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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  October 15, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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you. people aren't even talking about how he's dead because he's so dead. >> and there was a time a year ago we thought paul and walker would be the front-runners. >> yeah, well, it didn't turn out that way at all. i think we're going to see more of that with a fund raising numbers coming up when we see rand paul's report in full. it's just, i mean, especially you see rand paul going to a lot of college campuses. t if you're talking to such unreliable voters, that's not going to work. >> i apologize, we had to cut it short, but too much news, not enough time. we'll be back friday with more. peter alexander picks up coverage right now. right now on msnbc live, threatening a boycott. republican front-runners donald trump and ben carson demanding major changes or they insist
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they'll skip the next debate. president obama changing course, the u.s. military pullout from afghanistan. more than 5,000 troops will stay and the fbi is swinging from the fences, investigating those daily fantasy sports. are draft kings and fan duel breaking the law? good day to you. the next republican debate could be missing two key players. the party's front-runners. donald trump and ben carson are now threatening to skip the october 28th debate. neither man likes the format. trump is demanding cnbc change it calling it quote, ridiculous. he just tweeted -- and while they hash out these debate demands, new numbers show that swreb bush pulled in about $13 million in the third quarter, the last quarter. less than ben carson. less than bernie sanders and hillary clinton. on the democratic side, clinton
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just picked up new ammunition before she testifies on benghazi scheduled for one week if today. another republican congressman is speaking out, reiterating house majority leader kevin mccarthy's claim that the committee was set up to target clinton. >> sometimes, the biggest sin you can commit in d.c. is to tell the truth. >> yeah. >> this may not be politically correct, but i think there is a big part of this investigation that was designed to go after people, an individual, hillary clinton, and you know, i think there's also a lot of it that's important that we needed to get to the bottom of this. trz. >> so, let's get right to nbc news editor, carrie dan. is this just another power play by trump? >> this is a little bit of a power play from trump, who can say i have to leverage to make demands about the debates,
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citing the huge ratings. he can say look, if i'm not there, your ratings are going to suffer. now, trump and carson put out this letter today saying they don't the format. they don't like not having opening and closing statements guaranteed and want no more than 120 minutes. these are concerns shared by some of the other candidates as well. >> one of the complaints is the democrats were only on stage for a short period of time. why are we on for such a short period of time. one reason, there's nine, maybe ten that will share the stage. >> exactly, there's more of them and a much more dynamic or big differences between these candidates and getting into that material is obviously a desire that all the networks have. >> cnbc says our goal is to host the most substantive debate as possible. our practice has been to forego opening statements to address the critical issues that matter most to the american people. we'll take the candidate's views on the format into consideration. i want to ask you about fund raising numbers.
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the bottom line, the headline here is that jeb bush who raised a ton in the first quarter, that's one of the defining features of his campaign. raised a whole heck of a lot less in the last three months. >> they're saying they raised $13.4 million. that's a respectable number in comparison to most of the others we've seen so far. more than aruba row, cruise, less than ben carson, but a big number that a lot of the campaigns are pointing to is that he has less money in the bank thatn a lot of his rivals. >> burn through money a lot quicker. >> got about $10 million in the bank. less than cruise and rubio. other candidates are saying we're manage our money better. when jeb bush announced he had 16 days before the end of that fund raising quarter, he raised about $11 million in that amount of time. this is three months coming in at 13.4. >> appreciate it very much. thank you for that. we want to know will skipping the next debate hurt trump and carson? you weigh in. yes or no. that's today's big poll pulse
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question. let us know what you think. with me now are keith boykin and susan dellpercio. the two republicans are threatening to skip this debate. is there a real chance we don't see them on stage? they combine for almost 50% of the vote. without them, it's not really a debate. >> what they're asking for is quite reasonable. that will most likely happen. and the two hour debate is plenty of time. i think everyone was ready to lose their minds after three hours on the last debate. i think you'll see both of them on the debate stage. >> and trump made it clear after the last debate on cnn that he wasn't happy about it. take a listen to some parts of that. >> had a great time, but it shouldn't have been three hours. they say, who cares about these people? who cares about our audience because nobody wants to watch for three hours. let's let these suckers stand up there for another hour in a room
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that was 100 degrees. that room was hot. i mean, poor chris christie. no, it's true. i was like, a piece of water. rubio, i had never seen a young guy sweat that much. >> so, keith, is this latest threat just trump being trump? is this more of the same? >> yeah. i mean, he has a lot of leverage there. if he decides he's not going to par t participate in a debate, i think cbs will go with his demands. trump is the main attraction right now, quite frankly, for the republican party and they want him on the stage. cnbc wants him on the stage and the republican mainstream wants him on the stage. so, i think you can't deny him what he wants. >> and just one thing if i could add, peter, is that don't forget, this is the first time the candidates actually heard what the format was going to be. so, it's not like they just decided one day to wake up and
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say, no, we're against it. they were on a conference call, told this is the debate format, so this is pretty normal. >> it's supposed to be 120 minutes of talk time with some commercials. nobody ever said this was going to be a three h hour debate. might be two hours and change so they can get paid by some advertisers, but just to be clear about those details. i want to ask you both about another headline. this is the house benghazi committee, the chair just fired back at these comments earlier from richard hannah. that we played earlier today. goudy said the following. there are seven members of the benghazi committee who are intimately familiar with the work of the committee. congressman hanna is not one of them. what effect do statements questioning the committee's intention, hanna said if you have a truth serum, they are trying to take down hillary clinton. >> well, clearly, this is the
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politically motivated committee. this investigation has gone on loeng longer than the watergate investigation went on and we have here now, two republicans, kevin mccarthy, the house majority leader already coming out saying it was political and now, richard hanna saying this was clearly political. designed to drive down hillary clinton's poll numbers and you have this other committee staff member, the former staff member who's also acknowledging this was a political motivation behind this committee. look, hillary clinton acknowledged she didn't do exactly what she should have done, but she did nothing different from what other secretaries of state including colin powell did and he started a war in iraq. republicans never bothered to investigate that. of course, it's political and time to move past this. bernie sanders said, people are sick and tired of these damn e-mails. >> i think hillary clinton will do well at the hearing. this is something right up her valley. she tends to prepare well for these types of things. l the american public separates the two.
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when we talk about the hearing on benghazi, i don't believe they put that together with the e-mails. that's a separate investigation. one of the results of the benghazi hearings is that there is now an fbi investigation, which is not politically motivated be i the obama white house, keith, unless you think differently. >> didn't know about this server until this committee. >> it is a result of the hearing. >> but susan, hillary clinton is not a target on the fbi investigation. that's been said repeatedly by law enforcement sources. i don't understand why people are dragging up that investigation. she is not the target of that. >> a lot of folks on your side of the aisle have been saying that. >> because republicans keep spinning this lie. >> come on, keith. "the new york times" ap
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reuters -- >> "the new york times" says that hillary clinton is not the subject of this investigation. >> however, her e-mails are. >> susan, keith, let me ask you a question. is there a real concern though for democrats as well as hillary clinton performed on that stage this week, is there a concern for democrats that the last batch of these e-mails, these private e-mails, will be released to the public just three days before any americans vote or caucus for the first time, that's on the days leading up to the iowa caucuses. is that a reason for concern? >> i don't think so. unless there's some sort of smoking gun there that obviously hillary clinton would be the only one to know about that. to be honest, i think the only concern hillary clinton might have, the e-mails, maybe there's something not flattering she said about president obama. i don't think there's anything in there for democrats to be concerned about. >> what we're going to see -- >> now, we're politicizing it, when 4,000 americans were killed in the iraq war, nobody lifted a finger. >> susan -- >> to answer your question,
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peter, the fact is that we may not have to wait until just before the caucus. we're going to see hillary clinton has had probably going to have a very good 30 days on october 31st, a new batch of e-mails are going to come back out and that's going the change the story of the previous 30 days. zbr let's be clear. none of those so far have done anything to us that's changed our opinion, have they? >> no, not a thing. >> nice to see both of you. we appreciate your time. thank you guys very much. and by the way, weigh in on today's big pulse question. will skipping the next debate hurt donald trump and ben carson? go to breaking news ahead. president obama announcing today more than 5,000 american troops are going to stay in afghanistan after he leaves office. this is obviously a major reversal for the president. what it says about the situation in afghanistan.
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also, some developing news about the health of lamar odom. sources telling e he had multiple drugs in his system. he suffered brain damage, we're told. we will get the latest coming up. and the fbi is looking into the world of fantasy sports after an employee of one league won hundreds of thousands of dollars from a competing site. froms
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that doctors are currently treating him for a drug overdose. the 35-year-old estranged husband of khloe kardashian is now hooked up to a ventilator and has suffered at least one stroke. he also suffered brain damage, but we are told he is not brain dead. all of this comes just two days after he was found unresponsive at a legal brothel in crystal, nevada, about an hour northwest of las vegas. morg morgan, what more do we know about his condition and prognosis? >> right now, we're outside of sunrise hospital here in las vegas and we know that members of the kardashian jenner clan have just departed the hospital save khloe kardashian. we also have new details about his day at the love ranch, the brother where he was found unconscious at 3:15 p.m. on
3:18 pm
tuesday. nbc news learned from 69-year-old owner, dennis hof, that odom paid $75,000 on his credit card to have the companionship of two women. we learned from the 911 tapes he used cocaine as cently as saturday. right now, we're outside the hospital waiting for any word, update on his condition and also, the results of his blood toxicology. >> give us a sense. odom's divorce as we understand from kardashian has been filed, but not finalized. what does that really mean about some of the decisions she can and will get to make about him going forward? >> well, it means that she could be the one to decide his fate because quite frankly, both signed the papers on july 17th, but because of a backlog in the filing, the los angeles sue per
3:19 pm
yor courts are only processing those articles filed on the first week of june. it puts her as the next of kin and would make her responsible for all of his medical decisions. >> thanks for that report and joining us right now in studio is dr. natalie azar, doctor, thanks for this. from all of the information we know, what can you say about odom's current prognosis? we talk about brain damage. can one recover from brain damage? it permanent or something if he survives as we are rooting for him, that you can improve your brain function going forward. >> you certainly can improve. one of the disadvantages without speaking to the physicians taking care of thhim and knowin the extent of his injuries, i really couldn't speculate as to what his cognitive function would be loick were he to recover. generally speaking, the damage that one can suffer from an
3:20 pm
insult to the brain like this, whether from stroke or from being unconscious and not getting enough oxygen to the brain for a period of time really has to do with the territory in the brain that's affected. and of course, the severity of the insult to the brain and again, we don't have that information, so, anytime someone says brain damage and there's damage to the tissue in the brain, we can always have some expectation that there can be some recovery, but again, depending on so many different variables that we don't know right now. >> the mixture of these different drugs with reports suggesting there may have been crack-cocaine, some other herball product, so, broadly speaking, it's all of those things together that can create for a dangerous mixture. >> certainly, drugs used in conjunction is usually more dra mat ic and can be more dangerous than one alone, but even if we're just talk iing about
3:21 pm
cocaine, it can cause seizure, stroke, heart attack and heart failure. we don't know exactly the circumstances that led up to a presumed respiratory arrest, but the fact he is requiring mechanical ventilation is progress nosically not the best thing. you know, the people who are taking the critical care physicians taking care of him are obviously watching his numbers very carefully and i think as the next few days evolve, we'll get a better idea as to you know, his general state and how well he may or may not do. >> appreciate your coming to talk to us. a lot of questions we don't know the answers to, but delivers a powerful message about mixing drugs and illicit drugs. thank you very much. some breaking news ahead. a major foreign policy shift for the president announcing today that the u.s. is going to leave more than 5,000 troops in afghanistan after he leaves office. also coming up, and first, huge
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we're back. prices could be dropping in some of the country's biggest retailers ahead of the holiday shopping season. walmart's stock took a huge dive this week after the company predicted profits could be down as much as 12% next year. walmart's stock fell 10% yesterday. down about 29% now for the year. the company's ceo told jim cramer it's because walmart's spending more on wages. >> surprised, shocked because the decline for the largest retail ner the world's stock was stunning to me. >> you know that in february, we announced a two-step wage increase. moved minimum start to $9 this
3:26 pm
year and 10 next year. >> but walmart says it's working to invest in stores and doing online business, especially since amazon has passed walmart, but could their troubles push the company and others to slash prices? tom costello is here with us and give us a sense. so, is this good news for us as holiday shoppers, do we benefit by the struggles walmart may be having? >> fifrl, do you know how many weeks you have until back friday? six weeks. you've got to get going. >> get those girls their gifts. >> here's the thing. you're likely to see according to the analysts we've talked to, more of these big retailers slash prices. so it's going to be walmart. amazon, it's going to be target. the reason for that of course is because they've got stiff competition as matt lauer said this morning, coming from the
3:27 pm
ju jungle. the trouble is they've got this big infrastructure at walmart. they've got 5,000 stores across the country. they've got all these employees they've got to pay. more than a million. >> no amazon stores. >> a lot of retail, a lot of warehouse space. so, as a result, amazon's fixed prices, their fixed costs are a lot lower, so this is going to be a very difficult knife fight between walmart and amazon and anybody else. any other big name retailer who wants to survive. you can name the biggest that come to mind, there are some concern, there are a a new out there that may not survive in the near term. >> the bottom line is we're the beneficiaries. >> you're right. if you're going shopping, the chances are that prices are going to be very competitive this year, so in this case, you might benefit by waiting a little bit. waiting a few months. it's unlikely you'll see them suddenly hike prices. >> so, can can walmart recover
3:28 pm
from this? a lot of people watching, that's probably in the portfolio they own even the retirement accounts. so, how does walmart take care of this? >> down about 30% on the year. walmart makes the argument, we are positioning ourselves to be competitive not next week necessarily, but in two years or so. what that means is thai got to be very aggressive and build out this very robust, e platform so they can compete with amazon. that's going to cost them a fortune. we're talking billions of dollars of investment and that's the only way they're going to continue to be able to win in this game. let's also set the record straight. wl mart is not on its death bed. but what we are talking about is that the serious threat coming from amazon is undermining walmart's ability the to compete. >> brick and mortar is old school. six weeks until black friday. >> do i have to sit next to you
3:29 pm
on a regular basis because this makes me look really bad. >> thanks. coming up next, breaking news, a reversal of course on afghanistan. more than 5,000 troops will remain after president obama leaves office. also, a federal investigation into the world of daily fantasy sports. what the fbi is looking into and how it could affect the game. and the clock is ticking for vice president joe biden to make a decision about 2016. he's in the final stages we are told. what will he decide? ♪
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3:33 pm
more than 5,000 u.s. troops there. for his successor from the taliban, al-qaeda and isis. >> i've decided that instead of going down to a normal embassy presence in kabul by the end of 2016, we will maintain 5500 troops at a small number of bases. we have clarity about what our mission is. we've got a partner who wants to work with us. we're going to continuely make adjustments to ensure that we give the best possibilities for success and i suspect we will continue to evaluate this going forward as will the next president. >> it is a major reversal to his pledge to withdraw almost all american troops from afghanistan by the time he leaves office. these are the numbers. roughly 9800 american men and women in afghanistan. when already is america's longest war, 14 years and
3:34 pm
counting. this afternoon, ash carter defended the move. he says an american presence was still needed in that region. >> afghanistan is on a better path, but more work lies ahead and america's national security remains very much at stake. in that part of the world. the president and the afghan people we're with you, we support you and we're not going to give up the gains we fought so hard to achieve. >> troops will be stationed at kabul, bag ram, kandahar and jalalabad and today, the president addressed those troops directly. >> afghanistan remains dangerous. 25 brave americans have given their lives there this year. i do not send you into harm's way lightly. it's the most solemn decision that i make. i know the wages of war and the wounded warriors i visit in the hospital and in the grief of gold star families.
3:35 pm
but as your commander in chief, i believe this mission is vital to our national security interests in sprenting terrorist attacks against our citizens and our nation. >> joining me now, the atlantic's editor at large and medal of honor recipient and personal friend. colonel jack jacobs. steve, you're a friend, too. let me break this down. this is a lame duck president with barely a year left in office publicly acknowledging that the -- he could keep. write what your take away is from this really significant shift as he winds down his term. >> he doesn't get to check this box off on his legacy of drag u down the wars, but more importantly, his government likes -- they feel like thai got a good relationship with him and where u.s. troops have been
3:36 pm
pulled out in afghanistan, the taliban or warlords or other groups have come in and sort of redrawn the way the map works and we've just seen collapse after collapse. most recently in kunduz so while we may not control all of afghanistan with 130,000 troops in 2011, we'll be able to preempt someone from trying toover throw the regime. >> the experience of iraq hangs over a lot of today's decisions. when the u.s. withdrew from there, the critics say quickly, iraq fell apart, isis spread. the u.s. is staying in afghanistan to prevent a repeat and could be staying for a very long time. how significant is our experience in iraq in terms of the decisions we're making right now in afghanistan? >> well, i think it informs the decision the president made, but one has to ask the following question, is the resource that
3:37 pm
we've committed to afghanistan over the next year to 18 months, is that going to be sufficient to forestall what we saw happen in iraq? and you've got to answer that question if you've got any military experience at all. the answer to that is no. in the longer term, it's not going to do that. what you need is a lot more people, but we're not willing to do that. more important than that -- i was going to say, we need a lot more time. for this kind of fight to actually go in the favor of the government in it takes lots more time. we're starting all over again and the american public doesn't have the patience for either more resources or more time. >> given the experience we have with our inability to train the forces, in syria, the new decision saying we can't help the rebels there. that's been a failure as well. is there any reason for
3:38 pm
americans to have faith that the afghan forces are trainable? >> well, it appears so farther not. but don't forget for a long period of time, they were working for a government in kabul in which they had absolutely positively no enthusiasm for. now, ghani, it appears as if we have a good relationship with him and he is willing to put the forces to work to actually get it done, but all that not with stand, we're talking about starting all over and another decade and i don't think anybody wants to do that. >> steve, give me a sense of what you're hearing from folks around the administration. this has obviously frustrated president obama during his time in office. he's now doing to the next president exact xaktly what he didn't like, which is handing over a war zone, troops, and ultimately, the reigns to his successor, the next president, at an active time of war there. >> it's a long, frustrating slog for them because they wish that after spending literally hundreds upon hundreds of
3:39 pm
billions of dollar, not only on training the military, but setting up scoops, trying to get agricultural production there moved away from poppies an a a drug industry and doing all of these things that we invested so heavily in. that just all looks to fragile and brittle as we've left and departed. and afghanistan is reverting back to form in many ways just as jack said, so, they're weary and depressed bit, but they don't want to see us drawn back immediatery back into the circumstances, but this is a 14-year long war. conflict that has gone on that we've been engaged there and permanent solutions are not something the american public has much of an appetite for. >> it's important we recognize what we're talking about here in terms of the conversation that's being had right now. it's not just about the fate of afghanistan, but the fate of so
3:40 pm
many families. put these numbers up on the screen. u.s. military casualties in afghanistan to date, more than 2300 american men and women who have lost their lives. more than 20,000 who have been wounded in the course of this campaign. now 14 nearly 15 years we've been fighting in afghanistan. what is the community, the folks who are going to go back over there on this merry go round of assignments, what are they saying about the potential for more deployments? >> well, you realize you're talking about a community that's professional. you know, we have a very small number of young men and women who have put on the uniform to defend the republic. they're very professional, well trained. we've got the best trained, best equipped, best educated force we've ever had. they'll to the best job they can. we don't have very many of them and they know they are a very small number of people who are going back time and time again. but they'll do what they're supposed to do as long as they're properly supported.
3:41 pm
their hearts in it, they're professional. we have to keep in mind that a very small number of people we have out there, the only thing between us and terrorists. >> and a reminder during the last debate, the word afghanistan was almost not mentioned. this is still an active war zone and so many american lives on the line over there. always nice to see both of you. thanks very much. >> vice president joe biden is reportedly getting closer to deciding if he'll run for president, but he didn't share that decision today with the media. >> are you running for president? have you made your decision yet? >> i can't hear you. >> he was just hanging out on the steps. nothing he could do but just take the incoming questions. we'll tell you what could help make up his mind, but first, why the fbi has opened an investigation into fantasy sports. those daily fantasy sports
3:42 pm
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3:46 pm
you've likely seen their ads. this all started when an employee won $350,000 on a rival site. that one's called fan duel after he released data that could have been helpful in crafting a lineup. draft king says he did not have an advantage and since the story broke, both draft kings and fan duel have banned employees from contests. nbc's parent group are among the investors in fan duel. joining me now is brent from "usa today." it appears we're in the early stages of this inquiry, but how could this affect the companies and cust ners? as a full blitz across television these days. ads said hey, i won $350,000. what's going to be the tangible impact? >> we're probably going to see the advent of more regulation. they have been largely unregulated. only a few years old and they really didn't get on the radar of lawmakers or regulators until
3:47 pm
cently when they barraged the air waves with so many ads. i think a lot of ledge islators who probably never heard of these companies took notice of them and heard them braking about how much they paid and it sounded like gambling. so, regulation could mean taxes, it could mean fees. it could be fees passed op to users. it could mean some sport of ban. you know, there are states where this isn't really legal in the state of florida in particular. >> help us understand that. so, why is this not gambling? why is this legal anywhere right now? >> well, both these companies, draft kings and fan duel, set up shop in the last few years after a 2006 federal law was passed that cracked down on internet gambling, but also provided legal cover for paid fantasy sports games. so, you could argue that these companies, the growth of these companies and the kind of companies they are, that they weren't really forseen or in existence at the time this law
3:48 pm
was passed so, the intent has come into question and doesn't really cover these companies, but there are other issues, too, as it relates to insider trading as in the scandal last week, where the fbi and others are looking into whether their business practices are in fact legal. >> you reported it's not just the fbi. it's some players as well that are furious about this, including one in kentucky who sued fan duel and draft kings writing quote, accusing the companies of fraud because they failed to disclose their employees had access to insider data the suit claims could help them win million at the extent of other customers. in terms of their bottom line, there could be a backlash from the fans. the idea is that if you know some of the information about who people are picking, if you pick someone who fewer people
3:49 pm
are picking, you have a better shot at winning money. >> yeah. that's several, actually. several federal class action lawsuits that have been filed since this erupted, so, these companies are having to put out a lot of fires with that, too, but you're right. it's brought a lot of skepticism among the casual user who wonders maybe he or show is being scammed by these companies. these companies have denied wrong doing and they have taken measures they say will make sure something like this is never possible. they've prevented employees from betting at rival company's sites and they've hired law firms to evaluate their internal controls against fraud, so, they are in damage control mode right now, but i think you're right. this did cause a lot of skepticism if there wasn't any p before. >> we like the water behind you. looks gorgeous out there. thanks for being with us today. >> always is, thank you. coming up, will he or won't he? vice president joe biden in the final stage of deciding if he's going make a 2016 bid. what could make up his mind?
3:50 pm
new information tonight. plus, the viral video of passengers for booing a flight crew for kicking a crying woman off the plane. what the airline is now saying about it.
3:51 pm
test viral video capturing passengers booing an american airlines flight crew after a crying woman was kicked off the plane. take a look. >> no. >> that's enough.
3:52 pm
>> you are so mean to me. i didn't do anything. >> i'm sorry. i have to have you get off the plane. >> are you serious? >> yes. >> i didn't even know he was talking to me. >> boo! >> the woman says the flight attendant told her she ignored his request to get out of the aisle. she says she simply didn't hear him. another passenger recorded the whole thing on tape. american has responded and say in part, quote, we are in contact with the passenger and have apologized. we've addressed the issue with our team members. speaking of american, finally an unusual reason for a flight delay. bees. queen bee flew into the wing of an airline about to take off thursday and about a thousand others followed. the experts working to get them out. a reporter says the flight was delayed for about an hour but most of the passengers, they were not bemused.
3:53 pm
see what i did there? >> the results of the bing poll question. will skipping the next debate hurt donald trump and ben carson? 58% of you say no. they come into this iworld ugly and messy. ideas are frightening because they threaten what is known.
3:54 pm
they are the natural born enemy of the way things are. yes, ideas are scary, and messy and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful. is it keeps the food out. for me before those little pieces would get in between my dentures
3:55 pm
and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my life now. so it's the question that millions of democrats still want answered, will joe biden run for president. before lunch with the south korean president at the white house, reporters managed to ask the vice president about his plans. >> reporter: are you running for president? >> i'll answer in -- >> reporter: have you made your decision yet? >> i can't hear you. >> reporter: have you made your decision yet? >> reporter: is there still an opening for you in the race, sir? >> i'll talk to you about that later. >> reporter: do democrats deserve your decision, mr. vice president? >> reporter: later when?
3:56 pm
>> good to see you all. >> he was on the steps of the naval observatory, his residence. no answers. nbc news learned biden is in the final stages of making the decision. he knows he has to make the decision soon. he is taking a final look at the big picture to see if there is any real path for him to win the nomination, certainly to try to win the early primary states. i might have decided to keep an eye on two key hillary clinton appearances before making the announcement. those are the dates he could be influenced by her performance at this week's democratic debate. she obviously performed well. how she does next week in front of the national benghazi committee as well. joining me now "washington post" jonathan capehart. i'm struck as we saw joe biden standing on the front steps of his residence. what every reporter dreams of. stuck there waiting for somebody and you pepper him with questions and there is nothing
3:57 pm
they can do about it. i want to get your take. why do you think the vice president is taking so long to make this decision? at some point he may not be hurting the party but is he hurting himself? >> the two dates you showed on the calendar play a big factor on whether he decides to get into the race. also, we're dealing here with someone who has run for president twice before, someone who is still dealing with the loss of his oldest son. who he was very close to. and another thing that we have to keep in mind here is that one of the reasons that we've been talking so much about the potential of a vice president biden candidacy a third time around was the panic within the democratic party, among democratic party faithfuls, about what's happening with hillary clinton, what's happening with the emails and questions about her campaign and whether she'll be able to last.
3:58 pm
questions about her campaign, i think, were put to bed after the debate. and then the next -- the next hurdle will be october 22nd, as you pointed out, the benghazi hearing. after that, if vice president biden doesn't make a decision, the tide is going to turn and a lot of people are going to say, we don't care what you want to do. just tell us what you want to do. >> the chairman of hillary clinton's campaign spoke with andrea mitchell yesterday about the vice president's decision. here is what he said. >> if vice president biden wants to enter and compete for the presidency, then it's time he make that decision. i think the time has come for a decision so that, at the next debate, if he does decide to get in, there will be six podiums on the stage. >> does he owe a decision to democrats right now, to his party? >> well, i think so, yes. had we -- were we having this discussion before the democratic debate, i would say, no,
3:59 pm
actually, vice president biden can take his time. but i think, after the debate performance on tuesday, by all of the -- by senator sanders, secretary clinton and governor o'malley and what that did to quiet down and calm a lot of the freak-out within the democratic party, i think now the pressure really is on for the vice president to say what he's going to do. look, like i said before, he has run for president twice before. he is a sitting vice president. if he were to get on that stage, he would be toe-to-toe with hillary clinton in terms of the amount of knowledge and expertise that would walk into the oval office if he were to become president. but at a certain point people are going to say, look, one of your key decisions that you have to make in running for president is actually saying whether you're going to do it. the fact that it's taking this long, i think is going to start to make people think that is his heart really in it. >> jonathan, thank you very
4:00 pm
much. his brother spoke out to a local paper in florida and said it's all about the dialogue between his head and his heart. great to see you. we appreciate your watching "msnbc live." i'm peter alexander. "hardball" starts now. vast right-wing conspiracy. let's play hardball. good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. one thing is certain in american politics this october before the presidential election. the republican party is putting all its eggs in one basket. that basket is called benghazi. to defeat hillary clinton with the candidates they have looks to be an extremely uphill task. none looks like they have the stuff to go the distance with her in a serious set of debates next fall. what they're hoping for obviously is a knockout this


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