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tv   First Look  MSNBC  October 9, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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with of the most important things that will happen in our political lifetimes. and it is amazing to watch, but it is also serious business. "first look" is up next. it's friday, october 9th. right now on "first look," a house divided. the republican party in complete chaos. who will emerge as america's second in line to the presidency? a multimillion dollar settlement for the family of walter scott who was shot to death by a charleston city police officer. and new details on the sacramento stabbing of one of the american heroes involved in stopping a paris terror attack. then the latest on the south carolina flooding where the people can't seem to catch a break. a frightening scene at a local gas station. and a rough night in kansas city in more ways than one. "first look" starts right now. good morning. i'm dara brown. house republicans are complete disarray right now following congressman kevin mccarthy's surprise decision to drop out as
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the front-runner to replace speaker john boehner. his abrupt exit has left gop lawmakers in a mad scramble to find a new leader. eyes quickly turned to congressman paul ryan, a former vice presidential nominee. nbc's luke russert caught up with him as he was leaving his office last evening. >> how surprised were you by mccarthy not going for it all? >> i was -- i thought he was going to get the job. watch yourselves here. i was surprised. >> so you found out with everybody else? >> i was very shocked. he told me right before. >> right before. >> i was very shocked. >> -- the party is right now -- >> oh, this is not the time or place to have those conversations. >> nbc's tracie potts is live in washington. good morning to you, tracy. this is bad timing considering congress is up against some critical deadlines here. >> no doubt about that, dara. and also considering that this is a big job. it's second in line to the presidency. and a lot of people thought mccarthy, even though he had some opposition, had this wrapped up.
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however, after just a few hours, after he said he was running for the speaker's job, he suddenly decided to drop out. >> i think i shocked some of you, huh? >> reporter: including his competition. >> absolutely stunned. did not see that coming. >> you think it's a mess? >> it is a mess. i don't think it's a mess. it is a mess. >> reporter: kevin mccarthy insists there are no skeletons in his closet. he said he just wanted to do what's best for divided party. >> if we're going to unite and be strong, we need a new face to help do that. >> reporter: online mccarthy later said it became clear that i would not be that person. conservatives rallied against him in support of a lesser-known candidate. >> and it will be hard to determine how that's all going to play out. >> reporter: mccarthy admits his comments about using the benghazi committee to rerail hillary clinton -- >> well, that wasn't helpful. >> reporter: and where does all this leave lawmakers just weeks before the country reaches its debt limit and another deadline for a government shutdown? >> people think this is all
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inside baseball. no, this is inside people's paychecks. >> reporter: budget chair paul ryan is said to be outgoing speaker john boehner's favorite. >> i got nothing. >> reporter: now ryan has said he actually did tell reporters at one point that he was running. his aides tell us that he's not interested. but given the situation with the party right now, dara, we're hearing that both john boehner, and kevin mccarthy, are urging him to reconsider. >> interesting days ahead. tracie potts in d.c. thank you so much. well, the city council of north charleston, south carolina, has unanimously approved a $6.5 million settlement with a family of walter scott. he's the unarmed black man who was shot and killed by a white police officer in april as he attempted to flee a traffic stop. scott's family says the money will go to his children and that a portion will be donated to help with disaster relief efforts for the south carolina flooding. >> well, nothing can replace having walter in our lives. the city of north charleston's
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historic actions ensure that he had -- he did not die in vain. >> immediately after the release of the video, the family took steps to keep the community calm, and for that the city is thankful. >> the officer who shot walter scott is currently in jail awaiting trial for murder. new details about one of the american heroes who helped stop an august terror attack aboard a french train. this morning he's recovering in the hospital after being stabbed multiple times outside a sacramento bar. 23-year-old spencer stone is in serious but stable condition following a street fight in the early morning hours yesterday. video released late last night by sacramento police shows the suspect fleeing the scene. nbc's jacob rascon reports. >> reporter: it started as an argument outside a bar in sacramento, and quickly became a brawl. surveillance video from a store across the street appears to show american hero spencer stone fighting with more than one
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person. two groups of people pushing, shoving and throwing punches before eventually scattering, as a police cruiser arrives. investigators say stone was stabbed multiple times in the upper body. >> this incident is a very unfortunate altercation between two groups of folks who were enjoying the night life in midtown sacramento. >> reporter: what a different scene than just a month ago when sacramento welcomed stone home as a hero. credited with helping thwart what might have been a massacre on board a packed high-speed train headed to paris. an american hero who may have stopped a terror plot, recovering from another knife wound. this time in his hometown. jacob rascon, nbc news, los angeles. a teen survivor of last week's oregon community college shooting has just woken up. doctors say julie woodworth is in critical condition but she's breathing under her own power and is able to look around the room. meanwhile, in just a few hours,
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president obama will depart for roseburg, oregon, the site of the shooting that left nine dead. he'll meet privately with families this afternoon. and families of gun rights advocates are expected to protest the visit. another survivor hero chris mintz is back at home this morning. the army vet was shot seven times when he allegedly charged the gunman to protect the students. now we go to the 2016 race for the white house. gop presidential front-runner donald trump took his campaign to las vegas on thursday. he got a warm and surprising welcome from one particular audience member. >> where are you from? >> i'm from columbia. >> columbia! >> and is this a setup? did i ever meet you before? huh? >> i'm hispanic and i vote for mr. trump! we vote for mr. trump! yes! mr. trump! we love you! we love you! on the way to the white house!
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>> i swear to you, i think she's totally beautiful, ingrid. i never met her before, i swear. >> meanwhile, we're learning how much money some of trump's rivals have raised in the last quarter. senator ted cruz pulled in just over $12 million. senator marco rubio raised $6 million. and the race tightens, a new poll from fairleigh dickinson university shows ben carson is gaining on donald trump, 26% versus 22%. carson is getting attention this morning for comments he said in a cnn interview last night. he was asked about his claim that gun control contributed to the holocaust. >> if there had been no gun control laws in europe at that time, would 6 million jews have been slaughtered? >> i think the likelihood of hitler being able to accomplish his goals would have been greatly diminished if the people had been armed. on the democratic side, the new yorker is reporting that representatives for vice president biden met with staffers from the democratic national committee this week.
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biden's aides were reportedly briefed on rules that the vp would need to know if he decides to enter the 2016 race. the report has not been confirmed by nbc news. there is still a major threat in south carolina this morning, days after the historic rain there ended. within the next few hours floodwater making its way to the ocean will slam through beach communities. and it is a lot. imagine this, in south carolina alone, about 1.2 million gallons fell per person. there could be more evacuations still ahead. 70 dams are in danger. 14 have been breached. and in a sign of carolina camaraderie this morning north carolina is sending 500 soldiers and airmen to assist or help respond to the record flooding. in georgia, horrific gas station explosion captured on surveillance video. a motorcyclist was filling up at the gas pump when all of a sudden his bike caught fire. flames quickly engulfed the 53-year-old man. police are crediting bystanders with saving the man's life after they used coats to smother the
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flames. fire officials say the rider was severely burned. police believe the biker left his motorcycle running and that is what caused the fire. let's get down to business now with cnbc's landon dowdy. good morning to you, landon. >> hey there, dara. netflix is hiking the price on its most popular plan which lets two viewers use one subscription. the standard plan will go up by a dollar to $9.99 a month. the change only applies to new customers. existing subscribers will stay at the same price for another year. over on wall street stocks look to extend their winning ways today. the dow closing above 17,000 for the first time in almost two months. investors reacting to minutes from last month's fed meeting which shows officials were hesitant to raise rates on worries about the global economy. and you'll soon be able to use apple pay at more places, starbucks, kfc and chili's are start accepting the mobile payment service later this year. more than 1 million stores take apple pay. back over to you. >> thanks so much, landon. and now in sports, thursday
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night football, an exciting one in houston. colts backup quarterback matt hasselbeck who was battling a bacterial infection all week, he stepped up big time. connecting with andre johnson for two touchdown passes, as indy want on to beat the texans 27-20. and to baseball where road teams rule. in kansas city, a rough night for the home team. including this groundskeeper who tripped and got swallowed up by the tarp. we're told that he did get out of there with just a bruised ego. next, fourth inning, royals burrell hitting one of his two solo homers of the night. but it was the astros who went deep to put away game one for the astros. final 5-2. in toronto, blue jays ace david price gave up a pair of home runs and he would later leave the game. in the end, rangers took game one with a final score of 5-3.
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vin scully won't be calling the dodgers postseason games. the 87-year-old has been ordered to rest after undergoing an unspecified medical procedure. we wish him a quick recovery. barcelona soccer star lionel mess eu arguably the most famous player in the world, he's in trouble with the law. he and his father are facing three counts of tax fraud and could be sentenced to 22 months in prison if convicted. they're accused of defrauding spanish tax authorities of more than $4.5 million. now to college football, southern cal's high powered offense was outmatched by unranked washington. the huskies won this road game 17-12. both teams have a 3-2 record. well, there are new details on those russian cruise missiles that missed their targets. plus did our own rachel maddow almost predict kevin mccarthy would never get the speakership. straight ahead on "first look."
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well, a good friday morning
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to you. the only really bad weather we have in the country this morning as far as dangerous weather goes is out here in southwest portions of texas. flash flood warning. this area has gotten drenched. up to seven inches of rain has already fallen. some reports of water rescues taking place. so that will have to watch and see how that develops during the day today. but that main road is impassable this morning between the two cities. other areas of rain are moving through upstate new york. this will be a chilly rain in areas of northern new england pretty much all morning long. vermont and areas of new hampshire, also. some showers and storms down here in missouri and also in southern portions of kansas. as far as the future cast goes. we'll watch that rain during the morning hours, especially new england. we will see some showers and storms going towards the i-95 corridor. new york city, philadelphia, d.c., late afternoon storms are possible. they will clear out by about 8:00 to 9:00. so the weekend forecast, warmest weather is going to be found in the west and also the middle of the country. look at saturday into the 80s all the way as far as north dakota and then by sunday, even the eastern seaboard warms back up.
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looks like a pretty nice end to our weekend. >> like there forecast. >> nothing like last weekend. thankfully. >> we'll move on from that one. thank you so much, bill. dangerous new development in syria, several cruise missiles fired by russia have fallen short of their targets. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel reports. >> reporter: senior defense officials tell nbc news that four of the 26 cruise missiles russia fired at syria from the caspian sea landed short in iran. russia and iran deny it. apparently there were no casualties. but what really has u.s. military officials worried is that washington wasn't informed before the launch. even though the missiles traveled through airspace where american aircraft are operating. already at least two u.s. planes had to be diverted to avoid confrontations with russian aircraft. washington is also fuming at russia's choice of targets in syria. mostly anti-assad rebels. some backed by the u.s. >> we have not, and will not, agree to cooperate with russia.
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and the next great idea could be yours. just about anywhere you can use splenda®... calorie sweetener. splenda® lets you experience... ...the joy of sugar... ...without all the calories. think sugar, say splenda® well, here is your friday edition of "scrambled politics." california democrat congressman mark takano air ises he wants to help republicans in their search for the next speaker of the house. he tweeted it seems like we're having a hard time finding the next speaker so i created a
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craigslist ad to boost our search. he writes, are you ready for the challenge of a lifetime? then this job is for you. some of the requirements, a proven ability to work with irrational people who pursue narrow priorities at the expense of millions of others. and baby-sitting experience strongly preferred. on sean hannity, former house speaker newt gingrich was asked whether he'd even consider taking up that role again and he seemed open to the house. idea. >> if you were to say to me 218 guys have called you up and given you their pledge, obviously no citizen, i mean, could ever turn down that kind of challenge. it's just this is why george washington came out of retirement. there are moments you can't avoid. >> rachel maddow was on the daily show with trevor noah last night. they talked about kevin mccarthy dropping out of the house speaker race. >> he was a weird choice. he's passed two bills the whole time he's been in congress. one of them renamed a post
2:21 am
office for the country singer buck owens. and i love you some buck owens. but the other bill that he passed also renamed another thing. that's it. he's never run a committee. nothing. and he does have a problem with talking. he has a speaking problem. >> i love that. and last night on "the tonight show," host jamie fallen talked about a rumor concerning candidate and neurosurgeon ben carson. >> they're saying that republican candidate ben carson made a number of serious mistakes as a neurosurgeon, and even left a sponge in one patient's brain. when asked how that affected his life the patient was like, it's fine, i'm still running for president and i don't care. everything's great. it's going to be good. >> and that is your morning dish of "scrambled politics." well, in washington, i know you can't -- you have to laugh at that. i'm joined by kevin cirilli a reporter for the hill. good morning, kevin. >> happy friday.
2:22 am
thanks for having me. >> kevin mccarthy dropping out of contention. who does that leave to fill the speakership? >> you've got people like representative chaffetz. you've got people like representative webster. i think that the other two people to watch are trey gowdy and jeb hensarling the latter being a rising tea party star from texas. he is also the chairman of the house financial services committee. but dara, i got to be honest, lots of pressure on representative paul ryan this morning, despite him being adamant that he doesn't want the job. but -- so watch obviously paul ryan, too. >> but if he said he doesn't want the job, what is it going to take to get him back into the race and possibly, you know, take the leadership? >> lots of conversations happening last night. and meetings scheduled for later this morning with the republican conference. where all of this is expected to be hammered out. he's got to remember that yes the politics of this are fascinating. but on november 5th, our country hits the nation's debt limit so they've got to raise the debt limit otherwise it's going to send shockwaves around the
2:23 am
global economy. right after that on december 11th is when they've got to pass a government funding bill or else the government shuts down. so, democrats don't know who to negotiate with today. lobbyists don't know who to lobby today. a lot of uncertainty here in washington. it is fascinating. the whole city in a tailspin, because everybody thought kevin mccarthy was a shoo-in to be speaker. >> what do you think? is this going to lead to a government shutdown? they don't really have a lot of time here to get this done. >> there's not a lot of time. i don't think republicans want to head into 2016 to have a government shutdown. i think the first priority is going to be, of course, this raising the debt ceiling. there could be a situation where they punt that off for one heck of a december showdown on december 11th. there's still a lot to get done in congress, and that's why the politics of this, again, with speaker boehner set to get out on october 31st, on halloween, getting a little spooky here on capitol hill. >> kevin, this republican disarray changes americans confidence here. what do you think? democrats sweeping the house, senate and white house? is that a possibility?
2:24 am
>> i don't know about that. i do think that the divide between the tea party, as well as the republican more moderate business, republicans, is on full display right now. there's a vacuum of power, someone's going to have to step up and lead. the republicans are in need of a leader. and again, i think paul ryan is the one to watch. >> okay. kevin cirilli, thanks so much. >> thank you. have a great weekend. >> you, too. just ahead, it was a big week in politics and we've got our week in review. that's up next. ♪ hi, tom. hey, how's the college visit?
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we are challenging ourselves to improve every aspect of your experience. and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. it was a whipsaw week in politics. here's a look back. >> all anyone wants to talk about is donald trump. >> donald trump?
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isn't he the one that's like, oh, you're all losers? >> who do you think is the most qualified to hold office in 2016? >> the lady i saw singing on "saturday night live." >> that val woman was wonderful. she was really wonderful. >> yeah. maybe want to take a drink with her. >> marco rubio being called the best communicator in the republican party. which is kind of like being the smartest kardashian. >> i don't have any tickets for, you know, for taylor swift or anything. >> trump's team sent a case of bottled water, trump bumper stickers, and some towels to rubio's d.c. campaign office. turns out, clinton mailed a copy of her book hard choices to nearly all of her gop rivals. rand paul is cashing in on his autographed edition. he's selling the book on ebay. the bidding is already over $1300. >> after i lost i slept like a baby. >> yeah? >> sleep two hours, wake up and cry. sleep two hour, wake up and cry. >> we probably need a fresh
2:29 am
face. i'll stay on as majority leader. >> congratulations. this week i saw that you were ragging on kevin mccarthy. the whole week. saying that he couldn't string a sentence together and now he has dropped out of the race for house speaker. >> "way too early" starts right now. >> i think it's pretty obvious that all members of the delegation of the conference were shocked. >> i think a lot of people were shocked. >> i was absolutely stunned. surprised. and shocked that this happened. >> i was very shocked. he told me right before. >> i think i shocked some of you, huh? >> shocked, dazed and confused. majority leader kevin mccarthy stuns colleagues by dropping out of the speaker's race. with major deadlines looming, the big mystery now is what happens next? plus, president obama frustrated over gun violence and congress' inaction, now considering executive action. he's got his pen. he's got his phone. but what exactly does he have planned?
2:30 am
and mission not accomplished. russia aims its missiles at syria but reportedly ends up hitting its own ally, iran. we'll tell you why washington is now warning moscow to watch its back. it's 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west. i have a cold and this is "way too early." good morning. it's friday, october 9th. i'm jonathan capehart. the chaos continues on capitol hill this morning where house republicans are searching for a leader who can hold their caucus together. in today's "washington post," less than a year after a sweeping electoral triumph republicans are on the verge of ceasing to function as a national political party. and it began with this moment, when house


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