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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  October 20, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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day with the president. i attend every meeting the president has at his request. i did not ask to do that. pole position. fresh nbc news numbers out today reveal whether biden has waited too long. while republicans give donald trump -- sees his biggest numbers yet. >> the headline is trump on top, highest points he's gotten so far. i mean, it's number one. you believe it? you have a lot of people that are not doing well, i have to tell you. you have a lot of zeros. zero, zero, zero. >> this hour we try to get a word in with democratic guru james carville. and inside the hack. who hacked into the personal aol e-mail account of the nation's top spy and that did they get away with?
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good day. i'm andrea mitchell in washington. well, you could call it a humble brag. poker players might call it a tell. as the political world waits for a signal from joe biden, just listen to what the vice president had to say today at a conference honoring former vice president walter mondale about how big a player, he, biden, is in the obama white house. in fact, he says he's a lot more important than secretary of state you know who. >> i attend every meeting the president has at his request. i get to be the last person in the room, make my case to him privately. i never on a difficult issue, never say what i think finally until i go up in the oval with him alone. when there's a problem i get sent to the hill. which by the way is a useful use of my time. the president and i and only two others in the administration
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knew about abadabad as early as august. i know the central european leaders very well. they are satisfied with talking to me knowing i speak for the president. and a number of the cabinet members, i knew better than the president knew, because i had worked with them for a long time. i mean, it really matters when people know you are speaking for the president and you have his confidence. i will get sent to go speak to putin or speak to erdowan or go speak to whomever and it's because the secretary of state, we have two great secretaries of state, but when i go, they know that i am speaking for the president. >> are you listening, hillary clinton and john kerry? you're not speaking for the president? joining me now is chris cillizza, msnbc contributor and founder of the "washington post" fix blog. "wall street journal" political
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editor jean cummings and nbc's kristen welker at the white house. well, kristen, we are all looking for signals and there's a lot of reporting that we have all been doing, you more than most, but boy, joe biden saying did he's the guy. >> reporter: that's right. it was this robust defense of his work here and how closely aligned he is with president obama. it was really fascinating and i think it was more than a lot of folks were expecting to hear. the other point he made which signaled to a lot of people wait a minute, is he trying to essentially contrast himself with secretary of state hillary clinton, he talked about the fact that he came out before anyone else in this administration and said he supports same sex marriage, and he said this to the president, i won't wear any funny hats and i'm not changing my brand. of course, one of the criticisms of secretary clinton is the authenticity factor. so that got a lot of people's ears listening very closely. the other thing i found so interesting about this, i spoke to a number of people after this
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event and so it's not just people within the political world. it's the folks attending that event who said boy, he sure sounded like he's a candidate, like he wanted to align himself with president obama, based on the conversations i have been having, the vice president is giving this one more look, wants to take a hard look at what his path to victory would look like. we know it would include south carolina, that would be a key part of any strategy moving forward, and that is what he is doing as he inches closer to this decision. >> jean, the nbc news/"wall street journal" poll indicates he may have waited too long. you can interpret what he said as a last hurrah, let me tell you what a big role i played but i can't do this. we are not going to predict what he's going to do. i would be the last person to do that. when you look at the nbc/"wall street journal" poll, clearly without anymohim in the race, hy clinton does far better. at the same time, 38% say he's waited too long. >> 38% of democrats. that's what's really
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devastating. only a third said they would like him to get into the race. so those numbers have risen as he has waited and waited and waited. i don't think this will he or won't he period has benefited him, in fact i think it kind of has hurt him, because it makes him look indecisive and there are people in the party who are frustrated and feel frozen by the lack of clarity about what he wants to do. >> and chris cillizza, let's talk about the donald trump republican party right now, because clearly, in our new poll, he is the leader, but ben carson is virtually tied with him within the margin of error, and then after marco rubio and ted cruz, everybody falls off. jeb bush, you know, fifth. how do you explain where jeb bush has fallen? >> the jeb bush number is striking. i know they insist that right to rise, the jeb super pac is spending $15 million in states that vote between march 1st and
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the end of march. my question is, can you get jeb bush to the beginning of march. we know from rudy giuliani in 2008 and from many other candidates that the whole we'll just wait and win a state three or four down the road doesn't work. remember, giuliani was going to win florida but after iowa, new hampshire and south carolina, he was irrelevant to the race. i think it's very concerning if you are jeb bush. i also think to your point, look, the top tier in this race, i think a lot of the establishment roll their eyes at this, but this is a fact proven out by your poll, the "the washington post" poll, a slew of other data. the top tier in the republican race right now is two people. ben carson and donald trump. now, will they wind up winning it, i don't know. but i think there's a tendency to sort of dismiss them and say okay, who else is going to win. donald trump has been the front-runner for three plus months in virtually every state and national poll, and ben carson has been second moving up in at least the last six weeks. these are not little blips. these are extended portions that
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suggest that there's real and lasting support for these two men. >> jean cummings, ted cruz, one thinks he's the inheritor if donald trump ends up being out of this race, so there we have george w. bush who has not played a role, who has been very quiet in all of this, telling supporters in texas how much he dislikes ted cruz. >> yeah. it was amazing how frank he was where he said i just don't like the guy, even though ted cruz worked on george w. bush's 2000 campaign and in his administration, albeit not at a high level. so i think for cruz, that's just fine. cruz wants to be an outsider and to have, you know, a former president be critical of him, he would view as a badge of honor that he's not an insider and he's not, you know, part of the establishment. >> kristen welker, here goes at least one of the democrats, jim
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webb, about to announce today that he is not going to stay in the race as a democrat. he's going to try to run as an independent but it's not clear that he has any of the infrastructure that would enable the challenging fact of getting on the ballot as an independent. >> reporter: that's right. i think anyone who watched the first democratic debate saw that he was struggling to fit in and to gain traction. of course, he had made some very strong statements. he said give me more time, i have a lot to say, yet after the debate, he didn't get a post-debate bump and i think it was clear that he was out of step with the other democrats on some of these key issues and that's one of the reasons why he decided to take this step. i will be interesting to see how that actually progresses but the democratic field narrowing and of course, the big question, will they gain another candidate with losing webb. >> thank you all so much. for more on 2016, i'm joined
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by senator barbara boxer. thank you very much, senator. you have said the other day you thought there wasn't enough space in the race for joe biden. he sounded like a candidate today. what was your interpretation of all the things, the many things he said at that conference in washington? >> i sort of am where you are. on the one hand i think yes, on the one hand i think no. look, joe can do of course whatever he wants just as everybody has that chance to run. i just feel because i know the field so well that i don't see the space, i don't see the rationale and arguing that you sat in meetings with the president more than the other person, i don't think that's what this election is really about. what it's about is who is going to fight, who's going to fight hard and i know joe will make that kicase eventually if he ge in but i think hillary clinton frankly and bernie sanders have made that the focal point and she's really moved out in the polls now that we see the witch
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hunt that the republicans have launched against her, even some of my republican friends and certainly independent voters are beginning to look at this and say this is horrible, we're with hillary, there's no there there. she's talented, mature, she's a grown-up, she's a unifier and she fought for americans all her adult life. >> one of the things that might be said against her and joe biden made that point today is that she's not a unifier. remember in the debate when she was asked who her enemies are she mentioned the nra, some others, and said republicans. biden took a shot at her today on that. let me play that for you. >> whenever there's a problem i get sent to the hill. which by the way, is a useful use of my time, because i really respect the members up there and i still have a lot of republican friends. i don't think my chief enemy is the republican party. you know, this is a matter of,
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you know, making things work. >> that was not very subtle. that was saying i'm not going to say what hillary clinton said bus because if you are going to be a general election candidate you need republican votes. >> if you look back at the tape, that was kind of a joke given all the things we found out from kevin mccarthy, the leader of the republicans in the house who said look at her poll numbers, we drove them down because of benghazi, and that was echoed by another republican house member and a whistle blower. but she did it in the sense of a joke, frankly. look, i served with hillary for years while she was in the united states senate and i can honestly tell you, she was really respected by the republicans, she really worked with them very closely. after 9/11 she represented new york. she had everyone working with her. so i would just suggest if you look at the record, she's got a beautiful record working with
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republicans and so does joe, and i'm proud of my record as well. in the senate, you have to or you get nothing done. >> is he reaching the point where he is hurting himself as much as hurting her? should the democratic party figure this out at this stage and how long can he stretch this out? >> i don't think the democratic party should tell anyone what to do. i have been a candidate many a time. lots of people came up to me and said don't run and i ran anyway. if i had followed their advice, i wouldn't have been there. it's up to him. but the reason i'm commenting on it is the press is asking me and i always speak from the heart. i think that as we have seen, hillary out there getting attacked, in the beginning i predicted she would be attacked 24 2 24/7. she has withstood it. as she said, i'm still here. we are approaching the time where we will be celebrating 100 years that women got the right to vote, 2020.
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imagine having a woman in the white house. now, i wouldn't say that as i look at the republican field. you know that. hillary clinton is ready. she is more ready than almost anybody else, i think. as madeline albright said the other day, she has never seen anyone so ready, so prepared, so qualified. >> if she is so ready, let me just ask you if you were here, trey gowdy would ask how come if she's so ready there was such lousy security in benghazi? as secretary of state, how can she say that was below me, it didn't rise the my level? you're the secretary of state. >> the first person to take responsibility was hillary clinton. i'm on the foreign relations committee. she came there. she accepted responsibility. benghazi was a tragedy, not a scandal. who is it who called for the first independent investigation? by the way, headed by two appointees of republican presidents. >> she had to by law. that's automatic.
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>> let me just say, if it's automatic she didn't have to move as quickly and i read that report. they exonerated her. this has been a witch hunt. it's gone on longer than watergate, iran contra, katrina and the warren commission and we know that it's a witch hunt and she's still standing and every recommendation that that bipartisan, nonpartisan commission made was put into place by who? by hillary clinton. so yes, i think she's ready and i want to say this. i also have been around so long that i remember when ronald reagan suffered the tragedy of the attack on our troops in lebanon. we lost more than 240 americans. we had an investigation. nobody turned it into a witch hunt. we all worked together. and what has happened here i believe frankly is illegal. you're not allowed to use taxpayer money to go after a political candidate. that's what they did. and it has made hillary
9:15 am
stronger. she's standing. the reason she's up in the polls is people see her strength, her resolve and i think that for joe, this is something he should consider. >> well, thank you very much, barbara boxer. we have to leave it there for now. great to see you. >> same here. coming up, what john kerry had to say today on climate change and when he thinks about some of the republican presidential candidates including donald trump. first, the other election, this one on capitol hill. congressman raul labrador joins us next. en you're not confidentr company's data is secure, the possibility of a breach can quickly become the only thing you think about. that's where at&t can help. at at&t we monitor our network traffic so we can see things others can't. mitigating risks across your business.
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the other political waiting game in washington is the wait for word from paul ryan on whether he's willing to replace
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speaker boehner. and whether the most conservative congressmen in the caucus are ready to support him. idaho congressman raul labrador is a founding member of the house freedom caucus and joins me now. thank you very much. good to see you. >> good to be on your show. good seeing you. >> are you and other members of the caucus going to meet with paul ryan today and find out what the state of play is? >> well, we are trying to meet with him. he's going to i think we will have a conference tonight at 7:00 with the entire republican conference. several of us have tried calling him. i have talked to him a week ago before we went on recess, and i think we're open to a lot of things but the important thing is that we are still supporting daniel webster. daniel webster is still running for speaker of the house. he has promised that he's going to change the culture of the house. he's been a successful speaker of the house in florida. he was a successful majority leader of the senate in florida. and he knows what we need to do here in washington, d.c. so we can come together as republicans
9:20 am
and democrats. >> congressman, is there anything that paul ryan could do, any guarantees he could give you, that would reassure you and maybe congressman webster as well, to come together behind paul ryan as a consensus candidate? >> he hasn't announced that he's running so i think we're all speculating right now. i think what's a little bit frustrating about this process is that there are some people who assume that paul ryan is the only one who can bring the conference together. i think that's a little bit presumptuous and i think that's a little bit wrong. there are a lot of people in this conference that can bring the conference together. anybody who's willing to talk about the crosses and i think you have heard this, it's not just the freedom caucus, it's every member of the washington republican party, is frustrated with the way washington is working. there are moderates, there are conservatives, there are people that are in our group, outside of our group, that have the same
9:21 am
frustrations we have with the top down type of leadership we have. if paul ryan is going to run i think he needs to tell us what kind of speaker he's going to be, what he's going to do to change the culture of the washington knowing his history. i understand he has tried in the past to change the culture in washington. i want to hear specifically from him what he would do to make sure we change how washington is working. >> is raising the debt ceiling a deal breaker for you? >> you know, we have not said anything is a deal breaker for us. we understand that the debt ceiling -- this is something i think the reporting has gotten wrong. we are not saying we can't raise the debt ceiling. we are saying what are the reforms that we are going to put together with the debt ceiling package so we can stop increasing the debt. we are close to a $19 trillion debt. the american people are frustrated with both republicans and democrats. the reason at the beginning of this show you were talking about carly fiorina, donald trump and ben carson. why do you think the american
9:22 am
people are attracted to these kinds of candidates? they are attracted to those kinds of candidates because they know we in washington, d.c. have lied to them, they are not doing what we said we were going to do during our campaigns. we say one thing to get elected and do something else when we come to washington, d.c. the american people are frustrated, especially republicans are frustrated with the republican leadership in washington, d.c. this has been reflected in the polls. this has been reflected in the presidential race and if we just move to a new speaker of the house without making major changes to how we are doing things in washington, d.c., they are going to kick us all out and say you know, we need new people here in washington. so the republican leadership, especially the establishment leadership here in washington, d.c. needs to watch out what they are asking for, because we cannot continue to do business as usual. >> have kevin mccarthy, richard hanna and several others seriously undermined the benghazi committee to the point where it really is an uphill climb for that committee to do
9:23 am
its job in a credible fashion? as they prepare to take testimony from hillary clinton? >> i don't think so. i think kevin mccarthy misspoke. if you think about what he said, i think it's been taken out of context. he clearly was not articulating what he said but he never said that the committee was established for political reasons. he just said that the committee had political effect on her poll numbers. that's just a statement of fact. i think the way he spoke about it, i think it was very wrong, it was very inartful, but you know, i sit next to trey gowdy almost every day in judiciary committee and i sat next to him for two years when i was in the oversight committee. he's one of the least partisan members of congress. he does a great job. that's why so many people like him, both republicans and democrats. so i don't think they have undermined the work but i think they made it a little bit more difficult for him. but if you think about it, they have had over 50 witnesses. hillary clinton is just one of
9:24 am
the witnesses that has been subpoenaed for this committee. i think they have done a terrific job and the only reason we're here right now is because the president and hillary clinton decided four months before an election to give -- to give a partisan reason for what happened in benghazi. that should have never happened. they knew that it was a terrorist attack. they knew that these were al qaeda affiliates who were attacking the embassy and they decided to talk about a video and the only reason they did that is because the vice president of the united states had said that osama bin laden was dead and chrysler was alive and that was the theme of their campaign. they are the ones who made it political and now they are trying to say that trey gowdy is a political animal. that's just not true. >> raul labrador, thank you very much. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. we are not the only one with elections this year or next. our neighbors to the north have turned out their conservative
9:25 am
prime minister, stephen harper, after nearly ten years in office. in a surprisingly strong victory, liberal justin trudeau about be the new prime minister taking over as soon as ten days from now or the most, two weeks. trudeau represents a reversal of politics for canada and could have a big impact on our politics as well by changing candidates' supports for the keystone pipeline. if his name sounds familiar, that's because his father was the late prime minister, pierre trudeau who held office from 1968 until 1984. coming up next, hack attack. the director of the cia's personal e-mail gets hacked. what happened, what was revealed, coming up next. owned years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends. three jobs. you're like "nothing can replace brad!" then liberty mutual calls. and you break into your happy dance.
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9:29 am
school student and says he's picked his next target. nbc justice correspondent pete williams joins me now. how does this happen? >> easily is the simple answer to the question. the hacker claims to have gotten and apparently did get into the personal e-mail accounts of john brennan and says he's going to go after now the deputy secretary of defense, robert work. he ms claims to have gotten into the comcast billing account of the homeland security secretary, jeh johnson. the way he did it was to talk to verizon, fool them into thinking he needed -- he was a tech rep, that he wanted to get the account number and then he used that little password reset tool to get the password reset on the aol e-mail account of john brennan. it's very simple to do. what all the experts say is don't assume that anything in your personal e-mail is very secure. the apparent problem here is that there were some sensitive, though not classified, documents that had been in there for quite
9:30 am
awhile, lists of current and former cia employees and advisors, people in the intelligence community, names, social security numbers, all of which we have blacked out. interestingly, this was one of the first things that this hacker posted. he himself scratched out the social security numbers but then subsequently on a companion website, he put this thing on in the clear. that website or that twitter site now has been taken down so you can't find that online now. but the "new york post" did not identify him but the fbi is trying to answer that question of who is he. >> wow. pete williams on the case, thank you. also online today, the force is flowing through the internet after the release of the new "star wars" trailer. after the release millions of fans went online to buy presale tickets, crashing several online movie ticket web sites. >> the dark side. the jedi.
9:31 am
they're real. >> the force, it's calling to you. >> so far, before we aired it, that clip had been viewed about 11 million times. the new "star wars" film starts playing december 18th. after the break, james carville joins us to talk 2016 and what thursday's benghazi hearing will mean for hillary clinton. (vo) what does the world run on? it runs on optimism. it's what sparks ideas. moves the world forward. invest with those who see the world as unstoppable. who have the curiosity to look beyond the expected and the conviction to be in it for the long term. oppenheimerfunds believes that's the right way to invest...
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9:35 am
for the president. >> guess who isn't. hillary clinton is the suggestion. her post-debate poll numbers are strong but a biden entry into the primary could radically change the race. james carville is a long time political advisor to both bill and hillary clinton and joins me now. have you ever seen anything quite like this? what do you think biden, what game do you think is being played here? >> i don't know. but one thing we know, vice president biden knows what takes to run for president. he's done it twice. he knows what it entails to be president. he's been right next to the oval office for seven years now. just make up your mind. if you want to do it, for god's sakes, you certainly deserve to take a shot here. if he beats secretary clinton, i will be for him in the general. if he wants to, he's got every right to take a shot. i know his people, they're all good people, good friends of mine. >> but at the same time, coming out today and making the point that he's the one in the oval
9:36 am
office, that she didn't support the bin laden or know about the bin laden raid, rather, initially, not that she didn't support it, in fact, she supported it before the vice president supported it, but making the point that he speaks for the president, not she, not kerry, what is that signaling to you? >> i have no idea. i know this. secretary clinton has laid out detailed plans on the economy, on higher ed, stood up there, debated and she is imminently ready, the campaign is ready, she's ready to be president. if he gets in the race, he will have to stand up like everybody else and do the things the other candidates do. he has a right to do that. there's nothing i can say or do that would prevent him or prod him into it. it's time he makes his decision one way or the other. he's a good guy, i like him. just not going to be for him in this fight. >> but if he jumps into the race, how does she run against him and vice versa? does it become a knife fight between two like-minded democrats? >> i don't know if it's
9:37 am
necessarily a knife fight between two like-minded democrats. i think she's pretty much laid out where she was. if you saw her in las vegas and i have been watching the polls, i think she will keep running exactly the same way she is. they got a tremendous organization and everything i can discern on the ground, i went to south carolina, i was impressed with the young people they have there. he'll have to put something together. she's laid out the things she wants to do as president. she will continue to do that. i guess he will say what he's got to say when he gets in or if he gets in. maybe he won't. i have no idea. but he's got to pull the trigger here pretty quick one way or the other. >> want to ask you about the benghazi hearing because she's primed ready to go. she's prepping. but there are pitfalls for her, aren't there? because the same question i asked barbara boxer, how could she be secretary of state, be in charge and not have those security warnings come to her level? >> why don't you ask one of the seven other congressional committees that have investigated this over the
9:38 am
gazillion hours of testimony and documents and everything else? you know, let me be clear. john harris writing some slobbering piece about trey gowdy, i got an idea for some of that media. why don't you see that this is true. trey gowdy is a creation of the koch brothers and the whole crime of denial industry. this committee was nothing but a creation of rupert murdoch and the koch brothers. fox ran over 1,000 segments in 20 months after this thing. this is according to not only kevin mccarthy, the guy from upstate new york, the air force major who is a life-long republican. this is a taxpayer funded, understand, taxpayer funded partisan operation that they're running there. there have been seven, seven congressional committees that have looked into this and issued reports. in addition to admiral mullen and the ambassador. they can ask what they want but they have already exposed themselves for what they are. they are no more interested in
9:39 am
finding out anything. all they're interested in is driving her poll numbers down. they have admitted as much. it's just a fact. he got into congress because the koch brothers put him there. >> well -- >> fact-check it. i'm right here. everybody fact-check it. have politico do a story about the connection between -- i'm fine with them. don't send some over your head reporter to write poor trey gowdy, isn't it terrible he's in the middle of a political fight. >> that's not my reporting, sir. i'm not going to -- >> i know. obviously. >> let me ask you about the fact the benghazi committee is the first to reveal that she had the private e-mail server. >> she had a private e-mail server. by the way, it was the inspector general that said it was no doubt that this was legal. so we are going to spend $4.3 million on a private e-mail server? they admitted that this was nothing but an attempt to drive her poll numbers down.
9:40 am
have employees who are life-long republicans come out and said all they were interested in and obsessed with was hillary's politics. why don't they do this. why don't they release sidney blumenthal's testimony? the democrats on the committee have called on it. why has no one asked him the simple question? you bring up all these things, just release the man's testimony. that's all you have to do. >> why was sid blumenthal even sending her e-mails? >> they can send any e-mail they want. >> what was his expertise on libya? >> why don't the committee release his testimony? if there was something wrong, just release it. that's all there is. that's all there. how many questions did they ask sidney blumenthal about politics and how much did they ask him about libya? we can know if they release the testimony. we can find out for sure. >> james, if you were still advising hillary clinton, i don't know if you are, but if you were helping her prepare this week, what is the key
9:41 am
advice you would give her, a woman who let's face it, before one of the hearings, when she was under the weather, did lose her cool and that is the sound bite that has been viral. what advice would you give her about her demeanor on thursday? >> i would just say answer the questions succinctly. you know the answers to these. you have answered them before. you know, just understand that these people are just trying to get you politically, don't play their game. just be above the fray and you will be fine. just be totally prepared and i'm sure she is. everybody knows going into this what this is. this was, you know, all as a result of pressure from rupert murdoch and the koch brothers. we know where trey gowdy comes from. all of this stuff is in the public record. there's no doubt about it. >> we will follow up, james. congressman gowdy is welcome to come on and -- >> ask him how much money the koch brothers gave him when he
9:42 am
ran. why is he part of this whole climate denial subculture up there? >> to be continued. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. following her testimony before the benghazi committee, hillary clinton is going to speak exclusively with rachel maddow on friday. watch that interview right here on msnbc friday at 9:00. the interview. eir beard salve im eir beard salve im ♪ ♪ sustainable tea tree oil and kale... you, my friend, recognize when a trend has reached critical mass. yes, when others focus on one thing, you see what's coming next. you see opportunity. that's what a type e* does. and so it begins. with e*trade's investing insights center, you can spot trends before they become trendy. e*trade. opportunity is everywhere.
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9:46 am
used to say is every woman should have a mammogram every year starting at age 40. but there's all sorts of studies that show that maybe that's not catching cancer, maybe it's not saving lives and maybe a lot of women are being stressed out by getting what are called false positives. it looks like something and it turns out to be nothing. so now they have reviewed all the studies and come up with a revised recommendation that women should start at age 45. for ten years, from 45 to 55, they should have a mammogram once a year. after 55, then they can move to a mammogram every other year. now, that agrees with what the u.s. preventive services task force has recommended and they have been criticized very much for saying only every other year. what it boils down to is what a woman and her doctor feel comfortable with. >> of course, that presumes a certain education, access to medical care, insurance and the like.
9:47 am
this does not really inform people who are, you know, the underserved. let's just face it. >> it probably doesn't help the underserved at all. that said, guidelines probably don't do much for underserved women as it is. that's a huge problem in this country. of course, that's something the affordable care act is trying to get at. it's trying to get health insurance to more women. and it does mandate that the health insurance companies pay for all cancer screening, especially breast cancer screening, without charging a co-pay to women. >> let me just say a mammogram, an annual caught mine and it was a good thing that it did. can only speak for myself. i'm not a doctor. thank you very much. and at a state department conference on climate change this morning, john kerry argued it's one of the top national security crises facing the nation and the world. so i asked him how he squares that with the political statements made by some of the candidates this year, including republican front-runner donald trump. >> you have a leading republican
9:48 am
candidate who tweeted out that on the first day of fall, the first cold weather, that this was proof that we need more global warming. you have republican candidates who are not only silent on the subject, they are climate deniers, and even candidates who led the way in 2008, the nominee, is now silent on the subject because of tea party challenges to himself and to others. in the democratic party, you have many labor interests that are pressing also against restrictions on coal and other fossil fuels. so you've got gridlock in both parties and an election year where this is not even being discussed. >> well, it will be discussed. i'm confident of that. once we get through the primaries, because i know that whoever it is nominated by the democratic party is going to make this a very important part of our choice for the country. but beyond that, you know, i
9:49 am
have heard this, i have debated it on the floor of the senate, i have heard it, i testified before the environment committee, so i know all the counter arguments to it. but when i hear a united states senator say i'm not a scientist so i can't make a judgment or candidate for president, for that matter, i'm absolutely astounded. it's incomprehensible that a grownup who has been to high school and college in the united states of america disqualifies themselves because they're not a scientist when they learned the earth rotates on its axis but they're not a scientist, where they learned the sun rises in the east and sets in the west and it does so 24 hours a day, you can run the list of things we know science tells us happens, and we accept it every single day, and to suggest that when more than 6,000 plus peer-reviewed studies of the world's best scientists all lay out that this is happening and mankind is contributing to it, it seems to me that they
9:50 am
disqualify themselves fundamentally from high public office with those kinds of statements. and i think the american people will decide that this year. because the american people are overwhelmingly in favor of doing something about climate change. >> john kerry, unleashed. a quick update from a story we brought you earlier. a spokesperson for president george w. bush has released a statement in response to the politico report today that the former president told donors he quote, just didn't like texas senator ted cruz. it reads the first words out of president bush's mouth on sunday night were that jeb is going to earn the nomination, win the election and be a great president. he does not view senator cruz as a quote, serious rival to governor bush's candidacy. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones
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i think what's a little bit frustrating about this process is that there are some people who assume that paul ryan is the only one who can bring the conference together.
9:54 am
i think that's a little bit presumptuous and i think that's a little bit wrong. >> so which political story will make headlines in the next 24 hours? nbc's luke russert joins me now. you are outside paul ryan's office. what is he going to do? >> reporter: well, it's the million dollar question. we still do not know the answer. paul ryan expected to address that at that house gop conference meeting you talked about with congressman labrador on your show a short while ago, that's 7 p.m. tonight. we are outside his office. the congressman is expected to arrive later this afternoon. what we can tell you is that paul ryan is open to taking the job but if he is to do it he wants a clear pathway on the house floor to somewhere in the neighborhood of 235 votes, i'm told. he wants a mandate from his colleagues, he wants the trust of his colleagues to enact a large term vision, long term vision, large scale operation for the house gop conference moving forward. whether or not he will get that,
9:55 am
well, i thought what labrador told you was very telling. that freedom caucus, that bloc of 35 or 40 still support daniel webster, they want to hear from paul ryan. they essentially want concessions from him before they are willing to go all in on him. i think that's what he will listen to. he will listen to detractors and supporters and after that, perhaps maybe tomorrow, we will get a decision. maybe thursday, the same day hillary clinton's here for benghazi, that would be wild. we will continue the string of busy fridays we have had. we'll see. >> you will need your track shoes. luke, how far apart are they on these rules, guidelines, procedural issues? >> reporter: here's the question. ryan, i can tell you, is apprehensive about taking a speaker's job that is considerably weakened. why is that? well, he saw what happened with john boehner and the current position, having to tread water for so long. if you weaken the position, there's an idea it could only get worse. however, what i have heard is
9:56 am
that if the freedom caucus is intent on doing that, then what ryan could do is say look, let's have a large scale conference-wide discussion because it's unfair to allow the 40 most conservatives to drive the agenda. let's bring in the moderates, bring in the people in between. let's then have a date set, perhaps sometime next year, where we will have a vote on changing conference rules. if ryan commits to that, maybe that's enough for these conservative members to get on board with him. we'll see. it seems they are not that willing as of right now. >> luke russert, thank you. that does it for us for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." tomorrow, we will preview hillary clinton's big appearance before the benghazi panel with committee members from both sides. remember, follow us online on facebook and on twitter. my colleague thomas roberts joins with what's coming up next. we have breaking political news to top the next hour for everybody. the democratic primary field is about to get smaller or
9:57 am
fluctuate. we will talk about somebody who is dropping out but then also, finally, get an idea of somebody that might be throwing their hat into the ring. so a lot of breaking headlines for you. i want you to stick with me. plus we will be talking about major health information for women this afternoon. we will put it all into perspective. plus the trailer that broke the internet. let's just say "star wars" fans are going crazy today. it's all ahead right here on "msnbc live." when you're not confident your company's data is secure, the possibility of a breach can quickly become the only thing you think about. that's where at&t can help. at at&t we monitor our network traffic so we can see things others can't. mitigating risks across your business. leaving you free to focus on what matters most.
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so jill, i know the markets have taken a hit lately. and smooth the appearance of wrinkles. mm hmm. just wanted to touch base. how did edward jones come to manage over $800 billion dollars in assets? huh. okay. here's our latest market outlook. two things that i'd like to point out... through face time when you really need it. so that's interesting, you know we had spoken about that before. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. today on "msnbc live," the waiting game. joe biden still hasn't announced whether he is running or not but it seems voters in our new poll have made up their minds so far. hillary clinton now just two days away from a capitol hill grilling but is her campaign worried about a benghazi backlash? first, breaking political news. msnbc has learned that former virginia senator jim webb will drop out of the democra


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