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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  October 17, 2015 9:00am-11:01am PDT

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hey, there, everyone. welcome to "weekends withal alex witt." this is what is ahead in the next two hours. it sparked in the gop race, a twitter war between donald trump and jeb bush. we will tell you the latest and how it matters. and one of hillary clinton's aides testified for nine hours in front of the congressional committee on benghazi. and if you want to have a drone for christmas, what you need to know. and one clear winner for beer when it comes to sales in the u.s., and it might surprise you. at high noon here in the
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east, we begin with joe biden's big decision on the presidential run, and it could come any time now, and you are looking at the new video that came a short time agoa and the vice president attending his grand daudaughter cross country meet this morning in delaware. kristin welker is watching all of the close twomts, and kristen, what are you hearing about all of this. >> and well, alex, the vice president is not giving us any clues about the thinking, but we know that he did attend the sporting event which we just showed you and he is under intense pressure to know whether he is in or out. and sources close to the vice president says that a decision could come within the next 48 hours. >> reporter: with the democrats growing increasingly anxious, it is time for vice president joe biden and he is tucked away in his home in delaware deliberating. >> there is more evidence that he is seriously looking at getting in.
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>> the people close to him say that the family is in for the run, and now it is to the gauge whether he has a path to winning. president obama declined to weigh in. >> i don't have to share my views about that right now, because it is important for the american people to make up their own decision. >> and also, friday, close ally and former senator ted kauffman sent a letter to former biden staffers which reads in part, if he decides to run, we need each and every one of you yesterday, and the letter is designed to have a signal that he needs space to decide and don't close the door, but hillary clinton's top the ad vvisers are saying tt it is too late. >> i don't see that we are lacking anything in the field. the field is a good field, and i don't see that there is a space. >> reporter: and clinton showed new signs of strength after the dominant debate space. wub poll e shows her inching up in new hampshire, and in one poll, clinton has a double-digit
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lead, and clinton said that the vice president should decide in his own time, . >> there is a point in time that the vice president has to make his decision, but i am not suggesting a timetable other than the one that is clicking inside of him shgs ba, because o make in decision. >> and the are reason that he is struggling for the decision is that he has always wanted to be. and this is the last shot. and some say that his son that passed a away, beau, did encourage him to run. and he will receive award tonight. >> and kristen, any clues as to what to expect between houma abedin's testimony? >> it is going to be an intense day of questioning, and secretary clinton's testimony going to be the final big test
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this month, and she has had a a number of them. it is going to focus on the e-mail and the attacks, and houma abedin testified for nearly eight hours friday, and after she testified she spoke briefly to reporters, and this is what she had to say. >> i appreciated the time of the members and the committee staff today and i answered all of of the questions to the best of my ability, and with that, i will be making no further comments. >> lawmakers say that she was asked about the e-mails, but only to the extent that they pertained to benghazi. and abedin for the background has worked with secretary clinton since she was first lady and at one point clinton calling her a second daughter, and now abedin is the vice chairwoman of the campaign. she is the latest to testify, and the proceedings have been a problem for secretary clinton, but the campaign has been trying to discredit the proceedings am
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a mid allegations that among republicans that it is a witch hunt, but that is something that the chairman denies. and she are will be testifying on her e-mails this week, alex, and we know today is the last campaign event, and she is going to be going indoors to prepare for what is an important day politically, alex. >> yes, it is. and now the war of words between donald trump and jeb bush. donald trump is saying that president george bush share blame for the 9/11 attacks. whatever you want to say, the twin towers came down when he was president -- >> wait, you can't blame george bush for that -- >> well, blame him or not, the twin towers came down during his reign. >> and jeb bush said, how dare he attack my brother for 9/11.
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we were attacked and my brother kept us safe. and then the donald trump said, no, you are pathetic, because you said nothing happened during your brother's term when the world trade center was attacked and came down. carly fiorina has two more campaigns in iowa including one next hour. and also, hillary clinton is going to the address democrats, and donald trump is going to meet with the family council. and meanwhile, hillary clinton addressed more questions about the e-mails and something in the debate as far as bernie sanders was concerned. >> and coming up in a moment, we will tell you what question made her laugh about the question about her e-mails. and this hour, coming out of israel, and the west bank, and two palestinians were killed in
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hebron and a third in jerusalem, and israel saying that two men and a woman individually attacked individuals and police. and this morning, police clas d ed in the east bank. much of the violence in the unrest has been centered in and around jerusalem. bill neely is there for us this a afternoon. bill, good evening, what do we know about the specifics the incidents, since it is evening your time. >> yes, as you said, within the space of couple of hours, three attempted murders and stabbings and three dead palestinians. in jerusalem, it was a 16-year-old stopped by a police patrol and took out the i.d. and with the other hand he took out a knife and tried to stab a police officer who shot him. and then in hebron, two
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incidents involving an 18-year-old who tried to kill a civilian on the street. the civilian pulled out a gun and shot the attacker, and then a 16-year-old girl asked a policewoman for directions and then pulled out a knife and according to the policewoman tried to stab her in the neck. the policewoman pulled out her gun and killed the assailant, and so three dead palestinian, and some dramatic images e emerging from another attack, and warning that the pictures are graphic. they show a palestinian man posing as a news photographer chasing an israeli army soldier, wrestles him to the ground, and stabs him repeatedly until other soldiers fire at the man and can kill him. the israeli soldier is in the hospital recover iing. no quiet between the attacks because they are mostly palestinian teenagers with no
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criminal or palestinian criminal record records. they have a passport which means they are free to move around the city of jerusalem, and they speak fluent hebrew and no way to pick them out apart from anybody else, and this is a troubling problem for the israeli police. and no sign, alex, that the attacks are going to be ending any time soon. >> bill, how effective has it been to try to cordon areas of jerusalem? i mean, it is inconvenient for the people who live there, but it is helping or not? >> well, yeah, again, it is one thing that the israeli police are trying to do. so we drove the around jerusalem rather frustratingly at times, and there are giant concrete blocks on many, many roads, and traffic backed up. they are certainly an inconvenience to the palestinian, and ordinary palestinian people and most of whom have nothing to do with the
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attacks, and that builds resentment or at least that is what they tell us, but do concrete barriers actually stop young palestinians carrying knives and wanting to use them? i don't know, but the evidence of the last few days is that these measures alone and it is shown in the past don't necessarily stop these the attack attacks, but the police, i suppose you could say they have to do something, and they are trying to swamp jerusalem with men. there are police, soldiers, and trying to crack down on the movements of some of the palestinians in order to somehow to smother the violence which at the moment as i say, it is not stopping, alex. >> hard to detect a knife in someone's pocket, bill neely from jerusalem. and residents in southern california are digging out after mudslides and landslides are burying tractor-trailers and
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school buses. roads like this one reopened after crews rescued motorists. and residents in lake hughes are assessing the damage caused by thursday's massive mudslide. and jennifer bjorklund is joining us where several roads are continuing to be closed and so jennifer, where do the frts stand today? >> well, they are ongoing, but you can see that the sun is out, and we did not get the rain they were expect ing ing to come bac through here yesterday. that's the rain that moved on through santa barbara and caused the problems there. i want you to look down the street here, and see all of the mud piled up on the side of the road. you can see it is -- it's as high as your head, and you can see that the cars are still stuck that were swamped two days ago, and the power of the mudslide coming off of the hill. you can see bent the fence that is around in lake that is a dry lake bed. we have been here before,
9:12 am
because a couple of years ago this hillside was on fire and the crews were filling up the helicopter buckets out of this lake which is now a dry lake bed, elizabeth lake. so this is one of the reasons why this is a powerful mudslide behind the houses, because, you know, the hillside burn didn't have any vegetation to hold on, and it has been four years, not enough rain to germinate any root structure to hold the hillsides in place. so they have that to contend with. and dump truck after dump truck has been coming up and down the road today, and they have 300,000 cubic yards of mud. they have the put it somewhere. right now, they are moving it awe of the roads and hoping to dig some of the the cars out. in other areas nearby here on highway 58 where you saw that massive pileup of cars and big rigs, well, those are still there, and they expect those will be there for some time. that is a cleanup project that could take days, and the good
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news though is that the rain looks like it has passed for now, and even better news is that we have no reports of injuries from any of this. alex. >> that is extraordinary but given all of the wildfires in california, it does not bode well for the long term future for potential mudslides. thank you, jennifer bjorklund. and check this out, residents are waking up to see wi winter's first snow. this is in corning, new york, as americans a across the northeast are braising for a taste of winter. kate parker has the forecast are from the weather channel. >> it is cold. put it that way. we have a lot of folks all across the midwest and stretching into the east that are under a freeze warning this morning, and further to the south, you have a frost advisory, and so it is time to get the plants covered and whatever it may be, because we are getting into that time of year. you may see some snow today, and it is going to be in the higher elevation, and once you go above
9:14 am
5,500 feet, that is when you will start to see some of the snowflakes accumulating into an inch or two of snow. how about this? it is a different story in the south, across texas and stretching into louisiana and mississippi and alabama, fire danger here and we are throwing arkansas in the mix as well. there is a lot of football games, and grill going on, and please be careful, because we have a fire danger, and red flag warning thanks for the drier conditions with the e low humidity and winds. and now, out west, showers and thundershowers stretching from the pacific northwest to the bo border of mexico. that is where we will see some of the heavier downpours resulting in flash flooding potential. in las va gaegas, you will see stretching to grand junction to put those hiking plans on hold. an org commu-- an oregon
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i know that werny sanders said quote that the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. but there are a lot of people who are not. >> well -- [ laughter ] >> and including the fbi officials who are looking into whether or not the national security was compromised because of the security. >> and first of all nothing, and i will underscore nothing, nothing that i was sent or sent was marked classified. >> hillary clinton once again facing another question about the private e-mail server that she used as secretary of state. jo joining me for more talk on politics, we have our guests from the daily beast. bob, i will start with you.
9:19 am
what did you think that hillary clinton would make of that e-mail question, after bernie sanders said, enough. >> el well, it is a unusual laugh that is lasted too long. and basically, the house benghazi committee has had a rough month, and a controversial thing, the staffer was let go, and criticized the committee, and then kevin mccarthy, the majority leader saying that the committee is playing politics, and backtracking that, and so they are looking at it, and the questions out are going to be continuing, and the headlines for hillary clinton are going to continue, and no doubt about it. >> and betsy, thursday duhday is the big day when she testifies in front of the house committee, and what are you looking for, and what is she going to be saying? >> one thing that we can expect the committee to ask her is why, exactly, when the benghazi attack happened why she and other state the department officials said it was because of
9:20 am
a youtube video and not a terrorist attack. that is why the question will be raised. another thing about the e-mails, are these issues of national security concern? it is interesting, because it is two separate issues, right? one has to do with whether or not information that went through the e-mail system was marked as classified. it is a separate question though as to whether or not information on the e-mail server regardless of the classification markings could have jeopardized the united states security. so all of those issues are jer ra -- jermaigermane we do expect questions to continue. >> and what about the length of the testimony from houma abedin. >> yes, they have millions of
9:21 am
dollars to put this committee together, and that i have to have results, and they don't want the resultz on thursday night, and friday to be about a partisan clash. they want some type of information that has not been publ publicly available. they are digging, and one of the other questions that hillary clinton is going to have to answer is what was the staff that worked on the server, and we have seen one of the former aides take the fifth. so a lot of questions about the interaction of that staffer, and what they were paid and all of that typef of information. and that is what they are going to be honing in on. >> and now to joe biden, because our sources say that he could announce the plans for 2016 this weekend. delaware confident said to supporter supporters that let's stay in touch. if he decides to run, we will need each and every one of you -- the yesterday. >> well, all candidates running
9:22 am
for president need to be at the next presidential debates, and so i talked to someone close to biden yesterday and this person said it is 50-50, and so it is very hard to see. i think that it is fair to say that joe biden has gone back and forth on this. certainly the poll numbers are good especially gaiagainst the republicans. but hillary clinton with a strong debate performance and you have to wonder if that is f factoring into the decision. >> and the timing counts, and the things like the state filing deadline, and he has to file in less than two weeks for georgia and let alone a number of them by december, and so, betsy, what is the impact of hillary clinton if joe biden jumps in? >> well, it is hard to say, and it is not going be pretty, and we don't know if it going to hurt her that much, but depending on the polls, there are not a huge number of voters who like hillary and don't like bernie sapder, and so kauffman
9:23 am
is right. if biden does decide to run, he needs the supporters not just yesterday, but six months ago. remember in 2012 rick perry under the republican primary, he ran in august, and that was way too late. and the fact that biden is running out the clock here means that his people are going to have to scramble, and the operation is much less formidable than it would be, and the longer he waits the better news for her. and i would think that her camp is not going to be stressed out about it. >> and what about the back and forth between donald trump and jeb bush, and donald trump blaming george bush for the terror attacks, because it it happened on his watch, and jeb bush calling it pathetic. and more squabbling here and neverending storyline, betsy? >> more squabbling here, and the interesting thing is that the way that the republican primary candidates are rehashing george bush legacy. in the most political circles,
9:24 am
george bush legacy on foreign policy has been a sacred cow. and the republicans want to blame obama for the middle east and don't go over george bush, but donald trump has brokewen the ranks, and criticized george w. bush over iraq and used it to go after jeb, and the fact that he is bringing in 9/11 into it, that is interesting, and interesting tactic or the for him to take, but it is showing that among the republican voters there is maybe an appetite that said, hey, george bush messed up a bunch of stuff, and time for a new leadership, and if they buy that argument, then it is maybe time for new leadership. >> and if you are thinking of buying someone a drone for the holidays, there is something important that the government wants you the do about it. we will tell you what that is next.
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hi. hi. hello. hi. hi. hi. hi my name's josh. kelly. my name is raph. steve. my name is anne. tom. brian. krystal. and i am definitely not a robot.
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i'm one of the real live attorneys you can talk to through legalzoom. whether it's for your business or your personal life, don't let unanswered legal questions hold you up. because we're here. we're here, we're here, and we've got your back. legalzoom. legal help is here. >> welcome back to "weekends with alex witt" and new details about therarehearing are from the man who saved many of his classmates from a man who did the unthinkable, running toward s the gunman. chris mintz was posting on
9:33 am
facebook his report. >> reporter: he said that he heard something that sounded like firecrackers, and he went back to warn people in the library, and then he went back to the classroom where chris harper evans was targeting the victims. he said, i could only see one of the students through door and she was screaming and yelling and blood over his mouth, and i motioned with my hand over my mouth for them to be quiet, and get down and stay down. and i said, you need to go get the cops. then the shooter opened up the classroom door to my left, and he leaned half of the torso out, and started shooting. he was so nonsha clant about it like he was playing a video game, and showed no emotion. he shot me and it felt like a truck hit me. he shot me again and hit my finger saying, that is what you get for calling the cops.
9:34 am
i lay there in a fetal position saying, i did not call the cops, man, they were on the way. and he then leaned out trying the to reach for the phone, and i yelled don't shoot me, it is my kid's birthday. and he retreated, and i'm not sure why he didn't shoot me again. i tried to move, but i could not move at all. my legs felt like ice. when i moved, i had pain shooting through me like a bomb going off. >> mintz is recently released from the hospital, and he is is recovering are from two gunshot wounds to the legs and a wound that barely missed his aorta. the german defense ministry is saying that it is canceling its planned drawdown and it will maintain troops d s indefinitel and so did the italian prime minister say he is
9:35 am
reconsidering. joining me is brian jones who served as a combat commander in afghanistan and now joining us for more look at the u.s. numbers. currently, 9,800 troops, and originally, it was 1,000 troops to stay in kabul, but now, there are 5,500 troops spread across three bases, and focused on counter terrorism, training and the like, but how much can 5500 troops do with that limited amount of mandate across three base bases? i mean, how much can they accomplish? >> well, surprisingly a large amount actually. what it come downs is that the mission is two-fold, and training the afghan national security forces, and conducting the counter terrorism operations. many of the troops are special forces and op ray or terators t night raid and take the high profile taliban targets down and
9:36 am
the rest are logistical footprint or logistical tale in afghanistan and the sort of the training elements to help the afghan security forces to maintain the viability to eventually, and this is the president and the commander's hope to eventually have a sustained presence and be able to let the american and nato allies pullback. >> okay. so the experience on the ground, and what are the biggest hurdles to achieving that? >> the hurdles for training the afghan national security forces are tremendous, and one of them the reported at lot lately is that there is a culture of child rain that exists in a lot of the afghan forces and the media is catching on to it, but it is hard for american forces to sometimes be able to stomach that moral quagmire with the people who are supposed to be working closely with. and another big challenge is afghan culturally and what you will see is that they will take the afghan security forces will take the recruits from all over the country, and the country is
9:37 am
so diverse, and sort of a plural ti of ethnicities and languages and so it is hard to actually create a community and sustained military from the plural ti of backgrounds. >> wow. and then something to consider, and difficulties playing out with kunduz, and the taliban taking over, and the forces have recently taken it back, but situations like that playing out all offafghanistan, and how big of a challenge to capture something and keep it safe. that is a big challenge? >> el we nashgs a big part of the president's decision to keep the troop levels of 5,500 now from now to perpetuity. what it came down to is that we cannot have afghanistan fall back into the hands of the taliban. when it did not seem like a reality in 2012 and 2013 when the drawdown table was put in place, it is now seeming like a real, real possibility especially what we saw in kunduz
9:38 am
province, and when we are seeing the dissolving situation there in iraq and iran and the syrian state, they are seeing that they cannot allow it to happen again in afghanistan, and there is a real security threat to the united states in afghanistan. >> and this is what the president said thursday. >> afghanistan remains dangerous, and 25 brave americans have give n their livs there this year. i do not send you into harm's way lightly. it is the most solemn decision that i make, but as your commander in chief, i believe that this mission is vit al to our national security interests in preventing the terrorist attacks against our citizens and natio nation. >> as you are aware, brian, less than 1% of the americans serve in the military. do you think that affects the way that the leadership makes deployment decisions, and how the public reacts to the decisions? >> i am going to answer the second part of the question
9:39 am
first, i think it certainly affects the way that the public reacts. the war in afghanistan is in the 14th year. i walk the streets in new york city and meet people, and travel across the country, and i don't get a sense that we are a nation at war, and so i think that the -- i say it as a veteran, but there is less of a public sentiment that the president has to make, but what we gain for having such a small percentage of americans in the military is that the force is incredibly professionalized and there is no citizen soldier, but just soldier, and you are getting people who are able to bear the burden of multiple deployments or really, really able to understand the mission in the way that we haven't had in the military before. but sequestration harms that, because we are not as ready as we were four or five years ago, and that is troubling. >> cautionary words. thank you very much for your service, and your time here with
9:40 am
us. thank you, brian. >> thank you very much. and joining us with more on president obama's decision, we are joined with susan and dave. and susan, i want to start with you. the decision thrusts this issue into the campaign race, and the next president is going to be inheriting this war. and what do they believe? >> the republican side, they believe more troops, but on the democratic side, you have bernie sanders who is a very anti-war candidate, and hillary clinton who seemed hawkish, and it seemed how far to the left did she want to go and how much will bernie sanders challenge her. >> and morris, you know thnokno
9:41 am
president obama campaigned as the president to get us out of war, and footprint is smaller, but what do you believe the legacy is going to be? >> well, the tbd, because when he ran as a candidate, it is is one thing, but when you are in that seat and faced with the information and faced with protecting america, you have to make decisions that may not be expedient politically to the party, but ultimately the right thing to do to protect america. >> morris, i want to talk to you about the top adviser where tom kaufman said that if vice president joe biden decides to run, we will need each and every one of you yesterday. what do you hear about the conventional wisdom to put his hat in the ring. >> well, they may see hillary
9:42 am
clinton's candidacy not as firm afoot. and they are hoping to have good numbers, and being cautious, but they are doing the right things because perhaps the clinton campaign is not as steady and strong as they thought, and the vice president may decide to throw his hat into the ring. >> and susan, beyond the logistical and financial issue, there is perception. will the americans vote for a candidate who delays the decision like this, and doesn't claim that divine ininspiration that so many others do? >> as far as the delaying the decision, that does not affect him at all, and many americans are not focused on the presidential election whatsoever right now, and that part is fine, but does he look like he is part of the problem or the solution? it looked about three month, three weeks ago that hillary clinton was in a e frfreefall, biden was there to save the party, but after a very good
9:43 am
debate performance, and what i expect to be a good performance in the hearing next week, he has to decide does he look like he is trying to the take something away from her. i don't think that is going to be getting in his way. and i think that he is also going to be leaning towards doing that, because once you have it in the system, it is very hard to change. >> morris, look, you know -- >> ultimately, i don't believe he is gogoing to be running ultimately. i believe he is going to be making a hard decision, and understand it is not in his best interests and legacy to get into the race. >> why do you say that? >> well, if you are a sitting vice president, and two-term vice president with a president who has been a historic president in a lot of ways, you don't want to the be the last campaign a losing campaign, and i think that biden can go out on the high note, and steadfast, and done a lot off good work, and ride out and the high note, but candidly, i don't believe he can beat her in the primary, and i don't believe he wants that to be the last campaign.
9:44 am
>> susan, you mentioned hillary clinton's committee in front of the house about benghazi, and who is going to be having the upperhand going into it, hillary or the committee members? >> right now, hillary, because kevin mccarthy's comments about it being political committee, and they have to be very, very cautious. this is the environment that she thrives in. and right after mccarthy said that it was a political attack against her, and she is going to be using it for her advantage, but the families want answer, and the families deserve answer, and so both sides need to be cautious, but hillary clinton will come out stronger than the committee. >> and how critical is this performance, morris? it is important that the republican republicans don't overreach here.
9:45 am
they are looking a little bit disorganized the way they are handling the house situation, and if they overreach with hillary clinton, they have to be cautious here. and i agree with susan, this is the one thing that the hillary clinton does well, and she is in the trenches and measured and she can fight very, very good there. >> and we know that she is wrapping up campaigning, and studies for that the committee hearing thursday. good to see you both, susan and morris. >> thank you. >> thank you. and the crumbling pipes bringing water the into your home, and they are in worse shape than ever. who is going to be paying the repair bill so you can get water from the tap? they'd be a lot happier with the capital one venture card. and you would, too! why? it's so easy with venture. you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. just book any flight you want then use your miles to cover the cost. now, that's more like it. what's in your wallet?
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9:49 am
spate of drones near commercial airliners. and earlier this month, the faa officials expressed concern about the prox is sim ti of drones and airports. >> we want to keep them within 400 feet, and the smallest rule of 500 feet. there is a question if they should not also be equipped with something that has a radio signal to allow us to track them otherwise. >> let's bring in patrick tucker, technology editor at defense one. i'm curious about your reaction of the news story, and how useful it is to have the newly purchased drones registered? >> well, it is a positive stop. the lawmakers and the industry have been looking at a variety of different solutions to curb what is truly a very unsettling trend. the number of sightings of drones in places where they shouldn't be, which is to say by pilots flying planes, and seeing the drones out of their window has risen to over 700 thiser
9:50 am
yoo, and quadrupled that of last year, and so it is a big problem across the country. and we are also hearing in the summer of emergency crews whose work was hammered by the drones operate ing operating in the area where they were trying to fly aircraft and fly their own drones or fire suppression aircraft. so this is a big problem, and the industry understands that the government understands that lawmakers understand that. but it is somewhat in a disagreement of exactly what to do about it. this step sounds like the sort of thing that could be onerous to people, and requiring people to register something with the department of transportation, and doesn't that generally speaking help sales choser to christmas time especially, but the industry is nervous about the potential and the much stri stricter regulations based on how people buy and use these, and the step that the faa is talking about, it is looking pr pretty strict. >> you are mentioning all of the governmental agencies that get the importance of it, but do the
9:51 am
consumers with the expected 1 million or so drones to be sold as gifts, purchases or whatever leading up to the holiday season, you have to wonder, because they are essentially entering the unregulated area, and is the government prepared to regulate this and deal with the potential dangers? >> they can regulate, but they are not prepared. these systems are incredibly small, and difficult to pick up. there is a couple of different ak acoustic sensing technologies to use within an enclosed space to find the drone and jam it, but potentially, we have no means to regulate or police these things, other than spotting them in the air or a few other technique, and this is going to lead to the situation that we have right now. when you buy one of these, you take it out of the box and you pe gin to play wit, and it is feeling like a benign act. it is feeling very safe. but if you can do that in washington, d.c., it is not looking like much, but you are breaking the law. d.c. is one of the areas that is largely a no-fly zone for
9:52 am
consumer drone, and also five miles of a airport which knocks out all of new york, and so people cannot use the product in the way they want to. and one of the things talked about by senator charles schumer from new york is mandating that the drone manufacturers install firmway on the drones to serve as a geofence to take the updates from the gps, and keep the drone from flying within the restricted a areas retowardless of what the operator was doing. but it is also very hackable, and spoofable. so the next step requiring the registration, i with some of the other steps could work to make this entire thing much safer, and not perfectly safe, but it could enhance security in a lot of ways. >> patrick tucker from defense one, thanks much. >> and more on the progress of la more odom after he came out of the coma.
9:53 am
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other news now, a shark
9:56 am
attack survivor is describing an account with a tiger shark that cost him the wave. he says that he was waiting for a wave when the shark bit through the leash, and he said it felt like he had iran into an 18-wheeler, but he is recover i ing. >> the first four or five days were hard, but it is day by day and getting better slowly, and trying to stay strong and heal up. >> the rhode island native says he is determined to surf again. >> five years after a $100 million donation, where did the mo knee go? a look at the big donation from facebook founder mark zuckerburg and how it did or did not help the schoolchildren of newark, new jersey. .. ...and walked a daughter down the aisle. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica.
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10:00 am
renewed speculation that he will run. analysis straight ahead. >> $100 million! >> it held promise with a lot of money behind it, but is it paying off for one of the country's most beleaguered school systems. and leaky pipes, and america's rising tide of faucet trouble could be coming to a faucet near you. good day to all of you and with welcome to weekends with alex witt. we are following a developing story out of israel, and the west bank. palestinian protesters clashed with troops in israeli de facto capital of the palestinian authority. three palestinians were killed in the west bank, and four kill
10:01 am
killed in jer ruse e lem. the four at attempted individual attacks on civilians or police. so far this month, 84 israelis and palestinians have died in this conflict. we are bill e neely there for us this after noon. >> good afternoon, alex, no letup in the violence. three attempted murders and stabbings today, and three dead palestinian attackers as a result. here in jerusalem, it was a 16-year-old palestinian pulled over by the police, and he was showing them the i.d. card when he suddenly produced a knife and tried to stab one of the police offic officers who tried to shoot him. and then in hebron, two incidents, and remember this in the space of a couple of hours, and an 18-year-old palestinian tried to stab the an israeli civilian who then pulled out a gun who shot and killed him. and then a 16-year-old girl asked a policewoman for directions and then pulled a knife and tried to stab the policewoman in the neck acco
10:02 am
according to her report, and she pulled a gun and killed the g l girl. so three dead palestinian, and shocking photographs emerging from a previous incident, and some of the photographs are graphic, because it shows a palestinian man dressed as a news photographer, and then the wrestling to the ground another soldier and trying the to stab him. the israeli stabbed soldier is recovering in the hospital. trying to stop the incidents, alex, it is very hard for the israeli police and intelligence, and most of the attackers are young teenager palestinians from east jerusalem, and they carry the israeli i.d. cards, and free to move around and they speak hebrew and they meld into the general population, and no criminal record and no criminal record, and very hard for the police to work out where the next attack is going to be coming from, and to stop the attacks despite all of of the concrete barriers and the checkpoints and the crackdown
10:03 am
that we have seen here in the city. back to, you alex. >> thank you so much, bill neely, in jerusalem. we go back to the political watch, and the vice president joe biden candidacy is at a fever pitch. he showed no tip of the hand as he went to attend his grand daugt er's cro daugter's kros kcountry meet ths morning. and also, donald trump and jeb bush are sparring in e-mails. >> and george bush was president when the world trade center came down -- >> wait a minute, you cannot blame george bush for that. >> and jeb bush responded, how pathetic for donald trump to criticize my brother's term.
10:04 am
we kept our country safe. and donald trump said, no, jeb bush, you are pathetic for saying nothing happened during your brother's term when the world trade center came down. and now, carly fiorina having comments about the testimony on capitol hill by long time clinton aide houma abedin. >> i h would like to thank the committee for their time this morning during my testimony, and that is ali say at this time. and any word that we will get any word out before the end of the weekend which way joe biden is leaning? >> well, alex, it is potentially, and we have heard these predictions for weeks now,
10:05 am
and we thought that in the beginning of september, and the end of september, and here we are in the mid-october. it sounds like the reporting is coalescing around the possibility of informally or officially sunday night or sunday or early next week. again, these are all just prediction, and guesses. the vice president at the house, and not here right now, because he is off watching one of the grandchildren's flag football games, like he did last weekend when he held the family meetings, and the discussions with the family about whether he will run. we saw the vice president go to another event a for his granddaughter a cross country track meet. he was asked about the intention, but he did not say anything of course. and so vice president biden will go to new york to receive a human rights award from a greek group. we dot no expect him to give any word on the intentions, but all of this under the speculation of
10:06 am
whether he will or will not run sparked by an e-mail by somebody close to him say ing ing to the former biden staffers, if he decides to get in, we need you yesterday. so the people who supported the biden run trying to put the infrastructure in place if he decides to go for it, alex. >> and hallie jackson in delaware for us there. and now, to the white house with kristen welker, and let's go about the next week is a big week for hillary clinton who going to go head-to-head for the house hearing on benghazi. >> oh, it is a big hearing, and it is going to touch on thet attack and the likely e-mail controversy and on the heels of the top aide houma abedin testifying for nearly eight hours. she spoke briefly afterwards, and she didn't take questions, but this is what she had to say. >> i don't know what to expect, but i think that it is clear that whatever they might have thought that they were doing,
10:07 am
they ended up becoming a partisan arm of the republican national committee with a overwhelming focus on to -- as they admitted, trying to drive down myle poll numbers. >> that is secretary clinton talking on cnn about what she expect expects. abedin was asked about the clinton e-mails, but only to the exthe tent that they pertained to benghazi. and abedin has worked with clinton since first lady and works as vice chairman, and the latest aide to testify. and now, for the frontrunner, as you have heard secretary clinton, she has been trying to discredit the proceedings among allegations that it is a witch hunt. she is hoping to turn the page on the ben gghazi issue, and th e-mails when she testifies this week. she is campaigning in alabama today talking about voter rights, and then down thursday to prepare for the big day, and
10:08 am
indication, alex, is going to show how important it is to her campaign. alex? >> thank you, kristen welker at the white house. >> thank you sghooch. and now the people in california trying to digout. most of the roads like this one in santa barbara have been reopened, but 100 miles east of santa barbara, the residents of lake hughes are trying to dig out. jennifer bjorklund is joining us there from lake hughes, and we know that the cleanup is steady, but how close to getting the things up and running 100%? >> oh, that is a tough one, because what we have been noticing is that a lot of people are taking the huge massive piles of dirt, and wheelbarrowing them home to fill up sandbags for the next round. so i think that it is going to be an ongoing story for the winter, because we are expecting that el nino to come in, and
10:09 am
everyone is talking about how great it is going to to be to have a wet winter, but what we don't need though is a lot of rain. what we need in california is snow. that is what we won't be getting this winter. this storm not related to the el nino condition develop iing offf the coast, but it is indicative of the things to come, because we have been suffering the the drought for so many years, and in fact, we watched these hillsides here burn twice in the last four years, and if you will look across the street, you will see that it is a dry lake bed here. and they were actually using this lake two years ago to draw water out with the helicopters to douse the flames. and now it is a dry lake bed, and everything else around us is wet and muddy. this is a problem. this is an ongoing problem, and they expect in the lake hughes ear kra ya, a week to feel
10:10 am
normal here. i want to get out of the street, because the trucks are coming by, but the biggest problem in the area is highway 58 that got slammed by a landslide. it happened within a matter of five minutes. swamped hundreds of cars and trucks that are still stuck in a mile long stretch there, and they don't expect to have any of that cleaned up probably for another week, alex. >> all right. jennifer bjorklund, thank you for the reporting, and stay out of the way of the trucks, there and you are making me nervous there. >> thank you. exnba star lamar odom has woke up from a coma after being found in a critical condition at a nevada brothel. it is the significant update since being found. and scott cohn, what do we know about the state of his health right now? >> well, alex, we are continuing to give some glimmers of hope, and some of the latest from jim harrick, who was his basketball
10:11 am
coach in rhode island and he says that the former nba tstar s much improved, and he is et going t -- getting much information from khloe kardashian, his estranged wife. and now, e! is saying that he suffered a stroke, and that is not good news, but the latest is that he woke up and said, hey, baby," to khloe kardashian and then went back to sleep. all of this started a week ago when he checked into the love r ranch in crystal, nevada. he is shown on the surveillance video touring the place, and visiting the bar and then found unconscious in the suite. as all of this plays out, perhaps the most public family
10:12 am
in america, the kardashians is asking for privacy, but running into issues with dennis hoff who is the owner of the brothel, and he is saying that he wants to defend odom from some of the rumors about drug use, and telling nbc news that they actually had a talk when odom checked in about drugs, and how drugs were not allowed on the premises, but odom was at the very least drinking, and using herbal sexual stimulants, but we don't know what was in his system, and the extent to the effects of this apparent stroke for some time as everybody is trying to trace the steps of the last week or so. alex. >> well, at least coming out of the coma, and that is a good step. scott cohn, thank you very much. the spending spree of hillary clinton's campaign, and how that is making her a more formidable campaign. that is next. diabetes, steady is exciting.
10:13 am
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10:16 am
just a few moments from now, hillary clinton is going to addressallal democratic conference, and it comes days after her having been in the lead of fund-raising having raised virtually $30 million. and for us to understand what her fund-raising haul is, nicolas from "the new york times". you have written that she has built a cash hungry juggernaut that is far more expensive than anything on the horizon, and how different from the strategy in 2008? >> well, she has 500 staffers, and 500 people on the payroll, and the main distinction here, alex, she is spending mostly on
10:17 am
the good things. so the people on the ground, data, and some early advertising which is important, and digital advertising which is list building and promotion, and so it is not going to the consultants, and the travel or the high-priced hotels for the most part, but it is the kind of thing that you invest in if you are going to whole way, and it reminds me of barack obama's spending in the summer of 2011 with the similar burn rate, but a lot of cash raised. >> if you hook at the bush and rubio campaigns, what are you see sfg. >> both of them saw dropoffs in the fund-raising, but bush's weakly paced fund-raising on the first two weeks on the campaign trail where he raised $12 mi million dropped off by a huge, huge amount, and so he is not
10:18 am
keeping pace with the spending, and there were staff cutbacks that we could see, and salaries cut across the board for dozens of staffers over the summer, and they have not been able to keep up with the spending, and so far, hillary does, and she has a big cushion of 31 million of primary dollars that she has in the bank. >> and how much are donations and fund-raising tied to poll numbers? in other words, jeb bush is falling in the polls, and what does that do to his ability to raise money? >> well, this distinction is that hillary is makings a lot of money, and spending a lot of money, and winning in many state, but jeb bush is not getting anything for the money, because he is way back in the poll polls, and in the single digit, and spent a lot off, and that is problematic, and it is going to be hard for the donors to see, and they are going to want to see all of the bang for the buck sometime in the next few weeks. >> okay. i want to the shift gears to bernie sanders whose campaign is
10:19 am
funded by the individual donation, and you have the "huffington post" that is not reporting but only one percent have donated the maximum amount of $2,700 apiece, and what about his sustainability? >> if you give $2700 for the whole primary, and if your campaign finance is built around the people giving that max, you have to keep finding new people who can give that max check week after week after week. and it is very hard. on the other hand, if your campaign is mostly built on the people who are giving $20 a month, and you have millions and millions of those people, you have no cash flow problem, right? you can raise money from them month after month after month until the end of the campaign, and that is why the small donors are so important, because they don't max out. if you get enough of them in one place, you can have staying power in a campaign like this, and by the way, ted cruz is
10:20 am
showing the evidence of the similar fund-raising strength >> and that is with the numbers off bernie sanders because he has 86,000 individual doe no, and 270 of them have maxed out if your point. and when you consider the money on hand with all of of the gop candidates, can we get a good idea of who is going to be dropping out next with the order of attrition essentially? >> well, it depends how badly you want to be humiliated. the candidates have been small or made their cutback s s in th past. carly fiorina has started out small and raising more and getting up there, but she is not having any problems with the dropping out. rand paul, i think that he is the only one on the death watch, and $1 million left in the bank, and the fund-raising has tanked, and in comparison, kasich and webb should have enough to go through new hampshire and keep a rough campaign, and flying
10:21 am
around to a couple of the debates, and going on tv a lot, and is so you can stay on for a while if you stay that way, but the problem is for those who tried to build a huge campaign, scott walker, and tanked, and ran out of mo niche aney and sa >> and what about the letter by one of biden's closest advisers saying we will need you, and are they going to be hampered by getting in so late with the fund raising? >> well, if he had been fund-raising, he would have to report it, and file some paperwork, and so partly about getting the commitments, but it is about joe biden. he has not decided. he does not want to be pushed out or squeezed out by hillary clinton, and everybody is on hold. it is about joe biden and what is going on in his head. look in the same way that trump has been surprising us, i keep
10:22 am
thinking that joe biden is surprising, and get in, not get in, and goes back and forth, and so i hope that we know in the next couple of weeks for our sake and his sake. >> yes, because there are filing de deadlines that he will have to make. thank you. >> thank you. and people are checking the calendars, and shaking their heads. we are showing you why. that is next. alright team, we've got an f150, needs a systems check and tires. doc, i need you on point for this one. already got the latest updates direct from ford engineering. 'cause ford dealers get that intel first. treads, what do you got? lookin' a little bald, sir. with all due respect. got the perfect fit- ready to roll. wheels up, flaps down, let's fly. ford parts. ford tools. ford techs. when your ford needs service, there's one elite team. these are the specialists. at ford. it takes a lot of work... but i really love it.s. i'm on the move all day long...
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10:26 am
increase of dangerous drones, and requiring them now to be registered. and now, the temperatures are really sinking below freezing in some areas. well, this home run really warmed it up in kauffman stadium where the hometown of the kansas city royals blanked the toronto blue jays 5-0 last night to win the first game of the american league championship series. gaining ground in the granite state. hillary clinton movinging into a tie with bernie sanders in one key state. we will talk to a campaign manager of bernie sanders about that. and the water systems are out of control, and what is being done to fix the system? get your credit swagger on. go to become a member of experian credit tracker
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♪ everything kids touch during cold and flu season sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. welcome back to "weekends with alex witt." and to politic ss and the
10:30 am
fund-raising numbers and others from the surveys that were just out. bernie sanders brought out the money in the third quarter, but can he ofcome the stigma of the avowed socialist platform. he was on bill maher. >> and you know, when you say socialist, bernie, they think herpes, bernie. >> is then what we have to do is to make the movement to correlate what we are talking about, because on every one of the major issues that i am talking about, the american people agree. >> and joining me now is tad devine, senior adviser for bernie sanders. and you have to love bill maher and laugh at that one. >> i did. >> and you have to see that he referenced the gallup poll that 92% of women said they would vote for a women, and 74% for a gay or lesbian or 91% for a jewish candidate, but only 47%
10:31 am
said they would vote for a socialist. how does he deal with that? >> well, bernie is talking about the economy that is ascending the income to the top, and he wants it to be more spread throughout. and it has not hurt him in 35 years of politics in vermont and it won't in america as well. >> the socialist label does not affect your fund-raising at this point. >> no. >> and on the third quarter on, you have been trailing behind the clinton campaign and brought in $22.6 million and $3.2 million just after tuesday's debate, and you 77% of the contributions from the small e donors. can you sustain that though, tad? i mean, with the evo cal oppositiop -- with such vocal opposition to the big donors? >> not only sustain, but build on it. in the first two quarters, we had twice as many contributions in the second quarter of fund-raising as we did in the
10:32 am
fir first. hillary clinton's campaign had far fewer contributors in the second than the first. and we are raising money are from the people in small amounts. 99.7% of the people who have contributed to bernie's campaign can contribute again, and we saw how many came back to give based on the performance, so we have a structure to the convention, and to fund a national campaign, and we have surpassed the goal of $40 million before iowa and new hampshire, and we le have plenty of resources to win the campaign. >> and the numbers are stagg staggeri staggering, and you have certainly a huge lot of donors to draw. i want to look at the new poll out from "boston globe" looking at the new hampshire primary. for a long time bernie trailed clinton, but now she has a slight lead, and is there an explanation of what happened? and are you looking at what happened and can the candidate compete with a state the whose
10:33 am
voters are pretty aligned with his policies? >> yes, an explanation. beginning the august 4th, hillary clinton went on television in new hampshire, and spent $3 million in burlington, maine and portland and boston market. and they have saturated the market, and that is a technical term, but it is the tv that you would run in a governor or senate race in america, so it has ob obviously helped her. we from -- we are prepared to run a campaign on our timetable. i was pleased to see the poll in that same poll that the bernie sanders had a 71% favorability, and higher than, much higher than hillary clinton, and very low unfavorable, and the candidate most trusted in that poll of all of the candidates running for the nomination. so the tv has helped her a lot, and the tv is going to help bernie a lot when we help. >> yes, favorability, and trust are two positive things for your
10:34 am
candidate there. and look, we are all on the vice president biden watch this weekend, and so, tad, how do you adjust the campaign strategy if he decides to run? >> well, a alex, i have said it before and people won't believe me, but i will say it again, we won't change anything. if he gets in, we have the same strategy. if he doesn't get in, we will have the same strategy. we have said if bernie sanders wins the campaign, it is not about the opponents burk about him, and it is about the message that he delivers to the american people that revolves around income inequality, and taking on the bigle challenges of the time like climate change, and the kids going to school without a burden of debt, and if we continue, and he continues to connect with the american people the way that he has, that m message is going to get through no matter who is in the race. >> another five debates to go, and any lessons that you want the take away, and anything that you want to change strategy-wise going for ward? >> well, consider iing that
10:35 am
hillary was in the 26th presidential debate and bernie sanders was in his first, i think that he did very well. we will continue the talk about the issues that he cares about. bernie had the biggest moment in the debate, and stepped up there, and said, that we have had enough of these e-mail, and everybody got the message. hillary clinton could have been big, too, when they talked about g guns, but she decided to attack bernie sanders instead of recognizing that a guy who has a d-minus rating from the nra does not have a terrible record on the guns, and people who support her have a-ratings from the nra and she should tell senator water and senator mansion and others and senator casey that they have a terrible record on guns if that is how she feels. >> thank you, tad devine, we hope you will come back. >> thank you. >> and now sh, with the tensionf iran, the u.s. is accusing iran with recent ballistic tests of
10:36 am
missiles, and that is a violation of the u.n. sanctions, and president obama said it won't derail the negotiations. >> our position with respect to u.n. resolutions, and prohibitions and sanctions are unchanged with respect to the missile programs. >> i'm joined now by former u.s. am b ambassador to morocco mark ginsberg and also middle east adviser, and mr. am bbassador, good to see you. >> hello, alex. >> how serious is the missile test, and how about the reaction of the president? >> well, alex, it is not just the missile test, but the brazen video that they released of huge underground store the rage faci their cache.
10:37 am
this is a huge violation of the u.n. sanctions there. is a -- this is a clear unmitigated violation of the u.n. sanction, and yet the u.s. is caught having to make alibis for previous administration, because each time iranians violate the deal, the administration has to come up with an excuse of not to in effect to clear the agreement dead. >> and here is one thing that you have to add to the rub, if you are will, because the medium range missile may not be a threat to the united states, but what about israel. and ambassador samantha powers said it was capable of delivering a nuclear weapon? >> iran has a capacity through the missile technologies to not only strike israel, but all of the allies in the region as well as in europe. it is one of the reason s ths te
10:38 am
established a missile defense shield in poland of all places. so the fact of the matter is that here is a -- here we are in the terrible dilemma where the administration is determined to protect the integrity of the iran agreement, and yet be unable to hold iran accountable for violating the very collateral security resolutions. >> mark, what are the options, if you are not going to scuttle the whole deal? >> delay the implementation until iran abides with agreement. i have argue and we have been on the air together, alex, that we should not be autot mat cli be agreeing to the lifting of sanctions, because an agreement is violated by the iranians. there has to be a zero tolerance policy by this administration, and by the p5+1 to prevent iran to test any pretex thet of how far the united states and the allies will go before holding iran accountable for violations. >> speaking of israel before,
10:39 am
and i want to talk about the renewed tensions, and the new bloodshed today that we are reporting. marc, should we expect a protracted amount of violence, because there is talk of this being a third intifada? >> i wrote in the washington post about this very is concern, and i head off to israel the day after tomorrow, is that the spasm of violence was really prompted by allegations that the israelis were violating the status of the agreement on the temple mount, but underlying is the encroachment of the settlements as well as the underlying fear that there is no pathway to a settlement. lo look, the young palestinians knifing innocent israelis is a contemptible act of terrorism, and whether they violated the status on the temple mount does not provide pretext for president abbas or anybody around him to goad pal stestini
10:40 am
to attacking israelis, but the lack of agreement of the peace process is giving increasing fear and trepidation to both the iz sraelis and palestinians tha the cycle of violence is going to continue. >> talk of jordan's king abdullah to host the four-way talks, and we would have mahmoud abbas, and benjamin netanyahu and john kerry there as well sh, and how would that with? >> well, you have to take prime minister netanyahu at his word, because he says that he is not going to be meeting, president abbas, because of the street cred. they don't have the xcapacity t negotiate a resolution of the conflict. it is the palestinians issues
10:41 am
have to become a part, and if the jordanians and the saw d disand the emiratis and the arabs can get together under the peace initiative that was sp sponsored, this is incentivizing courage for all of the leaders to find a way back to the peace process. >> thank you, am bas dor marc ginsberg, good to talk to you. >> thank you, alex. the fund of the hope gave a gift to help rescue one of the country's most troubled school system ises. from a partner who knows how to make your enterprise more agile, borderless and secure. hp helps business move on all the possibilities of today. and stay ready for everything that is still to come.
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10:45 am
gran grant. >> $# 00 million! >> yes. >> and joining me now is the former washington post correspondent and now author of "the prize" and who is in charge of the american schools. as you sit down, we were both recalling that moment, and everybody applauded, $# # 00 millio -- $100 million, and this is fantastic and it is going to turn it around. what happened? >> it has not turned around and they have doubled the number of students in the newark school, and the charter cools outperformed the public schools, and is it is not true nationally, but it is true in that city. some data came out that it has double d the chances of a child in newark being in a high performing school, because the charter schools are so much better, but the problem that the district schools have not improved in kindergarten through 8th grade, and two grades, the reading scores are down nine points in this period of time. and while the children and the money have left for charter
10:46 am
schools, the schools have been through tremendous down sooidzing, and cool consolidation, and the layoffs and the stress is obvious in the test scores. >> is this the reason why there were reports that some in newark did not actually welcome this these, because of that or something more to it? >> well, there was the -- there was the fear that the districtle schools were not going to farewell, and this that wasn't going to hep the district schools where 60% of the cool children still go. but it was done without input or warning for the people who were supposed to be taking care of it. >> they heard about it on "oprah"? >> yes, they heard about it at the same time that the nationalle the vision audience did, and they were suspicious saying, why are we hearing about this from television and not the mayor here. >> yes, cory booker. >> yes. >> and so there was a zuckerburg donation, saying it would be matched by other sources, and
10:47 am
the newark mayor cory booker had this foundation with all of the money, but who got the sit on the foundation? >> well, the foundation was called the foundation for newark's future and you had to give $10 million and later reduced to $5 million to have a seat on the board, and there was not even, and no wealthy person or foundation in the city of newark that could write a $5 million check and get on the board, so the board members were hedge fund managers, and goldman sachs, and a representative from goldman sachs and a represe representative from ford foundation. >> okay. and one issue that you write about is about these $# 1,000/day consultants who have now consumed about 20 million of the $# 00 million in the fees. you know, for some of us thinking, wow, was this money well spent. what do you think? gl well, some of the consultants did some important work to help to sort out the tenure process, and the teacher e evaluation
10:48 am
process, but overall, the money to the consultants, was a huge proportion of money that didn't do wa what was needed to be done to get the money no the classroom where the children in newark are living in extreme poverty, and witness violence on regular basis, and live in dysfunction, and so many more resources that were required at the classroom level, and that is not the focus of it. >> and i think that mark zuckerburg, really wanted to give a bonus po the great teachers, and that is his idea, but that is not how it played out. what happened there? >> no, he really didn't, and he and sheryl sandberg who vetted the agreement for him didn't understand how hard it is is to change the way that teachers are paid and rewarded. >> unions. >> and the seniority system. he wanted to get rid of the seniority protections to help the most senior teachers in place in the layoffs and the
10:49 am
last in, first out, and the youngest and the most recently teachers are the first to be fired in the layoff and he wanted that to go and the best teaches to be rewarded with bonuses, but they could not cut the bonuses that go as a routine course every year to the more senior teachers, and they would get a bonus after 5 year, and after 20 years, and 25 year ashs on the district could not simply afford to have big bonuses for the youngest teachers in addition to that. >> and i like to look for the silver lining here in the stories like this, and we talked about what has gone wrong, but what has gone right? >> well, i would say that there are schools in the district that because the superintendent allowed certain school, and not all of them, but certain cools to have have more autonomy at the school level for principals to pick their teams of teachers early on, even though it did not continue with the budget crises, but it did show with a strong
10:50 am
principal, and the teachers aligned with the principal, you can change the culture of the school and create buy-in from the parent, and that is impressive to see. it did not happensee. it didn't happen throughout the district, but it did happen in select schools, and it kind of illustrated that that can make a big deference if you haifferenc freedom to do it. >> thank you, the book is "the pri prize, who in charge of america's schools." >> thank you. morscenes like this could be happening. (ray) i'd like to see her go back to her more you know social side. she literally started changing. it was shocking. she's much more aware. (jan) she loves the food. (ray) the difference has been incredible. she wants to learn things. (vo) purina pro plan bright mind promotes alertness and mental sharpness in dogs 7 and older. purina pro plan. nutrition that performs.
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10:54 am
and a new reason to worry about the system that brings water to your home the american society of civil engineers infrastructure report card is giving this nation's drinking water systems a "d" grade. and that's raising questions about just how it gets fixed. let's bring in the past president of the american society of civil engineers. greg, welcome to you. look at these 249,000 water main breaks a year in the u.s.? how did we allow things to get this bad? >> well, thank you, yes, the problem seems to be from the fact that we frankly are underinvesting in our water systems in this country. to put it kind of in perspective, the first dollar that water agencies get they will use to spend on water quality. so, that means the water you're drinking you can rely upon it being safe to drink. but then what's left over is the money that we have to invest in our water facilities. our report card if you've looked at it, you know it says we need
10:55 am
to invest $126 billion between 2013 and 2020 in our water systems and wastewater if we want to bring them to a condition -- good condition or a "b." and yet we only show revenues of around $42 billion. so, if you do the math, we're short about $84 billion in investments in our water and wastewater systems. >> this water infrastructure, i meanwhi mean, it's huge, there's more than a million miles of underground mains and some of them date back to the civil war era, so this could cost -- if we tried to fix all these mains at once and upgrade everything, what would it cost, over a trillion dollars? >> yeah, that's correct. if we were to do it at once. the good news is we don't have to do it at once. what we need to do is we need to start planning how we will repair these facilities over time and that's what the agencies that run water utilities are trying to do. they're trying to take a long-term view. they're using new computerized tools to help them predict when they may have either failures or
10:56 am
when they need to replace these water systems so we need to gradually begin doing it but we've got to get started. >> is this something you think the feds need to take control of or is it a state or local municipality issue? >> the water utilities in this country are owned by the local government the people you are closest to, and they have the responsibility to do it and, frankly, that's probably the best way to get it done, but those leaders need to be able to step up and real oiz they're going to have to increase the revenue amounts that they get and that means we as customers who rely upon this drinking water day in, day out, from every faucet in our home, we've got to tell our elected officials, do you know what, i can't go without water. i've got to have a reliable drinking water system at my home and business. if we're going to continue the economic prosperity in this country and the quality of life we've always enjoyed. >> put it very well there, greg. big problem, and i'm glad we're
10:57 am
ta taking a look at it. >> thank you. we'll see you right back here tomorrow at noon eastern. next, "caught on camera." have yourselves a great saturday. his business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost®. and sleep deprived. bring us those who want to feel well rested. aleve pm. the only one to combine a sleep aid... plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. be a morning person again with aleve pm. put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria.
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mitigating risks across your business. leaving you free to focus on what matters most. it's a heart-stopping, high-altitude horror as a skydiver becomes a human bullet. >> he was so hard. it crossed my mind that maybe it hit a plane. >> let's go. and a base jump goes horribly wrong. >> the ground was coming at me incredibly fast. i was pretty sure this was going to end badly. on the ground, an unexpected encounter between buck and biker. and a rescue that just barely gets the job done. >> slipped out of one knot and that was enough for it all to start on come apart. a truck dips, a race car flips -- >> it looks like a model car out there coming apart. someone stuck a fire cracker in it or something.


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