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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  October 14, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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first in this country it is more or less being called the day after the big democratic debate. we now know 15 million americans watched from las vegas last night. today the reaction and today the leading gop candidate has granted an interview to msnbc's katy tur who was just back from trump tower in midtown manhattan. katy, having seen your conversation a few moments ago, i think we can say that his tone has changed a little. >> it's a drastically different donald trump than the one i interviewed back in july. even the different donald trump we have been seeing on the campaign trail. he's said that he would do things differently if he had the opportunity to do so. that he would be less pc but did say that he would be himself. that he's going to continue to be himself and it would be a lot of work for him to be politically correct. but just the way that he was answering questions, the way that he was engaging on hillary clinton on bernie sanders. he was refusing to attack people
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personally in this interview. and that was a marked difference from how he spoke to me in just a few months ago. very interesting interview. >> so listen for these differences along with us as you listen to this conversation. we'll be back on the other side of this, but here now, katy tur's conversation with donald trump. >> 119 days on the trail so far, what have you learned about the american public? >> that they are really, really smart. they get it. they don't believe what they read, because they read so many false stories. and i'm not always talking about myself but just generally. the american public gets it. and we have tremendous crowds. we have tremendous love. they know what i want to do. and it's actually more important even than the press. i used to think the press, the press is very important and you have some amazing people in the press, but you have some really dishonest people. but the american public gets it. they are really smart. >> would you do anything differently? >> i mean, i can't really say i would. certainly i guess if you think back, sure, i wouldn't do this
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or that. >> like what? >> well, i don't want to get into the negativity. i could probably have said fewer things about certain things. but honestly i'm very happy with the way it's going. >> that's the first time i have ever heard you say that, that you might do something differently. >> i might but i like to look forward. i like to learn from the past and have learned. >> what have you learned from the next 118 days? >> i learned i could perhaps be a little -- i can watch my words a little bit. maybe be a little bit more politically correct. but to be honest with you, i think one of the reasons i'm doing well is because i don't -- being politically correct takes a lot of time. it takes a lot of effort. we don't have time in this country. our country is really in trouble. that's why my new book that's coming out in three weeks is going to be discussing it. we don't have time to always be politically correct. and i can be more politically correct than anybody that you've ever interviewed. but it takes a lot of time to do it. and you're going around in different circles and you are
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never getting there. we don't have time for it anymore, katy. >> will you change-up your language, soften it up a little bit? >> i don't think oil do much different. you are a certain way and want to be who you are. i look at a lot of the people running against me, they are pollsters, they pay the pollsters lots of money put up by special interests and all, but they pay hundreds of thousands of dollars, sometimes a hundred thousand dollars a month to pollsters, and i watch them and listen to them and they are afraid to say anything. they are petrified. i watch the people i'm competing against and they are petrified and don't want to insult their pollster. everything they say the polled. hillary clinton is very polled. you look at the pollsters, i know most of them and see them around. and they are tough and they are smart. but these candidates, they are unable to speak because they are so petrified of violating what their pollsters are -- and that's not the way it is. i don't have pollsters. i could have 100 pollsters but i don't want pollsters. i have to be myself. >> you're still beating all the
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polls but ben carson is within the margin of error in the latest fox news poll, 23 to your 24. why do you think he's doing so well? >> i don't know. i think he's a nice person but don't really know why he's doing well. i will bring america to a new level. i will negotiate deals that nobody can negotiate like i do. nobody, i know everybody that i'm running against, nobody is going to be able to do the kind of things i can do. ben is -- that's not his thing. but he's certainly seeming to be resonating and the two of us, we are at 50% or something like that, and everyone is sort of amazed because we have not been politicians. i've been doing this for three months and he's been doing it for the same time, which is not saying much for the politicians, frankly. >> would you make him your vp? >> certainly, i like him, i respect him, he's been very nice to me. i've been very nice to him. i don't know that that's going to continue. in a certain way i hope not because everybody that's attacked me is down. i mean, they have gone down. but we'll see what happens. i mean, he's been very
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respectful and i've been very respectful to him. as far as vp, it is far too early to say. and you have a lot of very talented people out there. we have some tremendously talented people. some of the people that are running against me right now are very talented people. >> if this continues, will you take out ads against him? >> i don't know. i mean, it's too early to say. i don't think i'll have to. i think people are going to learn a lot about me, they are going to learn a lot about him. they already have. this really is a cleansing process. let's face it. i mean, it's an amazing process when you go through it. but what i bring to the table is different than what -- no other candidate brings what i bring. i will bring back jobs. i will make the greatest deals ever made by this country. you know, our country has been absolutely robbed by all of these other countries that have just taken our jobs and our money and everything else. and nobody else is equipped to do what i can do. >> what is a specific deal that you would like to change? >> well, i would like to change trade pacs, in particular with china, but many of the trade
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pacs we have had with this country. even nafta, you look at what is has happened with mexico and some of the countries, the way -- especially at the border but they are just absolutely killing us as a country. so i would say that if i could do one thing, and i think it is so important, trade pacs. you can do a lot of cutting, you can do a lot of cutting in terms of costs because the money being spent is ridiculous without hurting the country at all, in fact helping the country. but if i could do one thing, it would be trade pacs. we could make such great deals. we are losing so much money. billions and billions and billions of dollars. >> you sound a little like bernie sanders. do you find that you have a lot of common ground with him? >> well, i was noticing him saying that he thinks the trade deals are bad. the difference is i'll make them great deals but he wouldn't know where to begin. i watched him talk about trade and would have no idea. he's not a negotiator, that's not what he does. he can complain but won't change
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it. i can change it. china will like us better. they don't like us at all right now and will make $400 billion this year. $400 billion taken right from our pocket. the difference is, bernie can complain about them but he won't know where to begin. i know exactly where to begin. >> bernie had a moment last night when he defended hillary clinton. he came off as magnanimous. could you see yourself ever being that way to one of your competitors? >> yes, i could. i could be very magnanimous if i need to be. he had a great couple of seconds but took a serious situation where hillary is investigated by the fbi and gave it away. he just gave it away and can never bring it up again. and it is not like he's winning, he's luging. he's losing big if you look countrywide. so i think he made a mistake. >> she thinks republicans are pushing benghazi. do you find that to be the case? do you think we have done enough with this and should move on as a country? >> well, we'll go through a hearing and will see. certainly it wasn't helped by what's been happening over the last week or so.
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but we'll say, i would say this, it's not the biggest thing in terms of my own thought process. i have a lot of respect for trey and i have a lot of respect for the people on the committee. and i think they are legitimately honorable people. i think they are doing the right thing. benghazi is someone of many, many things. hillary had a very bad record as secretary of state. she had tremendous mistakes. look, just look at the whole world that's blowing up around us and it was during her term essentially plus a couple years of kerry. and kerry maybe goes down at the worst of all time because of the horrible deal he made with iran. so i don't know what her attitude is on that deal. there's no way you can defend that deal. and i think she is very much depending it and trying to defend it. but hillary has had such a bad time as secretary of state that i really think that she is going to be rather easy to beat. >> you said she did her job last night and she's universally known as a pretty good debater, if you go up against her, do you think she'll be formidable?
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>> look, everybody is formidable. everybody. who do you meet nowadays that is not formidable? i think she did her job. i think she got through the debate. i personally thought she won the debate. i thought bernie was off. he was not doing so well. i thought that the other people shouldn't even be up there to be honest with you. i thought a couple of them were ridiculous. but -- it's always tough when you have people that shouldn't be there and they are taking up a lot of time, a lot of effort, a lot of everything else, and you would like to hear more from the people that really have a chance to win. i mean, in all fairness, the republicans have the same situation going. so it's one of those things. but i thought that hillary did her job. she got through it. i actually thought she won it but even if she didn't win it, she really -- i actually think she won it. i think a lot of people would feel that, but even if she didn't, she got through that period of time. she did reasonably well. they left her alone and didn't hit her. it was an amazing thing. even taking away the e-mails, that's a big thing to take away all of a sudden. he just gave that up.
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which for him is a very big mistake. >> in the past presidents have put people from the other party in their cabinets. who would you consider from the democratic party in your cabinet? >> i wouldn't want to use names but certainly if a person was very, very talented, happened to be a democrat, i would certainly have no problem with that. if there's somebody with immense talent, we need people with great talent to run our country because our country is in serious trouble. $19 trillion in debt. i mean, you look at everything about it, it's just like trouble. whether it's isis, whether it's our military, whether it's we don't take care of our vets, no matter what, you look around, everything we have is trouble. and if there was somebody on the other side that i thought was an immense talent, i would use that person without hesitation. >> this country is divided. you have done tremendously in business, but if you don't like a deal, you can walk away from it. you can't walk away from congress. what happens if they decide something that you don't agree with? >> well, first of all, i really am a unifier.
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i've built a company based on having tremendous relationships with lots of different people. including democrats. i mean, you know, i get criticized because i've supported democrats, i've supported -- i was a businessman. i support everybody. i get along great. i have great relationships with people. i think that people will be really surprised to see how well, if i win, and i become president, i think you'll see a tremendous unification of the country. and i think people are maybe a little surprised because i can be a tough cookie, but we have to be a tough cookie. when we are being ripped to shreds by almost everybody that we do business with, ripped to shreds, we don't make good deals anymore. you know, it is very interesting, i was saying the other day, we don't win anymore. we don't win. where do we win? isis is beating us, iran is beating us, russia is beating us, china is killing us. we don't win. we don't have victories anymore. and we have to have victories. we will have so many victories in if i win they will be pouring out of your ears. >> your team wants us to wrap up
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but i want to ask you about russia. mh-17, russian investigators found the missile was fired by -- it was a russian missile that took down that plane. russians have blamed it on separatists. i spoke to the families who lost loved ones demanding someone be held accountable. if you were president, would you hold putin and russia accountable? would there be sanctions? >> they say it wasn't them but it may have been their weapon. they say the other side fired it to blame them. to be honest with you, you'll probably never know for sure. it was probably russia. it was probably people involved with the pro-russia side. but i think we have to straighten our own problems out right now, katy. we have some very big problems and can get involved in all of these. it's a horrible thing, all those people dying, it was just disgusting. >> it's a commercial airliner with an american citizen on it. >> excuse me, i think it is
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horrible. but they are saying it wasn't them. the other side says it is them. and we're going to go through that arguing for 50 years and nobody is ever going to know. probably was russia. but at the same time, it's been a long way. it's a long ways away. we have to get back to making america great again. we have to get back to rebuilding our country, our infrastructure, our schools, our roads, our airports. we have to do something. we just can't fight with everybody. that's a horrible situation. when i first heard it i said, unthinkable. it could have been a mistake. i mean, it could have been they fired the missile and hit a plane by mistake regardless, it's terrible. but we really probably won't know for sure. and you'll probably never find out. there are only a few people that know. and you know one of them could be putin, frankly, and know one thing. he's not going to be talking about it. >> ready for us now? >> i'm ready. it's going to g great. i look forward to lauren michaels who is a terrific guy, very talented guy, and said would you do "saturday night live." it's an honor to do it. >> any impressions under your
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belt? >> no, i don't know. they are going to get me something. >> hillary did you, will you do her? >> i will certainly do her. >> can i see it? >> no, you're not going the see it now. we'll have to save that for loren. >> what about jeb? >> i'm amazed how he's not resonated. >> do you have an impression of him? >> well, i don't want to be wise. i was going to fall asleep on the chair but don't want to do that. no, i don't have an impression of him. he's a nice man. he hasn't resonated. he just hasn't resonated. and in a way it's too bad and in a way it's a little bit sad. >> the latter part reminiscent of the donald trump in previous interviews. katy tur is here with us after this. interesting conversation. you and i made notes at the same time. you got him to say magnanimous. >> yes. >> and on foreign affairs, we just can't fight with everybody. >> that was the most interesting part of this entire interview for me. it's -- crazy, almost, because that's what he seems to be doing on the campaign trail.
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he's picking fights. he's hitting people. he says he's hitting back when they have hit him. but the idea of donald trump saying we just can't fight with anybody. with everybody. it's just a different version than we have seen of the past. he's trying to be, at least in this interview, a little more magnanimous. >> tell us about the things we cannot see of the shot with you there, how large of a staff surrounds him? who do you think his go-to people are? and, most importantly, what do you think has motivated this ape parent change in tone? >> i'm not sure what has motivated the apparent change in tone. i think maybe he's been the front-runner for over three months now, and he has about three months to go. and i think that he realizes along with his campaign staff realizing that they need to change-up the game a little bit. the public has seen this version of donald trump and they probably have had some feedback from supporters saying, we're tired of the insults. move on, let's hear more of what you have to say about how you
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would fix this country, not necessarily why you think the others aren't great. in terms of where we were in his campaign headquarters, which is in trump tower on fifth avenue, surprising because it is so bare bones. it almost looks like a construction site when you walk in there with a lot of donald trump pictures and posters of him on the wall. i asked him, this is so bare bones. he said, well, it is on fifth avenue. i'm going to rent it out eventually and use it for now. not very many people in that room. i counted about five people, a receptionist, a couple others answering phones and opening mail. there was his campaign manager, his p.r. leader as well as his strategist. but in terms of the people that are around donald trump, there aren't very many. his brain trust, i would say, is probably about four people. i don't know for sure because he won't reveal this, but i think that there are about four people, maybe five including
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evanka. >> and a robust field. >> he says he has a robust field effort, a ground game, if you will. we'll see more of that on the campaign trail. we did start to see it in iowa just the other day when we were at a rally in waterloo. they had their iowa co-chair there and tana got up to explain how to caucus and what to do in order to support donald trump. instead of posters of his face across thement radio, there were posters of instructions for caucusing, which was different than we have seen in the past at his rallies. i will say we were in nevada in las vegas, and it's also a caucus state, but we didn't see any of that there. >> interesting. katy tur just back from trump tower. having interviewed donald trump. we'll bring in our own steve kornacki and eugene robinson, washington post columnist and msnbc analyst. gentlemen, welcome to you both. and steve, starting with you, what did you choose to lift out of this interview, especially in light of the democrats big
10:18 am
outing last night? >> well, it is interesting, i think i picked up on a lit bit of what you were talking about there, this kinder, gentler donald trump. a more magnanimous donald trump. in terms of what the motivation is there or the strategy, i think it's a recognition on trump's part and the trump people's part that they have solidified a quarter of the republican electorate. we have had in the last month there was some talk maybe his poll numbers were starting to slide back. maybe people finally had gotten sick of donald trump. that hasn't happened. he really has solidified 25% of the vote on the republican side. the problem is when you dig deeper into the numbers and we find this in our own nbc news/wall street journal poll. when you ask a question of all republican voters and you say, just theoretically, could you see yourself supporting the following candidate? you may not be supporting them now but theoretically at some point in the future could you support this candidate. when you ask that question, ben carson's numbers are off the charts, like eight out of ten republicans will tell you they could support him. you know, marco rubio does very
10:19 am
well. jeb bush doesn't even do badly on that number. donald trump's number has been consistently around the 50% mark. maybe a little under the 50% mark when that question is asked. so i think there's a recognition on his part that he, right now he's in a good position because in a field of 15 candidates, 25% is going to put you in number one. but as this field starts to shrink, he has got to build on that 25% and he has more resistance within the republican party than the other candidates do. so he's got to be a little kinder to win over more of those republicans. >> steve kornacki with us in the newsroom. we'll bring in gene robinson to talk about last night. hard to know where to begin. first of all, do you agree with what started to emerge as the view, the minute the last words were spoken that hillary clinton had a very good outing? >> yes, i did. i thought she had a wonderful evening from her point of view. it was almost like -- in terms of poise and polish, it was
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almost like an nba player stopping by a pickup game on the local playground. she has done this ump teen times before and knows how to do it. and she did it very well last night. she got through the difficult questions about her e-mails with help from bernie sanders who essentially said we're tired of hearing about that. and also with help from kevin mccarthy, the majority leader in the house, who acknowledged a couple weeks ago that, in fact, there's a political aspect to the benghazi committee. so she was able to get past what might have been the most difficult of the evening on substance and on style. i just thought she had a great evening. and the clinton campaign, i know, is very happy about how things went last night. >> let's go back to bernie sanders. as i said at the top of the broadcast, we now know just over north of 15 million people watched last night. for the proportion, for the portion, rather, of the viewers
10:21 am
who had heard of bernie sanders, may have a friend or relative who is a bernie sanders supporter, but were dialing into him for the first time last night, do you think he made the case that he is presidential timber? >> well, you know, it's going to be interesting to see the numbers in the next few days as we start to get a sense of how people reacted to bernie sanders. because you're right, a lot of people up didn't know him, had heard of this guy, but weren't as familiar with him as his sort of core supporters. it will be interesting to hear, he got his message across. i did not think he had a great evening. i think he fumbled a bit and was particularly vulnerable on the guns issue, and that's a huge idea in the democratic primary. he was not as solid as hillary clinton was. but his core message on income
10:22 am
inequality, how the system is rigged, that does resonate with democratic primary voters. and those who had tuned into bernie sanders before, it will be interesting to see how they react. i'm not sure whether they are going to concentrate on the sort of mediocre performance or on the core message. and brian, could i just say one thing about that extraordinary trump interview we just heard? >> absolutely. >> you know, i heard echoes to unlikely other politicians in that interview. one was ben carson. i noted how nice he was to ben carson. anybody else who has crept up on trump in the polls, he has slapped with the back of his hand. and just gone after. he did that to marco rubio and jeb bush. he was so nice to ben carson because he sees carson supporters as people who are looking for an outsider, who are tired of politicians and elected officials. and he figures he wants those voters.
10:23 am
he doesn't want to alienate those people who really like ben carson. so that was interesting to me. the other thing was, how sort of forward looking and hopeful his tone was. i almost heard an echo of barack obama in terms of, you know, we're going to make america great. i can reach across the aisle to put a democrat in my cabinet if i need to. let's stay away from foreign entanglements and concentrate on nation building here at home, which is something that president obama said. i heard echoes of that, too. it's definitely, i think, a new phase in the trump campaign. >> gene robinson, we have reason to believe donald trump could be watching our coverage. he's en route to virginia's campaign event. if he hears you just called him, in effect, obama-esque, he will turn the airplane around. that's gene robinson in washington, by the way. we'll break our conversation here and come back with more of the day in politics in this country and also a violent day
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can i ask you something about the wall of shame? >> yeah, sure. >> who do you expect to see on there next? >> well, let's see who is on there, show me. >> there's walker and perry. >> well, tray drhey dropped out. there's going to be a lot of people up there eventually. we have a little fun with it. walker attacked me very hard and perry attacked me very hard and they all of a sudden dropped out so we'll see how it works out. >> the wall of shame, we know it exists inside trump campaign headquarters. we are back, eugene robinson made the point just before the break that donald trump was nicer, measurably nicer to dr. ben carson. and donald trump was borderline more obamaesque. katy tur, you conducted this conversation, he was famously
10:28 am
dismissive of ben carson and called him an okay brain surgeon, an okay doctor. and i think gene is absolutely right. there was a much more conciliatory tone. >> he really said, i hope ben carson attacks me so i can attack him back. i think he recognizes attacking ben carson is not going to work because carson has been the nice guy in the campaign trail. the nice guy in the republican field. he's refused to say negative things about the other candidates. even when he said something slightly negative about donald trump, he took it back on his religion and apologized. and carson has only seen his numbers rise, so donald trump is recognizing that the regular attacks are not necessarily going to work with him. you can't treat him as he's been treating marco rubio. you can't treat him as he's been treating jeb bush. but if his numbers continue to rise, i do expect that you will see some line of attack from donald trump. i asked him, will we see any ads? but they have -- they wouldn't say. they have hired an ad campaign
10:29 am
company and say they will use them if they need to. the closer we get to february 1st, and if ben carson's numbers continue to go up, i think we'll see those ads. >> donald trump famously says, i don't do the polling, these other candidates do. he really doesn't need to spend a dime. there's so much polling out there that he can call from, do you think it's his reading of his own negatives that in part motivates this change we heard today? >> i do think so. i think he's seeing himself now as a viable candidate. i think a few months ago if you asked him, do you think you'll be the nominee, i think he truthfully probably thought not. but now he's seeing himself as a viable candidate and needs to win over some other voters as steve was saying, i think that's very astute. if he does get the nomination, he'll have to try to bridge a gap between the republicans and the democrats, or even the independents in order to win the presidency. and i think that donald trump is, if not anything else, brilliant at reading a room.
10:30 am
and i think that's what he's trying to do with the room, if you will, in the republican party right now. he's gotten the base. the evangelicals, surprisingly to me, love him. the conservative base loves him. the tea party loves him. he needs to find those who are unsure of him and needs to convince them that he can take them all the way to the white house. >> gene robinson, what do you say to people who know what you do for a living and have seen you on television and have read your column, come up to you and say he's not really going to be the republican nominee, is he? what is your answer? >> well, my answer is, if you would ask anybody who knows anything about politics a year ago, would he be leading for the republican nomination at this point in the cycle? everyone would have laughed. they would have said, that's impossible. so i would say that this is a year in which we can't count on the past being prologue. clearly there is sentiment out there, particularly strong in the republican party, for an
10:31 am
outsider. for somebody who hasn't been a career politician, who's not an elected official. and with this atmosphere, you know, it's hard to say that all bets are off. but that particular bet, i think, is indeed off. if you're leading, if you've had this sort of durable lead for months now, you're clearly in the top tier. your supporters aren't going away. who are you going to say is the favorite for the nomination? and it's hard to argue that jeb bush at say 6% or a marco rubio at say 8%, both of whom make a lot of sense on paper, it's hard to say they are the fave are the. you have to go with the guy who's had the lead and continues to have the lead. and right now that's donald trump. >> steve kornacki, i heard an analyst last night in the kind of post-game coverage say that all the democrats on the stage made a big mistake last night. they took the bait on the who are you proudest to have as your
10:32 am
enemy? and going one by one, eventually they named about half the population, including republicans, a good number of people they would like very much to entice to come on over to their side. >> yeah, it's interesting when you get into the primary season debates and you got a loyal partisan crowd, you start playing to that crowd. and the line from jeb bush of all people when he started his campaign is sometimes you have to be willing to lose the primary to win the general election. so there might have been a little shortsidedness there on their part. one thing to add to this, if i could, to the trump discussion, when talking about the appeal of the outsider here, you can put a number to this. this is astounding to me. i added it up this morning. the most recent poll taken on the republican side to show donald trump ahead and ben carson right behind him, if you add up the candidates who are running for the republican nomination who have never held office, never held political office in their lives, you now have a majority of support, a
10:33 am
majority of republicans right now say they want to vote for one of those candidates who has never held elected office. that's donald trump, ben carson, carly fiorina. that gets you to over 50% right now. those who actually have held office or currently hold office, they are under 40% in terms of adding all their support. so we think so much in politics about having experience and having the connections that come with holding office, and all those things that are supposed to be of value to a candidate that come with incumbency. they seem valueless so far in terms of a victory formula for donald trump. take the quarter of the republican electorate he has right now and take those other voters who seem to be looking for somebody who has nothing to do with the political system and win them over. >> steve kornacki, eugene robinson, thank you both for your analysis. katy tur here with us, thank you for bringing us your conversation with donald trump. we're going to take another break. when we come back, we turn our focus to foreign affairs.
10:34 am
a violent day in jerusalem. it happened on live television while we were on the air. our complete coverage when we come right back. [ male announcer ] some come here to build something smarter. ♪ some come here to build something stronger. others come to build something faster... something safer... something greener. something the whole world can share. people come to boeing to do many different things. but it's always about the very thing we do best. ♪ hi, tom. but it's always about the very thing we do best. hey, how's the college visit? you remembered. it's good. does it make the short list? you remembered that too. yea, i'm afraid so. knowing our clients personally is what we do. it's okay.
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sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. we are back in our live special coverage continuing as we shift our focus from domestic politics now to the situation overseas. specifically the middle east and specifically the old city of jerusalem. if you've been following it at all, this new bump in violence, you know that there are actual fears that we're looking at the seeds, god forbid, of a third in tafada. a young palestinian was killed by israeli police this morning. he was armed with a knife and
10:38 am
moving erratically. this happened as nbc's ammyman mohyeldin was about to go on air. some of the images are disturbing, but we want to show you what the live tv audience saw play out. we have stopped it at a critical moment there, but you see it all happened as everyone was reacting, including our own photographer. many, many shots were fired by israeli security forces and the man went down and was killed. they have sense posted photos of the knife that was in his hand. all we know is he was apparently seen talking a vivid disagreement with his own father before this moment.
10:39 am
but let's without delay go to ayman mohyeldin. since night has fallen now, ayman, this is the seventh time in recent memory in just the past few days that we have had an incident that has resulted in kind of a lone wolf attack that has resulted in a violent response. >> reporter: yeah, that is correct. and it is certainly an essential question for security forces, are these attacks part of some kind of orchestrated or coordinated movement? is there any link between the attackers on the organization level? or are they operating on an individual level? the situation right now here outside of damascus gate is relatively calm. police at the same checkpoint where that incident happened are still here in large numbers and in and around the old city. now, the concern for security over the course of the last several days has been whether or
10:40 am
not there are going to be more attacks. just within the last two hours, we saw another incident happen here in central jerusalem. it was an incident at a bus stop where a palestinian man attacked an elderly jewish woman. she is now in severe condition as we understand it. although she is going to survive according to police. the palestinian attacker in that incident also shot and killed today as a result of those attacks. now, israeli police remain on high alert. they have deployed about 300 members of the military in various parts of the country. some of them on bus stops, some of them on train stations and elsewhere. as well as setting up road blocks and closures. the individual behind today's attack, the man, the palestinian man who attacked the police here at the damascus gate, came from one of the neighborhoods where israeli police overnight stepped up their presence, stepped up those checkpoints and tried to prevent those types of attackers from coming there. but it is precisely that type of checkpoint that the israeli
10:41 am
security has taken up in these neighborhoods, that the palestinian authority has caused friction, caused humiliation and anxiety levels among pal tin janes to ans to go up. palestinian men came to pray at the spot where this individual was spot. and it gives you a sense of how the community on both sides are reacting to these incidents on a daily basis. not too far away from where we were standing a palestinian man, a 27-year-old, was laid to rest in bethlehem. clashes broke out with israeli police and he was killed in demonstrations by israeli security forces yesterday. so a very tense situation. no end in sight yet for this ongoing violence. >> and ayman, curious for viewers who weren't watching, what made you choose this location for a live report in the morning u.s. time? >> reporter: well, we were standing outside the old city. the old city has been the center point for a lot of the ongoing
10:42 am
tensions. israel has restricted access to palestinians here for the past several weeks. again, it's been a fueling factor for palestinian descent. we came to this checkpoint because it's one of the most visible checkpoints. very heavily his valely presence. we were prepared to do an ordinarily live shot about the heavy security presence, unexpected to witness what happened here. >> and ayman, you mentioned what is now becoming this familiar cycle. there is an outbreak of violence, even if it is this type of lone person with a knife. the israelis react, sometimes by cutting off access to neighborhoods, beefing up checkpoints, then that breeds anger within those neighborhoods, within the population of that community. and that is exactly evening falls, correct? >> reporter: in addition to the
10:43 am
things you listed, there's stuff that happens behind the scenes, home demolitions. yesterday the israeli security cabinet announced to demolish the homes of the attackers or any attackers. there was the discussion of confiscating their assets or family assets. it adds more to the humiliation which then aids more attacks. >> thank you, ayman. we'll talk to a spokesman for benjamin netanyahu. what do you think is going on he here? >> we are seeing a wave of attacks. we have had 30 attacks where people have been killed or injured over the last month. we have seen 80 israelis murdered. some 70 israelis injured. the whole crisis is stemming from insightment on allegations about what israel is supposedly going to do on the temple mount. the islamist extremist groups are saying that israel is a
10:44 am
conspiracy that we're somehow threatening the mosque there. now let's be clear here, israel is committed to freedom of worship. to protect all faiths. we respect that. that's part of our political structure. that's part of our fundamental belief to protect everyone's religious freedom. and these are just baseless charges spread by the islamists to stir up hatred. and they are succeeded. and the biggest problem is the palestinian authority who is expected to behave more responsibly has so far, brian, so far refused to condemn these deadly terrorist attacks, the deadly knife attacks. instead of condemning them, the palestinian authority is actually praised as heroes, some of the perpetrators of the attacks. it's time the palestinian authority stood up to the plate, acted responsibly and condemned these terrorist attacks. they are totally without justification. >> do you think this is the result of a policy?
10:45 am
do you think, in other words, mark, that someone said somewhere at a gathering or put out the word that here's how we're going to go. we are going to attack using knives as our weapon of choice in lone instances? or do you think this has risen organically? >> it's a good question, brian. my prime minister spoke today about what he called the fusion of very medievalist theology represented by the islamic extremists, people in isis and so forth, and between facebook and social media. we are seeing this in israel and throughout the world where young people are open to persuasion by the extremists through social media. and there's this hatred out there, there's that insightment out there. and that's why we're seeing these attacks. i mean, the perpetrators of the deadly attacks really believe they must kill jews.
10:46 am
somehow we are threatening the muslim holy sites in jerusalem where nothing could be further from the truth. and it's a new threat, it's a new challenge faced by israel and all democratic societies. we have seen in europe through social media people going off to volunteer for fighting for the islamic extremists. you have some examples in north america, too. it's a new phenomenon and challenge we are facing. >> you heard me talk about the new familiar cycle with our correspondent ayman mohyeldin. and being reported in your region is the israelis and how they have reacted. it's from someone you know well, the chief negotiator for the palestinian authority. and i quote, if they think they can reach security with these measures, they are wrong. the palestinian people will continue to defend themselves. weapon don't have an army. no one can compare between us and the israeli army. but we will defend ourselves with all that is available. and, of course, you're a veteran
10:47 am
of the region, i need not tell you, this is how each of these cycles begins and then continues. >> brian, i know, israel knows that the only solution is a political solution. the only solution is peace. and my prime minister, just last week at the united nations, called for the immediate resumption of direct peace talks between us and the palestinians without any preconditions whatsoever. we are ready to reengage. the palestinian authority refuses to negotiate. and what's worse is they have refused to condemn even these violent attacks against innocent israeli civilians. and i've said, you go around the world and write in "the new york times" you want peace, why can't you condemn terrorism? why can't you condemn the brutal murder of innocent israeli civilians? why do you refuse to do so? why does official palestinian
10:48 am
media and your own fatah movement praise these killings? you say one thing to "the new york times," it's time for consistency. it's time they stood up to the plate. it's time that they showed the world that they can be a responsible actor and fight terrorism. we have seen this extremism across the region. and there are many arab governments who are fighting extremism. it's time the palestinian authority joined that fight. >> mark regev, the spokesperson for mr. netanyahu. thank you very much for being available for us. we appreciate your time. and as we mentioned, the very worst fears in the region is that somehow this escalates and we are looking at a version of a third entefada. now that will take us to thomas roberts normally here at this time of the day. thank you, thomas. thank you, sir. we have much more to cover on a busy wednesday, including the
10:49 am
post debate coverage. bernie sanders giving hillary clinton a big assist on her e-mail controversy last night at the debate. whether he meant to or not. and why are certain candidates grabbing the headlines today over the others? we've got more of the post debate analysis just ahead. >> how do you define that, was that a defining moment in the debate so far? raise your hands. get your credit swagger on. go to become a member of experian credit tracker and take charge of your score. taken the time to learn i a little tiny bit ve ever of somebody else's native tongue? that opens up the doors to trust. my name is kanyon. i'm a technician here in portland oregon. every morning, i give each one of my customers a call to give them a closer eta. and when i called this customer,
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10:53 am
i think that we have to look at the fact that we lose 90 people a day from gun violence. >> those are just some of the highlights from last night's first democratic debate showing the contrast between the front-runners of clinton and sanders. now, the consensus among politicos is the night's big winner was hillary clinton, and the former secretary of state showed command of the issues, moved aggressively against her top rival bernie sanders out of the gate. later today she'll rally with supporters in las vegas. while the pundits thought clinton overwhelmingly won this debate, what did actual voters think? in an msnbc exclusive with park street strategy, a group of 39 undecided iowa democrats watched and responded to what they saw in real time. and nearly half of them thought senator sanders came out on top. joining me now the man who conducted that focus group, chr former chief of staff for senator joe manchin. explain the reasons why that group says sanders won the night. >> well, it really kind of boils down to message.
10:54 am
senator sanders really tapped a chord, you know, with iowans. his message talking about income inequality, the frustration and struggles of middle class, working class families are going through really hit a chord. what was interesting about the focus group was at the same time where senator sanders clearly won, you know, by 22-17 was the margin in terps of, you know, the focus group, but the reality was when you looked at hillary clinton, and i asked him about electability, she actually did better. it was almost like a tale of two different motivations as to how these undecided iowans were looking at this debate. >> secretary clinton did seem to put forth a reoccurring theme for everybody last night. take a look. >> secretary clinton, how would you not be the third-term president obama? >> well, i think that's pretty obvious. i think being the first woman president would be quite a change from the presidents we've
10:55 am
had up until this point. i can't think of anything more of an outsider than electing the first woman president. >> all the keep that in mind dates are back, which i'm very happy to see. it's a long story. let's continue, shall we. secretary clinton, welcome back. >> well, thank you. you know, it does take me a little longer. that's all i can say. >> one of the voters said he was leaning towards clinton but began to change his mind and this is the reason why. look at this. >> when she focused on herself as a female, we all understand she's a woman and she's running for president, but that's what caused the majority of my shift. when she talks about her vision and plans and how she plans to move america, speaking to each and every person, that's what's going to help her in the long run. when she focused on something small like that, not understanding the ideology of becoming a president and being in opposition, that changed everything right there. >> to say such a small thing as being a female, that's like -- i think that you heard when barack obama stood thereupon, everybody
10:56 am
talked about how it just was such a shift in the black community to see somebody who represents you and feels your struggle and i think as women we feel that way with her and that should .downsized. >> this is something that clinton stayed away from in '08. is this a liability for her moving forward, especially when we see reactions like that? >> well, you know, what's interesting is there were 39 folks there, and when i asked them are you conservative, democratic, moderate democrat, liberal democrats, they all identified as liberal democrats. yet what we consistently saw when we were dialling the entire focus group was there was this gender divide. women were always dialing her a little higher. it was almost always positive, but men were almost consistently a little bit lower. i think that speaks to there is an motiemotional connection tha secretary clinton is hitting with her campaign and how women are identifying with her, even the ones that haven't necessarily locked into voting
10:57 am
for her, she's reaching. on the flipside, you have some men, at least in this focus group, who don't always know that she's talking to them. that's the challenge she has to deal with. >> so they were undecided walk in. did anybody leave as a decided? >> we basically had a shift of 11-9 with 11 going to secretary clinton. >> interesting. >> depending how you want to paint it, she did very well and so did senator sanders. >> thank you, sir. appreciate it. donald trump making a surprise admission in that interview with katy tur. we'll tell you what he had to say. in the aftermath of the first democratic debate, what are vice president biden's chances of joining the race now? new reaction from biden. and the vie heolence in isr rising. two more attempted stabbings today with two suspects shot.
10:58 am
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11:01 am
and he just gave it away. he can never bring it up again. it's not like he's winning. he's luing. he's losing big country wide. i think he made a mistake. >> donald trump sitting down for a new interview with msnbc and speaks about that moment in the democratic debate that has everybody talking. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you. me too. me too. thank you. >> so did hillary dominate that stage or was it bernie's big night? we will postgame the first face-off surrogates for clinton and sanders. they'll join me. and the man who wasn't there.
11:02 am
>> breaking news. these dramatic images, a man shot while attempting to charge security at jerusalem's old gate. troops deplayed to stem deadly attacks in israel. we will be live on the ground there. but we do begin with nbc's one-on-one sitdown with the republican front-runner donald trump. and trump did not hold back with our own katy tur. he weighed in on a number of topics including russia as well as his upcoming hosting duties for "snaturday night live." most importantly, however, was his review of the democratic debate. trump began the political discussion with his take on bernie sanders "damn emails" remark and why it was the moment of the night for hillary clinton. take a listen. >> bernie made a mistake. he got a great couple seconds. but he took the situation that's a very serious situation where hillary is being investigated by the fbi and he gave it away. he just gave it away. he can never bring it up again. it's not like he's winning. he's losing big if you look country wide.
11:03 am
i think he made a mistake. >> you said she did her job last night and she's universally known as a pretty good debater. if you go up against her, will she be formidable? >> everybody's formiable. everybody. i mean, who do you meet now adays that's not mor fidable? they reach a certain level, they're formidable. i think she did her job pip think she got through the debate. i personally shougt thougt she won the debate. i thought bernie was off, he was not doing so well. i thought the other people shouldn't even be up there to be honest with you. i thought a couple of them were ridiculous. but it's always tough when you have people that shouldn't be there and taking up a lot of time, a lot of effort, a lot of everything else, and you'd like to hear more from the people that have a chance to win. in all fairness, the republicans have the same situation going, so it's one of those things. but i thought that hillary did her job. she got through it. i actually thought she won it, but even if she didn't win it, i actually think thi she won it. i think a lot of people would sort of feel that. even if she didn't, she got
11:04 am
through that period of time, she did reasonably well. they left her alone, they didn't hit her, it was an amazing thing, even taking away the e-mails. that's a big thing to take away all of a sudden. he just gave that up, which for him i think is a very big mistake. >> nbc's katy tur joins me now on set. 15-plus-million viewers watched that dpirs bait, donald trump being one of them and live tweeting during it. explain the news he made in this interview and also those comments about ben carson. >> i thought the comments about ben carson were so interesting. ben carson is very close to him, within the margin of error in fox news's latest poll, 23-24, and i asked donald trump, how are you going to react to that and why do you think that's happening? he refused to hit ben carson, which is very different from his normal demeanor. i think that's because ben carson is somebody that he can't punch, because ben carson will not punch back. and ben carson is doing so well because he's been the nice guy in the republican field. that was interesting.
11:05 am
i also asked him, it's been 119 days since he has been campaigning. there are 119 days to go before february 1st. would he do anything differently? not does he regret anything, he never says he actually regrets anything. >> never surrender. >> would he do anything differently? here's what he had to say. would you do anything differently? >> i mean, i can't lame say i would. certainly i guess if you think back, sure, i wouldn't do this or that but -- >> like what? >> well, i don't want to get into the negativity. i probably could have said fewer things about certain things, but honestly i'm very happy with the way it's going. >> it's the first time i've ever heard you say that, you might do something differently. >> i might. but i never look back. i like to look forward. i like to learn from the past and i have learned. >> what have you learned? >> i think i could be perhaps a little bit -- i can watch my words a little bit, maybe be a little more politically correct.
11:06 am
but to be honest, i think one of the reasons i am doing well is being politically correct takes a lot of time. it takes a lot of effort. we don't have time in this country. our country is really in trouble. that's why my new book that's coming out in three weeks will be discussing it. we don't have time to always be politically correct. and i can be more politically correct than anybody than you've ever interviewed. but it takes a lot of time to do it. and you're going around in different circles and you're never getting there. we don't have time for it anymore, katy. >> what's so interesting about that interview is he is kind of the nicer, softer donald trump, but at the same time he's still donald trump. he's still plugging his book that's coming out in a couple weeks, still saying that he can be more pc than anybody out there. but it is a different man than we have seen on the campaign trail, a very different man than i saw in july when i first interviewed him and he was really combative. this is a man who now i think is starting to see that he is a
11:07 am
potentially viable candidate to win the republican nomination. he's going to have to win over some of thoo the people who think he might be too divisive, and that's what i think you're seeing here is him trying to bridge some of those gaps. >> he's tried and tested and fresh from the campaign trail. >> never surrender. >> never surrender. thank you. great interview. really appreciate it. trump is not the only one with high marks for clinton's debate performance. many debate watchers are saying the same thing. the big moment of the night may have been sanders "damn e-mails" comment, it was hillary clinton who is now receiving the lion's share of praise in part for going after sanders on guns. take a listen. >> is bernie sanders tough enough on guns? >> no, not at all. senator sanders did vote five times against the brady bill. since it was passed, more than 2 million prohibited purchases have been prevented. he also did vote, as he said, for this immunity provision.
11:08 am
i voted against it. i was in the senate at the same time. it wasn't that complicated to me. >> so hillary clinton even had some good one-liners. for instance, here, where lincoln chafee was trying to challenge clinton on her credibility, instead of responding, she brushed off chafee as well as his entire candidacy. take a look. >> so anytime someone's running to be our leader and a world leader, which the american president is, credibility is an issue. out there with the world. and we have repair work to be done. i think we need someone that has the best in ethical standards as our next president. that's how i feel. >> secretary clinton, do you want to respond? >> no. >> governor -- governor o'malley -- >> a little bit of a brushoff there. joining me beth buoy, democratic strategist and former san francisco mayor willie brown and former governor of minnesota and former 2012 presidential candidate tim pawlenty. beth, i want to start with you. the night of positives, did this
11:09 am
calm the nerves for clinton supporters and people who were concerned about the viability of her campaign going forward? >> it definitely calmed the nerves of her supporters including her number-one supporter, her husband, president clinton, who moments ago sent an efshgs mail to supporters fund-raising and the subject line is, "wow, wow, wow," and the headline in the e-mail is "last night hillary knocked it out of the park." obviously the campaign is feeling really good about how she did last night. she's in nevada and will train the union of parents and trades, she's having a rally later today an her supporters will be pushing her forward. they have one more big hurd toll get through, which is the benghazi committee hearing where she will testify october 22nd, assuming that goes well, and she can do as well or even as close to as well as she did last night in the debate, they think she's got a smooth sail from that point forward. >> you bring up an important
11:10 am
date about october the 22nd. while there were great positives from the night, there was also negative reaction to certain comments. we'll show two of them. first, her tendency to remind people she would be the first woman president and second, the flip-flop problem on certain issues. take a look. >> i think being the first woman president would be quite a change from the presidents we've had up until this point. i can't think of anything more of an outsider than electing the first woman president, but i'm not just running because i would be the first woman president. everybody on this stage has changed a position or two. we've been around a cumulative quite some period of time. you know, we know that if you are learning, you're going to change your position. i never took a position on keystone until i took a position on ski tone. >> so obviously she is trying to make the case that politicians can and do evolve.
11:11 am
but what about the case that she tried to make rast night that she avoided in '08? she ran away from the fact of the gender issue then, but thousand now she seems to be running headfirst into it. >> yeah, she sure is. i covered her whole campaign in 2008 and she was very reluctant to bring up the fact she would be the first woman president. she steered clear of the advice of her then strategist mark penn to present herself as a powerhouse and not as a woman. clearly different this time. she's talking about it so much, you can tell she wants to make the point she's breaking history. >> beth, thank you. and great work getting that e-mail on the air that they are fund-raising off of president clinton's response to that. we'll see if that works. we do move on to who else was a big fund-raiser of the evening with bernie sanders. taking in about $1.3 million in over four hours. but our pulse question today focuses on sanders and your thoughts.
11:12 am
do you think he lost some of his edge after last night? head to and cast your vote. want to turn to our panel and bring in willie brown and tim pawlenty. i want to bring back the remark of the night from senator bernie sanders. take a look. >> somebody says something that may not be great politics, but i think the secretary is right. and that is that the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you. me too. me too. >> the american people want to know whether we're going to have a democracy or an oligarchy as a result of citizens united. enough of the e-mails. let's talk about the real issues facing america. >> thank you, bernie. thank you. >> willie brown, let me ask you, was that bernie sanders lending clinton a hand or actually doing good for himself and his campaign by showing, you know what, leadership, let's get over
11:13 am
this. >> i think it was both, frankly. i also think it was bernie sanders evidencing the fact that he is dramatically different than any other politician. he is reflecting and saying exactly what i think the people believe, and that is we've heard enough about e-mails. >> so governor pawlenty, do you feel the same way? bernie sanders led into it with the fact this might not be politically smart of myself to say. we even have donald trump saying today that that line really helped out clinton. but was it an authentic moment for bernie sanders to show what type of guy he really is, what type of president he could be? >> thomas, i think it was an authentic moment because even though i don't agree with bernie sanders on most things or anything, he has an authentic and genuine desire to get to issues. and so he was trying to get past the e-mail issue sucking all the oxygen out of the debate and the daily news march, so it reflected that, which i guess is sincere from his perspective. but there's only one way that hillary clinton is going to be derailed from getting the
11:14 am
democratic nomination, and that's if she gets criminally charged or further in trouble with respect to these e-mails. so by conceding that issue, he may have just conceded the one thing that might give him a chance to win the nomination, notwithstanding his poor chances of winning a general election. >> so much talk and headlines surrounding hillary clinton and bernie sanders. there were three other people on that stage with web, chafee, and o'malley. a lot of people were looking at the former governor of maryland, martin o'malley, to see how he would do. i want to show everybody this exchange he had with hillary clinton. take a look. >> i'm very pleased with governor o'malley endorsed me for president in 2008. and i enjoyed his strong support in that campaign. >> secretary clinton mentioned my support eight years ago, and, secretary, i was proud to support you eight years ago, but something happened in between, and that is, anderson, a wall street crash that wiped out millions of jobs and millions of savings for families, and we are still just as vuz neshl.
11:15 am
paul volcker says today. we need to reinstate glass-steagall and that's a huge difference on this stage among us as candidates. >> o'malley is a former mayor and former governor. so, gentlemen, do you think this debate lifted him at all? >> no, i do not think it lifted him at all. it did display, however, exactly who he is and what he is about. it shows he's probably four to six years from being a real national figure. >> governor, what do you think? was this a moment for him to rise or wutz was he showing good audition as vice president? >> i think he presented himself calmly and with poise. if you're a hard left person in the democratic party you're with sanders and if you're with an establishment wing of that party, you're with hillary clinton. who's going to peel off either faction to go with jeannie oohm o'malley? in that regard, there isn't a rationale for his candidacy at this point. still ahead, the man who wasn't at last night's debate.
11:16 am
joe biden. is that window for potential run from him closing? we'll hear the vice president's reaction to the debate coming up. but first, israel rocked by two more attempted stabbing incidents, one near the old city in jerusalem. the suspect shot and killed by israeli police. we are live on the scene next. i'm caridee. i've had moderate to severe plaque psoriasis most of my life. but that hasn't stopped me from modeling. my doctor told me about stelara® it helps keep my skin clearer. with only 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses... ...stelara® helps me be in season. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and increase your risk of infections. some serious infections require hospitalization. before starting stelara® your doctor should test for tuberculosis. stelara® may increase your risk of cancer. always tell your doctor if you have any sign of infection, have had cancer, or if you develop any new skin growths. do not take stelara® if you are allergic to stelara® or any of its ingredients. alert your doctor of new or worsening problems including headaches, seizures, confusion and vision problems. these may be signs of a rare,
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11:19 am
thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. back with new developments. break news of new violence in jerusal jerusalem. a palestinian man was shot and killed after stabbing an israeli woman near the central bus station in jerusalem. she was seriously wounded and taken to the hospital for treatment. it was hours earlier israeli forces thwarted what they are calling a terrorist attack and it all unfolded in front of your msnbc camera crews.
11:20 am
israeli police shot and killed a man as he attempted to rush and stab security forces in jerusalem's old city. we want to warn you now that the video you are about to see is disturbing. [ screaming ] [ gunshots ] moments of silence ago the white house weighed in on lack of peace negotiations. >> obviously, we've been quite candid about her disappointment that the two sides that were not able to come to an agreement in some of the conversations that secretary kerry had brokered. but i think you'd be hard-pressed to make the case that the lack of successful outcome was due in any way to an insufficient commitment on the part of the united states.
11:21 am
>> nbc news foreign corresponde corresponde correspondent ayman mohyeldin. >> we were set up to report live outside the city. israel has been tremendous stricting access in and out of some of the religious sites and that has angered palestinians. today in particular following a wave of attacks that have happened in the past 24 hours israel had beefed up security in and around the old city. they had a checkpoint not too far from where we're standing and were checking palestinian men come boog the grounds of the old city, checking their i.d.s, taking their bodies, make shurg they didn't have anything on them. during one of those searches was went when he saw a palestinian man evade the checkpoint, run down the stairs. israeli police that were there attempted to stop him, yelling at him to stop. he didn't obey their orders and
11:22 am
ultimately went down these stairs before he was shot and killed. subsequently, what we have learned from israeli police is that the man was carrying a knife and that he attempted to stab one of the police officials that was standing at that checkpoint when they, indeed, began to search him and frisk him for any possible weapon. that was the incident we witnessed earlier today. as you mentioned our cameraman, dave copeland, was rolling on that the entire time from start to finish. since then it triggered really a sense of tension here and anxiety around this particular entrance. later this evening at around 7:00 p.m. local time, another incident, a palestinian man attacked an elderly jewish woman before he was subsequently shot and killed by israeli security forces on the scene, thomas. >> ayman, thank you. mark ginsburg is the former white house middle east policy adviser and a former u.s. ambassador to iraq. he joins us now. i want to get your reaction, mark, to what the spokesperson for the israeli prime minister
11:23 am
benjamin netanyahu told my colleague brian williams in the last hour. look at this. >> the silver medalist extremist groups are saying that israel is a conspiracy, that we're somehow threatening the mos there can on al aqsa. let's be clear here. israel is committed to freedom of worship, to protect the holy sites of all faiths. we respect that. that's part of our political structure. that's part of our fundamental belief to protect everyone's religious freedom. and these are just baseless charges spread by the sislamist to stir up hatred and they're succeeding. >> do you agree with the characterization or is there something else to blame? >> several things to blame, not least of which is the problems involving the noble sanctuary and a temple now and the allegations that israelis were bombing palestinians because after all there's always ban point of friction. it's a constant problem. add to that additional layer, thomas. i spent a lot of time there.
11:24 am
i'm going back to israel next week and have worked to try to work on both sides in the palestinian/israeli conflict. and as the head of the peace works foundation. the one thing that is quite clear is the despair among the next or the teenage youth of palestine, palatable as a result of the failure of the kerry peace initiative and breakdown of negotiation, point one. two, there's no doubt the palestinians feel increasingly leaderless. the allegations that have been raised by president abu ma sa and his spokesmen are really only inciting the situation further. when president abbas declared at the united nations that he was no longer going to abide by oslo, that was a signal to a lot of palestinians to take violence into their own hands. and this is a smartphone intefadeh as we would call it. >> so can we expect that this will continue, a cycle a that we're in right now? or can peace talks be revived, mark? >> well, i'm absolutely convinced that there has to be a
11:25 am
resumption of talks, whether it's orchestrated by the united states or not is irrelevant. the problem is neither side at this point in time believe that they have enough common ground to pursue these talks, but they have to be dragged because it's essential as we can see what's happening in the street, number one. number two, there's no doubt that hamas and the islamist extremists in both the west bank and gaza are taking full advantage of what essentially have been efforts by other youths upon youths to encourage young kids to grab knives and go stab israelis at random. it's absolutely an inco incomprehensible crime that's being committed by kids who were essentially picking up a knife to stab innocent israelis on some specious allegation that they're reading on facebook or youtube. >> mark, i know you're going back to the region soon. safe travels. thanks for joining me today. back to politics and what we witnessed last night at the
11:26 am
primary democratic debate. and the question for the vice president, joe biden, and whether he'll get in or not. what does hillary clinton's strong showing last night mean for the vice president's odds? and former nba star lamar odom hospitalized after being found unconscious in a nevada brothel. how's he doing now? bill's got ah lie here... looks like we have some sort of sea monster in the water hazard here. i believe that's a "kraken", bruce. it looks like he's going to go with a nine iron. that may not be enough club... well he's definitely going to lose a stroke on this hole. if you're a golf commentator, you whisper. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. this golf course is electric... we heard you got a job as a developer!!!!! its official, i work for ge!! what? wow... yeah! okay...
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11:29 am
i was proud of -- i thought they all did well. >> quick moment there with the vice president, joe biden, speaking about last night's debate during an event in washington today. and the vice president still mulling an entry into this race despite no fundraising, no campaign apparatus. today hillary clinton's campaign chair spoke with my colleague andrea mitchell. john podesta raised more than a few eyebrows with this statement about the vice president's decision. take a look. >> he's been through a tremendous tragedy, and we've been respectful about that.
11:30 am
and i think he deserved the space and the time to think that through about whether it was best for him to begin this new challenge to try to mount a presidential campaign. but i think the time has come for a decision so that at the next debate if he does decide to get in there will be six podiums on the stage. >> nbc's kelly o'donnell is at the white house for us. so, kelly, that the point with no stumbles last night and looking like good winds at hillary clinton's back before the benghazi hearing, is it time for joe biden to say the nomination is in good hands, i support hillary? >> within of the admissions for anyone who has an ambition to be president is they have to decide on their own terms and not just a calculation of how strong the field is. vice president bide season in a bit of a different position with all the obvious dynamics here because i think he's looking for that sign that the party needs him or wants him to jump in. but that's just conjecture, because we have had so little hint from joe biden himself.
11:31 am
that bit of interview you heard today was in passing because the vice president's keeping to a business as usual schedule and reporters are sort of trying to get some tea leaf reading done by asking him a question, but it's really unclear what his plans are. the timing does matter for all kinds of reasons that relate to fund-raising and structure of an organization. if he were to run, no is easier to say. yes could be tougher. kristin welker, our colleague here, also asked josh earnest about that that time hanging in the air without a decision might be affecting things here. >> i have not observed that. there may be other who is disagree with that assessment, but we can go ask them. but i have not noticed that his decisions has had an impact on anybody else's ability to run their campaign. and it certainly hasn't had an impact on the vice president fulfilling the important
11:32 am
responsibilities he has here as vice president of the united states. >> reporter: and if supporters of joe biden were looking for a stumble last night as a green light for him to enter, many believe that didn't happen. next week secretary clinton testifies before the benghazi committee. we've seen how politically that dynamic has changed as well. thomas? >> lot of calculations for the equation. kelly o'donnell, thank you. so was bernie sanders trying to help or hurt hillary clinton with that comment about her e-mails? we're going to ask his campaign directly. and then back to our breaking news where night has fallen in jerusalem. the dark streets are considered not safe and washington is anxiously watching this new wave of violence emerge. we'll talk to the head of a house armed services committee. it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night.
11:33 am
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11:36 am
marco rubio reacting to last night's debate. hillary clinton's performance last night is being praised by pundits, but it was one moment by her top rival, bernie sanders, that arguably stole the show. >> let me say something that may not be great politics. but i think the secretary is right. and that is that the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you. me too. me too. >> i want to bring in now former los angeles mayor antonio villaraigosa. he supports the hillary clinton campaign. sir, it's good to see you. do you think that senator sanders gave hillary clinton a big gift last night or is it her performance about the issues that stand for itself? >> i think senator sanders has said what he believes, and that is this the american people
11:37 am
really don't care about the e-mails and particularly democratic voters. as we know the republicans have acknowledged that they've used the benghazi hearings for the purpose of undermining her candidacy. it's not a stretch to say they've done the same thing or doing the same thing with the e-mails. she's already acknowledged she made a mistake. she hasn't broken state department policy. and yet they continue to pile on, if you will. so i thought bernie sanders said what he thinks is true, and i think he's right. >> so hb hillary clinton was challenged about her chajing positions. here's what she had to say about the keystone pipeline. take a look. >> you know, everybody on this stage has changed a position or two. we've been around a cumulative quite some period of time. you know, we know that if you are learning you're going to change your position. i never took a position on ski
11:38 am
stone until i took a position on keystone. >> do you think that hillary clinton did a good job of answering criticism about the fact she'll say anything to get elected? >> i think she did. look, the administration hasn't taken a position on keystone. she's taken one now and she's against it. the fact of the matter is, as she said, people make decisions based on the evidence. on the issue of the tpp she's acknowledged that she said some 43 times that she wanted it to be the gold standard. when she got the details and realized that it didn't meet her expectations, she she wwas agai it. people change positions all the time, and i thought she handled it well last night. she had a stellar performance frankly. she was funny. she was compelling. she connected ideas with people and their stories, and that's important.
11:39 am
this isn't a campaign just about policy positions. it's about the real lives of people, and her candidacy is about improving the real lives of working and middle-class people in this country. >> former mayor antonio vil gay rosa. thanks for your time. i appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. >> our colleague went out to speak to the real people, the voters who watched the debate to to find out their reaction. we know what the pundits are saying. what did they tell you? >> people are really engaged with the politics of the 2016 presidential election. many also watched the gop debate so they tuned to watch the first democratic one. a lot of people were tourist, had broadway shows and other things but wanted to see it from beginning to end. we wanted to get inside their minds the morning after. i started asking them simply, who won? >> i like hillary clinton, so i kind of felt like she -- i felt like she did extremely well.
11:40 am
>> reporter: did she put the e-mail controversy behind her? >> well, i think bernie sanders put it behind her. >> i think she blew everybody else out of the water. she was the star. >> i think bernie won in his way and hillary won in hers. >> reporter: would you say that's a tie? >> i guess. sure. i think in a tie she gets the nomination. >> since you watched from beginning to end, who won this debate? >> bernie. >> reporter: why is that? >> i thought he was very aggressive, you know, and i like the way he supported hillary, like that really just clinched it for me. >> for bernie sanders, did he move from he could be president? >> well, i think he could be president. i just think he's a little far to the left and not a lot of -- i don't know that the people -- the mainstream would vote for him. >> i'm not sure bernie sanders is electable. >> i think she's incredibly intelligent and incredibly sort of capable of communicating a passionate message, but in terms of looking presidential and occupying the sort of look and feel, i think that hillary
11:41 am
definitely was better up there. >> do you think joe biden still should jump in? >> no, i do not. >> reporter: why? >> i think that the debate last night really pushed hillary ahead, and i just don't think this is the time. >> i think if she had faltered he might have felt more of an obligation to come in and make sure the democrats have a strong candidate. >> if there's anyone that could potentially go toe to toe with hillary in my opinion it would be biden. >> biden will probably change my opinion a little bit. >> so there you have it. a handful of some of the over 50 million people who watched last night's debate. these people say, oyou know, wht really stood out besides the substance hillary clinton gave, she looked presidential, she sounded presidential. interesting also when i asked these voters and viewers about the other three who shared that very same stage, martin o'malley, jim webb, lincoln chafee, they said flat line,
11:42 am
nothing, no response, they had no impact on them whatsoever. and interesting also, i said if those three men, those three candidates were to come and join us in this conversation right now, would you know who they were? a lot of them said nope, they wouldn't know. >> all right. frances. thank you very much. we are joined by jeff weaver, campaign manager for bernie sanders. let me ask you right out of the gate here, was it the senator's intention to help hillary clinton so much out of that debate issue about her emails? was he meaning to be supportive or was he trying to give hear sleight? >> no, look, senator sanders has been quite vocal in the past that he wants this campaign to be about the substantive issue, about the declining middle class, about people working longer hours for lower wages, about the rigged economy and a corrupt political system, and not about the distraction of e-mails. there's a process going on, agencies are looking into it, and whatever they come up with they come up with. but let's have this democratic
11:43 am
party nominating process be about the real issues facing the american people. >> so let me ask you about this because the focus group of people on the street talking to frances rivera, they said bernie sanders not mainstream, not electable in comparison to hillary clinton, doesn't look presidential. does bernie sanders lack the gravitas to be present? >> i don't know about that particular foe focus group, but the fox news focus group, an independent group in des moines last night, in all the focus groups bernie sanders was judged to be the winner. i know on the line on facebook he was judged by over 70% of people to be the winner. you know, the american people spoke online. you know, we raised close to $1.5 million during the debate. so i think on measure after measure, bernie sanders won. not only that but if you listen to secretary clinton, she tried to sound an awful lot like
11:44 am
bernie sanders. i don't know why people would want to vote far candidate who's trying to sound like bernie sanders when they could vote for bernie sanders. >> and the senator's going to be on "ellen" today. is he going to dance? >> we'll see. i don't want to give up any -- >> burn up the dance moves. >> i think america is feeling the burn. but i don't want to give up any, you know, campaign secrets about any dancing that might go on. >> all right. we look forward to seeing you. jeff weaver, bernie sanders' campaign manager. thanks for making time with me. i appreciate it. >> thanks, tom. appreciate it. our poll question of the day. we want to know whether you think bernie sanders lost a little bit of edge last night. 41% say yes, 59% say no. the pulse is live. go check it out. straight talk. multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
11:45 am
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11:48 am
msnbc camera crews were on the scene and caught an incident op tape. this shooting comes as hundreds of israeli troops are deployed in cities across the country in a bid to counter the recent wave of attacks. congressman max thornberry is chairman of the armed services committee and joins me. i want to play for everybody what the white house press secretary josh earnest had to say in the 1:00 p.m. hour on this. take a look. >> ultimately what the united states can do is to try to facility those conversations, to try to be supportive of that proce process. obviously what the united states will continue to do is to stand shoulder to shoulder with our closest ally in the east, israel, as they confront these security threats. but at the same time we recognize that it is in the national security interest of both israel and of the united states to try to resolve this
11:49 am
conflict. >> congress, when you hear there the reference that earnest is making to the failed peace talk, what responsibility does the u.s. bear in that? >> well, i think u.s. bears some responsibility for the larger context here because as the u.s. has stepped back in the middle east and as we have clearly distanced ourselves from israel, who really is our closest ally, other countries are watching what we do, they're just not listening to what we say from the podium there. so you see others stepping up into that vacuum. you see russia playing a role. you see iran being more aggressive. and you see the palestinians trying to take advantage of the situation, not exclusively caused by u.s. withdrawal, but it has certainly been a contributing factor. >> what do we do? we just had bibby netanyahu talking about the great relationship that israel has with the united states. we still send a fortune of our taxpayer dollars to their defense security. what is the next step in trying
11:50 am
to help that region get a better grip on senseless violence that we're witnessing? >> yeah. i think two things are really important now. the world needs to see the united states government able to function and step up for our own defense. so we just had last week the senate pass a defense bill by 70 votes, big bipartisan vote, it passed the house 270 votes, and the president has threatened to veto it not because of anything that's in the bill but just to try to use it as leverage for other spending issues. included in that bill is substantial money for israel. it's not only missile defense but also to help tunnels and other things. my point is the world needs to see the u.s. can function and is a reliable friend and ally, not just to israel but to friends and allies around the world. as long as the u.s. is seen as backing away, others, putin, et cetera, are going to take advantage of it. >> we'll continue to follow this. speaking of leadership, i know you've been in several
11:51 am
leadership meetings about the speakership, but we have to go. we veal you back. congressman max thornberry, thank you, sir. up next, an update on a former nba star's struggle to survive. lamar odom. what led him to a vegas hospital. ♪ ♪ (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. ♪ everything kids touch during cold and flu season sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox.
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he was taking an excessive amount of her ball viagra. not to say he wasn't doing drugs but nobody saw anything like that. >> lamar odom is reportedly fighting for his life right now. the 35-year-old was airlifted to a las vegas hospital late last night after he was found unconscious inside a nevada brothel. the brothel's owner says odom had been partying since saturday. he says brothel management calmed 911 when the owner says odom started to throw up and foam at the mouth. the county sheriff's department is expected to give an update on the investigation coming up at 7:00 p.m. ken baker is the chief news correspondent for e news.
11:55 am
ken, what have you learned about his condition? what led lamar odom to this brothel and the current condition as he's in the hospital? >> well, let's get to the current condition. right now he's here at sunrise and he remains in critical condition. sources tell me from inside the hospital that he is unconscious and not responsive. he is essentially in a coma. so it is not a very promising situation. it's very grave. but there remains hope. there's ban lot of people coming to visit him. i'm told kobe bryant, his former teammate with the l.a. lakers, has been by his bedside since last night along with lamar's ex-wife, khloe kardashian. kim kardashian is also here, their mother kris jenner, just an outpouring of love and support for people supporting lamar. the story behind what led him to that brothel and to have this, and we are reporting that he did have an overdose, is a very sad one. ever since he retired a couple years ago from professional basketball he's had a tough time
11:56 am
adjusting. he has struggled in the past with drugs and alcohol, has been arrested in the past, and so certainly this is shocking and sad but to people who have been following him and know him it's not necessarily surprising. >> certainly is a sad case. ken baker of e news, thank you, and that reporting based on sources close to dom who say they've been told about these developments by medical personnel. ken, thanks again. and thank you at home for watching. that wraps up things for today's show. see you back here at 1:00 p.m. eastern. stay tuned. kate snow picks up the coverage next.
11:57 am
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12:00 pm
he sits down with katy tur and he made some news. and lamar odom said to be fighting for his life in a las vegas hospital after reportedly being found unconscious in a nevada brothel last night. breaking news on a violent and deadly day in israel. brian williams has been following the story all day long. brian? >> thanks. you're right. it was a dangerous and bloody day there and people were worried we're at the precipice of what could be a moment of real violence in the middle east. one deadly and dramatic scene played out right in front of our nbc news camera crew in jerusalem. our foreign correspondent was preparing for a live shot when a palestinian man ran past a security checkpoint near the famous damascus gate and he was quickly put down by israeli police.


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