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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  October 8, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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same deal that she once hailed as the, quote, gold standard of trade agreements. it's 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west and yes, this is "way too early." good morning. it's thursday, october 8th, i'm jonathan capehart. we begin with fast-moving developments from syria. a new coordinated assault from russia and the assad regime. russia now backing up -- backing up weeks of airstrikes with new attacks from the sea, just as syria launches a new ground effort targeting rebel groups. the russian defense ministry released this video yesterday of what it claims to be its first naval attack against isis targets in syria. this comes with news that a u.s. warplane was forced to yield to russian aircraft over syria to avoid conflict. the pentagon confirms the close
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encounter, but says the u.s. is not prepared to coordinate with russia. >> despite what the russians say, we have not agreed to cooperate with russia. so long as they continue to pursue mistaken strategy. and hit these targets. what we will do is continue basic technical discussions on professional safety procedures for our pilots flying about syria. that's it. >> the defense secretary also repeated accusations that russia's campaign is not focused on isis, since many of the strikes hit syrian rebels. putin responded yesterday, saying that it's too early to talk about the results of its operations, and that, quote, if the u.s. knows the situation better, let them share targets with us, and we will work with them. there's also new reporting on iran's involvement in all this. iraqi officials tell the ap that one of tehran's top generals, the head of the quds force, met
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with putin lobbying for intervention in syria. president obama is apologizing for a u.s. airstrike that hit a hospital in kunduz, afghanistan, over the weekend, killing almost two dozen. the white house is calling the strike a mistake. but doctors without borders says the u.s. may have violated the geneva convention, and is not letting up on its demand for the attack to be investigated as a possible war crime. here's nbc news' chief foreign correspondent, richard engel. >> reporter: after struggling to explain how, and why, the u.s. bombed a hospital in afghanistan, the president made a call. >> this morning from the oval office, president obama spoke by telephone with doctors without borders international president dr. joanne liu to apologize and express his condolences for the msf staff and patients who were killed and injured when a u.s. military airstrike mistakenly struck an msf field hospital in kunduz, afghanistan, over the weekend. >> reporter: but the apology may
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be too late. >> this doesn't change anything. we appreciate the expression of condolences, but it doesn't change the fact that we have 22 dead patients and staff that were killed as a result of this attack. >> reporter: doctors without borders allowed our cameras access to the injured, now recovering in kabul, who described the bombing, the yelling, and the chaos, like doomsday. >> the united states, when we make a mistake, we're honest about it. we own up to it. >> reporter: but for days, the u.s. military kept changing its story. first saying u.s. troops were under fire. then acknowledging, they weren't. then saying, afghan troops had requested the airstrike. unnamed officials suggested low-level u.s. officers were at fault. no war is ever without mistakes. they add up over time. and this war is the longest in u.s. history. launched 14 years ago. >> we will not waiver, we will
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not tire, we will not falter, and we will not fail. >> reporter: what started as a response to 9/11 now has the u.s. accused of a war crime for bombing a hospital. a war set to last at least another year, maybe much longer. >> that was nbc's richard engel reporting. and what many are calling her biggest break yet from her former boss, hillary clinton has come out against president obama's signature trade agreement. >> so are you saying that as of today this is not something you could support? >> what i know about it, as of today, i am not in favor of -- of what i have learned about it. what i know, and again, i don't have the tax, we don't yet have all the details, i don't believe it's going to meet the high bar i have set. >> this means clinton is now on the same side of the issue as vermont senator bernie sanders who earlier this week called the tpp disastrous. here's how sanders reacted to
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clinton's announcement last night. >> whether it's the keystone pipeline, whether it is tpp, these are issues that i have had a very strong opinion on from day one. and i am to simply say i am delighted that secretary clinton is on board positions of the tpp, to be very frank with you, it would have been more helpful to have her on board a few months ago, when the fight was 60 votes. >> clinton has, as senator sanders noted, avoided taking a stance on the agreement for months out on the campaign trail. as recently as tuesday of this week, she was still undecided. >> -- talking to people about it, giving me all the information they can gather so that i can make -- >> going through congress now, do you think you'll have a position soon on whether you support it? >> oh, yes. i will definitely have a position. >> and as many of clinton's opponents have pointing out this morning, she supported the deal as secretary of state.
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>> the so-called tpp will lower barriers, raise standards, and drive long-term growth across the region. it will cover 40% of the world's total trade. and establish strong protections for workers and the environment. we welcome the interest of any nation willing to meet 21st century standards as embodied in the tpp. >> clinton's announcement yesterday that she opposes the trans-pacific partnership isn't the first time she's broken with the obama administration so far in this campaign. this week she called the president's immigration policies into question. last week she proposed doing away with the affordable care act's so-called cadillac tax, aligning herself with organized labor. and last month, she came out against the keystone xl pipeline which the administration hasn't yet decided on. yesterday, in front of a room full of labor leaders at a
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white house workers summit, vice president joe biden joked that he was taking up too much time before the president's address and should move on before he gets a demotion. >> we need your help. we need your suggestions. we need your muscle. we need to move. and if i don't move, i'll be demoted to secretary of state or something like that. that's a joke. that's a joke. that's a joke. thank you. come on, let's go. >> secretary of state. the position his could-be opponent hillary clinton held. was this another biden political gaffe or a strategic jab at his political rival? stay tuned. biden is expected to make his decision in the coming days. republican front-runner donald trump took to iowa yesterday, where he talked about his style of campaigning, including the exact that he is spending so much less than his
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privile rivals, just $2 million through september, and doing so well in opinion polls. >> they gave me a review on my speaking ability the other day and they gave me great marks, really great. in fact i said maybe i should do this and charge and do it professionalsly. you know what they said? his one mistake is he speaks through the applause. in other words people are applauding, and i speak through it. you know why? because i'm so excited about talking about this stuff. because, you know, i don't want to wait for the applause. does that make sense? but the other thing they said, sometimes he won't complete a sentence. meaning i'll stop. because i know my audience. they're smart. i don't have to -- i like finish 80% and then i just want to get on to the next sentence, because you know what the other 20% is going to be. i don't want to waste time. it's true. it's true! spending a lot of money, not as much as i thought, because frankly i'm getting so much publicity i don't have to advertise so far. you know. right? to me it's also maybe being a businessman. you know. it's being a businessman. and if you're covered a lot, the
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last thing you want to do is now you see trump is covered, all over the programs, and then we put an ad in, right. who the hell wants to see an ad? you o.d. on trump, that's no good. i can't have that. >> trump also showed signs that his campaign is moving into a new, nicer phase. trump told "the washington post" that he does not plan to change his flamboyant, confrontational style as the primaries draw nearer, but trump was less prone to attack in iowa yesterday when talking about his lead in the polls. take a look. >> and, ohio beating everybody 23. we're beating the governor of ohio, who is a nice guy, by the way. i don't know, maybe there's a mistake. because, actually the governor of ohio is a quality guy. he's doing a good job. >> jeb bush is at 7% compared to your 24%. why do you think -- >> i think he's a very nice man. i really don't know. you'd have to have him that question. >> did you get hillary's care package? her book and her letter? >> she did actually send me her
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book. >> what did you think of it? >> i thought it was very nice. it was a very nice letter -- >> -- via snail mail -- >> she sent me her book. i thought it was nice. >> and trump also went out of his way to defend his top opponent, ben carson, against criticism for comments on how mass shooting victims should react. trump tweeted, quote, ben carson was speaking in general terms as to what he would do if confronted with a gunman, and was not criticizing the victims. not fair. at a town hall at the university of richmond earlier this week, ohio governor john kasich made this joke when calling on a young woman in the audience. >> i don't have any tickets for, you know, for taylor swift or anything, or, you know, or lincoln park -- go ahead. i know you're just so excited. yes. >> but the young woman's question was actually about his position on undocumented immigrants. and now the student, kayla solsback, has responded to kasich's joke in an op-ed in the
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school's newspaper. she writes, quote, the older members of the audience chuckled as my friends' jaws dropped to the floor. it was astonishingly clear that governor kasich didn't come to richmond for my vote. kasich came to richmond to pander to retired republicans. he could gain points by belittling me and my peers, so that's what he did. she continues to write, in a half hearted attempt to connect with young voters, kasich entered the town hall forum with the hit song shut up and dance with me blasting from the speakers. while my friends all found it out of place, i realized that the song's title accurately reflects kasich's message to young voters. shut up and elect me. i didn't go to a town hall forum for taylor swift tickets, governor kasich. i went because it's my civic duty to be an informed voter. please start treating me like one. it's decision day on capitol hill, where house republicans will meet in just a few hours to decide their nominee for speaker. majority leader kevin mccarthy
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is favored to win, despite comments he made last week about the benghazi committee targeting hillary clinton's poll numbers. yesterday the conservative house freedom caucus, which counts for about three dozen members, decided to back congressman daniel webster of florida. though that endorsement is only binding through today's vote. and not when the full house elects a speaker later this month. congressman jason chaffetz, chairman of the committee on oversight and government reform, is also running a long shot bid. none of the candidates are permitted to speak for themselves at the 8:00 a.m. meeting. and must rely on surrogates. we've learned that the house of representatives will investigate planned parenthood. a 14-member special committee will be formed to look in to the group, and how fetal tissue is handled. it comes in the wake of a string of undercover videos involving the nonprofit. democrats are already comparing this new panel to the benghazi select committee. residents along the south carolina coast are being warned that floodwaters from across the
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state are now headed their way. the state's national guard spent much of yesterday shoring up a washed out levee with hundreds of one-ton sandbags. 13 dams have already failed, and this morning more than 60 are under intense pressure. senator lindsey graham wants federal aid and warns the disaster could, quote, break the bank. but somehow he doesn't remember voting against federal relief for victims of hurricane sandy. >> -- putting a price tag on it, let's just get through this thing and whatever it costs, it costs. >> your critics are already saying you want federal funding to help the people of south carolina, but, correct me if i'm wrong, you voted against that federal funding package for the folks of new jersey during hurricane sandy. >> oh, i'm all for helping the people in new jersey. i don't really remember that -- me voting that way. >> there was a big relief package, you and a lot of other southern senators and representatives voted against. >> yeah, well, anyway, i don't really recall that. but i'd be glad to look and tell
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you why i did vote no if i did. >> there's no question. senator graham did vote against the $50 billion aid package, which was eventually signed into law. yesterday, the united states coast guard suspended its search for the missing cargo ship el faro after a six-day search. 28 americans were on board when the ship disappeared last week while sailing off the coast of the bahamas, close to hurricane joaquin. still ahead on "way too early," frustration boils over as the pirates collapse in their third straight do or die wild card game. see what cleared the benches in pittsburgh last night.
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batters in a complete-game shutout of the pirates. he was backed up on the offensive side with home run hits by dexter fowler and kyle schwarber. and in the seventh inning, the pirates couldn't hit arrieta with their bats, so they decided to hit him with a pitch! the righty is plunked by pirates reliever tony watson as possible retaliation after arrieta pegged a pair of pittsburgh batters earlier in the game. as you can see benches clear and the teams exchange some shoves. now the only real punches came after sean rodriguez, who was already pulled from the game, got ejected. as you can see there, he decided to take out his frustration on a gatorade cooler. the cubs send the pirates home after a 4-0 victory. chicago advances to face the cardinals on friday in game one of the n.l. division series. >> do you think the curse is over? you think chicago is going to do it this year? >> i don't know. but let me get to this next story, bill, we'll talk about in a minute.
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the american league -- >> yes or no answer. >> look, i just do the news here. the american league division series begins today in toronto with the blue jays hosting the rangers. and tonight, the astros visit kansas city to face the royals. bill, now pay attention to this. according to a new public policy polling survey -- you're not nice -- 50% of americans are rooting for the cubs to win the world series as compared to 11% who were rooting for the yankees before they were eliminated from playoff contention. and among other sports related items, americans favor packers quarterback aaron rodgers over the patriots' tom brady by two percentage points. bill i'm sure you have some. where are you on that? >> i'm with the rasmussen poll on that one. >> okay, no we're talking about this poll. >> oh. >> also reveals 70% of democrats like tennis star serena williams as compared to only 39% of republicans. and bill, one more story. one more. >> this is -- >> one more story. and finally, in college football
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the university of south carolina won't be playing at home as scheduled this saturday against lsu. the school announced yesterday the game will, instead, be played in baton rouge because of the devastating floods affecting the area around columbia. so lsu will donate the profits from ticket sales for saturday's game back to usc and the school's athletic director said they'll also make a donation to the south carolina flood relief fund. >> so that works. >> that's a nice gesture. >> you think about how many people go into the game day in those college especially in the s.e.c. they've got enough problems in columbia trying to deal with the recovery, they don't need 100,000, 200,000 people coming into the city from all over the place. so it's a smart decision. >> yeah. >> that's a no brainer. >> what was this about a rasmussen poll? >> i thought you were comparing the different polls out there. >> no, i wasn't. still ahead classic vladimir putin. >> oh, hold on -- >> bill. you know what -- i was really just -- forget about the weather. >> is it friday already?
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all right let's get you out the door everyone. a little bit of light rain, minneapolis you're done. you're now clear if you're heading out the door, no problems. marquette in the upper peninsula of michigan, bring the umbrella with you. the other area of rain considers in west texas from lubbock to pecos. so maybe a little bit of flash flooding still ongoing. but it's not horrible. during the day today we'll probably pick up anywhere from one to two inches of rain here. and this is in southwestern portions of texas, new mexico doesn't look bad. albuquerque should be dry. as far as the east coast goes we are watching cool temperatures out there in many areas. new york city, and areas northward continue to be very much on the cool side. but we are having a beautiful afternoon. so that's the typical fall weather pattern out there. so here's the front coming down from the north. very warm out ahead of this today, enjoy the warmth while it lasts. areas like kansas city, chicago, st. louis. probably one of the warmest days you're going to have for awhile. tomorrow you drop into the 60s. today in the 80s. friday, what a great day. in the mid to low 80s from d.c.
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through the southeast. low humidity, too, with gorgeous. then that cold front will slice through the east and saturday things will cool off here in the 60s. so it looks like jonathan a very quiet forecast and our friends there in south carolina get a nice, dry stretch of weather coming up here right through the weekend. >> well that's great. that's great for south carolina. thanks, bill. >> all right, bye, buddy. i'll miss you. still ahead, classic vladimir putin. more on the spectacle on ice that was his 53rd birthday celebration. "way too early" is back in a moment. i say we go all in on the internet of things. what we're recommending as your consultants... the new consultants are here. it's not just big data, its bigger data. we're beta testing the new wearable interface... ♪ xerox believes finding the right solution shouldn't be so much work. by engineering a better way for people, process and technology to work together. work can work better. with xerox.
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welcome back. i'm louis bergdorf in the "morning joe" control room. there's been endless speculation over who will play the next james bond. there's one name that can presumably be crossed off the list. daniel craig recently spoke about how he should -- follow him in that iconic role saying quote, look, i don't give a blank, good luck to them. when asked if he would consider playing 007 once more, craig said quote, now i'd rather break this glass in my hand and slash my wrists. craig he's just over the role right now and wants to move on. but if he did choose to play bond again, craig said that it would only be, quote, for the money. that's interesting. but i'm still excited to see james bond when it comes out in november. now last night former fed chair ben bernanke was on the late show with stephen colbert. he tried to assure colbert that lessons learned from the
2:56 am
financial collapse of 2008 would protect it from happening again. but first colbert had some more straightforward questions. >> what is money? >> okay. >> you got one? you got some money in there? okay, here's a 20. thank you. now, what -- what is money? is everything okay now? are the banks all good? we take the regulations off of them -- >> no, no, no. don't do that. >> oh. >> we put some good regulations on so we don't have this problem again. >> oh. >> but the economy is coming back. >> uh-huh. >> unemployment rate was 10%. now it's 5%. so we made a lot of progress there. >> mm-hmm. can i ask you something? >> yes. >> is this as happy as you ever look? >> yeah, this is about it. yeah. >> like to see ben bernanke smile. now let's turn to russian president vladimir putin.
2:57 am
yesterday celebrated his 63rd birthday with a little game of ice hockey. putin teamed up with nhl stars including pavel bure in a game against old friends, russian officials and businessmen. the game took place in the arena used in the 2014 winter olympics. putin was unstoppable on the offensive end, scoring seven goals and leading his team to a 15-10 victory. what a surprise there. jonathan, he seems to always win. >> oh, yeah. always. always. and that does it for me and "way too early." coming up on "morning joe," more focus groups from early voting states. this time we'll hear from republicans. plus joe and mika's one-on-one interview with bernie sanders. that and much more coming up next on "morning joe." when my doctor told me i have
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