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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  October 9, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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first three mentioned are the candidate whose can win enough of the hispanic vote which a republican president has to win in order to be elected. >> a great memoir. great to see you both. i have to go. tune into nbc on sunday morning where meet the etspress will be plus two house members from each end of the republican spectrum. we will be back monday with more mtp daily. ericails hill picks up our coverage next. i'm erica hill. right now breaking news. president obama speaking just over an hour ago in roseburg, oregon where he made a brief comment after meeting with the families who lost loved ones in the community college shooting there last week. >> i'm going to be very brief here. i just want to first of all say
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thank you to mayor itch arich. i want to thank governor brown and the entire community and the state of oregon for coming together at this terrible time to support the families. i just had a chance to talk to them. obviously, in moments like this words aren't going to bring their loved ones back but the one thing that they share is how much they appreciate the entire ucc community coming together, how much they appreciate all their neighbors, friends and people all across the country who offered to help, sent thoughts and prayers. i just told the mayor that if there is anything we can do at the federal level to help the community heal from this loss obviously we will be there.
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i know that flying out here with some of the members of the oregon delegation they feel the same way and the governor obviously has been paying a lot of attention to how we can be most helpful to these families. there are going to be i think moments as we go forward where we are going to have to come together and figure out how to stop things like this from happening. i've got some very strong feelings about this because when you talk to these families you are reminded that this could be happening to your child or your mom or your dad or your relative or your friend. and so, you know, we are going to have to come together as a country to see how we can prevent these issues from taking place. today it's about the families,
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their grief and the love we feel for them they appreciate all the support. >> we will have more on the president's meetings with those families and the response to his visit a bit later in the show. it's not our only breaking story. we are focused on the search for speaker of the house on capitol hill. congressman paul ryan is the man of the hour the person everyone wants for the job everyone except for ryan himself. the congressman is at his home in wisconsin. before leaving d.c. he did weigh in on the speculation. >> nothing's changed. right now i'm just going to make it home for dinner. >> take care, guys. >> paul ryan talking about green
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bay packers. his fellow republicans not giving up on him meeting to talk about what comes next. >> are you confident that you will have a new speaker by the end of the month? >> we are working through that. we are committed to an orderly process and it is worth us taking the time to make sure we get the person that can lead us, unite us. >> nobody has consensus on 218. we have to have vibrant internal discussions and i think we will get it right. >> nbc news capitol hill correspondent luke rusert is live at the capital. what are you hearing at this hour about these internal party discussions? >> reporter: all eyes are on paul ryan. he is viewed as the only member of the house gop conference that can bridge this divide between the conservatives and the establishment. as you saw paul ryan has said he does not want the job. the door is a bit open because he has had at least three
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occasions on capitol hill to look into a camera and say i will not take the job. i do not want the job and all he does is point you to his statement which says i'm not interested. it's not a forceful denial. he is getting lobbied very intensely. john boehner, kevin mccarthy, mitt romney gave him a phone call saying maybe this is a great idea for you to do and great for the party and for the country. he is coming under a lot of pressure. what i know from folks close to paul ryan, though, is that if he is to do this he does not want to deal with the same conservative outrage that kevin mccarthy and john boehner did. there is mobilization in the outside conservative media outlets away from capitol hill to take out paul ryan. that is something he does not want to deal with. when you talk to conservatives they are not all in agreement with paul ryan. some say if we have paul ryan we want him to abide by some types of principles that we put forward such as a balanced
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budget. take a listen to the guy who beat eric cantor in the shocker of a race last year. listen to what he wants from the speaker. >> i'm in this 30 to 40 group of radicals who believe in adam smith and james madison. it's not very radical trying to move towards a balanced budget in ten years. that is all we are asking for. >> reporter: it is somewhat radical because the debt is so high right now that in order to achieve something like that even over a course of ten years you have to have drastic spending cuts. paul ryan has included those in the various budgets put forward. if anyone is a figure for that it would be him. so far he has not checked off all the boxes with conservatives. we will not make a decision until a pathway is clear. he has family considerations. he has three young kids as well as a wife who has never been too keen on him doing this job. a lot of soul searching from paul ryan this week. until he makes a decision the
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entire conference is in a holding pattern. >> not just his beloved packers i know he is excited for that. we heard from the conservatives that they expect in many ways certain concessions on his end. when it comes to paul ryan with this pressure from people to push him into a job that he doesn't really want if he does decide to go for it could he in fact change the role of speaker? could he have his own concessions he wants met? >> there is a lot of discussion about that because one of the things you have to do is keep up a really aggressive fundraising pace. paul ryan has not shown an interest in that. kevin mccarthy has had conversations with ryan that i can bear a lot of the work load. i think paul ryan had a healthy skepticism about whether or not that could be true. he has the job he has always
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wanted which is chairman of the house weighs and means committee. he is a wonky guy. if he goes on to be speaker he hurts political aspirations of running for presidency. >> we will be keeping you busy this weekend. appreciate your reporting on this. if congressman paul ryan is out who could be next? here are a few possibilities. there is jason chaffetz from utah who is already running for the job saying some unnamed republicans recruited him. he has launched investigations into the secret service and planned parenthood. daniel webster of florida has the support of the 30 to 40 member freedom caucus. they gave him the most points. there is darryl isa of california.
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he is a successful businessman and people are watching tray goudy of south carolina. he is in charge of the house select committee investigating benghazi and left a note on paul ryan's door that said chairman for life referring to the job as the head of the powerful weighs and means committee. we are joining by kay bailey hutchison. thanks for being here. >> thank you, erica. >> give us a sense in your mind who would be the most effective speaker? >> i think paul ryan. i really think he has a lot of the capabilities. one of the things that hadn't been said is how creative he has been regarding the budget. he is a budget wonk. i think his plan to get us to a balanced budget is very bold. if the consensus is that that should be the focus of the conference then i think paul ryan is a great person to be
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speaker. i know he has concerns. i do think you can reshape if you rat right person and the call of your country comes i hope that he will seriously consider it. >> what if paul does come and -- are we better off with someone who doesn't take the job no matter how qualified because he doesn't think it's the right fit? >> i know paul and i think he is the kind of person that if he does do it he will do it all the way, not necessarily all the fundraisers in every state. i think he would probably come straight out and say what his parameters are. but whatever agreements are made or negotiations are had i think he will give it his full energy and creativity and leadership
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capabilities which he really does have. >> we have seen some of the division this week within the party itself. are you proud of the way your fellow republicans are handling this at this hour? >> well, i think there is a majority of mainstream conservatives who want to govern, who want to do the right thing for our country, who have serious disagreements with president obama but certainly know that he is the president and want to get as much as we can going in the right direction. that's the majority of the conference. there are some who are in what's called the freedom caucus that are very upset and they are, i think, expecting that they can get so much their way and not understanding the reagan doctrine of if i get 60% i will leave the 40% to fight another day. >> don't they see they are
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winning now? they seem to be holding the strings. >> i think they are. i don't think they are winning. i think the majority is still the people who want to come together and govern in a conservative way and be an alternative to the things that overregulation, overtaxation, the missteps in foreign policy. there are so many areas that we need to address. and we need to get a consensus and a majority to do that. what i like about paul ryan is he is right on those issues and he can communicate it. i think he is creative and smart and will be able to put together a coalition with goals that are clear and be able to start marching towards those goals. >> you mention words like consensus and coalition. we know the numbers are not good for congress when it comes to the american public's approval rating.
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part of the reason sthai don't see a lot of coalition whether within a particular party. another c word, compromise seems like it has become a four letter word in washington. based on what we are seeing right now, is that something that lawmakers can move beyond? can we see compromise within the party but between lawmakers as a whole and across the aisle again. >> you have to work across the aisle. one party doesn't have 100% of congress. we need to understand that every district is different whether it's a republican or a democrat they have a constituency. and you can't have a my way or the highway caucus that can govern. you have to say we need to bring a leader together that can coalesce. we need to agree on common goals and probably keep them to the big goals. >> are you confident that we can see that happen?
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right now that's not what we are seeing. >> it isn't what we are seeing but i do think it is possible. i think it would be a leader like paul ryan. there may be others but i think right now he is the one that people have seen. he has the experience. he has shown leadership. he has shown that he has credibility with all of the factions that we are seeing emerge. that's why i think it is important for him to consider this that he is not the only one but i think he is certainly the leading one right now. >> former senator kay bailey hutchison we appreciate your time. hillary clinton and bernie sanders could have competition soon. vice president joe biden could make aition kas early as this weekend about whether he will jump into the 2016 presidential race. >> reporter: good evening. vice president biden arrived
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back home here at his home here late this afternoon. sources say he is expected to sit down with his family over the weekend and talk about a possible run well aware that the clock is ticking and it comes as the superpac supporting biden is pulling the first tv ad at the vice president's request. >> things can change in a heart beat. >> reporter: it's the emotional ad the superpac hoped would urge the vice president into entering the 2016 race. now the superpac has pulled the ad at the vice president's request. biden felt the ad treads on sacred ground. >> my wife and three children were christmas shopping, tractor-trailer broad sided them. >> reporter: the video is aimed at highlighting biden's resilience showcasing the moment when a car crash killed his wife and daughter and left his two sons seriously injured. biden who had just been elected to the u.s. senate decided to
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serve amid his tragedy. >> by focusing on my sons i found my redemption. >> reporter: in a statement the senior adviser said nobody has more respect for the vice president and his family than we do. obviously we will honor his wishes. >> it is my family and i have the emotional energy to run. >> it also comes as biden is grieving once again having lost his son beau in may. the vice president has acknowledged he is not sure he has the strength to run. that ad which has an ad buy of six figures never officially aired. biden staffers were briefed on filing deadlines and some people look at that and suggest it means he is leaning towards yes. >> the count down is on. thank you. still ahead, two more deadly shootings at universities in arizona and texas today. we'll bring you the latest.
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and president obama in roseburg, oregon today meeting with families of those killed in last week's deadly shooting on a college campus there. some people not happy that the president made the visit. the pentagon announcing it will stop training rebels to fight isis. was the $500 million program a complete failure? what will it change about the future fight against isis? >> we have devised a number of different approaches to that going forward and taking under president obama y. thipg you will be hearing shortly from him. to a child in need in a developing country. thanks to customers like you, walgreens "get a shot. give a shot." program has helped provide seven million vaccines. make your flu shot make a world of difference. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy.
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police are investigating a deadly shooting at northern arizona university in flagstaff. one student is dead. three others wounded. there is no word at this hour on their conditions. steven jones, a freshman is in custody charged with first degree murder and aggravated assault. investigators say the shooting happened just after 1:00 a.m. during a confrontation between
3:20 pm
two groups in the parking lot near a residence hall. police say the confrontation turned physical and jones pulled out a gun and opened fire. jones waited for police to arrive. the campus remains open. and in texas tonight police are looking for a suspect in a deadly shooting at texas southern university. investigators say two men were shot after three men approached them this morning in a student housing parking lot. the freshman was killed. the second victim who was shot twice is in stable condition. police have two people in custody. this is the second deadly shooting in this housing complex this school year. president obama just mingsed meeting with the families of those killed in last week's deadly oregon college shootings. why are protesters speaking out against his visit? 56 years after putting a man on the moon nasa reveals big plans to put a man on mars. when could it happen? stay with us.
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together as a country to see how we can prevent these issues from taking place. today it's about the families, their grief and the love we feel for them. they certainly do appreciate the support they receive. >> president obama there speaking a little over an hour ago in roseburg, oregon. the president's remarks come after a meeting today with the families of those killed in the deadly shooting at umpqua community college. many were not happy that the
3:23 pm
president was visiting. demonstrators lined up outside some carrying guns as a sign of protest against what they see as the president's gun control agenda. >> we as a community are grieving this terrible thing that has happened. we want to be left alone to do that. >> this was not the time or place for president obama to begin his politicizing the gun control, not at this time, not in this place. >> he is here for a gun grabbing agenda. our town is in mourning. they need to heal before he comes here with his agenda. >> joining us now. how was the president's visit received today? we saw protesters but we know families were willing to meet with him, as well. >>. >> reporter: the president was more warmly received than the online chatter would have indicated he would be. we expected according to the facebook wall for this protest
3:24 pm
about 8,000 people to show up and according to producers on the ground it looked like 200 people showed up and the reporters said the signage along the roads as the president came into town was about 50/50. half of that was protesting the president's visit but the other half was welcoming him to oregon. we don't know how the president was received in the room with the family members of the victims of the shooting. we know the president spent time with the governor of oregon and spent time with first responders and pledged support to the community today. >> there was some concern and we heard it from protesters. one woman referred to what she saw as the president's gun grabbing agenda. was there a plan? was there discussion of gun control? >> we don't know what the president talked about particularly in the room but according to the clip you played the president said briefly after he came out that he was focused on the idea of families and how this has affected the community
3:25 pm
here. the president related it to his own personal life. we know the president has two daughters. here in the community you know how important the college is given the size of the school and the relatively small size of the community. >> thanks for being with us tonight. still ahead, the pentagon pulls the plug on its program to train syrian rebels. how will it effect the war on isis? and life imitating art. nasa unveils a pitch to send a man or woman to mars. how close are we to lift off? (man) hmm. what do you think?
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powers. >> matt damon in his turn as an astronaut and botanist stranded on mars plans to get astronauts to the red planet are on track according to the latest report from nasa. the document details the agency's preparations for a mission to mars stressing the importance of global cooperation and fermenting the conclusion that mars is an achievable goal. joining us now for a better sense of how close we are is an author and physics professor at city university of new york. so this report in and of itself we were talking briefly and said one of the things that is interesting is how specific it is. >> i used to call nasa the agency to nowhere because it went where everyone has gone before. this is different. it lays out a specific time
3:30 pm
table so matt damon watch out. we are putting boots on the ground in about 20 years time. >> that is not very far off. >> that's right. it will be in three phases. the first phase will perfect the booster rocket and the orion spacecraft by 2018, three years from now. then by 2025 we land on an asteroid. astronauts landing on an asteroid. and then sometime in the 2030s we are going to be on mars. >> does that timeline feel feasible to you? >> cost is another matter. there is no law of physics preventing us from going to mars. we could do it with today's technology. we have to have the engineering to make sure it is done safely. >> there are no real budget estimates. we saw the clip of the movie "the martian." there is talk over whether or not this re-ignited a love of space and exploration.
3:31 pm
do you find the timing interesting? >> nasa is on a roll right now. i think it wants to take advantage of that. a few weeks ago discovered liquid water on mars. this is really big. perhaps we will be able to dig and have wells. can you imagine that? wells on mars taking out water that can be used for drinking purposes. so i think nasa wants to take advantage of this. the movie, discovery of liquid water. >> this is a plan not just to send somebody there and come home but to actually stay for sometime. >> that is the difference with the apollo program. the apollo program we went to the moon and got bored. this is to stay. that is perhaps a permanent human presence. the ultimate goal to be a two-planet species, in other words, to have an insurance policy. why put humanity on just one ball going around the sun if meteors, comets, ice ages can
3:32 pm
destroy humanity? >> is that what we would gain from this? >> i think that is what space buffs would like to put in the report but nasa is very cautious. taxpayers have to fund it and other countries have to come in on it, too. that is what in the back of the mind of most people who are pushing it and that is to become a two planet species. >> public support is a big part of it. i remember covering the final shuttle launch there was a sense that that was it. everyone you spoke to at nasa said we have so much more going on. >> the president talks about capturing that sputnik moment when we go ah. he cancelled the manned space program. this could be the replacement to recapture the sputnik moment, to rekindle the interest of young people in space travel. >> what are you most looking forward to personally? >> people ask me do i want to go
3:33 pm
to mars i say no. there is the mars jinx. that is roughly one-third of our robotic missions never reach the red planet. you have to be tough like a former air force pilot to be able to volunteer for a potentially dangerous mission like this. >> you are not going to mars but there are other things you learn from this. anything in particular stands out to you? >> think of the apollo space program. we have weather satellites, internet, gps. we cannot communicate and function as a society without the space program. i'm looking forward to what kind of marvels this program will initiate. >> we look forward to talking about those with you. always a pleasure to have you with us. coming up, the pentagon shifts gears on syria stopping a program to train rebel troops. so what is the plan to fight isis moving forward? plus comedian bill cosby
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find more real possibilities at if legalzoom has your back.s, over the last 10 years we've helped one million business owners get started. visit legalzoom today for the legal help you need to start and run your business. legalzoom. legal help is here. developing news at this hour. you're looking here we have video from the russian defense ministry which shows russian air strikes overseer yn targets including isis locations. it has been less than a week. pentagon announced plans to seriously scale back its $500 million program to train rebel forces to fight isis on the ground in syria. >> we have been looking for now
3:38 pm
several weeks at ways to improve that program. i wasn't satisfied with the early efforts in that regard so we are looking at different ways to achieve basically the same kind of strategic objective which is the right one which is to enable capable motivated forces on the ground. >> there was hope that the program could recruit and train over 5,000 rebel fighters a year but less than 100 troops were trained and a year after the program started a handful of u.s.-trained rebels are fighting on the ground. joining me now are barry mccaffery and steve clemons. thanks for being here tonight. before we get started i do want to play a little bit of sound from senator lindsey graham this morning on morning joe reacting to the changes. >> the problem with the program is that they are training people to fight isil only.
3:39 pm
they want to take assad on so doomed to fail with these restrictions. >> doomed to fail strong words. there has been much criticism from the beginning. general, give us a sense. when is the last time that the u.s. training foreign soldiers to fight has been an effective choice? >> in and of itself probably never. afghanistan during the early days arming the northern alliance putting a handful of special operations people with them and then employing u.s. air power made the difference. erica, when you look at poor syria. a quarter of a million dead. millions of refugees, incredibly chaotic situation. to identify moderates inside syria who will only act against isis was nonsense from the start. i do believe the president was
3:40 pm
correct to be cautious about ground involvement. i sort of thought our major failure was not providing adequate levels of refugee support in jordan and turkey to stabilize those populations. we are using air power intelligently. the cia has a good program going and we are i think wise to be cautious. the russians may have made a fundamental error getting involved in the conflict on the wrong side and late in the became. >> in terms of the russians getting involved, though, how much do you think that may have played into the announcement today if at all? >> it looks like they have upped their stock inside the syria equation. they have made themselves an automatic part of whatever happens to that country. and they are the ones with boots on the ground, pilots in the air and a different kind of muscle
3:41 pm
than what the united states and its allies have been trying to provide. i think that the broader side of this is that the russia and the united states were at a standoff when president obama said bashar al assad had to go and had no plan for him to go. i think in that void lots of other bad things have happened. so russia right now to change the conversation from ukraine and for other reasons is protecting its client, bashar al assad and making us look bad internationally. >> all of that changes the stakes for the united states. what can the u.s. do? >> i think right now the united states is going to step forward and try to support yet another coaition all that is calling the syrian arab coalition. many members of the coalition have never heard of it before. it looks like it is compromised of some of the kurdish groups making head way and some other
3:42 pm
syrian arab groups that had been fighting bashar al assad. we are dropping this crazy notion of vetting people. we are dealing with people who are fighting on the ground. one of the really interesting tension points is that many fighting groups against bashar al assad and syria do not want to cooperate. we have a problem that the opposition is highly fragmented and not want toing to come together. >> last night former ambassador sat with me here on this set and said he thinks there should have been a much more aggressive approach. based on what we see is there some sort of middle ground that would work in terms of a plan for the united states? >> well, i think first of all i think steve is correct. bringing down assad five years ago would have been relatively straightforward if we had muscle and the intention and grabbed
3:43 pm
our sunni muslim allies and went after him with a vengeance. to under score the situation the russians are in they put some air power and ground attack and su-27 long range fighter interceptors. the only people you intercept air force and naval air, the turkish air force, they are going to be in a very tricky situation. so i think the russians didn't think through this. 15% of the population he probably controls only 40% of the country. he despised -- our problem going forward is who really wants to get involved on a ground war.
3:44 pm
i'm sympathetic of the obama administration. >> is this a country that is ready for that kind of involvement? >> no. at the end of the day a lot of the mid east has said many times in public it is going to rearrange itself along more sensible political boundaries. this is a world war i, bagged up people that can't get along with each other. we are not going to solve that with u.s. combat power. >> pleasure to have both of you with us tonight. appreciate the insight. coming up, msnbc's kate snowe sits down with 27 of bill cosby's accusers. after years of squeezing passengers into packed planes one airline is making more room on their aircrafts, but will you actually feel the difference? stay with us.
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the country transform from dictatorship. a group of labor union leaders, lawyers and human rights activists. they formed to help support the democratization process. members say the award is a message. if you thought traffic was bad where you live you are going to feel better after this picture. that comes to us from china. thousands of drivers in beijing trapped in a traffic jam for hours. that is a 50 lane highway. a new check point that forced the 50 lanes to merge into 20 lanes. add to that millions of people traveling for china's week long national day get away, one of the busiest tourist events of the year and you get the epic traffic jam. one major u.s. airline is adding room to your flight instead of taking away.
3:50 pm
alaska airlines rolling out new overhead bins on 737s to acc accommodate more luggage. they are supposed to allow six bags overhead instead of four translating to 60 additional bags per plane. nearly half will have those larger bins. doesn't mean you can bring a bigger bag. pepsi unveiled a new recipe for the diet cola. after surveys suggesting consumers were steering clear of diet soda pepsi corelaunched diet pepsi. turns out many pepsi loyalists describe the formula as too sweet calling for the aspartame recipe to return to stores making people think of something called new coke. the exclusive interview with 27 of the bill cosby accusers in the same room together for the
3:51 pm
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it's gotten squarer. over the years. brighter. bigger. thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. this week the reverend al sharpton sat down with senator bernie sanders in washington, d.c. one week ahead of the first democratic presidential debate. reverend sharpton pushed on his thoughts of hillary clinton and how he plans to attack clinton's policies in the debate. >> i have a lot of respect for hillary clinton and i have known her for 25 years as a friend.
3:53 pm
but, we have real differences of opinions. i do not have a superpac. i don't represent the billionaire. we raise money differently. i have been firm in my opposition the trade agreements. i know what i stand for. hillary clinton knows what she stands for. let's have that debate. >> you can see the rest of this interview on politics nation here on msnbc. we'll be right back. they are. the microsoft cloud gives our team the power to instantly deliver critical information to people, whenever they need it. here at accuweather, we get up to 10 billion data requests every day. the cloud allows us to scale up so we can handle that volume. we can help keep people safe; and to us that feels really good.
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today for the first time in ten years bill cosby is scheduled to testify in a deposition answering questions from attorney gloria allred who represents accuser julie huff. kate snowe sat down with 27 women who accuse cosby ranging from sexual harassment to sexual assault. >> if so many people saw things
3:56 pm
or were working for bill cosby why would none of them have said anything for the past 40 years? >> money trumps everything. people have jobs and families. they see it and know it and don't say anything. >> cosby has not responded to the specific allegations of these women. his attorneys deny he has sexual assaulted or drugged anyone. cosby's testimony from today's deposition will be sealed for 60 days while a court determines what may or may not be considered confidential. kate snow is here with more on the special and interview of 27 women. nice to have you here. that in itself to sit in a room with these 27 women -- >> it was powerful. you and i both know we don't do interviews that large. it is the largest interview i have done. i think what came across is that
3:57 pm
they have a comradery now. a lot of them didn't know each other before sitting down in that room with us but they heard about each other. they fed off of each other. what comes out tonight are parallels and patterns to their stories. >> so that comes up. one of the women we heard from said money talks she says at one point. none of these women can sue at this point. they cannot press charges so why have they decided to come now and speak out? >> that is part of why they are speaking out now because the statutes of limitation are long gone. these are sometimes decades old charges that they are making. they feel if they come together now and share their stories not just about bill cosby but they think it will effect the way we treat victims of sexual assault and rape. they said they felt embarrassed and ashamed and felt they couldn't tell anybody because no one would believe them. they say maybe our daughters can learn from the experience that we have. >> it was very emotional.
3:58 pm
>> it was incredibly emotional. we have a clip that shows kind of them talking about the power of this group. this is an incredibly powerful group of women here. >> absolutely. >> we are using our voices to say this isn't okay. this is about women taking power into their own hands. >> talking about what a powerful group of women all lending their voices. they also got very personal. they shared those personal stories with you. you said there were parallels but they are very individual. >> all of the details vary but one thing that they talked about and you will hear this tonight is that there were people around them at the time that they alleged that something happened. a big part on the cosby show. she says she was taken back to cosby's dressing room and she complained saying i don't want to be singled out like this.
3:59 pm
>> they all told me not to worry about it, that this happens all the time. pulled me into his body and wrapped his arms around me tightly and said this is making love. this is all we were going to do was make love. the production company from the cosby show declined to comment. the executive producers said the recent news reports are beyond our knowledge or comprehension. >> they said they had no knowledge of it yet she is clear that she told someone. >> she is one story of many that you will hear tonight. >> there are so many moments in what we have seen just in today and over the last few months that just make you stop and think and leave you almost speechless. >> they do. i should point out that bill cosby has not been charged with any crime and his lawyers and attorneys have repeatedly denied
4:00 pm
allegations against him. we did for the past six weeks try to reach out to the cosby team. we have been in contact with them and they had no comment. >> nice to have you here. we'll be watching tonight. that broadcast airs tonight at 9:00 p.m. on nbc. thanks for watching. i'm erica hill. i will see you tomorrow morning on today and monday night at 6 p.m. "hardball" starts right now. on wisconsin, paul ryan, let's play "hardball." good evening. people keep bringing up that grouchy marx line about refusing to


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