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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  October 6, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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those are the ones that we see in the most critical need right now that we are watching. the counties that we should expect possible evacuations that could happen over the next 48 hours would be florence, richland, marlborough and orrey. those lists will change. as the water flows we will continue to watch that but that's what we're looking at right now. we have seen that the midland rivers have peaked and they are now moving to the coast. our focus in the rivers that we are focused on at this time are the edistow, the sanitee, black river, waukimau rivers. we are seeing some stages of flooding with all of them now. we are not seeing any of them that have crested. >> good day. i'm andrea mitchell in washington. we will bring you more in a moment. first, the top u.s. commander in afghanistan, general john campbell, told the senate armed
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services committee today that the disastrous bombing of the hospital in kunduz was a mistake. >> even though the after ghans request that support it has to go through a rigorous u.s. procedure. we had a special operations unit that was in close vicinity that was talking to the aircraft that delivered those fires. >> general campbell said he was called for more training to prevent similar incidents from taking place. nbc's jim miklaszewski joins me from the pentagon. that doesn't begin to really respond to the questions about how this could have happened. >> reporter: that's right. and that sound bite you played from general campbell is so telling, because again, he said look, no matter who called in the strike, it was afghans that actually asked the americans to launch an air strike against a target. don't even know if it was the hospital that was the target that the afghans wanted struck, but he said even though that happened, it is up to the u.s. military on the ground and in
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the air to conduct a rigorous review so it's obvious that he had one of these oh, my god moments when he saw some of the evidence, and there is an indication here that it was in that chain of command between the u.s. special forces on the ground, they were the ones according to general campbell, we learned that the first time today, they were the ones talking to the aircraft. the ac-130 gun ship bristling with all those heavy weapons that conducted this strike. the soft guys on the ground in the vicinity of the hospital called up to that airplane, they're the ones who were talking to the aircraft. the aircraft launched the strike. now, somewhere in between there, there was a terrible mistake there and i think general campbell knows what it was but is just not saying for now. >> i know there are legal ramifications and enormous foreign policy ramifications and political as well, but to break this down, we know from survivors, there are allegations
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that in realtime, they were in touch with kabul and with washington saying we are under attack, they heard the plane circling and then continuing for an hour or more. so there's that question. i know from sources who say they were in touch with the pentagon, with the gps coords in days prior to the attack to let them know where the hospital was. it was a well-known mission. there's a lot of investigation that has to be done here. >> reporter: according to officials at the pentagon that we talked to again today, we have been trying to find these answers ourselves. of course everybody knew the hospital was there but in terms of actual realtime discussions between the pentagon and the doctors without borders officials there in kunduz, we haven't found anybody to confirm that those conversations were under way. but it was clear because look,
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the u.s. military and the german, as a matter of fact, that was a german territory, part of the nato coalition, they all knew that doctors without borders had that medical facility there. again, we go back to that moment during that chain of command between the u.s. forces on the ground talking to the airplane directly that there must have been some terrible miscommunication or error in judgment at this point, and again, i think general campbell knows it. >> again, to reiterate, as doctors without borders was saying for days, there was no shooting from inside the hospital. there was no implication in any of his testimony today that anyone was shooting at coalition forces from inside the medical facility. >> reporter: and the military officials we're talking to say look, doctors without borders has unquestionable credentials, unquestionable integrity in every place they have ever operated.
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and nobody is questioning what they are saying. the investigation is looking really at this point into not what was going on inside with the doctors and the patients there in the hospital. what was going on outside and when kind what kind of mistake made. we still don't have all the details. there may have been some kind of justification. nobody can provide it to us, not even imagine what the justification could have been, but i can tell you that the investigation appears headed toward some kind of terrible mistake through that on the ground and in the air at the scene chain of command. >> jim miklaszewski, thank you so much for all of your reporting. and your producer who was on this all weekend. senator tim kaine has just left the hearing to join me now. i don't know if you were able to hear, but we are reporting what you heard from general campbell. there was a terrible mistake and they are no longer languaallegi
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there was firing from inside the facility on coalition forces. they are acknowledging a mistake was made between special forces on the ground and the 130. >> i heard your reporting on it. it was a horrible mistake. the lives lost are tragic. this is an organization that does very important humanitarian work in really tough areas. it's clear that the afghan army called for the strike of this location. that call was vetted by the united states and there were u.s. ground assets, counterterrorism assets in communication with the plane that delivered the strike. so there's a mistake somewhere and it's a grave and serious one. i think the general mentioned this morning, general campbell, he thought there would be a preliminary report within 30 days. a nato report, an afghan report and u.s. investigation, all three are under way. i would also welcome an independent investigation so everybody can be confident in it but it's going to reveal what
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the mistake was and it's a tragedy. >> let me back up and ask you your take on this, because there's been some speculation that the afghans set us up and that there was tribal rivalries, there's corruption in the area and the afghan military leaders have long been antagonized by the policies under the geneva convention that these charities treat all patients, that if you come in, you could have been a taliban combatant but as long as you're unarmed you are treated as a patient. is there something else going on here? >> there's a lot that i want to know but i think it's probably better not to speculate. i do think the investigation will lay bare exactly what happened. look, it is the case that the u.s. pursuant to our policy we are dramatically drawing down our presence in afghanistan. the afghan military are the
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party that is engaged now in fighting against the brutal taliban that intentionally targets civilians. i don't want to speculate whether the afghan military called us to deliver this strike to set us up. that would be odd. they want our help. if they set us up to do this, they would know that that would likely lead to a diminution in confidence and diminution in help from the united states, because we are still getting significant requests for more assistance. so you know, you can hypothesize what might have happened or what the mistake might have been but i think for now, we know there was a mistake and within short order, we will know what the mistake was and we will have to work to correct it. >> also, general campbell testified that there are options being given to the president to continue the troop presence in afghanistan beyond the supposed withdrawal date. what can you tell us about that? where do you stand on that?
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>> well, i try not to ask the general about what he's communicating to the president because he needs to have the ability to communicate freely but i do ask him what is his professional judgment. his professional judgment is that too precipitous a draw-down right now would weaken dramatically the ability of the afghan military to successfully combat the taliban. remember, the taliban is not just trying to beat the afghan military. they are tying to take this national unity government which is a year old and they are trying to fracture it so the country can descend back into chaos where they can run the country. that's what they really want. the national unity government has been in place for a year. there is much good that they have been able to do but the list of to-dos that are still on their shoulders is absolutely massive. that's what the taliban wants to destabilize. so what the general said is in his professional judgment, if we want there to be a functioning
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afghan government that will stop the country from descending back into chaos, we shouldn't base our strategy on the date on a calendar. we should instead base our strategy on the degree to which we can continue to provide support to the country. >> senator, what about something i know you have been very involved with, which is syria and the lack of a war powers authorization. now we have russia going into turkish air space. what is the risk of either an accidental or deliberate provocation there? turkey is a nato member. >> i think this is a huge problem. i condemn the activities of russia, propping up a horrible dictator, bashar al assad. apparently targeting the u.s.'s trained anti-isil fighters, violating turkish air space. i condemn russia but this definitely shows the u.s. doesn't have a policy for what's going on in syria other than writing a check to support
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humanitarian aid and we are the largest provider of humanitarian aid in the world. we don't have a policy in this military theater against isil in syria because congress has refused to debate it and authorize it. the president began this campaign 14 months ago. he finally sent a proposed authorization to congress in february. eight months ago. there has been virtually nothing that's been done in congress to engage and decide what our strategy is and until that's done, you are going to see one more gruesome atrocity after the next and you are going to see one more strategic catastrophe after the next, as is this recent news about russian involvement. >> senator tim kaine, as always, thank you very much. >> absolutely. up next, the biden campaign's furious response or i should say the biden campaign in waiting, their furious response to reports that the vice president is using his son's death to advance his political
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donald trump has apparently sent you some kind of gag gift meant to poke fun at the fact you have a tendency to perspire. >> when people are running for office, they're looking for something that's going to give them a competitive advantage. if they think talking bad about someone is going to give them that, that's what they're going to do. >> give me a break. rubio is not the guy that's going to be negotiating with the kind of people you have to negotiate with to turn this country around but just so you understand, very simple, he was the one that attacked me first. i didn't attack him. >> marco rubio is only the latest republican candidate to
9:16 am
find himself in donald trump's crosshairs hoping to thrive where so many of his fellow candidates have failed. joining me for a daily fix, chris cillizza and karen tumblety. take us back to what trump did to rubio and what he's trying to do to rubio and why. >> okay. well, the why is easy. the why is because marco rubio is moving up in polls. what we have seen with donald trump is two things stir donald trump to attack. one is someone else attacking him which he will always respond to, doesn't matter where they are in polling or who they are. two, people moving up in polls. carly fiorina, terrible businesswoman according to donald trump. ben carson, only an okay doctor according to donald trump. jeb bush, low energy. marco rubio, sweats too much and always needs water. so he tries to and look, whether you like him or not, i would say he succeeds at some level in making characters of these
9:17 am
people. he picks the thing, he has a very unique ability to do this. he has the ability to find that thing that really needles you, that really bothers you, and that other people can see bor bothers you and he goes at it. can rubio be the guy who doesn't fall prey to this. maybe. track record would suggest you have to be very careful when you get into a barroom brawl with a born barroom brawler. >> so here, trump sends water to rubio as a prank. >> i think this is the new badge that you have actually made it in this very crowded presidential field, is if donald trump decides you're enough of a threat to actually bother to insult you. >> let's talk about joe biden, because there's a politico story today which the biden world is furiously pushing back on that he was the original source of the maureen dowd "new york
9:18 am
times" column which talked for the first time about a possible candidacy and about how beau biden on his deathbed had communicated to his dad this long-held belief that joe biden should run for president, and that that set off, of course, all the subsequent speculation in which we are still living, and this is awkward. nobody reveals sources but karen, come on. >> first of all, who did people think was the source of the verbatim from a deathbed conversation between the vice president and his son? but what i, you know, am skeptical of is the characterization of this being the vice president essentially putting an ad in the "new york times." we do not know anything, assuming he was the source which i have from the beginning and i think most people have, what the
9:19 am
context of that conversation was. again, the vice president is very much a man whose feelings are something he wears publicly and he is in great, great pain right now. >> in fact, what the biden folks are saying is that to assume that first of all, that he himself has said he was talking to a lot of people, working through his grief, and to assume that was in any way politically calculated is just flat wrong. >> that's the difficulty. you and karen have hit it. it's a deathbed conversation. there's not a reporter there sort of documenting it. so i'm with karen. i always assumed it was joe biden but the context matters and we know he's someone who talks openly about his feelings. i made a million calls and e-mails in the last 48, 72 hours about joe biden just trying to figure out where he is. every person and there are a lot of long-time biden people, people who have been with him since 1987 when he ran for
9:20 am
president. some people have been with him since he got elected to the senate. everyone says to me people who are talking about what he's leaning toward doing or when he's leaning toward doing it just done know. that he and jill biden have to have that conversation. as of this weekend, that sort of final conversation hadn't happened, as best as i can tell. so everyone talking about what he's going to do, why he did this, it's sort of the worst kind of political speculation because it's not informed at all. i really do think this is a very small circle of people and the people closest to him who actually know things aren't talking. so i just remind people that what you hear and read as a biden advisor or source close to biden, you have to take it with a grain of salt. >> just to reset the table here, the first debate is next tuesday. it's the cnn debate in las vegas. we will be out there. but bottom line is that they
9:21 am
have indicated to me and to you and others that there is no time for the careful joe biden pre-debate preparation even if he were to decide between now and next tuesday which he may well. he would not be on that debate stage. that said, hillary clinton of course is going to be front and center on that stage. she's in iowa did. the clinton people certainly put out in the savannah guthrie "today" show event we were all at yesterday, put out the way they are going to approach the benghazi committee with her anger. she has a gift from kevin mccarthy and they have now put out an online ad. i just want to point out they have used a little of my voice, a little of savannah guthrie. nbc news in no way authorized them to use any of our material. we had no idea this was coming. but karen, we will be watching hillary clinton. she may actually talk to reporters today in iowa. >> you know, the kevin mccarthy thing has been not only a political gift but it has been
9:22 am
sort of a get out of jail free card for her to sort of abandon the kind of semi-contrite position she had been taking before, and to come out on offense and also, it sort of proves what the clintons have been contending which is that this whole thing is just, you know, part of a pattern of attacks on the clintons that have gone back a quarter century, and this what is they are using as exhibit a. >> thank you both. up next, we go to south carolina under the flood waters hanging on, where dams are pushed to the breaking point.
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disaster declaration, at least 14 people have died, at least 18 dams have already breached since saturday. moments ago the governor held a press conference warning residents to still be very cautious. >> south carolina has once again proven that we are strong and we are resilient. we are still in prayer mode. we are still in the fact that the next 36 to 48 hours is going to be volatile. so what we'll tell you is don't let the sunshine fool you but we are prepared. this team behind me has worked nonstop to make sure that we are doing everything -- >> nbc's sarah dallof joins us from a neighborhood that's been really overwhelmed. the damage is so severe. >> reporter: overwhelmed is the word. now that the flood waters are receding somewhat, we are getting a look at some of these dramatic pictures. an suv here on top of a pickup truck. over here, an example of how high that water was. these flowers from the garden ripped from the soil and thrown
9:27 am
against the branches, the debris at least ten feet high. volunteers, dozens and dozens of volunteers are helping homeowners take stock of what's left. all their belongings, imagine how emotional this would be if this was your household and these were all the things you had collected and worked so hard for over the years. now scattered in your lawn, most of them not salvageable. here one of the most dramatic pictures so far, a rescue boat that needed rescued itself, tied up against the impromptu dock, the porch of this house. people were helped off the boat by rescue workers who then came to help get people out of this home. this is stuff that volunteers so generously giving of their time, furniture, antiques they collected, family photographs and heirlooms and down here, some children's clothing and a reminder that it's going to be a difficult holiday season heading into halloween. the little boy who lives here, his mom told me the one thing he wanted out of the house was his
9:28 am
piggy bank. he had worked so hard for the allowance inside that. volunteers went in and got that piggy bank. they are bleaching the coins and are going to give it back to him. it will be one bright spot in this whole disaster. another bright spot, obviously, the volunteers behind me. i asked them what do you need to keep you going, two key things. water, the water is contaminated here, it's not safe to drink. stores are rapidly running out of bottled water. they also need construction supplies. keep in mind, without electricity, without water, businesses can't operate. they themselves are affected by the flood so they don't have the building supplies they need to patch up these houses, get started on some of this restoration work. a plea from volunteers here in waterlogged columbia. back to you. >> thank you so much. what extraordinary scenes there. south carolina has had the brunt of it but let's go to las vegas. the strip there awash in flood waters after record-breaking rains out west slowing down vehicle traffic, pedestrian traffic, some road closures,
9:29 am
power outages all reported as well, but no injuries, thank goodness. a national transportation safety board go team has arrived in florida, mounting a subpoena rate investigation in second investigation into the height of the scene of the sinking of the cargo ship. one unidentified body was found on monday. executives from the ship's parent company say a propulsion problem preecvented the ship fr evading the storm. >> we have tried to lay out with as much transparency the communication the captain had and his plan. i think what's regrettable in this is the fact that the vessel did become disabled in the path of the storm and that is what
9:30 am
led to ultimately the tragedy. >> nbc's mark potter is live in jacksonville. i have been seeing in some of our reports from down there fury by family and surviving crew members who had previously been on the ship that they even went out into the storm. >> reporter: that's right. there's a lot of criticism here for that, saying they should have known better, they should have gotten away from the storm. now, the company which you just had a clip from a moment ago, is saying that the captain actually intended to circumvent the storm but he lost propulsion before he could do that. they have not, however, said when that loss occurred, where it occurred, why it occurred and in what proximity to the storm that occurred. that will all be looked at by the ntsb and the coast guard. those are all critical questions. what the coast guard says it does know is that once that happened, when the propulsion was lost, that ship which would
9:31 am
normally be cutting into the waves or quartering the waves was pushed by the waves sideways like this, so they were hammered by that heavy surf, those 50 foot waves if you can imagine that, and the hurricane force winds, a deck-heavy ship carrying ought those containers listing already, it's easy to see how it could have gone over and led to the tragic disaster we're facing now with rescuers out at sea trying to find survivors but finding none. family members are waiting good word from the coast guard but it hasn't come. we are told by the coast guard they have looked at an area that's 160,000 square nautical miles, bigger than the state of california. they are now honing in on two debris fields where they found a destroyed lifeboat, some rafts, life preservers. that's all bad news because those should have been used by people to save their lives and they haven't found any
9:32 am
survivors. time is of the essence now. that's the one thing coast guard officials are saying. they are racing against time, they know it. the last time anybody heard from that ship was five days iago. the presumption is if anybody is in the water still alive, they would have been there for five days and it's getting to be more difficult to concede there are survivors out there but the search does continue. it is still a rescue operation. they are out there in force. a couple of three cutters, a couple of c-130s, helicopters, assets from the navy and air force, tugboats from the company, all scouring that area hoping against hope to find survivors. >> mark potter, thank you for that. coming up next, the political fights congressman jason chaffetz joins me reacting to hillary clinton on benghazi and much more. and fantasy fumble? big questions arising after allegations from inside the big
9:33 am
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you're in a fantasy league every year. get paid for that knowledge. fan duel's one week leagues let you win money any week, not once a year. >> if you watch football on sunday or any other night, you definitely have seen the ads. booming and unregulated business of sports fans paying into web sites in hopes of winning big cash prizes is now under the microscope because of a new report in the "new york times" that an employee of the online fantasy couple draft kings admitted to inadvertently releasing data ahead of the nfl's third week of games. that employee described as a
9:37 am
mid-level content manager then won $350,000 playing on the rival fan duel site that week. draft kings officials say they have been conducting a thorough investigation into company communications, records and data bases. both fantasy sites released a statement in conjunction with the fantasy sports trade commission saying in part the fsta draft kings and fan duel have always understood that nothing is more important than the integrity of the games that we offer to fans. for that reason, the fsta has included in its charter that member companies must restrict employee access to and use of competitive data for play on other sites. at this time, there is no evidence that any employee or company has violated these rules. well, nbc's stephanie gosk has been looking into all of this. stephanie, i just want to point out that nbc sports group and nbc's parent company comcast are among the investors in fan duel. there's a lot we know about what goes on behind the scenes in this fantasy football world. >> well, it gets confusing
9:38 am
pretty quickly. first of all, this is a $2.5 billion industry and it's booming. these advertisements are all over the games and the issue here is the fact that employees at fan duel or draft kings up until late, late last night were allowed to set up lineups and play fantasy football on the competition, in this case an employee for draft king winning $350,000 on fan duel. now, draft kings disputes the allegation that he used quote, unquote, insider information as the "new york times" explains it to gain an advantage and win $350,000. without getting in the weeds too quickly, the idea is basically this. it is really important to the business model of both of these companies that their customers don't have a perception that something's rigged here. so that is why you saw them late last night deciding to prohibit their own employees from playing
9:39 am
the competition. but there is also another much larger issue here and it may bring unwelcome attention on to this industry, and that is that a lot of people are questioning why this is legal in the first place, because a lot of people say it looks a lot like gambling but a law that was written in 2006 said that this was a game of skill and as a game of skill, didn't qualify as gambling. it is a dubious distinction. a lot of people are asking questions about it. >> at this point, what would be the next step? because there isn't a whole lot of regulation here. >> right. well, right now this information that is gathered by both of these companies, it involves the regularity of players being used on lineups, it's the kind of thing the public doesn't have access to. right now it's being policed by the industry itself, and the question is who has access to it, who could use it in a way
9:40 am
that would resemble a kind of insider trading but as you said, this is not -- there's not a lot of regulation here. but the check on these companies is the fact that it's going to be bad business if there's any perception that they're rigging the system in some way. andrea? >> stephanie gosk, thank you very much. up next, congressman jason chaffetz joining me about his bid for house speaker and his take on the benghazi committee. we live in a world of mobile technology, but it is not the device that is mobile, it is you. real madrid have about 450 million fans. we're trying to give them all the feeling of being at the stadium. the microsoft cloud gives us the scalability to communicate exactly the content that people want to see. it will help people connect to their passion of living real madrid.
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9:44 am
pitched battle between his various successors and possible challengers. the speaker's battle now has been joined by jason chaffetz, running against kevin mccarthy. congressman chaffetz now joins me. congressman, thank you very much for being with us. this has divided the conference. tell me why you are going up against kevin mccarthy. >> i like to think i'm not running against kevin mccarthy. he's a good man. he's done a lot. he's big reason why we are in the majority. i have put my name in to become the next speaker of the house. having an internal debate as to who should be the next speaker is kind of the mesamerican way. a little competition, i shouldn't be afraid of that. i think we need a fresh start. we need to bridge the internal divide we have had. we have had very spirited debates. i want to engage in internal process reform that i think could make the whole political spectrum more positive about the end result and i also want to get more aggressive on the communications war, because i think generally, house republicans have been fairly pathetic in our ability to take
9:45 am
the argument to the president, to the senate and ultimately to the american people. >> but aren't you doing this because kevin mccarthy basically stepped in it, made that big mistake by unwittingly revealing the political motivation behind the benghazi committee? would you have done this if he had not done that? >> no, that's a side issue. it was a mistake. kevin mccarthy has admitted as much. it's not normal that he does this. it's not a fair and accurate representation of what we're really doing. i have been to libya twice. i was the first person to send a letter to secretary clinton asking what happened. a lot of us have worked on the benghazi issue for a long time. if not for the stonewalling by the state department, the department of defense as well as the white house, we could have gotten this investigation done a long time ago but they have stalled, they still have not provided all the documents to the united states congress and what trey dowdy and the select commit redoing is the right way
9:46 am
to get to the truth. we are self-critical. that's what separates us from most nations. we shouldn't be afraid to expose the truth. that's when the committee's trying to do. >> look at the way basically mccarthy's comment has rearmed, reinvigorated hillary clinton. watch her with savannah guthrie just yesterday. >> -- after me for political reasons. the death of four americans in benghazi. i knew the amambassador. i identified him. i asked him to go there. i asked the president to nominate him. there have been seven investigations led mostly by republicans in the congress and they were nonpartisan and they reached conclusions that first of all, i and nobody did anything wrong but there were changes we could make. this committee was set up as they have admitted for the purpose of making a partisan political issue out of the deaths of four americans. i would have never done that and if i were president and there were republicans or democrats who were thinking about that, i would have done everything to
9:47 am
shut it down. >> congressman, she's now on offense. hasn't what kevin mccarthy said given her the way to try to discredit the committee when she testifies? >> well, she can try to do that but i was glad that she admitted the investigations we had done prior were nonpartisan. for a long time we heard they were partisan attacks but for her to admit what we did in the oversight and government reform committee was nonpartisan i think is a more accurate representation. we didn't get to the final stage and that's why speaker boehner rightfully so formed the select committee, consolidated the work of various committees into one central thing. what trey gowdy has done is literally dozens of transcribed interviews with people that were never, never interviewed by the accountability review board. i think secretary clinton and others thought they had just put a conclusion on this. but how can you get to the full and end story of benghazi in
9:48 am
what happened or didn't happen there without actually speaking with the secretary herself. so i'm pleased that secretary clinton is planning to come before the committee on october 22nd. she has a chance to tell her story and members on both sides of the aisle have a chance to ask her questions. >> with all due respect, you have only been in congress i guess about ten years and kevin mc -- >> less than that. six and a half years. >> if you go back, you have to go back all the way to 1891 to come up with a new speaker with as little experience as either you or kevin mccarthy but certainly you. so why do you think you are ready to lead not only the republicans but to lead the house of representatives and be second in line to the presidency? >> i'm sure 1891 was a good year. listen, i have put myself out there as a candidate to do those things we just talked about, about bridging the divide and others. some of our best people here, i wish they would do it.
9:49 am
people like jeb hensarling and paul ryan and trey gowdy but they're not going to do it. so i just put myself out there. it is an underdog race at best. i get that. but i'm hopeful that my colleagues on the full political spectrum would entrust -- somebody's got to do it, i'm willing to put myself out there. we'll swhee what the will of th body is. >> senator tom cotton has gone after the secret service because of what the director clancy now acknowledges he knew about the way you were targeted, leaked information. first of all, senator cotton is now putting a hold on three u.s. ambassadors in unrelated issues. what should be done about the secret service after you have now been -- it's been widely acknowled acknowledged, targeted by them and do you support putting a hold on ambassadors until you get answers? >> i have spoken to senator cotton several times. i appreciate him taking this up. i think he will be more objective about it than i can, because i was the subject of a
9:50 am
discredit -- they were trying to discredit me with 45 agents looking at my personnel record, a violation of federal law. i have questions for the department of justice. what are they doing to probe this? why isn't there a special prosecutor diving into this? another legitimate question for the secret service is why do these 45 people having -- have been interviewed, the inspector general comes back and says they violated federal law, why do these people still have security clearances? it scares me. it really does validate why myself and elijah cummings arm in arm, we have been probing and looking at the secret service. they are demonstrating precisely why we need this investigation, why there needs to be a massive overhaul and why secretary johnson is not actually doing as much as he needs to in order to reform and change the secret service. >> do you agree with the decision to delay the vote on majority leader? >> yeah. i think you actually need to elect the speaker of the house
9:51 am
and then the down ballot races may or may not occur depending on who wins. i think that was just a smart prudent move and the right way to go. >> jason chaffetz, thank you very much, congressman. after a break, what the next 24 hours may hold for the 42nd president. before earning enough cash back from bank of america to take their act to the next level... before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time... 2% back at the grocery store... and 3% back on gas... vince of the flying branzinos got a bankamericard cash rewards credit card, because he may earn his living jumping through hoops, but he'd rather not earn cash back that way. that's the spectacle of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you. at safelite, we know how busy life can be. these kids were headed to their first dance recital... ...when their windshield got cracked... ...but they couldn't miss the show.
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which political stories will make headlines in the next 24 hours? alex, we might be talking about bill clinton. >> that's right. he will be on "colbert" tonight. it's a big step up for bill clinton, who has not been present at all in his wife's presidential campaign. we saw a glimpse of him on the stage at roosevelt island when she announced her run. then he just started ramping up doing fund-raisers for her. he was friday in west virginia doing a dinner for her.
9:55 am
this will be really interesting to see this role. he's kind of the big question, one of the big questions hanging over the campaign. there's no one in the democratic party as big as him outside the current president and maybe his own wife. he can raise a ton of money for her. he can go places that she can't always go like west virginia, where he's still very popular. it will be interesting to compare him to joe biden, who was on the "colbert" show not long ago. both from the old school. see how they stack up next to each other. >> in fact, colbert would be asking about joe biden and the joe biden impact on a potential joe biden race, its impact on hillary's race. you never know what bill clinton's going to say. he's hard to script. >> that's right. i would not want to be the one to tell him what to say or not to say when going on tv. but the clinton campaign has been very magnanimous, very careful not to make any indication they are trying to push biden out -- >> i thought yesterday was the
9:56 am
first indication which was that very not so subtle warning from her for the first time saying to savannah guthrie he knows how rough it will be if he gets in. he knows that very well. >> we will see if bill clinton offers another warning tonight. >> thank you very much. in from the campaign trail. that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." tomorrow, patrick kennedy's new tell-all memoir, "a common struggle." a heartbreaking memoir causing a big stir inside the famous kennedy family. follow the show online on facebook and on twitter. "msnbc live" is up next.
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or insulin may increase risk of low blood sugar. it's time. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. good to be with you. i'm frances rivera. we start this hour with breaking news from south carolina. new drone video over columbia showing the water in some areas has receded but these images are deceiving because the threat is far from over. let's walk you through it. the latest information now, the fear turns to potential dam
10:00 am
failures. ten dams across the state have already failed while more than 20 rivers are flooded. the weather has claimed the lives of at least 14 people and meanwhile, governor nikki haley is warning the potential of more evacuations over the next 48 hours in some counties. she spent the morning in a helicopter surveying the damage and a short time ago, she described what she saw. >> what i saw was disturbing and it is hard to look at the loss that we are going to have. but everything will be okay. >> meanwhile, as people start to assess the damage in columbia, rival football teams are coming together helping residents clear out their homes of the items damaged due to the storm. >> we have always had a very respectful relationship and we compete hard on the field, but we love each other off the field and when we saw they were here, we had 30 guys at our


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