where the "el faro" departed last i appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> and now to the air strikes thursday. the coast guard believes the that killed 22 doctors and ship sank offer the coast of the bahamas at the height of patients at a hospital in hurricane joaquin when it was a afghanistan. doctors without borders calls it a war crime. category 4 storms packing winds the shifting explanations about of 150 miles per hour and what led up to the air strike 50-foot waves. joining me on the phone, chief aren't helping america's case. of response for the seventh this morning the u.s. commander district based in miami, mark
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fedor. there, general john campbell, thanks for being with me. >> you're welcome, sir. will get another chance to >> tell us exactly how this explain what happened when he search effort is being carried testifies at the senate. out. it's massive. >> the search is massive. it really started back on friday that gets under way this morning. at the height of the storm still what are we expecting at this where we tried to get our hearing today? aircraft as close as possible to >> reporter: this hearing for general john campbell, the top the vessel's last known position but we were unable to do so commander in afghanistan, was because hurricane joaquin was still sitting right there. originally called to examine the on saturday we were able to get obama administration's man to to the last known position but withdraw all american forces the conditions were still from afghanistan by the end of horrible. 2016 and a military proposal to 100-mile-an-hour winds. very high seas. keep at least 5,000 or more in very limited visibility. afghanistan beyond that time under one nautical mile. frame. but kunduz got in the way and it really wasn't until sunday when we were able to search the the afghans were forced to flee entire area, weather conditions had improved. that's why we made that announce that city, the largest city in many yesterday that based on northern afghanistan and then of those searches on sunday, we were unable to find the vessel course there was the confusion and we believe that it sank in over the bombing of the doctors that last known position. however, our search for without border medical facility that killed 22. survivors continue but we're first the military claimed that very concerned because we're the soldiers that were in the going into 120 hours since anyone has heard from the area were under direct fire from
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vessel. so we assume people -- if they the afghanistan -- from afghan were able to abandon ship would taliban, but yesterday general have been in the water that campbell revealed for the first long. and if they did abandon ship, time that the afghans were they would have done so into a actually the ones who called in category 4 hurricane. as you mentioned, very high winds. the air strike. very high seas. very dangerous conditions to be and officials from doctors without border are now pointing in. >> so, captain, let me ask you a tough question. the finger at the u.s. military it's one that i hate asking but saying they're trying to lay the blame on the afghan military. how much longer is the window of opportunity to find people alive >> the responsibility is pushed at this point? off but the u.s. military remain >> it is a tough, tough decision responsible for the targets they to make. we certainly look at hit, even if you are part of a survivability in that type of coalition, and there is no conditions. these were experienced mariners but the situation is very dire. justification for the attack at this hospital. >> general campbell says this we're very concerned that we haven't seen any signs of investigation is still under way. the desales about how this could survivors so we're very concerned. it is a dire situation. have happened, ultimately it was we still have assets out there those in the ac. but at the end of each day we 130, those u.s. military in the analyze the effectiveness of our ac-130 that dropped the bomb and searches and then we devise our we still doesn't have the next day's efforts. >> when there's a storm like answers as to how this mistake joaquin approaching, what kind occurred, jose. of warnings go out?
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>> well, certainly from a coast guard's perspective, we -- when >> jim miklaszewski, thank you we saw hurricane joaquin develop very much. congressman, let's begin with this air strike on a we sent craft out to warn a humanitarian hospital. now we're claiming we launched storm was approaching quickly so if they weren't watching the weather they needed to pay attention to it. the attack. each ship captain, whether on a how do we get the information military or commercial vessel, here? they keep track of the weather >> we need to get the facts. themselves and they make decisions on where they think they should go. >> captain mark fedor, thank you doctors without borders is is as very much for being with me. credible an organization you can all the best. find. appreciate your time. at the same time, this is war >> you're welcome. thank you. and these things happen and what this morning, former rhode we have to find out is why. island congressman patrick get all the facts out, let's kennedy was on "morning joe" to discuss his new book, "a common find out who was responsible and let's go from there. struggle," where he talks about not only his own fight with let's not pass judgment without drugs, alcohol and mental getting fact ps. illness but also his late >> doctors without borders is father, senator ted kennedy's battles with alcohol. calling for an independent kennedy told joe scarborough about his concerns regarding the lack of action when it comes to mental illnesses. investigation. do you support that? >> let's go forward with the >> we need advocacy for mental
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health and addiction treatment. there is none out there. investigation by the department all my friends in the movement of defense. will recognize. commensurate with the fact we lose 42,000 people to suicide if information comes forward and the same to overdose. that the report is skeptical, this is an epidemic, joe. then we go from there but let's insurance companies ignore it. politicians turn their back. they think, oh, that issue, oh, give the department of defense keep quiet. what i'm saying is, my story about keeping quiet in my family the chance. is like every other family in >> i believe in places like america who has these illnesses. iraq, iran, syria, we're trying say nothing, do nothing, see to defend governments that may not represent the people because those countries were formed in a nothing. up next -- some say breakfast is the most important way in a didn't really represent meal of the day. now you can get it 24/7 at all the people there. these were boreds are created mcdonald's. we're going to talk about the after war war i which had no fast food chain's long-awaited real logic to them and trying to rollout right after the break say these people are one is and after we get a little breakfast ourselves! difficult. so we'll see. but i think what we're trying to do is make sure we stabilize the reej oonl. -- region. >> hillary clinton recently did an interview with telemundo
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where she distanced herself for the last seven years from the administration's policy on deportation. let's listen to what she said. >> the deportation laws were interpreted and enforced very aggressively during the last six and a half years which i think his administration did in part to try to get republicans to support comprehensive immigration reform. it was part of a strategy. i think that strategy is no longer workable so therefore i think we have to go back to being a much less harsh and aggressive enforcer. >> that strategy caused unknown number of families to be separated, congressman. nobody told me to expect it... you've been talking about this. is she correct in this analysis? ...intercourse that's painful due to menopausal changes. >> i think she's analyzed it perfectly correctly. it's not likely to go away on its own. remember, to get republican votes, you got to show you can so let's do something about it.
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take care of the border. democrats and republicans wants premarin vaginal cream can help. to make sure that the border is it provides estrogens to help rebuild vaginal tissue contained but the republicans want to go above and beyond. and make intercourse more comfortable. premarin vaginal cream treats vaginal changes due to menopause so i think president obama did and moderate-to-severe painful intercourse caused over the course showed we are by these changes. don't use it if you've had unusual vaginal bleeding, being aggressivive in enforces the immigration law. breast or uterine cancer, blood clots, liver problems, stroke >> to the tune of two million or heart attack, are allergic to any of its ingredients or think you're pregnant. folks. side effects may include headache, pelvic pain, >> i believe what she's saying breast pain, vaginal bleeding and vaginitis. is the president tried and she estrogens may increase your chances of getting cancer would continue that. i don't think she's doing of the uterus, strokes, blood clots, or dementia, something differently than president obama is currently so use it for the shortest time based on goals and risks. doing. >> well, she said she's going to be a lot more lacks. estrogens should not be used to prevent heart disease, >> it's not going to be as heart attack, stroke or dementia. ask your doctor about premarin vaginal cream. harsh. why deport a woman who is simply shopping at the grocery store for her kids when there are criminals who are committing crimes and harming americans? >> why is that happening? why are there people here who are causing crimes who aren't
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being deported and then up have those who are being deported? how is that possible? >> that's the inconsistency of a broken immigration system. i think hillary clinton is saying i'm going to continue moving forward but let's at safelite, we know how busy life can be. these kids were headed to their first dance recital... separate the criminals from the ...when their windshield got cracked... grandmothers. >> it's always a pleasure to see ...but they couldn't miss the show. you. so dad went to the new safelite-dot-com. thanks for being with me. and in just a few clicks, he scheduled a replacement... the white house will travel to ...before the girls even took the stage. roseburg, oregon on friday and safelite-dot-com is the fast, easy way to schedule service anywhere in america! will be meeting in private with so you don't have to miss a thing. the those affected. y'all did wonderful! that's another safelite advantage. classes at the school are (girls sing) safelite repair, safelite replace. scheduled to resume next week. we're just getting started on this tuesday morning, a live edition from our nation's capital. still ahead, senator marco rubio climbing in the polls but with take you back to capitol that movement, he had to play hill, general campbell talking defense against comments from about the attack in afghanistan.
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his gop rivals. >> -- general officers that plus an unlike live place is also dealing with some heavy didn't fight, then they should rain and flooding this morning. not be in those positions. so he has asked all those tough we'll show you what happened in questions. >> thank you, general. >> thank you, mr. chairman. >> well, he was just answering the question about the line of command in afghanistan and in a situation like what apparently [ laughter occurred there, the united las vegas. >> when we landed, we didn't states attacking a hospital in know the magnitude of what was kunduz. nbc's luke russert has been going on. all we saw was the fire trucks following the hearing for us and ems. this morning. luke, what are some of the headlines so far? >> reporter: well, i think the major headline will be the general's response to questions about that horrific attack ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ against the doctors without borders facility that the u.s. now takes responsibility for and said it was an accident. general says that the retraining programs will commence in light of what happened there so that this type of mistake never ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ happens again. when asked whether or not the general would be receptive to an independent investigation of the incident, he said that has to go higher up the chain of command. with the skin of then i will live the life of now olay total effects but the other interesting things here are a few. vitamin-enriched. one, why is the taliban having
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to fight the 7 signs of aging. the largest gain since 2001? in 4 weeks, skin looks up to 10 years younger. the general has said well that's 7 in 1 from the world's #1 a byproduct of the fact that the olay. your best beautiful afghan forces are not trained to the level that the u.s. had expected at this time, but also bis committed to truth on the label. just now, a very interesting when we say real meat is the first ingredient, tidbit of information. the general saying that he had it is always number one. heard reports that iran is arming the taliban to fight we leave out poultry by-product meal, corn, wheat and soy. against isis. that will cause a big stir here and, we own where our dry food is made - 100%. on capitol hill. not only because of the iran nuclear deal but because for a lot of members of congress, can other brands say all that? they'll say, wait, wait, wait. for grain-free nutrition you can trust, iran is arming the taliban to fight isis? does your food go beyond? learn more at how have we lost so much control here in afghanistan? the general also said that pakistan needs to do more, and also this question of whether or not u.s. troops would fully disengage from afghanistan by the end of 2016. the general said that policy could be re-examined because of the ability of afghanistan to like limiting where you earn bonus cash back.hings. fall similar to iraq. i go back to the taliban getting
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why put up with that? help from iran to fight isis. think that's going to cause a big stir here on the hill. but the quicksilver card from capital one a lot of members will weigh in likes to keep it simple. on that and understand the real simple. ramifications of that big piece i'm talking easy like-a- walk-in-the-park, of news right there. nothing-to-worry-about, >> if that's the case, that is man-that-feels-good simple. something that was unexpected and unknown until now. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back luke russert, thank you very much, my friend. on every purchase, everywhere. it is now 46 after the hour. it's a simple question. right here on the east coast. what's in your wallet? until now, you would have been out of luck if you wanted to get breakfast at many mcdonald's. on the east coast it is 10:46. traditionally breakfast is over about 10:30. but as of today the gold aren arches is selling breakfast around the clock. it is a move the fast food giant hopes will boost overall sales. ron mott, this means egg mcmuffins 24/7? >> reporter: 24/6 for those san fwhile this parking loting lies still. life, restaurants open 24/7. you talk about missing the
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proposition d and mission rock cut-off? it's happened to me so many will create a new neighborhood right here times. this restaurant here, 11:00 is with 40% affordable housing, the -- used to be the cut-off 8 acres of parks and open space, time. now you can get breakfast items all day long. all connected to public transit, the company says they were just simply responding to fans and and generate $25 million a year in revenue for san francisco. customers who have been clam baltimoring on social media vote yes on d to turn this into this. especially for these items to stay available all day. the company's also trying to fix ♪ their problems. they changed their ceo in the spring. they saw guest counts fall last year more than 4%. they saw revenue more importantly fall more than 5%. mcdonald's is trying to get back on its feet and get those numbers and trends going in the right direction. some people we've talked to already think it is a great idea because a lot of people prefer their breakfast to their lunch items, those hamburgers and chicken sandwiches and the like. we'll see long-term because one week from today, other fast food restaurants are already in the all-day breakfast democrats will gather for their first debate. game. others are going to wait and see whether this is really there's in candidate climbing toward the top. successful for mcdonald's down the line before they may it's senator marco rubio from consider adding breakfast to their lineup. florida. he's tied for third with carly mcdonald's so far has struck a
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chord with their customers. fiorina and ben carson with the >> ron mott, thank you very much. i was talking with the crew here new-found popularity, you get a during our commercial break. big target on your back. we talk about fast food during his rivals are hitting him on our commercial break. his experience and poor some of the folks here got an attendance of the senate. egg mcmuffin at 10:30 last night >> the majority of the job is not walking on the senate floor and they loved it. it's already happening. >> reporter: the egg mcmuffin -- and lifting your finger on a saw san mcmuffin with the egg is noncontroversial issues. my favorite. the majority is the committee now i know i can stop at 3:00 in and service work. when you run for president, the afternoon to get it. there are times you're not going it is an outstanding idea for to be here. me. >> what about the hash browns? we have cancelled events and traveled across the country to >> apparently the hash browns make votes, especially if we can are excellent, too. there was a question about make a difference -- >> you don't think you're whether all mcdonald's would be putting your ambitions before -- able to offer hash browns because now you compete with >> my ambitions aren't for me. fryer space with the fries. they're for the country and a lot of people are obviously addicted to mcdonald's fries. florida. that's why i'm running for we'll see who wins the fryer battle between the hash browns president. i believe we can fix some of and french fries. >> all right, ron, thanks, man. these issues i've been so i want to show you somebody frustrated we been unable to who's quite lucky. her name is julie leech from address during my time in the
6:20 am
senate. there's been headline after three rivers, michigan. she's now $310 million richer. headline about marco rubio's she's so rich she doesn't even moment. have to smile about it right he's now tied third nationally. now. this is because of the latest he does have these issues that powerball jackpot. just moments ago julie held a news conference, accepted the people bring up. big collection. he's on the way up apparently. she says she quit her job right is it going to be easier or away but she's still in disbelief. wouldn't you be? harder for your candidacy. >> is it's crazy. >> the good news is when your poll numbers go up, you're going yeah. just unreal. up but the bad news is you're never thought it would happen. getting a lot more scrutiny. just don't know what to say. i'm overwhelmed. so you're going to see a lot >> there's all the smiling and more attention paid to rubio laughter. can you believe that? about his voting record, some of the donors who ended up giving $310,500. she says she plans to take care him money are going to be a of her children and grandchildren so they don't have little more fodder for him and to work like she did. getting more scrutiny. what a wonderful lady. >> when they attack him for not up next, congressman jason chaffetz is getting in the race being in washington and getting to replace john boehner as house vote, how bad is his voting speaker. record? five things you don't know about the republican from utah next. >> his voting record since he when my doctor told me i have launched his presidential bid has been one of the worst. age-related macular degeneration, amd we came up with a plan to help in 2007, in 2008 when barack reduce my risk of progression.
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obama, joe biden, hillary and everywhere i look... clinton were all sitting senators and they were i'm reminded to stick to my plan. campaigning, sometimes you have to miss votes. including preservision areds 2. but it is easier for the my doctor said preservision areds 2 ex-politician, say the jeb bushes, now hillary clinton, now has the exact nutrient formula that she's out of being senator that the national eye institute recommends and secretary of state to hit on to help reduce the risk of progression somebody's voting record because of moderate to advanced amd... us don't have to cast votes after 15 years of clinical studies. anymore. >> let's talk about his stand on preservision areds 2. immigration. because my eyes are everything. he was part of the band of eight who would have given a pathway to the undocumented for a pathway to citizenship. he's stepped back and now stepped forward. where does he stand now? >> here's the best understanding. it's a lot like the john mccain of 2008, jose, where essentially we need to enforce the border first before we do anything else and then there's a lot of leeway on what ends up happening, what happens to green cards, what ends up happening to the 11 so wi got a job!ews? million undocumented immigrants. i'll be programming at ge. oh i got a job too, at zazzies. >> where does he stan now as far
6:22 am
as you understand? (friends gasp) >> we have to teak care of the app where you put fruit hats on animals? border security. i love that! guys, i'll be writing code that helps machines communicate. >> that's what everyone says. that's like my grandmother is (interrupting) i just zazzied you. (phone vibrates) great. what is it that -- look at it! (friends giggle) >> the one thing we haven't got i can do dogs, an answer for is when does the hamsters, guinea pigs... you name it. i'm going to transform the way the world works. (proudly) i programmed that hat. clock tick? and i can do casaba melons. what does border security look i'll be helping turbines power cities. like -- >> what does a closed border i put a turbine on a cat. (friends ooh and ahh) i can make hospitals run more efficiently... mean. >> and how many years can you this isn't a competition! start going to a pathway or legal citizenship. my psoriatic arthritis i'm caused joint pain.o golfer. in some ways this is smartly just like my moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. rubio. he can have it both ways. and i was worried about joint damage. he can say of course i support a my doctor said joint pain from ra pathway to citizenship. can be a sign of existing joint damage on the other hand, these are the that could only get worse. he prescribed enbrel to help relieve pain kind of cans that will bedevil and help stop further damage. him. enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. >> thanks very much. good seeing you. >> thanks, jose. serious, sometimes fatal, events including infections, tuberculosis, >> a look at other headlines lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders this morning, including an and allergic reactions have occurred. update from guatemala, including tell your doctor if you've been someplace where fungal infections are common, the search for landslide victims or if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores,
6:23 am
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6:25 am
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6:26 am
live. thank you for the privilege of your time. tamron hall's up next. i'll see you tomorrow. vermont's governor is blaming what he calls a freak of nature for yesterday's train derailment in its state. it was headed to washington, d.c. when rocks fell on the tracks from a ledge. a locomotive and passenger car that's where at&t can help. at at&t we monitor our network traffic went off an embankment. so we can see things others can't. mitigating risks across your business. leaving you free to focus on what matters most. >> and rain brought vehicle and pedestrian traffic to a virtual stop and more rain is expected if you struggle you're certainly not alone. today in vegas. fortunately, many have found a different >> and now the death toll has kind of medicine that lowers blood sugar. climbed to 152 people in imagine what it would be like to love your numbers. guatemala, at least 300 still discover once-daily invokana®. it's the #1 prescribed in the newest class missing. search teams say they have found of medicines that work with the kidneys to lower a1c. entire families buried alive,
6:27 am
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6:28 am
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6:30 am
they've been weakened by five days of massive flooding, one dam officials are watching closely is on lake katherine. if it breaks, it could impact 50,000 people causing water to rise two feet per minute. so far, 18 dams have breached since the flooding began saturday, and right now national guard troops are hauling in sandbags to help stabilize the ones still standing. officials say there could be more evacuations today. now the number of people killed in the flooding is at 13. at least 40,000 homes are without running water across that state. but the power has been restored to all but 1,000 homes. president obama has signed a disaster declaration to help with the costs now estimated in the billions. in a second we'll talk with the head of fema. but to my colleague, sarah dallof. you've talked to one family that's lost everything and we have heard that story over and over, sarah.
6:31 am
>> reporter: yeah, we have heard it over and over again, tamron. we're in one of those neighborhoods that could be affected by lake katherine should it breach. i want to show you the number of cars on the side of the road. these are homeowners, volunteers, some of them friends, some of them complete strangers who are coming out today despite these concerns to help homeowners kind of get what they can out of their homes, take stock of what belongings and developing now off the are left here. it is a very emotional day for coast of the bahamas, a these homeowners, some of whom desperate search of survivors continues from the ill-fated are seeing their belongings and their homes for the first time cargo ship "el faro." since these floods hit. we'll pull up right now the coast guard believes it sunk at the height of joaquin when it was a category 4 storm. 33 people were on board. the body of one crew member has been found. right now a go team from the national transportation safety board is on its way to jacksonville to begin an investigation. >> we'll be looking at the voyage data recorder. in a will be up utmost importance to look to try to find that. we'll be looking at any
6:32 am
activities or any objects that may be perishable. we'll be interviewing anyone involved with "el faro." >> mark potter is live in florida and i'm joined with generous -- general russell anray. >> a coast guard official told me overnight they found nothing significant in their search, certainly no survivors. they are out there today doing hard search, a big search with lots of planes, ships and their
6:33 am
full concentration is on finding survivors. they have not done that. other is that time now is of the essence. it's been a long time since this ship was last heard from, five days since they heard from the ship. that means potentially five days since these people were in the water but they're not giving up, they continue to search. the ntsb is on their way now doing the investigation. they're going to have a hard time because they don't have a ship to work with and they don't have a big debris ship to work with. so they're going to concentrate on the things up said earlier to try to piece together what happened. meantime, a lot of people here in jacksonville and in many other places along the coast are really concerned and are angry with the decision to head that ship toward the storm. let's listen to one of those people. >> the ship at least should have docked in miami and waited till
6:34 am
the hurricane pass. that's what the company should have recommended the captain down and that's what the captain -- in my particular judgment, i'm not a captain, you never should have sailed through those waters. period. period. >> the company owner said the captain did try to circumvent the storm but was unable because they lost propulsion on the ship. they say that put him in a precarious decision because that would have put him sideways across the waves and could cause the ship to tip over. >> they had more than enough life boats, rafts, in your experience could swup still be
6:35 am
alive in the water or maybe in a racht or using one of these suits? >> the fact that the coast guard is still traeching this as a search and rescue is a pretty good indication that they think the line is narrowing the idea you would still find people alive. but as of yesterday, the experts were saying there was still a probability five days after. the problem is if they depart or tried to leave the ship last thursday, that storm was a category four storm. and that is some significant wind and damage. so that adds to the complexity of the operation. but the fact that the coast guard and friends and navy are out looking at sea and the coast guard will make that call that it's a search and rescue mission that there's still the possibility of someone surviving that horrific shipwreck. >> general, it's not just these
6:36 am
category 4 storm winds, it's also the waves that this was encurrentering, 50-plus foot waves. is it common for a ship this size to try and outrun a freak of nature like this? >> well, i would reserve comment on that. this is still search and rescue. i think we got the right people on the ground. they said okay, who was in command here, is this another bp operation where the ceo is off playing golf and you got a captain out there making an idea signatures with the lives of these men on board? the ntsb will get after that. i think right now the fact that the coast guard is still pressing search and rescue, there's a chance, a hope they might find someone. with a debris field of over 200 miles can only describe the complexity of trying to hull of
6:37 am
that trip. we was just been through this with airplanes. >> thank you both for being with me this morning. >> in the fight to control syria, russia continues to say one thing and do another. it continues to insist its only targ thing eyis fighters, despite evidence it's focused on eliminating all forces opposed to syrian leader assad. to make matters worse, nato said this morning there's been a substantial buildup of russian fors inside syria, including ground troops. but professor, always a pleasure to see you. when we spoke last week, these
6:38 am
strikes were beginning. the concern was russia would attack assad's enemy. what's going on? >> assad is somebody that putin does support very much. and i think what putin is doing more than anything is that he's fighting an information war. he's saying one thing and doing another in a sense that, for example, he just accuses cnn of confusing the president's saying it's -- basically he's saying the merps have no idea what they're doing the and russian information should completely be trusted. >> putting aside the information or misinformation that, quite frankly, the kgb where mr. putin
6:39 am
worked at some time was an expert at doing, misinformation. le so what is exactly russia trying to do and what and can the world do if they're saying they're fighting against isis but they're wiping out the opposition to that syrian dictator, that opposition which includes the people we've been trying to train to go after isis. >> that's what putin is saying, that americans don't know what they're doing. they say they are fighting against isis but in truth they created a much larger problem, syria is still in horrible crisis. america tries to get at assad, who is a legitimate leader. there is a migrant crisis and putin is stepping in so he can help the world situation rather than foster more problems. once again i come back to the information wars because in the
6:40 am
russian press now they talk about nato saying that russians are not there for the right reasons, it's because nato wants to get involved. so nato wants to participate in that war and nato wants to fight russia. as for turkey, i think vladimir putin has been trying to warn the president in saying do not support is supporting that kind of fundamentalist forces. that's what putin is trying to do on all levels and all sides, in information but also on the ground. whether he would seasoned the ground troops or not it remains to be seen. so far they insist they haven't. but it's entirely possible next week when they talk there will be ground troops in syria. >> putin is obviously thinking
6:41 am
this is nor thing he can try and may work for him. how far is he willing to go? >> that's another thing about putin. we always try to predict how far he can go but we think that cannot be because strategically that does not work. for example, there are news already that isis declared millions for the head of russian soldiers. so the fact that thinking isis won't go to russian cities is delusional. putin always blames the other side. and a lot of this campaign because it's syria and it's very far from the russian border at least at the time so it's also, as i said, an information campaign, a propaganda campaign for his own public saying i am defending against american incompeten incompetence, against fund
6:42 am
fundamentalism. he declares a christian war in a sense saying the migrant crisis in europe is not only a migrant crisis, it's also a -- i think what works for him, he plays a different level but i don't think that anybody who says they can predict putin's steps, you know, five or ten, is really quite solutional because so far we've often been wrong on the predictions of his strategy. >> thank you very much. always a pleasure to see you. >> thank you. >> there's a handful of consumer stories i want to tell you about. general mills has issued a recall in some of its cheerios, honey nut cheerioss, some boxes
6:43 am
labelled gluten free could contain wheat. >> mcdonald's is rolling out its all day breakfast today, more than 14,000 restaurants but what's on the menu could be different regionally. and burger king is stepping up ielts game f its game for halloween, the burger with a-1 sauce baked into it. >> and a season pass to disney will cost u $1,000. disney is rolling out various levels of season passes with costs based on blackout periods. ♪ ♪ >> hey, look who it is, the "today" show taking a special
6:44 am
look on latin america and culture. singer j.balvin played his reggaeton song. can we hear more? it's great. here's what he had to say. >> what do you think it takes to make it not just as a star or musician in the latin world but in mainstream america? >> i don't pretend to somebody else. i'm just doing my music and being me and working really hard. >> j.balvin nominated for five latin music awards. it will air on telemundo tuesday night. if you don't know this guy, go get his music. he's fabulous. excellent
6:45 am
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6:48 am
scandal is brewing in fantasy sports after what amounts to the fantasy sports equivalent of insider trading. employees of two major companies, fan duel and draft kings allegedly placed bets on information not available to the public. the two companies have since released statements saying there is no evidence that anyone misused data but they're banning employees from playing fantasy games. in one instance an employee draft kings made 350,000 the week data was not released ahead of the games. >> it it walks, talks and smells like gambling. it's totally unregulated. they take all these bets in from players all over. they give $2 billion away for a
6:49 am
course of a year and up set lineups. nobody knows exactly what the inside information is down there. these are employees that basically set the algorithms, and inadvertently somebody released the data and the data said who was playing, who were the smart players percentagewise, who was not getting the action. in the same week he wins the contest over there. there's no third party regulator. that's where it is right now. this is sort of a clarion call for the industry to figure out how are we going to get people to trust us with some regulation. >> so, joe, you're saying this gets into the billions of doing lars? >> billions of dollars. both of these companies are
6:50 am
valued at a billion dollars. they give away millions on the weekend. i think a million dollars for the millionit. robert kraft of the new england patriots own a stake of it. nbc and comcast, they own pieces of this, right here where we all are sitting and working. cbs, espn has a contract to do the advertising. they blitz the airwaves. right now they're the number one -- the sector is the number one advertising sector in america. so a ton of money is involved here. >> sounds like it. >> and somebody -- nobody's realreal ly watching to see where the money's coming and going from or what the rules are or who's doing it. "the new york times" here, our business reporters can't trade in stocks that they cover. >> right. >> this apparently is not the case in daily fantasy. you can work there all day and then play at another site. >> joe, great reporting. >> have a good one, jose.
6:51 am
we've been following general john campbell's testimony in front of the senate armed services committee talking about the bombing in that hospital in afghanistan. >> -- the difference between the gandhi administration and previous administration is like night and day. they continued to work together with shared objectives. the afghan government demonstrate a growing appreciation for the coalition efforts. we've been asked for flexibility in our planning to account for the fact that that government remains in transition while the threats he's facing are changing. he has asserted a sustained coalition and u.s. presence provides actual and psychological stability to the country as a new government solidifies. he recognizes that his new administration must invest considerable time and effort to address the challenges of
6:52 am
systemic corruption. he has also acknowledged while the afghan security forces are better equipped and trained than ever, much work remains to build their systems and processes and improve their leader development. i've offered my chain of command several options for our future lay-down in 2016 and beyond. it was envisioned in mid 2014 that we would transition to a normalized embassy presence by january 2017. that remains our planning assumption. since that time, much has changed. we've seen the rise of insurgents. mass a result i put forward recommendations to adjust this new environment while addressing our core missions -- train, advise and assist the afghan security forces and conduct counterterrorism operations to protect the homeland.
6:53 am
>> general campbell in testimony on capitol hill regarding afghanistan and the fight against terrorism in that part of the world. want to take you now to a story of an american airlines pilot who died during a cross-country flight. the co-pilot was able to land the craft safely. now we're hearing from the family of the captain. nbc's hallie jackson joins me from new york. >> reporter: good morning, jose. the widow of captain michael johnston says he died doing what he loved, flying planes, something he'd done for more than 25 years. on early monday morning he died of a heart attack, she says. u.s. airliners are required to have two pilots in the cockpit at all times and this is why. >> medical emergency. captain is incapacitated. >> reporter: terrifying moments on the overnight flight but passengers never knew the pilot, 57-year-old michael johnston, had collapsed in the cockpit. >> they said that the pilot was really sick and that was it. then we saw like ambulances
6:54 am
pulling up. >> reporter: four hours from phoenix to boston the captain descended for an emergency landing in syracuse, calm but clearly concerned. >> the ambulance will meet you. >> if it wasn't for the co-pilot, using a cool head, it might have been more disastrous. >> reporter: passengers hurried off the plane. passed flight attendants some say were in tears watching as emergency responders pulled up to the scene, discovering later captain johnston had died. >> we've cried on and off today and just kind of feels like he's still on a trip and we can expect him home on wednesday. >> reporter: it's incredibly rare for a commercial pilot to die mid-flight. only happening six other times in the last two decades. pilots must retire by age 65 and have yearly physicals. johnston's wife says he was required to have exams more
6:55 am
frequently after a bypass surgery in 2006. this morning, johnston's family, his wife, their eight children, and five grandkids, are honoring his memory. >> loved everyone that was around him. an amazing father to his children and the best husband i could ever ask for. >> reporter: b.j. and her husband would have celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary later this month. you know what they did on one of their first dates? he took her flying. you know, the american airlines ceo does point out the incredible team work of those crew members, the other folks on that plane who kept their cool heads, kept calm during an incredibly difficult time and got that plane on the ground safely. >> hallie, thank you. still ahead on msnbc, we continue to watch this live hearing on capitol hill where the senate armed services committee is holding a hearing on afghanistan. the top u.s. commander in afghanistan testifying. we'll get a live report from the hill. also ahead out of south carolina, we're going to go live
6:56 am
there. residents, flooding threat not over yet even as the rain subsides. plus look at these numbers. this is the actual ticket and winning numbers from last week's $310 million powerball jackpot. the lucky person expected to hold a news conference next hour. we don't know if it is going to be from the south of france via teleconference, but we'll wrach watch it for you on msnbc. i'm meteorologist bill karins. the images are still coming in from south carolina from the historic rains that fell in the region. flash flooding is over with the river flooding continues throughout much of this week. thankfully we don't have a lot off bad weather across the country. in the carolinas, the sun is returning and much of the eastern half of the current looks beautiful for a fall day. just watch out for showers and storms from denver to phoenix.
6:57 am
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side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. why pause the moment? ask your doctor about cialis for daily use. for a free 30-tablet trial go to skwhat are you doing? i just gotta scrape the rest of the food off them. ew. dish issues? cascade platinum powers through this brownie mess better than the competition, the first time. cascade.
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it's the brand more doctorsose recommend for minor arthritis pain. plus, just two aleve can last all day. you'd need 6 tylenol arthritis to do that. aleve. all day strong. i'm jose diaz-balart at the top of the hour on msnbc. a dangerous situation continues to unfold in south carolina at this hour. even with the rain tapering off, officials are warning of the chance for new evacuations after massive flooding. governor nikki haley says it could take weeks for things to get back to normal after the historic rainstorm. 18 dams across the state have been breached including the spring lake dam in the gill creek area of west columbia forcing some residents to evacuate.
7:00 am
the death toll is now at 13 across the carolinas. sarah dallof's in hard-hit columbia. good morning. what's it like right now? >> reporter: good morning, jose. for the first time in days the sun is out and residents are really now able to take stock of the extent of the damage. and what a mess it is. let me show you inside this business here in downtown columbia. that it was completely wiped out by the flooding. no more walls. the ceiling caving in. . all the furniture and equipment in this business dragged away by the floodwaters. you can tell what a lengthy clean-up this is going to be. >> it's spread out through the woods and the creek. it goes back i'd say maybe almost a quarter of a mile. how far everything's spread out, everything from desk to chairs to filing cabinets. it doesn't matter. parts of our windows are out in the woods. on the other side of the road. it's spread out very far. >> reporter: amidst all this
7:01 am
clean-up, our continued flash flood warnings as dams give way. more than 18 dams now breached here across the state. it is kind of this chain reaction. the water from one dam flows in to the next. the pressure makes the next one give way, and so on and so forth. 40,000 people here in columbia still without water. some who do have water are not able to drink it. it is contaminated. that continues to be a huge concern. firefighters are piping in water to area hospitals. however, they do say they don't know how long they'll be able to sustain that. so as you can see here, the floodwaters have receded but we are in no way out of this mess yet. back to you. >> sarah dallof, thank you. joining me on the phone is the city manager. what plans are in place to deal with these dams that have already been breached? and what about the ones at risk? >> i think as you all explained, it is a domino effect we're
7:02 am
seeing. even from the up state, waters receding down into the middle of columbia and we're facing in our residential areas where many of the smaller lakes have these smaller dams. as the water continues to push through, the domino effect we're seeing where the dams are potentially breaking or structural damage occurring. >> what's the top priority right now then? >> well, top priority is still search and rescue, to be honest with you. we're still getting numerous calls for service and our combined effort with our columbia police department, our richland county sheriff's department and our fires and ems, that remains the priority to make sure that we are getting to all distress calls, all calls for service, and to also encourage voluntary evacuations as necessary when we are assessing the smaller dams. and if it appears that there's going to be a break, we're trying our very best to stay ahead of that with the residents
7:03 am
in that area. >> the fact that now there is sun. but it is important i think to state that there are going to be challenges in the days and even weeks ahead. >> that is the message that really i did want to get out. we're thankful that the sun is out. it appears bright. i do think what we're seeing gives us a little bit of a false sense of what is truly going on. we are in from all indications a level 1 fema type event here. it is a disaster event in our community. and because in the downtown area businesses are able to open and a lot of access from our interstates is open, people are able to come in to work, even though our mayor and council are still considering day to day a curfew. that sunlight and day to day access we hope doesn't give people a false sense of what is really going around in the outskirts of the community where
7:04 am
the dams continue to potentially break and the water set to flow with the heavy currents. we're trying to balance that and make sure people know all of the information they need to know as far as how vigorously we are working to restore water service. the boil water advisory does continue to be in effect but our main priorities now are still search and rescue and restoring water service to the people, citizens of columbia. >> city manager teresa wilson, thank you so much for your time this morning. the american commander in afghanistan admitted today that the u.s. made the decision to launch an air strike that hit a humanitarian hospital but told the senate committee was a mistake. 22 people were killed in that air strike. doctors without borders says it is no excuse that it the air strikes were called for. >> so the discrepancy that we've
7:05 am
had of the descriptions going from collateral damage over a tragic incident, to now pushing the responsibility to the afghan government strengthening the request that we have and the demand to have an independent fully transparent investigation on what has happened this weekend. >> nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel has been following this from istanbul for us. richard, the u.s. is now taking responsibility for the air strike. changing the explanation of why it was launched? >> reporter: the u.s. is taking some responsibility for it but not all of it. general campbell has been giving a wide ranging testimony talking about the capacity of afghan forces saying that they are strong in some places but still need more support, that they're not showing signs of collapse like the iraqi army which collapsed in northern iraq. that al qaeda is mostly on the defensive but pressure still
7:06 am
needs to be on -- maintained on al qaeda in afghanistan. but the most sensitive part of this testimony really has to do with the attack on the hospital in the early hours of saturday. the u.s. has been changing its story several times so far. first the pentagon said that american troops were in imminent danger and that an air strike was launched to protect them. then general campbell yesterday said that wasn't the case, that it came as a request from the afghan government for u.s. to provide air support. and then today he acknowledged that, yes, there was a request from the afghan government that the request went there you the u.s. chain of command, but that something happened. a mistake was made and that the u.s. would not intentionally bomb a hospital. and that question of intent is one that is going to become very important in the coming days because doctors without borders,
7:07 am
which ran this hospital, is accusing the u.s. of intentionally bombing a hospital, carrying out a war crime, killing 22 people, doctors and patients, including some patients who were in their beds in the icu. so it is -- they are very carefully chosen words because the difference of intent versus mistake versus a targeted attack all have very important legal implications. >> richard, let's be clear -- this is not a temporary hospital with some kind of tarps. this was an actual structure that was known to be a hospital. >> reporter: it was a large compound that had been there since 2011. it was well known. doctors without bordered said it providing everyone, including the u.s. military, the coordinates of its location. that doctors without borders during the bombardment itself, which it said lasted over an
7:08 am
hour and came in waves with attacks occurring every 15 minutes, that even during the bombardment itself doctors without borders was calling liaisons -- not sure exactly who -- but calling the u.s. military and pleading with them to stop the attack. and from doctors without borders' perspective, this was an intentional attack. it knew what it was hitting. it hit it repeatedly and is therefore responsible for carrying out a war crime. general campbell saying today, yes, a request was made. there was an air strike. but that it was a mistake to hit the hospital. so the question is, well, how was that mistake made? did the u.s. think they were hitting a different building? where did this mistake take place? and that is one of the subjects that is going to be looked at as three concurrent investigations are under way. doctors without borders doesn't trust any of these investigations. one being carried out by the afghan government, another by
7:09 am
nato, and a third by the u.s. military. >> richard engel in istanbul, thank you very much. nbc's luke russert has been following general john campbell's testimony in front of the armed services committee. luke, what's been going on? >> reporter: well, jose, senators and staff i spoke to before this hearing said that the questioning would focus on three things. obviously the horrific attack on the doctors without borders facility that i think richard summed up pretty nicely. the other two aspects are why is the northern area of afghanistan suddenly falling victim to the taliban, specifically that town you mentioned, kunduz, as well as a third line of questioning about whether or not the withdrawal of u.s. forces by the end of 2016, which is the wish of the obama administration, is still a possibility. those are the three lines of questioning. now i think richard summed up pretty accurately what happened with the hospital's line of questioning, the general admitted it was up in the u.s. chain of command that authorized that and it was a mistake,
7:10 am
they'll have restraining of their forces. but there are some interesting developments as to why the taliban has been able to have a resurgence. general campbell has said that there is a surprise in the coalition that that area fell so quickly, that perhaps the afghan forces are not up to the level that they needed to be, specifically when it comes in calling for air support and whatnot. it's terms of the withdrawal date. the general did leave some wiggle room open saying perhaps that should be re-examined. perhaps we may need to be there longer or have a residual force on the ground. there is also a mention of the growth of isis in afghanistan, jose. so what you're starting to see here is perhaps the military signaling to the obama administration we don't want to have a repeat of what happened in iraq where we got out too early and isis filled the void. we're starting to see the afghan forces not being up to snuff in this very important strategic region in the northern part of the country. maybe we can stay there longer. that's the very interesting political question.
7:11 am
remember, president obama, he won the nomination in '08 on getting out of iraq. he wanted to get out of both wars as a legacy issue. but this might not be happening as to what's going on over there. >> thank you. general campbell just referred to exactly what was going on in afghanistan. here's part of what he said. >> to be clear, the decision to provide aerial fires was a u.s. decision made within the u.s. chain of command. a hospital was mistakenly struck. we would never intentionally target a protected medical facility. i must allow the investigation to take its course and therefore i'm not at liberty to discuss further specifics at this time. however, i assure you that the investigation will be thorough, objective, and transparent. >> that was general campbell just moments ago. the white house meanwhile says president obama plans to meet with families of the victims in the deadly shooting at an oregon
7:12 am
community college holding a private meeting with the families on friday during a visit to roseburg. at the same time we're learning more about the gunman and how his mother may have had an impact on his fascination with guns. nbc's miguel almaguer has more. >> reporter: startling new revelations about the mother of chris harper mercer. the shooter who killed nine people at umpqua community college last week. for over a decade, laurel harper, a registered nurse, offered online advice on various medical issues like asperger's syndrom syndrome, an youutistic spectru. using a profile name tweetie bird, harper also wrote about her firearm and gun law fascination, an interest she also shared with her son. my son has much knowledge in this field, she said.
7:13 am
on keeping loaded handguns at home, she wrote, the ars and aks all have loaded mags. no one will be dropping by my house uninvited. mother and son, whom she never identifies by flame, went to shooting ranges together, according to reports. his father, ian mercer, told cnn -- >> how on earth could he compile 13 guns? >> reporter: more questions than answers in a senseless tragedy as a community tries to heal. miguel almaguer, nbc news, portland, oregon. lots ahead on this busy tuesday morning. we are keeping close watch on senate hearing under way investigating the situation in afghanistan in the wake of a deadly hospital strike in kunduz. we'll bring you the details as we get them. growing buzz around vice president joe biden and just how close is he to announcing his plans for 2016? and later, a surprise candidate for house speaker emerges. we'll tell you five things about
7:14 am
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we're still waiting on vice president joe biden to tell us whether he'll run for president but we can tell you this morning that he's closer to finalizing that decision with the first democratic debate just a week away, some reports indicate the vice president could be as little as days away from making a public announcement. if he runs, he'll have to get up to speed quick. deadlines to get his name on ballot in critical states are popping up in a couple of weeks. then there's always the issue of money with the final fund-raising quarter of the year now under way. steve, we've known he would get into the primary. he's a pretty popular guy if he chooses to do so. >> we could put some numbers to
7:18 am
the idea he's pretty popular right now. this is the peak of his popularity as vice president and really as a national political figure. the newest nbc news/"wall street journal" poll numbers. these are the critical first two primary states but also key swing states in the general election. look at the difference among all voters among the favorable/unfavorable views. biden, new hampshire, 46% favorable. look at hillary clinton. just 36% favorable. 60% unfavorable. if you turn that around and start putting these perspective head-to-head match-ups together, how would they match up against the republicans? in iowa if you look at joe biden against jeb bush, jeb bush up by two. if you put hillary clinton in that race in iowa, big difference there. she's getting blown out in iowa by 11%. you see a similar dynamic in new hampshire. a general election match-up here. if you put biden up against jeb
7:19 am
bush in new hampshire you'd see joe biden ahead and hillary clinton struggling right there. these are the sorts of numbers joe biden would look at right now. i think it might encourage him to go forward with his candidacy. at the same time, one of the reasons obviously why these numbers are so strong for joe biden right now is that he is not a candidate and he's not getting muddied every day in the same way hillary clinton is. >> unfavorables go up when you are a candidate and the target gets put on your back. >> absolutely. >> steve, thanks. coming up -- coast guard captain mark fedor will join us live on the search in the atlantic. but first a check on wall street. the dow. up 25 points. that's not bad. not great. we're at 16,800. some of the gains thanks to mcdonald's which is part of the stock index. shares of mcdonald's are on the rise after rolling out a new plan to turn around weak sales. will breakfast all day help the bottom line? more ahead.
7:20 am
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now to developments from wall street. let's look at the numbers right now. stocks are kind of mixed in this first hour of trading, up 22 points. the dow, s&p 500 down four. nasdaq down 27. cnbc's mandy drury is here with a market rundown. >> not major moves as you can see. but we've enjoyed the best five-day run since 2011 for the benchmark s&p 500. you can expect a little profit taking to kick in today. also what we're seeing is oil is moving higher extending gains with the eia saying u.s. crude output is going to fall through mid 2016. we've also seen crude and the market move in tandem in recent days. by the way, we got the forecast from the imf today, the international monetary fund. it is downgrading its forecast for global economic growth
7:24 am
basically it says falling commodity prices and also some very volatile financial markets have raised those global risks and so now the imf thinks the world economy will grow 3.1% this year. that's down from a forecast it made in july of 3.3%. but i think the take-away headline here is that it is the slowest pace since the recession year 2009. so not great. >> mandy, meanwhile disney making some headlines as well this morning. it is going to cost a lot more for some folks that want an annual pass? >> it's hiked its rates for its annual passes. some of those prices are above $1,000 for the first time. it is because of the strong peak demand. sort of supply and demand. it maybe wants to control the crowds a little. but some people just really aren't happy. some are saying they won't renew at those higher rates. some say it is kind of only for wealthy people now so what's the deal. a lot of people took to social media to express this frustration. as for the individual tickets, jose, they're $99.
7:25 am
were raised by $3 in february but that's substantially more like kind of double what it was about ten years ago. ten years ago you only paid $50. inflation creeping up. >> it's more than inflation, mandy. come on. >> much more than inflation. >> $100 for a single ticket? lot of people just -- aren't going to be able to go there. it is really sad. >> i know. that of course is the frustration that's being vented right now. not the happiest place on the planet today. >> thanks, mandy. up next, a massive search for survivors at sea. coast guard captain mark fedor who's leading the search for "el faro" joins me next. we'll also turn to politics where a rivalry on the right takes another turn. for all the talk about money, new data shows donald trump isn't spending a lot of it. but first, a live look now inside michigan's lottery headquarters in lansing. they're about to introduce the
7:26 am
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california governor jerry brown signed a right to die bill into law yesterday allowing terminally ill residents in his state to end their own lives
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