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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  October 7, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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but the quicksilver card from capital one likes to keep it simple. real simple. i'm talking easy like-a- walk-in-the-park, nothing-to-worry-about, man-that-feels-good simple. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. it's a simple question. what's in your wallet? good day, i'm kate snow. here's what's happening right now on msnbc live. apology from the president. president obama calls the head of doctors without borders and the president of afghanistan to apologize for the u.s. air strike on a hospital there over the weekend. the executive director of doctors without borders joins me just ahead. suspending the search. families of crew members on that missing cargo ship are told the coast guard is suspending the rescue mission tonight. and stunning new details.
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officials reveal exactly what happened when officers arrived on the scene of that shooting at umpqua community college in oregon. but first, we are following breaking news. just hours ago, president obama called and personally apologized to the international head of doctors without borders for the u.s. air strike that killed 22 people at its hospital in afghanistan. >> the president did reiterate his commitment -- this is a commitment that we've offered up publicly -- that the department of defense would conduct a transparent, thorough, and objective investigation. >> doctors without borders is calling for an international investigation into what they're calling a possible war crime. >> the attack on the msf hospital in kunduz was the biggest loss of life for our organization in an air strike. tens of thousands upon peeve in kunduz can no longer receive medical care now when they need it most.
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today we say, enough. even war has rules. >> the organization released this video of the hospital after saturday's attack, where they say more than 22,000 patients received care last year alone. nbc's john yang joins me now with more from london. john? >> hi, kate, this is also -- the evolution of this u.s. response has been quite interesting to watch. we now have the president apologizing. remember, on saturday, when this first started, the first response from the united states was that the united states was in the area, that they conducted an air strike to protect, or to respond to u.s. soldiers who were coming under direct fire, and they casually said, there may have been collateral damage to a nearby medical facility. then on monday, general james -- john campbell, the u.s. commander in afghanistan, said no, it wasn't u.s. troops under
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fire. it was afghan troops and that the air strike was called in to support the afghan forces. yesterday he flatly said that the u.s. was responsible, that they did hit this hospital by mistake, something they had avoided saying before, and now the president has called the head of doctors without borders and apologized. i think what's clear here, they have come to understand that there was a mistake, and it was a pretty egregious mistake. kate? >> right. nbc's john yong in london for us, thank you. joining me now, the executive director of doctors without borders here in the united states, jason cone. thank you for being with us. we saw you speaking early early today at a press conference. after that is when president obama made a phone call to the head of your organization overseas. how do you receive that call? is that enough, an apology? >> yes, we did receive a call to
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the international president from president obama, expressing his condolences for the u.s. attack on our hospital that killed 22 patients and staff. however, that's not enough. we can't accept that that's just enough. we expect the u.s. government and president obama to both consent and cooperate with the international independent investigation we've called for and to be led by the international humanitarian fact-finding commission. we think, as your reporter john yang has said, the only way to get to the bottom of this is to have an independent investigation. we've seen over the last 96 hours how the administration continues to change its story about what happened. i think that lends credibility to our call that it needs to be an independent, impartial investigation. >> do you know what happened on that phone call today? was there an exchange of ideas? >> we actually, in this call between our international president and president obama, we're not going to comment on the substance of that conversation. we don't comment on those kinds of conversations between heads of state and our president. >> okay. i know you put out a fact sheet today saying that your staff
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reported no armed combatants in the compound prior to the air strike. so for all of us trying to understand how this could have happened, why do you think that area was even targeted? >> it's baffling to us, we've been there four years, treating tens of thousands of patients every year. it's a very large complex. we extended coordinates for every building in the complex in the days before and even prior to that, as well as to afghan officials. this is what we do in every conflict zone. our transparency about what we're doing, where we're operating is our greatest protection. we're there to treat victims of war, civilians wounded, that's why we're there. it's baffling to us. we did everything we could to make the government aware. it was very clear it was a
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civilian hospital, treating the wounded, and we had no indication before the bombing. in fact, it was quiet in the compound before the bombing took place, that there were any fighters inside the compound. >> and just to be clear, you treat anyone who comes to your hospital, even former combatants. so is it possible that someone got a report that there were taliban fighters operating from inside the hospital? is that possible? >> it's the fundamental principles of international humanitarian law and the geneva conventions that have existed for more than the 40 years that my organization has been working in war zones, that says wounded should be treated as civilians, regardless of what side. the u.s. government respects that. it's something in all the academies the u.s. military that are armed forces are schooled on. so what we're asking for, acknowledge that, acknowledge the importance of international humanitarian law. this is an opportunity for the american government to show leadership and to participate in
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this commission. i think we'll send a powerful message to the rest of the world. >> you're talking about a commission that has rarely been used for this sort of thing, an independent investigation. i think what gets lost maybe is that 22 people died over the weekend. what do those families need and want? are you hoping for reparations? >> this commission is really to establish the facts as it relates to the breaking of international humanitarian law. that's its purpose. that's why we've called on it, not on the international criminal court, which would investigate human rights abuses. this is the foundation of how organizations like ours work in. this is not just about the terrible loss of our patients and staff in afghanistan. it's about every place that we work in the world in conflict zones. and to reiterate the fact that we need an accounting that governments should protect hospitals as protected spaces where civilians and other wounded can seek medical care. if we cannot have that reinforced through the u.s. government or other governments through an independent inquiry, then we're left with nothing
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from the geneva conventions. >> jason cone, thank you very much for your time. and now to the search for the missing cargo ship near the bahamas. the coast guard search will be suspended at sunset tonight. they confirmed that in a joint press conference with the ntsb last hour. after a six-day search, no survivors have been found. >> but i know that the coast guard, along with our brethren, in the navy and the air force, as well as the commercial tugs that were out there, helping us search, did all they could in this search effort. they did all they could. >> the ntsb also provided the latest on their investigation. >> all of our teams have been working around the clock to gather information and facts to determine what caused this accident. in order that we can prevent these accidents from ever happening again. i want to extend our condolences on behalf of everyone at ntsb, to the families and friends of the victims of this tragic
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accident. and we, along with all of you, were very saddened to learn that no survivors have been found. >> joining us now is nbc's kristen dahlgren in jacksonville with the latest. this has to be a real blow for the families. >> reporter: kate, it really is a difficult day here. and as you've been talking about, as the search for survivors ends, really the ntsb investigation into what went wrong is just beginning. what we got out of the press conference, a couple of really significant things they're going to be looking for, that they hope will give them some answers. first, that voyage data recorder, that is similar to what we've heard about in plane crashes. it's on the bridge, it would have recorded audio for the last 12 hours before it went into the water. it then shuts off and starts sending out a ping. the batteries last for about 30 days. so time is of the essence. the ntsb going to be bringing in special equipment to listen for
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that ping, and then it's 15,000 feet presumably below the ocean. so they're going to have to bring in remote operated vehicles, once they locate the ship to try and locate that. they're also doing these interviews, first with the master of the el faro's sister ship. they have two ships running from puerto rico to jacksonville. it was in communication with the el faro often. a very similar ship, so they'll be questioning the master of that ship to see if he can lend any information. also talking to off-duty crew members and the person who had the last communication with el faro, hoping all of that will give them some answers. meantime, we're here waiting for maritime to come out and make a statement. >> that's the owner of that cargo ship. thanks so much. we're following breaking news just in. this is carney, new jersey, just outside of new york city. look at that live picture. that's a tanker truck that apparently flipped over a guard rail on the new jersey turn pike. as you can see, it burst into
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flames, there's thick black smoke billowing into the air. authorities say the northbound lanes of the new jersey turn pike were shut down near the accident scene. no word yet on the cause of that accident. coming up, harrowing new details from inside the oregon school shooting. the two local police officers who shot the gunman, ran towards the sound of gunfire without bullet-proof vests. plus what an fbi sting uncovered for nuclear materials in eastern europe. and the coast guard calls off the search for the missing cargo ship. the latest on the investigation just ahead. change channels while he changes pants. you don't have to be a couch potato, you can be a train potato! and let them watch all the shows they love, inside the ride that you really kind of hate. introducing the all in one plan. only from directv and at&t.
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we're getting these dramatic pictures in from new jersey right now. that's billowing black smoke, coming from an accident scene on the new jersey turn pike, just outside of new york city, in the town of carney, new jersey. it's an overturned tractor trailer, apparently went off the highway there. they've closed down parts of the new jersey turn pike northbound lanes. we'll keep an eye on that scene and try to get more information about what caused that accident and whether there were any injuries. we're learning more today about what happened in the final moments of the deadly shooting that happened in oregon last week. official say two plain-clothed officers arrived on the scene, six minutes after the initial call of shots fired went out. those officers, who were not wearing bullet-proof vests, quickly jumped out of their car, approached snyder hall, where they discovered the shooter this a doorway. douglas county d.a. rick wessenburg described the confrontation. >> both felt they had a good
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target. they fired a total of three rounds at the shooter. two rounds went into the entrance wall of snyder hall near where the shooter was standing. and one round struck the shooter in the right side. once the shooter was wounded, he entered the classroom again. he went to the front of of the classroom and he shot and killed himself. >> joining me now with more details, a reporter from our nbc affiliate kgw in portland, oregon. what more did we learn from that press conference? >> kate, investigators provided a detailed breakdown of how the shooting unfolded. they said two detectives were five miles away when they got the call. they raced to the scene. within six minutes they were on scene, racing toward that gunfire. keep in mind, neither of these
1:17 pm
officers had bullet-proof vests. two troopers arrived roughly the same time. according to investigators, the officers could see the shooter in the door frame. they saw a muzzle flash, then investigators say that shooter fired at the officers. investigators say they were roughly 15 yards away at the time they returned fire, hitting that suspect once in the side. that shooter was injured and went back into the classroom, where he had already killed nine people, wounded many others. investigators say he went to the front of the classroom, then shot and killed himself. as part of the new briefing they did identify the officer who is exchanged fire with the shooter. joe caney and todd spingaffe, both decorated veterans. the police chief said they did not want to be heralded as heroes and said they were simply doing the job they were trained to do. >> and you're expecting president obama in town on
1:18 pm
friday, right? >> we are expecting president obama in roseburg on friday. there's been some mixed reaction. one local newspaper editor was concerned about his visit, but the local mayor says they are happy and very supportive to have the president here, as long as he focuses on the families and not politics. >> kyle, thanks so much. now to a shocking report by the associated press that reveals investigators going after gangs with suspected russian ties, that have been trying to sell nuclear material to middle eastern extremists. according to the a.p., local authorities working with the fbi have made four busts in the past five years in eastern europe. the latest sting operation came in february when a smuggler in moldova offered to sell enough nuclear material to contaminate several city blocks. a mol dovan police officer told the a.p., quote, we can expect more of these cases as long as the smugglers think they can
1:19 pm
make big money without getting caught, they will keep doing it. the a.p. report said gangs specifically sought a buyer from isis, but an fbi official says otherwise. pete? >> it's a rare look into one of the fbi's most sensitive missions, trying to stop international smugglers who are willing to help the enemies of the u.s. get their hands on extremely dangerous radioactive material. what the a.p. obtained is video, still pictures and other information from police working with fbi agents in moldova. what they show are vivid examples of the fbi's efforts to stop these smugglers who claim they can sell nuclear material to attack the u.s. and other western targets. in one example, a man was accused of offering to sell material for a radioactive dirty bomb to somebody he thought
1:20 pm
represented the isis terror group. but that buyer was an informant working with the police and the fbi, posing as an isis contact. so there was no actual isis involvement. since the break-up of the soviet union, police have tracked more than 400 cases of what are attempts to steal or sell it on the black market. those people arrested claim they can deliver enough nuclear material for a dangerous, dirty bomb, when in fact, one official at the fbi says they have a tiny amount and they claim it's a bigger sample of what they could offer. but in any event, the u.s. is spending about $2 billion a year, trying to keep it out of the wrong hands, kate. >> thanks so much. joining me now is the director of middle east and north africa reach and analysis for flash point global partners. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> this is everyone's worst
1:21 pm
nightmare. nuclear material, we're talking about possible arms dealing to groups that none of us trust very much. how scared should we be by this report? >> we should always be scared when radioactive material is mentioned in any kind of conflict, mind you in the black market. since the fall of the soviet union, the black market has been heavy with leaked radioactive material that a lot of buyers are trying to sell on the black market. although there's no concrete evidence to point to actual terror groups are actually trying to purchase this material, but the presence of it in the wrong hands is disconcerting. >> and that's what's maybe a little confusing about that report. there was someone posing as an isis agent trying to buy material. but it wasn't actually isis. do we know whether isis has ever sought nuclear material? >> there's absolutely no evidence that isis has sought nuclear material or any radioactive material, but i
1:22 pm
wouldn't be surprised if isis puts its hand on something like that, a small vial of seizium that could ruin a whole bunch of residential areas in the areas it controls. but i don't believe that it's top priority -- its top priority is seizing land in iraq, syria and other places. i think it's going to be very difficult if not impossible for it to obtain such materials. >> what's the larger context here? when you hear this report about these busts, these stings, what do we need to know about that region? >> i think generally speaking, there's a lot of arms smuggling. arm smuggling from eastern europe to western europe where potential lone wolves and other operatives could get their hands on something that and use it in residential towns, maybe claiming credit for it on behalf
1:23 pm
of a certain group. we've seen a number of lone wolf attacks. and the fear is one of those operatives would get their hands on something like that, or build it at home, or even obtain some material to develop a dirty bomb, and actually use it in a residential area. but it's very, very difficult, if not impossible right now. >> but i guess the good news is that the fbi is working with partners, based on this report, working with partners who try to stop this kind of activity. >> absolutely. the u.s. security is the best at foiling these kinds of actions. particularly post 9/11. thank you very much. we head back to the carolinas where more evacuations could soon be ordered. and is donald trump ready for a second act? reporting on his new strategy ahead. also, joe biden's supporters up the ante, encouraging the vice president to run.
1:24 pm
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19 people are now dead across the carolinas after historic storms there. two people drowned near columbia, south carolina, after driving on a closed road that was washed out. more evacuations are possible today as the water continues to flow south toward the ocean. earlier today, south carolina governor nikki haley gave an update on vulnerable dams in that state. >> of the thousands of dams across the state in south carolina, 62 we are monitoring currently right now 13 that have already failed. so we will continue to monitor those as we go forward. >> joining us now, nbc's sarah dallof. you've been on the ground for days following this story. what are you hearing from officials and from the residents
1:28 pm
behind you? >> officials still watching the dams, urging that this area is still not out of example. a pickup truck wnd around some barriers, five people inside the pickup truck, three escaped, two are deceased. their bodies were found this afternoon. here on the ground, clean-up is continuing, this sunshine giving people a chance to get their items to dry out and get restoration crews in. this is a long-term recovery effort. this community is going to need support, not only for the coming months, but possibly the coming years and an army of volunteers or workers have descended on this area to help them get started. i want to bring in john, this is his parents' home. i was talking to your father earlier. he told a story of how your mom was able to escape. can you run me through that. >> we were, my brothers and my dad and i were all out of town. my mom was home alone.
1:29 pm
he heard the cat at the garage door and opened it and water was flooding in. she called us and we were rushing home. we were several hours away. some neighbors from on the lake got a pontoon boat, she handed the pets out the window to them and climbed onto the roof herself. was able to get on the boat and get away. >> very lucky the neighbors were there. you've had a chance to be inside all day working. describe what it's like inside. >> you walk in and you don't expect as much mud and debris and everything floated around and fell over on top of each other. there was so much current coming through the house, it wasn't just a flood, it was rushing waters. so things were wedged into different rooms and just spread out all over the house. >> i've called it an army of volunteers and workers today. what is your reaction to the outpouring of support you've received so far? >> yeah, it's amazing. just random people walking up, complete strangers offering to help and coming in and saying,
1:30 pm
what can we do and getting right to work. we've seen church groups, fraternities from usc, just complete strangers that wanted to get involved and help us. >> quite a community in columbia. >> absolutely. it's breath-taking. we probably had 50, 60 random people show up yesterday that we don't even know. >> fantastic. i appreciate your time. i'll let you get back to work. keep in mind, a lot of volunteers were here working during a flash-flood warning, which we had most of the beginning of the day. they were keeping one eye on their clean-up project, kate, and one eye on those dams and the situation, don't let the sunshine fool you, there's still a lot to worry about in columbia. >> sorry to interrupt, but the governor of south carolina is holding another press conference. we want to listen to that now. >> -- nice enough to go and just really let us get to see what's going on. i can't thank all of you enough for being on the ground and working. we went through a thousand-year
1:31 pm
flood. i think that when you push south carolina, south carolina pushes back, and that's exactly what we saw happen. having said that, it's not over yet. so while the sun is shining, we want to remind everybody that the waters are flowing down. we very much flew over and saw that water flowing. we see what's coming. i think that y'all are used to a lot of dealing with this. there's a voluntary evacuation. we want people to be conscious of that. we want them to certainly think about what they're doing, how they're doing it. this should not be normal, day-to-day routines yet. you need to allow to get all your important things in one spot. if you can go to a friend or family be m, it's a good thing to do, if you're a low-lying place. but we're certainly paying attention to that. i know that we got an update, so much of what we've been doing is really coordinating with emd, getting the declaration verbally was something we were pushing to get. fema has been fantastic. we started with eight counties.
1:32 pm
i've always said this is a game of addition, not subtraction. we added three counties yesterday. we've got word that we're adding five more counties to the major declaration that's going to be calhoun county, darlington, florence, kershaw, and lee counties. so we'll continue to add to that, and this is about just assessments. fema has boots on the ground, they're right now doing the assessing, d.o.t.'s got boots on the ground. you're going to see more road closures. that's more because as the water flows down, we're doing assessments of what's safe and what we've said is when in doubt, close it. it will be an inconvenience for a while, it won't last long. i'd rather know the roads are safe and that you are not having to take any caution that you shouldn't have to. so we're doing that. we knew this water was coming down this way, so we've been working 48 hours in advance. we've prepositioned swift-water rescue team. dnr is here, sled has their
1:33 pm
teams here. to make sure you have everything you want. we were at 3,000 national guard troops. you'll start to see them around here a bit. they're adding 2,000 more. we'll add a thousand more engineers to help with the assessment and a thousand more general purpose. what that allows us to do is move with consistency and flow. for your shelters, fema will go straight to the people displaced first. for anybody that has had any damage whatsoever, we do want you to go to the emd website, the state emd website, can you go to this website and call fema and register. that's the first thing, because as soon as you register, they know how to get in touch with you. so right now, it's about getting you to register. but what i have said, we are strong, but we will come out of this stronger than we were to start with. but i want to turn it over to the two people that flew around with me. first, a fantastic chairman who has been a partner in all these
1:34 pm
things that we go through. i'll turn it over to mark lazarus. >> thank you, governor. and governor, thanks so much for being here today. we really appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule. there's a lot of other significant needs in the midlands, we know -- >> we've been listening there to the governor of south carolina, nikki haley, updating constituents on the plans, on the recovery from south carolina. she talked about declaring five more counties in south carolina with a major declaration of emergency. she talked about more road closures coming. sarah dallof is on the ground there. we were talking just before we went to the governor. so declaring more states of emergency there. i assume that means providing -- it's a way to fast-track more assistance, right, sarah? >> exactly. it's a way to get those counties the aid they need. because they're in desperate need. people displaced, not able to go back to their homes, people in need of clean drinking water, in need of supplies, everything like that.
1:35 pm
i should mention that people here are still without that clean drinking water. a lot of people with running water, but not safe to drink. so there's an immediate need to get those agencies in to provide that sort of assistance, and then there's the long-term need. some of these homes, you can tell, just from walking by, not structurally sound anymore. will need to be complete teardowns and rebuilt. others they need inspectors inside to check out the foundation, see if it's safe for people to return. an immediate sheort-term need ad then the long-term recovery. >> sarah, thanks so much. after the break, hillary clinton made some news just now on the transpacific partnership deal. we'll tell you about that. also a new poll has good news for joe biden and battleground florida, where he's actually not on the ballot. we'll speak with the campaign trying to convince the vice president to run.
1:36 pm
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1:39 pm
that hillary clinton does not support the transpacific partnership. that's a recently negotiated trade pact with 11 countries in asia, that the president is trying to get through congress. clinton expressing her concerns today while speaking to pbs at cornell college in mt. vernon iowa. kristin welker, this is probably one of the bigger breaks that hillary clinton has had with the obama administration. >> reporter: kate, that's absolutely right. it's being viewed as the biggest break with the obama administration, in part because, consider this. when secretary clinton was secretary of state, she pushed for the tpp trade deal. now today, as you point out, she's saying she opposes it. her reason, several. she said it doesn't meet her bar for creating jobs, increasing wages and protecting national security. take a listen to what she told pbs just moments ago. >> as of today, i am not in favor of what i have learned
1:40 pm
about it. and there's one other element i want to make because i think it's important. trade agreements don't happen in a vacuum. and in order for us to have a competitive economy, in the global marketplace, there are things we need to do here at home. >> reporter: now, a senior administration official tells nbc news, that the clinton campaign did alert the white house before she came out and took this position. but this underscores the fine line that clinton has to walk. at times, she embraces the policies of president obama, of course her former boss. and at times, she distances herself, as in this case. by the way, this is a position that lines up with her democratic rivals, bernie sanders and martin o'malley who came out and opposed the tpp months ago. they also cite the fact that they don't think it would protect american jobs. and they have criticized her for not taking a stance on this earlier. this is an issue that progressives care about here in states like iowa and new
1:41 pm
hampshire, the clinton commampa knows that and the voting bloc is watching very carefully. we are getting early reaction to the news. martin o'malley released a statement saying this, wow, that's a reversal. so expect her to have to answer a lot of questions in the coming days about how she arrived at this decision. >> have you had a chance to call anyone in the obama administration to see how they're taking this news? >> well, we haven't. and again, the early reaction is that they were alerted to the fact that she was going to take this position. i can tell you, though, i've been in the briefing room, kate, and we have peppered josh earnest about that very question -- how would the white house react if secretary clinton were to come out and oppose the tpp, and the white house consistently acknowledges that trade is a thorny topic politically, and they know they're in the middle of an election cycle. so i don't think anyone's overly surprised at the white house, but as i pointed out at the top, this is another instance of
1:42 pm
secretary clinton needing to walk a fine line, at times embracing obama's policies on guns for example, and in this case, feeling the need to distance herself. >> kristin welker, with big breaking news in the political and policy world. thanks so much. now to several leading 2016 republican candidates on the trail today. among them, marco rubio, who's holding three separate town halls in new hampshire, and jeb bush, who's at an afternoon stop in iowa. he told voters he wants to win while taking a shot at one of his rivals. >> i want to win. i'm not organized to make a point here. it's not about preying on people's fears or their angst. in order to organize a campaign towards winning, you have to campaign like this, not like this. you can't be the large voice in the room, disparaging people and dividing people and calling people idiots and all the stuff that seems to go on in politics today. >> pretty clear reference to donald trump who was holding a rally 100 miles north in
1:43 pm
waterloo, iowa. >> rubio is very weak on illegal immigration. bush is very weak. he said they come as an act of love. they're coming over, in the meantime, they're killing people. sure, act of love. act of love. oh, this thinking, we got to get rid of these politicians, folks. >> speaking with reporters afterward, including our own katy tur, trump reacted to hillary clinton sending him a copy of her memoir "hard choices." >> did you get hillary's care package, her knowledge about and her letter? >> she did send me her book. >> what did you think of it? >> i thought it was very nice. it was a very nice letter. >> what do you think about the snail mail going on right now? >> i don't know. but she did send me her book and i thought it was very nice. >> katy tur and hallie jackson and jordan frazier in iowa with the bush camp. k katy, you got him talking about the book. was it a free-wheeling kind of
1:44 pm
day today with donald trump taking on a lot of different topics? >> reporter: it was what we've seen in the past. a pretty stump speech to the one that we saw in nashville on saturday -- or outside of na nashville. donald trump doesn't have prepared remarks before his events, but he does generally stick to the same script. he varies from time to time introducing a new topic. and he goes offscript and that's when he generally makes news. the only new thing that came out of this rally that i had not heard before was when he was talking about negotiating with iran and how he would have negotiated with iran, that he would get our prisoners back before any negotiating happened. he said he'd talk to those fellas in iran, fellas, not women, because they, quote, haven't figured out that women are better than men yet. this came from donald trump. at the same time, it's tearing down iran, it's bumping up his support for women, or his claim to support women.
1:45 pm
but so far, no, just a regular donald trump day out here. >> just a regular day on the trail. >> just normal. >> jordan, let me ask about what we just heard jeb bush say. he seemed to take out the knives a little bit. >> well, that's right, kate. he's really turned his criticism of donald trump, into his sales pitch to voters. saying that his motivation for running is not to be the big personality on the stage, or even the small personality on the stage but that his motivation comes from helping people and helping ordinary people. and so he's framing this argument about talk versus action. he said that donald trump and some of the other candidates are all about talk, where he brings to the table a record of action, which leads into what he likes to talk about in his record in florida, and now he would bring that to the oval office. the campaign really believes that as the conversation gets more serious and as people get to know jeb bush, they'll really
1:46 pm
kind of move toward his side of the campaign. because they'll want him behind the desk in the oval office. kate? >> all right. i was going to go to hallie jackson, campaign trail today with marco rubio, before we wrap up. >> reporter: probably less free-wheeling than what katy is experiencing with donald trump. but he's holding three town howls, the last one here on the shores of lake win pa socky, not just on this quintessential autumn afternoon, but with crowds that we see at the town halls. some people who aren't decided, who are coming out to test the waters, some people who have decided they want to support rubio. i spoke with one woman who said she disagrees with rubio on a number of topics, for example, abortion and gay marriage, but she believes in the economic message he's laying out. it's something we heard
1:47 pm
yesterday in new york city as well. cent senator rubio upushing what the american economy should be. i did ask him about that book that secretary clinton sent him. rubio told me that he will send clinton one of his books, and he was autographing his books at a town hall earlier today. >> they're all just exchanging gifts. cumbaya. katy tur, hallie jackson, jordan frazier, thanks so much from the trail. is trump ready for a second act? i'm joined now by one of the reporters who wrote a piece on that subject, washington post national political correspondent philip rucker. your paper had a chance to talk to donald trump, and he was it willing you about this second act. what does he mean? >> that's right. so he's had a pretty successful summer rising in the polls, generating big crowds, having a very untraditional campaign. but he's going to move into something of a more traditional, almost orthodox campaign.
1:48 pm
he's going to have television ads. he's already contracted with a firm and is developing concepts for the first ads, pledging to spend more than $20 million this fall on the airways. he's got a book coming out with his policy proposals and he'll be deploying his wife and daughter as surrogates on the trail to close the gap with women voters. >> and what's his plan heading into the third debate? >> he said he was disappointed with the second debate. he told us he thought he didn't get asked enough policy questions and that going forward he's going to interject himself more. he's decided he didn't want to look asleep on stage, and if he feels like he's not getting enough questions directly asked at him, he'll jump in there and try to brawl with some of these other candidates on policy issues. he really wants to talk more about china and trade. he feels like those are two areas where he he has a unique
1:49 pm
prospective as a businessman. >> phil, thanks so much. >> thanks for having me. coming up, we'll talk to someone trying to convince joe biden to move into the oval office with a new six-figure ad buy. that's ahead. that's why at&t is giving you 50% more data. that's 15 gigs of data for the price of 10. because the more data you have, the better. and right now at at&t get $300 credit for every line you switch when you trade in a smartphone and buy any smartphone on at&t next. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night.
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it's gotten squarer. over the years. brighter. bigger. thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. former president bill clinton stopped by the late show
1:53 pm
with stephen colbert and it was pretty good. >> there's a rumor out there and feel free to dispel this, did you call donald trump and ask him to run for president of the united states? >> no. >> no? because that would be pretty smart, man. >> yeah, i get credit for doing a lot of things i didn't do like that. [ laughter ] >> time now to check in on wall street. here's hampton pearson with the cnbc market wrap. >> hello, kate. we did have the markets closing higher today. the dow was up by 122 points, the s&p gaining almost 16, and the nasdaq rising by about 42 points. that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide. you're like the poster child for paying on time. and then one day you tap the bumper of a station wagon. no big deal... until your insurance company jacks up your rates. you freak out. what good is having insurance if you get punished for using it?
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the draft biden super pac is out with his first television ad today. take a listen. >> six weeks after my election, my whole world was altered forever. i got a phone call. my wife and three children were christmas shopping. a tractor trailer broadsided them and killed my wife and killed my daughter. and they weren't sure that my sons would live. >> joining me now is senior adviser to draft biden, he was also the former political director for beau biden, the son of joe biden. you're not officially with joe biden. he's not associated with your group. but did he know you were working on an ad? >> no. we're not coordinating with the
1:58 pm
vice president or anybody in his office. >> just a few moments ago, david axelrod said, quote, am i alone in finding this draft biden ad tasteless? it's powerful, he said, but exploitative. can't believe he's prove. that's his words. >> yeah. i worked for beau a long time and i never would have proved something he wouldn't have. also josh earnest said the ad was powerful and the vice president's story is one of the most compelling in american politics. >> and since creating the ad and releasing it to the media, have you heard from anybody in the biden family? >> no, we're not coordinating or talking with them. >> it's a six-figure ad buy on cable stations, so we'll seeing it all over the place. >> it will make a big splash when it airs. >> when will it air? >> stay tuned.
1:59 pm
>> and the million dollar question, will me ruhe run? >> i sure hope he will. i wouldn't be here if i didn't think he would be a great president. i sure hope he does. >> when will we know? >> that's a great question for someone in his office. i think the timeline is entirely up to him. we'll be ready when he's ready. >> there's that political piece that we've been talking about yesterday, saying that joe biden himself planted the story initially this summer with maureen dowd in "the new york times," that he was the source, saying that he had been told by beau that it was his wish for him to be president. what's your reaction to that story? >> i know that beau thought his dad would be an incredible president. wi talked about 2016 often, when his dad's potential race came up, it was very brief.
2:00 pm
beau would have wanted him to be going through this deliberatative process. so i don't know what their conversation was like, but that story left a little bit of a bad taste in my mouth. >> why? >> just the way it was reported. >> because you thought it made him sound like he was being political? >> yeah, i think it is conversation between beau and his father was private. >> thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. >> that does it for this hour. i'm kate snow. "mtp daily" with chuck todd starts right now. ♪ if it's wednesday, got to ask yourself, are we in heaven? no! it's iowa, and it's october. 117 days until the caucuses. just over here to the general, all the big action is in the hawkeye state. this is "mtp daily" and it starts right now. ♪ >> happy hump day, everybody. a lot to get


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