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tv   MSNBC Live With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  October 19, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> we also learned hillary clinton is not doing any campaign events because she's getting ready to answer questions she's already answer the questions before. >> if it's way too early, what time is it, joe? >> stick around, msnbc live is
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coming up next. >> good morning. this is monday, i'm peter alexander, sitting in for jose diaz-balart. coming up, the war of word between jeb bush and donald trump is reaching new heights. it latest chapter is over 9/11 after trump blamed george w. bush for attacks. of course that is not sitting well with the candidate. we're told joe biden's decision on whether to get into this race could come any day now tlchs no polling to show you as well. st last since last week's democratic debate. we want to start with the gop. jeb bush often cite sized for being too passive when attacked is today taking aim at the republican front-runner this morning the feud between donald trump and jeb bush is boiling over. this time a fight over bush's
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brother and 9/11. >> i don't want jeb bush to say my brother kept us safe because september 11th was one of the worst days in the cry strooi of this country. >> my brother responded to a crisis and you hope he would do it as soon as friday. >> when you talk about george w. bush, stay what you want, the world trade center came down during his tame. >> hongd l hold on, you can't. time he showed new fire, blasting trump's comments as pathetic. >> i'm used to dealing with killers! >> it looks as though he's an actor playing a role of a candidate for president. mr. trump talks about things as
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though he's still on "the apprentice." >> trump insists 9/11 wouldn't have happened if he was president. >> i'm extremely tough on illegal immigration. if i was running things, i doubt those people would have been in the country. >> nbc white house correspondent kristen welker is here and anthony terrell is also standing by. anthony, it seems both of these candidates believe this fight benefits them. this i also want to put up on screen this morning. this is from jeb bush's campaign. this is on i "donate" tab of his web site. it reads "enough is enough." ehe wants hips supporters to go after trump for his shameless attacks. so why is donald trump who leads double digits over jeb bush at
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this point yrks does he continue to go after jeb bush? >> peter, the trump campaign is a little bit shocked and surprised that jeb bush is raising money off of this debate showing george w. bush a few days afternoon 9/11. the trump campaign believes this shows trump leadership still. he did say he was pez when the to you ephsers, which is that george bush has kept us safe. a lot of people have come up to me and saying he didn't keep us and he tweeted jeb yesterday
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saying why did your brother attack the middle east when there were no weapons of mass destruction. we may hear more of this this ng with donald trump. we're rel seeing dump and pain one week ahead of the republican debate. >> a little of our own reporting today. i spoke with one of jeb bush's advisers who it has beenthe works pr. it was written to be an e-mail from this adviser. it was a good way too mind the other big political story, if we can put it that way, is vice
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president joe biden. he went to church last night, perhaps for a little doo vine good yearnious today. >> we got one of the biggest signs in that, yes, he's leaning toward yes and that is he had a 20-point roll call with they discussed stra ji knk. >> according to this source, the vice president said he still has to make some decisions. we're getting new poll numbers that he sill wins the lead with
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45%. ite general jch performance. and whee she had a great performance when a a lot of people did her first test. and he said what is shooes post to do? immediately when the debate ended, her advisers told you and me for what we think is the beg test. >> the stakes couldn't be higher. secretary clinton from if shes did well, she could turn the pej ely self-many. >> she did no his supporters want him to make a decision before this testimony because if
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he wakes tillafter sar. . >> nice to see you. >> i'm not really this tall. nlt us. >> you have you back committee house benz committee this thursday. the panel has been under scrutiny recently after suggestions from within the gop that it is politically moat witted. those were accusations the committee chairman, trey gowdy, is trying to dismiss before in the before, during and after. sangly sfmt so i get that there's a presidential campaign going on. have i told my own republican colleagues and friends shut up talking about things you don't know anything about. unless you're on the committee, you have no idea what we've
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done, why we've done it and what new facts we have found. >> but this morning there's a dispute about redactions made from a now public e-mail from hillary clinton's private server. this and my partner, luke russell, is with us each in the back story. snch who would have guessed it on the geyser anxiety? h hfs, hillary clinton exposed the name of a cia operative in libya. trey gowdy made in a that i am.
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. . it made look like clinton was trying to expose an operative on the ground. and so it's a back and forth between them. essentially what you saw was the head of kp kpch ( the and honestly what impact it has on the public is clear at point. >> thursday, not for anything, there as another back onemoney over the next 24 hours? house back in session tomorrow.
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does people psh we have benghazi, the possibility of vice president biden getting in the race, anymore paul ryan i am told by people is willing too did thishow much be it's whether or not the party will tack pb he doesn't want to get 218 votes and tread water like john baner did. i expect that decision probably to happen by wednesday. i hope not thursday when hillary clinton is here. that's going to be one heck of a bread her. >> another story we've been following where this's a knew in
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iz rrl people dead, at least two of them innocent bystanders. this happened when a citizens grabtd a soldier's gun and opened fire. they were both killed. but another man was also killed, a 26-year-old migrant, beaten and shot to death after being mistaken for the gun man m smm. walk us through what happened here. obviously this just demonstrates the already escalated tensions in that region. >> absolutely. and it really cuts to a lot of different issues. let's start with the latest news out of israel. this is all according to police real at.
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"cording tammy entered shooting a member of the israeli military, a 19-year-old-year-old soldier was shot and killed. in the after, he thought there were two attacks are. >> well, it turned out according to israeli police that the man shot was an innocent bystander. what's more important is that this individual was then ultimately beat yb by some members of the crowd because they thought he was that attacker. they are demanding to find out
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some information about who is responsible for kriling is israeli government spokesman marc recca. there are reports this eritian migrant was caught. there's no reason he did anything wrong here and how does the israeli population prevent this from happen happening again? >> well, the most important thing is to condemn the attack of a man who is lying on the ground. let's be clear here. thei
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theirs. >> he was misidentified as a terrorist and then this sort of vigilante crowd took over. now that'sin acceptable. my prime minister has said on more than one occasion it's forbidden for people to take the law into their own hands and i'm sure there this be thoroughly investigated. yrk being he's expected to be meeting with prime minister benjamin accomplished there and is thering inle el given the fact that east jerusalem is not identifieds about i. -- to help de-escalate the tngss there? >> you know, in survey after
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survey, i'm talking about independent surveys, the majority of east jerusalem palestinians do not be part of a futurethe bone fit being of the izs society. and so the issue is a bit mohr complicated than sometimes is it's person prited by a number of krad kprchl with facebook. it's a dangerous phenomenal. those radicals don't represent, i believe. . from secretary of state john kerr
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kerry. >> well, we've already heard from the united states, a strong condemnation from this terrorism and we appreciate that. we've heard from the united states' strong support for israel's right to appreciate that and we appreciate that too. i think what we need is a strong engagement with the palestinian authority, which claims o. con the con trir. we've had more than 30 of these attacks and the palestinian vision isn'tpeople including. prp its time i think the ent fashion commute let message to the palestinian.
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>> the challenge of course is finding that balance between the radicalization of so many of the young politicians we're seeing. and mark, appreciate your time. thank you for speaking to us. thank you. >> there is a will the more aheading up on the student art show coming pup -- up. >> we'll have the details that killed the air strike the chorus on "first-hand beating. you're not going o believe what allegedly started this time. meteorologist bill karins joining us with more on the cold snap. we're starting to feel it around here!
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we learned over the weekend that u.s. air strikes is killed the leader of a group of al qaeda veterans. sanafi al hasr was killed. this group was once described as posing a big a threat to the u.s. as engel. what happened in the significance of will can why they might be coulding that this this was a m the u.s. confirming
6:23 am
it over the weekend. the reason i say the u.s. is a little bit playing it up is because there's something of a rivalry going on right now between the u.s. and russia. russia has been attacking al qaeda in syria. the u.s. has been focusing on isis. and with this attack, the u.s. is showing that that it has not given up on al qaeda and syria and can pursue offenses on multiple front. it can target isis but also the old enemies that people are familiar with. it does deal a blow to al qaeda and syria. >> richard engel joining us this
6:24 am
morning from. earlier this month the senate introduced a bipartisan bill that reduces mandatory minimum sentences nor foen violent drug that of course is aarehow significant is, especially as a bipartisan effort? >> i think it is pretty significant. for one thing we know that for decades politics and presidential campaigns had an historic line here. a lot of politicking on the idea that being tough on crime was important and anything less than very long sentences, even for relatively non-violent or minor offenses. that seems to be necessary. i want to ged and bring in no
6:25 am
mike will you've been a part of this from the beginning. talk to us why you believe that essentially at this point we are locking up too people for sometimes the wrong reasons. >> we've seen an interesting trend since 1980. since 1980 our federal prison population has increased nearly nine folt folds, if dealing with the overfederalization of the law and another involving use of minimum mandatory penalties across the board within the federal system in a manner that sometimes produces sentences that are disproshtly serg what
6:26 am
we've attempt pted to do in t s this. >> basically part of what you're doing is saying if someone is a new offender, they're on unl. >> certainly specific to put somebody in federal prison. that is a consideration. pu it my you have and the view of moss not just the financial ones but the human costs. now the fab decade at a time. pan stan had the order to
6:27 am
protect the public and serve the interests of judges. >>, he thinks this could actually pass. is that true in your room, this is some bit ton. and i hope that it will pass. this is u is neither republican or democratic. it involve looking very critically and honestly at a system that has explode p. we're trying to figure out why and ways we can improve the sense telling issue.
6:28 am
wo woof. >> i think it's been helpful any time lay pshl attractives in too it. i'm appreciative of president's involvement and of the trying to move this sljs forward and get it to the point where it c pass both houses of congress. >> peter barks being to you. >> all right, eye ry we now now getting breaksing news" you, my friend, recognize when a trend has reached critical mass. yes, when others focus on one thing,
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about prevnar 13® today. we're back now live on msnbc
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from the with us. we anticipate an announcement from vice president joe biden on whether or not he will join the 2016 democratic field for president and we are hearing that biden will make an announcement one way or another in the next 48 hours. my colleague kristen welker is calling her sources. i was doing the same during the break. again, that announcement expected to come within the next 48 hours. also this morning many of us woke up to a little more than a chill in the air afternoon certain areas in the midwest and northeast saw temperatures drop below freezing. some cities even saw snow. take a look at this beautiful scene, a taste of winter with the colors of fall. the video was shot by a citizen of mexico, new york. and killing ton is the first ski area to open and that guy in the yellow jacket is celebrating.
6:33 am
we're feeling a little bit cool in october. >> a lot of people get a little scared when you get the first blast of cold. my friends up in sunday river, maine opened this morning. i don't think we're going to see temperatures like this for at least the next two weeks. the first big cold shot we have is in, it's out and then we'll be seeming mild. pittsburgh got down to 30, columbus was 18, green bay 34. that was holly was 33. he's still whily down in the deep south. here as many cat in your opinion, too.
6:34 am
we'll up toin 2, and that's the good news in this. it was a quick shot of winter, everyone went to their closet to get there. >> man, those guys were freezing. holy cow week got to get a win by the cubs. thank you very much. i want to get back to our breaking news. kristen welker is about joe biden's type able to about. >> what got off the phone with a peer cease the vice president has blown past several self-imposed deadlines. >> having said that, he is
6:35 am
feeling the pressure here. himself supporters wanted him to be in weeks ago. there's a lot of pressure for him to say yesthat he will. so is there any better understanding ofonce prp if he does decide to get in, it would change the political calculat c lags -- calculation for the democrat being party significantly. >> this means the announcement would come before clinton's testimony, which is significant for a variety of reasons. most notably it because a lot of people, if analysts suggest that
6:36 am
if biden. >> they would be a unified person. he would be the best pruch. if he wait the until ban ghazi. i think he was felling the pressure to come out and say one were we're going to be speaking to did. >> up nengs. >> and after a return to l. ancht after two passengers got into the fight while in the air. you're not going to believe what apparently started this deal. it's all ahead on msnbc.
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. more right now on our breaking news here on msnbc. sources telling us that vice president joe biden will make an announcement one way or another within the next 48 hours. we're hearing this from sources close to the vice president, that he's finally going to make a decision. we believe publicly. what do you make about the timing of this given the fact that hillary clinton testifies before the benghazi committee a little by later this week? a lot of people anticipated that would be one of the decision whether he has a voobl i don't believe joe biden is going to run. i still don't believe joe biden is going to run. i think circumstances created a
6:41 am
will the of -- he was always facing an evaluation whether he was going to take his last shot for the presidency. he's run twice, he didn't do well in either primary campaign. his thinking about this got delayed by, he's conflicted about it emotional l. ion that's the way in a somebody sets out on a race for about if he decides he's going to run in the next 48s for president, call me back and i would have set a new world record for wrong. >> we have your number, don't worry about that. what i've noted and you noted is actor andrew james presence.
6:42 am
leak have come out from different can, we think it would a the things that jien has been hearing from people within this world. >> first of all, a lot told me not long ago that jieg is -- most he's going look like he isn't, he so you're going to be very forward leaning, push your supporters, saying though get ready his has been hear anguish
6:43 am
that likely feels good for about this prp, then you become a candidate in is very forpd you could see a picture if she absolutely collapsed. but this would be a tough road to ho getting in this kra if pb, when you think about his life money. >> as a long time/friend to the bidens cold me you're most
6:44 am
popular the minute -- >> it's all downhill from there. >> yes. now to california wb a southwest airlines flight was forced to make an emergency landing. this is nuts. a passenger allegedly alleged live assaulted another. once the plane landed, police were waiting at the gate. >> i ran into witnesses say one of the passengers tried to put her seat back and the passenger sitting behind her didn't like that at all. >> but declaring an emergency. >> a southwest airline 737 heading from los angeles to san francisco forced to make antwo
6:45 am
passengers tells abc in after she felted. shortly after the pilot radioed ba back. >> another witness showed spefrm she made the landing because of a "rapidly escalating situation between two passengers." witnesses say the man was removed from the grate and detained. >> the fib is. >> no arrests. south ses said the remaining passengers arrived in fan as
6:46 am
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. we back live this morning on oo special edition of "msnbc live." tracy morgan was back on "saturday night live "this weekend. take a look. >> people were wondering can he speak? does he have 100% mental
6:50 am
capacity? the truth i never did. i might be a few points later now. >> and something else people are talking about, larry david with his impersonation to a ten. >> go aridhead. >> we're doomed! we need a revolution! millions of people on the streets and we got to do something and we got to do it now! ahh!
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we're back now live. it has been a tragic start to the high school football season. six players have died following games in just two months. but a lot of people insist that sports are the safest they have ever been. my colleague nbc's janet schamlian is in alto, texas with more this morning, home to one of those awful tragedies. >> reporter: peter, we've
6:54 am
covered these tragedies. we see them happen over and over again, and now one here in east texas has school districts all across the country re-evaluating the safety of their own football programs. only half-way through this year's football season in terms of high school games, and the number of students who have died playing the game has never been high higher. >> reporter: this morning following the tragic death of 16-year-old cameron matthews, the question being asked -- why is this happening so often? the alto community is taking it hard. >> everybody is hurt. >> reporter: the 6'0" junior collapsed on the sidelines during frooiday night's games after telling teammates he felt dizzy. they are saying he suffered and aneurism but the exact cause of death has not been determined. friends and family are heartbroken but do not believe that football is to blame. >> they feel that if cameron wasn't on a football field,
6:55 am
cameron would have been in a car and this would happened. >> reporter: matthews is the sixth high school player nationwide to die after a game since the school year started. six players so close to the beginning of the school year is unusual. last year five died from football related injuries all season. three deaths a year is the average. in an effort to reduce deaths and injuries, every state now has laws designed to prevent concussions. there's a limit of 90 minutes a week for full contact play, and at alto high the coach says there is a trainer at every game. >> everybody just automatically assumes that it had to have been a football thing. you know, he never took a shot to the head. it wasn't -- it wasn't anything. it was just -- it happened on the football field. >> reporter: those who knew him say he was a talented athlete, a terrific student. >> anybody who has children of their own you want them to turn out like cameron,cameron. just a great kid. great kid. >> reporter: doctors confirming
6:56 am
a short while ago they do think it was an aneurism and they also don't think it was related to his playing football. still a tragic loss for his community. grief counselors here at school today talking to students and faculty about the loss. peter, back to you. >> but janet, for all those fridays throughout the fall when families gather on football fields and hope to have a good night out, all these stories really give you a second of pause. janet schamlian from east texas, thank you. next right here, again the very latest on our breaking news about vice president joe biden. sources telling nbc news that he will have an announcement one way or the other within the next 48 hours. a special decision of msnbc live from the white house. stay with us. . that's today? we'll be with her all day to see how it goes. after the deliveries, i was ok. now the ciabatta is done and the pain is starting again. more pills? seriously? seriously.
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diaz-bala diaz-balart. we will end the show with breaking news that will determine the white house race one way or the other. a representative for vice president joe biden telling msnbc the future of his political career will be known within the next 48 hours. a team is standing by. nbc's kristin welker is here, steve kornacki joins us from new york, and gabriel sherman from "new york" magazine has been writing that this campaign is well under way. kristin, you've been reporting over the course of the last hour, first here on msnbc, that we will get an announcement one way or another within the next 48 hours. what are you hearing and the conversations you've been having over the last hour? >> that is the expectations, within 49 hours or sooner we will get this decision from vice president biden. the question remains what will it look like, will this come from husband surrogates or from biden himself. of course the big question, what
7:01 am
will the decision be. we've got an lot of signs over the weekend he's leaning toward getting in. he's been working the phones calling the president of the international association of firefighters. they had a very serious discussion. they talked strategy. they talked fund-raising. they talked about what a campaign would actually look like. however, the vice president, i am told according to a source familiar with the conversation, also said he still has to make that final gut decision. he's getting a lot of pressure to do that before secretary clinton testifies before the benghazi committee. one more caveat and i want to stress this point -- we've had a lot of deadlines so far. the vice president said himself he will make a decision by the end of the summer. we are now in mid-october. biden's team thinks they'll get this decision within the next 48 hours and possibly sooner. but again if the vice president changes his mind, wants a little bit more time, he's going to get it. >> steve in new york, i want
7:02 am
your reaction on this news and also the timing. 48 hours of course puts this decision immediately before hillary clinton testifies and before the benghazi committee. >> if you play that out a little bit, the timing would be a potentially very awkward for joe biden. you think about how that debate went last week for hillary clinton especially when the subject of the e-mails came up. you think about she in that debate talked about how the benghazi committee is an arm of the republican national committee in her mind. the. crowd went wild for that. so there's sort of going to be this moment that's setting up when she testifies before that committee, a sort of rally the troops moment for democrats around hillary clinton, around the idea she's being persecuted by republicans. that would be awkward timing for joe biden to get in and say, hey, democrats, here's another choice besides hillary clinton. but when you look at biden's deliberations, we have to keep in mind we have been down this road with him before. back in the 2004 presidential election. he waited and he waited and he waited and he waited, thinking
7:03 am
about getting into the race. making all sorts of signals, making all sorts of phone calls, telling everybody through that summer that -- summer of 2003 he was looking to get into the race. while the rest of the field campaigned around him. finally when joe biden decided not to run for president back in 2004, he made a very telling statement. he said, i decided the race for the presidency is not something you can just parachute into. that's exactly what he would be doing if he got in the race right now. so i still find it hard to believe he's ultimately going to say yes to this. >> gabe, i've been reading it over the course of this day. this article that you wrote, the headline from your latest piece reads, we're already months into the biden campaign. i want to get a sense of why you're so sure but really drill down that south. as you report right now, biden is making the decision specifically not about whether he runs but what candidate he wants to be, does he want to be the clinton antagonist or the replacement. >> yeah. i think this whole question of is he going to run is kind of going at it the wrong way. it is clearly since the summer
7:04 am
that he is running for president. now the question is, is he going to formally get in to challenge hillary clinton directly, or is he going to make some sort of announcement that positions himself as the consensus candidate plan b. we've never had a front-runner in a primary process that has been dogged by so many potentially campaign-ending questions the way hillary clinton is. so joe biden has strategically positioned himself as the candidate that democrats can turn to in the event that something terminal happens to hillary clinton's campaign, whether it's the ongoing e-mail investigations, or other questions that are raised about her foundation. there's enough smoke there that joe biden has done a very salvery and strategic job of making sure that he is going to make sure he is first in line should hillary clinton have to bow out. >> gabe, quickly, you also report that there are whispers among some clintonites that obama loyalists have been encouraging biden to run for
7:05 am
payback for the ugly 2008 primary. i want to dig down on that. >> i think this is a really interesting point and i think it touches on the fact that if joe biden does formally get into the race and this week announces his candidacy, we are going to expect a very messy primary. the hillary clinton example is not going to greet this kindly. there is talk that this is -- he's challenging her on her character issues, that this is pay-back for the it 2008 primary by the obama world who never let go how she ran kind of a down in the trenches it kind of campaign. so that's the clinton folks are -- they know how to play hardball and they will play hardball. as one clinton loyalist told me the other day, they expect this primary to be miessier than 200 if joe biden decides to challenge her directly. >> gabe gutierrez, thank you for reporting from "new york" magazine. new polling shows biden 27 points behind hillary clinton, a distant third.
7:06 am
11 points behind bernie sanders. a lot of people may ask, they say you're most popular before you get into the race. so if he's this far behind, what options -- what is the potential for success right now, kristin welker again to you on this topic? his favorability. that's a number biden people, their eyes light up when they see that. he is the best light of all the democratic candidates, or i guess candidate in waiting, in the field. >> that's absolutely right. he tops the field. 51%. hillary clinton gets 46%. he's of course looking at that very closely. peter, if you match him up against some of the top republican challengers, he actually does better in a general election match-up than hillary clinton does. but that point that you just made, which is the day that he announces, if he does announce, those poll numbers start to drop. >> i think a lot of people that we speak to close do joe biden have that real fear, saying the moment before you announce is the most popular you get to be in the course of this. finally, steve, what are you going to be looking for? people start picking up their
7:07 am
phones at moments like this but this has been a very leak-driven campaign of sorts. one day you people from people who are for a run, the next day people come out against it just firing. >> a lot of people close to the obama administration personally care for joe biden and they look at this race differently. some say it is his final shot, i'd love to see him really go for it. others say there is the po expects not just that he loses to hillary clinton but that he loses to bernie sanders, that he comes in third, that he gets humiliated, that a sitting vice president goes out there to iowa and new hampshire and he comes in so far back that he's actually reduced in some way by the process. i think a lot of his friends, lot of his allies fear that. i think the other thing is i agree with the point gabe is making there that functionally you could say he's been running for president for a few months. but you put those poll numbers up there and i think you have to say the race has not been going that well for joe biden. the telling thing is, even with his favorable numbers as high as they are, they show he's higher than hillary clinton. even if he's leading in some of those head-to-heads among
7:08 am
republicans, if you ask the money question to democratic voters right now, who do you think is your best bet to win the general election in november '16, when you poll that question, hillary clinton is still beating joe biden by like 40 points. so democrats look at the numbers that you put up on the screen and they still think that hillary clinton is their best bet candidate for 2016. again that opening for joe biden. i'm not sure how big it is right now. >> steve kornacki, gabriel sherman, we should do this more often. thank you all today. a lot ahead on this busy monday morning starting with the critical step forward to make the iran nuclear deal a reality. also today, following some breaking news on vice president joe biden, again as we noted, announcing his decision for the plan of the 2016 race. more details as we get them live this morning on msnbc. that feud between donald trump and jeb bush heating up as well. we'll be right back.
7:09 am
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back live now from the white house on msnbc, the nuclear deal between iran and the west has now crossed a critical threshold but it will still be months before it is fully implemented. on sunday, the u.s. started the process of lifting sanctions while tehran is supposed to begin dismantling parts of is nuclear program. but does that mean this is a done deal? joining me now, david albright, founder and president of the institute for science and international security. he is also, importantly, an expert on nuclear weapons programs worldwide. mr. albright, i appreciate your time. is there a hard timeline for when these sanctions get lifted, or is it dahlall dependent on h fast iran fulfills its end of the bargain here? >> it certainly depends on how quickly iran can fill quite a long list of nuclear
7:13 am
dismantlement and transparency measures. it is a lang list. it is going to take some time. >> what is that time frame? >> well, it varies. i mean you ask iran, it was going to be the end of november couple months ago. now it is the end of the year. in europe this summer when i asked to see an eu negotiator, it was a march to the summer before all these conditions could be done. it is really unclear, but the key things is that the conditions and the transparency need to be done very carefully. i think. it behooves the united states and others to try to have the process go slowly so that it is done properly and thoroughly. >> how satisfied are you -- maybe a better way of putting it is, how we going to know if iran complies? how satisfied are you that we will know in fact that iran has xlad complied on this? >> most of the steps are very concrete and can be measured. the difficulty will be if iran
7:14 am
starts to claim that it can't do certain things. i mean it's supposed to take out 12,000 kilograms or so of uranium enriched to 3.5% and reduce that amount down to 300 kilograms. it make balk at some of that. and yet the agreement is quite strict, that it has to get it all out or blend it down to natural uranium. so again, in a sense the devil's in the details and we'll just see, but all these things are measurable and we'll know. >> just last week, i want to ask you about a recent headline. iran tested a missile that we are told could be if fitted with a nuclear warhead. i'm not an expert on this by any means but a lot of americans probably look at that and say that that should constitute a violation of any deal that's intended to curb iran's nuclear program. it doesn't though, does it? >> no -- well, it is a violation of the u.n. security council resolution. it would be a violation of the new security council resolution. so it is a serious problem that
7:15 am
has to be addressed because in the end, the nuclear deal is for a finite duration, and there is a great deal of worry that at the end of that duration, however you measure it -- 10 or 15 years -- iran may seek to build nuclear weapons and would have the wherewithal to do it, beyond any doubt. and if it is going to build nuclear weapons, it is going to put them on missiles. and so it is very important that a process be started to try to inhibit iran's ability have develop ballistic missiles. the whole issues needs to be taken much more seriously. >> david albright, we appreciate your help explaining this complicated topic to us this morning. nice to see you. thank you. a new reports in this morning's washington on donald trump and just how his money machine may be gearing up to be a part of this campaign for the long haul. msnbc host political correspondent steve kornacki has been following this. steve, good morning. give us a better sense of exactly what we're learning about trump and his long-term plans, vis-a-vis a super pac.
7:16 am
>> that's right. donald trump has made no outside funding attempt poll of his 2016 campaign saying he can't be bought and paid for, calling his fellow republicans puppets for their acceptance of outside money. but a new report from "the washington post" this morning suggests that trump himself may be more closely connected to a super pac that is collecting big sums of cash on his behalf than he's let on. here now to discuss the article is one of its authors, a reporter for the "washington post." he joins us from washington, d.c. tom, welcome. start first by giving everyone a taste, i think people following trump are familiar with this, but when the subject of money and politics and campaign financing comes up, this is what we have been hearing donald trump say. let's play a clip of that. >> the donors, the special interests, lobbyists have very strong power over these people. i'm spending all my money. i'm not spending -- i'm not getting -- i turned down -- i turned down so much, i could have right now from special
7:17 am
interests and donors, i could have double and triple what he's got. i turned it down. i'm not sure if there's another system, but i say this -- i am not accepting any money from anybody. >> all right, tom. so that is obviously attractive and powerful rhetoric from him but you say there is a pro donald trump super pac out there. he is connected to it. tell us about it, how much money is it raising, how close to it is he? >> donald trump as you just pointed out is getting huge applause lines talking about lis independence from not only big money interests but also from this super pac system, post citizens united that allows corporations and unions to give unlimited sums. while donned is knocking other candidates, it turns out that his campaign has some ties to a super pac of its own, the let's make america great again super pac. what we found in looking into it is that donald trump had made a couple of visits to super pac fund-raisers and in addition,
7:18 am
there were some ties between his campaign manager and his campaign and the super pac. >> do we have a sense how much money the super pac has? we look at jeb bush has set the standard earlier this year, they raised $100 million in the first six months of the year. any sense how much money this trump super pac has? >> you know, we don't have good figures on it, in part because the reporting deadlines for this particular super pac we won't really know until september. we did have confirmation that one of donald trump's in-laws, his daughter's mother-in-law, had contributed six figures or so to that super pac after one of the super pac events that we were just describing that donald trump attended. but as of now, we don't have a total. we just know that it exists and that it is raising money. >> are they out there, any evidence that they are actually putting ads up on the air, doing anything proactive campaign related on his behalf right now? >> so we are not seeing that yet. but we have heard from campaign
7:19 am
insiders that one of the consultants to the super pac has been at trump campaign headquarters and trump tower in new york, and that there have been discussions about getting a super pac that would in some ways be sanctioned or approved because of the fear. common common all campaigns that unvup lus individuals might set up a super pac, raise big money, then not spend it competently on the candidate's behalf. >> the super pac world as everyone knows is such a murky world. the rules are so come plifked. trump's campaign manager says in your article, i want to be chris cal clear -- there is no sanctioned super pac, that term sanctioned super pac, given all the connections that you are describing, is there some fuzzy middle ground where that statement can be accurate? >> well, i suppose it depends on what the definition of "sanctioned" is. what we do know is that there were some discussions, some of these fears about numerous competing unsanctioned super pacs run by unknown individuals. we also know that if a super pac
7:20 am
was going to be operated, they wanted one that would at least be run competently. there were apparently these discussions going on behind the scenes, steve. >> all right, tom hamberger with "the washington post." thank you. peter, with that, we will send things back to you at the white house. >> steve, thank you very much. coming up, we are closely watching any news from the biden camp after a source tells nbc news the vice president will make an announcement in some form on his candidacy one way or the other within the next 48 hours. also, if you own a drone or are thinking about buying one, it is going to be a popular holiday gift. listen up. the government is about to change the rules for recreational drone owners. we have those details ahead.
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7:24 am
it of course is called lake-effect snow and it certainly looked like it there dropping fleerly a ha nearly a n oswego, new york. much of the east coast still feeling the winter chill, but a quick warm-up back to average high temperatures. the rest of the week for much of the east. this video from a hell mat cam. two people were injured when a car veered into a motorcycle on a rural north texas highway this weekend. the video shows what appears to be a car intentionally swerving into the motorcycle as it was trying to pass another car. what -- the motorcycle driver suffered abrasions on his back, his girlfriend was hospitalized. she suffered a broken wrist. authorities are investigating whether this was a road rage incident. a southwest pilot forced to make an emergency landing after
7:25 am
an escalating argument between two passengers. hear this. one passenger on the flight tells nbc news that minutes after takeoff a man began choking a woman sitting in front of him after she tilted her seat back. she screamed for help. the crew came to her aid. that plane quickly returned to los angeles airport where one of the passengers was removed from the flight. finally, hundreds of migrants were stranded in croatia in front of a border crossing to slovenia huddling by fires and under plastic sheets. slovenia said yesterday it would not allow entry to new arrivals after more than 2,000 people arrived in that small nation in just a single day. about 100 people were allowed to cross the border early this morning but hundreds still remain stranded. time for a quick check from wall street. right now the dow slightly lower, starting off this monday after new economic numbers on china shows slowing growth for the world's second-largest
7:26 am
economy. mandy drury has the latest from cnbc world headquarters. >> reporter: peter, you're absolutely right. stocks are very soggy this morning. the main event waps the chibz d chinese data with the economy growing at.9% a quarter. that's a growth rate enviable for a lot of other countries but certainly not good in china because it is actually the weakest level since 2009. it was still slightly better than expected which means it might not unleash the big stimulus that some were hoping for from authorities there. mind you, we do take that data with a grain of salt. but nonetheless, it is sort of like a situation where it is not so weak as to immediately get that stimulus the market was wanting, and it is not so strong as for everybody to say well everything's okay. but what it does do is it just keeps pressure on the global markets because china is a big worry and of course we also have lots of other things to concern ourselves with like corporate earnings this week, coming thick
7:27 am
and fast. another big event on the world stage is the ecb meeting, european central bank meeting, with the possible extension of ecb stimulus there so lots of things to keep us busy. >> mandy, one more thing. we are hearing some news about oprah winfrey making a new investment and that has a lot of buyers in a particular stock going nuts today. >> yep. that stock going nuts is weight watchers. op oprah winfrey announced an initial five-year partnership, she's investing in about 10% of the company, about 6.4 million shares. with weight watchers popping, it is on track for its biggest day ever. a moment ago when i checked the stock, i think it was up 60%. the winfrey touch is in play with the stock today. >> losing weight but gaining some green in your pockets. cnbc's mandy drury. >> i'll take that. back to our breaking news,
7:28 am
vice president joe biden could announce a decision within the next 48 hours. one way or the other. a side of hawaii that you're not used to seeing. now a state of emergency to deal with the growing homeless population. a congresswoman will join us live to discuss. you're watching msnbc live. at safelite, we know how busy life can be.
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7:32 am
his supporters if he gets in want to get to work. if he doesn't, they want to know that, too. they also want him to decide before secretary clinton gives her testimony before the benghazi committee on thursday. >> what's striking is we have this sort of latest deadline. he's imposed several deadlines on himself and blown right through them. one of them was the end of summer. as we speak on a 30-plus degree day at the white house, it is obviously it is well into fall. there is a caveat to this potential announcement but people recognize the need to make a decision and do it soon. >> there is a huge caveat. we heard the vice president from his own mouth say he was going to make a decision at the end of the summer. that didn't happen. several other indications are that he's within days, minutes, hours of deciding. that hasn't happened either. so we want to take this with a big grain of salt. what it does is underscores the fact that he is feeling the pressure to come to some kind final resolution. what's interesting is that there is a big democratic dinner this saturday in iowa, the jefferson jackson dinner, no ind kaths at
7:33 am
this point that he's planning to go to that. >> we spoke about the democratic debate. hillary clinton had the stage to herself in terms of joe biden. she competed with several democrats including bernie sanders. but the second one, the second test was this benghazi hearing scheduled for this thursday. a lot of people anticipated that biden may wait to see her testimony because that would give him a good cue how well she did indicating how well his chances of going forward might be. >> absolutely correct. the concern there amongst his supporters is if he wants until afterwards and decides to get in, it could make him look calculating, undercutting his argument that he has his own reasons for wanting to be president. having said that, the stakes couldn't be higher for secretary clinton. if she does well in that hearing she could start to turn the page on the question surrounding benghazi and also concerning her e-mail issues. you know she'll get a lot of tough questions on that as well. >> kristin, thank you. get back to work with those sources. with us on the phone, rick wade, a former senior advisor to the 2008 and 2012 obama/biden
7:34 am
campaigns. he's now the president of an investment firm. mr. wade, i appreciate your time right now. obviously we are all trying to peek into the future as best we can in terms of a biden decision one way or the other. when you do, what do you see? >> well, i think we all are waiting with great anticipation. i think the vice president has done his due diligence, it appears. not only politically but certainly soul searching as a result of the loss of his son. i mean there are a dozen ways in which he's arrived at this decision and we are all awaiting anxiously to see whether he's enter the race or not. >> are you one of those people who would join a biden 2016 campaign in one existed based on your allegiance -- your loyalty to both he and the president in the past, and give us a sense in that world how many people right now you think are already committed in a way to hillary clinton that would flip or wouldn't be able to flip and where you think things would
7:35 am
stand if biden comes out within 48 hours and says i'm in. >> well, peter, it's certainly not up to me but i have always had a strong relationship with vice president biden. i hold him in the highest esteem. during the 2008 president obama/biden campaign, his national african-american strategy is critical. i will tell you that i have gotten a lot of appeal, interest in a constituency of vice president biden. i think he would be a very formidable candidate. i disagree with those who say the clock -- perhaps time has run out. i hear they -- a statement, a vice president who certainly has name recognition, he's familiar to voters from iowa, to new hampshire and certainly to south carolina. i think the chairman should put together the kind of infrastructure to raise the resources which i would imagine that won't be as challenging to
7:36 am
him as perhaps to others. and so this is doable. i will be thrilled to hear the decision either way. >> rick wade, former advisor to obama/biden in each of the past two campaigns. mr. wade, we appreciate your speaking to us today. thank you. >> thank you. joining me now, hawaii congresswoman tulsy gabbert. >> good morning, aloha. >> your quick reaction to our breaking news. do you think vice president joe biden should get into this race? >> well, we'll find out pretty soon. i can tell you -- >> is there room for another candidate? >> i think that there is. when we look at the timeline, there is over a year before the general election, just under a year before the democrats nominating convention. and i think you see from a lot of people they're looking for the candidates could outline their vision, to outline their plan for how they'd like to take our country forward, to hear their positions on very important issues facing us today
7:37 am
here domestically as well as situations we're facing in the middle east. i know a lot of people are excited to hear if vice president biden decides to run to hear him lay out what's in his heart and where he would take our country if he decides that. >> you've been very critical of the democrats handling committee in terms of this prenomination process, there are only a total of six debates. we have five more to go. do you think that the democratic party should add more debates with or without joe biden? is it necessary at this point that that change and have you been invite and will you be to the future democratic debates beginning in november? >> i do think that there should be more debatsz but i think the most e agree ju egregious position that's been taken is this exclusivity clause, never put in place by
7:38 am
the dnc before during a presidential election. basically says our presidential candidates are going to be punished if they go and participate in a so-called non-sanctioned dnc debate. if there is a group or a community that wants to put together a presidential debate that if they participate in that, then they'll no longer be able to join these six sanctioned dnc debates. look, people are hungry. they want to be involved, they want to be engaged, they want to hear where candidates stand on issues that are important to them. i just think that this process should be as open as transparent and as democratic as possible. >> congresswoman, turning to your home state right now, this is initially the reason for us wanting to speak to you today. the governor of hawaii has declared a state of emergency over what he calls a homelessness crisis. in the last year, hawaii has seen -- this is a stunning figure -- 23% increase in its unsheltered homeless population. a 46% increase in the number of unsheltered families. hawaii estimates its homeless population to be at nearly 7,300
7:39 am
people right now. that's the highest per capita of any state. how did this surge in homeless happen, and how do you combat it right now for the people of hawaii? >> peter, it's a tragic situation and unfortunately one that continues to get worse. there are many reasons i think why we're seeing this upward rise in those who are living on the streets in hawaii. one of the main ones though is the high cost of living. the cost of rents and the cost of homes in hawaii has continued to rise exponentially over the last two decades, really pushing people out of their homes. we've got this hidden homeless problem where you have multiple generations of people living in one home, simply because they can't afford otherwise. and you have an exodus. every single year of thousands and thousands of hawaii residents who are leaving to go to -- move to different parts of the mainland simply because this he can't afford to stay home. they can't afford to stay home near their families.
7:40 am
the second big -- one of the other major reasons for this incredible rise is this shortage of affordable housing. we've got an incredible shortage where we've got, for those who are extremely low income, for every 29 -- for every 100 families, there are only 29 homes available for them. so when you look at that difference, you look at that delta, it gives you an indication of how much work needs to be done, not only in the short term of getting people off the street and into shelter, into homes, but really in the long term there has to be more done to make sure that we have permanent housing solutions that are truly affordable for hawaii families to be able to live and raise their families and move on. >> congresswoman. we certainly appreciate you highlighting this important issue today. >> thanks, peter. aloha. if you're thinking about buying a drone for yourself or for someone this holiday season, you should hear this. the government may require you to register the drone.
7:41 am
the move comes as the number of drones in the nation's skies has increased dramatically over the last two years. and in some cases, those droene have come dangerously close to passenger planes and police hpts. nbc's tom costello first to report on this. >> reporter: the department of transportation will make this formal announcement in a few hours, unveiling a task force with the unmanned aircraft system industry, the drone industry, which will come up with a system to register recreational drones in the country. up until now only commercial drones have had to be registered. the government has been very concerned about a series of close calls over the past year between drones and other aircra aircraft, especially planes and helicopters. drones have also crashed at sporting events, even on the white house lawn. and privacy advocates have been very concerned about drones hover is over private property, sometimes equipped with cameras.
7:42 am
commercial operators already have to have a pilot's license and government regulations require drones to stay below 400 feet and five miles away from airports. hundreds of thousands of them have already been sold. there are expected to be a very big sieller over the holidays, maybe 750,000. >> three-quarters of a million. >> yeah, that's right. the government will look into which drones should be registered, how the system might work and if it is even practical to register drones that have already been sold. the government who eps to have this in place by christmas. >> those numbers are stunning. is there any idea or can you sort of quantify for us how many of these close calls there have actually been between planes and drones, and then what is the penalty if you're caught getting too close to an aircraft. >> it's throughout to be in the hundreds of close calls but that's depending on how you define a close call. the drone industry says those numbers are completely inflated and not reasonable. we do know that drone
7:43 am
enthusiasts are upset about the possibility of having to register drones. the penalty for endangering the safe operation of an aircraft is up to $25,000 fine, even jail time. just this month the faa went ahead and find a drone company in chicago almost $2 million for flights it said were unauthorized in chicago and new york. some over restricted airspace. they think it is a very serious problem. >> nbc's tom costello reporting for us from the washington bureau. up next -- this is a huge week on capitol hill. congress returning to address the race to replace house speaker john boehner. it's all anybody's been talking about on the hill for the last several weeks. what are most americans really thinking about the house speaker job? some surprising revelations. all strayed ahead on msnbc live. plaque psoriasis...
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7:47 am
morning resuming the house's scramble to fill the top gop position. but we wanted to know just how many americans can actually name the current speaker of the house. msnbc's jacob soberov went on the road to find out. >> reporter: as represents continue to scramble to figure out who the next speaker the house will be, turns out a big group of americans have absolutely no idea who that person is. according to our own historical nbc news polling data, most american cannot name the speaker of the house, the third most powerful person in washington, d.c. the speaker of the house would assume the presidency should the president and vice president die, become incapacitated, get impeached, or resign. the speaker also assigns coveted committee memberships and chairm chairmanships in the house and plans its legislative agenda to figure out what bills get voted on and when. basically without the speaker,
7:48 am
we couldn't pass any laws. >> you guys know who speaker of the house of representatives is? >> boehner. >> boehner? had. >> you guys are pretty good. what does the speaker of the house do? >> speaks. >> you guys have any idea who the speaker of the house of representatives is? >> trick question. no, actually. >> you got a pick for the next speaker of the house? >> elizabeth warren probably. >> she's not a republican. >> i know. well -- >> how's your cupcake? >> i don't know. i haven't tried it. >> now that your mouth's full, do you know what the speaker of the house is? >> it was john boehner but it's not anymore. >> what's your name? >> marv. >> jacob. nice to meet you. >> i've seen you, jacob. >> no, you haven't. >> what's your last name? >> soberov. >> perhaps not. >> is ryan going to come in? it is a tough job. >> who is the speaker of the house of representatives? >> is it boner? >> close. >> boehner.
7:49 am
>> linda, do you know who the speaker of the house is? >> not really. i'm not a historian. >> well, this is happening in present day. >> no. >> his name starts with a "j" and ends with an didn't on boehner. >> boehner. >> linda, you'll get this. his name starts with a john andenand ends with a boehner. >> no. >> do you know who the speaker of the house is? >> john boehner. >> i think you could be the next speak off speaker of the house. you don't need to be in congress to be speaker of the house. anybody could be speaker of the house. >> so peter, john boehner shouldn't feel all that bad because it turns out according to "the washington post," the similar number of americans also had no clue who his two predecessors were, nancy pelosi and dennis hastert.
7:50 am
actually when you take away the names of these figures of the house in the list that are given to the poll respondents, the numbers go way, way down which is why i got perhaps so many blank stares out there. >> the house's conservative freedom caucus is knows exactly who john boehner is. i like when the guy said i know you. what suggestions did you hear from people about a potential next house speaker? >> we got some paul ryans. we got an elizabeth warren, obviously senator warren is not eligible to become speaker. but mostly confused looks and no comments which they have that in common with politicians as well. >> nice to see you. next, tracy morgan's comeback and presidential politics stealing the show on "snl" if you missed it. 130 yards now... bill's got a very tough lie here... looks like we have some sort of
7:51 am
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live right now as we
7:54 am
approach 11:00 in washington, d.c. a live look at the white house here. we want to give you an update now on that breaking news that we've been following for the course of the last several hours. two sources close to vice president joe biden now telling nbc news that the vice president could make a decision in the next 48 hours about whether to get in to the race for the white house. that would put this decision before hillary clinton's crucial testimony scheduled for thursday, before the house benghazi committee. important to note what's still unclear here is whether the decision will come from the vice president himself and in what form we would hear any announcement. there is no announcements scheduled right now. we should note that the vice president has blown past a lot of deadlines in the past, one of them was the end of summer. we've obviously blow through that one, including some of these deadlines that he set for himself. he did say earlier this year he'd make a decision by the end of the summer. others suggested that decision would have come after a conversation with his family in delaware a couple weekends ago.
7:55 am
we're now about a month into fall when we know more about the type of announcement or what the decision will be. we of course will be the first to let you know. in case you missed it, this weekend, comedian tracy morgan made his first appearance on "saturday night live" on their stage since that awful car accident that left him baddy hurt. it is a place he called home for a decade. morgan wasted no time jumping right back in. even making a little fun of himself. >> people were wondering, can he speak? does he have 100% mental capacity? but the truth is, i never did. i might actually be a few points higher now. >> i didn't see this one until this morning but everybody's buzzing about this. so this is the other sketch that was so impressive. it's larry david in the role off bernie sanders during the first debate. here's what you missed. >> not a fan of the banks. they trample on the middle class. they control washington.
7:56 am
and why do they chain all their pens to the desks? who's trying to steal a pen from a bank? you know what i don't understand, america? these podiums. what are you supposed to do with your elbows? rest them on top? they're too short! >> larry david was just crushing it on "saturday night live." he was certainly better than the anderson cooper impression. david was terrific as bernie sanders. here is the senator at a campaign event yesterday. >> i'm going to start off with a joke. you all ready for a joke? here is the joke. my name is larry david and bernie asked me to do the show. that's my joke. >> first he's on with ellen, now he's having a little fun with larry david's impression. not entirely clear which is which obviously as bernie sanders puts it. you be the judge. that's going to wrap it up for this special edition of
7:57 am
msnbc live. live from the white house today. i'm peter alexander in for jose diaz-bala diaz-balart. my friend tamron hall is up next. thanks for joining us. . ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business...
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and relieve your other allergy symptoms. so, you can breathe easier all day. zyrtec®-d. at the pharmacy counter. breaking news right now here on msnbc -- we have new information on when vice president joe biden could decide whether he'll run for the white house. we're all over that story for you. plus, republican rift. donald trump and jeb bush escalate their war of words over former president george w. bush and the 9/11 attacks. now jeb bush is asking supporters to "help defend my brother." boiling over. tensions erupt between partisan members of the benghazi committee just days before the hotly contested testimony of hillary clinton. i'll talk to one of the lawmakers on that committee. good morning, everyone. i'm alex witt in for tamron hall. breaking news this morning. sources tell nbc news vice president joe biden could decide within 48 hours whether he will jump into the race


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