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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  October 16, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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chairman can come to the debate. what a wasted opportunity. >> made the point that the debates, should be more of them. happy friday. thank you much. that's it for us for this week. i'll see you sunday on meet the press. peter alexander picks up our coverage right now. right now on msnbc live donald trump and jeb bush feuding over new comments about the 9/11 terror attacks. what he said about president george w. bush. new details emerging about lamar odom's condition. the promising signs of recovery. one of joe biden's advisers blasted supporters laying out a potential strategy. that is the topic of the poll question. has joe biden missed his chance to make a presidential run?
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we want you to weigh in. good day to you. i'm peter alexander. we begin with the 2016 race and harsh criticism from donald trump taking aim at his brother george w. bush. here is what trump said when asked if he would make americans feel safe. >> i think i'm much more competent than george bush. the world trade center came down during his reign. >> you can't blame him for that. >> how pathetic for donald trump to criticize the president for 9/11. we were attacked and my brother kept us safe. trump's attack comes as he is declaring victory in another fight. he threatened to fboycott the cnbc debate if it was more than
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two hours and did not include opening and closing statements. today he tweeted cnbc agreed to keep the debate to two hours. reince priebus confirmed the news this afternoon. all the candidates have reported their third quarter financial information. it shows hillary clinton towers over the competition but is spending nearly as much as she took in. joining me now is e.j. deonof the washington post. we will begin with you, e.j. first, saying 9/11 happened on president bush's watch, is that out of line especially in the republican primary? >> first of all, good luck with your cubs. >> appreciate it. i'm still looking for seats. >> we red sox fans have special empathy with cubs fans. that is a very bold thing to say in the republican party. it's something that democrats
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did not say for a long time after 9/11. on the other hand if trump wants to make the case he can say there was warning on august 6 that says bin laden targeted the u.s. does it hurt trump with the voters he can get? the answer may be no. his voters are angry at the republican establishment. they are down scale. they think all politicians are pretty questionable. and, heck, people have predicted j trump's demise on everyone of the statements and every prediction has been wrong. i'm not about to predict it now. >> clearly he's been toying with jeb bush for most of this campaign so far and it's working. >> sure is. i agree with e.j. it doesn't appear anything donald trump says turns off people. when he attacked john mccain stint as a prisoner of war that
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to me was unbelievable. i thought the world was going to go crashing on his head. >> didn't have impact. let me get a sense from you as we flip to the democrats. this new poll making headlines. bernie sanders neighboring state. hillary clinton beating sanders and most polls believe former secretary of state won this week's debate. did we witness the tide turn? >> i don't want to predict anything for the rest of the way because lord knows how many times we have been surprised. this is a case where for once the voters agree that hillary clinton won that debate. and this is a very big deal because bernie sanders had been doing very well in new hampshire. >> neighboring state. they had a double digit lead according to some polls. >> a single poll. there are two things about her performance. the most important may have been that it reassured all of her
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people who had been sort of starting to wonder what kind of candidate is she really. they saw why she was the front runner. i think despite the rumors it does complicate vice president biden's decision. if he had chosen to get in before the debate it would have been a different event. the strength of candidacy would have come from a lot of hillary clinton democrats worrying whether she had staying power to win in november. a lot of those worries went away at least for now. >> hillary clinton said that bill clinton helped her in her debate prep ahead of tuesday. is this the sort of unveiling of bill clinton? do you anticipate we see more of him? >> we will see a lot of him. think back to 2008. bill clinton in pennsylvania which is a key primary, he was all over the state for us. >> and in 2012 for president obama. >> i think we will see bill
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clinton. the interesting thing is a lot of hillary's uptick came from the previous for joe biden. the bernie sanders voters in iowa and new hampshire are not going away. i don't think any of us should think that. >> let me be clear. let's flip to republicans and talk about the spending. the dollars spent. the donors like to know how their money is being spent. one analyst told us the ability to show you can play in more than one state is a signal of the centerenstrength of a campa rand paul is chris christie getting low on funds. good news if you want to buy a kia sorento but not so good if you are running for the leader of the free world. jeb bush raise ag lot less money in the third quarter. how big of a deal is this is not just for bush but donors who have said they are potentially
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reconsidering their support? >> two numbers jumped out at me looking at that list in particular. one was jeb bush pf's number. his big claim to fame at the beginning was that he was going to raise so much money that he was going to blow everybody out of the race. ted cruz has a lot of money on hand. i think that people have been too quick to relegate him to a noncompetitive status. i think he's very much in this. i think he needs donald trump to get weaker because i think some of the trump voters who fall off are probably more likely to go to cruz than anyone else. >> stands next to donald trump. he is playing this thing pretty well himself right now. >> he kind of wants to love him to death. he needs trump to get weaker but he can't do anything to make that happen himself. >> speaking of donald trump he has been boasting that he is
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self-funded but he claims he turned down millions of dollars. unsolicited he has taken in $3.9 million. he spent most of it. a lot of it was spent on buying make america great hats and t shirts. he benefits by the one thing the other guys can't buy which is free media right now. >> us. >> earned them a headline. >> msnbc puts his speeches on almost end to end. he is benefitting by free media coverage that exists in only one election in the united states and that is president of the united states. normally it doesn't come until the fall. i have never seen anything like this coverage. >> always nice to see you in person. go cubs. >> good to be with you. good luck. straight ahead here on msnbc, a top clinton aid gets grilled by republican-led benghazi committee but one
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lawmaker was noticebly absent. an aufsher cleared after shooting and killing an unarmed teenager on the side of the road but the family says they are fighting for justice. the powerful video and details of this lawsuit. and jewish holy site torched. new information about secretary of state john kerry's next move. by day, they must stay warm. but by night, beautiful, smoother and ready to impress the other party animals. dr. scholl's dreamwalk express pedi pubut to get from theand yoold way to the new,d. you'll need the right it infrastructure. from a partner who knows how to make your enterprise more agile, borderless and secure. hp helps business move on all the possibilities of today.
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pacific storm paralyzed parts of southern california after striking without warning. the storm touched down yesterday afternoon bringing along with it torrential rain, flows of mud and debris that collided with homes and submerged cars. this was the scene in and around the area. the mudslide closed down parts of the busy i-5 freeway for hours as flash flood warnings were issued. the good news no injuries have
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been reported. >> pounding rain, relentless marble sized hail and then -- >> it's sliding up. >> the mudslides. one of california's busiest freeways covered in mud, brought to a stand still overnight. cars, semi trucks snaking down interstate 5 trapped. >> california expected to get more heavy rain today. early predictions show more wild weather like this could be in store all winter long. what super poligrip does
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good afternoon, everybody. i came here today to be as helpful as i could be to the committee. i wanted to honor the service of those lost and injured in the benghazi attacks. i'm proud to have served at the state department and i was honored to work for secretary clinton and along side distinguished diplomats. i have appreciated the time both members and the committee staff today and i answered all their questions to the best of my ability. and with that i will be making no further comments. thank you. >> that was long time clinton aid speaking moments ago after about six hours of grilling by the republican-led benghazi committee. the top aid testified before members and staff of the benghazi select committee that has been rocked by a series of political gaffs. this was days before her own
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boss hillary clinton testifies in a public hearing next thursday. the top democrat on the committee says he participated in the hearing out of respect for the family members of those killed in the benghazi attacks but today said he questioned why she was called in the first place. >> we know that she had no operational role. she was not with mrs. clinton on the night of this tragedy. and she was not involved in any kind of policy decisions and really had nothing to do with benghazi. >> today the clinton campaign is lashing out at the committee for focusing on abadene saying republicans focus on her to leak details of her appearance just another tactic to go after hillary clinton. one person absent from today's proceedings is that man trey
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gowdy. give us a sense why wasn't trey gowdy the chair of the committee at the hearing today? >> it's not necessarily uncommon for gowdy to miss these. when it has been somebody close to hillary clinton his staff said that he had a prior commitment and that he informed his own staff about the questions he wanted to ask. a lot of this is carried out internally by staffers who are former lawyers or those who work in the intelligence community. it is rare that the member does most of the questioning when it is closed door. it is usually done by the stat and the member directs them. >> how does her appearance impact this perception that the committee is politically
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motivat motivated. the argument is that she had no relationship to what happened that night. she wasn't with secretary clinton on that evening. >> republicans say the reason why they called her is because she is hillary clinton's closest confidante and she would be in the room when major decisions were made or would know when things were going down between the executive branch and what was happening in benghazi. that was the focus on the questioning was the events of 9/11, 2012. the committee went out of their way to say they were not going to focus on hillary clinton's e-mails, were not going to focus on the outside employment while at the state department. i can tell you for about a half hour they went down stairs to a secure room used by the house intelligence committee which is only used for really intense
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classified briefings. so it did get to a serious level of questioning regarding that specific event. >> so hillary clinton speaking out this afternoon on cnn speaking about what to expect at next thursday's hearing. let's listen to the former secretary of state. >> i don't know what to expect. i think it's pretty clear that whatever they might have thought they were doing they ended up becoming a partisan arm of the republican national committee with an overwhelming focus on trying to, as they admitted, drive down my poll numbers. >> so clinton is telegraphed since the debate what her sort of mess mg will be on that occasion right now. we saw the last time she spoke before this committee and made it clear. she said what difference does it make speaking about some circumstances of what happened on that night. what are you hearing from within
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the committee about what they believe they can accomplish on that day especially given the fact that as many eye balls will be watching this test for hillary clinton as we are watching the test on the debate stage earlier this week. >> reporter: this is the first time we will see a benghazi committee hearing play out in public. hillary clinton could be in theory on camera in the nonclassified portion of the briefing for periods of hours. and that is something. hillary clinton could be on tv for that period of time. republicans feel if she has to go through that amount of questioning on television over and over again maybe there is a point where she will lead us to information previously not seen before or perhaps would break. i will say this, though.
3:20 pm
kevin mccarthy's gaff, the disgruntled staffer given hillary clinton very valuable ammunition. she can play for a stalemate and go back and use that mccarthy bite over and over again. if she gets out of this hearing with just a stalemate. >> thank you. nice to see you. >> i called you richard. peter sdplmpt you're buying the next time i see you. >> long day. >> be sure to watch "hardball" with chris matthews. chris talks with elijah cummings. new information on lamar odom's recovery. a live report with new details giving his loved ones hope. the latest burning of the jewish holy site on the west bank.
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back now with developing news. a rash of violent attacks in and around israel and now john kerry is going to meet with prime minister benjamin netanyahu. the news comes as dozens of palestinians set fire to a jewish holy site called joseph's tomb. a news photographer, the soldier survived. the attacker was shot dead on the spot. just this month seven israelis have died because of the attacks. telling us about the security situation after that call for rage. >> reporter: good evening. palestinian militaitant groups
3:25 pm
called on palestinians to rise up today in what they dubbed as a day of rage. it certainly did not have the momentum here in east jerusalem. israeli security was out in force in large numbers to prevent any possible attacks or demonstrations by palestinians. they restricted access into the old city to men above the average of 40 and women only. in addition to that there were clashes that were taking place in the occupied west bank including -- clashes erupted between israeli soldiers and palestinian protesters after a man was shot and killed. he was described as a journalist and attacked and stabbed a soldier before he was shot and killed. there was another palestinian who was shot and killed in demonstrations. two main focal points took place and overnight a group were suspected of setting on fire
3:26 pm
joseph's tomb, a religious holy site for jews. the attack was condemned and ordered an investigation and ordered security services to bring to justice those who may have been responsible and ordered the tomb be repaired immediately. at least three palestinians were killed. two in the clashes and one died of wounds that he suffered from previous clashes. despite ongoing violence on the ground diplomatic efforts have not produced results. both leadership have been in direct talks with u.s. state department and others to try to restore calm. u.s. secretary of state john kerry is traveling to. for now the situation here remains very tense.
3:27 pm
peter, back to you. >> thank you very much for that. the united nations called an emergency meet toog talk about this outbreak of violence. ambassador samantha power saying the u.s. is committed to help diffuse the crisis. >> shares the deep concern of everyone here today about the current situation and condemns the ongoing violence in jerusalem, west bank, israel and gaza trip. >> i want to bring in ambassador mark ginsberg, former policy adviser. nice to see you right now. this is a complicated situation. it has been this way for decades. but what role should the u.s. play in this conflict right now? >> most important thing is to help change the atmospherics. the united states has to be very careful here. secretary of state kerry is meeting in germany with prime minister netanyahu.
3:28 pm
and it is his words that have contributed in some respects to the insightment that led to this outbreak in terrorism. >> there has been am reporting that he hasn't been doing that and it is the political class in israel making that claim and others like shin bet which is security groups there indicated that's not the case. >> part of the reason for this violence in the first place is the creeping involvement of jewish religious extremists to take over parts of the temple and to violate the sank tity of an agreement reached. and there had been some incitement words that have been false. you and i have lived through decades of this type of conjecture where there are accusations on both sides. the problem goes back far not only to the status of the temple mound which in some respects
3:29 pm
should never have been the subject of this type of incitement in the first place but when john kerry left the region after failing in his peace mission it left both parties more or less to devolve to extremists. and he has gone in declaring that oslo is dead and mr. netanyahu has done nothing to help bring about a breach of confidence as it occurroccurred >> you speak about 1967, the mid east war and that is where the capital was annexed by israel. it is not recognized by a large portion of international community. the palestinians seek east jerusalem as part of the capital. you did speak about john kerry. earlier today on npr, take a listen. >> no country should be under siege like that and the palestinians need to stop the incitement. they need to stop that kind of activity. at the same time there is a need
3:30 pm
to see the broader conflict here and understand that there has to be some kind of ultimately negotiated political trap that is going to resolve the difference between palestinians and israelis. >> people can debate whether there is the potential for dipl diplomacy. i want to get to the root of what we have been witnessing which is how social media it's really been stoking strong emotions on both sides. ambassador, this is a new era in the way wars are fought, tensions exist because of social media. how do you combat that? >> it's really hard. the attacks taking place largely by palestinian teenagers who are terrorists and frankly an absolutely inexcusable act against innocent israelis. but the fact is that in this age
3:31 pm
of what essentially is a smart phone -- these young people engaged in copy cat attacks or because they think that knifing an israeli is the equivalent of sport has got to be stopped by the parents and political leaders of palestine. it's not israelis knifing palestinians. it has been palestines engaged in terrorist attacks. you and i can unravel all circumstances of why both leaders are at fault for the break down of trust and confidence on either side. we can go on for an hour about that. in this latest cycle of violence the palestinian authority has the responsibility to force their kids off the streets who have no idea really why they are engaged in this other than the fact that somebody told them it is a good idea. >> in some ways perpetuated by a lack of hope. it doesn't make it okay. we appreciate your time.
3:32 pm
thanks so much. >> breaking news ahead. new details about lamar odom's condition. we will have that for you. nbc obtaining video of a michigan traffic stop that turned deadly. an unarmed teenager was shot and killed. new details of what a biden campaign would look like, but is he going to get in? keep voting. has joe biden missed his chance to make a presidential run? go to we want to hear from you. is it keeps the food out. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my life now. when you're not confident your company's data is secure, the possibility of a breach can quickly become the only thing you think about.
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some breaking news. reports of new signs of progress in the former nba star lamar odom's recovery. sources tell our sister network e that he is off life support and breathing on his own. they also say he opened his eyes and spoke. odom was found unconscious in a
3:36 pm
las vegas love ranch. he was rushed to the hospital. the same sources tell e multiple drugs were found in odom's system. morgan, what more are we learning right now? this is remarkable. days ago it was unclear whether one could survive with reports of brain damage and now appears he is at least improving significantly. >> reporter: that's right. good evening. lots of questions. right now we are standing outside of sunrise hospital and medical center here in las vegas where lamar odom is inside. e news is reporting that he is awake. he is conscious. the tubes have been removed and he spoke to his ex-wife. i learned new details about the hours leading up to the time when lamar odom was found unconscious in the brothel at
3:37 pm
3:15 p.m. i spent many hours there speaking to the brothel's manager and she reviewed the surveillance footage showing lamar odom in the brothel. >> so what was your interaction like with him in the bar and drinking? >> he actually asked me to come out and have a drink with him before i left for the evening. so i did. it was very comfortable sitting and talking with him. it was like talking to your next door neighbor you had known for 20 years. and he gave me a peck on the cheek good bye and that was pretty much it. he went to take a nap at that point. >> he went to take a nap? is that the nap where the two women found him unconscious? >> no. this was saturday evening still. >> reporter: that was the general manager of the brothel.
3:38 pm
she was also the woman who drove lamar odom to the brothel. she spoke with him in the car and he talked about the loss of his mother and spoke to her personally about the loss of his best friend this summer. this is not a man who is foreign to tragedy. if the reports that our sister network e news is reporting that he is awake and conscious and speaking this would be good news for everyone. >> we have heard the kardashians have been at the side and legal situation that lets khloe kardashian oversee. i know kobe bryant has described or has been described as like a brother to lamar odom. >> reporter: even his two children from a previous relationship were here yesterday as well as the majority of the kardashian/jenner clan. those people have really sense left and right now our sister
3:39 pm
network is reporting that khloe kardashian is still inside. >> we appreciate the update and we wish the family the best. new developments ahead in the case of an unarmed michigan teen shot and killed after a traffic stop. we are going to show you the video from the officer's body camera. plus president obama asked today if joe biden will get in the 2016 race. >> i'm not going to comment on what joe is doing or not doing. i think you can direct those questions to my very able vice president. >> so far the vice president hasn't said either. we will tell you what one of his top advisers is saying about a potential campaign. we came up with a plan to help reduce my risk of progression. and everywhere i look... i'm reminded to stick to my plan. including preservision areds 2. my doctor said preservision areds 2
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breaking news right now. nbc news learned of a new government requirement for anybody who buys a drone. tom, give us a better understanding, what does this new plan involve? >> reporter: nbc news learned the federal government will announce it is working in collaboration with the industry to register new unmanned vehicles. the concern has been increasing that these drones are not only multiplying in the skies over america but have had a number of close calls with police
3:44 pm
helicopters, with planes landing at area airports. so under this proposed plan with the industry they will create a registry by which anybody who buys a drone must register and would hope to get this up and running by christmas. drones are expected to be a hot holiday gift this year. this would be the first effort by the government to take concrete steps to try to register the number of drones that are out there and get a better handle on this. keep also in mind that if you are a pilot you have to have a license. if you are a private pilot those planes have to be registered. as these proliferate across the country the concern has been how does the government keep track of the drones. this apparently is the first step. the government trying to work with industry to come up with some sort of industry. >> we have witnessed an explosion of drones in recent months and i'm sure this holiday
3:45 pm
season it will only grow. i want to ask you about another headline which is american airlines and u.s. airways, the merger becomes official for the sake of all of us. what should americans expect? is there anything we need to do to prepare ourselves to make sure you don't lose your miles? what do we do now? >> i think for the most part this is a done deal and most people will notice very little, if any, change whatsoever. what is going to happen is the last u.s. airways flight is tonight. it is a red eye from san francisco to philadelphia. and that will be the last plane that is flying under the u.s. airways banner. there will actually be planes that say u.s. airways. they are owned by american. when the plane lands all other flights are under the american banner. your mobile phone app will now send you to an american phone app. the u.s. airways site will send
3:46 pm
you to the american airline site. mileage programs have been merged. i'm told as of tonight you will see an awful lot of signage changing. now the final act will be tonight as they begin to change the signs at all airports. so in the morning for the most part if you show up at an airport you will see american airlines only and not u.s. airways. they believe this transition has gone very well as these two airlines merge and keeping in mind that they want to avoid the horror stories of the united airlines continental which is still struggling. >> to be clear, places like phoenix, charlotte, philly, all former u.s. airways hubs, do those remain the same? >> that's right. that's the plan. of course, an awful lot of people who are employed in those cities and hubs will now work for american airlines. >> it's good news for a lot of people. they get to blend points and hopefully use the miles. if no confusion it will be good
3:47 pm
for everybody. >> developing news ahead. new details of a traffic stop turning deadly. an unarmed teen killed. the family says it still wants justice. bring us your aching and sleep deprived. bring us those who want to feel well rested. aleve pm. the only one to combine a sleep aid... plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. be a morning person again with aleve pm. jake, put that downten up! point it at the ground til your ready that's not the ground leo put that down when your day goes on and on, you need 48 hour odor protection that goes on clear for no white marks. secret outlast clear gel. some neighbors are energy saving superstars. how do you become a superstar? with pg&e's free online home energy checkup. in just under 5 minutes you can see how you use energy and get quick and easy tips on how to keep your monthly bill down and your energy savings up.
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don't let your neighbor enjoy all the savings. take the free home energy checkup. honey, we need a new refrigerator. visit and get started today. developing out of michigan when a traffic stop resulted in an unarmed teen being shot by a
3:49 pm
police officer. the encounter with the police officer. guilford passed a police car that he said had high beams on. he flashed his lights and was pulled over. what happened next was caught on the officer's body camera. >> you do not have your driver's license on your person. >> yes i do. >> you do not have to see it. >> i have to see it. >> you had your brights i could not see. i was going to crash. >> after three more requests for the proper document sergeant jonathan frost tries to pull the teenager out of the car. after the officer warns the teen he is going to tase him the teen does step out. when guilford resists arrest that officer fires his taser and then a scuffle and then seconds later guilford was shot seven times. there is no video of the shooting itself. after an investigation the prosecutor determined frost's
3:50 pm
use of fire arm was lawful within the limits of michigan's self-defense law. the teen's family is filing a civil suit. what is striking about this is so much of it is caught on that video except for the final moments. i think a lot of people will have to be the judge for themselves. >> this is what the jury in this case could be looking at. without key fatal moments caught on tape they are left to look at what was on tape. we have the body camvideo. we also have the cell phone. the teen was recording part of it. what they are going to be looking at and both sides see it differently. first was the stop legal? you look at the stop. you look at them disputing what he was stopped for. >> is it legal? >> according to michigan's what every driver should know booklet that all teen drivers get it is illegal to use or flash high beams within 500 feet of on coming car.
3:51 pm
>> here is the statement from the family. since the moment we viewed the body camera footage our confusion turned to outrage over what was done. we always had great respect for law enforcement and the men and women who chose that profession. we say that belief has been shaken by actions of frost and refusal of the easton county prosecutor to hold frost accountable. >> and when you are talking about what the family says versus what this prosecutor in an independent investigation saw you have to look at the photos of the officer that ended up shooting him. that is what they are claiming shows that this was a scuffle. he claimed he was being pommelled. he was being held down and he is claiming self defense and that's what the prosecutor is looking -- this demonstrates in the eyes of law enforcement community what happened to that.
3:52 pm
he had the taser and the weapon in his hands. >> the family's attorney was on msnbc earlier and say those pictures weren't cleaned up at all and so their claim was that the injury wasn't quite as significant as it appears. one other interesting thing what is the family looking for? there is going to be a monetary part of the lawsuit. they want people to know you don't win an agreement with an officer on the street and it is dangerous to resist. perhaps they are trying to spread a message here that maybe at that stop wasn't the correct time to be resisting but rather later. >> under any circumstances this was a terrible tragedy. nobody should have died. nice to see you. thanks so much. a top adviser to vice president joe biden reaching out to allies. does it mean he is going to run? that's next. are you moving forward fast enough?
3:53 pm
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i'm not going to comment on what joe's doing or not doing. i think you can direct those questions to my very able vice president. i think that the vice president like every other candidate makes their own decisions about these issues and will have to figure out whether it makes sense. >> that was president obama responding to a question about vice president joe biden's potential 2016 decision. biden as you may have heard is reportedly in the final stamgs of making his decision. last night one of his closest aides sent a letter to biden allies describing a potential biden campaign saying it would be an optimistic campaign, a campaign from the heart and consistent with his values, our values and the values of the american people. the latest nbc news survey monkey online poll shows joe
3:56 pm
biden is running in third at 10% behind hillary clinton and bernie sanders. biden down five points from september's poll. that came out just after this week's debate. kristin welker live from the white house. what whispers are you hearing right now? what are the whispers you are hearing? >> well, which way he is going. his supporters say he is leaning towards yes but they also say they keep thinking he is going to announce an answer and then it just doesn't happen. so that is making a lot of them skeptical at this point. they want a decision from him and say he is in his final decision making process. and we expect the decision could come as soon as this weekend. in terms of what he is doing to make the decision we know he is reaching out to his supporters in these early voting states, states like iowa, new hampshire, south carolina to really get a sense of how much support he has
3:57 pm
and if there is, in fact, a path to victory. we know he is getting a lot of pressure to decide. you talked about that letter from ted kaufman in part aimed at sending a mess mg to supporters to give a little more space to decide and giving a message that the window hasn't closed yet on a possible run. we will be watching closely. >> the reason this really matters is because i know you, me and a lot of other reporters have been talking about this for a while. ted kaufman is in the inner circle around the vice president right now besides joe biden's wife and his sister in delaware. there are three individuals that are really closest to him. that is why we pay such close attention to this tea leaf. i want to ask you about clinton's campaign chair saying it is time for biden to make a decision. hillary clinton responded to that comment today. here is what she said. >> i think what john was saying
3:58 pm
is that whether you are encouraging or not there does come a point where a decision has to be made. certainly i'm not in any way suggesting or recommending that the vice president accept any time table other than the one that is clicking inside of him. he has to make this decision. >> hillary clinton being very delicate about her language. i think she and her campaign think she did that pretty well with her performance tuesday night. is there a feeling among biden supporters that he is taking too long to make the decision? >> reporter: among some biden supporters because you have a lot of people in those early voting states that i just mention whood are sitting on the sidelines. they are waiting for the vice president to get ib. they say if he gives the green light they are going to dive in but what they are concerned about is if he doesn't get in they could be alienated from the campaign. that's why you are seeing a lot of them get anktuous and then
3:59 pm
people want an answer because they have been back him and touting his accomplishments. they are waiting for a real sign and they haven't seen that yet. they are hoping that that comes sometime over the weekend. >> we will see hillary clinton as a wounded candidate. my numbers are rising. now the story line has changed. she doesn't seem so wounded. his numbers are going down in some way. so are there concerns within his camp that those numbers indicate he is losing ground? >> reporter: they are watching all of that very closely. as you mentioned secretary clinton's very strong debate performance and the fact that she seems to be turning the page on the e-mail controversy. she will testify next week before the benghazi committee. still a big question mark about whether that will happen. they are watching all of those indicators very closely. they still say the determining factor will be if he sees a path to victory.
4:00 pm
as you know this is someone who has wanted to be president for the better part of his life and he knows this is his last chance. that's the other pressure point. >> good to see you. have a great weekend. thank you for watching. "hardball" starts right now. two contenders, maybe three. let's play "hardball." good evening. hillary clinton had a great week. we knew that. challenger bernie sanders did, as well. while the former secretary of state won the debate both candidates gained a point or two in the matchup. yes, the vice president worked hard to keep the window open. could this be the real democratic contest for 2016? it is powerful becaus


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