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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  October 6, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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word" with lawrence o'donnell. good evening, lawrence. >> good evening, steve. i have a question to your answer, is it possible? it's actually the answer that i applied. the answer is yes. it is possible. >> that means i successfully hedged. >> there you go, it is possible. >> thank you, steve. marco rubio sounds like a character from "veep." >> please don't make me go to work today. i'll fake my own death. >> that was matt walsh who will join us later. and after you hear marco rubio's excuse for having the worst attendance record in the united states senate. >> senator marco rubio is gaining some momentum. >> he's now tied for third with carly fiorina behind donald trump and ben carson. >> he has a calm, measured way of speaking. do you ever yell? >> no.
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>> with the new found popularity, you get a big target on your back. marco rubio has missed 42 of his senate votes. >> the majority of the job isn't showing up on the floor. >> you get paid to do it. you took an oath to do it and you say sticking my finger up in the air is how i vote. >> donald trump is sensing some kind of a zbag gift. >> a care package of trump ice natural spring water bottles. >> apparently the water is high quality water. >> his reach for the water episode. he grabbed a container of water and starts drinking. i said that's one i've never seen before. >> i drink water so what? >> trump sees marco gaining momentum. >> what he's trying to do is get under the senator's skin. >> i'm grateful for the gift. >> that's good. i like him, too.
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>> how long does it take to fall in love? here's marco rubio's answer. >> i've been there 4 1/2 years. i've been there long enough to know it's broken, but not so long that i've fallen in love with it. >> doesn't love it. that's the united states senate he's talking about. he has one of the most sought-after jobs on the planet. one of the most sought-after jobs in history. daniel webster's old job, united states senator, henry clay, john f. kennedy, bobby kennedy. it's a dream come true for almost everyone who's ever had that job. but not marco rubio. just like everyone else who's a senator today, marco rubio had to spend years begging for money, massive amounts of money, tens of millions of dollars to then finance a grueling campaign, and in his case, a grueling campaign in a very large state. >> god bless you, thank you and
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god bless america. thank you very much. thank you. thank you. >> why did he do all that? just for that? that lekd bask in the applause of his campaign victory speech? we now know that marco rubio did not spend years begging people for money to fund his senate campaign so he could get washington and do the work that he loves, representing the 20 million people of the state of florida. he doesn't love that work. he just told us that today. but he had already made that very clear, just made it really clear how much he doesn't love that work, because he is the united states senator with the worst attendance record in the united states senate. >> 29% of the time over last year you were not in attendance when votes were taken in the senate. and i know you say you're running for president, but your record before that wasn't great either.
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are you placing your own personal ambitions above your responsibilities to your constituents down in florida? >> no. in fact, the majority of the job of being senator isn't walking on to a senate floor and lifting your finger on a noncontroversial issue. the majority of the work is the constituent service, committee work. >> tell that to bernie sanders who is now the front-runner for the democratic nomination in new hampshire and is running second nationally. he has much more national voter support than marco rubio probably ever will. bernie sanders has missed only nine votes this year. that is above average for the senators who are not running for president. bernie sanders has missed 4% of senate votes while running for president. and marco rubio has missed 29%. something jeb bush has noticed. buried in the middle of a jeb bush op-ed in the des moines register today is this new bush proposal.
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i will fight for a new law to cut the pay of law makers who refuse to show up for work. if they skip votes or miss hearings, they should have their paychecks docked. that's what happens in the private sector. it's now very clear if it becomes necessary, the jeb bush super pac will bombard marco rubio with attack ads about having the worst attendance record in the united states senate. and that may become necessary soon. marco rubio is moving up in the polls and is now in a statistical tie with jeb bush in new hampshire. still running behind donald trump and carly fiorina, but rubio is the second most improved candidate in that poll with fiorina, the most improved candidate. and then an nbc news national poll, marco rubio is ahead of jeb bush at 11% to jeb bush's 7%. the front-runner for the presidential nomination has taken notice if marco rubio's rise in the polls and wants to remind people of rubio's most memorable weak moment.
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>> the short time that i've been here in washington, nothing has frustrated me more than false choices like the one the president laid out tonight. here's donald trump on fox news tonight. >> marco rubio, you sent him a little care package of water and a towel. >> it was just for fun. i think he's a nice guy, honestly. i think he's a nice guy. you have to understand, he's very weak on immigration, very weak. and the water was just a little joke because he was making a response to the president of the united states on live television and i'm watching and i said what just happened? he grabbed a thing of water, a container of water and starts drinking it. i said that's one i've never seen before. so we were just doing it in fun. >> joining us now, sam stein, senior politics editor and white house correspondent at the huffington post. also an msnbc analyst. the if the of voto latino and host of "changing america" by shift on msnbc. and david frum, senior editor
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for the atlantic. what do you make of this rise in the polls of marco rubio>> it's a bookend, which is the big story of them all, which is the shrinkage of is jeb bush, which we're going to be months and month explaining. the votes that go to jeb have to go somewhere. marco rubio is very successfully elbowing his way to the front of the leadership track. >> maria teresa, his big weakness up to now, anyway, has been that he was in favor of immigration reform before he was against immigration reform. and this was actually his own immigration reform bill that he turned against. >> right. and i think that's where he's trying to play it both ways. one of the things to caution marco rubio is that while i he's rising in the poll, he has to be careful how close he gets to donald trump. ben carson can go away tomorrow,
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he'll go into the sunset. donald trump will go, but he will take someone down with him. it could be marco rubio. >> we'll talk about how ben carson is going to go into the sunset on the next segment. sam stein, jeb bush was the front-runner, and stood quietly by, in effect, as donald trump surged past him. we were kind of wondering when is the bush campaign, the bush super pac going to take some action against trump. some advertising, something. and now we're seeing this marco rubio move past jeb bush in some of these polls. and the most we have now is a lean inside an op-ed piece in iowa about basically about senators who miss votes. i wonder who that is. >> yeah. tough to figure that one out.
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jeb also mentioned the same point in a speech tonight i'm told from our reporter. and i guess it is a dug. it seems clear to be a dig at rubio. i'm not sure how effective it will be. in the 2014 campaigns, republicans in various senate races viciously attacked democratic senators for missing votes, for missing critical committee hearings. and the line worked fairly well. so if you're looking at it from jeb's perspective, maybe you can duplicate the magic. i just don't necessarily think that someone is going to go into the voting booth and say i really like rubio. i think he's young and dynamic. i like his positions. i think he's the future of the party, but damn he missed that vote on some obscure tax bill. i don't think that's necessarily how it. >> going to work. but we're months out. there's plenty of attacks to be had, lots of money to be spent.
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>> donald trump is now revising and extending his remarks on his future as a candidate. he said to chuck todd if the polls don't look good he'll drop out. and now he's saying h he's in it to win it. let's listen to that. >> i'm not getting out of the race. i'm here, i'm here to stay and we're going to make america great again. >> it sounds like someone gave him the index card that all the other candidates don't have to be handed to say exactly those words. >> it does sound like he's not saying anymore the first thing that pops into his head, and he's not always responding to remarks by going on attack. so he's become more like a normal person. i think we need to take seriously that the three candidates who have never been elected to anything remain weeks and weeks raert the choices of a majority of republican primary voters. the story is the giant mutiny
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going on inside the republican party against its established and predictable leadership. what the republicans seem to be saying is maybe it's trump, maybe it's carson. we're not sure. we know it's not these guys over here. they're dead to us. >> and maria teresa, the challenge, though, that trump and ben carson have is that it's very hard for voters to actually imagine them as presidents. >> exactly. and that's what i was referencing before. they are -- we know they're not serious candidates at the end of the day, so it's a matter of how they go down and who they take with them. if folks aren't careful, he could take down jeb bush easily and marco rubio easily. it's curious that kasich is somewhat in the wings watching and seeing. but he has the same resume without the political baggage that bush does. you're going so see a lot of establishment candidates,
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whether it's bush or rubio because they realize at the end of the day they want to win the white house and neither ben carson or trump has that possibility. >> and sam stein, every day it's looking more and more like john kasich is the new scott walker. >> i think he does have baggage to be honest, which is the medicaid expansion in ohio. and that is incredibly costly for a party that really abhors obamacare. but to an earlier point about being unable to imagine these outsiders being president, you guys really can't imagine trump being president? i imagine it all the time. i not saying it's a great thing, but i do imagine it. >> to follow that, maybe donald trump won't be president, but if you compare -- i think the way to think about this -- the way i think about it is you compare this field of protest candidates with the not-romneys of 2012.
10:13 pm
whatever else you say about trump, carson and fiorina, these are much more accomplished, much more important people than the michele bachmanns and the herman cains and the rick santorums offiester-year. the protest is not only bigger, but it's finding voices that are more credible, more effective, much more savvy than the protest candidates last time. what happened last time, ro. knee won by running unopposed in effect. that is not happening this time. >> but you can actually argue that these three candidates you're mentioning are basically built by the paefrt establishment. how long can their base hear you don't want a candidate that's part of the washington machine, you want an outsider before you act uh which willy have three viable candidates and then you're in jeopardy. there's no way if you do the math they could ever win the white house. >> the big difference between 2012 even now is the senate is now controlled by republicans. and the republicans in 2014 laid out a whole series of promises that in reality would never be achieved such as the repeal of obama care.
10:14 pm
and the party base having been told that this fantasy political movement could come to fruition is now being incredibly agitated at their own leadership for failing to achieve that. and so that's why you see a sustained protest movement that david is talking about, because they're just upset with their leadership. >> in 2012, we were two years into the recovery. so maybe it wasn't so shocking that the average family hadn't caught up to where it was in 2007. but now it's five years of recovery and the average family has still not caught up to where it was in 2007. >> thank you very much for joining us. coming up, in the last word exclusive of a former republican congressman who restricted gun violence research when he was in congress, now says that he regrets that. he will join us. and later, a distinguished visitor from the white house. hbo's fictional white house matt walsh from "veep" will join us. ♪
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hillary clinton's campaign is doing oppositional research on joe biden. opposition researchers is currently digging through biden's long record in office to develop attack lines. the report says the research effort started about a month ago and is being conducted by operatives at correct the record, the pro hillary super pac founded by david brock who began his career doing opposition research on hillary clinton. there is no stranger circle of life in washington than david brock's own life. up next, how is ben carson basically in a statistical tie in first place in some of these polls with donald trump.
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>> ben carson does more magical thinking than anyone else in the campaign. >> this morning, you said that you would be very comfortable if kindergarten teachers had guns in the classroom. why do you think that's a good idea? >> not all kindergarten teachers. i said people who are trained and understand all the implications. and you obviously are not just going to have a weapon sit on a kindergarten teacher's desk. >> where would the weapon be? >> it would be secured in a place where kids could not get to it. >> so if a gunman comes in with an ak-45 or an ar-15, how fast
10:20 pm
can that teacher go to the locked drawer and get that gun? >> well, i want that teacher trained. >> you want that teacher trained. >> i want that teacher trained in diversionary tactics or whatever needs to be done to get there. >> david corn, the washington bureau chief from mother jones and msnbc political analyst. and back with us, sam stain and teresa -- maria teresa. they better hope that she's not a moderator. >> ben carson has gotten to the top of the pack by not getting a lot of middle east yeah, working in conservative media, social conservative circles. and this is a guy who very against behind evolution.
10:21 pm
he believes the devil is behind evolution. he also endorsed a book saying marxists have infiltrated every echelon of u.s. society include tas. now he makes these statements about guns and other things. earlier today he said if he was in a mass shooting today like oregon, he would lead a charge and wouldn't cooperate the way he thinks victims there did so. so whatever reason, 10, 15,%, maybe 25% of the republican base are drawn to this guy, his gentle way, but his social conservative values. and his sort of fundamental, very extreme view of the world. although he delivers nit a very gentle, forgiving manner. he talked to my kids school on his rags to riches story. my daughter loved what he had to
10:22 pm
say about that. he has far right views and he's found his audience. >> that thing he said about he would go after the shooter himself has been termed by some people over the course of the day to be finding fault with the people in oregon who did not do that. some people did, let's remember, heroic people without guns. he was asked about that by megyn kelly tonight on fox news. >> of course, you know, if everybody attacks that gunman he's not going to be able to kill everybody. s but if you sit there and let him shoot you one by one, you're all going to be dead. >> in a time of great stress like that, one might not know exactly what to do. and to judge them, to sound like you're judging them -- >> not judging them at all. these incidents continue to occur. i doubt this will be the last one. i want to plan this in people's
10:23 pm
minds so if this happens again, they don't all get killed. >> you're going to explain to us how this candidacy is going to fade away. remember, right now in the nbc national poll, donald trump 21, ben carson 20. that's basically a tie for first place. >> right. we're just in the beginning of the 2016 race. two, polls are a way for the media to be able to identify who should actually be on the stage when you have close to 13 candidates now running. but it doesn't talk about the infrastructure a person needs in order to win and it doesn't talk about how much money is in the war chest. when ben carson is talking about guns, the majority of republicans actually believe we need to relook at the gun situation, recognizing it's much more than the person holding the gun. but we need to find solutions and we actually have to have policy changes. something simple as even background checks. so my case for ben carson going
10:24 pm
down into the sunset is more that he doesn't have the base hrk edoesn't have the car chest. at the end of the day, folks are angry with the republican establishment, but they also don't want to be known as the folks supporting trump. so they're signaling to the establishment that things better change or otherwise they may just stay home. >> but sam stein, the $20 million that he does have is enough to run the kind of campaign i think carson probably expected to run which is a very cheap campaign. >> yeah. and david hit the nail on the head. he's basically gotten to this point by doing things on a small scale. and by making speeches in conservative circles, doing events. and really keeping his head down. there is some advertising he can pick up here and there, but by and large it's not an expensive operation. i want to talk about people running at the shooter, if i may.
10:25 pm
first of all in a case like sandy hook, for instance, we're talking about someone who shot up first graders. i don't know if we should be in the business of training first graders to run at a homicidal maniac with a gun, but maybe that's the reality that dr. carson wants to live in. but secondly the vast majority of gun vie whether he knows doesn't take place in schools or theatres. most of the massive shootings take place in homes where someone knows the victims and goes about killing this em. a lot of them take place that are not mass shootings where there is no chance to ambush a shooter. so to focus in on this one specific remedy to gun violence seems like a disingenuous way to enter this debate and yes, it is insensitive to those in the shooting at the community college. >> he doesn't expect the teachers to go after the shooter with a gun the teacher has locked up somewhere so it is safe.
10:26 pm
and as joe behar points out, with how does the teacher do that when someone enters the room with an assault weapon. >> i don't know if we want to put all teachers through navy sechlt a.l. training. if you look at other nations that may be somewhat like us like canada, and they don't have situation where is kindergarten teachers have to be trained in firearm usage in order to protect their kids. that's really, you know, not the situation. he's talking about more guns in more places. we know there was a terrible story that came out about a 12-year-old who shot an 11-year-old because there was a gun in his house and he didn't like the fact that the 11-year-old neighbor wouldn't let him see puppies. more guns lead to more shootings from both good and bad guys. >> thank you for joining us. >> up .next, the former republican congressman who wishes congress would change the law that he authored.
10:27 pm
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10:31 pm
even collecting data on how we could potentially reduce gun deaths. how can that be? >> the centers on disease was stripped on its funding for gun violence research. congress j. dickey, a republican from arkansas said this at that time -- >> this is an issue of federally funded political advocacy. we have here an attempt by the cdc through the mpipc a disease control agency of the federal government to bring about gun control advocacy all over the united states. rather than calling violence a
10:32 pm
disease and guns as a germ, these people should be looking at the other root causes of crime. >> joining us now in an exclusive interview is jay dickey. congressman, you've changed your mind about this. why have you changed your mind and what is your view now? >> i'm not so sure i've changed my mind. what i'm regretting is that we didn't go forward and stop the funding of the gun control agenda and start anew a new investigation or research into gun violence. it's a difference in gun violence and gun control. what we found is that the cdc was conducting a promotion of gun control and that's not what was intended when the appropriations were passed.
10:33 pm
>> what is the research you would like to see? >> well, what i'm driving at is the fact that we have on our highways little barricades, little fences that have stopped head-on collisions in an enormous percentage. somewhere somehow the scientists were given the job of finding a way to stop head-on collision ps and they did it with a little fence. if we can get to the point where we are trying to stop gun violence and not promote gun control, then i think we might could get it done and start again, that which never should have been stopped. >> so there have been some technological developments like
10:34 pm
the smart gun, the gun that won't fire unless it has the right fingerprint on it, that sort of technology. is that the kind of thing you would like to see studied and advanced? >> that's the problem with my proposal, or any proposal that i'm a part of. and that is that i don't know what can be done. but i know this -- that when the highway industry tried to say we want to stop head-on collisions, they didn't say let's get rid of the car. they didn't say we're not going to have any more trucks on the road, and that way we can eliminate head-on collisions. we can find the solution without touching guns. i believe. without touching the second amendment rights that we have. >> congressman jay dickey, thanks for joining us tonight. coming up, hillary clinton gave a gift, an actual gift to every republican presidential
10:35 pm
candidate. that's coming up. [ female announcer ] knows her way around a miniskirt.
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prevent conflicts between their war planes as they fly over sere. tensions have been escalating over air strikes that support bashar al assad's regime. today, nay co warned russia over unacceptable air space violations into turkey. russia war planes have been launching air strikes into syria since last week. the kremlin claims the strikes are attacking isis. joining us now, the senior fellow for the atlantic counsel. and david corn is back with us. david corn, it is an amazing time for the united states to be arguing really with anyone about what their war planes are doing in the skies, whether it's u.s. war planes that bond doctors without borders in afghanistan. >> i can only imagine how that story has been played in russia and other countries as well. tragic, tragic event and the way the u.s. military has handled it
10:39 pm
the past few days, denies, shifting blame to the afghans. it's not been one of its brighter moments and it's horrendous that doctors without borders have to retreat from that position and maybe other positions as well. and that, of course, is in afghanistan where we have more of a binary situation. the u.s. and afghan force against the taliban. shift over to syria and iraq where you have multiple -- a multifacetted civil war within a regional conflict. now it's becoming, you know, global with the u.s. and russia both committing air strikes in different portions of the theatre. >> and adrian, how is it playing in russia? especially with the backdrop of the american bombing accident in afghanistan? >> well, i haven't seen the evening news in russia today, but the reporting over the last couple of days have been pretty
10:40 pm
triumphant. a lot of footage of the russian sorties, a lot of emphasis on how russia is a major power and playing an important role in fighting terrorism. so it really is a propaganda exercise, as much as a geopolitical move by putin. he's always looking for great theatre with which to maintain the support of the russian people. >> and david, we've seen some running maps of syria and showing where the u.s. strikes are going, where the russian strikes are going, indicating that the u.s. strikes are hitting -- you know, being directed towards isis targets and the russian strikes are being directed towards the opponents of the assad regime. the problem i have with all of that is, it always turns out
10:41 pm
after the fact that what we think we were doing with air campaigns and what we think we were targets turning out to be not so clear after the fact. moderate votes, exposed her to a more left-wing candidate, the left-wing candidate can beat both of them or at least challenge them. several civilians were accidentally struck. good intelligence, enough understanding of what's happening on the ground to always use air power most effectively.
10:42 pm
>> they now believe the putin plan is to try to destroy also of the rebels that they can with the air strikes so that they can then claim every other bomb they drop at that point is always going to be on isis. adrian, is there -- what is the putin logic to what has game plan is there? >> i think putin is trying to change the balance of forces in that area under the cover of a campaign against isis. domestically, he's trying to show that he is a major player. so he has really two aims. one is the propaganda aim and the other is the changing of the balance of forces. keep in mind, this is the only place outside of the former soviet bloc where russia has a military presence, a military base.
10:43 pm
the only place in the world. this is the first time since the end of the soviet union that the soviet union has -- that russia has conducted a military operation outside of the former soviet union. it's meddled and supported wars all over inside the border of soviet space, but this is the first major commitment. now if you look at what putin is setting himself up for, it is murky, as david said, he's setting himself up for another place where there's a lot of murkiness, because in ukraine, there's a bit of a deadlock. the fighting has ground down to a halt because of a rough equivalence among the forces. he's now going to be increasingly committed to this theatre. so i think he's i plaing a more high-risk game, but i think his main aim is really to show russia is a great power and that the second aim is really to back assad and to change the balance inside syria.
10:44 pm
>> adrian and david corn, thank you both for joining us tonight. coming up, what hillary clinton said to each republican candidate. she gave them a gift that they probably did not need. and later, the most beleaguered press secretary in washington history, "veep's" matt walsh will join us. so what's your news? i got a job! i'll be programming at ge. oh i got a job too, at zazzies. (friends gasp) the app where you put fruit hats on animals? i love that! guys, i'll be writing code
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♪ and a little more ♪ before ♪ he knows his own ♪ 100 days ♪ 100 nights ♪ to know a man's heart ♪ the obama justice department made history today with the announcement of the largest one-time release of inmates from federal prisoners. over 6,000 prisoners will be released at the end of the month in an effort to roll back excessive penalties and relieve crowded prisons. california governor jerry brown is trying to alleviate the same issues. the letter said each of nine bills creates a new crime,
10:48 pm
usually by finding a novel way to characterize and criminalize behavior that's already proscribed. that creates increasing complexity without commensurate benefit. over the last several decades, the criminal code is more than 5,000 separate provisions covering almost every conceivable form of human behavior. during the same period, our jail and prison populations have exploded. before we keep going down this road, we should pause and reflect on how our system of criminal justice could be made more humane, more just and more cost effective. >> that was california governor jerry brown. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ it's the final countdown! ♪ ♪ the final countdown!
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>> hillary clinton sent a gift to all the republican presidential campaigns. it's a copy of her book "tough choices."
10:51 pm
she said i understand you were questioning my record of accomplishments at your last debate. so i thought you might enjoy reading my book "hard choices" from working to restore america's standing in the world to bringing crippling sanctions to iran to negotiating a cease-fire in gaza. please enjoy all 590 pages. with this many people in the race, you've got enough people for a book club. today, the front-runner was asked what he thought about the book. he said don't know, didn't open the mail. up next, matt walsh, your character in "veep" when he writes his memoir, it will be entitled what? >> "the man behind the curtain." >> we'll be right back. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like playing the boss equals the boss wins. wow! >> it was first used as a truth serum by the state police. >> how is that fun?
10:54 pm
>> matt walsh is one of the founding members along with amy polar of the upright citizens brigade. he's the director, co-writer and co-star of the new improvised comedy film "a better you" about the alternative therapy business right here in hollywood. >> wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up! >> okay. >> hi. >> how long has she been in here? >> it's time to pay. >> who is she? >> it doesn't matter. >> why are you just standing under there?
10:55 pm
a. >> well. >> this is a very, very short session. >> i don't think you needed much more. so just make it out to dr. rod knight. excellent work today. >> joining us now, allison janney. oh, when i think fictional white house press secretary, i just see -- >> she was the best. >> i now see two people. allison janney and matt walsh. matt, the show, fantastic. sweeping the emmys. just now becoming a habit with veep. that must have been a fun night. >> we never swept before. tony and julia has one before. >> that's what i call swiping. more than one. >> the writers got it and the show got it. the show has been nominated a few times so it was really surprising and exciting. >> i had a top secret -- don't tell anybody about this. don't tell any of the cast. i had a couple of hours in the writer's room of "veep" a couple
10:56 pm
of months ago as they were developing this new season. i got in the rhythm. i came up with a couple of suggestions. >> please. >> kill off mike was my big suggestion. but i had to leave early so i don't know whether they're going with that or not. >> he could go zombie. i would go killing mike if he could still be zombie press secretary. >> that's the trick in drama, kill someone off. >> "game of thrones." >> you guys live forever in comedy. >> people don't get killed off in comedy series, that's true. >> >> they can't find the humor in that for some reason. they usually come back as a ghost. if they get killed, they'll come back as a ghost. >> i feel like we just did a little resume padding here. >> what do you mean? >> your new movie "a better you" which is a complete matt walsh production in every way, we snk in co-writer of an improvised comedy film.
10:57 pm
come on now, improvised, co-written. >> there was a structured outline of about 60 to 65 scenes, and then brian and i, the co-star, wrote the scenes out. and there was two or three paragraphs beneath. so the story was indicate the. i would direct them and give them notes. >> that's basically the larry david method. >> christopher guest movies. he did that on "spinal tap." >> there's no dialogue. >> there's suggested joke. and then we'll have pages of jokes on the day that we'll pitch. but generally it's just a summation of what's at stake emotionally, what's the funny situation that we can mine for comic laughs. >> and when you're improvising it, when do you know that it's worked or that it's working. it's gotten laughs in a room, and you're seeing it on the set and it seems to be working.
10:58 pm
but now you're seeing it live for the very first time. >> well, you cast people to effect. you cast funny people in the big roles so you're guaranteeing that you're going to have funny dialogue. he has the next session and he has to wrap up that session. hopefully it's funny. it's very professional. so you wrap the improv around that awkwardness. >> is marco rubio saying eh, the senate, don't love it. doesn't love the job. >> you can't say that because you work for everybody. you've got say this is the best of my life. >> no one in "veep" likes his or her job. on "veep" the president doesn't like the job.
10:59 pm
>> yes, it's true. nobody is happy. but you can't say that. you can't publicly put your foot in your mouth like that. it's terrible. >> if rubio ever finds himself in celine's position, he may not love it. >> no, he wouldn't be able to handle it either. she doesn't handle it well either. she's a terrible president. >> when is mike going to come out in the briefing and just admit all that. i think mike is more likely to take on the media who keep hammering issues that aren't important to their agenda. i think he's more likely to lash out at them. i don't think he'll ever sell celina out or throw her under the bus. he's definitely a soldier. "a better you" comes out in select theatres and on vod october 9. >> what is the title of this thing tomorrow? someone tell me.
11:00 pm
"blood lions" 10:00 p.m. on msnbc. it's about horrible situations of hunters going over to africa to get their trophy lions. matt walsh, thank you very much for joining us. you're the real matt walsh. hillary tried rescuing ambassador stevens, so why didn't we know it? let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. in an all-out counterattack, hillary blames republicans for pushing benghazi to beat her, which a top republican now admits. we have evidence that a gop-run committee has been withholding testimony from that she pushed for a military rescue the night of the attack on ambassador stevens and the other americans in benghazi.


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