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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  October 12, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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to run are still waiting for a yes or a no answer from vice president joe biden. meanwhile, the party's presumed favorite is dogged by an e-mail controversy that won't go away, with another house benghazi hearing ten days from now. but there is good news for hillary clinton's campaign. new poll numbers showing clinton holding strong in two key states. plus another member of the gop backing up what kevin mccarthy already revealed. the house select committee on benghazi is a witch hunt. a former republican staffer goes on the record calling it a partisan investigation, but the right says that his words cannot be trusted. good to have you with me. i'm thomas roberts. that benghazi bombshell leads us off this hour on "msnbc live." the former staffer, making new charges against the republican-led committee. he says he was unfairly fired in part for trying to conduct a nonpartisan and thorough probe. instead of focusing primarily on former secretary of state
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hillary clinton. >> as i've stated, hillary clinton has a lot of explaining to do. we did not need to shift resources to hyper-focus on hillary clinton. i honestly do not believe this investigation was set up to go after hillary. i believe it shifted that way. >> he is planning on filing a federal complaint against the committee next month. now, according to a draft of that complaint obtained by msnbc chief legal correspondent ari melber, the major is claiming another reason he was fired and he says that's because he took time off to fulfill military service requirements. in an exclusive interview with nbc's kristen welker, the chairman of the benghazi committee, trey gowdy, responded to those allegations. >> well, it's a damn lie, and that's not a word that i often use, but rarely is it so easily proven. so he was losing in mediation on his reservist's claim and that presented a really good opportunity to pivot to the democrat talking point of well,
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let me try this. the reservist claim didn't work. let me try this. >> so ari melber joins us to break it all down. i know that you have been going through these court documents. congressman gowdy denying this. what picture is this painting? >> there have been full denials from chairman gowdy. you heard it there. according to the draft complaint that will be filed in federal court next month, what you have the major claiming here is that there was retaliation both for his military service, that if true would be illegal under a 1994 federal law, and there was retaliation based on the fact that he was basically reviewing what other agencies were doing and he says after the secretary of state's e-mail habits became public which everyone now remembers, the committee bore down on wanting to blame her, focus on that issue at the exclusion of the issues he was tasked with investigating. he says that put him on a collision course with that new political vendetta and he was punished for it. the committee denying that
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categorically. >> very interesting development there. a lot of people got to watch last night the president on "60 minutes" as he was asked about the e-mail controversy. i want to play just a short response the president gave and then i have a question. take a look. >> i think that it was a mistake that she's acknowledged and you know, as a general proposition, when we're in these offices, we have to be more sensitive and stay as far away from the line as possible when it comes to how we handle information, how we handle our own personal data and you know, she made a mistake. she's acknowledged it. >> it doesn't seem like a huge umbrella defense from the president for hillary clinton. let's talk about the investigation. as we are ten days away from this, what do these conversations about it being a witch hunt mean ten days before it happens and let's remind everybody, $4.zi6 million spent already on this? >> right. other committees already did a
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full investigation, says hillary clinton's people. basically this hearing will be the chance for hillary clinton to put on record her responses and relating again to the loss we were discussing, one of the interesting parts is it also alleges and details there were a lot of other non-clinton hearings planned that never got off the ground. the clinton side says that goes to their point, again, the benghazi committee resisting that, saying they will go where the facts lead. >> hillary clinton saying she's looking forward to this chance to testify. we will wait. that's coming up in ten days. chief legal correspondent ari melber, thank you. the controversy surrounding the benghazi committee is the subject of our bing pulse question today. the investigation has lasted longer than the watergate probe and we are asking you whether you think it's time to disband the committee. let's take a look so far at some of the responses that you have had to our pulse question of the day. 73% of you say yes. 27% of you say no. remember, the pulse is live so head to we will have more results throughout the show on that question.
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also developing right now, we are one day away from the first democratic debate. it happens tomorrow night, 8:00 p.m. take a look. this is the way the stage will look. front-runner hillary clinton in the center with four democrats flanking her. ironically, bernie sanders will be to her right for the evening. cnn even has a sixth podium ready, we say ready, on the off chance that vice president biden decides to throw his hat into the ring and officially join and come to the debate. no one's heard a word about that. on sunday, senator bernie sanders sat with chuck todd from "meet the press" and said the difference between himself and hillary clinton boils down to one word. consistency. take a listen. >> i believe that our trade policies going way back when, i think they have been a disaster for the american worker. a lot of corporations shut down here, move abroad so people will have the contrast my consistency and my willingness to stand up to corporations, big corporations.
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>> nbc's peter alexander is in las vegas where tomorrow night's debate will be taking place. let's start with this, because hillary clinton comes into this on some good news. first bring up the campaign plans about benghazi and what you have been hearing from them, especially now that we have this former staffer saying that this was a partisan hunt. >> reporter: that's a good question. with those new allegations from that republican whistle blower, the clinton campaign was quick to try to pounce on this, referring to the allegations as explosive, saying it's the best evidence yet that this is, in their words, a partisan sham. we'll see how much of an issue the e-mail controversy is on this stage and whether any of her opponents try to attack hillary clinton on this but as she said when she had one of more than 20 debates during the 2007-2008 campaign against barack obama, she said i have a lot of baggage and people have been searching through it for years. i think she believes this is part of that baggage but certainly baggage they can put behind her right now, recognize
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hillary clinton is a seasoned debater. she has been doing this since high school. i think the campaign feels strongly she will be in good shape on that stage tomorrow night. >> speaking of good shape, bring up the new polling that's coming out of the state where you are and also out of south carolina. and how that is starting to lay out a picture for hillary clinton. >> reporter: good question. we have seen how tight the race is in new hampshire. she's losing to bernie sanders. she's barely in the lead in iowa. when you come to two other pivotal early primary states, nevada and the state of south carolina, take a look at some of these numbers. here's what we see in nevada. if you include joe biden, hillary clinton still gets the majority, 50% of democratic support behind her. bernie sanders at 34%. if you take joe biden out of the race, that number jumps to 58%. then in south carolina, just shy of 50% for clinton. she's at 49%. biden actually at 24%. but if you take biden out of the race, clinton is at 70% to 20% for bernie sanders which actually raises the potential
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liability for bernie sanders right now. a lot of his support has been from white voters and he's going to have to gain a new audience, new support among black and hispanic voters if he hopes to make himself a more viable candidate going forward. >> peter alexander in las vegas, thank you, sir. as peter was talking about, vice president joe biden still a wild card, because he remains with his family in delaware this hour. in part, this is a vacation but it's also part of a 2016 war room. with the first democratic debate tomorrow night, expectations are high that biden may soon declare one way or the other whether he wants to throw his hat into the ring. last night on "60 minutes" president obama was asked about the decision. take a listen. >> right now, there's nobody on either side of the aisle that is exactly running on your record. do you want joe biden to get in the race and do it? >> you know, i'm going to let joe make that decision, and i mean what i say. i think joe will go down as one
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of the fine st vice presidents n history and one of the more consequential. i think he's done great work. >> there's not one person truly carrying the obama torch. nbc's kristen welker following the vice president in greenville, delaware. does the first debate put a lot of pressure on the vice president to decide and is it based on that calculation of the fact that hillary clinton has to do poorly for him to want to actually get in? >> reporter: well, i think that's only a small part of it. to your point about pressure, i think each passing day puts more pressure on the vice president, certainly this first debate, but also democrats are very eager for him to make a decision. there's a broad sense that this isn't good for the party, for secretary clinton. as peter was pointing out, if you look at the poll numbers, he takes away from her support. i will show you one more poll. this is the cbs news poll that finds secretary clinton leads bernie sanders by 24 points without biden in the race, and by 19 points if he does get in. so there's certainly a lot of
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anticipation about what he's going to decide. among biden supporters, they want a decision as well, because they feel as though the vice president has a lot of catching up to do, both when it comes to building a ground game and also when it comes to fund-raising. think about it. last quarter alone, secretary clinton and bernie sanders both brought in more than $20 million and he hasn't raised a cent. we have been staked out all weekend long looking for a clue. we haven't really gotten anything. the vice president did leave his home briefly on saturday to attend his granddaughter's cross country meet, and our producer shaquille brewster tried to ask if he had made a decision yet. he sort of brushed it aside and said get out of my way with a big smile on his face. really not ready to talk about this, but his supporters as well as the clinton camp watching very closely and it is anticipated that the vice president will be watching that debate tomorrow very closely but of course, all expectations are he won't have made a decision by then. >> so if you were in delaware all weekend at least you had a pretty weekend on this campout because it was gorgeous down
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there. kristen welker in delaware, thank you. appreciate it. take a look at manchester, new hampshire, where republican and democratic candidates and supporters are gathered for the bipartisan no labels event. the event is supposed to help turn down the volume on politics and help find solutions amenable to politicians on the left and the right. however, the opposite appeared to happen when donald trump took the stage. trump is one of several 2016 candidates to appear there today. during the q & a portion after his speech, he had to talk not only about the problems that confront the nation but also about his own campaign. take a look. >> i'm wondering if you are at all concerned that some of the divisive language you use on the campaign trail undermines -- >> you know what, i understand. >> maybe i'm wrong, but i don't think that you're a friend to woman. [ applause ] >> i know i shouldn't have picked her.
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>> nbc's katy tur is following donald trump in new hampshire and joins us now. let's talk about the reaction from the crowd in a second. first, you got a few questions in to donald trump before that speech. what did you talk about? >> reporter: a couple interesting things. we asked him whether or not he would be able to work with bernie sanders, because bernie sanders will be coming here via video conference in just a few hours. he says he does actually agree with bernie sanders on a couple of things, specifically trade, that he is against trade just as much as donald trump is. he thinks they would be able to work together on that. also, we asked whether or not he will be watching the democratic debate tomorrow. he said he will, but that he will only probably watch for 10 to 15 minutes because he won't be very interested in it and it won't be very highly rated. he said it's not going to be highly rated because he's not going to be onstage. >> so there is some sizzle, maybe, missing from not having a donald trump type on that stage. but what was the crowd reaction to donald trump taking those questions? we turned around those two different questions, both from
10:13 am
women that had to do one about language, but also more specifically about how donald trump treats women. >> reporter: well, for example, what we just heard, 30 seconds ago, was a woman in the crowd getting up and asking the media specifically not to pay too much attention to donald trump. that is what kind of crowd this is. this is not a hometown crowd, if you will, for donald trump. he got a mixed reaction when he came here. there was aplus wplause when he in and when he left but he took really hard questions. this is a no labels conference, reach across the aisle, work together, make friends conference. it is surprising in some ways that donald trump would show up to this, but he did and a lot of people are saying it was admirable of him to show up. when he got those questions he answered them much in the way he always does, the way donald trump answers those questions, and he moved on. so his reaction here, not entirely warm but i wouldn't call it negative, either. >> well, yes, as you point out, it is admirable for all those politicians and want-to-be politicians who showed up to take tough questions.
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no labels event is not for wimps. katy, thank you very much. appreciate it. days after the deadliest terror attack ever on turkish soil, investigators are hunting down clues about who was behind the twin blasts. is isis to blame? we are taking you live to istanbul, next. plus are southwest passengers facing another day of pure hell? the airline vows the glitch that caused the system-wide failure is fixed but why did it take so long? and then this. >> guns. guns are there. >> comedian amy schumer sets her sights on gun control with a scathing mock psa on "saturday night live." we will show you more of the sketch and why everybody is talking about it. ♪ ♪ it's the final countdown! ♪ ♪ the final countdown!
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[ chanting ] >> just horrifying video of a deadly suicide bombing over the weekend in the turkish capital of ankara. today, turkey's government named the islamic state as the prime suspect in that attack that killed 97 people during a peace rally. though no group has yet claimed official responsibility. on sunday, police detained 14 suspected members of isis. it's unclear if their arrests are related to the bombing. it's no consolation for hundreds of protesters who blame the turkish government for that attack. nbc news chief foreign correspondent richard engel is live in istanbul. given it's been two days since the attack, is it strange that no group has yet to claim responsibility? >> reporter: i think it adds to the suspicion that many people
10:19 am
have in this country and even if there is an eventual claim of responsibility, it is not going to convince many opponents of the government that the government had some hand in this. there was a very tense political climate in turkey right now. there are elections set to take police place in just a few weeks and government opponents think the government either carried out the attack or has some sort of back deal with isis in which it can direct the militants to carry out their attacks and turn a blind eye to them. of course, the government denies this and says that it is investigating, that it has been making arrests, it has seized suicide vests that could have been used in other attacks but even if there were a clim of responsibility right now, considering things are so tense right now, i don't think it would be believed. >> richard engel in istanbul for us. richard, thank you. when we come back, we will bring you an update on the
10:20 am
southwest airlines glitch that caused major delays across the country over the holiday weekend. plus -- >> you're not doing it like you're supposed to. >> a city councilman tasered by police? while he was on his knees? now he is speaking out and it's the same police department where sandra bland died in her jail cell. we have new details from the police chief's news conference moments ago. you could choose a card that limits where you earn bonus cash back. or, you could make things easier on yourself. that's right, the quicksilver card from capital one. with quicksilver you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. so, let's try this again. what's in your wallet? so wi got a job!ews? i'll be programming at ge. oh i got a job too, at zazzies. (friends gasp) the app where you put fruit hats on animals?
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i was anticipating some problem. i came for the chicago marathon run and this morning i had to take [ inaudible ] and really, there was a glitch. we were on our way here and heard on radio there may be delay but to our surprise, nothing happened. >> that was one of the lucky passengers who was able to breeze through check-in today as
10:24 am
they are currently back to normal after a system-wide computer glitch delayed more than 400 flights over the weekend. agents had to issue boarding passes and luggage tags by hand leaving tens of thousands of passengers, look at that, stuck in long lines at airports across the country. now the airline is asking passengers to print their boarding passes at home and roo arrive at least two hours early. tom costello updates us. >> reporter: it's a much better day for passengers on southwest airlines today after yesterday, we saw delays in some cases lasting for hours as passengers were unable to get to their flights on time. southwest says a total of 500 flights were affected by a computer outage that affected their ability to check passengers in, especially passengers who did not bring their boarding passes at home or maybe had to check baggage. in total, 500 planes, that means you have several thousand
10:25 am
passengers affected. the delays affected major airports with lines snaking for hours at lax, phoenix, las vegas and then they worked through the night to try to get their systems back up and operating. southwest says they are operating normally today and in a statement they say quote, we have some additional work to do today to get bags delivered and some delayed or displaced customers into open seats weechwe have teams working as quickly as possible to accomplish that. exactly what the computer glitch was that led to this massive outage isn't clear. today being columbus day, we might have seen some individuals yesterday trying to take advantage of a longer weekend and fly home on a little mini vacation. they may have had a little bit of a rough day. today, smooth sailing, we are told. back to you. >> tom costello reporting for us. thank you. the push for stricter gun control laws gets a helping hand from hollywood. will it move the needle? moms demand action founder shannon watts will be my guest next. plus several high-ranking isis
10:26 am
members killed in an iraqi air strike. was their top leader among them? we break down what we know so far. and two outside reports find the police shooting of 12-year-old tamir rice legally justified. we will tell you which 2016 candidate is weighing in and get reaction from tamir's grandmother. constipated? trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief
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in 170 countries. the microsoft cloud allows us to immediately be able to access information, wherever we are. information for an athlete's medical care, or information to track their personal best. with microsoft cloud, we save millions of man hours, and that's time that we can invest in our athletes and changing the world. umpqua community college students returned to campus and classes today. this for the first time since that deadly shooting nearly two weeks ago. while that community and the country continues to deal with the hot button issue of gun control, it was over the weekend, "saturday night live" and host amy schumer took on the issue in their own unique way. >> reporter: in her "saturday night live" debut -- >> i'm hosting "saturday night live"! >> reporter: amy schumer's
10:30 am
parody psa taking aim at gun control enthusiasts. >> guns are there. in little moments. >> reporter: the sketch immediately polarizing. piers morgan calling it brilliant but others saying it's bad timing and not funny. simply entitled "guns" the parody comes just over a week after the oregon school shootings and also on the heels of july's movie theater tragedy where a gunman killed two and injured nine others at a louisiana screening of schumer's movie "train wreck." >> it's very personal for me. no one wants to live in a country where a felon, the mentally ill or other dangerous people can get their hands on a gun with such ease. >> reporter: it's an issue she also targeted on her comedy central show, joking about how it's easier to get guns than birth control. >> no refills? i have to go through all this again next month? >> yep.
10:31 am
see you then. >> can i have a gun? >> yep. >> reporter: taking on controversy with comedy. >> from first loves to new beginnings. wherever life takes you, guns. we're here to stay. >> that was nbc's natalie morales on that report. joining us is shannon watts, founders of mom demand action for gun sense in america. good to have you here. obviously we all know the timing of this with the parody coming on the heels of schumer's recent commitment to anti-gun legislation. we saw it in natalie's piece. do you think that the snl approach to educate through humor actually helps or is inappropriate? >> it's hugely helpful. this is something that used to be considered a third rail in this country, whether it was our lawmakers or even our
10:32 am
entertainers. now we are seeing them come to the forefront and say this is a real problem and after the shooting in lafayette, at her movie "train wreck" amy schumer promised to do more and is keeping that promise. not only did she stand with senator schumer to demand stronger gun laws, she's also baking that promise into her comedy. we saw that this weekend. it's very exciting to see her get involved. she has so many followers and social media fans and this really just goes to show that this issue is becoming so mainstream and it shows the tide is turning. >> so one of the more unique parts of that was where she was at the pharmacy trying to get a prescription refilled and was turned away. i think a lot of people would be interested to know how difficult it is in certain states to buy a lotto ticket, to get tobacco, to buy booze. they are much stricter, especially when it comes to age, than what it is to get your hands on a gun. >> right. well, that's thanks to the gun
10:33 am
lobby in this country which has created a culture of guns for anyone, any time, anywhere, no questions asked. i think amy schumer has done an amazing job of pointing out the absurdity of that. that clip shows it perfectly. this idea that guns everywhere is acceptable. it's not. it's dangerous. that's why moms demand action in every town for gun safety are fighting back against that. as i said, the tide is turning. we see it every day. i saw the reaction after the shooting in oregon. it was much different than we have ever seen before in this country and people are finally speaking out and saying enough. >> i want to ask you one thing before we go about the badger guns trial in wisconsin. closing arguments slated to begin today. it centers on two milwaukee police officers who were shot and injured in '09, an 18-year-old paid a 21-year-old acquaintance to accompany him to badger guns so the 21-year-old will be the official buyer of this gun. then we have the 18-year-old a month later shooting two cops
10:34 am
with that gun and the officers then filed the civil suit against the gun store. what would a verdict against the gun store mean? how big would that be? >> well, you know, for years, for decades, the gun lobby has had indemnity. they have really been safe because of congress' laws that allow them to be protected from liability. so any case we see that changes that equation, that makes gun manufacturers liable for their products, unlike any other product in this country, they are protected from that. so to see a change in that i think would be really interesting and very big for this issue. >> shannon watts, great to see you. thanks for your time. >> thank you. we want to get everybody updated on what's happening overseas in iran. jailed "washington post" reporter jason rezaian has been convicted after an espionage trial. it's unclear what specific charges he's been convicted of. the american iranian reporter
10:35 am
has been detained for more than 445 days. the newspaper insisting the charges against him are outrageousin justice. our nbc news tehran bureau chief joining us from london. any word on what exact charges jason has been convicted of? or that still remains a miss industry? >> reporter: that still remains a mystery. all we know, he's been convicted. it's unlikely jason knows what the charges are but iran's legal system is notoriously opaque. what we have garnered over the last 14 months that he's been in jail from state media who have access to the judiciary is he's been accused of collecting confidential information and passing it on to hostile governments. he's being accused of writing a letter to president obama. he's being accused of acting against national security and did, state tv also said that he had been collecting information on individuals that were trying to circumvent sanctions and passing that on to the united
10:36 am
states. so we don't know if these verdicts were in court but these are things we snippetted from local media so far. >> ali, thank you. i appreciate it. so we have these conflicting reports at this hour about a top isis leader. it's about abu bakr al baghdadi. alive or dead? it's unknown. reports that air forces struck a convoy with al baghdadi inside are being walked back and the pentagon telling our team they are not confirming his death, they have no information to support any of the reporting. michael kay is a retired british senior officer and former advisor to the uk ministry of defense. dead or alive, what's the significance of al baghdadi? >> al baghdadi is the leader of the islamic state. he's been sort of the religious front man of the organization ever since the genesis of it was
10:37 am
created in an american prison in baghdad. i think he's significant in terms of the face of it. whether he's dead or alive, it would be wise to assume he's still alive. he survived an air strike in mosul in march and he supposedly had very serious injuries but it seems he's come back from that. what we know is the iraqi air force which has a seemingly new capability to conduct air strikes because as far as i was aware before this, it was very much transport oriented, aircraft and helicopters. it supposedly struck two convoys and also a position where the group were meeting. now, we know through hospital sources that a lot of the leadership were killed, including the intelligence chief, but there was no sign of al baghdadi. at the moment it's wise for everyone to assume he's still running free. >> even if he is taken out of the equation, isn't it typical even though he's the top leader and whether it's us or the iraqi forces, a message has been sent but there's a number two, three and four that will rise up to
10:38 am
take over what they started. >> good question. i think if we just look back over the last ten years, there are some really good instances of how taking out the leadership has worked. if you look at dictatorships, how did it work with gadhafi? how did it work with saddam hussein? probably not very well. how did it work with insurgent leaders like osama bin laden? al qaeda is still thriving on the arabian peninsula. so all i say is mullah omar is a good example of where an organization might fracture. the taliban held his death very close for two years. that would have been a good sign because there was a lot of dissent among the ranks and they could have gone in there, we could have exploited had we known about it. >> we will wait for the confirmation. thank you. appreciate it. still ahead, what does the nsa's utah data center have to do with the biggest tech deal in wall street's history? then on a different note.
10:39 am
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[cat meows] ♪meow, meow, meow, meow... it's more than just a meal, it's meow mix mealtime. with great taste and 100% complete nutrition, it's the only one cats ask for by name. new developing news this hour from texas. police preparing to release dash cam video that shows a city councilman being tase erd and arrested by officers. this dramatic cell phone video shows police in prairie view tasering councilman jonathan miller outside his home. police say miller interfered with an investigation in his neighborhood. the chief confirmed a short time ago the department is conducting an internal investigation into the officer's actions. >> our goal is to provide the best service that we can and sometimes we fail.
10:43 am
sometimes we can do better. we recognize that and i don't have a problem at all with looking at our procedures and if we have some deficiencies we will do what we need to do to correct those. >> miller was charged with interference and resisting arrest. he was released on bond friday morning. the female officer in miller's arrest was also involved in a july arrest of sandra bland. she's the woman who died in her jail cell three days after she was pulled over in a traffic stop. no one has accused the officer of any official wrongdoing in either of those incidents. in cleveland, two independent reviews say the fatal police shooting of 12-year-old tamir rice was justified. last november, rice was seen on surveillance video waving what turned out to be a pellet gun. an officer shot and killed the boy within seconds of arriving on scene. never told that a 911 caller said the gun was probably fake. one investigator chosen as an expert by the prosecution writing in the report quote, the
10:44 am
officer's belief that rice posed a threat of serious physical harm or death was objectively reasonable as was his response. the death of tamir rice along with other police shootings has led to many protests like this one over the weekend in cleveland. >> it just seemed like the officer didn't give the young man a chance. >> why would you kill any of them? you killed a 12-year-old. >> modretta warner davis is tamir's grandmother and walter madison is an attorney. both join me now from cleveland. i want to thank you for your time. i will express our condolences on the loss of tamir. i know this has been very tough for your family. a short time ago, we had presidential candidate hillary clinton tweeting out quote, sending support to tamir rice's loved ones. too many black families are mourning the loss of a child. we need to change that reality. she went on to say it's a reality that's all too familiar for you, especially after these
10:45 am
reports found that your grandson's shooting death was justified. what is your reaction to that? >> it's just sad that they won't let the cops be responsible for their actions. the system is -- it's just sad. >> are you confident that these investigations were completed with the utmost integrity in wanting to find out whether there was actual fault against the officers in your grandson's death, or do you think that they were trying to clear them all along? >> i think they was trying to clear them -- >> to clear them from the beginning. >> yes. that's what -- that's why they took so long. i have lived here 57 years. i have never seen a case take this long, ever. 11 months. >> walter, the prosecutor's office has said in a statement
10:46 am
quote, we are not reaching any conclusions from these reports. the gathering of evidence continues and the grand jury will evaluate it. are you hopeful despite the conclusions of this report for any other type of judicial action? >> that's disingenuous. this is a scheme and has been one as miss warner indicated for the past 11 months. a prosecutor's function is to answer legal questions for any grand juror. what we see here is that the prosecutor with tax dollars has hired two experts to opine that this officer behaved reasonable and when the grand jury as a whole and jurors see that report, that's what they're going to ask their questions based upon. essentially what he's done is created this magnificent ruse whereby the questions that they ask have been -- the table's been set by his own doing, and that is just disingenuous and complete, complete undermining
10:47 am
of the grand jury process. by the way, which the supreme court justice scalia has already indicated is not an exculpatory body. all they are there to do is determine whether there's probable cause. i will just remind the world a judge has already determined that there's probable cause for murder. mildredda, answers may never come for you or your family but what's your message about the legacy you want your grandson's life to leave behind for the community of cleveland, for our country and how we can all do better? >> they need, number one, they need to stop selling them guns. they need to take them all off the market. >> you're talking about the toy guns? >> yes. the play guns. they need to stop selling them. because somebody else's child going to end up like my grandson. >> just so everybody understand,
10:48 am
most of those we know for children, they have an orange safety cap on the front that helps different iate them. this was missing that cap which is why police say they were confused when the weapon was drawn. do you think that there is a bigger lesson for cleveland, for tamir's life and what his life can mean for your community? >> thomas, i will say we have been in council 11 months now and that is an issue in and of itself. i think this is a galvanizing moment for the country to come together and really demand and expect more out of our officers. what this prosecutor and these reports are suggesting to any person is that if you speak the magic words, i fear for my life, by the way, which he's never commented on to this point, but if you were to simply say i fear for my life, then it's okay to kill people. in this instance, a young black
10:49 am
child is 12 years of age. so if nothing else, tamir should stand for the legacy in this country that we stick together, we get involved with our government, know who it is that we are voting for and why and what they stand for and no longer vote simply along party lines or whatever it is that traditionally has been the case. but these are public servants elected to represent us and if you find this representation well, then by all means, carry on. but if you disagree as so many have, make a change. vote. >> thank you both for your time. i appreciate it. coming up after the break, president obama's advice for kanye west on running a successful white house campaign. >> first of all, you've got to spend a lot of time dealing with some strange characters who behave like they're on a reality tv show. >> speaking of reality tv, she's
10:50 am
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10:53 am
oh, you want to touch my poof? >> oh. oh, sure. sure. okay. >> hey! oh. i said touch it. zoent smash it. >> all right. so that was bobby playing nicole snooki polizzi the star of "the jersey shore." and the petite star became a pop culture phenom. but snooki put her hard partying days behind her. the married mom of two transformed her life mentally and physically and she's sharing the formula for fierce with her fans in a memoir titled "strong is the new sexy" and delighted to say that nicole is here. great to have you with me. >> that is amazing.
10:54 am
>> is that funny? >> i met him. you have to do this to make the act better. he killed it. it was like honoring. >> bobby is talented. >> to be made fun of "snl" dude, awesome. >> people say you look a lot different than the character we knew. >> yeah. >> explain the evolvement of nicole from snooki. >> i basically grew up. i have two kids. i'm a wife. some point you have to be like, all right, the party's over and you have to settle down and, you know, be a mother so that's basically what i am today and when jt jersey shore" started i just turned 21. it was the college years, the time to party and go crazy. everybody does it. >> people saw you binge drink, cuss and sucker punched. >> yep. >> would you let your kids do a reality show? >> absolutely not. that's my life. i'm the typical mom.
10:55 am
go to school b. a doctor. be a lawyer. >> there you go, mom. the 3-year-old's potty trained. >> he is. already killing it. >> a daughtoctor, lawyer, is hi likely. >> yeah. >> the person that people know from the show, do they recognize that person in the book that you have out now? >> i feel like the good thing about this, the fans that love the show actually are growing up with me and everybody that loved "ier si shore" partying too and now settling down and having kids and want to get married and transitioning with me which is cool and i gained a lot of friends with "dancing with the stars" and the older crowd didn't like me then but they love me as the mom. >> will you be on the housewives of new jersey? >> i have never asked. >> do you want to put a pitch -- >> not right now. i'm 27. like i have a lot -- a lot of stuff going on right now. maybe in, you know, ten years. >> what about the critics that say you changed too much with
10:56 am
look or surgery? >> just lip plumps. i definitely want boobs but i want a couple more kids. yeah. i want to do that because kids change your body but i mean, i only got a little needle in there. >> that's it? >> that's it. no shame. >> congratulations on the new book and both of your wonderful kids. >> thank you. >> there it is. "strong is the new sexy" and available for preorder and it is going to be on shelves tomorrow? fantastic. >> yes. >> thank you for your time. >> thank you. when we come back, we'll shift gears and talk about the very latest as we know it concerning the controversy over the benz committee or a legitimate attempt to learn the truth? a day before the first 2016 democratic debate, we talk to two people that know a lot about these things. and a man wrongly convicted. wait until you hear his story. ♪
10:57 am
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11:00 am
this hour on msnbc, bias? a fired investigator with the benghazi committee alleging unfair tar getting of hillary clinton. this as president obama defends his former secretary of state in a brand-new interview. >> i do think that the way it's been ginned up is in part because of politics. then, biden watch. an empty podium on the debate stage in vegas. well, this's not going to be happening. but it is nearby and will the veep be saying he needs it for tomorrow night? and then developing news from vermont. presidential candidate sanders expected to address a no labels campaign event. hi, everybody. i'm thomas reports. we start with developing news on the benghazi committee bombshell a. fired former committee staffer major bradley podliska says he was forced out because he resisted pressure to target
11:01 am
the former secretary of state and planning to file a federal lawsuit against the committee. here's what he had to say on "cnn sunday." >> i'm trying to be objective about this. hillary clinton has a lot of explaining to do. we don't need to shift resources to hyper focus on hillary clinton. we didn't need to de-emphasize and in some cases drop the investigation on different organizations and individuals. >> meanwhile, the chairman of that committee congressman trey gaudy hit back hard against the allegations saying he was fired for poor performance and listen to what he said in an exclusive interview with nbc news. >> there's a legal document to cite the basis of your complaint. and he cited his status as a reservist. he never said a word about hillary clinton until it looked like he was going to lose his mediation and then he went on another television show and made this allegation. >> i'm joined now by nbc news capitol hill correspondent luke russert. luke, this is the latest
11:02 am
admission a week before hillary clinton supposed to testify before the committee. talk about the ramifications coming out of this admission, especially if true. >> reporter: well, they're huge, thops. and the reason why is that they reinforce a narrative the democrats have been trying to push for sometime that the benghazi committee is nothing more than a partisan witch hunt. when you have the admission of this staffer, essentially saying that the committee was focused on the deaths of four americans in libya, and then switched over to being purely focused on hillary clinton after the e-mail issue came to light, that has essentially what we have heard from democratic members of benghazi committee and democratic members of congress from the duration of this process. trey gaudy tried to be reserved, say this is a serious investigation into the deaths of the americans and when you have a former staffer saying this, and the gaffe two weeks ago saying that the benghazi committee hurt hillary clinton's poll numbers, it gives ammunition to critics saying,
11:03 am
look, this is invest gatded by seven congressional committees. this was set up by john boehner to try to hurt hillary clinton and nothing more. >> meanwhile, how are they trying to say that this former staffer, luke, is nothing more than a person with an ax to grind and trying to maybe take advantage of what kevin mccarthy said and seize this as an opportunity? >> well that's what i think you saw from the interview saying, look, this guy is pointing to dubious reasons as to why, in fact, he is going the direction of which he is going. i do think, though, the harm for gaudy in this case is that hillary clinton strategy ahead of that october 22nd hearing before the benghazi committee from democrats i have spoken to is force a stalemate while this hearing is publicly broadcast. hillary clinton will answer questions but now, thomas, she can say, look, kevin mccarthy said this. the ex staffer said this. we can go back and forth. this is much more about methane
11:04 am
what happened in benghazi and it's hard to get her off of that podium moving forward in that direction. >> nbc's luke russert, thank you. >> thank you. we've been asking you to weigh in on the bing pulse question today involving the controversy surrounding the benghazi committee and whether or not it's time to disband the committee. that was our question. is it time to do so? 96% of you say, yes. 4% of you say, no. the pulse is live. opinions matter. we have another update later in the hour. tomorrow night it is the first democratic debate, five candidates at the wynn casino and resort in las vegas. vice president joe biden in delaware is still mulling over an entry. he's not going to be in attendance. senator sanders spoke over the weekend with chuck todd. he said the difference between him and clinton is consistency on issues important to the democratic base.
11:05 am
>> i believe that our trade policies going way back when, i think they have been a disaster for the american worker. corporations shut down here. move abroad. people have to contrast my consistency and the willingness to stand up to corporations, big corporations with the secretary. >> let's show you what's taking place in new hampshire right now. we had katy tur reporting from the no labels event. bernie sanders is talking with the folks that have come today via satellite right now. this is the presentation that bernie sanders is giving donald trump was there earlier. and took questions from the audience. we'll keep eye on this and bring you some information again from the no labels event coming up here shortly. we go to nbc news correspondent peter alexander in las vegas where the debate countdown is on and maybe the remote from bernie sanders a few feet from where you are, peter. >> reporter: that's right. there's focus on bernie sanders
11:06 am
in advance of the forward coming forward. the wind is taken out of the sails a little bit given the hillary clinton controversy. the communications team blasted back after the allegations about the partisan nature of his experience with that committee. the campaign said that it was explosive. this allegation saying it's more evidence of what they described as a partisan sham and still possible that clinton does face some questions about this, one of the questions could be, you know, can democrats have faith that there isn't anymore information that will come out in those final days before america iowans vote for the first time. the last e-mail release date is days before the first vote and that is something that some democrats will be worried about a ten focus on a lot of topics and e-mail take a back burner. >> we'll see certainly performance and how everybody does under pressure tomorrow night from where you are but one thing about the clinton campaign is they have new poll numbers from the state you are in and
11:07 am
south carolina that help bring more confidence to hillary clinton in that stage. >> reporter: yeah. no. that's exactly right. she is behind sanders significantly in new hampshire. a narrow lead in iowa and the firewall may be the next states of nevada, this state, and south carolina. here is a look at some of that information we just got, new poll numbers from cnn. taking a look at nevada specifically. hillary clinton with 50% of the vote. bernie sanders trailing behind with 34%. biden is well behind that. taking biden out, hillary clinton jumps up to 58% support to just 36% i believe it is for sanders and then south carolina clinton there with 49% of the vote. trailed with 24% from joe biden but if you take biden out of the race, clinton bumps up to 70% support there and lays out an interesting challenge for bernie sanders going forward. much of the support from white democrats. he will have to make new inroads with african-americans and hispanics to be viable and then see with the national numbers
11:08 am
showing today from cbs, showing hillary clinton is watching the numbers drop since august. joe biden up 5 points. bernie sanders up 10 points. we have to see how tomorrow night affect it is direction of all of these candidates and biden will be the donkey not in the room. >> peter alexander in las vegas, thank you. joining us now political analyst and former chairman of the -- sorry. out of the donkey thing. i almost messed up. michael steele, a great man. strategist chris cofinis. clinton is a front-runner here and presumed favorite, comes into the debate with some damage. when's the strategy going in, especially if they bring up benghazi? >> hold your lead. her strategy is to hold her lead. to stay, stay on the talking point that is they have developed. particularly since the
11:09 am
revelations by mccarthy last week that, you know, she's in a better position now to make the case that all of this talk about e-mails, all of this talk about benghazi is really part of a political cabal and having said that, we complied, we were consistent with the regulations that the administration put in place to keep that narrative going because she doesn't have to reprove or prove a bigger issue for the democrats. this is her home turf. so she's, you know, one sense she is talking to the home team. although a national audience will be watching. i'd say to her, hold your ground on where you are and don't add anything new. don't give the media anything new to talk about on that topic, especially. beyond the debate. >> she is front and center literally with everybody to the left and the right. talk about bernie sanders and i believe on her right. this may be the first introduction for a lot of people
11:10 am
to an extended time with bernie sanders. so what do you think he needs to do to woo voters, especially about those hearing socialist along with sanders? >> well, i think to some extent he has to introduce himself. he has energy among the progressive base but to a lot of rank and file democrats, around the country, they don't know a lot about him so he has to i think articulate his message and vision and to some extent also address the perceptions or misperception about him. i think he's got a bit of a challenge because when you're a candidate's not known, so there's always more questions than answers but in terms of his message, pretty clear that he is tapping a cord out there that's pretty reflect of where the country is. frustration, anger and i think clearly trying to milk that. how that plays a debate back and forth and you have to, you know, respond to pointing questions is the question.
11:11 am
i've not seen senator sanders debate before. he's a very smart man. but, you know, debates can task you very different and make it very difficult for you in those situations if you're not used to them. >> we have famous debate moments and i'm sure we'll be cueing them up tomorrow and looking at the latest cnn poll, michael, it shows which candidate is most attractive to black democratic voters in south carolina. hillary clinton winning out big even if joe biden gets into the race. as we look at this, the sanders support, it is in the single digits. so is he a new englander to break through nationally, michael? >> that's going to be a real challenge for him. dealing with a couple things here. one, the clintons as a package and hillary clinton, as well, has a history. w the black community. they have been on a front line on a number of issue that is are important to african-americans and so she's got some built-in
11:12 am
support and certainly, you know, i.d. with the black community. bernie has a different problem. he's coming from an area of the country that is largely white and not -- does not have that same kind of built-in relationship with the black community. i've been surprised quite honestly he's not spent more time with the base of his party. which a lot of african-americans are in terms of their primary vote. they make up a significant portion of the primary voters starting in february. so he's got a little bit of homework to do there. catching up to do. he will have a tougher time particularly given that he has not taken the time to build that relationship up to now. >> chris, i got to bolt but by wednesday or thursday, when's the person that gets the biggest bounce after this? o'malley, webb or chaffey? >> i think it's going awash. i think they're all -- i don't see a lot of fireworks and interesting about the debate and
11:13 am
part of the reason i'm here in iowa is to see how they react. i think it is a lot of -- they're going to be very careful with each other. i think what will be interesting is to what extent do they really point out the differences? you know? they may point out in a general way and do they come after secretary clinton? do they really go after senator sanders? i'm talking about the other candidates and each other. i think that's the interesting thing to really watch. it is not clear they're going to do that but for them to stand out and kind of bring down that lead that secretary clinton has, they're going to have to make those pointed contrasts. otherwise i think it's going to be secretary clinton winning the debate and winning the race. >> michael steele, chris kofinis, thank you very much. i appreciate it. we have outrage today in texas after a councilman is tasered, arrested by police and a city facing tough questions about the actions of the officers. but first, developing news from vermont. actor randy quaid arraigned in
11:14 am
court in st. albans. he was arrested with his wife and wanted on outstanding trespassing and vandalism warrants in california. he is held on a $500,000 bond in vermont. so what about that stock? sure thing, right? actually, knowing the kind of risk that you're comfortable with, i'd steer clear. really? really. straight talk. now based on your strategy i do have some other thoughts... multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors it's a big deal. and it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. ♪ everything kids touch during cold and flu season sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox.
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11:17 am
overseas now to iran and jailed "the washington post" reporter jason rezaian convicted after a esn espionage trial tha ended two months ago and unclear what specific charges he is convicted of. the american-iranian reporter is detained for more than 445 days. the newspaper insisting the charges against him are an outrageous injustice.
11:18 am
just look at that. and today turkey's government named the islamic state as the prime suspect for that horrifying attack captured on camera. it killed 97 people during a peace rally over the weekend in the capital of ankara. no group yet to officially claim responsibility for the suicide bombing. on sunday, police detained 14 suspected members of isis and it's unclear if their arrests are related to that attack. back here at home, we turn to the state of texas and the growing uproar over the tasing of a city councilman last week. >> this was dramatic cell phone video captured and it shows police using a taser on a local city councilman jonathan miller outside of his houston home thursday. police say he interfered with an investigation in the prairie view neighborhood and the chief confirmed a short time ago the
11:19 am
department is conducting an internal investigation into the officers' actions. >> our goal is to, you know prorks vid the best service that we can and sometimes we fail. sometimes we can do better. we recognize that. and i don't have a problem at all with looking at our procedures and if we have some deficiencies we'll do what we need to do to correct those. >> miller charged with interference and resisting arrest and released on bond friday morning. charles hadlock is in texas for us. two different things here. we have comparisons, distapt ones, made to other previous high-profile cases from that area and then the second thing have we got tn official police video released yet? >> reporter: yeah. there is video released from the body cam. we are in prairie view, a town
11:20 am
of about 5,000 people. this is where sandra bland was pulled over by a texas state trooper last july and was arrested for assault and later died in jail. this latest incident involves the police department. there are only six officers on the entire department and on thursday night two of them were driving by councilman jonathan miller's home in a high crime area according to the police chief and saw four men standing in the councilman's yard acting suspiciously. they stopped to question them. councilman miller came out to question why the police were there. the police told him to step back while they investigate. he continued to talk with the police officers, questioning them about why they were there. police kept telling him to move back. eventually they moved him back and then he resisted arrest and that's when they put him on his knees and ask him to put his hands behind his back. you can hear on the video they asked the councilman nine times
11:21 am
to put his hands behind his back and when he refused he was finally tased and then they were able to arrest him. he's been charged with interfering and resisting arrest. the city council plans a special meeting on thursday to talk about this and the police chief said he handed the case over to the district attorney. back to you. >> charles, thank you. appreciate it. have you seen this? the long lines at all the terminals, hundreds of flights delayed. warning southwest is giving the passengers today after a two-day technical glitch. then, the debate on the diamond. the dodgers chase utley and this is the wrong video here. so we're going to show you this here. it's the dodgers chase utley hit with a suspension. business it illegal or a legal move gone wrong? will he be able to appeal? we'll talk about that. cash back from bank of america to take their act to the next level... before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time...
11:22 am
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11:25 am
southwest airlines says that operations are back to normal and planes are back in the air after a system wide computer glitch delayed more than 400 flights over the weekend. they were issuing tags by hand leaving tens of thousands of passengers stuck in long lines across the country. but the lines are getting shorter as the airline appears to be getting ahead of the backlog. >> i was anticipating some problem. i came for a chicago marathon run and this morning, you know, i had to my kids going back to kansas and really there was no glitch. we were on our way here and heard on the radio that there may be delay but to our surprise nothing happened. >> still, the company has asked passengers to print the boarding passes at home and arrive two hours early saying pack your patience because you may need it. so now we move on to developments in the tech world. del computers announcing plan to acquire emc.
11:26 am
it's a big data computing company for cloud storage so the deal is worth roughly $67 billion. and the largest on record for technology. now, the deal is expected to give a huge boost to del once a pioneer in the now-stagnant pc market. josh lipton joins me to break it down. first, we have to explain what emc is to everybody. i give it a disclaimer. my sister works for emc. i know all about it but explain it for everybody else. >> well, so first, some background, thomas, real quick. a largest tech deal ever as you mentioned. del's paying $33.15 per share and includes cash and tracking stock linked to emc's interest in software company and the deal of $67 million as you mentioned. del founder and chief executive michael del leading as chairman and chief executive. deal still needs approval from
11:27 am
emc shareholders, expected to close next year. as for your question about what is emc, it stores the information that companies generate electronically and what we mean talking about a storage company here. it's digital storage. analysts describe it as kind of like a file cabinet for the internet. that's one way to think about it, thomas. >> big data. he or she with the data wins. josh, this's what my sister says anyway. thank you. all right. so we move on to new hampshire where bernie sanders is addressing a no labels event this hour. earlier they heard from other candidates left and right an endonald trump, too. then, he served years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. msnbc's ari melber introduces us to a man working for the court that helped to free him. it's more than the cloud. it's multi-layered security and flexibility.
11:28 am
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11:31 am
let's treat each other civilly. let's treat each other respectfully. and let's not try to demonize people who may have disagreements with us. >> there we have senator sander speaking by video hook-up a short time ago and wrapping up for the no labels event. one of the many presidential candidates to speak at that event that's taking place in new hampshire today. no labels is a joint project of republican and democratic politicians seeking to find bipartisan answers to problems that lead to partisan gridlock. donald trump attended the event and spoke earlier today and he faced a number of critics calling him out for previous comments, particularly in regard to women. take a look. >> i'm wondering if you're at all concerned the language on the campaign undermines your ability to solve -- >> i have to say what i do. you know what? i mean, i understand. >> so maybe i'm wrong. maybe you can prove me wrong but i don't think you're a friend to
11:32 am
woman. how -- what -- >> i knew i shouldn't have picked her. >> all right. so nbc's katy tur joining us from man chest. it's been an interesting day so far there, katy, with politicians coming through but trump firing up this crowd in good and bad ways for those interested in him. you spoke to him and he had something really interesting specifically about bernie sanders to say. >> reporter: we asked him specifically, excuse me, about bernie sanders and what he thought about him sharing stages by some ways at this no labels event and said he did agree coming to trade deals. bernie sanders says the trade deals are horrific. listening to bernie sanders is quite interesting talking about the real unemployment rate much higher than the rate released about 4.5% and sounds like donald trump speaking about that. same thing goes with trade as i just said and about things like
11:33 am
unemployment. i'm sorry. i'm blanking on the other one and interesting to see bernie sanders here. did get a warmer reception when they took the video link stage, if you will, from the crowd and speaking about the proposals, the crowd only had a scattered applau applause. similar reaction in that way to trump. some happy with the proposals and others not as you heard. what he did not do and trump did do is take questions from the crowd and saw him hammered by a question of the questioners. bernie sanders did not take any questions and didn't have an opportunity to hit him hard on anything. >> nbc's katy tur there in manchester, great to see you. thank you. as we have been reporting today, the democratic presidential candidates taking the stage for the first debate tomorrow evening and while they engage in the last-minute preparations, we have new polling and shedding light on the state of the race ahead of the democrats' first showdown. let's get to it. steve kornacki joins me now.
11:34 am
when's it revealing? >> i wanted to show you numbers here. the deal was something the hillary clinton campaign talking about with what they think of as their firewall. we have to look at here is there's the first two states we always focus on, iowa and new hampshire. they get most of the attention. one of the thing it is clinton campaign is talking about lately is what comes after iowa and new hampshire and the democratic primaries. they have been talking about this in response to the surprisingly strong polling numbers that sanders is having in the early states and we have new numbers. let's take you through them. first of all, to set this up. you're probably familiar with these numbers. this is iowa. most recent poll in iowa. it shows hillary clinton in a pretty close race with bernie sanders there. leadoff caucus state. 11-point lead for hillary in iowa. a lot of support for bernie sanders and more than anybody thought he would have. that's good news for bernie sanders. discouraging for hillary clinton. it gets worse for hillary
11:35 am
clinton right out of new hampshire. he is leading by nine points over hillary clinton in new hampshire. so, it sets up the possibility that in these first two states, sanders ahead. closing in the other. what happens if sanders beats hillary clinton in one of the first two states or both of them? would that dbe the doomsday scenario for them? they say it's different and almost all white in iowa and new hampshire. it's much more diverse in the subsequent states. she does better with non white voters and loyal it is. we have new number that is shed light on that. take a look at the next state after new hampshire. which would be nevada. it is a healthy lead for hillary clinton there. look at this. south carolina. if you match uphill hill and bernie sanders, a state where half of the democratic e will effect rat is african-american, she leads by 50 points. she is losing in new hampshire.
11:36 am
she's only ahead by 10 in iowa. 50 in south carolina. we can show you exactly why that is. if you look at white voters in south carolina, it's basically a tie. hillary clinton 48, bernie sanders, 48. check this out. she leads by 77 points with african-american voters. that's why she's ahead by such a large mor gin in south carolina. that's they say they can survive even losing iowa, even new hampshire. they say the battleground then shifts to south carolina and the southern primaries with large african-american electorates and say you'll see that support for hillary clinton and that little support of bernie sanders across the board in the south and the firewall. that is bernie sanders biggest challenge trying to build support. >> really interesting thinking back to '08 and a benchmark for hillary clinton to lose to obama and now the firewall. what a die cko dichotomdichotom.
11:37 am
i'm excited about this. hillary clinton taking part in an interview ahead of tomorrow's debate. on sunday she sat down with the host of "another round" podcast and touched on several topics including the black lives matter movement. >> if it's a movement and not just a plea, then it has to build on making changes that people either have to accept or they have to embrace. and in many ways, getting people to accept the change that is are necessary will require consistent pressure and leadership at all levels in the community, all the way to the white house. and that then you have to keep making the case as i have tried to make going back to -- going back a long time but in this campaign going back to the first speech i gave at columbia university in new york, you have got to be willing to constantly
11:38 am
say there are gross inequities and you can't act like they don't exist. >> so i want to bring in right heaven and tracy. they're the hosts of buzzfeed's "another round" podcast and parent company nbc universal made an investment in buzzfeed. but i'm so excited to meet both of you because i was impressed with this interview because you got hillary clinton to admit she was built in a garage in palo alto. you should listen to it. heaven, let's start with you. this was just two days after hillary clinton met with the black lives matter movement. how do you think that she was influenced by that conversation to then your questions? >> i wasn't aware of the time line of their conversations so i wasn't thinking, oh, she had already discussed with them or something she was preparing for outside of our own interview. i anticipated she would think we would ask about it. >> were you impressed and you
11:39 am
reap what you sew? >> it's hard to be impressed by a politician. >> really? >> she was present in the conversation. there are times it felt like, oh, i met a woman in iowa and felt walking pointsy an she stayed present and answered the questions earnestly. >> okay. what was the most impressive part for you or sticks out of most memorable? >> the part that sticks out to me is the question i asked her of regardless of the intentions back when a lot of the crime initiatives were passed in the '90s that black people have really suffered from now as far as mass incarceration goes, i asked regardless of your intent, do you ever sit back and think, wow, i really screwed this up for black people? because i think there's a big faction of people in the black community that want to hear her say i screwed up and i'm sorry and take responsibility. >> there are big headlines that have different words being used
11:40 am
that i can't up. >> skcrewed up is -- >> yes. i want to bring in colleague steve kornacki with a question. >> heaven, i'm kind of curious. you got hillary clinton in a setting people don't get her in. you have a lot of journalists gentlemen lus of you. a casual setting. you got her talking a little bit more off the cuff, maybe more off the script than we're accustomed of seeing. did you think you were seeing a different hillary clinton than has come across for 20 years in the media? >> to prepare for the interview, i watched a lot of her interviews, both from the very early part of her career getting on the scene and now in campaign trail. so i was pretty well versed in what she was well versed in by the time i got to the interview so i was impressed in like glad she took the time to like engage in a more light hearted and more just human way than you're allowed to be even on the campaign trail. >> when it comes to who's next
11:41 am
on your radar -- >> donald trump. >> tracy, is it donald trump? >> ben carson. >> ben carson? >> yes, please, please. >> have you reached out to their people? >> not yet. we are putting our feelers throughout yet. >> our ear to the streets. >> i have an e-mail to give you to trump. >> fantastic. >> yeah. yeah. heaven, thank you so much. tracy, thank you so much and steve kornacki. to hear more aft interview with hillary clinton, download the podcast at round. it's good stuff. thank you. >> thank you. speaking of hillary clinton, the bombshell surrounding a former investigator accusing the benghazi committee of targeting the former secretary of state. we're asking you whether you think it's time to bis band the committee. 96% said yes, 4% said no. now 87% think yes and 13% of you say no. the pulse is live. check it out.
11:42 am
he was just 17, that's it, 17 years old, convicted of a crime he didn't commit. now he's free and he's practicing law. msnbc's ari melber will introduce us to a man that turned injes us the into a life of service. and then the slide that has baseball fans buzzing. more on the play that got the dodgers chase utley a suspension, a punishment his agent is promising to appeal. when a twinge of back pain surprises him. morning starts in high spirits but there's a growing pain in his lower back. as lines grow longer, his pain continues to linger. but after a long day of helping others, he gets some helpful advice. just two aleve have the strength to keep back pain away all day. today, jason chose aleve. aleve, all day strong. and try aleve pm, now with an easy open cap.
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plans start at $2.99 a month. ♪ the most affordable way to print. hp instant ink. yirk this week prosecutors from around the country are gathering in brooklyn for a summit on wrongful convictions. the goal out of it all to bring together prosecutors and defense attorneys to tackle a controversial problem. what to do when the justice system fails and sends innocent people to jail. people like jarrett adams in his 30s wrongfully convicted at 17. after nine years in prison, an appeals court overturned the conviction and now a law school
11:46 am
graduate and helps to reform a broken criminal justice system. msnbc's chief legal correspondent ari melber joins us now to tell us about more the path and how unusual from behind bars to passing the bar. >> absolutely. that's right, thomas. it is an interesting story. i spent a few days with jarrett in chicago on a twist and turn and not only graduated law school and preparing to do something most lawyers only dream about. here it is. >> we can get started. >> reporter: for jarrett adams, leading a clinic on criminal justice goes beyond the professional. it's personal. when he was 17 years old, he visited a college campus with two friends where they were accused of sexual assault. >> i maintained my innocence from the beginning bautz i was innocent. >> reporter: adams court-appointed lawyer did not offer a defense at trial. adams convicted and sentenced to 28 years in prison. >> it's as if i'm looking at myself in a courtroom, you know, while the train's coming down the tracks.
11:47 am
you know? getting ready to hit me head on. >> reporter: living behind bars, a cellmate told him to stop playing basketball and to fight for his freedom and justice instead. adams taught himself case law and wrote to the wisconsin innocence project. >> we got letter from jarrett in time to allow us to do a federal appeal. we had powerful new evidence that had not been presented to his jury. >> reporter: after nine years in prison, adams' case finally reached the top federal court in the midwest. and unanimous vote, the juice tises threw out the conviction, ruling he didn't receive an adequate defense. >> the day they overturned my conviction i was taken down out of my cell to a phone room. they said, jarrett, you won. and hearing that brought tears to my eyes. >> this is a human system. it's fallible. it's bound to make mistakes. but it also tells us that when we make mistakes, they are
11:48 am
catastrophic. >> reporter: with adams forcefully maintaining the innocence and refusing a plea deal, prosecutors decided not retry him. he was free but he was a 26-year-old man with a life paused at 17. >> when i went to prison, there was no google. there was no e-mail. there was none of this stuff. soy had to figure out a way to catch up with the world to be able to just have a shot at life. >> reporter: he set a lofty goal. law school and public service. >> jarrett adams. >> reporter: he earned that law degree this past sprng. >> jarrett has a passion for using his legal education and his talents to right wrongs in society. >> reporter: and the mission didn't stop there. adams won a fellowship to clerk on the 7th circuit court of appeals, the very court that overturned his conviction. we asked former federal prosecutor if he's ever seen that happen. >> no, i never have.
11:49 am
jarrett is remarkable. >> for someone to argue before that court is a really big deal. for someone to clerk for that court is an even bigger deal. i'm very proud of him. i'm as proud as if i was his mother. >> reporter: adams said the story is just getting started. >> i say to myself, the story of jarrett adams won't be remembered as, you know, person wrongfully convicted got out. no. the story of jarrett adams is person wrongfully convicted, got out and worked each and every day until he gasped his last breath to change the criminal justice system for the better. >> jarrett took the bar and he gets his results back next month, thomas. >> wow. all right. looking forward to the results coming back and looking forward to seeing jarrett. he will be here in person with msnbc's chief legal correspondent ari melber in the next hour with kate snow. ari, great job on that story and what an interesting young man making sure that he is not being
11:50 am
left behind after such a pivotal time in his life. wrongfully convicted, gets out to get his law degree. thank you. you can participate in that twitter chat with ari and jarrett at 5:00 p.m. eastern. tweet your questions with #jarrettadams. have you seen this? two-game suspension, the dodgers chase utley vowing to appeal this play. the debate, was it legal? or, an illegal slide? it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost®. i tried depend last weekend.
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11:53 am
tonight the dodgers and the mets face off in game three of the playoff series and the dodgers could be without one of the key players at the center of a major dust-up that would have significant implications for major league baseball. infielder chase utley is suspended for two games over this slide saturday night. he was attempting to break up a play and slide to second base and ran into mets infield eer
11:54 am
tejada and resulted in a broken leg for tejada. some say it was deliberate, a dirty hit. utley is appealing this two-game suspension. sports journalist mary pilon joins me to talk about this. what about a decision about this appeal? he is out for two games. >> right. actually looks like he might be to eligible to play tonight and if i was utley, i would not be getting on the 7 train to queens tonight. i don't think he's warmly received and not surprised he is appealing either. whether you think this was a hard slide, if you're a dodgers fan or a tackle as a mets fan, baseball is coming under fire because that is area where i'm surprised if we don't see changes to the rules. >> a rule change. talk about this. explain what we're witnessing and trying to decide which is which. >> middle infielders want to protect. nobody wants broken legs in any position but especially out here
11:55 am
and the utley defense team is going to be looking at other cases where this has happened and mlb hasn't stepped in. if you have a rule that's one thing and then enforcing it is another. yeah right. >> leaning in to see this. >> in all sports, especially in baseball, really good officiating, rule making, good editing in film, you don't want it to be noticed and something to prevent, playoffs and this is what we're talking. >> what do you see? >> i've watched it over and over and over again and i don't know. there's a broken leg so i think that it's -- maybe this is like a cop-out answer but i think it's two players doing whatever it takes to win and i always am interested in the players watching the footage think and so different experiencing it. >> beneather one of us are mets
11:56 am
or dodgers fans and no skin in that game concerning either of those guys. mary, thank you. appreciate it. that's going to wrap up for things for this show. thank you for your time. keep the conversation going on social media. stay tuned. kate snow picks up our coverage next. where our next arrival is... red carpet whoa! toenail fungus!? fight it! with jublia. jublia is a prescription medicine used to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor. are you getting this?! most common side effects include ingrown toenail, application site redness,
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11:58 am
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11:59 am
that's where at&t can help. at at&t we monitor our network traffic so we can see things others can't. mitigating risks across your business. leaving you free to focus on what matters most. good day. i'm kate snow. here's what's happening right now on msnbc live. what happens in vegas has big 2016 implications. the stage is set for tomorrow night's first democratic presidential debate and all eyes are on hillary clinton. will anyone attack her? plus, explosive charges from a former benghazi committee staffer saying it was quote partisan. we have the exclusive response of republican committee chairman gaudy. major league controversy. the slide seen around the world that has everybody buzzing today. dodgers chase utley suspended as the league called it illegal so why might he be back on field tonight? we're live at the stadium.
12:00 pm
but right now, all eyes are on las vegas with just over 24 hours to go until five democratic candidates battle it out in tomorrow's prime time debate. the first of six for the democrats. front and center, democratic front-runner hillary clinton who leads the field, the latest cbs national poll showing her with a commanding 24-point lead over nearest rival bernie sander who is assured our own andrea mitchell there's plenty of differences to discuss. >> now that hillary clinton is in your corner, and agreeing with you on trade, what are you going to be able to debate with her about? >> i think there are one or two issues out there. what people have to look at is our track record. i did not come out against the tpp yesterday. i came out very early on in this process. >> notably absent from the stage but looming large over the proceedings, vice president joe bide


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