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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  October 17, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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no, stop! >> a school bus driver drunk on the job. >> get off the bus! you can get off the bus. an elderly man who robs banks at gunpoint. >> this is not a pathetic old man. this is a man who is using a gun. a priest on a belligerent tirade. >> i'm in jail! >> no you're not. you're in a holding cell. and an armed thief with empeckable manners. >> thank you very much. i appreciate it. and i really am sorry. >> these are not the usual cases. >> that's the very first time we had somebody try to break in jail. >> not the usual suspects.
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>> get me [ bleep ] out of here because i'm getting a rash! >> not even the usual species. >> i didn't know that cats were so smart. >> but they are all caught on camera. >> i just couldn't believe what i'm seeing. >> it was kind of surreal. it was, like, did that really happen? >> "caught on camera: unusual suspects." hello. i'm contessa brewer. welcome to "caught on camera." in this hour, through the unblinking eye of the lens, you'll witness people engaged in reckless or criminal behavior. sometimes these incidents involve the unlikeliest of suspects, those whose demeanor or occupation offers no forewarning of their outrageous behavior, as you'll see in our first video when a trusted school bus driver jeopardizes
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the lives of dozens of children. may 8th, 2009, alford, new york. it's the end of the day at alford almond central school, and 15-year-old grace scherzer and 14-year-old chelsea are eager to head home. but today's trip on their school bus will be a ride they'll never forget, and it's all caught on the bus surveillance camera. >> you're making the little kids die! no, stop! you can't move. stop the bus! >> when i first got on the bus, the bus driver wasn't on the bus like usual. >> it took her about 20 minutes to get on the bus, and she was escorted by another bus driver. the bus driver asked her if she was all right, and she repeatedly said, "yes, i'm fine." and the bus driver got off. afterwards she started making comments, being very
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inappropriate with us and stuff. we're like okay, something is weird. >> the kids on the bus don't know it yet, but their driver, 55-year-old martha thompson has a blood alcohol level of 0.15, almost twice the legal limit. >> the first time we really realized there was something wrong with the bus driver was when she just went straight through the stop sign, and she didn't stop. she stopped right in the middle of traffic, and one of the students actually had to go up and help her shift and back up so that we could get out of the way of traffic. >> many of the children on the bus are becoming frightened, especially some of the younger kids. several of the older students gather at the back of the bus to discuss how they should handle the situation. >> the big kids were talking and wondering what do we need to do to keep them calm because we don't want to tell them what is going on and have them get worked up. >> we didn't know if she was drunk or if there was like -- she took the wrong medicine.
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we didn't know what was wrong with her. >> but when thompson neglects to drop off two students, the situation goes from bad to worse. >> you passed the turn. >> what turn? >> the turn off this road! duh! >> we didn't drop the students off, and then we continued up the hill, which we never did. finally grace ran up there and she's, like, you need to stop. we don't do this on a normal basis and you're obviously not in your right mind. >> the students feel trapped on the bus, unable to get off or make the bus driver stop. >> stop, stop! please. just put on the emergency brake. put it on. >> i'm, like, you need to stop. you need to stop. so she completely lets go of everything and just lets the bus roll back. >> put on the brakes! >> guys, stop screaming. >> the bus begins rolling backwards, down the hill, heading toward a ditch.
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>> you got to push on the brakes. >> stop, stop. you're fine. just back up. come on, guys, you're okay. you're fine. you're okay. breathe. stop. you've got to stop. okay, you've got to stop. >> it starts rolling back at, like, 15, 20 miles per hour. and it starts going into a ditch one way. and i'm like stop, stop, you need to stop. so then she pulls it up again and she goes back into the other ditch. i'm, like, okay, we need to stop this. i'm not going to deal with this. >> fearing for everyone's safety, grace demands thompson turn off the bus. >> turn it off, okay? >> no. >> you got to turn it off. no! >> turn this [ bleep ] -- >> will you guys stop? >> you're not okay and i know it. just turn it off, please. >> no. >> you can't -- turn the bus off! >> no! >> you're driving into a
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freaking ditch. you're making the little kids cry! stop! >> there was kids crying and screaming because they were scared. i was scared, but i was just more scared that -- for the kids, because they were my priority at the moment, like making sure they were all right and calm. >> the mood on the bus is tense. unsure of what to do, chelsea calls her mom. >> and i'm talking to her on the phone, and she can hear the kids crying and screaming in the background. and she is freaking out because i'm losing cell service. so she doesn't know if i'm okay or if -- what is happening. >> stop the bus, just stop! >> i am stopping. >> okay. >> get in your seat. >> put the brake on. >> get in your seats and -- >> i felt like we weren't safe. i felt like this bus was going to tip over. i didn't know what was going to happen. >> several students begin begging the bus driver to let them off the bus.
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>> i am going to puke. >> i'm going to pee and i can't hold it any longer. >> we are going -- we are -- we are okay. >> now! >> will you open the door, please? >> fed up with the situation, grace decides to take action. >> i was like okay, we're rolling backwards. she can't control us. i'm not going let these kids die. so that's when i decided we need to open the back door and get them off. i'm not going to be locked on a bus and die. >> as soon as the bus comes to a stop, grace opens the door. >> she is like we need to get these kids off the bus. >> get out. >> you can't get off the bus! you can't get off the bus! nicole, what did you do? >> everybody off, get them off. >> no! >> after we got most of the kids off, there was kids that wanted to stay on the bus because the bus driver was telling them to.
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>> you got to get off. come on. when i say go, go! get off. >> no! >> and i went up to them, and i was like kids, you need to listen to me. you're not safe. she's not in the right mind or state to be driving this bus. and you need to come with me now. and she is yelling at me, telling them they need to stay on the bus. and i'm, like, no, they don't. >> two students who left the bus run home to get help, and their parents call police. and it turns out the bus driver's own daughter is also on the bus. martha thompson is arrested, and she pleads guilty to 37 counts of reckless endangerment second degree, and driving a school bus while intoxicated. grace's mom, jane swanson, is shocked by the bus driver's actions, but she's extremely proud of grace, chelsea and the
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other students who showed great courage. >> they handled it very well. they were very mature about it. and i think that they didn't just react. >> i don't really feel like a hero. it was, like, what grace and i were supposed to do. we're the older kids. and we were the ones who were supposed to help. >> everybody tells you the phrase that you'll know what to do in the situation. and that's how it was for me. i just knew that was the right thing to do. >> guys -- >> don't get off the bus! come here. coming up, an elderly man with a sinister plan. and it's all caught on camera. >> he realized if he carried a firearm and threatened to use the firearm that he would get more money. >> but there may be more to this bandit than meets the eye. plus, a plastered priest delivers a sermon you won't likely hear at mass. >> i'll give you the sermon on the mound. your sermon on the mound is this. get these [ bleep ] off of me because i'm getting a rash! >> when "caught on camera: unusual suspects" continues.
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january 28th, 2011. it's a scene caught on bank surveillance camera. an elderly man walks into a bank in goleta, california. he stands in line, walks over to the teller, and when he gets to the counter, he casually pulls out a gun and demands money. when the teller complies, the old man takes his loot and simply strolls out the door. it all plays out right in front of customers and bank employees, most of whom are completely unaware that a robbery has even taken place. though he may look like a harmless grandpa, this sinister senior is currently one of the fbi's most sought after fugitives. he is known as the geezer bandit. >> the geezer bandit is a white male. his appearance makes him appear
12:14 pm
to be between 60 and 70 years old, anywhere from 5'10" to about 6'1". we're guessing about 180 to 190 pounds. he comes in as a fairly benign looking older man. he is seemingly dressed fairly nice, oftentimes wears a blue blazer, sometimes baseball caps. based on his actions, witness accounts and victim teller accounts and surveillance footage, we believe he is left-handed. >> since his first robbery on august 28th, 2009, the geezer bandit hit a total of 13 banks primarily in or around san diego, california, and all of them have been caught on surveillance camera. >> first robbery was standard. we see him go in. we don't believe he had a gun during the first robbery. he did have a demand note. and he gets a small take and he leaves the bank. >> he repeats this m.o. for his next two robberies, only using threatening notes and language.
12:15 pm
but by robbery number four, the geezer bandit decides he needs to step up his game. october 26th, 2009. surveillance video shows the geezer bandit walking into a bank in rancho santa fe, california. after heading to the counter, he hands the teller a note, and this time he also uses a gun. >> our theory, and i think it's a very strong one, is he wasn't getting a lot of money on the first three robberies. he realized that if he carried a firearm and threatened to use that firearm, and he was correct in doing so, that he would get more money in the takes. however, what he may or may not realize is that as soon as he took that gun inside the bank, he just increased his penalties under the federal sentencing guidelines and the state sentencing guidelines. >> but it's not just the threat of the gun that makes the geezer bandit so menacing. take a look at this surveillance footage from november 16th, 2009. the geezer bandit hands a note
12:16 pm
to the teller. and though the fbi won't discuss what it says, they will confirm that its content is extremely violent in nature. >> his notes have very specific threats. this is not a pathetic old man. this is a man who is using a gun, he is threatening, he is pointing at the victim tellers, and he's got very specific language that is very violent language in his notes. it's not just give me all your money. this is a very violent crime, and it scares those tellers. many of them suffer traumatic issues over time because of this. >> watching the surveillance video, it seems incongruous that an old man is robbing banks. but according to special agent bodich, that may be the secret to his success. >> he is not coming in looking like a thug. some people have good situational awareness. some people don't. some people go in and they're in their own world. they're not paying attention, they're on the cell phone, whatever they're doing.
12:17 pm
the geezer walks in, most people don't give him a second look because he appears to be very nonthreatening. he appears to be an older gentleman who is there to do his banking. he is quiet. he is surgical. he approaches one teller. he is in, he is out, and he moves on. those are the difficult ones to catch. >> there is also a possible twist -- speculation that the geezer bandit may not actually be a geezer at all, but a young man or woman wearing a mask. >> that is not uncommon for bank robbers at all. many of them wear masks. we've had people dress up like women. they're actually men. and we've had people wear halloween masks, et cetera. not unusual at all for a bank robber. do we believe that could be the case? it certainly could. we are considering all the possibilities. put it that way. >> the bandit may be old-school, but his fans are on the social media bandwagon. there are facebook pages supporting the geezer bandit.
12:18 pm
and if fans want to show off their loyalty, there are hats and mugs that read "geezer bandit for president." even dogs can find their very own geezer bandit t-shirts. >> people will enter their entries on the facebook pages. one individual actually says to him on the facebook entries, "god bless you." i have a hard time believing that god would smile on geezer bandit's actions. there is a backlash against many of the banks right now and some people are actually seeing this guy as a kind of robin hood. robin hood he is not. at the end of the day, he walks into a bank with a gun. what happens if something goes wrong in there? someone could get killed because of his actions. >> the folk status may actually harm him. with the use of these surveillance videos and images, the fbi hopes all the exposure and even his nickname will make it easier for the public to identify him, and ultimately easier for them to catch him. >> we like to name them as quickly as possible because it
12:19 pm
gets it in the public subconscious that oh, that's the drywall bandit or that's the geezer bandit or that's whatever. and it helps them remember so that ideally they are able to at some point generate some leads that will help us solve the case. >> the fbi is offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to the geezer bandit's arrest and conviction. after sitting for an interview, they asked us to help get some information out to the public. >> we can't catch him without the public's assistance. if someone is inside a bank or sees someone like this outside the bank, they need to call 911. they need to dial 911 immediately. if someone has a lead after the fact, they need to dial their local fbi office, whether it's san diego, los angeles, or wherever. coming up --
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a gas station owner is robbed at gunpoint. >> could you empty that till for me, please? put it right here. >> what do you mean? >> empty the till. put your bills right here. i'm robbing you, sir. >> but this robbery is highly unusual. because instead of being aggressive, this assailant is perfectly polite. >> i really am sorry to have to do this. >> february 5th, 2011, seattle, washington. shell gas station owner john henry is about to head home for the day when a man walks in. >> he ask me for a cup of
12:24 pm
coffee, if you have coffee. i say yeah, you can help yourself. he took like two minutes making a cup of coffee, just pouring a cup of coffee. and he came to the counter and pay for the coffee. >> thank you. >> but 65-year-old gregory hess has more on his mind than a cup of joe. he pulls out a gun and demands, or rather requests, the money from henry's cash register. >> would you do me a favor? >> yes. >> would you empty that till for me, please, put it right here. >> what do you mean? >> empty the till. put your bills right here. i'm robbing you, sir. >> try to play stupid and ask him, "what do you mean?" say "i'm robbing you. i need you to empty your till. i need the money." i said, "are you sure?" he said, "yes, i'm sure." >> and then hess takes the time
12:25 pm
to patiently explain why he is robbing henry. >> why do you want to do that? >> because i need the money. i have kids that need to be fed, sir. i know. i know i am, sir. i realize that. and i really -- i really am sorry to have to do this. but i've got kids. >> henry tries to reason with the courteous criminal. >> how about if i give you $40 and it is a gift? >> well, i can't do that, sir. i've got rent to pay. i have bills. and the kids need to eat. >> i looked at his hair. he had white hair. he looked like over 60. what kind of kids are you talking about? >> henry is not entirely convinced hess is using a real gun, but he decides against doing anything rash. he gives hess all the money in the till, which amounts to about $200. >> i didn't want to take chance. money doesn't bring your life back. you need the money, take the money, good luck, and just leave in peace. nothing more than that, you know.
12:26 pm
>> hess takes the money, but not before thanking henry for the cash. >> thank you very much. i appreciate it. and i really am sorry. and if i ever get back on my feet again, sir, i'll bring it back. >> henry and hess then respectably bid adieu to each other. >> thank you. >> i'm sorry. god be with you, man. >> thank you very much. and with you too. >> thank you. >> when hess walks out of the store, henry immediately calls police and reports the crime. >> yeah, i'm john from shell got robbed with a gun and the guy just left. i'm trying to get his license plate. >> it doesn't take long for police to track down henry's polite robber. this surveillance video immediately goes viral. after it appears on the local news and leads authorities to hess just days later.
12:27 pm
not surprisingly, hess handles the arrest quite well. >> a couple of days later, some police, they came to my store towards the car and they told me the guy was very polite when we went to arrest him. he was so polite, waiting for them. >> hess confesses to robbing henry's store with a pellet gun, and is arrested for first-degree robbery. but it turns out this isn't his first run-in with the law. in 2003, the fbi dubbed hess the transaction bandit after he robbed several banks in the seattle area. he was actually on probation at the time he robbed henry. hess pleads guilty to first-degree robbery, and in april, 2011, he's sentenced to five years in prison. as for henry's stolen money? hess tells police he has used most of it. besides buying gas and food, he pays his cell phone bill and
12:28 pm
puts the remainder in his bank account. and according to authorities, hess doesn't have kids. but there is still some good news for henry. one of his loyal customers who hears about the robbery steps in to help the store owner recover his losses. >> i had one of my customers. and he said i got very good job, and, john, i know you're a nice man. i see what happen, and he give me $300. i said man, you don't have to do that. he said no, i'm happy to do it. >> henry, who has been robbed twice before says this incident definitely stands out from the others. >> he was very polite. very polite, very friendly, and this is why i open with him in a conversation, you know. i get robbed before, and you see people who robbed you. evil soul in their eyes. he don't know how to manage his
12:29 pm
life and he want to survive. just he doesn't know the right way to survive. >> but this robbery goes to show you that minding your "ps" and "qs" can only take you so far. breaking the law, even politely, can still land you behind bars. >> i'm robbing you, sir. coming up, these guys will do anything to escape authority. >> out of the corner of my eye, i caught him already halfway out my window. i knew what he was doing, and he jumped from my car. >> but this guy goes to the extreme to turn himself in. >> he thought that was the way he could get some help, come to jail. so he took it literally and drove into jail. >> when "caught on camera: unusual suspects" continues.
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hi, i'm richard lui with your hour's top stories. another day of deadly violence in jerusalem, israeli authorities say they have shot
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five palestinians who have believe to have killed israelis. and the mexican authorities are scouring a mountainous region in el chapo's home region. now back to "caught on camera." welcome back to "caught on camera." i'm contessa brewer. it's not unusual for a suspect to flee from police, but it's not always a well thought out plan. you're about to meet two suspects who make downright foolish attempts to escape from authorities, and another guy who goes to extremes to turn himself in. a suspect leaps to escape police custody. not so unusual until you realize he is leaping out of a moving police cruiser, and it's all caught on camera.
12:34 pm
january 22nd, 2011, sandy city, utah. police officer gavin white is transporting 20-year-old nicholas duffy to the salt lake county jail. earlier that day, duffy is arrested by another police department on investigation of burglary charges. he is admitted to a local hospital after being tasered, and also for possible intoxication. he escapes and is eventually discovered hiding out in a nearby garage. >> well, when i first saw mr. duffy, he had a blue substance all over his face and all over his mouth. nobody knew what it was. we walked him outside of the garage where he started throwing up. and he obviously appeared to be intoxicated of some sort. >> because he is vomiting, officer white takes duffy back to the hospital. after receiving the all clear, duffy is placed in the back of
12:35 pm
officer white's police car, heading for the jail. >> the first thing i did is roll down my window when he got into the car because i knew he would be vomiting. it would be a long trip to jail. it's fresh air for him to help him out and help me out as well. >> with his seat belt on and his hands shackled behind his back, duffy seems secured in the back seat for the trip. >> he wasn't complaining. it was just his actions. he was vomiting. you know, incoherent. he appeared to be intoxicated. >> but then -- >> as i'm driving down the freeway, freeway speed, out of the corner of my eye, i caught him already halfway out my window. instant reaction was i put on my brakes and moved over to the right because i knew what he was doing. and he jumped from my car. >> somehow, even though he is in handcuffs, duffy manages to secretly unbuckle his seat belt. and before officer white can stop him, he is out the window.
12:36 pm
>> just for a split second, i just couldn't believe what i'm seeing. it was kind of surreal. it was like did that really happen? and then was he okay. >> officer white pulls over to the far right of the freeway and backs his car up toward duffy, who is laying in the shoulder. >> i immediately called for extra officers and for medical help. when i first got to him, he wasn't saying anything. he wasn't moving. i could see major scrapes on his shoulder. scrapes on his back. his hands were bleeding. i asked him questions, make sure he was okay. he responded to me pushing on him, and that was it. >> help arrived on the scene, and duffy is taken to the hospital and treated for his injuries, which include road rash, scrapes, and bruises. officer white says it's lucky duffy wasn't hurt worse. >> that's the most traveled freeway in utah, i'm sure it's the busiest. he was in danger of getting hit by another car. he is lucky he didn't hit his
12:37 pm
head and lucky he came out with no broken bones. he is lucky all the way around. >> yet white's colleagues credit the officer's quick thinking with ultimately saving duffy's life. >> officer white, in seeing that mr. duffy is halfway out the window already immediately starts to slam on his brakes because they're traveling on the local freeway, and the speeds there are 65, 70 miles an hour. and officer white was able to get his car down to about 30 miles per hour before mr. duffy made it out on to the freeway. 70 miles an hour had he gotten out that window, he possibly could have been killed. >> sergeant arnold says it's important to have cameras in police cars because they provide visual support for their officers and the incidents that happen in their cars, however implausible. >> we can say look, we had no involvement in this. mr. duffy took the determination to jump out the window himself. but more so it's an officer safety issue.
12:38 pm
we're able to see exactly what our prisoners are doing while we're taking them to jail so we're able to know whether or not they are planning a different type of escape next time. >> ten months after jumping after officer white's police cruiser nicholas duffy is found getty of burglary. he receives a suspended prison sentence and 36 months probation. running from the cops is no laughing matter. but bouncing off a bulletproof window may be. lake county courthouse, waukegan, illinois. after being accused of violating a bond condition for charges of disorderly conduct and aggravated battery of an officer, 19-year-old travis copeland finds himself in court.
12:39 pm
but he takes avoiding jail time to the extreme when he makes a break from the courtroom. copeland takes off, running as fast as he can. but he is heading right toward the sheriff court officers. so he turns around and runs the other way. now officers are surrounding him from all sides. there is nowhere to go, except out the window. but instead of crashing through, copeland bounces off the bulletproof glass. this is probably a good thing. if he had been successful, he would have fallen almost 35 feet into the street. realizing the futility of the situation, copeland lays down on the floor and surrenders to the court officers who surround him. and if you think running from the law is a bad idea, check out what this driver did in our next video. an suv crashes through a garage
12:40 pm
door in spokane, washington. but what is most unusual about this suspect is that he isn't fleeing from the cops, he is trying to turn himself in. the garage door he has just driven through is part of the spokane county jail. sergeant donald hooper is the supervisor on duty that day. >> it was a slow sunday morning. not a lot going on, just dealing with typical paperwork issues. and i hear over the radio from our control room that a car had crashed through the auto sally port door. so i asked for clarification on the radio. what? some car came into the door? no. a car crashed through the door. >> the sally port is a secure enclosed area that officers use to transfer the custody of inmates. with this area compromised, the jail goes on lockdown. sergeant hooper calls for backup, and he and his deputies make their way towards the sally port to check out the scene. >> the lincoln navigator had
12:41 pm
crashed in the door, but the door had pretty much fallen back into place. but the navigator was parked against a center divider and still running. the vehicle was a little skewed because it hit the wall and it was sort of leapi ingleaning to. and you could see the driver at that time i thought maybe he was injured because he wasn't moving. i thought it was an accident. >> not knowing what to expect, sergeant hooper and his deputies grab their guns and cautiously make their way toward the car. >> we didn't approach the vehicle until he had firearms. not knowing at that time if he had a weapon, had bomb. we had no idea. >> but when they reached the driver, they're a little surprised by his demeanor. >> he sat in the driver's seat with his hands on the wheel just staring out the window. he had almost a smile on his face. and he just stood there until he was given commands to come out with his hands up and get down on the ground. proned him out and handcuffed him on the ground. >> the man is identified 31-year-old dustin leeds. he is assessed for injuries by
12:42 pm
medical personnel and eventually taken to a holding cell. and when leeds is asked why he drove his car into the jail, his answer shocked everyone. >> i had mental health people come down and talk to him. and he told somebody he wanted to come to jail. he thought that was the way he could get some help, come to jail. you know, get mental health help. so he took it literally and drove into jail. >> leeds causes about $13,000 in damages to the sally port door. all charges against him in the incident are dropped. he is declared mentally unfit to stand trial. sergeant hooper has seen a lot during his career on the force, but he says he has never seen anything like this. >> we've had people try to break out of jail. but that's the very first time we've had someone try to break into jail. literally break into jail. coming up -- >> get this out of my face! >> a priest on a drunken tirade.
12:43 pm
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... to continuously eliminate up to two times the odors for 30 days febreze small spaces and air effects, two more ways to breathe happy. let these chains off my hands. like i'm jeffrey dahmer. i'm not! >> he is no jeffrey dahmer. still, he is no ordinary perp either. >> i was not a drunk driver! >> the man launching into this drunken tirade on this brimfield, ohio, police surveillance video is a priest. >> i'll give you a sermon on the mount. your sermon on the mound is this.
12:47 pm
get these [ bleep ]'ing bars off of me because i'm getting a rash! get these off! >> february 28th, 2011. after being arrested for operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, father ignatius kury, ii, finds himself in a police holding cell. earlier that evening, police receive a tip about a potentially drunk driver who had pulled off the road. when police approach the car, they see father kury jump over the seat and cover himself in the back seat. father kury then tells the officer he can't speak to him because he is auditioning for "american idol." father kury fails the sobriety test with a blood alcohol level of 0.20, more than twice the legal limit. father kury is then brought to the brimfield booking facility. because he is in a holding cell without bars, kury is handcuffed to the wall. >> do you hear me?
12:48 pm
>> police say the priest exposes himself to officers, begins swearing and making vulgar statements, so they turn on their camera to document his crude behavior. >> yes. >> in case he alleges mistreatment. >> yes. >> don't even put that -- i'm not doing it. no, i'm not doing that 411. baloney! >> at first father kury seems extremely agitated by his situation. >> geet these [ bleep ]'ing bars off of me because i'm getting a rash! get them off! like i'm an idiot. like -- hello? hi there. dumb ass. i could just unwind them and get the [ bleep ] out of here. >> but with his shackles still
12:49 pm
intact, father kury's frustration turns to tears. >> you don't understand. i'm not a monster. please, please let me go. i want to go home. >> and just when it seems father kury has started to calm down, his behavior again becomes unusual. >> i'll pay you whatever you want. what do you want? what do you want? really. >> nothing. >> you want me to give you a blow [ bleep ]? is that what you want? >> no. >> and what comes next is hardly a sermon he could deliver on sunday. >> i believe in sarah palin. we're going broke. i want you to free me, america. i want you to love me. i want you to be with me.
12:50 pm
i'm part black. do you understand, sir, what kind of a [ bleep ] you're going to be under as i am part black. oh, i can't wait. oprah winfrey is going to have her bad-ass down here, and you are going to have your up the wall, and not in a good way. >> but when threats don't work on police, father kury hits his boiling point. >> get this out of my face. >> sir, calm down or you're going to go to jail. >> i'm in jail! >> no you're not. you're in a holding cell. >> father kury's rant goes on for more than 20 minutes before police release him, and he is escorted home by his dad. and this is not father kury's first run-in with the law. according to police, this is the fourth time he has been arrested
12:51 pm
for operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. he plead guilty to a dwi charge in 1996, and he was found guilty of dwi charges in 2004 and 2007. according to a statement issued by the ukrainian catholic dioces dioceses, father kury was allowed to devote all his energies to recuperation. father kury's license is suspended for two years and sentenced to counselling, medical treatment and probation. he also receives a fine and must attend aa meetings. coming up, a cat burglar who just can't keep his paws off other people's things. >> takes a lot of stuff. like shoes, crocs, football balls. >> when "caught on camera:
12:52 pm
unusual suspects" continues. lin. lin. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 ½ months? that was a leap. but i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. amex helped me buy the inventory i needed. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at is it keeps the food out. for me before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my life now. you stay up. you listen. you laugh. you worry. you do whatever it takes to take care of your family. and when it's time to plan for your family's future,
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12:55 pm
there is a burglar on the prowl in san mateo, california, preying on homes in the middle of the night. but it's not his mask or robbery style that makes this thief so unusual. it's who he is. meet dusty, otherwise known as klepto kitty. caught red-pawed on this night vision surveillance camera. after allegedly stealing hundreds of toys, items of clothing, and shoes from his neighbors' yards, this feline filcher has become the most notorious cat burglar in the area. jean shue is dusty's owner. >> dusty usually goes out at night when we go to bed. he'll come back in about 4:00 in the morning, and when he comes
12:56 pm
back and he has brought something, he'll meow. that's his way of letting us know he has brought something for us. >> dusty will steal just about anything he can fit in his mouth and then leave his loot in jean's yard. >> i've collected probably close to 550 some odd items. just estimating all the things i didn't actually keep, some of the things we threw away, we really think it's close to a little over 600 probably. >> jean's neighbors have had a hard time keeping their belongings away from dusty. >> he takes a lot of stuff. like shoes, crocs, balls, football balls. >> about two years ago, i had a bathing suit out back drying and left it out overnight, and it was gone the next morning. >> i didn't know that cats were so smart. >> and though they may want to wring his collar, this klepto cat hasn't always lived a life of crime.
12:57 pm
he actually comes from innocent beginnings. >> we got dusty five years ago. he went to our humane society and we saw dusty there. dusty was probably about three months old. he was the cutest little kitten, this tiny little thing. and we said that was the right kitten for us. >> but about a year after dusty moves in, he learns to exit the house via the dog door, and that's when jean notices strange things are popping up all around the house. >> the very first time i really paid any attention to this was there was a piece of a latex glove on our bed. >> after finding more and more unusual items in her yard and talking to neighbors, jean realizes dusty has a problem with larceny. >> he just tends to go out. and i think he is looking for things. and if he can find something, he will bring it home.
12:58 pm
>> but the real evidence didn't come in until animal planet's "must love cats" show set up a surveillance sting to catch the klepto kitty in the act. >> we left it out, and we caught him several times. and it was hilarious, because we'd never seen him actually bring anything home. and when we saw him waddling, carrying the towels, we were just laughing. it was funny. you never thought about how he was actually coming home with it. and just the determination. he is bringing this home. >> dusty's diabolical deeds have earned him celebrity status in his neighborhood and around the world. >> we cannot believe how famous dusty has gotten. he has always been a little bit of a primadonna, and he is still a primadonna. but now i think about it, you're a star now, aren't you. >> but for his part, dusty has been a good sport when neighbors are invited in to see if any of
12:59 pm
the items are theirs. >> what was surprising is the neighbors didn't realize their things were missing. so they'd see things, oh, that's ours. >> dusty may still be up to his old tricks, but jean won't be doling out punishment any time soon. stealing gifts may just be dusty's way of saying thanks. >> whenever we take dusty to the vets, we would always mention how dusty brings all these things home, and they would always say something to the effect he is just showing you how much he loves you. but i don't think they realize how much he was bringing. dusty loves us a lot i guess. >> though dusty has slowed down a bit since becoming infamous, jean says he still managed to steal quite a few items. besides his usual take of rubber bands and plastic bags, he has brought home a pot holder, a car wash mitt, and even a little girl's mitten. well, at least everybody in the neighborhood knows where to look for their missing stuff. i'm contessa brewer. that's all for this edition of
1:00 pm
"caught on camera." all the world may be a stage but there's no telling when life will radically depart from the script. in illinois, a man is trampled by a panicked horse while another in north carolina struggles to escape from a deadly inferno. then, a 4th of july celebration goes explosively off course. while taking off in a jet turns into a fight between life and death. and falling from 9,000 feet, two skydivers free themselves before


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