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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  October 7, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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line school night. my mom and i talked about her sculptures and her career and our rocky relationship. it was great. >> they loved her. >> they loved her. thank you for having us. >> you guys are living large on weeknights. >> staying out late. >> two of the three best teams in baseball is pirates and cubs. >> who wins? >> cubs. >> wow. >> go cubs. i learned there's still a lot of trump deniers out there. you got science deniers and now trump deniers. >> he's peaked. >> msnbc live is up next. have a great day, everybody. bye. good morning, we begin with breaking news.
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a stunning report shows that the nuclear black market is alive and well in eastern europe. a potential treasure-trove for isis and other terrorists who want to get their hands on a bomb. according to the associated press, european authorities have teamed up with the fbi and stopped russian smugglers who claim they could deliver radioactive material four separate times in president last five years. officials admit they have no idea whether other attempts to hand over nuclear material were successful. keir simmons is live for us. >> smuggling gangs attempting to sell radioactive material to gee hadists in the middle east. the past five years local investigators working at times with the fbi have uncovered four such instances. in one case earlier this year it's claimed a smuggler offered
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to sell enough to contaminate several stu blocks for $2.8 million. this man said to have links to russian crime allegedly told investigators he wanted to sell uranium to isis. as you might expect, some of this is confusing. he was arrested in 2011 before most people had had heard of isis. and the associated press says while in some cases radioactive material was seized in every case, it was small amounts or not very potent. we know isis would like to get its hands on the materials for what's known as a dirty bomb, which may not spread radiation very far, but can cause mass fear. pete williams have been talking to his sources and they are saying that the fbi has been involved in stings like this in the past. it's not clear what the involvement was in these particular stings.
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>> what do we know about this guy? is he in jail? is he on the run? and where does he get the material from? >> he was arrested and i believe he's now been released. there's a numb number of guys because there was a number of operations over a long period of years. easy places to get some material from you can get them from hospitals. at the same time to try to get more serious materials like plutonium, that's much more difficult. that's the kind of thing that investigators are always trying to establish. just to be clear, to take any of this material and turn it into a weapon is very, very difficult. even if you get it. but even a dirty bomb, as they call it, where you just kind of attach the material to an explosive causes fear even if it doesn't cause that much damage.
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>> keir simmons, thank you very much. the president of doctors without borders is lashing out at the u.s. military over the airstrike that killed 22 staff and patients at a hospital in afghanistan. here's what she said a few hours ago. >> today we say enough. even war has rules. it is unacceptable that the poming of a hospital and killing of staff and patient can be dismissed and brushed aside as a mistake. >> the group is is claiming that it the attack was not the result of a single strike, but multiple bombing raids and claims there was no fighting going on in the area where the airstrikes were launched. doctors without borders is calling for an independent investigation in addition to the three that are already underway. i want to bring in steve clemmons with the atlantic. good morning. >> good morning. >> tell me what your thoughts are. doctors without borders is
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saying this was completely unprovoked and nothing going on. >> they put out a very sophisticated, detailed statement from their perspective about what they felt and saw happen. 22 patients and doctors, colleagues of theirs killed in these sustained bombing raids that would come in every 15 minutes. they said their gps coordinates were reported to authorities. they had reported no attacks, no military it activity in the area at the time. that doesn't coincide with what the pentagon is saying that they believe that the decision making happened within the chain of command, but they were responding to afghan calls for action and for the strikes. and so what we have to ponder is the number of scenarios and hopefully the pentagon will put out all it knows. that's not something the pentagon does, but there are going to be doubts about the u.s. role in this and whether afghanistan itself or some agents in afghanistan created
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this horror and that's going to create doubt throughout the system. it's amazing the number of patients that were serviced in this hospital. 21,000 people serviced over time in this hospital. >> why would anyone in afghanistan want to hit this hospital? >> the bloody, horrible truth is that in war, and we have seen it in syria, afghanistan, previous wars like bosnia, that attacking hospitals or hospitals marked with big red crosses sometimes become places where the enemy hides and strikes from. sometimes the servicing and the protecting of civilians or people attached to an enemy even if they are just getting medical care is perceived as a threat. we have seen this a lot in syria. even in places where isis on both sides of the combat in syria, they are attacking and killing doctors. so this is not something e we haven't seen in war. why the u.s. would allow itself to be used in this way as the agent of this is even a bigger and deeper question. we knew those coordinates. we knew that was an area.
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>> we knew this was an internationally staffed hospital. >> and ash carter has said it was a mistake. and we need to now understand within the pentagon what the decision making was that got it there. it's a serious problem. >> steve, thank you very much. this story is going to continue. developing in south carolina, emergency crews working to establish breached dams. the death toll from weather-related incidents now climbed to 17 across the carolinas. let's go to columbia and sara dol laugh. they just issued a flash flood warning where you are? >> reporter: yeah, that is correct. you can understand why nerves continue to fray here. people just haven't been able to catch a break since those waters started to rise. amid-the warnings, residents continue to take stock of what's left and start on the cleanup and recovery process. it's huge.
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everything from this house hauled outside. they are seeing what can be saved. it's not things you can run down to your local mall and replace. it's priceless sentimental items. things like wedding photos. i found baby photos of ancestors dating back to the 1900s. not only is this hard work, it's very emotional work. and they are also having to call in the professionals for a lot of it to deal with the cars that are everywhere. this car in the front yard doesn't belong to this family. it belongs to a neighbor up the street. the water brought it down here and lodged it between these trees. it's going to take heavy equipment to get it out of this area. a lot of people still dealing with a lack of water. electricity has mostly been restored to the areas, but amidst the flood warnings, people still on the alert as they begin to take stock of their lives. back to you. >> thank you very much.
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we are learning new details about the oregon school shooter from neighbors and from a co-worker of his mother. neighbors tell the associated press the 26-year-old and his mother used to go target shooting together. his mother also posted online that her son struggled with autism but didn't seem to know he was potentially u violent. joining me is alexis jefferson, she worked with the gunman's mother pack in 2010 at a care center in southern california. thank you for being with me this morning. >> thank you. >> i understand she sometimes confided in you with difficulties she had raising her son. what kind of difficulties? >> she didn't elaborate about it. she just say that her son is not well and she has to take him to the hospital. and she doesn't go anywhere else with that. that's all she does. >> did you get a sense that it was difficult for her as a
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mother to deal with her son? did she have a relationship with her son that it was caring, nurturing and that included communication between both sides or sense that she didn't have much of a relationship with him? >> no, she does have a relationship with her son. she loves her son very much. and all she does is take care of her son, go home for her son. >> did you ever meet him? >> no, i haven't met her son. >> did she ever express fears that maybe her son could turn violent? that he had violent tendencies? any kind of talk like that? >> no, but she had mentioned once that it her son argue with her. that's it. >> what was your reaction when you learned he was behind this
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horrible massacre? >> i'm speechless and i'm speech skples i'm shocked over what happened because i couldn't imagine her son doing this terrible thing. >> alexis, thank you for being with me. >> you're welcome. we have more ahead. today the white house plays host to a worker voice. we'll bring that event to you. we're going to talk about this with the labor secretary after the break. the campaign trail, we're watching marco rubio. he's about to hold a town hall in new hampshire. mark murray has some surprising new swing state polling. plus with a new ntsb on the scene off the coast of florida, the search continues for the crew aboard a cargo ship that disappeared during hurricane joaquin.
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this morning the white house begins a summit on the american workforce aim ed at giving somea platform to talk about wages and other issues. the president has won big praise from unions for expanding access to paid leave and enacting rules, but there's some riffs in a close relationship between democrats and labor. with me now from the white house is secretary of labor tom pet tis. >> i'm doing very well. it's always good to be with you and your listeners. >> thank you so much. what can we expect today? >> we're going to have an important conversation led by the president on how we take this wind that's at our back. the economy is moving in the right direction, but so many
6:16 am
people who helped create this prosperity aren't feeling it. we can do better. and today is about how we do better. how we make sure we create shared prosperity where workers succeed, businesses succeed, and communities succeed. >> and secretary, you and i talked about this a lot. it always seemed our minority communities are the ones that are the slowest at seeing growth when there is not great growth, how do we help those communities get a part of the american dream and feel it? >> through a host of investments. education, my parents, your parents, they talk us education is the great equalizer. that's why the president is so focused on early childhood education and reform. on making higher ed accessible. the latino dropout rate has gone down and is moving in the right direction. investing in skills, making sure
6:17 am
adults have the skills to compete for the jobs of today and tomorrow and making sure workers have a voice in the workplace. i met with a group of workers last night and they are struggling. they are scared because they are scared to speak up because when they speak up they get fired. i met a tobacco worker working down in north carolina in conditions that i know are just unconscionable. we can do better. it's a what today is about. how we can do better. we have so many businesses here who are part of this conversation because they understand when you invest in your workers, it's great for your workers, it's great for your business, it's great for your bottom line and great for your customers. i'm looking forward to today's conversation. >> secretary, the relationship between unions and the white house hasn't always been great. the tpp was a topic this week. what's the relationship between president obama and the largest
6:18 am
unions and the tpp is still causing friction with a lot of people. >> we have an excellent relationship with our friends in labor. that doesn't mean you agree with everything. i have four siblings. i love them dearly, but we don't agree on everything. but we all get along great and love each other. and you know what, that's happens with our friends in labor. today we're going to hear from a lot of labor leaders about how we give workers a voice. we're talking about how we get folks a raise. how we upscale and expand. we have disagreements on the issue of trade, but we have an open dialogue and frankly the work that i've been doing to make sure that tpp is consistent with the president's north star, in other words, create iing a ll playing field for american workers and american businesses alike. our work has been very informed by the feedback we have gotten from our friends in labor. >> labor secretary tom perez, thank you for your time.
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>> great to be with you. presidential candidates are hitting the trail in swing states today. senator marco rubio is scheduled to begin a town hall shortly. things on the campaign are going pretty well for the junior senator from florida. we showed you a national poll tuesday that has him tied for third. looking into key things like swing states reveals a shakeup. with me now to go through the numbers is political director and moderator of "meet the press" is chuck todd. where does the race stand now? >> i think in some ways it's static at the top. it's carson and trump. we have seen this almost for a month now. the shakeup is in this sort of mid-lower tier. the shakeup you have seen is a consistent move across the board for rubio. a consistent move up across the board for carly fiorina. and then you have sporadic places. you see some evidence of jeb bush's tv ad campaign, which is
6:20 am
massive. the big news today actually is how much money jeb bush is spending right now on a weekly basis on television advertising. >> compared to other candidates. >> it's not even close. what will interesting, they are trying to buy poll numbers. when you're this far out, it's not about winning a campaign shs it's about buying poll numbers and getting him securely in that first tier. you see some evidence that it's working in new hampshire. we'll see if it has a trickle down effect. >> and meanwhile, trump, even though he's in first, does he show some vulnerability? >> in iowa and new hampshire, yes. but in other state polls, no. it's a real conundrum for party boths. hillary clinton and donald trump are leading matchups. you can say in iowa and new hampshire are leaking, but they are still ahead. both of them are the most popular candidates in a general election. and at what point does eligibility enter into the conversation for a primary
6:21 am
voter? it happens. right now is not when it happens, but it's not a number people should ignore. >> in the clinton camp, they are seeing that reality. biden, you're seeing that same reality. >> you are a little bit. they u don't want biden to get in. there's always been this happy talk that biden would make her a better candidate. i think that's true, and i think she's gotten a better candidate as her back has been against the wall. but if he gets in, it basically extends her problems in polling and perception problem for another six weeks because. biden will get the honeymoon, focus will be on biden and his numbers will go up and it will be at the expense of her and bernie sanders will be leading every poll. >> it seems as though bernie sanders has been consistent. it may not be shooting up, but
6:22 am
he's been consistent. >> it grows. he's still a growing candidate. there's a primary poll in california out this morning that shows him i think down just 12 points. only in iowa and new hampshire does he poll better. you're seeing it in the state polls. he's slowly creeping up. does he have a ceiling? or can he start growing even more outside of places like iowa and new hampshire? >> so tell me about mtp daily. >> i have paul ryan to talk about what's going on in the house leadership. he's a big supporter of kevin mccarthy. we'll see where he stands today on this issue in the leadership. then also everybody is in iowa today. you have seen the schedule. so hopefully we'll have a nice summary of what the heck happened. big day on the trail. >> sundays, what's going on? >> basically i wanted to have your schedule. you work for two networks and
6:23 am
seven days a week. i'm doing five or six. >> great to see you. let's talk about the dolphins. that's another day. >> one coach down, many to go. >> that's what they are saying. >> let's keep that one close to the vest. after the break, we'll take a look at some of the other head lines including some wild weather out west. this this isn't denver. this is arizona. pope francis is going to make another visit to the americas next year. that's when the pontiff plans to make his first official trip to mexico. no exact date given, but he's expected to visit mexico. we'll be back. to feel this special... you need to eat this special. ♪ i love it kellogg's special k... ...made with whole grains and fiber help a body thrive. ♪ i love it folic acid and vitamin d... make a body feel this good. start your day with 150 nourishing calories...
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severe flooding. the storm left 4,000 people without power. several others had to be rescued from their vehicles. everything will be back to normal there today. temperatures nearing 80 and dry. volkswagen's new ceo says a recall should begin in january. the auto maker says it aims to fix them all by the end of next year. volkswagen admitted there were up to 11 million vehicles around the world that contained the software used to cheat on emissions tests. commerce secretary is starting the second day of a trip to cuba. the visit aimed at exploring investment opportunities for u.s. businesses on the island. yesterday the secretary toured the container port facility. the second cabinet member to visit since the thawing of relations. take a look at this incredible drone video showing the devastation left by saturday's landslide in
6:28 am
guatemala. prosecutors office says it will conduct an investigation into who should be held responsible for allowing people to live in the area affected by the disaster. a november report by the country's own national disaster reduction commission said people should be moved out of the area because of fractures in blocks of material that can indicate further slides. the fatal mud slide killed 186 people. 300 still missing. we're following developments off the coast of florida. the search for a cargo ship lost at sea turns up more debris. plus we continue to follow breaking news from overseas and a new report that the fbi and european authorities have stopped attempted by russian smugglers to sell nuclear materials to isis. more on that, ahead here on msnbc. you owned your car for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together.
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missing cargo ship. the coast guard is scouring the waters for any sign u of life. it's been a week since the cargo ship lost power as it tried to steam past hurricane joaquin. a powerful category 4 storm with winds up to 140 miles an hour and 50-foot waves. another day of searching only turned up more debris from the ship. today the ntsb will begin its full first day looking into what went wrong. >> our mission is to not only understand what happened but why it happened and to issue recommendations and findings to prevent this from happening again. >> last night a lantern was sent into the sky at a candle light vigil. let's get the latest from mark potter in jacksonville, florida, this morning. mark, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jose, there's going to be a news conference here at 3:00 p.m. eastern time with the u.s. coast guard and the ntsb at coast guard headquarters.
6:33 am
the coast guard has been talking very seriously about suspending that search you were just talking about. they feel that they have reached the end of their window of opportunity to find survivors now that we are in the sixth day since the ship was last heard from. typically what the coast guard does is meet with the families first to tell them privately what they are going to do and then they make the public announcement. we'll wait for that announcement to see what they have to say. yesterday i was given guidance that they felt that they had done all they could out there to look for the survivors. it was a big search with lots of aircraft and ship, but they found none. they were in serious discussions all day yesterday about when to finally suspend the search. so we'll wait for that announcement at 3:00 p.m. here in jacksonville. in the meantime, this is the first full day as the ntsb investigation. their goal is to try to figure out the cause of this accident
6:34 am
and to prevent another one. while they are here in jacksonville, they have a full team looking at e-mails and radiotransmissions, maintenance records, but their ultimate goal is to find the ship itself and that's difficult. it's believed to be resting at the bottom of the ocean three miles deep, 15,000 feet. they will try to find it with the help of the coast guard and navy. it they do find it, they will try to recover the voyage data recorder. it gives them 12 hours of data on the ship before it capsized. its movement, speed, whether there were hatches open and things like that. a very difficult endeavor given the depth and also the debris field that must be down there with all the cargo containers on top of the ship. the one thing they told us that seemed interest iing is there's pinger that's on that data recorder that should have activated but so far they have not yet heard it.
6:35 am
jo jose? >> 3:00 eastern time, an important announcement we should be looking of the for. >> reporter: yes, sir. >> mark potter, thank you very much. one of the largest prisoner discharges in u.s. history is expected at the end of this month when the federal bureau of prisons sets 6,000 prisoners free. the release has been expected for months since the sentencing commission changed its sentencing guidelines last year. our chief legal correspondent ari melber is with me to talk about the story. let's talk about this release. it's a separate move from the president's push for clemency. >> that's correct, this is separate from what the president can do under his executive authority. they have been working on this. when people talk about this long running war on drugs in federal policy, which means trying to go after drug offenses and even low level and having harsh penalties
6:36 am
for them, we're looking at something of a little bit of a cease-fire. the sentencing commission basically taking what you mentioned, the largest single release of prisoners ever, but the most they say other than the undocumented immigrant class, most of them would be essentially drug offenders who served eight years out of ten-year sentences. so people who aren't in for other violent offenses who have done eight year z, which is a a very long sentence for drugs and are getting out about two years early. this is the start of a wave of potential releases. >> so if they served eight years on average, what kinds of drug crimes did they probably commit. >> probably not enough to be part of serious violence or gang banging or drug running. they were somewhere in the middle. a fair amount of drugs on them, enough to be arrested and
6:37 am
charged with distribution, but they probably weren't a part of a criminal enterprise, a part of a huge drug operation. that kind of thing. or they could have had previous offenses which under a federal system will dial you up. the other thing that's interesting is as you know, just last week, the congress reached a bipartisan proposal with the chairman as well as many leading democrats to do even more than this. to try to go proactively going forward and change the mandatory minimums for drug sentences. we are seeing finally a shift on how we punish nonviolent offenses in this nation. >> when we're talking about 6,000, there are some folks that say should we be concerned? are they being filtered? >> that's a great question. it's always a question. the studies show recidivism, the idea that people go back to
6:38 am
crime, it's not higher in studies where you have cases where you have early release. the difference between someone getting out at year five versus seven or ten doesn't alter recidivism. what happens to people in american prisons and are they getting beyond punishment. are they getting rehab so they are less likely to offend, that's still a big open debate. >> thank you for being with me. there's another story we're following from the justice department. the department is being called to investigate the state of alabama for the potential voter disenfranchisement. last month the state passed an emergency budget that slashed many state services because of severe budget cuts. one victim of those cuts, driver's license offices. 31 offices across 28 counties are closing. according to recent census reports, they are in large african-american populations. every single county where blacks make up more than 75% of
6:39 am
registered voters will see their official driver's license offices close. we reached out to governor robert bentley and he says this decision was based on money and identifications can be obtained the at other locations. >> walk me through the timeline of when you found out these offices will be closed and then the fact where they are being closed and what the population is in those areas. >> absolutely. listen, i found out when everyone else did when a press release was sent out on wednesday evening, september 30th, that all these dmv offices were going to affect the people in my district. i have 14 counties in my district. 8 of those 14 counties will have dmv offices that are closed. when the state links that with
6:40 am
the fact that they have a law that requires a photo i.d. in order to vote and that most of those counties have a disproportionate amount of elderly people, it doesn't pass a smell test. even if i give my state officials the benefit of the doubt that these are budget decisions, the fact of the matter is the state of alabama should not be balancing the budget on the backs of those who can least afford it. those who are elderly, those who are african-american and those who are of low income. >> so the governor's office says there are other forms of identification. that everybody in that state is going to have easy access to. a lot of people don't drive but do want to vote. so how easy is it to get other forms of identification and what are those forms of identification? >> just because an alternative exists doesn't mean that an alternative is is either easily obtainable or easily accessible. the reality is that in many rural communities there's
6:41 am
limited modes of transportation. there's a lack of broad band and to give a person a suggestion they can actually access a mobile van once a year and those mobile units have only actually issued 29 photo i.d.s since they have been in existence. and so to me that is not the solution. >> i just want to get an idea of what's available and how do you get it? for the folks that don't live there. >> so what our state officials are saying is that these photo i.d.s can be readily accessible by going to a board of registrar, which is also located in the same courthouse as most of the dmv offices are. but the reality is when you scratch the surface, you find out only a thousand of those registrars were actually used last election cycle and the mobile units, only 29 photo i.d.s were given out during that time. so i would love the opportunity
6:42 am
to sit down with state officials in my state of alabama and talk about a plan of how they will make sure that my constituents, first time voters potentially will be able to get a dmv license. this is really critical. i think that they have opened the pandora's box by linking the photo i.d. with the right to vote. so i have requested that the justice department look into this to make sure my constituents are not affected by these closures. >> if it's only 29 i.d.s that have been issued by the mobile things, that is very concerning. congresswoman, thank you for being with me. it's a pleasure seeing you. after a quick break, we'll get reaction to hillary clinton's comments on immigration reform. but first, get this. a student apparently lost her student i.d. in new york city. guess who found it? none other than tom hanks. the oscar winner post ed a phot
6:43 am
i.d. on twitter writing lauren i found your i.d. in the park. if you still need it, my office will get it to you. retweets and responses, it turns out she's not on twitter. lauren found out she's famous from a professor who forwarded the tweet. but no word yet on whether or not she's met up with tom hanks yet. that's a great student i.d. picture. mine looks like it should have numbers under it. we'll be right back. ♪ [engine revving] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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6:47 am
immigration reform. it was part of a strategy. i think that strategy is no longer workable. so therefore, i think we have to go back to being a much less harsh and aggressive enforcer. >> joining me now is dreamer and co-founder of dream big vegas, great seeing you. >> thank you, good morning. >> let me get your reaction to what hillary clinton is saying. >> i mean, it's the reality. we have lived in it in a time when we have had the most deportations and the most amount of families separated. it's good to hear that there's straight clear talk on what's been happening in our communities and what we know to be true. >> she said, the strategy is no longer workable. that would imply that it was workable at one time. what were the results of that and the benefits for this country to start with? >> i mean, unfortunately the separation of families, which is what has been affecting all of our communities and that's
6:48 am
something that's been continuing and even as she state d in that interview, it's gone down since 2012 in large place because of the legislation. >> does it strike you as odd that we're seeing killers that come back into the country after being deported and they are in the country. yet, you're seeing families, fathers, mothers, grandparents being deported that have no crime record in this country. isn't that an odd thing? >> it just goes back to showing that our resources are being. spent where they shouldn't be. our resources are being spent on deporting families who are taking care of their grand kids, that have been living here for years upon years. and it goes back to our resources are being wasted and there has been no real talk about this. >> and on the one hand you have
6:49 am
hillary clinton talking specifics saying that that strategy didn't work. then you have on the republican side very few candidates that are talking any specifics on immigration and the ones that are are, well, how would you characterize it? >> just inconsistency. at the very least on the democratic side, we have seen consistency with the candidates. we have marco rubio, who penned the senate bill that was bipartisan senate bill that was going to help our families. then he actually became the biggest opponent to it. today we still don't know where he firmly stands because it changes every day. >> when we talk about immigration, we talk about numbers and policies. i think it's always important to also bring it down, to distill it to what it actually does. it affects millions of people in this country. in your case, you're in a mixed status family. >> i am, my brother is a citizen and my parents are undocumented. that's what it goes to.
6:50 am
. a lot of people know somebody who is undocumented. if they speak to them, they say, okay, how can we fix the situation? i have had people call us and say my neighbor undocumented, hw do we fix this? we tell them, this is the reality that's happening. they say how can it be so difficult to fix something? that's just what people know. people know something that's undocumented but they know there's no solution. >> how can we fix something that's broken? that is something all sides agree on. it's broken. and yet here we are day in and day out, not dealing with it, families being separated, criminals being allowed to stay. astr astrid, thank you very much. new york's attorney general takes the next steps to launch an investigation into the world of fantasy sports. we'll get a live report next. first check out this amazing piece of video from norway. how amazing is this? photographer capturing a group of humpback whales swimming
6:51 am
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6:54 am
developing in just the past hour, the fantasy sports site fanduel has announced a series of aggressive steps to address the firestorm that's erupted after an employee at rival draftkings cashed in big allegedly using inside information. fanduel now permanently banning any employee from playing on another fantasy site for money. the move comes a day after new york attorney general eric schneiderman sent letters to the companies demanding answers by next week relating to the fairness and transparency and security of the site and reliability of representations your company has made to customers." ron mott has the latest on this issue. >> reporter: jose, yesterday i
6:55 am
spoke with a spokesperson for fanduel and it seems the company's approach yesterday was that this was more of a draftkings problem because it involved one of draftkings' employees. today fanduel announced within the past hour -- employees are going to be banned permanently from playing in these fantasy sports contests for money. customers will be required to confirm that they do not work for a fantasy sports site. former u.s. attorney general michael mukasey is going to conduct a review. to address any hints that improprieties behind the scenes can be dealt with. congressman hakeem jeffries is asking the judiciary committee to look at all of this and a couple of new jersey lawmakers, senator bob menendez and congressman frank palone are asking the federal trade commission to look into this game.
6:56 am
this is a booming industry, some $3 billion could be spent here over the next few weeks, throughout the football season. so this is a lot of money. it is unregulated and a lot of government officials want to see that changed. >> ron mott, thank you very much. nbc's parent company, comcast and nbc sports group are investing in fandual. much more ahead as we approach the top of the hour. we? ekt to lear from the outgoing speaker of the house john boehner ahead of his week's party election for a new speaker. plus, the fbi takes down an international nuclear smuggling ring. was the nuclear material bound for isis? pete williams is looking into that. next right here on nbc news. i'm meteorologist bill karins. check out this scene.
6:57 am
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6:59 am
welcome back. i'm jose diaz-balart. we start with breaking news about a potential nightmare scenario -- terrorists getting their hands on the kind of
7:00 am
nuclear material that could be used in a dirty bomb. today we are learning from the associated press about a string of busts in eastern europe that stopped russian-based gangs from delivering those kinds of materials to groups like isis. but this is an ongoing threat. just because law enforcement managed to stop some sales doesn't mean they've stopped them all. pete williams is nbc's justice correspondent and joins us this morning. pete, what are we learning today? >> well, this sheds a light on a big effort that the united states has been very concerned about, really since the break-up of the soviet union. this is a string of arrests that mu mull doven police have carried out. in february an undercover informant working with the authorities met with a man who said he could supply materials and the informant claimed that he was representing isis. now the fbi emphasizes today that there was no known isis connection. this was simply the claim of the informant. but it sheds a light on a continuing problem and just how big is it?
7:01 am
well, the international atomic energy agency estimates that there have been about 2,500 of these attendant smuggling cases in the last few years. that's the data as of december of 2013. it's a huge effort for the u.s. it spends about $2 billion on countering this threat. the iaea has 125 countries that have agreed to detect and monitor these threats. the united states has set up these counter nuclear smuggling teams in about eight countries, includele moldova, many of the former soviet union country because of the concern of loose nukes in the soviet union. there is no evidence the people selling this stuff had the large amounts to make a dirty bomb or nuclear device. one official says it is very easy for these sellers to get their hands on a small amount to be sort of a teaser. but it remains a huge person. what the ap has done is shed a light on one little part of it.
7:02 am
>> pete, just for folks that may not be up to speed, what exactly a dirty bomb -- what is a dirty bomb and how effective can it be? >> well, the two kinds of things that people are worried about is an actual nuclear weapon. the kind that you think of that would make a mushroom cloud. but easier to make, although not that easy, turns out, it simply taking some radiological material and wrapping it around some explosive and detonating it to just spread the nuclear material out. it's not a nuclear explosion but it spreads out radiological material that could make an area unsafe to inhabit. and if set off in a large city, it could be a very serious terrorist weapon. it turns out, jose, that the good news, if there is any here, is that the -- one of the national laboratories a couple of years ago set out to try to find out how easy it is to make one of these and concluded it's not that easy.
7:03 am
that's the only good news here, i guess. >> it would cause a lot of terror though. pete, thanks. great seeing you. now we turn to the american air assault that killed 22 people at a humanitarian hospital in afghanistan. this morning, doctors without borders, the group that ran the hospital in kunduz, said it was unacceptable and insists that it could not be brushed aside as a mistake. at the same time, the group released new information claiming that the hospital was hit with multiple bombs over a period of more than an hour, that the attack continued even after u.s. and afghan officials were told they were targeting a medical facility. this is new video we're just getting in showing some of the wounded that were taken to a lopt in the capital of afghanistan. more than three dozen people were hurt in the bombing, most of them members of doctors without borders. christopher dickie, former editor for the joins me. >> it is a pretty damning
7:04 am
picture indeed. there's very good proof, video proof, eyewitnesses that this happened. it is very clear that an american ac-130 gunship circled around that hospital and hit it again and again and again. there may be questions about what they knew and when they knew it on board that plane, but there is no question really at this point that they were firing heavily into that hospital and a lot of people were burned to death in their beds and a lot of staff were killed. >> the u.s. doesn't deny that it was behind the bombing. the question is -- there have been kind of different stories once this first came to light -- first that maybe they were receiving fire from either the area or the actual hospital. the second is that the afghan government specifically pinpointed that area as one that needed to be hit. >> well, it seems that the attack by the ac-130 was called
7:05 am
in by afghan national army troops, maybe special forces, who were there near the scene and fighting the taliban. but why they called it in on the hospital itself, that remains very unclear indeed. the initial reports of course from the pentagon suggested that that firepower was used to protect american advisors embedded with the afghan national army, but in fact that was not the case. >> chris, this wasn't like a temporary hospital, it wasn't tents or some kind of temporary housing. it was clearly a structure that had been there. the other thing is, this is a group that actually does do a lot of good and does have a communication relationship with the country they're in as well as the forces that may be involved. >> well, jose, doctors without borders has been around for many decades in war zones all over the world. i would say probably no ngo, no
7:06 am
non-governmental organization has more experience operating in war zones and knowing how to contact the various warring parties, how to tell them what their coordinates are and how to take measures that will make sure this kind of thing doesn't happen. it is conceivable that nsf fell down on the job somewhere here but it is very unlikely. it is much more likely that the afghan national army and the americans somehow really screwed up. >> christopher dickey, thank you very much for being with me. developing now, new evacuations are under way in south carolina as a threat of breached dams grows. at the same time the death toll across the carolinas has climbed. 17 now following the historic rain and widespread flooding there. the mayor of columbia says residents will likely have to boil water before drinking and cooking for some time. nbc's sarah dallof is following the very latest for us. sarah, what's the biggest threat there right now?
7:07 am
>> reporter: the biggest threat right now, jose, is the dams. authorities watching several very closely right now out of concern they could breach or break affecting potentially tens of thousands of people. while they continue to watch these dams, homeowners here are beginning to take stock of their situation of what's left of their property. we're in the backyard of a home and you can get an idea of just how powerful this storm was. this car was in the front yard when this storm started. it tore it through a gate. the force of the waters. you can see it rolled up, that sod in front of the car. like it was carpet. like it was a rug in your dining room. just like it was nothing. it also not only drug this car into the backyard but it drug a truck, a pick-up truck, even farther actually into the lake. you can see that cooler bobbing there on the surface. that is tied to the homeowner's submerged truck to make recovery a bit easier. who knows what other cars may be under the surface of the lake. as you can tell, a massive
7:08 am
clean-up project here. they've got a lot of volunteers out there on the streets helping with furniture and personal items but it is going to take a lot more heavy lifting to get the vehicles and the heavier pieces of equipment out of here. a long-term recovery effort, jose, that we're dealing with now so more flash flood warnings here in columbia. outgoing house speaker john boehner and other gop leaders are speaking on the hill. we'll monitor that event for you. also turning to presidential politics with candidates spanning the country today from iowa to new hampshire. we're on location in both critical early states. but first, politics and practical jokes. hillary clinton revealing she sent a little gift to her republican rivals. take a listen. >> i hear the republicans talking from time to time in their debates and elsewhere and they say things like, "ugh, i don't know what she accomplishes as secretary of state. she didn't accomplish anything." i listened to that for a while. and then i thought, you know,
7:09 am
maybe they just don't know. so i have now sent each of them a copy of my book, "hard choices," about what we did during those four years. so you know, there are so many of them, they could have a book club. and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost®.
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7:12 am
who do you like for 2016? and, please try to be impartial here. who do you think is most qualified to hold office in 2016? >> the lady i saw singing on "saturday night live." >> she was very good. that valium was just wonderful. >> yeah. made me want to take a drink with her. >> former president bill clinton
7:13 am
on the late show on cbs. it seems hillary clinton didn't leave her humor just at "saturday night live." >> you're in the oval, finally in charge after all these years, totally in charge calling all these shots, what are you going to do with bill for four years? >> put him to work! >> well, there are serious questions for hillary clinton today. she campaigns in iowa. there's a new report on her e-mails and some troublie ining numbers. a new poll from swing states shows donald trump leading the gop field but isn't as in control as he once was. kristin welker, hallie jackson and katy tur are all on the campaign trail. it is a thrill to see you all. kristin, let me start with you. clinton is going before the benghazi committee two weeks from tomorrow. is that still a go? >> well, it's definitely still a
7:14 am
go, jose. secretary clinton really trying to aggressively attack the benghazi committee. of course she got that unexpected political gift from kevin mccarthy essentially trying to link the benghazi committee to her poll numbers which have been sagging recently. she has been slamming kevin mccarthy and the entire committee for that. and it really seems to be the gift that keeps on giving. today "the new york times" editorial board saying that the benghazi committee should be disbanded. let me read you a little bit of what the "times" said today in its editorial. "the hearing will give republicans another chance to attack the credibility and trustworthiness of the leading democratic presidential candidate. it will do nothing to make american embassies abroad safer or help the relatives of the four killed in libya." so you can expect the clinton campaign to seize on this. of course she'll be appearing here a little bit later on today in cedar rapids where they expect her to answer some questions from the media. of course, the great wild card
7:15 am
continues to be vice president joe biden. will he or won't he get into this race? according to the latest quinnipiac pole, he actually does better in a general election match-up against top republicans in some swing states -- florida, ohio and pennsylvania. so the clinton campaign clearly watching vice president biden very closely, preparing for another big test before the benghazi committee, and that's of course the first democratic debate. we know secretary clinton has begun preparations for that set to happen on the 13th next week. >> katy, this is the first time trump's getting out there in a couple of days. what's the sense you are getting from his campaign on his momentum? >> only two days. he was out in tennessee on saturday. momentum they still believe from the campaign at least that it is on mr. trump's side. they think he's doing well in the polls. every time you speak to the campaign the first thing they do is point out which polls he is leading in. they're not going to talk about his unfavorability ratings or or he is going to fare in a general election, even though that might
7:16 am
be worse than other candidates but they believe that he's growing as a candidate and doing a good job. so far he's been more controlled in his stump speeches and he's been able to read the crowds more. as for the trump second act, what he has next? well, "the washington post" is out with a story today that outlines much of what i've been hearing from the campaign as well. they'll be putting $20 million into media buying. so far they haven't had to do in pe of that because they've been getting all this essentially free press from the media every time he goes on stage, he anticipate been getting live tv play across all the cable networks. not to mention all the interviews that he's been doing across the board. but once that slows down and the campaign has seen that that might slow down as days and months wear on they will be buying campaign ads. they're also going to bring out melania and ivanka on the trail as well as beef up his military knowledge. he's meeting with generals according to the campaign to come up with a more clear and concise plan on what he would want to do with foreign affairs and also debate prep for the
7:17 am
next debate on the 28th. they say you'll see mr. trump insert himself more into the debate and be a little more knowledgeable in a lot of areas in a may that he was criticized for not being in the last two debates. >> hallie, you're in manchester. you just spoke with marco rubio. someone who's seen a recent rise in his polls, including the newest one from swing states. he's got three town halls today. he's pretty good at those town halls. how's he being received? >> very well, frankly. is he very relaxed at these town halls. he interacts with folks, he gets a lot of questions and he answers them, he also asks a lot of questions. a very charismatic marco rubio in events like these. he drew about 200 people to a house party last night. they are where with the campaign wants the crowds to be at least this early in the race. october obviously there are several months to go. they talk about this as a
7:18 am
marathon, not a sprint. they know that they are in it for the long haul. rubio focusing on those four early states, includinging new hampshire. back in nevada tomorrow and back in the granite state after that. in recent polls you've seen him up in the top three, top four, even higher in some states. florida's really an interesting case given that is where he will be up against his former mentor, jeb bush. he was asked about jeb bush in a media availability at this internet company where marco rubio's been holding this town hall. he said governor bush is still my friend. he's not focused on the competition. he wants to focus on running his own race. i asked him about the possibility of joe biden hopping in, too. he says, hey, those decisions won't be up to me. i'm paraphrasing here, he says he'll focus on the race he wants to run, sort of the new economy, the future, what he calls the new american dream, the future of where this country can go. >> kristin, we just had the story of donald trump recently pranking rubio by sending his water bottles and like towels and trump campaign hats.
7:19 am
now we know hillary clinton is getting in on some of that as well? >> yeah. seems to be the week of pli political pranks. that's right. secretary clinton sent her book "hard choices" to all of the republican presidential candidates. she said she wanted to do it because after the last debate they all criticized her for not having accomplished anything as secretary of state. she says look, here's my book, that lists all of my contributions. let me read a little bit from the campaign. they said, "from working to restore america's standing in the world to bringing crippling sanctions to iran to negotiating a cease-fire in gaza, please enjoy all 596 pages of my time as secretary of state with 15 candidates in the race, you've got enough people for a book club." not surprisingly, donald trump dismissed this and john kasich said he doesn't open junk mail. so there you have it. a little bit of political prank that's adding some humor. >> i asked marco rubio, i said did you get secretary clinton's book? he goes wait, she sent me a
7:20 am
book? i said yeah, she sent them to all candidates. he said well then she will be getting mine an then got in a plug for his paperback that's just out. >> pranking via snail mail, guys. >> katy as well, thank you ladies for being with me. up next, a quick check on wall street. right now the dow is up but -- up pretty good. 160-plus. much of the focus is on a possible massive beverage merger. we are talking about two huge beer companies. and a proposed deal worth more than 1$100 billion? but first, an 800-pound gator. nothing for a 10-year-old girl from houston. she was hunting with her father when she bagged a 13-foot alligator using a crossbow. she shot the massive gator from 15 yards away. can a business have a mind?
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we heard you got a job as a developer!!!!! its official, i work for ge!! what? wow... yeah! okay... guys, i'll be writing a new language for machines so planes, trains, even hospitals can work better. oh! sorry, i was trying to put it away... got it on the cake. so you're going to work on a train? not on a train...on "trains"! you're not gonna develop stuff anymore? no i am... do you know what ge is?
7:24 am
happening this morning, jury selection begins this morning in massachusetts for a teen accused of killing his teenager. he's accused of raping and killing his math teacher in 2015. he was 14 at the tinl me of the alleged crime but will be charged as an adult. the attorneys say they plan to call into question the defendant's mental health. 36,000 fiat chrysler employees plan to go on strike at midnight unless a new labor deal is reached. the united automobile workers union reached a tentative deal last week but the majority of workers rejected it. negotiating over wage hikes and a cap on entry level workers, among other thinks. the strike would be the first in the industry since 2007. 6,000 federal inmates will be released in the largest one-time release in u.s. history. part of an effort to reduce
7:25 am
overcrowding in prisons and give relief to some drug offenders who received harsh sentences. most of the inmates affected were jailed for cocaine and meth related crimes. the inmates will be released from federal prisons around the country between october 30th and november 2nd. the chilling news out of the central american country of el salvador. homicides there have increased by 72% this year. that's equivalent to nearly 5,000 deaths. more than 500 of those deaths have been children. much of the violence linked to in-fighting between gangs which has only escalated since a truce between the two biggest gangs crumbled. police targeted by gangs say 80% of the homicides are related to gangs. we're following new developments from wall street where investors are closely watching a mega merger involving two of the world's biggest largest beer brewers. cnbc's mandy drury is here with a market rundown. >> the world's second largest
7:26 am
brewer has now rejected an improved offer in fact from its rival, ab bev. saying the 68 billion pounds or $104 billion offer "very substantially undervalues" it. this is the usual dance. right? but the deal would combine the two biggest brewers in the world. it is taking a while because this is the third take of a proposal that ab in bev has made to miller. they say a miller's shareholder or one of them, altria, the tobacco company, has said it supports the offer. >> they're saying no to $104 billion. >> yeah. it's not enough basically. not enough. >> how's the stock market today? >> we're moving higher very nicely. what we're seeing is crude oil prices rising for the fourth day in a row. and as you probably know, recently crude oil and stocks
7:27 am
have been quite tightly correlated. if it is true that crude oil has managed to find a bottom, it's been relatively stable for the last couple of months. that will be positive hopefully for the overall market. but we also got some better than expected results from the likes of pepsico and keep in mind that the bar is very low going into this earnings season. if the bar is low enough, it always makes it that much easier to beat. but expectations are low. the s&p companies are expected to report 4.2% fall in fourth quarter profit which would be the biggest decline in six years. >> mandy, thanks. up next -- smugglers selling nuclear weapons to isis. new developments on the investigation causing alarm here and around the world. and the u.s. coast guard is scouring the waters near the bahamas for any sign of life from the "el faro" missing cargo ship. we're live in jacksonville with the very latest right here on msnbc. why do so many people choose aleve?
7:28 am
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i want to take you back to breaking news restarted the hour with, new reports about the phenomenon of nuclear smuggling in eastern europe. the ap says the fbi alongside authorities in the etiny nation of moldova have interrupted attempts to sell nuclear arms to extremists on four occasions but the successful busts were undercut by striking shortcomings. they got away and sometimes quickly returned to nuclear smuggling. fbi officials are telling our own pete williams there's no known isis connection here, although one important claimed informant to be an isis representative. joining me now, a former senior british officer and former advisor to the uk's ministry of defense. how hard is it for smugglers to deliver the right kind of these nuclear materials to build a dirty bomb, for example?
7:32 am
>> i think we got to separate the risk here, jose, into capability versus intent. certainly over the past year there have been indications that the islamic state, for example, have had either the intent or have used some sort of chemical cocktails in syria in order to carry out some attacks. now in terms of the capability -- we know there is intent but in terms of the capability, i think that's a very different question. we know that one of the islamic states' key chemical weapons engineers was taken out by a u.s. missile strike in january of this year. he was in sudan's baathist party. if i was either the russian foreign intelligence service or the cia, i'd be really looking hard who saddam hussein's nuclear experts were and seeing if their names are appearing on the zimic sta islamic state or jihadist at the moment. if it is from a dirty bomb, it
7:33 am
is going to be from previous experience within the saddam regime. >> how much nuclear material and chemical material is out there? we do know is is the syrian dictatorship has used chemicals weapons against its own people in the past and some say still doing so. isn't this regulated? isn't it controlled? how much of this stuff is out there? >> well, in terms of the chemical component, what's really troubling sort of the west and what will be troubling russia now is that security vacuum in syria. so we don't know how much chemical components the jihadists have got their hands on. likewise with the nuclear contingent. i'd sort of like to reduce expectations a little bit. i'm not sure that assad had any chemical capability. i think the real question will be looking to russia. russia have a invested interest in this now. putin has a really invested interest because of his new engagement in russia which at the moment involves air strikes. but we know that there will be
7:34 am
some sort of iranian force on the ground and i'll bet there's also russian special forces on the ground. i think where the ability now to really sort of intercept this potential migration of nuclear material from russia through moldova, it will be the vested interest of the foreign intelligence of russia. >> we talk about how much cash isis has as an organization. is it a matter of time between those terrorist organizations with boat loads of cash getting their hands on some very dangerous material? >> well, certainly money will be able to buy you a lot, without a shadow of a doubt. but again i go back to sort of intent, who has the intent to use these type of dirty bombs. the islamic state i have no doubt they would. who else? syria? who among the jihadist groups? al nusra. i don't think the fsa would e n
7:35 am
engage in that type of stuff. but if i was in if the cia or in the intelligence services, i'd be getting your weather guys -- bill karins or someone else -- to look at the prevailing winds and look at the art of the possible in terms of if they were to use it, where would you use it, what would be the effect on it. obviously it is hard to control the aftereffects of a dirty bomb in terms of the radiation. so those components would be the things i'd be being looing at now if i were part of the intelligence community, whether that's russia or in america. the point you raise about the financial component, absolutely vital in terms of tackling the islamic state, it's got to be a holistic approach. it can't just be bombs, bullets and mortars. it has to look at the financial components and looks at recruiting and what the imams and preachers are doing in mosques all over the world. it's got to be saudi arabia and what happens. there were so many components to this it's frightening. >> thanks for your time. it developments in the search for survivors from the missing cargo ship.
7:36 am
we expect to get an update at a news conference at 3:00 p.m. eastern, noon pacific, after days of scouring a 225-mile debris field near the bahamas, the coast guard has found no sign of survivors. one body was found in a survival suit and lots of debris was also discovered. family members are desperately waiting for information about the 33 crew members. >> this can't be happening. i just lost his father. i just -- my whole insides are just being ripped out. really. >> let's get the very latest from nbc's mark potter in jacksonville, florida. >> reporter: good morning, jose. a terrible time for the families here. since yesterday the coast guard has been discussing in miami when they would suspend that search. they feel that they have come to the end of their window of opportunity for finding survivors. it's now been six days since the
7:37 am
ship disappeared. we'll wait and see what's announced at that 3:00 p.m. news conference. typically the coast guard would meet with the families first out of respect to give them the news that this search is suspended, then they announce it. again we'll see what happens at 3:00 eastern. meantime the ntsb, the national transportation safety board begins its full day of investigation into the cause of this crash. we spoke a moment ago to the vice chairman of the ntsb. >> every investigation is challenging. in this case it's large ship. it's in deep waters. there's a lot of information related to it. there are a lot of people especially the loved ones of the crew members who we want to be considerate of. >> reporter: the ntsb will try to find the ship with the help of the navy and u.s. coast guard. its ultimate goal is to find the voyage data recorder in the bridge of the ship. if they were to find that it
7:38 am
would give them a treasure drove of information. it would show the activity on that ship the 12 hours before the capsizing in a perfect world, that would be the speed of the ship, the motion of the ship, whether hatches were open. also potentially the recording of voices in the bridge as the captain and crew were negotiating that horrible storm that cat 4 storm that they faced. it is a very difficult prospect though. the ship is under three miles of water. three miles deep. 15,000 feet below the surface. so getting there is a challenge. then the debris field that could be there because of all those cargo containers that were on the ship that might be piled on top of it now makes it a very difficult prospect. but that's what they're looking for. that's their ultimate goal in this investigation. which easily could take months. >> mark potter in jacksonville, thank you very much. now to one of the hot topic issues of the 2016 race -- immigration. while most of the focus of the debate has been on the u.s. and mexico border, one group has been receiving benefits from the
7:39 am
1960s -- cubans. in the wake of the thawing u.s./cuban relations, a new investigation is revealing what some say is an abuse of our country's welfare system accord being to an investigation by florida's sun sentinel newspaper, kwpt cuban immigrants are cashing in on u.s. welfare, then going back to the island making a mockery of the deck aids-old premise that they are refugees fleeing persecution at home." all of this costing us taxpayers over $680 million. who's responsible for allowing this to happen? with me now, the sun sentinel's reporter who wrote the article, sally kesen. tell me about this investigation and what you found. >> well, as you pointed out, cubans under u.s. laws get special treatment over every other immigrant group. they're allowed to stay in the u.s. if they arrive and just literally reach land. then they're all eligible for government benefits including welfare and food stamps.
7:40 am
the premise is that they are refugees fleeing persecution, fleeing an oppressive government. but what we found is many cubans now are quickly returning to the island. they're going right back to the country that was supposedly oppressing them. so they're collecting welfare as refugees and they're using that tax support to return to cuba, pay for trips, help support family, even go back and live on cuba on the island with government benefits. >> let's talk about this. because the fact is that that cuban adjustment act which was put into place because of the cuban regime and its policies towards its own people is still there. that's the same regime. so if you are coming out as an exile, it is illogical to think that that person could or would want to return to a country where the government is oppressive. so how is this happening and how is it that all of that money
7:41 am
ends up back in cuba? >> it's happening because you mentioned the cuban adjust. act and other laws that have really been around for decades. but a lot has changed since then and -- >> except the government in cuba is the same one. >> that's correct. and certainly there are cubans who are persecuted. we say that every day. but the authority under u.s. law gives sort of a blanket authorization to any cuban. they're presumed to be refugees when they arrive, whether in fact many now are coming for -- because they want a better life. the same reason that a lot of immigrants want to come to the u.s. >> there is a difference between an immigrant and an exile. if you are an immigrant, then this cuban adjustment act shouldn't qualify you for what an exile is qualified to ask for. sally, your paper in the past has also talked about medicare
7:42 am
fraud in the united states by people who come over from cuba and then return back to cuba and exploit that as well. >> that's right. that's another exploitation of our laws, is at this open door that has very good intentions to welcome people who really are victims of persecution, has also allowed in criminals who have stolen more than $2 billion, we calculated, from american businesses and government programs like medicare. >> so they're able to steal that money, and then go back to cuba. and they're free in cuba? >> they are free. as a matter of fact, we found two fugitives living in cuba, very openly. one was wanted for stealing a truck from the federal reserve with $180,000 worth of nickels. and he's living freely in cuba and we believe there are hundreds of others. >> sally, thank you. great work, as always.
7:43 am
i really appreciate you being on with me. up next -- time running out for vice president joe biden to get into the 2016 presidential race. we'll have your latest biden buzz. but first it is hispanic heritage month and multi-grammy award singer christina aguilera sat down as part of the "visa today" series. aguilera an ambassador for the world food program. ecuador is her father's native country. the singer connected with kids by singing this fabulous song. take a listen for a minute. >> it was so cute. i was like, okay, what's something that we can sing together that they might know? ♪ >> they are little faces just light up with joy, whether song. >> oh, my gosh. like my daughter's favorite song ever. just between us -- it's mine, too.
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vice president joe biden closer to announcing he'll run for president. new polls out today show he's pretty popular among democrats. a quinnipiac survey shows him leading in swing states of ohio, florida and pennsylvania against hillary clinton. a new ad highlights biden's past and current struggles. >> incredible bond i had with my children is a gift i'm not sure i would have had had i not been through what i went through. but by focusing on my sons, i found my redemption. many people have gone through things like that. >> with we now, msnbc political reporter, alex, good to see you.
7:48 am
it is a pretty powerful ad. how would biden's personal story play in, and is this something we're going to be seeing more and more in the possible candidates or actual candidates bringing in their life story? >> yeah, jose. it is huge. ever since -- before joe biden even got to the senate he was elected at 29 years old on november 7th. barely a month later december 18th this horrible tragedy where his wife, his daughter is killed. his sons are put in the hospital. he initially didn't want to make it to the senate. he was convinced to go. this gave him huge national notoriety. they had to change the rules of the senate so he could be sworn in this the hospital where he was tending to his kids. it is so interesting that now so many years later as he faces arguably the most consequential decision of his entire political career, he's now has this other personal tragedy that's overriding everything. >> this would be his third time running for president. how could issues that tripped him up in the past come back? >> a lot of people forget he has run against hillary clinton in the past in 2008. didn't do so well.
7:49 am
and barack obama. he finished behind both of them and behind john edwards and behind even bill richardson, the former governor of new mexico in iowa. barely got 1%. a lot of the same issues would be operative -- >> except he wasn't vice president apartment the time. >> right. so now fund-raising could be better, name recognition much higher. but he has had two chances at this and it didn't work out too well. >> the president's favorability numbers are strong going head-to-head against so many of the other candidates, there are, however, steep hills dealing with hillary clinton. >> you can tick down the list of everything that a presidential candidate into edz to needs to . fund-raising, he has zero dollars. bernie sanders and hillary clinton have raced over $115 million. endorsemen endorsements. clinton has locked down almost everything. organizing, she's nine months ahead of him. it takes a lot to get people out
7:50 am
to the polls on a cold november day. it is late to get in, there are a lot of hills to climb. >> however -- however, we've learned one thing. that all of these hills are oftentimes jumped over by candidates when you least expect it and when everybody's got all the money and the organization, sometimes they can lose. >> there's no doubt, it is not impossible. there is a reason that he's looking at this. even if it is a 30% chance he grets to the president, you are talking about the president of the united states. something he's wanted for his entire career. it is better than the 0% chance you have if you don't run. we could find out very soon. we've seen reports this weekend. but the real deadlines are coming up in early november. starting november 6th, then continuing. that's the filing deadline when you need to put your name on the ballot in these key states. if you don't hit those you are sacrificing a lot of delegates and a lot of things. that's where you need to hit it. you can skip the debate and the first iowa jefferson/jackson dinner, but that's where you got
7:51 am
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8:00 am
this morning ben carson is standing by his comments he made about victims of the oregon school shooting. carson suggested attack being the gunmen saying, "i would not just stand there and let him shoot me." plus, the largest mass prison release in u.s. history. nearly 6,000 felons are set to be released from prisons by the justice department in an effort to ease overcrowding and harsh penalties. now some law enforcement officials are expressing serious concerns. good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall. breaking news -- the fbi confirms to nbc news that its agent working with authorities overseas have stopped several attempts by smugglers to sell nuclear materiels to extremist groups considered enemies of the west. the chilling revelation comes after the associated press investigation uncovered a thriving nuclear black market involving eastern european gangs. according to it the ap, in the most recent case a


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