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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  October 11, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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unexplained images that captivate and perplex. >> the alien in the film i saw looked like it had been very badly injured. >> an eerie evening in a junkyard. >> this thing was out here just twurling around up in midair. >> it or she is looking for something. >> and formations that seem to appear out of thin air. >> it's amazing. >> it's very mysterious. we don't know what it is. >> in this episode, film and video that many believe provide evidence of mythical creatures on land -- >> here's the proof. here's proof that bigfoot exists. >> -- sea -- >> something just shot across this bay as if a torpedo went
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through the bay. >> -- and in the sky. >> a major sighting here. >> it was a massive span, over a mile wide. >> "caught on camera: mysteries and monsters." cameras can capture what the human eye can miss. >> this thing was out here just twirling around up in midair. >> but even after watching this video over and over, you may still wonder what you're looking at. >> when we're dealing with a film of a ghost, we're dealing with a kind of illusion. >> that right there just sent chills down my spine. >> july 18th, 2002. oklahoma city, oklahoma. kathy henley and colonel peacock are working the late shift at puckett's wrecker yard.
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>> it was around 1:03 in the morning of the 18th. me and colonel were sitting there at his desk. he was filling out his paperwork and going over it, and to the left of me, we had a monitor sitting there. while i was talking to him, out the corner of my eye, i could see something moving around a lot. >> kathy turns to watch the security camera and can't believe her eyes. >> this thing was out here. and then after it twirled around going through the back end of a car, you could see a ball of light just shoot off. i said to colonel, you need to check the lot out. >> i looked in the monitor and that's when i started coming out here and seeing if anybody was around or anybody is doing it, and i couldn't find nobody. >> whatever was in the yard has vanished. >> so i pulled the videotape out and i took it home with me. when you go from a little screen to the one like this, you could
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actually see it. and to me, honestly looked like a woman wearing overalls with blond hair and a white shirt and she was twirling around with the cars and everything back here. >> the security camera records fewer frames per second than a regular video camera, giving the image a jerky appearance. >> i know by the videotape, it looks like slow motion and there's glitches. that's because you're taking 24 hours of air time and putting it on an 8-hour tape. when i was seeing, it was like taking your arm like a ballerina and just going in circles. >> unnerved, kathy calls her husband. >> i said, i need you to come home and see what i seen on this tape. he looks at it and he went, what is it? i said david, what do you think it is? he said, do you think we ought to call chris, and i said, well, yeah. >> they said something's happened on the tape. you need to see it. what is it? you just need to see it. david, what is it? i wasn't sure what it could be. he said it's a ghost. i went, no.
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go ahead, bring it up. let's see it. >> we brought it up here, showed chris. that's where it all blew up. >> news of the ghostly image caught on puckett's security camera quickly spread through oklahoma city. >> it went from one cop, two cops, four cops, 8, 16, 32, it went crazy and then the firemen got in on it. we had people from the sheriff's office come in. we had the attorney general's office come and look at it. it was pretty amazing. >> it's not long before the apparition catches the attention of lieutenant kevin partan from the oklahoma city city police department. >> mid-june 2002 i responded to an injury accident in about the 3700 block of airport road in oklahoma city. p upon my arrival i found a female laying in the roadway. she was 33-year-old white
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female, and she sustained injuries that were serious in nature, and then some time later the female passed away due to her injuries. >> this is where the story gets even spookier. >> the officer that worked the scene had come up here and he said, well, she was wearing a little short set overalls with the little white tank top under it and said she had blond hair but she had it pulled back into a ponytail wearing a cap. that right there, oh, my god, chills. >> i was surprised at the image i saw because what the woman appears to be wearing on the tape is exactly what the victim was wearing the night of the collision. >> curious, chris look at his notes from the vehicles in the lot the night the so-called ghost appeared. one record leaps out at him. >> there was a pickup and it had had a bad accident, ran into the side of a bridge and was damaged pretty bad. >> the license plate of the
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pickup truck sitting at puckett's matches the one from lieutenant parton's accident scene. >> night this int dent happened was the first night it had been moved from the spot it was in. we moved it because the salvage pool was coming to pick up the car to sell the salvage. so that was another weird coincidence. >> the time of night the image appears is also eerie. >> the time of the accident was about 1:05 in the morning and the time the imimagiage appeare the same time. >> when people would watch it, they'd either say it or she is looking for something. >> her husband had come up here and cleaned out the truck and got all her belongings out of it like her wallet with her kids' pictures so it could have been that. >> paranormal investigator joe nichol has a different theory. >> the least likely possibility is that it's a ghost.
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the idea of a ghost is a lovely one, very romantic, but not credible, but illusions with films of things that could look like ghosts are usually hoaxes or anomalies that just happen. >> over the next ten years, psychics, camera crews, and professional debunkers analyze the video. none has been able to definitively explain the image. >> i believe that it's not a hoax. doesn't have the warning signs and earmarks of a hoax. not easy to reproduce as a hoax, but it looks just like what happens when various kinds of insects get attracted to a security camera, and i think it's the simplest explanation. >> one set of researchers came in. they brought a little martian doll and put it on a string and a stick and waved it in front of the camera. one crew came and thought it would be electronic believleedo from some outside source. but if it was the system that
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was at fault, why not one of the other seven cameras? i had a hard time believing that especially that night there was no storms, there was no interference, there was no wind, there was no martians, there was no space stips. you know, there just wasn't anything to go with it. >> i believe there's a possibility it could have been her and i watched several people come to oklahoma city, and they've made attempts at debunking the myth that this might actually be her, and i haven't seen anybody yet that's been able to come in and show this could be something else. >> today i still don't know what the image is. coming up -- >> it was beginning to farm out of nowhere. >> curious formations crop up on a farm. >> it's very mysterious. we don't know what it is. >> when "caught on cameras: mysteries and monsters" returns. kelly. my name is raph. steve. my name is anne.
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something unexplained is happening in this field. >> this is amazing. >> suddenly, the circles would form out of nowhere. >> and it's all caught on camera. >> it's very mysterious. we don't know what it is. >> for 400 years, crop circles have sparked a debate between believers and skeptics. are they messages from extraterrestrials? or manmade art? >> it's contentious. you can get into heated debates and arguments with people about it. august 11th, 1996, wiltshire, england. according to andy thomas and fran sheen blake, the story begins on a dark and stormy night. >> a crop circle researcher headed out with a video camera to see if he could see ufos or maybe crop circles. and he went to an area where many had appeared over the years.
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so, he went in the early hours of the morning, it is claimed. >> he came here on his own, therefore, and it started to rain at about 10:00. but it rained very heavily. i mean, a real downpour. i've never seen rain like that. it was very heavy. it caused flash flood in a village down the hill there. >> he puts up a tent and goes to sleep. but at day break, something wakes him. >> he heard a clicking noise, like crickets it's been described. when he trained his camera on the area where he heard the noise, he started filming. >> what he catches on camera is perplexing. >> then he sees these little balls of light who make the crop circle. it's question of -- it's not even a second. it's very, very quick. he was startled. >> the mysterious balls of light appear out of nowhere and hover over the field. but watch what happens under the lights. >> underneath the lights, you
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could see this snowflake-like crop circle appearing out of nowhere within about seven seconds. the video is probably one of the most controversial aspects of the entire crop circle phenomenon that we have. >> this is the proof believers have been waiting for. or is it? later that day, the videographer takes the video to the barge inn. it's a local hot spot for crop circle circle enthusiasts. >> we saw this footage on sunday evening. it's very rare you can capture something on film. >> this footage was incredibly important because nobody had ever managed to film a formation appearing before or never in a way that was clear. >> but who is this researcher and is his imagery genuine? mathieu williams also saw the oliver's castle video that night at the barge. his assessment, it's a fake, and he has a theory on how it was
12:15 pm
done and who did it. >> the oliver's castle video is created for a guy who worked for a television company. he created this in his cgi computer editing suite. >> adding to the mystery, the man disappears before anyone can ask him if he faked the video. >> what you would have needed to do to fake the video is obviously get footage of the formation. now, we know that that formation was not there the day before. so he would have had to have taken the footage that morning. how did he know it was going to be there? did he know who made it? did he make it? that has never been nailed down. he would have then had to have rushed the footage back and then added on the balls of light. now, that's going to take time to marry up sort of these two things and make it convincing. >> but did he have enough time to fake it? don't forget, the film is shown at the barge the same day the circles appear. >> he was accuseed of having done the sequence on computer
12:16 pm
and copy it onto film. you would have to have facilities like hollywood to do that stuff and in 1996 it just wasn't feasible. >> the videographer is written off as a fraud. >> you have two views of the situation. one is that he really did film this and it was real and that he was so taken aback and frightened by the attention that was suddenly put towards him because it would have been a very important piece of evidence if absolutely known to be real. some say he backed off. say he gave the tape to others and said i don't want anything more to do with it and that's why he wouldn't come forward. others say basically that if the footage was real, that he had to be persuaded into silence, that somebody had to pay him or force him to say that he had faked it to drain the energy out of the situation. >> he was very badly treated, and the people put detectives to find out where he was and he was accused of all sorts of things
12:17 pm
and in the end he ran to ground and we didn't see him again. it was very unless sant and very sad. >> it's hard to track down. this just adds further layers of intrigue. >> and what about the weather that night? would hoaxers really have worked for hours in torrential rain and wouldn't they have left muddy foot prints all over the formation? >> we know from experience when you walk inside a wet crop formation, the first thing you do is tread wet, muddy footprints all over it. yet inside that formation when it was first discovered, there were no muddy footprints. >> it's not manmade but there are people who will do everything to convince everyone it is manmade. there's no evidence it's manmade. we've never seen anybody do that. never. >> matt williams disagrees. >> what we do is use this to flatten large areas. i'm right footed so i will use this foot. >> for 20 years matt has been
12:18 pm
making crop circles and he has the conviction for causing criminal damage to prove it. >> a complex design would start at 10:00 when it gets dark and you would be working until 4:30 in the morning. this night vision video shows them making the famous river hills serpent circle which fooled believers in july 2011. >> use one person as a center point holding one end. usual the measurement for the other end and side skep to subscribe the foot lines which then you use geometry or you kind of improvise and be a bit more freestyle with it and start creating the pattern. >> even they though don't know who or what created the famous oliver's dacastle formation. >> one of the interesting things about this controversy is that it's gone on for so long. i mean, here we are a decade and
12:19 pm
a half on and still nobody has definitively nailed this as a fake. and i'm willing to believe either. i'm willing to believe it could be a fake, it could be real, but i've never seen definitive evidence either way. >> coming up -- >> i got four of them. major sighting here. >> a close encounter of the peculiar kind. >> i've never seen anything like it before. >> when "caught on camera: mysteries and monsters" returns. dvr at the dmv. change channels while he changes pants. you don't have to be a couch potato, you can be a train potato! and let them watch all the shows they love, inside the ride that you really kind of hate. introducing the all in one plan. only from directv and at&t. and sleep deprived.
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something strange is lighting up the night sky. >> another one just showed up. >> it was a massive span. over a mile wide. >> it was almost the perfect arc. they remain in that position somewhere around two, two and a half minutes or so. >> hundreds witness the mysterious lights and a few even catch them on camera. >> there's another one! >> where? >> whatever the phenomena was, it was really eerie. >> march 13th, 1997. phoenix, arizona. >> i got four of them. major sighting here.
12:23 pm
>> an enormous arc of lights suddenly appears near a mountain range southwest of the city. >> holy [ bleep ]. they're lined up in a pattern, man. there's geometry behind this. >> it was 15 1/2 years ago that this whole thing happened. this footage has been around the world and nobody has come up to me with a plausible explanation for it. >> mike christian, a phoenix resident for more than 20 years, has a perfect view. >> i was watching tv about 10:00 at night. i noticed a light to the east here directly on the other side of this mountain. i went and got my camera. i started to film that. and as i was filming that, all of a sudden, this whole array of lights started to form this arch that you see in the videotape. it was an exciting thing, because i've never seen anything like it before. it was very bright. it looked like it was very close. i got pretty excited about it. and i called my wife. hey, sue! >> well, that is a totally
12:24 pm
different configuration than we've ever seen before. >> dr. lynn keti also sees the lights and takes this video. >> i was excited to get out there and i grabbed my camera. by the time i got out there and looked up and got the camera focused, the six had changed to three, like the end points of a giant triangle. by 4:30 in the afternoon, my video was plastered on every news station. it was unbelievable. it was exciting. here i'd been documenting these things for two years, then i learned thousands of people saw what i'd been seeing. >> is this a ufo sighting with photographic evidence from multiple sources? paul scohan at arizona state university has a less extraordinary explanation. >> here in the desert southwest, we have a lot of military bases and rocket launches, and it's very easy to see them because we have 330 clear nights a year here in phoenix. so it's very easy to see these
12:25 pm
phenomena in the night sky, whereas elsewhere in the country, maybe you wouldn't see them. >> look, the one in the middle is doing something. it's going out of alignment. >> with a growing interest in the mysterious lights, the military responds to witness accounts. it asserts the maryland national guard was dropping illumination flares that evening at a bombing range directly behind the mountains where the lights were seen. scohan believes the military's explanation. >> as we went through the video and those lights started to wink out, at every time a light was extinguished, it seems to line up exactly with the ridge line of the mountains itself. the area to the southwest of the mountains, there's a part of it that is set aside for use by the military. it is called the gold water bombing range. and a standard practice for a night bombing run is to drop high-altitude bombing flares that are very bright sources of
12:26 pm
light so you can see the area on the range that you're trying to hit, and they have parachutes attached to them so their descent is slowed dramatically. >> but witnesses are not so easily convinced. >> to blow this off as flares is a joke. it's been a diversion for 15 years. i mean, it was a very easy answer when you look at the footage because the footage doesn't do it justice. >> i have seen them dropping flares, and they didn't look anything like flares. they looked much brighter, plus they had a consistent pattern to them. when flares are drops, they're sort of dropped in bunches and they look kind of scattered. >> paul says arizona's unique weather could allow flares to remain in formation after being dropped from planes. >> we have numerous evenings here in the desert, especially in the spring and the fall and the lights happened in march where the air is completely
12:27 pm
still. there is no cross wind that would disturb a formation of that kind. >> i think probably it's got something to do with military, with some government experiment which would seem logical to me. i don't think -- i don't know if there's evidence of if it's alien spacecraft. there's no way of knowing that. >> given that we are one star in 100 billion in our own galaxies and there are 100 billion gal y galaxi galaxies, it would be unfortunate that we're the only life out there, but there is no evidence that there's other life. >> when you hear hundreds, thousands of people describe what they saw and also how it made them feel. they were mesmerized. they were in awe. >> the last one left. it's gone. >> there it goes. >> we may never know, but nonetheless, it really was so dramatic and so different from
12:28 pm
anything, anything you can ever imagine being here on earth. coming up -- >> you could see there was exposed bone where it looked like it had been ripped and burnt. >> it was extremely gory. i thought it was fascinating. >> are you a skeptic or a believer. when "caught on camera: mysteries and monsters" returns. beyond natural grain free pet food
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it's the controversial film that captivated even nonbelievers. >> thought it was extremely gory. i thought it was fascinating and compelling. >> but it's also the one skeptics called a fraud. >> anyone who would believe that is what we would call pathologically gullible. >> what's the real story behind this alien autopsy that's claimed to be caught on camera? 1992, cleveland, ohio. british filmmaker ray santilli is producing a documentary on elvis presley. but while searching for footage of the king, he says his quest takes a bizarre turn. >> in cleveland we came across a guy who had the most remarkable footage of elvis. we purchased that off him and later he said, are you interested in anything else? >> santilli claims the man has
12:33 pm
also never seen video of the roswell ufo incident. >> and he explained that in 1947 he worked for the army air force and he was involved in photographing the recovery of a crash vehicle and these creatures. that's where the story really started. >> the roswell story first hit headlines in 1947 following reports that a ufo had crashed in new mexico. >> there was scattered debris. the whole thing weighed just a few pounds. it was foiled paper, sticks, tape, and rubber. immediately the government came in and they said oh, it's a weather balloon and that's that. >> rumors of a government coverup begin to circulate. and before long, the story starts to include reports of extraterrestrials on board. but if unearthly beings were recovered, what happened to them? >> he showed me the film. it was remarkable because it was obviously the autopsy of a creature of some kind. you see surgeons. certainly they're operating with
12:34 pm
a scalpel. they are separating the skin and the body tissue. they're removing organs. and they're placing the organs into glass jars. they're peeling back what seems to be a black film that's over the eye. and they are conducting a medical examination. >> the film you're watching premieres on television in 1995 to more than 11 million viewers. 32 countries buy the rights to televise the shocking film. the audience is told that the footage is authentic. in fact, it is not. according to santilli, it's a recreation. this is what he says happened to ed original alien autopsy footage that they purchased in cleveland. >> we got the film back into england and ran it through the machines. it was peeling off as it was going through the machines. we just had to stop. >> i was very, very disappointed and upset. we thought we had something to show the world. >> if you bought something this valuable, it might seem logical to try to restore it.
12:35 pm
instead, santilli says he decides to recreate it with the help of john humphries, a well-known hollywood sculptor. >> we had frames. we had a lot of images. john was given the responsibility of creating exactly what was on film so that we could dovetail it into the film. and sort of create what would be a seamless 20 minutes. so we plugged the gaps, basically. >> the alien in the film i saw looked like it had been very badly injured in some kind of incident. there was a big tear around the knee and burns here and there and bruising. i was very shocked, very shocked. >> humphries says he viewed frames from the original damaged film and was able to replicate the alien seen on the operating table. >> we didn't make any sculpture. you start with an armature, which is an aluminum frame.
12:36 pm
so you make a frame, get lots of bags of clay, and then you literally just manipulate that clay into the shape and form you want. in this case, an alien. it's painted then with special silicone paint. you can then set about doing effects. i got bits and bobs from the butchers. and interpreted what i could see from the pathology going on on the alien in the film as best i could. >> john even appears in the film. here he is holding the scalpel. >> i have to take the role of the american scientist pathologist from the original film. i just had to don a radiation outfit and cover myself. that's why you don't see my face in it. that's me doing the pathology. >> it was a work of pure genius. i'm very proud of it, but it is a restoration. >> the deception goes all the way to oh, okay, well, it was a hoax but now we'll make money telling you how the hoax was done. >> despite questions about the
12:37 pm
film's validity, the fascination is real. >> when we went public with the alien autopsy footage, we were visited by a number of delegations from various countries around the world. and the people that we saw was really high up in their sector of either politics or military. the gil film inspires hollywood invasion movies such as "independence day." and santilli believes it has a bigger influence. >> for first time the american government acknowledged area 51 after our first transmission of the film. we transmitted at the end of august '95, and a couple weeks later, the government acknowledged for the first time its existence. >> in 2006, more than a decade after the film is broadcast, santilli publically admits large parts of it are a recreation. but he maintains that sections of the film are original and real. >> so we have a fake film of an allegedly genuine film of a real
12:38 pm
alien. i'm not buying it, for very good reason. >> for the people that say the film never existed, there's an exclusive for you. there's a few frames. >> is there anyone out there who still thinks the alien autopsy is genuine? he'sed a -- >> he's adamant. he's bought this film. he believes in it. i believe him. and it was kind of left open really. no one could be 100% sure about anything. but ray believes in the film. and i believe him. >> santilli plans to auction the entire, unrestored original film. he wants no less than $5 million. >> to have santilli say trust me, i would say to him no. coming up -- >> this thing battered its way for a few seconds through the waves. >> the famous film that brought thousands to the shores of loch ness. >> whatever it was was just underneath the surface, was
12:39 pm
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it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. this thing battered its way for a few seconds through the waves. >> legend has it there's something lurking in the murky waters of scotland. >> whatever it was was just underneath the surface, it was pretty big and it was shifting. >> and that legend has been kept alive largely by one mysterious piece of film shot more than half a century ago. >> my father took a film in 1960 of some object in loch ness. and that pretty much changed his life. changed my life. >> april 1960.
12:43 pm
loch ness, scotland. armed with a rented 16-millimeter camera, british aeronautical engineer tim dinsdale is monster hunting. >> he read an article in 1959 in a small magazine and became fascinated by the subject. the article covered things like a surgeon's photograph and dozens of other people's eyewitness testimony. >> the 1930s and '40s saw a surge in apparent loch ness monster sightings, including this one by malcolm irvine. dinsdale wanted in on the action. >> he went up there and his objective was to get unequivocal moving film of the object, and on his first trip he got a sequence of film. >> on his fourth day at the lake, tim captures what thousands before and since have tried and failed to film. >> he described it as for all well being like the back of an african buffalo. same color tone. quite an enormous -- quite a large object.
12:44 pm
it was several feet wide, several feet out of the watt with a sort of reddish-brown hide. and as he watched this thing, it suddenly took off. then he realized -- remembered why he was there. then he started filming. >> is this the elusive loch ness monster finally caught on camera? >> well, that's the perennial question, isn't it? that's the $64,000 question. he really didn't know what it was he'd filmed. >> for 50 years, this grainy, 62-second film has captivated the world. >> it was analyzed by the royal air force in 1965. and they measured the object you can see in the film. and they say it's six feet wide across, five feet high out of the water. it moves up to ten miles per hour. as it's moving, it gets lower in the water. and their assessment is it's not a boat, can't be a submarine. so it must be some form of inanimate object. >> despite inconclusive
12:45 pm
evidence, monster hunters and tourists flock to the shores of loch ness hoping to get a glimpse of nessie. >> we came for a whiskey tour. and i said we've got to see nessie. >> hopefully he's going to show up for us. >> but sightings are rare, which may only feed the obsession. >> since 1991, i've been full-time living on the side of loch ness hunting for whatever the explanation to this mystery is. >> steve feltham's father brought him to the loch in 1970 when he was just 7 years old. he's been obsessed with the legend ever since. >> since i've been here, i found out that the loch ness monster is extremely elusive and we're still no nearer really identifying what these animals are. it's such a mystery. >> to support his monster-hunting lifestyle, steve makes and sells clay models of nessie to tourists. >> the one time i was really
12:46 pm
blown away by a sighting of something, i was at the other end of the loch at fort augustus and something just shot across this bay as if a torpedo went through the bay. and it was going against the wave, so as it hit each wave, it would splash up white water. and there's no simple explanation in loch ness for what that could have been. >> dinsdale's film also inspires marine biologist adrian shine to identify once and for all what lies beneath the surface of lake ness. >> the loch ness monster is an amalgam perhaps welded together by the human consciousness, by human perception, by human aspirati aspiration. we'd all love there to be something there. >> adrian's loch ness project has organized dozens of expeditions from operation deep scan, a 24-boat sonar exploration in 1987, to
12:47 pm
submarine searches, and even an exorcism. >> be gone now, hideous demon. >> but nessie has remained a no-show. >> i think the legend is popular because we seek dragons. and also, in a way, we like our mysteries to be something we can half comprehend as well. loch ness is one of the places where anybody can come. there's a road around it. it's not the antarctic. it's not outer space. it's not the bottom of the ocean. looking for monsters in a lake with a road around it is a mystery we can all join in with. >> when i finally see something in the loch, i really don't know what i'll do. i don't know what i would do. i wouldn't be packing up and going at the first opportunity. no. this is my life's passion is trying to solve this mystery. >> while skeptics have long dismissed the loch ness monster
12:48 pm
as a mythical creature, for its many believers and wannabe believers, the question remains, what is she? tim dinsdale devoted his life to answering this question. >> he first went up in april of 1960, and every year thereafter he went to loch ness. from the end of the 1960s, he gave up his work, gave up his job, and he's doing this full time. >> but he never captures nessie as clearly as he did in 1960. there have been other photos and films, but the dinsdale footage remains iconic. >> i often say witnesses seldom lie. cameras very often do. sometimes without their owner's knowledge. the dinsdale film of 1960, it's quite a poor quality film, which makes identification difficult. >> my father's film to this day stands as being unexplained, but i think, ooism ci'm convinced t given all the evidence, all the
12:49 pm
eyewitness testimony, the photography, my father's fill nl and the other film taken, there's something large living in loch ness. coming up -- >> big foot turns, looks at the camera, and is gone. >> when "caught on camera: mysteries and monsters" returns. . i know. it's so frustrating. they'd be a lot happier with the capital one venture card. and you would, too! why? it's so easy with venture. you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. just book any flight you want then use your miles to cover the cost. now, that's more like it. what's in your wallet? skwhat are you doing? i just gotta scrape the rest of the food off them. ew. dish issues? cascade platinum powers through this brownie mess better than the competition, the first time. cascade.
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12:53 pm
go out and fill am bigfoot. >> known as bigfoot in north america, yeti in asia, and sasquatch in canada, it's been reported all over the world. yet evidence of the beast is scarce until this film becomes a worldwide sensation. >> you're seeing in the patterson film, bigfoot shows up on cue. the creature is walking along a creek bed making what i think are exaggerated steps, exaggerated gait. turns, looks at the camera, and is gone. the patterson film was put out as here's proof that bigfoot exists. >> the film awes bigfoot believers and fascinates nonbelievers. >> the believers were going to believe it, no matter what it showed they were going to believe it and skeptics would be dubious about it.
12:54 pm
>> >> i'm sitting in my living room at home watching television and the announcer comes on telling a story about these two rodeo cowboys who were out in the forest and ran upon a bigfoot. and i'm looking. there's our gorilla suit walking across the screen. >> originally, a vaudeville entertainer, philip starts making and selling gorilla costumes. >> i received a call from this man who says he's roger patterson. do you have a gorilla show? a magician. >> no, no, no, no. he said we'll just play a gag on people and how much are the suits? >> according to patterson, he had specific requirements for the suit. >> he wanted to know, did it look like a real gorilla? what about the eyes where you see the eyes? i said you get the makeup. put it around the eyes of the person wearing the suit and it
12:55 pm
will blend into the mask itself. they also wanted to know how to make it large and massive. >> and he wanted some extra material that's going to have to change the head. he's going to have to put these -- and this is brilliant on roger's part -- these pendulous female breasts which everybody thought wow, that's the kind of detail nobody could make that up. it's so credible and believable. >> well, the check arrived and i sent the suit out to him. he called me back and said, listen, you can see the zipper in the back of the suit. i said well, that's easy to overcome. get a hair brush. brush it back and forth across the zipper. that was the last i heard from him. >> until he sees his suit on tv. >> my wife was in the kitchen and i said, amy, come here! you'll want to see this! she walks in and said oh, look. there's our gorilla suit. >> morris keeps quiet about his involvement hoping that patterson would admit about making the film.
12:56 pm
>> i didn't say anything to anybody because i thought our market was for magicians. it would be unethical to sell him a costume and then tell the audience it's a gorilla suit. >> but patterson insists it's the real thing and earns thousands of dollars selling the rights to the film, and yes, we too, pay for the rights to use it in this episode. >> he went on television shows, radio shows all the way across the country. and i realized at a point that he was not going to tell anybody that it was a hoax. and i just set back and was watching what he was going to do. and i think that his intentions were that he would get someone to produce a motion picture of bigfoot and he would literally make a fortune out of it. >> five years after it debuted on tv, roger patterson dies of cancer, maintaining until the end that the film is genuine. >> in 2002, after he saw the
12:57 pm
film, morris goes public with the story. >> i started announcing that's the gorilla suit. another 10 or 20 magicians across the country have the same suit. that'sor suit. it's not a real bigfoot. >> but morris' revelation comes too late for the film's believers. >> people are so taken by the things they fall for. they're hugely invested in it. now they're fools if they were wrong. and as soon as you come in and rain on their parade, you find utter hostility. >> the first reaction was no, you're lying. that is a real bigfoot. i said how is it possible that this thing could fool people? the suit was all right. it wasn't the best gorilla suit ever made. but it was okay. but in broad daylight did not look like a real animal. >> i talked with phil morris about this in retrospect seeing how entrenched this film has
12:58 pm
become. i think he feels probably he should have come forward. >> we set out to verify morris' story and found bob heironimus who says he is the man in the bigfoot costume. heronimus and morris have since become friends. >> he said patterson told him to walk like a gorilla. bob had no idea how it would like. he walked like a normal person walking down the street and kind of waved his arms back and forth and thought that was real show business. bob has the size, the gait to be big foot, to give it life, and i think this is very important, there are people still living who remember seeing a bigfoot suit in the trunk of bob heronimus' mother's car. when it comes down to it, it's hard to improve upon phil morris as the source of the costume.
12:59 pm
bob heironimus as the guy in the big suit and roger patterson as producer, director and whatever else of this film. >> just as patterson stood by his story, so, too, does morris. >> rick baker who is academy award winner eight times said to me one time, he said, phil, that was the worst gorilla suit i've ever seen in my life. and i said yes, it's true. but think about this. that there were over 10, 20, 30 million people who saw that film of bigfoot walking through the forest and they thought it was a real suit. that's absolutely amazing. >> at the end of the day when you've watched this figure stride and you looked at it, i'm inclined to agree with the late john napear from the smithsonian who remarked famously i can't see the zipper. and i think that's the most concise way to view what happened.
1:00 pm
♪ ♪ stop! police caught in the crosshairs. >> he was in attack mode, and the tables can turn in an instant. >> okay. okay. >> their dashboard cameras capturing real crime in real time. >> that's when i saw a weapon coming across the back of the seat. moments of horror. >> i remember the back tire running over my leg.


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