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tv   MSNBC Live With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  October 16, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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good friday morning. i'm jose diaz-balart. this is msnbc. right now all eyes are on capitol hill. any minute hillary clinton's top aide will arrive to testify before the benghazi committee. huma will testify herself. today's hearing comes as criticism mounts, most recently by a republican lawmaker claiming the committee is politically motivated. kelly o'donnell is on the hill. kelly, what are the stakes here this morning? >> the stakes are high on substance and atmospherics. huma is the brain trust to
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hillary clinton so she is high profile in many kways. congress is not in town this week. really the investigative staff will be doing the questioning behind closed doors down the hall. it could last hours and we're told it's being focused on the core issues of this committee and that's going back to the events surrounding benghazi and about the issues of providing information to this committee. there's been a swirl of politics around this, as you would expect and there's been a lot of criticism of this committee. those reasunning the committee to defend that saying there's only a limited of number people who know what's going on behind closed doors. that's made it difficult to explain what they're doing. they've released e-mails but not of high profile people like huma
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abedin. she is the last big name before hillary clinton herself will testify in a public hearing. that's the kind of question and answer that will happen today, one hour for republicans, one our for democrats, backs and forth. and then secretary clinton's appearance is more of thing about public theater. she had wanted to testify in public. it two different ways they put this together. the kind of information that huma abe deen. kelly. >> kelly o'donnell, thank you very much. we go to keene, new hampshire will have a rally this afternoon. do we know how huma abedin will
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prepare? >> we are not seeing huma out with clinton. abedin and clinton are extremely close. she's a constant presence on the trail with clinton. the fact we haven't seen her in a couple of days is an indication of how seriously they are taking this closed door meeting today. clinton, too, after tomorrow is off the campaign trail, a sign she also will be getting ready's for thursday as evening. it tells us they are taking it seriously. at the same time they've raised questions about the credibility of this committee. >> ellie jackson, thank you very much. good seeing you. now to the 2016 dash for cash. this morning we're getting a rare look inside the political operation of 2016 republican front-runner donald trump. while the billionaire says he's
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willing to spend up to $100 million of his own money, a new sec filing paints a different picture so far. katy tur, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. he's already spent about $2 and he's spent about half a million on those hats. he's spent $9 million. since june, 74,000 donations have come in, the of aage razzed. not as much as others and he's also not spent as much -- he's actually spending more of his
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donor money whether or not he's going to dig down deep into his pockets and spend his own money on his cap -- campaign in the past. so far for trump, only $19 million. >> trump tweeted today that cnbc has agreed to just a two-hour debate, which is what he hoped to get yesterday. cnbc has not commented this morning but they did say yesterday it was not their plan and they haven't done in the past that they've had opening and closing statements for the candidates and that they would teak -- take all of this into consideration. my feeling is this is donald trump trying to show his power
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and say he's so powerful, he can change the rules as they go along. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> and joining us this morning, jo george pataki. your campaign, however, so far has raised $154,000 and 14,000 left in the bank. how can you still compete, governor? >> i'll tell you, jose, it absolutely great. i read these reports with this campaign is laying off all the staff because they've spent so much, that campaign is laying off so many. we don't have to worry about running out of money because we haven't had any from the beginning. we knew this was going to be a grass roots, bare bones campaign
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where you have to meet people in small groups one-on-one and that what i'm doing. >> an airline news shows you with zero%. >> that's a tough number but when you believe in the ability to lead. this was not the first time when i ran in position where nobody thought i had a chance. when i ran for governor against mario cuomo, unknown, no money, everybody thought i had zero chance, including the pollsters. but if you believe in your ability to lead, believe in the need to change the economy, then you fight the fight and make the case. that's what i'm doing. >> what do you think are your top bullet points that would make you better than any candidates running in the republican primary? >> first of all, is republican
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voters look at pollations and say they say they're going to do this, that i they're going to get things down done. when i said i was going to reform the criminal justice system, get people off welfare, cut taxes. i got it done. i'm not going to just talk about things, i will be able to do that. second is we could have a candidate we love but unless we do something, we're going to see hillary clinton for four years. get independents, conservative democrats, moderates to vote for me. we have got to win this race. we have to be actually govern, bring people together. and we have to win the election. i know that i can do both those things. i did that in a deep blue state. i can do it in washington. >> already, a lot of take has been and to deport massively the
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entire undocumented pop racial of the united states? yes, we have to control the border and make sure people come here legally. by the way, jose, at the democratic debate, you never heard a distinction between legal immigration and illegal immigration. i think we have to uphold the rule of we have to have a way to legalize their status, not a pathway to citizenship but a pathway where they can come ut from under the cloud. i would rier 200 of hours but allow them to stay and be little participants going forward.
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>> government. >> you look at afghanistan. it not just the taliban and al qaeda, isis is moving in. this is the right decision. listen to the kpaners governor george pataki, thank you very much for be with me proob mud slides in california burying cars and closing imagine highways. a live report ahead. >> and a look at a brothel where
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a developing story out west. parts of california are dealing with dangerous weather. it's a wild scene after mudslides trapped cars and shut down roads. tack a look at this video of a powerful storm hammering los angeles. miguel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the rain is gone but the mud certainly isn't. we're about an hour outside of
6:15 am
l.a. look at the deluge that just slammed into this neighborhood. the mud piles, the debury 6 feet high in some cases. they aren't to rescue some coops prapd cry at. >> it hit with fury. >> hopefully it stops. >> cars, semi-trucks, snaking down interstate 5 trapped in a gridlock nightmare. >> all the mudge equipment from her do witnesses could feel the power and hear the rumble. >> it was just in some spots the
6:16 am
mud is several feet deep, the crippling flarn flooding triggering at least four rescues, children pulled to safety. first responders ordered evacuations. no one hurt but nearly everyone, especially drivers, caught by surprise. >> it took about 20 seconds, maybe 30 seconds for all this happen. it was very very scary. >> too much water foo this how for now in vicious punch has passed but this morning there is plenty of damage left behind. if there's any good news, the rain has stopped for now but forecasters say it will pick up later on this afternoon. that's bad news. after all, there is so much here to clean up. jose. >> miguel, the size of these mud
6:17 am
hills, this is big. >> yeah, jose. much of this area was hit by a wildfire a few months ago or a few years ago so the land here is right ripe and ready to go money there good seeing you. here's or another look at the. >> the video they're seeing is really kind this was a lot of pacific moisture available. this was literalry like midwest thunderstorms happening in the mountains of california. eight bad recipe. because of the droup there's not a lot of vegetation, not at one
6:18 am
point they counted 9,000 lightning strikes in california yesterday. prrch. >> here's where we are right now. watching helpier rain. there still some bad weather out there. as we head through the weekend and today, our futurecast shows the potential for additional thunderstorms out there. flash flooding will be likely. hopefully it will be in unpop lated are unpoplated areas. the flash flood watches go outside of l.a. to lancaster, back to the vegas area and southern utah for the next would you mean of days. 1 to 2 inches of stormy.
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>> bob: and california with the potential to get many upcoming storms like this. you may see a lot more pictures like yesterday. >> bill karins, thanks very much. >> coming up, the latest in a wave of violent. com. don't count him out just yet. >> we'll tell you about the letter he sent to staffers coming up. . you're no longer necessary to apple. >> i'm not okay losing. >> well, it happening! >> the comeback of a superstar.
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we go live to jerusalem. ayman, what's the day like today on this supposed day of rage? >> reporter: yeah, palestinian military groups have been calling for it for the past 24 hours or so. so far here outside the walls of the old city, it's been relatively calm. we've been here since the early hours of the morning. there was a very strong expected racerecommend but across to the west bank and gaza strip, there was that incident where a palestinian was dressed with a press badge. he was shot and killed bill be ebb in -- we haven't gotten any
6:24 am
numbers of injured or fatality. we'll be following that for the course of the next several hours. there was also the indent that took place overnight where palestinians set fire in the city of nab also a. that has grown strong indemat n indemation. they say it does not respect the cultures and values of the people. for now here in jerusalem, it seems to be relatively quiet following friday prayers. >> in jerusalem, thank you very much. the u.n. security council is expected to hold an emergency meeting in about 90ments -- 90
6:25 am
minutes to discuss. >> still ahead, the biden watch goes on. we'll have the very latest on the latest sign he's not out just yet. plus donald trump picks up a general mills will be making marshmallow only lucky charms. yeah! but there's a catch. you have to be one of the ten lucky winners of a sweepstakes to get your hand on a box. that's not very fun! we all all want that!
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sent a letter to former biden staffers last night telling them not to count him out of the race just yet. in the letter senator kauffman said, quote, if he runs, he will run because of his burning conviction that we need to fundamentally change the balance in our economy and the political structure to restore the ability of the middle class to get ahead. kauffman also warned them to be prepared to hit the ground running. nbc's kristen welker is at the white house with the very latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. we know that the vice president is still undecided but he's in his final stages of making a decision. and he is giving this a serious last look. he's making phone calls to organizers in early voting states and of who is potentially telling supporters look, the vice president is still undecided but we are going to need you all to bring your a
6:30 am
game. if bide i don't know gets into the race, he's facing an uphill battle. secretary clinton and bernie sand verse a combined $60 billion on hand. polls show his numbers have actually dropped and the fact that secretary clinton solidified her front-runner status in that very strong performance. next week she testifies before the house benz hearings and there's been a lot of allegations that board is just a committee. for wlint he just recently lost his son, beau. he's been talking to his family a lot about that. we know his family would support h
6:31 am
him. it is a waiting game but we expect he will make a decision within the next few days. thanks. >> we have some brand new polling on vice president biden as well as on the declared democratic candidate. steve kornacki is here with the details of this new poll. >> you're right. this is the first look. this is the fs this is the are. >> we asked who won the debate this week? as you can see, hillary clinton bay very healthy margin over bernie sanders. motte democrats say hillary clinton won that debate. the most important thing otherwise here is martin
6:32 am
o'malley, jim chafee, did any of these second turn. >> kristen just eluded to this in her report. this is the most interesting finding in the national horse race. a month ago we polled this, joe biden was at 15%. you say his name again after this debate, he lost mo-- is th lead coming from? look at this. among white democrat being voters, this is basically an even race mop she is crushing
6:33 am
bernie sanders among african-american voters. she leads him by 54 points. that is really where her lead in this race is coming from right now. you can also break this down. there's a bit of a gender gap. she leads sanders by 7 when it comes to. that explodes to is the when a sprn bernie sanders is beating hillary clinton by a better than two-to-one margin. the oldest senator, hillary clinton a go divisions. jove all hillary clinton continues to lead, jchl -- and if he does -- >> that's the wild card.
6:34 am
he will get security any and attacks if he gets in the race, too. >> thanks for being with me. the hillary clinton campaign in tex's, a state where edged there's a secretary member of the president's cap net, that, from here is clinton yesterday on that subject. >> i think really highly of him, and i rm thrilled to have his endorsement today. both he and his brother, the congressman, are just among the best young leaders in america, regardless of category or the fact that they come from san antonio. so i am going to really look hard at him for anything because that's how good he is. and he deserves the accolades he's receiving. >> and with me now from san
6:35 am
antonio is the secretary of housing and urban development, julio castro. good to see you. >> thank you. good to be with you. >> you said yesterday you don't think you're going to be the v.p. pick. after hearing what hillary clinton said now, what do you think? >> of course those be very nice words but more than anything else, i was just happy to be there yesterday to support secretary clinton. she's doing a great job. >> secretary, secretary, you're great at this but let's talk about you and the possibility because i know that you don't like to answer this specific question. you answer all the other ones, but this one you're doing the dance. what do you think? >> number one, this is not something that you run for. you don't file for office to run for president. she said yesterday in the clip it's premature to think about
6:36 am
anything in the general election because she's in a primary campaign and she needs to win that. and so for me i wanted to make sure as the campaign gears up that i had a chance to show my support. my brother joaquin did that a few months ago. both of us wholeheartedly support secretary clinton and believe she will become president. >> secretary biden is in the process of making his decision. did you want to make your announcement now before biden decides? do you think he should be considering going? >> well, you know, that is a very personal decision for the vice president. and as someone who, myself, has made a decision to run for office before, i know that that fundamentally is about how you feel, what you think you can contribute and also a conversation with your family about, you know, whether everybody's on board.
6:37 am
and so i won't speculate as to whether he'll get in or he won't get in. of course i think he's been a tremendous vice president. i believe if he were elected president that he would be an excellent president. and so my support of secretary clinton had nothing to do with vice president biden. it it's all about my confidence that she would be a great pre . president. >> yesterday the posters were all latino oriented. clinton has 32%, sanders 35% in polling. do you think she needs to make inroads in the latino community by highlighting what? >> well, highlighting her record. the congratulate news for secretary clinton is that she has a strong record on the issues that latinos and all americans care about, whether it's immigration reform,
6:38 am
potential administrative action on immigration, investing in education, making sure that the millions of latinos that have been able to get health carend the affordable care act don't lose it because republicans would take it away. so just on issue after issue she's got the track record and the more she gets her mess oj and out there to the latino community, i think the better she's going to do, i think in the primary or general election. >> you and i have talked about this for many years actually. the latino community in the united states, it has the same dreams, aspirations and difficulties as we all do as a general nation. but the tone that we've been seeing recently, about immigration and about the undocumented, how can there be a better how can we bore into the
6:39 am
real problems that exist when we're talking about semantic issues? >> yeah, i think you and i would agree that sometimes the best way to have a cool headed, reasonable conversation is not in the middle of presidential campaigns to begin with but this one has been particularly vitriolic and of course especially on the republican side with donald trump. my hope is as the general election comes about next year, because both parties know that they have to compete for the latino vote and the asian-american vote frankly and these are two communities that have shown themselves to care a lot about what we're going to do on immigration reform, that you're going to see a more level headed, more thoughtful policy discussion that is not just
6:40 am
about tag lines or, you know, scapegoating immigrants, which is what we've seen on the republican end so far. because the fact is that whether it's through administrative action or congressional action that these are policies that are layered and they have compromises built within them and that needs to be reflected in the conversation that we have. i'm very proud of secretary clinton because she is having that kind of conversation. she understands the policies, she has a track record, she's delivering that record out there to the latino community and all americans and not being afraid to put it out there and that's commendable. >> julian castro, secretary of hud. great to see you. >> take care. >> we're getting our first look at lamar odom inside that brothel. and we're waiting for huma
6:41 am
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stay strong. stay active with boost®. now to a developing story overseas. as we speak the u.s. military says it is investigating reports that a u.s. tank forced its way on to the grounds of that hospital hit by u.s. air strikes in northern afghanistan. richard engel joins us by phone. what more can you tell us? >> reporter: well, we're not hearing very much from the military and doctors without borders is furious about this incident frankly. first on october 3rd the u.s. military said it mistakenly bombed the hospital in kunduz killing 22 people, including doctors and staff. and then the u.s. said it would conduct its own independent investigation through nato, through its afghan military
6:45 am
partners. doctors without borders is calling for an international investigation and it is calling what happened at the kunduz hospital a war crime and a violation of the geneva convention. so you have to understand this incident in that context, that the two sides don't agree about the steps going forward. the u.s. military says it's investigating on its over -- own. and yesterday a u.s. tank forced its way on to the hospital grounds causing fear among the staff and damaging property and maybe potential evidence was also destroyed. doctors without borders say how
6:46 am
the u.s. military is not cooperating with the group, didn't inform the group it was coming and forced its way on to the grounds. one would expect after so much criticism, the u.s. would be treading more lightly in afghanistan and that apparently did not happen. >> richard engel, thank you very much. we'll bring you at home any updates. >> for the first time we're seeing footage of lamar odom inside the brothel where he was found unconscious earlier this week. we were also getting more information about how much he spending. jacob? >> reporter: good morning. lamar inside the hospital behind me going on three days and unfortunately no improvement in his condition to report. the brothel where he was fond is about an hour and a half from here. management has shown a
6:47 am
surveillance video arriving on saturday, getting a tour of the building with a couple of girls who he was going to spend his time with. we also learned that he paid $75,000 for what was supposed to be a four-to-five-day stay. we learned he was renegotiating to try to extend his stay through this saturday for the brothel owner's birthday party. the kardashian family, many of them rushed to the hospital on tuesday after they heard the news. the kardashian family has now left the hospital except for khloe. we hear she is his estranged wife. nbc news has learned that the divorce between her and odom was never actually finalized, which means she would be responsible for any decisions about his medical care. doctors have told us that in general somebody who is in odom's position may have brain damage, but it's too early to tell how extensive. he could wake up today, he could wake up in weeks or he could
6:48 am
never week up. and of course we're monitoring his condition here at the hospital. he's fighting for his life. going on three days. thank you very much. of a a short break, a space record. we'll speak with his twin brother mark, whose time in space isn't too shabby either. mark, good to see you. and the new york mets are heading to the national league championship after beating the l.a. dodgers 3-2. this will be the very first time the mets and cubs face each other in the postseason. that's the inspiration for today's "five things" coming up in our next hour.
6:49 am
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how cool would it be to just spend one day in space? just to have that experience of looking down on planet earth. well, nasa astronaut scott kelly gets to do that every single day while commanding the international space station.
6:52 am
and as of today, scott has spent a record 383 days in space over the course of his career. that's more than any other american ever. to mark this occasion, i'm joined by scott's twin brother, captain mark kelly, nbc space and aviation analyst as well as a nasa astronaut. mark, great seeing you. >> great to be here. thanks, jose. >> pretty huge accomplishment, today's record. have you talked to your brother recently? >> i talked to him yesterday. we didn't talk about this record, but it is a big accomplishment. i mean, longer than any other american, you know, in history. and not only 383 days, but he's traveled 160 million miles, more so than any american ever. >> and how does spending that much time in space change you emotionally, mentally, physically? >> well, it's a challenge. i mean, he's going to be there for a total of a year, which we have not done before. and you know, it's a challenge for the human body to be able to deal with microgravity for that period of time.
6:53 am
there's radiation. but also mentally, i mean, you're cooped up inside your workplace. it's like going to work for a year and not being able to leave. but he's doing great. he's handling it really well. >> and not only has he spent 383 total days in space, he's also been there already for seven months straight. so, what is it that nasa can learn from the longevity of his time? >> well, the space station is a world-class laboratory, actually, multiple laboratories. he'll do over 400 different experiments while he's there on stuff like material science and basic physics and chemistry and other things. but they'll also be studying my brother and i because we're identical twins, and that gave nasa a pretty unique opportunity. >> yeah, let's talk about that, this twin study, comparing you and your brother. can you tell us anything about what they've discovered so far? >> well, i don't have any, you know, any real detail information so far. they're in the data collection stage. but the idea here is if we want
6:54 am
to send people to mars some day, we've got to get beyond the data. you know, we have data for people on six months, and if anybody's seen the movie "the martian" out there, you get an idea that these missions are going to take a lot longer than six months. >> yeah, and according to my information, you spent -- you've spent 54 days in space, compared to 383 for your brother. do you have any desire to kind of go back up there and spend some bigger chunk of time there? >> yeah, i would. you know, i made four trips to the international space station on the space shuttle. i really -- i mean, it was a great experience. and if somebody had a rocket ship today, just tell me where i need to show up. >> really? hey, mark, i did nasa's vomit comet, which is how you guys train sometimes, and it's not easy on your stomach when you're constantly in zero gravity. does it affect all of your astronauts? you can't really learn zero gravity and how to deal with it, right? i mean, you either can or can't handle it?
6:55 am
>> you can't, and it's actually a hard thing to predict how people are going to handle it, but over time, i mean, everybody gets used to being in zero gravity. it might take a couple days for certain individuals. vomit comet's kind of hard because you're constantly like two gs and zero gs. >> it's a lot of fun. mark, great seeing you. thanks for being with me. >> you're welcome. thanks for having me on. see you, jose. we have a busy hour ahead on msnbc. we're watching capitol hill where one of hillary clinton's top aides is about to testify before the benghazi committee. it's going to be behind closed doors. we'll talk more about huma abedin's appearance and what it means for hillary clinton and her campaign. plus, flash flooding combined with dry land is causing mudslides in california. cars buried, a major highway closed. details coming up. and brand-new information in the search for escaped mexican drug kingpin joaquin "el chapo" guzman. how close did officials get to the fugitive? our own mark potter has been
6:56 am
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6:59 am
and good morning. i'm jose diaz-balart. let's get right to capitol hill. huma abedin is about to arrive and testify before the house benghazi committee. she is the top aide and close confidante of hillary clinton and may be facing hours of testimony before the panel this morning right behind those doors you see right there. nbc's luke russert is on capitol hill. luke, good morning. this is the last big witness before hillary clinton next week, right? >> reporter: it is, jose, and we're eagerly anticipating huma abedin coming here. as you can see behind me, there's a full-on stakeout going with cameras from all sorts of organizations that want to see her. she is a huge witness because her close proximity to hillary clinton. some of the other clinton aides refer to huma as her second daughter. as far as what the actual testimony will be about today, jose, well, it's not going to be
7:00 am
about a lot of the alleged improprieties that people have said that huma abedin had by having outside work while she was employed at the state department. the benghazi committee said they will not focus on that, that their charter only allows them to focus on what huma abedin knew about the incident itself and the executive branch's response. nevertheless, the clinton campaign says this is a witch hunt, saying, "the republicans' focus on huma of all people and their decision to leak details about her appearance is just another tactic in their partisan plan to go after hillary clinton, and in that vain, we hope the leaks that have become routine do not happen after she completes her interview." we should say, jose, that the benghazi committee is under a lot of political pressure now, in light of that kevin mccarthy gaffe a few weeks ago, saying it was constructed to go after hillary clinton's poll numbers. another republican, representative hannah, echoed the same sentiments this week and the disgruntled ex-staffer said it was a witch hunt against hillary clinton. i suspect you probably won't see the same level of leaks after the huma interview as we've seen
7:01 am
in the past. republicans are really trying to say that this is much more about the incident and the four american lives lost, rather than hillary clinton. >> so, luke, let's talk -- you know, congress is off, on recess this week, so do we know who's going to be doing the questioning? >> reporter: you know, it's funny. who just walked right past me was representative mike pompeo of kansas. we assume the chairman will be here and obviously, the staff of benghazi will be involved as well. but we just don't know because they're in recess. we'll get a few members. i assume some democrats will show up because democrats like to be in the room to give the administration's witnesses some cover, as they say privately. but will this be the full on committee? we do not know. so far, we've only seen representative pompeo, although we do believe gowdy will be here. >> there is also the issue of whether she's going to testify fully or do what hillary clinton's former staff member did, which is plead the fifth. we don't know, or do we? >> reporter: we don't know as of right now, and a lot of this is,
7:02 am
obviously, legal, so we don't get the full view. she could have a prepared statement that's submitted. what i can tell you is that hillary clinton's top aides in the past, her former chief of staff, sharon mills and sid blumenthal, they've been submitted to hours upon hours of questioning. so, we'll see how long this lasts for huma abedin. it could be short, one or two hours. it could last, six, eight, ten, who knows? but we do know that these usually are thorough meetings that they've had so far, the clinton aides. and in this case particularly, jose, i think that we have to go back to this point of how political this process has gotten the last three weeks. i mean, hillary clinton on wednesday on the debate stage saying that this is nothing more than the republicans rehashing all their past grievances against her, trying to keep her down to wild applause there on the podium. democrats like it. republicans are really trying to up the narrative, saying that this is much more serious. so, we'll see how that plays
7:03 am
into the questioning today of huma and what comes out eventually. >> and chairman gowdy, has he been talking recently about this? does he have a statement or anything before today's testimony? >> reporter: well, look, gowdy's been in a difficult position because he's a sober and serious prosecutor, and he took on the job with the intent, he says, and what the leadership says, of trying to do this in the most judicial, honest way, that it was not political, this was about four american deaths. now, there were seven other congressional committees across the house and the senate that did their own investigations that all reached the conclusion that hillary clinton was not directly responsible, there was no standdown order, all these sort of conspiracy theories that have floated out there. i think today's a big day for gowdy. i think next week is a bigger day for him, though, when hillary clinton comes here, because remember, jose, that will be an open hearing. that will be on camera. and when, in fact, that happens, they're going to see the benghazi committee's deliberations play out in public. we haven't seen that.
7:04 am
>> luke? >> reporter: we've only had one opening here -- i'm hearing the shutters behind here. i think huma's arriving. >> she is. these are live pictures. she's just arriving right now, exactly three minutes after the hour. no comments as she goes in. luke, we don't know if she's going to have any comments when she gets out. >> reporter: no. well, we can say that the last aides that have testified -- mills and blumenthal -- have, in fact, made public comments. and it would not be out of line. why is that? we've, they've had almost consume bia moments, saying hey, we're happy to have this questioning, we thought it was a fair and honest process, et cetera. we'll see if that happens with huma abedin. it remains to be seen, but it would not be unlikely. it works to the benefit of both parties, because republicans can point to the witness and say hey, they were treated fairly, they said the process went well, and democrats can say we have nothing to hide, here's our witness talking to the press afterwards. >> luke, thanks for being with me. stay with me. i want to go now to the clinton
7:05 am
campaign trail. hallie jackson is following that campaign. she's in new hampshire right now. hallie, this is a big deal, what's going on in washington today, and the campaign certainly has a lot of attention on that. >> reporter: yeah, and they are taking it very seriously, jose. to play off what luke was talking about, this idea that some of the aides that have testified before closed doors previously have come out and spoken. the clinton campaign seems to feel they are putting forward full cooperation from staffers like huma abedin with the context that they believe -- they're not sure why the committee is focusing on aberdeen. and i want to read you a little piece of this statement that just came out from a clinton campaign spokesperson, saying, "the republicans' focus on aberdeen of all people and their decision to leak details about her appearance is just another tactic in their partisan plan to go after hillary clinton," adding, and "in that vein, we hope the leaks don't continue." they continue to frame this as a
7:06 am
partisan witch hunt, in the words of luke just moments ago. at the same time, we know that aberdeen has not been on the campaign trail the last few days. that's highly unusual. she is almost a constant presence out here with secretary clinton. clinton herself won't actually be on the road early next week, jose, as she hunkers down and preps for this high-profile hearing next week. i'll tell you, out on the campaign trail, you don't hear a lot about this topic from clinton's most ardent supporters. these are the people coming out here, supporting her, rallying for her, so it's not unusual that they wouldn't be bringing this up. at the same time, as we've been talking about for the last several months, clinton appears to have a likability problem. so, a lot of stakes -- i should say, high stakes, really, for her appearance in capitol hill next week. jose? >> hallie jackson in new hampshire and luke russert on capitol hill. thank you both for being with me. someone else likely watching today's developments in the benghazi committee hearings is vice president joe biden. nbc news has confirmed that one of biden's top advisers, former senator ted kaufman, sent a
7:07 am
letter to former staffers, telling them joe biden isn't out of the running just yet. in the letter, senator kaufman said, "if he runs, he will run because of his burning conviction that we need to fundamentally change the balance in our economy and the political structure to restore the ability of the middle class to get ahead." nbc's kristen welker's at the white house with more. kristen, good morning. >> reporter: jose, good morning to you. we know that vice president biden remains undecided at this hour, but he is taking a serious, final look, as he's in his final deliberations about whether to get into this race. in addition to that letter that was sent out by former senator, former biden aide ted kaufman, the vice president himself making phone calls to organizers in early voting states and trying to see if he has a real path to victory in those states, trying to see how much support he actually has before he makes a final decision. now, by all accounts, if he does decide to get into this race at this point, he would be facing an uphill battle, both when it comes to fund-raising. jose, at this point, secretary
7:08 am
clinton and bernie sanders have a combined $60 million cash on hand. also, look at the polls. we've been talking a lot about the polls. vice president biden's poll numbers have actually dropped, according to our latest nbc news survey monkey poll. so, you have to imagine that team biden looking at that as well, because of course, he's still not an announced candidate yet. and by all accounts, his poll numbers should remain pretty high, and that hasn't happened, in part because secretary clinton has had a strong past several weeks. she had that dominant debate performance, and she started to turn the page on the e-mail controversy. and then you have these allegations that luke was talking about that the benghazi committee, according to a former investigator with the committee, and according to the house majority leader, is focused on politics, focused on secretary clinton's poll numbers. of course, that's something that the chairman of the committee has denied. but nonetheless, as hallie was just talking about, secretary clinton and her campaign have tried to use that to discredit the committee and today's proceedings. all of this taken together, we
7:09 am
know that vice president biden is going to make a decision soon, possibly by the end of the weekend. democrats from all quarters saying it is time for him to decide. jose? >> kristen welker at the white house. thanks. >> reporter: thanks. now we're going to show you the money in 2016 dash for campaign cash. who's winning the race? msnbc's steve kornacki has been poring through new filings with the federal elections commission as welcome as new nbc polling. what are the big takeaways for you? >> reporter: we have all sorts of numbers. big takeaways involving jeb bush and ben carson, the two headline names in the republican side. i'll show you why. first of all, let's start with this, though. this is hot off the presses, the newest nbc news online poll done with survey monkey. this is a scientific poll, weighted with census data. this is a very credible poll showing donald trump in first place on the republican side. ben carson, look at that movement for ben carson just over the last month, going from 14 to 23 points. everybody else in single digits. you can notice jeb bush down there, look at that, at 5%, back
7:10 am
in sixth place. that's where jeb bush sits in this poll, in the middle of october. now, let's get to the money. the third quarter -- that's the months of july, august, september -- the candidates had to have their reports in yesterday. we now know what they all took in for those three months. again, the headline here, ben carson, nearly $21 million his campaign took in over that three-month period. that is a shockingly high number. it is further proof that those poll numbers you're seeing from him are not a fluke. there is some real support there for ben carson. now, i said the other headline here involves jeb bush. now, $13.4 million. obviously, that's a lot of money. that doesn't seem to be bad news for him. it puts him in second place for the last three months, but let me show you why that's discouraging news for jeb bush. it's this. this is the cash on hand. this is how much money the candidates have right now as they head into this final 3, 3 1/2-month stretch before iowa and new hampshire and all the voting begins. for jeb bush, for the $13 million he took in, he spent a lot of it the last few months
7:11 am
with $10 million on hand, in fourth place on the republican side in terms of how much money these candidates have. he is at 5%, as we just showed you, in the poll of all republican candidates, and he's in fourth place with cash on hand. the problem for jeb bush is this -- you remember, at the start of this campaign, they talked about the shock and awe strategy. that's what the bush people talked about. they were going to raise all this money, intimidate all of the other candidates away. they'd be well into first place by now. instead, this is where he's sitting. the potential here is that the money can start to dry up if donors get discouraged by how much he has or how little he has and how poorly he's doing in the polls. quickly, we can take you through the democratic side as well. kristen just alluded to this. hillary clinton taking in nearly $30 million over the last three months. the big surprise there, bernie sanders most as much money as hillary clinton taken in over the last three months. and if you look at how much they have heading into this home stretch before iowa and new hampshire, hillary clinton and bernie sanders, again, very close right there, a combined $60 million.
7:12 am
and martin o'malley, who's been trying like heck to get traction in this race, not even $1 million on hand. not a good situation for him, jose. >> and steve, back to the cash on hand. you know, the final one on the republican side was -- who was it -- >> trump might have been -- we can go back and look. >> yeah, trump has $2.5 million. i think it's the only time that that headline is exactly right. he actually probably has $2.5 million cash in his hand. >> that's true. and you know what donald trump is saying about this, he's saying this is proof that i am a good businessman, because look at where i am in the polls and look how little money it's taken me to get there. >> steve, thank you. it's good seeing you. >> all right. so much ahead on this busy friday, starting with the alarming escalation of violence in the middle east. hamas is calling for a day of rage against israel today. this is a live look at bethlehem right now. nbc's bill neely is up with more on this story. we're also tracking some rough weather from coast to coast. check out this hail storm last
7:13 am
night in elizabeth lake, california. part of some powerful storms bringing torrential rain and mudslides to southern california. we're going to take you there live where major cleanup efforts are under way as we speak. also, a taste of winter in the northeast. already? look at that. look at those temperatures! on saturday. are we going to have to start breaking out those winter coats soon? i think so. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost®. i built my business with passion.
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7:16 am
and now to the middle east, where an israeli soldier was stabbed by a palestinian disguised as a journalist. the soldier was slightly injured. the attacker was shot dead. it happened despite increased security across israel that up until about a couple of hours ago seemed like it might be calming things down.
7:17 am
nbc's bill neely is live in jerusalem this morning. bill, good morning. so, hamas has called for this day of rage. what does that mean? what have you seen? >> reporter: good morning, jose. i mean, far from being a day of rage, this was a day of -- and let me say this very carefully -- relative calm. two reasons for that. palestinians, by and large, did not respond to the call of groups like islamic jihad to confront israeli security forces after friday prayer. and secondly, those security forces simply swamped areas like east jerusalem to try to smother any attempt at protests. three things, however, worthy of mention. first of all, as you say, another stabbing. one palestinian was killed when he was dressed as a news photographer, actually, with a shirt that said "press." he stopped an israeli soldier and was himself shot dead. secondly, in gaza, several hundred palestinians confronted israeli defense forces at the border crossing. one man tried to get across the
7:18 am
border fence and was shot dead, and many others were wounded in those clashes. and thirdly, in bethlehem, at a place where there have been almost daily clashes, there were more today, youths throwing stones. but you know, taken together, you could say that only about 500 palestinian youths were actually involved in this. so, clearly, they did not heed that call. and i don't want to be too overly optimistic, but there are glimmers of hope. there is the possibility jordan is certainly trying to organize something of talks. john kerry is on his way, benjamin netanyahu in a very bitter news conference did actually say he was willing to have talks. i think the problem is that how can these leaders stop individual palestinians taking up knives to try to stab and kill israeli civilians? this is at the core of what the crisis is all about. this is, if you like, asymmetric warfare. it's very, very difficult for john kerry, netanyahu, or anybody else to stop this.
7:19 am
miles an hour m mahmoud abbas has only made one statement since the violence began, but i think it's beyond political leaders to solve this. today, certainly here in jerusalem, we have had a second day of calm. no incidents reported here. but as i say, across israel today, two dead, many wounded, but it was not what i would call a day of rage, but a day of relative calm. jose? >> bill neely in jerusalem. thank you very much. we're following a developing story out of southern california, where mudslides hammered parts of the region, trapping drivers and destroying homes. parts of the i-5 highway shut down. check this video out. storm pummeling los angeles county with rain and hail. nbc's miguel almaguer is about 60 miles from los angeles in lake hughes. he joins me this morning. miguel, what's the latest? >> reporter: hey, jose, good morning. it's the mess after the mayhem in this neighborhood.
7:20 am
this area was hit with a deluge of mud and water, just ripping down this area. there's still emergency vehicles. i'll step out of the way here. they are coming all across this area, doing welfare checks, some of these folks here. and they're also trying to make sure that anyone who may be trapped in their home is actually able to get out. this area was hit with 6 inches of rain in one hour. some neighborhoods were just hit with walls of mud. this area burned in a wildfire a couple of years ago, so the ground here is hard as concrete. there is really no place for this water to go. it is all rushing downhill. and it's not just these neighborhoods like this where they conducted at least four rescues overnight yesterday, but also over on interstate 5, a major artery, a major thoroughfare for so much of southern california. that is shut down still at this hour. waves of mud just washed right over the interstate there. today they are rerouting traffic around i-5. that's going to be a major concern. and joesiose, back here at this location, they're talking about more heavy rain later on this afternoon.
7:21 am
now, forecasters say it may not be as powerful as yesterday, but take a look at this. they don't need more rain with all of this dirt and debris here, jose. >> miguel almaguer, thank you very much. i want to bring in nbc meteorologist bill karins to talk about this. >> incredible. >> bill, good morning. so, what are these conditions that triggered these mudslides, and are we expecting more rain in the area where miguel is? >> a little, but most of the heavy rain should be away from that area, so you know, any little bit can actually -- you know, obviously, the ground's unstable. >> right. >> so, we'll watch that carefully. the conditions that led to this is we've had an upper level low, a storm lingering off the california coast, drawing and pulling in moisture off the pacific. and yesterday the conditions were ripe in the afternoon, especially the elevated areas in the mountains. we got a lot of lift in the air. we just wrung it out and that's what happened when we dropped it. we have conditions similar to that, shouldn't be as bad, but from southern portions of utah, through nevada and also into areas of central california. that's where we're still going to have the potential, at least, for flooding out there. it shouldn't be as extreme, but maybe one to two inches in a few spots will cause issues. the other story, this weekend,
7:22 am
the cold blast is on its way. it's already made its way down into the northern half of the country. these are freeze warnings, saturday morning near chicago, sunday morning through the ohio valley, and that will be extended into the northeast. many areas are going to see their first killing freeze of the season. this will be the end of the growing season. so, saturday morning, 32 in minneapolis, 29 green bay, chicago at 33. so, when the cities are this warm, and they have the urban heat island effect because the pavement holds the heat in, all of the suburbs will probably be five, maybe even ten degrees colder than this. then on sunday morning, buffalo, pittsburgh, new york city will be 39, but in the suburbs of new york city, down around freezing. hartford at 32. northern new england, the leaves are at their peak, but it's going to be frosted and maybe even snow-covered by the end of the weekend. there's going to be some rain mixed with snow showers, especially northern new england. so, if you're leaf-peeping, wear the winter clothes. it will be a picturesque scene, but you'll need your hot chocolate and your coffee. >> it's cold. >> you've got rain showers that are going to linger for you into south florida, jose, so even through the weekend, you could -- i know you've still been adding up your rainfall. you've been getting more the
7:23 am
last month, but you'll have hit-and-miss showers and storms the rest of the weekend. the rest of the country looks great, by the way. we get one cold shot in the east this weekend and then it's gone. next weekend we're in the 60s and 70s. >> wow! >> it's not here to stay. >> we here on the show knew it was going to be 83 tomorrow because our amateur meteorologist, victor -- >> what, i've got competition on your show? >> yeah, yeah! >> man. >> he said he may have to bring out the dry suit to go in the water -- >> the dry suit. >> because it's going to be 80 degrees this weekend here in miami. >> poor guy. >> i know, it's tough. bill, great to see you. have a great weekend. up next, the stick figure drawing that helped nap a suspect. and wall street, the dow is up 14 points. had a strong rally yesterday. we're going to have more on this. but first, get this, santa claus won a seat on the city council in alaska's north pole. by the way, it's actually his legal name and looks to me like it's santa claus. he says he previously worked as a senior park ranger.
7:24 am
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make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. we're following developments from wall street this morning. stocks have been showing very little movement in this first hour of trading, up, what, five points? cnbc's morgan brennan is here with the "market rundown." morgan, good morning. >> good morning, jose. stocks were largely flat, as you pointed out, but they are on track for a third straight week of gains. despite all the market turbulence over the last few months, the s&p 500 is now about 5% from its all-time high hit earlier this year. now, the stock has leading the s&p higher today, it's toy-maker mattel. barbie doll sales continue to tumble, down about 14% last quarter as girls gravitate to other dolls, like disney's "frozen," but the company saying earnings results were "broadly in line with our expectations at this stage of our turnaround." so, seeing the stock get some lift there.
7:28 am
shares of general electric, keep an eye on those. those are at a seven-year high today after earnings beat forecasts. the company's been spinning off its financial services unit, ge capital, to focus on its industrial businesses. and if the stock closes above 29 bucks a share this afternoon, it will be the first time we've seen ge do that since summer of 2008, before the recession. also, brace yourselves, consumers, it's going to cost more to ship packages. u.p.s. is raising rates by 5%. that goes into effect the week after christmas, but big brown is also boosting a surcharge on oversized, heavy packages starting november 2nd and freight rates at the end of this month. fedex announced similar increases in september. so, it's going to cost a little more to ship your stuff coming in to next year, i'm afraid to tell you. >> yeah, morgan brennan. great seeing you. thanks for being with me. u.s. airman spencer stone is waking up in his own bed this morning, released from the hospital one week after being stabbed. you can see stone was all smiles as he posed for pictures with the uc davis medical center
7:29 am
staff. stone, if you remember, was hailed as a hero after helping stop an attack on a french train in august. then a week ago, he was stabbed during a brawl while allegedly defending a woman. police are still looking for the people who stabbed him. now to connecticut, where an 11-year-old girl is being honored for helping officers solve a string of burglaries on her street. rebecca dipietro drew a stick figure of the suspect that police say helped lead to an arrest. the suspect has since confessed to ten burglaries in the area, including the break-in at dipietro's home. today a third woman will officially become an army ranger. 37-year-old major lisa jaster, a mother of two and an engineer, who left a position with the shell oil company to tackle ranger school. she had previously served seven years on active duty. jaster is the third woman to graduate from a grueling army ranger course, following shane hafer and captain kristen grist. it's the end of an era for us airways, preparing for its final flight more than two years after announcing plans to merge
7:30 am
with american airlines. flight 1939, an overnight redeye from san francisco to philadelphia scheduled for 9:55 p.m. takeoff. it's the last flight under the us airways name. the carrier will fully integrate their reservation systems under american airlines. happening now on capitol hill, a huge meeting under way in the benghazi investigation. top hillary clinton aide huma abedin now testifying before the house special committee. we're going to have the very latest on that live from capitol hill. and fresh numbers on 2016 campaign cash. we'll tell you about donald trump's unsolicited donations. plus, political newcomer ben carson is raking in big donor dollars. details behind the numbers on "msnbc live." diabetes, steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady, clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead.
7:31 am
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7:34 am
she's now behind closed doors, where she'll remain until the end of questioning. let's go back to nbc's luke russert, who's standing by on capitol hill. so, luke, she's already in there. we don't know much about what's happening, right? >> reporter: i can't hear, unfortunately, i'm sorry. phone dropped out. >> you can't hear me, luke? no? you know what happened, his phone dropped and he's in the middle of his hallway. we'll get back to luke in a bit. but huma abedin is testifying there behind closed doors. we don't know how long it's going to be, but we know that, you know, it could be hours. and we're going to try to re-establish communication with luke. but i want to talk to you a little bit about -- oh, now times being told luke is back. luke, your phone is back and working. that's a good sign for me and for you. let's talk about what's going on right now. >> reporter: can you hear me, jose? >> i can hear you so well, it's scary. >> reporter: i'm sorry, this is our new technology that allows us to broadcast live from the bowels of the capitol, but you have to use your cell phone. sometimes with this concrete,
7:35 am
the signal goes out. we're here outside where huma abedin is testifying before the benghazi committee. you see all these cameras right here. and it is a big media scrum and media presence. so, jose, in terms of what we know about her testimony today, well, i can tell you that two members of congress i saw walked in there, lynn westmoreland and mike pompeo, both republicans on the benghazi committee. toes what the testimony will be about, well, the committee has said that their charter only allows them to question her about the events that happened on 9/11/12 and the administration's response to that. so, that's what the focus of the questioning will be on, per the benghazi committee. they went out of their way to say this will not be about huma abedin and any outside employment she had while she worked for hillary clinton at the state department. a lot of people have said maybe some of that employment was improper because it would lead to a conflict of interest. but those questions will not happen. now, the campaign is saying that this is nothing more than partisan politics, and they're pointing back to that gaffe by kevin mccarthy a few weeks ago, saying this was done for hillary
7:36 am
clinton's poll numbers to go down, and a recent one by representative richard hannah of new york, saying this was done to go after hillary clinton. not to mention there's been a disgruntled ex-staffer of the benghazi committee who said this was nothing but a focus on hillary clinton and her e-mails. as far as how long it could go, it could be two, four, six, eight hours. these things tend to be very thorough, but this is going to be huma abedin's day on the hill. but i'd say this is a setup for next week, october 22nd, when hillary clinton testifies herself, open cameras. that will be the big one, jose. >> luke russert on capitol hill. thank you for being with me. now to the 2016 money race. this morning we're learning new details about the inner workings of the donald trump campaign through a new filing with the s.e.c. and you might be surprised where the money is coming from. msnbc's ari melber has been reviewing this new report. ari, good morning. what'd you find? >> good morning to you. this was donald trump's first report, everyone else's second report. what we found, jose, is a lot of numbers that don't reflect -- no surprise -- the spin of the
7:37 am
campaigns, starting with who's spending what. hillary clinton out far in front of the field. take a look at this. there she is up at the top, well over $25 million that is spent last quarter. as you go down, you see ben carson, jeb bush more around the $10 to $14 million range of spending. and down at the bottom, that little red bar, that is donald trump's $4 million or so spent, $3.9 million raised, $4.2 million spent, i should say. what that tells us, jose, is that donald trump is not spending a lot of money. he tells us now as the numbers came out that the lawyers put him in number tunder s.e.c. rul says that's good because it shows how far he can go without spending. he spent over $500,000 on basically hats and merchandise. the money that he is spending is more from his donors, jose, than from himself. i want to repeat that, because it is different than what a lot of the political press has been saying about trump and what he
7:38 am
says every day on the campaign trail, that he will sell fun. well, so far, slightly more of his spending came from donations than himself. the campaign is calling them unsolicited donations. and to be sure, the trump campaign has not had the kind of formal fund-raising operation or events that many other candidates do, but he does have a big donate button. and over 70,000 people, you see there, took advantage of it at an average range of $50 a pop. this is a giant headline, jose, because that's why federal campaign laws matter, that's why these disclosures matter. today we're seeing a different donald trump campaign than every other day before, because today we're seeing that he is essentially at this point funding his campaign like everybody else, with donations. if he wants to in the future cut big checks, he can do so. so far, he has not, jose. >> apparently, he hasn't needed to. and talk to me about what's going on between donald trump and our sister network, cnbc. >> well, cnbc has not done a lot of further comments on this, other than to say that they're going to run a fair debate and
7:39 am
they're not going to do a lot of public jousting with any candidate. that makes sense. but donald trump himself has been threatening to boycott the debate if his demands are not met. and then later he issued an update on twitter, one of his favorite forms of communication. you see it there, saying that he will get the two hours that he says he wanted. so, that's his gloss on this back-and-forth. the open question here, and i haven't spoken to folks at cnbc. as i mentioned, they're not doing a lot of extra commenting. they just want to run a fair debate for all the candidates. but i think an open question on the outside is, do you see a candidate here making noise to get everyone talking about him in the debate again, or is there a genuine, legitimate, what lawyers would call a colorable issue here? might be little more of the former, depends on your view of the campaign. again, jose, the big headlines today, donald trump not having to spend much of his own money. he says it's a strength because he doesn't have to. i spoke to one former romney aide who said, actually, it just shows he hasn't demonstrated whether he's going to plow $100 million in, as he once promised.
7:40 am
>> ari melber, we'll wait and see on that one, right? >> time will tell, my friend. >> thanks. good to see you, buddy. more now on that big fund-raising report that we've been talking about. want to know which republican candidate raised the most? it wasn't a member of the so-called establishment, a newcomer, ben carson. he out-paced every one of his gop rivals in raking in cash over the last three months. the retired neurosurgeon raised more than $20 million in the third quarter. the same time period where he made controversial comments on muslims. and he's since come under scrutiny for remarks on gun reform and the holocaust. msnbc political correspondent kasie hunt is here. good morning. where's he getting all this money? that's a lot of money. >> reporter: well, jose, you have to spend money to raise money often, and in this particular case, ben carson is using one of the most expensive ways there is to raise that money. he spent $2.72 million on direct mail fund-raising. so, that's a pretty classic, one of the oldest ways to raise
7:41 am
political money and something that speaks to the kind of audience he's looking to raise money from. it's often a talk radio audience, white evangelicals. that's where we've seen him gain a lot of his support. his campaign also says that those muslim comments actually drove up their fund-raising, that they got a lot of unsolicited donations in the millions after he made those comments and then refused to apologize for them, jose. >> and what about -- is he off the campaign trail for now? >> reporter: he's going to spend most of this month fund-raising and doing book events. he's got this new book out. he's going to be spending most of his time over the course of the next few weeks focused on that. he will, of course, be participating in that cnbc debate that's coming up in a couple weeks. so, he's going to spend some time preparing for that. in this media environment, though, jose, in many ways, it's almost all the same. you see donald trump doing a lot of, essentially, earned media events, not spending a lot of money. carson has managed to start to create this potential lead in the polls without doing a lot of
7:42 am
classic campaigning. he hasn't been on the campaign trail nearly as much as many of his rivals, spending a lot of his time instead focused on fund-raisers that have driven that number up, jose. >> kasie hunt, thank you very much. >> thank you. coming up, the latest on lamar odom, fighting for his life in a las vegas hospital, as new surveillance video emerges from inside the brothel where odom was found unconscious. plus, new clues in the search for escaped drug lord joaquin "el chapo" guzman. how close are investigators to finding him? mark potter joins me with the latest on that search. hold the phone. because at&t and directv are now one! which means you can access your dvr at the dmv. change channels while he changes pants. you don't have to be a couch potato, you can be a train potato! and let them watch all the shows they love, inside the ride that you really kind of hate. introducing the all in one plan. only from directv and at&t.
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it takes a lot of work... but i really love it.s. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost®. for the first time, we're seeing footage of lamar odom inside the nevada brothel where he was found unconscious just hours ago. nbc's morgan radford obtained this surveillance video of the nba star during his stay at the love ranch. we're learning more about the enormous figure that he billed -- that the brothel billed to odom. morgan radford is live in las vegas with more.
7:46 am
morgan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jose. that's right, right now we're live outside of sunrise hospital and medical center here in las vegas, where lamar odom is still hooked up to a ventilator. but last night we got new details as we saw the footage of the hours leading up to the time when lamar odom was found unconscious at 3:15 p.m. on tuesday inside the love ranch brothel. i was able to speak to the manager, t.j., who showed me three exclusive surveillance videos where you actually see a profile of lamar odom as he's taking his initial tour of the brothel. and then again, we see him in the corner of the bar, being surrounded by two, and then later, multiple women who are serving him glasses of champagne. take a look at what the manager, t.j., told me as we watched this surveillance video. >> he's been here for about half an hour, back in the private suite. that's where we brought him in to the house. and this is where he is taking his tour of the brothel. >> reporter: one more closer image of him coming into frame.
7:47 am
>> reporter: jose, we also spoke to the cashier who was there when he actually checked into the brothel. she said she spoke to him, he was very polite, made small talk with her, was also very reserved. no, luwanda, that cashier, showed me the $75,000 receipt for the party. and you see that party in the footage that we just showed you. we also saw copies of his driver's license, his bill for the chauffeur ride, and we heard that in the car over, we spoke to the woman who drove him, t.j., who you just saw in the video, and she said he was depressed and actually spoke to her about the death of his mother and the death of his best friend. we also spoke to the owner of the brothel, and he said that a lot of people really don't understand las vegas and nevada brothel culture, and he said in his new book in "the art of the pimp," that it's different than a lot of people imagined, and it's actually a lot safer because of security footage like this. >> nbc's morgan radford, thank you very much. appreciate it. now to developing, new details on the hunt for the notorious mexican drug lord
7:48 am
joaquin "el chapo" gman. let's get right to it with nbc's mark potter, who's been following this story closely and has some pretty amazing information. >> well, what we're hearing as our source information continues to come in is that u.s. authorities believe -- and mexican authorities -- that they came very, very close to finding el chapo -- >> just recently. >> -- last week. and they had him on a ranch near cosala, which is in the mexican mountains, the western mountains. they went in with choppers. they took fire from his security forces. they had to put the choppers down. they went up on foot. he got away with his security forces, they believe, on atvs. they now believe that he's injured, that he was either shot in the leg or that he fell and broke his leg in a ravine. they don't know for sure. they think he has injuries to his face, something with his nose. they had him down, i believe, to first a 16-mile, then a 2-mile radius area that they were pinching in on, but somehow, they believe he got away. they think he's now eluded him.
7:49 am
they have spoken to detainees to try to go after him shortly. they got radios, cell phones, medications, things that lead them to believe they were very close to el chapo. now he's hampered by his injuries. >> this is the last time they captured him, in this video. but there is a little issue on the video that authorities initially released of his escape. they put out some audio of his escape, but no audio. >> now a longer version with audio has been released by a tv network -- >> the government didn't release it. >> no, and they're angry about it. what the video shows is, first of all, there is sound, where you can hear right before his escape the sound of hammering. and i believe we have that -- >> let's listen to that. >> let's run that for a second. >> so, this is what was being heard as the rest of the prison was hearing it. >> right. he had a video player up, but there was a loud hammering going on right before he escaped. the other thing we notice in looking at that video, if you read the time on the bottom and
7:50 am
we put the math together, from the time he went down the hole, it took 28 minutes for the first guard to show up and say, commandante, we have a problem. there is a hole. how big? big. where's the guy? he's not here. then it took another nine minutes, a total of 37 minutes from the time he went down the hole for the first guards to go in the cell, and one of them appeared to go down the hole. then they had to go the length of the tunnel -- >> which is over a mile. >> about a mile, to find out where he went. so, he had a big lead from his pursuers, from the time that he went down that hole. and one more reason that he's still a fugitive. >> mark, you and i have both been in that part right there. you know, when he escaped. and where he escaped to. he had a lot of time to get out, and it was very well planned. >> well, this is a professional tunnel. there is no doubt. >> no question. >> this is mining engineered, it had ventilation, a motorcycle he could ride. it didn't take him long, if he was on that motorcycle with a cart, to get on the other end. it's now believed that he got out, there was a car that took him to an airport, and he flew off into the sierra madre
7:51 am
mountains, which he knows like the back of his hand. he was raised there. that's where his operation is, where the sinaloa cartel is based. but again, they think that they came really close -- >> and he's injured. >> -- to getting him. >> which is a new development. >> that could slow him down. >> mark potter, thank you so much. up next, the new york mets sealed the deal last night in los angeles, beating the dodgers and securing a spot in the national league championship series. they'll be facing the chicago cubs in a best-of-seven series beginning saturday in new york. all this the inspiration for today's "five things: mets versus cubs." when this busy family... a cracked windshield... ...their dad went to the new safelite-dot-com... ...and scheduled a replacement... just a few clicks. with safelite you don't have to miss a thing. y'all did wonderful! thank you. (girls sing) safelite repair, safelite replace.
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so, fans of the new york mets are ecstatic after they advanced to the championship series against the cubs. that brings us to today's "five things: mets and cubs." wrigley field, the home ball club for the cubs is the second oldest active ballpark in the major leagues, behind boston's
7:55 am
fenway park. number two, the billy goat curse. chicago legend claims the reason the cubs haven't won a world series since 1908 is because of a billy goat, really. when they played the tigers in the '45 world series, the owner of the billy goat tavern took his mascot to wrigley field. they were kicked out because, according to one legend, the owner said the goat stinks and the tavern owner said the cubs aren't going to win anymore. so far, he's been right. number three -- "back to the future." 1989's second movie in the trilogy predicted the cubs would win the world series in 2015. cubs fans are hoping that life imitates art. and tom seaver and the mets ron the world series for the first in team history, but it wouldn't have happened without the cubs collapsing down the stretch, losing 17 of their last 25 games. number five -- citi field, the mets stadium, is the team's third home field in their history. when they debuted, they played at the polo grounds and switched
7:56 am
to shea stadium in '64. citi field opened in 2009 and will host game one of the series tomorrow night. by the way, victor is telling me that next wednesday is when marty mcfly in the movie goes to the future, next wednesday. not telling him the movie's not true, but he says it's next wednesday. that wraps up this hour of "msnbc live." thank you for the privilege of your time. have a great weekend. tamron hall's up next. it's time for the "your business entrepreneurs of the week." every fall, washington, d.c.'s small businesses combine commerce and culture, opening up five neighborhoods for their annual art all night festival. shoppers and art lovers are invited to explore different parts of the city until the wee hours in the morning. for more, watch "your business" sunday mornings the 7:30 on msnbc.
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developing now on msnbc, caught by surprise. this morning parts of california near los angeles still reeling from massive mudslides that shut down freeways, stranded drivers and poured mud into abandoned vehicles, even a bus filled with children trapped after this massive storm. we have a live report on the efforts to clear the roads and
8:00 am
the possibility of more wet weather ahead. also developing, hillary clinton's closest aide, huma abedin, behind closed doors right now testifying before the benghazi committee. it comes just days before secretary clinton is due to appear as well. plus, new numbers show just how clinton did in the first democratic debate. and six people accused in the beating of two teenagers in a new york church are due in court just this hour. one teenager is dead, the other seriously hurt. the parents now facing manslaughter charged, and the question, what happened within that so-called church counseling session. good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall. we begin with the massive storm that's left parts of southern california paralyzed after striking without warning. the storm triggered flash flooding and devastating mudslides, burying cars and destroying homes, leaving drivers, as mentioned, and residents trapped for hours. there were frantic resc


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