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tv   MSNBC Live With Kate Snow  MSNBC  October 12, 2015 12:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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the league called it illegal so why might he be back on field tonight? we're live at the stadium. but right now, all eyes are on las vegas with just over 24 hours to go until five democratic candidates battle it out in tomorrow's prime time debate. the first of six for the democrats. front and center, democratic front-runner hillary clinton who leads the field, the latest cbs national poll showing her with a commanding 24-point lead over nearest rival bernie sander who is assured our own andrea mitchell there's plenty of differences to discuss. >> now that hillary clinton is in your corner, and agreeing with you on trade, what are you going to be able to debate with her about? >> i think there are one or two issues out there. what people have to look at is our track record. i did not come out against the tpp yesterday. i came out very early on in this process. >> notably absent from the stage
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but looming large over the proceedings, vice president joe biden spending the weekend mulling over a presidential run with family, the same poll shows biden cutting significantly into clinton's support if he does get in the race but clinton heads into the debate just as a former benghazi committee staffer is accusing republicans of pursuing a partisan investigation against her. much more on that note ahead. we have got your politics covered from all angles. we begin with peter alexander outside the debate hall in las vegas. peter, what's it look like? what do you expect? >> reporter: it's a hot one not just outside and on stage. there could be fireworks taking place as you know in las vegas and the former adviser to president obama tweeted out something saying what each of the top three candidates challenges are heading into tomorrow night. for hillary clinton, be real. bernie sanders, be human. and martin o'malley, be relevant. that idea of being real is a
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genuine challenge for hillary clinton whose authenticity in some people's eyes has not been sufficient. obviously, against sanders who's viewed as utterly authentic and as you heard in the clip of the conversation, among the topics part of the blistering accusations of clinton is an idea of a flip-flopper. not a true blue believer and only become this much of a progressive in order to keep up with bernie sanders when's been out flanking her to the left over the course of the campaign. beyond that, there's the e-mail controversy and while a lot of air is taken out of the sails in recent weeks given the partisan bickering and suggestions it may have been in the eyes of the clinton campaign a partisan sham, the last of the e-mail releases takes place from the state department just days before the iowa caucuses. should democrats have any concerns of anymore information in those releases to understood mine the campaign? finally, the likability back to the first point we made.
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be real. she has to seem real and authentic and ability have an ability to connect. >> thanks so much. we turn to kristen welker with the vice president in delaware. any signs of movement there and clues about the wind blowing today? >> reporter: none whatsoever, kate, and making a lot of staunchest supporters jittery, starting to lose patience. they want to know one way or another whether he gets into the race for a number of reasons and the biggest one being a biden supporter, he has a lot of catching up to do with funde in game. president obama among those watching this very choicely. here's what he had to say on sunday to "60 minutes." take a listen. >> you know, i'm going to let joe make that decision and i mean what i say. i think joe will go down as one
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of the finest vice presidents in history and consequential. sitting right next to the president and every meeting and, you know, wrestling with these issues, i'm sure that for him he's saying to himself, i could do a really good job. >> reporter: president obama among those saying it's a time to really let vice president biden make this decision for himself and i was talking to the folks at draft biden, of course, the superpac that supports biden and one of the folks that works there saying, look, we'll take a step back and let him make this decision for himself. the one moment we did see the vice president over this holiday weekend was when he left his house on saturday. he attended his granddaughter's cross country meet. our producer asking him if he was going to get into the race and sort of brushed it asaid and said, hey, get out of my way with a big smile and believed he is discussing what to do with friends and family over this holiday weekend. folks hoping he comes to a conclusion in the coming days.
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kate? >> all right. kristen welker, thank you so much. let's bring in host and political correspondent steve kornacki and former democratic governor of pennsylvania and former chairman of the dnc, ed rendell with us. ed, let me start with you. they have an extra podium just in case as cnn in case joe biden shows up. any chance in your view? >> no. because even if joe has in his mind to run you have to do preparation for a debate. you have got to really think it through. there wouldn't be enough time and plus the fact of plenty of debates to get into down the road. so no. no chance he shows up. absolutely none. >> steve, a former staffer this weekend said the benghazi committee quote focusing the investigation primarily on secretary clinton and aides or had been. that has to come up in this debate. >> sure. the timing for hillary clinton on this on two fronts works out politically so well. what we have learned about benghazi, whether it's this former committee staffer this
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weekend or kevin mccarthy's comments, it is not just the first democratic committee but the testimony scheduled for ten days and the risk here is reminds people a lot i think democratic voters, the base of the democratic party, remember it is clintons two different ways and sort of this hot-cold relationship with the clintons. one of the ways to rally the base in the 1990s is this idea under attack from the republicans, from their enemies on the right. hillary clinton famously called it in 1998 the vast right wing conspiracy. this might revive that feeling and complicate things a little bit for the others on stage going to try artfully to score some points against hillary clinton to, you know, take some shots at her and veiled shots. if one of the themes is hillary clinton defending herself against a republican witchhunt and maybe some of the democrats on stage forced to agree with it, it could complicate it for
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them. >> let's listen to what president obama said on "60 minutes" said last night on this subject of the e-mails. >> you know, she made a mistake. she's acknowledged it. i do think that the way it's been ginned up is in part because of politics and i think she'd be the first to acknowledge that, you know, maybe she could have handled the original decision better. this is one of those issues that i think is legitimate but the fact that for the last three months this is all that's been spoken about is an indication that we're in presidential political season. >> he said she needs to own it essentially. what does she need to say tomorrow, ed ren zmel. >> e-mails and what she said up to now, she did make a mistake. she should remind listeners very carefully that every secretary of state before did the same thing. colin powell had his own server, as well. remind listeners that state
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department found she no rules, regulations or laws and in the first two it rations of the e-mails i think 14,000 of them, none found to have been classified at the time that she either sent or remooefed them. i she she shouldn't be too defensive and she should remind the people watching just what i said. >> and in addition to e-mails, what does she need to do? at the top of the field. in away it is hers to lose right now. what does hillary clinton need to show the audience? >> i think what she needs to show the audience is that she knows her stuff and no one knows it better than hillary clinton. she did a great job holding her own against barack obama probably the best political speaker in my lifetime in 2008. she's got to show a command of the issues. she's got the show that she could realistically advance the ball. one of bernie sanders test if the moderators ask him how to
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afford the things he said and then number two get the republican congress to vote for the things that are necessary to affect some of his things. hilla hillary's got to show she's the pragmatic realistic realist in the race and i think she can do that. i sort of disagree a little bit. i don't think you'll see charges thrown at hillary clinton f. you're a democrat and attack hillary clinton on the e-mails, you attack her at your own peril. >> well, but we may hear, steve, attacks on other issues. let's take a look at what bernie sanders said and may be previewing his line of attack might be. >> i believe that our trade policies going way back when and voted against it with china. i think they have been a disaster for the american worker, they shut down here, move abroad. so people will have to contrast my consistency and my willingness to stand up to wall wl and corporations, big corporations, with the secretary. >> my consistency.
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he's saying she comes to this party late. >> right. it is not quite the contrast that bernie sanders was able to exploit a few weeks ago and hadn't weighed in on tpp and the only thing was positive as secretary of state and arguing because she has the same position as him on the issues he's been exploiting an now say she was late to the game. what else is interesting to keep an eye on is what happens to bernie sanders. does she throw anything back at him? what i'm interested to look at in the debate tomorrow is martin o'malley. the reason nobody talked about him all year is because bernie sanders completely and shockingly stole the thunder. he decided if you run against hillary clinton, run to her left. he identified the issues of sanders and proven to be much more electric spokesman for those issues, whatever exactly it is that galvanized people, it's given the traction to
12:11 pm
sanders s and none to martin o'malley. it's not hillary he is going after but sanders to claim for himself the role of the main liberal alternative to hillary and the issue to use is guns. sanders has a somewhat pro-gun record coming from vermont. o'malley did gun control legislation in maryland. i would expect him to go after sanders tomorrow night and that's something sanders might have to look out for. >> governor, there's five people up on that stage. it's not just hillary clinton show. >> that's correct. although i think steve is exactly right. the one to gain the most if bernie sanders comes off as -- i'm not saying he will. he's a very smart, articulate guy but if he comes off as unrealistic, viewers look at it and say, geez, i agree with him but not sure he can accomplish it and martin o'malley does well, i think he stands to gain
12:12 pm
the most in this debate of all of the kand daitds. that's not to say he will. but steve's analysis is right on. >> he said yesterday that he's not a capitalist. ed ren zmel. >> you want me to comment on that? >> we have the sound and then i'll ask you to comment. >> sure. >> the other day i noticed you said, you know what? don't use the word socialist. i'm a progressive. >> no. >> are you pushing back on that idea or embrace -- >> no. look. when one of you republican colleagues gets on the show, do you say are you a capitalist? have you ever referred to them as a capitalist? >> are you a capitalist? >> no. i'm a democratic socialist. >> ed rendell, in a general election, hard to imagine somebody running that's saying i'm not a capitalist. >> well, i think what bernie means, he said democratic socialist. i wouldn't advise him to use
12:13 pm
that term. i believe that the private sector can't run everything and needs to be a balance. within the private sector and the government working together. that's the best answer for the american public and i think bernie believes that. i don't think he expressed it very well. >> all right. pregaming the big debate for us, appreciate your time. still ahead, more on the explosive allegations we mentioned from a former house benghazi committee staffer. he said the probe against hillary clinton is partisan. republican leaders pushing back hard. plus, will paul ryan be the next speaker? we have new comments on tape from the congressman. and caught on tape, a texas councilman stunned, tasered, arrested. he says it was unwarranted. we are live in texas. rcent or mn car insurance. yeah, everybody knows that. well, did you know that playing cards with kenny rogers gets old pretty fast? ♪ you got to know when to hold'em. ♪ ♪ know when to fold 'em. ♪ know when to walk away.
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now to those shocking new accusations of a former committee staff member that have the clinton campaign slamming the republican-led committee. former benghazi committee investigator air force mayor bradley podliska claims he was unfairly fired for trying to conduct a nonpartisan and thorough investigation. >> i was fired for trying to conduct an objective, nonpartisan, thorough investigation. hillary clinton has a lot of explaining to do. we, however, did not need to shift resources to hyper focus on hillary clinton. >> we should note he is a republican who claims the benghazi investigation became partisan, was not originally set up to go after hillary clinton but in a nbc news exclusive chairman trey gaudy denies the claims and says that staffer was fired for poor performance. >> it's a damn lie and that's not a word that i often use but rarely is it so easily proven.
12:18 pm
it was a lousy employee and evidenced by the fact he mishandled classified information and wouldn't do what was instructed to do. >> his attorney denies the claims he mishandled classified information. he plans to file a lawsuit charging that the investigation was partisan and that the committee retaliated against him for taking leave to go on active duty in germany, another claim that by the way the chairman denies. lots to get into here. the clinton campaign is responding to the claims by calling the benghazi committee a, quote, sham. let's bring in nbc's luke russert following the bouncing ball on all of this. we reached out to every single member of the committee today to see if one would join us here on the hour and they're all i think out of town right now, congress in recess at the moment. >> yeah. >> and that invitation still stands if anyone wants to come on tomorrow. what are you hearing from
12:19 pm
members by phone and the reaction to this particular -- this latest wrinkle? >> reporter: this was a huge moment when it broke over the weekend, kate. the reason why is that for democrats, they really feel that it gives them increasing the beneficiary momentum against the committee. coupled with the major gaffe a weeks ago saying that the committee set up to go after hillary clinton's poll numbers and then republican staffer saying that the committee not concerned about the lives of four americans lost in benghazi but hillary clinton's e-mail, that gives democrats a lot of ammunition ahead of the hearing. the ones i have spoken to said this is great for us. also allows us to give in to what's been the perception, a partisan witchhunt. the other thing it does for hillary clinton, kate, is that when she gets to testify before the committee on october 22nd, it allows her to try and run out the clock and engage in a stalemate in the back and forth with the questions from the
12:20 pm
republican side because she now can say, kevin mccarthy spoke the truth and this benghazi republican staffer spoke the truth. you guys have been after me all along and what democrats are ecstatic from the ones i have communicates with in the last two days. >> got to catch up on the situation as far as house speaker. we heard that paul ryan might have had something more to say today? >> well, paul ryan had an event last night in his district. a thing he does every year before columbus day. he was asked whether or not he was going to throw his hat in the ring. he said this. take a listen. >> i haven't changed my mind. my answer is the same. i have nothing new to say or anything to add. >> you probably heard from your colleagues. >> i have. i haven't changed my answer. i have to leave it at that. >> now, kate, his spokesman tweeted this morning nothing has changed and doesn't anticipate news made this week on the front and the pressure has continued on paul ryan over the weekend,
12:21 pm
top gop leadership aides, as well, people in charge of the party saying, paul, you have to go do this. he is undecided at this point. a soft no. what i have been told is for him to look at this super seriously, there has to be a guarantee not be an outrage pointed against him and mccarthy and boehner. he wants a clear pathway to 218 and doesn't want a reputation muddied up so early in the process of becoming speaker and much less to take the gavel and something to deal with continuously, kate. >> all back in the district and the phones must be burning up with people calling back and forth. >> i don't think paul ryan's had a lot of time to relax this holiday and been on the phone quite a lot. >> thanks ahead. donald trump at a bipartisan event in new hampshire confronted about the rhetoric and gave a prediction for the democratic debate. plus, the investigation turkey's government says it is close to identifying the suicide
12:22 pm
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♪ travelers on this holiday breathing a sigh of relief. finally southwest airlines flights are back to normal following a major computer ticketing glitch sunday that delayed hundreds of flights. nbc's tom costello reports for us from washington's reagan national airport. >> reporter: hi, kate. good day from reagan national airport and it is a much better day for passengers on board southwest airlines. the airline reporting that they have had a pretty smooth day today. no computer glitches and of course yesterday we saw the significant delays, 500 flights delayed at major airports including los angeles and phoenix and las vegas. with the longs snaking through the airports and out on to the sidewalks out on to the streets outside the airport terminals and some cases the line lasting for hours. several thousand people affected
12:26 pm
by these delays, southwest said it was the result of a computer glitch that affected their ability to check people in. especially checking in if they didn't have a preprinted boarding pass from home and if they brought their luggage to the airport. the airline says it worked through the night and today all systems seem to be operating normally and a statement southwest says we have additional work to do to get bags delivered an some delayed or displaced customers into open seats. we have teams to accomplish that. so again, on this columbus day, southwest says it's now back up and running in a normal configuration and may be a bit of a day of catch up, though, as they get the bags to customers separated from the bags and those people that missed a flight on to a flight today. kate, back to you. >> thank you. better news than yesterday. turns overseas to iran where a "the washington post" journalist who's spent more than a year in an iranian jail on charges of espionage was
12:27 pm
convicted today. "the post" executive editor called the guilty verdict against jason rezaian an outrageous injustice. they gave no details. it is not even clear yet what he was convicted of. nbc teheran bureau chief ali aruzi following the developments from london. the state department demanding the immediate release. what are you hearing in iran this hour? >> reporter: well, kate, i mean, iranian legal system is notoriously opaque. we know he's been convicted. we don't know what he's been charged with. or what the sentencing is. and it's unlikely that he's heard any of this either. he is kept in an isolation. he has very little contact with the outside world and would have to hear it from his lawyer and hasn't had a visit from and unless a guard told him, jason rezaian will be in the dark about the conviction. what we have garnered over the last 14 months of state media
12:28 pm
accused him of collecting sensitive information and passing it on to hostile governments. he is accused of writing a letter to president obama, endangering iranian national security and today a state media report said that he'd been collecting information on individuals that had been circumventing sanctions on iran and passing that information back to the u.s. government. so these are all very serious charges but we don't know if these have been levied against him in court or not because they're being very unclear with us. even the spokesman for the judiciary said he didn't know exactly what the charges were. so the next couple of months is going to be critical. he has 20 days to appeal this conviction. whether it will be overturned or not remains to be seen or used as some sort of pawn in a prison swap is also stale option they put out there but it's a critical period of time for him now. kate? >> all right. ali, our teheran but owe chief from london, thank you so much.
12:29 pm
developing news on that horrific suicide attack that killed 97 people at a peace rally in turkey over the weekend. turkish prime minister is now pointing to isis but kurdish opposition groups blame the government for not providing more security at the rally. over 200 other people were injured in the twin suicide blasts. nbc chief foreign correspondent richard engel with the latest of us tan ball. what are you hearing? >> reporter: there have been funerals and demonstrations here today in turkey as the death toll has risen to at least 97 killed in this weekend's attack. the government says that investigation is under way. that it was almost certainly two male suicide bomber who is attacked a peace rally in ankara. many of the victims were students or people from trade unions, were kurdish nationals coming to call for democracy in the country and asked the
12:30 pm
government to stop fighting a war against a kurdish national group and gathering by the ankara train station, these two almost simultaneous explosions tore through the crowds. more than 200 people were injured. there are many accusations now. the opposition parties who were attacked in that rally are accusing the government. they're saying that the government of president erdogan and the prime minister allowed the attack to happen or the conspire toirl minded is that the government was directly behind it. there are key elections coming up in turkey in just three weeks. the government, of course, denies that it was involved. that these attacks were politically motivated but there's a lot of anger here, a lot of finger pointing and a lot of grief. >> all right. richard engel from turkey. still ahead, an investigation now under way into how a texas councilman ended up on the ground tasered by police and arrested.
12:31 pm
we'll get the very latest from that scene. plus, the dramatic story of a man wrongfully convicted who then became a lawyer. ari melber joins me with the incredible story of jarrett adams. and critics confront donald trump at a bipartisan event in new hampshire. his reaction straight ahead. the promise of the cloud is that every organization has unlimited access to information, no matter where they are. the microsoft cloud gives our team the power to instantly deliver critical information to people,
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your link to what's next. ♪ everything kids touch during cold and flu season sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. republican front-runner 2016 front-runner donald trump spent the day in new hampshire addressing the no labels candidate forum in manchester. an event supposed to have a bipartisan feel to it working together on political solutions was the theme but when gop front-runner donald trump took the stage. things got a little contentious. >> i'm wondering if you're at all concerned that some of thedy visive language you use on the campaign trail unmines your ability to -- >> i have to say -- i understand. >> maybe i'm wrong but i don't think that you're a friend to
12:35 pm
woman. how -- what -- >> i knew i shouldn't have picked her. >> i'm joined by nbc's katy tur live in manchester, new hampshire. been at the event all day. katy, this was supposed to be knock down walls between parties and bipartisan kind of kumbaya event. didn't go down that way with donald trump. >> reporter: i wouldn't say that entirely. he did have some moments of contention and they cheered him on. they did not come out to see him sperpg c specifically because they like him. he did get a lot of cheers talking about reaching across the aisle and talking about the word compromise. he wasn't received poorly here but it wasn't as warm a reception as he's gotten at past rallies. i'll say it's interesting to see bernie sanders take the stage if you will via video link and a warmer reception at the
12:36 pm
beginning than donald trump did but not all of his proposals got warm reaction from the crowd. just scattered applause. it is jarring to see the two of them, the two leaders if you will in their races coming here to an unfriendly or not entirely friendly crowd and seeing what they're like here opposed to rallies and people cheering for them. i'll say this. donald trump, it is a surprise to come to this event. he is a leader of the front-runners and not a lot of republican leaders came to this event today. he took those questions head on. and he was not wavering and all is said and done and left here today, i'm sure the campaign and told me they were pleased with the performance. kate? >> i know that he weighed in on tomorrow night's democratic debate. let's take a listen to that sound. >> i think it's not going to be very well rated. because trump isn't in the debate. i'm only kidding. i think it's not going to be highly rated. i think you are going to watch it for 10 or 15 minutes.
12:37 pm
people get bored and turn it off. >> katy? >> reporter: you know, i think that cnn's already said that they don't expect their ratings to be as high as they were for the republican debate. i think that's a fair assessment. i think you are seeing a little bit more of donald trump's humor the past week. in georgia a french reporter asked him why he thinks he's so popular to people and he responded to her without a pause, without a beat, smirking saying it's just my good looks. comes off of the vegas event and a stand-up comedian, price is right event and pulling that colombian woman on the stage. it looks like a lot of fun in this past week it will be interesting to see him, though, in the next debate which is just coming up. they said that he's preparing for in terms of his military knowledge, foreign policy n. fact, i was told he left the event today and went on to visit former generals here in new hampshire. i was not told who they were and veterans so we'll see what he
12:38 pm
has to say about that when the debate comes along and definitely been a little bit cheerier than i have seen him in a little while the past week. >> katy, behind you there, is that george pataki speakinging right now? >> reporter: it is. >> tell us about the day. it is not just dmp but a host of candidates pass through. >> reporter: we had chris christie here, as well. a warm reception. people from new jersey. there's been a number of candidates, bernie sanders as i said and also governor kasich and newman from "seinfeld" and the creepy guard from "orange is the new black." it's an interesting of mix of people. old and black and undecided and looking for someone to reach across the aisle, try to fix things in washington. these are not partisan voters. these are voters who want to see change out there. kate? >> interesting crowd. send us photos. thank you, katy.
12:39 pm
he went from inmate to law student and now works at the very court that overturned his conviction. the story of jarrett adams. amy schumer takes on gun control mocking america's apparent love of firearms. the slide everybody's talking about. chase utley suspended for two games. why might he actually be on the field tonight? at safelite, we know how busy life can be. these kids were headed to their first dance recital... ...when their windshield got cracked... ...but they couldn't miss the show. so dad went to the new safelite-dot-com. and in just a few clicks, he scheduled a replacement... ...before the girls even took the stage. safelite-dot-com is the fast, easy way to schedule service anywhere in america! so you don't have to miss a thing. y'all did wonderful! that's another safelite advantage. (girls sing) safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ everything kids touch during cold and flu season
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12:42 pm
law students across the country waiting to find out how they did on their bar exams right now. today, we meet one law student who learned his first lesson in law the hard way. as a defendant. our own chief legal correspondent ari melber joining us now with the report on the case of jarrett adams. >> that's right, kate. i went to chicago to spend some time to jarrett adams. he spent nine years in prison for a crime he insists he didn't
12:43 pm
commit. the conviction was overturned. we'll speak with jarrett right here on set in a moment. but first, here's my report. >> we can get started. >> reporter: for jarrett adams, leading a clinic on criminal justice goes beyond the professional. it's personal. when he was 17 years old, he visited a college campus with two friends where they were accused of sexual assault. >> i maintained my innocence from the beginning because i was innocent. >> reporter: but adams court-appointed lawyer did not offer a defense at trial. >> i'm looking at myself in the courtroom, you know, while the train is coming down the tracks. you know? getting ready to hit me head on. >> reporter: living behind bars, a cellmate told him to stop playing basketball and to fight for his freedom and justice instead. adams taught himself case law and wrote to the wisconsin innocence project. >> we got letter from jarrett in time to allow us to do a federal appeal. we had powerful, new evidence
12:44 pm
that had been presented to his jury. >> reporter: after nine years in prison adams' case reached the top federal court in the mideast. in a unanimous vote, the justices ruled he didn't receive an adequate defense. >> the day they overturned my conviction, i was taken down out of my cell to a phone room. they said, jarrett, you won. and hearing that brought tears to my eyes. >> this is a human system. it's fallible. it's bound to make mistakes but when we make mistakes they're catastrophic. >> reporter: with adams maintaining the innocence, prosecutors decided not to retry him. he was free but he was a 26-year-old man with a life paused at 17. >> when i went to prison, there was no google. there was no e-mail. there was none of this stuff. so i had to figure out a way to
12:45 pm
catch up with the world to be able to just have a shot at life. >> reporter: he set a lofty goal. law school and public service. >> jarrett adams. >> reporter: he earned that law degree this past spring. >> jarrett has a passion for using his legal education and his talents to right wrongs in society. >> reporter: and his mission didn't stop there. adams won a fellowship to clerk on the 7th court of appeals, the very court that overturned his conviction. we asked former federal prosecutor if he's ever seen that happen. >> no. i never have. i mean, jarrett is remarkable. >> for someone to argue before that court is a really big deal. for someone to clerk for that court is an even bigger deal. i'm very proud of him. i'm as proud as if i was his mother. >> reporter: adams says his story is just getting started. >> i said to myself the story of jarrett adams won't be
12:46 pm
remembered as a person wrongfully convicted got out. no. the story is person wrongfully convicted, got out and worked each and every day until he gasped his last breath to change the criminal justice system for the better. >> that is the story and joining us now here in new york is jarrett adams. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> a show we didn't show as much in the report is how you were able to teach yourself legal work and do it in prison long before you were a lawyer. how did you do that? >> it was pain staking to be honest with you. it took a lot of being committed to getting myself home, to getting justice. so i would sign up to go to the law library as much as i could. they only let you go so many times a week so i started tutoring other inmates and helping them get their ged and the place you tutored them was the law library. i would be in the law library
12:47 pm
monday through friday and the time i took while tutoring them and showing them different things, i took that time and looking up through many cases, many case books because, see, back then, there were case books. now everyone has the privilege of westlaw and nexus and it was case books and go through the case books and each page and just basically read these cases take out the points, what in these cases like my case and why would these cases overturned? and i took that and i just had a few binders after a couple months of cases that were just like my case and jwas overturne. >> there in the federal court, what experience do you feel you bring and assisting judges making the life and death sometimes decisions? >> yeah. what i think i bring is this. perspective of what it's like to be in there and wanting a fair view of your case because a lot of times when people are going
12:48 pm
the through the experience, i had no idea whether i was having a good or bad defense. >> you didn't know. you were arrested at 17. >> 17 years old. family never involved with the law at all. no record. and just really thinking that my lawyer was doing the right thing but he wasn't. >> jarrett, you had a hard time looking at the older pictures of yourself. i saw you kind of -- recoiling a little bit. what is it to revisit that and what would you say to other young men who are in prison now? >> well, looking at those pictures, it really reminded me of me being robbed of my 20s, my entire 20s were gone. you know? the criminal justice system has a way of, you know, particularly when it comes to poor, black and brown youth disposing of them without giving them a fair trial. and when i look at that, it reminds me of so many black and brown man i left in that prison and they're still there. >> what do you say to them? >> what i say to them is this. i am not amazing.
12:49 pm
i could be duplicated and me being here, being able to have this coverage, should be reason and motivation of enough to never give up. >> jarrett adams, a pleasure to have you here. ari, thank you for bringing his story to us. >> thank you. >> we appreciate it. if you have any questions for jarrett or for ari, you can join the twitter chat today 5:00 p.m. eastern. use #jarrettadams. the slide everybody's talking about. we are live at the stadium. and this actually happened. take a look. would you hang from a helicopter by your toes? i'll talk to the wife of a famous high-wire artist about the jaw dropping stunt dangling above a nascar race. to help those in need. when a twinge of back pain surprises him. morning starts in high spirits but there's a growing pain in his lower back. as lines grow longer, his pain continues to linger. but after a long day of helping others, he gets some helpful advice.
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12:52 pm
joint pain and damage... can go side by side. ask how enbrel can help relieve joint pain and help stop joint damage. enbrel, the number one rheumatologist-prescribed biologic. game on. l.a. dodgers' infielder chase utley is eligible to potentially take the field in tonight's playoff game against the mets as he appeals a two-game suspension
12:53 pm
handed down to him by major league baseball. at issue, if you haven't heard by now, utley's slide into second base in saturday night's game which the league determined was illegal. take a look. >> up the middle. gloved by murphy. there's one and he will not get the double play, chase utley going hard at second as the tying run scores. >> mets shortstop ruben tejada had his leg broken in that collision. adding insult to injury, the mets ended up losing the game after that controversial play. utley denies the play was dirty and until the mlb holds a hearing on his appeal, he can continue to play. joining me now from citi field, the site of tonight's game, is cbs sports mlb insider writer john hayman. john, thanks for being with us. >> sure. >> so, i guess the big question is he could play because he is still on appeal. do we know ben the appeals process will move forward or do you think you expect him there
12:54 pm
tonight? >> according to the cba, he has 14 days to have the appeal heard so it is going to be a normal course of action, not going to be expedited, mlb originally put it had will be held today before game three, resolved before the game it will not be resolved before this game, nor will it be resolved before tomorrow's game and utley will play here, game three and four for the dodgers, so, talking a week, ten days away probably for the appeal. >> that's not going to make a lot of fans very happy, is it? >> you're right about that the mets fans are very upset about it. you said the insult to injury. this is more insult for the mets' fans. i do think it is fair that utley is a chance to have this hearing and have it proper. take a wail to prepare that hearing. the utley camp is going to prepare it and so is the union. it doesn't -- isn't prepared in 24 hours or 48 hours, it takes a little bit of time and there is some precedent on his side.
12:55 pm
a lot of these overaggressive slides have been allowed to pass before. i happen to think this one was too aggressive and i agree with the league that a ban was warranted. >> let me show you the headlines in the new york papers, i know you saw them this morning, john. you have got mlb, it was dirty, pay back is a pitch. what do we expect out of the pitcher tonight? >> matt harvey is going for the mets, he is their ace, other things going around him that are controversial. i'm hopeful that the mets will just try to win the game as the dodgers will and not try to impart some kind of retaliation. that is baseball. i would expect some point whether it is in today's game or down the line there will be some kind of retaliation. that is the way baseball operates. i hope we don't see it today. a very important game for both teams. obviously, a swing game, puts the winner on the cusp of victory here in the division series. so huge game. >> utley's agent released a same about the suspension saying a
12:56 pm
two-game suspension for illegal baseball play is outrageous and completely unacceptable. chase did what all players are taught to do in this situation, break up the double play. did he do what all players would do in that situation? >> you know, i don't think all players would. obviously, chase utley is known as a very hard-nosed player, does everything he can to win. i do think this was beyond the pale, as i said. this was outside the lines. i think joe torre was correct in handing down a suspension. i understand that chase utley has an excellent lawyer in joel wolf and he is certainly going to very aggressively defend him in this case. as i said, with the president being -- precedent being what it is, very few suspensions for these overaggressive slides. in this case, i would call it a tackle. but very few penalties for these situations. i think he has a chance to win this appeal. but in my mind, that went beyond the course of action that was warranted there. >> john hayman, i'm still going to be pulling for my cubs but we
12:57 pm
will all be watching the game tonight. thanks so much. >> all right. good luck. >> thanks. they need it. still ahead, all eyes are on las vegas as the democratic candidates get ready for their first presidential debate. we are live with the biden buzz. and we are watching new developments coming out of the benghazi committee. stay with us. our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 ½ months?
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1:00 pm
hello again, i'm kate snow. here is what is happening on msnbc live. one day until game day the first time we will see the democratic field go head to head. in vegas, they are getting the stage ready for tomorrow's debate but still unknown, how many podiums to set up there. tale of the tape, a city councilman taken down and tased by police. new revelations this afternoon about what tape of the incident could mean for this case. and gun control could have its day in court. the supreme court. new indications this afternoon the supreme court could take up two big gun reform cases this
1:01 pm
term, just as a high-profile star of the big screen and television takes up the issue head on. and hang on tight. i'm going to talk to the woman who did this death-defying act at a nascar race yesterday. but we begin with our top story, shocking new allegations from a former benghazi committee staff member alleging he was fired for conducting a non-partisan investigation. >> this has become a partisan investigation. i do not know the reason for the hyper focus on hillary clinton. >> air force major bradley pod his ska says it was not set up to go after the hillary clinton. trey gowdy has been pushing back on pod his ka's claims. >> it is a damn lie and that's not a word i often use but rarely is it so easily proven. he was a lousy employee and that was evidenced by the fact he mishandled classified
1:02 pm
information answered wouldn't do what his supervisors instructed him to do. >> pud his ask a's attorney denied his client mishandled classified information. he plans to file a lawsuit, charging the investigation was partisan and the committee retaliated against him for taking leave to go on active duty in germany. another claim chairman congressman gowdy denies. let's turn to nbc news capitol hill correspondent luke russert. luke, what's the reaction on the hill? >> the reaction on the hill from democrats is, look, this is what we have been saying all along. it reinforces the negative perception the democrats have had of the benghazi committee, saying this is nothing more than a witch hunt out to get hillary clinton and hurt her. they have been buoyed by a few things, number one, obviously, this admission from a staff member that once the focus went on to hillary clinton and not the deaths of four americans in benghazi, get fired essentially. the other thing obviously that was gaffe that kevin mccarthy had a few weeks ago where he
1:03 pm
said the benghazi committee was set up to go after hillary clinton's poll numbers. that he is two things put together have given democrat a lot of momentum ahead of that october 22nd testimony date of hillary clinton. now, republicans say this is nothing more than a staffer who was not doing a good job. i think you heard a lot from gowdy. also said to me privately that this is what they believe will be a textbook part of the clinton campaign, once the mccarthy thing happened and then start to see a slow drip of this and the campaign will put this to the forefront. however, the problem in this case, kate, is the "new york times" has been a newspaper that's been pretty hard on clinton over the course of the campaign so it's kind of hard to say that this was them acting out, if you will. >> all right, luke russert, reporting from washington. thanks so much. will questions about the benghazi committee and hillary clinton's e-mails come up at tomorrow night's democratic debate? las vegas where clinton will be joined by four other canned the das? not joining them on stage, vice president joe biden, who spent the weekend with his family in delaware mulling a potential
1:04 pm
bid. with the latest, i'm joined by msnbc political correspondent alex sites wald outside the debate hall in las vegas. expecting fireworks tomorrow? >> reporter: hey, kate, the big question definitely going to be bernie sanders versus hillary clinton? will he go after her? aides tell me he will introduce himself, take the bait, tempting now that she is on stage. will hillary clinton punch back, the front runner, could be back punching down or focus all her attention on republicans? of course, the big we know the answer to and looming over this race is joe biden. look at what the current occupant of the oval office, president obama, said yesterday on "60 minutes." >> you know, i'm going to let joe make that he decision. i mean what i say. i think joe will go down as one of the finest vice presidents in history and one of the more consequential. if you're sitting right next to the president in every meeting,
1:05 pm
wrestling with these issues, i'm sure, for him, he is saying to himself, could i do a really good job. >> reporter: meanwhile, can't forget there are three other candidates on stage, martin o'malley, form two-term governor from maryland not supposed to be coming in at 1% in the polls, expected to be doing much better this is one of his last big changes to break through, make something happen. two other guys, lincoln chafee, jim webb, trailing at the back of the pack, sort of have nothing to lose, could be big wildcards and throw some u.n. expected wrenches in the works tomorrow. >> alex seitz wald, thanks for joining us from have egg gas. more on what expecting at tomorrow's main event, joined by erin mcpike from reuters and stick with me, because i want to bring in jackie kucinich in a moment. let me start with you. we just talk about what we expect tomorrow night. do you expect the others on stage to bring up the benghazi committee and talk about e-mails to hillary clinton or will it be the debate moderators who do
1:06 pm
that? >> oh, kate, i certainly think it will be the debate moderators who do focus on hillary clinton and the e-mails but i think what we are going to be really seeing in tomorrow's debate is a lot about bernie sanders. we have heard so much about hillary clinton but bernie sanders may be asked to, let's say, take a loyalty pledge. will he support the democratic nominee if he does not win the nomination? will he run as an independent? as you know, he is actually an independent in congress. he calls himself a democratic socialist. i would expect that the moderators challenge him on that and how far left is he really because a lot of the country doesn't really know bernie sanders. but of course, he is beating hillary clinton in the polls in some of the early primary states. i think that they will use this opportunity to really introduce bernie sanders and challenge him on a lot of these issues. >> let me bring in jackie. i mentioned her a minute ago, jacky kucinich, senior politics editor for the daily beast is with us. jackie, today on msnbc, bernie sanders stressed consistency on
1:07 pm
issues compared to hillary clinton. martin o'malley had kind of a similar line of attack on cnn on sunday. take a listen. >> i was against the transpacific partnership eight months ago because i believe it is bad for the country. thomas jefferson once said that in matters of fashion, one should swim with the current but on matters of principle, one should stand like a rock. i didn't shift positions right on the eve of the first democratic debate. >> jackie, is that what we expect tomorrow, a lot of pointing out hillary clinton, in their view, inconsistencies? >> yeah, i think you will. bernie sanders and martin o'malley are saying the same thing, taking very different takes. martin o'malley throughout this campaign has been taking it to hillary clinton, criticizing her, where bernie sanders, i you noticed on andrea mitchell earlier today, that's saying like, oh, great, she is joining me on these issues and the voters know who has been completely consistent. going to be interesting how they challenge her, i think you can, particular loin tpp, on the keystone pipeline, they are
1:08 pm
really going to be some questions of why she changed her position and the timing. >> hillary clinton talked in an interview today about her softer side. do we need to hear from her, a fuller picture of her tomorrow night? >> >> do we need to get what kind of picture tomorrow night? >> a fuller picture, trying to not just talk about policy and e-mails but also talk about her softer side? >> i don't think that that's what we are going to see from her in the debate at all. i think that, in fact, she may be challenging bernie sanders on some policy a little bit. but i don't think the debate stage is quite the right venue for her to show her softer side. she really wants to show that she is the ultimate heavyweight on policy and that she is the right person for the party at this point in time. and she has been saying -- been challenging some of these other candidates on how they would pay for many of the proposals that they are bringing up. she is going to show that she has the most detailed policy positions of anyone on that stage. >> jackie, o'malley complained
1:09 pm
about there only being six democratic debates, the first one tomorrow. have we been -- we haven't been paying as much attention frankly to the democrats as the republicans. are we going to get a full picture, voters get a full picture of them tomorrow? a huge opportunity for jim webb, lincoln chafe, if i martin o'malley, people we haven't been talking about, getting attention, you hear supporters, o'malley supporters, even bernie sanders' supporters complaining about the fact they don't have some, what was it 25 debates like they had in 2008. but, yeah, that irtime to shine and got to make the dnc chairwoman, debbie wasserman schultz saying no more debate, we are having six, they need to make the most of this moment tomorrow night. >> all right. erin mcpike, jackie kucinich, all watching tomorrow night. thanks for the pregame analysis. appreciate it. i want to turn to msnbc political correspondent now, steve kornacki. steve, you got something over there? >> just looking ahead to this
1:10 pm
debate tomorrow and i think trying to take stock of what's happened in the last few days, weeks in advance of it, sort of in what i would call the inoculation dance phase of the predebate activities. what that basically means is the candidates who are going to be on that stage tomorrow night take a look around and say where am i vulnerable to attack from my opponents and what can i do to prevent that attack or to lessen the severity of that attack during the debates. mentioned that with hillary clinton the last few weeks, you were hillary clinton looked at your vulnerabilities in a democratic debate, one would be she didn't have a position on the keystone pipeline, now she is against that, that puts her in line with a big chunk of the democratic base. she didn't have a position on the tpp, the transpacific partnership. now she's come out against it, now that puts her in line with bernie sanders and a lot of the democratic base in that one. wall street issues, something bernie sanders has been stressing, wall street reform, accountability, hillary clinton ruled out a plan on that a few days ago, gives her something to talk about on a subject bernie sanders will be talking about a lot. you look at the flip side, bernie sanders, a little bit of
1:11 pm
inoculating, too, somebody we think of having the same positions being very consistent through the years, whether you like him or not. look at this on "meet the press" yesterday, the subject of guns, this is what he had to say. >> one of the things that i think some of your democratic opponents might hit you on is the vote did you to protect manufacturers from liability. why single just them out for full protection on liability? >> that was a complicated vote and i'm willing to see changes in that. can we take another look at the -- at that liability issue? yes. >> you would? >> yes. sure. >> such an interesting moment, if there's one issue where bernie sanders was actually vulnerable on the left, it's guns. he comes from a rural state, vermont. he has a somewhat pro-gun -- somewhat pro-nra voting record in the senate, specific issue there is the idea of shielding gun manufacturers from legal liability. bernie sanders voted in favor that have in the past that would make him vulnerable with hillary clinton or one of the others on
1:12 pm
the stage tomorrow. now saying in advance of this debate, i'm following revisit it. a little inoculation. >> steve core knack kirk thanks so much. coming up, dream on. donald trump shrugs off a cease and desist letter from aerosmith's steven tyler. but trump has an explanation for that, we will head to new hampshire. to texas, where a local police department will soon release the official dash cam video after an officer there used a taser on a city councilman. plus, "snl" and comedian amy schumer, known for pushing limits, but did they go too far with a mock psa about guns? the reaction pouring in. ♪
1:13 pm
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developing this hour, we are getting new details into the tasering of a prayerry view, texas, city councilman outside his home. a meeting of city council was under way this afternoon as the town decides what's next. the dramatic scene was caught on tape. here's more on that from nbc's janet shamlian and a warning, some viewers may find the following video disturbing. >> reporter: the councilman in prairie view telling nbc news he does not know why officers he knew first tased him then arrested him. 26-year-old councilman jonathan miller says he wants answers. miller says there was no justification for police firing a taser at him while he was on his knees. >> okay, he is gonna have to tase you. not doing like you are supposed to. >> reporter: the dramatic video, one from miller's friend, the other from the an officer's body
1:17 pm
camera don't show anything related to theizing but they were on routine patrol when they stopped at miller's house. >> approached four men for question hog were in an area that is often been found to be involved with drug activity and other suspicious activity. >> reporter: miller says they were his friends and weren't doing anything wrong. >> i knew the officer. she knew me so i figured if i let her know that these are my guests, you know, kind of -- i guess lessen athe tension. >> reporter: the tension escalated as officers repeatedly asked miller to move back. >> officer, put your hands -- >> over here before you go to jail for interfering. go over there before you go to jail for interfearing. go back over there to the end, man. >> reporter: police say when they tried to arrest miller, he physically resisted. >> i feel like it was kind of unwarranted to be me almost harassed like that >> get out of the car! i will light you up. get out! >> reporter: prairie view is the same town where sandra bland was stopped by a state trooper for a traffic violation back in july. she was arrested for assault and
1:18 pm
then died in jail. the medical examiner rule it had a suicide but a wrongful death lawsuit brought by her family is pending. >> a-16, show taser been deployed. >> reporter: miller was charged with interfering with police and resisting arrest. fellow council member murray herndon called a special meeting. >> it seem obvious to me our police department needs some sensitivity training. >> reporter: the police chief promises a full investigation. >> i don't feel like i did anything i'm accused of. i don't feel like i should have been detained or arrested or anything. >> reporter: miller says he did identify himself as an elected official during that incident. janet shamlian, innocence news, prairie view, texas. >> police say one of the two officers involved in the confrontation was also involved in the july arrest of sandra bland and just this afternoon, the police chief of prairie view, texas, gave an update on the case. >> we have taken all of the case
1:19 pm
reports and videos and all that and turned that over to the district attorney for their review and some time within the next two to three days, i suspect they will be able to give us their response to the report and let us know what they intend to do as far as the prosecution is concerned. >> police say they will be releasing dash cam video of the incident some time today. nbc's charles hadlock is in prairie view texas as well. charles what is the latest on that tape? >> reporter: the tape has not been released yet, the police chief says he runs a very small department, also the police chief, the pio, the public information officer wlgs the i.t. guy, the guy that will post the video to youtube, he he'sant done that but working on it has seen all three videos, the dash cam video and two videos from the police officer's body cameras, last fourth video, a
1:20 pm
cell phone video taken by the councilman's friend. he says he has seen all the tape, according to the chief and sees nothing in those videos that would warrant any action against the officers, they are still on the job this afternoon. he does say he will turn the case over to the waller county district attorney's office as a moment of transparency. knock left to guess about what is happening here within this small police department that is in a town of 5,000 people an hour's drive from houston. kate? >> nbc's charles hadlock. thanks so much. when we come back from this break, we have some breaking news, only here at msnbc, about the benghazi committee. stay with us for that. why do so many people choose aleve?
1:21 pm
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it's gotten squarer. over the years. brighter. bigger. thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. as we said before the break, breaking news to report on the house benghazi committee on that. for that, i'm go to the newsroom and ari melber. ari? >> that is exactly right.
1:24 pm
breaking news, first on msnbc, i'm holding a crease and desist letter from bradley podliska's lawyers out this hour, first on msnbc, alleges the benghazi chair, goud, did i essentially breaking federal law by disclosing information about private counseling and mediation in that employment dispute that broke over the weekend. again this is the ex-benghazi investigator who says the committee was focused improperly on hillary clinton and he says he was retaliated against based on his independent attempts to conduct a more fair investigation. what's new right now, first here on msnbc is a cease and desist letter from his lawyer staying in his responses, chairman gowdy's news responses, he has essentially violated federal rules. we have reached out to the chair, of course, for a response, haven't heard it yes. i will note, kate, as you know, that everything in this story up to date has been contested. the committee saying, for example, that this is a disgruntled ex-employee terminated for cause. this is an escalation of the story we saw over the weekend
1:25 pm
here, a cease and desist letter making in writing the allegation that the chairman in his responses and defense is now violating federal rules on confidentiality, kate. >> ari, let's just remind our viewers how contentious this got over the weekend, chairman gowdy spoke to kristen welker yesterday. let's listen to some of what he said. it is damn lie and that's not a word i often use but rarely is it so easily proven. he was a lousy employee and evidenced by the fact he mishandled classified information and he wouldn't do what his supervisors instructed him to do >> ari, he is referring, obviously, to that former employee who you are talking about now. >> that's correct. he also said in that interview with nbc's kristen welker, i believe in addition to other statements he made basically over this counter rebuttal over the weekend that he had never even met this individual. now, i just got off the phone here in the newsroom with the lawyers for this individual, for their client. they basically say they met twice, i have reported that here
1:26 pm
on msnbc and, he met the chairman twice, these surprised, he says, through his lawyers that the chairman doesn't remember that and a modest size committee staff, ie, not such a big organization that you would just forget someone. so what we are seeing here to put it first the law and the politics, kate, the politics of this are this is an individual, this man who says he is a whistle-blower, who says he has these legitimate grievances, who is not gonna sit on the sidelines. he wants to be in a become and forth through his lawyers about the facts, about the details. we did obtain a copy of the draft complaint. that won't even be filed until -- that wouldn't be filed until november. but what we see today in the cease and desist letter and the sames is they are gonna continue to do what they consider fact checking the rebuttals to this benghazi chair regarding details, regarding whether this was fair and how he was treated. >> basically, ari, the gist of it is that they are arguing over whether the benghazi committee was set up for political reasons, for partisan reasons,
1:27 pm
and in the midst of an employment dispute at the same time. >> exactly. there is a federal law called the congressional accountability act that basically says if you go through counseling or mediation subject to your employment dispute, it should remain private. what the lawyers are alleging now is that in breaking that privacy, that confidentiality, they allege the chairman is essentially violating federal rules. now, we will report as soon as we get it this is brand new. we have reached out to the committee and will report their response. i would expect they have one. everythings, to be clear, to date, that has come out of this has been rebutted by the committee and you heard there the comments from the chairman. but it is interesting as well that this is basically an ex-employee who is in germany there, doing his reserve work, that is the other part of the case, he says he was retaliated because of his military service that also gives him a claim in court and he is gonna continue, it seems from what we are seeing this afternoon, to make his case publicly even before they get into a courtroom or in a trial setting. >> all right, ary. to reiterate, we said this last
1:28 pm
hour, we have reach old out to every member of the benghazi committee today, all on recess right now and a holiday, obviously. if anyone, including the chairman works like to join us here on msnbc, it is an open invitation. ari melber, thank you very much. >> absolutely. right now, in manchester new hampshire, republican us and democrats are holding a campaign event called no labels and aimed on turning down the volume on the discourse that gripped the nation. donald trump is one of the presidential hopefuls who took the stage today and found himself facing opposition from the audience. take a listen. . >> i want to get paid the same as man, and i think you understand that. so, if you become president, will a woman make the same as a man and do i get to choose what i do with my body?
1:29 pm
>> you're gonna make the same if you do as good a job. you're gonna make the same if you do as good a job and i happen to be pro-life. >> katy tur is following the trump campaign and joins us from new hampshire again. you corrected me before and rightfully said that wasn't the only moment. not everybody -- not every moment was contentious. >> i know it wasn't. he got some applause here and there for some of his proposal, especially when he talked about compromise. in fact,s one of the gentleman here just on stage liked that moment the most, trump came out and said compromise is a dirty word. i'll speak softly, remember what happened to me at voters values couple weeks ago when i got shushed, as for how he was received here, it was pretty mixed, some of it positive, some of it negative, that's what we have been seeing with most of the candidates, these are undecided voters, the ones we have spoken to, pretty much all of the ones here say they have not decided, again, undecided, who they are going to vote for but come out here to see what people have to say and they are very interested in what it's going to take to reach across the aisle. they don't want to hear anyone
1:30 pm
attacking anyone else. trump didn't do very much attacking today. he did hit jeb and rubio but decidedly less than he normally does. again, these voters are here to find information. they are here to be convinced by somebody. so far though, nobody has put him over the edge, at least not today. kate? >> all right, katy tur from new hampshire. thanks so much. meanwhile, president obama is pushing back on his strategy in syria and russia's role in the war-torn country. in an interview with "60 minutes," the president said he wasn't anticipating making any major changes in the wake of the failed plan to train thousands of rebels, a pentagon plan. he also got into this exchange when steve croft questioned whether vladimir putin was challenging obama's leadership in his syrian strategy. >> today, rather than being able to count on their support and maintain the base ned syria which need long time, mr. putin is devoting his own troops, his own military, just to barely
1:31 pm
hold together by a thread his sole ally. >> he is challenging your leadership, mr. president. he is challenging your leadership. steve, i got to tell you, if you think that running your economy into the ground and having to send troops in in order to prop up your own ally is leadership, then we have got a different definition of leadership. >> nbc's chief pentagon correspondent, jim miklaszewski joins me with more on that interview. it seemed like the president was really on defense there, mik. he was not gonna stand to be told that vladimir putin was leading. that's exactly right. you know, he is -- as he said in that interview, you know, leadership is not stretching out your military and conducting military operations when, in fact, there's some sense that the soviet military may be stretching itself too thin. but also in that interview, it
1:32 pm
was quite apparent that the president was caught off guard by the russian air strikes against rebel targets there in syria, but i have to tell you that any president is only as good as his intelligence and u.s. intelligence and military officials, as they watched a buildup of russian military in syria, had no clue that the russians were gonna carry out air strikes until the very last moment. but what i found particularly interesting is that despite the russian buildup and air strikes and the fact that iran continues to pour troops and military equipment into syria to back the assad government, the president in that interview held out some hope that the world, the community, the u.s., could somehow convince the russians and iranians to work in a productive fashion to force president assad out of syria. now, that, i think, is totally
1:33 pm
wishful thinking. >> all right, jim miklaszewski at the pentagon. thanks so much. >> you bet. coming up, two different cases that could bring gun control to the supreme court. we will check in with nbc news justice correspondent, pete williams, next. when you're not confident your company's data is secure, the possibility of a breach can quickly become the only thing you think about. that's where at&t can help.
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quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. it's a simple question. what's in your wallet? developing right now, could the supreme court take up gun control, potentially setting a huge precedent on the controversial issue? at question are two gun cases under way in the u.s. the first is out of milwaukee where closing arguments are being heard today on whether gun shops should be responsible for crimes committed with their guns, a case that could eventually find its way to the high court. two police officers there are suing a gun store, claiming it should be held liable for selling a gun later used to seriously shoot them. the officer's testimony got very emotional. >> i remember being struck in the head. i remember laying in the bed at the hospital.
1:37 pm
and i had -- i felt a lump in my cheek and i had asked someone if that was my eye. >> at that point in time, i thought i was gonna die. i wanted my family to know i loved them. >> in illinois, a local ban on assault weapons is being challenged apt supreme court will decide as early as tomorrow whether it takes up that case. it has activists on both sides of the issue nationwide holding their breath. i want to bring in nbc's justice correspondent, pete williams, who is following all of. this pete, will they or won't they take this up? >> we could find out as early as tomorrow, as you say kate this is a challenge to a city ordinance passed in 2013 in a suburb of chicago, highland park. it bans what are called assault weapons, which it defines as semiautomatic firearms, those that fire a round each time the trigger is pulled, with high-capacity magazines or clips that can hold more than ten rounds and it specifically mentions rifles like the ar-15
1:38 pm
or ak-47. to key to all of this is a 2008 decision by the supreme court, a landmark ruling that said for the first time that the second amendment does provide an individual right for gun owners but it confined it or at least it appeared confine it to using a handgun at home for self-defense and the ruling said that states and city does still ban what it called unusual or dangerous weapons and what the lower courts have said here is that these assault weapons are dangerous. the defenders of the lawsuit, the challenge, of the law say there is nothing unusual about them, they are not dangerous, they are two among the most commonly possessed firearms in the country. so if the supreme court says it's not gonna hear this case, then it is a boost to advocates of gun control that the supreme court isn't going to take this case and potentially strike it down. the other hand if they do take it as you say, it could provide a new restriction on the ability of local governments to regulate
1:39 pm
firearms. so, tomorrow is the first chance we will have to find out, tomorrow morning at 9:30 is when we get the orders. >> that milwaukee case, where does that stand? >> final arguments today. this is a civil lawsuit against the gun store. the police officers in the city are saying the gun store knew that it was selling a handgun to somebody who was not the ultimate owner of the gun. it is the ultimate owner that shot the policeman. he couldn't legally buy a gun. he was too young. and the city is saying the gun store knew what it was doing, making a straw sale. the gun store says it is protected by a federal law that vastly restricts lawsuits against gun owners, gun manufacturers and gun dealers. pete williams in washington. thanks so much. >> you bet. classes resumed today on the campus of oregon's umpqua community college. this comes ten days after a gunman killed nine people and wounded nine others on the campus before taking his own
1:40 pm
life. in a show of support, car loads of people lined the streets leading to campus as students arrived back to class. "saturday night live," meanwhile, took on the gun control debate this weekend a blistering parody sketch. host amy schumer made good on an earlier promise to take on the gun issue after a gunman opened fire on theater goers had a showing of schumer's movie, train wreck, in lafayette, louisiana, back in july. nbc's natalie morales has more. in her saturday night live debut -- >> i'm hosting "saturday night live." >> amy schumer's parody psa taking aim at gun enthusiasts. >> guns are there. in little moments. >> reporter: the sketch immediately polarizing. piers morgan calling it brilliant but others saying it is bad timing and not funny. >> they unite us. >> reporter: simply entitled "guns" the parody comes a week after the oregon school shootings and the on the heels
1:41 pm
of july's movie theater tragedy where a gunman killed two and injured nine others at a louisiana screening of shumers a own movie, train wrecked. >> very personal for me. >> reporter: following the shooting, schumer calling for tighter background checks. >> no one wants to live in a country where a felon, the mentally ill or other dangerous people can get their hands on a gun with such ease. >> reporter: schumer is targeted on her comedy central show, joking how it is easier to get guns than birth control. >> no refills? i have to go through all this again next month? >> yep. see you then. >> can i have a gun? >> yep. >> reporter: taking on controversy with comedy. >> first loves. [ gunshots ] to new beginnings. for you. >> wherever life takes you, guns. we're here to stay.
1:42 pm
[ applause ] >> nbc's natalie morales filing that report. coming up, new york city issues explicit guidelines to police officers on the use of force. commissioner bill bratton joins us live next. s touch during cold and flu season sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. ♪ hp instant ink can save you up to 50% on ink delivered to your door print all you want and never run out. plans start at $2.99 a month. ♪ the most affordable way to print. hp instant ink. i've had moderate to severe plaque psoriasis
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tand that's what we're doings to chat xfinity.rself, we are challenging ourselves to improve every aspect of your experience. and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. the new york city police department is taking unprecedentsed new steps to document nearly virtually every instance when force is used by officers. the new policy comes after the death of eric gardner in staten
1:46 pm
island and the recent controversial takedown of tennis star, james blake, outside a midtown manhattan hotel. also, along with documenting force, officers will face formal discipline if they fail to step in or report excessive force by other officers. police will receive new training on how to dehe will scabs late an altercation and guidelines on what force can be used. new york city police commissioner bill bratton joins me now. >> good to be here. >> thanks for being here. this new policy, some americans might wonder why you haven't already had this policy to document use of force. >> police is constantly evolving, a lot of what we are doing here in new york are policies that were developed during my time in los angeles, 2002 to 2009, working under the federal monitor and federal deck krichl i came back to new york in 2014 as commissioner, i felt that their policies had not stayed as contemporary as the
1:47 pm
policies in los angeles. the last 20 months, we have been evolving, changing and reshaping and what we will be issuing in january, early january 2016 will be very extensive new policies. >> catching up in a sense. >> catching up as well as some respects, moving ahead of where law enforcement is currently in this country. >> we were talking about the texas city councilman tasered, i'm sure you've seen the video, the latest incident caught on tape. does every city need to do what new york city is doing? >> i think what we are going to be promulgating in january could serve as a national standard. it is state-of-the-art of the article, as best we understand at the moment. kate, one of the things i would emphasize is the incident you referenced and earlier incidents caught on tape, staten island, the blake matter, those are the exception, actually, the rare exception. we are seeing more of them because we now have video, but the vast, vast majority of police enforcement use of force
1:48 pm
is usually done within the law, within policy oftentimes, as a result of resistance that officers are receiving, particularly during the course of making arrest >> you're asking officers basically to do more paperwork. i want to read what the police union president, pat lynch, had to same said, more paperwork coupled with a serious shortage of police officers and the continual second-guessing of their actions is a formula for disaster. not buying in on your plan. >> they will buy in. pat lynch, a good friend, a good union leader, he does what he does, he has to say what he says. we are hiring almost 2,000 new police officers, the equivalent of 2,000 police officers in new york this year alone the first time in 15 years. cops will have more than enough time to fill out the forms, we learn from every incident, learn, do the tactics work, the training we give officers, is it sufficient, do we need to change it? again, the vast majority of you incidents in new york city police department justifiable?
1:49 pm
the phrase, looks awful buts's lawful. >> is paperwork enough? i know you have body cameras, you are in a pilot program now. what is your thinking on whether those need to be on every single officer. >> your point of why this wasn't done years ago, we are evolving, now do have body cameras. >> not on every officer? >> in our case, 35,000 cops, it is gonna take a while. everybody now has a camera and video camera, that changed the way these incidents are looked at and that is a positive because it will, in fact, hopefully control police behavior when inappropriate but also control public behavior and the public understands that their acts of stupid, their acts of confrontation, their acts of brutality are also being caught on tape. >> if you had to guess now, do you think we will eventually have a new york city police department of that size where every single member has a body camera? >> the vast majority will, a lot of our officers work
1:50 pm
administrative-types of assignment, not have a necessity, but probably about 20,000 officers who are routinely on patrol in the streets, anti-crime, where cameras will be very beneficial to them, very beneficial to the public. the principal reason for these new use of force policies is officer safety, the idea of trying to train them, to ensure that when they do use force, it is appropriate to the resistance they are meeting or the assaults that they are experiencing. >> new york city police commissioner bill bratton, thanks so much for coming in and joining us. appreciate it. now, here's courtney reagan with the cnbc market wrap. >> it was a relatively quiet trading day with the bond market closed for columbus day. ultimately though the dow added 47 points. the s & p closing higher by 3, the nasdaq gain eight points. that's it from cnbc, we're first in business worldwide.
1:51 pm
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police in prairie view, texas, just leased the dash cam video of jonathan miller getting tased by police officers. this video just n the councilman denying any wrongdoing in the incident. police say when they tried to arrest miller, he physically resisted. look at the lower right-hand side of your screen, you can see the incident play out there. an investigation is under way into the incident and the prairie view city council met for a special session earlier today to address the incident. we will bring you updates as soon as we get them. meantime, this afternoon, a minnesota dentist will not face charges in zimbabwe for killing cecil the lion.
1:55 pm
zimbabwe's environment minister says today that walter palmer is did have legal authority to conduct the hunt adding "all the papers were in order." the death of cecil sparked international outrage this summer but now, palmer has been cleared of any wrongdoing and zimbabwe is no longer seeking his extradition. time for other stories popping today. a random act of kindness out of canada has gone viral this photo taken on a busy bus in ontario. robert, the man on the right who is deaf and has second cerebral palsy asked for a handshake from a stranger, the 23-year-old thought robert was joking but quickly realized he wasn't and comforted him for the 30-minute bus ride home. even letting him rest his head on his shoulder. robert's family sent him a facebook message thanking him for his kindness, something he credits his mother for, teaching him that "sometimes you just have to be selfless and put someone else's needs above your
1:56 pm
own." president obama gave advice over the weekend to none other than kanye west. it all happened at a fund-raising event in california featuring the rapper, who has spoken about his possible plans to run for president in 2020, but the current president had some advice, if he really wants to be keysy. >> first of all, you got to spend a lot of time dealing with some strange characters who behave like they are on a reality tv show. do you really think that this country is gonna let a black guy from the south side of chicago with a funny name to be president of the united states? that is crazy. that's cray. >> and take a look at this. we have been talking about it all day, erendira wallenda, the wife of nik wallenda, dangling from a helicopter high above the start of a nascar race in charlotte, neck neck, on sunday, soaring over the crowd during
1:57 pm
her acrobatic performance. wallenda often just hanging on by her feet, as you can see, and all without any safety equipment. er i'm sure i'm miss pronouncing your name, say it for me. >> erendira. >> we watched live yesterday in the news ram and our jaws were dropping. you had no safety net. >> i didn't. i didn't have any safety net. i come from eight generations of circus on my mother's side and seven on my father's side. i have been training since i was 2 years old, did my first professional performance when i was 5. so, i was always taught if i could do it two feet off the ground, could i do it 150 feet off the ground. >> were you scared? were you terrified being up there or not? >> i -- you know, to a normal person, they think that i would be, but, no, not at all.
1:58 pm
this is my passion, this is what i live for and believe it or not, i'm nervous before i have to do it, but as soon as i touch my lira it is like the world melts away and it is just and my aerial equipment and i'm just really living out one of my dreams. >> so, if not scared, what's the emotion as you fly through the air, what does it feel like? >> it's -- not to sound cheesy, but magical. it really is just doing what i love, doing something that's been handed down to me what i have been doing for eight generation. >> how do you top that? what is your next stunt? >> i have a lot of things that i want to do i've always been fascinated by air craftsism want to be a wing walker. i want to do a whole bunch of things and hopefully inspire other women, like if i can hang underneath a helicopter 150 feet
1:59 pm
above the ground fulfill one of my dreams, then they can really do anything that they want to do as well. >> you have three kids, right? >> i do. i have three kids. >> what did they say before you go up and do that yesterday? what did they say to mommy? >> you know, they are so used to me doing this. they have been on the road with us since they were like two weeks old. so quite honestly, my daughter is like, okay, mom, can we hurry up and finish this so we can go to the mall? you know, of course, we give each other a kiss and i always say, oh, mommy will see owned other side. >> is not just mommy, it is daddy, too, you're the wife of nick well linda? >> it is. it is mommy and daddy, yes. yes. >> erendira wallenda, so glad you made it down safe and sound, it was quite a treat to watch. appreciate you being here with us. >> thank you so much. >> all right. best of luck on the next endeav endeavor. that does it for this hour. i'm kate snow. mtp daily starts right now.
2:00 pm
if it's monday, it's the first 2016 democratic presidential debate, now just 24 hours away. but it's the guy sitting 2400 miles away who is still making up his mind and making some democrats nervous. this is mtp daily and it starts right now. good evening, i'm steve kornacki in for chuck todd it is columbus day across the country but there's no holiday break out there on the campaign trail. tonight, it is debate prep eight and a half years in the making, a look at what hillary clinton's best and worst moments on the 2008 debate stage can tell us about tomorrow night's fight in las ve


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