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tv   MSNBC Live With Tamron Hall  MSNBC  October 21, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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in england. we are waiting for new details on the number of casualties. we'll bring you the latest on that story. but good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall. developing now -- speaker john boehner announced in the past half-hour house republicans will choose a nominee to replace him next wednesday, and the full house will vote next thursday. he also said he expects congressman paul ryan to be elected speaker. >> listen, i think paul is going to get the support that he is looking for, that he laid out a very clear vision of how he would run the speakership. and i thought the members responded very well to it. >> speaker boehner's comments came after house republicans met again this morning to consider congressman ryan's offer to step up and take the position. but only if certain specific conditions are met. ryan set those conditions out in a meeting last night with republicans.
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>> first, we need to move from an opposition party to being a proposition party. second, we need to update our house rules. it needs to include fixes that ensure that we do not experience constant leadership challenges and crises. third, we as a conference should unify now and not after a divisive speaker election. last point is personal. i cannot, and i will not, give up my family time. what i told members is, if you can agree to these requests, and if i can truly be a unifying figure, then i will gladly serve. >> congressman ryan reportedly told his republican colleagues, "i'm willing to take arrows in the chest but not in the back." and he set that friday deadline for meeting his conditions. he also explained why he changed his mind about taking the job. he had insisted he didn't want. >> my greatest worry is the consequence of not stepping up.
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of some day having my own kids ask me when the stakes were so high, why didn't you do all you could do? >> now, after last night's meeting, congressman jason chaffetz announced he's now out of the speaker's race and is supporting paul ryan. congressman daniel webster who has the support of the 40 or so members of the conservative freedom caucus says he's still running for speaker. after this morning's meeting, freedom caucus member expressed his concerns about ryan's rules. >> this is a big job two heartbeats away from the parensy. it shouldn't take lightly. >> nbc news correspondent luke russert joins us. this is such an interesting situation here. you have paul ryan in very stern and stark terms laying out the
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rules. it sounds like something from the scene of "the godfather," i'm going to make you a deal that you either take or not. i mean this is hard-core negotiations playing out. you have some house republicans, luke, who are upset who felt that congressman ryan should have taken them to the side rather than going before that podium and laying down the law as he did. >> reporter: that's right, tamron. this goes along with what we have heard from ryan's camp since last week, is that he was open to taking this job but if he were to do it, he was going to do it under his conditions because you saw what happened to his friend john boehner and kevin mccarthy. they've been treading water for the last few years with this house gop conference. if he was going to lead, he wanted a something mandate, something in the neighborhood of 235 votes. he sees the mandate as getting the endorsement of three separate caucuses -- the freedom caucus, the tuesday caucus, moderates, and the republican study committee who are conservatives but not as conservatives as the freedom caucus.
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the freedom caucus are the group to watch here. they're about 40 strong. they met this morning. they still stand by their original endorsement of daniel webster. i spoke to a lot of them as they came out of this room at their conference meeting a short while ago and they said they had serious concerns about paul ryan. one, did he have the time to do the job if he wants to spend weekends with his family. could he do the necessary fund-raising. they were greatly troubled by his views on comprehensive immigration reform. and he's also expressed a willingness to reform a rule called the motion to vacate the chair. that's the parliamentary procedural tactic they'nt with aed to use against john boehner to depose him. ryan is saying if i use this job i don't want to have a weapon pointed at me in the form of that rule right away. so it is going to be close as to whether these guys actually endorse ryan. if they don't i'm told he more likely than not will say thanks, but no thanks, i don't want to have to go into this the same way boehner and mccarthy did. >> thank you very much, luke.
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turning now to the 2016 campaign and the two front-runners for both parties are getting stronger in national polls and key swing state polls. a new poll has hillary clinton in front of bernie sanders by 31 points. that's a 13-point swing since september, by the way, matching what we saw in our very own nbc/wall street poll. on the republican side, donald trump continues to hold a firm grip over everyone, including ben carson, beating him by double digits in today's poll. trump has led in every major national poll for 100 days now. trump also leads in two new polls out of new hampshire. let me bring in our political panel, republican strategist and former communications director for the republican national committee, doug hyde. and national affairs correspondent at "the nation," joan, i also want to talk about the climate in the house with the house republicans here. >> i thought you might. >> yes, i do. that's incredible. when you think about the
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dynamics, the wording and the presentation from congressman ryan, two things come to mind. first is, doesn't seem like this guy wants the job and he is laying out every condition. and if one line is not met, he's bolting. so why not find someone else within that caucus? is there just no one else? and if the freedom caucus members bow down to this line in the sand, do they lose all power now in the house? >> well, i think paul ryan is somebody who will be a pick that's overwhelmingly approved by republican members. the question is whether or not it will be enough. there is other reforms that he talked about in there, not just family time which, by the way i think is refreshing to hear somebody talk about spending their time with family and meaning it. but also reforming the committee process which is a bottom-up process. the challenge republicans face amongst all this mess is as hillary clinton and joe biden are talking about which one is the opponent of republicans, republicans need to be sure
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republicans aren't the opponents of republicans. if we can't get to that point, if paul ryan's not comfortable, i think the smart thing is to stay at the ways and means committee and let someone else take those reins. >> it is nice to hear from congressman ryan say he wants family time, but have you 40 or so freedom caucus members saying, okay, you can have your family time, then don't take this job because we need you in 100%. >> yeah. look, paul ryan is somebody who works harder than everybody. if he takes an occasional sunday off to watch his packers, it doesn't mean that he's not workingwork ing until 10:00 the night before, nobody works harder than paul ryan. having talked to his staff over the past weeks, they'd light to have a night off occasionally, which they haven't had over the past couple weeks because this has been so intense and so focused. if paul ryan is in, he is all the way in and i don't think anybody needs to worry about that, except maybe democrats if we can really unite behind paul
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ryan. >> joan, let me bring you in. so much to talk about but i wanty you are insights and thoughts on this with paul ryan. the family time. yesterday when i heard it and again he deserves i guess -- every parent does to say i put my family before. but i thought if a woman said that, i thought, just many scenarios. the tone of it. . all of it just seems so interesting. how it's being ingested and the praise coming his way. >> is he's getting so much praise for what a woman could absolutely never ask for, tamron. let's just be real. but god bless him -- >> i'd be real about that. if you talk to kathy mcmorris rogers -- >> of course she does. she's not up here. no one is denying that, come on, doug, back off. no one's denying that. it is terrific. but nobody gets to have a leadership position and make that deal. they also. don't get to have a leadership position -- oh, my goodness. are you going to filibuster me
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on this? it is ridiculous. >> if you don't know what you're talking about i'll provide facts. >> is he going to be watching the packers or watching his children, doug? i'm curious about that. so any way, what i was saying was i think it is rather interesting that he's making this demand. i also think it is great but it is impossible. he's also saying i'm not going to raise money, i'm not going to spend all this time, i'm not going to raise money. these are two facets of leadership. it is very important. i wish it waersn't that way. i wish when i had a small child i didn't have to work or have a top leadership job and not take time away from my family. >> i don't want to get into the personal family side of this, but daniel webster saying i want all of the job without all of these conditions and you are not dragging me into it kicking and screaming which it appears is the case with congressman ryan. >> i share nothing with the freedom caucus and i don't want them to win this battle. but he's asking them to u.n. lat glsh unilaterally disarm pendant
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i don't think that's the way you go into a speakership battle. i don't feel confident for the republican party that they'll get this leader that they deserve. >> to the polls, donald trump now 100 days at the top despite predictions of many here. where do you see his weakness at this point and where do you see i guess his full strength? >> yes, i would say for donald trump, look, where the soft underbelly for his campaign is on specifics and on policy. while he's been able to talk about for such a long time somebody's cell phone, somebody's face calling people names, he hasn't spent a great deal of time specifics on policies, what his actual solutions would be. it's been more name calling. it's been the conversation that donald trump has wanted to have. if republican candidates put money behind -- if a republican super pacs for that matter put money behind trying to find donald trump on specifics he'll finally i think see some drop in the polls. as long as we have the
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conversation donald trump wants to have, that's ultimately a good thing for donald trump. >> but is it the conversation he wants to have or your republican base wants to have? 42% of republicans say donald trump is the most likely candidate to win the nomination. so is that the conversation he wants to have, or is that the music to the ears of republican voters? >> well, i think it's music to the ears of certainly more republicans than supporting any other candidate right now. he certainly is not at a majority. but it is also music to the ears of the media. donald trump gets covered on anything he wants to get covered on all day long. he is the only candidate who gets to call in to a sunday show instead of having to go to the studio for a sunday show. even when he's gotten tough questions from a lot of reporters, including chuck todd at "meet the press," he's been able to -- he's very skillful at pivoting away from that and going ba being to what he wants to talk about. republican candidates need to really step up their attacks on him if they're going to weaken him. >> interesting. you know he loves a good attack. i think chris matthews says you get into a fight with a pig,
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both of you get dirty. not calling anyone anything other than their name. but the point is donald trump loves a good fight and he'll bring you into it and maybe even win. just quickly, let's play what joe biden said yesterday the a the mondale forum regarding the decision to launch the raid on osama bin laden. some are saying the vice president is amending what he has said in the past. let's play it. >> i didn't want to take a position to go if that was not where he was going to go. as we walked out of the room and walked upstairs, i told him my opinion, that i thought he should go. but follow his own instincts. >> "meet the press," 2012 vice president said the only guy who had a full-throated go, mr. president, was leon panetta, follow your instinct. i wanted him to take one more day to do one more test to see if he was there. the question though is is he amending the story or adding to the story because he plans to get into this race? >> it seems like that's what he's doing. only joe biden and president obama know what he really said but he has said different things
8:13 am
in the past and it is very strange to change his story now. it seems designed to hit hillary clinton and he made a number of remarks yesterday that were designed to hit hillary clinton. so it is feeling clear and uncomfortable for democrats that if he does get in he thinks his route is to hit the front-runner, not run his own -- in his own lane because he's got these issues that aren't being addressed. >> thank you, joan, doug, very spirited conversation. another developing story we are following, homeland security secretary jeh johnson is urging the senate to take up the long-delayed cyber security bill passed by the house this spring. johnson made the plea just in the past hour while testifying before the house homeland security committee, alongside fbi director james comey. >> members of knk askcongress a what can we do to help to support the department's homeland security homeland security missions. two things to leave you with. first of all, through the work of this committee and the house, the house passed hr-1731 which
8:14 am
in my judgment is a solid cyber security piece of legislation. i hope it or something closely resembling it becomes law. we need cyber security legislation. >> now that plea and testimony comes just a day after the disclosure that one of his personal accounts was hacked by an american teenager. the hacker also breached the personal information of an account belonging to cia director james brennan. nbc's pete williams joins us now. pete, any update on the investigation into this hacker and new any details here? >> reporter: no, not yet. just to end the suspense for our viewers, johnson said two things. one was cyber -- and the other he's asked congress to repeal the bill that's loelding back government spending, sequestration. but i thought two things that came out of this hearing were interesting. one, the fbi director was talking about the number of americans traveling overseas to
8:15 am
syria to join isis. and he said that number is leveling off or dropping. he said for quite a long time the average was nine americans a month trying either to go et to syria or succeeding in getting there. but he said in the last three and a half months, the total has been six. that number is going down. he says he's not sure why. perhaps it is the fact that the u.s. is prosecuting these people. perhaps it is the turks with better border security. but for whatever reason he thought that was an interesting number. secondly, the other thing that's gotten a considerable amount of discussion in this hearing is concerns by the members, both republicans and democrats, about the possibility that isis or other terror groups will try to infiltrate the number of syrian refugees that are coming to america and try to put terrorists among them. and frankly, the fbi director and jeh johnson, the head of homeland security, have said, yep, they know that that's something they need to worry about, they say there is a
8:16 am
limitation to how much they can do. they can query the terrorist databases but they say there's not a lot about some of these people. they try to concentrate on people with family here in the u.s. and also doing personal interviews so that they think that that risk can be managed. they think they have a good system in place. >> pete williams, thank you for those details from that hearing. now to developing news in england where a u.s. marine f-18 fighter jet has crashed killing the pilot. marine corps officials say that jet went down in a field near u.s. military base about 70 miles north of london. defense officials say the pilot was the only person on board and he was killed. no word yet on his identity. they say the aircraft was on its way from bahrain to california in a flight of six aircraft when it crashed. developing news in new york city where the fourth police officer in 11 months has been killed in the line of duty.
8:17 am
the latest on the suspect and the investigation that is under way right now. plus, one day before hillary clinton faces that republican republican-led benghazi committee, some house democrats now say they may resign from the panel after her testimony. next, democratic congresswoman sheila jackson lee joins me live. she says it is time to disband that committee. how do you stay on top of your health? ahh... ahh... cigna customers have plan choices and tools to take control. so they're more engaged, with fewer high health risks and lower medical costs. take control of your health at cigna dot com slash take control. we heard you got a job as a developer!!!!! its official, i work for ge!! what? wow... yeah! okay... guys, i'll be writing a new language for machines so planes, trains, even hospitals can work better. oh! sorry, i was trying to put it away... got it on the cake. so you're going to work on a train?
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welcome back. a day before the high-stakes showdown between former secretary of state hillary clinton and republicans on the house benghazi committee, a democrat on the committee says he and his fellow democrats will discuss resigning from that panel after clinton testifies. that after ensuring she's treated fairly tomorrow.
8:21 am
cathol congressman adam schiff of reuters told us "we lend leg legitimacy to a committee that really has none." house majority leader kevin mccarthy suggested as much recently but then said he misspoke and benghazi committee chair trey gowdy strongly of course denies that the panel is politically motivated. joining me live, democratic congresswoman sheila jackson lee who is a hillary clinton supporter in her presidential bid. congresswoman, thanks for joining me. first, how do you see this hearing playing out tomorrow? >> first, thank you so very much for having me. i stepped out of the homeland security committee and served as ranking member on the homeland security and terrorism investigations committee where we are sitting here today discussing the enormous threat to the united states through a number of diversified terrorist potential. tomorrow will be nothing but a fiasco. but i think the first thing that
8:22 am
we should note is that americans died. i offer my greatest sympathy to their family and that their families are owed every manner of respect in any further determination in how this incident either occurred or how we can prevent it in the future. that's not the purpose of the benghazi committee. benghazi's already set its framework of being frivolous and being insensitive and being without basis and without determining in he facts. how can you be a committee of substance when you have had no hearings worthy of the name. you have not called forward the secretary of defense, the cia representative, or any other person that may have direct knowledge of this issue. further, with all of the committee reports that have occurred, including the armed services committee, and the accountability committee with ambassador pickering and admiral mullen, none of them found fault with the secretary of state hillary clinton who frankly was an excellent secretary with great leadership and she'll have
8:23 am
that kind of great leadership and passion if elected president of the united states. >> congresswoman, one of the things trey gowdy says he plans to focus on the chair on that committee is why ambassador chris stevens' pleas, in his words, did not reach secretary of state clinton. he points out that the ambassador was asking for more security. he points to ean e-mail by ambassador stevens that the committee received last thursday. is that a concern to you? >> well, the facts are of concern to me. the truth is of concern to me. and what i do know is in the number of committees that respectfully reviewed this, substantive committees in the house, the accountability review board, they did not find any fault in secretary clinton. now, as a member of the public of the united states, as someone who is deeply saddened by the loss of life, let me add my sympathy to the loss of the marine that you just noted, i want the truth. none of us want to stand in
8:24 am
front of or block the truth. and let me say this. i served as a staffer on a select committee. they're held in high esteem. on narcotics, on hunger. so they have a purpose in the house. the purpose of this committee has been debunked and the reason is because they have clearly stated and shown in their actions that their only desire is to undermine secretary clinton's presidential effort. it has not been done. her character still stands as someone compassionate and determined. if there are facts to be had, tomorrow will be the determining hearing where she can provide any additional facts. i believe she's provided all the facts and all the committees have suggested such. none of the house committees desire to call her back and she was available to be called back over the last couple of years. none of them. that shows that the chairman, chairman gowdy, may want to give some sense of professionalism tomorrow. but he's already lost all of
8:25 am
that, particularly by his 31-page letter which he put in it that secretary clinton, one of her e-mails was classified. and lo and behold, the cia came right back behind him and said it was untrue, it was not classified, and he, frankly, owes the secretary an apology. i don't know how he can rehabilitate this committee tomorrow. >> congresswoman, just quickly before i let you go, i have to point out that the republicans say they have agreed on a simple plan, no cheap shots, and stick to the facts in their hearing. but i do want to transition to the presidential race as you were already a supporter of hillary clinton here. you know that joe biden is said to be ready to announce one way or the other this week. do you believe the vice president should enter the race? and we know that a key voting block african-american voters right now still waiting to hear certain things from the democratic candidates that will pull them in maybe in large numbers like with president obama. but to my question, should vice president joe biden enter this race? >> let me say this. we have a great team that's already presented themselves to
8:26 am
the democrats and the democratic primary. sometimes i think a person's time has passed. and, frankly, i would hope that the vice president would not enter this race and i would hope that the candidates that are now running will run strong and the democratic primary voters will have an opportunity to make their choice. however, i cannot make any decision for anyone who desires to run for any office. but i, frankly, believe that we have a pool of candidates, however they pose themselves, that will present to the american public the best opportunity for democrats to win already. frankly, as i well noted, i hope that person will be the secretary of state and that is -- former secretary of state, hillary rodham clinton. >> thank you very much, congresswoman sheila jackson lee for your time. we appreciate it. coming up, a 4-year-old girl was killed in an apparent case of road rage. now police in new mexico are pleading, begging for any information in the search for the individual responsible.
8:27 am
>> it's 100% preventable. it did not have to happen. and we need to rise up as a community and say, enough is enough! >> the latest on the ongoing investigation and the search for the person who killed that 4-year-old. plus, a new poll shows what american voters really think about hillary clinton's e-mail and the benghazi committee. was bernie sanders right that americans are sick and tired of hearing about it? we'll show you new numbers after a quick break.
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i was out for a bike ride. i didn't think i'd have a heart attack. but i did. i'm mike, and i'm very much alive. now my doctor recommends a bayer aspirin regimen to help prevent another heart attack. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. developing now, a fourth new york city police officer has been killed in the line of duty in just 11 months. police say 33-year-old officer randolph holder was shot in the head last night after responding to reports of gunfire. holder was struck when he and his partner exchanged gunfire with a man trying to get away from police on a bike. the officer died at the
8:31 am
hospital. >> did what every other officer in the nypd does. when the call comes, he ran toward danger. it was the last time he will respond to that call. >> with me now, jonathan dietz, chief investigator reporter foreor nbc station in new york with details on the suspect. before the suspect though, this young officer, i think only on force five years now. we know the climate not just in new york city, but nationally as it relates to a number of violent acts against police. >> this officer doing his job, patrolling a housing unit in east harlem, plain-clothes assigned to anti-crime. responded to reports of a bike theft at gunpoint. when he apparently confronted the suspect he was shot at close range in the face. never had much of a chance. died at a hospital a short time after the shooting. >> what do we know about the suspect at this point. >> law enforcement sources telling us the suspect is tyrone howard. we obtained a photo a short time ago. he's about 30 years old.
8:32 am
has 18 prior arrests. convicted drug dealer. has been in and out of prison at least 12 times. apparently began his crime spree as a youth. we have some information that he has been a drug dealer since age 12 and perhaps involved in violent crime since age 14. in and out of the system. was back out on the street. had three warrants out for his arrest, including one for assault. he's also a suspect in a possible recent shooting in that neighborhood. police say a really bad actor. they believe he took the life of a police officer last night. >> back to officer holder, five years, you said he paroled the housing development. he's from guyana. his father and grandfather were police officers in guyana as well. has the new york city police department and the commissioner focused on any new initiatives with the number of officers? i just pointed out, in 11 months, we've seen four killed, any procedural changes?
8:33 am
>> there have been lots changes in the city but the overall headline remains that crime remains down. we know all the controversies with stop and frisk and lis controversithe police department says there is concern out there with the protest movements leading to some folks on the edge and extremes to take these insane actions of targeting police officers, this on top of the fact that terror groups as well are calling for police officers to be targeted. they say this climate has to be changed. communities and police have to work together with community leaders in harlem meeting today, calling for supporting the officers and the men on the front line, men and women on the front line who are trying to protect these neighborhoods. >> to be clear this incident today has nothing to do with any other protests or -- >> this appears to be a known drug dealer wanted for numerous crimes, armed with an illegal
8:34 am
handgun being stopped and deciding i'm not going quietly this time. that's the police version of events. and opening fire at close range at a brave, hard working young police officer. >> thank you very much. a very sad story. coming up, police in florida face intense criticism for their response after a plain-clothed officers killed a stranded driver. the local police union is warning the sheriff not to let this turn into another ferguson. why he's giving that warning. it is one of the stories we are updating around the "news nation." plus this morning, john boehner says paul ryan would be a great house speaker. even democratic liter harry reid says he is a fan of paul ryan. but will paul ryan take the job? nbc's senior political editor mark murray is next.
8:35 am
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8:38 am
for the election for house speaker and says he expects paul ryan will get the support he needs. this after congressman ryan laid down his conditions for the job to his fellow republicans last night. as our political team puts it, maybe the biggest danger of ryan walking away is that it could start an all-out civil war inside the house gop. joining me live now, nbc news senior political editor mark murray. if you're daniel webster, for example, who says he wants the position, if you're the freedom caucus of 40 or more members and you see how congressman ryan chose to lay out his line in the sand, why would you support him at this point? >> you know, tamron, i think we're all waiting to see what the house freedom caucus does. this group of 30, 40, 50 house republicans is probably going to decide whether or not paul ryan becomes the neblxt house speake because they essentially agree to one of his demands being you need a unified house conference.
8:39 am
or there is chaos and daniel webster and one of the other candidates runs because paul ryan walks away. it is a very audacious move by paul ryan to say essentially here are my demands for being speaker, here's what i want. but he has a lot of leverage right now. he's never wanted this position to begin with first of all. he's now come forward and said i want to be a unifying figure and help my party out, but if you guys don't help me out and prevent what happened to john boehner, then that's a job i don't want. so again, this house freedom caucus is going to during whether paul ryan is the next house speaker or someone else is. >> he says he can be a unifying figure, but it seems when you look at what the freedom caucus wants, they'd essentially end up with john boehner 2.0. they're in the same situation. >> that's right. the same dynamic does play out. that's one of the reasons -- one of paul ryan's demands, they need to change this habit to vacate the speaker's chair which was the mechanism where john boehner said i might end up
8:40 am
losing my job. paul ryan doesn't want to have to cut a deal with the democrats on the debt limit or cut a deal on keeping the government open. then have an election where the chair's being vacated and someone would have a coup attempt against him. for his point he said that's a job not worth having if that threat still exists. >> thank you very much. pleasure having you on. tomorrow we know hillary clinton's set to testify before that house benghazi committee. this morning there is a in you poll and it finds a majority of americans believe the committee is more interested in going after the democratic presidential front-runner than it is with learning the facts. msnbc political soercorresponde steve kornacki has this new poll. >> hot off the presses. monmouth university, brand-new poll on the eve of hillary clinton's testimony. pt headline is some very good news for hillary clinton in here. but it comes with a pretty big catch. let me get to that at the end. start with the good news numbers
8:41 am
for hillary clinton. as you say, they asked what are the benghazi committee's intentions? majority say those intentions are going after hillary clinton. only 32% say learning the facts. of course the news coverage last two weeks has been dominated with a number of republicans coming forward and basically saying that this committee was about going after hillary clinton politically. of course kevin mccarthy saying that it had lowered her poll numbers over the last year-and-a-half. so hillary clinton walks in to that room tomorrow with a majority of the people in the country thinking she is facing a hostile republican audience that is out to get her. also why was clinton using a personal e-mail account? this big story we've heard about for six, nine months now. was it to hide something or was it just a matter of personal convenience? again, same margin there. majority saying it was is just a matter of personal convenience. she wasn't trying to hide something. more good news there for hillary clinton. then just more generally, are you tired of hearing about hillary clinton's e-mails. bernie sanders certainly was in
8:42 am
that debate last week. the crowd roared at that debate hall when he said that. nearly 60% of americans in this poll are saying they, too, are tired of hearing about hillary clinton's e-mails. so again good news for her. but there is a catch. despite all this, despite people being tired of hearing about the e-mails, despite people thinking it was a matter of convenience that she used the private server, that she wasn't trying to hide anything, when you ask this question, has hillary clinton been honest about her e-mails, 48% say no. she hasn't. only 35% say yes, she does. still despite that good news, that issue we've been talking about for a long time now with hillary clinton, can you trust her, is she honest, is she trustworthy, that's still haunting her. >> very interesting, steve. thank you so much for those numbers. tomorrow will be incredible with this testimony. coming up, a 4-year-old girl was killed in a case of what police say was road rage. and now the search is on in new
8:43 am
mexico. police are begging for the public's help to track down the gunman. plus, the texas teenager arrested for bringing that home-made clock to school, he's now leaving the united states. where is he going? one of the stories we're updating around the "news nation." ♪ ♪ it's the final countdown! ♪ ♪ the final countdown! if you're the band europe, you love a final countdown. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. across america, people like badominique ...are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®.
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that will allow those machines to share information with each other. i'll be changing the way the world works. (interrupting) you can't pick it up, can you? go ahead. he can't lift the hammer. it's okay though! you're going to change the world. we are back with heartbreaking story out of new mexico where a 4-year-old girl was killed during a road rage shoot-out, this according to police. officers say the gunman is still on loose. nbc's jacob rascon has more for us. >> reporter: another incident of aggressive driving turned deadly. this time the victim, a little girl. conflicting witness accounts are making the search for a suspect that much more difficult. a search for suspects is under way this morning after police found this red truck pulled over on the highway. three people inside, including a
8:47 am
4-year-old girl, who was shot in the head. >> the 4-year-old child has passed away. >> reporter: authorities blame road rage. janelle tafoya says she saw it happen. >> the truck was literally going across several lanes and just to avoid this vehicle to pass. >> from what we understand, the cars were both moving, one car pulled up against the other car and started firing rounds into that vehicle. >> reporter: according to the national transportation safety administration, over a seven-year period, road rage led to 218 murders and 12,000 injuries. in new mexico, the local sheriff says this latest incident is disturbing. >> this is one of those crimes which is unexplainable. it's 100% preventable. it did not have to happen. and we need to rise up as a community and say enough is enough. >> reporter: conflicting witness reports make it difficult to describe the vehicle that got away. >> we are begging for the community's help. >> reporter: the search still
8:48 am
on. an innocent life taken as aggressive driving once again turns deadly. >> that witness who talked to nbc news says the other vehicle involved in the road rage was a red sedan but police have also heard other descriptions. right now they're just begging anyone who might know something about this incident, please come forward. tamron? >> thank you, jacob. the latest from a deadly shooting involving a plain-clothed police officer in florida. church drummer corey jones was shot and killed by officer newman raja early sunday morning on the side of the road. the officer was in an unmarked car in plain clothes at the time. jones' friends and family say he was waiting for a tow truck. however, authorities say jones was armed and confronted the officer who was investigating what he thought was an abandoned car. the incident is under investigation. president of the local police benevolent association blames the police chief for waiting too
8:49 am
long to release information to the public saying, "you don't want another ferguson." investigators are trying to determine who is responsible for six fires at predominantly african-american churches all located within a three-mile radius. the atf is offering a $2,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. 14-year-old ahmed mohammed who gained headlines after being aa rested for bringing that home-made clock to school is moving to qatar. mohammed is expected -- accepting a full scholarship from the qatar foundation to attend school in that country. on monday mohammed visited the white house of a accepting a twitter invite from president obama. up next, a new york mom went from applying for food stamps to launching her very own company. and it is now expected that that company will make $1 million in sales this year. how she turned an effort to make her husband's lunch healthier into a successful business model. it is today's "born in the usa."
8:50 am
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time now for "born in the usa." mary molena, a mother of four from new york, once had to pawn things for food money. her family business went under in 2011 and it was harder to feet her kids. when her husband finally got a job, he tried saving money by picking up his food from fast food menus. mary thought granola bars would be better so she whipped them up and called them lola granola bars and he liked them and so did his coworkers. now the lola granola bars are being sold all over the country. and mary expects to hit $1
8:54 am
million in sales this year. mary is with us now, congratulations. this is tremendous. take me to that day, there you are at the pawnshop, you're trying to get some gas money. as i mentioned, just to go and apply for food stamps. how do you describe that point in your life? >> that was probably one of the lowest points in our life. we had friends and neighbors shoving gift cards to grocery stores into our door because they had heard that we weren't doing so well. and so the community outpour really is what lifted us up. and then with friends and neighbors and coworkers of my husband starting to ask us to buy the bars, it was just like, wow, are they doing it to help us out or is this a business? and so we just kept going on that. and it's really worked out. >> what is the magic in the bars? >> there's no magic. it's just sweetened with honey, powered by oats.
8:55 am
i add nuts, seeds and a lot of love. and a catchy name, lola granola bar, who doesn't love that? >> what was your background, was it culinary or just a hobby? >> it was really to feed my family. my daughters have allergies. i needed something that they could take to school. that they would enjoy. that still tasted good even though it didn't have chocolate in it or all the extra in it to make it taste like an oreo cookie. >> one of the things you have done, you're expected 300% growth in 2016. you have produced more than 725,000 bars since the first night that you made them. but you also reached back and help others. you have a program to really, in a sense, remind you of how far you've come. >> yes, so probably a month or two into making the granola bars out of my kitchen, we had seen a program al roker did on feeding
8:56 am
america. and it brought my husband to tears and he said, how can i choose one of my four children going to bed hungry? he said, we have to do something. and i said, ernie, we are those people. we are standing in line at food banks asking for help. and so he said, i want to, from day one, give bars to their backpack programs. and so we work with small food banks. the junior leagues to distribute our bars to children who are at-risk for hunger over the weekend. >> well, you have not forgotten the struggle and you have helped so many people in the process. the bars are made in syracuse. born in the usa, made in the usa. unfortunately, you forgot my bar. but i'm going down to the car with you so that i can get a lola granola and enjoy the movement. thank you so much. congratulations. >> thank you. >> thank you for believing in yourself and sharing it with others. that does it for this edition of
8:57 am
"msnbc live." i'm tamron hall. up next, "andrea mitchell reports. re. re. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive? it's the brand more doctorsose recommend for minor arthritis pain. plus, just two aleve can last all day. you'd need 6 tylenol arthritis to do that. aleve. all day strong. the citi double cash® card. it's a cash back win-win. with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. with two ways to earn on purchases, it makes a lot of other cards seem one-sided.
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right now on "andrea mitchell reports," paul ryan makes a deal. he agrees to speaker of the house but has conditions. >> what i told members is, if you can agree to these requests and if i can truly be a unifying figure, then i will gladly serve. >> the waiting game. as he decides whether or not to run for president, joe biden takes a swipe at the woman who could be his chief rival. >> john kerry is a great secretary of state. hillary clinton was a great secretary of state. but there are times when only the vice president, if it's known of his relationship with the president, can speak for the united states. and meeting of the minds. bashar assad showing up in moscow to shake hands with vladir


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