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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  October 9, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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mckparty is out but who's in? and another shooting at a college cap pus. we're waiting on a news conference there in flag staff. this comes on the sap day president automaker heads to oregon this comes as russia steps up its air strikes in that country. we begin with the news out of washington. chaos in the house of representatives. no idea who might be the next leader and now there are growing concerns that the gop -- i'm sorry, let's go right to luke russert. luke is with some breaking news on this. luke? >> reporter: no, not necessarily breaking. what's breaking is paul ryan just walked into the house
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conference meeting. obviously paul ryan is the man who has the house gop in a holding pattern right now because they will not make decision as to who willbe spoke what butch has not flks did to do it, many are aing he needs to get into this and save the race. iffy wants it, it's there but he has to figure it out. speculation is he's probably going to go become to wisconsin this weekend. it's dlg see hide away from the past but lot of poohing still a dogmatic no as well we staub?
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he released a statement saying he not interested in the job immediately after mccarthy pulled out. butch he had an opportunity in front of ul of us reporters to say a definitive no, i don't want to do it, don't want to add it was a soft moeas ryan to def netly backing away from it. all eyes will be on him. we don't know if he'll speak up today. ryan is not somebody who makes a huge life decision at the spurt of the moment. he tushl likes to talk it out withes advisers, talk it out with his family so that is the
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speculation here, all eyes are on home. the patting pattern continues. >> we do expect ho said we'll stop and that the front frb united. >> i guess your new address there, you've been living there for days are, sir. >> now to breaking news we're following in paris at least one person is dead, three are injured. a spokesperson said the gun fire broke out in the parking lot near the dormitory. let's go to joe. what are we learning today? >> we hope to learn a lot more at that news conference. some of the big questions
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were -- they were taken to hospital. we know that the shooting happened just outside of a dormitory. that is a dorm that largely houses fraternities and vort -- right now a lot of students have gathered and this comes a week after the deadly shooting in oregon that is getting so much attention.
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he said he appreciates the efforts of all law enforcement, first lawn and pilg ton at the news conference, as well as exactly what may have happened and who was involved. the president of nau is rita change. our police will be giving us some more information. >> thank you very much. as joe just mentioned, the shooting in arizona come just a week after the deadly shooting. and in justments, president obama will be departing the white house for oregon. he's heading to roseburg to meet with some survivors of the shooting. but not everyone in roseburg is welcoming the president. we'll talk about that later this hour.
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now we have breaking news. >> we have been looking for weeks in ways to improve that program. i wasn't satisfied different programs with that regard. we're looking basically to achieve former -- actually, they had $500 million in the hoppers. only about 50 million of that was actually spent. but for that $50 million, senior defense and officials saed that only amounted to four or five syrian rebels that so the pentagon went babb to draw
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syrian rebels, anti-assad levels,' a group of enablers. not necessarily combat traend but enablers who can who specified pick-out targets and relayed that to coalition warplanes to strike there in syria. now, the original plan would have trained and armed some 35400 rebels by the end of this year. as i said, only four or five ended up in the actual fight. one of the problems was that once they provided web either
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seizeth or current i don't ever to the al qaeda backed group. we expect a further announcement about what this more efficient plan will become letter. >> but mean, not only from the air but with cruise missiles, that those areas, some of them, include some small elements of the ice is forces but almost all of them are anti-assad, anti-regime rebels. some of them had planned toify on the desk by your gam ooit's a
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former chair of the house oversight committee said this morning he could potentially be a candidate for the speaker. he said it's not something you campaign foreand it not something to be taken lightly. >> this is something where the conference has to dig deep and they have to ask the question who can we unite behind? this is a job you can't run for. you can make yourself available for it but the conference really has to look hard, not for who has the most whips calling but who really can make a difference beyond 218. >>. >> i don't thinkman good to see you all. you look great. pabt when i spectator for you ant can go obviously paul ryan is a front-runner. think lay.
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if you're talking about ten people, it it seems like quite a large group but we're now hearing of an earful. >> you can, you can, i think it's more successful. obvious johnson prn i'm sitting at the house of people in the iowa caucus. i want to read "the dysfunctions could sma will a. >> legislators who care about the national interests must find
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the gore to go i think this is just pr brp. >> but you're telling me there's no dysfunction with mccarthy comes out telling the entire world he is in and then at noon he says he's out? is that normal? >> i think that's an issue of mccarthy hearing from people who are hearing from their folks back home. my twitter and facebook are lit up with anybody but mccarthy. i think he sensed that. he made a senseless act of putting me in a position, of having to get tw
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and maybe more than that. >> congressman, thank you for being with me. i appreciate your time. it's already a busy morning here on capitol hill ring. while that's going on, the house huge examination. deep space exploration. and also ben carson made comments about the holocaust. we'll show you what he said. >> this morning the tunisian
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within o at the university. >> and united states precedent incident. we have assured the nau community that campus is secure and classes will go on as scheduled. we are sensitive to the tragedy and we are ask at nau. our hearts are heavy. we have made assistance available, a center has been set up in the ballroom. parents may call 928-523-0007 forwas in. nau, pd chief d.j. fouler is
6:14 am
here to answer your additional quells about the organization. >> so this morning at 0120 hours, two of our student groups got into a confrontation. the confrontation turned physical and one of our students shot the other students. four of our students were shot. our local law enforcement agencies are assisting us in the investigation. a great number of people need to
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be interviewed and accomplished before we can release greater details. at approximately 8:00, we'll try to give you an update on everything that we can. again, as i said right now we have one student deceased and three others being treated at the flag staff medical center. >> reporter: [ inaudible ]. >> i'm not aware of the specific condition of the other three students right now. they all were suffering from gunshot wounds. >> reporter: [ inaudible ]. >> steven was taken into custody by the school officer. >> reporter: he did not run? >> that's correct. >> reporter: what was the confrontation about? >> i do not know that yet.
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i'm sorry to be vague but we just do not know the answer to all of these questions yet. >> reporter: were they fr fraternities? >> they were not fraternitiefra. >> reporter: is the suspect cooperating with you? >> yes. >> reporter: is it stephen with a "ph" or a "v"? >> steven with a v. >> reporter: were they shot multiple times or once. >> it would be safe to say multiple times.
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rz. >> cl did yes, it is. yes. >> reporter: [ inaudible ]. >> i don't know that. it was 1:20 in the morning. students come and go from campus. >> reporter: [ inaudible ]. >> well, we put out an nau alert to let our students know to shelter in place until we could figure out exactly what we had. nothing happened inside of our residence halls. that information was also put out subsequently. >> this is the messaging service where we send out information about the low kiegs and
6:18 am
additional students were capitaliz capitalized. >> reporte >> reporter: [ inaudible ]. >> the alert went out at -- i'm a student and i only got -- >> sometimes it takes us a little bit of time before we can get the information out for the alert and call in the other people. the situation was stabilized right away by the officers. they knew what ne had. they put the elite out as a precautionary measure. so they get it out as quick as they can. i don't know actual lien.
6:19 am
>> reporter: [ inaudible ]. >> so they're sent out through an alert system that you sign up for through your smartphone. >> reporter: what can you tell us about -- [ inaudible ]). >> i do no have that kfs. >> a freshman, i believe. >> not that i know of. not that i know of. >> so the arizona board of regents prohibits anyone to carry beguns on lack ses. the arizona law allows you to have a.
6:20 am
>> did all of them live on canvas? >> no. >> do you know. >> i do not. given, it was 1:20 in the morning and several students just came in confrontization with each other. we don't know what caused the confrontation. >> i don't know that either. >> enin. >> reporter: [ inaudible ]. >> i wasn't there. i don't know. >> i know there were students involved. i don't know about whether or not they tackled him and subdued him until the officer arrived. >> reporter: what can you tell
6:21 am
us about -- [ inaudible ]. >> i believe he's a freshman and we are still working on notification of all the family members, which is why we're not going toable to release names at this point. >> reporter: [ inaudible ]. >> the victims are all male. >> thank you so much for coming. we just doesn't have all of the details. >> it's great fowler, fowl f-o-w-l-e f-o-w-l-e-r. . >> a news conferencee been listening to from arizona.
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nbc's gabe gutierrez is live in the capital of columbia. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. more than 11 trillion gallons of water have run through the coast of south carolina. state officials are watching closely 70 other dams. south carolina governor nikki
6:23 am
haley is warning people to voluntarily evacuate. she said a new round of flooding could linger for up to 12. they've opened an emergency shelter. however, they say the flooding is limited to rural areas. 350 roads and bridges remain shut down. today the clean-up continues here in columbia and jay johnson is expected to tour this area. >> thank you very. back to the white house, ben carson is under fire for comments he made thursday regarding the holocaust. here's what he said -- >> if there had been no gun control laws in europe at that
6:24 am
time, would 6 million jews have been slaughtered? they have powerful machine guns -- >> there was a reason that at the took the gun first, right? >> you believe that if they had guns, maybe it could have been eased, is that what you're saying? >> i'm telling you that there is a reason that these dictatorial leaders take guns first. >> we now know the retired neurosurgeon raised $20 million last quarter. halle, good morning. what is the campaign saturdaying about this latest comment? >> reporter: carson himself, jose really doubling or even tripling down on his remarks, this morning talking with a
6:25 am
number of reporters, basically. people have taken guns. you make a good point, jose. this is not the first time that we've heard ben carson say something controversial about gun control. you talked about his remarks about the orgiven shooting. he said something along the lines of sharing some sort of bullet the would-be shooter to go look for the clerk essentially. so clark talking about this and standee by during. >> reporter: yeah, we heard from
6:26 am
him yesterday and today he's telling andrea mitchell that he believes that this is actually something that could help the party in the long run. he says the gop will survive this and may even thrive. listen to what he had to say to andrea. >> i think it was a magnanimous gesture by representative mccarthy to step aside, recognizing that there was a lot of turmoil. and open the process up. now, i know there are some who say there's not time to open it up, we got to rush, we got to do this. no, we don't. they can decide the rules. they can decide how they want to open up and do it the right way. >> really, jose, his controversial comments have not seemed to hurt him. remember during that exchange about a muslim president when that controversy happened a few
6:27 am
weeks ago, his campaign actually saw a, you talk about carson topping $20 million for this last quarter. jose? >> a great programming you. you can see more of and dree's a meche el today at we're watching for any news at the republican caucus. we seen the meeting behind closed durings. we're going to take you there live. and northern arizona university, one person dead, a we'll have the latest on the shooting straight ahead. also, bim cosby expected to give a deposition in the civil suit given him. details on that right here on msnbc. the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
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front-runner hillary clinton might be set for a collision course with her closest rival bernie sanders. yes, senator sanders is getting big audiences and he's doing really well up in new hampshire, even out in iowa. but the party is still a political party. it just a question who gets to carry out the democratic mission. here's a chance to reset the table. let talk policy now.
6:31 am
>> we're going to take you back to capitol hill now where it is truly a house divided. republicans republicans are meeting mind closed doors to try to find a new leader. leadership elections have been put on hold and for now john boehner remains in charge. good morning. this is a powerful job but it doesn't seem like a lot of people want it. >> that's right, jose. this is viewed as one of unite a very divided party over issues like spending, planned parenthood, the debt ceiling. now, in addition to political down sides to this job, there's also a little bit of a personal one that may be playing in the decision of paul ryan, the how
6:32 am
ways and means committee chairman, who is being pressured to take this job. you're on the road a lot, doing constant fund-raisers and paul ryan is known as somebody. >> how much of what happened yesterday and what's happening today and the days to come, how much do you count your balts come election time? this does seem, though we just had a republican perfect, it is great, part of the process, it does seem maybe there is a little dysfunction. >> certainly this is energizing republicans. donald trump yesterday taking credit for a house fch but mainstream and general lebs voters may be looking at the gop saying i don't think this party
6:33 am
is united enough to get done what needs to get done. there's a lot of important votes coming up, both for the debt scene and for keep. >> morgan joins us from los angeles. good morning. >> reporter: that's right, jose. today at an undisclosed location, cross pea is being is being sued by a whom who said he abused her as just a newspaper. >> isn't now facing another first, begs and she alleges that she was only 15 years old when she became a victim of sexual conduct by him.
6:34 am
>> she is now one of more than 50 women of accusing bill cosby for inappropriate behavior. now 56, huff says that in 1974 she was lured by cosby to the playboy mansion. she tough's attorney jaels glend has not embassy pierd since this is a civil case, not a criminal one. >> it is not too late for her to establish a lawsuit. >> they can bring a suit up to
6:35 am
three years after the point of remembrance. that's exactly he said were a but cosby's team denies all gal gagss. >> his lawyers point out that none of the akuzers filed police reports and that cosby has never been charged with a crime. out of the dozens of accusations spanning across five decades, huff he's did parts of his deposition were made public last july. cosby's team is opening this time around his deposition sty
6:36 am
st stai. >> i think finally in 2015 mr. cosby is coming to understand that this is very, very serious. >> well, jose, nbc reached out to both legal teams for comment but both designed cliend to state. in previous interviews, cosby's team said this is all an attempt to huge money. >> spending you very much. coming up, we'll talk to kate snow who will join us with a preview of the dateline specia., we'll be heading to roseburg to meet with the families in
6:37 am
roseburg and umpqua. at the president's visit today, what are we expecting? >> reporter: we expect it to be an emotional day. he's going to spend private time with members of the families' victims. nine people were killed and nine people were wounded. the white house says this is a private time with family members show ul. a gun-owning community. a lot of people will tell you they took offense to the press's remarks, regardless of the the
6:38 am
family has to say. one facebook has said approximately 8,000 people have showed up. we'll have o keep an eye out for that. >> live pictures from capitol hill where we're seeing members of the caucus arriving this morning behind closed doors meetings. we'll kep you pup which is really one family. the enside lookanke next. of being at the stadium. the microsoft cloud gives us the scalability to communicate exactly the content that people want to see. it will help people connect to their passion of living real madrid.
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6:42 am
could tell them why it sank. the so long stopped their search on wednesday, saying it's unlikely people would be found alive. >> and take a look at these people -- they were pulled over in san antonio after someone who saw them loading into the truck called police. men, women and even children were crammed in. we'll have more on this story and what happened to the driver who was transporting them. >> a pilot accused of helping notorious drug lord el chapo
6:43 am
escape is under arrest. >> and update on that devastating landside. officials say about 245 people are uncovered. there are still over 300 people missing. >> and now preparations are under way for the 70th anniversary of the ruling party. bill we're. >> reporter: good morning, jose, from inside north korea. it's not often you hae me say that because it is -- in the
6:44 am
capital city, everybody is busy preparing for the communist party celebration. uniform groups are practicing, children are drilling, soldiers are everywhere. moe one here can at the out of line. it is one of the most regimented countries on sr down we go into the metro station, the pride of. >> nearly everyone here is wearing a party badge, most with a picture of the party's founder on it. it's his young grandson kim young ill who rules now. that are what should the world
6:45 am
know about your leader? she tells me the future for her daughter is bright, longs he's their leader. they're taught to believe their leader is like a parent or a good. this metro station doubles as a bomb shelter in the event of nuclear partial this is a country like no other. isolated, proud, still locked in a cold war with the u.s. >> tomorrow with lee nell. >> we've seen today and yesterday the preparations for that. soldiers marching, bands playing. been dares taught a still ut ma leader kim john ung. so this country is mass aked
6:46 am
together for a great celebration. the eyes of the world will be looking at heim, jose. >> thank you very much. we are way ai waiting from a republican meeting behind closed doors. but first, the first latin american awards aired on tele-month-oldo last night. will's mccarter. trying wb of special lags about who should run and others. paul is looking at it but it. >> reporter: mr. leader, you said that the paper neat rind
6:47 am
behind so far it doesn't seem as though he has given the green light on whether he's going to take that possibility up or not. we're going to take a short break and be right back with lots more of msnbc. pay stus ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ prge! a manufacturer. well that's why i dug this out for you. it's your grandpappy's hammer and he would have wanted you to have it. it meant a lot to him... yes, ge makes powerful machines. but i'll be writing the code that will allow those machines to share information with each other.
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so, the first ever latin american music awards aired on our sister network, telemundo, last night, in los angeles. they hosted the star-studded international affair with performances from puerto rican artist daddy yankee, rapper lil jon and italian opera trio evolo. the show closed with an incredible tribute to the late and great queen of salsa, celia cruz, and nbc's natalie morales was a presenter at the latin amas and here with a recap. you don't sleep, but how was it? >> yeah, i didn't sleep much, but what a great night, wow. a star-studded affair, lots of partying. what a great celebration of latin music and how much it has
6:51 am
arri arrived. it's become much more mainstream, a part of mainstream america. and i think my favorite part of the night was that tribute to celia cruz, the queen of salsa, of course. it brought down the house. everybody was on their feet at the end of that performance. i also saw you playing the video there of ilvolo, another standing ovation moment, and i was fortunate enough to introduce them. just an incredible performance, great night all around, jose. and you know, it goes to show you that, you know, this is so much a part, and our latin culture is so much a part of entertainment today. >> you know, natalie, i have to just remind you that this is the second time you've been presenting on telemundo. >> i know! >> and this is the second time that it has to do with music. and you've been kind of getting very -- >> it's in my blood. >> -- into it. just telling you. >> it's in my blood, jose. >> i know it is. tell me your favorite, of all of them. of all of them, tell me your
6:52 am
fave. >> my favorite performance -- il volo was so romantic and grande, but also, daddy yankee was great. from the opening act, and also shaggy and feruco had a great number, like a real tropical rigatone number. so i've got to tell you, i got into it. we were all seated in the adolby theater, and i was like we have to get up and dance. >> celia cruz is such a pillar of latin music in so many ways. >> yes. >> and next week, telemundo starts a soap opera on celia cruise. what an amazing woman she was, and how her music lives on, really forever. >> yeah, absolutely. and i think, you know, her story, from the love story -- >> oh, my gosh. >> -- to beginning her career at a time that was during the cuban revolution a the discrimination she encountered as she was, you know, starting to become a star with latin salsa. i mean, she really, i think, was a groundbreaker for so many.
6:53 am
>> yeah. i had the privilege of being her friend, and i've got to tell you, one of the heartbroken moments of her life was when her mother died in cuba. she wasn't allowed to go back and see her mother as she was dying. but what an extraordinary woman. and natalie, so great to see you. thank you so much. [ speaking spanish ] >> gracias, natalie. take care. so much ahead at the top of the hour. we're keeping close watches on capitol hill, where republican leaders are expected to emerge from a closed meeting, we hope with news of who's in the running to become the next speaker of the house. also, another fatal shooting on a college campus. the latest on the situation in flagstaff, arizona. plus, the u.s. set to make a big move involving the war in syria. that and so much more ahead on "msnbc live."
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three marriajor stories unfoldi this hour. on capitol hill, the gop scrambling to find its next house speaker. we expect republican leaders to emerge from a closed-door meeting at any moment now. and another shooting on a college campus in america, this time at northern arizona university. this as president obama heads to oregon to meet with victims of last week's shooting at umpqua community college. plus, a major development on the war in syria. the u.s. will announce it's ending a program to train and equip syrian rebels as russia steps up its air strikes. any minute now, we're waiting to hear from republican house members who have been huddling behind closed doors, trying to find someone willing to take over as house speaker as majority leader kevin mccarthy dropped his bid yesterday. mccarthy himself wants paul ryan to take the job. this is what he said about it just a couple of minutes ago. >> we have very good conference, working together, trying to work together. i know a lot of speculation about who should run and others.
6:58 am
paul is looking at it, but it's his decision. if he decides to do it, he'd be an amazing speaker, but he's got to decide on his own. >> should he do it? >> mr. leader, you said that the party -- >> and jason cfaffits speaking right now. >> if paul ryan got into the race, of course i'd support him. he's someone i would get excited about. part of the reason i got into the race was because people like paul ryan weren't stepping up. we need some solution and i just offer myself as that solution. >> would you drop out if paul ryan got in? >> i would support the nominee. so, i will have my name against -- >> run against him? >> no, i would not run against paul ryan. let me be as clear as i can. if paul ryan gets into the race, i'm a huge fan of paul ryan and i would support him, but he has consistently said he won't do it. but we have to have someone to do it and make the most of it. maybe his approach changes, but he is certainly, in my mind, the
6:59 am
most qualified person to do it, and i'd hope he'd do it. >> have you talked to him today about it? >> no, i haven't seen him today. >> does speaker boehner still expect to step down by the end of the month? sounds like his plan -- >> the speaker was clear that he wanted to get through this process before the end of the month, so -- >> what was the suns of the meeting -- >> i have to get going. i have to get to a mark-up. i'm glad you're all going to come to it. it's going it be a great one. >> joining me now, msnbc host and political correspondent steve kornacki and nbc's luke russert on capitol hill. let's start with you, luke. what's going on? >> reporter: yeah, well, deep here in the bowels of the u.s. capitol, jose, and right behind me, the house gop conference is meeting, presumably trying to figure out a way forward for them to get a leader. and from the members i've spoken to coming out of that meeting, they've said that it's been a positive mood. they gave a round of applause for kevin mccarthy, but the talk has been more centered on trying to unify as opposed to any individual candidate stepping up saying they want to put themselves forward for speaker. there's been a talk of policy as well.
7:00 am
and the general consensus is, is that members are going to go home this week for the columbus day recess, let everything cool off for a little bit, and then come back in a week and try and figure out a way forward. the pressure on paul ryan, though, is mounting. and you heard it right there from jason chaffits, someone who wanted to run for speaker, saying if ryan gets in, he'll get out. the gop conference is in a holding pattern until ryan announces a decision. i spoke with trey gowdy, benghazi committee chairman, a man who's been tapped a few times to try to run for higher office within the conference. take a listen what he had to say about paul ryan. >> he's a good friend and i respect him a lot, and i wanted to give him a word of encouragement. >> do you support him for speaker? >> he's not a candidate, is he? >> well, if he were to get in, would you support him? >> 100%, unabashedly. >> how's the pressure on you right now to get into the race? >> the pressure for me is i'm going to be late for a meeting with elijah cummings and i don't want to be late for a meeting with elijah. scared of him.
7:01 am
>> no pressure for you to run? >> no. >> reporter: so, that's the story, jose. all eyes on paul ryan. he literally has the house gop conference in the palm of his hand. until he makes a call, they are frozen in place. john boehner told his members this morning he'll stay on as long as necessary, whether that means through the end of the month or beyond. but until ryan makes a call, i think we're just going to have to wait this one out. >> yeah. and steve, give us an overview of what this means for the republican party and how you see it potentially being resolved. i guess paul ryan is front and center in this. >> yeah, well, obviously, the full court press is on paul ryan. he's got the right of first refusal here, but there's a reason why he has consistently, not just in this moment, but in other moments when his name has been bandied about to be the house speaker, why he has consistently said he doesn't want this, and i think he sees a trap here. he sees the trap that sort of got john boehner, the trap that was starting to get kevin mccarthy there. that is, you look at paul ryan right now, and he is, as everybody says, the most unifying potential candidate among all of the republicans,
7:02 am
somebody who the people on the right, the people in the freedom caucus might have some trust in, some respect for, some appreciation for, at the same time would be somebody the establishment would be very comfortable with. they talked about getting 247 votes, all of the republicans on board for one candidate. paul ryan could do that now. but paul ryan knows the job of the speaker ultimately, there are must-pass pieces of legislation. they involve making sure there's no debt ceiling default, they involve keeping the government funded, keeping the government open. and ultimately, he is going to have to, if he becomes speaker, cut those deals with the obama white house, with the democrats, to keep the government open, to avoid some kind of a default on the debt ceiling. and ultimately, when he cuts that deal, it doesn't matter how much trust the right has in him right now. there is a very, very good chance he will be called a traitor by the same people who are propping him up right now. and if you're paul ryan and you have some kind of ambition, some kind of political ambition that extends beyond the house, some
7:03 am
kind of national political ambition, potentially, that job is a trap for you because the base of the party could very quickly revolt on you, not to mention the simple fact that it would be one heck of a headache. >> yeah, and luke, you know, it's interesting, because it seems as though he has the support of a good number of the freedom caucus people. and yet, this is someone, talking about paul ryan, luke, who has been able to work across the aisle, and even on issues that some would say the right finds extremely distasteful, like immigration, for example, this is an interesting character. >> reporter: it is, and just think about where we are right now in terms of the funding of the government. we're at ryan/murray budget caps. that was a bipartisan bill negotiated by paul ryan with senator patty murray of washington to sort of alleviate some of the stress of the sequester. a lot of conservatives weren't thrilled with that. so, i think steve touched on some good points, as did you. paul ryan is somebody who, i think, if it came across the
7:04 am
floor supported comprehensive immigration reform, he sees himself in the model of a jack kemp republican, somebody who wants to go into inner cities and try and preach about poverty and why it's important to give people a bootstrap up. so, that's not necessarily something you hear so much from the more conservative members of the conference. all that being said, though, paul ryan has elicited more respect than any other member in that conference, and because of that respect, i think the conservatives would be willing to give him a shot. but steve's absolutely right, his tires will get muddied up if he takes this job because he has to raise the debt limit and he has to fund the government, and they don't like that under the current circumstances. >> luke russert and steve kornacki. gentlemen, thank you both so much. i want to bring in florida congresswoman eliana ross late then. >> hi, ross, good morning. >> tell me about the mood of the party and what the heck is going on? >> well, i just stepped away from the gop conference. it started at 9:00 this morning. we heard from the speaker, we heard from kevin mccarthy, and kevin addressed the rumors that were swirling about after his
7:05 am
speech that shocked us at noon yesterday, and those rumors started festering, saying that he is going to resign his position, and as well as being a member of congress, resign from that. he said i'm not resigning. just like speaker boehner, he's going to stay there until this tumultuous situation gets resolved, so i admire -- >> did he explain why he decided to change yesterday from 9:00 a.m. to noon, from yes to no? >> what a shock it was to all of us, but i think as your great analysts have pointed out, the math just doesn't seem to be there for any candidate right now. yes, he would have won the vote of the conference, an overwhelming majority, yesterday at noon. the problem is the house floor. jose, it is amazing that back in the day, maybe the good old days, just a few years ago, when we had a vote in the conference, someone would move that we make that vote unanimous. that vote carried. and yet, on the floor, we see
7:06 am
rebellion, even though that motion carried. so, a vote in the conference can no longer be translated to a vote on the house floor, and that's a problem that the next speaker will have, whether it's paul ryan or anyone else. it's going to be difficult. >> so, who could be, who could be the next speaker? i mean, paul ryan, if he can be convinced? >> well, we had a situation with danny webster, a wonderful friend of mine, florida colleague. when he addressed us at 9:00 a.m. yesterday as a candidate to be speaker, he was asked, would you make sure that on the floor you would support whoever our nominee is? he said, no, i cannot commit to that. so, whether it's paul ryan, whether it's -- whoever it is -- unless we get the folks from the freedom caucus to say that even if they don't get their way, they will support that nominee, the republican nominee on the house floor, then i don't see how anyone, any gop candidate will get that magic number,
7:07 am
because if their vote in conference will not carry over to their vote on the house floor, then it's for naught. >> and congresswoman, you're on the subcommittee for foreign affairs for northern africa and the middle east. i just want your thoughts on what broke this morning, that the obama administration is going to stop its program of funding to the tune of $500 million, even though they spent about $50 million, people inside syria that would be willing to receive training to fight isis. >> well, i'm also on the intelligence committee. >> right. >> and because of my role there, jose, i'm limited, in fact, forbidden, to talk about any briefings that we have received. but it's been in the open press that this has been a difficult program to manage, and they are rebels that open press say, well, they don't even have enough ammunition to carry the fight forward. so, it's been a troublesome program. we've been funneling a lot of money into it with very little to show for it. so, it is time to stop that and
7:08 am
reassess where we're at, and i'm sorry, i just can't go into specifics. >> okay. >> but we are briefed on almost on a daily basis of the disaster that's going on there, and now with this new russia initiative, it should worry us all the more. >> i'm just going to give you a heads-up, congresswoman. when you and i speak this sunday on telemundo, i'm going to be asking these same questions, so just think about that. congresswoman illana ros-lehtinen, gracias for being with us. >> gracias. breaking news in arizona, where authorities held a news conference a short time ago after a deadly campus shooting there. one person is dead, three others injured following this shooting in northern arizona university in flagstaff. and this is new video we're getting in of the crime scene. officials say gunfire broke out early this morning in a parking lot near a dormitory. the suspected shooter is in custody. >> two separate student groups got into a confrontation. the confrontation turned physical, and one of our students, steven jones, 18 years old, produced a handgun, and he
7:09 am
shot four of our other students. one of our students is deceased. the other three are being treated at the flagstaff medical center. >> nbc's joe fryer's covering the latest details from our los angeles bureau. joe, good morning. what's the latest? >> reporter: good morning, jose. the university's calling this shooting isolated and unprecedented. it happened just after 1:00 in the morning arizona time. police are saying that the suspect is an 18-year-old freshman at this school. they say right after the shooting, he was taken into custody without further incident by the first officer who arrived on the scene, and police say that he is cooperating. as for the victims, we don't yet know their ages or their conditions at the hospital. police also say they don't really know yet what led up to this confrontation, which led up to this shooting. now, this all happened in a parking lot outside of mountain view hall on campus. that's the dorm that houses fraternities and sororities. and the delta kai fraternity just released a statement confirming that some of its members were victims of the
7:10 am
tragedy, but the fraternity could not say if the person who died was a member. the statement says, "at this time, we can confirm that this incident had no ties to the chapter." the university police chief says that under arizona law, students cannot carry guns on campus, but they can keep them in locked cars. this morning the school's president says the campus is secure and that classes will resume as scheduled. but she acknowledges, this will not be a normal day. >> joe fryer in los angeles. thank you very much. more now on breaking developments in the war against isis. the pentagon set to announce that it is scrapping its current training program of syrian rebels, which only managed to produce four or five soldiers that went into the fight against isis. here is defense secretary ashton carter in london earlier this morning. >> we have devised a number of different approaches to that going forward and taken them to president obama, and i think you'll be hearing very shortly from him.
7:11 am
>> more now from nbc's jim miklaszewski at the pentagon. jim, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jose. >> $50 million, apparently, out of the $500 million budgeted, were spent, but not a lot to show for it. >> and in fact, defense officials now taking offense at the description that the train and equip program that was supposed to train and equip from 5,400 moderate syrian rebels by the end of this year, they say, well, that's not ending. but instead, it's going to be equip and train. so, instead of training 5,400, they're just going to provide small arms and ammunition to about 5,400 moderate rebels in syria. then what they're going to do is select a small number, much smaller number of those, perhaps some syrian rebel leadership, to teach them, essentially, how to coordinate and work with the u.s. military, but specifically on how to provide targeting for u.s. and coalition air strikes
7:12 am
there on the ground. so, it's a battle of semantics. the original train and equip was an abysmal failure after spending $50 million and only four or five rebels who went through the program actually entered the fight. so, this is a catch-up, if you will, and a realization that the complicated situation with all those tribal groups switching allegiances from day to day is far more than the u.s. had anticipated, quite frankly, jose. >> and then, jim, add to the mix the russians getting much more involved in syria and attacking, they're saying just, you know, isis points, but not just isis points. >> reporter: right, exactly, from air strikes to artillery to cruise missile strikes earlier this week. the russians are claiming they're going after isis targets, but according to u.s. military officials, there's little evidence of that. and in fact, most of the strikes were against the syrian opposition forces attempting to overthrow the assad regime and
7:13 am
the regime itself there in damascus. so, again, very little evidence that anything the russians are doing is aimed at isis fighters, jose. >> let's hope that those bombs don't get those four or five u.s.-trained folks. >> exactly. >> jim miklaszewski, thank you. good seeing you. >> reporter: you bet. so much more ahead on this busy friday morning. we're keeping a very close watch on capitol hill, where we expect republican leaders to come out of a closed-door meeting in the wake of kevin mccarthy's big announcement, taking himself out of the race for the house speakership. breaking details as we get them. and president obama heading to roseburg, oregon, to meet with survivors and families of victims in last week's shooting rampage at umpqua community college. we're going to take you there live next, right here on msnbc.
7:14 am
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7:17 am
developing now, president obama is en route to oregon right now after departing from joint base andrews a short time ago. he is headed to roseburg, where he will be visiting with some of the survivors and families of the victims from last week's deadly college shooting. msnbc correspondent jacob soboroff is in roseburg this morning. jacob, what are we expecting from the president's visit today? >> reporter: good morning, jose. you know, we're expecting a very emotional day on several levels. on one level, a really reflective, personal, private time between the president and the family members of the victims, families and some of the survivors of the shooting here in roseburg. but we're also expecting what could be sizable protests of the president after his call for gun control, and that is because, jose, this area values guns. even a family of one of the survivors, as i found out. in the wake of the shooting at um with community college, there's been a nationwide conversation about guns and gun rights and gun control. so, i came up to long ranch.
7:18 am
a lot of locals come up here hunting, and my tour guide is dennis acton. his niece, cheyenne fitzgerald, is a survivor of the shooting. how long have you been hunting in this area? >> i've hunted douglas county now for 52 years. >> reporter: 52 years. >> 52. >> reporter: oh, look, there's a deer sign right there. >> there will be deer along the road. >> reporter: you can see a spotted deer from here, what do you do? >> well, first thing you want to do is, is it a buck or a doe? because you can't just shoot any deer. if i were hunting, i'd have a big gun with me right now. >> reporter: just right on your hip. >> yep. i'd have it with me, either over my shoulder or across my arm. >> reporter: do you think that the media that's sort of descended on town here has given people the wrong idea about guns? >> there's just a lot of questions about the gun issue right now. the roseburg area, the south county area, they're adamant, you know. some people will call them rednecks. i mean, you're not going to take my gun. well, there's no way in
7:19 am
tarnation that the government can take all of the guns. our family, we have a lot of guns -- shotguns, you know. the kids start out with bb guns, with air rifles. >> reporter: in a way it sounds to me that guns mean family. >> they are. i've brought both of my -- well, i bought three semiautomatic pistols, .22s, and i gave both of my son-in-laws these to have. >> cheyenne, who's your daughter's niece -- you call her your niece, too -- was shot by this person at umpqua community college. you're at the center of all this. is there anything you want people to know? >> well, i -- i think people on the outside need to understand that families are thick. guns and knives, if used appropriately, you know, they're very safe. and i just think that everybody
7:20 am
needs to respect our interests, our way of life. >> so, without guns, a lot of this, your way of life wouldn't exist? >> not the r&r side of it, you know? >> and the dinner. >> and a good dinner, yeah. >> reporter: jose, as we wait for the president to arrive here in roseburg today, remarkably, some people are looking back to 47 years ago when another democratic politician, robert f. kennedy jr., stood on the steps here of the douglas county courthouse and talked about a gun control message of his own in front of a skeptical crowd. president obama should expect to see a skeptical crowd of his own here in roseburg after calling for gun control himself. >> jacob soboroff, thank you very much. the day's other big political news we're following is the race for the white house. republicans are seeming to get as far away from washington as possible, even the ones that serve there. senator marco rubio will be in las vegas today as his campaign reveals its latest fund-raising
7:21 am
haul. the visit comes a day after donald trump took to the strip to rally support in what's a crucial state for the gop. ben carson swallowing much of the gop political coverage today. he's been criticized again for making a controversial comment, this time over the holocaust. meantime, republicans might have another target in the democratic race. sources close to vice president joe biden tell us he's meeting with his family this weekend at home in delaware. that gathering comes as the clock ticks away on whether he'll get into the 2016 race. we have our political team up and ready from across the country this morning. kristen welker and hallie jackson are here. so is katy tur. this is a great segment for me. kristen, let's start with you. you're in the vice president's hometown of wilmington, delaware, and i understand there's already a bump in the road for a candidacy? that hasn't even been announced? >> reporter: well, there is. you're absolutely right, jose. as vice president biden gets closer to actually making a decision, he is also asking the super pac that supports him,
7:22 am
draft biden, to pull its first television ad. why? well, this ad basically tries to highlight the vice president's resilience. it features that moment back in 1972 when biden had just been elected to the u.s. senate, and that's when his wife and daughter were tragically killed in a car accident. his two sons were injured. biden went on to serve in the u.s. senate, despite his immense grief. but we are told, according to the "l.a. times," that he "believes the ad treads on sacred ground." draft biden has decided to pull the ad, saying this, jose, "nobody has more respect for the vice president and his family than we do. obviously, we will honor his wishes." important to point out that this six-figure ad never actually or officially aired. however, again, as you point out, this is a bump in the road as the vice president continues to mull a decision. sources close to him do confirm for me that he will be smeeting with his family here at his home in wilmington as he gets closer
7:23 am
to trying to make a decision, very aware of the fact that the clock is ticking. if he wants to mount a credible campaign, he has got to announce soon, and a decision could come within the next several days. jose? >> halli, we mentioned the controversy surrounding ben carson. tell us what he said and what others are saying about it. >> reporter: absolutely, jose. so, ben carson talked about this in his book, this idea that the holocaust may have gone differently if the jewish population had had more guns, had been armed. so, this raised a lot of eyebrows when he talked about it on cnn yesterday. and today carson is essentially doubling or even tripling down on those remarks. that said, the anti-defamation league is out now with a strong response, essentially saying that is historically inaccurate. worth noting, jose, that this is not the first time that carson has gotten into hot water just this week when it comes to his comments on gun control. you talked about earlier this idea that he said, in the oregon shooting, somebody should have potentially rushed the shooter. and it's not the first controversial comment that carson has made in his campaign.
7:24 am
of course, you remember his remarks on the muslim presidency last month. so, all of this is to say that carson's comments still have not affected him in the polls. he's still right up there among the top two or three in the early states, nationally. we will see if this latest controversial remark does anything different. and i should say that he will talk about this later today on andrea mitchell's show. >> that's an important reminder, thank you. and katy tur, we have mentioned recent polls that showed trump still leading, but not with the numbers he once had. what do we know about the current state of his campaign? >> reporter: the state of the campaign is still pretty good. the numbers are still high when you talk to them, and they say they're as bullish as ever. the question is whether or not they have the organization on the ground to bring them over the top. and so far, what we're seeing in iowa is the beginnings of some real organization. they're getting people out to caucus. they're trying to find leaders. they're explaining how it works. yesterday in nevada, though, we did not see that same thing. nevada is also a caucus state, as you know, but we did not see any instructions at the rally
7:25 am
there. so far, though, they say that they have no plans on dropping out, despite the fact that donald trump is asked that on a daily basis. he is still leading in the polls. and here's what he had to say on "morning joe" this morning about that. >> i made the statement that, well, you know, if i could see i wasn't going to win and if my numbers were really terrible and if you wouldn't call and everybody's not calling, if i saw it wasn't going to happen, of course i would. the next day, headline's "trump may be considering getting out thereof." it was so ridiculous. >> yeah. >> so you know what i say right now, give more of a political answer -- i'm never getting out. >> reporter: and that's pretty much what we have been hearing from the campaign from day one. he's always said that if he drops significantly in the polls that he would get out, that he's not a masochist. but when you talk to his campaign manager, as i have been doing for about 106 days now, they've always told me that they have all the plans in the world to go to the conventions. one delegate or 2,000, plan to see donald trump there. my gut, though, is that if he
7:26 am
does fall in the polls significantly, if he does lose all of the early states, he's not going to continue. he is not a masochist. but there is no sign at any time soon of him dropping out right now, jose. >> katy tur, kristen welker and hallie jackson. by the way, the three of you, you know who wins best backdrop for a live shot right now? hallie jackson does. >> reporter: who? >> i just have to say, hallie jackson. look at that backdrop, incredible. thank you very much. appreciate it. >> reporter: thanks, jose. >> programming note. andrea mitchell has an interview with presidential candidate ben carson today at noon eastern time on msnbc. all eyes still on capitol hill, waiting for gop leaders to come out of a closed-door meeting. t we're waiting for someone to come to the microphones and speak, maybe give us some news about what's going on in that conference. we'll be covering that for you. but first, a pivotal day in the case against bill cosby, who's scheduled to sit down for a deposition in a civil case accusing him of sexual assault. meanwhile, our kate snow sat
7:27 am
down with nearly half of bill cosby's alleged victims in one location at the same time for their first ever joint interview. kate snow up next with a preview right here on msnbc. ♪ so jill, i know the markets have taken a hit lately. mm hmm. just wanted to touch base. how did edward jones come to manage over $800 billion dollars in assets? huh. okay. here's our latest market outlook. two things that i'd like to point out... through face time when you really need it. so that's interesting, you know we had spoken about that before. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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♪ my mom works at ge. ♪ today, deposition day for bill cosby, who was ordered by a los angeles judge to answer questions under oath from high-profile attorney gloria allred. she's representing one of cosby's accusers in a civil case. the deposition comes the same day nbc is set to air a special "dateline" featuring many of cosby's accusers. msnbc's kate snow joins us with a preview of tonight's show. kate, good morning. >> good morning to you, jose. we're talking with women who accuse bill cosby of various different, inappropriate sexual behaviors, claims that he denies. tonight on "dateline," 29 of them speak out, 27 in one room. i interviewed the women about their allegations of drugging, sexual assault and harassment and their claims that many people around cosby knew about his alleged behavior.
7:31 am
>> reporter: charlotte, if so many people saw things or were working for bill cosby, why would none of them have said anything for the past 40 years? >> money trumps everything. people have jobs, they have families. they see it, they know it, and they don't say anything. >> reporter: former model edin turell says she experienced that silence firsthand when she scored a small part on "the cosby show" in 1989. >> look, if we don't see the serial number, we're going to have to take you in for possession of stolen property. >> reporter: edin says one of cosby's assistants plucked her out of rehearsal two days in a row to take her to cosby's dressing room. the star didn't show up, but edin says she told production staff she didn't like being singled out. >> they all told me not to worry about it, that this happens all the time. and i said, well, this does not happen all the time with me, and i'm not comfortable with it. >> reporter: but edin says it happened two more times.
7:32 am
on the last day, edin says cosby finally appeared, locked the dressing room door behind him and asked edin to do an acting exercise with him. >> then he pulled me into his body and wrapped his arms around me tightly and nuzzled himself into my neck and told me, see, this is making love. this is all we were going to do was make love. >> reporter: and who did you tell about that experience? >> i went back to the person that i had talked to earlier on in the week when i said, this doesn't feel okay to me. >> reporter: on the set? >> on the set. i'm incensed that there is nobody coming forward. i can assure you people knew. >> bill cosby has not been charged with any crime. and while he hasn't publicly responded to the specific allegations of the women we interviewed, he has denied sexually assaulting her drugging anyone. both nbc and karasy werner, the production company that made "the cosby show" declined to comment on edin's story, but last year, the show's executive producers told the "boston globe" in part that "these recent news reports are beyond
7:33 am
our knowledge or comprehension." jose? >> and kate, tell me a little bit about what the mood was like, what the scene was like in that room. so many people. >> yeah. i've never done an interview that large before, jose, on any subject. and you can imagine the raw emotion that filled that room. i think what comes out tonight and what you'll see on "dateline" is the interaction between these women, the support they're giving each other. they're crying, they're holding hands. and the themes that come out, the patterns that they describe in their stories are really -- it really strikes you that there are these patterns. again, these are just allegations, and bill cosby denies them. >> kate snow, thank you very much. and of course, you can watch kate's "dateline" special, "the cosby accusers speak tonight. coming up next, kevin mccarthy's bombshell decision to drop out of the race for speaker of the house leaves the gop scrambling. we're expecting to hear from leaders any time now. meantime, representatives from both sides of the aisle weigh in right here on msnbc.
7:34 am
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well, the house is not in order this morning on capitol hill. republicans begin a closed-door meeting last hour to figure out the next steps in their search for a leader. congressman paul ryan being urged to put his name into consideration to be the next speaker of the house, but as recently as about an hour ago, he told our luke russert that his decision not to run hasn't really changed. with me now from capitol hill, wisconsin republican congressman sean duffy. congressman, always a pleasure to see you. how are you? >> doing well, jose. thanks for having me on. >> your kind of neighbor, paul ryan's under a lot of pressure this morning. is he the only republican at this point who can unite this conference? >> so, with kevin mccarthy stepping aside because he couldn't get 218 votes, i think that the natural next step would be to look to paul ryan. he is the guy that i think everybody could coalesce around. and so, the pressure is coming on him, not just from members of congress, but also from the outside. and i think it's right. paul hasn't changed his mind. he doesn't want to be speaker. >> why? >> he wants to write tax code. >> why? what's the issue?
7:38 am
>> listen, he never wanted to be speaker. he wants to fix america's tax code, make us more competitive. he's worked on that for 17 years, and he feels like it's hard to do that from the speaker's position, which is, again, it's amazing that you have a guy who doesn't want more power. he's happy with where he's at. but i think what's going to happen to paul is, if you know him, he's kind of a boy scout. he wants to do what's right for the country. and if he feels that no one else can take the position, and he is the only guy left, which i think he prays that that's not the case, i do think that he'll make a decision that's not just right for his family, he has kids, but also what's right for the country. and my hope is that he will reconsider and take the spot. >> one gop aide described the whole situation as a mess. how would you describe it? >> listen, this isn't a mess. so, john boehner steps down, and as we go through the process, kevin mccarthy couldn't get 218 votes. and so, if he can't secure the votes on the floor, it's appropriate that he step aside now and not on the floor. >> but is it -- yeah -- >> and move on to the next guy.
7:39 am
>> does the party like whip things? don't they check and see? because you know, 9:00 a.m., he was like, i'm all in. then noon, just kidding. >> right. no, so, what happens is the candidates whip members themselves. >> right. >> so, i think at the very end, kevin mccarthy realized i don't have 218, and if i go forward with this vote in our republican conference, i just need a majority. i'll win, but i won't be able to win on the floor and become speaker. so, instead of starting this process at the last minute, i'll call off the conference, not win because i won't make speaker and allow another member to rise up. so, i think he played it out as far as he could and then cut it off and said, well, someone else can play. but i think -- >> interesting, because -- >> if you look at our conference, there is a real concern -- who leads the institution? and i mean, kevin mccarthy made an interesting point today. he's like, you know, in 2007, we had lost the majority. nancy pelosi was the speaker. it was an incredibly low point for republicans in the house of representatives. but it was from that low point
7:40 am
that they coalesced around a set of ideas that brought them back into the majority. and this morning, kevin said listen, i know some people feel like this is a low point or there's a little bit of disarray, but it's from this low point that we're going to come back stronger and more unified with a better message that can help not just lead the country but help save the country from some of these disastrous policies that have come from the administration. >> so -- >> interesting philosophy. >> -- to see the either half full or half empty glass, depending how you look at it. >> the glass is half full. >> right now that glass doesn't have a whole lot of water in it. congressman sean duffy, always a pleasure to see you. >> thank you. as the leadership drama in the house of representatives unfolds, the white house is sending a message to republicans. >> republicans need to learn that doing their job doesn't mean catering to the extreme right wing in the hopes that they're going to win the next primary. it means actually working with the best interests of the american people at the top of their agenda. >> earnest says it might be easy to poke fun at the chaos in the
7:41 am
republican conference, but he warns, the next speaker will have to deal with the challenge of uniting divided gop caucus. joining me now from capitol hill for more democratic reaction is illinois congressman louis gutierrez. always a pleasure to see you. how are you? >> good to hear from you this morning, jose. >> want to get your reaction as we watch the struggle between the republicans play out in the house. >> look, they cannibalize their own. first cantor, then mccarthy, before that boehner. that's why paul ryan doesn't want to be the speaker of the house. he doesn't want to be the speaker of the house because he understands that there are 35, 40 republican members of the house that didn't come here to govern. they came here to destroy govern. they came here to take the government down. they don't want to coalesce and work with the other side of the aisle. they want to take the country backwards. yesterday i was at a hearing, the judiciary committee. what do they want to do now they have a new committee and a new investigation into planned parenthood. why? because they want to turn the clock back on women. they want women to go back to
7:42 am
the '50s and that "mad men" series that we watch on cable tv where women didn't have rights. that's what they want to do, and that's why he doesn't want to take on the speakership. they want to turn the clock back, and they have chaos. look, if they can't do something as fundamental as pick a new leader, as fundamental as pick a new leader, and every time they pick a leader, they cannibalize that leader, how are they going to lead this nation? >> yeah, and let me ask you, because if it is paul ryan, if he can be convinced to do it, this is a republican who has been willing to deal with, work with democrats on a number of issues, not just budgetary issues. you know this very well, congressman. if the republican more conservative elements are willing to support him now, that may not last very much. >> yes. let me just say this. smartest person, i believe, in the gop conference and would be good for the country, would be good for the republican party, would be good for the house of representatives. >> why? why would he be good?
7:43 am
>> because paul ryan is the kind of individual that will work with other people on the other side of the aisle, and i think that that's what we need. but i think that congressman ryan -- here's the problem. somebody's going to take this tape and this conversation that we just had and turn it into a 30-second commercial and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars criticizing because in this congress -- >> louis gutierrez just said -- mr. democrat just said that paul ryan is among the smartest in the republicans. >> yeah, and that he would work with democrats in order to solve the problems of america. that's exactly what the 35, 40 members, these extreme members, very vocal, organized, extreme members of the republican caucus don't want. they don't want an american solution. they think, you know what, gay people should go back in the closet, women should be at home in the kitchen, and those latinos and asians, why don't we just make them invisible again
7:44 am
or deport them altogether? that's their philosophy of government. they want to go back before there was a voting rights and a civil rights act in america. when i was born in america in 1953, it was separate but equal. but let me assure you, it was separate but not real equal for people like me. that's the america they want to take us back to. and guess what? the vast majority of the american people are going to push back strong against that attempt to take us backwards. >> congressman louis gutierrez from illinois, pleasure seeing you, sir. thank you. >> thank you so much. up next, a shocking story out of san antonio, where police rescued dozens of undocumented immigrants from the back of a sweltering truck. look what happens when they open this back door. look at these poor people, all captured on video by police body cameras. mark potter has the details next right here on msnbc. hold the phone. because at&t and directv are now one! which means you can access your dvr at the dmv. change channels while he changes pants. you don't have to be a couch potato,
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7:48 am
principal in a d.c. suburb and his commitment for not only his students, but also towards his community. and on this anniversary, he's hoping he can pass it on to his son, just like his father did to him. with me now is msnbc's tremaine lee, who got to spend time with these inspiring men. tremaine? >> reporter: jose, it's hard to believe it's been 20 years since hundreds of thousands of black men gathered on the national mall. at the time, it was the largest gathering of black men ever. the theme then was atonement. this time around for the 20th anniversary, there's another march. this one is about justice or else. now, i spent some time speaking with victorious hall, his father asim and his 8-year-old son, king. that's three generations who are hoping to win history again. >> i had a station wagon. i used to try to get as many children as you could, because you get them off the block. a lot of them didn't have fathers. and that's what i'm talking about. that's the type of thing that there's strength in black men. >> reporter: and it was his father who made sure all six of his sons attended the million man march. >> kind of triumph for me to try
7:49 am
to put it into, like, bring my neighborhood together and bring more children, more people to know that they are a great people, a great people, and we're better together. and that's one of the best things i got out of it. and it kind of like helped me with my children. >> when you think about these moments, they're moments in your life that change, that actually change your life? like, at 13, the million man march changed my life, right? so, now, was it a movement for me that i would go and start a organization? did i go and do this? no, but it spurred an understanding of who i was as a person 37. >> reporter: that's right. so, again, it's unclear how many people will descend on the national mall again, but folks are looking forward to gathering again for another historic moment. jose? >> tremaine lee, thank you very much. up next right here on msnbc, the story behind this incredible video we've been showing you this morning. dozens of undocumented immigrants, men, women and children, rescued. situation critical. this is what happened when they opened the back of this semi.
7:50 am
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more now on that incredible video i brought you earlier this month. check this out. the police body cam video captures the moment 39 undocumented immigrants found in the back of a blistering hot 18-wheeler after crossing the u.s./mexico border. nbc's mark potter has more on this for us. good morning. >> good morning, jose. deputies were just stunned when they opened up the door of that truck and all those people started falling out. this is actually a rather common human smuggling technique, but it is very, very dangerous. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: this morning, newly released video from police body cameras, capturing the first dramatic moments when 39 undocumented immigrants gasped for air after being crammed for hours in the back of a sweltering 18-wheeler. police say they were in desperate shape, some too weak to stand. >> it's just a surprise to see that many people inside a hot
7:54 am
trailer. they're all sweaty, they're dehydrated, and they just want out. >> reporter: a concerned citizen spotted them being loaded in the back of the truck at a rest stop near san antonio and called police. >> i saw probably about ten people getting into a reefer unit in a truck here. >> reporter: the immigrants included 28 men, 7 women and 4 minors from guatemala, el salvador and mexico. one 13-year-old boy particularly grateful. >> as soon as he jumped out of the truck, the trailer, you know, he said "thank you so much, thank you for saving us." he gave us a hug. >> turn around real quick. >> reporter: 33-year-old drew christopher potter, arrested on the scene, denies he did anything wrong. >> am i under arrest? am i being detained? >> you're being detained right now. >> reporter: he's charged with smuggling conspiracy and illegally transporting undocumented immigrants in what agents say is a common human smuggling method that can be extremely dangerous. mark potter, nbc news, miami. >> now, as bad as this one was,
7:55 am
there have actually been worse cases. in 2003, 19 immigrants died in the back of a truck in victoria, texas. there were 55 other people inside. and in europe this year, 71 people died in a trailer in hungary, including four children. jose? >> and mark, they know this is a possibility that can happen to them as they come into the united states of america. and yet, they're bringing children in. they know this could happen. because quite frankly, if this truck had not been stopped, who knows what would have been their final fate? >> absolutely. they know that they're getting into a truck. i don't think they absolutely know how dangerous that is, and they're not told that by the smugglers. they're not told that these trucks trips can last for hours, that they can be abandoned on the side of the road. they know something of the danger. i don't think they understand the full danger, and that's obviously kept from them. otherwise, they wouldn't do it. >> yeah, mark potter, great to see you. thank you very much.
7:56 am
that wraps up this hour on "msnbc live." thank you for the privilege of your time. tamron hall is up next. i'll see you on monday. it's time for the "your business entrepreneur of the week." bill shaffer saw opportunity in the midst of california's record-breaking drought. using a trick golf courses have known for years, his bay area company, brown lawn green, uses an organic lawn coloring to make a dry, dormant lawn look lush, healthy and green with minute pal watering. watch "your business" sunday mornings at 7:30 on msnbc. our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 ½ months? that was a leap. but i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. amex helped me buy the inventory i needed.
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suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief breaking news on msnbc. the pressure is on paul ryan from a hard no to a let me think about it. the popular republican goes home this weekend to talk with his family about becoming the next speaker of the house. we are live on capitol hill as house republicans are scrambling to find a new leader. and today, gun rights advocates plan to protest president obama's visit to roseburg, ooregon, as he meets with survivors and families of the college school shooting. and i'll talk live with a college professor who plans to step down from his post at the university of texas over a new law allowing concealed handguns on campus. plus, a judge sends a victim of domestic abuse to jail for not showing up to face her
8:00 am
alleged attacker, even after the woman pleads for leniency. what's being said about that judge today. good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall. we begin with that breaking news on capitol hill. house republicans gather this morning in a closed-door meeting amid the chaos created when kevin mccarthy surprised everyone and dropped out of the race to replace john boehner as house speaker. pressure is mounting on former vice presidential candidate paul ryan to step up now and accept the job he's insisted he doesn't want. here's kevin mccarthy just in the past hour. >> we have very good conference, working together, trying to work together. i know a lot of speculation about who should run and others. paul is looking at it, but it's his decision. if he decides to do it, he'd be an amazing speaker, but he's got to decide on his own. and in today's "gut check"


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