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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  October 19, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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brother kept us safe and i said to myself i didn't want to embarrass him that night, but i said to myself wait a minute, he kept us safe, we lost the world trade center on september 11th. that was -- his brother was president. my immigration policies were in effect, i don't know that that would have happened. >> meanwhile, on cnn, bush defended his brother and hit back at donald trump. >> my brother responded to a crisis and he did it as you would hope a president would do, he united the country, he organized our country, he kept us safe. and there's no denying that. the great majority of americans believe that. i don't know why he keeps bringing this up. it doesn't show that he's a serious person as it relates to being commander in chief and being the architect of a foreign policy. >> we are learning the bush carp is circling the wagons. former president bush will join jeb bush at a campaign rally this weekend in texas. joining me, nbc's katy tur in
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anderson, south carolina, the site of a donald trump rally later today. katy, we have a tweet from donald trump this morning about jeb bush saying quote, jeb is fighting to defend a catastrophic event. i'm fighting to make sure it doesn't happen again. jeb is too soft. we need tougher and sharper. why are we seeing donald trump revisit this old feud that was one of bush's biggest applause lines during the last debate against donald trump? >> reporter: well, this isn't necessarily the first time that he's taken a line of attack along this same route. in the past, donald trump has said he was against the invasion in iraq, telling people at rallies and debates that he even told george w. bush not to invade iraq, touting an article from 2004 that quotes him as saying that. it's interesting, though, because the invasion of iraq started in 2003. i think this line of attack, though, was just something that kim to him during that bloomberg interview and it sort of caught fire. that's why he's running with it. i do think, though, it speaks to
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a broader base that's out there, broader base of people who may actually agree with him that this attack happened, did happen under george w. bush's watch and there is some lingering resentment towards that that is out there that wasn't necessarily a conservative feeling but certainly more of an independent and liberal feeling that's out there right now. thomas? >> so what do we think is going to happen moving forward since we're seeing the bush camp as i said rally themselves at this coordinated event for jeb bush in texas? is that to show this united front and that's something that donald trump doesn't have, he doesn't have that type of united front against the bush family? >> reporter: well, the bush family and the bush camp is going to try to show a united front. they really don't have much of a choice here. jeb bush cannot run against his brother's presidency. he has a number of foreign policy advisors, i think 19 out of his 21 foreign policy advisors are former george w. bush advisors, so he has to roll with it.
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this is something that he has no choice but to champion. he's even fund-raising off of these comments, showing a picture of his brother on the rubble of the world trade center, saying that he wants his supporters to rally behind him against donald trump for what he thinks are just outrageous statements. now, donald trump's camp, meanwhile, says that it's just completely ludicrous, that he is fund-raising off of a terror attack so the back and forth is going to keep going on and on and on until i think donald trump finds a new target. >> i'm sure donald trump wouldn't shy away from fund-raising off calling out the terrorist attack and what he accounts as bush's blame for it, to make money of that. katy, thanks so much. in anderson, south carolina for the trump event. we will talk later. i want to bring in the "washington post" political columnist dana milbank. we have jeb bush's campaign out with this new ad against donald trump calling into question his judgment. take a look. ♪
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>> who do you talk to for military advice right now? >> well, i watch the shows. i really see a lot of great, you know, when you watch your show and all the other shows. >> okay. so not the most hard-hitting of ads here but according to nbc's peter alexander, this ad has been in the can for roughly about a month. why are we seeing this aggressive response now? was he just lying in wait for his opportunity to go after trump? >> well, it's partially that but i think it's also a matter of him having nothing left to lose here. he's been sagging in the polls. you saw that the fund-raising was lackluster. he's burning through all the money that he's raising. jeb bush needs to raise his profile here so in a way he's now engaging donald trump to raise that profile. it's probably a very effective ad. i would certainly be effective if used by the democrats against donald trump as a nominee.
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not clear that that's really going to get jeb where he needs to be right now. certainly there's a lot of support for george w. bush within the republican primary electorate but that's carved up among a lot of people and doesn't go to jeb. those people already not with trump. people supporting trump are for a completely different reason. >> as we look at 9/11 traditionally it has been used as a rallying cry. so this feud over the topic really hurt republicans in the long run? >> well, certainly if they have turned against bush in the long run, that would be rather a huge milestone so you know, look, there's a lot of time for them to recover from these internal battles that are going on right now. the fact that trump continues to do so well while basically laying waste to the entire party continues to surprise and baffle a lot of people. there is a belief, i'm convinced, that donald trump will fail somewhere along the line, but he seems to be defying
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the usual law of political gravity each step along the way. >> you should know, the typical rules do not apply in this campaign. it's the bizarro world of politics. everything else would have taken a normal person down. speaking of which, a tweet from trump today said it's really cold outside. they are calling it a freeze. man, we could use a big fat dose of global warming. people aren't happy about the tweet. it's been trending. what do you make of that? this is trump staying on brand. >> again, as the wider population may say that's a little bit nuts but for the people he's trying to win over within the republican electorate, the third or so of that that he's got, they eat this stuff up. that's why he continues to remain viable. yes, it is bizarro. i have gone on record saying i will eat an entire column, 20 column inches if donald trump is the nominee. people are suggesting all the various dishes i could eat that in now. >> how much paper is that?
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>> it's not too much. it's fiber. it's good for you. i feel like this is really a win/win. >> in a pasta dish. dana, good to see you, buddy. developing right now, on the democratic side, sources tell nbc news that a decision on whether the vice president will enter the race could come in the next 48 hours. we should note that joe biden has been mulling a bid for several months and has blown past deadlines several times before. moments ago, white house press secretary josh earnest was asked about the vice president's thinking. take a look. >> there's plenty of speculation about the urgency of the political calendar, that we are as the weather outside can attest, that we are now into the fall and more of the debate focuses on who the next president might be. ultimately this will be a decision for vice president biden to make. i'm confident that somebody who participated in this process
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first-hand on a couple oof indications, he understands the time and pressure he's under. he will make a decision when he's prepared to make it. >> nbc's intrepid kristen welker has been following this story day and night. this timeline really interesting considering that hillary clinton testifying on capitol hill thursday. how much of that is playing into the timeline of him announcing or not saying anything about running but rather coming out with an endorsement for hillary? >> reporter: i think it's one of the factor is that is pushing him toward a decision but i'm told that the other factor is the pressure he's getting from supporters. those who are sitting on the sideline who say if you are in, we really want to know and if you're not getting in weeshgs wawe want to know that, too, because perhaps we might want to work for hillary clinton. what we know is two sources familiar with his thinking say that a decision will likely come within the next 48 hours. a third source cautions, however, that only the vice president knows when and what he is going to decide. this is interesting because it comes on the heels of a weekend
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of phone calls for vice president biden including to the president of the international association of firefighters and essentially he said to that president that he's leaning toward getting in. they had a very substantive conversation, discussed fund-raising strategy and structure. however, the vice president also caution thed that he has to mak final gut decision. what's interesting is he's reaching out the a key constituency. this is a union that has not and at this point has no plans to endorse secretary hillary clinton. this does come just as secretary clinton is about to testify on thursday. it is a critical test for her. she is taking a break from the campaign trail to prepare for that testimony. that's how important it is to her campaign. >> real quickly before i let you go. the latest monmouth university/cnn polling the vice president would be in third place but it also shows him with a higher favorability rating of the current democratic field. let's point out that once you
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throw your hat in the ring your poll numbers generally take a ding. do you think his polling numbers are any indication helping his decision? >> reporter: oh, there's no doubt that biden and his team are looking at the polling numbers very closely. don't forget they have some of their own numbers that they have been looking at. they are well aware of that and the fact that those numbers will likely start to drop if he were to make a formal announcement. and that is why i think he's feeling the pressure if he does decide to get into this race. the momentum that he had several months ago has waned substantially. if he's going to get in, wasn't to do it soon so that he doesn't see that window close. >> kristen welker, great to see you. thank you. all right. so what do you think out there? will vice president joe biden finally decide to get into the presidential race? it is our bing question for you today. so start voting. we will be tracking your responses and updating you throughout this show. bernie sanders is said to be working on a speech that he says
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would define the term democratic socialism. it's a label some democrats worry would make the vermont senator unelectable. he's holding a town hall meeting right now in iowa. meanwhile, it's larry david's impersonati impersonation of the senator on "saturday night live" that stole the show. >> now, if you don't mind, i'm going to dial it right up to a ten. >> go right ahead. >> we're doomed. we need a revolution. millions of people on the streets and we got to do something and we got to do it now. ahhh! >> so sanders reacting to the impersonation saying that david should come to his next rally because he does it better than i do. now to new details for you in that bizarre midair emergency that's got everybody talking today. federal authorities are still interviewing witnesses but have not filed any charges yet after two southwest passengers got into a fight over a reclined
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seat. here's how the pilot called it in. >> evidently we've got two passengers that are in a physical altercation so we need to get turned around back to lax. >> nbc's jacob riscone joins me with the very latest on this. explain how we understand it, that this was able to escalate so quickly. >> reporter: a passenger who was on the flight tells nbc news it happened minutes after takeoff. that passenger says that a woman reclined her seat and the man sitting behind her started to choke her. we don't know if there was an argument there. all we know is that he started to choke her, then she screamed. the crew came to her aid and the plane turned around. the captain declared an emergency, the plane was given priority to land and the fbi tells nbc news they detained one of the passengers involved in the fight for questioning, but did not arrest him. they are as you said, still looking for other passengers who left the airport before they were able to arrive.
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the other 136 passengers on board that plane switched planes, went to san francisco anyway on a red-eye and arrived about five hours late. >> a wild one. jacob, thank you, sir. so this other story we have been following is about an innocent bystander killed in the crush of another round of mideast violence. we will bring you up to date from jerusalem as the u.s. preps for a new push, peace talks in that region. plus hillary clinton's campaign rolling out a massive clip reel touting her time as secretary of state days before her public benghazi committee grilling. we will take a look at that. and another high school football player dies on the field. it is the sixth so far this year. was it an isolated incident or a sign the game might need to change? ideas are scary. they come into this world ugly and messy.
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developing news from overseas. isis has issued what the associated press calls an unprecedented media campaign to step up attacks against israelis. in a video posted today unverified by nbc news, the group urged palestinians to use any weapon at their disposal. this posting follows the attack of a migrant. then israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu condemned the attack days before he's set to meet with secretary of state john kerry about the potential of renewed peace talks. nbc news foreign correspondent ayman mohyeldin has been reporting. is there any resolution expected when kerry meets with netanyahu and mahmoud abbas this week or is this just the first step to
10:18 am
reinvigorate what are going to be much longer discussions? >> reporter: i think if you ask both sides, certainly you get the impression from being here on the ground from some of the comments that have been coming out from israeli officials and certainly from palestinian officials, nobody's really holding their breath thinking there's going to be any major break-through following these meetings. what you heard from u.s. secretary of state john kerry is he wants to try and restore calm. he also wants to try and reassure everyone that the status quo agreement which is the decades-old long agreement that has governed who goes in and out of some of the religious holy sites in the old city is going to remain in place, it is not going to be changed. the reason that's so important is because that has been one of the major flashpoints of distrust over the last several years. palestinians believe israel is trying to change that agreement and restricting their access to muslim holy sites. israel says it has no intentions of changing that status quo
10:19 am
agreement. if you expect john kerry to have some kind of breakthrough on the ground, the reading has been from both sides highly unlikely. what it's more about is trying to restore calm on the streets, to try to get from the eyes of the israelis, the palestinian incitement to stop and from the eyes of the palestinians, to get the israelis to ease up on some of the closures they put in place and ease up on some other restrictions that have been put on palestinians. >> explain to all of us, this has to do with gun access and gun rights for israelis? i know over the weekend, we had different video of an israeli non-military person holding a gun after shooting a teen. then we had an interview with a street musician who is carrying a firearm. explain the access that everyday israelis have to firearms and what the rules are on the streets. >> reporter: well, guns are very prevalent here in israel for a whole host of reasons. there is definitely a lot of
10:20 am
security guards at all public buildings and facilities so you definitely have a lot of armed personnel in this society in general. recently you even had the jerusalem mayor who came out and urged citizens to arm themselves. what we have seen at least according to israeli local media is that there has been an uptick and surge of purchasing weapons from private citizens and registering at shooting ranges for practice and stuff like that. but it does cut to a core issue here which is there is this growing concern among some that as we saw in the case of that shooting yesterday, following the attack that killed an israeli soldier, the incident where the security guard shot a man by accident and the subsequent mob attack, today we heard the spokesperson for the israeli prime minister saying that there is no room for that type of vigilante behavior and that any individual who is seen involved in that is going to be prosecuted. so it is a very important issue. on one hand, israelis feel tremendously insecure because of
10:21 am
these attacks, not justi with guns but knives and in some cases, cars are ramming civilians. they are trying to find all means at their disposal to secure themselves when they go out for their basic daily errands. at the same time you are hearing sharp criticism from the palestinian authority who are saying that as a result of this, you are seeing the summary execution of many palestinians that are not being investigated, that show a double standard in the way israel security is applied across the board. so it cuts to a very deep issue, again, of distrust between both sides. >> nbc's ayman mohyeldin reporting. thank you. coming up, back here at home severe weather sweeping through the southwest bringing rain, lightning and destruction. look at the skies over phoenix. then we will take you to texas for the details on the latest high school football player to die on the field. could his death have been prevented?
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we are back now with a look at widespread destruction after powerful storms rolled through phoenix last night. more than a dozen buildings appear to have been heavily damaged or destroyed in the light of day. it follows these amazing pictures of several lightning strikes over the city last night as rain and hail pummeled the metro area. the storms toppled several power lines leaving hundreds in the dark. utility crews worked overnight to restore power to most of the customers. now to yet another tragedy on the high school football field. a texas high school junior was rushed to the hospital after collapsing during a game over the weekend and he later died. it is the sixth high school player nationwide to die this year. we are in texas with the very latest. >> reporter: thomas, good morning. it's a debate school districts across the country have been having. whether to keep their high school football programs. now we have yet another death,
10:26 am
this time here in rural east texas. just halfway through this year's football season, more students have died playing the game than any time before. this morning, following the tragic death of 16-year-old camron matthews, the question being asked why is this happening so often. the alto community is taking it hard. >> everybody was hurt. >> reporter: the 6 foot junior collapsed on the sidelines in the middle of friday night's game after telling teammates he felt dizzy. he was medevaced to the hospital where he died the next day. officials say he suffered an aneurysm although the exact cause of death has not been determined. cam 'ron's friends and family are heartbroken. >> they feel if he wasn't on the football field, he could have been in the car and this would have happened. >> reporter: matthews is the sixth football player nationwide to die after a game since the
10:27 am
season started. last year, five died from football-related injuries all season. three deaths a year is the average. in an effort to reduce deaths and injuries, every state now has laws designed to prevent concussions. there's a limit of 90 minutes a week for full contact play and there's a trainer at every game. >> everybody just automatically assumes it had to have been a football thing. he never took a shot to the head. it wasn't anything. it was just -- it happened on the football field. >> reporter: those who knew him say cam 'ron matthews was a talented athlete, terrific student and much more. >> anybody that has children of their own, that's how you want them to turn out, like cam'ron. just a great kid. >> reporter: grief counselors are here to help students cope with their loss and faculty, too, for that matter. the superintendent tells nbc news doctors have told him that in fact, cam'ron died of an
10:28 am
aneurysm and doctors beliefs it was not related to his playing football. thomas, back to you. >> janet shamlian, thank you. four days until hillary clinton faces a house benghazi hearing. after a number of republicans have come forward to call it a witch hunt, how much is really hanging on her testimony? plus this. >> you guys have any idea who the speaker of the house of representatives is? >> trick question. no, actually. >> all right. we take you to the streets outside the beltway to find out how much americans outside of d.c. really know about the speaker of the house. hey i'm here on the red carpet where our next arrival is... whoa! toenail fungus!? fight it! with jublia. jublia is a prescription medicine used to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor. are you getting this?! most common side effects include ingrown toenail, application site redness, itching, swelling, burning or stinging, blisters, and pain. oh, epic moves, big j! fight it! getting ready for your close-up?
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10:32 am
it may be okay to operate an off-road vehicle without registering it if you're using it on your own property. however, if you intend to take it on to local streets or on to highways, you are expected to register it and operate it safely to protect the public. >> nbc news correspondent tom costello was there for that announcement. explain why we are seeing this now and some would say okay, this is just common sense? >> reporter: well, here's the issue. we are not talking about licensing you to be able to fly a drone. we are talking about registering the drone. the issue here is this. there has been this proliferation of drones across the country and the numbers are kind of hard to get nailed down. we were asking the faa for real specifics and even the faa has various numbers. but by some counts, we have had 1,000 drones spotted by aircraft this year, just this year, and some of those have been close calls. we don't know how many but there have been some close calls
10:33 am
involving passenger planes pan also police helicopters, for example. so what the faa and d.o.t. are saying is we have got to have a way of being able to track that drone that we find, that has crashed on airport property or at the u.s. open or on the white house lawn or wherever, we've got to have a way to track that drone back to its operator. so they are now coordinating this task force with the d.o.t. and the faa and the industry, that's critical, as well as the airline pilots association at airports around the country, a task force to come up with a way to create a registry. they want to have their blueprint in place by november 20th so in theory, this is very optimistic, but so that in theory, they could actually start registering drones sold over the holiday season. thomas, by some estimates, there are going to be a million drones sold over the holidays. a million. so the issue is going to be can they get this in place that fast. to do that may require the d.o.t. almost acting with emergency powers to create a
10:34 am
registry because the d.o.t. believes this has become a very critical issue, a threat, really, to civil aviation across the country. >> just to point out, this is just about registration, not about license to operate said drone. >> reporter: that's right. >> we will see how -- >> reporter: some commercial operators, importantly, commercial operators, you do have to have a license. but if we are just talking about the amateur drone operator out there who is playing around in the park, they are talking about a registration of the drone itself. >> tom costello, thank you. i know this isn't the last we will be talking about that. hillary clinton is off the campaign trail today prepping for her testimony before the benghazi committee. that comes on thursday. this has her campaign releases a new video touting her tenure as secretary of state. >> i think hillary will go down as one of the finest secretary of states we've had. >> people will look at the election of president clinton and say i know i'm going to get someone who understands our part of the world and will help us shape the best future. >> meanwhile, a new report today
10:35 am
from the democrats on the benghazi committee is raising questions about the collected evidence. the report concludes that none of the witnesses substantiated repeated claims that republican members of congress and presidential candidates have been making about former secretary of state hillary clinton for the past three years relating to the attacks in benghazi. now, on sunday, committee chair trey gowdy defended the evidence gathered in the 2012 attack that killed four americans. >> i have told my own republican colleagues and friends shut up talking about things that you don't know anything about. and unless you're on the committee, you have no idea what we've done, why we've done it and what new facts we have found. >> luke russert covers capitol hill for nbc news. luke, what are some of the conclusions from the report that has been issued again by the left, by democrats? >> reporter: yeah, we should mention that elijah cummings teased this report yesterday on one of the sunday shows and essentially the reason why it's being put forward this week by the democrats on the committee
10:36 am
is to give hillary clinton a little bit of cover ahead of that testimony on thursday, which will surely factor or sorry, i should say would be based on a lot of the things that were in this report and refuted. take a look at some of the things they directly refute. quote, that hillary clinton ordered the military to stand down. they say that nobody has been able to corroborate that. personally approved or ordered security reduction, pressed the u.s. into supporting a u.n. campaign in libya under false pretenses, oversaw operations to destroy or scrub documents, distracted or authorized u.s. mission in benghazi to transfer weapons from libya to another country. so those are all big, almost conspiracy items that have been playing especially on the right wing blogosphere for sometime, that somehow hillary clinton was implicit in putting the ambassador in a dangerous situation, giving a stand-down order. all these things we heard about for awhile. the committee comes out this week saying look, from what we have heard from the witnesses called forward by chairman gowdy, we have not been able to
10:37 am
ascertain any of that. this is actually backed up, thomas, also by the seven other congressional inquiries that have been done into the benghazi affair and the events of 9/11, 2012. this is the democrats and the committee's way of sort of reminding people those reports still stand and they don't expect anything to change between now and thursday when she testifies. >> we shall wait and see. luke russert on capitol hill, thank you, sir. appreciate it. the supreme court is likely to tackle its first big abortion case in nearly ten years. it is the latest in a string of cases involving the potential closures of abortion clinics in several states. since 2011 there have beenun precedented number of abortion restrictions put into place on state level. the controversy was written about in a multi-media special called "shuttered" for the writer joins me on set. let's talk about how this case is going to be impactful when we contrast it to roe v wade. >> two words. undue burden.
10:38 am
for decades the supreme court has said that a woman has a constitutional right to an abortion but the state can restrict fit if there are good reasons. what they can't do is place a quote, undue burden on a woman. the question is whether 75% of clinics in texas close down, if the last clinic in mississippi shuts down, but the states say hey, we're just trying to protect women's rights, is that an undue burden. >> you traveled to certain states. what were you able to uncover about access to women who would like to terminate a pregnancy? >> well, we traveled to texas, mississippi, louisiana, alabama. these are the states that are the most affected by these restrictions already and even more so if the supreme court rules in their favor. we wanted to go behind the statistics and really tell the stories of the folks who are living this, no matter where they stand on the issue. that's why we followed around a doctor for three days. weep have a beautiful photo essay. we also have two videos, one from a pro-choice activist, one
10:39 am
from a pro-life activist asking them why they do what they do. we spoke to women who were seeking abortions and found out what kinds of barriers they faced. so again, this is really looking at the folks on the ground whose lives are affected by these laws. >> so lives affected by these laws but let's talk about the doctors who put their lives in harm's way to terminate pregnancies in certain states where this is unwanted. you followed a doctor who said quote, at some point in my residency my fear of safety sort of took a back seat. i said even if i died tomorrow, i'm providing abortions in texas and helping other people, i'm okay with that. so that was probably a surprise finding to you. what else surprises you the most through the work you have done? >> well, i feel like hearing from that doctor himself, this man drives hundreds of miles each week to provide abortions in texas. he travels between three cities. he's doing work that a lot of folks are frankly afraid to do. so i think one thing that's really important to know is that
10:40 am
while doctors have been murdered for providing abortions, you don't have to murder an abortion provider to put him out of business. at this point, the laws that are shutting down clinics are probably going to have a bigger impact on women seeking abortion services than anything else. >> the series is live now. everyone can check it out. "shuttered" on thanks. appreciate it. halloween is less than two weeks away. coming up, we have an urgent costume warning for parents. this is something you need to know. apparently this is popular with kids. did you know that that outfit is going to make your kid invisible to drivers? first, congress returns to work this week but there's no end in sight to the chaos over who the next speaker of the house will be. we are taking it to the streets searching to see what people know about the speakership and as we head to break, let's update you on the bing pulse question today. it was about joe biden and will he finally decide to get into the race. so 9% of you think yes, 91% of
10:41 am
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10:44 am
congress returns after a week-long break with a major elephant in the room. who is going to be the next speaker in the house? now that house majority leader kevin mccarthy took his name out of the running, it could be anyone's game. we have a deeper look into this process and if people even know who the speaker is. >> reporter: as republicans continue to scramble to figure out who the next speaker of the house is going to be, turns out there's a pretty big group of americans who have absolutely no idea who that person is. according to our historical nbc news polling data, up to a quarter of americans cannot name the speaker of the house. we are talking about the third most powerful person in washington, d.c. in case you are one of those, here's a quick reminder. the speaker of the house would assume the presidency should the president and vice president
10:45 am
die, become incapacitated, get impeached or resign. the speaker also assigns coveted committee memberships and chairmanships in the house and plans its legislative agenda, deciding what bills can voted on and when. it's his job to speak with the white house and senate to amend any differences to be sure bills pass. basically without the speaker we couldn't pass any laws. do you know who the speaker of the house of representatives is? >> boehner. >> reporter: what does the speaker of the house do? >> speaks. >> reporter: you have any idea who the speaker of the house of representatives is? >> trick question. no, actually. >> reporter: you got a pick for the next speaker of the house? >> elizabeth warren, probably. >> reporter: she's not a republican. how is your cupcake? >> i don't know. i haven't tried it. >> reporter: now that your mouth's full, do you know who the speaker of the house is? >> it was john boehner but it's not anymore. >> reporter: what's your name? nice to meet you.
10:46 am
jacob. >> i ha've seen you. what's your last anymore? >> reporter: you haven't seen me. >> is ryan going to come in? it's a tough job. >> reporter: who is the speaker of the house of representatives? >> is it boehner? >> reporter: close. boehner. linda, do you know who the speaker of the house is? >> not really. >> i'm not a historian. >> reporter: this is happening in present day. >> no. >> reporter: his name starts with a j and ends with a on boehner. >> boehner. >> reporter: you're going to get this. his name starts with a john and ends with a boehner. >> no. >> reporter: do you know who the speaker of the house is? >> i do not but i would love to know. >> reporter: john boehner. >> john boehner. all right. >> reporter: you could be next speaker of the house. truth of the matter is you don't need to be in congress to become speaker of the house. so if you listen to mr. robinson over here, i could have a shot.
10:47 am
>> pretty cool stuff. so jacob joins me on set. you were like billy on the street. i love that. first of all, was that fun to do, and were you surprised by certain reactions? because we started off there, people know who boehner is. >> first of all, it was extraordinarily fun. i have to say i wasn't surprised. you feel bad for john boehner at first because big chunk of americans don't know who this man is, the third most powerful job in washington. turns out his two predecessors, hastert and pelosi, had similar numbers between a tenth and quarter of all americans having no idea who they were. he's in good company. >> i felt bad for linda. you are chasing her down the street after giving her on boehner and she's trying to get to radio city or somewhere. >> she said she's not a historian. i don't know. >> so was that fun, though? >> it was great. >> were people kind when you were coming up to them?
10:48 am
>> listen, when you have a congress that in some polls is less popular than traffic jams and root canals, you can expect answers like this occasionally. >> very good job. thank you so much. look forward to the next time you head out on the streets. the mean streets of new york. luckily that girl got away with her cupcake. i thought you were going to take that. if you like reading product reviews when shopping online, you will hear what amazon is doing to take on scammers and then when we come back, the triumphant return of tracy morgan to "snl." >> good god, tracy! >> i'm back and better than ever. >> it's a joy!
10:49 am
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10:51 am
[ cheers and applause ] thank you. thank you so much. >> hey, there we have it. live from new york on saturday night tracy morgan made his triumphant return hosting "saturday night live." the first appearance on the show for the "snl" alum 16 months
10:52 am
after the car crash that left morgan battling for his life and a brain injury. >> people were wondering, can he speak? does he have 100% mental capacity? well, the truth is i never did. [ laughter ] i might actually be a few points higher now. [ laughter ] but for real, i'm so lucky i have my comedy family. when this happened, i knew they would all be there to support me. >> former "30 rock" co-stars alec baldwin, tina fey, jane kra kousi, and jack mcbrayer reunited to support his return. morgan told the audience the accident showed him how much love and support that he really has. so we have this for you. it's a safety alert. just days before halloween. new warnings about a popular costume that could put your kids at risk as they trick or treat. today national investigative correspondent jeff rossen has the details. >> reporter: right now there's a child in the middle of the
10:53 am
street wearing a halloween k costu costume. can't spot him? now let me highlight him. there he is. it's a dangerous scenario every year on halloween. >> trick or treat. >> kids walking the streets in all kinds of costumes. in fact, kids are twice as likely to get hit by a car on october 31st than any other day of the year. now safety experts are warning about the latest costume craze. the invisible kid costume. a full black body suit that even covers the child's face. multiple companies make it. the packaging even warning about impaired vision. but some bragging it will make your child disappear into the pitch black night. as a safety expert what do you make of this? >> terrible idea. kids won't be seen, especially if they're darting out into the street on halloween night. we can expect that. and they can't see. take a look at this. there's no way for kids to see out of this. >> i want to show our viewers what this looks like.
10:54 am
i'm going to put this right over the lens. this is what a child sees when they're out trick or treating. it's absolutely black. you can't see them as the driver and they can't see you either. >> bad idea. >> reporter: so we set up an experiment. i'm behind the wheel with our safety expert. my producer jovan nah is dressing this child mannequin in the black body suit. >> we're in a typical suburban neighborhood. i'm placing this mannequin right in the middle of the street. you can see it right now with the camera light on but turn the light off the kid blends right into the night. we're going to see if jeff can spot this before it's too late. >> we know the mannequins are here but we don't know where exactly they are. >> one of the things you want to remember is kids who are younger than 10 don't understand speed and distance. so they don't understand when cars are coming at them how fast or how close they are. >> reporter: we keep driving, and out of nowhere -- >> right there, jeff. >> i still don't see it. >> i know. it's really hard. almost impossible. >> oh, it's right here. >> reporter: watch again from a different angle. you can't see the mannequin till
10:55 am
right there, and by then you can't stop. >> i flew right by this. a second later i would have hit this child. >> jeff, this would not be a static child, a mannequin. this would be a kid running in the dark like this. you probably could have hit this child. >> what was it like for you to be sitting in the car and witness this? >> completely scary. >> wow. and our thanks to nbc's jeff rossen for that report. so we should know within the next 48 hours whether or not joe biden is going to be entering the 2016 presidential race. sources telling our reporter that the veep will make his plans known soon. we'll look at how he's doing in several key states in advance. and the war of words between donald trump and jeb bush over the cause of the september 11th terrorist attacks. we're going to get reaction from the man who was governor of new york at the time and the democrats on the benghazi committee release their report on the investigation. what are they claiming? we're going to tell you coming up in the next hour.
10:56 am
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10:59 am
hi, everybody. i'm thomas roberts. we start this hour with developing news on vice president joe biden. and sources telling nbc news the vice president could announce a decision on whether to jump into the 2016 race in the next 48 hours. the vice president has been mulling a run for several months and has blown past deadlines multiple times before. it's led to several questions in today's white house briefing, and here's how white house press secretary josh earnest responded to one of those questions just a short time ago. >> there's no denying that vice president biden is somebody who brings a lot of energy to his current job. and based on the fact that he has run for president twice before i think should be a clear indication that he believes that he's got something to offer to that debate and to offer to the country. >> nbc's kristen welker is following the story closely for us from the white house. and msnbc's steve kornacki is
11:00 am
going to have more on the past attempts of joe biden running for the presidency coming up in a moment. but let's start with kristen. what are you hearing? what are the sources you have on the ground? as i know you've been trying to get a firm answer from the vice president about whether or not he will be jumping into this race. >> reporter: well, sources close to the vice president, thomas, say he's going to make a final decision within the next 48 hours. we want to be very clear about that. we don't know in what form this decision is going to come. it will likely come through his surrogates or it will leak out. i don't think we'll get an official announcement from the vice president for quite some time. having said that, it underscores the fact that he's under a lot of pressure. just in terms of the calendar. to come out and let his supporters know exactly what he wants to do. a lot of supporters sitting on the sidelines. they say if the vice president's going to get into this race they want to start working for him. if he's not they'd like to know that as well. and of course there is a big event looming toward the end of this week. secretary clinton set to testify before the house benghazi
11:01 am
committee. that is a big political test for her. she's taking time from the campaign trail to prepare for that. so if vice president biden does let his supporters know which direction he's headed in within the next 48 hours it will be significant because it would come prior to that all-important testimony. thomas? >> and so kristen, when we're talking about whether or not joe biden's going to be getting into this race, talk about what if he does get in. the question remaining how this is going to impact hillary clinton coming off the debate performance she had, which everybody feels, those that were asked, that she was the winner. i want to play what her communications director jim palmieri told my colleague andrea mitchell earlier today. >> it appears the vice president's getting close to making his decision, and i think whatever he -- obviously he's the sitting vice president. if he got in the race, it would be a shake-up. but we feel confident that she is the best candidate no matter, you know, who the other people that choose to run are. and we'll see what his decision
11:02 am
is. >> so that is the nice language for right now, kristen. so what does the clinton camp do if biden jumps in? >> reporter: well, the clinton campaign insists they're ready either way. having said that, vice president biden entering this race would shake up this race. there's no doubt about that. polls seem to suggest that he draws from her pool of support. but let's take a look at the latest cnn poll, which shows that after that debate that you mentioned, thomas, that very strong debate performance, secretary clinton is in the lead. 45% over bernie sanders, who gets 29%. vice president biden gets 18%. however, his favorability ratings are higher. he gets 51% compared to secretary clinton, who gets 46%. so there is no doubt that team biden looking very closely at those numbers as they try to make their final determination. and of course they have their own internal polling as well. >> kristen welker at the white house. while we're thinking about this 48-hour window of potential announcement we want to remind
11:03 am
everybody that we've seen this political dance from joe biden a number of times before. our steve kornacki is here now to break down how those times have turned out. steve, hey. >> yeah, thomas. well, i mean, that is an understatement. we can forget just how long joe biden has been on the national political stage, just how long we've gone through moments like this where he flirts with running for president. remember he got elected to the senate all the way back in 1972. he was just 29 years old. there actually is a pattern that emerges when you look back at his history of thinking about running for president. let's show you what that is. the first time, the first time he was seriously touted as a candidate, all the way back in 1984. a lot of time in 1983 was spent with joe biden going to democratic events around the country. he was giving speeches that were getting great responses from people, the democratic field had a lot of fluidity in it. actually, i'm sorry, this is 2004, but you'll take my word on this back in 1984 he looked at it. took it all the way to december
11:04 am
in 1983 and then decided no, he's not going to do it. if you look at the 1988 cycle when he ran it was a very different story. he decided very early on in 1988 he was going to go for it. he said that in 1986 he got in that race early. of course it didn't work out. then in 2004, this is the one you're looking up at the screen right now. 2003, again, there was months and months of well, maybe i'll do it, maybe i won't do it stories that would appear saying he's close to getting in, stories that would appear saying actually he's not going to do it. and the thing is in august of 2003 he finally announced he's not going to run. and he said something very interesting when he said that. he said it's so late in the process that everything would have to fall perfectly in place. he simply thought he didn't have enough time to put the right kind of campaign together. something to keep in mind right now as we're all the way into october. in august of 2003 he didn't think he had enough time. again you could look to -- i'm sorry. this is back in 1988. we will get this right eventually. here we go. for the 2008 presidential campaign, this is interesting. in 2005, three years before that
11:05 am
election, he actually went on tv and announced his candidacy. we can play that clip. >> i know i'm supposed to be more coy with you. i know i'm supposed to tell you that i'm not sure. but if in fact i think that i have a clear shot at winning the nomination by this november or december, then i'm going to seek the nomination. >> and so that was it. he was in in 2005 running for 2008. obviously didn't work out. that brings us to where we are right now. 2016, all the will he, won't he speculation. if there's one thing you can look back at the past and say, though, it's this. when joe biden has run for president in the past, he's made the decision quickly and he's made the decision early. when he hasn't run for president in the past, he's done what we're seeing now. he has dawdled. he's waited for weeks. he's waited for months. so the pattern suggests he's unlikely to get in. but the wild card of course, if he doesn't get in now he'll never have another chance. >> msnbc's steve kornacki.
11:06 am
steve, thanks for the breakdown. really appreciate it. and we are asking everyone to weigh in on today's bing pulse question. what you think about this. will vice president joe biden finally decide to get into the presidential race? now, if our previous update only 9% of you voted yes. 91% said no. so look at the dramatic change we see now. 27% say yes. 73% say no. keep the votes coming in at we're going to have more results coming up later in the hour. we turn our attention now to republicans where the feud between donald trump and jeb bush is getting even more heated. it's over 9/11 and trump suggesting former president george w. bush is to blame. this morning trump continued his attack on jeb bush by tweeting this -- "jeb is fighting to defend a catastrophic event. i'm fighting to make sure it doesn't happen again. jeb is too soft. we need tougher and sharper." that's on top of what he said this morning on fox news, suggesting if his immigration policies were in place they could have prevented those
11:07 am
attacks. >> well, i think i could certainly have maybe done a lot better. look, if you look at it, jeb during the debate said "my brother kept us safe." and i said to myself, i didn't want to embarrass him that night because i said to myself, wait a minute, he kept us safe, we lost the world trade center on september 11th. his brother was president. if my immigration policies were in effect, i don't know that that would have happened. >> meanwhile, jeb bush isn't taking trump's comments about his brother lightly. he hit back hard against him yesterday on cnn. >> my brother responded to a crisis, and he did it as you would hope a president would do. he united the country. he organized our country. and he kept us safe. there's no denying that. the great majority of americans believe that. and i don't know why he keeps bringing this up. it's -- it doesn't show that he's a serious person as it relates to being commander in chief and being the architect of a foreign policy. >> nbc's katy tur is on the campaign trail in anderson, south carolina. that's where donald trump is
11:08 am
going to be speaking at a rally tonight. and katy, explain why this reinvigorated attack against jeb bush. >> reporter: well, i think that donald trump just picked up a line that he had in his head and just gave his opinion on something, and i think it spiraled and has taken off and now he's going to go full force with it. i'm not necessarily of the belief that he had planned on saying this before that bloomberg interview. but i think since it has escalated he's running with it claiming that he thinks that -- while he's not saying that bush is to blame for 9/11, he does say repeatedly that it did happen under his watch. and i think it's comments that will actually appeal to a broader base of voters, not necessarily the conservatives of the republican party but certainly some independents and definitely some liberals who have charged that over the years, especially when there have been attacks against the clinton administration or the obama administration for their harshness against terrorism and whatnot. people have come out and said this happened under george w.
11:09 am
bush's watch. so i think that's going to appeal to them. i think bush is in a precarious position in some ways because he has no choice but to defend his brother's record whether he likes it or not. 17 of his 21 foreign policy advisers are foreign policy advisers from the bush campaign. so he is really running off of his brother's record in a lot of ways. also, it's a family legacy. it's family name. he probably has no choice but to stand up for his family. as the rest of the bush family is now coming on to do. the question is whether or not trump will be hurt by these comments. we're going to talk to some voters today that are coming to his rally to find out what they think of them. but again, nothing he has said in the past -- absolutely nothing he's said in the past, be it about mccain or megyn kelly or lindsey graham have hurt him. he's still leading in all the polls. so i'll be interested to find out if this is something that could stick in a bad way for him, thomas. >> we shall see. you're at this rally taz taking place in anderson, south carolina. our katy tur. thanks so much. i'm joined by former new york
11:10 am
governor and current republican presidential candidate george pata pataki. nice to see new person. i know you've been on the campaign trail. so let's talk about this. you were governor of new york during 9/11. your reaction to donald trump and the pointing of finger blame at the former president. >> thomas, my reaction is donald trump is like an eighth-grade schoolyard bully spewing nonsense. i would have stopped september 11th if i was president. i'll beat china. i'll make mexico build and pay for a wall. this is all complete nonsense. and more than you that wonder why all of a sudden he's going after bush when it was clinton, the clintons had been in power for eight years before september 11th. so i don't know what he's doing. i just think it makes it plain that this man is not someone who should be president. >> i know we had michael steele talking to my colleague andrea mitchell in the last hour giving a little contrast here saying pearl harbor you can't blame fdr about that. is this the same type of thing
11:11 am
of looking back in hindsight and trying to blame a president for something that happened on their watch that they could not have thwarted? >> this is trump spewing nonsense. whether it's john mccain is not a war hero or mexico's going to pay for the wall or now today if his immigration policy had been in effect september 11th might not have happened. he just continually says things that make it plain that this man is not fit to be president of the united states. but it makes you wonder why going after bush as opposed to the clintons, who were in power for eight years. what is he really thinking here? i don't know. >> meanwhile, your traction, you're having a tough time getting the traction that you would like at this point in the presidential campaign as compared to a guy like donald trump who is leading the polls. one of the stances that you have that is completely different is a progressive stance on climate change. donald trump tweeted earlier today, and this was newsmaking, "it's really cold outside. they're calling it a major freeze weeks ahead of normal. man, we could use a big fat dose of global warming." you admit that co2 emissions is
11:12 am
a problem and something that republicans need to address, correct? >> thomas, the whole world including republicans have to acknowledge co2 is a greenhouse gas and when you put more of it in the atmosphere all things being equal the earth's going to get warmer. i don't think that's a progressive position. i think it's an intelligent position. republicans should embrace science. but i don't support the obama approach of regulation, expansion, raising costs, driving companies offshore. american innovation, american ingenuity, invention. that's how we'll deal with climate change. >> how do you pick up steam for your campaign, for your desire to get people hearing what your message represents without getting down into the mud and unfortunately having to answer questions by journalists like me that have you respond to everything donald trump says? >> that's what it's all about right now. it appears. but i hope that we move beyond the political theater to who can actually run the country and who has the right ideas as to how we can move forward.
11:13 am
i have enough confidence in americans that that will happen. it's a question of when. and i know i can run this count country. we have to bring a divided american people together to look at a common future. dealing with intelligently innovation to look at the issue of greenhouse gases and having cleaner air and a stronger economy is one of those ways. >> for you is there a drop dead point of when you say my campaign can't sustain any longer? the extension of the season and trailing behind ben carson and donald trump so much. when do you call it quits? >> you don't call it quits. i've been way behind before and no one thought i had a chance to get elected governor of new york. you just keep fighting the fight. the first caucuses are in iowa and then shortly thereafter new hampshire. the only thing you can say for sure, thomas, is there's going to be a lot of change and a lot of dramatic change between now and february. and if you can hang around and make the case and people believe in your ability to lead. and i know i can lead a large complex government well. then you stay in and fight to
11:14 am
win. >> former governor george pataki running for the gop nomination. sir, nice to see new person and i really appreciate your time. >> thank you. good being with you. three days till hillary clinton's much anticipated appearance before the house benghazi committee. i'm going to talk with a former state department official about what this testimony means and what the house of representatives coming back into session the focus again is on who's going to replace the speaker john boehner. the drumbeat for paul ryan grows louder, but will he actually go for it? and if you have a drone or are planning on getting one we're going to tell you about some new regulations you're going to need to know before launch. but first, it's only october and some of already -- whoa. look at that. some people are already getting a taste of winter. lake effect snow, yes, snow fell across central new york this weekend. up to nine inches in certain areas. the weather created icy conditions, closed highways and caused almost 50 accidents in syracuse. now, temperatures plunged well
11:15 am
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11:18 am
my expectation is that those republican members of the benghazi committee are going to come loaded for bear when secretary clinton's before them because they're under a lot of pressure to produce. and thus far we haven't seen them produce much. so i think the pressure will really be on them to -- frankly to justify their own existence. >> white house press secretary josh earnest moments ago answering a question from our senior white house correspondent chris jansing on hillary clinton's expected benghazi testimony coming up on thursday.
11:19 am
the former secretary of state is off the campaign trail today and preparing for her testimony. and this as her campaign releases a new video touting her tenure as secretary of state. >> i think hillary will go down as one of the finest secretary of states we had. >> people would look at the election of a president clinton and say i know i'm going to get someone who understands our part of the world and will help us shape the best future. >> meanwhile, a new report today from the democrats on the benghazi committee is raising questions about the evidence. the report concludes that none of the witnesses substantiated repeated claims that republican members of congress and presidential candidates have been making about clinton for the past three years relating to the benghazi attacks. and then on sunday committee chair trey gowdy defended the evidence that he gathered on the 2012 attack that killed four americans. >> i have told my own republican colleagues and friends, shut up talking about things that you
11:20 am
don't know anything about. and unless you're on the committee, you have no idea what we've done, why we've done it and what new facts we have found. >> joel rubin is the former deputy assistant secretary of state for house affairs, and joel rubin also works with the clinton campaign. joel, nice to see you. first off, though, let's talk about what we've been hearing. nbc news can report that clinton is preparing for this testimony even more so than what she did for the democratic debate. from what you've been hearing inside the campaign, what is this preparation? how exactly is she preparing for what is expected to be widely watched on thursday? >> well, thomas, thank you for having me here. i testified to the committee back in january, and i have to tell you that this committee has been nothing but a financial burden on the american taxpayer and really has been essentially a dragnet on hillary clinton. so preparing for this type of a hearing, one has to expect that there will be questions from
11:21 am
anywhere, from any direction. when i look back at my testimony, i was interrupted every single time when i testified. i never was able to complete a sentence. so it's going to be intense. but at the end of the day former secretary clinton is very well prepared to handle these kinds of hard questions and parry it away because this is not a serious endeavor. >> as you just said, from your testimony you weren't able to give a complete answer. but this is trey gowdy. this is what he said he wants to hear from clinton on thursday. take a look. >> i want to know why certain things made it to your inbox, madam secretary, but the pleadings of our own ambassador that you put in place for more security never bothered to make it to your inbox. i think that's a fair question. >> so if we're looking at fair, and this has cost the taxpayers, you point out, joel, over $4.5 million so far. in the span of this investigation have they been hindered at fact-finding in any way from how you understand it? >> thomas, not at all.
11:22 am
in fact, in the state department in terms of the personnel, tens of thousands of hours have been spent working on this, on engaging the committee. the committee behind the scenes was incapable of setting priorities tore what it wanted from the state department. it was clear that it was looking for anything it could catch. and seven congressional committees had reviewed the benghazi incident affair at the tragic incident where four americans were killed. and i knew ambassador chris stevens. and it was heartbreaking when he was killed. but this was also studied by an accountability review board led by esteemed former military and diplomatic leaders and changes were made. reforms have been made to improve embassy security. so this has been reviewed, and it has been acted upon. there has been and have been lessons learned. >> now those on the right would say that the secretary having a private server in her home and channeling communications through that private server is something that hindered this
11:23 am
investigation, that hindered access to them being fully aware of what was taking place with her communique until she released all of those e-mails over to them. what's your reaction to that? and is hillary clinton ready to talk about that in front of this committee? >> the committee has sought and has received all the information it has asked for. that has been the principle of the administration in engaging the committee. they've received these e-mails as well. they're not being hindered in any way. and the fact the committee democrats are expressing deep concern about selective leaks and about the way these materials are being handled demonstrates that they are not finding anything in the politicization of this. it continues and it's very disappointing for the american people. >> joel rubin, former assistant secretary of state for house affairs, also now working with the clinton campaign. nice to sigh. thanks for your time. >> great to be with you. >> so we have a different story, a different topic to talk about
11:24 am
now that concerns what you see on the screen. yes, drones. if you're planning on getting one, be ready to have it fly through some red tape. we're going to explain these new regulations that have been announced today. and amazon trying to keep it real. taking on people offering to write fake reviews for them for a price. details on that when we come back. ♪ building aircraft, the likes of which the world has never seen. this is what we do. ♪ that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. when you're not confident your company's data is secure, the possibility of a breach can quickly become the only thing you think about.
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11:28 am
highways, you're expected to register it and operate it safely to protect the public. >> and i'm joined now by lance ulinoff, editor at large and chief correspondent for mashable. lance, it's good to have you here also with your drone. right? >> this is the dg phantom 3 standard. i was flying it this weekend, actually. >> it feels warm, or it looks warm. we aren't going to be flying it through here although i was told we were. anyway, i will refrain from that. how do you think this is going to help or hurt the industry to have these types of regulations for registration? >> this is a chilling effect, obviously. because right now they're selling probably at least a million of these things a year bip the end of this year there will be a million of them in consumers' hands. and that's because there's been no regulation. they buy them. anywhere from $500 to thousands of dollars. this guy's about $700. and they're really easy to use. also these are robots. they're smart. so once you send them up in the air they hover. they don't do a lot.
11:29 am
now you're going to buy them and you're going to have to go through registration and you're going to think something happens with this thing, if it falls out of the sky it's not my fault, they're going to come after me. as it is, quite honestly, there's already a lot of skepticism and worry about these things flying over populated areas, landmarks, buildings. >> the u.s. open. >> yeah. and we know that they've fallen out of the sky. this has happened. although i do think that's operator error quite honestly. so something like this has a lot of intelligence built in. if it goes above 300 feet and you lose contact it knows to come back and land. it has a gps. it actually knows you hit the home button it just comes back to home. >> as you said, as this anticipated big sell before christmas, they are trying at the transportation department to make sure that they can get something in place before them because of this influx of people expected to have an unmanned drone at their fingertips. but shouldn't there be a responsibility for those owners
11:30 am
in case it does fall out of the sky and you crack my head open? who am i supposed to go after? >> i am absolutely of two minds here. i'm a total enthusiast, a hobbyist, who loves flying these things, but i also understand the dangers. and i do agree that it's probably best that they are registered. of course the reality is how many people are really going to go ahead and do that? they're going to buy them, they're going to start flying them. they're going to basically ask forgiveness later. >> well, that's a good motto for marriage, which is ask forgiveness, not permission. but does this have a camera on it? >> yes, it does. >> is that the big thing for enthusiasts, that you can have a camera on this? because i don't understand the point otherwise because it's great for aerial photography but flying it otherwise is what? >> it's exciting. well, for the same reason -- you know, there's been hobbyist airplane flyers for years. rc controlled airplanes. they're about this big. i took this guy to what's called an aerodroem over the weekend and tried to fly with them. let me tell you the looks i got. they don't trust this thing.
11:31 am
but it's not new for people to want to fly things, control them. having the camera, though, takes it to a whole different level. the imagery you get with this guy is absolutely spectacular. it's hd video. i was looking at the whole world. i could see the city from where i live out on long island through that camera. >> see, that i can understand. and the impact that that can have. other than the girl that got her tooth ripped out on youtube and her dad was really excited about that i don't understand the passion for these things. >> there's also tremendous utility. you can actually inspect things that you can't possibly see, you know, with the naked eye. what if there's a problem on the roof of your house? you want to check how the shingles are doing. >> you call the roof man. >> or you send up your drone and get a quick look and see what's actually going on. >> drones did away with bank tellers, lance. that's why we have atm machines. now you want to get rid of the roof man. >> i don't want to get rid -- it's knowing. it's having more information to deliver to the roof man. >> so of roof man needs a drone. he sends that up first. >> well, maybe he should. and also realtors. they can do a sweep around the house before they sell it.
11:32 am
there are a tremendous number of possibilities here, and these because they're robots are only going to get smarter. >> and you're still not going to let me fly it at a commercial break, are you? >> we'd have to power it up. i'll just -- we'll make it make a little sound here for you. >> okay. >> and just -- it's going to -- you see the camera's moving. ♪ >> hey. all right. we are live. >> we would basically be ready to go now. if i did it -- because there's no protection on these blades, they're pretty heavy-duty, i don't want to fly tin doors. although it's got lots of control. >> now i understand the regulation. lance ulinoff with mashable. thanks for being here. and you too mr. drone. we appreciate your time. bernie sanders calls himself a democratic social exist soon he plans to explain exactly what he means by that. we have a preview coming up. ♪
11:33 am
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11:36 am
my arms like a professor, you know, between classes. i own one pair of underwear. that's it. some of these billionaires they got three, four pairs. and i don't have a dryer. i have to put my clothes on the radiator. >> radiata. that was legendary comedian larry david delivering a pretty spotton impersonation of presidential candidate bernie sanders. we don't know about the personalities details but good impersonation. voters are still puzzled by his democratic socialist brand. a new post-debate cnn orc poll shows the vermont senator trailing hillary clinton by 16 points. the candidate says that he will give "a major speech on democratic socialism." right now, though, the presidential hopeful is in oskaloosa, iowa where he just wrapped up a town hall meeting. for more on the sanders campaign i'm joined now by campaign embed
11:37 am
danny freeman. so danny, explain what we understand about how the campaign is going to approach the democratic socialism definition but also what you're seeing in person after the huge summer rallies to what we're seeing now for the fall. >> absolutely. and thank you for having me on, thomas. first i want to say that sanders finished up this two-day swing in iowa right here at oskaloosa at william penn university where he had a town hall style event where he didn't just do his regular stunt but rather he incorporated his stump speech into a dialogue and back and forth with the members of the audience there. now, before i get into that strategy, though, i do want to hit on two bits of news, the first of which you mentioned. yesterday morning in iowa city he told a small crowd at a house party that he plans on not shying away from the label of democratic socialist but rather he is going to unravel and prepare a major speech in his words, defining what he means by democratic socialism in the coming months. now, again, we saw that there
11:38 am
was a vibrant debate about this term democratic socialism last week in vegas when he and hillary clinton talked about again what that means in comparison especially to capitalism or as bernie sanders put it casino capitalism. but he definitely intends on making his voice and his opinions about this term heard. the other thing that i'll just mention that's interesting from here in iowa is that in his stump bernie sanders is now incorporating a little bit more of secretary clinton. not by name. he says he won't name any names. but he does emphasize he was first and early to come out against things like the keystone pipeline and tpp. in terms of strategy, we believe he'll be doing more smaller events in early states such as iowa such as the house party that i referenced yesterday. and the one last thing i would like to mention is that in terms of the larry david clip you played earlier we did talk to him about that yesterday. all the network embeds here in iowa city. and he said he's a fan of larry david's version, in fact he uses it now in his stump. but also he says he has ample amounts of clean underwear.
11:39 am
there you go, thomas. >> okay. well, good to know. and anyway, it's nice to see that he has a sense of humor about the impersonation. danny freeman, who is the campaign embed for nbc on the sanders campaign. danny, great job. thank you. and now we move on to our bing pulse question of the day and it focuses on another democrat who's a big part of the 2016 political conversation, that is vice president joe biden and the fact he's been contemplating a run for several months but is yet to make a decision on this. we were asking you today if you think joe bide lenn finally decide to get in the presidential race. and now, the last hour 27% said yes. 73% said no. here's where we stand now. 38% saying yes. 62% saying no. the pulse is live. visit us. cast your vote. the presidential election isn't the only political battle royal in washington. the house leadership fight is drawing lines separating republicans in the wake of former speaker john boehner's decision to step down. and the conversation is all about the man you see right there. congressman paul ryan. nbc congressional correspondent
11:40 am
luke russert joins me from washington. luke, what are you hearing about paul ryan and whether he has gone home and relaxed enough and seen enough sporting events that he will decide to throw his hat in the ring for speaker? >> well, paul ryan has had a very, shall we say, deep introspective week back home in wisconsin. i'm told he spent some time in his beloved deer stand contemplating whether or not he will run for speaker. and quite frankly, thomas, he has had the entire gop house conference in a holding parnlt because until they know that decision they can't move forward. they don't even know what date they're going to elect a speaker until they find out what paul ryan's going to do. he's going to get back to washington tomorrow. they have votes at 6-30 p.m. 9:00 a.m. on wednesday there's a meeting. ryan is expected to have made a decision to himself by that meeting. then at is that meeting we expect to hear from people who will be supportive of him, expect to hear from some detractors and perhaps after that meeting he'll come to a decision and decide whether or not he's in fact going to go
11:41 am
forward. now, what would push paul ryan to go forward? he realizes the pressure that's being put on right now by his colleagues as paul you're the only one who can do this, if it's not you it's going to be a chaotic frenzy. that is wearing on him. however, if he is to do it i'm told he wants a clear pathway to the speakership, not just 218 votes on the house floor. he wants somewhere in the number above 230 so that it looks like he has a mandate and has a chance to move forward his vision for the house gop conference. he doesn't want to tread water like john boehner's had to do over the last few months, thomas. >> we shall see how it all cracks out but sometimes you just don't have to show up to every party you're invited to. luke russert on capitol hill. thank you, sir. appreciate it. >> thank you. now to some other stories that caught our eye. a motorcyclist and his passenger were seriously injured when a car veered into them on a rural texas road. look at this. it is helmet cam video of the incident. now, the motorcyclist says that the car's driver deliberately swerved into him. the driver when confronted said he didn't care. so authorities, they're now investigating. homeless families in california
11:42 am
retreated to a rare night out as guests at what should have been a wedding reception -- listen to this. the groom got cold feet on the week of the wedding. so the would-be bride and her family invited the city's homeless to enjoy the $35,000 reception at one of sacramento's finest hotels. now, we're also happy to report that the bride and her mom did head off to belize to enjoy the would-be honeymoon on that. okay. so finally, will we see a lot more of tina fey in a playboy special? the formerly nude-focused magazine tweeted this after the comedian poked fun at them on "saturday night live" over the weekend. >> my dream of posing for "playboy" will never come true. it's something i've dreamed of since i was a little girl. i've dreamed of doing all the poses. i was going to do this one. [ laughter ] and i was going to do this one, in just half an eagles jersey and tube socks.
11:43 am
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fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. you know, at the top of the next hour the senate judiciary committee holds its first hearing on a new bipartisan criminal justice bill. the bill could transform what critics say is a taxpayer-funded $80 billion system that is focused on punishment rather than rehabilitation. and be the most important federal justice overhaul in a generation. ari melber, msnbc's chief legal correspondent, is with me now to talk about this. and ari, break down the details of what's in the bill and what we can expect from the hearing at 3:00. >> sure. nice to see you, thomas. this is a big day for the senate judiciary committee. people are accustomed to being cynical about washington which we all get. we cover this stuff. but i've got to tell you, what is in this bill, thomas, is a fundamental restructuring of big parts of the federal war on drugs. dialing down mandatory minimum sentences. but those are now fairly
11:47 am
controversial in both parties because they remove 9 power of judges to make individual determinations and they have exploded the federal prison population. i spoke to senator mike lee, a republican who is for this plan, this morning. here's what he said about this issue. >> since 1980 our federal prison population has increased nearly ninefold. this doesn't reflect a ninefold increase in the number of crimes being committed in the united states and instead represents a few trends. one of them being the overcriminalization of the law generally. another involving the overfederalization of criminal law. and then another involving the use of minimum mandatory penalties across the board within the federal system in a manner that sometimes produces sentences that are disproportionately large, disproportionately severe. >> i think one of the most important points here for folks keeping track there is a republican senator elected by the tea party surge, by the way, basically saying our prisons
11:48 am
aren't full of traditional criminals, thomas, they're fulfill people who are there because congress made a decision through politics to be harsher on crime and now we're seeing at tempt potentially through this hearing in the next haur to dial some of that back. >> we know that criminal justice reform is a priority for the president and it was over the weekend that he said in his weekly address that i'm encouraged by these kinds of bipartisan efforts, this is progress, common sense solutions to the challenges that we face. but explain the bipartisanship and how that is necessary to move forward. >> for starters i think it's fair to say that a lot of liberals or democrats have looked at this initially from a humanitarian perspective saying hey, this is too tough, this is too harsh, this is wrong. a lot of conservatives have come along and said it's also too expensive. in some states you're spending over $100,000 a year to incarcerate someone, and it's broken budget. so some of the first you mentioned, well, what's the secret here? some of the first reforms we've seen have been in states with republican-controlled legislatures saying we need to free up the dollars.
11:49 am
this hearing today is about doing that on a federal level. >> and what about the president and the plans he has to meet with ex-prisoners that's going to help with his knowledge, his perception of what the justice reform issues really are? >> i think it's one of the things that people say okay, what difference does that make? and the short answer is no formal difference. it doesn't actually get the law passed, right? but it goes to something interesting which is the president wanting to be in dialogue with people who've been in prison. right? as part of a message that just because you've touched through a prison door at some point doesn't mean society should give up on you or you're stigmatized. he is as many people note, as you're invoking, thomas, the first sitting president to go to a prison during his term in office. this is a huge part of the federal budget. it's a huge part of law and order. yet for some presidents it's been out of sight, out of mind. >> i think a lot of people recognize there are mistakes that we all can make as human beings. it's about the recovery afterwards. and for most people there is a huge stigma for those who have served time that seem that their lives are interrupted and they can't get back on track.
11:50 am
that's why we see so many repeat offenders staying on the wrong track. >> absolutely. and briefly, the policy point on that is whether you should have these rules that say it should be easier to gait job after you come out. >> thanks so much. >> thanks, thomas. a big thumbs down from amazon as it sues people for offering to post fake product reviews and for a price. it's more than the cloud. it's multi-layered security and flexibility. with centurylink you get advanced technology solutions. including cloud and hosting services - all from a trusted it partner. centurylink. your link to what's next. so wi got a job!ews? i'll be programming at ge. oh i got a job too, at zazzies. (friends gasp) the app where you put fruit hats on animals? i love that! guys, i'll be writing code that helps machines communicate. (interrupting) i just zazzied you. (phone vibrates) look at it! (friends giggle) i can do dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs... you name it. i'm going to transform the way the world works. (proudly) i programmed that hat. and i can do casaba melons. i'll be helping turbines power cities.
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five stars for $5. that's the alleged scheme that landed over 1,000 people in hot water with the internet's largest retailer. amazon is suing more than 1,000 john does for allegedly posting product reviews for money. it's not only deceptive, it's illegal. nbc's erica hill has more for us. >> reporter: 90% of americans who shop online read customer reviews, which can make all the difference. but if you think you're making a purchase based on unbiased
11:54 am
opinions from ordinary customers like yourself, evidence increasingly suggests you shouldn't believe everything you read. >> there are bogus user reviews on every single website you may visit. many of the reviews that are bogus are by people who are being paid to post those reviews. >> reporter: on friday filed a lawsuit against more than 1100 john does alleging they're tarnishing the site's brand by selling fake reviews. the suit claims these reviewers advertised on, a separate site that offers various jobs and services starting at $5 each. in its suit amazon says it conducted an extensive investigation, even hiring several of the people it's now suing to write fake reviews. in response fiverr, which is not named in the suit, tells nbc news, "we have worked closely together to remove services that would violate our terms of use and respond promptly know reports of inappropriate
11:55 am
content." this isn't the first time amazon has addressed the issue. other sites known for their customer reviews including yelp and trip advisor have also tried to stop individuals and companies from cheating their ratings systems by posting positive reviews for themselves or negative ones for their rivals. some estimates put the number of fake online reviews as high as 30%, an important reminder the next time you base your purchase on another customer's opinion. >> i applaud amazon for really trying to take a lead role in cracking down on this activity. it hurts the consumer. and it's breaking the law. >> all right. so overnight amazon gave a statement to nbc news saying the vast majority of reviews on amazon are authentic, helping millions of customers make informed buying decisions. "and our goal is to make reviews as useful as possible for customers." our thanks to erica hill for that report. and my thanks to you for sticking around.
11:56 am
that's going to wrap things up for today's show. i'll see you back here at 1:00 p.m. eastern. keep the conversation going on social media. and stay tuned. kate snow picks up our coverage on msnbc live. let me talk to you about retirement. a 401(k) is the most sound way to go. let's talk asset allocation. sure. you seem knowledgeable, professional. would you trust me as your financial advisor? i would. i would indeed. well, let's be clear here. i'm actually a dj. [ dance music plays ] [laughs] no way! i have no financial experience at all. that really is you? if they're not a cfp pro, you just don't know. find a certified financial planner professional who's thoroughly vetted at cfp -- work with the highest standard. can a a subconscious. mind? a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought.
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and to us that feels really good. good day, everyone. i'm kate snow. and here's what's happening right now on msnbc live. a decision in days. what our sources are saying about vice president joe biden and whether or not he's in. we're live at the white house. securing the skies. new rules unveiled today over recreational drones after more than 1,000 close calls, even crashes. a senate hearing under way this hour on a bipartisan effort to dramatically change our criminal justice system. why some are calling it the most important overhaul in a generation. but let's start with joe biden and two sources close to the vice president now saying he could decide within 48 hours whether to get into the race. that would mean a decision before hillary clinton's high-stakes testimony at the house benghazi committee this thursday. also raising eyebrows today, this tweet from pennsylvania
12:00 pm
democratic congressman brendan boyle, saying he believes biden is running. joining me now with the latest on biden's thinking, nbc's senior white house correspondent chris jansing. chris, what do you know? >> reporter: well, that is the question. what is joe biden thinking? i can tell you that here at the white house and all throughout washington and in political circles throughout the country the anticipation is very high. again, sources telling nbc news that that decision is very close. you mentioned the benghazi testimony on thursday. there are a couple of other things that are playing into this timing question. one is the number of people who are sitting on the sidelines, people who would go out and be a part of this team, people who would work to make him president. they are obviously waiting to hear. there's a very practical set of deadlines that start in early november. you have to get organized and get ready to get on ballots in various states. but then ultimately there are folks who say look, joe biden is not going to be pressured by anyone no matter what a


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