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tv   Politics Nation With Al Sharpton  MSNBC  October 11, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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good morning. the first democratic presidential debate is two days away. krnt clinton's best chance for turning around her campaign and the best chance for her top rival bernie sanders. for sanders to make his case on the national stage. if there were no donald trump, this primary season would be all about sanders. he's drawing the biggest crowds on the campaign trail, 28,000 in
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portland, 27,000 in l.a. and 20,000 in boston, just last weekend. polls show him leading clinton in iowa. he's a tough debater who should not be underestimated but party elites say he's too left wing to win. that voters will never accept a self-described democratic socialist. all that was the backdrop for my interview with senator sanders down in washington, d.c. joining me now is vermont's independent senator candidate for democratic nomination for president, bernie sanders. thank you for being with me this morning. >> my pleasure. >> big debate tuesday night, first debate on the democratic side, you have resisted
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attacking senator clinton or former secretary clinton. how are you going to distinguish yourself from her on tuesday night? i believe the americans are disgusted with the personal attacks and i respect clinton clinton, i've known her for 25 years as a friend but we have real differences of opinion. at the time when the american middle class is disappearing and we have more wealth income inequality than any other major country on earth and getting worse which candidate is prepared to stand up to corporate america, wall street and the big money interests who have so much power over our economic and political life? that is to me the major issue of this campaign and i would respectfully say i think that i am that candidate. >> how do you distinguish that without tying her to wall street
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or tying her to some of the things that have really been the signature of the clinton centrist kind of politics? >> let me give you some examples. i do not have a superpack. i don't represent the billionaire class, i don't represent corporate america. i don't want their money. we raise money differently. our average contribution i think is $30 from 650,000 people. i know what i stand for. hillary clinton knows what she stands for. let's have that debate. >> one of the things she came out strongly this week on gun control and some suggest that's a problem for you, that your record that you voted against the brady bill, you let guns in national parks. you voted for background checks and assault weapons ban. >> i have a d minus voting record from the nra.
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>> d mine us? >> k minus. so anyone who says bernie sanders is a gun nut, that's nonsense. number two, i come from a state which has virtually no gun control none and you've had liberal democratic governors, conservative republican governors who supported that position. i went to washington and voted to ban certain types of semiautomatic weapons. that was a tough vote. i passed that vote. i cast the vote for background checks. i want to see them strengthened so count me in as somebody who believes we need to bring about a situation where we keep guns out of the hands of people who should not get them. >> vice president biden, speculation whether or not he will enter the race. one of the things he said though is that he's different than you. let me play what vice president biden said babout you.
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>> you look at imf and standard & poor's. the greatest kesh about economic growth is the kons drags of wealth. i'm not bernie sanders. he's a great guy by the way, he areal is. i'm not a populist, but i'm a realist. >> are you not a realist? >> i am very much of a realist. if weigh want to transform america and end childhood poverty, the only major contributor that doesn't have family and medical paid leave, we need a political revolution. in my view we cannot continue to do the same old, same old. i am a realist. i don't want to get elected president to be elected president. i want to get elected president to transform america so that the middle class and working families of this country have the kind of dignity and scarred
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of living to which they are entitled. the only way i know how to do that, the history of the civil rights movement, millions coming together saying enough is enough, government has to work for all of us, not just a handful of wealthy people. that's being realistic. >> being realistic, a gallop poll says voters prefer atheists, muslims or gay person over a socialist as president. how do you deal with this? >> we deal with it issue by issue. my last election in the state of vermont with people who have known me for 31 years i got 71% of the vote. we have to gate way from the boogeyman word. knorr way, finland gash teed health care to all their people in a more effective way than we do. their kids go to colleges, tuition free. is that a terrible thick? they have a far better child care system than we have.
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that awful snul their minimum wage for all intents and purposes a lot higher that be ours is, retirement plans are stronger and voter turnout higher than in our country. >> you don't back away from the socialist tag. >> no, we'll explain what it is and to me ultimately it means we have a government today, let's be clear where corporate america and large campaign donors determine what goes on. i'm going to change that if i'm elected process. we'll have a government that works for those people not just the millionaire answer billionaires. >> you mentioned vermont your home state. you got to deal with a diverse american society and even in the primaries, south carolina. >> right. >> how do you deal with the fact you come from a state 95% white and you're running to preside over a country that's diverse. >> a very fair question.
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the answer is i've got to explain my record which is one of the strongest pro-civil rights records in the congress. i've been involved in the civil rights movement all my life but more importantly what are we talking about that is important for the african-american and the latino community? here is what it is. today among other things real youth unemployment for hispanic kids is 36% for african-american kids, 51%. i'm going to put those kids to work with decent jobs or get them the education they need rather than send them to jail. we need major reforms of a broken criminal justice system and i applaud president obama for taking a pretty bold step and releasing thousands of people nonviolent people from jail. we need those are the kinds of ideas we need -- >> 6,000 there. >> not a small thing. we got more people in jail than any other major country on earth. we spend 80 billion. we're destroying lives.
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invest in education, invest in jobs, stop sending our kids into jail disproportionately african-american and hispanic. second of all when i talk about making public colleges and universities tuition free it benefits all america and the african-american community and latino community more. when i talk about raising the minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour disproportionately benefits low income workers who happen to be unfortunately black or hispanic. i think my record will speak for itself and as we introduce myself to the african-american and latino communities all over this country, i think you'll see us doing quite well there. >> you spoke for my civil rights group national action, a lot of our delegates didn't know, i want to show you a picture that i have of you in 1962 leading a sit-in, in chicago around civil
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rights. you marched with dr. king. you have probably the strongest civil rights record in terms of activism that i've seen in this last season of candidates. how will you get that out there to people? >> it is a fact. but i was arrested when i was a young man at the university of chicago protesting segregated housing that the university actually ran. i was involved in a sit-in there, arrested protesting subjugated schools in chicago. probably what's most important is my strong voting record is the deed for us to be standing up for the working class low income people in this country in a way that we haven't done for a very, very long time. and that is unfortunately disproportionately black and
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hispanic and i think i am the candidate to make that fight most successfully. >> how do you feel about being called a left wing donald trump? >> i don't mind being called left wing. i don't mind being called a democrat or socialist. trump is appealing to a certain type of nativeism, a certain type of anger. i really hate that type of demagoguery. we can disagree on immigration reform but let's not attack a whole group of people in that racist way. in my view, the people that i appeal to are angry but they understand it is not imdwrants the cause of our problems but the greed of corporate america and wall street and those are the issues that have to be dealt with. >> you say to people that you
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speak to many of them are angry and you've drawn the largest crowds that we've seen in this political season, 20,000 this week in boston. you've also said you will endorse the nominee if it is not you. are those people that are angry going to accept you supporting someone if it's not you? would you be, would they turn on you and say you delivered them, sold them out? >> that's a fair question and then the answer is maybe. this is what i said, as you know i'm the longest serving independent in the history of the united states congress and before i made the decision of whether or not to run it was a difficult decision. had to decide do i run as an end pebt? a lot of my supporters said bernie don't cut into the democratic party, run as an independent. i concluded the last thing in the world that i wanted to do was to play a spoiler role. get 5% of the vote, 10%, help elect some right wing republican extremist to be president of the united states, that's what i
5:14 am
decided. if i get into the democratic primary process i think it's obligatory for me to say i'm fighting hard to win. i think we have a good shot to win this thing. if i don't i will support the winner. >> senator bernie sanders as always good to see you. thank you for your time and good luck. good luck at the debate tuesday night. we'll be watching. >> thank you. coming up the gop mess on capitol hill, who will be the speaker? joe scarborough weighs in also donald trump gets serious and joe biden drops some big clues. "politics nation" will be right back. when you're not confident your company's data is secure, the possibility of a breach can quickly become the only thing you think about. that's where at&t can help.
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i think i shocked some of
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you huh? if we are going to unite and be strong we need a new face to help do that so nothing more than that. >> kevin mccarthy just minutes after he broke the stunning news to fellow republicans, he's not running for speaker. it threw the house into disarray and left the gop scrambling for options. now, the same forces that shut down the government and took out eric cantor in a shocking election are create diagnose an even bigger headache for speaker john boehner. who will take his job? what does it mean for 2016? and will this pave the way for more disfunction? joique me now is joe scarborough, host of "morning joe." joe, very happy to have you on my show. >> it's great to be here. thank you for having me. >> you worked in congress.
5:19 am
you were part of the time when there was a newt gingrich challenge. >> right. >> explain to me what is happening there and as an adult now of a leader in the republican world would you see as a way to deal with this? >> it's interesting. i ideologically am where i was 20 years ago. i changed around the edges but still the same person that i am. i think it's a leadership problem in the house of representatives, on the campaign trail. there's a reason why insurgents are doing so well on the campaign trail. people with no experience running any government office are doing better than the rest of the field. i think inside the house of representatives i said it before, i always liked john boehner. i like him personally but he's not a guy that i would follow in a political battle because he doesn't seem to be a true believer.
5:20 am
he's of the establishment. that's why it's really going to take a candidate that can bring both sides together, a guy like paul ryan a true believer. i worked with him when he was a kid, 23 years old and helped us put together some pretty aggressive conservative blueprints on where we took the federal government. but at the same time, he's also part of the establishment, too, ran for vice president. he's been on the big stage and as you know, there's no substitute for experience. you've been on that big stage as you have when you ran for president of the united states, then suddenly dealing with the press corps and the speakers lobby, the house of representatives, not such a big deal. >> talk about big stages, a lot happening. you have the debt limit. you have a lot of things that has to be resolved, government funding, so i think that the public has to grasp this is really serious. i mean we're talking about a speaker that's going to have to bring this house to some votes
5:21 am
on some very serious matters. this is not just some inside baseball. >> that's where leadership comes in. so many times you've heard from members not only the freedom caucus but a lot of other members that they would figure out what john boehner's next step was and what the leadership's next plan was by reading their twitter feeds or looking at tv for news. >> they weren't consultants. >> they weren't consulted. this isn't just about ideology. it was also about engagement and as a guy that eventually helped run newt gingrich out of town, basically a two-year roll-in coup, they'd try to roll over us instead of sitting down and engablging saying here is the problem. we have to raise the ket ceiling. let's talk about what we can get out of it, what is realistic and not realistic about it. if you want budgetary reforms
5:22 am
with teeth we can take that to the american people but thatter in happened under john boehner. they were afraid that wasn't going to happen under kevin mccarthy. if you don't have communication with your rank and file, they're not going to follow you over the cliff. >> how does the whole look of this, the optics to the public impact the presidential race? >> it's horrible. i remember karl rove saying to me in 2001 if you guys had not driven newt gingrich out of town who was an unpopular figure by the end of 1998, he said if you all had not driven newt gingrich out of town president bush would not have been elected. i thought about this in real time, it wouldn't have been about george w. bush. al gore and his team would have been talking about gingrich republican, the gingrich congress, the gingrich congress had team owith bush.
5:23 am
the republican party has a 29z% approval rating in the latest poll i've seen. their disapproval rating is massive if you look at the congress itself in the '80s that has a drag on the republican brand. it has a drag on the republican party and going to have a drag on any republican presidential nominee that finally getsz through the crazy process. >> last question back to where i started. is being speaker of the house the worst job in washington right now? >> if you run scared, if you play scared it is a horrible job. if you are a strong leader and willing to take everybody on and brick them in saying hey i'm on your side but not going to let you drive this car over the cliff, i don't have to be part of awe politically assisted suicide to prove i'm a true conservative, basically drop
5:24 am
dead if you'll accuse me of being a rino or a squish. it's the same thing being president of the united states. nobody could be president, what was too big after lbj failed and nixon called and gerald ford failed and then jimmy carter failed. like ronald reagan or not he owned the job, he owned the white house. he owned the stage. you know again better than anybody else and for good rp because not onlile do you own the stage when you're on it but grew up in the shadow of jaumz brown. he owned the stage baby better than anybody. you have to go out there and own the stage. john boehner hasn't done that. kevin mccarthy wouldn't have done that. somebody else who can do it. nancy pelosi, we don't have to go back 20 or 30 years. nobody ever said that nancy pelosi is a weak speaker.
5:25 am
she knew how to run the house of representatives whether you liked her politics or not. that's what the republicans need, a strong leader that knows how to run the stage. >> joe scarborough, thank you so much. >> always an honor. >> you remember you can catch "morning joe" every weekday starting at 6:00 a.m. eastern on msnbc. still ahead, trdonald trump makes a big promise and did joe biden take a shot at clinton clbt? expert analysis from our political roundtable. it's not likely to go away on its own. so let's do something about it. premarin vaginal cream can help. it provides estrogens to help rebuild vaginal tissue and make intercourse more comfortable. premarin vaginal cream treats vaginal changes due to menopause and moderate-to-severe painful intercourse caused by these changes.
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♪ ♪ the beautiful sound of customers making the most of their united flight. power, wi-fi, and streaming entertainment. that's... seize the journey friendly. ♪ four republicans the story of 2016, the same anger that cut off kevin mccarthy's path to power in congress is fueling outsiders like donald trump in the presidential race. trump is even taking credit for mccarthy's downfall.
5:29 am
>> kevin mccarthy is out, you know that, right? and they're giving me a lot of credit for that because i said you really need somebody very, very tough and very smart. it's bedlam in washington right now. it's a mess. i've never seen anything like it. >> trump is ramping up his ground game, preparing his first tv ads and promising to stay in the race until the end. i made the statement that well you know if i could see i wasn't going to win and if my numbers were really terrible and if you wouldn't call and everybody's not calling, if i saw it wasn't going to happen of course i would. the next day head lines trump considering maybe getting out of the race. it was sory kick it duce. so you know give more of a political answer. i'm never getting out. >> he says he's never getting out and so far he's not toning it down.
5:30 am
>> where are you from? >> i'm from colombia. >> and is this a setup, i did ever meet you before? >> i'm hispanic and i voet for mr. trump. we vote for mr. trump! >> i called rubio a lightweight. water, yes, watt per remember the response on live television to the president's state of the union speech? he's sweating and he keeps sweating and the water is pouring down all over and finally he goes. then a contacted carly's record because her record running a business is pitter patter. if you listen to her for ten minutes you get a headache. >> can donald trump live up to his new promise, and is ben carson gaining ground or flaming out? the "politics nation" panel is next.
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we're back with more on trrp trmp and the fight for the republican presidential nomination. joining me now for our "politics nation" panel heather mcgee, president of demos, michael from the daily beast and susan from "the republican strategist." >> great to be here. >> susan, it's your party that we're looking at. >> you can cry if you want to. >> i know it's been a very bad week but the anger that we're seeing on the ground, fueling obviously donald trump and others, dr. ben carson, is the anger that we're seeing there, the anger we saw that really stopped kevin mccarthy this week is it flowing from the bottom up or top town?
5:35 am
>> i don't think it's as much anger as it is pure frustration but that being said i actually think kevin mccarthy stepped down because the comments he made from benghazi were going to be impossible to recover from. yes the 40 votes that were not there was problematic, but i do believe that comment really he really got a lot of pressure on that and going forward during the presidential campaign that could have been very detrimental to the party. >> heather you think that kevin mccarthy he wouldn't be a foil for the defeat of the republican candidate, gave up being speaker? >> i don't know. i think him slipping and telling the truth what the benghazi brouhaha is really about, getting hillary clinton off of her game politically was a flub. i think fundamentally this is the same republican party that cost the country $24 billion in terms of the shutdown that drove us to the cliff and caused a
5:36 am
credit downgrade with the debt ceiling crisis. this is a party that is fundamentally opposed to this president, fundamentally doesn't see its role as governing at all. this was going to i think continue to happen. >> they saw kevin mccarthy as maybe being one that would compromise with the at or another version of boehner. >> when he made that comment about benghazi he was trying to play to the nutsz saying i can be with you guys, too and i think that blew up in his face. all of a sudden he realized i tried play to them and all blew up. these guys are coming at him stronger and i think he didn't know where to go and it was very quick decision he made. >> the last. >> and he shockeder because in that morning meetinger thought okay let's go. >> 8:00 a.m. he was running and all of a sudden -- but one guy that knows how to play to that
5:37 am
crowd is donald trump. some would say he's in that crowd. say he plays to the crowd. he says he's never getting out. >> well that was in response to like you had the clip earlier today that wherein are you before we came here he said he'd get out if things didn't look good. he made any statement like he said he's now a politician. i'm never getting out. if you're the front-runner there's no reason to talk about getting out. i'm surprised he made the comments to chuck todd to begin with. the fact is he's running far ahead of everyone. >> he's buying tv ads. >> i don't think he'll be the party nominee. >> you do not? >> i do not but there's no rp f reason for him to talk about getting out when he's head and shoulders above the rest. >> ted cruz says he doesn't think trump will be the nom me.
5:38 am
>> remember it was inconceivable a couple months ago that he would be where he is now. what else is inconceivable? this guy is still around and it's amazing in that last debate he flat out lied about not trying to get casino dwambleing in florida, he flat out lied about it and nothing happened. all anybody talked about he didn't have a lot of energy in the last part of the debate and all this. he stood there in front of everybody and lied, i mean worse than any politician generally lies. >> what would it take to stop him or at least expose some of these because he's said things that are just not true. he's also said things that are ridiculous in terms of policy that just don't ed up. >> right. i mean i was at dinner with a republican and democratic pollster last night and the republican pollster said i have to remind us that this time in
5:39 am
the last cycle herman cain was the front-runner. there's a long time to go. i actually think that the magic of donald trump he's combining a widely felt economic insecurity and frustration, a country where half of american people couldn't pay a $400 pill that came on their doorstep without going into debt or selling something. he's tapping into that and doing the very oldest thing that we do in this country which is blame people of color for it. blame immigrants and minorities and use that race-baiting. i think it was interesting your interview with bernie sanders where he made that tis tinks between his economic populism and donald trump's. >> dr. ben carson his statements have not been exactly well thought out, let's put it that way. help them or hurt them? >> right now he seems to be riding the wave of he's not part of the establishment and that he seems like a tamer donald trump.
5:40 am
i think it's more or less a place holder for some voters who really don't want to go to trump, just don't like him, not sure about carly fiorina yet. listening to him, it makes you cringe when you hear what he said about guns and -- >> let me have you and michael join him. if you think this is a toned down trump listen to this. >> i would not just stand there and let them shoot me. i would say hey guys, everybody attack him. he may shoot me but he can't get us all. >> think the likelihood of hitler being able to accomplish his goes would have been greatly diminished if the people had been armed. >> does that sound like a toned down or tame donald trump? >> sounds cuckoo. >> sounds like he should go back to medical practice. >> if they started shooting the ger maps would have killed them over, wouldn't have bothered to tra
5:41 am
transport them. >> the media doesn't know what to do with how crazy the statements are every day. i think people are missing the point. it was crazy that he was trying to make a point what the jews should or shouldn't have done in nazi, germany. he was saying these dictators come for your guns first. he was comparing our president and our gun safety rules to nazi germany and dictators. >> compared the affordable care act to slavery. everybody stay with me lots more to come. whether the republican or democratic strategist paid for heather's dinner. we'll be back. >> ahead, previewing the first democratic debate. can hillary clinton stop the slide? will bernie sanders go on the attack and is joe biden waiting to pounce?
5:42 am
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we have differences and that's what the debate will be about. >> so i know what i stand for. clinton clbt knows what she stands for. let's have that debate. >> two interviews right here on "politics nation" looking ahead to tuesday's democratic debate. you should, you could say this, was the week that hillary clinton got serious about bernie sanders this week? she announced she opposed the tpp trade deal just like sa sanders, unveiled a new plan to crack down on wall street just like sanders and she rolled out an agenda for gun control, an attack on sanders' perceived weakness. we're back with our panel, heather mcgee, michael daly and susan delpersio. michael, is bernie sanders moving hillary to the left? is she feeling the burn? >> absolutely. i think she's going to hurt herself because her big problem
5:46 am
i don't think is the e-mails. it's people don't trust her. every time she makes a move that seemed purely out of politics and not out of conviction it adds to that. one of the reasons everybody listens to donald trump is she was saying when she made millions and millions, we're not well off. trump says i'm rich. i'm really rich. i think that really struck a note in people and with the guns, it will probably help her because he's nuts with the guns. he's in vermont but he grew up in brooklyn and went to school in chicago so he knows what guns do to people. that could help but i think this movement around the left is going to hurt her. >> the believability let me ask you this heather before i go to susan. tpp clinton nafta, is it a question of changing her mind, growth or is it authenticity here? doesn't that go back to the
5:47 am
believability question? >> so i think most of the record would always show that actually secretary clinton was a lot more liberal than her husband. >> right. >> so that's something we should all sort of remember. the original universal health care was something that was really her passion. >> no doubt. >> i also think that the party has changed and frankly the country has changed. it's true that bernie sanders is running as a left socialist democrat but these actually his economic policies are right down in the center of actually where the american people are, not where our political class is but where the american people are. skeptical of free trade. wanting debt free college that get majority support from republicans and democrats. >> she clearly went to the transpacific partnership against it because it was a political calculation. she said i have to do this or i will not get any union support.
5:48 am
that seems perfectly clear. she thought it was worth looking like a flip-flopper. michael's point not looking authentic and like she stands by her convictions. when certainie sanders started his campaign he said i will stand up to the billionaire class. i am not of that group. i will be speaking for the people. he has even though he hasn't attacked hillary clinton he positioned her as being part of that business class, part of the insider class, part of the people that don't care about the public. he's done a good job by contrasting himself. hillary clinton is in real trouble. she's trying to also i think distance herself from the obama administration just in case bide be gets in. because biden can be the third term of president obama, and she could be somewhat independent in between the two of them. but it's a big calculation. >> talking about vice president biden, let me show you this. >> we need your muscle.
5:49 am
we need to move. and if i don't move, i'll be demoted to secretary of state or something like that. that's a joke. that's a joke. that's a joke. >> was he taking a shot at hillary clinton, demoted? >> honestly i don't think consciously he was. he's a person who just you know has a deep unconscious that slips out a lot of the time. i think the fact that his staff was over at the dnc getting the rules of getting into the race briefed, i think that's more of an indication. >> family meeting this weekend. >> one thing trump can take credit for he made it possible for biden to be stronger. the knock on biden he says whatever fopops in his mind. trump showed us the virtue in the political season that it's a virtue. >> you have trump that shoots from the hip which takes care of that for biden and you've got
5:50 am
sanders that takes care of age for biden. sanders is what, 73 or 74, you can't say biden is too old to run. let me ask you this, michael. october 22nd, hillary clinton goes before the benghazi committee. that is going to be just as telling and challenging as the debate tuesday night, wouldn't you think? >> i think it could help her actually as long as she's legit. there were good, decent americans got killed in that thing and there have been people using those deaths to the political advantage and i think that's what happened with mccarthy, deep in our hearts we know there were guys killed and people using this for politics. i think that could help her. >> i agree when it comes to the hearing i thought that's her strength. she knows how to deal with that and now the mccarthy comment knows how to be combative unlike the debate where i think she'll
5:51 am
have trouble going against bernie sanders. she is used to defending herself or attacking. >> martin o'malley's hail mary pass. >> i've been on that stage. >> i didn't say i'm frozen but i saw a couple guys on stage with me that froze. >> she has so much to lose and such a different environment when it comes to debate. it will be interesting to see how she deals wither. >> heather, michael, susan thank you all and enjoy the rest of your weekend. next big news on voting rights and criminal justice reform. stay with us. .. ...when their windshield got cracked... ...but they couldn't miss the show. so dad went to the new safelite-dot-com. and in just a few clicks, he scheduled a replacement...
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5:55 am
everybody's watching the polls. everybody's watching the spea r speakespeake speakers race and they should. there's a lot of other things to watch, too. this week we learned that 6,000 federal inmates will be released early. the most ever part of a push to fix the damage from harsh drug laws. this week we also saw a bipart son group of lawmakers unveil a new bill to reduce mandatory minimum sentences. the supreme court began its new term with cases that could cripple unions and gut affirmative action. out on the campaign trail the voting rights act became a political issue for jeb bush. >> where to you stand on the voting rights act? do you believe it shyou be reauthorized? if not, why not? >> reauthorized you said? >> yes. >> i think that if it's to reauthorize it to continue to
5:56 am
provide, uhm, regulations on top of states as though we are living in 1960, because those were basically when many of the rules were put in place i don't believe we should do that. there's been dramatic improvement in access to voting. exponentially better improvement, and i don't think there's a role for the federal government to play in most places. >> of course his brother did reauthorize the voting rights act as president. important issues are at stake affecting millions of people and we can't let the distractions and the noise outweigh the gravity of the hour. when you arise every morning, think about your family, your immediate neighborhood, who and what is speaking to securing and improving your family and weigh all the noise and all of what you hear based on what is going to be in the interests of where
5:57 am
i am in life and those that i'm responsible for. that does it for me. enjoy the rest of your sunday. i'll see you back here next week.
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a new benghazi bombshell? good morning thanks for getting up with us this sunday. i'm jonathan capehart. this morning we bring you the latest out of turkey an explosion at a peace rally yesterday left hundreds dead or wounded. turkish officials are looking for who is responsible for this attack. we'll have more in a minute. plus weeks after congressman kevin mccarthy's characterization of the benghazi commission wreaked


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