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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  October 9, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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fe can be. these kids were headed to their first dance recital... ...when their windshield got cracked... ...but they couldn't miss the show. so dad went to the new safelite-dot-com. and in just a few clicks, he scheduled a replacement... ...before the girls even took the stage. safelite-dot-com is the fast, easy way to schedule service anywhere in america! so you don't have to miss a thing. y'all did wonderful! that's another safelite advantage. (girls sing) safelite repair, safelite replace. right now on "andrea mitchell reports" whiplash. the race for speaker of the house is changing by the hour, sometimes by the minute. but there's one name that seems to be on everyone's mind. >> i actually think paul ryan eventually will get into this. >> i think -- >> do you support him for speaker? >> he's not a candidate, is he? >> paul is looking at it but it's his decision. if he decides to do it, he would
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be an amazing speaker. >> if paul ryan runs, clearly he would be somebody that i would support. >> the interview, presidential candidate ben carson weighs in on the chaos on capitol hill and what it means for the republican party ahead. >> i think it was a magnanimous gesture by representative mccarty to step aside, recognizing that there was a lot of turmoil. >> what do you think about paul ryan as a compromise choice? >> i like paul ryan. >> and protesting the president. the president flies to oregon today to console the families of those killed in that campus shooting but not everyone wants him in roseburg. >> it's a heart issue. it's not a gun issue. he is not wanted out here to push his agenda and using the families for that agenda is not just unacceptable, it's utterly
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despicable. good day. i'm andrea mitchell in washington. what a day it is. a roller coaster ride for house republicans and it's far from over. the push for paul ryan among the republican conference has hit overdrive. the former vice presidential nominee and current ways and means chairman is so far not taking the bait. joining me, msnbc's luke russert live on the hill. here with me, nbc news political director chuck todd, moderator of "meet the press." we will try to get him some more jobs. and republican strategist john fehery, former house communications director for dennis hastert. back when they knew how to run the house. tell us the latest now from paul
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ryan, he's not a candidate. that doesn't mean, we should point out, he can't be drafted. >> reporter: that's right. last night a few reporters and myself had a stake-out in paul ryan's office, followed him as he was leaving the capitol and kept peppering him with questions about whether or not he was going to run for speaker. he said look, i'm going to point to my statement, my answer is the same. it was a soft no. it wasn't a firm no. paul ryan last night and this morning has had ample opportunities to walk in front of the camera and say i will not take this job, i am not a candidate, and he has yet to do that. so until he does that, until he explicitly said i do not want this job, i will not be drafted into it, i will stay chairman of the ways and means committee, speculation will continue to center on him. the entire house gop conference right now is in a holding pattern. they had a meeting at 9:00 a.m. there is some conservative anger at boehner for delaying the speaker's race after mccarthy dropped out, saying you are stacking the decks in favor of one candidate.
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boehner shrugged and said look, we got united as a conference right now, we have to figure out a way forward to go against the democrats and show that we are a party that is unified and cable of governing. so what you are going to see over the course of this columbus day recess is paul ryan, the pressure applied to him will be intense and then you are also going to see a lot of members go back to their districts and they will hear from their constituents, many of whom were dissatisfied with kevin mccarthy and john boehner. i assume a lot of them will have an opinion about paul ryan. one last thing i will tell you, what we started to see here, outside right wing conservative media, they are starting to mobilize against paul ryan. so what effect will have that, what would he have to do to make concessions to the freedom caucus? kevin mccarthy was not able to do that so if ryan is to go, he most certainly would win because he's the compromise candidate between the establishment and the conservatives, but he might not be enough for some conservatives and that still brings up that 218 question,
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which mccarthy had so much trouble with. >> you could argue to john and to chuck that paul ryan might want to make some demands like someone else would do the fund-raising, someone else would deal with the debt ceiling, which is imminent on november 5th. if i take this, i just take it for a year as a care taker and still do ways and means. i'm the policy guy, i don't want to get dragged down into this snakepit. >> interesting that luke said there is some mobilization on ryan, that -- i think -- i think the conservative wing of this party in the house has sort of used up their chips here. i think that that's -- i don't know how many more, you know, how many more nos do they have. if they reject ryan, then i think they risk boehner saying all right, i'll stay. and i will stay comfortably with democrats keeping me in power. and democrats will do it and boehner becomes a stronger -- so
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i think this is -- i think if conservatives start mobilizing against ryan they will start losing credibility. in a big way, with even mainstream conservatives. >> you watched this play out 17 years ago, dennis hastert, whom you worked for, became the compromise choice after newt gingrich and very briefly, bob livingston, newt was being forced out as speaker, livingston had to leave, had to not take over because of the whole issue of his personal life. hastert became the compromise choice. you know the history better than anyone. so could boehner be the only one since he's lame duck leaving, is he the only one who could make a deal with the democrats? whereas any current republican who could be primaried could not be elected speaker? >> good question. it would be a whole new dynamic. charlie dent has been talking about having a bipartisan speaker which hasn't happened in 220 years. but it could happen. you never know. they have the mechanisms to do it. i think you could have other
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candidates like mike simpson or tom cole, who you had earlier, who would get democrat support. i think that paul ryan is the only chance the republicans have to win on the first ballot. after the first ballot, if there's a second or third ballot, i think chuck is absolutely right. the freedom caucus is out of luck. as a matter of fact, i think they're out of luck any way. whoever the speaker is going to be is going to want to run the house their own way and won't want to be run around by the freedom caucus guys anymore. >> luke, you interviewed walter jones from north carolina who sent out a really provocative letter to all members of the conference on the eve of the vote. wednesday night, before the conference met, suggesting that anyone who wants to run for speaker make sure they had no skeletons in their closet. let's play a little bit of what happened when you talked to him today. >> do you think your letter had an impact yesterday? >> i would hope not.
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asking for integrity creates so much trouble? i don't think so, to be honest with you. >> let me do a quick whip-around. chuck, this is really -- >> look, here's what i'm pretty confident happened here. there was a bunch of conservatives going wait a minute, we got rid of boehner and you're giving us boehner 2.0. mccarthy would have been. if you are frustrated with boehner, mccarthy wasn't the answer. what i think happened is you had some conservatives so intent on making sure mccarthy wasn't the replacement that they went to another level of whisper campaign. they went to another level of -- look, we all know there was another thing going on and you can call it a whisper campaign, call it whatever, and that is what was sort of the final -- i think mccarthy, the benghazi comments is what made him incredibly vulnerable. add in the fact that conservatives never really were like what are you doing here, you're just promoting so the goal was how do you get rid of him.
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the fastest way was to create this whisper campaign. i think that's what happened here. it is not the reason. it just became a tactic. >> mccarthy folks knew that they were going to be boehner 2. they knew they were going to go through the same kind of tired exercise that boehner had to go through. they knew that vote would be every bit as controversial for a lot of members. the members actually i have talked to actually want a change. they want a change somewhere in leadership. that's why paul ryan is such an inviting choice. he at least changes the dynamic which has been going downhill for awhile. that being said, if the freedom caucus doesn't come up with somebody they can support who is rational, john boehner will stay speaker and comfortably so. >> luke russert will get -- keep his running shoes on up there. luke, thank you so much. "meet the press" daily. >> we got some good stuff today. interview with john kerry and mike bloomberg on climate change, and syria. very interesting. john kerry and president obama
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are not on the same page on syria. john kerry says hey, the president's in receipt mode, we are all giving him ideas. >> certainly hillary clinton is an outlier there, too. we will all be watching. john, thank you so much. great to see you again. i'm sure you really miss the house. speaking of the house, wisconsin republican congressman reed ribble joins me. last week he announced he was leaving the house freedom caucus. why getting out? i-was involved with the caucus right from the beginning and the original intent there as we put it together was we wanted to change some of the process that the house worked by, where both conservatives and regular members or centrist members, establishment members, however you want to call them, had a chance to move legislation that mattered to them. and we didn't think the process was working right for the entire body. we also wanted quite frankly to move an advanced conservative policy. when it came to the point a week
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or so ago after john boehner resigned and they talked about getting involved in the leadership races, for me that wasn't where i was at personally and i said i don't want to be involved in that, i don't want to give up my card and vote en bloc for a leader, i give my card to the citizens that sent me in wiscsin's eighth district so i felt i needed to step back. that was the reason. >> have you talked to paul ryan, your fellow wisconsin member? >> sure. i've talked to paul almost several times a week. my personal take is paul would be a terrific speaker but i don't think that's why his heart is. his passions have always been centered around fixing our broken entitlement system and fixing our broken tax code. i have never seen paul happier than he is when he's working full bore on the ways and means committee. he may in fact decide to stay there because that's where his passions reside. >> but do you think he could be persuaded if it becomes the only way out of this chaos?
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>> well, i don't think that's the only way out of the chaos. i'm not even sure it's chaos. it's chaos here in washington, d.c. as the media likes to define it but i will guarantee you that if you went back to green bay or appleton, wisconsin today, everybody got up and went to work and moms and dads did their thing and took their kids to school and are anxious about their kids' football games tonight and it's only here that this is a really big, big deal. the rest of the country is paying attention to their families like they always do. >> but we do need a speaker. this is a constitutionally -- >> of course we do. >> -- created post -- >> of course we do. we need a speaker. we will get to one. i told my colleagues this morning in conference that -- who feel a bit anxious and have some anxiety over it that where we ought to be, we ought to be anxious for getting it right, not anxious for getting it done quickly. if we take our time and, the speaker said today he would stay on as long as it's necessary to find a replacement, we should take our time and actually be thoughtful about this.
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there are many smart, thoughtful members of this conference that could lead us but part of the problem is the conference itself and we must deal with that first. >> that may be the headline. the speaker will stay as long as he's needed. thank you very much. good to see you. thanks for joining us. we will have a lot more on the incredible happenings on capitol hill coming up, including my conversation with republican presidential candidate ben carson. i asked him about the future of the republican party and his opinion on gun control following the latest school shooting only today at that school in flagstaff, arizona. that and more ahead. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon.
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welcome back. this turmoil among house republicans reflects in part what's going on in the
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republican presidential race. earlier today, i sat down with dr. ben carson, who along with donald trump is leading the pack. dr. ben carson joins me now. he's the author of "a more perfect union." dr. carson, welcome. thanks for being here. well, the republican party is in disarray on capitol hill. you are for all intents and purposes one of the leaders of the republican party, you and donald trump, the poll leaders right now. what does this say about just the republican brand and the republican party? can it survive after this kind of chaos? >> i think it cannot only survive but it can thrive. i think it was a magnanimous gesture by representative mccarthy to step aside, recognizing that there was a lot of turmoil, and open the process up. now, i know there are some who say well, there's no time to open it up, we've got to rush,
9:18 am
got to do this. no, we don't. they get to make the rules and they can decide exactly how long they want to take, and do it the right way and make sure that there is some harmony and a functional unit. >> now, what do you think about paul ryan as a compromise choice? >> i like paul ryan. he's a thoughtful individual and -- but the question is, you know, what do the other representatives think about him. and you know, hopefully he will decide that he wants to do this and will present his philosophy of leadership along with others, and they can make an intelligent decision. >> the debt limit needs to be raised by november 5th. this is a deadline. then there's the deadline to extend government funding or come up with a budget which they have never done in recent years. what would you do if you were president? >> well, if i was president, we wouldn't be in this situation. okay?
9:19 am
because long before we reach the deadline, i would have been saying we're not going to raise the debt limit. i'm not going to sign anything that in any way increases our obligations. and what i would say is you know, there are 645 governmental agencies and subagencies and they all have budgets, and i would have long before we got to this stage been looking at that and looking at other things, because we always end up in the same situation. your back's against the wall, you got to do it right now or we're going to die, you know, and it's the same every year. why do we wekeep doing it? >> overnight, another shooting, arizona. you have talked about guns and some blamed you out in oregon for what sounded like blaming the victims for not standing up to that shooter.
9:20 am
>> well, of course they would think that because many of the people in your profession, hopefully not you, didn't even play the context. i was answering a question. i was asked what would you do if you were there and they were holding a gun to your head and asking you about your christianity. and i told them what i would do. but of course, they didn't play that part. they just played what i was saying so they could characterize it as a criticism of the people. >> and what you would do, just explain fully, what you would do in that situation. >> in a situation where you had a madman who was systematically assassinating people after asking them a question and they're all there waiting their turn, i would not wait my turn. i would say let's do something, you know, attack, unless you have an easy method of escape,
9:21 am
of course, you escape but assuming you don't have an easy method of escape, why would you just sit there and allow him to do that? i think average people with common sense understand that. >> the holocaust. this also was raised and you suggested that if the jews had been armed, if they had had guns, hitler could not have succeeded. isn't that mischaracterizing the enormity of what happened? >> not only the jews, but the entire populace. this is a general pattern that you see before tryanny occurs. there are many countries where that has occurred, they disarm the populace before they impose their tyrannical rule. that's not a rare situation. that's something that we don't want to ever even think about. that's one of the reasons that daniel webster said what he said. he said there will never be tyranny in the united states because the people are armed.
9:22 am
>> the president going to oregon today and a lot of controversy, because there are many people there who actually are saying he's not welcome to come. as the leader of the country, the commander in chief, the head of this nation, what do you think about him going to a place that has suffered so grievously and trying to deliver a message to people there? >> i think he would probably encounter less resistance if he wasn't trying to politicize a tragedy like this. if he in fact extended the same kind of warmth and condolence in every situation, kate steinle, for example, people who perhaps find tragedies in situations that are not aligned with his agenda, then it wouldn't look like politicization and i think he would have less resistance. >> you think it does look political? >> it is. he even admitted that it was.
9:23 am
>> is there a point that he's making that it's time to be political and in fact, the administration is now considering strongly something hillary clinton announced which is to take executive action and close some of these gun show loopholes and close some other loopholes and create higher standards for people to be considered dealers who would have to then go along with the background check? >> you know, i certainly hope that congress, the legislative branch, if he does such a thing, will finally stand up and recognize that there's a reason we have separation of powers and checks and balances and if you sit back and you pretend like you're the peanut gallery, then the other branches are going to be doing things like that. that's not appropriate action. this is thenited states of america. we have a system for making laws
9:24 am
and rules, and it does not include a monarch. >> hillary clinton has been moving to the left. she's come out against the trade deal, she's come out against the keystone pipeline. she's called for executive action on gun laws. she's called for much tougher regulation on wall street. what would you say if you were standing on a debate stage and it was the general -- with the general election and it's dr. ben carson against hillary clinton. do you think you could debate her effectively and given all of her experience in government? >> absolutely. first of all, i would say you know, it's all of these regulations that you want to impose that are creating a very difficult situation for poor people and for the middle class. i would say do you recognize that every single regulation costs in terms of goods and services, it increases the price. now, it may not hurt you, because you have a lot of money,
9:25 am
but every time that box of laundry detergent goes up 30 cents, it hurts the poor. it hurts the middle class. so let's stop doing that to people and let's find real solutions together that solve our problems and not political solutions. >> what do you think about rupert murdoch's tweet the other day? caused a lot of controversy saying time to have a real black president, suggesting that barack obama is not a quote, black president. is it appropriate for someone, a media mogul, australian born white man, to define who is black and who is not black? >> well, i know rupert murdoch. i can tell you he's not a racist. you know, i don't think he had any implications in a racist direction and i think he's
9:26 am
simply saying that this president who was the pride and joy of black americans has really not done a whole lot for black americans. it probably could have been expressed in a different way. >> is it fair to suggest that you with all due respect are more black than barack obama? is that something that anyone should be trying to define? >> it's not a matter of blackness. it's a matter of what are we going to do for the downtrodden in our society? are we going to facilitate their continuance in a depressed situation, in a dependent situation, or are we going to use our collective resources to find a mechanism to create a ladder that allows them through effort to become a part of this fabric that made this into a strong nation. >> you were quoted as saying you would get in putin's face.
9:27 am
how would you get in putin's face? he's firing cruise missiles into syria, some crashed in iran. big military moves, showing his muscle. he's already taken part of ukraine, taken crimea. how do you get in his face? >> a lot of different ways. first of all, when his general says, you know, we don't want you guys flying in this area. we don't listen to stuff like that. we fly wherever we want to fly. you know, i would tell him if i were president we fly where we want to fly. not only that, but in conjunction with the turkish, i would establish a no-fly zone at the turkish border. not only that, one of the things you have to recognize is vladimir putin is a very ambitious guy. he was very unhappy about the dissolution of the soviet union. he wants to reextend the influence. one of the things that is keeping him from doing that is
9:28 am
finances. now, he sees syria as the linchpin to a broader expansion of his influence throughout that region. this is my opinion. you know, you must recognize that he has long-standing relationships with people in that area. in the class of 1968 at university in moscow, mahmoud abbas was in that class and so was khomeini. these are long-standing relationships. you see that khomeini is helping spo to support the assad regime. the russians come in we're fighting isis. are they fighting isis? no. they are fighting al nasra and anybody who is against assad.
9:29 am
you have to be able to see through all this stuff. we have to oppose him not only there but everywhere around the world. i would get in his face throughout the entire baltic basin, not just the baltic states but the whole baltic region, i would have more armored brigades, i would reestablish a missile defense system, i would also take advantage of his weakness which is economic weakness and remove our ridiculous energy exportation rules and start using some of our energy resources to help create dependency on us and europe and other parts of the world rather than on m. those are the kinds of things that limit his influence and we have to be proactive, not just sit back and react to what he's doing. >> want to ask you about donald trump. the other person leading in the polls. you and he tied in some places.
9:30 am
if it turned out that donald trump were to get the nomination, would you serve as his vice president? >> i don't know. i can't answer that question because that would involve a lot of negotiation, compatibility issues, and i would have to make a decision whether that was really the best use of my time and my influence. would it be better to be able to be completely independent. so all of those things would have to be answered and they can't be answered now. >> another hypothetical, should you win the nomination, would you consider donald trump if he were the next vote getter? would you have an obligation almost to the party to consider him as your running mate? is he qualified to be president of the united states? >> i would consider everybody but again, it becomes a
9:31 am
compatibility issue. those things obviously would have to be discussed in some detail and those negotiations have not occurred yet. so you can't answer that question. >> are you -- how surprised are you to find yourself in this place? do you consider yourself an unlikely front-runner? or close to a front-runner in the republican party right now? >> i'm surprised that it has occurred this quickly. i thought it would take longer. but to me, that's a tribute to the intelligence of the american people who have decided that there's something not going to be manipulated by the press and by the pundits who have consistently been wrong and have decided they are going to think for themselves and think about their future and the future of their children and grandchildren. it was exactly what thomas jefferson said. he said that because the people
9:32 am
would become lackadaisical, government would grow and infiltrate and control their lives but before we turned into something else the people would awaken. i believe that awakening is occurring. it is my hope and prayer that the press will become a part of that, too. and stop taking sides. and realize that the reason they are the only, only business that's protected by the constitution is because they were supposed to be on the side of the people, not on the side of the democrats, not on the side of the republicans, but on the side of the people. >> dr. ben carson, good luck out there on the campaign trail. the book is "a more perfect union." >> thank you. >> thank you so much, sir. up next, a founding member of the house freedom caucus on the showdown with kevin mccarthy. proud of you, son. ge! a manufacturer. well that's why i dug this out for you. it's your grandpappy's hammer and he would have wanted you to have it.
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hill, i want to speak to one of the founding members of the house freedom caucus which has played such an important role here. congressman raul labrador joining me. great to see you again. tell me, what is going on inside the freedom caucus? you have banded together and kevin mccarthy's not going to be the speaker. who is the next target? we are told there is some bubbling up of opposition even to paul ryan should he change his mind. >> we haven't talked to paul ryan whach ryan. what we have done is pretty simple. we asked all the candidates to come to the freedom caucus, we have about 40 members of the freedom caucus that are working together and to tell us what their vision is. are they willing to change the way that washington is working, the way the house is working, and i think we have some really good conversations. we endorsed as you know daniel webster, but we had really good conversations with the other two candidates as well. so i think it's been a positive process. i think it's going to get even better. >> what's the next step?
9:37 am
because we are told that boehner has told the conference he will stay as long as necessary, and ryan has said he's not a candidate but that's not sherman-esque so do you see a process where ryan could be persuaded? would he be acceptable then to you? >> well, unless he talks to us, we won't know. i have known paul ryan the whole time i have been here for five years. i have a very good relationship with paul ryan. but i think, you know, that's the problem here in washington, d.c. we start talking about people before we start talking about process, before we start talking about how we are going to come together as a conference. i believe paul ryan is a person who could bring the conference together but i want to know what his ideas of being a speaker are going to be. as you know, he said for the last ten years that he doesn't want to be speaker of the house, he has never really made his case for being speaker of the house. he has a lot of respect in the house from members of the house, but i want to hear from him if he decides that this is something that he and his wife
9:38 am
want to do, that how exactly he is going to lead and what is he going to do differently than we have been doing in the last five years here in washington, d.c. >> how urgent is this decision? you've got the debt ceiling november 5th. >> you know, i don't think it's urgent. i think you guys in the media are making this like this is a decision that has to happen right now. we are still doing the work of the house. the committees are still working together. the committees that are working on the debt ceiling are working together. i introduced justice reform legislation yesterday with the chairman of the judiciary committee. so we're still doing our work. we are still doing all the things that need to be done. i think as we tend to do in the media, everything is a crisis and i don't think it's as bad as you guys are making it out to be. it's actually brought a lot of us closer together. now we are talking to each other about what exactly are these process changes that we need and we are having people from the freedom caucus talking to members of the tuesday group
9:39 am
which is a more moderate faction of the group and saying okay, is there a person that we could agree on, is there a process that we can agree on. so i'm going to make a prediction on your show. you are going to see that we are going to come together in the next two weeks, we are all going to be able to agree on a candidate after we all have our discussions with them, and you are going to see the party even more unified than it's ever been before. >> come back in two weeks if not sooner and we will talk. thank you very much, congressman labrador. good to see you. we'll have more from capitol hill coming up. plus the campus shooting in arizona leaving one person dead, three others wounded. another shooting today. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night.
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9:43 am
it's something the media is creating, that they will come up with an agreed-on candidate for speaker in the next two weeks. do you see signs of them moving towards some resolution? >> well, i don't see signs yet. there are obviously a lot of calls for paul ryan to step into the race for speaker. i think they will arrive on someone. the question is will that new speaker have any better opportunity to work within his own conference than outgoing speaker boehner. the problem with the republican conference is structural. they have that hardcore group of tea party or freedom caucus members that are at odds with the broader membership and until the broader membership makes the decision to take them on, and the decision to work across party lines to get things done, choosing the new speaker isn't going to resolve the problems the republicans face. >> democrats, could they provide the critical votes, let's say for some compromise candidate, or would that so weaken any republican who is elected
9:44 am
speaker with democratic help? >> well, i think that's part of the challenge. democrats stand ready to work with republicans on a host of policy issues where there is really strong bipartisan support to move forward. we could take up, for example, comprehensive immigration bill which would pass i think quite overwhelmingly in the house but it does require the speaker to make the decision that he or she will partner with democrats and part of the challenge i think that speaker boehner had and part of the reason why i think he decided to retire is that if he stayed on as speaker by virtue of getting democratic votes, that would be used against those members of the republican conference around the country who voted for the speaker, and unfortunately, that is the dynamic that has grown up in a lot of the gop base where working compromising, reaching agreement and sometimes governing is seen as anathema to that core constituency and that's a problem the gop has got to grapple with. i tell you, i take no delight in
9:45 am
the turmoil going on within the gop. they're the majority party. they're the governing party and we need them to govern. we want them to work with us but they need to be functional and right now, they just aren't. >> congressman, you are the top democrat on the house intelligence committee. today, we just got off a conference call with the white house and state department and defense. they are ending the train and equip program for all intents and purposes, program that has clearly failed. what's next? what's the new strategy for syria? >> well, i think it's the right call, obviously the train and equip mission had problems from the very start. it looks like they're going to move more to a model where they are helping to equip forces that are already fighting in the theater where we have a relationship with some of the commanders of those forces, where we can at least vet the force in the sense that we know it's not comprised of radical islamists that will be a problem later or that we have no business being in support of. so i think it makes a lot more sense. i think it will be a lot more
9:46 am
effective and i think this train and equip mission was just too big and too tough and ran into the cardinal challenge which is the best determinative of how much a fighting force will fight is whether there was the will. there just wasn't the will among this group to take on isis as opposed to the regime. >> congressman adam schiff, always good to see you. thank you very much. >> thanks, andrea. much more right ahead on the chaos on capitol hill. looks like some folks have had it with their airline credit card miles. sometimes those seats cost a ridiculous number of miles... or there's a fee to use them. i know. it's so frustrating.
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two separate student groups got into a confrontation. the confrontation turned physical and one of our students, steven jones, 18 years old, produced a hand gun and he shot four of our other students. >> that was the police chief at northern arizona university in
9:50 am
flagstaff where the deadly shooting happened earlier this morning right outside a dormitory. that one student died. three others are being hospitalized. the suspect, steven jones, a freshman, is in custody. up next, the president's trip to oregon today, where he may not be so warmly received. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost®.
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all we're talking about is having guns not in the hands, anybody can have a gun, anybody can have a rifle, but a person who's got a criminal record or is in an insane institution or is mentally incompetent shouldn't have a rifle or gun. is there anybody out here that thinks those people should have rifles or guns? that's all the legislation does. it doesn't stop anybody from having a rifle or a gun. >> bobby kennedy campaigning for president in roseburg, oregon ten days before he was killed by sirhan sirhan in los angeles. the debate continues.
9:54 am
president obama about to propose executive action on guns as meets with victims of last week's campus shooting in roseburg. jacob, several groups are protesting the president's arrival. what are their problems with him coming today? >> reporter: well, you know, the obvious one which is that he made a very strong statement from the white house the day after the shooting in support of gun control and explicitly said that this is a political situation in addition to being a deeply personal one for so many people here. there's one protest last time i checked this morning on facebook that had 8,000 people, rsvp that they were going to come here. you played that incredible clip from 1968. president obama is not the first high profile democratic politician to come here and call for gun control. bobby kennedy did it from the steps of the douglas county courthouse. he faced opposition here in roseburg and the president is sure to face his own opposition here today. >> jacob, the mourning continues for the families, for the victims. he will privately meet with them.
9:55 am
>> reporter: undoubtedly. we actually expect to see the president probably fly above us here in marine one to downtown roseburg which is behind me, and not just meet with the family members of the victims, but also most likely some of the survivors of the shooting as well. >> good to talk to you. thank you very much. out there in roseburg, oregon. that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." monday on the show, we will be live from las vegas in advance of the first democratic debate and we will also have my conversation with u.s. supreme court associate justice steven breyer. follow the show on facebook and on twitter. thomas roberts will be joining with what's coming up on "msnbc live" after this break. ternet o. what we're recommending as your consultants... the new consultants are here. it's not just big data, its bigger data. we're beta testing the new wearable interface... ♪ xerox believes finding the right solution shouldn't be so much work.
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9:59 am
to be the one most acceptable to a fractured republican house majority. particularly after kevin mccarthy stunned the political world dropping out of the race on thursday, unable to unite the conference behind him, throwing the race and the party into a state of pandemonium. today, mccarthy appears to be among the many that backs ryan. >> i know a lot of speculation about who should run and others, paul is looking at it but it's his decision. if he decides to do it he would be an amazing speaker but he's got to decide on his own. >> even other candidates representing the anti-mccarthy far right appear receptive to a ryan candidacy. take a look at jason chaffetz. >> paul ryan got into the race, of course i would support him. he would be the kind of person i could get excited about. >> so of course, one question remains. does paul ryan really want this job? at all? the nine-term congressman from wisconsin still insisting today and yesterday he isn't running.
10:00 am
>> my statement stands. i haven't changed anything. i've got nothing to add right now. >> with all respect, if you didn't want to be speaker you could rule it out right now and say i will not be -- >> this is not the time or place, guys. >> nothing like being popular in washington, d.c. nbc's luke russert has been following this action for us all day on capitol hill. luke, i know you have had an opportunity to speak to a lot of republican house members. what are they telling you specifically about whether they can convince paul ryan to take this job? >> reporter: well, it's clearly a fractured conference between the establishment and conservatives but paul ryan seems to be the only member that could bridge that divide. however, he has had numerous opportunities to say no, i'm not interested as you saw right there in that clip and he has not taken them. now, he stands by his comment that he is not interested in the race. that was a paper statement. he has never taken the opportunity to explicitly deny his interest in the job. until he does that, t


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