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tv   Up  MSNBC  October 11, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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a new benghazi bombshell? good morning thanks for getting up with us this sunday. i'm jonathan capehart. this morning we bring you the latest out of turkey an explosion at a peace rally yesterday left hundreds dead or wounded. turkish officials are looking for who is responsible for this attack. we'll have more in a minute. plus weeks after congressman kevin mccarthy's characterization of the benghazi commission wreaked havoc within
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his party a new lawsuit from a former committee investigators suggests that damaging hillary clinton was a key objective of the panel. plus whul the republican race for president is caught up with trump, carson and bush, is marco rubio in the best position to one? and the first democratic debate just two days away. what issues will be the fire starters in las vegas? all that still ahead this morning. we begin with the latest on the bombings in turkey yesterday. the death toll is up to 95 in the two ex-lotions which rocked a peace rally. president obama offered his condolences to turkey's president for the latest let's turn to keir simmons innen ak a akara. >> reporter: the number of 95 dead could climb with 48 people described in a serious condition of the 245 injured isis considered the prime suspect in an attack which is chillingly reminiscent of the boston bombing like in boston there
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were two explosions, bombs put in a crowded public place and like in boston it was caught on camera this time people were protesting for peace lirveging ar linking arms when the explosion went off. one person describing the aftermath as a sea of blood. turkey goes into three days of mourning the pope held a minute's silence and called this a massacre while presidents obama and putin have offered turkey their condolences. out on the streets there are fresh demonstrations, fresh clashes with police as turkey which borders syria descends into recrimination and anger. jonathan? >> that was nbc news' keir simmons. oncht chaos within the republican party, a party still searching for its leader in the house. paul ryan is contemplating his next move a move a growing number of republicans will include running for house speaker. the position is vacant after
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kevin mccarthy stunned everyone by dropping out of the race on thursday. for the latest on that we go to nbc's kristen welker who is in washington at the white house. kristen, how are you? >> hey, jonathan i'm great. thanks for having me. congress is on recess for a little more than a week and congressman ryan is expected to use that time to discuss a possible decision with family, friends and colleagues, and there's broad agreement that the house really needs to reach a decision soon in order to restore order but here's the problem. ryan, who seems to have enough support to get elected as you pointed out expressed he's not sure he wants the job. he called his current position his dream job, currently chairman of the house ways and means committee. the unrest in the house is reflective of the broader decisions within the gop, essentially you have a conservative grassroots uprising in the house and seeing something very similar on the campaign trail. you have these non-establishment candidates like krrl krrl, ben
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carson and donald trump who are sushlging. the actoughist branch trying to change the party known for tra dagslogical a elevating the next in line candidates like jeb bush and chris christie who are struggling. republicans are expressing concerns the unrest could hurt chances to take back the white house. this is all coming at a riticcrl time needing to pass a spending bill to keep the government open and raising the debt limit or facing default. this is expected to be the first order of business when congress gets back from recess, naming a new speaker. kevin mccarthy got into hot water during a fox interview he suggested the panel's purpose was to hurt hillary clinton. >> everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? but we put together a benghazi special committee, a select
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committee. what are her numbers today? her numbers are dropping. >> now the "new york times" is reporting a former investigator for the republican committee plans to file a complaint alleging that he was fired because his superiors oppose the his effort to investigate the attack and wanted him to focus presume maerl on the role the state department and hillary clinton played. here to discuss this eleanor clift, washington sore respond ebt with the daily beast, katie packard gauge on the romney 2012 team, lola anchor with the rice 360 encongressman of new york charlie rangel. could this new story backfire on republicans and actually help hillary clinton? >> it's no question about that but you know, i'm more concerned about the accusation that the
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house of representatives and congress was used in violation of the constitutional oath for political purposes. this is a very, very serious allegation. no matter what we politicians try to do you find some political implications but to have eight hearings and to have people believe and that is republicans not partisan democrats that the sole purpose of this was not to find out how four american heroes lost their lives but to destroy a democratic candidate is a very serious allegation. >> these allegations are, the committee is pushing back hard against these allegations saying in due time it will release what its side of the story in all of this. leave aside hillary clinton, what dhuz do to the credibility of republicans running the house you? >> it they take democrats with them and they have within their
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group a handful of republicans that don't mind destroying the republican party, the congress or even the president when we talk about debt ceiling and other issues as it relates to budget and the only reason that good people are running away from the speakership is because they don't mind taking them down politically and personally, so there's chaos on their side and it's really time for reporters and the news media not to be concerned with what is exciting and what viewer its would like to see but ask the question can a republic like the united states of america long survive in the chaotic position and wham pact that's got to have on our domestic and national security programs. it is serious. >> everyone is, we've been reporting, everyone's reporting, everyone wants paul ryan to do this, the congressman from wisconsin, the 2012 vice
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presidential nominee, chairman of house ways and means. why on earth would he want to step into this mess as house speaker? dumg he should do do you think do it? >> isn't it ironic the most aspiring third from being president of the united states running away from it. i told paul before we left whatever he skied i hope it would be best for him and his family. however as a politician when everything that paul ryan is, is due to the republican party, it would seem to me that a time when republican party needs him and someone so badly that he has a political obligation and this idea about running for president we don't know what's going to happen in 2016 and it's hard for anybody to plan their future
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five years from now. >> let me open it up to the table. should paul ryan do this? he does have presidential aspirations. wouldn't being house speaker in a position that does anyone think whoever is in the next house speaker is going to survive being house speaker with the way things are going? why would paul ryan want to willingly walk his career into the danger zone? >> because the reason that everyone awants him to. paul is a good patriot, outstanding member of the house of representatives and chairman of the committee, he was an outstanding candidate for the vice presidential position. i think he's very conflicted and got a young family back in wisconsin. he wasn't prepared to spend the tired of time away from his job. the vice presidency would have been different he would have brought his family to washington with him. my hunch as you recall is he wi.
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he'll do what the party needs and country needs at a difficult time. >> ier that that eleanor and lola but even though everyone says basically that paul ryan is like this magician, this savior for the party and for the house, him taking the position i'm of the opinion that who are takes the job paul ryan on anyone else is doomed from the start. >> it's clearly a thankless job that nobody wants. if the republicans could outsource this job they would. kufrl they can't. paul ryan will take this job with the understanding he's doing a solid for the republican party and in turn when push comes to shove and he needs them to back him that they will be there for him but only with that understanding. . >> eleanor? >> i'm a fan of tipping points. i think the republicans will rise up against this minority
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basically holding them and the count country. >> congressman dribbel we had him on yesterday. >> we assume if paul ryan takes his position he'll be destroyed by the same my dmort. maybe not. maybe people will say enough. i would hope john boehner stays on long enough and do what he says he'd like to do, that is clean the barn in other words raise the debt ceil, do a two-year budget. it's unfair to the country. very entertainment watching this party at otds with itself. these matters affect people's lives and at some point it ceases being funny and extremely serious matter. i agree with the congressman. >> you say cleaning the barn. i was trying to remind myself what date it was, it's the 11th and speaker boehner wants top
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leave on the 30th. one week after he leaves the house the debt ceil is waived and do a new budget by december 11'd kren the cr. can clean it out in 19 days? you're on recess for like the next eight. >> the united states of america is not just those of us counsel there in washington. i recall vividly when the republicans drove the country to the dirveg of the debt ceiling. >> 20 is 1. >> the economy and economic system was fragile. i looked down my hole and said all these new yorkers from wall street i thought they were going to some to see me. we thent went to republican leadership. it comes a time a handful run
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the country financially get scared to death whath can happen when they are holding up the congress and the states of america. main street and the swer national community you can bet your life that it won't take the pope to come down. they will come down to protect their interest and america's interest. >> it's noble paul ryan wants to be home with the family, they're there tuesday, wednesday and thursday. in the not too zabt past people brought their families to washington and it wasn't this terrible place. it's a nice place to raise families. i think that needs to be rethought. these people are working for the taxpayers and most of us don't get three-day weeks. >> i don't think it's quite fair to say they work three-day weeks
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because they're in session for three days. most of these members travel home, they're traveling throughout their district on the days they're not in session. certainly that's the schedule paul ryan speaks. i don't think john bain baker works three days a week as peeker of the house. paul was a young family, young kids. >> that's one of the things. >> it's raising the money that is really so corrosive. >> i wish my family thought it was a three-week. i'd never leave. >> the number of recesses, the three-day weeks. >> i think it's a very unfair
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assessment. >> charlie and i were chatting before at some point when it matters to the country that somebody with a credible face has that position and i think yes it's very difficult for him. >> jonathan said he should be wanting commitments from american businesspeople from the chambers of commerce from those who finance these people who don't mind dying politically. he should lay out the conditions in which the country is going to survive and he's going to be a part of that economic survival. >> we have to move this conversation along. still ahead we're just two days away from the first democratic debate of the cycle. what to expect from hillary's challeng challengers. has biden given us any clud clues into what we're thinking about? stay with us. for adults withd lung cancer called "squamous non-small cell", previously treated
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we're doing great in every poll. we're leading in every single state. we're leading in every state including where we're running against a lot. >> you know who that was, donald trump touting his lead in the 2016 republican primary specifically targeting two of his opponents, senator marco rubio and former florida governor jeb bush sitting fourth and fifth respectively according to a national polling average. recent poll showed 63% of republicans could see themselves supporting senator rubio eventually. 55% of republicans said the same of governor bush. when senator rubio was asked about his lackluster
6:20 am
fund-raising numbers he had this to say to halle jackson. >> reporter: folks saying there's a concern they're low. are you worried you're not able to compete financially? >> no, we're right on target with our plan. we're pleased with the amount of money we have on hand and we feel optimistic. >> according to the "new york daily news" the koch brothers are eyeing and close to putting a billion dollars behind his candidacy. and on the democratic side, speculation continues to grow around vice president joe biden who is spending the holiday weekend with his family in wilmington, delaware, where he could be -- could be making final decision on a presidential run. here's what happened yesterday when nbc campaign shaquille brewster tried to ask him about 2016. >> mr. president, everyone wants to know -- >> get out of my way, will you? >> get out of my way, will you? of course the vice president is joking. a quick around the table, you
6:21 am
first, vice president biden gets in this or not? >> no, he's not going to get in. it's hard if you waited for the opportunity for so long to say no has to be very emotionally difficult. >> and you've run twice before. >> yeah. >> what do you think? >> he has to be really tempted. i think he understand it's he gets in, he just makes it harder for hillary clinton to win. i don't think that, especially given the trade deal that was just announced, he's got to be for that and it's a poison pill in the democratic pry airy. >> i think he doesn't get in. joe biden wants to be loved. he is -- has never been more loved than he is at this moment. and knows the minute he actually becomes a candidate, then it sort of goes down hill from there. i think he's enjoying this moment. >> yeah. no one is as loved as they are one minute before they say i hereby declare myself the candidate. >> i don't think he gets n i think he enjoys the conversation. he is still mourning the loss of his son. if he was alive, i think he'd
6:22 am
get n the fact he is in still such pain about that, i don't think he'll get in. >> you brought up something a minute ago, if vice president biden were to get into this, he would hurt hillary clinton and judging by the stories, i mean, hillary clinton's hurt whether he's in the race or not. there's a poll, hillary support drops 13 points if biden gets in. and there's another story, i don't know if we have a full screen of that. the former secretary's ratings have dropped another five points with a certain demographic group. vice president biden in or not, the secretary is in trouble, isn't she? >> first of all, he would take more support from her than he would from bernie sanders. so, therefore, he would hurt her. and, you know, in trouble? it's all relative. she's got, what, a 20-point lead over any of her democratic rivals nationally. i believe in all the matchups with the republicans, except maybe there are one or two outliou
6:23 am
outpolls, but she defeats the republicans. i think it's good for her that the debates are finally going to start. she's been shadow boxing with herself and, frankly, fighting with the media. now she's got some real honest to god combatants on the stage. >> right. >> and so the phoney war ends and the real war begins. and i think she's going to do much better. >> what about all the policy reversal that's we've seen, secretary clinton take? she's against keystone pipeline much she's come out against the trans pacific partnership. there is one other maybe one of you remember this, another reverse -- oh, parting with the president on syria and the cadillac tax on the affordable care act. how is that going to go down on the debate stage and also with the democratic primary voting public? >> bernie sanders and martin o'malley are going to be quick to paint her as a flip-flopper. and they'll be able to stand on her words and use that against her. it will be interesting to see how viciously they attack her though if they give her a pass or if they go for the gut and
6:24 am
really knife her. she handed them a weapon. >> i think she hoped she could get through this primary without having to sort of lunge to the left. bernie sanders has proven to be a foremidable opponent. it has sort of forced her hand on some issues that i think she hoped to kind of skate by on. >> unfortunately, what also plays into this narrative is she -- all of her moves are made -- are political calculations. >> we're going to talk about that. >> she plays into kevin mccarthy's word that she's untrustable. >> we're going to talk more about this. we're going to talk more about this later. i'm going to talk about republicans. >> i would like to find out how distinguished guests can tell which is conviction and which is done by some political environment. >> wait. >> based on what i know so far -- >> we're going to talk about this. >> we have an edge on it. >> we can't. we have to talk about republicans. we have to talk about republicans.
6:25 am
and, you know, marco rubio is having some fund-raising issues. you have the coke brothers jump behind him, the fund-raising issues disappear. here's what i'm curious about. ben carson, do you see that? ben carson raised $20 million in the third quarter. ben carson who's been saying some really whacky things, especially this past week. what's that about? >> i don't know. >> bernie sanders raised $25 million. and whacky things can raise you a lot of money. >> yeah. you can't compare bernie sanders to ben carson. you can't. >> i sure can. one is extremely far left, one is extremely far right. and they're appealing to those wings of their party. >> one wants to arm kindergarten teachers with pistols so they can take out mad men. that is really troubling. and they're appealing to an element within both of the party's bases that will give a lot of money and give again and again.
6:26 am
one thing that you have to pay attention to with ben carson though -- >> wait. >> excuse me. >> one thing -- ben carson is not going to be our nominee, i'm no too troubled by it. >> you never know. >> ben carson had an extremely high burn rate to raise that money. one of the important numbers to pay attention to with all of these candidates is the cash on hand that they have moving forward. and i think that that's something that is going to be a difficult thing for ben carson to do. >> wait. >> ben carson is proudly inexperienced. i could not walk into john hopkins today and say i want to xprad conjoined twins and someone would hand me a scalpel. the fact that we're willing to hand this person the keys to the oval office is truly troubling. >> one more question. >> just because he's a candidate doesn't mean we're handing him the keys to the oval office. >> will donald trump be the nominee? >> no. >> so who will be the nominee? >> it will not be donald trump or ben carson. i'm very confident of that. it could be carly. >> i was about to ask, will the
6:27 am
nominee be someone who's in -- who has political experience? so you think carly fiorina could be? >> i think she has a shot. i think it will be somebody that has some natural appeal to the very conservative sort outsider wing of the party and also some folks that, you know, that sort of control the establishment purse strings and have some establish. in washington. i think it will be somebody with appeal. >> real quick? >> carly fiorina can't stand the scrutiny. she can't keep lying her way through the position that's she's taking. so she's not going to be the nominee either. but i want to say something in defense of bernie sanders and carson. they raise their money, i believe, at least sanders did through small contributions. he doesn't have a super pac. there is something very positive about that. >> since you're leaving us, last word real quick? >> well, the republican lineup looks more like saturday night live than anything else. but quite frankly, i do believe -- >> they're certainly younger than the democratic line. >> nobody is going to sleep at night worried about what the
6:28 am
republicans are talking about at this point. and i'm afraid that the tv debates to get advertisers, they get people and you know when you take a look at this system we have, there's going to be a handful of states, a handful of rich people and they're going to determine in a purple state who is going to be president of the united states. i think we ought to -- what's happening today means we ought to take a whole different look at citizens united, about the electoral college system and the primary system generally. >> and on that note, congressman charlie rangel of new york being thank you for joining us. >> thank you so much. >> still ahead, hillary clin unrails a wrath of positions before the first democratic presidential debate. and next, we'll bring you the newly released findings in the investigation in the police shooting of a 12-year-old boy in cleveland. one! which means you can access your dvr at the dmv. change channels while he changes pants.
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we'll preview what we can expect from the vegas debut. and next, hillary clinton breaks with her former boss on another big issues. diabetes, steady is exciting.
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hillary clinton made another major break with president obama this week. days before the first democratic debate, clinton declared her opposition to president obama's signature trade deal the trans pacific partnership. >> what i know about it as of today, i'm not in favor of what i have learned about it. i don't believe it's going to meet the high bar i have set. >> it's part of a growing list of issues in which clinton bucked letter former boss. on monday, she took on the administration over deportations. >> i think we have to go back to being a much less harsh and aggressive enforcer. we need to, of course, take care of felons and violent people. i mean that goes without saying. but in the meantime, i'm not going to be breaking up families. >> she also came out against the keystone xl pipeline whether the obama administration is still reviewing. >> and i think it is imperative that we look at the keystone
6:37 am
pipeline as what i believe it is a distraction from the important work we have to do to combat climate change. therefore, i oppose it. >> recently she took a more hawkish stand on syria which drew a rebuke from obama himself. >> i personally would be advocating now for a no fly zone and humanitarian corridors to try to stop the carnage on the ground and from the air. >> there's a difference between running for president and being president. and the decisions that are being made and the discussions that i'm having with the joint cheefd chiefs become much more specific and require, i think, a different kind of judgement. >> so why is she breaking so much in recent weeks with president obama? joining me, a senior campaign adviser for hillary clinton's last attempt at the white house and informal adviser to clinton's campaign. thank you for being here.
6:38 am
>> delighted to be with you. >> as secretary of state in 2012, hillary clinton had this to say about the trade deal. she wrote, "this tpp sets the gold standard in trade agreements to open free transparent free trade, the kind of environment that has a level playing field." comparing the words to recent statements, they may think this is a candidate willing to say anything on trade. how do you respond to that what some critics say is a flip-flop? >> because hillary clin has been very consistent in what she said. i went back and looked at her book which came out after she was secretary of state and said because the negotiations are still on going, it makes sense to reserve judgment until we can evaluate the final proposed agreement. and if you look at hillary clinton's record as a senator, very consistent. she said i enforce some trade deals that meet the bar that are good for american workers, good for the american economy, and i'm against others. for example, she voted against
6:39 am
the central american free trade agreement. i think the same month she voted for a free trade agreement with australia. there is not a single blueprint. it's not a cookie cutter approach, if you will. it is look at each deal, look what's in it and here's the bar. it is going to be good for the american economy? is it going to be good for workers? and as you'll notice when she looked at tpp, and she went on to say she is concerned no currency manipulation rules, that's very important to our economy. worried about what it means for pharmaceuticals, cost of drugs. that's another issue she's talking about. so i think the standards and principles are there. >> let me ask you one more question before i bring in the panel. secretary clinton proposed several executive action shez would take as president that would go further than president obama on gun control, immigration, campaign finance. vox calls clinton's executive power agenda unprecedented. what is your response to that? >> my response is some of the challenges we see are unprecedented.
6:40 am
like the latest gun shootings. how many of these massacres of our young people do we need to sit back and watch and say oh, gee we can't do anything? i'm glad you brought that up. i think when you look at hillary's policy positions, you see someone who is proud to have served in the obama administration. she was happy to be a member there. she also says now we have to move forward. let's go with what we've already done and build on it. and again that, executive action on guns where you would take major dealers, close the gun show loophole. we now have people who are dealers in a fairly large amount but they don't list themselves as dealers. consider them as dealers and they will have to go through again the kind of background checks that other dealers do. it's an example of how we can make a difference. >> we're running out of time. how does secretary clinton avoid the flip-flop label? >> i think there is a different
6:41 am
answer for each one of those. i think on trade, she clearly is vulnerable to flip-flop. frankly, if she's elected president, i would imagine that she would probably be for this trade deal. i don't believe -- i really find her -- that is a political decision. and it's an understandable political decision she'd be killing herself for off in the primaries if she supported the deal. but on syria, she has consistently wanted a harder line. the president has resisted that. i think the president looks at her and feels that she and others in part pushed him into libya. libya turned out to be a disaster. this is an an going policy dispute within the democratic party. >> katie and then we have to go real fast. >> the bigger challenge she has is the broader challenge. there is a perception that she is making all of these decisions by focus grouping voters. i think that's why you're seeing the impact it's having on the polls. she has started to drop. there isn't a sense she has a
6:42 am
soul on these issues. she is simply reacting to what focus groups are telling her and her team is telling her. it's not something she actually believes in her heart. >> you're nodding in agreement here. >> the key word we keep hearing over and over again is authenticity. people do not believe that hillary clin is aton is authent. she has given herself some wiggle room. what i know about it as of today, i am not in favor. so after the -- >> sounds like hedging your bets. >> two weeks, she may be in favor. but she gave her some room. after the tuesday debate. >> as ann knows better than any of us here at the table, hillary clinton has been at the forefront in a lot of the fights for a long time. she's not a johnny-come-lately on any of these issues. >> that's true. ann lewis, we'll see you in a moment. california set to register potentially millions of voters with a brand new strategy just in time for the 2016 election.
6:43 am
we'll tell you about the new plan ahead. and next, the first democratic debate is just two days away. bernie sanders hinting about his debate strategy versus hillary clinton. we'll show you what he is saying. stay with us. another day, and i'm still struggling with my diabetes. i do my best to manage. but it's hard to keep up with it. your body and your diabetes change over time. your treatment plan may too. know your options. once-daily toujeo® is a long-acting insulin from the makers of lantus®. it releases slowly to provide consistent insulin levels for a full 24 hours. toujeo® also provides proven full 24-hour blood sugar control and significant a1c reduction. toujeo® is a long-acting, man-made insulin used to control high blood sugar in adults with diabetes. it contains 3 times as much insulin in 1 milliliter as standard insulin. don't use toujeo® to treat diabetic ketoacidosis, during episodes of low blood sugar, or if you're allergic to insulin.
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you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. just book any flight you want then use your miles to cover the cost. now, that's more like it. what's in your wallet? we're two day as way from the first democratic debate of the 2016 cycle. they prep this weekend. now while the republicans have faced each other twice already, the debate this tuesday in las vegas will be the first featuring hillary clinton, bernie sanders, martin o'malley, lincoln chafy and jim webb. "the new york times" reporting how hillary clinton is planning to distinguish herself from bernie savenders in vegas. she is touching on how mr. sanders would accomplish his ambitious proposals if he was elected president. former governor of maryland, martin o'malley snap chatting while doing his debate prep. okay. that is a little rapped om. bernie sanders according to political yoe has been relukt
6:47 am
toont do any prep at all. a week ago his two top aides sat him down and asked him whether he had a plan. sanders said he really wants to focus on the issues, something reaffirmed when asked about hillary clinton on "politics nation" this morning. >> we have real differences of opinion. and to my mind, the major issue is at a time when the american middle class is disappearing and we have more wealth and income inequality than any other major country on earth and getting worse, which candidate is prepared to stand up to corporate america, wall street, and the big money interests who have so much power over our economic and political life? >> we're bringing back ann lewis for this discussion. joining her is john nickels, writer at "the nation." thank you. and the panel is also still here. let me start with you, john, what are you watching out for from hillary clinton on tuesday? >> i think hillary clinton sent a lot of signals going into this
6:48 am
debate. what you were just discussing. she has taken out stronger positions on the tpp, on banking reform, on keystone. a host of issues that bernie sanders has emphasized at his rallies and in his campaigning across the country. that's smart politics. in fact, i was a little struck by the discussion on the panel a moment ago where people are saying, you know sh she's just following the mood or following the polls or following, you know, what focus groups are saying. yeah. the energy of the moment is toward a host of progressive positions on these issues. and so i think clinton has been smart in that regard. she has gone where a lot of the movements within the party are. now, people who expect it to be some sort of nasty yelling match or something like that are going to be unsatisfied. i don't think sanders is going to come in and say, hey hillary stole all my issues and hillary is going to say bernie did this. what i expect is that they're going to have a pretty smart discussion about nuance
6:49 am
differences and, frankly, i actually think it could be ly i. >> ann, is that the kind of debate hillary clinton wants, one on substance and the issues and drawing distinctions not only with bernie sanders but with the other three or four fellows in the race? >> absolutely. what's important about this debate is that for hillary, you get to talk to millions of americans who are watching about the issues that matter in their lives. whether it is the cost for college education, whether it is how we get middle income wages up. this is the biggest audience you'll have this far in the campaign. let's use it. and i think, i hope all the candidates will. but for sure, hillary will. let's use it to talk about what those issues are and, very important and, what you would do about them. can i just say it's as a supporter of hillary's, i'm excited about the debate. but as a democrat, i'm thrilled that people are going to see the
6:50 am
difference between our democratic candidates, who are going to talk about the real life issues and i hope real life solutions and the republican debates we have seen so far that were mean, divisive, that seems to concentrate on who could get furthest to the right. >> you know, john, let me ask you this question. when it comes to the democrats, it is basically shades of grey here. they're all pretty much in unison on most of the issues. so i'm trying to figure out what will be the most contentious issue in this debate between the democrats? >> you know, i love you, jonathan. i'm going to suggest it isn't shades of gray. there are real differences. and in some senses, becauwe don cover politics the way we should. what we see is a shade of gray differences is really a signal on emphasis, where somebody is going to be politically or where they might be as president or candidate. and for sanders, the emphasis is
6:51 am
so strongly on the economic inequality issues. that volume is going to be way up there. now hillary clinton is going to bring a lot of different perspectives into this. she will be talking about the issues as ann has just emphas emphasized. that is where i suspect we might see some major differences in this debate. that's because lincoln shav cha there. he is dramatically undercovered in this race as is martin o'malley, it's important to recognize that lincoln chafy really disagrees with hillary clinton and maybe with some of the other candidates on foreign policy issues. he's heavy duty into diplomacy. very critical of military adventures abroad. you might see some real distinctions there. >> we're running out of time now that we only have an hour. thank you, ann lewis and john nichols. thank you both for joining us. >> thank you. >> up next, donald trump isn't the only one that wants to build
6:52 am
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there's a lot going on this morning. let's get caught up on the other headlines making news with today's panel. in "the washington post," canadians want to build a wall, too. to keep americans out. you can pretty much figure where that's -- why they want to do that. judging by the debate. i don't blame them. california set to auto mat beingly rbeing -- automatically to register millions of voters. a sbeweeping law allowing all californians to be auto mat beingly registered to vote when they get or renew a driver's license which i think is terrific. and then usa today, asking the question, should schools embrace e-days to make up for weather? i like that idea. >> i do, too. >> lz already going online to learn how to do the nae-nae. learn thou do some algebra. >> speaking of learning, really
6:56 am
quickly around the table, what you are hoping to learn out of the presidential debate, the democratic debate in vegas? >> i want to hear what jim webb stands for. he is barely campaigned. i think ebb could the wild card in the debate. i'm not really quite sure. >> right. >> wild card but not like a carly fiorina wild card. >> substantively. >> i think it will be annoyance of stopping at the coronation about it candidates that are throwing real hurdles in her path. >> okay. >> i don't expect to have the same fireworks, but you never know. they might take off the gloves and it might be a real brawl. >> right. you never know. this much i do know, we have to go. thanks to katie, gauge and eleanor and thank you for getting up with us today. up next, it is melissa harris-perry. we'll see you next weekend. have a great week. at safelite, we know how busy life can be.
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does joe biden have a lane to run in? plus the government gets ready to release thousands of prisoners and comicon in all of his glor why you but first is there anyone that can bring this house to order? >> good morning, i'm melissa harris-perry and the house of representatives is in chaos. no idea who its next speaker will be. on thursday house majority leader kevin mccarthy who was supposed to be a shoe in to replace john boehner stunned everybody by announcing he would not seek the speakership. mccarthy said he couldn't get to the 218 votes necessary to win. >> the one thing i found in talking to everybody, if we're going to unite and be strong, we need


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