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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  October 7, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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going through this deliberatative process. so i don't know what their conversation was like, but that story left a little bit of a bad taste in my mouth. >> why? >> just the way it was reported. >> because you thought it made him sound like he was being political? >> yeah, i think it is conversation between beau and his father was private. >> thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. >> that does it for this hour. i'm kate snow. "mtp daily" with chuck todd starts right now. ♪ if it's wednesday, got to ask yourself, are we in heaven? no! it's iowa, and it's october. 117 days until the caucuses. just over here to the general, all the big action is in the hawkeye state. this is "mtp daily" and it starts right now. ♪ >> happy hump day, everybody. a lot to get to.
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little breaking news on the campaign trail, but i also have chairman paul ryan, he'll join me on the republican leadership fight and we have the breaking news, which is hillary clinton's newly announced opposition to the asian trade agreement known as tpp. we'll also have the latest on president obama's official apology for the air strike that hit doctors without borders in afghanistan. and we have a look at the archives. why a bobby kennedy speech from five decades ago is getting a lot of attention this week. but first, let's hit the press box and like i said, it's all about iowa, with a little bit of new hampshire thrown in. kristin welker is with the clinton campaign. katy tur is in my dad's hometown of waterloo. jordan frazier is with jeb bush, and hallie jackson is covering the marco rubio campaign in the other early state, new hampshire. but let's start with hillary clinton and a big announcement late this afternoon. hillary clinton has just come out against the transpacific partnership trade agreement.
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she did so officially in an interview that will air later tonight on pbs. >> as of today, i am not in favor of what i have learned about it. and there's one other element i want to make, because i think it's important. trade agreements don't happen in a vacuum. and in order for us to have a competitive economy in the global marketplace, there are things we need to do here at home. >> of course this is a huge departure from the obama administration. as secretary of state, she was firmly aligned with the deal. and in fact called the preliminary negotiations of tpp, the gold standard for trade agreements. now she joins bernie sanders and martin o'malley on the democratic side in opposition to this trade agreement. the republicans, if you're keeping score, the field is split on this deal. donald trump and ben carson have come out firmly against the deal. jeb bush and marco rubio are firmly for it. fiorina, still on the fence. kristin welker has been with the
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clinton campaign all day. she's in mt. vernon, iowa. they've put out a long explanation on this, but no matter what, there are a lot of statements she's said over the years when it comes to being in favor of this deal, kristin. >> reporter: that's for sure, chuck. this underscores the fine line that secretary clinton is walking. at times embracing president obama's policies when it comes to gun control, for example. and in this case, this very thorny topic in democratic primary politics, she's distancing herself quite significantly from president obama. as you said, chuck, this was a deal that she told as secretary of state. today she said she's opposed to it. she said it doesn't meet her bar for creating jobs, protecting salaries or protecting national security. take a listen to a little bit more of what she had to say. >> i'm worried about currency manipulation not being part of the agreement. we've lost american jobs to the manipulations that countries, particularly in asia, have
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engaged in. i'm worried that the pharmaceutical companies may have gotten more benefits and patients, consumers, fewer. there's still a lot of unanswered questions. >> i want to throw something back at you and see what the campaign is saying. i had richard trump ka on "meet the press" about a month ago and i asked him how important it was for hillary clinton to come out against tpp. here's what he told me. >> i think if he doesn't take a position on tpp, then you can say she's looking for our vote. if she does take a position on tpp, then she's looking for our support. and the difference is, if you get my vote, i come out on election day and i pull the lever. if you got my support, i get up at 7:00 in the morning, stuff 200 envelopes, knock on doors
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and get my neighbors excited about voting for her as well. that's what's at stake for her. >> a lot of labor unions have not said what they're going to do. some of the rank and file want to be for sanders. the leadership would like to be for the clintons. but that tpp opposition was very important on whether the leadership could get the rank and file to go along. what do they say about it? >> there's no doubt. they would like to say this is not about politics, that as a former secretary of state, as a former senator, she has opposed some trade deals, supported some trade deals, but they don't deny how strong the politics of this are. a lot of people saying, this is smart primary politics, because as you point out, it will attract the labor unions, progressives and a lot of those within the democratic base. and this is something that bernie sanders and martin o'malley have already supported. she's putting vice president joe biden, we discussed this yesterday, of being in the position of being the only democrat in the race to support the tpp, if he does decide to
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get in. it gets trickier in the general election, she'll have to answer questions about this flip-flop. and martin o'malley moments ago, saying, wow, that's a reversal. >> it is. but she stuck to her guns in the iraq vote eight years ago, didn't do her a lot of good in the primary. maybe better to play primary politics here. turning now to the republicans, with 13 months to the election, some folks are prepping some second acts. one of them is donald trump. after looming large in the first two debates, there's been talk of this, is trump fizzling out? in a new interview, the candidate has promised a bit of a change. a forth-coming book, centered only on policy. spoke of his wife and daughter coming on the campaign trail and wanted to talk about the escalation of the syrian war. this was the message trump had for voters on a possible trump tv ad campaign. >> if you're covered a lot, the last thing you want to do is see
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trump covered all over the programs and then we put an ad in. who in the hell wants to see an ad on trump? you o.d., i can't have this. >> traveling with the campaign is katy tur. we were talking before the show, you have noticed, there was a noticeable difference in this trump rally than any other one you covered. tell me about it. >> a noticeable difference that just happened today, and that's the organizational aspect of this campaign. they've always come out and had these really big rallies here in iowa, new hampshire, across the country. but the concern was, or the criticism was, they can get big crowds, but they can't necessarily get the ground game together. what we saw here today was not just laminated posters of donald trump's face or his name, but laminated posters of caucus instructions. there are also caucus pledge handouts that were given out to the crowd. as well as the iowa co-chair who got on stage before trump got here to explain to the crowd how much they need them to caucus
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for donald trump, and how to do that. they're also looking for caucus leaders. so the criticism they were not going to have a ground game together, enough uf one to get the vote out here in iowa is something that is not necessarily true, as of today. chuck? >> it's fair enough, katy, great observation on your part, glad you brought it to my attention. turning now to jeb bush in the middle of a three-day swing in iowa, shaking hanlds, flooding the air waves with a new expensive ad buy. bush is far and away the winner in the tv spending race. bush and his super pac backing him have spend $1.9 million just in the last week. that contributes to a total of $7.3 million that has been spent on tv ads this election so far by team bush. the question, will these ads make a difference? give him a bump in the polls? this is what the candidate himself had to say about his chances this morning in iowa. >> so, um, if the election was
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held in the first week of october, i'd say, uh-oh. [ laughter ] >> my strategy is to share my record. >> let's go to our bush embed, jordan frazier who is with the campaign. the other part of this trip, jordan, is, it puts to rest this myth that bush isn't going to compete in iowa. >> absolutely, chuck. if anything, this was almost a reset strategy for iowa, as far as the campaign is concerned. he's really making his case. once again, almost a reintroduction of sorts where he's had an op-ed in the des moines register. his speech has been retooled to focus on making his case. part of that is, there's no doubt about it today. jeb bush believes in advertising. he was asked about it here this morning. and he said he looks at ads as a chance to tell his story, highlight his record in florida, and to really introduce that to voters. because he doesn't believe that
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voters really know what he's about, or what he's bringing from his time as governor. >> i've heard that before, jordan, that basically they think they know the name. so they think they know him, but they don't know the jeb part of his name. anyway, jordan, i know you'll be covering the campaign the rest of the evening. i'll let you get back to work. moving east to new hampshire where marco rubio is still defending his voting attendance record. >> guys, i'm running for president. when you run for president as i'm doing, you're going to miss votes and time as other candidates have had to do in the past. again, a lot of the work we're doing in the senate isn't going to go anywhere unless we have the right president. that's why i'm running for president. >> it's interesting, marco rubio saying he's prioritizing the presidential race and it's showing up in dollars. over $4 million has been spent for rubio ads in the primary. behind bush and kasich in spending. for more, let's go to hallie jackson. what i find intriguing about rubio today and yesterday, he's
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the first candidate that i've noticed that has not named trump where multiple campaigns on the republican side of the aisle are on the attack on him. in a weird way, that's got to make him feel good. >> well, and it sort of is part of, it feels to me, the strategy of this campaign, to not engage. right? you saw it at the last debate. i wouldn't be surprised if you see it at the next one. that's not to say he's not getting in some subtle digs. he joked yesterday about if the room was hot and he was getting sweaty, but it's not obvious and you're right he doesn't bring up trump by name. that seems to be working for him in new hampshire. you talk to folks at his events, not all of them supporters by the way. people coming to every candidate, wanting to test-drive everybody. and some severe the folks that i talked to, liked rubio's economic message, pushing hard to national security. he was asked about one thing from a supporter attending the event about his fund raising,
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something you just talked about. and rubio was very unapologetic about this. he said, the day it stops costing money for me to put ads in the media, is the day i'll stop raising money. but in the meantime, i've got to do it, because i don't want my message to be filtered through the media. the other thing he was asked about by a lot of the reporters here, that attendance record issue that we've been talking about the last couple of days. you heard rubio's defense, but it's a line of attack that we've seen in recent days, hit harder by jeb bush than what we've seen over the last six to eight weeks. >> there's no doubt there is this feeling of bush versus rubio, a subtle sub primary that we knew was going to happen and maybe it's starting to engage. hallie jackson, thank you very much. coming up, russia is ramping up military action in syria. we'll look at how the u.s. military is reacting to putin's latest move. and later, republicans try to get the benghazi hearings
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back on track after kevin mccarthy's unplanned comments. i'll talk with a mccarthy supporter, paul ryan, about the bid for speakership and more. stay tuned. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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last week, roseburg, oregon joined the tragic list of american towns that have suffered a mass shooting. believe it or not, nearly 50 years before roseburg became a nationally known name for the wrong reasons, and five years after president kennedy was assassinated by a man with a rifle, a new york senator named robert f. kennedy made a campaign stop in roseburg. he was visiting oregon ahead of the state's democratic primary. with a crime bill making its way through capitol hill, rfk was confronted by signs in the crowd calling for the protection of the right to bear arms. here's part of what he told the crowd that day. >> all we're talking about is having guns not in the hands -- anybody can have a gun, anybody can have a rifle.
2:16 pm
but a person with a criminal record or is mentally incompetent shouldn't have a rifle or gun. is there anybody out here that thinks those people should have rifles or guns? >> no! >> that's all the legislation does. >> bobby kennedy lost the oregon primary to senator eugene mccarthy. bobby kennedy was shot and killed in los angeles just days after that speech. the crime bill was passed the day after kennedy's assassination. >> ahead, we'll have some new information that shows why support for gun control is declining in america. all of that is ahead on "mtp daily."
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borders international president dr. joann lew, to apologize and express his condolences for the staff and patients who were killed and injured when a u.s. military strike mistakenly struck a hospital in afghanistan over the weekend. >> the president's apology comes to an already busy foreign relations day. the pentagon confirmed reports that u.s. and russian aircrafts had a close encounter over syrian airspace. this after the russian defense minister launched medium-range cruise missiles into syria from the caspian sea. 26 cruise missiles were launched from four russian warships. russia claims to have destroyed 12 isis targets. want to bring in chris murphy of connecticut to talk about all this. senator murphy, we were talking about russia and ukraine. now we have him coming into
2:19 pm
syria. do you see the same motivation that has putin doing what he's doing in syria as behind what he did ukraine? >> i don't think there's any justification for the way putin is conducting himself in syria. this is about as messy an intervention as you get. but we're talking about two countries where putin and russia have long had strategic equities. they have a military base in syria. they always had an interest in ukraine. so it's not surprising the russians are doubling down on countries they have had historic strategic interests in. it's one of the reasons we've been cautious about getting involved in the syrian civil war, because we understood how complex that network is. >> one of the critiques of the president when it comes to dealing with putin now, he didn't pushback hard enough on ukraine, so that emboldened putin. where do you stand on this?
2:20 pm
>> i don't buy that. if you look at syria and ukraine, they're frankly in retreat. they have countries in which they have much greater influence and now they have less and they're trying to protect it. their economy is hemorrhaging. i understand the thesis that he's marching on syria because he wasn't stopped in ukraine, but i don't think that we are ever going to untangle him with assad, regardless of what happened inside ukraine. >> and i know you were very knee-kne knee-deep in ukraine during the crisis at its tipping point. he's escalated in syria, he's deescalating in ukraine. what does that tell you? >> it tells me he's got limited capacity. we've always known that. the me he has done much to improve the capacity of the russian military, but it still doesn't have the ability to fight two fronts. now, he's just keeping ukraine at a simmer, such that if he needs to turn it up, he can.
2:21 pm
but i think there's a real question as to whether he can keep up this level of assault in syria and press forward in ukraine where, by the way, the ukrainian military is doing a much better job of fighting their own battles. they can't be run over like they were in the early days of that war. >> what needs to be the u.s. response? what do you want to see the president do with putin in syria? summit time? although i don't know if they're into that. is it, we have to change our position on the assad regime whether we like it or not? >> our fight is against isil, that we should stay out of the -- >> so you would pull back from us helping the rebels at this point? >> so i have opposed from the beginning this idea of arming and equipping the rebels from the very beginning, a small set of us in the senate said stay out of the civil war. because it was inevitable that countries like russia and iran and their proxies likes hezbollah were going to step up and use much more fire power than the united states was willing to use. so i think we've got enough to do in the region right now.
2:22 pm
address the humanitarian crisis inside syria and iraq, help stand up the body of government in baghdad, and support groups that we know we can fight with, like the kurds in northern syria. >> ash carter, the defense secretary has stated emphatically that the united states is not coordinating with russia. if russia says it's interest is destroying isis, should we? >> if russia says its interesting is destroying isis, should we? >> i just don't think they're honest players. they'll sit at the table and tell us they're fighting isis and the next day go out and start bombing the free syrian army. i think we should be open to the possibility, but right now, they aren't an honest broker and they aren't an honest partner. >> junot to just throw up hands but this huge superpower is not an honest broker, what do we do? >> i think we need to make it clear, if there's a conflict between their planes and our planes, we'll defend ourselves and they don't want the consequences that would come
2:23 pm
from that confrontation. but i think we also need to make it clear that our mission is limited, that we are going to protect american interests, which right now, i would argue are entailed in fighting isil. and we should make it clear we're going to stay out of the civil war. >> senator chris murphy from connecticut, i'll leave it there. still ahead, less than 24 hours away from the vote for the republican candidate for house speaker. the hopefuls are making their cases for the gavel. paul ryan will join me to discuss that and hillary clinton's opposition to tpp. stay tuned. like limiting where n bonus cash back. why put up with that? but the quicksilver card from capital one likes to keep it simple. real simple. i'm talking easy like-a- walk-in-the-park, nothing-to-worry-about, man-that-feels-good simple. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere.
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that goes on clear for no white marks. secret outlast clear gel. (patrick 2) pretty to be the boss of you? (patrick 1) how about a 10% raise? (patrick 2) how about 20? (patrick 1) how about done? (patrick 2) that's the kind of control i like... ...and that's what they give me at national car rental. i can choose any car in the aisle i want- without having to ask anyone. who better to be the boss of you... (patrick 1)than me. i mean, (vo) go national. go like a pro. we are less than 24 hours before the house republican conference vote on who they would like to have as the next speaker of the house, a key moment for kevin mccarthy. at a news conference today, he was adamant that the benghazi
2:27 pm
committee was in no way political. he said he could have been more clear in his remarks and john boehner tried to also have his back. >> let me just add this. there's not one american who in the course of their lifetime, wouldn't rather have the opportunity to say words over again. there's not one american that hasn't had this experience. >> let's go to luke russert on the ground in capitol hill. this speaker vote, everybody seems to think that mccarthy has the votes, but the old tea party caucus, about 40, 50 strong, they've endorsed en masse. tell me about it. >> they have enforced daniel webster, who is running from the state of florida, chuck. and essentially what you're going to see is them support him tomorrow in the conference vote. mccarthy has no problem tomorrow. he'll get over 124 votes to be the nominee for the house gop
2:28 pm
conference. the question is whether or not these freedom caucus guys vote against mccarthy on the house floor come october 29th. remember, john boehner when he ran for speaker, he lost 25 votes. the nominee can only afford to lose 29. if they lose more than that, it goes to a second ballot, which hasn't happened since the 1920s. mccarthy has to guard against that. how far to the right does he go, when he has to raise the debt limit? if he promises too much, he could be in some real tough straits a few weeks after he gets the gavel. >> his future is in the hands of trey gowdy, if it looks like the benghazi committee is above politics when they interview hillary clinton, and she has a tough time, that saves mccarthy. but if she rolls them, turns them into a political hatchet
2:29 pm
job, then mccarthy's done? >> i don't know if i would say mccarthy's done. but i think that he's taken on a lot of water because of his gaffe about the benghazi committee. look at what happened today on capitol hill, you had democrats proving a privileged resolution, it was a party-line vote. but they were saying, look, this is a witch-hunt being done to go after hillary clinton's poll numbers. elijah cummings, for some time had taken the responsibility seriously, he said today in a press conference, chuck, trey gowdy has had a laser focus on hillary clinton, and that's been the only purpose of this tax-funded committee. it's a complete waste of money. i think mccarthy has to walk a fine line. how much does he promise to conservatives and can boehner cover him with the debt limit? >> it's going to be a fascinating month. >> indeed. still ahead, congressman paul ryan on that said house leadership shake-up. but first, hampton pearson has your cnbc market wrap right
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kevin has apologized as profusely as a human being can apologize. i went back and watched the interview, and what i tell folks back home, i don't care how many times you put an earpiece in your ear and look into a camera, you still screw up. and kevin screwed up. >> that was the chairman of the house select committee on benghazi today with some tough words for the man hoping to be the next speaker of the house. currently majority leader kevin mccarthy, all part of a drama
2:34 pm
swirling around the race for sneaker, which got ensnared in the presidential race after this exchange between mccarthy and fox's sean hannity last week. >> the question i think you really want to ask me, how am i going to be different? >> i love how you ask my questions, but go right ahead. >> what you're going to see is, a conservative speaker that takes a conservative congress, that puts a strategy to fight and win. and let me give you one example. everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? but we put together a benghazi select committee, what are her numbers today? her numbers are dropping. >> joining me now, a guy who knows a thing or two about congressional and presidential politics. chairman of the house ways and means committee and 2012 vice presidential nominee paul ryan. welcome. >> congratulations on the new gig, chuck. >> thank you, sir. i appreciate it. >> you bet. >> let me start with chairman gowdy's remarks this morning on
2:35 pm
"morning joe" where he said kevin mccarthy screwed up. do you concur? >> yes. and i think kevin mccarthy would concur. first of all, look, the reason that the benghazi select committee was created in the first place was because four americans were killed and we don't have all the answers and we want to prevent such a thing from happening again. that's it, plain and simple, and he was wrong to imply otherwise. i think kevin would be the first to admit that. >> the thing about his answer, though, it came in when he was trying to say, what would make me different, how would i lead a conservative congress, so how would you have answered that question? what is going to make -- you're a supporter of kevin mccarthy -- >> i am. >> what would a speaker mccarthy bring to the table that's different from a speaker boehner? >> well, look, i don't want to do anything to begrudge john boehner who in a very selfless act is stepping down. but kevin is a very different person. he basically comes from the new
2:36 pm
generation of young conservative leaders. he's a very good consensus builder, a very good listener and i think he has the skills to unite our conference around a common cause and be an effective conservative. what i want is someone who's an effective conservative as bringing a positive agenda forward for the country, so we can show the country how we would do things differently. and he's a good listener, that's the number one thing that i know kevin has as a gift. he's very good at listening and consensus building. if you're the speaker of the house, that's one of the top skills that's required of the job. >> how do you unite this conference if tomorrow, look, he's not going to get -- it's not going to be unanimous tomorrow, we both know that when the vote occurs. and he's got to find 218 republicans willing to unite around him. how do you make the case to -- you know there's going to be,
2:37 pm
say, eight to ten that will difficult be against him no matter what, but how do you make the case for the next 10 or 15 for the full vote? >> the case i make and i would make, we will have a vibrant election tomorrow. there are three people running, jason chaffetz, daniel webster and kevin mccarthy. whoever wins that contest, we go to the floor and that's for the republican or the democrat. it's for the republican nominee, and whoever that is. i think it will be kevin mccarthy, or nancy pelosi. that's the vote on the floor. so i would expect and encourage every republican to vote whoever they want for speaker when in our conference we have that vote. but when we go to the floor, we're republicans and we should elect a republican speaker our nominee. >> how would you answer this question that some conservatives use to bash the leadership in congress, which is, what has a
2:38 pm
republican congress done for the conservative movement in the last four years? >> we have to cut spending. we cut actual spending, less one year to the next. for five years in a row now, we've passed a budget out of the house, now out of the house and the senate that balances the budget and actually pays off our national debt. look, we're all very frustrated. but the frustration we're experiencing is, you know, the constitution. the president's abusing his power, exceeding his limits of his branch of government, and the challenge we have, we can't change these laws unilaterally, because you have to have a president to sign a law into law. that's what's frustrating. the second frustration is, the senate they don't have the majority we need to get things on the president's desk. we're moving a reconciliation, which will have obamacare in it, and that will get to the president's desk, but we have one bill a year we can use that for. so the challenge and the frustration we have is, we don't have the votes, the 60 votes we need to pass most of these bills we've already been passing
2:39 pm
through the house, through the senate and to get on the president's desk. at the end of the day, we have to keep our eye on the prize, and that is, we need to win 2016, we need to show the country how we would do things different, how we would save the country from the dangerous track it's on, and that's the majority we need to have and that's the majority kevin mccarthy can help lead us to. >> let me ask you a question of the trade agreement. the white house is starting to sell it. hillary clinton is coming out against it, that news just broke. and obviously you know some republican presidential candidates are against it. you've been for it. are you still for it? >> i don't know the answer because i haven't read it yet. i find it interesting that a person who is seeking to run for the presidency of the united states who was in favor of it before, hillary clinton, is coming out against an agreement that she hasn't even read yet. the text hasn't been developed yet. so we have to read this agreement to find out if we're for this agreement. it's an enormous agreement and i think we need to be cautious about it.
2:40 pm
we need to do our jobs and read what's in here. so i'm a little surprised that someone seeking the presidency would cavalierly dismiss a trade agreement they haven't had a chance to read it yet. >> i think she would say she's read what she can read so far. but you were in favor of this from 30,000 feet. are you inclined to support it? >> i wrote tpa so that congress had the tools and the public would have the ability to see what's in this agreement. i'm for free trade agreements, but for good trade agreements and i have yet to decide because i haven't read it yet, if it's a good trade agreement. so i don't know the answer to the question. i'm withholding judgment, but there are concerns i have with some of the provisions in here, and we want to see what it is on net. i'm meeting with the trade usdr this afternoon, to go through a number of these issues, but it's going to take us time to scrub
2:41 pm
through the agreement to render final judgment. >> and i want to ask you about a comment mitt romney made. i know you're neutral, but here's what he said last week. he said, i think it's unfortunate to have the kind of personal attacks that we've seen in the process. i think the 11th commandment was lost in this race and i think that hurts us in the general, referring to republicans. do you concur with your former running mate? >> i do. i think we should be offering a positive vision for how to save the country. some people feel the need to distinguish themselves from one another. but what people really care about, how are you going to solve poverty? how are you going to grow the economy? how are you going to keep wages from being flattened? how are you going to fix our take-home pay for the military? how are you going to get america back on track? that's what people want to hear. >> so you think the tone in the republican primary is way off right now. >> no, i agree with the 11th, as
2:42 pm
mitt has described it. what really matters is what we're offering the country and that's what should stand out in this election. what really matters is, are you offering solutions? are you taking our conservative principles, applying them to the problems of the day to give people solutions that actually matter? >> paul ryan, i will leave it there. happy to bring you news, while we did our interview to catch you up on things and we'll check back in soon. up next, we'll get you caught up on the who, what, where, when and why in today's headlines. including a who with the same name as the potential next house speaker, but definitely not the same politics. stay tuned. the promise of the cloud is that every organization has unlimited access to information, no matter where they are. the microsoft cloud gives our team the power to instantly deliver critical information to people,
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control dropped in this country over the last 20 years? does it come down to the decline in violent crime and the rise in partisan politics? check out this analysis from my colleague. the decline in violent crime has been remarkable. in 1992, there were 757 violent crimes reported for every 100,000 people in the united states, according to the fbi. as you can see, the numbers have fallen steadily, over the last 20 years. and by 2012, that number was down to 386 violent crimes for
2:45 pm
100,000 people. the bottom line, violent crime is less of an issue in america today than it was in the '80s and early '90s. now, here's the second part. then there's the unavoidable political factor in the gun debate. in 1993, 47% of republicans and 65% of the democrats supported some form of gun control according to the pough research. just 18 points separated the two parties back then. in 2015, there are fewer republicans, 26% support gun control and now more democrats who support gun control, 73%. that 47-point gap between members of the two parties, explains why it's so polarizing. so what does it all mean? gun control, like so many other issues these days, has now become intertwined with political identity. and as the nation becomes more polarized, differences on gun control become more pronounced. as i said, this all comes from dante chinny, who took the violent crime rate and the
2:46 pm
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i brto get us moving.tein i'm new ensure active high protein. i help you recharge with nutritious energy and strength. i'll take that. yeeeeeah! new ensure active high protein. 16 grams of protein and 23 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in. and we're back, it's time for the w's, starting with the who on some interesting headlines today. the who is kevin mccarthy. but it's not that kevin mccarthy. the clinton campaign is out with a video featuring a man they met in iowa. this kevin mccarthy laments the angry tweets he had been getting in the wake of the house majority leader's comments about the benghazi committee.
2:49 pm
>> it's not my fault. it's the house republicans'. so please, stop with your tweeting. my twitter account just can't handle it. >> another campaign ad in today's where. it happened in north carolina second congressional district. kay daily is trying to unseat renee ellmers in that primary. she's taking aim at her in a new aim, calling the incumbent a rino. but it's not just republican in name only. this ad takes it to a whole nother level. >> as a republican, you can be a rino. >> i'm kay daly and this is my message, i'm hunting rhinos. >> there are other parts of the ad we didn't feel comfortable airing. turning to the what, it's snap face. no, it's not a new form of social media, unless you're bill belichick. at a press conference this morning, the new england patriots head coach called out a reporter being on snap face.
2:50 pm
>> what are you on snap face there talking about that? >> not the first time belichick has been behind the curve on social media. in the past few years, media. he has referred to instant face, my face, you face. everything with social media has the word face in it. >> join us tomorrow on mtp daily sitting down for a joint interview. you can catch that joint interview here tomorrow on mtp daily. the why. some more political advertisina. jeb bush's right to rise hassent sp nearly $2 million on tv ads.
2:51 pm
and yet they are airing the same amount of ads. campaigns get a discount when they purchase air time. superpacks do not and they have to pay a premium. in this case it is a premium of four times the amount. this is yet another reason why campaign dollars and that superpack money are the most valuable currency in american politics. in the lid we look at a head scratching how. how donald trump and hillary clinton are winning and losing in all key battle ground states.
2:52 pm
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we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. no surprises as far as primaries are concerned. donald trump leads the field. democratic side hillary clinton has a double digit lead. it's a general election matchups. the front runners fall short against the competition. hillary clinton loses to every top republican contender except for donald trump. and republican pollster the podcast, i have yet to be a guest. thanks for inviting me. >> anytime.
2:56 pm
>> you talk about republicans and donald trump'section lapossibilities. like the longer it goes that might not be conventional wisdom. democratic side lack of panic. should there be. she is not polling very well. >> the difference between how biden performs in the general election matchups and clinton and sandra is much smaller than the gap on the republican side. trump is on his own tier doing poorly. in the republican primary he has trouble where he wins not only at the top of the field but at the top for the question. he has -- >> more problems than she does. >> are you concerned about this general election issue? >> she has been popular with democrats. has there been softening? sure. overall she is popular. vote rrz not moving away from her. they are hearing about other
2:57 pm
candidates in the field. there is not the same animosity at all on that side. i don't think there is the same reason for panic on the democratic side. >> the question here on trump. it is this trump is going to go away. he's not going away. >> i think trump has this core of people who support him in the republican party who are not going to go away. i think his support will fall slightly and slowly. i don't think that it is a situation where one moment is going to make trump implode. we have had that moment time and time again. the people he is going to bleed off for the folks who heard his name in the news. >> electability you can argue that is why mccain ended up winning. for what was left they were deemed more electable at the end of the day than who their final opponent was. is this a republican party that will look at electability? >> i think it has been completely redefined because somebody like a ben carson who
2:58 pm
we wouldn't have thought of as an electable candidate does well in some matchups. we now live in a world where it is october and we are doing general election primary or general election polls. >> that's the irony. i think we always think it is october of an election year. >> but you have a matchup between ben carson and bernie sanders, reputeitable mainstream pollsteres. i think the definition of electability. >> let me close with trade. now politicians have to be no before yes. is that very true in the republican party? >> i think there is a difference between where people are on an issue. i'm not convinced that trade is
2:59 pm
a vote driver. i think we will see about that. i'm not sure i see that. >> you don't think it is as much important for clinton as others make it out to be. >> whether or not she sees it as a good decision talking to the base. in terms of the percentage of democratic primary activists who are going to say that is my number one issue. >> the republican party is more divided on trade. >> the republican party is having this debate about how much they should be a pro business party. you have a robust and popular wing led by folks like donald trump who have a very different tone on things like free trade than normal. this is a much bigger piece. >> maybe nobody will care outside of washington. i think tpp will have a harder time getting to the congress because of both party wings driving the debate. steve kornacki picks up our
3:00 pm
coverage right now. right now on msnbc live. hillary clinton coming out against the tpp, the trans pacific partnership, the big trade deal being pushed by president obama. also, the draft biden movement pushing forward with an emotional 90 second campaign ad. ben carson continuing with controversial comments on that mass shooting in oregon and breaking news on the historic flooding in south carolina. the weather is better but the state's governor still has a warning. we begin with that breaking news. hillary clinton just in the past few hours has come out against the tpp, the trans pacific trade agre


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