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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  October 20, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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the latest nbc news/"wall street journal" poll. but ben carson is right on his heels. this morning, there are new clues as to why. and we're waiting, joe. new numbers show the longer joe biden waits, the longer the slog will be if he wants to become president. is the veep really less than 48 hours away from a decision? >> and -- ♪ >> they're real. >> the force. it's calling to you. >> the force awakens in a big way as the new star wars trailer becomes the biggest nfl halftime show since the super bowl. it's 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west, and this is "way too early." ♪
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good morning, i hope you're feeling the force. it's tuesday, together 20th. i'm amy holmes. we begin this morning with vice president joe biden, as the speculation surrounding a possible 2015 run is once again reaching a boiling point. yesterday two sources told nbc news that biden could make his announcement within the next 48 hours. though we've seen predictions on his timing come and go for months. shortly after that news broke, democratic congressman brendan boyle of pennsylvania sent out this tweet saying a very good source told him that biden will run. and fanning the flames even further, "the washington post" published a story last night to its website, with the head line, biden to launch a presidential campaign. but those who clicked were sent to a page with an editor's note saying, this file was inadvertently published.
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and new this morning, beau biden's widow reportedly told the vice president that she's behind a campaign 1 shouldn't%. this according to her father. meanwhile, the vice president gave a speech on climate change to an audience of business leaders yesterday. and during his remarks, he seemed to counter a comment hillary clinton made during last week's democratic debate. here's how clinton responded when asked which enemies she was most proud of during her career in public life. during the first debate followed by what biden had to say yesterday. take a listen. >> well, in addition to the nra, the health insurance companies, the drug companies, the iranians, probably the republicans. >> in the recovery act, which i had the happy obligation of being able to administer, it was over $800 billion, darrell issa,
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not a republican friend of mine, he's a friend. i don't consider republicans enemies, they're friends, but even darrell issa has said, you know, this is the way every government program should be administered. >> new polling suggests that hillary clinton's lead in the democratic field is up slightly following last week's debate. a new monmouth university poll shows clinton up six points in september. she's now ahead of bernie sanders by 27 points, 48% to 21%. joe biden in third place with 17%. when the vice president is removed as an option, clinton claims a clear majority, in her lead over sanders goes from 27 points to 33. but a new poll out of new hampshire shows sanders' lead in that state holding steady. this franklin pierce university boston herald poll shows him ahead of clinton 38-30. these results come a day after a boston globe suffolk university poll that has sanders and clinton neck and neck among granite state democrats.
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down in the democratic polls jim webb is considering making a run as an independent. he's set to hold a news conference today at the national press club. webb so far has been unable to gain traction with democratic voters, though he has said that he wants to give voice to the party's traditional ring. now let's move to the other side of the aisle on the republicans. donald trump has led every major national survey of the presidential primary for the last 99 days. and yesterday he hit a new high in the nbc news/"wall street journal" poll. 25% of republican primary voters backing trump, while ben carson is at 22%, three points behind and within the margin of error. senator marco rubio is in third place at 13% with senator ted cruz up four points to 9%. jeb bush remains in fifth place at 8%. while carly fiorina drops from third place to sixth with 7%. trump has gained tremendous ground since launching his bid in june when only 32% of
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republicans could even see themselves supporting him. and the trump/bush feud is continuing. yesterday the 9/11 terror attacks yesterday morning trump tweeting quote, jeb is fighting to defend a catastrophic event. i'm fighting to make sure it doesn't happen again. jeb is too soft. we need a tougher and sharper. bush responded last night. >> his view of history is just wrong. the simple fact is that, when -- when we were attacked, my brother created an environment where for 2,600 days we were safe. no one attacked us again. and he changed the laws, he did everything necessary, united the country, and he kept us safe. and, just a tip of the hat to that, and moving on to what the threats are today is what we ought to be focused on. >> meanwhile, the carson and trump presidential campaigns have asked for secret service protection. the department of homeland security telling nbc news. under law, homeland security
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secretary jeh johnson must consult with five senior members of congress from both parties who typically grant such protection. candidates can choose to decline the security detail, and ben carson has said that he would be hesitant to accept. >> i don't feel the need for it quite frankly. but the secret service thinks that i need it. so, you know, it is what it is. i recognize that someone like me, who is very truthful, and who really doesn't subscribe to all traditional power structures, is probably going to be a target. and i do understand that. i also think that there's a god. but you know, you have to be logical. so i will deal with it. >> former first lady hillary clinton already has secret service protection. and with 385 days until the general election, carson and trump would be among the
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earliest to receive such protections in history. federal authorities are now investigating claims that a high school student hacked and potentially accessed sensitive files from the private e-mail account of cia director john brennan. the alleged hacker told "the new york post" he was motivated by opposition to u.s. foreign policy, and his support of palestinians. he told the paper that he gained access to the spy chief's account by posing as a verizon worker to trick the company's tech support unit into revealing brennan's account details, and then he requested that aol change the password. the exposed documents appear to include a spreadsheet containing the social security and phone numbers of national security officials, a call log by a former cia deputy director, and e-mail contacts. the hacker who also claims to have breached the comcast account of homeland security secretary jeh johnson now tells the paper he's picked his next target, deputy defense secretary
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robert work. and in the middle east, fighting ranges on this morning in syria, centering on aleppo. according to "the washington post," a major assault on the city is being coordinated by an iranian military commander. thousands of iraqi shiite militia allies have been ordered into syria for the operation to recapture aleppo. and all of this as russia continues bombing raids in the air and with forces on the ground, as well. one researcher tells "the post," quote, it's not only one of the largest open deployments by iran and its proxies during the war, but it is also involved one of the largest iraq focused shia militia recruitment efforts for syria in years. the feds are now scrambling to have new regulation on drones in place by the holidays. under the faa proposal, those who fly drones as a hobby would now have to register their aircraft, which is already required of commercial operators. we're told a task force will hash out details like which drones have to be registered,
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and which can be exempt because they fly under the radar. this follows several high profile incidents like when a man lost control of his drone not realizing it had crashed on the white house lawn. and the faa reports that about 100 drone sightings a month. so far this year, nearly 1,000 were spotted in or near restricted airspace. and some 700,000 are expected to fly off shelves this holiday season. and that could make it hard to register every one. >> some of them will never even be outdoors. so, i'm a little concerned about the government overreach in trying to get a handle on it. >> let's turn now to business, where u.s. stocks managed to post modest gains in a choppy trading season, but shares of weight watchers soared 105% after oprah said she was taking a 10% stake in the company. and a seat on its board. cnbc's steve sedgwick joins us live from london with more. good morning.
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>> good morning, amy. how can anyone doubt that oprah winfrey still with that power that she had as being the most influential celebrity for many years in the united states. she buys 10%, $43 million stake, in weight watchers and the shares, as you say, are up 105%. it got a big job to turn this company around, though. fitness apps, fitbits, wearables, you name it, has really kind of captured the imagination of young people. so even though oprah winfrey has a lot of sway, getting those younger followers back in to weight watchers rather than alternatives is going to be a big job for weight watchers, whose shares before this announcement fallen 92% since 2011. very important announcement over at united airlines they've named brett j. hart as acting ceo. this follows what we understand was a heart attack for oscar munoz who was the ceo who had only been appointed 37 days earlier. there's a lot of organizational changes that rl needed at united, of course. it had its merger a few years ago with continental. there are still operational issues, labor issues, as well.
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a lot to do for brett j. hart who is the acting ceo over at united airlines. >> steve sedgwick, thank you so much, live from london. still ahead on "way too early," oscar pistorius is out. the olympian convicted of killing his former girlfriend leaves prison after serving less than a year of his five-year sentence. but the story is not over yet. we're also learning new information on lamar odom's condition after he is found unresponsive at a brothel last week. the latest on that, and a check on the weather, when "way too early" comes right back.
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last night the liberal party won a majority of parliament's 338 seats. it was enough to lift the party's leader, justin trudeau, to prime minister-elect. justin trudeau is the son of late prime minister pierre trudeau, who came in to power in 1968. the 43-year-old will now become canada's second youngest prime minister. harper, one of the longest serving western leaders, has also reportedly resigned as head of the conservative party. and though it's barely registered on most americans' political radar, on the eve of the election, hbo host john oliver slammed the former prime minister and urged canadians to vote him out of office. >> while trudeau has been painted as a charismatic pretty boy, no one has ever said either of those things about stephen harper. just watch him try to appear relatable. >> something you might not know about me is that i love movies and tv shows. one of my all-time favorites is "breaking bad." it's even available on some online streaming services, if
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you've never seen it. >> i love movies and tv shows. isn't a statement that wins over voters is what an alien in disguise as a human tells you are trying to fight in at a dinner party. >> time now for some sports. paralympic gold medalist oscar pistorius has been released from prison and placed under house arrest. south african officials confirming yesterday. pistorius served just under a year of his five-year sentence for fatally shooting his girlfriend on valentine's day in 2013. he'll serve the remainder under correctional supervision. however, the former athlete could go back to prison if prosecutors win an appeal of last year's trial verdict that he was guilty of culpable homicide. they will seek a murder conviction in the south african supreme court on november 3rd. now, for an update on the recovery of former nba and reality tv star lamar odom. the "l.a. times" reporting that odom was released from the las
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vegas hospital where he was taken after being found unconscious at a nevada brothel last week. the former player reportedly regaining consciousness for the first time on friday. espn reports that odom arrived by helicopter at a los angeles hospital last night. accompanied by estranged wife khloe kardashian, where he will continue his recovery. source close to odom have told our sister network e! that doctors have said that odom suffered at least one stroke, and found multiple drugs in his system following his multi-day stay at the famed love ranch. now, to the mlb playoffs and the blue jays hosting the royals in game three of the american league championship series. toronto's offense on display last night with three long balls including a pair of homers hit by troy tulawiski and josh donaldson during a six-run inning. to the nfl for an nfc east
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showdown between the giants and the eagles on monday night football in philadelphia, a number of turnovers on both sides of the ball last night. giants quarterback eli manning threw a pair of interceptions one of which was returned for a touchdown, and eagles qb sam bradford tossed three of his own but new york was unable to capitalize on any of the miscues. bradford hooked up with riley cooper for a 32-yard score early but philly relied on the run game and murray for most of the contest. murray rushed for a 109 yards and a touchdown, both teams now have 3-3 records after a 27- eagles victory. i'm hearing booing over here. but finally new york yankees third baseman alex rodriguez and former major league player and manager pete rose found something in common during last night's pregame coverage. take a look. >> jack daniel's battles -- >> you've ever been booed? >> i have a ph.d. at getting
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booed. i really do. >> that's a good one. >> a-rod shared a fist bump at the notion of being hated by fans. rodriguez faces public scrutiny after he was suspended for the entire 2014 season. rose meanwhile as i'm sure you all remember is still serving a lifetime ban for gambling on baseball. now let's get a check on the weather with nbc's meteorologist bill karins. i thought you'd have more of a reaction. a-rod and pete rose fist bumping. over their infamy. >> it is strange. >> yes. >> strange bed if fellows. but as far as a-rod he's doing the commentary now for like fox sports. it's a whole different world. >> all right. >> so yeah we'll see how he's accepted. rain this morning for areas our friends just north of boston. it will be exiting shortly. up around manchester to portland through southern new hampshire, vermont, showery, chilly type weather early today. it will improve as the afternoon goes on. this is all actually associated with warmer air moving in. and everyone's like, thank you. because after our cold weekend,
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we deserve a nice little break a return to perfect fall weather. temperatures about 25 degrees warmer this morning than they were this time. so as far as the heat ridge goes it was in the middle of the country yesterday. now it will begin to build to the east. temperatures over the next three days. you couldn't ask for a nicer stretch of late october weather. st. louis, low 80s, almost hardly any humidity at all in the air. dallas looks low 80s. cincinnati is going to be mid 70s. in the east one more chilly morning for you in the carolinas. you're going to warm up in charlotte. you'll be 77 degrees by thursday. there's no rain in sight for this area, either. even new york city around 75. today's forecast, a perfect fall day for almost everyone, the exceptions, new storm system is kind of moving from arizona into new mexico and colorado the next couple of days. that's where the bad weather is going to be especially tomorrow. denver probably one of the worst weather in the country. only 49 and rain. showers and thunderstorms in west texas, and that storm system will continue to move in to texas over the next couple of days. heavy rain set up, maybe the possibility of some isolated flooding, too. it won't be horrendous. but you know, texas will probably end up with about four
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or five inches from ramryo to lubbock, maybe even san antonio, too. this area has been in a drought recently. so texas could use a little bit of rain. >> certainly looks like it. >> they're going to get it. >> all right. thank you bill karins. still ahead a big moment for n fans of a galaxy far, far ahead. >> stand in our way. i will finish what you started. >> a first look at the new star wars trailer movie tickets are now on sale. but is it already sold out? and, bill, is there jar jar binks? we'll find out. when my doctor told me i have
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-- on the morning's other headlines, for that we head to the control room and louis bergdorf. >> good morning, amy. good to see you. now netflix is saving the day once again by giving new life to another beloved tv show. this time it's the gilmore girls. >> woo-hoo! >> the service has closed a deal with warner brothers for a limited series revival of the show now although negotiations with the cast remain ongoing actresses lauren graham and alexis who played the mother/daughter duo are expected to sign on to the continuation with production set to start early next year. i know a lot of people in this control room are excited. now to what was the real main event for monday night football and i'm not talking about the giants/eagles match-up. the highly anticipated final trailer for star wars "the force
2:55 am
awakens" made its debut during halftime. >> the dark side. the jedi. they're real. >> the force, it's calling to you. just let it in. >> that looks too good. too good. now the force proved too strong for several online ticket sellers. demand for advanced tickets crashed fan dango and among others. one congressman is getting into the fun, trying to parlay his
2:56 am
love for star wars into serious campaign cash. buzzfeed reports representative kill merv washington is molding a private screening of the new film a day before it officially opens. contribution of $250 each unless you're a corporation. then they're $750. talk about a way to earn some campaign cash, amy. >> i hope he ran it past george lucas. >> i hope so. >> all right. that does it for me and "way too early." coming up on "morning joe," our latest nbc news poll of the democratic presidential race is due out in just moments. and there's new evidence that the longer vice president joe biden waits to decide, the longer his chances of winning. and former president george w. bush lashes out at one of the republican presidential contenders. see which candidate he says, quote, just -- he just doesn't like. and it's not the one who keeps attacking him. that and much more coming up next on "morning joe."
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i did not ask for this. >> i did. a thousand times. for my 47 boys. >> michigan state was hurt. anyhow. here we are. >> did we see the paper last night? >> didn't see it yet. >> i have to suffer through this. >> here we go. >> yeah. what is this? >> turn it up. ♪ >> the dark side.


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