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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  October 15, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> thank you. >> and that does it for this hour. i'm kate snow. mtp daily with chuck todd starts right now. >> it's thursday. there's no time like the present. vice president biden searching for supporters in early states to see if he can win. rand paul's pushing back on the idea his presidential campaign is toast. >> and jeb bush is trying to spin lackluster money mojo. this is a very busy "mtp daily" and it starts right now. good evening, from newton, massachusetts, just outside boston, of course, south of new hampshire, where i've been spending the last 48 hours. a lot of breaking developments throughout the night as i said. we have new reporting about what vice president biden has been doing behind the scenes today,
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including working the phones to supporters in early states trying to figure out if he can win in a place like iowa, new hampshire, south carolina. on the republican side, the poll leaders, donald trump and ben carson, threatening to boycott the next debate due to how long it may or may not be. speaking of ben carson, we'll dig into the phenomenon, that is him tonight. he's barely campaigning, but he's hauling in more cash than any other republicans. and he's soaring in the polls. chief adviser, armstrong williams, will be here live. first, it's a major change for president obama's plans to pull all but 1,000 u.s. troops out of afghanistan. the big shift brought swift reaction from the 2016 campaign trail because the president has left a big decision for his successor. let's hit the press box. chris jansing at the white house, hallie jackson in san antonio with the clinton campaign, kalani and shaq bruce
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ter in iowa with the fiorina campaign. the white house, where america's longest war just got longer. president obama making a significant change, of course, on the war in afghanistan, trust me, he did this very, very reluctantly. he plans on keeping more troops even longer than he wanted. instead of a near all-out withdrawal from the country. 5500, at a minimum, will remain until the end of his term that begins in 2017. and they'll be there when he hands the keys to his successor. speaking directly to the troops about the return to the region, president obama delivered this message -- >> i do not send you into harm's way lightly. it's the most solemn decision that i make. as your commander in chief, i believe this mission is vital to our national security interests in preventing terrorist attacks against our citizens and our nation. >> joining me from the white house, chris jansing. chris, the minute the president
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announced his initial decision to withdraw, there were calls to say he shouldn't be doing that. this is almost an 18-month campaign by the pentagon and military lead to convince him to make the decision that he ended up making today. >> reporter: add to that, chuck, people on capitol hill, some allies concerned about the void that would be created if the united states left, on the other hand, you have a president who campaigned on getting the troops out of iraq and afghanistan and afghanistan was supposed to be the easier place, right? but he laid out what the concerns of those military folks are that you just mentioned. obviously, what we've seen most people are aware of is the problems with the taliban on the ground there, even folks who weren't following it closely got to see what happens in this kind of situation when there was the bomb that was dropped on the hospital for doctors without borders. but beyond that, what military officials have been talking about is their concern about a
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resurgence of al qaeda, isis, something relatively new in afghanistan. and so, for this president, it is going to be troops in afghanistan until the end of his term and the war plan, chuck, gets handed off to whoever the new commander in chief will be. >> it's my understanding there was a request for even more troops to stay, the president basically tabled that request. it's going to on the next president's desk. >> reporter: yeah, more people who wanted as many as 9,800 or more that are already there, some obviously in the range of decision making who were happy to have that draw down to a thousand that would have stayed in kabul. now at four different locations with, as you pointed out, 5,500 troops. this was as you pointed out a reluctant president who had to -- felt he had to make the decision for the security internally of afghanistan but also for the national security interests of the u.s. >> i know he's been looking for months for a different way out from having to reluctantly do
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thinking decision. chris jansing, thank you. the campaign trail, hillary clinton, potential successor, not yet responded publicly to the president's afghanistan troop announcement. secretary clinton is in texas, doing outreach to latino voter. everything is in bigger in texas, including endorsements. the former mayor of san antonio and current housing urban development secretary, castro, pledged his support and created vp buzz. >> i think really highly of him and i am thrilled to have his endorsement today. i am going to really look hard at him for anything because that's how good he is. >> well, castro, of course, was asked to respond to the buzz about a potential -- being potential clinton running mate. he didn't say no. oh, i doubt that's going to happen. you know -- >> you say yes? >> others have talked about
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that. i doubt that's going to happen. what i'm saying yes to is to do a great job at hud. >> that's the way you're supposed to not run for vice president. anyway, let's go to hallie jackson, in san antonio. i ham surprised -- back to afghanistan here, we're going to get to other campaigns, many other of the presidential campaigns have put out statements about the president's announcement, many supporting it on the republican side. nothing from the clinton campaign so far? >> she hasn't spoken publicly about it, she didn't here in san antonio. i wouldn't be surprised to see something maybe on paper from the campaign in the next maybe 24, 48 hours. but right, other campaigns have weighed in, including jeb bush. it would be surprising if we didn't see that from hillary clinton at some point soon. >> and as for the event it itself, with julian castro, idea of him speculating about a clinton running mate, what the clinton campaign wants, latino voters to be hearing.
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>> reporter: castro is doing what you expect him to do be sort of modest and humble and say, i doubt i think it will happen. this is a play and a nod to the importance of the latino vote in the race especially hillary clinton. as you know, she has a long history with the demographic, she beat president barack obama in 2008. castro, he's being coy, there's a ground swell of support, obviously san antonio, his hometown. but people saying, hey, this might help a clinton campaign in, let's say, nevada, some of the swing stated, where the latino vote is going to be key. >> i think it means we'll see castro take time off from his day job and campaigning in those early states, particularly nevada, hallie jackson in texas. by the way, quick note, can cabinet secretaries get politically, only state, defense, treasury, homeland security, and the department of justice. they do not participate in politics. the other cabinet second secretaries have the real light
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to endorse publicly. that's why you see seconds have gotten involved in the campaign. now to new hampshire where jeb bush and john kasich campaigning today but only one of them addressed the new afghanistan policy on camera. >> for me, i would have never done the second increase in troop levels. i would have used special forces to be able to go to be lethal and mobil, to take care of the job. i wouldn't have supported additional troops. now that the situation's deteriorated on the ground it's a wise decision to say we're not going running out of there and lose all of the things we invested over the years. >> you didn't mishear there, kasich one of those saying he was not in favor of that larger surge that took place. by the way, the person arguing inside the administration for that smaller special forces footprint, vice president biden. kasich unveiled new policy proposals today at a community college in new hampshire, pledging to balance the budget in eight years.
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campaign embed on the campaign live in nashua. give me the quick soup to nuts on what he unveiled today. lotted of talk of tax cuts. >> reporter: yeah, chuck, he's been teasing the speech all week long. yesterday he was asked if he would balance the budge net less than ten years. that person at town hall should be happy. he wants to balance the budget in eight years and kasich's big refrain, people should trust him, he was one of the ar teches in the '90s. a lot of tax information today, big policy today, you can read more about it, but kasich proposed reducing the number of tax brackets from seven to three. he wants to cut the top business rate from 35% to 25%. he wants to eliminate the death tax, increase the earned income tax credit by 10% and he wants to do some changes to the department of education, too, by
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dividing a lot of the programs up into four big block grants and distributing that to the stated. back to you, chuck. >> yes, a lot of it, you can tell a budget written by a governor these days because they wanted nothing but block grants back in the hands of the governor. iowa, carly fiorina took no time, waste nod time to react to the president's new policy in afghanistan. >> well, i certainly support his recognition of reality. i mean the reality is that the complete withdrawal of our troops when destabilizing the couldn't trip this administration rejected the advice of many, many military commanders and many of them, as well as foreign policy advisers. >> there you have it there. by the way, according to the latest fox news poll, fiorina dropped from third place to sixth. she's down four percentage points since september. campaign embed, one in iowa, shaq brucester live in
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ellsworth. the fiorina campaign looking specifically obviously she's been wanting to talk a lot about national security during her stump speech. she spends a lot of time on. do you still see the same buzz with fiorina now in the trail as you did, say, two weeks ago? >> you know, the interesting thing, chuck, is that she hasn't been on the trail a lot lately. she was in idaho yesterday for a last-minute campaign event. before that, her last time on the trail was monday of the week before. monday of last week. so she hasn't been on the trail a lot. on a three-day swing through iowa through sunday and then in texas on sunday. but earlier today when she mentioned those afghanistan remarks i pushed her on what she would do if she were to be president, since this is a decision that will move into her term if she does get elected. she said she used it as an opportunity to attack president obama and secretary clinton, saying this is just part of the slew of issues that they're
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leaving for the next president. chuck? >> didn't give you a specific answer on that, of course also duly noted. shaquille brewster in iowa with the fiorina campaign. turn back to the democrats. ase told you at the top of the show, teased you, vice president biden is inching closer to making a public decision about a third white house run. kristen welker has been all over the story. the twists, the turns. trust me, she and i have been e-mailing all day about this. kristin, actual new information, bring us what you got. >> reporter: we just got a little bit of new information, chuck. i can tell you, according to sources close to the vice president, he is in the final stages of making this decision and he and his top advisers have been making phone calls, reaching out to officials and organizers in the early voting states. what they want to know is, does vice president biden have a path to victory or has he waited too late? the vice president knows it's a decision he has to make soon.
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he watched the first democratic debate, as we all did, saw secretary clinton solidified her spot as democratic front-runner. i caught up with the vice president at his home here at the naval observatory. he was waiting to greet the president of south korea, and of course, i asked him if he was planning to run. he had a little bit of fun with our questions. take a look at the exchange. >> are you running for president? >> i'll answer in korean. >> have you made your decision yet? >> i can't hear you. >> so still not ready to answer our questions, chuck. but i am told a decision is coming soon. i'm also told democrats are coming -- becoming increasingly impatient. one top strategist saying this moments ago, quote, some people are starting to feel like they're getting played. so a lot of people want an answer soon. >> you got it, kristen welker. ol l politifact, i can't hear you,
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that would be false. heard you the first time. nice work. coming up -- >> reporter: the doctor is in. kasie hunt takes a look at what's behind the ben carson boomlet. big news on the next republican debate, in a letter that has been obtained by nbc news, ben karsen and donald trump jointly wrote to the cnbc organizers they could boycott the upcoming debate if changes aren't made to the format. after last month's marathon debate on cnn they added an extra hour, candidates are calling for the debate to be no longer than 120 minutes, that includes commercial breaks and include opening and closing statement for all of the candidates. but not all of the outsider candidates are threatening to skip the debate. carly fiorina's deputy campaign manager mocked karsen and trump for lack of endurance. demands including more from his business manager and chief
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back with more "mtp daily" paul ryan says he's not interested in being next speaker of the house because but hasn't officially ruled it out. he does choose to become speaker, ryan would be the youngest speaker of the house since 1960s. youngest speakers since 1960. newt gingrich, speaker at the young age of 51, at the top. 45-year-old ryan would be the freshest face that the house gop has had in over a century. one could argue, they desperately need than one name on the list, person paul ryan could join, only speakers in the last 50 years to not come from elected leadership below speaker, dennis haster. speaking of dennis haster, he agreed to a plea agreement today. he's going to plead guilty to skirting banking laws to withdraw hush money in line to the fbi about it.
2:18 pm
papers say hastert paid an individual $3.5 million to conceal, quote, prior misconduct. pa apparently prosecutors want to have hastert serve some prison time. that has yet to be determined. coming up -- talk to kasie hunt in her attempt to explain the phenomenon that is ben carson. looks like some folks have had it with their airline credit card miles. sometimes those seats cost a ridiculous number of miles... or there's a fee to use them. i know. it's so frustrating. they'd be a lot happier with the capital one venture card. and you would, too! why? it's so easy with venture. you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. just book any flight you want then use your miles to cover the cost. now, that's more like it. what's in your wallet? if legalzoom has your back.s, over the last 10 years we've helped one million business owners get started. visit legalzoom today for the legal help you need to start
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and run your business. legalzoom. legal help is here. he's emerged as number one threat to donald trump's dominance in the polls of the republican race. this filing day, ben carson raised $21 million, puts him at the top on the republican side when it comes to fund-raising. he statistically tied in the polls with trump in the latest big national poll. now cancer is joining with trump, threatening to boycott the next republican debate if their demands are not met. who is this mild-manners surgeon wielding so much power in the
2:20 pm
presidential race and why are so many republicans running against him dismissive of his candidacy? our own kasie hunt breaks it down for us. >> reporter: suddenly threatening donald trump's front-runner status in polls. >> i'm not a politician by any stretch of the imagination. lie continue to raise the eyebrows of the political pundits. >> reporter: don't look for ben carson on the campaign trail much this month. he's mostly raising money. and selling books. you haven't been seen very much on the campaign trail. >> well, i've been seen a lot on the campaign trail, not a lot on television. i'm a firm believer in doing what works. and not changing it when you are having success. >> reporter: that success has come despite his barely there presence in high-profile debates. >> thank you, megan, i wasn't sure i was going to get to talk again. >> reporter: carson is soft-spoken he has talked in
2:21 pm
ways to threaten the career, fought off the oregon shoot, claiming gun control enabled the holocaust and saying this on "meet the press." >> i would not advocate we put a muslim in charge of this nation. i absolutely would in the agree with that. >> reporter: carson first entered public eye as a famed neurosurgeon, played by actor cuba gooding jr. >> i believe we're capable of performing miracles up here. >> reporter: but a conservative hero after he criticized president obama to his face at 2013 national prayer breakfast. >> from one of the organizers the white house is very upset and you need to call the president and you need to apologize. >> reporter: carson's strength rooted with conservative evangelicals and tapping into key religious networks in places like iowa. >> home school five children. dr. ben carson is a hero. we appreciate that he loves the lord. >> reporter: hamany of carson's competitors assume he would fade but so far he hasn't. still don't get it. >> nobody's able to do the kind
2:22 pm
of things i've been able to do. ben, that's not his thing, but he certainly seems be resonating and the two of us, 50% something like that everyone's amazed because we haven't been politicians. >> reporter: some establishment candidates are clinging to the idea that both trump and carson are just flings. >> when people have a health problem they go into alternative medicine, when it gets serious they go to a regular doctor. i think it's a moment in time. >> kasie hunt joins me now. the thing that strikes me is when i talked to a lot of the candidates and john kasich gave voice to it to me, but many have done it on background or off the record, they can't figure it out. they sit there and say i don't understand why carson is resonating. >> that's absolutely right. it's also true of many of the operatives in campaign types trying to figure out how to maybe pick up some of these people that carson seem to be
2:23 pm
resonating with. many ways we put trump and carson in one box, they are so stylistically different, it's hard to say, okay, these are exactly the same people. but you know, one thing i will say is, unlike trump, uncharacteristic candidate, one way carson is conventional spent $2.72 million on direct mail which helps explain a little bit of why his fund-raising totals are so high. and that is, as you know, one of the oldest tricks in the political play book. >> it is, a very expensive way to raise money. kasie hunt. ben carson's business manager, somebody who has been a political adviser and a familiar face to many that have followed politics over the years, armstrong williams. welcome to "mtp daily." nice to see you. >> thank you for having me, chuck. >> i want to start with the other news of the day, the letter you and trump campaign or dr. carson and donald trump jointly sent. i want to let folks know that cnbc has responded to your
2:24 pm
letter. they say that at some point they will take the candidates' views about the format into consideration as they finalize the debate structure. mr. williams, how serious are you guys about boycotting this debate over what appears to about 50 minutes of time here. >> i'm not a part of the carson campaign, never have been. i'm his business manager. i can tell you that, how do you negotiate a presidential debate and not once pick up the phone and call the candidates, anyone on their team, that you put rules and guidelines in place and not consult them? how do you not try to work together as a team to collaborate to make it work for not only cnbc but make it work for the presidential candidates who are participating through this process? to me, to them, it's common sense that you would include them in the negotiations. when you don't include them in negotiations, you see the results that you're talking
2:25 pm
about right now. >> as you know, obviously i know a lot about how this worked when different networks worked with the republican national committee, i guess with all due respect, i would say your complaint should be directed at them. they're the ones that are negotiating on behalf of the candidates, are they not? >> i don't think the candidates are xlang. they're saying no negotiations and they're opening and closing statements are not agreed to, that mr. trump nor mr. carson will show in boulder, colorado, october 28th. >> all right. i will table that discussion. let me start with this idea that the rest of the -- rest of dr. carson's opponents, you've heard some express it publicly as you heard governor kasich and others privately, why do you think they don't get it? what should they understand about dr. carson and his resonants with grassroot
2:26 pm
conservative. >> people don't realize how hard dr. carson and his wife candy work this couldn't triplet rally, they just returned home over the weekend, having been on the road almost 20 straight days. dr. carson is always speaking to thousands of people, doing teleforums, he's having conference calls. . dr. carson is involved with the different people that run his different organizations across the country. it's a lot of work. and fortunately, dr. carson's getting media time. it's what happens when dr. carson is in those places where there's not much media coverage and he has an opportunity to talk to a large room and talk about his personal story. talk about his values, he once was a liberal, once pro-choice. but once he heard reagan's speech, something clicked in him he changed. talked about being a family man, being a husband, being a father, and talked about coming from a place where he knows about roaches and rats most establishment candidates cannot
2:27 pm
relate to. his story is remarkable. on top of that, his story's the american dream. imagine someone with that background, not making a chance to get out of high school, being a world renowned pediatric surgeon, first to separate conjoined twins. dr. carson does not speak the complete political language. something he has to learn. in the path, there have been gaffe as long the way. but people are willing to give him the benefit of the doubt because they feel he's authentic, incredibly intelligent, he's authentic. also, they're looking for something different. they feel the establishment doesn't work for them anymore and mr. carson, and mr. trump, are very appealing to times that we find ourselves in. >> he's taking some time off of the trail, thinning out his campaign schedule in order to fit in a book tour. i say this with all due respect, is he running for president or to be president or is he running for president to promote his
2:28 pm
other enterprises? this looks like an attempt to run for president to promote another enterprise, in this case, a book. >> well, chuck, in all due respect, it's just not true. dr. carson has not suspended his campaign. while dr. carson may be on book tour, the media still asks questions about his campaign, about his policies. you can't give the media a different directive to talk about his book. when he's on the road, he's still talking to policy people, still on the phone daily with the campaign, working with voters. working on columns and es stays and newspapers. he's not the only person that has written a book on tour. it so happened dr. carson is on a book tour but does not take away he's very much involved with the campaign on a daily basis. it's unavoidable. >> he did a paid speech as active candidate. plenty of candidates have done book tours but do it before they announce. that's why i throw this question out at you. >> we don't have a problem with
2:29 pm
capitalism in america. it's okay for people to make money in an honest and moral and legal and ethical way. we don't apologize for that. everybody has to make money. they've got to survive. sometimes these things happen. it's no indication that dr. carson is not committed to the american people, not committed to the candidacy for president of the united states. admit, all of the things you've challenged me on he continues to do quite well, i wonder why. >> exactly right. i thought i'd ask you those questions oop i have to leave it there thanks for coming on. good to see you. next, we'll get you caught up on the who, what, where, when, why. what song got bernie sanders dancing during his "ellen" appearance. fantasy football flagged by the fbi. pete williams has the latest on what exactly they're investigating when it comes to the two big online sports sites that dominate the advertising air waves now. when my doctor told me i have
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. we've got news from the treasury department. in a report released earlier today for fiscal year 2015, the budget shortfall, known as deficit, was $439 billion, down 9% from last year. this puts the budget deficit at its lowest point since 2007. but remember, the debt does continue to grow. yearly deficit, though, has shrus shrunk. let's go to hampton pearson. >> this is your cnbc market wrap. winning session for stock. dow soars 217. s&p adds 29. nasdaq jumping by 87. earnings from citi group beat estimates. revenue fell slightly short. filings for weekly jobless claims dropped by 7,000. the lowest since november 1973. and the consumer price index
2:34 pm
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another anxious day in israel, as violence continues throughout jerusalem and the latest intelligence reports indicates palestinians plan to hold a, quote, day of rage tomorrow. checkpoints installed and barriers added throughout israel and some israelis are reportedly avoiding buses. scene of attacks in recent days. now, new reaction to the violence. from israeli prime minister b benjamin netanyahu. >> the current terror campaign is result of palestinian incitement. first on the al aqsa mosque and the outrageous claims we are
2:38 pm
changing status quo or intend to destroy it. now a new, big lie. that israel is executing palestinians. >> let's go to chief global correspondent bill neely who joins me from jerusalem. bill, is this the third intefadeh, number one? number two, do we think the -- is this coordinated by the palestinians or does abbas really have no control over the situation right now? >> reporter: good afternoon, chuck. many people have asked that first question, is this the third intefadeh? i think it's too early to say that. yet, remember the last two intefadehs lasted five years even and resulted in thousands of deaths. so far, we've had dozens of deaths but knife attacks on a fairly low level. but they are becoming more and more frequent. and people are beginning to worry that the violence is gaining momentum of its own, the most recent, for example, here yesterday when a young
2:39 pm
palestinian man past this camera and was shot dead by police. hamas and fatah called on palestinians to have a day of rage tomorrow and to confront israeli security forces after friday prayers. the israeli police and army are taking that very seriously, for example, armored personnel carriers are deployed along the gaza border. this city has been swamped by police with checkpoints everywhere. but i think the most interesting thing is the division. divisions physically in the city and divisions between the leadership, between netanyahu and abbas, netanyahu, today, calling abbas a liar. it really is getting bitter and deep. and the possibility of the third intefadeh should not be ruled out, chuck. >> it's very, very tense. sounds like. when you have an exchange of words like that, you know that it may get worse. bill neely in jerusalem, thanks very much. now let's go back to
2:40 pm
afghanistan. we heard from president obama this morning regarding a slowdown of troop withdrawals. more on that in a moment. more news regarding the u.s. air strike that killed 22 civilians at a doctors without borders hospital half month. according to a new report, days prior to the air strike american special ops had information which led them to believe the site of the air attack was, in fact a protected medical site. the department of defense saying it was engage in troops in gunfire. the department's review of the air strike is still under way. again, it's not yet clear the people who called in the air strike, whether they had na information but somebody in the system as we now know did have that information. president obama's decision to leave a steady presence of american forces in afghanistan well into the next president's first year reverberated across the nation and on the campaign trail. speaking at the white house, the president remained resolute in
2:41 pm
his decision, however, his stance today is one that's evolved while in office from a president who campaigned on ending both wars. >> the situation in afghanistan has deteriorated. i will end this war in iraq responsibly. and finish the fight against al qaeda and the taliban in afghanistan. by 2014, this process of transition will be complete and the afghan people will be responsible for their own security. our troops will be coming home. by the end of 2014, the afghans will be fully responsible for the security of their country. the specific trajectory of the 2016 drawdown will be established later this year, to enable our final consolidation to kabul-based embassy presence by the end of 2016. i've decided that, instead of going down to a normal embassy presence in kabul by the end of
2:42 pm
2016, we will maintain 5,500 troops, a masmall number of bas. >> joined by embassy chris hill. you saw that montage, every single pledge about afghanistan basically has been delayed. why should we think that this is just nothing more than another delay and the next president's likely to have to continue this policy in perpetuity? >> well, i think we're discovering that afghanistan is about as tough a place to be as you can imagine. i mean, clearly, trying to put an afghan force structure and trying to put in a way by which they can pay for it, make sure that these troops are well-led is really a cause for concern. and i think, clearly, the experience with iraq has very much played on all of this. so sort of here we are again. >> you know, embassy, i'm wondering, are we trying to too hard to create countries,
2:43 pm
structures of countries that look like our structure in some form or another? do we got to rethink this and say we're better off if these countries want to govern themselves more like tribes, more tribally, that maybe that's how we've got to work and we have to stop thinking of these as countries in the way and federal governments in the way that we're trying to so hard to conceive? >> you know, the issue is, when we get involved, we realize that the situation's not just a security situation, it's a social situation. it's all kinds of situations. so as we start examining it, as we bring in a lot of americans to look at it, everyone starts coming up with their own view of what is causing the problem, is it women's rights? is it poor elementary school education, et cetera? and before you know it you're trying to reform everything in society that hasn't been done for thousand years. you start getting ambitious because you realize how difficult the problems are.
2:44 pm
and i think we might want to dial that down a little and try to, you know, look at some of the major issues and not try to, you know, socially re-engineer the country. >> embassy, it strike me what the president is say he needs to do in afghanistan, keep a significant number of troops to deal with counterterrorism, you know, i look at it and say, why afghanistan and not doing the same thing in syria? i understand why not syria, maybe it's a quagmire that you can't ever get out of. but we're sort of saying we have to do here in afghanistan but we have the same potential counterterrorism issue in syria and we're not doing it that way. >> well, we have a counterterrorism issue in a number of countries. it's kind of difficult to deal with it across the horn of africa, i mean, all kinds of places. but you recall the debate a few years ago when vice president biden was saying, let's go down to counterterrorism strategy, and other people in the military
2:45 pm
were say, no, look at this much more comprehensively. to some extent delaying departure of troops we are getting over to the vice president biden view that we need to kind of take care of a couple of urgent issues, namely, counterterrorism, and leave the rest to the afghans to work out. >> i was going to say, talking about vice president biden there he was the guy that said maybe partition iraq and everybody said he was wrong about that. is he turn out to be more -- >> he understands these issues. when i was in iraq, i was there for 16 months and he came out there five times. he's very interested in these issues. he understand them. but he also understands trying to change borders in that part of the world, show me a border change and i'll show you another war. it not that easy. so i think the real issue is trying to build institutions and allow for enough descend tralization such people and have
2:46 pm
their autonomy and live together. >> thanks for coming on "meet the press daily." . thank you, sir. still to come, online fantasy sports under federal review. pete williams why the fbi and department of justice are looking into fantasy leagues are even legal. the citi double cash® card comes in very handy with cash back twice. with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay.
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2:48 pm
it's "w" time. the who, jim webb. debate beef was he wasn't getting enough time. today, he took that beef even further. >> either the option in the debate, i want to be frank, it was rigged in terms of who was going to get the time on the floor by the way that anderson cooper was selecting people that supposedly respond to something someone else said. i turned around to bernie sanders one point and said, bernie, say my name, will you? >> now the what. it's another poll dancing on "ellen" disco inferno, burn, baby, burn. he said his hair is better than donald trump's. now to the when. it's time morning, 7:00 a.m. see our new nbc news survey monkey online poll instant reaction of the first democratic post-debate poll, instant reaction of who won the debate
2:49 pm
and see if it has changed around the race. let's go to the where. it's dodger stadium. it's the deciding game of the national league division series between the mets and the dodgers. winner faces the cubs. i love l.a. and now to the why. check out this ad from louisiana. >> edwards pushed to expand obamacare in louisiana. calling it a moral imperative. >> i supported the president. i supported the president. >> we can't trust an obama liberal like john bell edwards. >> right. that's a spot by the republican governor's association, as for the why? louisiana is a jungle primary state where the top two vote getters in the primary face off in a run-off general election. what does this ad tell us the republicans are prepping for a tough fight between the democrat, john bell edwards, and the likely republican who will end up in the run-off, david vitter, not lived up to the expecttations during the campaign. there's a debate for all four candidates on the stage tonight.
2:50 pm
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2:53 pm
they're not there yet, they say. so, what they want to know is what happened here and the second thing thai trying to figure out is whether it would violate federal law. gambling is illegal, but the question is whether being involved in theodis fantasy leagues is actually gambling. the leagues have always argued that gambling involves strictly games of chance and that this is not a game of chance because you have to have some expertise in putting these teams together. >> thank you, pete and we should note that nbc sports group and nbc's parent company are among the investors in fan duel, one of the two big ones there. next in the lid, we'll cap off the day's biggest political headlines. stay tuned. that's not the ground leo put that down when your day goes on and on, you need 48 hour odor protection that goes on clear for no white marks. secret outlast clear gel. sure! i offer multi-car, safe driver,
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movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. time for the lid to cap off today's big news. tonight, i'm joined by center of the boston globe and mark kaputo. we've got jeb bush's campaign, we had a story this morning, a little bit of cutting back. there is a sense of urgency in bush world right now that i'm sensing, the super pac has announced they're going up with a major tv buy in the sec primary states. this is real skittishness. what is is it over? poll placement? donors? what are they responding to? >> everything. this part of the game, they would have figured that jeb had done all of the ground work.
2:58 pm
he's been at all of theesz town hall meetings, meeting voters and at the same time, his poll numbers keep dropping and donors keep giving money and then they started advertising and his poll numbers kept dropping. there's this weird thing that where no matter what jeb is doing, whether talking at a town hall or being advertised on television, it's not helping. as some have said, it's like look, we're giving this as an investment, we're not seeing a return. obviously, doesn't mean the race is over, but some of their calculations have been wrong. they thought trump was just going be ephemeral and fall apart and it was just going to be a two-man race. it is a two-man race, right now, it's trump and carson or trump and whoever pick your flavor of the day is. >> and shera, up here in new england, you see a lot of new hampshire advertising. i watched it already. bush is dominating the air waves, but all of the quote unquote establishment candidates are struggling to gain traction.
2:59 pm
kasich, rubio, bush. i'm sensing issues with all of them. >> there are issues with all of them. like mark said, you see trump in front, then ben carson in second. carly fiorina and then the establishment vote is split several different ways. it's quite interesting because in the past when it comes to campaign advertisement, usually, you campaign to get on top. now, it's more of a sign that anything that your campaign is in trouble, that you're spending or the super pac is spending all of the money on the air waves, which is the case with bush. >>, ma, today, we had rand paul's campaign put out a memo, first line, hey, reports of our campaign being dead, on the ropes, they used the phrases, is just not true. it tells me if you have to write the memo, you've got a problem. >> it's like i didn't cheat on you, honey, i swear. possibly the worst campaigning i've ever seen. when you have to deny something ahead of f time, especially when
3:00 pm
people aren't even talking about you. people aren't even talking about how he's dead because he's so dead. >> and there was a time a year ago we thought paul and walker would be the front-runners. >> yeah, well, it didn't turn out that way at all. i think we're going to see more of that with a fund raising numbers coming up when we see rand paul's report in full. it's just, i mean, especially you see rand paul going to a lot of college campuses. t if you're talking to such unreliable voters, that's not going to work. >> i apologize, we had to cut it short, but too much news, not enough time. we'll be back friday with more. peter alexander picks up coverage right now. right now on msnbc live, threatening a boycott. republican front-runners donald trump and ben carson demanding major changes or they


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