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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  October 12, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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carson, carly fiorina and ted cruz numbers, you're over 60% in some polls. chuck will be back tomorrow with more "mtp daily." erica hill picks up our coverage next. right now on msnbc, a clinton conspiracy? the fallout after a former investigator says the house ben ghazi committee is a partisan witch-hunt. >> debate countdown. just over 24 hours until the democratic presidential debate, the first time front-runner hillary clinton will share the stage with her democratic rivals. >> and fed up. hall of fame quarter terry bradshaw slams the nfl. its position on domestic violence and greg hardy. >> i'm erica hill. we begin with breaking news and the growing controversy over the house benghazi committee. a former investigator is now accusing the committee's chairman of violating government
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confidentiality rules and federal law. bradley poliskis claims that committee was more interested in investigating hillary clinton than looking in the 2012 attacks on the u.s. consulate. he plans to file a lawsuit alemming he was let go because he objected to the investigation's changing focus. allegations the chairman of the committee congressman trey gowdy denies. >> it's a damn lie. that's not a word that i often use but rarely is it so easily proven. he was a lousy employee. that was evidenced by the fact he mishandled classified information and wouldn't do what his supervisors instructed him to do. >> this afternoon, another twist as lawyers for the former investigator now say gowdy is leaking confidential information about the former investigator. news of that lawsuit comes as "the new york times" reports
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mrs. clinton's private e-mail server did become the focus of the benghazi inquiry. president obama telling "60 minutes" the e-mails are a legitimate issue. >> did you know about hillary clinton's use of private e-mail server? >> no. >> while secretary of state? >> no. >> do you think it posed a national security problem? >> i don't think it posed a national security problem. i think it was a mistake she's acknowledged. >> what was your reaction when you found out about it? >> this is one of those issues that i think is legitimate, but the fact that for the last three months this is all that's been spoken about is an indication we're in presidential political season. >> joining us, nbc news capitol hill correspondent luke russert and msnbc chief legal correspondent ari melger. you've done extensive reporting today. what is the latest? >> the latest breaking news is
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new complaints from this individual's lawyers saying to the house committee part of what we just heard is itself a violation of federal confidentiality rules. what they are talking about is federal law, if you have these disputes, the facts of the information have to remain silent. the lawyers said mr. gowdy's claim that he never met him is also false, according to them. they say they met twice. they were in committee meetings together. it's a small committee and that he's basically surprised about this reaction. we contacted the committee for its reaction to these claims. i will say most disturbingly for the committee, this suggests there will be a lot of public political thrashing about the facts here, which is not what they want. >> there could be thrashing
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about the facts, but the end of the day the facts will, we hope, tell the tale. a lot of what we were hearing this could be a case of he said/he said. how much is it looking like a case of two parties, maybe disgruntled people, how much is it looking like there may be a nugget here? >> the nugget would be if in an investigation or this lawsuit they want to file next month in federal court, whether there's documentation. whether you go into e-mails. this is a problem for a committee that wants to be investigating something else if the legal discovery process starts to put it under investigation. again, they say this all originated with termination for cause of mr. poliski, that he was the one with problems and that's why they fired him. the legal question will there be facts and records that emerge here? it's interesting to see they are not waiting for the lawsuit. they know this is not just a lawsuit. this is a big public battle and
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they are going up against chairman gowdy. >> what about the timing of all this? >> the timing would seem -- i can't prove this -- but would seem logically responding to kevin mccarthy. the complaint we obtained over the weekend hasn't been filed. we can tell it was in the works for weeks based on the events and documentation inside it. the interview with jake tabor to capitalize on this moment. >> senator clinton is set to testify. it is a holiday for law makers this week. i can't imagine this is being ignored in washington for the folks there. what's been the reaction? >> the reaction amongst democrats has been this is what we have said all along. this is nothing more than a partisan witch-hunt and the dam started to break when kevin mccarthy admitted as much on national television a few weeks ago. you had new allegations brought forward by former staff
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committee as well as a report by "the new york times" that alleges there is a lot of worry amongst members or stafrs of the committee this has gone off the rails. the hyperintensive focus on hillary clinton's e-mails instead of the four american whose died in benghazi. right before we came on we got a response from the committee spokesperson themselves about the latest regarding ari's reporting about this lawsuit. they said, "the ludicrousness of a former employee who spread himself across the news media over the weekend complaining about confidential ought to be obvious. the committee will vigorously defend itself against these and any other false claim and has nothing further to add at this time." the benghazi committee leadership, they are on the defensive. this is the last thing they want to deal with. this has been an ongoing investigation over the course of 17 months. from beginning when speaker boehner started this special select committee, gowdy has gone out of his way to try and say
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this is about the events that happened in benghazi, not about any political side shows. what's happening the last two weeks derailed the original intent. democrats said look, come october 22nd, there is so much fire power for hillary clinton to create a stalemate during questioning. she has mccarthy's comments and allegations brought forward by former staffers that will allow her to get out of this unscathed. if she forces a stalemate, she wins that day of testimony on the 22nd. >> we have just over a week until the 22nd. appreciate you being with us tonight. thank you. >> thank you. on the democratic side, the focus tonight beyond benghazi and e-mails, it is clearly on las vegas where in just over 24 hours, democrats take the stage for their first debate in the 2016 race for the white house. the podiums are set. hillary clinton will be front and center.
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bernie sanders to her right. the former vermont law maker giving us a preview this weekend on "meet the press." >> i believe our trade policy going way back when have been a disaster for the american worker. people will have to contrast my consistency and my willingness to stand up to wall street and corporations with the secretary. >> there are three other democratic candidates tomorrow night. there's also space for one more. get this. that is the spare sixth podium on hand just in case vice president joe biden decides to jump into the race in time for tomorrow night's debate. joining me are mark halpern, managing editor of bloomberg politics. good evening. >> good to know we have a contingency plan just in case. we'll give you a quick one.
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let me get a yes or no. do you think we'll need it? >> oh, no. >> kordell? >> unfortunately, i don't think we will. >> not a chance. it will be ready for the next one. looking at this race. bernie sanders said this is not going to be about attacking people personally. he feels his strengths will be looking at his position in terms of consistency. we heard about how for hillary clinton this is the pressure is on her. when it's being built up that way, in some ways, is that also making it a little bit easier for her by lowering expectations? >> no one on that stage, i think, wants this to be an all-out slugfest. the person who is going to determine this more than anyone else is a guy you know well, anderson cooper at cnn. his public comments suggest he is not trying to create fights as happened in the republican debates where the fox and cnn debate, the moderators and
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questioners wanted to create conflict much bernie sanders wants to introduce himself to the american people. martin o'malley wants to introduce himself and hillary clinton wants to say, one down, five to go. unless anderson or the other questioners try to instigate conflict, i think you'll see a lot of people elliptically making comparisons but laying out their case why they should be president. >> cornell, is there a sense among the candidates themselves there has been an unspoken agreement this should not be about one-liners? that this should be about a substantive policy debate, especially after the criticism for the republican debates? >> i think for each candidate, looking at it from a campaign strategist, for each candidate you have different markers. for bernie sanders, when you look at what's happening in that recent south carolina poll where he is 20 points behind hillary clinton in south carolina, you look at what he's, how he's failed in his initial response
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to black lives matter. when you look to south carolina and nevada, where you have to be able to compete and win a more diverse swath of electorate. for sanders, clearly he has to reach out to minority voters and say something or give something to compete for hillary. in that south carolina poll shows she is almost 20 points ahead. if he cannot compete with her among minority voters, he has little chance of winning. for each candidate is a little different. >> who do you think could offer the biggest surprises, cornell? >> i know i'm going to get beat up for this. i'm someone who has watched governor o'malley, then marrow malley, for a long time now. he is someone who in baltimore a tough city. he won working class white votes as well as african-american votes in baltimore. i hat to use a football analogy, but they say this team is better
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than their record. i think marty o'malley is better than the polling numbers show. if there is a chance for ben carson-like moments for someone to rise up, i think martin o'malley has to make that tomorrow on it's over for him. >> you think he may have the best chance. there are going to be two other candidates on that stage. really need to breakthrough here. start to get more name recognition. what are the chances we will see that, that they won't be overshadowed by the other bigger names on the stage? >> first of all, i think cnn will gear and funnel most of the time to the other three candidates, particularly clinton and sanders. i think martin o'malley is underperforming. he should be doing better based on skills and his record. he will have a strategy. just being frank, neither jim
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webb nor -- i'm blanking on his name. chafee, neither have done anything to show energy, aggressiveness, strategy, tactics. i don't expect it to be any different tomorrow night. i think they will be on the stage. the greatest effect will be to benefit hillary clinton. the extent they do get time, i predict the american people will not find it entrancing or exciting. i think it will lower the interest in the debate as the debate goes on. for the next debates. that is what hillary clinton wants. i suspect that's why the dnc let them be on the stage. >> generous. what are the top three things you're watching for tomorrow night? >> how consistent hillary clinton is. she knows eight years ago in a debate in philadelphia, she had a strong performance all night as she did in almost every debate eight years ago. one mistake near the end of the debate became running controversy. she can't make a single mistake. how does bernie sanders present
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himself? a few months ago in iowa, the first time on the same stage as hillary clinton, i interviewed him and he acknowledged he was nervous. i think he may be nervous tomorrow night. this is a huge moment for him. see if he can overcome the citiers. what do the moderators do? they have so much control. is this about e-mails, economic policy, about whitewater? who knows where they'll take it. how much they try to create problems for the front-runner as opposed to all the candidates want is a discussion of ideas facing the country. >> cornell, the top three for you? >> it's really one hillary has to get out of this danger of becoming jeb bush. what i mean by that and halpern's right. in 2008 she won all the debates according to you all and barack obama. she is very good at debating. she may be too good. the problem with her, she becoming jeb bush on our side, to the establishment, she is too
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perfect of an establish pavement candidate. shy has all the right answers. in this environment, that may be problematic for her. we democrats need someone to fall in love with. we are not going to fall in someone because of their policy position. she has to emote in a way her husband could do very well to connect. right now her problem is energy around her. she has to find energy around her, get energy around her. >> we have to leave it there. great to have both of you with us. you enjoy tomorrow night. >> thank you. breaking news -- caught on camera. police release dash cam video showing a a texas city councilman being tasered in front of his own home. the investigation into that incident. a hall of fame quarterback is calling on the nfl to change its policy on domestic violence. rose mcgowan hijacks a political event slamming the crowd for its lack of diversity.
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i'm completely hi jacking this. what i see in this very, very white room, which is shocking and leads me to believe maybe you don't integrate with my america. >> that was the voice of actress rose mcgowan. she shot video on her cell phone as she interrupted a political dinner she has been invited to for a group called know labels. eight presidential candidates from both parties addressed voters at the no label summit. the group promotes bipartisan solutions to problems in washington. among speakers donald trump who talked about his experience with real estate projects show he is able to work with different groups of people. >> we are talking about getting together. i got together with everybody. i had to get the city together,
3:19 pm
all the unions together, i had to get everybody together. we got it done. >> nbc's katy tur is at the no labels summit in manchester, new hampshire. what did voters hear from the candidates today? >> this is a no labels conference. it might as well be the let's get along and we are hearing compromise and promises to reach across the aisle. from the republican and democratic presidential con tnders we've seen here, it's been their same talking points. this time they are throwing in words like compromise. we haven't heard complete explanation or promises on how they are going to do that. so far though we heard from jim webb, lindsey graham, chris christie, bernie sanders and donald trump. many thought it was unexpected for him to show up to an event like this. he hasn't been known as somebody to reach across the aisle. he said he would be able to do it. many think he is more devisive and contentious. he did come here and answered
3:20 pm
questions from the crowd. he stuck to his talking points and moved on. it is notable that all the presidential candidates were invited to speak here. hillary clinton did not accept. she is in las vegas getting ready for the democratic debate. same with bernie sanders and jim webb who came here via video republicans. the other republican leaders were not here. ted cruz, marco rubio, jeb bush, carly fiorina. it does say something they are not here talking about how they would be able to reach across the aisle. donald trump who maybe isn't the person would you expect did show up earlier today. back to you. >> katy tur, thanks. why an nfl great is calling out one of the league's most storied teams. and bad news for the tens of millions of americans collecting social security. there is a good chance they won't see a cost of living increase next year.
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>>. >> the university of southern california firing its head football coach. it says steve sarcasian did not show up for practice after appearing to be incoction tated at a pep rally. unc saying through all of this, we remain concerned for steve and hope it will give him the opportunity to focus on his personal well being no comment from him. another big story we are following in the football world, hall of fame quarterback taking on the nfl, the dallas cowboys
3:23 pm
and that team's owner. terry bradshaw called out the franchise and jerry jones supporting player greg hardy. he played in his first nfl game in more than a year on sunday. he served a four-game suspension because of a domestic violence case against him. police arrested hardy last year saying he attacked his ex-girlfriend. she said he threw her on to a cows covered in rifles and shotguns. in his trial she testified, "he looked me in my eyes and told me he was going to kill me. when he loosened his grip slightly, i said just do it. kill me." a judge found him guilty. because of a quirk in north carolina law, he was allowed to request a different jury trial and that time his ex did not show up. the charges were dismissed. before he made his return on sunday, he had this to say. >> i hope i come out guns ablazing. i'm full of excitement. i'm full of juice and ready to go. >> guns blazing, a comment many
3:24 pm
found to be out of bounds. his ex says he threw her on to a couch covered in guns. it did not sit well with hall of fame quarterback terry bradshaw. >> now, anybody in my opinion that lays a hand on a woman, i don't care who you are, my friend, you never come back in this league, but dallas cowboys' owner jerry jones and his desperation to get a pass rusher said, well, you know what, america? cowboy fans? he's a good boy. we'll get him straightened out over here and bring him in there, which did he. he has his first news conference, makes a fool of himself. then jerry says, he basically becomes an enabler himself. this is wrong. we have no place for this. i'm actually tired of talking about the hardys of the world. i seriously hope that eventually we never have a place in the nfl for people that touch a woman. strike a woman. >> the nfl told us it has no comment on or issue with
3:25 pm
bradshaw's comments. the nfl's vice president of social responsibility did say this, "i couldn't disagree more with greg hardy's comments and they do not reflect the values of the league." joining us former new york giants head coach jim fossil. you are a former coach here. you see what's going on. would you have signed greg hardy based on that domestic violence issue? >> no i wouldn't have. but this is -- i agree a lot with what terry said except the system. when the girl wouldn't show up in court, the prosecutors dropped the case. so he's not been convicted. now all of a sudden as the nfl steps in, i think there was some negotiation when they dropped his sentence from ten games to four games because if we give you four games, you are not going to go after us. we'll end up in the court system. if you accept that, i'll reduce
3:26 pm
it to four. it's the system that hurts. domestic violence is awful. >> how do you fix that system then? >> the only thing you've got to do is put it on each team. we all know he did it. no question about it. well, there's probably out of 32 teams somebody is going to take a chance on a guy. you ask me if i would? no, i would not. >> mary, you've written about this, the league's handling of domestic violence and other issues. is there a chance that things will change? >> i think that's going to be really hard. one of the things i've been watching how fans and sponsors reacted to this. i think we put athletes in the nfl in this very moral position. forced to play a huge role in our owe sight. this is an issue not going away any time soon. until people pull money, whether that's tickets or advertisements, i don't know if this is going to move the needle much. the nfl is trying to make money. this is a business. what i think this case
3:27 pm
highlighted, which is different than the rice case. rice's career was winding down. if you are a good player, there is a different standard or if we give you a second chance, this is how he and jones are going to react. that's what people are reacting to here. the league is being pushed on its values in terms of play competition, the business of football versus what is impalatable to all of us. >> there is an interesting juxtaposition we talked about when it came to ray rice. the nfl is going after women. we see so much marketing towards women and so much acknowledgement of diseases like breast cancer that affect largely a female population. so you compare that and then there is talk of the outrage. is there enough outrage, public outrage to impact that business side at this point? >> i think those female fans are being vocal about this. a few years ago, unfortunately domestic violence isn't a new issue in sports, but now people are talking about it. that is a reflection of that. when the league does these pink
3:28 pm
ribbon campaigns, it comes off disingenuous to people who love the game and follow when behavior like this is seen. that is absolutely happening right now. >> jim, as you are watching this unfold, and if you had advice at this point to give to the league, how would you tell them to sort of change what they are doing? what would your advice be to them? >> the nfl has to set a standard policy. it's going to be in a player's contract. it is to a degree it is. the only thing they can do is help and counseling. they put rookies through a symposium before they play. i think what they need to do also that would be very helpful, and they have hired some women to advise them on this. is they go to the teams. go to each team during training camp and talk to them and have police talk to them, prosecutors talk to them, women talk to them, and try to make them
3:29 pm
understand that this is really violent. we aren't going to tolerate right now. >> that is in the league and that is one thing. there are issues in everybody's contracts. which may or may not be working. what about when it comes to the owners? the issue mary brought up about sometimes it has to do with how good of a player this is. what his future may be. >> it comes down to how good a player the guy is. i believe in guys getting a second chance. but if he does it one time, he needs to be punished. somehow the other thing's got to happen, they get an agreement with the players association because that's the first people that will fight them. they'll end up in court. unless you've got a conviction, you've got nowhere to go. it's like tom brady. they could not get a conviction in the federal court so they said leave it alone. he's free to go. >> you talked about getting the players onboard. how realistic is that? we have this committee now. they've come out and said in the past, we are talking about
3:30 pm
domestic violence and educating our players. there hasn't been a lot of real there there is the criticism. would it help to start with the players and can this get the rest onboard? >> the players are a piece of this. a lot is coming off as a public relations effort than meaningful change what we know with domestic violence, this is something that has roots that are far earlier than 20s. we have to look at high school player and collegiate players. if you look at the life of an nfl player, that's a very specific lifestyle, that starts very early on. it goes back to the competitive need. more and more this is being pushed and tested. it seems very tinny and maybe too little, too late. we'll have to see what happens. there is more that needs to be done or could be done. >> it can start with the conversation. appreciate you both being a part of it tonight. thanks for being here.
3:31 pm
also jim fassel. >> thank you. developing news. reports an american journalist has been convicted of espionage in iran. we'll update you on that situation. will he or won't you? the pressure is building on congressman paul ryan to decide whether he will run for speaker of the house. tonight, what's holding him back? stay with us. (man) hmm. what do you think? ♪
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breaking news on the investigation into the tasering of a texas city councilman outside his home. that investigation has been turned over to the district attorney. late this afternoon, the local police department released the official dash cam video of the incident. a warning, some viewers may find the following video disturbing. it shows prairie view officers standing near councilman jonathan miller on the ground with his arms by his side when he was tasered. the body camera worn by one of the police officers who say miller did not comply with their
3:35 pm
orders. >> there is developing news out of iran tonight. iranian television reporting jailed "the washington post" journalist jason raziad was convicted today after charges of spying. he appeared on "andrea mitchell reports" questioning whether the u.s. government has done enough to free him. >> we do believe that the u.s. government could do much, much more at the very highest levels to work with jason's familiar and "the washington post" to bring jason home. we don't know what happened, but let's hope this sham of a trail being over can open a way toward a real resolution to this case. >> he spent nearly 15 months locked up in iran. more than three times as long as any other western journalist. isis militants are the prime suspects in the suicide bombings that rocked turkey over the weekend. the twin explosions ripped
3:36 pm
through a crowded peace rally through a central train station killing 97 and injuring more than 200 people. hundreds of demonstrators gathered for a peace protest to protest the escalating violence between the turkish government and kurdist separatist unsurge eve. will the gop be able to unite behind one of them? >> plus americans are thrilled about the record low gas prices at the pumps. those low prices could spell bad news for social security recipients. we'll explain. >> millions enjoying a day off for the columbus day holiday today. there is a movement though pushing to have that holiday revoked. it may have been poled where you lived. s. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends. three jobs. you're like "nothing can replace brad!"
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3:40 pm
job. bill flores of texas saying he will run. he served in the house since 2010. his office telling nbc news he is planning to run for speaker, however, if congressman paul ryan runs, he will step aside and support him. so while ryan makes up his mind, the list of possible candidates keeps growing. last night in wisconsin, ryan still didn't seem interested taking charge of the contentious house republicans. >> i haven't changed my mind. my answer is still the same. i have nothing more to say. >> probably heard from a lot of your colleagues. >> i have. i haven't changed my answer. i'll leave it at that. >> joined by national political reporter for "the washington post" and amy holmes, anchor for "real news" at the blaze. thank you for joining us. >> this holiday recess may be buying us time for better or worse. what are the chances would you say tonight, better than 50% paul ryan will throw his hat in the ring? >> according to people who have
3:41 pm
spoken directly with congressman ryan, he's inclined to do the job. he realizes this is a moment his party may need him. he wants it to come to him. he wants the conservatives to work with him rather than courting the conservatives. >> he wants them to work with him. some members of the freedom caucus saying we could throw support behind paul ryan. say that happens. he gets the votes. then there is a moment when something needs to get passed and there is a compromise. are they going to be as tough on him as john boehner when they don't get their way? >> that is paul ryan's concern. he is trying to get the freedom caucus to invest and have skin in the game so he can make compromises. i think it's telling that staunch conservatives like jaarg they will step aside if paul ryan decides to take this up.
3:42 pm
>> does this have impact on the way they are all dealing with each other? it pulled back the curtain. on the party and turmoil in the party. could this influence the way things will get done among republicans? >> the hope is that it will lead to more cooperation. that this has been a crisis in republican leadership, obviously. it seems like the medias clutching their pearls and democrats are enjoying the show while paul ryan plays hamlet. once he gets past this, he has to set up a number of votes that make these different consistencies happy. and then moving forward as he grows and collects that political capital, be able to make some of the tough decisions. the conservatives in the house want to see paul ryan back off some of what they consider to be more liberal positions on immigration. that's something paul ryan is going to be thinking about. >> they could hold the strings here. >> certainly. >> this is not a free-for-all kumbaya moment. >> no. these are republicans we are
3:43 pm
talking about. >> when you look at this, at some point it may not be paul ryan. the speculation ends. if not paul ryan then who? who could potentially unite this party? >> we heard congress flores be mentioned today. he sent around a letter seeking support. popular with conservatives. the conservative caucus. mike conway asking for members to keep him in mind. john klein. education committee chairman, a boehner ally. if it's not ryan, they will look for a seasoned hand, someone who has popularity with conservatives, respect conference-wide to keep some calm. >> as they are figuring out who that person may be, how much jockeying for votes is happening even behind this holiday recess, whomever they put forward has that backing to begin with? >> it's light. there are are phone calls and e-mails. it's not a blizzard.
3:44 pm
they realize ryan is the only figure that could be a uniting force. if not, they are getting ready, just not in an aggressive manner. >> we heard the idea of maybe a temporary speaker. is that a smart option for the party? >> i wouldn't think so. i think probably the more reasonable position to take or step to take is john boehner simply staying in that position until a full-time speaker is chosen. >> i just got off the phone with former speaker newt gingrich. i said would you be willing to do it? according to the constitution, you don't need to be a member of the house. he said if 218 republicans came to him, he would probably consider it. he thinks it's better for a member of the house, someone with political capital to step up. >> interesting because we heard that bandied about. it just says they shall choose
3:45 pm
their speaker, but it doesn't have to be somebody from the house. could that fly though? you are getting somebody at this point who is not in washington? even a former speaker at this point, it would seem that would send the message that there is nothing we can do. >> in a word, no. it's not going to happen. it's exciting and exciting for political watchers to speculate this interesting drama, twist in the plot if mitt romney were to step in. i don't think that will happen. i wasn't putting my money down on kevin mccarthy because politics is too volatile. >> probably good thing you didn't put your money on him because you wouldn't have it any more. what is your best guess on a date? >> i think ryan will take this week, the recess. they are not even on capitol hill. he will make calls, have calls come to him and make an announcement next week. may show leg, may make a signal this weekend.
3:46 pm
he wants to build a coalition. >> we will be watching. nice to have you with us tonight. thank you. >> thank you. still ahead, for just the third time in 40 years, social security recipients won't see a cost of living adjustment in their checks next year, a strong chance they won't. you may not believe what could prevent that increase. thousands demanded justice for cecil the lion. will the american dentist who shot and killed one of africa's most well-known lions be charged in zimbabwe? if you love shrimp like i love shrimp,
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3:50 pm
minnesota dentist walter palmer will not be charged in the killing of cecil the lions. the country's prize lion was killed in july. that controversial killing sparking outrage on social media. zimbabwe says palmer a life-long big game hunter had his hunting papers in order and won't charged. also said palmer would be free to visit zimbabwe in the future, but not as a hunter. >> resume and job website linkedin is grabbing attention for a brand-new policy. the social networking site offers free lunches and ping pong tables for employees. now it's going to adopt an unlimited vacation policy. the move is intended to help reduce burnout and that it is, quote, part of a growing movement to place more focus on results and empowerment, not
3:51 pm
hours worked. the jury is still out on what kind of impact these policies have. one study reports americans take just 51% of their eligible time off to begin with. still ahead, columbus day controversy. more than a million people turned out to watch the columbus day parade here in new york today. there are some though who hope the 71-year-old tradition will come to an end. nexium 24hr is the new #1 selling frequent heartburn brand in america. i hope you like it spicy! get complete protection with the purple pill. the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection.
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40,000 people turned out to march up fifth avenue today in the 71st columbus day parade here in new york. for italian american groups, it's a day to celebrate their heritage. for millions more it's a day off from work or school. yet there are a number who question whether this should be a holiday at all. in seattle this weekend, demonstrators stopped traffic demanding the federal government abolish columbus day as a national holiday. this year seattle joins a handful of other cities around the country to celebrate indigenous people's day rather than columbus day. states like hawaii and south dakota renamed the holiday to celebrate their own indigenous residents. 23 states give their workers a day off for columbus day. why the change? many people have blamed columbus for enslaving native americans. some estimate 95% of indigenous populations were wiped out by columbus and the colonization that followed.
3:54 pm
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for more than a fifth of the nation's population, the government is expected to announce only the third time in 40 years, millions of social security recipients, these include seniors, disabled veterans, federal retirees, they will not see an increase in benefits next year. the standard annual cost of living adjustment is based on a government measure of inflation. that measure is being dragged down by the lower gas prices we are all enjoying at the pump. the lack of a raise affects 70 million americans who will face higher health care and housing costs which are up this year. with me is david kay johnson, professor at syracuse university's college of law and author of "divided, the perils of our growing inequality." nice to have you with us tonight. >> glad to be here. >> the average increase is 4% each year.
3:57 pm
we are not going to see it likely this year. because of this measurement the government uses, which includes looking into the price of gas. >> yes. and many seniors don't drive, erica. what's driving up costs for seniors are health care costs. people who are 65 or above and on medicare typically spend 14% of their income on health care out of pocket compared to 5% for younger people. of course, we've seen in the news examples of remarkable price gauging on drugs, certain drugs, and general inflation of drug costs. so seniors are really being squeezed and need a different measure of their cost of living. >> what do you think the chances would be of a different measure? >> with this congress, i'd say close to zero. 50 years ago republicans were always talking about protecting social security and the cola
3:58 pm
provisions came in when richard nixon, a republican, was president of the united states. there is a study that's been done and work been by the government to come up with what's called a supplemental poverty measure. the increases in social security benefits in the last third of the 20th century from 1967 forward explain almost the entire decline in poverty among older americans. we are going to see a rise in poverty among older americans unless we address this issue or alter the medicare system so people don't have such large out of pocket costs. >> social security has been a hallmark of the democratic party for decades. is this something you think could be discussed in last night's debate or does it bring to be brought to the forefront for both parties? >> i'm certain social security will come up among the democrats. they have been generally talking about protecting and expanding social security. i'm surprised we don't see
3:59 pm
republicans doing this because polls show 3-4 rentalstered republicans favor increasing social security benefits. we have this myth out there that social security is this bankrupt disaster when it is the best-financed federal program of all time. currently has a surplus that's close to $3 trillion. >> you are not concerned about social security running out any time soon? >> minor adjustments will make it healthy forever. if you apply to the pentagon the same standards we apply to social security, the pentagon doesn't have a guaranteed income source. the cost of protecting this country are so great we should shut down the military tomorrow, we can't afford it. >> david kay johnson, appreciate you joining us tonight. >> thank you, erica. >> thanks to all of you for joining us tonight. thanks for watching msnbc live. i'm erica hill. "hardball" starts right now.
4:00 pm
bernie doesn't love hillary. let's play "hardball." good evening, i'm chris matthews here in las vegas where a crap shoot for the democratic presidential nomination begins for real. it already looks like tomorrow night's big first debate set for here in las vegas is going to be a hot one. not waiting for the clock to start. bernie sanders is tearing into hillary clinton for a lack of commitment, he says, to progressive opinions. hitting her on environment, trade, and last but hardly least, her 2002 vote to authorize the iraq war. what will hillary say in return? will she counterpunch the fiery vermonter and question his socialist ideology? can she afford not to? what about the guy not here, joe biden? kasie hunt is msnbc's political reporter outsidehe


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