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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  October 8, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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joining us. stay with us. "hardball" starts right now. the republican right in full mutiny. let's play "hardball"." ♪ good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. history was made as two political parties came apart facing all out demands by the republican right kevin mccarthy with drew his candidacy for speaker. >> we have been going through this campaign talking to a lot of members. the one thing i have always said to earn this majority we should put this conference first. and i think there is something to be said for us to unite we probably need a fresh face. i will stay on as majority
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leader. the one thing i found in talking to everybody if we are going to unite and be strong we need a new face to help do that. so nothing more than that. i feel good about the decision. i feel great to have my family here, my colleagues. i think we are only going to be stronger. >> now a midst of civil war with full rebellion as the leading presidential candidates are with trump, carson and fiorina. here is how john fleming described what took place. >> we came in the way we normally do things. there was some lunch provided, some barbecue, we ate that. we were sitting in the chairs. then we had a prayer and the pledge like we normally do. then kevin mccarthy was called up. we thought this was going to be sort of his campaign speech.
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we heard him this morning giving his plea for the job at a conference. and the first thing he basically said was that he didn't want to divide the american people and didn't want to divide the congress. as a result of that he says i'm not the guy. >> new york congressman peter king told the washington post it is total confusion, a banana republic. any plan, anything you anticipate, who knows what will happen. people are crying. they don't have any idea how this will unfold. what happened today? it's more a leadership foiight capitol hill. this sounds like play ball with us or we don't play with you which means no political party. >> it is a long simmering stew. it finally exploded. you have a presidential race run by outsiders.
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and the house they have kicked out a speaker and now the next speaker in line doesn't want to try for the job. >> let me ask you about the? ance in terms of this 218. we hear a lot about the number 218. today we heard a lot about the number 247. it seems the new demand of the right is you can't just have a majority of the republican party or majority of the congress. you have to get the entire republican caucus support or you are not going to have a new leadership. that seems to be the demand from everybody today. >> especially from the house freedom caucus that right now at this time in terms of political capital are running the house gop. there is no leadership right now inside the house republican conference. there is a vacuum. you are trying to look for a healer to come in. that's why i can report tonight house speaker john boehner, two long phone calls said to paul ryan you have to step up. i know you don't want to do it
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wut you have to step up. >> is he the only person that can lead them right now? get the 247 together? >> you have committee chair men and veterans, the old bulls but they don't have the will to do it and don't have the political popularity. ryan coming off a ticket is able to. >> the polls you read about the favoritability of congress which is about one in ten. the popularity of the three outsiders running for president, donald trump, dr. carson and carly fiorina. neither had a day of political office among them. how does it all fit together in the republican party? >> i was just up with trump at trump tower. i was at the capital. everything ties together. it's a rejection of not only the republican establishment but the institution itself of the republican party. a rejection of the party by the base. they don't have an institution they want to rally around. they have an incoherent ideology
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and have a lot of frustration. how that filters out is complicated but no real party to pull everyone together. >> robert costa with me now from capitol hill republican congressman from pennsylvania and tom davis. mr. dent thank you for coming on the show. we all grew up with a republican party like in pennsylvania where i grew up and a party that we recognize going back to lincoln, a party of the center right, occasionally of the center. what is the republican party today? how would you describe most members? >> we have a pretty eclectic bunch. i think the fundamental challenge we are facing is this that we have to demonstrate that we have the capacity for governance. tom davis, my friend on the show with me was part of the governing wing of the republican party. what we saw last week with a vote to keep the government
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open, only 91 house republicans voted for it. i can tell you over 218 republicans supported keeping the government open but only 91 voted for it. there is a lot of hope yes and vote no going on around here where members want us to govern but can't quite get to yes, can't get to supporting that agenda so it is very frustrationifrustratin frustrating. and then we also have the freedom caucus, republican study group. we have a responsibility to affirmatively govern this country and we have to make hard choices and have to accept the political reality of our situation. a democratic president named barack obama and a senate where there are not 60 votes. 54 republicans do not equal 60 votes. >> a member of the hardict rofreedom caucus. reacted earlier. let's watch his description of reality. >> we just want someone who is
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will toog wo willing to work with conservatives. we asked kevin mccarthy to step out and talk to groups and he wouldn't do that. we were asking him, if you want to compromise you have to come to the table. we are meeting shortly after this meeting as members of the house freedom caucus to determine what we need to see. one thing i do believe is dan webster is the front runner for speaker. jason chaffetz still in the race, as well. the idea of the issues let's make the house work with conservatives. those princeaipleprinciples. 78% of republicans demanding john boehner step down. 77% want to get rid of mitch mcconnell. >> tom davis, i have never heard wilder statements on television than i heard today on our network. people talking about a speaker being picked who is not a member of the house. give me a break. it is possible.
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it ain't never going to happen. picking a stop gap guy to hang around to get us through the debt ceiling and planned parenthood. a stop gap part time whatever leader there is no way in the world. it will take a strong leader. i'm looking at 40 or 50 guys saying my way, our way or the highway unless you back us and get the 247 behind you in the caucus you are ain't going to have a caucus. that is what they are saying all day today. >> political parties are coalitions. you have some elements that want it to be a private club and pass a litmus test. no one faction of the party really has control of the party. the freedom caucus will not elect a speaker by itself. this is a test as charlie said of republicans' ability to govern. i think it will need a couple of weeks to sort out as they talk to each other and have these kinds of meetings behind closed doors and with each other. this reminds me of bob
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livingston resigning on the floor of the house and republicans scurrying to find somebody. we came up with -- at that point who was a pretty good speaker for his terms. it took a little time to sort out and find a consensus builder in somebody not necessarily a strong but a consensus builder within the party. i think they have several people but they are reluctant to step up to the plate given the temperature of the caucus. >> it's great to have you on. we haven't had you on before. i was struck by a term which was fragged. somebody said mccarthy was fragged. that is a term, horrific memory. enlisted men in the army or the marines who killed their young officers rather than advance into difficult fire fights. these are horrible maybe legendary or mythical horrible notions and what happens.
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fragged. was kevin mccarthy fragged by the rank and file? >> i said before john boehner stepped down that the same people were -- >> that was your term. explain. >> sure. i said before john boehner stepped down that the same people who are trying to take down john boehner were going to try to frag the next guy. that is what happened today. let's be honest about it. he was taken down by some of his own members. that's exactly what happened. we need to move forward. that is the reality of what happened. i want to follow up on one thing. i heard my colleague from kansas mention about conservatism. some people are trying to redefine conservatism. where i grew up and you grew up my idea of conservatism means things like order, control, stability, certainty, temperance, not anarchy, chaos. i think we need to get back to this. those of us who are more
4:11 pm
traditional have to reclaim the party and start talking about these issues. nobody wants to shut the government down. they don't want the country to default. >> you say nobody. if you are living out in idaho or utah or places like that where you have to vote for speaker or the person's name they were unwilling to say the name out loud on c-span. mccarthy. so they are afraid to put their name to someone else's name. what name would they be willing to put their name to and trust this person enough. >> that's always been the problem. they have never had a horse of their own. they tell us what they are against. they can't get to yes or to who they want. maybe they will support daniel webster but doesn't seem daniel webster has the support. back in january when john boehner was being voted on for speaker they never had a candidate but simply trying to
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undermine the speaker and take down their own leader. that is what happened. >> is this a victory for hillary clinton? i know it is a bank shot but seems she called out mccarthy for saying the strategy behind holding benghazi hearings was to bring her down politically. she handled this pretty well. she is basically calling out mccarthy. he said today that his comment about the strategy of that committee being political and partisan in nature wasn't helpful. >> i think that is true. but october 22 will be the definitive day for hillary clinton and for the republicans on the house committee at this point. i think mccarthy's statement will be more distant giving him time to get on a more level playing field. let me make one point. with boehner continuing to be speaker he is in a stronger position to clean up things like
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debt ceiling and issues. conservatives may not get the deal they might have if they worked together to get things done. i don't know how you feel bult n a way they are hurting their own cause. >> john boehner is currently the speaker and will remain the speaker until we elect another one so they got what they didn't want and john boehner intends to clean up the barn a bit. debt ceiling and the issue of coming to a budget agreement we may be able to get the issues dealt with before he leaves at the end of october. you are absolutely right. >> your party came together in wisconsin before the civil war it was a merger of the abolitionists with the wigs. could your party be coming apart at the seams with the wigs of the east coast drifting apart because it seeks to stay
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rational from the right wing zealots. >> i believe we are able to put this back together again. there will be soul searching and healing. in order to pass any meaningful legislation here the continuing resolution, debt ceiling we have to assemble a bipartisan coalition to accomplish goals. if we don't get our act together and select our own person then we might have to assemble a coalition to elect a speaker. that is something we haven't seen for a long time around here. >> i want to put you on the line. are you willing to put your name on the line calling for ryan to be the next speaker? >> if paul ryan were to run for speaker i would in all likelihood support him. i think he can perhaps pull everybody together and secure 218 republican votes on the house floor. i would. >> that's what i thought the minute this broke. thank you. please come back again. you are always welcome on "hardball."
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coming up with the republicans' inability to pick a leader are they a party anymore? i think it is worse than chaos. what is going on is a real break between the people who want to be part of the united states government and those who want to be protesting it from the hard recognize. hillary clinton is gearing up for the first democratic debate. she is aggressively going to her left. trying to bring in the people that are being sdused a bit by bernie sanders. moving left on trade, guns, keystone. here is a question. what happens if the members pick a speaker committed to government shutdowns? i'm afraid that is next. let me finish with the historic rupture we are watching in the republican party. this is "hardball," place for politics. surprise!!!!! we heard you got a job as a developer! its official, i work for ge!!
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speaker john boehner was a scheduled guest tonight on the tonight show but cancelled the appearance. no word on if or when boehner will reschedule. much more coming up and what this says about the survival of the republican party when "hardball" returns after this. guys listen up! jake, put that down point it at the ground til your ready that's not the ground leo put that down when your day goes on and on, you need 48 hour odor protection
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no surprise that the top three candidates for the republican nomination these days are complete political outsiders, donald trump, ben carson, carly fiorina, none of them with any political government experience are leading the pack.
4:20 pm
and real clear politics their combined support of 50% of republican party. now that candidates are reacting at a rally donald trump took credit. maybe he is right for mccarthy's collapse to some extent. >> i want to just start by saying kevin mccarthy is out. you know that, right? [ cheers and applause ] they are giving me a lot of credit for that because i said you really need somebody very, very tough and very smart. smart goes with tough. i know tough people that are not smart. that's the worst. it's bedlam in washington. it's a mess. >> he has that right. it is a mess. ben carson had a more muted reaction as he often does today on cnn. >> i say kudos to representative mccarthy for putting others before himself. this is not something that we see very often in washington.
4:21 pm
i hope it's a trait that will be emulated by others as time goes on because we have a lot of problems that have to be solved and none of us should put ourselves ahead of those problems. >> joined now by joan walsh of the nation. to me i'm looking at this as something as a sharp reporter simmering a long time. what seems to be the point is there are people from the west and the south who cannot get renominated they fear as members of congress if they put their names to a leader. and that leader does anything less than stop the government and being tough on what they call principles. they were being told if you vote to make this guy the nominee for speaker you will have to go on c-span at the end of the month and yell out from the floor mccarthy and that will be your responsibility to pick a leader and they don't want to be there. >> i think this reflects -- donald trump is exactly right. the forces that propelled him
4:22 pm
are the forces that caused problems for kevin mccarthy. it's unhappiness with the way our political system is supposed to work which is with compromise. this is anti-governing sentiment saying we are not prepare today make compromises you need to make. >> i think he was writing about it being a mess. i think you going to love this. this is such a classic typical response by jeb bush. here is what he said today. he was surprised by what happened and offered praise for congressman daniel webster who is running for speaker. >> i think kevin mccarthy was a good person and a good man. i'm surprised he dropped out. i don't follow that that carefully. i will not interject into a political vote inside the house caucus. dan webster is one of my closest
4:23 pm
friends in the political process. he is a principle-centered guy. there are others that might emerge. i hope they stay focused on making sure the people know they are trying to solve problems. >> that man is a cheerleader for dullness. he is surprised by what happens. who cares who your friends are. we are talking about leading the republican party. here comes chris christie saying that nobody cares who the speaker of the house is. >> this is an inside washington, d.c. game that nobody in america could care less about. they don't care who the speaker is going to be. they want a congress who is going to do something. smonobody cares. they can care less and so could i. >> in other words, he doesn't know what he is talking about. by the way, just to remind everybody about the united states constitution sets all spending policy, tax policy, pretty much sets everything that
4:24 pm
goes on in the government as far as policy. he says it doesn't matter. >> let me go back to jeb bush because that is worse in some ways. he came off very dull at this shocking moment. it is unable that he praises daniel webster. >> the one before the civil war? >> you can't go any farther right than daniel webster without going off the edge of the earth. the notion that kevin mccarthy did this wonderful thing by stepping aside because somebody else is going to get to 247. this is another thing that happens to the republican party where the leadership kind of collaborates in madness. the leadership is against government. it's against compromise. they indulge people and say we are just going to repeal obamacare and defund planned parenthood and then are surprised when the base is upset and turn to outsiders like donald trump. it makes sense to me.
4:25 pm
i feel sorry for the base in the sense that john boehner collaborated and brought him down and bringing down kevin mccarthy. they did this to themselves. >> it is a battle between the student council types or fraternity masters every career and people who have true beliefs. senator lindsey graham said a brutal fight among republicans in the house could hurt the party's chances in the 2016 election. pretty good estimate. >> i don't know who is going to replace him. i hope it is somebody fpeople cn get along with. if we have a melt down in the house and we can't govern the house it will hurt our chances to win in 2016. >> there he is on the shooting range. that's where they caught him. i think he is right. i think this is a real fight for the republican party. i don't think it is coming back together again. i don't see how they find a
4:26 pm
leadlead leader unless ryan comes in on a white who are. >> you have crisis after crisis and that will hurt the election when you know the electorate is broader than it is in republican primaries. all energy is with the forces that want to disrupt things. and that is not the electorate that will choose. >> one last point. there is a lot of concerns. the economy. that word. it's not just jobs but the notion that there is something shaky and this recovery is fragile. and there is the sense the whole thing may shake loose. and then we had the prospect of shutting down the spending of the government, shutting down everything. it's possible this could be the catalyst for a real fall for everybody. >> it is possible. it's really scary. as a democrat i can't jump up and down because the prospects
4:27 pm
arei frightening. the man looked so happy when he announced his resignation. maybe he is going to go out with raising the debt ceiling and getting a budget and getting the highway bill, getting infrastructure. >> used to. >> they used to. >> and how it is done because there is a governing coalition in our country and it is democrats with moderate republicans but the moderate republicans they preach hope and vote no. they won't even necessarily put their names on the notion of government. it's just crazy. >> i like your illusion to god father iii. they pull me back in. that's a guys thing. you know what i'm talking about. thank you. we will be right back with more on this dramatic news day on capitol hill. "hardball" back in a minute. life's all about learning....
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here is what is happening. luke rusert caught up with paul ryan to ask him about the turmoil in his party and whether he would be interested in the job of speaker. >> how surprised were you? >> i thought he was going to get the job. watch yourselves. i was surprised. >> i was very shocked. he told me right before. this is not the time or place to ha the conversations. >> more on the speaker on capitol hill. and in south carolina residents in some low lying coastal areas are being urged to evacuate as inland flood waters begin to flow towards the sea. now back to "hardball." welcome back to "hardball." the bombshell news that congressman kevin mccarthy did
4:32 pm
not have the votes took washington by surprise. how could this happen if you thought he had the lock on the job. she broke the story this afternoon of mccarthy dropping out. howard fineman knows a lot about the story, too. this is percolating. tell me what you know about the tick talk today. >> members were serving themselves lunch in what was supposed to be the vote to nominate the speaker dezinginate. >> bless you. >> they were serving themselves barb yecue and soda and mccarth got up in what was supposed to be the political speech and said members need a new space and he is not the right man for the job. >> excuse me. why did he have the zipity do da attitude? he kissed it all good bye
4:33 pm
without a drop of sweat. >> mccarthy absolutely wanted the job. i think he made this unfortunate comment about the benghazi committee. >> the truth. >> he intimated that it was a political -- >> he said it. >> flat out and he spent the past two weeks under the harsh glare. >> here is the question. i want to know what happened at 8:00 this morning and said he was running and noon when he didn't. do we know what happened? >> what nr was told and mccarthy called national review after he stepped down, we have heard that moderate members of the conference hearing grumbling from their constituents. >> why were they -- >> i think what happened with the benghazi remarks was that speaker is supposed to represent the entire conference and with those remarks he was undermining his conference. i think that makes you truly
4:34 pm
unelectable. >> you were talking about this. >> last night i had a conversation with representative john yarmouth of kentucky. >> former republican. >> he worked for mar locook and knows mitch mcconnell. he told me they don't have the votes meaning that mccarthy would have the votes to win a clear majority in that closed meeting that you covered but when it got to the floor he wouldn't have the 218 he would need for the majority. and what john said is that means they may have to try to work out some kind of bipartisan deal. by the way, the house in the last century often operated that way and the powerful republican speakers earlier famous names
4:35 pm
that have buildings named after them worked with the other party. this may be the only way they are able to elect somebody. >> i don't think it is going to happen. >> he did know that mccarthy didn't have the votes. >> it used to be your statement of party identity. how do you know you are democratic or republican you said pelosi or boehner. now loyalty isn't there. >> there isn't one name that represents the party. >> that's the point. nobody wants to put their name on c-span. congratulations. your name is scoop johnson and howard fineman thank you. coming up next five days before the first democratic debate hillary clinton looks to hold on to the left wing of the democratic party breaking with her former boss on a trade deal she once sold many times as secretary of state. you are watching "hardball," the place for politics. it's a fact.
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welcome back to "hardball." she recently called herself a moderate but hillary clinton is in the midst of a push to crowd out bernie sanders as we approach next week's big democratic debate. over the past few weeks hillary clinton has broken with president obama by joining with progressives. she launched a major assault on the republican-led benghazi committee in an effort to shut down lingering doubts. we are seeing a republican party now implode thanks to that issue. she has moved to the left of rival bernie sanders. this time not so hard on gun control. in a major about face she joined
4:40 pm
with labor unions by opposing the tpp trade deal. today she unveiled a big plan to crack down on wall street, a favorite punching bag and moved to the left of president obama's deportation policies and joined labor unions by opposing the cadillac tax and gone to the left of the white house by opposing the plan to drill in the arctic. john stanton is washington bureau chief of buzz feed and political reporter with the guardian. all three, why is hillary run toog the left on so many fronts so fast? >> it started back quickly after she entered the race in april when she moved to the left of obama on immigration where i think you is seen in the last three weeks or so is a much more stepped up pace where she is doing a number of things. she is getting ready for the debate which is next week. she has to sort of have a whole
4:41 pm
set of issues in line that had been including a couple that had been open questions, keystone and tpp and cadillac tax. those were all out there that her rivals have said what they would do and would be able to attack her on. i think she is also clearly with the tpp decision she is sending a signal to joe biden who i don't think will be in the debate but has been a point man for the administration on a trade deal will probably continue the deal. she is now able to say that she is against this thing that all the other candidates are against. >> i think she is doing this because very passionate head of the afl, he wants to get rid of the cadillac tax because it is part of his union contracts and she is buckling to him and
4:42 pm
buckling to him on trade. does anybody believe she is against this trade deal in princip principle. >> richard trumpkin said this is a difference between having our vote. she has this -- >> hillary clinton take ag lot of heat for joining with progressive unions. the headlines aren't pretty. from cnn 45 times secretary clinton pushed the trade bill. from vox hillary clinton's flip-flop makes no sense. from first read, why hillary clinton's trade flip-flop is unbelievable. hillary's trade flip-flop shows how dumb she thinks we are. her primary rivals are also on the attack. >> that's a reversal. >> i was against the trans pacific partnership but months and months ago. i can tell you that i didn't
4:43 pm
have one opinion eight months ago and switch that opinion on the eve of debates. >> i will let the american people determine who has credibility or not. i am glad that she reached that conclusion. this is a conclusion that i reached from day one mptd all i can tell you whether it is t keystone pipeline, tpp, these issues i have had a strong opinion on from day one. >> he is a self-described socialist, a man to the left. he is a man of constant political positioning. he hasn't shifted. howard dean said that man hasn't changed a speech in 50 years. hillary clinton has changed her speech from being a moderate democrat to being in effect a protectionist.
4:44 pm
>> i doenn't think anybody will look at hillary clinton and say she is not a politician. environmentalists care about the keystone pipeline, trade is the unions. if she is willing to be like i will take this one and give you what you want -- >> how far do you go before you break? >> the clintons are pretty good at never breaking. i don't know. they have yet to set the bar. >> the polling is consistently shown that bernie sanders is not just gaining traction because people are anti-hillary. this is where the democratic base is. she is not going to gain by trying to attack bernie sanders and trying to distance herself from these proposals. >> i think it makes him look tough keeping labor movement strong. good for him. i think bernie sanders looks better than hillary because he stuck with the position on the left and she moved to the position.
4:45 pm
in the debate he will say thank you for joining us. >> obviously try to neutralize that now. this debate is way before many people are paying attention. there is that and i don't think she said or done anything yet in any of these positions that is going to hurt her in the general election. >> i can't wait for him to grab a microphone. >> she can move a little bit to the left. it's kind of what she is doing. >> is biden going in? >> i don't this can so. i don't think trade will decide the general election. >> i think he wants everybody to say please get in and then he will say i don't have to do it. >> i don't know what i'm talking about. the roundtable is staying with us. back to our blockbuster story of the day. kevin mccarthy drops out of the leadership race because he can't get the votes because the right wing is in revolt.
4:46 pm
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4:48 pm
congressman sestak toomey has 49%. he is up by 20 if he faces mcginty. meanwhile one state over in ohio portman faces a tough challenge from ted strickland. strickland 46, portman 43. portman has a 50% approval rating. this could become the hottest senate race in 2016.
4:49 pm
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4:51 pm
congressman kevin mccarthy's last-minute withdrawal from the race for speaker of the house. this is a republican party in the middle of i would argue a revolution. it's unclear whether the new pick will ever meet the demands of the hard right. sabrina, you first. is this the beginning? i think it's the beginning of what we call in math an unstable variable. this thing is not going to stabilize. it's not going to settle down. they can't patch it over. there's a real division in the republican party. >> there is a real division in the party and i actually don't think it's going to be solved until the presidential contest. i think that's actually going to dictate how this plays out. either republicans are going to take back the white house or they won't. >> suppose an outsider wins the white house. what will that do to the party? suppose either dr. carson, trump or carly fiorina wins p pp what does that -- >> i don't think there's a skriebl path forward. if one of them wins the nomination that wouldn't telling moment where it would give an opportunity for established republicans to take back control and say look, we tried this -- >> you mean if it goes down in hell? >> exactly. >> john. i didn't mean to say hell. it goes down in trouble. >> there's enough of ab establishment party especially in the house for that to work.
4:52 pm
you have a very small number of establishment guys that are left. you've got a small but loud, very loud group of conservatives and a whole bunch of dudes who all they worry about is getting re-elected. and the people that challenge them in the primaries are always the conservatives. so they're listening to the conservatives. and i think -- >> their only fear is -- >> the chamber of commerce and like the brt and those guys are not coming in and like sponsoring candidates to run from the centrist side of the party, right? they're coming from the right side. so they are afraid of that. they're afraid of marc levin and guys like that in the talk radio circuits that will beat them up and get people riled up and i think that's the problem that they have. >> you know you that how you know that's true. every time they offend limbaugh they buck sxl apologize within hours. >> immediately. and i think the fear that boehner has to have right now is he's going to get in a situation in the next couple of weeks is he's going to have to make a deal with democrats to do a debt ceiling bill and budget situation and that's going to blow all this up. how do you get somebody to
4:53 pm
replace boehner on a long-term basis or even a short-term stopgap basis which they're talking about now? i don't see how they're going to do p t. >> you work for the paper that covers the united states government. do we have a governing party anymore? are they into government that party or are will they let democrats run the show? >> clearly there's a large faction in the house right now that doesn't want to govern in the way that -- >> debt ceiling bills. >> they don't want business as usual. and they say it very clearly. and if business as usual means passing a debt ceiling and keeping the government funded on time and doing all of these sort of establishment, you know, place holder marking things that the government is supposed to do no, they don't want to do it. >> you're the hot hand. are we going to have government shutdowns? does this promise a real bad december? >> i think this makes -- what happened today makes a government shutdown much more likely. >> john? >> i agree. >> i think we're heading toward real chaos and it can hurt the american economy which is -- >> there's no telling how john boehner plays these potential last weeks or months depending on his speakership and it's really going to be up to him to decide how he wants to go out.
4:54 pm
does he want to actually do -- make the hard decision, keep the government open, raise the debt ceiling or is he going to allow this to ctinue and get out of control? >> again, i think the american people dish know the american people are worried about the economy, not just their jobs, not just their salaries or their kids' tuition bills or the stuff they normally have to worry about, kitchen table, they're worried about the whole thing. this market is jittery and if the government shutdown comes along it could be just the thing to shake this thing over. like a cargo ship. that's listing too far. it's frightening to think about it happening at this time. thank you, ann gearn as always. thank you, john. sabrina siddiqui. when we return let me talk about the historic rupture that happened today in the republ wa place for politics. insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company... go long.
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let me finish tonight with today's historic rupture in the republican party. the definition of a political party is its ability to pick leaders. it can't always agree on policy but when it comes time to organize itself or nominate people for public office it always manages to get the job done. quite simply, there's enough loyalty to the party to are agree to compromise. loyalty to the party trumps personal objections to personality or policy. well, today a bit after noon eastern time the republican party in the house of representatives reached the breaking point. the person in the on-deck circle whose turn it was to be speaker said he could not bend to the demands put upon him to the party's insurgent right. because of that republican members, up to 50 of them, refused to put their names to the name of the person who would be their speaker. well, this is an extraordinary
4:59 pm
mutinous event. the right of the republican party is now declaring its unwillingness to join with the rest of the party unless the party of the whole agrees to the tactics of the hard right. setting non-negotiable demands on matters ranging from planned parenthood to paying the government's debt. so we're in for a cold winter now, one that could see -- we'll see greater recession brought on by repeated government shutdowns, relentless threats to disrupt and depress the american economy. we can expect these developments for the simple reason that a readiness to conduct this kind of congressional action is the demand that kevin mccarthy refused to accept as a price for retaining his career goal of becoming u.s. speaker of the house. and there's no reason to assume the republican who does get the job eventually will be let off with any lesser commitment. to get the job he or she will have to say they stand ready to follow the hard right's orders to shut everything down if it doesn't get its way. so we find ourselves now with three political factions running the u.s. congress this autumn of 2015. the democrats, the republican
5:00 pm
party antsy to shut things down if it doesn't get its way, and finally that small but retreating faction of traditional republicans who continue to believe that the oath members members take to serve in the congress entails a commitment to govern. that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. "all in" with chris hayes starts right now. tonight on "all in" -- >> i think i shocked some of you, huh? >> a political earthquake on the hill. >> this will be a best step foot -- footstep -- >> house republicans take down another one of their own. >> we are going to give the appearance of being a banana republic. >> reports of crying in the cloak room as chaos and confusion rumors fill the capitol. >> move out of the way. >> tonight, full analysis as the man who gave up the get hillary game on the benghazi committee becomes that committee's first political victim. >> well, it isn't helpful. >> plus, mutiny at a trump rally. >> mr. trump! >> martin o'malley on


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