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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  October 15, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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was designed to go after people and an individual, hillary clinton. >> coming up, we speak to one of the republican members of the benghazi committee. and the waiting game. after clinton's command performance in the debate, sources close to the vice president says a decision is likely coming soon. >> vice president biden wants to enter and compete for the presidency, then it's time he make that decision. >> there has to be a consensus within the democratic party that she can't win a general election in order for biden to enter the race comfortably. >> i'm very confident that if he decides to get in, it will be the money and staff needed to compete in the early states. good day. i'm peter alexander in washington today for my friend andrea mitchell traveling back from the democratic debate.
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america's longest war is getting even longer. president obama just announced he's going to keep more troops in afghanistan than initially expected. officials say more than 5,000 americans will remain as threats escalate from the taliban, al qaeda and isis. >> we have clarity about what our mission is. we have a partner who wants to work with us. we are going to continually make adjustments to ensure that we give the best possibilities for success and i suspect that we will continue to evaluate this going forward, as will the next president. >> joining us from the pentagon is nbc's chief pentagon correspondent, jim miklaszewski. give us a sense what is behind the president's strategy change? this is certainly one that people where you are have been pressing for for awhile. >> reporter: this reflects the reality on the ground there in afghanistan, the fact that al qaeda, the taliban and now even isis terrorists have increased the threat not directly to
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american forces there, although they have been targeted by suicide bombers, but to the afghan people, the afghan military, and that is what has really led to this decision by the president to abandon his original effort to bring down american troops in afghanistan to 1,000 by the end of next year, confined primarily to protecting the u.s. embassy in kabul but instead, 5500 troops that will be training and assisting the afghan forces. they badly need it, goodness knows. we have seen this demonstrated recently in kunduz. but also, the counterterrorism mission. it's interesting because he said during his remarks that he's not one to commit u.s. forces to an endless war, yet he's made an open-ended commitment here to keep u.s. troops there until such time, according to him, the taliban agrees to go to the
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peace table and reconcile with the afghan government and afghan people. so there's a little bit of a conflict there but one can understand from the position he originally started, as you mentioned, he wanted out all together. so he's made a serious compromise here but so has the military. general john campbell, the top u.s. commander in afghanistan, is the one who actually chose this option of 5500 but as we understand it, most military leaders wanted more, but this probably was a compromise on both the president's part and the military's part to get what was feasible and politically possible. >> presumably one of the drivers here was that deadly strike against the doctors without borders hospital in kunduz. we are learning new information about that. can you tell us what more we know today? >> reporter: we are told that in fact, the preliminary investigation into all this indicates that u.s. forces on the ground and in the ac-130
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that launched the aerial air strike probably or it appears, anyway, that they did not follow the strict rules of engagement and in fact, we're told there was a conversation among the air crew in that ac-130 in which they expressed some concern and confusion about whether, in fact, they had the authority to launch this strike. in fact, raised a question that the air strike might be illegal. but they went ahead and launched the strike anyway. >> thanks very much. continuing this conversation with congressman mike pompeo from kansas. i want to get a sense of how house republicans will react to this news from the president today and one of the points republicans have made throughout is that the president failed by telegraphing what the strategy was going in, saying we are taking people out on these dates at this time and that just empowered our enemies. what do you make of the message today? >> this is a good step forward. i wish the troop number was actually going to be greater but
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i'm glad it's not going to be zero. for an awfully long time, the house intelligence committee on which i serve and many conservatives in the house have understood that the threat remains in afghanistan, the threat to the united states remains, and so i'm very glad the president will turn over to the next president an opportunity to continue our efforts in afghanistan. >> are these forces trainable in syria, the rebel forces where obviously we found it has not been very successful, in iraq, a similar problem and now in afghanistan once again, we are having to leave troops there. is this strategy of trying to train these folks that we believe are on our side of those countries, one that can succeed? >> the president's strategy has been iraq since the beginning but the idea you can train folks, i have traveled to afghanistan, i have watched some of the training we have conducted with the police force and the afghani national security forces. they are trainable. it takes an awfully long time, an awful lot of energy and a commitment effort. >> how long? >> without an end date. you can't tell. you can't tell if it's days or weeks or years. the important thing is for them to understand the continued u.s. commitment to their efforts.
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>> clearly it's more than disor weeks. we have been at this for years going forward. i want to ask you also as a member of the house select committee on benghazi right now, tomorrow morning you will hear private testimony from humoma abadine. there have been comments about the political motivations of the committee. there was another congress member who said something to that effect again earlier today, a member of your conference, and i want to hear what he said a short time ago. >> kevin mccarthy basically blew himself up with that comment over the benghazi committee. you know, sometimes the biggest sin you can commit in d.c. is to tell the truth. this may not be politically correct but i think there was a big part of this investigation that was designed to go after people and an individual,
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hillary clinton. >> so was this investigation designed to go after hillary clinton? >> that's just absurd. >> we have -- i understand you say it's false but we have heard this from multiple members of the conference. you guys have had a lot of meetings in front of a bunch of republicans including the decision over who the next speaker should be. why doesn't someone stand up and say you guys are full of it if they were full of it? they would suggest this is the truth serum speaking. >> this is false. i have been on this investigation with chairman gowdy and six other republicans for 14 months. i have watched. i think the american people will see that next thursday. they will see that we have conducted dozens and dozens of interviews with people no committee had interviewed before. our investigation isn't complete next thursday, either. we will continue. you may lose interest in it but we won't because we have an important mission to solve the riddle of how this preventible incident led to the death of four americans and no one to this date has been held accountable for that. >> i want to hear what hillary clinton has said in recent days. she said on the debate stage we have spoken about, she said it again during conversations yesterday, accusing your
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committee of being politically motivated and partisan. here's the former secretary of state. >> i'll be appearing before the congress next week and answering a lot of questions that they may have, although now it's clear that this whole effort was set up for political partisan purposes, not to try to get to any useful end. >> how do you combat that? how do you combat that which we know, we may lose interest as you suggest over time but there's going to be plenty of interest one week from today when hillary clinton testifies and she sort of telegraphed what her strategy would be. how do you combat that when she takes the stage? >> i was in the army. you focus on mission. that's how you achieve. people will accuse us of all kinds of things. we had critiques we weren't doing enough, attacks saying it's political. you do your job. we have a mission. there are four americans. we haven't had an am bassador murdered since 1979. this man was killed on her watch. we have been fighting to get documents from her for an awfully long time.
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we discovered that there was this server, this secret server that had materials related to libya and benghazi. no committee's had a chance to see that before. >> does she have qualifications to be president? >> we have the obligation next thursday to ask her questions. whether she has the qualifications to be president, the american people sort out 13 months from now. >> would you like to be house speaker? >> if i can serve america in that way i would be honored to do it. >> appreciate your time. thanks for visiting us today. we want to talk about next week's big hearing with our msnbc political analyst and former pennsylvania governor, ed rendell. governor, nice to see you. you heard from the congressman a second ago. he said his party's still committed to finding out what happened. that this is not about hillary clinton. what's your take? >> well, how does he explain two members of his own part saying that was all about targeting hillary clinton? why would they have a motivation to lie and not tell the truth? they're republicans. it's obvious that that's what was going on here.
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there were seven committees before the benghazi committee that looked into benghazi. there was a select task force headed by a former head of the joint chiefs of staff and none of them have found any wrongdoing on secretary clinton's part or anybody else's part. so it is just disingenuous for him to try to contend in the face of what two of his republican colleagues have said that this wasn't political. >> you know the secretary, former secretary of state very well. her aides say they are having passed the first test, earlier this week on the debate stage, they are locked in on the benghazi committee hearing as the sort of next test preparing their strategy and their remarks for that day. what should her strategy be on that day one week from now icgin the fact the last time she was there she had that defiance whach. what would you advise her? >> to answer the questions and tell the truth. the truth is overwhelmingly on her side. >> should she be more civil?
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because tone matters, especially for someone, this is during a political season. it's not just about answering truthfully. it's about tone as well. >> i think her tone should be in direct proportion to their tone. if they're coming at it aggressively and hard and if it's another political witch hunt she should fire back. she should fire back. i think a lot of democrats who watched the debate on tuesday night were saying to themselves it's about time somebody hit back, not just on benghazi but hit back on a lot of things that the republicans have been doing. i thought this was one of the incredibly strong things that secretary clinton did and one of the things that i think is going to make her a very difficult candidate to beat not only in the primaries but this the fall. >> the one person who some think could beat her would be the vice president, joe biden. after clinton's debate performance, is there room in this race for joe biden? >> it hardly seems that way. it wasn't just secretary clinton's performance. senator sanders i think did a
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very good job of solidifying his base. he was a little shaky on foreign policy and very shaky on guns. i didn't know that he had voted against the brady bill five times. but he was very passionate and if you are a sanders supporter, before the debate, you are a sanders supporter after the debate. so that bloc of democrats is closed off. i think what secretary clinton did closed off more moderate democrats. i don't know if there's any path for the vice president to follow. >> so given how well you know him, what do you think he does? does he say no or let this string out a little bit longer? >> he might let it string out a tiny bit longer but eventually he will say no, because the only way he could climb up and get close to hillary clinton would be to attack her personally. and they're friends, they were colleagues in the administration. i don't think joe biden wants to do that. i believe he's going to go down in history as a great vice president and i think he's going to stay out. >> governor, always nice to
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visit with you. thanks for your time. >> thanks, peter. coming up next, no end in sight. america's longest-running war nearly 15 years, now american troops will be there for at least as long as we can foresee. reaction from the veterans community next. today, jason is here to volunteer to help those in need. when a twinge of back pain surprises him. morning starts in high spirits but there's a growing pain in his lower back. as lines grow longer, his pain continues to linger. but after a long day of helping others, he gets some helpful advice. just two aleve have the strength to keep back pain away all day. today, jason chose aleve. aleve, all day strong. and try aleve pm, now with an easy open cap. jake, put that downten up! point it at the ground til your ready that's not the ground leo put that down when your day goes on and on, you need 48 hour odor protection that goes on clear for no white marks. secret outlast clear gel.
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coming off of her strong debate performance, hillary clinton is in san antonio, texas, where she's participating in a candidate question and answer session at the chamber of commerce there, all part of her effort to court the hispanic vote which also includes latinos for hillary. there's a rally there today, this afternoon. joining us is housing and urban development secretary, former mayor of san antonio, go figure. he will be attending that rally.
9:17 am
secretary castro, nice to see you. >> great to be with you, peter. >> so it's been widely reported that you will be endorsing secretary clinton today. your brother joaquin endorsed her a full year ago. why wait? why her, and i guess why now? >> well, i have long admired secretary clinton but just over a year ago i started my job at hud and for the last 14 months have really been focused on my work at hud and i continue to do that, but of course, the campaign is getting going and i wanted to be sure to lend my support to the person i believe would make the best president of the united states. >> why wouldn't joe biden make the next best president of the united states? as a member of the cabinet, you spend a lot of time with him. why not wait to see what he does before offering an endorsement? >> i have tremendous respect for vice president biden and i know that he's going to make a decision about whether to enter
9:18 am
the race. i believe that he would also make a fantastic president. my support of secretary clinton is based on a long relationship that joaquin and i have had with her as well as with former president clinton. i believe that she has a very strong vision for the future of the country, that she understands the right investments that we need to make in opportunity and how to ensure that america prospers in this 21st century, so this is not something that's against another person. this is really an endorsement of her. >> but would the party be best served if vice president biden right now said i'm done, i'm out, or do you think that his entry in this race would actually help the party? >> you know, i have too much respect for the vice president to try and guess at what he's going to do. >> what do you think he should do? >> or offer advice.
9:19 am
he knows exactly what he's doing. i think that's his decision. as someone who has made a decision about whether to run for office myself, i know that is a decision that is very personal to the individual as well as that person's family. that's the process that he's going through now. he'll make that decision. he deserves his space to make that decision. >> mr. secretary, a recent survey shows i think it's 53% of hispanic voters in this country have positive feelings toward hillary clinton. how does she grow that number? what does hillary clinton need to do to grow her popularity in the hispanic community which obviously is going to be such an influential demographic come next year's election? >> well, the first thing i would say is that that 53% is right now, i have no doubt that that's going to grow. we may want to look at what some of the other numbers are for trump, bush or rubio which are much lower. the reason that secretary clinton has strong support already, the strongest support
9:20 am
of any candidate in the hispanic community, i that she has throughout her entire career been supportive of hispanic community, she also has led efforts to make the right kind of investments so that aspiring communities like the latino community are able to get a good education, to afford college and then be able to enter the middle class by working hard. so she has a long track record of supporting the issues that hispanics and everyday americans care about. >> let me ask you specifically. i'm sorry to interrupt. i want to ask you specifically about the latino community. among the republicans, marco rubio is in the running. he too would be a historic -- he would be a historic candidate, the first hispanic presidential candidate. why is he not fit? >> well, you know, to the credit of the hispanic community, it's
9:21 am
not just about your last name or where you come from. it's the positions that you take on the issues. the hispanic community, latino community, is just as savvy as any other community. what they see in these republican candidates are folks who are scape goating immigrants, folks who don't support comprehensive immigration reform, don't support a pathway to citizenship, would repeal the affordable care act when hispanics have been among the biggest beneficiaries of the affordable care act. they don't want to invest in great education. they don't believe in making the right investments so that folks who may not have a lot now but that are hard-working, folks of modest means, can get into the middle class. so the challenge that the republicans have is not really about personality. they have the personality, they have the folks that will go out there and say a few words in spanish. their problem is the policy and that's a very big problem for them in this cycle.
9:22 am
>> one question for you before we say good-bye. clinton/castro, i can already see the posters being printed. what do you think of your prospects as a vice presidential candidate? >> oh, i doubt that's going to happen. >> you say yes? >> i know others have talked about that. i doubt that's going to happen. what i'm saying yes to is to do a great job at hud. i learned a long time in life that the number one way to ensure that you have a good future is to do a great job with what's in front of you and not to forget about that. so we serve folks that need our help at hud and that's what i'm trying to do now. >> secretary castro, always nice to see you. we appreciate your time. we'll be watching that event later today. thanks so much. >> thank you. we are following breaking news about the former speaker of the house, dennis hastert. he told a federal judge he intends to plead guilty at a federal hush money case. nbc news justice correspondent pete williams joins us with more. what happens now? what is the next step for the
9:23 am
former speaker? >> reporter: the next step is a hearing october 28th at which his alawyers say he will change his plea and plead guilty. frankly, this is not a big surprise because there have been several missed deadlines by his lawyers for filing pretrial motions. they kept asking for more time and even told the judge in late september that they were talking with prosecutors about a potential deal. now it appears it has been worked out. we don't know the terms of it. we don't know which charge he'll plead to. we don't know what kind of sentence the government will seek, whether they will seek prison time or not. they might not. it's not clear what they are going to do. but what do the two sides get? he obviously by pleading guilty avoids a trial and during a trial, the details of this misconduct that the government alleged in may won't come out. on the other hand, the government protects the identity of that person. they didn't name the person in the indictment when they said he paid this money, structured his
9:24 am
withdrawals from his bank to avoid tripping the trip wires of federal banking regulations. in the words of the indictment, to conceal and compensate for past misconduct. so the government will protect that victim as well. so both sides get something out of it. it looks like barring any changes, that this will happen in late october. >> pete, thank you very much. more breaking news we are following today. we are expecting the prime minister of israel, benjamin netanya netanyahu, to speak about the recent violence in his country, a series of knife attacks and loss of life for the palestinians. we will bring you those comments as soon as he arrives. ♪ ♪ [ girl ] my mom, she makes underwater fans that are powered by the moon. ♪
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9:28 am
he just walked away. we are going to go to our colleague who has been covering this. we heard his news conference. obviously there has been a recent war of words between mahmoud abbas and benjamin netanyahu after a series of deaths that were most of them on the palestinian side, individuals who were fired at by israeli forces. the israelis in most cases were killed as a result of stabbings there. you witnessed one of these shootings take place right behind you just yesterday. what did we hear from benjamin netanyahu and what is it like in the city this evening? >> reporter: the press conference the prime minister was addressing really highlighted a very important case that has been going viral, if you will, on social media and it really cuts to one of the bigger issues here. this individual on monday, a young palestinian teenager involved in a stabbing against an israeli boy, 13-year-old boy who was riding his bicycle and subsequently, him and his
9:29 am
cousin, one of the cousins was shot, died, a 15-year-old teenager as well. the 13-year-old boy was ultimately injured and hurt. video of an israeli group of bystanders surrounding him while he was bleeding and injured on the street went viral on the palestinian social media websites, facebook. it even drew the attention of the palestinian authority president, who cited that video as an example of israel's execution of young teenagers and young palestinians. what has emerged since then is the video israel has provided, the prime minister making reference to it. police releasing footage clearly showing the boy is alive, he had been treated in an israeli hospital, he was not executed as the reference was made by the palestinian authority president. they have also released footage showing the teenager who is in their custody chasing after that israeli boy who was stabbed. it's a war of video, war of
9:30 am
words. the israelis making their argument that in fact, the account given by the palestinian authority is not accurate. but why that's so important is because the israelis are accusing the palestinian authority leadership of incitement. they say these types of videos that go viral without enough information, without context, are being used by the palestinian authority and other palestinians to incite more acts of violence, more acts of stabbing that we have seen over the course of the last several weeks. >> a national security expert in israel said it's like an octopus with many hands but no brain. eamon, thank you very much. a short time from now, we will speak to the israeli ambassador to the u.s. who will come into the studio momentarily. back to another headline we have been following today. that's president obama's announcement to keep 5500 troops in afghanistan through the end of his term in the 2017. only 1,000 troops were initially estimated to stay that length of
9:31 am
time. during his announcement the president addressed the men and women who may be sent back to afghanistan as part of this extended mission. >> afghanistan remains dangerous. 25 brave americans have given their lives there this year. i do not send you into harm's way lightly. it's the most solemn decision that i make. i know the wages of war and the wounded warriors i visit in the hospital and the grief of gold star families. but as your commander in chief, i believe this mission is vital to our national security interests in preventing terrorist attacks against our citizens and our nation. >> joining me is bill roush, an iraq war veteran and political director of iraq and afghan veterans of america. what kind of ripple effects does president obama's announcement have for your members? what's the reaction in that community today? >> well, thanks for having me. i think in terms of the
9:32 am
reaction, i think it's a stark reminder for the entire american public that we still have men and women, brave men and women, overseas right now in uniform fighting and putting themselves in harm's way every day. that's the case whether the troop levels remain the same, whether they go down or up. i think that's the biggest take-away from our membership. this is a reminder that we still have folks out there fighting day in and difficult out and putting themselves at risk. >> since the beginning of this war, i think the number is more than 2300 deaths, 20,000 at least wounded in afghanistan. right now there are about 9800 american troops there. do they know what the end game is? >> well, i think for me personally, i know for many of our members, the end game's about the man or woman to your left or right. it's about doing the mission, about accomplishing the goals and objectives that have been set forth -- >> can these goals be accomplished? >> i think in terms of taking care of your soldiers, as a
9:33 am
former army major i know that when i was down range it was about bringing everybody home, regardless of the mission. that's the challenge that our men and women face. that's what the american public need to realize. the man and the woman in the front lines isn't making these policy decisions. they stepped up, they raised their right hand bus they want to serve their country. they are going to do that regardless of who's in the white house, regardless of what the policy is. >> so i understand the policy obviously amongst one another, making sure everybody comes home which of course is our greatest desire. how that stands. but do the folks on the ground fighting for the u.s. believe this is a policy that can be achieved? can afghanistan be secured at any time so they can finally come home? >> well, i'm going to leave it up to the military experts in afghanistan to tell you whether this can or cannot be achieved. >> your guys are on the ground. >> our guys are on the ground but again, when you're looking at a piece of terrain or a company of men and women, it's not about the wha the national security risks are. it's about doing your job.
9:34 am
i think that kind of service is what a lot of the american public don't understand or realize which is why for us, the biggest take-away today was not only supporting them now. you mentioned 14 years of war. over the next 40, 50, 60 years, when these men and women come home, we will continually need to support them when they are out of uniform, when they are leaders in their local communities and cities and towns across the country. we will continue to need to fully fund the v.a. we need mental health support for these men and women who have experienced trauma. it's not just about the context of what's happening right now or next year. it's over the rest of this generation. >> bill roush, political director for the iraq and afghanistan veterans of america and also veteran himself, nice to see you. thanks for your service. >> thank you. anxious israel. security forces shut down crossings in the palestinian areas. is this enough to prevent further violence? the israeli ambassador to the u.s. joins us next. looks like some folks have had it
9:35 am
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in israel, police have put up barriers in palestinian neighborhoods to try to stop a new round of lone wolf style attacks. benjamin netanyahu spoke about it moments ago in jerusalem. here's what happened. >> -- as a result of continuous [ inaudible ]. first, the outrageous claims intended to destroy and now we have a new [ inaudible ], that israel is executing palestinians. yesterday, president mahmoud abbas accused israel of putting to death, executing, an innocent palestinian boy. first of all, he's not dead. he's alive. second, he's not innocent. he tried to kill, murder, knife to death an innocent israeli
9:39 am
youngster, 13 years old, riding a bicycle. >> the israeli prime minister accusing palestinian leaders of, in his words, lies and incitement. moments before the prime minister spoke, the u.s. secretary of state john kerry condemned the recent attacks. >> we have, however, seen an eruption of tragic, outrageous and unjustified attacks on innocent civilians who are simply trying to go about their daily business in israel, the west bank, gaza and jerusalem. and it is important that we all remain deeply concerned about this recent violence. we strongly condemn the terrorist attacks against innocent civilians. >> joining me is israel's ambassador to the u.s., ron durmer. nice to see you. the country is effectively on lockdown right now. what do you do to establish some peace for israelis? >> we are not on lockdown. there are certain areas of the country that are of greater risk. one area we are focusing on is
9:40 am
in jerusalem. there are arab neighborhoods in jerusalem. we have had to send in a lot of police and some other forces in there to ensure that you don't have all of these attacks that you have seen over the last two or three weeks, that eight israelis have been murdered and we have had two to three dozen attacks. so we have to put a stop to that. that's why the police are there. >> i want to talk about a recent video that obviously has been -- it's gone viral right now, as has this entire sort of situation in israel. social media has become such a powerful force. the video on the screen right now, in the eyes of palestinians shows a 13-year-old boy being left to die by israeli forces. israelis say this is a knife-wielding attacker who had just stabbed two israelis and was bleeding on the ground while they wait for an ambulance. what happened here? >> i think the case you are speaking about is something that the prime minister just spoke about, where you had two young boys, one 13, one 15, and they went, we have them on video running around with knives. they took a 13-year-old jewish boy and stabbed him multiple
9:41 am
times and then that 15-year-old went to go attack a police officer on video. you see the knife and then he was shot. the other 13 also tried to do more attacks and he was also injured, but he's not dead. we do not target any of these people. what is happening is you are having attacks in different areas throughout the country where people are taking knives, stabbing and killing people and our police are taking the action required to put a stop to it. >> the palestinians were caught on closed circuit television carrying knives as they chased israelis in the streets there. >> i don't know in what language that's innocent but those people are chasing people with knives and you will see if you run that tape a little bit longer, you will see that they attack this little boy who is leaving a small market. here it is. they are running with knives. these are the people who president abbas says are innocent and who israel is executing. so the leader of the palestinians is accusing israel of executing an innocent boy. look, that's that kid around that circle. he's getting on his bike. it's a 13-year-old. i could be your son or my son.
9:42 am
he's going outside right now. you will see on the top of your screen, people are running and he gets stabbed. then if you roll the video just another ten seconds, you will see that 15-year-old boy crossing a street holding a knife and trying to attack a police officer. now people are trying to help as you see in the video. they are running outside. so these people are running loose with knives and now what are you going to do to stop it? i hope you will roll that for another few seconds because you will actually see when the boy gets shot. here it is. watch what happens. he's taking out a knife now. that's what's in that circle. now he's running across the street and he's shot. what police officer would not do it in order to protect himself? >> what do you do right now to combat this situation where social media has become such a powerful force for so many young people without the context, these videos that are being spread right now. what do you do to combat social media when a lot of these individuals aren't allied with any specific terror group, just individuals seeking paradise, perhaps? >> the first thing you have to do is make it clear, the
9:43 am
international community has to make a clear demand from president abbas that he has to fully stop all this incitement and all the lies. it's one thing when you are dealing with a problem of social media that individuals are spreading. it's another thing -- >> you need the leaders to step up? >> the leaders have to step up and stand firmly against terrorism. abbas is not doing that. he is actually pouring more fuel on the flames. the other thing is we have to understand that this incitement problem has been going on for years. >> let me ask you what the state department spokesperson said, the u.s. was in his words, concerned about reports that could indicate the potential use of excessive force. is this excessive force? >> absolutely not. i don't know what the state department spokesman was talking about. you would have to ask him. >> is there a middle ground beyond shooting these individuals? >> when somebody is coming at you with a knife, there is no middle ground. you have to actually take action in order to thwart that attack. not everybody who has come at different people with knives have been killed but there have
9:44 am
been instances where a guy's taking a knife and is going to kill somebody. they say guns kill people. knives kill people. that's why you have to take action. we know that he wants to do everything he can and we appreciate very much the effort to do everything he can to de-escalate the tension. last year, we had a brief period where you had a bunch of attacks, you had people being run over. waits a meeting between the king of jordan, secretary kerry and the prime minister that led i think temporarily to reduction but we really need to, if we want to solve this problem long-term, address the issue of incitement, look at what palestinian children are learning in school, watching on television and most important, we cannot have a palestinian society that glorifies murderers and names public squares after killers. the international community can help us getting the leadership to stop. >> always nice to see you. up next, what do bernie sanders and donald trump have in common?
9:45 am
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i watched hillary last night with we're going to give this, give that. the poor woman, she's got to give everything away because this maniac that was standing on her right is giving everything away so she's following. that's what's happening. this socialist slash communist, okay, nobody wants to say it. and nobody's heard the term communist but you know what, i call him a socialist slash communist, okay, because that's what he is. >> donald trump turning his political fire from marco rubio to bernie sanders, another candidate riding this outsider wave to political success this year. joining us for our daily fix is the editorial columnist from "washington post" kathleen parker and "wall street journal" political editor jean cummings. nice to see both you ladies.
9:49 am
i want to start with what you call this magical mystery tour we have experienced over the course of the last many months. you wrote we find trump everywhere. the anti-sanders. he's boastful, bombastic billionaire. even his coif screams money. neither he nor snaanders is a se show. for now, until jeb or hillary share a joint, they are the main event. are these two, bernie sanders and donald trump, looking to be president or looking to spark a conversation? >> somehow what i write seems much better in print than when read aloud on television. i would say that i don't think either man really started out thinking they were going to become president of the united states. but i also don't think they thought they were going to become these top -- be able to attract huge crowds. of course, that becomes a certain contagion. you do get inspired by your own applause and i think now they are kind of going well, i guess i could be president. >> i want to ask you about this, because bernie sanders in particular has gone from massive
9:50 am
rally thies that compete with dd trump to more intimate rallies to make a case by case argument for himself in iowa and new hampshire. he also went on ellen's show which is where many candidates including hillary clinton went. let's take a look at that moment. ♪ >> i have a certain kind of hair. >> you do. but for some reason, they are commenting on your hair. portia has hair like yours sometimes. i actually think that y'all look very similar. so everyone's hair can do that when it's windy. >> pretty fun moments that are also personalizing for someone like this a candidate that some people who are not his fans may say is kind of out there and an
9:51 am
oddball. he made himself very likeable. how does he grow his support? >> that's certainly what they are trying to do. they were indeed stunned when the rallies happened. we had a very funny anecdote in the "wall street journal" story where he was in wisconsin going to that first event and he said, he was in the car and there were people everywhere. he said was there an accident, is there something. they're like no, they're here for you. so they now are stepping back to do the smaller events that io n iowans and new hampshire voters expect from them because they really haven't been doing the little intimate affairs and q & as with the voters. now they are resetting a little bit to start laying a more serious foundation now that he's doing as well as he is and of course, money is pouring in and they can afford to build more of a professional operation. >> this may not qualify as more serious as campaigning goes. here was hillary clinton on donald trump minutes ago. >> i came out of it very pleased
9:52 am
that the country had a chance to hear an alternative to the prejudice and paranoia that we are hearing from the other side, led by their flamboyant front-runner. to a degree or so, sound like him. they just don't have the pizzazz and the hair. >> new polls show donald trump with big leads in not just the early states but in states like south carolina and nevada right now. so is there an establishment candidate that can really compete with this? how long does this last? >> i don't know. i have no good sense to make of the donald trump rise and i don't know how long he's going to stay but i don't see him stepping off the stage. he said when his numbers come down, he will step away. but his numbers aren't coming down. i'm from south carolina and i can tell you, i think he will do just fine there. as to who can challenge him, it's very, very hard to say. i think you will see jeb bush
9:53 am
staying in and probably being one of the last three or four standing. he has the infrastructure, the money to sustain him. i don't know what that means in the long run, though. >> i appreciate both of you being here. thank you guys very much. we will be back with more on "andrea mitchell reports." well that's why i dug this out for you. it's your grandpappy's hammer and he would have wanted you to have it. it meant a lot to him... yes, ge makes powerful machines. but i'll be writing the code that will allow those machines to share information with each other. i'll be changing the way the world works. (interrupting) you can't pick it up, can you? go ahead. he can't lift the hammer. it's okay though! you're going to change the world. when you're not confident your company's data is secure, the possibility of a breach can quickly become the only thing you think about.
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so you may take an omega-3 supplementortant... ...but it's the ingredients inside that really matter for heart health. bayer pro ultra omega-3 has two times the concentration of epa and dha as the leading omega-3 supplement. bayer pro ultra omega-3. today on "msnbc live" staying put. president obama reverses course on troop numbers in afghanistan, responding to what jim miklaszewski calls the new reality overseas. another house republican claiming the ongoing benghazi investigation is designed to go
10:00 am
after people, specifically the former secretary of state. even more ammunition for hillary clinton as she prepares to testify again in front of that very committee. our bing pulse question is live now with the question to you being has the benghazi investigation backfired on republicans? frances tracking our responses. then katy tur discovered that kinder, gentler donald trump in her latest sit-down with the gop front-runner yesterday. his supporters, not so gentle or kind. we will tell you what was behind a scuffle that happened at one of his rallies. i'm thomas roberts. good to have you with me. we begin this hour of "msnbc live" with breaking news. america's longest running war just got a little bit longer. president obama taking a significant about-face on the war in afghanistan and the announcement he plans to keep more troops in that country than originally planned. president obama speaking directly to the troops that he's sending back to war earlier today in the press briefing .


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