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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  October 7, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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miles due south, jeb bush is scheduled to appear. that's coming up in 25 minutes. trump's lead among republicans may be declining, but as new swing state polling from quinnipiac proves today, the donald is still the man to beat. florida, ohio and pennsylvania all show trump in front. and that's despite names like bush and rubio in florida. not to mention a popular governor in ohio who are all still in this race. former president clinton was on stephen colbert's show last night. here's his explanation why donald trump's campaign is still going strong. >> it may have a short half line as campaign, i can't tell you that. but he's a master brander and there is a macho appeal to say, i'm just sick of nothing happening. i'm going to make things happen. vote for me. >> three reporters covering republican 2016 politics for us. nbc's katy tur is in waterloo with the trump campaign. steve kornacki is with me at 30
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rock in new york with analysis. and halle jackson is in dover, new hampshire, following yet another threat to trump's lead, which is marco rubio. katy, let me start with you. we have "the washington post" out reporting today that trump is gearing up for the second act. so we're through what a lot of people consider the silly season of the summer. so he's hired this ad firm in florida taking steps to put his wife and his daughter ivanka on the campaign trail. what more are you learning about the next steps as they enter this new phase? >> reporter: well, i think you're going to see a more full and more robust candidate on stage here in waterloo, iowa. you can see as time has gone on, he's really gotten much better at reading his crowd and really delivering the lines that he wants to deliver, hitting them and getting big reactions. you can tell that he knows who he's speaking to a little more now. he hit the second amendment and gun rights hard in tennessee on saturday. not only that, but according to "the washington post," and from what we have been hearing as well, he's going to be speaking to military generals, to form a
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more robust policy plan. a lot of the critics were saying he struggled in the last debate on foreign policy. and there is a need within the campaign to make sure that he's better prepared for the next one on october 28th. also, really interesting to note there was a lot of talk by the iowa co-chair here a few minutes ago about caucusing. they are starting to organize here in iowa their ground game. telling people how to caucus, what they need to do and recruiting caucus leaders. that's how they get him over the hump in iowa. and if you're another candidate out there, you start to be concerned about donald trump. if he can get these people on the ground to go out there and support him, if he has the ground game behind him, he is a formidable candidate. up until now people have been saying he's all talk, big game, but he's not going to get it together in the ground in the early states to get him past that hump. if it's going to happen, it's going to happen in the way we are seeing it right now by having the co-chair go out to
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recruit people to get over there to those counties and cast their ballots on february 1st. if this all pans out, donald trump is becoming an even stronger candidate. whether or not he's going to be able to maintain his lead, we'll see. but so far he has kept it in all of the polling, even while maintaining a pretty bad unfavorable rating nationally for the general election, just like hillary clinton. thomas? >> so katy, we'll talk two things really quickly, ground game, how many people are there for this event? and i know give us rough numbers if you haven't had a chance to speak to the fire marshall. i know he loves to get the fire marshall numbers on. but talk about who you're seeing there, but also when do we expect to see donald trump? is he running behind? >> reporter: there are about 1100 people here. the capacity is 1500. we are told the fire marshall cut it off at 1100 because there are chairs in the room and he's not allowing any other people to come in here. the campaign is none too pleased about that, as you would imagine. we expect him to be here within ten minutes. he'll take the stage.
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and he will begin his pretty regular stump speech now. he hits the same talking points. if he does veer off every once in a while, that's when he makes news. we'll see what he says here. just so you know, they never give out talking points before these speeches. these speeches don't generally vary. he does take to the same script. and if he's going to fly off the cuff, only donald trump knows that. it's not anything preplanned, if you will, maybe like the other candidates. that's the point of this campaign, the point he's trying to make to us. it's a very non-traditional campaign. they are not doing things the other candidates are doing. they are letting donald trump be donald trump. and a good example of that was the water bottles sent to marco rubio just a few days ago. as you can see, the crowd is getting excited cheering on his eventual arrival or imminent arrival, i should say. >> we'll talk in a second. standby for me. steve, let me bring you in here. katy makes a great point about february 1st. when we look at the numbers out
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about early polling states, how do you see this meshing with the popularity to the actual primary voters coming out for trump? >> we are looking at polling in pennsylvania, florida and ohio. florida is one of the first, pennsylvania and ohio come later in the process, but there's the headline for donald trump, this is good news. in each one of these states he's leading the republican pack. in florida, that's particularly significant because you have jeb bush, a former governor, marco rubio, a sitting senator, both from florida and both losing right now in this polling to donald trump. and there's been a lot of talk in the last couple weeks about maybe trump's momentum has stalled. is he sliding back in the polls a little bit? we are not seeing that at least in these three swing states. now, the bad news for donald trump in this is there are five republicans in these three states they tested against hillary clinton. in perspective general election match-ups. donald trump is the only one of those republicans tested to lose to hillary clinton in all three
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of those states. there's an electability argument that works against him there. >> okay. so let's go to halle jackson. i want to joe everyone this new quinnipiac swing state poll out of florida. trump is in the lead, rubio and bush in their own state beaten. how is the rubio camp trying to come back at that to say, you know what? he is viable. >> yes, so one of the interesting parts of that, is how rubio edges out his former mentor, governor jeb bush in that. right now rubio's campaign is focused on the first four early states. obviously, they are establishing a ground game elsewhere, but right now in places like new hampshire here, they are working to make sure they establish what we have been talking about in this segment, which is the ground game. making sure they have people who are on their leadership teams and volunteering for that in places like dover here, where senator rubio is inside taking questions right now to a crowd of about maybe 100 people or so, standing room only. one of the questions he got interestingly was on his
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fund-raising and how he's feeling about it. he talked about the grassroot supporters and said his support is coming in at $30. the latest numbers come out in just a few days. >> hallie jackson, thank you. they are giving us an update about the massacre that happened at the community college there in oregon. hearing what the shooter did after being injured. he took his own life in one of the classrooms. >> as they ran to the sound of gunfire -- i have spoken to both officers. and i can tell you they do not want to be harolded as heroes. they feel that they are only first responders who got there first. and did a job they were trained and entrusted to do. finally, sergeant caney and the detective ask that the focus of your attention be on the victims
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and families of this tragedy. and not on them. they ask for privacy and the opportunity to settle back into their routine of providing public safety service to this community and its citizens. thank you. >> questions? >> reporter: so how long was the exchange of gunfire between the gunman and the officers? what type of guns were involved, from the gunman and the officers? and finally, could you just help us understand where exactly this is happening. so was the gunman inside a classroom and emerged to confront the officers? or more specifically within the hall? >> so the officers were shooting .40-caliber hand beguns and the suspect was shooting
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a .9 millimeter handgun. the shooter had emerged from snider hall. so he was actually outside the classroom but somewhat in the doorway. the police officers were coming toward snider hall from the parking lot. so they are running toward snider hall. the suspect is outside of snider hall and that's where -- as officers as i said earlier, as they pull up, they are hearing a volume of shots. as they are getting out of the car, they are aware, the shots are actually being shot toward them. and that's when the exchange fired. >> reporter: did the wound disable him? >> the wound that the officers -- yes. he was able to -- he was able to get back into the classroom and he was able to take his own
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life. so from the standpoint -- he would not have been able to go much further beyond that. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: do you know how close the gunfire was between the two groups? >> approximately 15 yards. [ inaudible ] >> they are detectives. and so they are -- their normal attire is suits. they don't have vests on, anything. nay are just in clothes. immediately, they bailed out of their car and went straight, straight to the gunfire. >> reporter: do you have the 911 tapes -- >> we have been listening to some of the details that have
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been brought to light after thursday's tragedy at the community college in oregon where the gunman opened fire ultimately killing nine people and injuring many more. my colleague was listening to more of that press conference. francis, i think this was the big reveal about who the first responders were. the two people that showed up to get that situation under control. >> reporter: that's right. that's what the state police are saying, once the officers arrived, they arrived and right away were already hearing the volley of shots. that's when they went down the hallway, saw the shooter, started firing. what the district attorney is calling justified use of force against that shooter. also, interesting, they also revealed that in that gunfight, there was a total of three shots fired by detectives at the gunman. two of the shots hit a wall. one of the shots hit the gunman, wounding him. and once he was injured, that is
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when he walked into the classroom to the front of the classroom and took his life. state police also commending the other officers who responded there on the scene and say they had very little regard of their own personal safety. and certainly their acts were heroic and selfless. here is more sound from the news conference updating us. let's take a listen. >> i want everyone to know of the selfless acts of these officers, that they made in responding to this scene. they had little regard for their own personal safety and they saved many, many lives that day with their heroic acts. >> reporter: and there you have it. state police are updating us on more details of what happened on that day. this as the community of roseberg is expected to welcome the president there on friday. also, tough times for the community as well as they get more details on services and funerals for the victims, including jason johnson.
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>> this is from the latest press conference there in roseburg, oregon. coming up, new reaction to what ben carson said he would have done if confronted by the oregon community college shooter. and you won't believe who is coming to his defense. >> i would not just stand there and let them shoot me. i would say, hey, guys, everybody attack him. he may shoot me, but he can't get us all. plus, are you ready for biden? we'll talk to one reporter who says the hillary clinton campaign is ready and already armed with at least three tag lines. first, the fbi foils a frightening plot but russian-linked smugglers to sell nuclear material. but was there really an isis connection? former nato commander wesley clark joins me coming up. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should.
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welcome back. breaking news from iowa where we are watching this campaign rally that donald trump is going to be appearing in any minute in waterloo. he's expected to speak more on his tax plan after the introduction we heard from katy tur on site. they have about 1100 people there. the room holds 1500 but the fire marshall decided because there are so many chairs there they could only let 1100 in. let's listen in. >> usa! usa! usa! usa! >> i want to thank you. this is amazing. i no e tknow the fire marshall to send a lot of people outside, unfortunately. but a lot of people are not so happy. hundreds of people outside. that means you have prime real estate, right? right? you know, i just saw backstage, there's a man i have great
10:18 am
respect for, dan gable. we all love dan gable. and i mean, i watched his whole career and i used to wrestle a little bit, i wasn't too good at it, and i tell you what. i watched his whole career and he was just amazing. years and years without being defeated and olympic gold medal. one of the truly great guys. i just sad, dan, we have to introduce him. where is dan gable? come on up. [ cheers and applause ] >> it says in iowa we wrestle. and we're known throughout the world for a great sport, this great sport of wrestling. i'm here on -- actually, probably more on behalf of wrestling, because this guy actually wrestled. and i knew that. but morally i'm here for the education purpose just like you are. a lot of you are probably already committed to him and want to go that way for sure.
10:19 am
i am here to get an education to hope to be able to change hats. and to put the wrestling hat on. even though it represents trump, i would like to put the trump hat on as well. so -- but i appreciate you having me here. this is my hometown. i love it. i really -- i've been a guy that went from waterloo, cedar falls, to ames -- >> we await donald trump here. joining me is steve kornacki. we have a lot of anticipation from what we have been hearing, not necessarily a rebound of donald trump but reinvigorated donald trump in this campaign. what do you expect to see? >> well, there it is. another surprise. we had the big rally -- >> here he goes, sorry to interrupt you, steve. let's listen to what trump has to say. >> shawn johnson, whom i love, she's another great champion. and we love shawn and have a great feeling for shawn. we want to see her one of these days because she wants to come around. ladies and gentlemen, here we are in the middle of the day and
10:20 am
people are working, and a lot of people are working in this country, however, but people are working here. and, you know, we had some tremendous news. somebody said, you mention the polls a lot. and when you're number one, you mention them a lot. and the reason the other people don't mention them is because they are not number one. we are number one. and we had some great ones come out this morning. and one last night. morning consult, we are at 33. i think it's even -- might even be 35. and i think we're about 18 points ahead of anybody else, which is -- that's a lot. that's one of those deals, you know, if you had a certain country where they say you can call for the election, we say, i want the election tomorrow, right? and reuters at 32, we are way ahead of everybody. and then -- a couple, three of them came out early this morning, and they talked about them on all the networks. they were really surprised. florida, we love florida. florida -- i was at 21.
10:21 am
i went up to 28. we are killing everybody. we are winning by many, many points. and don't forget, you have a sitting senator and an ex-governor in florida. and we're beating them by many. you know, when you're at 28, 29, that's a lot. especially -- when you think you have 16 people, you had 17, one said sayonara. now you have 16 people in the race. when you get almost 29%, that's pretty good. and so that's florida. pennsylvania beating everybody. pennsylvania just came out -- and these are the big ones. these are the big polls and the respected polls. and ohio beating everybody, 23. we're beating the governor of ohio, who is a nice guy, by the way. maybe there's a mistake, because actually, the governor of ohio is a quality guy and is doing a good job. but we're beating everybody by a lot in ohio. so, i mean, i just -- i love what i see. we're having such a great time. we went on "meet the press," it was very interesting, anybody
10:22 am
see it on sunday? and chuck todd, who is a very good guy, but he asked me a question. are there any reasons for which you would get out? is there any possible -- i said, honestly, chuck, you know, i'm not a masochist. and i went through and read something, and i said, i'm not -- if i were doing badly, i guess i would get out. i mean, if my polls went down to nothing and -- if you guys weren't all calling, wanting interviews, because you can always tell how you're doing because the level of calling for these shows, and then they want to do, gotcha, gotcha. constantly. you do 400 interviews and answer one question a little bit. so he said, is there any way -- i said, honestly, if i did terribly and if i -- and all of a sudden the next day, trump may get out. in other words, he may -- i said, i didn't say that. in fact, my wife said -- i'm not going anywhere, you better believe it. he knows. he knows trump. you know. you've got the same mentality,
10:23 am
right? we're not going anywhere. but, you know, i watched the politicians, they are at one. i watched the politicians, he's at one. no chance. in fact, i think he's going down to zero. would you get out? absolutely not. we're in it to the end. you know he's going to cancel out next week. but honestly, that's called politico speak. when you do that and when you talk that way, it's really easier. because there's no story. so if he were to say, well, i'm thinking about it and not doing well, of course, nobody would have written that story because nobody cares. so, politics is interesting. and i was never a politician before. for three months i have been a politician. and, you know, for three months we have been number one. you know, they used to say, well, michele bachmann, herman cain, they were there for a week. you know all about michele bachmann, she won your straw poll, which you don't have anymore, right? tells you. but she's a very nice woman. and herman is a great guy. but they always say, well, they were there. they were there for a week.
10:24 am
we have been there for three months, more than three months. so it's good. it's good. but we talk about politico speak. and i went through this process because it was, to me, it's very interesting. politicians are all talk, no action. they don't get it done. and i'm, by the way, i am funding, as sam told you, i'm funding my campaign. i'm spending a lot of money. not as much as i thought, because frankly i'm getting so much publicity i don't have to advertise so far, right? yep. in fact, they did a piece -- >> you're watching donald trump live on msnbc's air. he continues to not spend a dime. we are listening to donald trump speak in waterloo, iowa. he gave a shout-out to chuck todd on "meet the press." it just so happens that i have steve consciokornacki here. they try to make it into a gotcha question of, would you get out? it's not a gotcha question, just a question to ask of any politician?
10:25 am
>> well, yeah. donald trump shows up at a rally and sits down for an interview and does what no presidential candidate does, immediately starts talking about thele whos. but in this case there's a reason to do that. over the last few weeks we had seen, what looked like his national momentum stalled. maybe he hit a ceiling there. maybe he was even starting to recede a bit. that's when the questions started to come forward, geez, if we hit past-peak trump here, is there a scenario where this guy gets out rather than face indignity of losing. we have the new polls today showing him expanding his lead over the republican feed. positive signs for trump there within the republican universe. >> really quickly, can you clarify for me, can you call yourself a politician if not elected to office? >> he seems to go back and forth on this. i think you can. i would call him a politician. >> all right. if you say it, then i believe it. steve kornacki, thank you, sir. on the other side of things, we've got hillary clinton making two stops in the hawkeye state today. steve, thanks again.
10:26 am
she wrapped up her first stop at the community forum in mount vernon a short time ago. she hit on a variety of topics but took aim at the gop presidential candidates. and their comments about guns. >> and then you've got people running for president on the other side who say, well, you know, we just need more guns. and the idea that you need more guns to stop people who are committing mass shootings is not only illogical but offensive. >> meanwhile, with the potential of vice president joe biden throwing his hat into the ring, sometimes it overshadows hillary clinton's campaign. new york magazine reports the clinton camp is prepping opposition research against the vice president. gabriel sherman is writing in that article, the research has turned up material on biden's ties to wall street, his reluctance to support the raid that killed osama bin laden and his role in the anita hill saga as chairman of the senate
10:27 am
judiciary committee. joining me is the writer of that piece for "new york magazine." gabriel sherman, good to have you with us. a lot of people would think the clinton campaign would have pretty much had it gamed out, thinking, okay, a scenario, b scenario, biden scenario, just typical of what a campaign would do. >> i think it's both. i mean, of course, you're running a presidential campaign. you're going to plan for potential adversaries, but i think the fact that they have commissioned operatives to start the work, they have been at it for weeks now, shows the seriousness in which hillary is taking the possibility that biden will enter the race. >> let's talk about who they have hired to do this. and the fact, can hillary clinton work with a super pac at this point? >> well, that has been the controversial point about her relationship with david brock's super pac. but they argue that because they are not buying ads or publishing, as i understand it, free stuff, free material on the internet, that it's not within
10:28 am
the traditional reading of the law. but it is a controversial relationship that a lot of other reporters have noted. >> it is called correct the record, that's the super pac that has been reported, is coordinating with the campaign currently. meanwhile, we have these new draft biden ads that are hot and running now. and it urges the vice president to get in the race. take a look. >> incredible bond i have with my children is a gift i'm not sure i would have had had i not been through what i went through. but by focusing on my sons, i've found my redemption. >> so for people that aren't locked in, gabe, really watching this, as we all are, as i'm writing on 2016 and we are not there yet, do you think this has an effect on people thinking biden is in the race and that will have a surge in the poll numbers, it's almost perception is reality and that he's going
10:29 am
to jump in. >> well, i think so. what is interesting is i think inside biden worlds, they are going to make the decision they are going to make. i think they are running a strategic operation that is sort of seeding the field so that when he digs his till into the ground, that they will be fruitful, a big harvest. i think this is what you would do if you are going to become a presidential candidate. i think it is just more evidence that he will be getting into the race. it's another data point that we should look at. >> as he gets in, we have this focus group that mark halperin and john hallman of bloomberg politics put together showing voters in iowa and new hampshire weary of a run. and i wanted to play specifically on what one person, a voter, who also lost their child, had to say about the vice president and the effect of losing his child beau. >> i have to tell a personal story. our son died. i know there's no way that he could focus on what he needs to
10:30 am
focus on for five years, probably. >> so that really seems to be the lynch pin of why people are willing to let joe biden wait as long as he wants to throw his hat into the ring and not progressively say, i want to be your president, america, and here's why. so how does he overcome that type of sentiment that exists for people that are questioning his reasons for getting in and also reasons for delay? >> well, listen, i think what you can't separate is the fact that joe biden's candidacy would be predicated on the -- let's be real here, the collapse of hillary clinton's candidacy. that's the only reason that there is a pathway for him to get into this race. so i think that is the strategic reason that biden would be entering the race, that he sees weakness in hillary's poll numbers. "the new york times" in a fast analysis today looked at biden's support coming directly from hillary's voters. that's a real reason to get into
10:31 am
the race. i think whatever hesitations voters have about his family tragedy, i think the real reason is they -- the biden people are making a calculus that hillary is weak. a lot of the e-mail controversy, her benghazi controversy will weaken her going into the fall. >> we shall see. we know what kevin mccarthy did to help alleviate some of the stresses. some of the stresses this was presenting to the hillary clinton campaign. the "new york magazine" gabriel sherman, great read. thank you for coming on to talk about your story. still ahead, what caused a crew to head right into a mass pif br ive brewing storm. >> there have been questions from family members about why the ship set sail in light of the storm. and that is one of the aspects of our investigation. more data means more freedom to do..whatever. that's why at&t is giving you 50% more data. that's 15 gigs of data for the price of 10.
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developing news right now on the nuclear smugglers, possibly
10:35 am
seeking business with the islamic state in moldova. it's a very tiny eastern european country. and the story was first reported by the associated press. but our nbc news justice correspondent pete williams has been digging into it to learn new details on this. pete, what have you uncovered? >> this is basically the a.p. shedding light on what is largely something that happens out of view. and that is the efforts around the world to try to stop smugglers from selling radioactive material to people who want to do harm to anyone else, including the west. these are actual pictures taken by moldovan police in an operation conducteded with the fbi. there were four of these operations with moldovan police. there you can see the money the person would be paid. the moldovan police have been involved in focusing on the smugglers. moldova, a former country of the soviet union, and the concern about loose nukes has been huge ever since the breakup of the
10:36 am
soviet union. you mentioned the isis connection in one of these cases. one of the men that was arrested, believed that he was dealing with a representative of isis. and the dealer was willing to sell radioactive material to be used to make a dirty bomb to isis. now, it turns out that the buyer was actually an informant working with police. there was no actual isis connection here. it was just a claim that the buyer was representing isis. but it just shows it's an example of what has really been going on here for 400 or 500 of these cases over the past two decades of people willing to sell material to represent the terrorists and other criminal organizations. now, authorities say very often these sellers actually don't have the goods. they sometimes have small amounts or trace amounts of material, but they claim it's a sample. but in many cases, it is not clear they actually could deliver the goods. but the fact that there's a network of these people willing to trade in this is very, very
10:37 am
alarming. and that's why the fbi has joined with probably half a dozen, more than that, countries to set up the sting operations and try to shut these smugglers down. >> pete williams, thank you, sir, for the clarification. reporting from the d.c. bureau. we appreciate that. i want to move on, not too far away from you, to the pentagon and breaking news that we have there as we're learning that a spokesperson at the pentagon confirms there has been this close encounter between a u.s. and russian aircraft over syria. joining me from the pentagon, nbc news national security producer, courtney kube. >> reporter: confirmed to us late this morning there was a close encounter between a u.s. aircraft and a russian aircraft that occurred sometime in the last several days. he didn't have a lot of the details about where it happened other than it was over syria. what type of aircraft, exactly what happened, but a u.s. official who i spoke to later explained it was a manned
10:38 am
aircraft. it occurred when a u.s. aircraft came within about 20 miles of a russian aircraft. so the u.s. has established these new rules that any time a u.s. aircraft comes within 20 miles of a russian aircraft flying over syria, the u.s. aircraft must divert. they can't come within 20 miles. and they are calling that just a general safety precaution. because the u.s. and russians are not sharing any kind of intelligence, not coordinating in any way where the aircraft are flying right now. the u.s. wants to avoid any kind of potential conflict or altercation in the air between the various aircraft. >> all right. courtney kube, thank you so much. the nbc national security producer. we'll talk again as we know the situation over syria is not going to go away any time soon between the u.s. and russia. well, on a different front, we want to update you now on more from oregon. we just had that brief update from police who were talking
10:39 am
about the two first responders, they were plain-clothed detectives, that showed up on the umpqua community college campus to see what was happening after the first police call came in at 10:38 a.m. as we know now, there were nine students plus a teacher lost that day. and the shooter ended up taking his own life by stepping back into a classroom rather than engage in repeated fire with police who showed up. there have been amazing stories of heroism emerging from the one being the 30-year-old iraq army vet, chris mintz, who was hit seven times by bullets by chris harper mercer. but it is interesting to see how people have been responding on the presidential campaign trail. and republican presidential candidate ben carson is back in the middle of the controversy today. it comes after remarks he made about last week's school shooting in roseburg. appearing to be second-guessing
10:40 am
the shooting victims. here's what he said on "cbs this morning." and then just a few hours later on "fox news." >> from the indications that i got, they did not rush the shooter. the shooter can only shoot one person at a time. he cannot shoot a whole group of people. so the ideal is to overwhelm him so that not everybody gets killed. if you know somebody's going to kill you and they are going to sit there and systematically kill you one by one, why would you sit there and wait for them to do that? >> joining me now, msnbc's jane tim. it looks like he's truly doubling down on the controversy. doesn't want to show any weakness about the statements that he's made, so how does he move forward and continue to make sense of what a lot of people would be shaking their head over? >> reporter: you know, what he's trying to do is show people he's strong on gun rights. years ago he came out to say he can understand why you want to
10:41 am
limit assault rifles in inner cities like the one he grew up in in detroit. and people freaked out and said, that's not a policy that a republican contender can go with. so he's trying really hard to show these people that he has something to say. and while the rest of the party largely says that these 2.6 weeks we have a mass shooting. that stuff happens. this is something that carson can say without offending sort of the gun lobby and pro-gun republicans. by saying, look, you should be fighting back. it sounds sort of brave, even if it's largely victim blaming. >> so when we're talking about victim blaming, and this is a very sensitive story as we know some of the funerals for people like jason johnson who died, that funeral will be held tomorrow. but we have donald trump coming out in defense of ben carson. he tweeted earlier today, quote, ben carson was speaking in general terms as to what he would do if confronted with a gunman, and was not criticizing the victims. not fair!
10:42 am
why do you think the political capital of donald trump is worth getting involved in a story like that for his opponent, the person that comes so closely to him in the polls? >> absolutely. donald trump also sort of struggles on this issue. he has sort of big ideas and promises on almost every problem the country faces. but even he doesn't really have a lot to say about gun violence in this country. he doesn't want to offend those who were in favor of guns, he doesn't want to anger the nra. so he doesn't have much to say. if someone finds a way to appease the pro-gun parts of that party and have something to say other than stuff happens, i think trump's going to jump on board. but while he was defended, carson came out this morning and said, as we saw, you know, i want to clamp these ideas in people's minds. and he says, when this happens again, i hope people remember this interview and charge at this gunman. i mean, he says it in this very sweet and quiet voice. but these are really crazy things to say at some point. >> i think for a lot of people, as they start to evaluate and
10:43 am
see in hindsight being 20/20 about a story like this, it really does come down to the question of what would you do? and i think a lot of people's sensitivities are different on this one. jane timm, appreciate it. still ahead, the surprising results of a new focus group weighing in on 2016. including joe biden as a potential democratic candidate. but first, bernie sanders sitting down with joe scar borough and mika berzinsky. >> how can hillary clinton be quiet? that always drove me crazy about people in my party as well as democrats. how can you be quiet on an issue this important? you and i disagree on key stuff, but i've got my view on keystone, you've got your view on keystone, let's put it out there and debate it and america is better for it. how can hillary clinton take so long on the issue as important to democrats as keystone and now tpp? >> well, i agree with you, joe. i mean, you'll have to ask the
10:44 am
secretary why. but this is, you know, you're right. this is not a complicated issue. you can be for it, you can be against it. but i think serious people have got to have an opinion on the issue. >> you're going to want to see this full interview live on "morning joe." that will be aired in full tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. just about anywhere you use sugar, you can use splenda®... calorie sweetener. splenda® lets you experience... ...the joy of sugar...
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at ally bank no branches equalsit's a fact.. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda. welcome back. we have developing news out of south carolina where two more bodies have just been recovered in the city of eastover, outside of columbia. apparently their truck went around a barricade earlier this morning into floodwaters. meanwhile, residents are on edge with a nervous eye on half a dozen dams in danger of giving way to rivers that remain swollen from the most recent storms. national guard helicopters dropped massive sandbags to try and plug some of the holes. help reinforce the dams.
10:48 am
the death toll from the deadly flooding stands at 19. nbc's kerry sanders is joining us live from columbia. kerry, what is the very latest, the status of those dams and the reinforcements? do they really think it's going to work? >> reporter: well, thomas, right now the state has 62 dams that they are monitoring. there are 13 that have failed. they are watching the others very closely. among the ones that they are watching extremely closely is the beaver dam. last night under the cover of darkness they sent out what are known as reverse 911 calls, that means people with cell phones in their houses in the watershed area where if the dam would break would come through. they got emergency phone calls telling them they needed to evacuate. some people actually did that. most people stayed put. and this morning the police went from door to door telling them, you must leave. your life is threatened. the good news is that the beaver dam is still holding. the engineers are monitoring it. there is concern that it still could give way. understand that even though it's
10:49 am
a beautiful day, sunny, blue skies, the water flows down. gravity pulls it. and it's gathering. behind the earth and dam, the water is still slightly building up even though it's flowing around the dam and out the way it's supposed to. but at any given point, if a portion of that earth were to give way, it opens up and floods down. you can see over my shoulder here, there are some families cleaning up and salvaging. there's actually a dam not too far from here that folks have been watching closely, too. but right now the real efforts, thomas, are to hopefully see this water do what it's supposed to, slowly make its way through the watershed rather than bursting through a dam as we have seen far too many times here in south carolina. >> kerry, we know a lot of people, as we reference certain parts of south carolina as low country, talk about columbia and the people, the neighbors, the neighborhoods that you have seen and the people you've talked to, and whether or not they have flood insurance. i've been hearing most people have never considered having it, they didn't think they ever
10:50 am
needed it. >> reporter: well, it's very interesting, because where i am right now, flood insurance is required if you're in what is known as a floodplain. most people wouldn'tplane. most people wouldn't know that. that's from the geological survey. if you have a mortgage, the mortgage company, the bank says you know what? you live in a flood zone. tough have flood insurance. so some homes on one side of the street are required with a mortgage and the other side you're not. this was as you know the flood of a thousand years and so it was over the roofs here and that's why so many people don't have insurance. those that do. but the end of the day, even if you have flood insurance, that's the structure. and the items being brought out that's destroyed is not covered so there are losses. i mean, no matter which way you look at it, you don't say i have a big check and restore my life the way it was. it doesn't work that we. >> no. you will not come out whole. kerry sander there is in columbia, south carolina, thank you, sir. appreciate it. coming up, an update on that
10:51 am
search for the missing cargo ship getting closer to a 3:00 p.m. news conference tot ntsb and will have that for you live. excellent looking below the surface, researching a hunch... and making a decision you are type e*. time for a change of menu. research and invest from any website. with e*trade's browser trading. e*trade. opportunity is everywhere. jake, put that downten up! point it at the ground til your ready that's not the ground leo put that down when your day goes on and on, you need 48 hour odor protection that goes on clear for no white marks. secret outlast clear gel. so wi got a job!ews? i'll be programming at ge. oh i got a job too, at zazzies.
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10:54 am
breaking news in the search for that missing cargo ship. it was carrying 33 people on board. the coast guard has just informed the families of the crew that they will be suspending their search today at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. nbc's mark potter joins me on the phone with the latest from jacksonville, florida. what are we hearing about the reasons why the coast guard will suspend its search? >> reporter: this coast guard is saying since yesterday that it reached the end of the window where they thought they could find survivors. they had been long been -- discuss when they would suspend the search. that's not something they do easily. it is a regrettable fact they have come to and they a short
10:55 am
time ago spent an hour or more with the family members out of respect to them to inform them of their decision. an emotional meeting we are told. telling them they did all they could. some of the family members told us they're grateful for the coast guard. they flew lots of ships and planes and personnel out there for almost a week for a size bigger than california trying to find survivors. unfortunately they could not find any and so they have told the families they'll suspend as of 7:00 p.m. as you said, announce it formally in about an hour news conference that they're holding with the national transportation safety board. the ntsb now takes up -- trying to figure out why this happened, why the ship went into the storm, what sort of mechanical problems they had and detail the interest in finding the ship and the voice data recorder aboard the ship. very difficult to do in three
10:56 am
miles deep water. they say they're going to try, thomas. >> mark potter reporting from jacksonville, thank you very much. just a remind to everybody, coming up at 3:00 p.m. eastern we'll have that press briefing from the ntsb. we'll have it for you right here on msnbc. top stories, starting at the top of the hour, a report about efforts by eastern european arms smugglers to get nuclear material into the hands of middle eastern terrorists. we have the white house weighing in. plus, donald trump is speaking right now at a rally in iowa. he is on top in new polling from three swing states but also the least liked candidate. so what's the next step for this front-runner? and after reports of insider trading and fantasy football, calls for regulation of the industry. i'm going to talk to one of the lawmakers leading the charge for that call. you focus on making great burgers, or building the best houses in town. or becoming the next highly-unlikely dotcom superstar.
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11:00 am
new report on possible nuke dleer smuggling involving middle eastern terrorists. and then we're going to have an update for you on a powerful explosion, part of a reported raid in the small eastern european country of moldova. the white house praised the government from thwarting of smugglers selling weapons to jihadists. >> we are ensuring that terrorist groups may seek to acquire the materials are never able to do so. seizures of nuclear and radioactive materials in moldova demonstrate the commitment to countering the tactics. >> here's what we know right now. the fbi telling justice correspondent pete williams that its agents have been working
11:01 am
with police to stop would be nuclear smugglers and this is going on for years. officials confirm the fbi was involved in the case and not clear if those smugglers actually had nukes. and fbi official emphasized to us there's not a known connection to isis. justice correspondent pete williams joins me now from washington. tell us what you have been able to pick up and confirm or debunk from what the a.p. was putting out there and then also talk about how commonly this might happen without us being able to report on it. >> reporter: that's what this is all about here, thomas. what the a.p. obtained from the police is a rare look at something that's been going on for two decades. efforts by the u.s. and other authorities to try to stop smuggler who is claim they have radiological material that could be used to build a nuclear device or perhaps a radioactive
11:02 am
dirty bomb. now, in this latest case in february in moldova, the authorities there say that the man they were dealing with here thought he was dealing with a representative of isis, a buyer representing isis. in fact, the buyer was an undercover operative. there was no isis connection. that's what the seller was told. he claimed he could get radioactive material and in many cases police and agents say that the would be sellers bring a small sample and say this is a sample of what i can get in larger amounts. when in fact, very often they can't and in many cases they say they can get pounds and pounds of material and they can only get very small maybe an ounce or two. not enough to build a dirty bomb but enough to represent themselves as dealers. still it is part of an alarming trend and began to be a concern after the break-up of the soviet union with questions of the control of the arsenal spread
11:03 am
out among what russia and many of the countries now independent like moldova and the question is can these materials be safely secured? will the black market get their hands on it? the international atomic energy commission tracked some 2,500 cases in the past 2 decades where material is not properly handled and 425 them say are potential criminal cases and big effort of the fbi to try to work with countries to get a handle on these would be smugglers, thomas. >> pete williams reporting for us, thank you, sir. michael kay is a former senior british officer and former advise we are the british ministry of defense and joins us in london. mikey, good to see you. as we talk about the severity of this, explain as you know it, does nuclear smuggling happen much more often than we think or mainly people who are trying to get over on somebody else that's interested in it and they lie to
11:04 am
somehow make a profit off of something that has nothing to do with nuclear materials? >> thomas, i think it is a bit of everything you just alluded to. we should keep things in perspective here. the a.p. reported that the material was cesium and not uranium or plutonium and commonly used in nuclear weapons. that's the first piece. the second piece is when we analyze risk in the military, certainly we use the probably versus consequencing capability and intent. that's the capability versus intent bit that's important here because when we look at the islamic state and as peter pointed out, they weren't necessarily involved but taking them as an example as the most likely customer, if you like, then certainly coming to chemical weapons, there has been an intent there. there was a report in march of
11:05 am
chlorine gas used against the kurds and an islamic state's major chemical weapons engineers who used to be a part of saddam's regime, a guy that was taken out by u.s. air strike in january of this year. so we know there's intent there. we know there is capability there on the chemical weapons side. the nuclear side is different. we don't -- there may be intent and having spoke on the a radical priest up in tripoli and lebanon, he certainly says if the islamic state got their hands on chemical or nuclear weapons they wouldn't hesitate to use them but the capability side i question and if i'm part of the western intelligence agencies, whether it's the cia or the foreign intelligence service of the russians who now have a vested interest in russia, i would look at the previous hierarchy of saddam hussein's regime trying to identify people that might have the nuclear capability within that regime and going after them now. >> certainly looking back, hindsight being 20/20, the amount of things may have shaken
11:06 am
loose out of that regime thwarted. mikey, thank you. appreciate it. returning to the u.s. and the hot topic of politics. donald trump and jeb bush both in iowa this afternoon. one's the former governor of florida, the other leading in the polls there and all the polls. trump is ahead in a poll of quinnipiac and in addition to florida, leads in ohio and pennsylvania. but there are a lot of questions about how long trump will continue his campaign. particularly if he were to ever lose that lead. so that's the focus of a new "the washington post" article which details the plans for trump's second act and last hour trump had a message for people wondering if he'll ever quit. >> i'm not going anywhere. you better believe it. he knows. he knows trump. you know. you've got the same mentality. right? we're not going anywhere. >> so robert costa co-wrote the story on donald trump for "the washington post." joins me now.
11:07 am
great to see you in person. referencing the fact he was asked this question. what would it take for you to drop out? basically, he said, well, if i'm not winning. you know? if the polls aren't going my way and challenges it there head on trying to throw it out there if it's a gotcha question and it wasn't. he's just in the lead and people curious about how long he'll sustain this as a person when's an outsider, not an elected official ever. so from your article which is fascinating, by the way, how does trump remain trump and sail through the primary? >> so, with phil lip and dan we sat down with trump at trump tower and said what's the second snakt he said he'll be the persona but the political operations, thomas, he knows he needs to have a traditional campaign and it's a looming question, when's trump to go up on the air with paid television advertising.
11:08 am
he says he's hired a firm, making unconventional ads and expects to spend 20 million plus. we'll see. that's the pledge. >> but if he makes instagram postings, he shows up at an event like this. we take it live. he doesn't need to advertise. and the debates have been nothing but a cash cow for most of the networks that have held those debates because of the 20-plus million people who have tuned in for the unexpected campaign of donald trump. and who knows what he'll say? >> he said what you said. it is story, story, story on television. and he said if i had an ad, people would overdose on trump and he laughed as he said it and he sees the attack ads coming. they'll close the gap perhaps and he needs to counter and why the campaign manager and himself acknowledge this is a new phase. the summer is over. >> thinking about the poll numbers and we know that donald trump loves to talk about the poll numbers, fire marshals and
11:09 am
poll numbers. he talks about those. how big of a worry is ben carson and carly fiorina? again, outsiders to the gop mainstay. >> they're a huge threat to him. he recognize that ls that. that's why he realizes he may not win i wo. he can. he has to play a longer game. he said a target is southern primaries on march 1st and thinking to supertuesday mid-march. how does he sustain himself? if carson and fiorina surges in iowa, usually conservative state and new hampshire because it's a libertarian streak. he can maybe do well there. >> as we look at more from your article and it's specifically on his campaign and different aspects of it, your article says he has 7 to 12 people in iowa, new hampshire and south carolina. the expansion coming up in florida and georgia and tennessee. but how big of an organization is he going to get? all about the ground game but
11:10 am
where does he see the relevance in putting that in to motion? >> i mean, such a contrast of a usual presidential campaign. i have been to secretary clinton's headquarters in brooklyn. you have hundreds of people working there doing all things. grassroots organization. trump is relying on a few key advisers and volunteers. he thinks the volunteers, people trump enthusiasts will come out. >> the other interesting thing here that i was loving, the fact of where the campaign headquarters are. basically old hangout spot for the production crew of "the apprentice." they're swapped out for political people running this reality. >> the fifth floor headquarters, they have a wall of shame. they have perry's pick up there, governor walker. the faces look disgruntled. he is marking those he's beat. >> do they have a burn book? >> i don't know. that's another investigation, another day. >> i look forward to you finding out and bringing it to me. great to see you.
11:11 am
thank you. want to check in with my colleague frances rivera taking your pulse on the bing pulse question of the day. what do we hear? >> interesting if donald trump had a "mean girls" burn book. >> he might with a sharp tongue. >> we're asking in the bing pulse question, do you think donald trump has a lock on the gop nomination? consider this based on what we are talking about. look at this. i don't have we have seen a more lopsided score in a while if ever doing this. 3% of the viewers saying, yes. that he does have a lock on the gop nomination. 97% of the viewers say, no, that is not the case. we are seeing this kind of second act for donald trump. and possibly the emergence of his wife, his daughter, as well. so let's see if this changes. interesting to watch this, this many of the viewers believe that's not the case and doesn't have a lock on the nomination. keep voting. we'll keep checking it and bring you the latest results. >> thanks so much.
11:12 am
and we are following breaking news now on the shooting massacre at umpqua community college in roseburg, oregon. last hour, an update from officials revealing information about how the shooter was taken down. the douglas county district attorney says the use of force to take down the gunman was justified. and he also revealed a detective and sergeant who arrived on the scene did so in plain clothes. >> they fired a total of three rounds at the shooter. two rounds went into the entrance hall at the entrance wall of snyder hall near where the shooter was standing and one round struck the shooter in the right side. once the shooter was wounded, he entered the classroom again. he went to the front of the classroom. and he shot and killed himself. >> the district attorney praised the officers who he described as selfless in their immediate actions. meanwhile, president obama is
11:13 am
expected to visit with families of the victims when he travels to oregon on friday. up next, joe run. the draft biden superpac releases an emotional ad urging the vp to join the 2016 race. >> my sons, i found my redemption. many people have gone through things like that. >> so i'm going to speak about that ad with democratic strategist steve shale of the draft biden campaign effort. we'll find out if he has any insight into whether or not the veep is in. and then, a race against time in south carolina. frantic efforts to reinforce dam that is are on the brink. they could break at any time. we'll be live on the ground in those flood zones. and then, independent investigation. the call being made by doctors without borders after a deadly air strike on a hospital in afghanistan. moments ago, white house press
11:14 am
secretary josh earnest revealed president obama has just offered an apology for that strike mistake. >> this morning from the oval office president obama spoke by telephone with doctors without borders international president dr. joanne liu to apologize and express condolences for the staff and patients killed and injured when a u.s. military air strike mistakenly struck an msf field hospital in kunduz, afghanistan, over the weekend. ♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. ...intercourse that's painful due to menopausal
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11:17 am
as we all know, joe biden has not entered the presidential race. he is not building staff or fund raising money but he has a first ad out from draft biden. that is organization not officially affiliated with the vice president but one trying to
11:18 am
get him in to this race. the ad released today and is running nationally on cable tv. here's a clip. >> incredible bond i have with my children is a gift i'm not sure i would have had had i not been through what i went through. but by focusing on my sons, i found my redemption. >> steve shale is a democratic strategist working with the draft biden campaign and joins us now. steve, good to have you here. the vice president also will not be showing up in the first democratic debate that's just around the corner so why do you think at this late date there's still hope for joe biden to enter this race? >> well, first of all, i think all the polls we have seen the race is wide open. just today we saw quinnipiac poll in three state that is show a fluid democratic primary. joe biden the strongest democratic potential nominee and he has 100% name i.d., a
11:19 am
national network of friends. donors are lining up ready to help the guy. so we feel very confident as long as he gets in before the filing deadline, we have a shot at this. >> looking the quinnipiac with the florida, ohio, pennsylvania feelings of voters, hillary clinton still has a commanding lead and i think you probably know all too often, steve, as a strategist you see the minute that somebody enters the race whops to their polling numbers. bloomberg politics asked a sample of voters their feelings of joe biden, his candidacy and certainly everybody across the board like joe biden and they were confused about whether he should enter and whether or not they feel supportive of him and interesting to see their reactions. i want to show everybody a sample. >> i think he's a really good support person but i think he does have such a big heart he can't be the face of the united states. that he needs to be. but he's really smart and talented so he's that good
11:20 am
person to have, you know, behind the scenes. >> i have to tell a personal story. our son died. i know there's no way that he could focus on what he needs to focus on for five years probably. >> what would you say the those voters, steve? >> well, i mean, first of all, if you look at the polling, joe biden polls favorables in florida plus 20. no democrat around with those kind of numbers and i think it will change seeing him get in the race. not every candidate gone down that got in. trump started at 4% and went to the lead in a matter 0 of a few weeks and a lot of democrats point out and think highly of the vice president. he leads in virtually every trait question of the democrats running and beginning to see him as a candidate, we'll see the numbers grow. >> are you and your organization for draft joe, excuse me, are you so pro joe biden that it makes you anti-hillary clinton?
11:21 am
because what happens to the desires of a draft biden campaign and for you and the colleagues that work with you when it comes to being supportive of the eventual democratic nominee? >> you'll have to -- i can only speak for myself. there's no issues. i ran the state of florida if 2008. we came out of a brutal primary of senator obama and senator clinton. i had staff members on both campaigns working together to get it done. if joe biden doesn't run, i'll show up at the field office to help out the democratic nominee. >> when do you think you'll anticipate hearing from the vice president? what point do you understand that no is his answer, steve? >> well, i think at this point he's not given us a yes or a no. i think you may know more about this than me. i read much of what i get from
11:22 am
the media. they're aware of the filing deadline coming up and i have a sense to know sooner than later. >> thank you for your time today. i really appreciate it. >> thanks, thomas. appreciate it. all right. developing news covering this hour out of south carolina. neighbors evacuated as crews are racing to shore up dams. these are aren't dams on the bre brink of breaking. and then, what did voters really think of the 2016 democratic field? bloomberg's mark halperin joins me to talk about the latest focus groups and you heard moments ago about joe biden but some of the other responses may really surprise you. >> do you think it's a good thing if joe biden entered the race? only one of you. >> raise your hand if you think joe biden is qualified to be president. >> qualified. we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. because you believe in go.
11:23 am
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11:26 am
carolina where the head of the emergency management there says the threat from high water is not over. i want to check in my colleague frances rivera with more details on this and the state of emergency really, remains, frances, for many people. >> and more tragic news out of the flood situation there. a search team recovered the bodies of two people who drove around a barricade near columbia, south carolina. that truck consumed by the high water there. it is a grim reminder of what state officials warning do not underestimate the risk that remains from the week's historic flooding and the sun is shining in the carolinas and the problems are still there. still very, very much a problem. swollen rivers putting pressure in overworked dams. those dams are all that's stopping a deadly situation becoming a catastrophic one and there infrastructure, so much damage. look at the map. see the dots? they represent every spot in red
11:27 am
marking a road that's closed. we're talking about more than 400 in south carolina and the bluish-purple spots, those are the bridges that are out. making just getting around so tough for people there, a lot of people still being told to stay in place. nbc's sarah dallof live in columbia with a torrent of water did really untold damage there. what's the situation like today? >> reporter: hi, frances. the sun is out and this is allowing volunteers and homeowners to get everything spread out on to the streets and the driveways and drying out, take stk of what they can save and when's gone forever and reminders that this flood, this disaster to continue to affect lives for years to come. it's going to be a difficult holiday season. as you can see, volunteers started unloading the family's christmas decorations. ornaments, plates, things collected over the years and became traditions to these families. he's talk for a moment about the army of volunteers. some of them are hired, paid.
11:28 am
but a large majority of them are just volunteers out here doing what they can to help their neighbors. keep in mind, all of this is amidst flash flood warnings. we were under a warning for most of the day here and lifted just afternoon and people working this. some of the people don't know each other. in this particular house, just like up and down the street, there's amazing stories of survival. it is a husband and wife living in this home. the husband was out of town at the time. the wife, however, was home. she was able to get out on to a garage roof. the water was so high, the boat pulled up to the garage roof and she hopped on. people not only taking stock of what's left and also reliving these memories every time we have these flash flood warnings and these warnings about possible dam fail yurlurefailur. back to you. >> sarah dallof there in columbia, south carolina, thank you very much. thomas? >> really such a contrast as we look at how beautiful it is
11:29 am
today and everything they're facing and so many people have lost something in those waters. frances, thanks so much. back to politics and what likely democratic voters really think of the 2016 field. well, you're going to find out. bloomberg's mark halperin will join me to talk about the latest focus group and it really yields some refreshing, interesting, candid results. diabetes, steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady, clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead.
11:30 am
good. very good. you see something moving off the shelves and your first thought is to investigate the company. you are type e*. shorten the distance between intuition and action. e*trade.
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11:32 am
breaking news in the search for that missing cargo ship carrying 33 people on board. the coast guard has just informed the families of the crew that they are going to suspend the search today. at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. we are expecting a news conference coming up at the top of the hour from the ntsb. much more information from that. nbc's mark potter is live in jacksonville where that news conference is going to be held. and mark, explain why the update about the suspension coming at
11:33 am
7:00 p.m. why does the coast guard feel that's the time to call it off? >> reporter: well, it is a regrettable decision to have to make but they feel they reached the end of the window where they could be any survivors out there. they really did work hard to try to find any body who might be out there and covered an area the size of california and focused in on two debris fields, ships and planes and tugboats out there searching and searching day and night. and they just realize that there was no chance of finding survivors so in a half hour behind me the coast guard will come out to announce they're suspending that search at 7:00 p.m. we have been told that by a number of family members who attended an emotional meeting with the coast guard an hour or so ago. we were told it's a tough meeting, very hard on the family members, also hard on the coast guard officers who had to inform them of their decision so a very
11:34 am
sad day overall here in jacksonville. on top of that, we'll have information from the national transportation safety board at this podium, also. this is the first day, their first full day of looking into the cause of the disaster. they hope to find in a perfect wor world, the ship under miles of water and the voice data recorder if they can find it. very, very difficult search that would be, that far under the water with that debris surrounding the ship, the containers and all that to give a boost to the investigation. thomas? >> mark, real quickly, though, when it comes to deciding whether or not they should have set sail to their destination and through an area that was you should hurricane watch that then the category shifted from 1 to 3, who's determining whether or not this ship company is liable for the deaths of these 33 people?
11:35 am
>> reporter: liability is a legal issue that will be determined outside and in the courts. but the national transportation safety board vice chairman has said that issue you're talking about, why they set sail, their options they face, is part of the investigation so a report will come out at sometime. months down the road, the ntsb will publish the conclusions and then the legal world will take it from that. the families, their lawyers and all of that. a suit would not be filed by the national transportation safety board. they may come up with findings, recommendations but the question you're asking will be determined in the courts and will likely involve the family members, the survivors of the crew members. >> mark potter for us, thanks again for that report and the ntsb having that briefing coming up at 3:00 we'll have it for you. we turn back to politics and hillary clinton on the attack today at a community forum in iowa. she took on health care an climate change and left the most
11:36 am
pointed remarks to republicans and the nra about guns. >> i think we're better than this and smart ere than this and we need to stand up to the nra and the gun manufacturers behind all of this intimidation and political -- opposition to anything that will work. >> clinton took questions at the event and another event scheduled in just an hour from now coming up for her. meanwhile, a bloomberg politics group shedding light on voters feelg about the democratic presidential candidates and it's good news for senator bernie sanders. >> i would say knowledgeable and experienced, as well. >> exciting. >> forward thinking. >> just another version of hope. >> not visionary. >> game changer. >> who do you think will win the new hampshire pry their? >> bernie sanders. >> probably bernie sanders. >> sanders. >> probably sanders. >> sanders. >> sanders.
11:37 am
>> sanders. >> sanders. >> sanders. >> so joining me now, managing editor mark halperin. good to see you. i think one of those people knows your background as they said game changer about bernie sanders. i want to start with bernie sanders. did it surprise you that they thought he would win new hampshire or does that just seem the way to roll right now as he is a favorite son of new hampshire? sitting senator in vermont? >> thomas, it surprised me and it also i think should give a lot of heart to senator sanders and supporters. about half the people in the new hampshire focus group thought he would be the nominee of the party eventually. not as much enthusism in iowa and optimism of the chances and people thought he would win the caucuses and it's significant. as we traveled to iowa, new hampshire, talking to voters, talked to quite a view and some supporting hillary clinton currently and say i like bernie
11:38 am
sanders but he is not going to be the nominee. we need to keep the white house and be for hillary clinton. if he can convince people and in these groups he has that he can actually win, i think that's going to make his message even that much more powerful. doesn't mean hillary clinton loses the nomination but represent an advance for him from where he was a few months ago. >> it is a candid look how people feel about the candidates and hillary clinton. look at what they had to say. >> hillary clinton, three words or fewer. >> experience and knowledge. >> i would say experience and caring. >> hillary clinton? >> probably win. >> still impressive. >> i like hillary. i think she is a strong candidate but she has that -- >> i don't think you have to have that. >> yeah. she has that condescending. it can cause gridlock. >> what do you make of that last point? seemed as if they had high praise for her. we didn't hear private e-mail
11:39 am
server and the point of being con sending. >> they don't know about her policy. they like the record, experience but the record on college tuition and the economy hasn't broken through and impressed by the ability to win and the resume that they're for her and big reservation is not the e-mail surprisingly although some of them thought that that could be handled better but the personality. a lot of them said either they didn't like her personality or they thought a lot of voters including a lot of male voters wouldn't like her personality in the new hampshire group i did, i asked them, those trait that is you are talking about in terms of rubbing people the wrong way or being a little off-putting, how many of you think that could stop her from president? everybody felt that was a problem and seemed to suggest that's the biggest problem in terms of getting back to the white house. >> we are with this focus group about joe biden during the interview with the draft biden campaign, very few hands, mark,
11:40 am
raised when they were asked if they want joe biden to get in. when you see how well he polls, even in new battleground polls today, are you surprised by the lack of enthusiasm? >> very surprised. they don't always sync up. we found the same thing with these democrats. undecided democrats and some of them lean one way or the other but no one leaning to joe biden. they felt that he should be in the race if he wants to run. they showed them that video of the appearance on colbert and we found moving and they said not only too ambivalent to run, in the new hampshire group, some said maybe he shouldn't be vice president. since that's part of what the job's about. they weren't hostile to him but his image for them is very indistinct and didn't think he stood for anything, didn't like the fact that he was wishy washy. the vice president's advisers say if he gets in the race they think that will be erased and see him decisively running and
11:41 am
that's a big caution for joe biden. the polls are encouraging. i don't think the focus groups they would find them encouraging given the important states. voters paying attention not psyched about the notion of biden in the race or being their nominee or president. >> very interesting. they take the seriously and appreciate how candid they were with you. thank you for your time. >> great to talk to you. >> we are asking you to weigh in on the bing pulse question. do you think donald trump has a lock on the gop nomination? 22% said, yes. 78% of you say, no. the conversation is live. check it out.
11:42 am
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11:45 am
on this, pentagon nbc national security producer courtney cubi. what more are you learned? >> the pentagon says there was a an encounter of a u.s. and russian aircraft over syria. just to make it clear, they didn't come within 20 miles of one another but the u.s. has rules for aircrafts over syria right now until russia and the u.s. come to an agreement over how they will deconflict the air space, the u.s. aircraft will not get within 20 miles of a russian aircraft in the area so an aircraft came near, close to 20 miles of another russian aircraft and had to divert away from the flight path, away from it, whatever its target was and move out of the area so there wouldn't be any kind of a conflict between the u.s. and the russian aircraft. we know that it was a manned aircraft. we don't know anything about the mission but, again, the u.s. has been saying since last week when
11:46 am
the russians first began floiing over syria that the mission is not impacted in any way. well, obviously, that's not the case anymore. there was at least one flight to divert off the flight, the flight path because of the russian presence over sir why. >> producer courtney kube, thank you. appreciate it. so it is the other story to keep a close on, doctors without borders today again calling for the independent investigation into the air strikes over the weekend that killed 22 at their hospital in kunduz, afghanistan. >> it's a main point of calling for this commission is really to establish the facts. and whether to understand if, in fact, a grave violation of international humanitarian law has taken place and whether or not it amounts to war crime. >> today i spoke with manny nickolai, board president of doctors without borders brussels and organization called the recent hit a war crime and asked her why to categorize this as that.
11:47 am
>> you should understand that this hospital, the coordinates have been given to all the parties involved in the conflict so all the armed parties. this means the afghan armed forces, the coalition forces, the u.s. military, the opposition forces. they all knew exactly where our hospital was and what we were doing. so this hospital is not new. it's been functioning for four years. the coordinates were known and it was a hospital doing its humanitarian core work meaning giving care to wounded people because of conflict and war fighting. >> this is a huge tragedy. i want to get on the record, though, the u.s. response. the u.s. response from the commander in afghanistan is saying that this was a mistake. i know you have talked about the fact that they had the coordinates. you have been operational for four years. when they use the word mistake, do you believe that? >> well, then they have to
11:48 am
clarify it. the mistake is not an explanation. this is not good enough. we have to know why was -- why was it done. why was it repeatedly? who decided to do this? so just saying a mistake is too easy. this hospital does its humanitarian duty in war zones and we do that under the protection of the geneva conventions. it took almost three years for the u.s. military to tell us it was their gunship and that was already a wrong time. and then it went from collateral damage to pushing the responsibility to the afghan government and now it's a mistake. that is not enough for us. we want to know the whole story, the facts have to come on the table for us to understand first of all for our staff and patient who is died in kunduz, but second, and that's very important, to understand if humanitarian medical action can continue in warfare. >> you want a full investigation. do you trust the united states
11:49 am
and afghans to investigate this incident to fully show what happened? do you think that you'll get the truth? >> no. to be honest to you, we don't. so we have asked today for full independent investigation. we want to launch the international humanitarian fact finding commission which is a commission that has been created exactly for this cause. to investigate violation of international humanitarian law, excuse me. so, we want to launch that commission to look into this case. so, 76 states have signed the agreement on this fact finding commission. and we now seek to launch it and to do this investigation parallel to the other investigations that have started. >> so our thanks to meine
11:50 am
nickolai for that interview. president obama has reached out to the president of doctors without borders to apologize. he called joanne liu and said they would be transparent in delivering facts and that circumstances and incidents if necessary, implement changes to make this a less likely scenario in the future. fantasy football's insider trading scandal, the question now being, will congress be investigating? but first, donald trump moments ago talking to reporters after his iowa event reiterating the twitter defense of dr. ben carson's comments of the ucc oregon shooting and appeared to be second guessing victim response. >> mr. trump, real quick on ben carson. you're tweeting differently about him. >> i thought he was treated unfairly. >> what do you think of the strategy? >> will you sign my shirt? >> i thought ben carson -- why do so many people choose aleve?
11:51 am
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there is in new call from congress to investigate fantasy sports websites, specifically draft kings and fanduel amid reports of employees possibly cashing in with inside e er information. both companies announced that they're prohibiting employees from playing cash games on other daily fantasy sites. nbc sports group and the parent company comcast among the investors of fanduel and congressman jeffries of new york is calling for a judiciary committee and a hearing into this matter. he joins me from washington right now. congressman jeffries, great to have you here. you released a statement calling the industry a multibillion dollar giant that appears to be spiraling out of control devoid of transparency and accountability. why do you think the federal government needs to be getting involved, policing and policy for fantasy online sports? >> we need to learn what's going
11:55 am
on with this industry. it's a multibillion giant. business is trance acted over the internet, affecting people in every single state. hundreds of millions of dollars exchanging hands. there's no transparency, no regulation. now, you have got casino gaming regulated. you have got horse racing regulated. multi-state lotteries, regulated. it is reasonable to ask the question should there be an appropriate level of oversight either at the federal government level or the state level and respect to this multi-billion giant? >> based on the popularity, certainly you would think there might be interest on the hill about this. your conversations with your colleagues there is there support for federal monitoring of the online fantasy sports industry? >> well, it's a call that ultimately will be made by judiciary committee chairman bob goodlatte but we have expressed
11:56 am
interest of a hearing taking a lock at the problem in the industry and figuring out what's best for the american people moving forward. >> congressman jeffries, we'll keep an eye on this story and see what happens. thank you for your time. >> thank you. that's going to wrap things up for today's show. kate snow is picking up our coverage next. our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 ½ months?
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of the uterus, strokes, blood clots, or dementia, so use it for the shortest time based on goals and risks. estrogens should not be used to prevent heart disease, heart attack, stroke or dementia. ask your doctor about premarin vaginal cream. good day, everyone. i'm kate snow. here's what's happening right now on msnbc live. presidential apology. president obama called the doctors without borders president and the president of afghanistan to apologize for the u.s. air strike on that afghan medical clinic over the weekend. foiled nuclear plot. the fbi breaks up a nuclear smuggling plot in moldova. how worried should authorities be? devastation in south carolina. a growing death count and more evacuations today as officials monitor dams across the state. also learning more about the oregon shooter's final moments
12:00 pm
and a clash with police. any moment now the coast guard and the national transportation safety board will hold a joint news brief for the search on the missing cargo ship with 33 people on board. we'll take you live to that briefing as soon as it begins. the news we are expecting at this hour after six days, the search is going to be suspended tonight at 7:00 p.m. so far, they have only been able to locate survival suits and a battered lifeboat. no survivors. we'll bring you that as soon as it happens and following breaking news on the deadly hospital bombing in afghanistan. today, president obama personally made phone calls from the oval office apologizing to the doctors without borders president and the president of afghanistan for the u.s. air strike that killed 22 people at its medical facility in kunduz. >> the president did


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