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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  October 19, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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automation and so much else. to assume that this country can't take on new ideas and embrace them, i think is silly. i think the fact of the matter is it might well be that those with the bolder ideas are the ones who tract people to the polls. >> john nichols and matt bennett, thank you gentlemen both. that is "all in" for this evening. "the rachel maddow show" starts right now. good evening, rachel. >> thanks to you at home for joining us this hour. happy monday. had a great weekend. thanks for asking. it snowed all day long yesterday when i was home in western massachusetts. never snows this early. my 6-month-old puppy has never seen snow before. it terrified for him which was sad for a second but mostly it was adorable. it was really cute so i'm in a great mood. i just found out that i'm getting my first ever hillary clinton interview. never ever, ever have i had the chance to interview hillary clinton. i'm about to. we'll have more on that in a
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second. i'm also in a great mood because today's news required us to take a trip to the arc kiv drawer marked herman kaine. you think our presidential race is weird right now, it is weird right now. but it has been weird before. and it was really weird in 2012 when for a considerable period of time, herman kaine was the front-runner for the republican presidential nomination. >> when they asked me who's the president of u becky becky and stan, i'm going to say you know, i don't know. do you know? >> we have some amazing republican candidates for president this year. but herman kaine was truly amazing. and it was clear early on at the end of the first republican debate in 2012. it was august of 2011. it was clear, that early on, that herman kaine was going to be a different kind of guy. all the republican candidates were invited to give closing debates and mr. kaine used his
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closing statement to quote what he described as some of his favorite poetry. >> a poet once said life can be a challenge, life can seem impossible but it's never easy when there's so much on the line. >> a poet once -- the poet herman kaine was quoting at that first republican debate in the 201 race, the poet he was quoting was the pokey mon movie. that poetry he was quoting was part of the theme song to the pokey mon movie. ♪ life can be a challenge. >> life can be a challenge ♪ ♪ life can seem impossible >> life can seem impossible. >> ♪ ♪ it's never easy when so much is on the line ♪ >> when so much is on the line. ♪ on the line woets. >> by october, that was august. by october, herman kaine was actually winning the race for the republican presidential nomination. starting about this time of year in na race, starting mid-october
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and straight through about mid-november for basically a whole month, herman kaine was either in the lead for the republican presidential nomination or he was trading the lead with mitt romney. by november 18th, herman kaine was so firmly ensconsed as the front-runner for the republican nomination that he requested and got protection from the united states secret service. >> herman kaine has become the first republican primary candidate to receive secret service protection. it is early in the process for a primary candidate to get a secret service detail. it's usually in response to an increase in verified threats and in florida today, kaine talked about his new heavily armed traveling companions. >> we had private security for a while before we asked for secret service protection but we wanted to move to that next level because of my ranking in the polls and the additional scrutiny that i have been
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getting. > kaine spoke in orlando and just behind the camera already he was surrounded by secret service and local police. >> so that was november 18th, 2011. herman kaine in that will presidential race in the last presidential race, he was the first candidate to get protection of the secret service that year. interestingly though, within two weeks of the secret service starting to protect him, herman kaine quit the race. he was out in early december. and while he was quitting, he again quoted the pokey mon movie. >> let me leave you with this. i believe these words came from the pokey mon movie. the media point ed that out. i'm not sure who the original author is. so don't go write an article about the poem. but it says a lot about where i
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am, be where i am with my wife and my family and where we are. as a nation. life can be a challenge. life can seem impossible. it's never easy when there's so much on the line. ♪ so much on the line >> herman kaine two weeks after becoming the first republican candidate to get secret service protection in the 2012 race that, was him dropping out of the race in early december. well, today, news not quite yet confirmed but reported by multiple sources that not one but two republican candidates for president this year are about to get secret service protection. even earlier than herman kaine did the last time around. the donald trump campaign and the ben carson campaign today
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both indicated and the homeland security department later confirmed today they've been asked. those two campaigns have asked secret service protection for each of those candidates. just asking for secret service protection doesn't mean you automatically bet get it. apparently what happens is the homeland security secretary and high level congressional advisory committee which includes both parties apparently will now ma i can that decision as to whether or not donald trump and ben carson get secret service protection. as remarkable as that seems, it is not unprecedented for candidates like trump and carson to get this sort of thing. everybody remembers the decision to give barack obama secret service protection in 2008. other leading candidates have it had early in the process, including hermann kaine. and one of the ways that the republican establishment has tried to dismiss the profound weirdness of reality tv star
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donald trump before the party's front runner for the nomination is by talking about candidates like 2012, like 2012 one-time front-runner herman kaine, by talking about that 2012 race and remembering the people who cycled through the leap. basically one of the ways republicans have tried to dismiss how weird it is donald trump is their front-runner is by saying four years ago, all sorts of people we barely remember were leading the race at one time 0 other. herman kaine held the lead for about a month in national polls. before herman kaine, it was rick perry who held the lead for 5 1/2 weeks from mid-august to the end of september. after rick perry and her plan kaine, it was newt gingrich who held the lead in the republican race from mid-november to mid-december. and newt gingrich had a flurry in the polls in mid january. in february, there was one blissful period of two weeks
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when rick strup was winning the republican nomination for president. it's true. those oddball and also ran candidates, they did trade the lead like a hot poe tate toept during the 2012 race before the partyert ultimately settled on the establishment nominee mitt romney. but that sort of trading the lead among a bunch of different people is not what's happening this year in the republican party. donald trump is not herman kaine or rick santorum. this year, donald trump has held the lead for the republican nomination longer than all of those 2012 candidates a just mentioned combined. donald trump has held the lead in every national poll dating back to almost the fourth of july, more than 30 straight national polls over a period of more than three months have donald trump holding the lead. donald trump has "sustained a lead for longer than there are days left before voting begins in iowa." that quote from msnbc contributor steve schmidt who,
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of course, ran the john mccain/sarah palin campaign in 2008. steve is quoted in a new front page freakout in the conservative national review magazine that's titled "the establishment thinks the unthinkable, donald trump could win the nomination." this is the lead of that piece. this is amazing. it started as whispers in hushed corners. could it ever happen? and now just three months from the iowa caucuses, members of the republican establishment are starting to give voice to an increasingly common belief that donald trump, once dismissed as a joke and circus freak might very well win the nomination. "long time gop strategist who's were expecting his act to wear thin a couple months ago worry that he cannot be stopped or that he has a significant chance of winning the nomination." this is a conservative magazine. it's the same theme today at mcclatchy news service.
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trump still up with just over 100 days to go in iowa. sub titled donald trump is better organized than you think. the battle for establishment votes, presumably nondonald trump votes, the battle for establishment votes in the iowa is "a mess." whether you think it's a good idea or bad idea that the republican party might pick donald trump to be their presidential nominee, the republican establishment both in iowa and nationwide in general is turning. they are now starting to believe that the republican party is going to pick donald trump to be their presidential nominee. in the latest national poll on the republican race is out just tonight from nbc and the "washington journal." it confirms the theme donald trump still in the lead with 25% of the vote. the only person close to him is ben carson with 22% of the vote. the next is marco rubio in place with 13%.
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jeb bush continues to languish in the single digits in national polling and in the early states. this new poll out tonight has jeb bush in sixth place with only 8% of the vote nationwide. jeb bush is currently spending all his time talking about his brother's decision to invade iraq and why his brother didn't respond to the bin laden determined to strike in the united states memo that came out before the 9/11 attacks. whether or not you want jeb bush to do well in his presidential campaign, if those are the things he's talking about right now, you can be pretty sure he is can not doing well in his campaign. those are not the sorts of things a jeb bush candidacy wants tonight krmps dwell on. donald trump has driven him to distraction by criticizing george w. bush's time as president. it's making the republican establishment crazy, but donald trump is clearly enjoying it and he has doubled down and tripled down since he started that line of attack on friday by pointing
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out that george w. bush was the president when 9/11 happened so when jeb says he kept us safe, he in of the not mean 9/11. so the top of the republican field is not just clear at this point. it's static. it's just donald trump and ben carson and it has been for quite some time now. this is not 2012. this is a whole different thing and these guys are winning. here's something to watch though at the bottom of the republican field. the next republican debate is next week, right next wednesday. this is the debate hosted by cnbc. there's been all the kerfuffles about the format and how long it's going to be. the debate is in boulder, colorado. in order to qualify to make it into that debate the republican candidates have to have a polling average of 2.5% and an average of these national polls, nbc, abc, cbs, fox, cnn and bloomberg. those have to be you be lished between september 17th and october 21st. well, the new nbc poll that came
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out tonight is one of those qualifying polls to get into the next debate. here's the thing though. we don't know what polls are going to come out in the next two days. but there really are only two more days. only polls that come out over the next two days from those major polling organizations will factor into the qualifying process. right now, with two days left, there are two big name major candidates who really are on the cuss company of not making into the next republican debate, not making it onto the main debate stage. if you average the qualifying polls for the cnbc debate including "the wall street journal," both chris christie and rand paul are at 2.86%. remember the cutoff is the 2.5%. and again, we don't know the how many polls are going to come out over the next two days before the qualifying period ends. any polls that come out from those major organizations will be factored into this average. if chris christie and rand paul keep getting numbers like today,
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they keep getting 1 or 2% in the polls, they are both within a hair's breath of not making it onto the stage for the next debate. so the it's one thing to watch. really just for the two days for national polls that come out, tomorrow and wednesday, if rand paul or chris christie come in at 2% or 1% or worse in any polls that many could out tomorrow and tuesday, beepoo, beepoo. that is an emergency for both of those campaigns. somebody's also apparently pulling the fire alarm in the bottom tier of the democratic race for president. jim webb's campaign just announced tonight that he's going to be holding a press conference tomorrow. it's going to happen 1:00 eastern at the national press club. at this press conference, jim webb may announce he is dropping out of the democratic race for president. perhaps in order to mount an independent run for president. the headline, the subject line on the press release they e-mailed today was jim webb to consider independent run.
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i mean, in the democratic race, jim webb is not doing great overall. he's at 1% in two democratic national polls that came out today, one from cnn and one from monmouth. 1% isn't that bad this year. at 1% nationwide, jim webb is beating both chai if i and martin o'malley, both of whom are polling at zero nationwide in both of those twos new polls. one new hampshire poll on friday had webb at 3% in new hampshire. that's gang busters for this year. if webb were a republican, 3% would put him ahead of george pataki, rick santorum, mike huckabee, lindsey graham and rand paul in na state. unlikely for him, jim webb is not running as a republican. as of today he's running as a democrat. that may be over as of tomorrow. we'll see. 1:00 at the national press club. in new hampshire, i should tell you that bernie sanders and hillary clinton appear to now be trading the lead in that state.
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secretary clinton was ahead of bernie sanders in that new hampshire poll that was released on friday. but in a "boston herald" franklin pierce poll that came out today, bernie sanders is back in the lead in new hampshire. hillary clinton commands a lead nationwide but sanders has been ahead of her in almost every poll in new hampshire. this is likely to be a big week for hillary clinton. on thursday, she's going to be on tv all day long and probably into the night because thursday's the day she's going to give her sworn testimony to the super controversial benghazi committee led by the house republicans. that committee has felt like it has been imploding over the last couple of weeks. but they have her for an indefinite period of testimony on thursday. and that's not closed door testimony. that's going to be on tv. so that's going to be a very big deal on thursday. then on saturday, hillary clinton just announced she's going to be speaking at the
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jefferson jackson dinner iowa. the jefferson jackson dinner, it's a big deal in iowa in election years. it's particularly a big deal for hillary clinton historically speaking because it was barack obama's blockbuster speech at that the same dinner 2007 that's been repeatedly cited by the iowa press as the turning point and a break-through moment for his candidacy that year when he famously went on top win iowa. lkt's campaign announced today she's going to be speechifying at that the jefferson jackson dinner on saturday knight night and accompanied by her husband, former president bill clinton who does not generally do campaign events with her. him being there with her means they are pulling out all the stops. thursday the benghazi committee. saturday that big deal speech. iowa. and in between those two days on friday, she's going to be here. my first ever interview with former secretary of state hillary rodham clinton will happen right here on this show
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so on friday night we had a bit of a cliff-hanger story about one of the most controversial things being done anywhere in the country in a red state by a republican governor. started off as a controversy in that state. it's now starting to become a national controversy. we had a cliff-hanger about what was going to happen there on friday night. now we have a surprising resolution to that story. maybe. that story's next. stay with us. when you're not confident your company's data is secure,
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so now we know what they talked about behind those closed doors. we reported on friday that the republican governor of alabama met in private last week with the democratic congresswoman from alabama, who he had previously called impulsive and ill-informed. republican governor robert bentley put alabama in the national news a few weeks ago when he shut down the place where you get a driver's license in alabama's blackest counties. in alabama you now have to show i.d. at the polls in order to vote. a valid driver's license is the most common form of i.d. after that law went into effect, then recently a few weeks ago in every single alabama county where at least 3/4 of the voters are african-american governor robert bentley closed down the place where you get a driver's license in that county. of the ten counties that went most strongly for barack obama in the last election the governor closed the dmv in eight of those ten counties. and when alabama congresswoman terry sewell called for a federal investigation, governor bentley lashed out and said that
9:23 pm
his decision had nothing to do with voting rights. he said congresswoman sewell was impulsive and ill-informed. and that's how we left it as of friday night. but then it was about to get worse for the alabama governor because democratic presidential front-runner hillary clinton had a campaign swing through alabama this weekend. even before she got to alabama secretary clinton had already said governor bentley's decision was a "blast from the jim crow past." now she was coming to town, coming to alabama to deliver that message in person herself. well, here's how hillary clinton spent her saturday night in birmingham, alabama. watch this. >> this is wrong. 50 years after rosa parks sat and dr. martin luther king jr. marched and john lewis bled, it is hard to believe that we are back having this same debate about whether or not every american gets a chance to vote
9:24 pm
and exercise his rights. [ cheers and applause ] this is a blast from the jim crow past. and you know, we hear the same excuses we've always heard to justify laws that disproportionately affect people of color or for that matter low-income people, women, young people, seniors. whenever i hear somebody trying to justify what is so clearly unjustifiable, claiming that it has nothing to do with denying voting rights, i'm reminded of an old saying that i heard for the first time when i lived in arkansas. "you find a turtle on a fence post, it didn't get there by accident." all of these obstacles to voting didn't happen on their own. but for every republican governor working to roll back
9:25 pm
voting rights, there are americans determined to keep marching forward. i'm proud of everyone in alabama who leapt into action to confront this misguided decision to close driver's licenses offices. and you've got people all over this nation who are rooting for you and standing with you. and it's time for your governor and the legislature not only to listen to their constituents but listen to their conscience about what it means to be a leader in our country. >> hillary clinton speaking in alabama, birmingham, alabama this weekend. and with that kind of message on the way this weekend, with that kind of message telegraphed ahead of time by a hillary clinton campaign that was already making an issue of this voting rights situation, the closing of these dmvs in black counties in alabama, you could understand why alabama's governor, robert bentley, would
9:26 pm
like to stop being the guy who closed the dmvs in these majority african-american counties in alabama, right? i mean, if robert bentley put that turtle on the fence post he's now the man looking for a way to get that turtle down off the fence. and so late friday night, after meeting privately with congresswoman terry sewell as we reported and on the eve of hillary clinton arriving in his state, governor robert bentley did announce change. and that's next. the microsoft cloud gives our team the power to instantly deliver critical information to people, whenever they need it. here at accuweather, we get up to 10 billion data requests every day. the cloud allows us to scale up so we can handle that volume. we can help keep people safe; and to us that feels really good.
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in a story we have been following for weeks now and about which we have had a ton of feedback from you guys, from our viewers, alabama governor robert bentley has now announced that he will unclose the offices where you get driver's licenses, where you get the most common form of voter i.d. in alabama. the governor announcing late friday night that he is reopening the dmvs in alabama's most heavily black counties. but he is reopening them one day a month. which is pitiful. but it is progress, i guess. before this change announced late friday night all those dmv offices were all going to be closed all the time. now instead of them all being closed all the time, they will all be hardly ever open. problem solved? so governor bentley hopes. we spoke to his office today.
9:31 pm
the governor owes office told us for the time being, as far as the governor is concerned, this settles the matter. joining us is john archibald of the "birmingham news." one of the first people to write about the closing of the dmvs in alabama. i've really been looking forward to talk to you about this. thank you for being here. >> thank you. appreciate being on. >> in terms of the governor's announcement on friday, is that right, that these offices that were closed will all reopen but all of them will only be open one day a month? >> right. baby steps i suppose. you know, a lot of these offices, particularly in the black belt region were only open one day a week anyway. so it's really not quite as bad as it sounds. it's a little bit of a step and i'm sure he does hope it will go away. that remains to be seen. >> do you think that governor bentley saw the backlash and national attention coming on this? he does seem like he was surprised by it. >> i don't think he saw it coming at all. and i don't think his intent -- i've come to believe that his intent was not to deny voter
9:32 pm
rights, but it is a consequence nonetheless. and the fact that he did not see it coming is really sort of a problem i think of not really understanding where you are both geographically and historically. and as was said already, this is the cradle of the voting rights movement in many ways, and many of the offices that had been shuttered are, you know, really in the shadow of selma. so i mean, i think not understanding that is a statement in and of itself. >> looking at this from the outside, one of the things that's obvious to see from the outside but its consequences aren't obvious is the unilateral political control in alabama by the republican party. especially when a governor seems to make a decision and then gets criticized for the decision and then tries to walk it back but there's friction about how to walk it back or whether to. you expect that to be interparty fighting but in this case it's all republicans fighting amongst themselves. are they particularly divided as a party right now? is this the way they always are?
9:33 pm
>> they are very much more divided than they've been ever before. the governor has not had a good few months, particularly within his own party. and there are many who have been resentful of his attempt to raise taxes in the first place, which would have allowed basic services to continue to function and would have -- none of this would have happened had we been able to do that. but because of that rift they don't see eye to eye and in many ways that's why we're in this situation. >> on this specific issue of the dmv offices and people's ability to get voter i.d.s, do you think this matter is sort of done evolving as a policy issue? do you think there will be additional changes? will there still be pressure? >> i think there will still be pressure, yes. and i think it goes back to that fact that it's a general lack of understanding, not necessarily a we want to stop you to vote but a lack of understanding about what we have the in one of the poorest regions of the nation.
9:34 pm
and i think that that -- you know, once that sort of thing gets rolling it is hard to stop. >> john archibald, columnist for the "birmingham news." thank you for your reporting on this and thank you for writing about it in a way that when that national spotlight turned to alabama, your clarity on this issue i think helped a lot of people understand not just what was happening but why it was so important. thanks for being so good at what you do. thanks for being here tonight. >> thank you, rachel. >> much more to come tonight including a best new thing in the world. stay with us. americans. we're living longer than ever. as we age, certain nutrients... ...become especially important. from the makers of one a day fifty-plus. new one a day proactive sixty-five plus. with high potency vitamin b12... ...and more vitamin d. they say that in life,
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a chance to live longer. ask your doctor if opdivo is right for you. bristol-myers squibb thanks the patients and physicians who participated in the opdivo clinical trial. at roughly 9:05 p.m. on saturday night a 3-year-old boy on chicago's west side was shot and killed in his home. 3 years old. he was shot in the head with a .32-caliber smith & wesson revolver. the shooter was the boy's 6-year-old brother. >> new information about a 3-year-old boy who was shot and killed on the city's northwest side. we have just learned who may have pulled the trigger. >> heartbreaking story and a tragedy in so many ways for the family involved here. nbc 5's regina waldrop live at mount sinai with this new information. regina? >> good morning, ladies. we just learned details, new details a short time ago that police have made an arrest in this case. they say michael santiago is charged with felony child endangerment for the death of
9:38 pm
that 3-year-old boy who died a short time after he was brought here to mount sinai hospital. police say michael santiago had stored a loaded gun on top of the refrigerator with access to his young children. they say santiago's 6-year-old son somehow got a hold of that gun and shot his little brother in the head. >> the father of these two boys, both the boy who was killed and the boy who was the shooter, the dad has now been charged with felony child endangerment. he had reportedly purchased the handgun on the street in chicago. he kept the gun stowed on top of the family's fridge loaded and wrapped up in a pair of pajama pants. he had reportedly showed his 6-year-old son where the gun was, which is how the boy knew how to find it during a game of cops and robbers. in addition to losing his 3-year-old son the boy's father now faces up to ten years in prison if he's convicted. yesterday the judge lowered his bail from a million dollars to $75,000. the judge told the courtroom, "this is the ultimate tragedy. i'm sure the defendant didn't
9:39 pm
intend for this to happen but it happened. and it's what happens when people who shouldn't have guns have guns." the chicago story is the latest in a series of almost unbelievably terrible shootings involving children this year. this summer another toddler in washington, d.c. was accidentally shot and killed by her 7-year-old brother during a game. earlier this month an 11-year-old was charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of his 8-year-old neighbor, capital murder charge. the "washington post" reporting that this year alone there have been 43 instances in the united states in which a toddler, a 1-year-old, 2-year-old, or 3-year-old has found a gun and then used it to injure or kill either themselves or someone else. the toddler as the shooter. the nra of course likes to say the only thing that can stop gun violence is more guns. it's a good guy with a gun. it is very hard to see how that prescription would solve the
9:40 pm
problem of toddlers, 3-year-olds as shooters. but i'm sure the nra would find a way to make more guns the solution here too. the gallup organization made waves a couple of weeks ago when they said they're going to stay out of horse race polling for the presidential race this year. at the same time gallup said while they're not going to do that kind of polling they are going to continue to do polling on issues and policies. and today gallup released a new poll on guns specifically. this was the top-line result. americans' desire for stricter gun laws up sharply. this new gallup poll finds that since last year, the percentage of american who are in favor of stricter gun laws has risen eight points. 55% of americans now say they want stricter gun laws. 55% want stricter gun laws, and the proportion of americans who want less strict gun laws is only 11%. and that number is dropping. it was 13% a year ago. the last time support for stricter gun laws was above 50% was in 2013, right after the sandy hook shooting in newtown,
9:41 pm
connecticut. despite all that support then of course congress wasn't able to pass any new federal gun restrictions. some states did begin to take it on at that time. after the sandy hook elementary school massacre connecticut and the state of new york both passed laws banning some large-capacity ammunition magazines and banning some kinds of semi-automatic assault rifles including the type of gun that was used at sandy hook. gun rights groups, of course, challenged those laws in court. but today a u.s. appeals court just one level below the supreme court, the second circuit u.s. court of appeals, today upheld the new york and connecticut post-sandy hook gun laws. gun groups are furious. they say they're going to take this all the way to the supreme court. but for now at least with this appeals court ruling it's a win for governor dan milloy and governor andrew cuomo and for the very idea that any gun reforms can ever be passed in this country even in the wake of something as shocking and terrifying as sandy hook.
9:42 pm
now that idea's about to get another huge test from the other side of the country, from a state that has decided to go super aggressive on this issue because they think they may have finally figured out a way to get around the nra, to circumvent the nra and thereby get some real reform into law even though it will undoubtedly drive the nra nuts. it's a new strategy. it's a super aggressive one. if it works it will set a new gold standard for the rest of the country on this issue. and that story is the subject of "the interview," which is next. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends. three jobs. you're like "nothing can replace brad!" then liberty mutual calls. and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. see car insurance in a whole new light.
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you don't need no gun control. you know what you need? we need some bullet control. we need to control the bullets. that's right. i think all bullets should cost $5,000. $5,000 for a bullet. you know why? because if a bullet costs $5,000 there would be no more innocent bystanders. [ cheers and applause ]
9:45 pm
>> the great chris rock with his $5,000 bullet solution to gun violence. and no one has yet run for statewide office on that platform. but the only nationally known lieutenant governor in the country, the former mayor of san francisco, california lieutenant governor gavin newsom, is running to succeed jerry brown as governor of california in 2018. and he has just proposed that california become the first state in the country to require a background check if you want to buy ammunition. i mean, right now there is of course the loophole-ridden law that says you need a background check to buy a gun, but there isn't one that says you need a background check to buy the bullets that the gun shoots. could california be the first to change that? the answer may be in how gavin newsom wants to try to approach passing this new law, which is that he wants it to be on the ballot directly. he wants to basically bypass the legislature and instead have california voters decide on the ammunition background checks issue and a raft of other gun reforms directly.
9:46 pm
by direct democracy. by a vote next november. when the public wants gun reforms and the nra stops them at almost every legislature across the country and of course in congress, is a direct vote by the people the only way to get reforms passed? has gavin newsom figured it out? joining us now for "the interview" is gavin newsom, lieutenant governor of california and a democratic candidate for governor in 2018. it's nice to see you. thanks for being here. >> great to be here. thank you. >> is it bad for me to say you're the only nationally recognizable lieutenant governor in the country? is that a good thing or a bad thing to hear? >> i know. we were talking. we are the butt of our own jokes. lieutenant governors. what do they do exactly, we ask. >> well, you're making noise with this. and i don't think it's just about your candidacy for governor a few years down the road. what would your law do if it passes? >> you made the point. we have direct democracy in california. sometimes it runs amok, but sometimes it's empowering. right now we know the nra, their home court is legislative bodies. certainly in congress but
9:47 pm
legislative branches even in democratic states like california. there are a series of things we've tried to do legislatively that have either been watered down or rejected because of intimidation and the tactics the nra are specialists at. the opportunity now is to go direct to the voters, that overwhelmingly support common sense backgrounds and empower the voters. they won't be intimidated as politicians are intimidated by the nra. that's what we're counting on next year. >> this won't be an easy fight. as you say, california has direct democracy, which sometimes has insane results. >> yes. >> but it does mean we know what the process looks like. you have to get hundreds of thousands of signatures. you've got to raise millions of dollars. it's hard to do on even anodyne issues. in this case, you're going to have the nra and every gun activist group in the country against you. why do you think it will work? >> because people support background checks. it makes no sense, does it? you have background checks on guns. and california actually has a very comprehensive background check system that's been in place close to a quarter of a century, but not on ammunition. the most deadly part of a gun is the ammunition. and the reality is you can buy
9:48 pm
ammunition at the laundromat. you can buy it at the grocery store. there's no licensing requirements. so all we'll do is submit the ammunition to the same background check that currently exists for guns. we think it's common sense. of course the nra thinks it's confiscatory. they think it's an saw the an assault on the second amendment. that's nonsense. i think the voters are going to subscribe to our point of view and no longer their point of view. >> one thing i think is interesting as a matter of political science but also as a person who i feel deeply affected by the continuing problem with mass gun violence in this country. i'm a journalist but i'm also a citizen who -- it's very upsetting the way that we can't do anything about it. but because we can't do anything about it we have very little data about what works because there are very few states that have been able to get stuff done so we can see whether or not it has an impact on gun violence down the road. how did you decide what to put on this list? >> first of all, nothing offended me more than a presidential candidate, jeb bush, who said, well, stuff happens. so this whole idea we can't do anything, i reject that
9:49 pm
completely. we have agency. we're not bystanders. we can manifest the future. we've got to step up and step in. so i'm not going to play the defeatist frame any longer. i'm frustrated with everybody else. but i'm not going to sit back and send out a press release with some pabulum condolences to family members. that's not good enough. we have to do something. what you just teased before we sat down was so remarkable, so extraordinary. think about this. a year and a half ago i read that more preschoolers were gunned down than police officers in the line of duty. the numbers you just bore out were even more devastating than that. enough. and so we can do something about it. people have the ability to step in in a big way. we've got to give them the tools to do that and empower them by going directly to voters i'm confident we'll do that. the message is clear. submit the same requirements we do for guns for ammunition. lost and stolen guns should be reported. magazines of 11 bullets or more should no longer be in individuals' possession.
9:50 pm
coordinate and collaborate more effectively with the federal databases and deal with relinquishment of guns that are already in the hands of people that are convicted felons. there's tens of thousands of guns in california right now that are illegally in the hands of convicted felons, and we have no relinquishment procedure. and we want to establish that. so five key provisions. we put them on the ballot in november of 2016. the voters i believe will step up and step in in a big way and hopefully that will be resonant and we'll see in a dozen plus other states begin to do the same things and we'll turn this around where we know longer feel powerless but feel em powered. we have the abilities i think with example to enliven people's senses in other states where we say we can take these guys on and we can win and don't have to be victims any longer >> if you can get it done it will bicycle a new national gold standard. a way to try to do it to get around what we all know is the greatest bulwark to these kinds of reforms.
9:51 pm
gavin newsom it, democratic capped for governor of california in 2018, great to have you here. >> thank you, rachel. of one point before we go to commercial break, not to tattoo my own horn. i never get to toot this particular horn. i will say it again on this show, this friday, my first ever interview with hillary clinton. very excited about it. hillary clinton here on this show this friday. don't miss it. we'll be right back. 150, needs a systems check and tires. doc, i need you on point for this one. already got the latest updates direct from ford engineering. 'cause ford dealers get that intel first. treads, what do you got? lookin' a little bald, sir. with all due respect. got the perfect fit- ready to roll. wheels up, flaps down, let's fly. ford parts. ford tools. ford techs. when your ford needs service, there's one elite team. these are the specialists. at ford.
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breaking news to report on the canadian national elections. the canadian broadcasting corporation is projecting that the liberal party will win tonight's elections in canada. if that projection is borne out, that means that the liberal party will have officially unseated canada's three-term conservative prime minister steven harper who has been in office as canada's prime minister for nearly a decade. polls in canada are now closed throughout most of the country. they still remain open in the western part of the countries. according to the cbc though, the liberal party has already won 30 seats and getting elections in the eastern part of the country. 170 seats total are needed to form a majority government. again tonight, the cbc is projecting a liberal party win tonight in the canadian elections. if that is borne out, then the new prime minister of canada will be the son of former prime minister pierre trudeau. it will be justin trudeau of the liberal party. stay with us.
9:54 pm
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so drop by and seize the savings! walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. best new thing in the world, you are going to love this one and you have not seen it anywhere else. this is amazing. all right. last month, you might remember i sort of awkwardly fell in love with craigslist in the des moines, iowa. right now on craigslist notice des moines, iowa, you can find a family of baby bunnies for sale. you get two boys and two girls. think of it as a starter kit. also a set of real armor complete with sword just in time for halloween or october 20th or whatever. also, you can get this camouflage recliner for when you want to take a nap but you want to take a nap in secret. ity have fallen in love with craigslist in des moines, iowa. it's better than any other craigslist but it all started with this beauty, with this big
9:58 pm
blue donald trump for president bus. for sale on craigslist in des moines, iowa. underneath the big trump wrapping is a 17-year-old greyhound bus with literally a million miles on it, plus the big donald trump logo and it went up for sale on craigslist des moines and somebody bought it and now we no about its new home. this is almost too good to be true but it's true. the bus was bought a an aartist who goes by examine the name t rut. t rut and a team of fellow artists plan on turning this thing into a rolling installation kind of. they're painting over the trump name and replacing it on one side with t. rut, the name of the artist and on the other side they've turned it into t. trump, putting a period between the t and r in trump. they're replacing make american great with women trump trump and also make fruit punch great again. let's just say they're not great
9:59 pm
fans of donald trump or particularly that thing he said about fox news host megyn kelly after the first debate. specifically the fruit punch thing, this is how one of the artists helping with the project explained it to the des moines register. >> everybody, if they want, they have a little shot glass full of fruit punch. the tag lines reads make fruit punch great again. to finally have a moment of expression about this political bewilderment is throw red fruit punch up on the letters and it will stain them into different ways. >> so t. rut and his merry band plan to drives the former trump bus now the t. trump bus, planning to drive it from iowa to the art basel show in miami. every night they plan to stand on top of the bus and drive a branded golf ball into the sunset.
10:00 pm
t. rut's golf ball smashing fruit punch splashing tough guy feminist cross-country prankster art road trip in a converted donald trump campaign bus that in the world by a million miles. that does it for us tonight. good evening, lawrence. >> rachel, you know, in just a few minutes there might be a new best new thing in the world that you might want to stick around for. it's very important to you. i know it is. the "star wars" trailer is coming up tonight. we're going to show it right here on this show. >> my inner ewok is already there. >> i know how important it is to you. >> thank you, lawrence. >> stay right by your tv. >> okay. >> you do not want to miss this. >> bye. we also have more on the chaos in the house of representatives which took another turn today with one republican member of the house saying that if hillary clinton is elected president, then they are ready to impeach her on the first day.


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