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tv   MSNBC Live With Tamron Hall  MSNBC  October 16, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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the possibility of more wet weather ahead. also developing, hillary clinton's closest aide, huma abedin, behind closed doors right now testifying before the benghazi committee. it comes just days before secretary clinton is due to appear as well. plus, new numbers show just how clinton did in the first democratic debate. and six people accused in the beating of two teenagers in a new york church are due in court just this hour. one teenager is dead, the other seriously hurt. the parents now facing manslaughter charged, and the question, what happened within that so-called church counseling session. good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall. we begin with the massive storm that's left parts of southern california paralyzed after striking without warning. the storm triggered flash flooding and devastating mudslides, burying cars and destroying homes, leaving drivers, as mentioned, and residents trapped for hours. there were frantic rescues,
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including a group of kids who were trapped at school. a stretch of the busy i-5 freeway closed, and other roads remain shut off right now. nbc's miguel almaguer joins me live now from a hard-hit area near lake hughes, california. it is incredible to see what is behind you, miguel, and to know that this essentially came out of nowhere for a lot of these people. it's stunning. >> reporter: that's right, tamron. the rain is gone, but certainly, the damage isn't. over my shoulder here, you'll see this car. we're told there was a driver inside. a woman was inside that car when this hammering rain came down. it was literally pushed off the side of the road. and take a look at this street. we're on elizabeth lake road, which literally turned into a lake yesterday. the mud flowed right down this area. in some spots, it's 5, 6 feet deep. it was a day of wild weather, a day of extremes. it hit with fury, pounding rain, relentless, marble-sized hail, and then -- >> hopefully, it stops.
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>> i know, it's lining up. >> reporter: -- the mudslides. one of california's busiest freeways covered in mud and brought to a standstill overnight, cars, semi trucks snaking down interstate 5 trapped in a gridlock nightmare. >> all the mud just came from right here and just wedged us in. >> reporter: mountains crumbled into pieces, pouring into streets, swallowing dozens of cars, destroying homes. witnesses could feel the power and hear the rumble. >> it was just, like a freight train. >> reporter: in some spots, the mud several feet deep. the crippling flash flooding triggering at least four rescues, children pulled to safety. first responders ordered evacuations. no one hurt, but nearly everyone, especially drivers, caught by surprise. >> it took about, maybe 20 seconds, 30 seconds for all this to happen? it was very, very scary. >> reporter: nearly 6 inches of rain an hour hammered some
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neighborhoods. too much water too quickly for parched hills hardened by four years of drought. this powerful storm system the most dangerous weather seen by some first responders here in decades. for now, this vicious punch has passed, but this morning there is plenty of damage left behind. and this is what so many streets look like today. they have been paved so that these cars can move through, but yesterday it was all covered in mud. that's what this debris is here. as you can see, cars have still been left here abandoned. it's a massive cleanup in this area. and tamron, there's some good news and some bad news. later on today, we are expecting more rain. that's the bad news. the good news is we won't get that deluge that we saw yesterday, at least according to forecasters. but look what's still out here, tamron. all of this will be hit by rain again. it's going to be another disaster. tamron, back to you. >> miguel, i've got to tell you, looking at you walking down that
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street, it's just hard to wrap your mind around those images when you see a van, just the top of that van peeking out. and even that mound of mud that you pointed out, that's what was on that very street where you're standing. >> reporter: yeah, tamron, 6 inches of rain in an hour in this neighborhood. that is what hit this area. that's why it was so hard hit. and it wasn't just this neighborhood. we showed you the interstate 5, i-5, a major thoroughfare. that's still shut down. and tamron, this area was hit by a wildfire about two years ago, so the ground here is not only parched, but it's also clayed over. so, all of the water rolls right off these hills right into these drainages, right into these streets, creating a monster mess. >> miguel almaguer, thank you very much. turning now to politics, nbc news has conducted its first poll since tuesday's democratic presidential debate. and while there's good news for one candidate, that may not be the case for joe biden, even though he was not, of course, on that stage. nbc national correspondent peter alexander joins us now with the breakdown. hi, peter.
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>> hey, tamron. good to see you. america weighs in, and at least for now, it's good news for hillary clinton. just this morning with the vice president closing in on a decision, we're getting new signals from inside, from one of biden's closest advisers, that he is not out of the race, at least not yet. this is an e-mail blast to supporters that lays out biden's likely rationale for a campaign, if he runs, suggesting his focus would be on restoring opportunities for the middle class. >> reporter: these days, both hillary clinton and bernie sanders are smiling, but this morning it's clear clinton got the biggest bounce from this week's debate. an nbc news online poll conducted by survey monkey finds a majority of democrats say clinton won the night. while 45% of democrats and those who'd lean left say she'll get their vote, 31% for sanders, it's the vice president who's losing ground, dropping five points from just a month ago. he's yet to make up his mind, ignoring questions from nbc's kristen welker thursday. >> have you made your decision yet?
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>> i can't hear you. >> have you made your decision yet? >> reporter: sources close to the vp tell nbc news he's calling allies in early voting states to gauge his chances. and this morning, nbc news has confirmed one of biden's closest advisers is alerting supporters by e-mail not to count the vp out. "if he decides to run," it reads, "we'll need each and every one of you -- yesterday." meanwhile, among republicans, ben carson keeps closing the gap with donald trump, slicing his lead from 15 points to 5 in the last month. also this morning, new details about what may be trump's latest power play. you've likely heard this back-and-forth between trump and carson, and cnbc, our sister channel, of course. it's been over the format of the next gop debate scheduled for october 28th. trump tweeted that both sides have agreed that the debate will be two hours. that tweet just out this morning. we've reached out to cnbc. we're trying to confirm that fact. they have not yet commented, so at least for the moment, tamron,
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it's still unclear that anything's actually changed. >> okay. it's our sister station, cnbc. should we say it's our step sister station? they can't answer the question? >> we'll wait and find out. i guess there's a lot of conversations. >> yeah, but when you're dealing with donald trump and he is on twitter and he's sending out the information, it's always good to confirm or whatever. but we'll see, peter. thank you very much. that's not directed at you, of course. this morning we're also getting a surprising look at how candidates are doing on the fund-raising front. yesterday marked the deadline to release spending and fund-raising reports for the third quarter. while it wasn't unexpected that hillary clinton would top democrats on the republican side, major grassroots support lifted ben carson to the top of the republican field. carson raised nearly $21 million, followed by jeb bush with $13.4 million, and ted cruz with $12.2 million. after saying he would not raise money, he would be self-financed, donald trump apparently raised nearly $4
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million. but carson's haul still falls behind the top two democrats. hillary clinton posted the biggest numbers, we see, with $30 million, followed closely by bernie sanders with $26.2 million. and sanders' campaign said last night that he's also raised more than $3.2 million since the debate. let me bring in our political panel, republican strategist susan del percio, and "washington post" political columnist dana milbank. let's get to the numbers first from the polls here with what we see from clinton. you and i, i think we talked about it, and others, that that debate performance would either secure supporters who were on the fence or potentially open the door for joe biden. we don't know the biden answer yet, but we do see a lot of movement as it relates to the confidence that was boosted from her performance. >> right, tamron, and that's not necessarily reflected in these numbers, which are from the third quarter. but it shows that she is leading the pack in terms of fund-raising. it's very interesting that the democrats, you know, these
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supposed socialists, are actually the ones bringing in the really big bucks in this campaign. i think what's interesting and what a lot of people will take away from this is how close bernie sanders has been when it would appear that hillary clinton is in the position closer to wall street and able to generate more money. so, that's actually quite good news for bernie sanders. but again, we are sort of looking into the rearview mirror here, and things seem to be changing before our eyes. >> let me be clear, i was not referring to the fund-raising. i was referring to our new nbc news poll taken after the debate, not the fund-raising numbers, because we will not see that impact, to your point, until later. dana. >> yes, right. the poll has confirmed what many of us thought right after the debate, that she had a very strong night, in part because of her performance, but also because it was hard to picture these other people on the stage as actually being the president. so, this is one case in which the washington beltway conventional wisdom seems to
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actually be confirmed by what's happening out there in the electorate. we've been wrong a lot this cycle, but that is one time we seem to have gotten it right. >> you're right about that. susan, let me bring you in. the poll numbers show that now ben carson has cut donald trump's lead from 15 points to 5 in this new poll here, and people are still trying to understand the mystique of ben carson. very low profile, has not given any real details regarding policy and what he'd like to see happen. chuck todd questioned his spokesperson yesterday about carson going on the book tour and taking a break off the campaign trail, which he says is not the case, but that's what a lot of the headlines have read. compared to donald trump and his, you know, whole -- in many ways, holding the media hostage as even with this case with cnbc. >> exactly. but what's really also interesting is, we just talked a little bit about bernie sanders' numbers. and when you look at ben carson on the fund-raising side, what they've both been able to do is take their fund-raising and make it a way of connecting with voters. and i think that's important. bernie sanders, for example, had
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a million donors. ben carson has over 600,000 donors. that explains a lot of how he's being able to reach out in his poll numbers. now, i'm with you and probably dana on this one, i don't exactly understand why ben carson has all of this support, because he is weak on foreign policy, he's weak on a lot of issues. he hasn't explained himself a lot. the only conclusion i think i, as well as a lot of other republicans, come up with is that he's a place-holder of such. they really don't like donald trump, but they also don't want a washington insider. so, he's kind of a place-holder until things get settled. instead of saying i don't know or undecided, they say, you know what, that ben carson, he's a nice guy. >> interesting. dana, let's talk about the president's announcement yesterday regarding the war effort in afghanistan and his decision to keep more troops on the ground there than the original plan. some of the candidates have responded. let me play what jeb bush said just this morning on cbs.
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>> i would take the recommendation of the general that was responsible for it who's now the chairman of the joint chiefs. 10,000 troops or 9,800 troops, i think that's the proper place to be. >> so, you agree with president obama's decision? >> without a timeline. because the minute you create a timeline, your opponents or enemies are organizing for waiting you out. and i think that's the proper thing to do. i'm pleased the president has not worried about a campaign promise six years ago. conditions change, and i think he made the right decision to keep troops on the ground, but it looks like it's political. cut it in half and off we go. >> dana, it's interesting, marco rubio in initial statements expressed similar support for the president's decision but then later said that the number pledged, the 5,000, 5,500, is not enough. donald trump coming out as well, saying less assertively, maybe you leave 10,000, not that i'm recommending this at all, but i think you would have no choice, knowing that if one of these individuals were to win the nomination and go on to win the general election, this is what
8:13 am
they would have to deal with. so, now we are getting into some specifics and reality. >> right. now, this is a case of where a lot of these republican candidates actually agree with president obama. but of course, when you're running for the presidential nomination in the republican party, you can't say you agree with president obama. so, they have -- that's why they have to do it both ways here and quibble over the number. but of course, it isn't a political decision, as it was pointed out here, because the president is doing not what is politically expedient with his base, what the liberals in the democratic party want, but he's answering the situation on the ground. you would hope that's what this president or any president would do. so, it does put his opponents in a difficult spot of actually agreeing with him. >> and that's a great point, susan, that you saw norah o'donnell ask jeb bush, so you agree with the president. he glazed over that, never answering the question, but here you have mike huckabee tweeting out, he says 3,500-plus
8:14 am
coalition and american forces died in afghanistan and our heroes deserve more than political pandering and empty promises by president obama." he tweeted out a few other things here, but the criticism has been, as to your point, who is at the top of the polls does not necessarily reflect a substantive conversation. well, now we have that with afghanistan. >> right, and it's interesting to see that the republicans all came out with statements, even if they were forced to agree with the president, whereas the democrats, when you look at hillary clinton and bernie sanders, they are in a tough position. they are not able to agree with their democratic president on this. and one thing that jeb bush said that was interesting, he said that president obama may not be able to live up to one of his political promises. what are bernie sanders and secretary hillary clinton going to say? because they know they're going to inherit this and they know they have to really stay to the left, especially secretary clinton, when it comes to this issue. so, she's going to find herself in a difficult position right now. >> susan, dana, thank you both for your time. we greatly appreciate it. and developing now, new
8:15 am
allegations today surrounding the afghan hospital hit by u.s. air strikes earlier this month. doctors without borders claims that a u.s. tank destroyed potential evidence when it forced its way through the gates of the hospital, they say, without notice. a spokesperson for the u.s.-led coalition tells nbc news that it is "aware" of the incident and looking into what happened. military officials tell nbc news the u.s. does not have tanks in the area. this, of course, comes after fresh revelations that the crew of the gunship that carried out the air strike questioned whether the bombing was actually legal. doctors without borders has called for the air strike to be investigated as a war crime. and we continue to follow developing news. huma abedin, hillary clinton's top aide, is now answering questions in front of that house benghazi committee. we are there live. also ahead, "politico" says president obama has lost his "peacemaker" legacy. we'll dig into that headline and some of the other reaction to the president's announcement
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that more than 5,000 troops will stay in afghanistan longer than pledged. plus, prosecutors are expected to reveal new details today in the case of two teenagers allegedly beaten in a church counseling session. one of those teens has died. six suspects, including their parents, are due in court today. i'll talk live with the police chief on this investigation. we live in a world of mobile technology, but it is not the device that is mobile, it is you. real madrid have about 450 million fans. we're trying to give them all the feeling of being at the stadium. the microsoft cloud gives us the scalability to communicate exactly the content that people want to see. it will help people connect to their passion of living real madrid. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom?
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developing now, top hillary clinton aide huma abedin is testifying right now before the house select committee on benghazi. aberdeen's closed-door testimony comes as controversy rages over whether the committee is politically motivated to target the former secretary of state. next thursday, hillary clinton
8:20 am
will testify before cameras. aberdeen was clinton's deputy chief of staff during her time as secretary of state and is currently a top aide in clinton's presidential campaign. the clinton campaign issued a statement this morning, saying, "the republicans' focus on huma abedin of all people, and their decision to leak details about her appearance is just another tactic in their partisan plan to go after hillary clinton. and in that vein, we hope that the leaks that have become routine do not happen after she completes her interview." nbc news capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell joins us live. and kelly, as we understand it, the committee chair is not participating in this? what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, this is the kind of an event when it comes to a committee like this that looks very different than those public hearings that we often cover. really, it's the investigative staff for both republicans and democrats that are doing the work here. the chairman, trey gowdy, is not in attendance. the top democrat, elijah cummings, he is here.
8:21 am
and then two republican members who are part of the committee are here. but it's really not so much about the members of congress on the committee who are involved today. this is more of the behind-the-scenes work, where you have the investigative staff who are sort of subject area experts who have been poring over all of the documents and the information from about 50 witnesses who have testified to present their questions to aberdeen. we're in hour two now of her appearance here. so, it is a different sort of event than what we normally see sort of front stage, different than what we'll see with secretary clinton next week. so, it's not entirely unusual that members would not be here. and remember, they're not in session this week. >> right. >> reporter: but it may also be an attempt -- this is just a way to look at this -- perhaps gowdy does not want to be present to sort of give himself more distance from these allegations about the politicization of this whole committee. republicans have been very sensitive about that, and some sources close to the committee have pointed out that cheryl mills, who was chief of staff to clinton when she was at the state department, also another top aide with a lot of
8:22 am
knowledge. she said that she was treated professionally and respectfully by the committee. they're trying to counter that notion that there is some sort of way to get at clinton the candidate through this process. democrats feel strongly that's the case. aberdeen has a lot of knowledge, because in many ways, she was sort of a gate-keeper for hillary clinton during that time. many people who would try to reach hillary clinton would go through aberdeen. and so, she has direct knowledge of what those days around the benghazi attack were like. we're told by republican sources who are in charge of this committee that they're going to confine their questioning to that time period, not talk about things like her work for the clinton foundation or other things. we won't know what exactly is said, because none of the transcripts of these types of interviews have been released. it's possible aberdeen will come to microphones, as others have. we'll just have to wait and see. tamron? >> we just got word that kmesman elijah cummings indicated he would be coming out and speaking to the pool camera after the hearing, or the interview, so we'll see what he says.
8:23 am
thank you very much. developing now, dramatic video of a traffic stop in michigan that ended with a 17-year-old boy dead after being shot by the officer who pulled him over. the boy's family has now filed a federal lawsuit. my colleague, ari melber, will join me with the update and we'll show more of this video from the police officer's camera. plus, going inside the first poll numbers since the democratic presidential debate. what they mean for vice president joe biden, coming up in this morning's "first read." surprise!!!!! we heard you got a job as a developer! its official, i work for ge!! what? wow... yeah! okay... guys, i'll be writing a new language for machines so planes, trains, even hospitals can work better. oh! sorry, i was trying to put it away... got it on the cake. so you're going to work on a train? not on a train...on "trains"! you're not gonna develop stuff anymore? no i am...
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8:27 am
brother, christopher, were viciously beaten during what was called a counseling session late sunday at the word of life church. monday morning, church members found lucas unresponsive and took him to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. now, police say he was so badly injured, doctors thought at first he had been shot. his brother is still in the hospital in serious condition. four others are under arrest, including the teen's sister. all have pleaded not guilty and are members of this church, described by neighbors as secretive and cult-like. it was founded in the area in the 1990s. and joining me now by phone is new hartford police chief michael inserra. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> let's talk about the investigation here and i also want to get an update, if you have one, on the condition of the young man still in the hospital, but what can you tell us witnesses say happened in that church? >> what the investigation has shown so far is that the church
8:28 am
membership had a counseling session with the leonard family. information was learned that the deceased expressed a desire to leave the church, and this is what may have initiated the session. we still haven't concluded why the session turned so violent, and we're continuing to investigate other underlying issues. >> as i mentioned, the brother of the young man who died at the church is in the hospital. have your investigators been able to talk with him regarding what he says, or what happened to him? >> yes, we have interviewed him. he is cooperating. his condition i believe is still serious, but he's improving as the days go by. >> as i understand it, this church is familiar, partly, to the people in the community, but witnesses have described the
8:29 am
church as being secretive and not very open. that does not, obviously, mean that they've committed any crime, that the members have committed any crime, but it does at least paint somewhat of a picture of the church. what have you learned about the church and some of the activities there? >> you know, we over the years have responded to that building a handful of times for quality of life type issues. it's always been the church that's called us. they are secretive. they do stay to themselves. and because of that, the community, of course, is suspect of what they're actually doing in this building. the complaints that we've been to this church to handle would be loud music type complaints from neighbors. maybe the neighbor kids were yelling vulgarities. a couple of times rocks were thrown at their building. but as far as us having any
8:30 am
concerns about this church membership, they flew under the radar. we were not privy to any information that would have made us take a harder look at this organization. >> i should point out, we've reached out to the church. we've not gotten a response, but an attorney representing the mother of the teenagers says that "i don't think this is a clear-cut case. at first, it might look like that, but you have a mother. i don't think she inflicted these injuries on her son. there were other people involved." that's a statement, again, from the attorney representing the mother. they're all in court today, and we'll see how this plays out. but chief, thank you so much for your time. we greatly appreciate it. >> thank you. still ahead, we're going to take a closer look at the first poll numbers since the democratic debate. steve kornacki is going to break it down for us this morning. plus, two unlikely baseball teams fight their way into the national league championship series. jay busby joins me to talk about how the cubs will bring a world
8:31 am
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what? you get it? i get the gist, yeah. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. we are back with your "first read" on politics this morning. what will the decision to prolong america's longest war mean for president obama's legacy? plus, joe biden's supporters are being told to be ready to hit the ground running and that a decision is coming soon. but with clinton and sanders bringing in $56 million combined, is it too late for the vice president? more on that in a moment. but first, here's a look back at the week in politics. >> the secretary is right. the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails! >> thank you. me, too! me, too! [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: hillary clinton's debate experience, her debate preparation paid off. >> what i did was allowed by the state department, but it wasn't the best choice.
8:35 am
-- that this committee is basically an arm of the national republican committee. >> she's sending a message to biden, saying there's no space in this race for you, joe. stay home. >> i come from a rural state, and the views on gun control in rural states are different than in urban states -- >> and i have -- >> i don't think i'm pandering, but you have not been in the united states congress. >> well, maybe that's a healthy thing -- >> nobody's heard the term communist, but you know what, i call him a socialist/communist, all right? because that's what he is. >> the two front-runners on the republican side, donald trump and ben carson, are threatening to boycott the next debate. >> i've decided to maintain our current posture of 9,800 troops in afghanistan through most of next year, 2016. i do not support the idea of endless war. >> joining me live, msnbc news political reporter carrie dann. we're talking about what this means for whoever takes over the white house. and we had strategists on this morning discussing the reaction
8:36 am
from the republican candidates to the president's announcement, as well as the democratic candidates to it. but this is also about president obama's legacy. >> reporter: oh, exactly, tamron. and one thing you did not hear president barack obama utter yesterday was the word iraq. now, it seems like the president has, and the administration has learned a lot from the experience. remember, he campaigned on ending two wars. there are many who say that the withdrawal from iraq was too fast and threw that country into chaos. now, it is obviously up for debate whether or not a slower withdrawal or more troops there would have changed the game, but it certainly is a lesson that the president is probably drawing from in this decision to keep some troops in afghanistan, and it's certainly something also that's worth really, really looking at the way that republicans are responding to this. remember, they're saying the president is still -- they should have more troops in afghanistan. the american public elected this president in part on this promise of withdrawing troops. but interesting to note, by the way, yesterday, that the
8:37 am
president didn't mention iraq and didn't say this is a place that we are explicitly learning lessons from, but i think that comparison is pretty glaring historically. >> let's talk about joe biden. i think every day we've said a decision is coming. and with all of the sensitivities that should be afforded to the vice president, given what he and his family are going through right now, we do know that a letter has come out from one of his supporters saying, you know, listen, it might be coming here soon. >> mm-hmm. well, it's been i think 11 weeks since "the new york times" first released that story about joe biden talking to his dying son about possibly running for president, which is really what sparked a lot of this speculati speculation. 11 weeks later, we've heard in the last week these calls from democrats to really make, for joe biden to really make a decision. there's two data points that are new today that i think are worth looking at. one, after yesterday, we have new fund-raising numbers from the democrats, and we can say that clinton and sanders combined have $60 million, with an "m," $60 million in the bank at this moment. so, joe biden is coming up against that.
8:38 am
we've also got new polling post that first democratic primary debate from nbc news online poll with survey monkey that shows that hillary clinton is viewed as having, by a majority of democrats, as having won that debate, and joe biden has actually slid from a predebate poll that nbc news conducted from 15% to 10%. those numbers aren't great for somebody who's looking to find his own lane and jump into the race this late. >> all right, carrie, thank you. joining me now, steve kornacki with a deeper look at that first poll conducted by nbc news. since tuesday's democratic presidential debate. what have you got for us? >> hot off the presses, our own inhouse nbc news online poll. let's take a look. as carrie just said, this is the horse race right now. hillary clinton on the democratic side after the debate continues to lead by double digits over bernie sanders, 45% to 31%. and you can see, as carrie said, from a month ago, joe biden has lost one-third of his support in the democratic race, from 15% down to 10%. what's interesting, though, is
8:39 am
we can pinpoint where this lead for hillary clinton, where this double-digit lead is coming from. it's not even across the board. let me show you what i mean. if you break this down by demographic group, look at this. among whites, among white voters on the democratic side, this race is basically tied right now, 41%-38% hillary clinton. among hispanics, it's a close race, 42%-35% for hillary clinton. and look at this. among african-american voters, this is where hillary clinton's strength is right now. she leads bernie sanders by 54 points among black voters, an absolute landslide. that's why she's ahead by double digits in the national poll. you could also look at it this way. there's a gender gap. hillary clinton only ahead by seven among men. it explodes to 20 points among women. there is also a generational gap. look at this. the youngest voters, 18 to 29 yoem yoemdz29-year-olds like sanders hillary clinton. 65-plus, the oldest voters like hillary clinton by more than a 2-1 margin.
8:40 am
we can also show you the latest numbers on the republican side. the nbc news online poll. you see donald trump continuing to lead with 28%. ben carson the big news in this poll. we've seen this elsewhere, jumping up from 14% to 23% in the last month. also, take a look, jeb bush. look at this. jeb bush, who we all thought was the big front-runner at start of this campaign, down in sixth place at 5%. if you want to know where this carson surge is coming from, you can see it right here. a month ago, if you asked among white evangelical christians, ben carson was in second place. he had just 20%. in a month, look at that, he's jumped to 33%. he's overtaken donald trump among white evangelicals. that's a key group in republican presidential politics. that's why ben carson has surged in the last month. >> all right. you know, it's incredible to watch his numbers, though. steve, we've talked about it as well, ben carson has not revealed any big policy, not even as it relates to taxes, as donald trump has attempted to present, but he's got a solid following with evangelicals there, and we see that change in
8:41 am
the polling. >> that's especially key in iowa, the first state, where they're 60% of the electorate. >> good poll. thank you, steve. still ahead, dramatic video of a traffic stop in michigan that ended with a 17-year-old boy dead after being shot by police. now the young man's family, well, they've filed a federal lawsuit. ari melber will join me to discuss the video that's just been released and some of the details that have come out regarding this investigation. we'll be right back. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost®.
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8:45 am
did the gentleman, congressman mccarthy, congressman hannah, and mr. madiska tell the truth? that's the question. the question also becomes whether this is a taxpayer-funded effort to derail the candidacy of hillary clinton. and to be very frank with you, when i take the statements of those three gentlemen and i match them up with what we have been saying all along, when we look at what they do and we look at what the gentlemen said, they all match, it comes together. it is interesting to note that
8:46 am
those people most closely associated with hillary clinton seem to be treated differently. mr. blumenthal, cheryl mills, ms. aba dink n, jake sullivan, treated differently. so, i think -- i've said it from the very beginning, that it is very important that when we join this committee and when the democrats join this committee, i said that we would be defenders of the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, and that's exactly what we intend to do. i think it is sad, i really do, that when the families came to us and we met with all four
8:47 am
famili famili families, of chris stevens, shawn smith, tyrone woods, and glen doherty. i wanted to make sure i mentioned their names, because sometimes, they seem to get lost in all of this. but when we met with the families, you know what they said? they only asked us for three things, that's all, just three things. and they basically begged us. they said, do not make this a political football. we beg you. i mean, some of them with tears in their eyes. the second thing that they asked for, they said, find out what happened on that night. and they asked us for a third thing, and that was, do everything in your power to make sure this does not happen to someone else. ladies and gentlemen, i think that no matter how you look at it, when you have the number two person in the republican party who comes forward, the person who makes plans with the speaker
8:48 am
and the person who will continue to be -- who is one step away from becoming the speaker, to tell you that this is all about a taxpayer-funded political effort to derail the campaign of hillary clinton, ladies and gentlemen, that is a problem. i'm not answering any questions. and so, again, i came here today out of respect for ms. aberdin. and i'm hoping that there will not be the very targeted leaks that only only give a part of the story, but the whole story. this is the last point. i've said it over and over again. when the e-mails of mr. blumenthal were released, i
8:49 am
said, look, don't just release the e-mails, release the whole transcript so that the press and the american people can see the whole story. and we did not get a vote, did not get an opportunity to do that. hopefully, come thursday, secretary clinton will have her day to explain all of this. i look forward to her testimony, and i want to thank all of you for being here. >> democrat on the benghazi committee, elijah cummings, obviously not giving details as to what questions were posed to huma abedin, hillary clinton's top aide, or her answers, but making the point and expressing great concern that the committee and that the hearing, when we will see secretary clinton testify on thursday, is not used as a political football. congressman cummings saying that the family members of the four americans killed in benghazi pled out to -- made the
8:50 am
requests, pleading requests, he said in some cases with tears in their eyes, that the investigation not be used as a political football, but you and i both know now the climate and the allegations now coming from both sides indicate that many believe that that is exactly what is happening at this point. but we'll continue to follow the very the very latest. elijah cummings will be a guest with andrea mitchell coming up in about ten minutes from now. i do want to get this developing story in we have been following. the family of a michigan teenager shot and killed by a police officer during a traffic stop last february, that family's now filed a federal lawsuit alleging wrongful death and violation of his civil rights. 17-year-old devin gilford was driving home from a basketball game when he flashed his lights at eaton county sheriff jonathan frost because he thought his high beams were on. that is illegal in michigan. sergeant frost, according to the investigation, pulled over the 17-year-old driver. gilford refused to give the sergeant his license, which he
8:51 am
did not have with him, according to the information that we have received, and began recording the incident on his cell phone. now, the exchange was also recorded on the police officer's body camera. the officer removed the teenager from his car and after a struggle ensued, frost attempted to taser gilford. the taser malfunctioned. as the two continued to struggle, gilford was shot seven times. earlier this year, the county prosecutor declined to press charges against sergeant frost, saying quote, after considering all evidence from this case, as applied to current michigan criminal laws, i have determined that charges will not be issued against eaton county sheriff sergeant jonathan frost in the shooting death of devin lee gilford for the reason that the evidence supports sergeant frost used his firearm within the limits of michigan's self-defense law. joining me, msnbc chief legal correspondent ari melber. what else can you tell us about this investigation? >> i can tell you we have spoken
8:52 am
to a lawyer for the family members here as well as to one of the family members. they say that this has been obviously a hard time. they are pursuing this suit because they want justice done. separate from the criminal inquiry that you mention, there is a different standard in these federal civil rights actions. so their claim is that this was wrongful death and excessive force. that video that you were showing earlier is, according to our confirmations, the body camera video, it tells part of the story and it shows an interaction that escalates very quickly. this is something that both officers talk about, that sometimes they feel under tremendous threat in a one-on-one situation when they don't have compliance. it's also as we know something that critics talk about, the notion that if someone is in a car and unarmed or in a street stop and unarmed, the tendency sometimes against police training to escalate the situation rather than wait for backup or try to find other maneuvers can be tragic. in this case, in a span of roughly five minutes, that's not really under dispute from either
8:53 am
side, this went from a relatively routine traffic stop of a young unarmed individual into a fatal encounter. also, i can tell you according to the police side of the story, the officer sustained serious injuries and a version of the body camera video that people are seeing doesn't show the entire range of interaction according to police. >> that's the very point here, as i was reading the details, i have to be honest with you, in reading this information from the very beginning as to the flashing of the lights to the altercation, the video camera, yes, some of it you can see from that vantage point but this detailed account of what happened including why the young man had the high beams on, where is this coming from? >> so there's a detailed narrative, you say where it's coming from. it's coming in part from a federal claim from the family's side. that's one perspective. we also have as you mentioned the prosecuting attorney's information which while not finding the type of culpability beyond a reasonable doubt that
8:54 am
made them want to pursue the case, that separate government investigation also includes this narrative. so there are aspects of this, i think it's fair to say that are disturbing without getting to criminal culpability. there are aspects where i think even on the police side they would say this isn't how you want this kind of altercation to end. again, that dramatic video, we know from covering these stories sometimes on the internet or with a snippet people say i know the whole story. no. again, the police side is some of what's not on that video are injuries sustained. >> do we know from what we have learned if the sergeant was alone in this stop? >> he was initially alone. this we do know. that interaction you see is him basically approaching this individual in the car, having a disagreement about whether to provide information such as his badge number, whether the suspect in this case would provide information such as the papers, driver's license that is required under law. they are having that verbal disagreement one-on-one. he does call for backup but then
8:55 am
much of the altercation happens when the officer pulls him, you can see some of that now, trying to pull him out of the car. the individual saying hey, i'm going to video you, i have my cell phone, i'm unarmed. he gets on the ground. there's an interaction there where the officer's saying okay, no, not just on the ground, get on your belly. that's all one-on-one interaction. that legally can be a very difficult thing to parse even when there is force used because in a one-on-one interaction, there's a question for the officer at close range of risk if there is a view of the lack of compliance. again, the family's side, the reason why they have this federal civil rights claim is they're alleging excessive force, alleging that under the law there are other ways to deal with this kind of interaction even when there's a disagreement that doesn't go right to taser and then discharging a weapon. >> ari, thank you very much. we will continue to follow this case as well. that does it for this hour of "msnbc live." thank you so much for joining us for the week. up next, "andrea mitchell reports." hold the phone.
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right now on "andrea mitchell reports," firing line. with hillary clinton's campaign protesting her appearance today, huma abedin is grilled by the republican-led benghazi committee. >> the question also becomes whether this is a taxpayer-funded effort to derail the candidacy of hillary clinton. >> we'll hear more from democratic congressman elijah cummings in just a moment. following the money. the clinton campaign beats out almost all republican rivals in the money game. at for the one billionaire in the race, he's not spending it. dr. yes. new polls show dr. ben carson cutting into donald trump's lead. and to run or not to run. a leaked letter from biden's inner circl as the vice president plays hamlet on the potomac. >> have you made your decision yet?
9:00 am
>> i can't hear you. >> have you made your decision yet? you bet he heard my colleague, kristen welker. good day. i'm andrea mitchell in washington where huma abedin, close confidant to hillary clinton for decades since huma was back in college as an intern has been testifying today before members and staff of the benghazi select committee, a committee reeling from a string of political gaffes by house republicans themselves. maryland congressman elijah cummings is the top democrat on the committee and joins me now. congressman, thank you very much. i know you just spoke as you came out. tell me how do you characterize the questioning today? tell us what was going on inside. >> i'm not going to get too much


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